Sooryavanshi (2021) Movie Script

I've been waiting for you.
What's the hurry?
You don't call, but as your son is coming,
this is the third call.
-I'm leaving.
You are late.
-Let's go.
-Take this.
I still have so many chores
to finish at home.
Why are you so stressed out?
I know you miss Veer a lot.
He'll stay with usfor a few days.
If only our elders had paid heed to this,
we wouldnt be paying penalties
for their mistakes.
Yes, Kabir.
I've been trying to contact you
for the last three hours.
I was on a flight. What is it?
I need to talk to you urgently.
Can I come over?
I'll come to the ATS headquarters.
Kabir, every time I get a late-night call
from the Anti-Terrorism Squad,
I have sleepless nights.
We've located Riyaaz Hafeez.
For 15 years, these 40 sleeper agents
have been hiding in India.
Investigations show
that these two dead suspects
used to frequently meet with a hotelier,
Rajbir Rathod inJaisalmer.
This Rajbir Rathod
is Lashkar chief Omar Hafeez's son.
Send a team to Jaisalmer now
and arrest this bastard.
We didn't have time to seek permission.
My team is en route to Jaisalmer.
That lunatic?
Sir, Vivaan. Not Balwaan.
Two things haven't changed for years.
Your hairstyle
and your habitof forgetting names.
Sir, once we nab Riyaaz,
you're boundto make it to the front page.
Yeah, but only God knows
if it'll be with a medal or as a martyr.
Look in front, Yede.
Sir, not Yede, it's Bhide.
-Sent the cash to the bank?
I've never tasted
such delicious food in Jaisalmer.
-Are you the owner?
-My husband and I own it.
What's up?
-She is saying that she loved our food.
-A lot.
I hope you will visit again.
Of course.
Can I take a selfiewith you guys?
Sir, it's definitely him.
Inform the local police.
-What will you have?
-I'll tell you.
Shall we go to Mumbai now?
-Switch on the light, Kide.
-It's Bhide.
As per Central Agency,
you're Lashkar Chief Omar Hafeez's son.
In 2007, you came from Pakistan
on a tourist visa
to watch the India-Pakistan cricket match
in Mohali, but never left.
For 13 years,
you've been living here as Rajbir Rathod,
and you married
an Indian girl, Jyoti Gupta.
In Central Agency's report, you were
involved in the 2011 Mumbai train blast.
After Srinagar,Ahmedabad.
Maybe your agency doesn't know.
That blast was also my doing.
As per our intelligence,
there are 40 more people
living in India for years
as Lashkar's sleeper cell.
Their time hasn't come yet.
When it does,
you won'thave to look for them.
We found you,
we'll also find your comrades.
-What do you gain from this?
-What do you gain when you do your job?
Same thing.
I sleep better at night.
Like I did that night.
Taj 26/11 you remember, don't you?
If you try your heroics with me,
I'll kill you and bury you
under this safe house.
No one will find out here in India,
nor your father
will ever hearabout it in Pakistan.
I heard that you solved the case
in just two days.
Only Tiger and Bilal managed to evade you.
You know a lot about me,
but we know that after 1993,
Bilal was hiding in your father's house.
I kept telling himthat it is wrong.
Riyaaz is now in Indian custody.
I don't know what they will doto my son.
Riyaaz will be hanged now.
Those Indians will kill him.
No noose in India is strong enough
to kill Riyaaz Hafeez.
He is my son.
He is a soldier.
He will die facing the bullet.
The satisfaction I derived
from solving the 1993 blast case
is equal to the regret
for not arresting Bilal.
Sir, how can I forget '93?
I lost my parents in those blasts.
And nobody regrets it more than me.
It was India's first experience
with serial blasts.
In those blasts,
some lost their business,
some lost their courage
and some lost their family.
Department and media think that
I am still tracking Bilal
because I want to settle the score.
This is not true.
In 1993, one ton of RDX was brought in,
but only 400 kg. was used,
and shook the whole of Mumbai.
600 kg. is still buried somewhere.
And the scary part is
that onlyBilal has this information.
Bilal, it's time to go to India.
Go and confirm Mumbai police's suspicions
that for the last 27 years,
600 kg. of RDXis buried
under their own soil.
Okay, brother.
inform Mukhtar and Usmani
that Bilal is coming back to India.
-Go home, Vidya.I'll lock the garage.
-Don't be late as usual.
Yes, all right.
I went to your garage,
they said you're here.
You fixed my vehiclebut I never paid you.
Please don't worry.
I know you are good for it.
You shouldn't trust anybody nowadays.
Here is the money.
How did you lose your two fingers?
This happened during the Afghanistan war.
I used my hands for a bomb explosion.
You're ridiculous.
What are you saying? He's joking.
I'll leave now. Namaste, ma'am.
You think you're funny?
I'll serve you dinner, come home soon.
Thank youfor transferring me
to your department.
Your father worked with us for many years.
I'm sure that you willfollow
in his footsteps.
We're late because of you.
What happened? You guys are late.
We're always late because of him.
I don't know why women
take so long to get ready.
-How are you, Garbhvati?
