Sonhos Roubados (2009) Movie Script

There, that's it.
There, that's steady now,
you can steer the cot.
Hi, grandpa.
You took so long...
I finished putting all four wheels
on the cot, there, look.
Wow that's so cool, right honey?
A "cot-cycle"!
- Have you two eaten?
- No.
Steer it!
- Doesn't it turn?
- Yeah, here look.
Your mother went to get
something to eat.
In the name of the Lord Jesus...
I pray for these souls
who hear Your word.
Oh Glory be, heavenly Jesus!
Daddy's little Britney.
Hi there. Jessica, I've been
waiting since one o'clock.
Sorry, I'm late.
But it's the same every week,
one o'clock is one o'clock...
my mother's been complaining.
Grandma's little baby, bless you,
now come with grandma.
Has she had lunch?
Not yet, but she drank all her bottle,
didn't you darling?
Two o'clock and no lunch?
I'm sorry, but the life...
you lead can't be good
for the child, Jessica.
How many nights I've lain awake
praying to the Heavenly Father...
just picturing what this child
must be going through.
I know very well how to look after
my daughter, Dona Jandira.
She's even got a cot her grandpa
made, right darling?
She didn't even want
to come to see you.
God shall illuminate your path,
child, I have faith.
Come on, let's have
lunch with grandma.
- Now?
- Yes, now, lunch with grandma!
I don't know how you stand all
that religious crap all day long.
You take good care
of my daughter...
and drop her off on Monday, okay?
Hey, Jessica!
Cool dreads!
Come on, Diane.
- Where is he?
- Oh, forget your dad, honey.
What about the girls,
aren't they coming?
Don't know.
This is for you.
You grow prettier by the year.
Shall we?
Like it?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Diane
Happy birthday to you!
Viva Diane!
Look what I brought you.
Isn't that what you wanted?
Takes pictures, video.
I already saved my number.
Let's go to bed, Peri?
So, did you like the surprise?
Happy birthday.
- How much is it?
- Rs 1.20.
- Hi, Sabrina.
- Hi there, Jessica.
- Here
- Thanks.
Here, Sabrina,
just right for you.
That's cool!
How much do you think
this skirt is?
Shit this is so cool,
totally cool!
Can I try this on?
- Far out!
- It's gorgeous!
- So how much have you got?
- I've Rs 12.50, minus Rs 3 I owe.
Rs 9,50
- How about you, Sabrina?
- Man, I think I've about Rs 15.
- I've got some lunch tickets.
- You think they take tickets?
- So how much are the pants?
- Rs 49
Christ, Rs 49, for that
you can get a pizza...
buy some thread and still have
enough for a couple of joints.
I could get my MP3 player
for that.
I live a week on that, sure is hard
work making yourself sexy.
- I'll put the next one.
- You're on form today.
You play well.
- What's your name?
- Melissa.
- Playing by yourself, Melissa?
- Yeah, come and play me.
Give me a beer.
Another drop?
How old are you?
You look 20.
Yeah, we could go for a walk
and I'll show you.
You're the boss.
I know a little hotel near here.
Let's go to my place.
It's quieter.
What do you want?
Why didn't you come
to my birthday?
I was expecting you.
I couldn't.
But you promised.
I waited for you all night, dad.
Stop calling me dad,
you don't even know if I'm your dad.
Mother knew perfectly well.
You mother doesn't even know
let alone all the kids
she left hanging around.
Go and grab something to eat,
I'm busy now, go on.
Oh, and do me a favor?
Don't come back here, okay?
This is no good,
dry as a bone, it'll all fall out.
I've got to stop dying it?
No, just give it a rest,
we can re-hydrate it.
- It'll recover.
- I'm not so sure.
Excuse me.
What can I do for R$10?
- Rs 10?
- Yeah.
Not much, but we can try.
Sit down.
I'll be right with you.
No, I won't bother.
