Sons of Ram (2012) Movie Script

Save us, your highness.
No!!! Noooooooo!!!
No! The same nightmares again!
Only Guru Vishwamitra can save us now.
Ashwamedh Yagna...
This is the only solution
to Ayodhya's misfortunes.
Ashwamedh Yagna!
What is that, guru Vishwamitra?
Prince Shatrughan, it is the
greatest of all royal rituals.
Such a ritual if successfully
completed, promises power..
..glory and prosperity to the
kingdom which has no comparison!
But, only a great and
powerful king can take this risk..
..for once the
Ashwamedh horse is let loose.. puts the whole
kingdom's honour at stake...
Who can dare stop King Ram?
With us three brothers by
his side, he is invincible!
Yet here we are, looking for
a solution to this problem.
Aren't we, Shatrughan?
And remember, at no cost
can this yagna be stopped..
..else tragedy may befall.
My subjects are my top priority.
l am willing to do
whatever is needed.. assure their well being.
This yagna will not be
stopped at any cost!
Oh Suryavanshi Ram, l do not
doubt the purity of your intent..
..and the strength of your abilities.
...but the basic
foundation of the yagna should be..
..established by a family... that means
a wife, children.. a full family.
Ram, with the queen Sita out of
your life, you are incomplete..
..hence the yagna would
be considered incomplete.
Yes. There is still hope...
But you may not be
pleased with the solution.
According to the
scriptures you will have to remarry.
But... How is this...!? l...
You.. know my love for Sita..
King Ram, the choice is yours..
..either continue to make
futile attempts at preventing..
..your nightmares
from becoming a reality.
Or perform the Ashwamedh
yagna and end this crisis..
..once and for all!
My work here is done
But remember Ram, you must,
have a family.
Oh Ram. Again another
new start, another hurdle.
Oh Ram, wonder where
my life has brought me.
Oh Ram.
Ram fought the enemies
with strength and valour.
Ram broke Shiv's bow
and brought Sita.
Being a King, he left the throne.
Dreams were broken
by a wicked queen.
Oh Ram.
For his father's honour,
they sacrificed their rights.
Ram and Sita went into exile,
principles lost.
Cruel Raavan took away
Sita through deception.
Ram was left all alone,
all his dreams shattered.
Ram reached Lanka after
overcoming all hurdles.
He was a true lover.
Again time snatched
away his happiness.
A strange doubt gave
Sita exile once again.
Saints gave solutions to Ram,
and he was helpless.
Ram has no idea how to
reply to these solutions.
Oh Ram.
He was worried that he
will have to remarry.
There is not
solution but there are two.
Anything is left?
No Luv.
Our drama is going to be the best.
Yes, l feel the same.
-And we will make..
Mother, we were only..
Guru Valmiki wanted us
to collect materials..
..for the Ramayan puppet show.
We are planning to make
all the puppets ourselves!
You are going to love them Ma!
Will l? l would love even more if...
Oh...l forgot. Look what l got for
you Ma.. your favorite, isn't it?
Yes. l like it very much, Kush.
But didn't Guru Valmiki also
tell you about the ceremony?
Do you realize how late you are?
Sorry mother, we were
going to be on time, but...
But you know Kush..
.. he can't think of anything
else besides the Gandharvas.
Wonder when his
illusion will be fulfilled.
Enough, Luv.
Mother, l really heard
the sound of a Gandharva.
There is surely one atleast.
That too deep in the forest.
l know the Gandharva is real, mother,
l am telling the truth!
Yes, yes, l believe you. As always.
l hope you were not
worried about us, mother.
l never need to worry as long
as the two of you are together.
Now enough talking.
Get ready quickly now.
Don't fight!
My children, we gather
here today to give respect..
..and blessings.
We all know how Luv and Kush,
sons of Vandevi..
..have protected our
hermitage many times..
..with their valor and intelligence.
Hence l, Valmiki being their guru..
..give them this pure gift.
Oh Creator, Oh leader of the gods:
May success come to
my efforts by your grace.
May all the obstacles meet their end!
l am immortal, l am blissful.
l am Brahma The Creator
This is a blessing from none
other than Lord Brahma the Creator.
Remember children, ..
..these Divyakankan (Divine
Particles) have immense power.
When you have learnt to respect
and call upon that power with..
..your collective wisdom, you
will unlock their mysteries.
All will be told as destinies unfold!
Thank you guruji.
- Thank you guruji.
Long live Guru Valmiki!
Long live Luv! Long Live Kush!
This is unbelievable!
This is exactly like Ram and Laxman..
..receiving divine
gifts and weapons...