Sir, her name is Saraswati, notGarbhvati.
Sir, you and Ria are celebrating
Aryan's birthday together after one year.
You must be very happy.
-I am and I am not.
-What do you mean?
Ria is moving to Australia
for good, with Aryan.
It's been a year since that incident.
How long will you stay apart?
Two people so different from each other
But still fell in love, got married.
Ria will definitely
come back to you one day.
-I'll be right back.
Ma'am, that
How are you?
Any news about Tunde?
It's Munde, notTunde.
We are looking for him.
He shot you. We will not spare him.
When can I leave?
I need to get back to work.
Look at your condition.
I mean, um
It's a minor injury.
I'll be fine in two days.
Yeah. Minor injuries
are not a big deal for him.
He risks his life to do his job.
Really? If the bullet
had hit him two inches higher,
he wouldn't have a life left to risk.
This is not a police station.
It's a hospital and I'm the doctor.
I'll decide when you can leave.
You were shot twice.
Anything could've happened.
Nothing did.
You know, sir.
She walked to the temple to pray for you.
Get better soon, sir.
Without you,
I'm scared to send him to work.
Hey, remote.
If not for you,
I wouldn't let him be a cop.
He is very courageous.
This bed is remote-controlled.
May I lie down?
-Knock yourself out.
-What are you doing?
What if it breaks?
-Is it rising?
-Yes, it's rising.
-Put your feet down.
-Okay. Higher
-How are you feeling?
-And who is the patient?
-He is.
What are you doingon the patient's bed?
Up! Get up!
What's going on here? Is this a club?
People come to a hospital
for treatment, not entertainment.
-Are you a police officer too?
-A teacher.
-She is my wife.
-He is your husband?
-You're right, Doctor
-Dr. Malaria.
Ria, not malaria.
Doctors are usually
very polite with the patients.
But why are you always angry?
Anger suits patients like you.
Make sure there are
no more complaints against you.
Why are you here?
Don't scold me. I was looking for you.
I wanted to talk with you.
In private.
Are you deaf?
-Did you eat?
This idli is quite big.
These guys think you are a tyrant,
a rude, and snobbish person.
-Not me. These guys.
-Shut up! No, ma'am. I
Let it be.
-Dr. Hernia, I wanted to--
-Ria, not Hernia.
-I want to discuss this.
-You have a hernia?
Not hernia. I keep forgetting names.
I mix up Ramesh with Suresh,
and Ramesh with Suresh.
Don't laugh.
Give mesome medicine, please.
This disease is embarrassing.
I can't bear it now.
There is no such disease, you idiot.
That's why you can't remember names.
You mean to say that I am a police officer
who is lazy? You are mistaken.
Now, look how quickly
I got this flower for you.
Please take it. I'm not lazy.
My heart has synced with yours
There has to be a reason
I am in love
You should know
In this whole world
You are the only one for me
I have met so many
But no one was like you
My heart
It didn't deter, it went straight to you
O' my beloved
O' my beloved
Accept me for who I am
O' my beloved
Come and hold me
Belong to me
O' my beloved
O' my beloved
Accept me for who I am
O' my beloved
May our conversations never end
May such meetings always extend
When you are with me
It feels magical
Let it happen if it is meant to
Let it lose itself if it is meant to
Nothing is possible between us
If we stay apart
Let me come closer to your heart
I have met so many
But no one was like you
My heart
It didn't deter, it went straight to you
O' my beloved
O' my beloved
Accept me for who I am
O' my beloved
Come and hold me
Belong to me
O' my beloved
O' my beloved
Accept me for who I am
O' my beloved
Let's go there.I'm hungry.
-Okay, let's have pizza today.
-Yes, Vivaan.
Sir, Yaakub is in the Central Mall now.
How long will you take to get there?
We're on our way,
but still 20 minutes away.
I'll get there before you.
-What happened?
Let's go to the mall.
Aryan and I are hungry.
You two wait in the parking lot.
I'll be right back.
-Why in the parking lot?
-I have some work.
No, nothing.
Hey. Reverse! Go back.
What are you doing? Aryan is in the car.
You bloody scoundrel.
Move. Step aside!
Hurry up! Move!
Doctor, hurry! Take him.
Sir, you stay back.
Aryan is fine.
You knew it wasn't safe there
and you still took us.
You didn't think about Aryan?
I was going to leave you both
in the parking lot,
I had no idea he'd come there.
And if If I hadn't stopped them today,
they'd have killed many innocents.
So,# my son
is justcollateral damage to you?
Other copsin the city
are also doing their job.
But no one risks
their own child's life for their job.
Ria, it won't happen again.
Soorya, if something
happens to me someday,
that's my destiny.
Because I fell in love with you
without a second thought.
I married you.
But I can't let anything happen to my son.
When a girl used to look at you,
she used to feel safe.
Now, when a mother looks at you,
she is afraid of you.
Stay away from us.
I don't need you and neither does Aryan.
Do you realize what you are saying?
Life presents us with choices every day.
The only difference is
you chose your job over your son.
And I am choosing my son
over our relationship.
Ria, just hear--
Not today.
