Sonora (1968) Movie Script

Are you the owner?
You know a guy named Sharkey?
- Yes. His horse is outside.
I don't know...
I don't know him.
Fill up my glass.
Go and find another customer.
Wait a minute.
You must be mistaking me for someone else.
I'm not mistaken.
I don't know you.
- But I know you.
That's from Wyoming.
I'm not wanted here.
So what?
You think
it'll be easy to take me?
We can try.
You must be
a dangerous man to challenge.
I'd rather go with you.
Tell me where Slim is.
There's only 2.000 dollars
on your head.
We could reach an agreement...
- I'm not interested.
You won't make it over there...
Are you happy with 2.000?
- Yes.
But I need to know
where Slim is.
He was going to rob a bank
in Laredo.
I don't know
where he's heading after.
Tell your friends
they can come out.
You can come out.
He's a friend.
Now that I think about it...
I don't want your money.
Take it!
If I were you
I wouldn't have come out.
You were
much better off hiding.
Sharkey, get ready...
because I'm going to kill you.
Pick it up by the barrel.
Put it in your holster.
I've told you
I'm willing to surrender.
Los Alamos ranch...
Slim! Slim did it!
Not me...
I didn't do it. I wasn't there.
That's the truth. I'm not lying.
I wasn't there!
I'm telling you I wasn't there.
You have to believe me!
I'm going to kill you anyway.
Hey, Kirchner!
It's me, Sam. Open up!
Hurry up, please!
They're here.
Come down.
I've just seen them.
You're 300 dollars short.
- That's what I pay each month.
We're three now.
I can give you better protection.
If I decide to take on the job
it'll cost you 5.000 dollars.
That's not what we agreed on.
John Sullivan's downstairs.
You've never mentioned him.
Do you know who this is?
Slim Kovacs.
He's offering me 10.000 dollars.
You don't want to deal with him.
He's a murderer!
I don't ask questions.
I want 5.000 in silver coins...
like this one...
Otherwise I'll leave.
No, don't...
I'll get the money.
I'll get it.
Hey, Sam!
Contact the undertaker.
- Who?
Tell him to ask for me.
Tequila, with salt and lemon.
I'm at your service, sir.
I have top quality goods
and they're all guaranteed.
They're very good.
I like them a lot!
Show this to my friends.
Tell them to pick a model.
It's my treat.
And don't worry, it's a joke.
Go on...
- Yes, sir.
Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen...
But your friend over there...
He asked me to let you choose
the model you prefer.
Stay put. It's Kirchner.
Feel free to look.
We offer a wide range of goods.
This is one of our best models.
As you can see
it's lined in red velvet,
and the casket is made
with the best local timbers.
It shows great craftsmanship.
The first model,
made of chestnut,
shows excellent
cabinetmaking work.
The second model
has a metal plaque
where the names of the user's
relatives can be engraved.
All can withstand
the passing of time.
They last a lifetime...
I mean, for eternity.
Our third model is made from
the best wood in Minnesota.
All our merchandise
is top quality.
Our reputation
is your guarantee.
Hey, Kirchner.
Thank you for the present
but we didn't see
any models we liked.
Then I'll choose some
for you myself.
You might have noticed
there are three of us now...
and I'm one of the three.
Yes, I did notice.
You don't seem
very concerned about it.
What if we paid you double
for killing whoever's paying you.
Sullivan, I'm a professional.
This is how I make a living.
Once I'm paid, I keep my word.
And I have no option
but to kill all of you.
I made a promise...
You'll have to murder us.
All right, friends. I'll wait
for a better opportunity.
Kill him,
but let him see your face.
Hi, Uriah.
That guy's intentions
weren't good.
You still have to learn
a few tricks, Kirchner.
If you faced me one day,
I could teach you a few.
I'm looking for a Slim Kovacs.
You know him?
What do you want him for?
- It's a personal matter.
I've never heard of him.
Listen, Uriah,
I'm heading north.
I have good work up there.
Are you going that way?
No, I'm going south.
Bye, old man.
And beware of sombreros.
I'll be seeing you.
Leave the back way.
We'll meet in Jose's hut.
My money?
- We'll divide the money there.
You didn't do
your homework, Mateo.
Wasn't the money inside?
Yes, but so was your friend.
They robbed the bank...
and killed the guard.
Where were you? Why didn't
you say you were leaving?
He's a friend.
I hadn't seen him for years.
I'm sorry about what happened.
- Thank you.
These men arrived at night,
burnt the crops
and then killed the animals.
Sheridan, the banker,
must be behind it.
Where have you been?
- Get ready. We're leaving.
I'll feed the children...
- No, we'll leave now.
Why the hurry, Jose?