...from the great sage Vishwamitra..
..when they were young, and...
Oh! There he goes again!
...and do you know after..
.. that they went on to
vanquish so many wars...
Stop! Stop Bheelu! Please!
We don't want to hear any more..
.. we all know the
Ramayana here quite well!
Yeah we remember all of it!
Why are you all
making this fuss about..
..these... Divya-kan-kaaan-kunaaas!?
That's Divyakankan.
And it will be good to
show it some respect!
And why should we not raise a fuss?
just because you are jealous?
jealous? Of these? Guruji is
just humoring these two kids..
..with toys to keep them
busy and out of trouble?
And if l am wrong,
let's decide right now.
Tell them to prove themselves.
Yes. Yes! Why not?
Luv, Kush, prove it to him
Prove it! -Prove it Luv. -Prove it.
Prove it Kush, Let's show it to him.
Fine! How do you want us to prove it?
What are you doing Kush? lgnore him.
lt's pointless. We don't want
to get sucked into his games.
No Luv, let's just shut
his mouth once and for..
l will give you an opportunity to
do what you like doing the most... know...the whole..
..compulsive-need-to-help-everyone ..
..all the time and saving
people's lives etc, etc.
You see there?
The Hindon River is receding.
We all know of the dying
forests and the barren lands..
..because of the water shortage.
That lake on top of the
mountain is not really helping anyone.
Why don't you use your new
powers to solve this problem?
And if you can do that..
..then l...
l would just have to shut up!
Wouldn't l?
Kush, we are not ready to
use the Divyakankanas yet.
But, l don't care.
l have to teach him a lesson.
Fine! lf that's what you want,
l will take care of it...
No. l will! l can do it by myself!
No Kush! l don't want this
getting out of hand any more..
..than it already has.
l will handle it.
Fine! You never let
me do anything anyway.
When will you stop
treating me like a child?
Oh Creator, Oh leader of the gods:
May success come to my
efforts by your grace:
May all the obstacles meet their end!
l am immortal, l am blissful.
l am Brahma The Creator
Oh Creator, Oh leader of the gods:
May success come to my
efforts by your grace:
May all the obstacles meet their end!
You do not have enough power.
Let me help you.
Oh Creator, Oh leader of the gods:
May success come to my
efforts by your grace:
May all the obstacles meet their end!
l am immortal, l am blissful.
l am Brahma The Creator
Speak softly, you are
ruining my concentration.
Then leave it to me.
l can do it by myself.
First learn how to work together.
Oh Creator, Oh leader of the gods:
May success come to my
efforts by your grace:
May all the obstacles meet their end!
l am immortal, l am blissful.
l am Brahma The Creator
What happened to your powers?
Quick, get everyone out of here!
Hey Bangha..
Hey look! The cliff is going
to collapse! -Yes.
No! No! No, no! What have we done!?
Brace yourself, Kush!
Now come on from here.
Help!....God... help!
My child.. l can't find my child..
Somebody help me.
My child.. Help! Somebody.
l told you, we were not yet ready.
Now you owe me an apology Kush...
What? Did you say something?
l can't hear it.
Let it go, Agaj.
Oh, how shameless!
Let him bark, Kush.
lt won't make any difference.
But alas it's not your fault..
..that you don't have a real
father in your life to teach you..
..a good lesson in obedience...
and discipline!
After all, how much
can a poor gentle soul.. your mother
teach you all by herself?
Mind your language, Agaj...
Okay, atleast tell us
what is your father's name.
Because without a father you..
Stop, Kush, leave him. Luv, Kush,
leave him... Leave him.
You have brought shame to your guruji.
Someone could have got
killed in that landslide!
And if that was not enough...
you beat up Agaj!!
So much anger in you both? How?
You two don't have
anything to say for yourselves?
just going to stand
there with you head hanging?
But Mother, we said we are sorry.
We already went to Agaj's house...
he is doing fine now.
We apologized to him, his father,
his mother, his grandmother..
l even apologized to his cat!
You think this is funny, Kush?
No mother, l don't. you know he
made fun of guruji.. of you and kept instigating us?
We tried to ignore him... But...
You both mean everything to me.
But today.. today
because of this deed of yours..
..everyone will now question
my ability in bringing you up!
They already are saying this,
mother! Agaj blamed our failure..
..on not having a father in our lives!
What was our fault in it, mother?
What should we have done?
You should have walked away.
You know Agaj is just jealous of you.
But guruji and l have taught
you better! Now leave me alone.
Mother... due to us,
you are hurt today..
..won't you forgive
your children, mother.
'How long must l wear this mask?'
'And carry on this daunting task?'
