Soni (2018) Movie Script

Hey, you!
Hey, hottie!
Love the way you move.
Got a problem?
I'm just walking.
Why are you trailing me like a dog?
Who's trailing?
You're the one leading me.
Back off, or I'll beat
the living daylights out of you.
Oh, really?
Too hot, aren't you?
Come a little closer.
Why not ask your mum?
She'll warm you up good.
Dirty cunt!
Soni, let go of him!
Forgive me.
Cut it out!
You pig!
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- What's taking so long?
- The man got hurt.
Get his statement,
but you're not to use force!
Takes two to turn them into crybabies.
- Soni.
- Yes, madam?
Come here.
We agreed on something, right?
What were your orders?
Madam, this one went too far.
So why even bother with the protocols?
Go sit in the car.
Let's clear out.
Why are we stopping?
Nothing, I'll just walk home from here.
Why? We'll drop you off.
I'll just buy some milk and be on my way.
Let Govind get it.
I want to have a word with you.
What all shall I get, madam?
A quart of milk,
and a packet of sweet bread.
What got into you today?
Madam, the way he lunged at me,
pushed me too far.
I know it gets rough in self-defense,
but what you did today
was way out of bounds.
believe me, one has to do as much.
Don't rationalize it now.
What if he had a weapon on him?
What if something would've
happened to you?
Don't you think you were being reckless?
Madam, I'll get going then.
Do think about what I said.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Use your clips when you line dry.
They were strewn all over my patio.
Thank you, Mrs. Huma.
This shirt has been lying there for ages.
It's better off over there.
You should calm down.
I'm laying them all on your bed.
What happened?
What happened?
- Seems like my gas cylinder ran out.
- Oh, no.
Don't worry, I can ask my husband
to arrange one for you.
- No, I'll manage.
- Oh, he won't mind.
You didn't eat last night?
Don't worry.
I'll just microwave it later.
You always have an answer to everything.
I should probably go.
Don't want the
husband to be late for work.
Let me know if you need anything.
- Listen.
- Yeah?
I've been meaning to ask you,
have you called Naveen yet?
Can we not talk about this?
All right.
Thank you, Mr. Singh.
Crime branch. Yes.
About to have my breakfast.
- Khushboo.
- Yes, madam?
- Could you bring me a glass of water?
- Yes, madam.
The missus is doing all right.
Working night-shifts these days.
How is Nishu doing?
Hello, Mom.
- You're home?
- Yes.
- How are you?
- Fine.
All well?
- Has Sandeep left for work?
- Not yet. He's on the phone.
- Has the sun come out yet?
- Yes.
- I want to get some sunshine today.
- Sure.
Give me your hand.
Oh, Lord!
please change your
strange work-hours, dear.
Enough of this graveyard shift.
I wish, but I have a lot to do.
I don't care.
Delegate to your staff then!
Whats the point of having authority?
Let me tell you...
your father-in-law was a
devoted officer like no other,
but, there wasn't a day
when he wasn't home for dinner.
What I mean is,
you have responsibilities at home as well.
What is so funny?
Am I a jester or what?
How long will this madness go on?
You arrive and he leaves,
it's a never-ending cycle.
Like hide and seek.
All right, just relax.
Have you two no sense
of commitment to family?
Mother, I know you're hungry.
Have some breakfast.
Yes, don't get smart with me.
Khushboo! Bring another plate for Mom.
Now that youve been promoted
see if you can get
her the day shift assigned.
- Sir, she's lying, I did nothing wrong.
- Sir, this man molested me.
One at a time, please.
Madam, calm down.
Sir, you must arrest this liar!
One person at a time.
Please, madam!
- This man is a liar and a pervert...
- Silence!
You do realize you're at
a police station, right?
Don't create a scene!
Attach that medical report here.
- Sir, he's lying...
- Keep it down, will you?
- What's the matter?
- Let me explain, madam.
- He forced himself into my house...
- Madam, she's lying...
Everyone calm down and step back!
- Stay behind that line.
- Step back! All of you!
Behind that line.
- May I have your name, madam?
- Neeru.
Tell us exactly what happened.
As I was saying, he forced himself
into my house and attacked me...
Is he an acquaintance?
- He's our landlord.
- Madam, I...
- Your name, sir?
- Madam, believe me...
Your name!
Tell me what happened.
So, we've been his tenants for years.
It all started with him raising our rent.
I told him I'm already
struggling to make ends meet.
So, he offered to let us off
only if I sleep with him.
I never said that!
When I refused, he forced himself
into my house...
You depraved son of a bitch!
Do not utter a sound
unless I ask you a question.
Yes, go on.
He threw himself on me and groped me.
I see.
- What about this man here?
- He is my husband.
- May I have your name, sir?
