Sophia Antipolis (2018) Movie Script

You're 18,
that's young for this operation.
I've thought it over.
You thought it over as a teenager.
I'm 18 now, I'm legally allowed
to decide for myself.
Right, but ethically,
it's complicated for me.
In that case, I'll go elsewhere.
We could try out some cups first.
- And then we'll see.
- We'll try out some cups.
Then you'll think it over,
and come back in 2 months.
For the thousandth time, but ok.
Right. This one's a bit big.
I think so.
A bit too big.
- Is this one smaller?
- Considerably smaller.
Right, ok.
I see.
This is too big, but this is good.
Try with the dress.
If you need small breasts
for another role, you can't go back.
I want to enlarge my breasts
no matter what.
It'll help me for this role, but...
A month is not enough time.
You won't be ready,
even if I operate next week.
Not ready?
You'll be in pain.
I don't mind.
You need time for the breasts to heal.
You have to rest and recover.
I'll have a bra for the audition.
They won't see the scars,
it'll be fine.
That's not the problem.
From an ethical standpoint,
I can't operate urgently.
- Why not?
- It wouldn't be ethical.
There are rules in surgery.
I don't have the right.
Even if I sign a paper?
Sign whatever you like,
I can't operate urgently.
Not for implants.
We can meet again in 2 weeks
and set a date,
but I can't guarantee
you'll recover in time.
So that's a definite no?
In terms of timing, that's a no.
If I did it in Tunisia or Brazil,
could you...
I have no references,
and I don't recommend it.
Arms at your side.
The breast ring has to be out.
Everything looks fine.
I'll draw the possible incision marks.
The first is under the areola.
And the second
is under the breast.
Which do you recommend?
I recommend the areola.
It won't show us much.
Go take a look in the mirror.
As a man,
which do you like best?
What I like best is the areola.
It barely shows.
It disappears over time.
Feeling ready?
Did you sleep well?
- Not too nervous?
- I'm ok.
Any questions?
- No.
- You're a bit nervous.
- I'm fine.
- Good.
Still no questions?
I'm marking off the boundaries
of the dissection zone.
I'll write the implant sizes.
This one, 310.
To correct the asymmetry problem.
And here, 260.
Damn you, grandma!
- Don't move.
- We surrender.
You're surrounded.
- See you Wednesday.
- Yep.
Car Bomb Fails
Sea, Science and Sun
at Sophia Antipolis
Funeral Services
American Girl Forced
to Remove Hijab in Nice?
August was the hottest month
on the planet
since records began in 1880.
The 16th hottest month in a row,
also a record.
Extreme weather is on the rise.
Droughts start earlier and last longer.
In the South of France,
here in red,
rainfall is
5 times below average.
Sorry to bother you.
May I talk to you?
I'm not selling anything.
It's more spiritual.
Do you have a few minutes?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So, I'd like...
to talk to you about something.
I don't know if you follow the news,
but you probably know
the world's a mess.
Violence and solitude are on the rise.
The economic system
is running out of steam.
I belong to a group.
We believe the end is near.
But we don't despair,
quite the opposite.
We believe,
from the ashes of the old world,
the foundations
of a new era will be built.
It's up to us to build it together.
I'd like to invite you
to our meeting tonight.
You can talk with no fear
of being judged or ridiculed.
You're free to leave anytime.
No obligations.
- May I ask you some questions?
- Yes.
- Do you live alone?
- Yes.
You've never been married?
I have.
But he's gone.
He died several years ago.
I see. I'm sorry.
I'll leave this...
for you.
Thank you.
I came to France
in 1999.
I was 18.
A friend of mine had signed me up
to a matchmaking website
for French men seeking
women from Vietnam,
Thailand or the Philippines.
Laurent saw me there.
He was twice my age.
But I liked his picture.
I wish I'd had a child with him.
But he already had a child
from a previous marriage.
And several years before he died,
he became a grandfather.
His name is Sebastien.
Sebastien spends
every Wednesday with me.
He arrives in the morning,
and in the evening
I take him to the bus stop.
Laurent left me the apartment.
I'm the owner now.
He left a little money too.
So I don't need to work.
But during the day,
I don't know what to do.
I wait for time to pass.
I've considered going back there.
But I hardly know anyone anymore.
