Soonjung (2016) Movie Script

Paradise is where I am.
Paradise is where you are.
Call those whom you love
and invite them to where you are.
This is the second easiest way
to invite your lovers to paradise
who are bored with everyday routines.
Then what is the easiest way?
You going to where your lover is.
If you go, then that place
will become paradise
because you will make it so.
Today is August 6th, and we still have
three more hours until its over.
It is enough time to turn tonight
into something special. Isn't it?
Dont follow me to nag.
Lets just play music
without any talking today.
Our listeners like music.
Are you sure its not you
who likes music?
I noticed you like to play music
when you dont want to read the script.
This is a music show that plays music,
not an entertainment show.
Since you ignore the script
and abruptly change the music selection
during the live show
we missed advertisements and our ratings
are hitting rock bottom daily.
What is this about?
- Hey!
- Yeah.
The microphone inside didnt sound good.
- Should we go check?
- Sure! Let's see.
"Two men looked out from prison bars."
"The same prison uniforms,
the same prison"
"and the same air."
"But one of them is looking down
to see wet mud"
"and the other one is looking up to
see the stars shining in the night sky."
How about you?
Do you see the wet mud?
Or do you see the shining stars?
Oh, wow. How come hes reading
every single word out today?
We have received a special package today.
Is there such a romantic person still?
Let me read the story.
"The face that it feels like
I just saw yesterday"
"no matter how much time has passed."
"Today I really miss my old friend."
"I request the song that we listened to
together while looking at the stars"
"on the day we saw each other
for the last time."
"Jung Soo Ok from Goheung."
What happened?
Hyung Joon!
Jung Soo Ok has requested this song.
A song by Kansas.
"Dust in the Wind."
[Pure Love]
[1991, Goheung, summer vacation]
- Soo Ok!
- Gil Ja!
- Soo Ok! Jung Soo Ok!
- Gil Ja!
- Bum Sil!
- Soo Ok! Jung Soo Ok!
Soo Ok!
- Soo Ok!
- Soo Ok!
- Bum Sil!
- Soo Ok!
I'm wearing my bracelet.
Me too!
Dang. You guys started swimming already?
Gae Duk!
How have you been?
Ah, yes. Actually I tried to
follow the script today
[Mr. Park, find me the package
sent by this person.]
and it feels nice and awkward.
The person who sent the story
seemed very familiar
so I was a little flustered.
Because she was a really
good friend of mine.
Hey, San Dol cant come
this summer at all?
Hes a marathoner, you know.
So hes busy with off-season training
every summer.
He's about to cross the country barefoot.
Running like that isn't too easy.
I'm so proud of him.
San Dol must be good-looking.
All the girls who see San Dol start
drooling and their eyes lose focus.
Really? What about Bum Sil?
Isnt he also popular?
He is known as a mute at school.
He doesnt respond when girls
talk to him. Why do you do that?
Maybe he has a girl hidden somewhere.
Hey! Why are you going through his bag?
Look at this! This is the only
thing you are giving her?
This is A-Ha.
I liked the music.
I was waiting for the radio to play.
Hey! Wait for more. Surprise!
What is this?
Why do you guys look so surprised?
I saw the magazines that you guys read
with white girls showing their breasts.
Soo Ok. We should check
to see if these fit.
Yeah, let me see.
- He looks sexy, right?
- No, don't.
What the heck are you doing?
Don't do it to me!
He looks sexy.
He looks like he's on fire.
Did you put fire there?
Stop! Stop!
- What? We are almost there.
- You are sweating too much.
- Look at this weak guy.
- I'm fine. We are almost there.
Just let me off!
Yeah, your face is on fire.
You look like you are going to die.
I told you Im okay!
Why are you guys fighting to
carry her on your backs?
Its my turn now.
- Come on now.
- Let me go.
Wow, you are so strong.
Do you even eat anything?
Why are you so light?
Stop! Dont! What are you doing?
Are you going to do it again or not?
Don't do that again.
Are they enjoying it or not?
- Hey! Wait for me.
- Hurry up!
Am I embarrassing you?
Do you dream of a passionate love
as hot as a summer night?
I play this song for
all those who dream of
having a special love on a summer night.
"Take on Me" by A-Ha.
Hey, be quiet! The chickens are
all running away because of you.
