Sons of Denmark (2019) Movie Script

Are you still mad?
I'm not mad.
- Hello.
- One latte, please.
- Credit card?
- Yes, please.
We haven't fucked for a week.
- Have a nice day.
- Thanks. You too.
- You too.
- Thank you.
- It's true.
- You pig.
I have to go now.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
It's the anniversary of the largest
terror attack in Denmark.
A home-made bomb killed 23 people
at Nrreport, Copenhagen.
I'm here with Martin Nordahl, leader of
the new party, the National Movement.
- Why do we need a new political party?
- It's clear for anyone to see...
These innocent people lost their lives
to a bunch of savage terrorists.
Why does Denmark need
your political party?
This is why I entered politics.
I want to protect us from war and terror.
We're polling as
the largest political party.
Our movement has grown.
We've become Denmark's movement.
We want to cut through political
impotence and give a voice to Danes.
All our problems can be related back
to the immigrants. They need to go.
Nobody has dared say it,
but we do, and we stand by it.
- How will you do that?
- We'll throw all the immigrants out.
Zakaria wants to talk to you.
Come in.
They wrote in blood that we had to go.
Everybody's afraid,
even my mother and brother.
- Calm down.
- Please, can't we do something?
Calm down.
- What do you do? Do you study?
- No, nothing.
- How old are you?
- 19.
When I met you, you were this big.
That's a long time ago.
Now you're a man who wants to act.
Are you tired of life?
Are you tired of life?
Then what are you doing here, kid?
This is no place for you.
We're not joking around here.
One bomb planted
by a bunch of morons...
and they all agree
we're the terrorists.
All the bombs they threw at us!
They never united us.
We're egotists.
We don't care for each other.
Even though we fled the same wars,
found the same country...
we remained egotists.
You think you and your mum
have a hard life?
You live in peace.
Let me show you the people
who are suffering in this country.
When you feel what they feel,
you'll be able to act.
Come on.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Only the blind cannot see this.
- I'm not blind.
- You are blind.
To do this work,
you need to be awake, not blind.
Do you think your family
could end up like this?
This won't happen to my family.
What won't happen?
It's happened already.
Do you see that man?
He had a big family.
He had children.
They drowned at sea
when they fled. Look.
Do you think he's happy?
He arrived without his children.
You see these girls?
They arrived here without their parents.
Do you see that lady?
Do you see her? Look at her!
She had a husband
and children.
You know what they did?
They slaughtered them in front of her.
We need to help these people.
You need to help these people.
You need to be their saviour.
How are the boys? How is the food?
Now I'm hungry.
Ali. Come here.
Do the boys need anything?
- Clothes, anything?
- No, they're fine.
- Nobody's bothering them?
- No.
Zakaria is brave.
- I want you to take care of him.
- I will.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- You're making a racket.
- Nope.
Yes. Come over here.
Come over here.
Come on. See? You're cheating too.
This is your punishment.
What are you doing? Sit still.
- Hello, Mum.
- Good morning.
- How have you been?
- Good.
- Let me try that.
- Get away. Go.
Give it to me.
It's not good for you. Go.
- Here you go, sweetie.
- Thank you.
- Why did you come home late?
- I went for a walk.
- With who?
- With a friend.
Don't you realise that I worry?
- What?
- You know I worry about you!
You need to be responsible.
What are you going to do?
- Find a job or go to school?
- I'll work.
Try to be at home more often,
your brother misses you.
Do you know
what's happening around here?
People seem distressed.
There are more police around.
- They don't look at us in the same way.
- You know what they're like.
They don't like Arabs. They look like
they don't recognise human beings.
Don't worry so much about what they say.
But I'm afraid.
Don't worry. I'm here for you.
- None of us ever noticed them.
- No, not at all.
- Hello.
- How are you doing?
Honestly, they have no honour,
no respect.
- We have to do something.
- Let's hear what Hassan has to say.
We've heard enough talk
of their free speech
and human rights.
They say they've created peace
in our countries,
but they don't see
that their dirty wars spawn hatred.
You know that already.
We can't stay silent any longer.
Families who've lived here for 20 years
are treated like cattle.