Basement -1
Basement -2
Each of us is free to join
or leave the group.
It's not a sect.
I'm not a guru,
I'm merely chairing
the meeting tonight.
We see in three dimensions.
But who says there aren't more?
More than the colors in the rainbow.
Who says there are
no other forms of life?
Our eyes cannot gaze at the sun.
Our visual spectrum is fairly limited.
And as the Pope said
in reference to extraterrestrials,
"How harshly we judged
he who believed America existed
before it was discovered."
So, naturally,
the charlatans,
the dream merchants
who exploit the gullibility of others,
made me wary.
And then,
something happened.
I lost someone.
Someone important.
And in my grief,
I developed a hypersensitivity
that allows me
to see things others don't see.
On the count of three,
your eyes will be glued shut.
One... your eyelids are sealed.
Two... your eyelids are welded together.
Three... you can't open your eyes.
You want to but you can't.
Now I want you
to raise your right arm
out in front of you.
Now it's completely rigid.
Hard like concrete.
Like an iron rod, indestructible.
Breathe deeply, in and out.
You're comfortable.
You're relaxed.
You feel good.
Now your arm will go down
and come to rest
alongside your body.
Now, I'm going to ask you
to stiffen your shoulders.
Your shoulders are glued to your body.
Your elbows are attached to your body.
Your hands are welded
to your legs.
You're totally solid.
Your spine is an iron rod,
Your knees are tied together.
Connected to each other.
Your spine is totally indestructible.
Like an iron rod.
Now let yourself go.
You are perfectly relaxed,
perfectly comfortable.
You are indestructible.
Your stomach is indestructible.
You're an iron bar, stiff as a board.
you may come sit down.
You may get up.
Perfect. You are still totally,
completely relaxed.
And now,
on the count of three, you'll wake up.
One, two, three.
Thank you, Kevin.
This isn't entertainment.
The things I want to show you
are invisible.
It was the middle of the night.
The sky was pitch black.
this light appeared in the sky.
The sky went totally white.
I saw members
of the upper echelons of government
at the top of a pyramid.
They were holding meetings,
discussing secret things.
The secrets were revealed to me.
We learned the truth.
Then the pyramid
turned upside down.
It was like a reflection in a mirror.
The tip went all the way down
to the earth's magma.
At the center of the earth,
people were being held prisoner.
And I understood something.
For days afterwards, I felt awful.
I cried, I felt unwell.
I'm the third daughter in my family.
My mother didn't love me.
She tried to get rid of me
during her pregnancy.
She locked me in a closet.
When I was hungry,
I ate my doll's hair and old newspapers.
At night, to comfort myself,
I'd use my blanket
to make a kind of cave,
a warm place.
One night
I realized it was like a tunnel.
So I went inside, and I saw a light.
A white light.
I felt good in there.
As though I'd left my body.
I had no desire to go back.
One night,
I was on my way home
at 3 in the morning.
In the middle of the street,
a man came toward me.
He was very tall.
His face was perfect,
he was very handsome.
Quite white, extremely pale.
So flawless he looked
like he was created by a computer.
He came toward me.
He was taller than any human.
He was absolutely immense.
He walked in an unusual way too.
He walked toward me
and passed right by.
But I'm sure I saw him.
The next day,
other people said they'd seen him too.
But after that,
we never heard about him again.
One, two, three...
Let's continue.
One, two, three...
Good. Let's continue.
One, two, three.
I think nobody's home.
Hello, may we have 5 minutes
of your time?
Do you speak French?
Hello sir. May we have
5 minutes of your time?
- Hello?
- Hello, sir.
May we have 5 minutes of your time?
What's it about?
- To discuss spirituality.
- Spirituality?
I have no time for spirituality,
I'm expecting friends.
- I can't see you.
- Just 5 minutes.
Honestly, I can't.
I'm preparing to receive my friends.
Very sorry. Goodbye, madam.
I think we've earned a break.
Shall we go sit on the beach?
Why not.
Melanie would've been 16.
Melanie's my daughter.
I say "would've"
because she's gone now,
but she didn't die.
We should've celebrated
her birthday.
But we didn't.
She'd changed,
we couldn't talk anymore.
Then last year,
I went into her room.
Her suitcases were packed.
A few days later,
I got a message telling me
not to worry,
she was doing fine.