Look. Open this. I'll show you.
Aryan wanted to celebrate
his birthday together before leaving.
Soorya, I need your signatures
in the embassy to take Aryan to Australia.
I'll be there whenever you need me.
Papa, I don't want to go
to Australiawith mom.
I want to stay here with both of you.
Do something, Papa. Please.
Mr. Sooryawill be lonelywhen you leave.
Don't cheat.
You must see me as the villain here
but I'm doing this for my son.
-How's everything at school?
Ask him.
Sir, why don't you give it a try?
Maybe she'll change her mind
if you speak to her.
When Mr. Kabir explains in his deep voice,
Ria will get convinced.
What's happening?
Uh sir, Kabir Sir has gone
to speak with Ria.
-I heardyou want to move to Australia.
Look, Ria,
marriage is a union of two people.
A union of a man and a woman.
Like, you know,
this pistol is loaded with bullets.
Now, these two share
a beautiful relationship, a bond.
But when you separate them,
then both are useless.
Who sent him there?
He did. He said. So I asked
Yes. Absolutely, sir.
It's just that, Ria
decisions made when you are angry
are usually wrong.
You know a lot about marriage.
Then why aren't you married yet?
It's hard to explain why I never married.
My shoelaces are undone, idiots.
I've come from Delhi.
So I don't come bearing good news.
Three days post Riyaaz Hafeez's arrest,
a meeting was held inMuzaffarabad.
As you all know,
after Section 370was scrapped in Kashmir,
it has become impossible
for terrorist organizations like Lashkar
to infiltrate or sendarms
and ammunition into India.
That's why they will activate
their sleeper cell in our country.
But accordingto our information,
Lashkar's next target will be Mumbai.
While tracking Lashkar's transactions,
ATS found some new information.
The sources that are funding
Omar Hafeez's Madrasa in POK
are also funding an India-basedfoundation
called Noor-E-Aman.
And he is the chairman of this foundation.
He lives inPadgha,
about 50 km. away from Mumbai.
A politically well-connected
religious leader.
So, we can't arrest him
without any concrete proof.
It'll not just be a political issue,
we risk communal violence too.
Sir, I think ATSshould call
Kader Usmani for interrogation.
Leave the political issues to me.
Summon him.
Father wants to meet you.
-Yes, call him.
How are you, Mr. Khan?
-When did you get back from Ajmer?
-This morning.
-Offerings from Khwaja Gareeb Nawaaz.
-Thank you.
Sir, Usmani is here.
-Get him.
-Yes, sir.
Mumbai police summoned me
after a long time. Tell me.
Mr. Usmani, we have heard
that the funding source
of your trustNoor-E-Aman,
is the same as that
of the terrorist organization, Lashkar.
Look, Officer, our trust receives funds
from all across the globe.
We don't do background checks
for every source.
Let him meetour accountant.
That will pacify him.
-I'll leave.
You have come after such a long time.
Let's talk some more.
According to theIB report,
11 Indian kidshave joined ISIS in Syria.
Out of which, three kids,
Javed, Mushtak, and Ahmed,
are from Padgha and it's your area.
And they frequented your residence
before they left for Syria.
There are more complaints against you.
You give inciting speeches and mislead
innocent children in the name of religion.
Who are you to tell mewho is misled
and who is on the right path?
Do you even know
the plightof Muslims in India?
The plight of Muslims?
do you know who he is?
Naem Khan.
He's been an honest police officer
for 30 years.
Now, his son, Abbas,is a capable officer
of our Anti-Terrorism Squad.
Mr. Khan is retired,
but he's ready to die for his country.
These are the Muslims of India.
We don't know
which Muslimsyou are talking about.
Mumbai police don't check your religion
on your passport before shooting.
We shoot on looking
at the criminal records.
We are investigating your record too.
I will put you behind bars soon.
When you want to see Maharashtra burn,
come and arrest me.Allah hafiz.
Remember your place.
Do you remember 1977, Mahim?
I was the first person to arrest you
for theft from Gabriel Road.
-He was a pickpocket.
He and his partner, Bilal,
were petty thieves
and thenthey started smuggling goods.
After the '93 blast,
Bilal fledto Pakistan, and he
disguised himself
as a religious leader in Padgha.
This has been his job ever since.
Misleading innocent children.
Relax, Mr. Khan.
What happened, Usmani?
An Indian Muslim's attitude scared you?
This country hates Kasab,
but respectsKalam.
The day I have proof against you,
I'll drag you out ofPadgha.
Allah hafiz.
What happened today wasn't right, brother.
Sooryavanshi's insolent behavior
was unacceptable.
Father, Vivek is here from Shivgarh.
Call him.
I received a message for you last night.
Bilal is coming back to India.
Your good friend.
He will be in Goa on the 27th.
A man under the aliasof Ajay Gupta
will be on the Maldives flight tomorrow.
Pick him up and bring him to us.
"Under the alias?"
-So Ajay Gupta is not his real name?
-Just do as I say.
-You'll get five lakhs.
-Five lakhs?
-Is he close toUsmani?
-You don't need to know.
Why are we getting five lakhs
to receive this man?
