Song for Marion (2012) Movie Script

Right, everyone.
Let's go from the same place.
- Up you get, then.
- Ooh, right.
One, two, three, four.
# Hey, did you happen to see
the most beautiful girl in the world?
# And if you did
# Was she cryin', cryin'?
# Hey, if you happen to see
the most beautiful girl
# That walked out on me
# Tell her I'm sorry
# Tell her I need my baby
# Oh, won't you tell her that I love her?
# Maybe I'm crazy
# Ahhhhhhh
# Crazy
# Ahhhh
# Ahhhh-ahhhhh
- All right, everyone, keep it together.
# Crazy
# Maybe you're crazy
# Ahhhh-ahhhhh
# Maybe we're crazy
# Ahhhh-ahhhhh
# Probably
# Ahhhhh!
# Dah-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum-dah
# Ooooh!
Beautiful, guys. Beautiful.
You're fabulous.
- Night.
- Night.
- Always the last to leave.
- See you later, ladies.
Sorry, I was talking with Lizzy.
Arthur, have you been smoking?
Look, what have I told you before?
Look at the signs. They say no smoking.
It's hard enough
keeping this place open as it is.
Smoke outside.
# Crazy, maybe we're crazy
# Aaah! Aaah!
- I know you like it.
- Aaah!
OK. Now get some rest, otherwise
you'll be a nightmare tomorrow, OK?
All right. You gonna give me a kiss?
Might not wake up tomorrow.
- Five pages, OK? Then bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
- Is he here?
- He's in the pit.
Yo. Your dad's here.
- What you doing?
- You OK? Fixing this.
- Steering shaft's gone.
- I need you to do something for me.
Hang on. Steven, where's the big wrench
from in here? I was using it.
Your mum wants you to take her
to the centre tonight.
- Well, where are you?
- It's Thursday. My night with the lads.
Couldn't you have told me earlier?
It's four o'clock.
Well, if you don't want to do it,
it's OK. I don't...
I don't mind doing it.
Just tell me earlier.
I've got Jennifer. It's half term.
I'll have to bring her.
You need to pick her up by seven and
you'll need to bring her home, an' all.
- OK. How is she?
- Well, if you saw her, you'd know.
- We do have to have a name, don't we?
- Have we got a name?
Erm, well, I had to put a name forward
so I put... You're not gonna like this.
- Why?
- You're not gonna like this.
The OAP'Z.
- Old age pensioners.
- Oh, no.
With a Z, though, at the end,
to make it street.
What are we...
What are we gonna sing?
Oh, hello, Arthur.
- What are you lot doing here?
- Talking about you.
- Ha-bloody-ha.
- We're doing an audition.
Major competition.
We're going to be singing.
- Better get some folks
who can sing, eh? - Oh.
- You should be resting.
- I'm all right.
Well, don't blame me
if she's struggling later.
- Who's she, the cat's mother?
- Right, well, I'll take these out.
Don't you, don't you worry.
He's a... a puffed-up pigeon.
You could be a bit more positive, Arthur.
We haven't sung in front of anyone before
and Marion could use
a little bit of encouragement.
She'll get laughed at,
singing that nonsense.
So what if people laugh at us?
That's their problem.
I just don't want her hopes
getting built up
so that she's let down
if you don't get picked.
It's not about winning or losing.
That's not why we're doing it.
Then why are you doing it?
When you can be bothered
to come along and watch
and look at the faces of Marion
and the others,
then ask that question again.
All right. Come, then, ladies,
if you want a lift home.
Oh, now don't you say a word.
He's not even late yet.
It's pointless to ask him to do anything.
- Hey, Grandma.
- Hello, pet.
I'm gonna make a move.
Your mum has to be there by seven.
She's got half an hour yet.
- Hello, Grandad.
- Hello, Funny-fer.
I'm off, then.
Hello, my favourite people
in the whole world.
Before we start,
can I just have your attention, please?
- Quickly, quickly, ladies.
- Oh, sorry.
Thank you very much.
So, as some of you can see, I have entered
us into a very lovely choir competition.
- Can we win something?
- Well, yeah, maybe.
But I'd just be happy
if we took part, to be honest.
- What will we have to do?
- We have to perform in front of a judge.
If he thinks we're any good,
he'll enter us into the main competition.
Oh, come on, it's great.
We'll knock 'em dead.
What we'll do is,
I'll start thinking of some music
and everyone take one of these flyers home
and prepare for lots of practice.
Prepare for battle, more like.
Nice attitude, Cheryl.
What about it?
Go on, then.
You got me this time.
- If you can't enjoy yourself on your...