And all we see is racism -
more and more racism.
They're blind to what's happening
in the world.
First, it was pigs' heads and
pigs' blood. Next, it'll be our blood.
They call themselves Sons of Denmark.
To me, they're the filth of Denmark.
What are you doing?
We can't stay silent any longer.
We're not unworthy.
Today, they need to know we exist.
This evening, a group of men
of foreign ethnicities
vandalised a clubhouse belonging
to the nationalist group
Sons of Denmark.
Police suspect a conflict has arisen
between the two groups,
but no arrests have yet been made.
The budding politician Martin Nordahl,
with suspected ties to Sons of Denmark,
has denounced the incident,
but still
won't comment on his involvement.
It has nothing to do
with the National Movement.
- Do you disavow Sons of Denmark?
- I disavow mass immigration.
Look at our welfare state -
it's falling to pieces.
Why would foreigners work
when we indulge them?
With their filth,
their cheating, killing,
raping and savaging Denmark,
while their mums and dads
go through the courts.
And when they're sent home,
they say they won't go -
that they have the right to stay.
That's going to change
when we come to power.
What are we going to do?
They've always hated us
and talked down to us.
Do they think we'll just run away
like our families did?
Do you think I fled to be humiliated?
We need to be smart, to plan.
- My mother is afraid.
- So am I!
The world is falling to pieces.
We must do something,
but carefully
not act like chaotic Arabs.
That doesn't lead anywhere.
It's why we ran from country to country.
That's Nordahl's house.
We've been watching him -
the leader of the National Movement.
He was small fry when he was involved
with Sons of Denmark,
but his party is becoming
the largest in Denmark.
But he's not in charge yet.
Maybe he won't make it.
So why go through with this?
To send a message, loud and clear -
to this country and to Europe:
we will not be led by idiots.
He doesn't have any security in place.
He comes home
at roughly the same time every night.
If you're with us...
Tell your mum you're working for me
and go practise with Ali.
Think about it.
What are you doing?
- I'm going away for a while.
- Where?
Hassan's got some work for me.
- It's not in the cafe?
- No.
- What kind of work is it?
- I'll be working with Ali -
demolishing houses.
Will you not tell me
where you're going or for how long?
- Why are you going away?
- I'm not a child, Mum.
You told me to find a job,
to do something with my life.
This is what they offered me.
Remember that I'm your mother.
I hoped you'd make a future for yourself,
not leave me and your brother.
Don't you know what's happening here?
I hear it every day.
Do we need you or don't we?
Why have you changed?
Tell me what's happened.
Your brother has been very afraid
and upset.
He won't talk to me. Is there something
I should know? Go and talk to him.
Don't you care about us?
You just want to leave, and that's it?
- You still can't fix it?
- No.
Don't tell Mum you're afraid, OK?
You're a big, strong man now.
Am I right?
Stand up and flex your muscles!
Come on.
Flex those muscles!
No smiling.
You want to see how it's done?
OK. Hands down.
Let's start with this one.
And this one. Then you ask:
'this way
or that way?'
And we go...
I don't need a lunch bag, Mum.
It's done. You're too thin -
you should eat more.
- I want you to eat it.
- You're embarrassing me.
- They have food over there.
- I know, but please eat this too.
Don't argue. Just take it.
- Bye, Mum.
- Bye, sweetie. Take care.
Another harsh,
controversial statement
from Martin Nordahl.
And now for
something completely different:
'The Whole World's Gone Nuts'
from TV 2.
- You like it?
- Yeah, it's great.
My ex listened to it a lot.
I memorised it.
Put the bag here.
Here we go.
Calm down. Breathe.
Are you afraid?
I'm not afraid of anything.
It's all right.
Allah is on your side.
This isn't about Allah.
One million Iraqis slaughtered.
People die every day in Syria.
They don't give a shit about us.
One person dies here,
and the world is up in arms.
They're all a bunch of murderers.
Don't talk about Allah.
Look at the world.
What's that?
My mum packed a lunch bag.
- No thanks.
- Come on.
That's a good idea.
- It's great, right?
- It is.
Come on.
Try something new.
- I'm not going to jump in.
- Come on.
Do it. Be a man.