- Tilukaat.
Anyone else in the family besides you two?
We have a son.
- Was he at home?
- No, he was at school.
- And you?
- I was at the farmers' market.
Who called the emergency number?
Madam, I did.
I see.
When did you do it?
When I got back home
I saw this man forcing himself on my wife.
I never once...
You think I'm blind?
I caught you red-handed, bastard!
Enough of all this shouting!
If anyone shouts or cuts in again,
I'm throwing you all in the cell.
So you called the police. Then?
When I walked in, I saw
my wife resisting this man
and without wasting a second,
I called the police, madam.
I see. You may speak now, sir.
Madam, I've rented out a
small portion of my land to them.
- However...
- Where do you live?
In the same neighborhood.
Now, they've occupied
a much larger area than I had allotted.
He's making up stories.
He just wants to kick us out.
Miss, you've had your chance.
Please dont interrupt.
When I told them I'll raise the rent,
this man turned hostile.
And this lady followed me
all the way to my house
creating a scene in the neighborhood.
Look, what this monster did to me, madam!
Do you still think I'm lying?
Please cover yourself.
- I asked for the medical report, man.
- Madam, we have a lot more to tell you.
Yes, I'm listening. Be patient.
- What about your family, sir?
- Madam, I have a wife and a daughter.
Madam, this man isn't the
real owner of the land either.
He leased it from the government,
with no permit to rent it out.
Madam, I've had it for years now.
Renting helps with
the income for my household.
- Believe me, I have done nothing wrong.
- "Nothing wrong"? What a sick man!
He wants to steal a poor woman's home
and has assaulted her
in front of her husband.
- Keep it down, please.
- No, I won't keep it down!
I demand that you
arrest this man immediately!
Do not tell me how to do my job!
Sir, where did you say you were?
Farmers' market.
Since when do we have a
farmers' market on a Saturday?
Don't fool me with your theatrics.
I want everyone out!
- But, madam, we were saying...
- I don't want to hear another word!
Go sit outside, all of you.
Come on, move it!
No tea today?
Let me ask someone.
What do I do with them?
Clearly, the lady is
making up a false case.
The whole fuss is about the land.
See if you can broker a deal between them.
The independent witness
wasn't even at the scene
so how can he give a statement?
Sir, if we're the only witnesses,
the case may seem weak.
I don't care! This is not the way.
See what's written
in the man's medical report.
What was the commotion
with that lady all about?
- Madam, it was a land-related dispute.
- What?
The whole uproar was about the rent.
So, why was her blouse ripped?
Show me the formal complaint.
Madam, it was all an act.
A total farce.
Just some bickering
with the landlord over rent.
I didn't know we were
running a tribunal here!
Soni, do you ever follow what I say?
Chauhan, call that woman again.
I want a proper complaint filed.
I see.
Okay, let's dispatch one constable.
Send someone levelheaded.
They're poor folks,
deal with them sensibly.
Come on, blow into the tube!
Mister, don't inhale!
You're supposed to blow into the tube!
Come on!
Make it quick! Get his reading,
and impound his vehicle.
Yes, madam.
Stand up straight, fatso.
Why is this car in the middle of the road?
Pull to the curb!
Come on, beat it!
Officer, take him into custody.
Madam, let me know
if you want a cup of tea.
There's hardly time to breathe,
let alone have tea.
Madam, can you please look into this?
What's the matter?
They're drinking in the car,
and refusing to step out.
This vehicle?
- How many are they?
- Two.
What's all the fuss about?
They are clearly intoxicated,
and not cooperating.
Oh boy!
Sir, roll down the window, please.
- Your ID, please.
- What?
Let's see some ID.
I am Lt. Commander Vikram Rathore.
Indian Navy.
Very good, sir.
Let's see your ID.
Madam, please teach this man some manners.
He's just doing his job, sir.
Your ID, please.
You know what?
We need women like you in the Navy.
The ID doesn't have my cell number.
Sir, your ID.
Show it, man!
What the fuck!
Had a little too much today, sir?
It's my birthday,
and tomorrow I'm getting married.
I see.
We're celebrating my bachelor party.
Sure, we'll celebrate it together.
Out of the car, please.
- Why, hop right in! Let's have a drink.
- Oh boy!
Let's get him tested.
Sir, please step out of the car.
Listen! Madam!
- Come on!
- Out of the car, please.
Listen, shithead! Stay back.
- Don't wag your finger at me.
- I'm not even talking to you.
I'm asking politely, please step outside...
Stop calling out to her.
You need to step out.
- Back off! Don't touch me, you pig!
- Stop wagging your finger.
Nope, I'm not talking to you.
Please, step out.
- Listen...
- You need to step out of the car, sir.