- Checkmate.
# Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide
# Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
# Nowhere to run to, no
# Nowhere to run to
# Nowhere to hide
# Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
# Nowhere to run to, no
# Nowhere to run to, baby
# Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide
Marion! Marion!
It must be very boring for you guys
losing all the time.
Three games you've won.
We've been playing all night.
- I'll leave you guys to it.
- Thanks for getting him.
- If there's anything I can do...
- Haven't you done enough, you lot?
- Is she asleep?
- Yeah.
Give Grandma a kiss
and we'll wait outside for Grandad.
You OK?
Steady as she goes.
You warm?
I've got two blankets over me.
Well, at least I think I have.
Oh, no, it's one folded over.
I thought there was two.
- Hello, Doctor.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
You've been prodded and poked
quite a bit this last week, Mrs Harris.
Hm. It's all in a good cause.
It's come back, hasn't it?
Well, it seems that unfortunately
that is the case.
- Does it mean more chemo?
- That's down to Marion.
We could try a course
of aggressive therapy.
But... it's not pleasant
and I believe at best
it would only slow the process down.
Chips and ice cream, Marion.
Someone told me once,
when there's nothing you can do,
chips and ice cream.
Go home and have as much as you want.
She likes ice cream.
These flowers.
Flowers and cards.
Here we go. Here... we go.
- Done it.
- Terrific.
I made this one,
but I haven't got an envelope.
Kiss, kiss, kiss.
Ooh, it's lovely. Thank you.
She seems OK, in good spirits.
Yeah. She's got a couple of months.
You couldn't have prepared me a bit
for that news, then?
I have to deal with it.
Jen gave me this card.
- Why don't you go and show Grandad?
- OK, then.
I don't know who half those people are.
That's what you get for being popular.
He told you, then?
- Yeah. - Not one for breaking
news gently, is he?
Don't get too cross with him.
He's upset.
So am I, Mum.
You promise me you're going to
help him. Especially after.
You're going to come round and see him.
Don't let him become a recluse.
- You haven't gone yet.
- No, I haven't.
Did you miss me?
I've been seeing you twice every day.
Not at home, though.
OK, time for you to go to sleep.
I'm waiting for you to come in,
keep me warm.
I can do that.
I am a bit scared.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of you.
James cried today.
Well, he had to know, didn't he?
- Arthur.
- What do you mean?
Don't take it out on him.
I'm sorry.
- I'll have a chat with him tomorrow.
- Good boy.
Love you, Arthur.
I love you too, sweetheart.
I did miss you.
I know.
What the...?
What are they bloody doing?
Why won't they leave you alone?
- Open the window. I want to see.
- Don't they know what time it is?
# I'd find myself drowning
in my own tears
# Whoa-oh
# You are the sunshine of my life
# That's why I'll always be around
# You are the apple of my eye
# Forever you'll stay in my heart
I want to go outside.
- Let's get you back into bed.
- No, I want to go and see them.
- You're not going outside.
- I want to go outside!
You're not well enough for this
and they should know that.
See what you've done?
See what's happened?
You're a bunch of flaming nuisances!
Now bugger off!
You can't make a show
of yourself like that.
They're my friends.
They don't care what I look like.
I want to go and see them.
You haven't got the energy to stand up and
you want to prance around outside.
They're my friends
and I'm going to see them!
You'll only last five seconds!
- We're gonna get you back into bed.
- No, we're not.
- What on earth is going on here?
- I want him out of this room.
I want him out of this room!
Get him out!
She's getting herself worked up.
Just leave her with me for a moment,
please, Mr Harris.
No, she's my wife
and I'm taking care of her.
Mr Harris, I think it best
you go for a short walk,
take some time to calm down.
- I'll see you tomorrow, Marion.
- Thank you, dear.
Thanks so much for today.
- You're a pig.
- I know.
You were rude to my friends.
I'm trying to look after you.
You are going to apologise to everyone.
And you will take me to singing.
If you don't, I will not utter
a single word to you until you do.
That'll fall in if you dunk it too long.
I like it, actually,
a bit of peace and quiet.
It's a blessing.
Do you want me to dry your hair?
You can nod your bloody head,
you know. That's not speaking.
Do you want me to do anything?
What was that?
OK. I'll take you to bloody singing.
You want to make a fool of yourself,
that's down to you.
And apologise?
Oh, look.
It's Marion. Look.
- I'm so glad.
- Hello.
- Hello, hello, hello. Hello, Lizzy.
- It's good to see you.
Hang on. Arthur has something
he wants to tell all of you.
Oh? Has he? How nice.