They wanted
to kick us off this land.
And they've finally
They should have
just come here and bought it.
We're going back home!
Who's that man
who came with you?
We once worked together.
I met him by a chance.
He's not coming with us, is he?
- No...
I think he wants to buy land
in New Mexico.
He's heading there now.
What is it?
I couldn't have done it.
I didn't kill him.
It must have been Slim...
or Jose, the Mexican.
I was just the lookout.
Where were you going to meet?
Shut up, Luke!
At Jose's ranch.
It's a few miles from here.
Tell the sheriff of Canyon City.
Maybe they've already
left the state with my money!
Don't worry.
They won't make it.
I want to see them
back in town soon.
Don't worry, 5.000 dollars
is a good reward.
Excuse me, sir.
It was me who told Jose
to rob you.
I'm leaving but I'll visit you
when you become
the richest rancher in Sonora!
I'll see you, Slim,
and good luck.
Keep going. I won't be long.
- Where are you going?
Wait for me at the river.
We received
some good news, Slim.
Bank robbery and murder
are the last things you did...
and the last you'll ever do.
Are you so tough now
you ride alone?
Come on, defend yourself!
Draw your gun!
Don't move!
Drop your weapons.
Get up behind me, Slim.
Quick, surround the hill!
Get off, Slim.
The horse can't take us both.
He's in no hurry.
I know this sheriff well.
We should leave
before we're surrounded.
He won't be able
to take us both.
If you're luckier than me...
the money's over there.
Give it to her. Try to ensure
she doesn't find out.
She's waiting for me
down by the river.
He's lost a lot of blood,
but it's not serious.
I took the bullet out.
He'll recover soon.
Thank you, sir.
He was delirious.
He talked about you,
the children...
and a ranch in Sonora.
It wasn't the Lord
who revealed it.
It was man who tried to hide
the words of our Saviour.
The weapons.
Then he ordered them
to cross the desert...
I'm sorry to interrupt,
I came to inform
the parishioners...
that someone you all know
is waiting outside.
You're all going to greet him.
Everybody out!
The sheriff first.
And be very careful.
We have loaded rifles outside.
You're wrong about me, Sheriff.
I'm not a murderer.
You've witnessed
my boss's generosity.
Neither of them is loaded.
Are you both ready?
Good luck.
When I give the order to fire
you can only fire one shot.
Whose house is that?
- Mine, sir.
Do you have relatives in town?
- Yes, sir.
Stay with them until I leave.
Hold it there.
Where are you going?
- To El Paso.
But I want to rest a while.
Then get off your horse.
You'll rest better.
Take it inside.
The horse should rest too.
Now whatever you see
you won't be tempted
to run away.
It's 30 miles
to the nearest town.
And that's a long walk!
It may not be legal,
Judge Simpson,
but if the girl comes with us
everything will be easier.
I'll come with her, or I won't
let you take my daughter!
I know you will, Your Honour.
We need... hostages.
Please tell the people
not to bother our men
and nothing will happen
to the girl.
Nothing too serious...
Now listen to me very carefully...
To make sure you don't get
any funny ideas
we'll take some girls with us.
Now everybody go home!
I don't want to see anybody
in town.
Let's go.
See that one?
Let's see who's the best shot.
You win!
I'm Kirchner.
I must be the only one around
who doesn't know you.
Now you do.
An original way
of hiring me.
What do I have to do?
Just one thing...
always be right beside me.
I want to feel safe
among these dirty Mexicans.
They'd kill a friend
for a couple of dollars.
All right.
It'll cost you 10.000 dollars.
I want 5.000 now,
and 5.000 when the job's over.
Here's the first payment.
Why the hurry?
It's a habit of mine.
- I see.
A stagecoach full of gold will
arrive in town in a few hours.
Ten boxes full of ingots
stamped by the Central Bank.
That's why
I got Reyes and his men.
I'm going to need you
when we get the loot.
I saw your duel with the sheriff.
You're fast with your gun.
Why do you need hired gunmen?
I've already told you
I want to feel safe.
Looks like a good bullet,
doesn't it?
No one would know.
I enjoy the game.
Keep it. You can have
some fun with it one day.
I'm looking for this man.
Do you know him?
No, all I know is that
he shot me to steal my horse.
I've been following you.
I guess you're here to kill Slim,
but there's just one thing...
I'm after him as well.
Look at her. Not bad
while we wait for the gold.
This is your kind of place,
but I'll drink to the gold.
Hi, Kirchner.
Don't burn yourself.
Do you want one of mine?
You said
you were heading south
but this town's north
if I'm not mistaken.
I changed my mind.
This is Slim Kovacs.
I've just met him.
Uriah's an old acquaintance.
He's very fast.