Listen, I've been polite so far,
but now Im losing my patience.
- I'm telling you...
- Step outside, sir.
Out of the car, please.
- Sir, you're being very stubborn...
- No, you're not listening to me...
We're just doing our job.
Sir, this is wrong...
Sober now?
What do you think you're doing?
Arrogant swine!
Madam, calm down, please.
Hey, you! Put that phone away!
Please pull yourself together.
Madam, please.
They are the Navy for heaven's sake.
People are recording us on their phones.
I'll gun her down!
Relax, madam.
You don't want a scandal here.
Hand me the bloody gun!
You're out of breath.
These damn stairs!
Why did you take the trouble?
Don't worry about me.
Cooking for friends is no trouble at all.
What is this? Did you not eat last night?
I did.
You barely had two pieces of bread.
You work so hard and barely eat anything.
This is convenient, isn't it?
Toss them in the machine and done.
And here I'm dealing with
backaches after handwashing a load.
You're welcome to wash them here.
I've never trusted a machine wash.
Nothing like scrubbing and
wringing with your own hands.
- Tell me something.
- Yes?
Your name has been
popping up a lot this morning.
My husband was
on a call with another officer
and your name was
mentioned quite a few times.
Did something happen?
It's nothing.
A man misbehaved with me, that's all.
May I suggest something?
Start applying Sindoor on your forehead.
When I attended sewing school
I remember having to pass
through this ghetto.
There were men who'd ogle me shamelessly.
One day I decided to apply Sindoor...
even though our religion
does not permit it.
But, guess what? No more stares!
Are you even listening?
Don't just nod! Take my advice...
and say goodbye to your worries.
Tell me, would you like
to have some green tea?
You call that tea?
Thanks, but no thanks to your green tea.
There's neither flavor, nor color.
What's this?
Why not cover the windows completely?
- One can see everything from outside.
- Who cares?
Crazy girl! Have some sense.
Hey, Soni!
Naveen is here.
I just saw him through the window.
Look at me.
Let go of your bitterness.
Naveen is on his way up.
You two have to talk to each other.
Enough is enough.
- I'll see you later.
- Please stay for a little while.
No way. I can't stay.
Hello, Mrs. Huma.
- Where have you been?
- How are you?
It's been over two months
since I last saw you.
Just been busy with work.
Don't make excuses! She shouldn't
have to manage the house on her own.
Well, I'm here now.
Alright. Go see her now.
- You take care.
- Okay.
How have you been?
I stopped by last night,
but the door was locked.
I figured that you're probably
still doing night shifts.
Listen, I...
I brought you something.
No shoes in the kitchen!
Sorry, I just wanted to show you these.
- I want nothing from your shop.
- They're not from my shop!
I actually bought these for you.
It's so hot in here.
Is that your lunch on the table?
Better have it while it's hot.
I will.
Okay, I'll get you
some water with your food.
- Shoes!
- I'm sorry.
I totally forgot.
I'll take them off.
Don't bother.
Sorry, I forgot that you like
warm water with your food.
- Move your bag, please.
- Yes, of course.
Warm water is actually
very good for the body.
What were you doing in
the Civil Lines area yesterday?
- Yesterday?
- Yes, last night.
Saw you on your bike with a constable.
Oh, him!
He keeps calling me for advice.
Wants me to find a buyer for his flat.
I'm so sick of him.
Wait a minute.
You were at that checkpoint?
I see!
That's where the scuffle broke out.
- Why are you here, Naveen?
- I'm just here to talk.
Are you done yet?
Good morning, sir.
Can I click another, sir?
- Was that not good?
- It was okay. A backup, just in case?
I have work to get back to.
You have what you need.
How's the new office?
So far so good.
- Two cups of tea, please.
- No, Sandeep. It's not necessary at all.
Try it. You'll like it.
Shall we sit over there?
Don't be so formal.
How was your meeting
with the Commissioner?
It went well.
He wants to invite us over for dinner.
I told him I'll have to ask my girl.
The new office is
looking great, by the way.
Yeah, the paint is
still fresh on the walls.
- The smell is annoying you, isn't it?
- Just a little.
did he have anything to say
about the altercation at the checkpoint?
He is obviously upset.
There will be disciplinary action.
We'll have the official word
in a couple of hours.
I am also to blame.
I yelled at her in the team meeting.
I'll tell you what you're guilty of.
You're too softhearted.
You should've seen me
lash out at her in front of everyone.
You pamper your team too much.
That's why they behave this way.
Why in my 15 years of service,
has no one ever dared stir up trouble?
Sandeep, she's going through a
rough patch in her personal life as well.
So, that's another problem.
You start making these
personal connections with people.
Don't get swayed by emotions.
Anyway, don't waste
your time overthinking this.