Look at it. It's freezing.
Don't be afraid. Just get in.
It's fun. Come on.
- Will I do it with you?
- Yes. Let me see you do it.
- I'll do it with you.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- I'm waiting for you.
- Come on. I'm waiting for you.
- No, you first.
- Do it first, if it's so easy.
- Let's do it together.
- You're doing well!
- Come on.
I'm bloody freezing!
Breathe in. Ready?
One, two, three... go!
- Hello. Are you well?
- Yes, thank you.
Let's go inside.
Here's the entrance.
You go upstairs.
His room is on your right - first floor.
Who's your source?
We're working hard, just like you.
Have you been practising?
- Yes.
- Yes.
What will happen afterwards?
Don't worry about that.
Nobody knows who you are.
Nobody will know who was behind it.
We've organised a flight for you.
You can go away until things calm down.
Then you can come back.
I'll take care of your family.
I'm leaving now. I'm driving alone.
Take care of him.
I will.
Be ready in a few hours. We'll meet
Hassan at the cafe to get the details.
Just act normal. Don't let your family
suspect anything. OK?
All right.
Do you have a family?
If something happens,
will you take care of mine?
Sure. Of course.
Would you like to meet them?
Take off your jacket.
- Hi, Mum.
- Hi, sweetie. How are you?
How are you doing?
- I've missed you.
- Me too.
How are you? Come on. Sit down.
- Ali. This is my friend, Ali.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
- I have to go in a minute.
Please come in. Our home is your home.
He doesn't have many friends over.
Take a seat.
- Are you hungry?
- No, thank you.
I'll heat up some food.
Let's eat together, OK?
- So how are you doing in school?
- Don't.
I've got something for you.
He looks just like your little brother,
am I right?
Thank you so much.
- More. Give him more.
- No, that's enough for me.
- Give him more, Mum.
- No, this is too much.
- What's wrong with you?
- Please eat.
I'll get some more.
- He needs more.
- No.
- How is he doing at work?
- Zakaria?
He's such a moron.
He can't even do an honest day's work.
No, I'm kidding. He's smart.
He works very hard.
As long as he likes his job.
- He's a good boy.
- He is.
It's important
that you show him the right path.
I'm glad that he's got to know you
and work with you.
Young people can be tough to deal with.
I'm lucky he got to know you.
Do you have a family, Ali?
No, they died.
- Your mum and dad?
- Yeah.
My mum was Danish.
She died when I was little.
And my dad died from cancer
a few years ago.
- I'm so sorry to hear that.
- Thank you.
No wife and kids either?
- No siblings?
- No siblings either.
Ali, this can be your home too.
You're always welcome here.
Thank you very much.
I have to go to work, sweetie.
Will you not stay a little longer?
You know I can't.
We haven't been together for so long.
I know, sweetie, but I have to work.
Is something the matter?
- Did something happen?
- No.
I'm late. I have to go now.
Goodbye, sweetie.
Take care.
- It was so nice meeting you.
- You too. Goodbye.
Please wait.
Is everything all right with you?
- Take care of yourself.
- You too, sweetie.
See you later.
- Goodbye.
- Bye, Mum.
Who's that?
That's my dad.
What happened?
He died in Iraq.
My mum and I fled.
She doesn't talk about it.
Listen. You're doing something else
with your life.
You need to get out of this.
Out how?
Say you don't want to.
Nobody's hurt you or your family.
You're making a mistake.
You don't get it.
We're trash to them.
We mean nothing to them.
One day, they'll destroy
what doesn't matter to them.
- I have to go. See you later.
- See you.
You're here early.
Yes, a little.
- Do you need anything?
- No, thank you.
What's going on?
It's getting worse.
I'm doing everything I can to help.
We need to talk.
A way out?
The only way out is for us to unite.
The world needs to see us united.
The world is exploding.
You've only seen a fraction of it.
Did Ali tell you this?
What's going on? What is this?
Calm down.
Come in.
Why are they searching me?
Why did he come here first?
- You're asking too many questions.
- I ask too many questions?
Who's searching me?
Who are you? Who the hell are you?
You don't decide if they search you.
Did you forget?
You came to me, knocked on my door.