'How long must
l hide behind this veil?'
'lf l am tired, who
will help me get up?'
Everything was beautiful,
when our love began to blossom.
But suddenly dark
clouds came over us.
Now suddenly things aren't bright.
Dreams are shattered.
l don't want to tolerate any more.
l don't want to walk any more.
When? When will l be able to fly?
Far away. Far, far away.
Once more there was
brightness in the sky.
l got everything in our children.
But this is just a temporary glow.
Again the shadow came back.
My loneliness came back again.
When will this trial by fire end?
l wish we can always stay together.
Wonder when this
wish will be fulfilled.
l don't want to tolerate any more.
l don't want to walk any more.
When? When will l be able to fly?
Far away. Far, far away.
Far away. Far, far away.
Far away. Far, far away.
What troubles you, my child?
Guruji, my
sons...they have failed you.
l am sorry.
ls that all?
Today... they asked me
about their father, guruji.
No matter what l had to go through..
..l still want Luv-Kush
to respect their father..
..and understand his decisions.
But now... l...
l can't understand, guruji!
Am l wrong by hiding
the truth from them?
By hoping that one day they
will find their own answers?
You are being too hard on yourself.
You know, in all these years.. have never
taken any wrong decision.
You have always done the right thing.
l have seen Sita,
the Queen of Ayodhya.. like a humble
person Vandevi in my ashram.
Raising two blessed sons with love.
Your intentions were as pure
as the earth you came from.
You have made a brave
choice and chosen a tough path.
But, how long... l can be at peace only
when my family reunites...
Don't despair, have faith, my child!
And as far as Luv Kush are concerned,
leave that to me.
Remember! All will be
told as destinies unfold!
All... will be free!
Do you know why
l have called you here?
We are sorry, guruji.
We made a mistake. Please forgive us.
- Forgive us.
Raavan... was not a weak warrior..
..he was a great king
and a greater scholar.
But one grave mistake
changed his destiny.
One mistake... is
what decides your fate..
..either as Ram the hero
or Raavan the villain.
That is what l have
strived to teach you.
Guruji, you can take
these back as a punishment.
We promise you to work
hard and earn it back...
That won't be necessary.
The true magic doesn't
lie in these bracelets..
..but it lies within you..
Why do these
bracelets obey your command..
..and nature acts on
everything you call for?
lt's a sacrifice for a reason.
The reason should
not only be selfless..
..and pure but also worth
the sacrifice of mother nature.
Learn from nature...
be like the rare Nuwali flower!
What is that? Where do we find it?
l have decided to
grant you another chance.
Thank you.
Thank you, guruji
Oh l nearly forgot...
l have received an invitation...
But l have to go on my pilgrimage..
..and you must not be..
..interested in going to... Ayodhya!
lt seems King Ram is preparing for
the great Ashwamedh Yagna and...
Ram! The real Ram!
lt's true, Luv. lt's true!
We will get to meet
the great Ram himself.
Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman... Ayodhya!!
But what about mother.. She is
still angry, she won't allow us to go.
Leave that to me.
Now listen, Darbha is
ready and waiting by ..
..the Ashram gates with
the bullock cart to take you.
And hurry up, before l change my mind!
Thank you, Thank you, Guruji
You are the best, guruji.
You made our dreams come true!
Yeh!!! l will recite the entire
Ramayana to Lord Rama in one breath.
And l will enact the scenes to him.
l still can't believe it!
You will believe it,
when you meet Ram!
All shall be told,
as the destinies unfold...
Fly us there Darbha. Ayodhya!
Stop! We will also come with you.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
we are going to Ayodhya.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
its a dream come true.
We wonder what we'll see there.
lt will be like my dreams.
So pull up the cart.
Everyone come soon.
And take us to Ayodhya.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
here we come Ayodhya.
Will we get to meet
King Ram and Queen Sita?
Lakshman will show me
how to use a bow ..
.. and arrow just like a fighter.
l'll recite the Ramayan.
l'll sing along with
the music of my sitar.
l will play with Hanuman's tail.
And happily we will all
follow...Ram's trail.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
we are going to Ayodhya.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
here we come Ayodhya.
Darbha is it true?
The streets are paved with gold?
And the temple
bells are also golden?
All the people sing about the
praise and glory of their king.
A city of the Gods, its a paradise.
lt glows like the Sun.
Flowers and birds of
every shape and size.
And grass so soft and green.. can't take your eyes of it.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
we are going to Ayodhya.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
its a dream come true.
How long before we get there?
A little bit ahead.
Look, friends. We have reached.
We have reached.
- Hey!