Something's fishy.
What do we care, Lily?
We'll split the money and have fun.
I amJohn Mascarenhas, sir.
Sir, her she is my partner, Lily.
When a woman is with you,
they are less suspicious.
Open up quick.
I've got news for you, Riyaaz.
Bilal has reachedGoa.
Time for you to get out of here.
You've become old, Kader.
You too have become fat.
-How are you, Mukhtar?
-How are you?
-I'm well.
-Rafique, did you get married?
Where to now?
In 1993, one ton of RDX was brought in,
but only 400 kg. was used.
600 kg. is still buried somewhere.
It's been 27 years, brother.
Will it still work?
We're talking about RDX.
It's been used since World War II.
Even if kept in waterfor years,
it'll still work.
Anyway, you willsee on Friday.
Hi. Is this your house?
-I liveacross the street.
The house was locked for along time.
You've come after along time, right?
Never seen you. What's your name?
My name isAatmaram.
-You'll live here now?
That's good.
Can I take a look in?
-Uh we're remodeling.Come tomorrow.
-I mean
-Just a little peek brother?
Mukhtar, take the truck
and hide it at the location we decided.
What is it, Bilal?
This house belonged to Sabina's aunt.
She spent her childhood here.
We even got married here.
This is what happens.
Time takes away everything,
and leaves you with memories.
Here's your ticket.
Your flight to the Maldives
is at 6:00 pm tomorrow.
John will drop you at the airport.
We will meet again
on the other side.
-Kader, can I say something?
I would like to pray at my mother's grave.
Are you crazy?
Even a day here is dangerous for you,
and you want to go to Mumbai?
You know what could happen.
It's been 27 years,Kader.
Just for a few hours.
Omar wouldn'tallow it either.
Do it for an old friend.
We all know I'll not survive after this.
This is my last chance.
Just once.
One day. Just one day.
And if anyone recognizes you,
you know what to do.
-The city has changed.
-Visiting after a long time, sir?
It's my first visit since 1993.
-Bilal Ahmed is in Mumbai.
-How do you know?
-Father recognized him. He's with me.
It is Bilal, sir.
He's at Marine Lines graveyard.
Right here.
Mr. Khan, are you sure he is Bilal Ahmed?
The grave he is praying at
belongs to his mother.
Ask Abbas to track him
and to keep in touch with me.
No matter what,Bilal should not escape.
Yes, Soorya?
I want to check out.
Can I get the bill, please?
Mom, look. It's Uncle Vivaan.
Hi, Uncle Vivaan. Hi, Aunt Tara.
How come you're here?
What are you guys doing here?
Do you guys know,
they both workwith my father.
They are police officers.
There's my father.
Get thechildren out of here.
Two people guard the stairs.
Two at the entrance.
The other three come with me. Let's go.
Bilal, you don't have to do this.
And after that?Death by hanging?
I don't want such a disgraceful death.
I don't want to be a spectacle
in this country again.
This is your country as well.
Have you forgotten?
No, this isn't my country.
Have you ever seen your house on fire?
The house you grew up in?
Where your parents grew old?
I have.
They burned my children,
wife, and father alive.
I still hear their cries after 27 years.
What about the attacks you did?
What about them, Bilal?
I lost my parents in those attacks.
I could take revenge right now,
but that is in the past.
We need to forget it and move on.
I agree that what happened to you
was not right,
but you took
so manyinnocent lives as well.
What about the innocent people?
And people who tookeverything from me,
what did I ever do to them?
I want to see this country burn.
I want to see it suffer.
And God willing, it will happen.
If God was with you, our officer, Abbas,
wouldn't have spotted you praying to Him.
Not just Him.
If you thinkwhat you did was right,
your mother would have come with you.
She didn't.
Because she knew her son was wrong.
A large crowd came
to your mother's funeral.
It was not because she was your mother.
They came because she didn't support you.
Now, you'll get another medal.
You finally found Bilal Ahmed
after 27 years.
Bilal, you are not thinking clearly.
No. I wasn't thinking clearly before.
Now, I am.
Do me a favor.
Bury me
next to my mother's grave.
Sometimes I wish
we had just one religion, one God.
Maybe then we could have peace.
I don't think so.
Humans would've found
another reason to fight.
We got a call
from Sawantwadipolice station.
Someone has seen Bilal Ahmed there.
What are you saying, sir?
I am absolutely sure it was him.
I saw him on TV. Halal Ahmed.
-Bilal Ahmed.
-Yes, sir. Him.
I think there were more people inside.
When I tried to get in the house,
he stopped me.
-How many people were there?
-Three or four, sir.
When I was about to knock at the door,
I heard a name.
-What was the name?
-I heard his name.
What was his name?
Name One minute.
You must be thinking I am a fool
who can't even remember a name?
I keep a finger on what's happening.
But I have this disease
where I keep forgetting names.
You want something for that?
No problem. Just try.
-I am trying, sir.
But it's horribleto have
this old person's diseaseso young.
It's not that bad.
It is, sir!
You are a police officer.
I'm sure he can remember
hundreds of names daily.