I was just passing
and thought I'd take a look.
Sorry if I disturbed you.
Of course not, honey.
I'll be off.
Hey, that girl stole
something of yours.
- She what?
- The girl stole something.
Hey kid, come back here,
damn it!
Stop that girl!
Stop that girl!
You can wash your hair
with detergent!
Stop that girl!
Hey, you dropped this.
Take it, it's yours.
Wow, it's pretty good!
I'm getting something to smoke.
Hey, can I borrow a cigarette?
That guy's staring at me.
Give me a drag.
Come on, then.
Pass it on, Jessica!
Have some respect!
- Let's go and join them, come on.
- What for?
He's cute.
Maybe he'll invite us to supper,
I'm starving. Come on.
Sure thing.
So what'll the girls have?
Anything you like, princess,
it's all ours.
- How about pizza?
- Sure, I'll order another one for us.
What are your names?
Melissa, Loana and Karina.
Melissa, Loana and Karina.
Melissa's nice.
So what are you doing out
this late?
We're from around here.
Hi, what do you want?
No, I'm out with Jessica
and Sabrina.
Huh? Who's Jessica,
who's Sabrina?
How about going down
to the beach?
Could do.
- You go on ahead.
- Don't you disappear on me.
Course not, go on!
Diane, you keep watch,
if anything happens you run for help.
Here, give me Rs 10.
Diane, here's Rs 20
for you work.
You can put it towards that MP3.
Cachaca isn't medicine, grandpa.
The medicine's run out, Jessica.
Why didn't you ask me to get some?
A cough won't kill anyone.
I've got some money,
what do you think it's for?
To make sure you're all right,
nice and healthy.
That's better, thanks.
Andresson, come on in,
make yourself at home.
- All right, Jessica?
- Where's my daughter?
- She's coming with my mother.
- Sure.
- Here
- What's this?
Some fruit, cheese, mortadella.
You think there's no food
in my house?!
You pay the lousy allowance late
every month...
and then bring me a damn
hand- out?!
You always get everything wrong,
don't you, Jessica?
It's your mother gets
everything wrong...
with all that Jesus talk
making everyone's life hell.
Honey, don't cause
trouble over that.
Don't worry, Horacio, no problem.
- May Jesus protect you, okay?
- Okay.
That old cow will end up in hell,
I'm not saying I'm an angel...
but Christ, she goes too far.
It's not worth causing trouble
with Andresson.
Grandpa, Andresson's a jerk,
a mummy's boy, that's what he is.
I'm going down to the drugstore
for your medicine.
Don't bother!
I've got to go anyway,
just seeing him I need an Aspirin.
Here, Jessica.
I'm not eating that stuff,
Andresson's such a jerk.
- You finish it.
- You shouldn't talk like that...
he helps out with Britney.
- True.
Hi girls, there's no class today,
the teacher didn't show up again.
You sure hate school,
don't you, Diane?
Sure, you never learn anything
anyway, it's useless.
Quite right, Diane
- What's that, a love letter?
- A poem, want to read it?
No, thanks.
Something a bit weird has come up,
visiting someone in jail.
- Are you going?
- Don't know...
it's really far, not sure
it's be worth the money.
You could get a hot guy there.
You bet I will!
Come on, Diane,
there's the dance tonight.
- Wait for me!
- You coming?
Sleep, honey, go on, go to sleep,
mummy wants to go out.
She's not sleepy. Jessica
Yeah but if she doesn't sleep
I can't go out, grandpa.
- So don't go out.
- Don't go out?!
Did you take the medicine
I got you?
Yeah. Just a little cough.
- And I'm not babysitting.
- Why not?
Because I've got all these bikes
to deliver tomorrow.
What's wrong with staying in
for once?
What's more important to you,
the dance or your daughter?
The dance or my daughter?
What's the point in being 17
if you can't even go to a dance?!
Says who?
That's rubbish, all right?
You're the most important thing
in my life.