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
Ayodhya, a wonderland.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
Ayodhya, we are going there.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya,
Ayodhya, a wonderful..
We have reached!
Reached? Where have we reached,
Darbha? This can't be Ayodhya!
May be we lost our way, right Darbha?
But you said Darbha knows the way.
This is it,
children... this is your Ayodhya.
This is so strange.
Let us ask those people.
l had gone there, but it didn't
work out, so l came back. - Hello..
..this is our first visit to Ayodhya..
..and it's a lot different than
what we have heard in stories.
Ah stories! Ayodhya
has also become like a..
..never ending dark story.
Due to that people
started moving out of Ayodhya.
But king Ram and his Ashwamedh....
Ashwamedh! Only if it happens.
Huh? Why not? Why won't it happen?
Because for that the
King will have to remarry.
Remarry!! How can he do
that when he has Sita?
Oh! Don't you know that King Ram
sent Sita into exile years back.
No! The Ram from our
guru's Ramayana can't do this.
lmpossible! l mean why
would he exile Sita?
What did she ever do to him!?
Not to him! To Ayodhya.
The people of Ayodhya found
it hard to trust someone..
..who lived for a year in the
house of the evil demon Raavan.
Even if she were the queen herself!
That is ridiculous.
She was not there by choice, she
was a prisoner against her will!
And... if the preparations
for the yagna are being made..
..that means Ram is remarrying!
Maybe neither Ayodhya nor King Ram..
..deserve a great queen like Sita!
You are right. Let's leave!
Where are we going?
Back home.
How can our Lord Ram be so selfish?
How could he send his Sita away?
lt must have been terrible for her.
After she gave 14 years of
her life in exile for him..
..this is what she gets in return?
This is shocking!
But maybe we do not
know the whole truth.
We are not going to get to
play with Hanuman's tail?
No. Not today Sohan, not today.
We need to ask guruji
about this when he is back...
Maybe Lord Ram had his own reasons?!
Right! You are talking as if
you know Lord Ram very well.
Luv! Kush?
Mother! -Mother!
You both returned so soon?
Guruji said you were going to..
What happened, my children?
We did not feel like seeing Ayodhya...
...or the yagna.
We want nothing to do
with him or his Ramayana!
Don't worry children. Come in.
You can tell me everything
while you eat. Come.. come..
Yes mother, in fact
our hermitage looks..
..much more beautiful than Ayodhya.
We are better off here.
He's right, mother.
You know.. Lord Ram
left Sita years ago..
...and now he's
remarrying for the yagna.
Can you believe that?
Had l been Sita, l would
have never forgiven Lord Ram.
But you are not Sita!
And she is definitely
more understanding than you!
What more is there to understand?
Tell me, mother! What
would you do if you were Sita?!
Well, had l been Sita my duty
would have been to fulfill.. duties to the best of my
abilities which right now, ..
.. happens to be..
..raising up two devils like you.
And then, when you two
are mature enough...
..l will go away and
take some much needed rest!
No way...
Spoilt kids like us would
never let their mother go away...
We would use all our spells.. keep you with us forever.
One day l will have to go..
when you both can live without me.
When will l be able
to go far.. far away.
Do you know mother..
Mother! Where are you?
Mother!! Mother, where are you?
No! -No, mother! -No!
We will save you.
-l will save you, mother. -Mother!
This nightmare...
About our mother being in trouble...
This is so strange... and familiar.
Too familiar, like it was almost...
Luv, she looked in real trouble!
We cannot tell her about this.
lt will only upset her.
Yes. l wish Guru Valmiki was here!
What does the dream mean?
Nothing will happen
to mother, right, Luv?
No! Nothing will happen to her.
Lets make a promise today.
We'll never let
anything bad happen to Mother.
Catch it Luv, catch it!
Don't leave it, Luv!
Don't leave it.
Don't leave it!
l told you, Luv would not
be able to catch the ball!
He would have, if you knew
how to throw a ball properly!
Well l would have thrown
properly like always..
..if my arm was not
recovering from a bad injury..
We have apologized a
thousand times for that! Let it go!
Huh! What happened?
l hear something. Listen!!
The monster Gandharva!!
Quick, let's run back to the ashram!
Wow! What a beauty!!
Luv, let's take it home.
Mother will be so happy on seeing it.
l think it has lost
its way. Read the letter.
Whosoever reads this, let it be
known that this is the horse..
..of His Majesty, King
Rama's Ashwamedh Yagna.
Ashwamedh Yagna!
Read.. read!
The entire expanse of earth
this horse traverses uncontested.. to be henceforth
included in the King's kingdom..
..and all rulers...