Sir, my family feels embarrassed
because of me.
Even these kids tease me.
They keep asking me,
"Oh red scarf boy, what are our names."
Why retain their names?They aren't mine.
-Yes, sir.
-Come here.
Tie him up to thattree.
He will remember the name. Go.
-Go away!
Take him away.
Don't hit me. Okay?
Sorry, guys.
I just realizedwhat a nuisance I am.
I keep calling you guys by weird names.
Vivaan, Tambe, Abbas, Bhide
Disgusting. Shame on me.
For the first time,
he got all our names right.
Call Forensics.
The traces of powder
we found inside is RDX.
Judging by the size of the pit,
it had around 600-800 kg. in it.
Bilal's martyrdom should not go to waste.
Yes, Father.
Promise me
that both of our sons
will come back home,safe and sound.
Promise me.
Hey, get inside. Go now.
Hurry up.
Get inside.
Hey! Don't stop here.
Don't park your bike here.
-What happened?
-He is parking a bike here.
Ask him to leave.
Can't you understand? Get lost!
Sir, Forensics confirmed
they used RDX to blow up the wall.
We'll contact you when it's time.
living in Indiafor the lastfew years
as Lashkar's sleeper cell.
Your Area Commander-in-Chief, Riyaaz.
They are trustworthy.
Total 600 kg.
Bilal Ahmed's return after 27 years,
unearthing 600 kg. RDX,
use of the same RDX in Riyaaz's escape,
I'm afraid
the Intelligence Bureau's theory is right.
Lashkar's next target is Mumbai.
Soorya, Lashkar doesn't fire guns.
The cities they have targeted
were brought to their knees overnight.
And I know, they have no compassion
for Mumbai right now.
Sir, Mumbai and its people
have suffered a lot.
First, the 1993 serial bomb bast,
then the 2002 Ghatkopar bus blast,
in 2006, train blast and then,
Taj 26/11.
Ten school kids came here,
carrying school bags
and killed 17 police officers
and 170 civilians.
Soorya, I don't know
when and how they will come,
but I know that they will come for sure.
Let them come.
This time, we will be ready.
I'm a dead man.
Am I going to war?
Am I late, Syria?
It's been half an hour
since the embassy closed.
I've got an appointmentafter four days
with great difficulty. Don't miss it.
I won't miss it. I'm sorry.
-What are you doing?
-I've started a garage here.
Now I treat my patients
and fix their cars at a discounted price.
-I'll fix it.
-Do you know how to?
Do you?
Sir, I know. My father was a car mechanic.
-Shall I have a look?
-Go ahead.
Your father's soul will rest in peace.
Sir, my father is alive.
Ma'am, please sit in the car.
Sir, please sit inside.
Bombay brought tea for you.
His name is Tambe.
-How is Vandana?
-She is well, ma'am.
-Come over someday?
-I will definitely come before I leave.
Okay. Ma'am, do you remember?
It was your anniversary
and he gave you a surprise.
We were also there.
It was raining like this
that day as well. Ma'am?
-Surprised I remembered our anniversary?
-I am surprised you remembered my name.
Why are they here?
Ria, I know you've made
a lot of compromises for me
and for that
Thanks to you,
for putting up with me all these years.
We've gotten old
putting up with each other.
Old? Us?
It's going to rain. Let's go inside.
-What happened?
-As I said, you have become old.
It started pitter-pattering
It started pitter-pattering
This pitter-pattering ignited the passion
As the passion ignited
The heart longed for you
As the heart longed
I was tempted to seek you
Now you tell me, my love
What should I do?
I drowned
Standing at the banks of the river
You struck my heart
Just like lightning
The crazy winds too conspired against us
Now, what do I do?
It started pitter-pattering
This pitter-pattering ignited the passion
As the passion ignited
The heart longed for you
As the heart longed
I went crazy for you
I have no control over myself anymore
What should I do?
What is it?
I am searching for the Ria
who loved getting drenched.
That Ria has changed with time.
There'll be bombs
in seven parts of Mumbai.
it's hard to take a car full of RDX
into the police headquarters.
We won't bomb the police headquarters.
We will go there ourselves.
Then we'll see
if Mumbai Policesaves their city
or themselves.
This man fetchedBilal Ahmed from Goa.
According to immigration,
he's in Bangkok now.
Okay you and Vivaan leave for Bangkok.
Their agency will help you.
-I'll talk to the CM.
We have an arrest warrant
for your boyfriend.
Tell the truth, where is he, Billy?
-I am Lily, not Billy.
-That's what I said.
-How do you know Don?
-It's John, not Don, sir.
I'm not joking.
-Where is he?
-Who, sir?
-Are you mocking me too?
Where is John, your boyfriend?
No idea.
I've come to Bangkok on a holiday.
Don't lie.
He is involved in a terrorist conspiracy.
And he has received
five crore rupees to help Bilal Ahmed.
What? Five crores?
That scoundrel told me five lakhs.
Sir, he is going to arrive in a moment.
You should arrest him.
India's enemies are my enemies.
I'll help you.I'm India's daughter.
Don't trick us.
Stick to being its daughter,
not its mother.