Marion wanted me
to come and apologise to you
for shouting and saying what I said
the other morning,
There you go.
That's not an apology.
It'll do. Thank you, Arthur.
And he is going to go on bringing me
and he's going to do it without moaning,
and I'm going to do the audition thing.
If you want me.
Of course we want you, Marion,
as long as you're well enough.
I'll be well enough.
Brilliant. Arthur,
are you gonna stick around?
What do you think?
This is heavy metal. It's rock and roll.
It's angry. It's sexy.
These guys, they're proper ugly,
but they get laid daily.
- Really?
- They have groupies.
You're gonna have sex again.
So, I'm talking rough and manly.
So can I see that in your face?
A bit sexier.
Perfect, perfect, perfect.
Right, Terry,
give me your rock and roll.
- Like this?
- No!
It's these two, on the outside. That's it.
Give me some heavy metal.
It's a good start.
Right, give me your line.
You win some, you lose some!
It's all the same to me!
All right, that's enough.
Don't put your back out, for God's sake.
- Nice apology.
- Oh, I apologise like birds sing.
- What the hell you got in your ear?
- It's for practice.
I'll be talking to myself from now on,
- None of your business.
- What is it?
I'm going to do a solo
in that audition thing.
- On your own? In front of people?
- That's what a solo is, isn't it?
Why have they gone
and given you that, then?
Because if we do get selected,
I might not be around when it comes
to sing in the competition.
I'll let you get on with it, then,
but bed in ten,
if you're even listening.
- What will I do about tonight?
- What do you mean?
My singing.
Well, you can't go.
You can hardly sit up.
Will you go?
Please. It's important for me.
OK. Anything to make you feel better.
OK. Keep an open mind
when listening to this song.
And, yes,
it is what they're talking about.
# Spinderella cut it up one time
# Ooh. Oh!
# Uh-huh
It's got a nice little groove to it.
- Yeah, this is good.
- Yeah, I like this.
# Uh-huh. Oh
# Come on
# Let's talk about sex, baby
It is all about sex.
Why shouldn't we be talking about it?
Or singing about it.
Better than just thinking about it.
Keep your filthy comments
to yourselves, gentlemen, please.
Clear off.
OK, right.
- Oh, shit.
- Hello.
Arthur! You scared the hell out of me.
Marion is sick.
She asked me to come
so that you could give me
what she's supposed to learn.
I don't suppose
you've got her player, have you?
You mean this thing?
All right, then, get in the car.
Come on.
You lot are all lunatics.
What will people think
when they hear you singing this?
It's only a song, Arthur.
It's about sex. Oh, dear.
People do still have it, you know.
Doesn't mean you have to sing about it.
So how are you coping?
Must be really hard for you.
We all care about her so much.
Why d'you do it?
I can understand the oldies.
They haven't got anything else.
But you're young.
You've got everything.
Well, I enjoy it, of course.
And it's actually nice
having 20 or something smiling faces
listening to me cos they actually care.
- Do you get paid for it?
- No.
No. No. I teach music at a school.
I get paid for that.
What are you all dolled up for?
I've got a date, if you must know.
- With a fella?
- No, with a donkey.
Hm, touchy.
You know what you're telling her?
Will you give her these?
Everyone's got some.
She might need some help
putting them up.
- Yeah.
- Will you give her my love?
- She was missed tonight.
- Sure.
Wake up.
Get your bloody boots off the bed.
I sleep there.
Enjoy yourself?
- Enjoy what?
- The choir thing.
You know how I feel
about enjoying things.
I'll see you, then.
- Arthur, Marion'd like your help.
- What for?
She's having trouble finding the pages.
- Can't someone else do it?
- I'm sure someone could do it.
But as she might not be here much longer,
I thought you might like the opportunity.
- Get a move on. We're all waiting.
- All right, everybody.
Let's get on with the songs.
One, two, three!
# Let's talk about sex, baby
# Let's talk about you and me
# Let's talk about all the good things
# And the bad things that may be
# Let's talk about sex
# Let's talk about sex
# Let's talk about sex
# Something's got a hold on me, yeah
# Oh, it must be love
# Oh! Something's got a hold on me
right now, child
# Oh, it must be love
# Let me tell you now
I've got a feeling
# I feel so strange
# Everything about me
seems to have changed
# Step by step
I've got a brand-new walk...
Are we the only ones doing this?
# I said, "Oh!"
# Oh!
# Oh! Hey-hey, yeah!
- Let's talk about sex, baby.
- Arthur.
What are you talking about?
Eh? Oh, just thinking.
About sex?