It's your lucky night.
- Know who that is?
- Never seen him before!
That's Wesley from Funil,
you know that armored car robbery?
I heard his cut was
over 200 grand.
You're so hot.
You've got gorgeous thighs...
a hot ass...
you're a real babe.
I don't know,
I'm looking at you...
I think I've seen you up at the
China man. Do you live near there?
No way...
I moved out of my mom's place,
I'm renting a small room near there...
won't be for long though.
You're damn right, I'm not having
my girl living in some room.
My girl has to have a place with
an air-conditioning, plasma TV.
Which one is it?
Don't forget to say thanks
when you give it to her, go on.
I came to say thanks.
Put it over there for me.
Diane was lucky,
she could have got into trouble.
She sure could...
but I know what it's like,
you want to go to the dance...
and your hair's all dry, needing some
shampoo and you've no money, right?
My dad's workshop is near here.
Do you know him? Germane.
Germane? I never knew he had
a big daughter like you.
Let's go, Diane.
Thanks, thanks a lot.
Sure thing.
My mom's here.
Been five years since she died.
What was it she died of?
She used to sell her body...
she was crazy, didn't take care.
She was a junkie too.
I sure miss her.
Yeah, your mom's your mom.
Except for mine,
who's more like a stepmother.
I tried moving back and she
slammed the door in my face.
But she's six months pregnant
anyway, poor thing.
She wants nothing to do with me.
Auntie, can I have one?
Hey, I'm not old enough for you
to be calling me auntie!
I haven't eaten since yesterday.
Here, go on, scram.
Hey, that'll come off
your wages, OK?
- What?!
- There's one missing.
- You're going to make me pay?!
- I saw you giving one to that boy.
- I hardly earn a thing anyway!
- You think I'm a fool?
I'm telling you, I'm sick of you
and this place...
pay me now I'm getting the hell
out of here!
You don't know how to work,
get out!
It's dangerous, Sabrina,
there are cops...
I'll have to forge my ID and swear
I'm his wife...
but they'll pay me Rs 200 a time,
what am I supposed to say? No?
I don't know, he's inside,
must be a criminal, a murderer.
Yeah but at least
he's already inside.
- Hello?
- Hi, who is it?
- It's Jessica.
- So, you agree to be my wife?
- All that's missing is a ring.
- And are you coming next weekend?
What do you look like?
I'm bland, blue eyes.
Cool, a real dude, huh?
Bullshit, you think I'd be
in here if I looked like that?
So listen, my brother will be outside
waiting to bring you in...
but he needs to know what color
clothes you'll be wearing.
I'll wear a green blouse.
All right, see you next week,
my babe.
Sure, my blond guy.
Bye. grandpa!
You can go right back,
there's no class today, thank God.
We already missed two months
with the teacher's strike.
- What is it this time?
- All the stores are closed.
Some drug dealer's been killed,
everyone's in mourning.
Hey, how about going
to my new place?
Let's go.
What about Juninho,
are you dating him?
Of course not, Diane!
I went out with him,
but he went to fast.
Dirty bastard. And you, Diane,
you been seeing anyone?
Course not, Sabrina!
Hurry or you'll be an old maid!
Wow, this place is really big.
You're doing all right.
It belongs to a cousin
of Wesley's.
He said I can stay here
for a while.
I can hardly believe it, you know
when you get that feeling...
in your stomach just thinking
about him?
I've only just met him, but I
don't think I've ever loved like this.
Give me a break, Sabrina, I've heard
you say that about 20 times!
- You what?
- Me to!
The way you went on I thought
there'd be a plasma TV here.
Wesley isn't a millionaire...
but the refrigerator
came filled with food.
You're the lucky one, all this time
looking for a job it's useless.
Go to the China man,
he'll give you a job.
Christ, Sabrina,
don't be such a bitch.
- She's just showing off.
- I'll get something to drink.
Are you Ricardo?