Pick up. Not her. Pick him up.
Sir, make sure you skin this cheapskate.
He is an ass. He is a dog.
-Sir, you know, I am--
-Daughter of the country, yes.
My Lily loves me a lot.
She must've begged for my life, right?
Please don't hurt her. Let her go.
Why are you laughing?
You are such a tool. Carry on.
Sir, I have a rental business in Goa.
Kader Usmani is my regular client.
One day, his right-hand man, Rafique,
asked me to pick up someone named
Ajay Gupta and drop him in the hotel.
So I agreed.
But I swear I didn't know
that Ajay Gupta is Bilal Ahmed.
Why didn't you tell me he's Bilal?
The police will target me.
Sending me to Bangkok was Usmani's idea.
So I'm sending you to Bangkok.
There was another man, the fugitive.
What's his name?Riyaaz
-Riyaaz Hafeez?
-Yes, him.
-Riyaaz Hafeez?
Let's send him somewhere else.
Perhaps to Bilal.
I was scared.
I'll go to Bangkok. I was kidding.
There was someone else.
I don't know his name, but he was tall.
A seven-footer.
He didn't have two fingers.
It was like this
-Let's go.
Get a sketch of the man.
Okay. Shall I informPadgha police?
-No one in India is to know of his arrest.
-Okay, sir.
If Usmani hears of this,
he'll flee the country.
I'll arrest him myself.
I told you, Usmani.
The day I find proof,
I'll arrest youfrom your house.
We have your little dog, John.
He started blabbing out in two minutes.
Sir, Rafique is nowhere to be found.
No problem, Abbas.
We have the head, tails will follow.
You should've looked around
before coming in.
There are 500 people outside
for every one of your officers.
I know you have many followers,
but today we are not going to let
anyone of them follow you, Chaipani.
It's Usmani, sir.
I know. Arrest this lunatic.
We won't let you take him.
Don't cops have anything better to do?
If you take him, there'll be blood.
Moulvi, my name isVeer Sooryavanshi.
I have been serving in the police force
for the last 20 years
and I've made more than 400 arrests.
Some are namedJohn Fernandes,
some Harpal Singh,
some are Shyam Sharma,
and some are Ismail Khan.
People look for religion in a name,
but the law is unbiased.
It only makes a distinction
between right and wrong.
And all the evidence points towards
the fact that Kader Usmani is wrong.
You may not know this,
but three kids
from around herewere brainwashed
to leave their home and country
to join ISIS.
Not just that.
He helped Lashkar operative Riyaaz Hafeez
escape from jail.
And he helped Bilal Ahmed as well.
Forgive me, Moulvi
but if you support him
even after knowing his crimes,
then the whole community will be blamed
because of Kader Usmani.
If we don't arrest him now,
then maybe1993 will repeat itself
and neither of us want that.
And if we want,
we can call theCRPF
and drag this manout of here by force
and no one can stop us.
Please, Moulvi
support me
and let the police do their job.
An Indian is asking another Indian.
Let them take him.
Put this arrogant old man in the car.
Look, Usmani.
We have methods of making you talk.
Before joining the police force,
did you read the history
of the Maharashtra police?
If you had, you would know that
Kader Usmani will not talk.
Hit me now.
You have a strong body. Hit me.
Give me water.
He is not talking.
-What's the use of being a bodybuilder?
-Shut up!
People like Kader Usmani
will die before talking.
There's one thing they can't bear.
Sir, he will talk,
but we'll have to dosomething unofficial.
-If you'll permit--
-Yeah, right.
Like you haven't done anything
without my order.
-You need something for that?
-No, sir.
Where are you taking us? Abbu!
Let go of me.
-Abbu, what
Why did you bring them?
-Let them go. Hey, Sooryavanshi.
-Abbu! Let me go.
Now watch what we do to your women.
-Stand there.
-Oh, okay.
Is this erotica?
-Shout properly, Khatara.
-It's Tara, not Khatara.
-Yes, Dobara.
-Sir. It's Tara.
Shout again, Your Highness.
Hey! Let the women go
or I'll kill you, Sooryavanshi.
You need an invite?
He is a Muslim, not a priest.
They call himAbbu.
-Don't hit us.
Let them go.
Let them go.
He is ready to talk.
I'll tell you where Riyaaz is.
Riyaaz and Rafique
have a meeting this evening.
But first, let the women go.
Let them go!
I hope he's right and we get Riyaaz.
That area is crowded.
I knew you wouldn't come today either.
So I came to pick you up.
Ria, can we go there some other day?
Something big is happening in the city.
Worried about the cityand the country!
If you were
even a little concernedabout your family,
we wouldn't be in this mess.
I don't want to hearany more excuses.
Soorya, go to the embassy with her.
Vivaan will lead.
But sir you know--
Get out.
Rafique is here.
Riyaaz must be on his way.
Can I have some warm water?
What are you doing?
What's this nonsense?
Rafique, what are you doing?
What happened to Ashish?
Nobody is telling me anything.
Why were you not with him?
Why? This wouldn't have happened
if you were there.
Tell me, sir.