Ooh. I'll have a taste of that.
Mm. Very nice. Now we'll put a dollop
in each of these.
- Bomb gone off in here?
- We're making cakes.
Did Grandad tell you
he came to hear our singing?
- Really?
- I wouldn't call it singing.
- Hoppity-hop.
- Hip-hop.
What, rapping? Like the kids?
Why didn't you join in,
lay some beats?
What, like this?
Boppity, boppity, bop.
# Grandad's rap
It's so crap
- Who taught you that word?
- Grandma.
- Said she keeps having to crap.
- Really, Mum.
I don't know what's wrong with you lot.
- It's true. I'm just going to...
- You OK?
Mm-hm. Yeah, I'm OK.
- Go on.
- I'll beat box the music.
# You know I'm born to lose
# And gambling is for fools
# But that's the way I like it, baby
# I don't wanna live for ever
No! No, no, no!
It just needs more metal.
Motrhead would be
bursting into tears right now
if they heard that piano.
You guys are brilliant, though.
I mean, you sound like rock thunder.
But it just sounds a bit pants
on the piano.
- You want me to bring my bass?
- That is a brilliant idea. Bring it.
- Anyone else play anything?
- I used to play football.
It's not really an instrument, is it?
I played drums when
I was in the Guides.
That's perfect.
I play recorder.
- Recorder's not really rock and roll.
- It is when I play.
I'm sure it is, Cheryl.
Drums, bass...
I know a naughty guitarist.
He's far too young for me.
I've got to go, then?
Oh, yes, you bloody well have.
And you've got to let James know as well.
I want you all there.
- And Jennifer.
- Yes.
And make sure you shave.
You're all scratchy.
Just the way you like it, baby.
So rude.
- You've seen the posters for tomorrow?
- Yeah. I've seen them up everywhere.
- Bring Jennifer.
- That'll be all right?
Yeah, she wants us all there.
You are coming?
You're gonna turn up?
- Of course we're going.
- Good.
- Don't forget. OK.
- See you there.
- When can I go today, Miss?
- At the end of the day.
Smoking in the toilets
means your arse belongs to me.
Go and tune up, then.
He's not picking up.
He's not picking up.
OK, you're going in a taxi.
But I want you to come.
You promised you'd come.
I am coming.
I give you my word, OK?
Hello. You must be the judge.
Yes, hello. I'm a little early.
- I didn't know you'd have an audience.
- I know. Lots of people turned up.
Nothing like
a little extra pressure, though.
What do I have to do
to get us through to the competition?
I'm prepared to do...
She really wants us to get through.
What did I ask you?
- What did I ask you?
- Calm yourself. I've been let down.
I'm finishing this before
we come over.
I told you how important it was.
We're all sitting there at home
waiting for you
and now we've had to take
a bloody cab.
What's that got to do with me?
I told you I wanted you to take us.
- No, you didn't.
- I bloody did. I wanted you there.
No, you told me to bring Jennifer
over to watch my mum.
You never mentioned a sodding lift.
Don't use that language
in front of your daughter.
Don't you dare speak to me
about her, ever.
Why aren't you with her in the taxi,
making sure she gets there all right?
I'll tell you why, because
you'd sooner be here screaming at me,
at my work, in front of my child.
But you've got it wrong this time,
haven't you?
You've embarrassed yourself.
An apology?
No, of course not.
I wanted you there.
I wanted you with me.
Is he angry with you?
He's just angry, love.
Can you see him?
Hello, everybody.
God, there's a lot of you here.
That's quite a surprise.
Thank you for coming
and I hope that you enjoy yourselves.
Come on.
And here are the OAP'Z.
One, two, three, four.
# Daa da-da da-daa
# Da-da da-daa
# Da-da da-daa, da-da da-daa
# If you like to gamble
I tell you I'm your man
# You win some, you lose some
# It's all the same to me
# The pleasure is to play it
# It makes no difference what you say
# I don't share your greed
# The only card I need
# Is the Ace of Spades
# The Ace of Spades
# The Ace of Spades
# The Ace of Spades
# You know I'm born to lose
and gambling is for fools
# But that's the way I like it, baby
# I don't want to live forever
# And don't forget the joker
# Daa daa daa
# Da-da da-daa, da-da da-daa
# Da-da da-daa
# Ooh-ooh ahh...
- Punch it, Charlie!
Yo, I don't think
we should talk about this.
Come on! Why not?
Cos people might misunderstand
what we're tryin' to say, you know?
But that's a part of life, man.
Come on!
- Two, three!