They call him Lightning.
It must be the way he shoots,
although I've never seen it.
People like to talk.
I've been riding for two days.
I need to rest.
Have a good rest.
Thank you.
We might see each other again.
Your friend
reminds me of someone...
These saloon girls bore me.
- Not me, but you're the boss.
Let's go.
These are all the people
who arrived today.
Lock them up!
What's the hurry?
You're staying here with me.
Who's the idiot
who wants to protect you?
I don't need anyone
to protect me.
Leave her alone.
Who are you? Why don't you
mind your own business?
This is my business.
What do you mean?
You'd better start thinking...
that I'm going to kill you.
You're going to kill me?
Yes, the three of you.
Then Slim would have only
nine men instead of twelve.
My dead friends want revenge.
I wouldn't take so long,
Who could be interested
in killing you?
Think of someone else
beside him.
There are too many to count.
I'll be right back.
Your breakfast.
You know why I'm here?
- I can imagine.
Did you kill those men?
What are you looking for
in this town?
A man.
- Who?
The man who's paying you.
Why do you want to kill him?
That's between him and me.
And me, too.
Listen to me, Uriah.
I'll give you some advice.
I'm not interested. Thanks.
Leave town
and no one will bother you.
What if I stay?
Then I'll have to kill you.
Give me time to think about it.
I'll get back to you.
I'm sorry, for your sake.
I can use a gun too.
I know,
but I won't give you time.
I think you talk too much.
I don't like hired gunmen.
Don't you?
My bullet
will enter right here.
And mine
right through your forehead.
By the barrel...
Put it in your holster...
I've told you. You still have
a few tricks to learn, old man.
Drop your gun!
Don't move!
What's this, Reyes?
Get out of here!
Slim told us to back you up.
Maybe this guy
is too fast for you.
I could get rid of both of you
and you wouldn't even know.
You shouldn't have done that...
Tie him up!
You don't seem happy
to see me.
I had to do it, Jose.
Those men would have hung me!
Listen, I've got a deal for you...
I'm waiting for a big job.
You can be in on it.
It's a fortune.
Maybe our biggest job ever!
I don't trust
the men around me.
You should trust people.
A man like you should
have more faith in others.
Give me the money!
Give me the money.
Put it in there.
You won't get anywhere
by killing me.
I know.
You're going to help me
leave town.
So watch what you do.
We'll settle our differences
after we leave.
Let's go...
- Move!
Bring him back here. Now!
Move it!
Sierra, where is he?
- He's vanished.
Get him, if you have to tear
the whole town apart! Move!
You better find him,
or disappear.
We have one in the saloon.
The guy who killed our men?
- Yes.
I heard you were
looking for me.
Are you a bounty hunter?
Well, here I am.
Ever been to Los Alamos ranch?
Pity if you haven't...
that was a real woman!
Stop it, Reyes!
I've something better for him.
He'll like this even less
than what I did to his wife.
Thank you, Kirchner.
Just doing my job.
call the boys.
I'm going to teach him
a lesson he'll never forget.
This man killed
three of my men.
That's bad...
real bad.
Have fun with him,
then see what I do to him.
Give him your gun.
Pick it up.
Go on.
Don't be so mean.
Our friend deserves much more.
Take this.
You'll need it when you fly!
Give me that.
Don't worry, you still
have a few minutes left.
Good luck, gringo.
The whole town
will be shaking soon.
It's taking a long time.
I don't like it...
They're waiting
for the explosion.
I'll ensure they get a good view.
What's going on?
Good job, Reyes.
I want those two men here
right now!
You stay here with me.
Watch it!
The gold will be coming soon.
I want those two here now!
Reyes still has seven men.
That's too many, even for Uriah.
What are you doing, idiot?
Get rid of him
once and for all!
When this is over I'm going to
fill that useless pig with lead!
What do we do now?
- Wait.
What do we do now?
I asked you
what we're going to do!
I already told you,
we'll wait.
If you'd killed him when
I gave him to you wounded...
We could try to get out of here.
If you want to commit suicide,
do it. I'm not going.
He thinks you're his friend.
Tell him you're leaving.
What will you do?
When you get close to him
it's up to you.
That's why I pay you.
I'll give you half the gold...
OK. Very well.
I always protect
those who pay me.
Kill him!
Let's do it properly.
Stand over there.
All right...
when I give the signal
you can only have one shot,
then you have to wait.
I made a mistake.
Nice trick, old man.
Here's the money.
The reward money for
some outlaws you killed.
No need for questions.
Go back to the river...
your family's waiting.
I'm going to keep looking
for Jose, the Mexican.
I'll find him one day.
See you, friend!
I'm heading north.
What about you?
This time I'm heading north too!