- So what do I do now with this thing?
- Just twist the neck!
What are you doing? Just twist the neck!
You think thats easy as it sounds?
You just have to twist the neck.
- It's delicious.
- Give me some.
- How is it?
- It's really hot.
It's fun going to school, huh?
Not really.
- Liar!
- No, really.
Did you watch "Terminator 2"?
I saw people talking about it on TV.
I heard that it looks quite real.
No, I didn't watch it.
Why would I pay to watch
the bullshit story
of a cyber thing dying and then
coming back to life again?
How do you know the story so well
if you didnt watch it?
I dont even know where the theater is.
Oh yeah, is the kid from the movie
"Home Alone" really cute?
What do you mean cute? It's all
about putting two adults through trouble.
For someone who doesn't even
know where the theater is
you're quite the movie expert.
I dont have to watch a movie.
I just want to listen to music out loud.
Lets go to Yeosu sometime soon!
I will take you there.
Thanks. That's sweet.
- But Im not going.
- Why?
- I want to go later. Later.
- When is later?
When I can do anything.
I want to go then.
I promise I will take you there.
Eat! Eat!
This meat will give you energy.
Right! We put so much effort
to catch the chicken to feed you.
You didnt do anything.
She is the one who caught it.
Let's eat! It looks good.
I did it. I did it.
Are you eating without me?
San Dol! How come you are here?
- In the morning...
- What happened to your leg?
What happened to your leg?
Is it broken?
No, I just twisted it, but they just put
the cast so that I can recover quickly.
Are you hurt?
What do you mean?
It doesn't hurt at all.
Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.
Look at him! He's crawling
and he says he's not hurt.
I'm hurt because of him.
Peaceful times as if we just saw
each other yesterday
although we actually hadn't
seen each other for a long time.
That summer, we were especially happy.
It was probably because we met again.
The water is wide. I can't cross over.
And neither I have wings to fly.
Give me a boat that can carry two.
And both shall row, my love and I.
Oh, goodness. The song is a bit sad.
What is the title?
Well, it is... T...
Hey, Soo Ok! Where are you going?
Leave her alone.
With her swimming skills,
she can swim everywhere around here.
It was like that back then.
I wonder if these kids
are listening to this.
I don't think he can hear us.
He always listens to the radio
around this time. Let's just go!
San Dol. Gae Duk.
- It's a nickname.
- What?
- I mean a nickname.
- Really?
We called him Gae Duk because
he acted as cute as a dog.
We called him San Dol because
he could run so fast.
People in the village used nicknames
instead of real names back then.
Then what was your nickname?
I didn't have anything special.
Is there a special nickname
for a boring person like you?
It was when we were all very young.
Right? They were all friends back then,
but you don't keep in touch.
- Do you have a cigarette?
- I thought you quit.
Hey there! You always wanted to see him
when you were alive.
He's here for you. Look at that!
Our eldest son is finally
discharged from the military.
Two sons are saying hello to you.
- You should just go into that family.
- How can I get married to a friend?
Why? My father was a friend
of my mom's too.
Bum Sil, weren't your parents
also friends?
Friends can get married. Why not?
Then you should do that, Gil Ja.
Gae Duk is not my style.
I like smart guys.
You have Yong Soo too.
Hey, am I crazy? Why would I get
married to that kind of crazy guy?
The island over there
is Gaedo Island, right?
Yeah, that's right. Sometimes you
can't see it depending on the fog.
When could I ever go there?
I think I'm the only one
who hasn't been there yet.
I heard your wish comes true
if you make it behind the lighthouse.
Hey, eat!
Why? It's overflowing. The drinks
taste good today. Let's drink!
Oh, goodness! You scared me.
You look pretty today.
I'm going to take a picture, you know.
Can I take a shower first? Come in.
What are you doing?
What about you?
Where were you this late?
What do you mean? It was too hot
to stay inside the house.
I just wanted to take a walk--
If you are taking a walk,
what is that in your hair?
Oh... I just wanted to try it once.
Why do you care about
my business so much?
I will carry you.
What the hell was that?
Where are you going?
Just get on.
Gae Duk!
You guys came? Get on!
I have a favor to ask you.
What now?
Can we drive to Gaedo over there?
If you go at night, your mother
and brother wouldn't notice at all.