# Let's talk about sex, baby
# Let's talk about you and me
# Let's talk about all the good things
and the bad things that may be
# Let's talk about sex
# Let's talk about sex for now
to the people at home or in the crowd
# The kids coming up anyhow
# We'll talk about sex
on the radio and video shows
# Then we'll know anything goes
# Let's tell it how it is
and how it could be
# How it was
and of course how it should be
# How to try and make
any man's eyes pop
# She use what she got
to get whatever she don't got
# Fella's drool like fools
but then again they're only human
# Let's talk about sex!
Let's talk about sex!
You guys are gangsta!
This is called True Colours.
# You with the sad eyes
# Don't be discouraged
# Though I realise
# It's hard to take courage
# In a world full of people
# You can lose sight of it all
# And the darkness there inside you
makes you feel so small
# Show me a smile, then
# And don't be unhappy
# Can't remember when...
I last saw you laughing
# If this world makes you crazy
# And you've taken all you can bear
# Just call me up
# Because you know I'll be there
# And I see your true colours
shining through
# See your true colours
# That's why I love you
# So don't be afraid to let them show
# Your true colours, true colours
# Are beautiful
# Like a rainbow
# But I see your true colours
shining through
# See your true colours
# That's why I love you
# So don't be afraid to let them show
# Your true colours, true colours
# Are beautiful
# Like a rainbow
That was so beautiful.
Thank you, everybody.
I hope you have a great day.
What you doing hiding round here?
Oh... having a quiet smoke.
Shouldn't you be out there
with Marion and the others?
I'm doing fine here, really.
I really don't understand you.
You have this wonderful woman
who adores you...
...and she just sang
in front of everyone for you.
For you, Arthur.
She put everything that she had
into singing that song
and you've got nothing to say?
It must be really hard being you.
Ah, there you are.
I thought you'd disappeared.
You guys were brilliant today.
Don't you think, Arthur?
We'll see you later.
You going to take me home?
- Don't you want to stay
with your chums? - No.
I want to go home with you,
sit on the sofa.
What's wrong?
You looked so happy today.
... haven't made you happy
for a long time.
I'm very happy with you, Arthur.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Arthur Harris, I love you.
From the time you came
scruffing into my life, so gloomy,
I knew what I was letting myself in for.
You're my rock.
I don't want you to go.
I don't want you to go. Please.
Ooh, I'm done.
I'm tired.
Do you still hate Daddy?
No, love. No. Not at all.
He likes you.
It's a bit complicated for little girls.
What do you mean? I'm eight.
I do maths and everything.
Of course you do. I'm sorry.
Come on, love.
- Bye, Grandad.
- Goodbye, Jennifer.
He's a good boy.
I'll take care of him.
You go to sleep now, darling.
Marion, love.
Well, the coroner will be round
in a couple of hours, look after her body,
but till then I think you should
see to your dad.
Yeah, OK. Thanks for coming round.
It's the night, isn't it?
Yeah, OK.
- Everyone gone?
- Yeah.
You should get Jennifer home to bed.
No, no. I'll help you with this.
I'd prefer to be alone.
I know you're a good dad
and I know I haven't been.
I think it'd be easier on the two of us
if we don't see each other.
That's what I want and...
that's the end of it.
Two pints of milk.
Teabags. Chicken.
Sage and onions.
Bottle of bleach.
That's the shopping.
That's what I'm doing today.
Oh, it's you.
Would you like me to make you
a cup of tea?
Come in. I'll make it.
Are you sleeping on the sofa?
How are you?
- It's different.
- Yeah.
I guess it is.
- How's James?
- Haven't seen him.
We... We got through
to the main competition.
I don't think we could have done it
without Marion.
Do you need any help with anything?
Anything like what?
I don't do anything.
I used to get up for her.
If you need any company,
you're more than welcome
to come down to the centre.
- Tea?
- Mm. That would be lovely.
# Ain't nobody loves me better
# Makes me happy
# Makes me feel this way
# Ain't nobody
# Loves me better than you
OK. Sit down.
Before we break,
Timothy has written a poem
that he'd like to share with us.
Come on, then, Timothy.
Marion came here to sing
A wheelchair she did bring
She sang with such a smile
That made it not a trial
The great thing about Marion
Is that she gave us the strength
to carry on.
Thank you.
All right, everybody, go for a break.
Oh, dammit!
Jesus, Arthur.
Have you been waiting
out here all night?
# How do you speak to an angel?
# I'm completely in the dark
# When you know
that you've just met an angel
# Is there a special... remark?
I always liked that song.
Did Marion know you could sing?
I'm a bloody nightmare.
I am...
annoying and needy,
so I've been dumped.