What's wrong,
don't you like me?
No, no. You're fine!
Sure. Come on,
I'll show you my palace.
So, did they treat you okay?
Your friend gave me the money,
and the ID...
then that woman made me undress
and asked me loads of questions.
People can hear everything, right?
The bastards tune in,
all right.
God, it's hot.
No, you've just got
too many clothes on.
So take them off.
How long have you been in here?
Nearly seven.
How long did you get?
" God!
What did you do?
But I'll be out soon
for good behavior.
So behave! Behave!
Jessica, you're keeping
the girls waiting!
I got a guy for you too.
I asked for Rs 100 each and
they offered Rs 75, how about it?
Take it or leave it, Sabrina!
It's enough to do
the supermarket, right?
Hasn't he got another friend?
Are you mad, Diane?
You saw what I had to do.
I'll do it 100...
I hate having to depend
on my uncle all the time.
Aren't you a virgin?
- More or less.
- What do you mean, Diane?
I love mini-bars.
Hey, this is awesome!
I loved the special gift.
Yeah, well take it easy,
she's still really young.
Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
Come and dance, Diane.
Diane, come on, let's go.
Each hit is worth one wish.
I want a 15th birthday party...
with loads of flower arrangements
like from a magazine...
and I'll dance the waltz
with my dad.
I want Wesley to kiss me...
I want him kissing me non-stop...
and me kissing him.
I want my grandpa to get better.
And I really want
those Guang pants.
What's that gadget, Diane?
Where did you get it?
My dad gave it to me.
Your dad never gave you a thing.
Was it really your dad, or have
you been going out with men?
- Peri, please!
- Because that friend Jessica...
folks say she's a whore.
Oh stop it, Peri, it's her father,
he's no good, but he's her father.
- Have you eaten, Diane?
- No, I'm not hungry.
When I was small my mother
always brought me here...
she loved counting the cars
passing below.
That's a funny thing to do.
One time, we stayed here
all day...
when we got home in the evening
we'd counted over 233 red cars.
You really miss her, right?
You're damn right.
It stinks...
there should be a rule that
everyone has a mother forever.
Grandpa, I found the hole!
When you were small,
you used to like helping me...
you'd even argue with your mom
so you could stay here.
You used to make a mess,
put the tools in the wrong place...
now I hardly ever get to see you.
We go through life like ghosts...
last night I woke up coughing
I went to the kitchen...
and there was a rat crossing
the living room...
then I wondered whether
I'd really seen it.
I looked, but I couldn't find it
Life's like that, it goes so quick
you don't even notice.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Been to see your dad?
Sit down.
I'm expecting a client.
Do you live with your mother?
My uncle and aunt.
They look after you, do they?
More or less.
My aunt's a nice person.
But your uncle isn't?
He only helps me
in return for things.
What things?
So how long have you
been doing this?
I don't do this...
I just need the money
because I've a daughter.
- Got a photo of her?
- Sure, want to see?
Wow, she's pretty.
She takes after you.
Oh, she's prettier than I am.
If I were to have a kid,
I'd want it to have your eyes.
- I really love this song.
- Me too.
- Dance with me?
- Sure.
Stop it, uncle, I'm tired!
You've grown up so suddenly,
you've become such a...
- Stop it!
- Shh, you'll wake your aunt.
That's fine by me, then she can see
who you really are.
If you want me
you'll have to pay.
You've got my number,
just call.
But Diane, platinum blond
isn't for kids.
But I'm no longer a kid, Dolores.
Oh no?
So, what are you, a woman?
Yes I'm a woman already,
definitely! You doubt it?
I see, in a hurry to grow up,
are we?
Don't be stupid,
enjoy yourself while you can.
Dolores, I'm going to be fifteen.
All right.
And your friend Jessica,
what does she do?
Sewing jobs.
You're really good friends,
aren't you?
Yeah, she's like an older sister.