You said you wanted to help me fight.
Zakaria says you said there's a way out.
Is that true?
Are you a traitor?
Watch your mouth!
Listen to me!
What way out?
If you're a traitor,
I'll cut your throat.
Tell me!
What way out?
I'll kill him.
I wanted to make sure he was ready.
If he's not ready,
everything will fall apart.
Because I'm afraid.
you're my right-hand man.
You have nothing to fear.
Don't let fear eat you up
like a parasite.
We've done everything right.
You'll drive him.
Stick together and watch him.
If something goes wrong...
I'll show you what fear means.
You have three minutes.
You go to the first floor
without being seen.
- How long?
- Three minutes.
If anything goes wrong,
Ali will follow you.
If he's not out in three minutes,
you go in after him.
You'll help him.
- Got it?
- Understood.
I've got your back.
Don't be afraid.
I'll wait for you here.
In ten seconds, you'll be inside,
and it'll all be over.
This is the police. You're surrounded.
Down on the ground!
Down on the ground!
Get down on the ground!
Hands behind your back!
Debriefing of Agent Malik Amin -
code name, Ali.
This information may be used
in a court of law
against Hassan Mahmoud
and Zakaria Ayub.
I've summoned our legal counsel,
so, this will be a formal hearing.
For ten months, under the name Ali,
you infiltrated the cell
and participated in its dealings.
You've supplied Danish intelligence
with information on its targets.
Your job was to provide weapons.
You were party to a plot
the leader of the National Movement,
According to your report, the head
of the group is Hassan Mahmoud,
while Zakaria Ayub was tasked
with carrying out the attack.
In your opinion,
was Zakaria aware of
the consequences of his actions?
would you like to say something?
OK, then let's continue.
In your opinion, was Zakaria aware
of the consequences of his actions?
And what you've reported
in connection with it is the truth?
- Yes, it is.
- Good.
Debriefing of Agent Malik Amin,
code name Ali, concluded.
You did good work. Welcome back.
Thank you.
So, what now?
You can spend time with your family.
You'll be relocated tomorrow.
By the way, Malik, Martin Nordahl
would like to thank you personally.
All right.
I missed you, Dad.
I missed you too.
- Can I have a hug?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Yes, send him up.
- Martin Nordahl.
- Malik.
- Can I come in?
- Sure. Be my guest.
- They're asleep.
- Yeah, they are.
How many do you have?
A five-year-old son and my wife.
- And you?
- A ten-year-old son
and my wife.
I came to say thank you.
I just did my job.
It meant a lot to me and my family.
You should know that. Thank you.
Thank you.
What will happen now?
I'll be transferred away from here.
How about you?
More work. I have an election to win.
And now I have security guards.
To think you can't speak your mind.
What you think means something -
people take it to heart.
Yes. That's how it is.
It's for the best.
The best?
I want to save this country.
Don't take
it personally. You're not like them.
It's not you
I'm after.
Malik, you have to be there
for your family.
And I'll be there for mine.
And I thank you
for what you did.
If there's ever anything
I can do for you, please tell me.
- I will.
- Promise me.
Thank you.
- Can I have a cupcake?
- Not yet. First, drink your tea.
- That's my cup?
- Yes.
- Would you like some milk?
- Yes, please.
Here it is.
Show me.
Spread them out
and show them to me.
Hey, you've got bunny ears.
My bunny ears are bigger.
There has been a series of acid attacks.
These attacks seem to be targeting
people of other ethnicities.
The group Sons of Denmark
is under suspicion yet again.
With three weeks to the election,
the question is: will this impact voters?
The anti-immigration National
is still soaring in the polls.
Good morning.
how are you doing?
Are you getting used to it all -
the house, the office?
It's all right - a bit boring.
Do you have a minute?
I have a new assignment for you.
We have an agent inside
Sons of Denmark.
They seem increasingly organised.
We suspect an imminent threat.
Please sit down.
Listen to the audio
and go to meet with the agent today.
As soon as you find anything,
report it to me.
Back to work.
- Hi. This is Tobias.
- Hi, Tobias.
He won't be robbed of his own country.
He wants to set things straight.