All rulers shall
willfully submit their loyalty .. the glory of Ayodhya.
Anyone who dares to stop
the Ashwamedh Horse does so.. the peril of bringing
down the wrath of Ayodhya's army..
..upon himself and his land!
Ashwamedh yagna! This
means Ram did remarry...!!
Now l will surely keep this horse.
just let it go.
Why should l let it go?
l am sure Lord Ram will get a new
horse just like he got a new wife.
Kush, you really need to
rethink this with a calm mind.
Am sure this horse is not here by
itself and the army of Ayodhya..
..will be here any moment!
We are not ready for a war.
Don't tell me you are scared!
Did you find the horse?
Not yet.
You both go to the west.
lt must be here. Go find it.
Listen, you both.. -Did you hear?
They must be near by!
Quick we must hide it!
But, Kush...
No time for ifs and buts.
Are you going to support me in
this fight to protect the honour..
..of our ashram or not?
lf you put it like that,
l don't really have a choice do l?
Take the horse deep into the forest.
Hide it there and stay with it.
What about you two?
Don't worry Sohan. Lets go quickly!
You don't worry and take
care of yourself. See you soon.
Keep looking. Come behind me.
Yes, this is it. This is a good spot.
So Luv.. What is your
plan to overpower Lord Ram..
.. and the entire army
of Ayodhya? Tell me.
Overpower Ram?!
Even Raavan could not manage that!
Who do you think you are?
We are Luv and Kush,
who stand between..
..your greed and the
sanctity of our guru's ashram.
Leave now, or you will be killed.
Consider this our last warning.
You mere kids dare to
warn me? Shatrughan?
Return the horse and you
will only loses the ashram.
Else your poor mother will
lose both her precious gems!
No no.. Kush!!! Stop!
l agree that you are a good warrior..
But a good warrior
knows when to back off.
How did this happen?
This is not possible.
Take your defeated
commander back. We have spared him.
And tell your King Ram..
..if wants his horse back..
he needs to come and face Luv and Kush
The great Shatrughan!
This is unbelievable!
l'm going to meet Hanuman soon.
Not yet, Sohan!
Not until we sort this out.
Never ever do that to me again.
Do what?
Come in between my fight.
That too when his defeat was evident.
His defeat? l saved your life.
He would have killed you.
l don't need you to save my life.
What did you expect me to do,
sit back and watch you die?
At least that would have
been better than this insult.
Oh come on, Kush! Forget it.
l am sure by now the
news has reached Ram.
lt's the time to prepare for a
bigger battle. Listen to my plan.
Yes! Why not! lt's
always you.. and your plan.
Who made you the
leader in the first place?
Oh! Then why don't
you go ahead and make.. of your random
improvised plans, huh?
Maybe we will win with your plans.
You really think you are
better than me? Don't you?
Better and definitely more sensible!
l don't go around
inviting unnecessary troubles.
Oh! lf being lazy and a coward
means sensible then you surely are.
Do you know because of you
and your cowardly planning..
..we will lose this battle.
We could have avoided this
battle in the first place.
lt is only because of
you and your giant ego ..
..that we are in this position!
And you know what? lt was that
same ego that led to the landslide.
When will you grow up,
Kush? When? Huh?
What do you mean when will l grow up?
You were equally responsible
for what happened at the ashram.
lf you were so sensible..
Then why didn't you back off.
Tell me.
- Oh yeah, yeah.. yeah right!
You know, Kush..
l should have.
l regret not doing that.
Don't be so naiive, Luv.
Everybody knows whose mistake it was.
Really? ls that what you think?
Fine, if this is what everyone thinks.
lt will be better
if l leave from here.
Fine! Leave. You
can't do anything else.
My brother..
So it is true! How could they?
Let me go, brother. l will kill them!
Lakshman, patience.. my brother.
lt is distressing. But we must
remember, that they are just children.
But brother,
they managed to defeat Shatrughan.
Surely not a feat for mere children!
Excuse us, your Highness.
But you are needed back
immediately at the Ashwamedh Yagna..
..before the
auspicious hour passes away.
Do not worry, brother,
l will not be too hard on them.
But l will teach them a lesson ..
..and bring them back
to you to apologize.
Take the army with you, Lakshman.
As you wish!
He cannot keep treating me like this.
Being a few minutes younger
does not make one smaller.
l saw what happened there.
You better leave me alone.
l understand how you feel, Kush.
l have seen many times
how Luv bosses over you.
This time too it is not your fault!
No. Luv is right,
l have been very selfish
to lead everybody into this.
lf what you are saying is true..
..why is Luv so happy now?