When a girl wanted to hit me
at school, she stood up for me.
She sure looks tough.
Look at the young chick Juninho's
going out with, I'm no clown.
She sure is ugly.
- You think I'm getting old?
- Old and tough.
What about you,
all shacked up like that?
Diane, blonde and brushed!
You even look grown-up.
My god, I'm going to do that
with my hair too.
Go ahead, it'll look great
with that tough hair of yours.
- So who did it for you?
- Dolores. I'm ready now.
My god! Just listen to her!
Let me show you something.
How I've missed my slim girl.
Missed your smell.
What's up,
why the cold shoulder?
How did you expect me
to receive you, with a smile?
You know I'm out of work...
you disappeared for a month
and never sent one lousy cent.
I left orders with Paulo
to give you some cash...
but he was beaten up.
- Sure he was.
It's true!
I've been alone here,
you never called once.
Aren't I here now? Come on,
take it easy, let's make it up...
I'm back.
- Haven't you miss me?
- Yeah.
- You've missed me, haven't you?
- Yeah.
- Don't you disappear again!
- I won't disappear anymore!
Have you family, Dolores?
I've a sister,
but she doesn't live here.
I've been married four times,
but now I live here alone.
- Have you kids?
- No.
That is, I had a girl.
Where is she?
I don't know,
haven't see her for ages.
I worked for this family...
I was really young...
and the boss's son...
a really handsome boy...
anyway I got pregnant.
The boss's wife adopted her,
I never saw her again.
Aren't you going to answer?
Must be a wrong number.
- Already closed?
- No way.
Saturday I work overtime,
come in...
earn some extra cash to help
with the rent.
I wanted to do my nails.
I did your nails last week...
let's have a look.
They're fine.
You must be rich, then?
More or less.
Who gave you money, your uncle?
My uncle isn't my real uncle,
he's married to my aunt,
my mom's sister.
What about your mother?
My aunt said my mother was crazy,
ended up in an institution
a few times...
then one day she disappeared.
They say she had I don't know
how many children.
And your brothers and sisters...
do you know any of them?
Sometimes I wander about,
to see if I can find one of them.
When I meet a guy at the dance,
before I kiss him...
I try to find out his mum's
to be sure he's not
a brother of mine.
I'm scared of going crazy!
Yeah, honey...
life sure can be tough at times.
You know what I'd like?
To learn to cut hair.
When I was your age I used to cut
my friends' hair. They loved it.
Teach me?
What's wrong?
Don't you like it?
I bought it with my own money.
Spending money on stuff like that,
anyone would think you were rich.
Well it's not come out
of your pocket.
No one gave me a thing in life,
at your age I was already working.
I'm earning my own money too,
you know?
Really? How?
I look after a friend's daughter
and she pays me.
Good for you, very good.
I'm in a hurry now,
I have to finish this.
Hey Andresson!
Bring Britney out!
She's sleeping.
So wake her,
we're going to the beach.
No you're not,
she's not feeling very well.
What? She's always sick,
or are you having me on?
We have to talk,
I've been hearing rumors.
What rumors?
- You've been going out with men.
- What's that got to do with?
The girl's better off here
than with you.
Let me get her!
Andresson! Andresson!
Stop, son!
If she's got the devil in her.
I'm calling the police.
- I'm calling the police!
- Call the pastor, call the pastor.
- Jessica! Jessica!
- Get your hands off me!
Go home, my mother's calling
the police for Jesus Christ's sake!
Screw Jesus!
To hell with him!
I'm not leaving.
Now check that everything's
in order, then sign here.
- Where's my bike?
- I know nothing about a bike.
Come on, sign it.
Thanks, man,
I didn't know who to call.
Getting arrested because of your
mother-in-law that's a bit much.
Let's go, come on.
That cow Jandira is going to do
everything to take Britney.
That old nun needs a man
to take care of her.
Look, Jessica, what do you think?
Dolores taught me.