What the hell are you saying?
Bum Sil wanted to go, so I thought
we were going there already.
Are you doing that because
you think I got scared?
Look! They are coming over there.
- Gae Duk! San Dol!
- Don't run! It's too loud.
Come slowly. Yes, like that.
I thought you were bringing Gil Ja.
What happened? Did you miss her?
San Dol! I was going to call for you
so I was walking around
your house for so long.
Oh, man! I was whispering,
barking, and all kinds of crazy stuff.
- Soo Ok. We are going to Gaedo.
- What? Really?
You said you wanted to go there.
So I asked Gae Duk to go.
Bum Sil.
What the hell... Stop! Stop! Stop!
Why are you looking at Bum Sil like that?
I'm the one who is taking all the risks.
Gae Duk.
He said he would get
beaten up by his brother.
- So he said no, but I insisted--
- That's not true.
It's what Soo Ok wants to do.
Why wouldn't her husband do it for her?
Hey! Let's go faster!
Right. Bring up the engine more.
You can hear the engine sound
from my house.
Oh, goodness. We came so far,
so just pull it off. Just do it!
- Just do it!
- No way!
- Let's go!
- They can hear us!
Please let us meet again
when we become adults.
We are not going anywhere.
We will stay here.
I think Gil Ja wants to get married
and go live in America.
By the way, how old do you need
to be to become an adult?
You become an adult
when you are 20 years old.
You even get your ID.
You don't become an adult with an ID.
You need to behave like an adult.
Behave like an adult?
Yeah, then you would need to be 30...
40 years old.
40 years old is a grandfather.
A really old grandfather.
My uncle had a grandchild
when he was 40 years old.
Let's make it 40 years old.
And we should be still hanging out
together even then.
We should be together until then
if we're true friends.
- Right.
- That's right.
Yong Soo! Yong Soo!
- Yong Soo!
- Yes, this is Lee Young Soo.
How much longer are you going to think
this is the army? You are home, son!
Oh, gosh. You scared me.
What is the matter this morning?
We are so screwed. Our boat is gone.
Why would our boat be missing?
Our boat? What do you mean
our boat is gone?
What is going on?
Our boat! My baby is dying.
What do you mean your baby?
The dude who stole the boat
also took your little brother!
What will we do?
Why would he take Gae Duk?
He's useless.
He's probably trying to sell Gae Duk.
He would cost more
because he eats so much.
You bastard! Aren't you worried
about your little brother?
What's wrong?
Is he your only son? Gosh!
I'm going to kill you, Gae Duk.
This way and that way.
San Dol, you are obviously
good at running. Right?
Of course!
Poor Gae Duk! What is he good at?
Of course, I'm going to work with
my older brother to earn money.
So that I can feed my Soo Ok well.
What do you want to be, Soo Ok?
I'm going to become a DJ.
You know, a radio DJ for a music show.
- Just like Lee Moon Sae.
- That's awesome!
You have a pretty voice
and you can sing well.
You know music doesn't have feet.
It is really strange. Even though music
doesn't even have feet
it travels and gets delivered from
one place to another place.
So if I become a DJ
my voice will be here and there.
Wouldn't it?
What about you, Gil Ja?
Me? I will first find someone I love.
Then have you ever kissed anyone?
Of course I have!
Oh, gosh. Stop lying.
You know what Gil Ja would do?
She would first scan for a guy and then
choose one and say, "Hey, you!"
then the guy would say, "What?"
and she would say, "Come here!"
"I'm going to kiss you!"
Hey, you want to die?
Seducing a guy is the easiest
thing to do in the world.
How do you do it then?
Guys are sensitive to stimulation.
Soo Ok, listen to me very carefully
and learn. Okay?
To turn a guy on, you just grab
his waist and earlobe.
- Isn't that right?
- What are you doing?
See! He's all embarrassed.
Is that right?
Oh my god, look! He's pitching
a tent inside his pants.
What are you talking about? Don't look!
By the way, what is a tent?
Gae Duk! Gae Duk! You crazy kid.
Why are you doing this to me?
It's okay. Get inside.
I will take care of him. Bye!
It's okay. Come here. Are you okay?
Goodness. Are you guys okay?
- You didn't get hurt, right?
- No, brother.
- Come here!
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Come here!