- We're your family. You can trust us.
- Thank you.
Remember to always stand ready.
They're like dogs.
If you stand tall,
they'll run off in an instant.
You're right. An eye for an eye.
This is Christian, aka Tobias.
Malik will listen to your material.
He's your contact.
Why did you choose this spot?
It's secure. Nobody's watching.
- Are you stupid?
- Malik.
He is stupid.
If anyone sees you here,
your cover is blown.
- Choose neutral spots.
- It is.
If they see me in a church,
they'll do a double take.
I'm sorry.
They don't suspect me.
I've only seen the clubhouse.
- It's safe.
- It doesn't matter.
If you've got the right people,
they know more than you think.
- Don't let them see you're nervous...
- I'm not.
Show me your hand.
Hold out your hand!
Sit down, Malik. Sit down!
What the hell is wrong with you?
Show me your hand.
Show it to me. Hold it out.
Stay in control.
Do what you have to do.
Say what you have to say.
Look at me!
Gain their trust,
and be ready
to break it when the time comes.
You'll hear from us.
Get close.
Record as much as possible.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
He should understand
the consequences.
You really showed him, didn't you!
You told me to advise him.
- Was it too much?
- No, it's fine.
Martin Nordahl, leader of the National
Movement - welcome to Night Time.
- Thanks for inviting me.
- I didn't,
but we're meeting
with all the party candidates,
the leaders of all our political parties.
You're doing unbelievably well
at the moment.
We're not complaining.
- Why do you think that is?
- Voters understand our message.
What are you handing out?
Some parties hand out roses...
We have balloons for the kids;
we take the time to talk,
and have a coffee.
How do people greet you in the so-called
'ghettos'? Have you been there?
We avoid some places
for strategic reasons,
but we're right across the nation
and meet our voters wherever they are.
Martin, I've been to your ghetto -
to Klampenborg, where you live.
It's a closed, comfortable community.
You live there
with your lovely wife, Silje.
She's part Norwegian?
Not 100% Danish.
- No, she's a lovely Scandinavian.
- She was allowed across the border?
- She won't be stopped in the future!
- She won't.
Before we watch the clip, what do you
think she wanted to show us?
It could be many things. Surprise me.
- But not role playing in the basement?
- No.
when I went to see your place,
your son showed me a picture
from your childhood.
That's Martin as a child.
As you can see,
they're like peas in a pod.
He has his father's eyes.
But your hair looks better.
That was Grandma's work.
Oh God.
I can't compliment your looks back then.
That's an awful-looking kid.
- Thank you. I aged well.
- Right.
What's up?
You think it's funny?
Yes, it's entertaining.
- Sure, it's funny.
- Malik...
- No, it's very funny.
- Come on.
Thank you.
You're doing OK?
Yeah, more or less.
And the recordings?
It's fine,
just more intense than I'd imagined.
I heard your recordings too.
It's intense.
- But you did well.
- Thank you.
I've been thinking,
why do you call each other 'brother'?
I don't know. I think it's...
It creates a sense of being in a family,
one big family.
You did well.
You almost convinced me at times.
- Like how?
- That you were one of them. Good job.
Back to work, brother.
Why do we have to look after them?
They demand so much,
but show no respect.
We want them out of our Europe.
Now, we're preparing for war.
We're preparing for war!
We will take over.
The election is our fate.
This is our country!
Get them out. Denmark is our country.
We'll be in charge soon!
Out! Out!
Do you want bread?
You're going to finish the track?
- Yes.
- Then eat up.
Daddy's driving.
Look at these sunglasses. Put them on.
- Everything's dark.
- You look cool.
- But everything's dark.
- Because there's no sunshine.
Let's pick one.
- This is for me.
- No, I want one too.
- No, it's just for me.
- Then I want one too.
One each? Don't step on the lettuce.
So, we'll pick one each?
- You can't have mine.
- OK.
Then pick one.
It's the same. I want the same.
- This is my side, and that's yours.
- Sure. We have our own food.
Don't step on it.
Can't you drive faster?
Can't you drive faster?
Please drive faster.
Come on.
Come on. Get in the car.
In your seat.
What's up? Do I know you?
- Calm down.