Wow, Ricardo is going to love
this, Diane.
So you hit her?
Enough, Ricardo!
I was all so quick... I hit my
daughter's father, the jerk.
You watch out...
if you get put away
it won't be near me...
it'll be a jail just for women.
I've got to think of
my daughter and behave.
That witch only let her come home
because my grandpa talked to her.
But the good thing about you
getting arrested...
if I could rest easy...
- knowing you're not seeing anyone.
- Oh you're not jealous, Ricardo?
The marriage is only pretend,
you know!
See you, Jessica.
You're screwing that kid,
right Juninho?
"My love, I miss you so much...
you're mine my blood is yours...
my freedom is yours".
Wow, how romantic!
He wrote it in his own blood.
He's gone mad, Sabrina.
So now he thinks he owns me?
No one belongs to anyone.
- Hi.
- Hi there.
You're up early.
What's eating you, Sabrina?
- My period's late.
- Christ.
Are you sure?
Yeah, it's Wesley's kid.
Imagine that.
He was the only one I had sex with
without a condom.
He might disappear
and die at any moment.
Hold on, Sabrina, you're not
having this kid are you?
I'd rather not,
but getting rid of it's expensive.
I'll end up telling him,
see what happens.
A court order has arrived
for you, Jessica.
Christ, that damn Jandira,
she wants to take
my daughter away from me.
What a justice! I'm going to beat
the shit out of the lot of them.
That'll only make things worse,
you have to act within the law.
What law, grandpa?
That cow called me a whore...
and wants to take my daughter away
and I should do nothing?
Jesus, it was my belly
she came from, grandpa!
It was I breastfed her.
It's not fair!
- Piss off, kid.
- What about my money?
- I never said I'd give you money.
- I want my money, my money!
I never said I'd give
you money, get lost!
My brothers didn't send
you money this time...
but you came all the same.
What happened, you miss me?
A bit.
I needed to talk.
I don't know if this is a good
time, but I've a present for you.
A Christmas present filled
with good intentions.
Remember you said all that was
missing was a wedding ring?
Will you marry me?
Are you serious?
Well, I don't know
if it'll work out...
but the invitation is serious.
You really think we've a future?
- Can I help you?
- I'm just looking.
- Feel free.
- Thanks.
This is great!
I'm thinking about a honeymoon
for us, how about it?
- Where would we go?
- I don't know, you choose.
- Miami, Miami!
- So we'll go to Miami!
- We'll hit Miami.
- I've got something to tell you.
We're going to have a kid.
What's wrong?
Aren't you pleased?
Christ, Sabrina.
But I always dreamed
of having a kid.
Are you crazy?
- I know if I'm the kid's father!
- He's yours!
Look, I'm a decent guy,
so I'll pay for the abortion.
- I'm not getting rid of the baby.
- Then you'll raise it by yourself.
Once you're fat with a belly,
I'm not wasting my time with you.
Get out, you scum.
"You scum"? Crazy slut...
have you forgotten who pays
the fucking rent here, huh?
You're not going
to throw me out, are you?
I'm in charge around here!
I come here whenever I like.
If you're not happy about that,
then get out.
If you want the kid...
it's your life...
here's some money.
You decide.
Come in, it's open!
Oh, I thought it was
the "rabanada" cake.
Is Diane in?
I'm Dolores.
Yes, come on in.
Make yourself at home. Excuse me,
I'm just finishing the housework.
Hey Diane, visitor!
Hi honey, you haven't been round
lately, have you given up?
No, I've just been busy
at school.
Here, happy Christmas.
It's lovely! Thanks.
Oh uncle, this is Dolores.
Peri, at your service.
Hi. Well, I'd better be going.
I was just passing by.
- Come to the salon soon.
- Stay for Christmas dinner!
- Oh I couldn't.
- Please!
- She can stay, can't she?
- Of course. It's a humble home...
but there's always food for one
more. Especially at Christmas.