She sent her love
to me and her sister Chlo.
Chlo's still at home, though.
She's not going anywhere.
I see her in my dreams.
I have premonitory dreams.
They always come true.
In the last dream I had
she said all was well,
she'd be home soon
and I shouldn't worry.
When night falls,
when everyone's asleep,
I hear sounds in my ear.
What kind of sounds?
Sounds that...
seem to contain
an important message.
I don't know, I don't know what.
It's a language I don't understand.
I don't know why it chose me.
I don't know why.
Thank you!
All those lights
have been dead a long time.
They appeared
thousands and millions of years ago.
When the stars appeared,
we didn't even exist yet.
Life on earth didn't exist.
There was nothing.
That's our past.
Our past invades us.
Sometimes we wish we could erase it.
There must be
another form of life on earth.
Don't you think?
Yes, maybe.
I had a really nice day.
Me too.
Oh, sorry.
Good night.
You're here?
I wanted to see your workplace.
Big day for me.
I did my first full Brazilian.
The lady was about 35 or 40.
She didn't know
it was my first full Brazilian.
Anyway, she agreed to it.
She wanted a basic but I said,
Ma'am, forget that.
Go full Brazilian. It's prettier.
She agreed and I did it perfectly,
nice and clean.
I'm so happy.
Cool, you're on the case.
Oh, and fuck!
There was this grandma.
She was so disgusting.
She must've been about 60.
She had cellulite all over her ass.
And these wrinkles... so gross!
Hope I'm not like that
when I'm old.
I don't like you taking that.
You know I need it.
You think you do, but it's bullshit.
Psychiatrists and big pharma
invent diseases just to make money.
- Mom...
- Pills don't help.
I freak if I don't take it.
You're mistaken.
I know for a fact
I freak if I don't take it.
It's been a year
since Melanie went missing.
We could have a little party,
invite some friends.
Honestly Mom,
Melanie did not go missing.
And aliens didn't abduct her.
Millions of people
take off and start a new life.
They start fresh, you know?
You're stuck on this idea
she went missing. No.
I keep seeing that guy.
I feel I know him.
What happened to him?
I don't know.
Fucking hell.
Oh my god, how awful.
Excuse me, I feel I know you.
Are you from here?
No, I just arrived yesterday.
Sorry to ask,
but what happened to you?
I had a work accident.
I was a heavy vehicle mechanic.
I have third-degree burns
on 92% of my body.
Does it hurt?
Yes and no.
It feels a little taut in places,
but I'm so used to it,
it feels normal.
Do you have to wear sunglasses?
No, I can remove them.
But my eyes are sensitive.
They're blue,
and I lost my eyelashes,
so there's no filter.
I tend to keep them on.
A plane goes down in the sea
and all the passengers jump out.
A blind man pokes out his child's eyes.
Scientists find the elixir of life.
A fight breaks out
among all the inhabitants of a town.
The point of impact of a comet.
A man takes out an ax
and kills everyone in his way.
A new disease emerges,
resistant to all vaccinations.
An economic crash.
Sewers overflow throughout the city.
Humans learn to speak with animals.
Volcanos erupt spontaneously
throughout the world.
Drinking water is contaminated
by an unknown substance.
A shopping mall blows up at midday.
The forest is burnt by its own wood.
A human skull is found on the beach.
Martial law imposes a curfew.
Language differences disappear.
A deadly gas contaminates the city.
Black smoke appears
and lingers for forty days.
The sun rises in the west.
I was in the military,
in the French Navy.
- How long?
- Four years.
So you were on a boat?
Yeah, an oil tanker supply ship.
- Must've been strange.
- Very strange.
We spent all our time in the hold.
We never saw daylight.
You must've travelled a lot, though.
Yeah, I travelled a lot.
I've seen Sicily,
Greece, Turkey,
Abu Dhabi, Djibouti...
Did you enjoy it?
Not the first ship,
but the second one a lot.
What happened on the first ship?
There was this asshole officer.
He couldn't stand me.
Come with me.
It's calm.
Always, at night.
No one lives here.
Just a few hotels
for people passing through.
First, it was a forest.
Then they built the town.
To bring in offices, generate business.
That's the tricky part for us.
No fence separates the park
from the rest of town.
It's messed up,
we can't check everything.
What are all these companies?