- Who is he?
- Just this guy I've been seeing.
It's not even him. It's me.
I'm... hopeless at keeping
a relationship.
Shouldn't you be talking
to somebody your own age?
That's it. I don't...
I don't have any friends my own age.
How have I got time to make them?
Just the kids from school and... you guys.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I thought you would be
awake because... know,
you're not really sleeping and stuff.
It was a miracle
that Marion and I met at all.
We were so different.
She had such faith in life.
She'd say...
"There's somebody out there
for everybody.
"Look at us."
So you must just hold steady, young lady.
You're a good person.
Good things will happen.
That's very kind, Arthur.
I'll call you a taxi.
Right, everyone, this big red number ten
signifies the number of rehearsals
we have left until the competition.
By number five, we're gonna be brilliant.
Aren't we?
- Yes!
- Off you go. See you next time.
- I'm sorry about the
other night, Arthur. - Oh...
Would you like to sing?
Right, well, take your coat off, then.
What do you know?
Oh, er...
Dean Martin, Frank.
Remind me.
Arthur, there's only you and me
in the room
and I heard you sing the other night.
# Hey, if you happen to see
# The most beautiful girl
who walked out on me
# Tell her I'm sorry
# Tell her I need my baby
# Oh, won't you tell her
# I love her
You've got a good voice, Arthur.
Do you wanna sing another one?
All right.
You're a dark horse, Arthur.
Burton College
for unruly, shitty little boys.
- Well, maybe not all of them.
- Well, you must enjoy it.
Sometimes you find a flower
you can help to bloom.
- Maybe you're one of those flowers.
- Yeah, poison ivy.
What made you come in?
I'm not sure.
To see how it felt, I suppose.
And how does it feel?
I don't know yet.
# If you happen to see
the most beautiful girl in the world
# And if you did
# Was she crying, crying?
Arthur, you're enjoying something.
I guess that's what you'd call it.
OK, Marion.
Help me enjoy.
# We're going to the Love Shack, baby
# Everybody's movin'...
- Charlie, will you guide Arthur through?
Give him one of these song sheets, yeah?
# Baby, Love Shack
# We're going to the Love Shack, baby...
Some good news for a change.
Just follow this
and just do what I'm doing, all right? the Love Shack, baby
# Hammer on the door!
As some of you may have noticed,
we have a familiar face with us tonight.
And we'd like to keep him here,
wouldn't we?
I think Marion would be
very pleased you're here.
All right, well, before it gets
too sentimental,
thank you very much
and I'll see you next time.
That wasn't too painful, was it?
Wasn't easy.
Well done, Arthur.
I felt like a right idiot.
Hard woman.
Grandad. What you doing here?
I can't leave the school, you know.
- You can talk, though, can't you?
- Yeah.
- What's that?
- Nothing wrong with your eyes, then.
- Can I have it?
- It's for you.
I didn't mean what I said to your dad.
You know that, don't you?
- How is your dad? Is he OK?
- Yeah. I don't see him until the weekend.
D'you wanna come with me
to put some flowers on your gran's grave?
Excuse me. Can I help you?
He gave me some sweets.
- She's my granddaughter.
- Have you got an appointment?
To give my granddaughter a chocolate?
- See you later, Grandad.
- OK.
You'll have to leave now.
Spinster, are you?
Right, this is called the robot dance
and it's a very famous sort of dance.
Basically, you just have to be very stiff
and move like this.
Everything is stiff and robotic.
Remember, you are made of metal.
Yeah, that's pretty... That's quite good.
That's it.
You can even communicate as robots.
Hello. I am a robot.
Really, really stiff.
Timothy, I'm so sorry.
No problem, Elizabeth.
Happens a lot.
Bye, everyone!
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bloody hell!
All right, then.
Shall we have a cup of tea?
Who sent this, then?
Here... Just sign this.
Brilliant, guys.
Well, you deserve a coffee.
Be back in ten minutes.
You've only got six more rehearsals left.
- Oh, no. You can keep that.
- Why?
- Did you like the song?
- Yeah, it was all right.
- Lyrics?
- Yeah, nice.
- Do you wanna do it?
- You mean in front of everybody?
No. No way.
How about we work it through together,
just you and me?
- Why would you wanna do that?
- Why wouldn't I?
I'll pick you up tomorrow after work.
Get a cup of coffee, Arthur.
Hello, son.
- What you doing?
- Waiting for you to go.
I was engaged for a couple of years
to a fly boy, a pilot.
Never commit yourself
to a man in uniform, Arthur,
especially if he's surrounded
by lots of air hostesses.