To think of it, he should be happy.
After all he has total control now.
That's.. what he always wanted.
Mind your tongue, Agaj.
Don't forget you are
talking about my brother.
Ambition and power makes brothers
forget their blood ties, my friend.
l know your plan..
Trying to poison me
against my brother, ..
..but that is not going to work.
Poisoning? lf that's what you think..
..then... then how
do you explain this!?
The leaf from the Ashwamedh horse.
Which l took from Luv
when he was not looking!
l don't understand?
What does this prove?
Oh innocent, Kush! Don't you see?
Now that he has removed
you out of the picture..
..he will show this leaf as proof
to all at the ashram and guruji..
..and take all the credit..
and praise!
He has played a well thought game.
Fine. lf Luv does not need Kush..
..then Kush can do without Luv too.
Luv! lts here! l can see an army
approaching. They are moving fast.
Good job, Mangal. Everyone take
your positions like we planned.
Bheelu, you and Sohan
take Bhaga, Naghol..
..Rudra and the others and
explain to them their positions.
Agaj, you come with
me and Kush, you...
We will be fine. The time has come.
We will show them that even we
know how to fulfill our duty.
Even we can defend ourselves and
protect our Ashram. jai Guruji!
jai Guriji! Long live Dharma!
They are very close.
They will reach any moment.
l am Ram's younger brother Lakshman..
..and l have come to
avenge Ayodhya's insult.
l don't want to be
responsible for meaningless bloodshed.
lf you wish, we can choose
to find an amicable solution.
l don't blame you for being scared.
By the way, where is your brother?
Looks like your army has deserted you!
l suggest you come
with me to Ayodhya..
..and apologize to King Ram.
Apologize for what? They intruded
ourjungle and invited trouble.
Neither can you change the
rules of the Ashwamedh nor can we.
The prosperity of our
kingdom is at stake..
..and l am ready to fight for it.
That is my duty.
Duty! Duty is not
about encroaching into..
territories and their lives...
Enough words!
The Ashwamedh will be completed.
Surrender or die.
You save yourself first.
l don't believe it.
Tie him up and take him prisoner.
Find the Ashwamedh horse. Hurry up.
We don't have the entire day.
Yes, Prince.
Hey! What was that? Be alert.
Who is it?
lt's me... Agaj...
l'm in the bushes behind you.
Don't come out now. They will
return any moment. ls everyone okay?
Yes. They have gone to get help
.Thank you for saving my life.
lt was my duty, Agaj.
Are you sure these rabbits
are not going to attack us!
l... l want to confess, it was
me who lied and misguided Kush.
l was blinded by revenge. l am sorry.
l am sure you played your part,
but we made our mistakes too.
l was so blinded by
my need to protect..
..and control that l suffocated
my brother's individuality.
l forgot that
l am incomplete without him.
lf only l could get a second chance...
l will find him. You don't worry.
l'll bring him back, if that
is the last thing l ever do.
Mother!! l will save you!
We will protect you! Luv!!
What place is this? Where am l?
Don't come forward! l am armed!
Who are you? What are you? Did
you bring me here to eat me?
l have no intentions to fight...
or to eat you.
l am a Gandharva, the
protector of this Kalpa Vatika.
l could not bring anyone
here even though l wished to.
lt was your own destiny
that brought you here.
Where are the other Gandharvas?
There aren't any. We
are cursed to live alone.
Oh! That is so sad!
Yes. lt is not easy to live alone,
without a friend or a family.
And to make things worse,
people think l am a monster!
You don't know how lucky you are.. have friends to play with,
a brother who loves you!
Huh!! What difference does it make?
That wound looks bad.
No! l have seen worse!
l can see that. Come closer.
Come. Give me your hand.
But...but.. touching the
flower kills it! l don't want to...
Trust me. Give me both your hands.
Now, take a deep breath.
Feeling better!?
ln the name of Brahma!
How did this happen?
l am completely healed. How?
No, no, no... They will die...
How is this possible?
Why did it die when l
touched it the first time?
Because they are one!
Though on the surface they
are individual flowers..
..deep down they share a
bond that connects them.
That is why when you
plucked one, it's twin died too.
They cannot survive
without each other.
But as long as they are together...
They can survive even if uprooted!
And it is only when you
used both of them together..
..could they unleash their
true gift of rejuvenation!
This is the magic of the rare
Nuwali flowers that l protect!
Be like the rare Nuwali flower!
What have l done!! No!
l have made a big mistake, Gandharva.
l need to set things right.
My brother is in trouble.
l need to get back to him.
Please show me the
path back to my duty..
..back to my brother. Please!