The guys working there are total brains.
Chinese, American, Indian...
Been here long?
Four years now.
Usually, this is where they are.
I'm so gutted.
They're nowhere around.
Usually they're here every night.
Look, aren't they beautiful?
All the colors of the rainbow.
They're so funny
when they fan out their feathers.
They must be hiding.
They probably flew away.
They're kind of wild.
Here, you can have it.
A souvenir.
Do as he says, move along.
We're not bothering anyone.
This is private property.
Go on, beat it.
You and your girlfriend, get lost.
Fuck this.
Let's go.
You handled that well.
I see you know the job.
A crazy thing happened the other day.
I was on patrol with a workmate,
like tonight.
Suddenly, in one area of the park,
we smelled something burnt.
I'd never smelt
an odor like that before.
My workmate and I pull over
and get out of the car.
We realize the smell
is coming from a building.
We go inside.
This thick black smoke
smacks us in the face.
I've never experienced anything like it.
We see this black thing on the floor.
As we get closer,
we realize it's someone's body.
Honestly, I'm no wimp.
But I'm not gonna lie.
Things like that
don't usually get to me,
but I wanted to puke.
I wanted to puke.
I'd never seen anything like it.
The body was burnt to a crisp.
You can't even imagine.
The body was so badly burnt,
they couldn't identify the person.
Picture that.
I wanted to talk to you
about something.
Go ahead.
Some pals and I do patrols together.
Night patrols.
With everything that's going on,
people are afraid to go out.
The cops aren't doing their job,
so we are.
I'm not gonna lie.
We need motivated people like you.
I was wondering
if you'd be into it.
Sure, I'm into it.
Keep going.
- I keep going?
- Until I drop the weapon.
That's it!
Don't move!
Drop the gun, now.
Shut up!
Don't move, stay down!
No good.
You didn't cock the gun.
You should've.
What's your problem?
What're you doing?
Shut up!
I'll fuck you up, you bastard!
What'd you do to my sister?
I saw you following her.
- It was you!
- It wasn't me!
It was you!
- I saw you.
- It wasn't me!
I saw you.
No one touches my sister!
- Everything ok?
- Yeah, you?
What're you carrying?
Got anything on you?
Just out for a stroll?
Don't fuck with me.
Are you a bum or what?
Watch your mouth!
I'm no fool.
Give me your wallet, asshole.
Got nothin' on you?
Get down on the ground
and don't move.
Open your mouth!
Spread your legs, you dirty whore.
Let yourself go.
Hey, don't touch me!
Let yourself go.
What you gonna do?
Spread your legs.
Listen up, you son of a bitch.
I'll break your face.
See your daughters?
I'll fuck them up the ass
right in front of you.
Give you a real good look.
I'll shove my dick in your mouth.
Tear up your face.
Your wife? I'll spread her wide open.
Stick my fingers in every orifice.
Think you're tough?
You're a tiny piece of shit.
Think you're smart?
Think you're hot shit?
Did the monkey get out of his cage?
Did he eat his bananas?
Did you swim here to France?
France is for whites, not blacks.
You belong in a zoo, a cage.
You and your cousins
the chimpanzees and gorillas.
You'll never fit in here.
Know why?
Because you're black.
Black like shit.
This is a white country,
a moral country.
We don't run around naked
with the baboons,
like you do back home.
Get it?
This is France,
a country with dignity.
Get down!
First to move gets blown away!
Filthy infidels!
Time to pay for your crimes against us.
Get down! Everyone get down!
Get down!
Looks like good fun.
Hey, Navy man!
Are you scared of water or what?
Not tempted?
- I'm an ex-policeman.
- Yeah?
Let's just say,
after a few assignments,
you realize
you're nothing but butcher meat.
Makes you think.
You've got your wife, your kids...
When you're shopping with your family
on a Saturday afternoon
and a gang of thugs comes along...
and recognizes you, you're in trouble.
- Does that happen a lot?
- All the time.
Even if you're wearing
a hood or a helmet.
Our license plate numbers
are written in the project stairwells.
They don't give us the means
to exterminate...
all the vermin
inside and outside the projects.
Frankly, it's unbearable.
I don't give a shit if they insult me.
Call me a bastard or a dog,
I don't care.
But when they start
showing up at my house at night,
holding a knife to my throat
and threatening to kill me...