- Do I know you?
- What are you looking at?
- I'm waiting for my girlfriend.
- Don't look at me!
- Just calm down.
Fucking chill. Calm down.
Come on. Sit down.
Put your seat belt on now.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
That's right. We'll solve the shit
they're creating, right?
They don't clean up
after themselves in Nrrebro, right?
- Or in Tingbjerg or Vollsmose, right?
- No!
They're raping and killing us...
And I see politicians slowly wakening up.
I know it takes time,
but there's one in particular
who sees the problem...
and that's Martin Nordahl. Am I right?
have you got a minute?
We're closing the operation temporarily.
We need to focus on Islamic terror.
- That's not the threat any longer.
- I'm sorry, Malik, but it is.
You of all people should know that.
I want you to speak with Zakaria again.
- I can't.
- What?
- I can't.
- You have to.
He's been radicalised in prison.
We think he might be part of a new cell.
He won't speak to our other agents.
Maybe he'll speak to you.
I wouldn't ask you
unless it was important.
We might be able to avert an attack.
He may have heard something.
Offer him a chance to see his family.
And Christian?
If you speak to Zakaria,
you two can keep at it for a while.
I'll keep you updated on him.
Do we have a deal?
- Deal.
- Good.
Get ready. I'll set up the meeting.
Is your mum home?
- Why did you come here?
- Hello.
Why come back?
I want to...
- Get out.
- I want to speak to you.
- I don't want to speak to you.
- Please.
- Will you please leave?
- Just one moment.
- Just one moment.
- What is it?
I wanted to check
how you were getting on -
that you were all right.
All right?
They won't let me see my son,
and you think I'm all right?
I tried to save him.
I wish he'd never met you.
He's my son. Do you understand that?
I tried to raise my family in peace,
and then this is what happens.
Our lives are in danger.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
We're alone.
I haven't seen my son for a year.
I miss my son.
You can see your son today.
That's why I came here.
Bags, please.
Lift up your arms.
How are you doing?
What are you doing here, you rat?
Don't you feel any shame?
Have you heard anything?
Anything at all that I can report back?
You can see your family occasionally.
You don't have to be alone all the time.
You're still doing this?
Who are you?
Just leave me be, all right?
You even said
you'd take care of my family.
I'm trying to...
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
I'll protect you.
I'm sorry for calling you, Jon,
but somebody's been to my house.
Is someone there now? A car?
I don't know.
- Stay indoors. I'll send someone.
- Thank you.
Bloody hell.
Are you all right?
No, I'm not.
We've searched the area.
There are no people, no cars, nothing.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
I'll leave a patrol here for the night.
Right. Thank you.
- Call me if there's anything.
- Right.
OK? See you later.
The asylum ban,
tightened sentencing
laws and closed borders haven't helped.
- We need to look inwards.
- Inwards?
We want to withdraw citizenship
from non-Danes.
They came here because of wars
that are now over.
So, we need to send them back again.
No matter how long they were here,
they were guests.
I don't understand
why they don't show gratitude.
We will not welcome them anymore.
We gave them citizenship,
and we can take it away.
It's simple. It's the right solution.
We must protect ourselves.
It's the last day of practice.
- For what?
- It's going down.
- When should we be ready?
- When Martin Nordahl takes over.
- ... ready?
- When Martin Nordahl takes over.
We have a briefing.
Right now?
Right now.
Good. We're all here?
Last night,
unknown offenders stole this lorry.
We've now identified one of them.
We suspect they might be part
of an organisation spanning Europe.
- This is because of a suspicion?
- Not now.
I know when Sons of Denmark will strike!
You have to stop now.
Because of the general election,
we focus on this.
We need informants,
surveillance and phone tapping.
We start at once.
- Why am I wasting my time here?
- What's going on?
- I know when they'll strike.
- Case closed.
- Didn't we have a deal?
- Did you hear me? Case closed.
Did you get anything from Zakaria?
Zakaria is a little boy.
He doesn't know anything.
Don't you get it?
If this goes wrong,
it's on me and my family.
Can I show you something?
- That's Martin Nordahl.
- That guy?
Don't you see it?
No, actually I don't.