Why show you the way?
l will reach you there.
Hold on tight!
Oh God!
You are alive..
You rest. l will take care..
His state looks very bad.
Yes. And Lakshman
also looks very angry.
Seems, he has sent out most of
the soldiers to look for the horse.
Yes. This is our chance.
We must do something to rescue Luv.
And something we will do!
Kush! You are back! -Kush! Wow!
l knew you would return.
You have come at the right time,
Kush. Luv needs you!
Any news about the horse?
Not yet, Prince.
Be alert. -Yes. -Keep a strict watch.
l have a plan, but...
...we need to create a diversion
l will do it! l will go!
Yeah right! You will
probably sell us all!
Bheelu, l think we can
trust our friend Agaj.
lf you trust him, we trust him!
These kids... they have turned out.. be more trouble
than l had expected!
l said leave me!
Your majesty, we found
this kid snooping around.
Prince Lakshman,
l have a proposition for you..
..and l think you will
be very.. interested.
Let's go!
Quick Mangal, Sohan,
keep a watch on them.
Lets get out of here quick,
Keep talking.
ls this how you
treat an ally in Ayodhya?
Before l continue,
we must discuss.. my reward.
So far l have spared you..
..and the rest of those tiny rats.
Not yet!
Kush! Quick, pick up your bow
and arrow...shoot!!
Relax everyone. He is the Gandharva.
Relax? Are you mad?
And he is with me. He is my friend.
Kush.. -Luv is gaining consciousness!
He is going to be fine!
Luv? Luv? Can you hear me?
Kush! ls that... you?
Yes! lt is me, my brother, l am back.
l am so sorry, l made a big mistake... was my fault.
l pushed you away.
Quite now, just relax,
everything will be fine.
We are together now,.. the magical Nuwali flower,
And l met the Gandharva, Luv.
l am telling the truth.
l believe you, Kush and l..l..
tell me more about the Gandharva..
How do l fix this,
brother? Give me a plan!
Your tears?
Yes, when l am moved..
..l cry and my tears give birth
to the Nuwali flowers.
Oh Gandharva!
Now go, heal your brother.
Gandharva... when we met..
how did you know..
..l had a brother?
You see those?
They only come in pairs.
And... l need a black horse..
..No, no.. May be
white horse will be fine..
..and lots of food. And...
Enough! You have wasted my time.
Either you tell me
where to find the horse..
..or else you and your friend..
Let him go. lt's
those two that l want.
On guard!
Oh leader of the gods..
May success come to my
efforts by your grace..
May all the obstacles meet
their end! l am immortal,
l am blissful.
l am Brahma The Creator.
What are you waiting for you! Attack!!
Let's end this.
Aham Brahmasmi..
Oh my god! Run!
Luv and Kush have done it!
Perhaps now they will
respect us and our stand.
Yes. Perhaps.
Come on, friends, let's
help them out of the water!
Aren't they the enemy?
We proved our point.
We had no intention of killing them.
lt's King Ram. Ram has saved us!
Take prince Lakshman
back to Ayodhya immediately.
Who are you? Who are you to
commit such acts of contempt?
We are the defenders
of our guru's ashram.
And the defenders of Dharma.
Those are very noble words, children.
Your Guru and parents
have taught you well!
Thank you.
l admire your intentions, and
hence l shall pardon your mistakes.
Now, release the horse, so that
we can return to Ayodhya in peace
King Ram, we have always
respected you and your principles.
But off late we have
realized you have not..
..always made the right decisions.
And by compromising our beliefs..
..we will be making the same
mistakes that you have made.
Don't be stubborn, children.
There are larger things at stake here.
You have already crossed many lines.
Don't make me forget you are children.
We will take our chances.
The world will know how Luv-Kush
fought with the great warrior Ram,
Our respect for you doesn't mean
we will stop protecting our ashram..
..and our rights.
You leave me no choice.
Guru Valmiki!
How come you...?
You were about to
make a grave mistake.
King, these are my pupils,
Luv and Kush.
They were only standing up for
what they have been taught to be true.
l understand, guruji.
A rare and admirable quality, to
be expected.. only from your pupils!
And also, from the Sons of Ram!
Yes.. my dear children.
Meet Ramayana's Ram, your father!
And your mother Vandevi, is
none other than the Queen Sita!
But...but ...
Sita was carrying your sons in
her womb when she left Ayodhya.
l found her that..
..fateful night in these forests..
Luv and Kush were born in my ashram.
Raised to be kings, to be
exemplary human beings..
..and destined for
greatness like their parents!
My children!
Father.. Father!
The great Lord Ram...
Our Luv-Kush's father!!!