- Brother, the boat is safe.
You little bastard!
You little kids drank alcohol?
Where is the wooden stick?
Come here! You guys are so dead.
I'm going to break this wood today.
Get in line one by one.
Did you just laugh?
- You are so good-looking.
- What?
My Yong Soo.
Are you crazy? Come here!
Well, I'm going to undress you all
and beat the hell out of you.
Raise your hands higher.
Gil Ja! What are you going to do?
I'm not going to say it twice.
Shit! You are just full of spirit!
You are such a man!
We will see how much longer
you can be like that.
Please don't! Don't!
I was wrong. I'm so sorry!
Brother! This is not right. Yong Soo!
Get out!
Get up.
Hey, Gil Ja! Here you go!
I told you to stay out of this!
Shut the hell up! You bastard!
This girl is insane. Are you guys
dating or something?
- Gil Ja! You wanted this, right?
- Yes!
This is your day. All right!
Yong Soo! Yong Soo!
I asked him to take me there.
Okay! Okay! Just stay out of this!
It's not their fault. It's all my fault.
She said she wants to be treated equally.
Damn it! Here you go!
I will get hit! I will do whatever
you tell me to do, hit or undress.
What do you mean undress?
Did I tell you to undress?
You said you will take off
our clothes and beat us up.
Yes, you said you will get us
undressed and beat us up.
I know, we all heard that.
- So undress me and beat me up.
- No, I won't do that.
Just undress me and beat me up!
I'm not going to beat you up.
Soo Ok!
I'll carry her. Hurry!
Soo Ok!
It's done. I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
What are you saying?
We escaped because of you.
That's what I'm saying.
How can you act so well?
I really thought you fainted,
so I was worried.
I was also shocked when you fainted.
I figured that it was all an act.
When Soo Ok said, "Yong Soo!
Please undress me and beat me up!"
I realized we were going to live.
We are lucky that it ended there.
It feels fine now.
- Really?
- Yes.
I put on medicine there.
Sir, where is the auction house here?
Isn't that it?
Over there. Why?
Thank you.
Can I make a reservation
for our team dinner tomorrow?
I had a sign up for a month saying
that we will be closed tomorrow.
Didn't you see?
[My wife]
Honey! Don't work too late today.
Sorry, I had stuff to do.
Did you not pay
the utility bill this month?
I got a call from the management office
when I was in a meeting. So embarrassing.
I will talk to you later at home.
Did you have dinner?
Hi, Dad!
Where were you all day?
My friends are in town.
It is their summer break.
You must be hungry.
I will get you something.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, Dad.
You know tomorrow is
the anniversary of Mom's death?
Your mom is not dead!
She is the best female diver
in this town.
She cannot die from the waves.
If she were really dead,
we should have found something.
They never found a body.
People are just talking bullshit.
It's not right to consider
someone alive as dead.
You are having a nightmare.
That was annoying.
Dad is sick. That's why he is like that.
He's sick, so he can't let you go.
If he lets you go, then he feels
that you will just fly away.
So he is scared.
That's it.
I'm doing well.
Are you doing well too?
I miss you.
Love is like a marathon.
Even though it feels like I'm behind
if I don't give up,
I will eventually get to the end.
Good night.
People in the village, listen to me!
At 6:00 p.m. today, we are going to
be holding a singing contest
at Oma Elementary School playground.
That's so childish. Who goes there?
Everyone, eat your dinner early
and come to the place by 6:00 p.m.
I think they are doing
something fun today.
They are holding a singing contest
in the village.
Really? That seems fun.
- Doctor, here.
- Oh, thank you!
I liked the last one too.
I really put in a lot of effort
and recorded it on a brand-new tape.
Wait a minute.
I told you this is really good.
You have always given me things.
- You don't have to give me anything.
- Try it.
It tastes good.
Soo Ok, why are you here
bothering the doctor?
Hi, sir!
- Thank you for all your hard work.
- It is my pleasure.
- Take those with you.
- Thank you always for your generosity.
You came all the way here to take
care of us so that we stay healthy.
I don't know what we are going to do
after you get discharged.
After he gets discharged...
He's going to Seoul.
He can become a doctor
at a big hospital.
No, that's not true.
I still have to learn more.
And I still have 10 more days
until I leave.
Three years is not a short time.