You live and you learn.
By the way, those officers
were completely wasted.
Which gives the police
the right to flog them?
No, manhandling them
was definitely uncalled for.
This had nothing to do
with the decoy operations, sir.
Understood, sir.
I'm sorry.
Yes, sir.
You have a good day.
Why sorry now?
You're having to answer for my mistake.
It's only appropriate,
since you report to me.
But it's not!
You shouldn't have to
answer for my actions.
If only things worked that way, Soni.
Will this impact our operation?
I called you here
to inform you about
your transfer to the Control Room.
You start tomorrow.
An inquiry has been ordered.
Madam, as long as you know
all the facts, I'm fine.
You know, when I was in eighth grade
I saw this young man getting
publicly flogged by three policemen.
The man was howling in pain.
But the three policemen
clubbed him until he passed out.
I later found out that he had been
stalking girls from my school.
But the howling still
made me sick to my stomach.
Daddy's turn.
Stop feeding her cherries.
- Now it's my turn.
- Watch out! Make way for Uncle.
Come over, Kalpana.
Happy birthday, dear.
God bless you, child.
Happy birthday, dear niece!
That's how it's done!
Nishu, that's enough!
Enough, Nishu!
I wonder where the maid has flown off to.
These people can be
such slackers sometimes.
You and Nishu are the perfect Capricorns!
Picking up after others.
I think... you turned 30 this year, right?
Any decisions yet?
When are you planning your first one?
I haven't really given it a thought.
You should.
You should decide soon.
There's no point in delaying, you know.
You know...
I have a friend who's a gynecologist.
I'll give you her number.
She's quite helpful.
In case you need help.
You do want one, right?
Mom, don't forget to
pack some cake for school.
- There's more than enough.
- Nice dress, niece!
You need to stop
calling Kalpana by her first name.
She's "Aunt Kalpana."
Be polite to your aunt.
I'm not calling her "Aunt!"
Now please go change.
Or else you'll spoil your dress.
Aunt and niece always play
on the same team, Mother.
I don't mind the fun and games.
But I wonder
when is she going to
play with her own little one?
You must counsel her.
It'll happen when it's supposed to happen.
Don't worry!
I wish I could stop worrying.
Wise is the one who follows
the advice of the elderly.
Don't forget, the body clock is ticking.
One must act before time runs out.
Why are you all standing there?
Your tea is getting cold.
Yes, let's go.
You need to get some rest, Mom.
Yes, I'm going.
It's my duty to advise,
but to each his own.
My words fall on deaf ears.
That's enough.
- Are you going to pour the whole thing?
- Carry on, my man! Drink up.
Look who's here!
Welcome, Sir Kalpana.
We're in luck today!
To be able to steal some of your time.
I've got all the time
in the world for Nishu.
Where were you, Your Highness?
Clean up that mess,
and put the snacks in the fridge.
Excuse my cough.
So, what's the latest
on the queen of rage?
There's an ongoing investigation.
Let's see where it goes.
You see, these people
crave for the media's attention.
They think they will become
famous like that officer, Kiran Bedi.
The root of the matter is
these people engage in
domestic violence every day.
So, they are all naturally aggressive.
You've got a point.
Come, sit.
You see, these special buses
will offer women a choice.
Our aim is to ensure that
they feel safe using the public transit.
Segregation is sometimes
necessary to ensure safety.
In case you've just joined us,
we have been in conversation
with our honorable guest,
Tourism Minister, Mr. Devi Dayal Doshi.
You're listening to Voice of Delhi
with me, Arun Roy.
- Govind, make sure you have your dinner.
- Yessir.
Good evening, sir.
What's going on here?
A constable found this girl
crying in the City Mall's parking lot.
She won't tell us anything.
We've been questioning her for a while.
Step aside, please.
Please step out, both of you.
What's your name, sweetheart?
Don't be afraid. Tell me your name.
Where do you live?
Do you live in Delhi?
Then where?
Do you know anyone here, in Delhi?
Who accompanied you to Delhi?
Don't be scared.
We'll soon take you to your parents.
Everything will be alright.
I'd like to have a word.
- Yes, madam?
- Can't you see the girl is scared?
On top of that,
three men were interrogating her.
- Madam...
- Did you call for a female officer?
I was about to make a phone call.
- I take it you understand the protocol?
- We just brought her in...
Spare me your explanations.
Call for a female officer immediately
to take her for a medical examination.
- Yes, madam.
- Hurry up.
What's the problem with these two?
- Madam, my husband committed no crime.
- You sit there.
That woman is lying.
- I swear by my daughter.
- Please be seated, madam!
- Please let him go. He is innocent.
- Wait!
Hold on a second!
What's this all about?
Madam, it's the lady versus landlord
case you asked us to investigate.