Oh my god, listen to this.
- When should we be ready?
- When Martin Nordahl takes over.
When Martin Nordahl takes over.
So, they mention him?
Don't you see the connection, Jon?
When Martin Nordahl takes over.
Jon, you have to help me.
- Where is your evidence? You have no...
- Look at it! Just look at it.
Please calm down.
I need concrete evidence
that links them
to Martin Nordahl. Do you understand?
Did they mention a place,
a code, anything?
Look for that. We can move on that.
I want to get Denmark
back on track - for my son.
I want it to be the country
it used to be.
- What will happen in that country?
- Great changes.
What we've promised in this election
will come true.
The world has changed dramatically,
and we need to adapt.
Of course, some people can't stay here,
because they don't contribute.
Religious Muslims are hurtful
to our society and our democracy.
We need to deal with that.
Converts are the worst.
They're extremely damaging
to our society.
So, we need to give Parliament
the power to draw up emergency laws.
The police will need more authority.
Go against the police,
or ambulances, and you'll get shot.
You want to authorise killing?
I want to authorise strong legislation
to deal with the people
who don't abide by our laws.
For a common goal,
and for a common country.
Our country! Am I right?
- It's why we're here.
- Yes.
You have to come.
We can't find Christian.
What's going on?
- Jon, what's going on?
- We can't find Christian.
- His residence?
- It's cleared out.
- The campsite?
- Empty.
We only found his bugging equipment.
How is that possible?
We had eyes on them yesterday.
He can't just disappear.
We need to contact everyone
he's been around,
everyone in Sons of Denmark
family, friends, everyone.
Tonight, Martin Nordahl takes over.
Tonight, we will all take over.
But before that,
let's clear our own ranks.
Traitors are everywhere,
and sometimes they look just like us.
- I need to go to the loo.
- No, you sit down!
- I have to pee.
- Get him.
- I haven't done anything!
- Sit down!
- This, ladies and gentlemen...
- Let me go!
- This is a vile animal!
- Don't touch me!
- He's going to stay here.
- Get away from me!
- What are you?
- This isn't funny.
- Tell us what you are.
- No!
- Let me go.
- Take off his clothes.
Leave me alone.
There's more.
- I have...
- What? Say it.
I have betrayed my country.
It has to stop now.
And why did you do that?
- Quit whining! Tell us.
- I'm a traitor.
Because our country is being overrun
by Pakis and Muslims.
- What did you say?
- I'm a traitor.
Are you a traitor, Tobias?
- I am...
- Louder!
I'm a traitor!
I'm a fucking traitor, OK?
Easy now. Easy.
- I hate pigs like you.
- Cut off his tongue!
- Open up!
- Leave me alone!
- Leave me alone!
- Cut off his tongue!
Leave me alone! No, don't...
Jon, listen.
We've lost control.
- We have to do something.
- We're already doing it.
No, it's not enough.
We need to contact Martin Nordahl.
What's he going to do?
Didn't you hear them mention him?
Martin Nordahl can't be part of this.
Martin Nordahl is already part of it.
If nothing else, he can calm the waters
with his victory speech.
Come on, Jon! Now!
- I'll go and talk to him.
- I'm going with you.
- Please go home to your family.
- No.
Send a patrol to my family.
I'll go with you.
It looks like a historical win
for the National Movement.
With 70% of votes counted,
they're poised to be the largest party,
with a result far better than
the polls projected before the election.
We're waiting for party leader
Martin Nordahl,
excited to hear how he'll implement
his controversial promises to voters.
Hi, honey, it's me.
I was hoping to get you on the phone.
I just wanted to say, I'm fine.
I'll be home late. See you later.
The National Movement
endorsed no candidate,
but after their impressive result,
it seems their leader, Martin Nordahl,
will take the seat as prime minister.
We'll find out more in a short while,
when he addresses the party
at the election celebration.
We're awaiting party leader
Martin Nordahl,
excited to hear how he'll implement
the now imminent law changes
due to the party's
impressive election victory.
We're running a great risk, Malik.
You need to let me do the talking.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand.
- To all the people...
- Is the PM in danger?
This is quite a common situation.
It's standard procedure to brief
a potential prime minister.