If they say that it's fate even if
you briefly pass by one another.
Doctor and our village are...
Soo Ok. What is wrong?
I think I am sick from the heat.
It's all good.
- But earlier you looked...
- It seems so empty here.
I know. It feels like it's just
you and me in the whole world.
Do you think the kids went there too?
I don't think so. Gil Ja said
she has to babysit her little siblings.
Gae Duk is still grounded and
San Dol is not coming out from his room.
Me too. I wanted to go to
the singing contest.
Why do you want to go?
I really wanted one of the prizes.
What is it?
If I tell you, then are you
going to win the prize for me?
What is it? Why didn't you
tell me before?
Why the hell are you
getting mad all of a sudden?
Get on me!
It's too late. It's too far
from here to school.
It will take too long
if I carry you, huh?
I think so.
Gae Duk! Gae Duk!
What is that? Why are we running?
We don't have a lot of time. Get kids.
We are going to the singing contest.
Gil Ja!
The singing contest is going to be over.
This is not going to work.
Hey, hey! San Dol!
What are you doing right now?
Are you trying to break your leg?
I will go first and won't
let it end until you guys come.
So that concludes
today's singing contest.
Here! Here is one more person.
Soo Ok!
Don't be nervous.
Your figure...
like violets...
gently approached me.
Two pretty eyes
were filled with scent
and thats impossible to forget.
The fact that we were able
to laugh whenever we liked
Let's make beautiful stories together.
Even if loneliness comes...
dont be sad
because it brings more pain
for my anxious heart.
Of the many people
I encountered on the street
you are
the person who loved me.
It looks like it's going to be
a very hot day today.
I made a soybean stew with potatoes
and zucchinis. Eat it for breakfast.
What should we eat for dinner today?
We should just eat
a rice wrap with kimchi.
Mom! Mom!
- Why are you yelling?
- Isn't that Soo Ok's prize?
It is the first place prize
from yesterday.
- It is.
- Why is that here?
Soo Ok came earlier in the morning
and asked me to swap
my second place prize with hers.
She insisted she wanted
the second place prize.
Hold hands.
Why do you make such
a big deal out of this picture?
There is no photo studio in our village.
We can ask someone going downtown.
I'm going to make
a photo album with this.
So when you guys all leave for school
I will be looking at this picture
waiting for you to come back.
This looks awesome.
Where are you going?
The health center.
For what?
Why would I go to the health center?
- Hey, where are you going?
- The health center.
- Why?
- Why would I go to the health center?
- Did you eat?
- Yes.
- And did you sleep well?
- Yes.
It doesn't look like you are sick.
It's very hot and I lost my appetite.
I feel very weak.
I am also very hot and don't have an
appetite, so I don't have energy either.
Because it's summer.
But I will prescribe you
medicine just in case.
You should take it today and tomorrow,
and you will feel much better.
- What about you, Soo Ok?
- Yes?
- Well... Last time...
- Wait a minute.
Do you want to leave since you're done?
I know that my surgery will not
change even if you leave here.
- They will take care of it.
- Soo Ok.
Do you want to take a look at
the picture you took last time?
This is the difference between
the lengths of your left and right legs.
So if you get surgery, then these
two spots need to be operated on.
What do I know? I just trust you.
If it wasn't for you,
I would never have known
that there are free surgeries
for kids like me in the country.
How would I have found out otherwise?
Let's take a look at your leg.
Don't you want to go outside?
I want to go outside.
But I'm going to wait.
Why? You can take the boat
and be back shortly.
I can't go far by myself like this.
If I walk for a long time,
then this leg starts to hurt a lot.
Because of the hurt leg,
the other leg is suffering, huh?
It is the same as my dad and friends,
who are suffering because of my illness.
So I try not to eat a lot
since my dad and friends
have to carry me everywhere.
If I get heavy,
then they will suffer more.
When I go to Seoul
after I get discharged
I will contact you through
the head of the village.
So don't worry too much and wait.
Why don't you get a blood test today?
- We need your blood to test things.
- Yes, Doctor.
- Do you want me to carry you?
- No, it's fine.
Bum Sil.
Just wait a little. I will carry you
as many times as you have carried me.
Okay. Sure.
- Oh yeah! I forgot to ask for plasters!
- No, stay.