We've taken the landlord into custody.
She is his wife.
Madam, that day,
I was at home with my husband.
I told you to sit down!
- Ask our neighbors.
- Sit down.
That woman is lying.
- I have a house to run. Please!
- Please wait in the room.
Madam, please, believe me.
It's hard for us already.
Don't make a scene!
- Madam, I beg you. Please let him go.
- That's enough now.
You're at a police station! Behave!
Where's the complainant?
The lady refused to come
and submit a written complaint.
Has she given any statement at all?
No, I think, Soni madam was right.
This was indeed a land dispute,
which they have resolved between them.
So, this is none of her business anymore.
- Alright, let the man go.
- Yessir.
Can you...
get Soni reinstated?
You said you were
interviewing replacements.
None have been any good.
Things are looking grim.
Let me send a few candidates your way.
But, you're going to dismiss them as well.
I can't believe you're
getting sentimental again.
Sandeep, I can't just go and hire anybody.
It's very hard to find
an officer like her.
- I know her heart is in the right place.
- It's her head that worries me.
I'll counsel her this time.
Kalpana, do not be friends
with your subordinates!
- It's not that easy to reinstate...
- At least try talking to the Commissioner.
You know that it wasn't all her fault.
The screen will flash on an incoming call.
Hit the space key to receive the call.
Most importantly, we must maintain a diary
with as many details as possible.
Especially the location.
Type in the notes
from the complaint in this diary.
The microphone is for
urgent announcements.
- You got it?
- Yes.
We have a call. Put on your headphones.
Delhi Police Control Room.
Good afternoon.
Hello, we are experiencing
a foul smell in our neighborhood.
Sir, your location, please.
I'm calling from Sanjay Enclave.
I'll need the exact address, please.
It's building number 22, Sanjay Enclave.
It's a rotting carcass of some dog.
The stench is unbearable!
Alright, sir. You'll receive a call
from your nearest police station.
But next time, it will be better
if you call the Municipal office.
Municipal office?
Yes, they'll take care of it.
Nobody's going to take care of anything.
Can I talk to your supervisor?
No, there's no supervisor here.
Tell me what your concerns are.
Well, since you ask so nicely,
can I have your cellphone number?
Maybe we could talk offline.
Okay, thanks for calling Delhi Police.
One or two such calls are a routine.
Soni madam!
Sweet buns?
- Two.
- How about three?
Anything else?
- Two quarts of milk.
- Okay.
- Anything else?
- No, that's all.
- Add it to your account?
- Yes.
Add it in.
Alright, see you.
Where are you off to?
My elder son needs my help
as he is moving to a new place.
I wish he would get married,
and let me off the hook.
Look at you!
Wear some warm clothes! You'll catch cold.
They're rather warm.
Will you be able
to carry that all by yourself?
- I'll ask someone to help you.
- I'll manage.
Listen, did you get the gas cylinder yet?
No, I called the gas agency.
It should've arrived by now.
I will call them again today.
Who's going to cook for you?
You worry too much.
I can grab fast-food anytime I want.
Alright, whatever you say.
- You must be getting late.
- Yes, see you later.
Good evening.
From the National Radio Service,
this is the evening news.
Prime Minister Modi has said
that Indias scientific institutions
should strengthen their basic research,
just like other developed nations.
Mr. Modi made his statement
today at the Indian Science Congress.
The Army Chief General
has said in a statement
that the army must find innovative
ways to fight problems in Kashmir.
Heavy rains and winds expected
to lash several states in the east.
Warnings of heavy flooding
and cyclone issued in parts of Odisha.
And, Syrian peace talks
proposed by Russia and Turkey falter
as rebel groups refuse to negotiate.
This is the National Radio Service.
Now the news in detail.
Prime Minister Modi has said that by 2030
India will be among the top three
countries in Science and Technology.
Mr. Modi inaugurated the 104th
Indian Science Congress today.
He emphasized that we must
give our school children
the power of ideas and innovation.
And that tomorrow's experts will come
from the investments we
make in our people today.
Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat has said that
the Indian Army is facing
a dirty war in Jammu and Kashmir,
which has to be fought
through innovative ways.
In a statement today, he said
that in order to reach a solution,
all parties will have to get involved.
He said that the armys role is to
ensure that violence does not take place
and that people not indulging
in this violence are protected.
The Syrian armed rebels have refused
all negotiations
in the peace talks
backed by Russia and Turkey.
Yes, I'm home.
But about to leave for work.
I've been reinstated.
I've had my dinner already.
Naveen, I can't
discuss these things right now.
Yes, maybe tomorrow, but I don't know.
Why is the team still not here?
Madam, I just had a phone call
with Chauhan.
The team had to respond to an accident.