Do stay!
Where did you two meet?
At my salon, I do her hair.
I got a fright
when she came home blonde...
not that it's not well done,
it looks very nice.
I don't like it when Diane hangs
about the market...
because she goes
looking for her father.
My brother's rather strange,
He left the girl here with us,
she wasn't even a year old.
Now it's Christmas and he doesn't
even her send a little something.
I want nothing to do with
that good-for-nothing.
Like I always tell Diane, if your
mother and father don't care...
best just forget about them
I'm the one who takes care of her.
What are you doing here?
It's not your day to see Britney.
I know, I just came
to bring her a present.
No way, Jessica.
Please Andresson,
it's Christmas.
Bring her out, your mother
won't let me in the house.
What do you expect
after that mess you made?
You think you're in the right,
You think I'm happy to know
my wife's now a...
- What do you mean?
- What?
Did you say "wife"?
That the mother of my daughter
is a prostitute.
Are you calling me a whore?
That's what a woman who
sells herself is, Jessica!
Go on Andresson, bring her out,
so I can give it to her.
Go away.
I'll give her the presents.
Excuse me.
Here, quick,
I don't want any trouble.
Here she is.
- Mummy brought you a doll.
- Where is it?
Daddy left it inside,
I bought it at the store.
- Andresson!
- Come on, we have to go, Jessica.
Stall her a minute,
I've missed her so much.
- Come inside, Andresson!
- Coming, mom, be right there.
It's Christmas, please Andresson!
No Jessica, please.
You'd better hand her over
or I'll take her by force.
Come on!
Coming. Come back
on the right day, okay?
Come inside.
I'm sorry.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Who's first?
- Me.
I'm sorry, but I can't serve
you dressed like that.
- What? You're kidding, right?
- No.
I slept out here
to be first in line.
I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do,
I can't let you in like that.
What's wrong with my clothes?
Can you tell me?
All my clothes are like this.
How am I supposed to come?
This isn't a funk dance, come back
tomorrow dressed properly.
You think my aunt
will believe me or him?
There's no law, no police.
I'm all alone, Dolores, I've no one.
Nonsense, Diane, you've
your friends, you've got me.
You have to denounce him.
The son of a bitch has to pay
for what he's done to you.
Don't be scared, Diane.
If your aunt doesn't believe it,
that's her problem.
Know what I'd like?
A birthday party.
Fifteen is fifteen, after all,
you're only fifteen once.
I didn't have a party.
We had no money, but if we had,
I wouldn't spent it on a party.
No way. I'd have bought myself
a whole bunch of clothes.
And earrings,
I've always loved earrings.
Need any money?
I can help you.
I'm getting by.
How? I've told you I don't want you
going out with other guys.
Ricardo, this marriage business,
I'm really grateful...
but you know better than I do,
these things never work out.
Why not?
Sharing the shit.
Oh yeah? That's just great.
You're right.
I'm stuck in here and you out
there free in the world.
Grab your stuff and scram.
Don't waste your time with me.
Go on, on, go.
Let go.
Lets go!
Let me sort out my life...
then we'll see what happens.
That stuff about your daughter...
I'm introducing you to a lawyer,
he can't get me out of here...
but maybe he can help you get
your daughter back.
- Oh, here's trouble.
- Right first time.
What do you want?
You should know,
the girl gets no allowance.
She wasn't even registered.
If she took you to court,
you'd get a massive fine...
and you'll have to give her
a monthly allowance.
Who's to prove I'm her father?
- DNA. She can take a DNA test!
- Or maybe I won't take it.
Just like that?
I want to have a fifteenth
birthday party, I need the money.
How much?
- Rs 600.
- What do you think I am, a bank?
All right, Rs 500.
- There's one other thing, dad.
- Stop calling me dad.
You're just trying to annoy me.
I want you to dance the waltz
with me at the party.
Now you're asking too much.