All men are shits, aren't they?
I look forward to meeting one who isn't.
Present company excluded.
No, actually, I mean you're not a shit.
I've got something to show you.
Recognise her?
Yeah, we're in the programme now.
- There's no turning back.
- Yeah.
If we jump ship,
there'll be nobody to come last.
We? So you're coming, then?
# I must be crazy
- Yeah.
You may be crazy, but you'll be there.
That is brilliant.
You can invite your son.
He'd be so impressed.
- He's none of your business.
- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
It doesn't matter what you meant.
He's nothing to do with you.
I'm sorry.
- I apologise.
- No, no, no. I meddle. It's fine.
It's just that he and I...
...just never hit it off.
It's my fault.
I never let him get close to me.
I'm sorry.
He's a good lad.
He's better off, really.
Do you wanna do some singing?
That's better.
# Who is the hippie
that's happenin' all over our town?
# Tearin' up the chicks
with the message that he lays down
# Who is the coolest guy,
that is, what am?
Go towards the back of the room.
That's good. OK, same again.
Sing it to the stage.
# Well, I think you're crazy...
No, that's not projecting.
That's just shouting.
# Chicks are makin' reservations
for his lovin' so fine...
Guess what.
Only one more after this, everyone.
# Who is the coolest guy,
that is, what I am?
Don't forget a little bit
of bump 'n grind.
# Fast talkin', slow walkin',
good lookin' Mohair Sam...
Will you sing that in the competition?
You must be joking.
Then sing it tomorrow in choir practice.
See how you feel.
And if it's all right,
then you can sing it at the weekend.
I couldn't. I...
It wasn't long ago that you
couldn't think of anything worse
than singing silly songs
with people you didn't really like.
Well, I didn't really not like them.
The way you sing it... is beautiful.
If Marion is listening,
or James,
if he could hear you singing...
He hates me.
Well, then, do something
to help change that.
Let him see you, Arthur.
Let everyone see you.
Hello, son.
- What d'you want?
- Thought we could have a chat.
I know it's difficult.
I understand. You're cross.
It's just I'm... I'm missing your mother.
- Just come round to tell me that?
- Well, I'm missing you as well.
What am I supposed to make of you?
Every time I see you...
... I don't know what it is I've done
or not done in my life
to make you so disappointed.
I mean, I've achieved so many things,
so many good things,
but you're always disappointed.
Why can't you be proud?
I am proud, son.
Well, you never thought once to tell me.
Well, I tell everybody.
Why don't you tell me?
I'm trying now.
I'm still trying to cope with my mum.
Maybe I can help.
It's too late for that. You're too late.
# A, E, I, O, U...
# A, E, I, O, U...
You were wrong.
This, it isn't me.
Everybody knows that.
It isn't me.
I'll be back in a second.
- Arthur. Arthur, come on, wait.
- I'm a mug, aren't I?
I'm not what you think I am.
I'm not like everybody in there.
I'm not like Marion.
I'm not the life and soul of the party
and full of joy and guts.
I'm miserable old Arthur.
I've ruined everything I've ever had
and it's too late.
I can't change. It's...
It's too late.
just leave me alone.
- Hello!
- Hello, love!
Hello, Charlie.
He not coming?
I don't think so.
All right, let's go.
# Here we go, here we go, here we go
# Here we go, here we go, here we go...
- Oh, I'm fed up with these words.
Can you all follow me, please?
I'll take you up to your dressing room.
Come on, everyone.
- Ooh!
- Who's a lovely girl, then?
So, before the audience come,
we have to do a sound check.
What's that, then?
They need to know what we sing
and what we do.
- How many groups are there?
- 20.
But we have got just as much chance
as all of them.
# Ode To Joy
Bloody hell. They're brilliant.
We're gonna get
laughed out the bloody door.
No, we're not.
- OK, you're up.
- OK, guys, come on.
Steven, what's this on the desk?
I thought they were good,
but they were a bit dull.
We can do better.
I think we had more personality.
I know you all loved Marion,
and... when we were younger,
I would have done anything
to be with her
and share something like this
with all of you.
You don't have to do this
in front of everyone, Arthur.
I'm sorry for how I've been.
I'm going to...
Even if I fall flat on my arse,
I'm gonna do the song, Elizabeth.
If you'll let me.
Of course you can.
Can I have a word?
Oh. Yeah.
One second.
Your hosts for the evening,
Richard Jameson and Harriet Banks.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the 8th Shadow Song
International Choir Festival.
We have such a wide, fantastic variety
of choirs and songs for you this evening.
Something for everyone.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The Backworth Male Voice Choir.