There's an unclaimed
dead body at the scene.
They won't be able to make it, then.
Let's call it off for today.
- Madam!
- Yes?
There's a notorious spot nearby.
We've recently had
some incidents reported there.
Let's go scout it.
My first case involving an unclaimed body
was that of an African male.
No identification at all.
In fact, two of my officers
got into an argument
whether to bury the body or cremate it.
such cases take
a toll on one's sensibilities.
But shouldn't male bodies be easily...
Is this a whore-house?
What are you doing here?
We're just college students, sir.
College students, my ass!
You piece of shit!
You think I give a fuck?
Is this what they
teach in colleges these days?
Sir, please...
One would guess you belong
to a decent family, young lady.
Have you no shame?
- Let's inform your parents.
- Sir, please don't do that.
- We'll never come back here. I'm sorry!
- Enough of your "sorry" already!
Shove your "sorry" up your ass!
Keep your English to yourself, asshole.
Don't you understand what I said?
Come on, give me your parents' number.
- Or just pay us a fine.
- Right, sir. Sure.
Here, you can have this.
- How much is it?
- 200.
I'll beat the shit
out of you, you son of a bitch.
You think we're panhandling here?
It'll take us a second to charge
you for obscenity in a public place.
How about I throw your sorry ass in jail?
Where you can enjoy watching
your family beg for your release.
- I say we lock them up for a night, man.
- Sir, please don't!
Honey, do you have some on you?
Lover boy with an empty wallet,
asking his girl for money. Fucking loser!
Here, take more, sir.
- How much is this?
- We're giving you all we have, sir.
Nothing less than 3000! Understand?
This is all we have. Please take it.
What is this? I'm not your pimp!
Why, what's wrong? Take it!
Too much pride to accept bribe
from a lady?
No, madam, these two
were engaged in obscene acts.
- I see.
- Go home, kids.
- But, madam...
- Out, you two!
- Madam...
- Out, I said!
Madam, I'll walk from here.
I'll take your leave, madam.
- Is the tea any good here?
- It's very good!
- Govind, get us two teas please.
- Yessir.
- Get one for yourself as well.
- Okay.
I'll go tell the
vendor to make his special one.
He knows me well.
- Hey! How are you doing?
- Good, madam.
Give me the special one with fennel.
- You getting yours?
- Yes.
- Pack me a two-egg omelet as well.
- Sure!
Not bad.
Don't you like cooking?
I do.
Oh, actually, my gas cylinder ran out.
I've called the gas agency
a couple of times.
- I don't know what's taking so long.
- Govind can get you one.
- No, madam. I'll manage.
- It's nothing. Don't worry.
- Govind.
- Yes, madam?
- Please arrange a gas cylinder for her.
- Yessir!
- Madam, you didn't have to.
- It's okay.
I am still mad at
those constables at the park.
- You noted down their names, right?
- Yes.
Madam, the roasting you gave them!
I'm sure they'll never forget it.
I was thinking...
even if they weren't seeking a bribe...
we have a whole backlog of cases,
yet, this is how they use
their policing time!
I agree, madam.
By the way, what kind of advice
were you giving to that girl?
To dress up like a man?
The thing is...
I used to do it myself
when I was in college.
Going on a date becomes so much easier.
Don't start again.
Reminds me of my late grandmother...
who was diagnosed with
a fungal ear infection.
The surgery required
the hair around the ear...
to be shaved.
She refused because
her hair was sacred to her.
The surgery never happened.
The infection spread...
and it became impossible to save her.
I wanted to tell you something.
I am opening up a pharmacy shop.
- Your shop folded already?
- The bloody supplier ran away.
This doctor I know has told me
that there's a 300% profit margin.
Once I get the license,
it will be a gold mine.
Isn't it always?
It's been the same story
for the past five years.
Make it quick!
They're running late again.
What happened?
They're winding up some paperwork.
Maybe another 20 minutes.
I see.
You eat too much junk food.
- I barely had time to cook today.
- So, has your new gas cylinder arrived?
I'll go get one tomorrow.
- Govind!
- Yes, madam?
Where is her gas cylinder?
Madam... it should be on its way.
The order's been placed.
I gave you a simple task.
Spare me your lame excuses.
I'll manage, madam.
- No later than tomorrow!
- Yessir.
It's as if orders aren't orders,
until I raise my voice.
- Did you say 20 minutes?
- Yes.
- Wanna get some tea in the meantime?
- Sure.
Madam, you really shouldn't
worry about me.
This place looks pricey.
I'm not worrying at all.
What would you like to eat?
Just a cup of tea for me.
You go ahead.
How about a Dosa?
Two Dosas and two cups of tea.
For what?
I know you fought for me.
I did what I could.