We have always loved and admired
you King Ram, l mean.. Father!
But.. but.. we have so
many questions! -Yes.
Why did you let mother go?
How could you remarry?
Did you not love her?
Did you not want us?!
No! No, no, my children. None of
that is true... None of that..
Children. You must
understand this was ...
...a very difficult
decision for your father.
He loved Sita very much.
But after depriving Ayodhya of
its rightful king for 14 years..
..his heart could no longer
deny his subjects anything.
He sacrificed his own happiness.
ln fact he sacrificed his love too.
But their questions are
not inappropriate, guruji.
l have not been fair
to them, or to Sita.
l owe them an apology.
No you don't!
Oh Sita!
l.. did not.. remarry..
l understand everything
you did and the reason.
l do not blame you. l have
always respected and loved you.
And will continue you to do so.
Guruji always said this
day would come, and it has.
My dreams have come true.
My sons have their loving father.. husband has got his family.
And Ayodhya will discover
its good fortune once again!
Thank you, guruji. l
could not be happier.
All is told...when destinies unfold.
l am free now.
Remember what l told you both?
Maybe, you knew this day was coming.
Yes! Yes! But we knew
we could protect you...
We know what we have to do.
We will do whatever it takes
to prevent it from happening!
Or.. perhaps... make it happen?!
Children, it is because
of you l get to be free.
Your decisions have made it possible
for all my dreams to come true.
lt is time to set your
mother free... won't you?
These children have
wisdom beyond their years.
Oh Mother Earth.
lf you are proud of this daughter..
..if l have done my duties...
..please open your arms and
take me into your embrace.
l give myself back to you!
l don't have to tolerate any longer.
We don't have to fear.
Now l.. l go far.. far.
Finally you're free.. far away..
Far away.. but you will be near us.
Oh Ram, this is a new beginning.
A new life.
Oh Ram, beautiful
dreams call out to you.
Luv and Kush are your identities.
They have brought luck,
again the Kingdom will shine.
Lord Ram made a statue of Sita.
Everyone saw it and
understood the saga of their love.
To save the Kingdom, the
young princes did the Yagna.
The difficulties passed away,..
..and Ayodhya was
filled with happiness.
Luv! Kush!
See who has come.
Sohan, Bheelu!
Feeling so happy seeing them.
No more sleepless nights.
No more nightmares.
Only fun and
adventure with Gandharva.
We are all friends.
Together, we will have fun! Fun!
Ayodhya, Ayodhya, we
have come to Ayodhya.
Ayodhya, this is now our house.
The box of happiness has opened.
Our stars are shinning.
The happiness is spreading.
Now Ayodhya is bright again.
l must say, those
bracelets look really special.
What is their secret?
The same as..
Nuwali flower!
Nuwali flower? What is that?
Ayodhya, Ayodhya, is magical.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya, is wonderful.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya, is splendid.
Ayodhya, Ayodhya, hail to it.
We hide in the fields. We
hide behind the mountains.
We hide behind the trees. ..
..We bathe under waterfalls.
We race boats in the river.
We fly kites.
We break fruits with stones.
And then eat them and become fat.
We play together and have fun.
When we two meet.
You are my loving
brother and best friend.
My partner in sorrow and happiness.
Mild fights in friendship.
We have stayed awake
for so many nights.
We played hide and
seek and other games.
We fight for clothes.
l am your loving
brother and best friend.
You will always be my partner.
He will not squeal on me.
He will save me from a scolding.
He laughs when l fall and get hurt.
So that l forget my pain.
This mischief keeps going on.
And this giggling like crazy people.
lf l steal his sweet.
There will be one more fight.
We play, and have fun like this.
When we two partners meet.
Oh my gosh.
These brothers fight so much.
But l side them.
They don't listen, act ignorant.
Forget peace. Work is still pending.
Children, like good boys..
..why don't you stay decently?
To tell you the truth after
making me cry, they keep tickling me.
Oh my gosh, these brothers,
they bring happiness.
But l love my sons.
They act like fools
and make a fool of you.
Next moment they become sensible.
Our team is strong, remember that.
Dreams are also splendid,
remember that.
Our team work is good.
Nobody come between us.
l know your mind.
You know my mind.
l am better than you.
But l am greater than you.
You are a kid near me.
Go and check yourself out.
We play, and have fun like this.
When we two partners meet.
You are my loving
brother and best friend.
My partner in sorrow and happiness.
Mild fights in friendship.
We have stayed awake
for so many nights.
We played hide and
seek and other games.
We fight for clothes.
l am your loving
brother and best friend.
You will always be my partner.