Ashish gave his life
for his city, his country.
I am proud of that.
But how can I forget
that he was a husband and a father
underneath that uniform.
I may soldier through, but my kid
what about him?
He is young
and it is not easy
to grow up without a father.
But Aryan still has his father
and you still have your husband.
There's a saying in Marathi.
"Kutumbh ya jeevanacha
sarvottam aashirvad."
"Family is the best gift of life."
But life is too short.
By the time we understand the way,
the journey ends.
That's why in this journey,
nothing else matters but your family.
Nothing else.
You are a doctor.
You save lives.
These police officers they do the same.
Only their way is different.
All I have are his memories for support.
But you still have your family.
Right in front of you.
forget what happened
and put your family back together.
The sacrifice made by Usmani
and our people will not go to waste.
Today, every person in Mumbai city
will feel the pain we've felt.
We are those lucky few who are getting
an opportunity of martyrdom
in this war after 13 years.
Riyaaz, I'm sure Mumbai police
will come here looking for us.
You all should leaveimmediately.
I will see you there
as soon as the last car is ready.
Vivek, what's going on?
You're right, Vidya.
I am Riyaaz Hafeez.
But that
is not Vivek Shastri. He's Mukhtar Ansari.
We left our families
and our country 13 years ago
and have been living in India.
This is a war, Vidya
and innocents die during a war.
This isn't personal.
But keeping you alive
might put our plans at risk.
Forgive me if you can, Vidya.
I don't want to give you any false hope.
We might receive news by the evening
that Riyaaz and Raza have become martyrs.
We had no idea
that Father could do something like this.
We always saw him helping others.
We can't believe that he
Aayat, the love we have for our family
sometimes makes us blind to the truth.
Usmani gave his life for the wrong cause.
But by helping the police,
you could save many lives.
-Yes, sir.
-I'll show you some photographs.
Study them.
Let me know if you have seen anyone
meeting Usmani or visiting your house.
Him. He
-You know him?
He is Vivek Shastri.
-Vivek from Shivgarh is here.
-Call him in.
Hi, Vivek. You're visiting
after a long time?
He is Father's friend.
Sir, John identified him as well.
There was one more man. Aseven-footer.
Where does he live? What does he do?
He owns a repairshop
behind Gangapurwadi in Shivgarh.
Shall we go to Shivgarh, sir?
He will be gone
by the timewe reach there.
I know the perfect scoundrel for this job.
Whoever creates ruckus,
I teach them a lesson.
Oh, my old friends.
Where are you going?
We just got here.Tavde!
Time for your cardio.
You bloody
You have made a big mistake.
You bloody undertaker!
Mukhtar Ansari, you are under arrest.
-Yes, Ramba.
-It's Simmba, not Ramba.
That's what I said. Tell me.
-The sleeper coach, Mukhtar, is arrested.
-Sleeper coach?
Sleeper cell agent, not a coach.
-Nonsense, Sidi Bamba.
-Simmba, not Sidi Bamba.
-Okay, tell me.
-Something big is happening, sir.
Riyaaz and his gang
were hiding in Shivgarh.
They have gone now.
They are planning something huge.
They equipped seven cars with bombs.
Six cars are gone. One is here.
Cherivole? Oh,Chevrolet.
Simmba, don't speak English.
Just speak in Hindi.
How to reveal car models in Hindi?
Just speak in Hindi.
Okay, I'll tell you in Hindi.
Six cars have been dispatched,
one was a Bicchu (scorpion)
and the other was Bhagyawan (fortunate).
Scorpio and Fortuner.
You didn't understand, right?
Now listen carefully.
They are planning to park those six cars
in six different places in Mumbai.
We have the locations.
Bombs will go off every five minutes.
The first one will go off at 1:30 p.m.
We don't have much time.
Send me all the details immediately
and bring Mukhtar to the ATS office.
-Are you here to pray?
-I'll be right back.
Bhalerao's right.
CST, Gateway of India, Dadar market,
Lower Parel, BKC,
Bandra station, Minar chowk.
Cars are in position.
We have just one hour.
We've informed the bomb squad,
but knowingthe traffic,
I doubt they can reach
these locations in under one hour.
Then to evacuate thousands from there,
and then diffusing the bombs,
is not going to happen.
The people of Mumbai
must not know about the situation there.
If they suspect
there is a live bomb around them
NSG can't airlift the car at Minar Chowk.
-There's obstruction.
-Evacuate the area. I'm on my way.
But prayers are about to begin
in the mosque and in the temple.
Shut it.Krishna, start the bike.
I can't do this alone. Help me.
Let go of the past
The past is history
We will together pen
A new future in this new era
Let go of the past
The past is history
We will together pen
A new future in this new era
We are Indians
We are Indians
We are the stars
That brighten up the world
We are all the same
Then why these differences?
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian
They are just names
Names don't matter
When the color of our blood is the same
We are Indians
Move. Step aside.
Move aside.
We are Indians
Sir. That's the car.
Bomb squad won't reach here in time.
Move those cars.I'll drive this.
A lot of people here.