Are things any better at home?
I don't know.
Some days... I feel things are improving.
On other days, they seem worse.
They surely will never be the same.
Once you truly know someone...
is it easier to accept them?
- I'll quickly go use the washroom.
- Okay.
That way.
- Where's the washroom?
- Pardon?
- Which way is the washroom?
- Straight ahead, behind that wall.
Hey there!
- What's your name?
- Veronica.
That's a beautiful name.
So, how old are you now?
- What grade are you in?
- Public School.
Do you have any siblings, Veronica?
Sis, I wanna go pee!
Sorry, she's been
holding it in for a while.
- Have you been waiting long?
- Yes, but it's locked from the inside.
Someone's probably in there.
Who is it?
Just tell the motherfucker to fuck off.
Bloody hell!
Hello, madam!
How can we help?
Get out of the ladies' room.
- Gentlemen!
- Yeah?
Check out that voice!
She's probably an opera singer.
Her voice is beautiful, no doubt.
Madam, why don't you come join us?
That will give us a chance to see
other beautiful things about you.
Don't mind these rude rascals.
Probably best to keep the
kids away from them.
Just hold it in for another 30 minutes.
We'll be done by then.
tell the manager, that J.B. can't
share the bathroom with anyone.
I got this.
The lady is in the mood.
She's feisty!
- All three of you out, right now!
- Or else?
I could swear,
I've seen her somewhere, man!
You jerked off to her last night!
Your favorite website!
I'd love to see you perform live.
- Filthy pig!
- Fucking bitch!
Yes, sir.
I just had a word with your assistant.
I'm surely going to look into it, sir.
Did someone just drop by?
What's going on?
You need to tell me...
what's going on.
Wasn't last night's operation
at the metro station?
However, your team got busy
turning a restaurant upside down
with Badwal's son.
Badwal, who?
An old friend of Tourism Minister Doshi...
as well as his party's election fund.
I've repeatedly warned you. Haven't I?
Now you see the outcome.
Doshi sent his assistant
to humiliate me in my own house.
His son was in possession of cocaine.
Good luck proving this possession!
We can still nab him
for consumption of drugs.
And then what?
A fine of twenty thousand?
Before any of that happens, you'll be
dragged into yet another inquiry.
For someone who's been
doing this for four years...
you're incredibly naive!
Are you satisfied now?
Or still hungry for more?
- Now you're being really rude.
- What do you expect?
Are you going to pin all the blame on me?
I'm the one at fault...
for listening to you.
I'm tired of repeating myself,
that you've got to be authoritative!
Why be a cop if
you're never going to act like one?
Each bus will have the
presence of a woman security guard
as well as a female fare collector.
The buses will have a CCTV camera
and a host of other safety measures.
Good evening, madam!
Please come in.
You didn't have to do this, madam.
It's okay. It's just food.
How's your wrist?
Getting better.
I'll get you some water.
No, I'm fine. You should eat.
I'll get some plates then.
Did that man hit you first?
Soni, I'm asking you a question.
Are you listening to me?
The man occupies the ladies room,
calls me a whore,
snorts drugs publicly,
and I'm the one who has to explain myself?
I was also there.
Why didn't you come back and inform me?
We could have easily nabbed him.
He got nabbed anyway.
We're not pressing charges.
Don't argue with me
when you don't know the facts!
You can't let him off.
Do you realize what the
consequences might be?
What's the worse than can happen?
Perhaps another inquiry?
No more decoy operations?
Haven't we seen their cowardly policies?
Special taxis, segregated buses...
Fenced ghettos will come...
Throw another one!
Too late now. Go!
You bastards!
Go, go!
Hey, stop!
Son of a bitch!
You cowards!
I'll hunt down these motherfuckers!
- Don't bother. I can manage.
- Manage?
That's what you've been saying all along.
Is this what you call managing?
We wouldn't have this mess,
had I been living here!
Those sons of bitches
would have been dead right now!
- You don't have to raise your voice.
- Soni, listen to me!
Listen to what? Tell me!
Do you ever listen to yourself?
Always building castles in the air.
At least I live on my own terms.
I don't bob my head
and say "yessir" all the time.
Of course, why would you?
When have you ever
taken any responsibility?
You never wanted anything
that would tie you down, right?
I know that you still haven't forgiven me.
You have every right to punish me.
I will accept any punishment.
I would've done it long ago,
had I thought it would do any good.
At least give me a chance to make amends.
I know I hurt you. I admit it.
But, at the time,
I didn't know what else to do.
I felt ignored to the extent
that I thought
you didn't need me in this house.
And what's different now?
I need you, Soni.
And as we stand here in this mess...
I honestly feel that you need me as well.
You really have the nerve
to suggest that, Naveen?