What do they mean,
dumbing down?
- We're in the programme.
- Come on, driver. It's embarrassing.
It's not fair.
Maybe we saved ourselves
from getting laughed at
by a theatre full of people.
Somebody once told me
it didn't matter if you got laughed at.
Open the door, driver.
Arthur, what you doing?
I'm gonna sing that bloody song
you've been ramming
down my throat all week.
Come on.
Thank you to
the Backworth Male Voice Choir.
Can we have some assistance?
- Now we have 35 dapper young men...
- God help me, love.
...full of class and charisma.
Some random man
just walked on stage.
I've never seen him before.
I don't know what he's doing.
Now some other random girl
has joined him.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
It's those OAP people
you got rid of earlier.
I can't stop them, can I,
cos there's like 30 of them.
OK, I'll get them to introduce them.
You're gonna have to introduce them.
The OAP'Z.
Well, as you can see,
they're not in suits,
but they do have class.
Well, everyone,
put your hands together for the OAP'Z.
Blow them away, please.
# The Love Shack is a little old place
# Where we can get together
# Got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20
# So hurry up and bring me
your juke box money
# The Love Shack is a little old place
# Where we can get together
# Everybody's movin',
everybody's groovin'
# We're going to the Love Shack,
baby, Love Shack
# We're going to the Love Shack
# Bang! Bang!
# Baby
# Hammer on the door
# Bang! Bang!
# Hammer on the door
# Bang! Bang!
# Hammer on the door
Your what?!
Tin roof.
# Love Shack, baby, Love Shack
# We're going to the Love Shack!
Everybody in position.
Come on, Grandad!
# Goodnight, my angel
# Time to close your eyes
# And save these questions
for another day
# I think I know
what you've been asking me
# I think you know
what I've been trying to say
# I promised I would never leave you
# And you should always know
# Wherever you may go
# No matter where you are
# I never will be far away
# Good night, my angel
# Now it's time to sleep
# Time to sleep
# And still so many things I want to say
# Want to say
# Remember all the songs you sang for me
# Sang for me
# When we went sailing
on an emerald bay
# Emerald bay
# And like a boat upon the ocean
# I'm rocking you to sleep
# Through waters dark and deep
# Inside this ancient heart
# You'll always be a part of me
# Good night, my angel,
now it's time to dream
# And dream how wonderful
our life has been
# Some day we all must go
# But lullabies go on and on
# They never die
# Just like you and I...
# will be
Well done, Mister.
I'm so proud of you.
Be careful with it. It's really heavy.
Here's to coming third!
# We was third, we was third...
Hi, you've reached Marion
and Arthur but we're not here right now.
# So leave a message, please
Dad, it's me.
You're probably asleep,
but Jen didn't get to say goodbye.
Bye, Grandad. You were brilliant.
Thanks for coming back
in the car with us.
Dad, it was good to talk.
Well done for tonight.
It was brilliant.
I know Mum was watching.
- I'll see ya. - See ya, see ya,
wouldn't wanna be ya!
OK, bedtime.
Cheers, Dad. Good night.
# So you're thinking it's ending
# But it's only just begun
# Your whole life
# Is there right...
# Right in front of you
# Life's a story
that is all twists and turns
# All that matters is th
lessons we learn
# Cos we're all...
# Unfinished songs waiting for...
# The best part to come along
# Hey, hey
# Hey, hey
# And we're all...
# Pictures half-drawn
# We can be...
# Anything we want
# Hey, hey
# Hey, hey
# Now is your time
# It's your life
# No one's living it but you
# In your hands
# Is your chance
# To lead the life you choose
# Life's like music
# There's so much to one song
# Make it magic
# There's so much to do
# Cos we're all...
# Unfinished songs waiting for...
# The best part to come along
# Hey, hey
# Hey, hey
# And we're all...
# Pictures half-drawn
# We can be...
# Anything we want
# Hey, hey
# Hey, hey
# You can write the song
and write the story
# And live all of this life
in all its glory
# Take the time to make the time
# To make each moment count
# It's your life, it's your goal
# Grab that chance, have it all
# Cos we're all...
# Unfinished songs waiting for...
# Waiting for...
# The best part to come along
# Hey, hey
# Hey, hey
# And we're all
# Pictures half-drawn
# We can be...
# Anything we want
# Hey, hey
# Hey
# Hey, hey
# Cos we're all...
# Unfinished songs waiting for...
# Waiting for...
# The best part to come along
# Hey, hey
# Hey, hey
# You can write the song
and write the story
# Hey-ey
# Hey-hey, hey-hey