Jon Frederiksen?
Jon is here.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Good evening.
Tell your dad he's got company.
- Dad, you've got company.
- I see that.
Dad has to work now.
We'll go to the big party afterwards.
- Are you excited?
- Yes.
Martin Nordahl will become
the Prime Minister of Denmark.
We're sorry to intrude,
but it's important.
I see.
Last time I met you,
you'd just saved my life.
Now there's more trouble?
Come on in. Sit down.
- How can I help you?
- We've lost an agent.
He infiltrated Sons of Denmark,
and now we've lost contact.
All these acid attacks on minorities
that have been going on lately
have been coordinated
by Sons of Denmark.
We believe they intend to carry out
several large-scale attacks
against several targets tonight.
What targets?
We don't know. We're looking into it.
Immigrants, Muslim targets. It doesn't
matter, as long as they're hurt.
What's that got to do with me?
What Malik is saying is that,
according to our intel and our agent,
Sons of Denmark mention you
as their ideal.
If Denmark is waking up...
Cut the bullshit.
People will die
while you sleep comfortably.
- Malik.
- It's all right.
I like you.
You're not like the rest.
But what fanatical neo-Nazis believe
has nothing to do with me.
So, let's end this conversation
before you go too far.
I know you've been part of it,
that you participated
in violent campaigns.
That's speculation. I'm very sorry.
Don't be.
It's true.
I did.
But I was young and stupid,
as most of us once were
but we all learned a few things.
Do you think it means anything?
Look at me now.
I'm protecting my country.
You have to stop them.
All we're asking is
that you tone down your rhetoric.
You need to calm them, not incite them
to carry out the attacks.
My issue is not with these people.
They're a symptom of something bigger.
You want me to stop them?
You have to stop.
The issue is the number of immigrants,
of Muslims, going up.
Look around you.
Look at the problems that it causes.
We're at war.
We need to defend ourselves.
Those people will never be part
of our society.
We've defended them, protected them,
looked after them - and for what?
You owe me your life.
I owe you nothing.
Can you show yourselves out?
- Can you tell us...
- I have no comments.
- Get some sleep.
- There must be something we can do.
- We must stop that speech.
- We can't do that.
This is about national security.
My family's safety.
Go home to your family.
You can't do any more right now.
I'll keep you informed.
Malik, look at me!
You need to go home.
See you later.
- Come on.
- Let me go!
Grab her legs!
Come on!
Leave me alone!
- Stop right there.
- Hey! Go away. I live here.
- What happened to her?
- Her face has corroded. She's hurt.
- Honey! Look at me.
- We have an ambulance and...
- Get your fucking hands off me!
- We're helping her.
- Please talk to the police.
- Where's my son?
She's in shock and in pain.
- Where's my son?
- Breathe in.
Please calm down.
Where's my son?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm pretty sure
Martin Nordahl is on his way.
I see the car arriving with Nordahl,
the winner of this election.
Some people were surprised.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
A comment on the election result?
I'm a proud, happy man,
who has heard
the voice of the Danish people.
- And the incoming PM?
- It would seem so.
How will you carry out
your controversial proposals?
Not necessarily controversial!
- How will they be carried out?
- Let's just enjoy the party.
I'll have more details for you tomorrow.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Denmark is a small, simple country
and we're all a part of it.
So, is it too much to insist
that it remains our country?
Is it too much to insist that Denmark
should belong to the Danes?
Why should Denmark carry the weight
and burden of the world?
Today is a historical day for Denmark.
Many didn't believe in us.
Some thought
we were a problem
that would blow over.
But now we're here.
We're not gone.
We're not a problem. We're the solution.
We need to face facts:
for too long,
in the name of compassion,
we have accepted atrocities.
That ends now.
As a nation,
we suffered through terror
because we let the wrong people
stay here.
As our last resort,
we need to use all means available,
so that we will not have to watch
innocent people die any longer.
Today, we regain our pride.
Today, we fight the necessary battle
to get Denmark back on track.
Tonight, we prove that the Danes
are in charge in Denmark!
Tonight, we show them
that we're taking back Denmark!
There's only one civilisation.
And it is ours.