It was because of you
that I suffered... so much.
I trusted you blindly.
Followed you wherever you wanted to go,
with my eyes closed.
And when I opened them...
you weren't there.
There wasn't even a shadow of you.
Soni, after the termination,
my life was shattered as much as yours.
And did you help me pick up the pieces?
The decision was yours.
Yes, it was.
The decision was mine.
But you always wished
I'd do it, didn't you?
You weren't even around to stop me.
We could try again.
Is this all a joke to you?
I was doing it with my girl in my car
and this fucking cop banged on my window!
He said, "Your car's shaking
like a washing machine!"
- Hey, you!
- Cut it out, man!
Dude, next time, get a fucking hotel room.
Only morons like you would go to a hotel.
Hotels are nothing but traps!
They'll call the cops on you
and those bastards won't let you off
without a fat bribe. And...
Dude, hotels have escorts
going in and out all the time.
It's only dimwits like you who get caught.
It's not funny, man.
The brothels are
running right under their noses.
Well, you can't do shit about it.
Light me a cigarette, man.
We'll be there in an hour.
See you, then.
Offerings for the fire.
Good evening! Warm greetings!
- Happy Lohri to all!
- Warm greetings to you too, dear!
- Haven't seen you in a while!
- Yes, we've been blessed with a grandson!
- Wow! Congratulations!
- Thank you.
- Celebrating the little one's first Lohri?
- Yes, absolutely!
Happy Lohri!
Why are all the lights off?
What's with all this mess?
Your mom said you locked yourself in
after you came back from school.
Stressed about grades?
What's going on?
Come on, you can tell me.
Because of my period...
I was making frequent
trips to the washroom, at school.
When I returned to
the classroom after my lunch break,
there was a sanitary pad taped to my desk,
along with a note
that said "For those days."
Do you know who did it?
Did you report this to your teacher?
Report whom?
Everyone was laughing at me.
Including my own friends.
Felt like shooting them all.
Look at me, sweetie.
Report this to your teacher.
Find out who did it.
And you must confront them.
But, remember one thing...
they will always
try to get the better of you.
Because they know...
that you're stronger than them.
They fear you.
Some water, madam?
- I'll make some tea.
- Please don't trouble yourself!
- It'll only take a minute!
- Please! I'd rather sit and talk.
I brought this for you.
The Revenue Stamp.
I've read a few
short stories by Amrita Pritam.
Good. This is her memoir.
You're giving me your own copy?
Yes, I want you to have it.
I'm sure you'll like it.
If not all...
it should answer a few of your questions.
What is a revenue stamp?
It's a small excise stamp for
tax collection on tobacco and liquor.
An esteemed writer
once told Amrita Pritam...
that her life was so inconsequential...
that all of it could fit
on the back of a revenue stamp.
I can't have you resign, Soni.
If only I was making
the slightest difference.
I have a 13-year-old niece...
who's very fond of me.
She said an appalling thing today.
She said that she wanted to shoot
all her classmates.
Some of them played a gross prank on her.
In a situation such as this...
did my words make any difference?
Who knows?
All I know is...
I comforted her.
- Did you get his statement?
- He's being difficult.
- Bring him in.
- Yessir.
- Let go of me, asshole!
- Keep walking!
- Keep your hands off me!
- Just get in!
- I want my phone!
- I'm not your butler, shithead.
I won't give any statement!
- I want my phone back!
- Shut up!
You can't intimidate me.
I'm not giving any statement!
Stop your babble!
Madam, I want a word
with the Commissioner.
I want the Commissioner!
- Have the charges been drafted yet?
- Yessir. "Attempt to Kidnap."
- Add "Criminal Trespassing" as well.
- Yessir.
Is this a joke?
Listen to me very carefully!
You know who my father is. Very well!
You can't confiscate my phone like this!
I need to call my father right now.
We've sealed your phone.
It's part of the evidence now.
I don't care!
- Get my father on the line...
- Quiet!
Send his father
a copy of the formal report.
- Yessir.
- Formal report?
Tell him he needs to come in.
You owe me an explanation!
I've been made to sit outside for hours,
without even a glass of water.
I know my rights!
You should have thought about them
when you occupied the ladies room.
I'm going to file a complaint. You'll see.
Also add "Illicit Trafficking of Drugs,"
- and "Assaulting an Officer on Duty."
- Yessir.
Hang on a minute.
Show me the evidence!
You'll see the evidence in court.
- How long a detention did we file for?
- Seven days.
- Make it 14, and...
- Madam, listen to me.
Do not interrupt me!
Make sure his call-record is attached.
- Madam, just hear me out...
- Let's go, boy!
Hang on, I'm talking to her.
Keep your hands off me!
Delhi Police Control Room.
Good evening.