Just wait here a little.
I will go get it for you.
She was just here again.
We can't operate on the girl with a limp.
It has also started
developing in the other leg
so operating only on
that one leg wouldn't help.
I know. I have never seen
a case like this.
So just tell my adviser that
I'm working really hard here.
Hey! I want to go to America too.
I will call you back later.
So... she can never walk?
Hurry up!
Hey, are you not feeling well?
I will row. You can take a break.
- Bum Sil!
- I told you I'm sick.
So don't talk to me
and let's just go quietly.
One, two! One, two, three!
That's enough, guys.
Is Bum Sil still sick? How is he?
I don't know. He wouldn't come out
of his room for a few days.
Then we will just take him
if he's not sleeping.
Oh, the doctor from
the health center is here today.
Is that right?
Bum Sil! Are you sleeping?
- I think he's sleeping.
- Then there is nothing we can do.
Are you guys going home now?
Soo Ok is helping out the doctor,
so we are going to pick her up there.
Bum Sil, you were not sleeping?
Hey, are you okay? Hey!
You guys should follow him.
He might pass out on the way.
Yes, we will. Take care!
Thank you!
- What is wrong?
- He has a stomachache.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
I will prescribe you medicine.
If that doesn't work, come back
and I'll give you a shot.
I can't trust your words,
so what should I do?
He is not feeling well.
How am I supposed to know whether
you are giving me medicine for a cold
or rat poison to kill me?
How can an ignorant kid like me
just take whatever is given to him?
Bum Sil! Why are you being
so rude to the doctor?
What is wrong with him today?
- What is wrong with you?
- Look at me!
You told me I would be okay
if I took the medicine last time.
But what happened? How come
I'm more sick than last time?
Why are you talking
like that to Doctor?
He cures sick people.
Why would he try to kill you?
You don't know anything.
Who told you that he is a doctor?
Are you sure you are a doctor?
You could be deceiving us.
What is wrong with you?
Why is you not recovering
even after taking medicine his fault?
Why are you going nuts here?
Soo Ok! Why are you getting so upset?
Right. Bum Sil is sick right now.
It's because he's sick
and mentally weak. So let's not fight.
Guys, stop. Let's leave.
Soo Ok, we will leave first. Okay?
Soo Ok, why are you like that?
Hey, Bum Sil!
Get off me!
Are you really going insane?
What is wrong? What is the matter?
You are an idiot too.
You are an idiot too!
What are you two doing?
You are about to get into a fight.
- Stop!
- Everything is useless.
Both you and I are idiots.
What are you talking about?
We are all fools.
- What the hell...
- What just happened?
- He might go do something.
- Just let him go.
What do you mean just let him go?
Friends can fight. We can't
just let him go because of this.
Was he hurt when he got slapped? Huh?
Do you think it is because he's sick?
It's all because of Soo Ok.
Hey. Why are you bringing up
Soo Ok here? Huh?
Why are you bringing up her name here?
What did she do to him?
Why is this dude getting so upset
every time Soo Ok is mentioned?
That's what you just said.
You are talking as if we are
falling out because of her.
I'm not saying we are falling out
because of her.
I'm saying Bum Sil feels hurt
because of her.
They are the same thing.
There must be a reason
why Soo Ok hit him.
So as friends, we should
listen to the reason.
You shouldn't get jealous of your friend.
Did you say I'm jealous?
You guys stop! You two
will get into a fight too!
Gae Duk, why are you yelling at Gil Ja?
Gil Ja, you shouldn't talk like that
- when you don't know.
- What do I not know?
I'm jealous? Huh?
Why do you think she has been
going to the health center so often?
Why do you think she was running
errands and helping out the doctor?
That's all because she likes him.
Didn't you see her hitting Bum Sil?
She was acting like his wife.
They've been involved behind
closed doors! Can't you see?
Do what? Like what?
Soo Ok...
Are you asking because
you don't really know?
Know what?
That's what you told me.
You said he sucked stuff off your lips.
That.. That was because...
Hey! I didn't make anything up.
They need to know these things.
Everyone in the village knows that
you've been going to
the health center so often.
Are you trying to keep Bum Sil
and these guys for fun?
You think these guys are yours? Huh?
What do people say about me?
Have you also heard
what people are saying?
So this is how you thought of me.