Not as much as a fine
and the allowance.
- Come on, open this for me.
- Bye, dad.
I knew you'd be here, Horacio!
My granddaughter!
- How did it go with the lawyer?
- It was cool.
There are problems because
I attacked D. Jandira.
I've got to get a steady job to
prove I can support my daughter.
But I can already have her on
I never taught you
any profession, did I?
I never really knew how
to do anything very well.
Stop talking rubbish, grandpa.
You're nothing in life
without a skill.
Don't worry,
everything will be all right.
Raimundao, give us a beer!
Oh, so she'll join me!
Look, Jacqueline!
In 2023 Jaison will be 15, man.
God, you're in 2023...
I still worry about this party.
Where's your dirty uncle, Diane?
I told him to get lost today.
It's getting late.
Maybe he's not coming.
You found a boyfriend, did you?!
Hey, Diane?
I'm so glad you came.
I'm not staying long, all right?
Excuse me.
stay for the cake.
- What cake?
Cake wasn't part of the deal.
- I miss my daughter.
- I can imagine.
How much are you paying
for the room?
Rs 100.
When I have enough.
- Aunt.
- What's wrong, Diane?
I want you to be
the first to know.
I've nothing against you.
But I've gone to the police
about my uncle.
About Peri?
What's got into you, Diane?
I told them everything he did to me,
things he made me do.
But what did he make you do?
Have you gone mad...
what are you talking about,
your uncle did everything for you!
Yes, he did.
He was always chasing me,
never left me alone...
every night.
And you knew about it!
I even made a video, here!
Get out, Diane.
Go upstairs,
pack your things and get out.
Get out of my sight
before I lose my head!
Hi gorgeous. Come on,
you mad at me? Never, right?
Working too hard
or is it your day off?
I've got this trick for you,
a threesome.
A threesome is Rs 100.
R$100? Hop in.
Where are you going?
Grab her!
- Let me go!
- Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Are you crazy?
Let me go, you're the father of my
friend's kid, for Christ's sake!
Father? What are you talking
about? That girl's a slut.
She fucks everyone around here,
and I'm supposed to pay?!
Let me go.
You said it was Rs 100?
We'll pay, but you're going to have
to fuck us both real nice. Let's go.
You bitch, you're going to do
everything we tell you to.
And no fucking complaints!
Okay? So let's get
this game started.
Come here.
Give her to me,
this bitch cries too much.
- Stop it!
- Like hell I will!
- Stop!
- Isn't that good?
Relax, go on!
You're a whore, aren't you?
Enough, bitch.
You cry too much.
Now get out, go on...
Diane, your uncle
has just been arrested.
- What about my aunt?
- She made one hell of a fuss.
Crying, screaming his innocence...
that he'd been framed.
She'll get used to it.
don't be like that.
You had to do it.
What your uncle did to you is
a crime, for God's sake.
If your aunt wants to kid herself,
that's her problem.
Now he'll no longer do you
or anyone any harm.
What am I going to do now?
I can't stay at Jessica's place.
So stay here.
There's a nice room upstairs.
I'm not having you bug me
the whole time, though!
That's Britney?
Lovely, lovely, lovely!
- She's so pretty.
- You think so, Ricardo?
- She has your eyes.
- I wanted you to meet her.
To see my reality.
I'll be out in a year
and a half...
I've some money saved from
before I came here.
I want to leave all this behind...
and buy a place
in the country...
why don't you come with me?
To the country, Ricardo?
No, not just you.
Both of you.
You and your reality.
I'm a city girl.
We'll see what happens.
Not to the side, to the back.
How much?
- Rs 30 all in.
- Hop in.
One, two, three and four, five,
six, and seven, eight...
One, two, three and four, five,
six, and seven, eight.
A pastry and a juice.
- A beer, please, Jessica!
- Coming right up!
- This is for which table?
- Table four.
Coming! Here
Don't just stand there,
give us a hand!