We still have to build
Many more monuments like theTaj Mahal
We still have to adorn
Many more historical sites like Ajanta
We still have to change
The course of many rivers
We still have to break
Many mountains obstructing our path
We are the new generation
We have new desires
We have new youthful zeal
We are Indians
We are Indians
We are Indians
We are Indians
Today, we broke free of the old shackles
We won't look at the destination
We have already forsaken
The world has already reached the moon
We too have formed
A bond with the new world
We are the new generation
We have new desires
We have new youthful zeal
Indians, we are Indians
We are Indians
Indians, we are Indians
We are Indians
Here. I've brought the Eiffel Tower.
If you don't do as I say,
then with the press of this button,
in two minutes,
an explosion will wipe ATS
from the face of this earth.
And as far as we are concerned,
all of us are here to die anyway.
But you should think about your wife.
In the whole world,
whenever we raise our voice against
the atrocities done towards us,
it's labeled as terrorism,
and those who raise their voices
are terrorists.
Nobody ever heard us
but now the whole world will listen
to the cries of these people
and their families.
Indian army and police have killed
235 of my brothers from Lashkar.
275, not 235.
There are 40 of you too. Just let Ria go
and then we will send you
to your dead brothers.
-No! Wait.
I'm talkingto him.Concentrate on her.
You put us in a fix.
We will talk later. Okay?
-What are you doing?
Let someone else talk for once, sir.
Riyaaz, I understand your feelings.
Just listen to me once. Your country
is mind-blowing. Beautiful.
But does anyone plan a family vacation
there? No, they don't. Do you know why?
How would you know?
You've been on a 13-year holiday here.
But I'll explain.
It's because of you. Lesson learned?
Terrorism is bad for tourism.
You should think about cricketers as well.
Like Wasim, Misbah, Shoaib
Because of your jihad,
they are unable to play in the IPL.
What do we learn from this?
Terrorism is bad for income.
People don't like low income. I know that.
There are artists like Fawad Khan,
Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam
Because of you,
they are unable to work now.
What do we learn from this?
Terrorism is bad for entertainment.
And if this continues,
then people are ready in this country,
but one day,
people of Pakistan will also
come after you with stones and sticks.
You see, Riyaaz, no matter how much drama
you do in front of the camera,
the bullet that will kill youwill have
"Made In India" engraved on it, in bold.
Who will kill me? You?
What? Everybody knows who is coming.
You don't know?
A whirlpool rises in the heart
The body shivers
When the news comes that
Singham is coming!
Here comes God with a gun.
-It's been a while.
-It really has.
Done with your bromance?
She'll explode. Let's go.
You guys should leave.
All of you should get out of here.
We are not going anywhere.
-How did you get caught?
-I was coming to meet you.
To tell you that I'm not leaving.
You're not leaving?
You and Aryan will stay forever?
Remember, if the bomb explodes,
we are all going to die here.
True, but where was she going anyway?
Are you a travel agent?
Will you get her a ticket?
-Think about how to extricate her.
-Ask the experienced expert.
Raise your hands.
Don't worry. They are old and experienced.
Hurry. There's no time
and lots of RDX here.
Shut up, man. Please.
You carry on. Go on.
-Lightly. With a feather touch.
-You do it.
Why don't you do it?
-Go on.
-Did you unzip it?
Give me a minute.
Will it be done today?
Pass my gun.
Let me shoot this idiot first.
No. Keep your calm.
Hey, this is not a firecracker.
This is RDX.
If it explodes,
she will get plastered on the wall.
-I won't let youmake this sacrifice.
-Get him a pacifier, will you?
Take her.
I went on my knees for you
and you're thanking him?
He's the one who saved me.
Take her away.
Why do you always enter
out of a rotating car?
Why do you always hang off a helicopter?
Yeah! Who's got a bigger entry.
It doesn't matter. Let's go.
I am Bajirao.
-You're Bajirao too, right?
-I'm Bhalerao.
Who is this Sooryavanshi?
Oh, man. What the hell!
You should eat almonds.
I eat them every day. Look.
Commando, I'm out of ammo. Give me a gun.
Son of a
Are you crazy? I could have shot you.
It's your lucky day.
I would have pulled the trigger.
No problem. My time will come.
Your time has come.
Father, we won't survive now.
We regret that we couldn't win the war.
Promise us.
That you will continue this war.
War will continue.
Your father promises you that.
The war will continue.
Omar Hafeez, don't assume
the story ends here. I am coming.
Do you even have the faintest idea
about where I am? And what I can do?
I know perfectly where you are.
You have been sending
your people here like a coward.
But Bajirao Singham will come there.
Conspicuously. Like a tiger.
I'll be waiting.
Make sure you come.
Do it, Singham. Shoot.
We are unarmed.
You can then go outside
and boast in front of the world
about how you fought bravely
and killed all three of us.
Come on, shoot.
Take them away.
We should write "Jai Hind"
on their foreheads
and send them to their father.
Hey, wait!
You can't harm us in any way.
For 13 years,
we have been living in your country
and kept killing your people.
Now everyone is pissed.
Let's get this over with.
I don't care a damn!
Subtitle translation by:Shivangi Mittal