The feelings that we showed
at the time were not ours.
The words that we unintentionally
spit out were not really from our hearts.
What are you doing?
These ones are all bad.
Bad? What the hell...
You are the bad one.
This useless bastard.
Okay. I'm the bad one.
I'm just rotten and stupid.
I'm an idiot. Okay?
I'm stupid. And I'm your little brother.
I'm just a worthless piece of shit!
We berated ourselves
for being so worthless.
We were anxious for not being
able to keep the promise.
We felt heavy for not being courageous.
And we were sad about not being honest.
These were the true feelings
that we did not say.
What did the potatoes do to you?
They are all getting broken.
Hello, sir and madam.
How are you?
- Soo Ok!
- Why are you carrying so much?
Bum Sil! Help Soo Ok
carry that to her home.
The poor little girl is carrying so much.
Why don't you go help her?
Why is he acting like that?
Look at him.
Soo Ok! Just go after him
and hit his head!
It's okay. I'm fine.
I can carry it on my own.
I...have something to say.
You know Doctor is not
the type of person you would think.
I did not change because of him, either.
Actually, I'm getting surgery
in Seoul because of him.
I heard there is a program that sponsors
the operating cost for
poor kids like me.
So he was helping me
with getting surgery.
So I was very grateful for that.
- You can't get surgery.
- What?
From the beginning, the doctor had
no intention of getting you surgery.
I heard that your other leg is also bad.
The other leg would also turn bad soon.
Soo Ok! Soo Ok!
Soo Ok!
Doctor, would I be able to walk or not?
I don't care about other things.
Would I be able to walk straight or not?
That is... not certain
even after the surgery.
Also, even if we operate on the left leg,
the right leg is also in progress.
Besides, you need consent from
your father, but he's been against it.
I think it would be difficult.
So if my father approves,
then I can walk, right?
- Your father is not the only problem.
- So I just need my father's consent.
Let's get on the boat first. Get on!
- Soo Ok!
- I have to get my father's consent.
- That's all I have to do.
- Stop doing this.
You heard it too.
I have to go, Bum Sil.
I have to go.
Let me go. Let me go.
I will take you. I will take you.
Get on.
- Let's go.
- Bum Sil!
I want to be able to walk.
Why is that so important?
I will carry you on my back forever.
Right now, you and other kids
are just playing with me as friends.
If you go to college
and see other pretty girls
then you will soon forget about me.
What are you saying? Why would I...
Whenever I think that
you won't be there for me
it hurts here.
Just the thought hurts this much.
If it really happens, then I...
I will be here for you.
I will be here for you forever.
Why are you trying to
put your body under a knife?
I heard your other leg is hurt too.
You don't know what will
happen to the other leg.
What if something happens to
the leg during the operation?
What do you mean something would happen?
And who cares if something happens?
It would be much better
than living like this.
Is this living like a human?
I can't even go anywhere I want
and I am just a burden on people.
I'd rather die than live like this.
What did you just say?
What is going on with you?
Do you really have something going on
with the doctor like people say?
You've been like this all your life.
Why are you all of a sudden this way
when the doctor is about to leave?
That's not true.
You should behave well. How are
you going to get married like this?
Oh, jeez.
I want to walk.
Soo Ok!
Soo Ok, are you there?
Soo Ok, this is yours.
Soo Ok!
Jung Soo Ok!
Soo Ok!
Soo Ok!
What is going on this morning?
I don't think she could be found here.
- Bum Sil!
- Mr. Jung!
Mr. Jung!
What are you doing? Why are you
looking for Soo Ok in the water?
Just go away.
Let's go find Soo Ok.
What is everyone doing here?
Mr. Jung!
Fortunately, the body was caught
by something so we found it.
But the body wouldn't move.
- Maybe she is waiting for someone.
- Oh, be quiet.
So I tied the body to hold it still,
but the rope won't last long.
Oh my gosh!
Bum Sil!
Where are you going? No way!
Mom, I have to bring her.
She's waiting for me.
Soo Ok. I'm here.
Let's go now.
Soo Ok.
Jung Soo Ok!
Are you acting again or what?
Why do you have a swollen face?
Did you cry? Huh?
Why did you cry?
Her acting is so good.
Everyone believes her.
She is mad at me, that's why.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I was in the wrong.
I'm sorry, so get up. Get up!
You can't leave like this.
What am I supposed to do?
Producer Choi, the director is here.
Producer Choi, what are you doing?
Do you know how many ads you missed?
What are you doing?
The girls under 20 years old
who were not married
must be buried at that grave.
That's the way it is.
No way! I won't let you.
You little kids don't know anything.
Stop bullying!
You wouldn't even do this
to a dead dog. Right?
What if our village gets a disaster
after ignoring the rules? Huh?
What if we can't get any fish
or people die while fishing?
What are you going to do then?
Still, this is not acceptable.
I'm not allowing this.
We don't need to talk to you. Let's go!
Why are you guys doing this?
If you are not going to,
then we will have the funeral for her.
Please let us send Soo Ok
to a good place.
Here... is the death certificate.
Wow, so hardworking.
You people from Seoul
are so hardworking, huh?
This bastard! Let me go!
Why do you think this happened to her?
It's all because of this doctor!
That bastard!
Go away.
I have a gift.
Take them.
Come here. What are you? Gangsters?
The chief mourners
are supposed to stand here.
What do you little guys know?
Come here!
- Gil Ja, go put those over there.
- Yong Soo.
I'm not so sure whether you should
do this. You are also a fisherman.
What? What if I am
a fisherman? Huh?
If a human doesn't do his duty,
then he really deserves punishment.
Don't worry about that.
Everyone bow once.
You already sang that.
What's up with your tone?
Can't you do it better?
You have no soul.
This is my first time too.
After I get practice this time
I will do well when your mother
passes away next year. So don't worry.
How dare you talk like that?
That's what I wanted to say.
Why do you think we are
doing this right now?
Soo Ok is there because
of the way you talked!
Because you dared to talk like that!
Stop it right now.
Then why didn't you say
it wasn't true? Huh?
Why didn't you answer anything
when Soo Ok asked you?
When I was going nuts,
why didn't you stay by her side?
- I don't know. You damn bitch!
- What? You bastard!
If you don't know,
then I don't know either!
- I don't know either, you bitch!
- Stop it!
Stop it!
You crazy bitch! You are insane.
What are you doing in front of Soo Ok?
Soo Ok would be so happy to see us
fighting like this, you bastards.
It's all my fault.
It's my fault that Soo Ok...
What is going on here?
- What is wrong?
- It's all my fault!
Eat everything.
Hurry up and eat.
Don't leave anything.
Because I wouldn't let you go,
you must have taken Soo Ok with you.
I will let both you and Soo Ok go now.
Don't limp there.
Excuse me.
I thought you didn't
decide on the last song.
Soo Ok had recorded this for you.
- San Dol!
- Yes, Father.
Here. What does it say?
I think she wanted to give it to someone.
Find out and give to the person.
Yes, I will.
The water is wide.
I can't cross over.
And neither have I wings to fly.
Give me a boat that can carry two.
And both shall row.
My love and I.
Producer Choi, he needs to do
the last lead-in. What should we do?
- The last lead-in...
- The day I was hurt the most
but on which I shone the most.
And so I miss it the most.
Wouldn't that be today for all of us?
You are prettier today than tomorrow
and younger today than tomorrow.
So you can be more courageous
today than tomorrow.
If there is something you didn't say,
why don't you do it?
I also am going to be courageous
to say how thankful I am
and how much I miss them.
To my dear friends and to you.
Gil Ja, Gae Duk, San Dol.
And Bum Sil.
Let's meet tomorrow.
Long time no see!
Oh, yes.
How about Gil Ja?
Why are you guys so damn slow?
Oh, that girl.
Do you still talk in dialect?
Look at the way you talk to
your sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law? Is she talking
about Yong Soo?
That's what I'm saying. It's mysterious.
- What the hell?
- What the hell are you?
Get on quickly!
Finally, we are all here.
Did you guys all plan this?
Every time I traveled, I wanted
to show Soo Ok those places.
So I carried it with me.
I guess you probably traveled
the most among us.
Soo Ok!
Soo Ok!
Soo Ok! My friend!
I'm a married woman now.
Soo Ok! Gil Ja got married to
the crazy dog in my house.
What did you just say? Did you just
call your older brother a crazy dog?
Does this work now?
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
Let's go!