Some friends and I
went for a drink at a bar.
Down by the harbor.
Everything was fine until
this shooting broke out.
The guy behind us shot
and killed three people.
We ran out in a panic.
We went back to the boat.
The captain asked us
if the guy had been shooting at us.
We said no.
He said it would've been
an international incident.
But those Kalashnikovs
you get for 30 cents in Montenegro
are dangerous.
Do you use protein powders?
No, never.
Not since I discovered spirulina.
Out of the question.
It's the product of the 21st century.
It's got everything you need.
Every essential nutrient.
If an athlete asks me for advice
about dietary supplements,
I say spirulina right off the bat.
I'm not lying.
It's got everything you need.
The premium dietary supplement.
This time it's working.
It's sticking.
We'll crisscross them.
You got a fat ass!
Great teamwork.
You don't get it at all.
They're laughing,
laughing is good, but...
I don't give a shit about laughing.
Bunch of baloney!
Gives me a headache.
I've got aspirin,
I'll put aspirin in their glasses.
Monday 21,
Tuesday 22,
Wednesday 23,
Thursday 24,
Friday 25.
- For you, sweetie.
- Thanks.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thanks, honey.
Your mother hasn't got hers yet.
Thanks, Tarik.
My pleasure.
How did you meet, if I may ask?
We met at a nightclub.
It was late.
I saw Christophe dancing alone
on the dancefloor.
I thought it was so cute.
We looked at each other.
He seemed super shy.
When our arms touched,
my heart exploded.
I knew he was the love of my life.
It all happened really fast.
I got pregnant.
With me.
Then life split us apart.
I knew we'd come back together.
I believed.
I wanted a united family.
I haven't always been clean.
I had a few brushes with the law
when I was a kid.
While I was incarcerated,
the only person who came to see me
even though she was pregnant,
was my wife.
That's why, when I got out of prison,
I decided to marry her
and look after my two princesses.
Look how pretty she is.
We have to protect them.
We owe our children a better world.
I can't think of any stories.
Make one up, doesn't matter.
It's the story of a little girl...
Do you know
The Three Little Pigs?
I've heard that one
a thousand times.
This is the Kilgorin sword.
The Sword of Darkness.
This one is
the Sword of Purple Revenge.
Arwen's sword.
It belonged to Princess Idril.
This one's my favorite.
They were living
in terrible conditions.
No hygiene.
There would've been disease outbreaks.
Letting them stay was no help to them.
Isn't it illegal to do this?
No, no.
Their camp is illegal.
Only elite units wear ski masks.
It would bankrupt the bureaucracy.
- Ski masks are cheap.
- Right, but...
You're nothing to the bureaucracy.
You're a peon.
They base you here,
transfer you there...
There are so many
restrictions and parameters
to take into account.
When you draw your gun,
you have to respect the protocol:
proportionality, synchronicity...
- We need to focus.
- The calm before the storm.
You broke out the bullet-proof vest.
Yep. In the world we're living in,
it's better to be prepared.
Have you ever needed it?
Not me.
But I know someone
who'd have been better off with one.
And the gloves?
When you're patting someone down,
you might come across a used syringe
or a box cutter in a pocket.
I see.
- Get up.
- Get out of bed.
Make it quick.
I hear you like kids?
Hurry up.
- Is it him?
- It is.
Tarik, you handle him.
Sit him down on the chair.
Yassine, give him the tape.
Tie his hands behind his back.
Hey! What're you doing?
Yassine, tie him up.
What're you doing?
The alarm was raised
exactly one month ago.
Two security guards
from Sophia Antipolis
found an incinerated body
in an empty office space.
A month later, the autopsy
finally revealed the victim's identity.
Her name is Sophia Dominguez.
A young woman
with no criminal record.
No evidence of rape
or illegal substances were found.
The body was too carbonized
to draw any conclusions.
The security guards noticed
no unusual activity that night.
No unusual noises either.
A police reenactment will attempt
to establish a criminal motive.
What are you doing here?
Do you hear me?
Why don't you speak?
Were you close to the victim?
Get up, I've got things to do.
Come here.
- No.
- Come on!
What do you want?
I don't want to!
- Let me go!
- Stop it, shut up!
- Shut up.
- Let me go, I beg you!
Let me go!
Are they serious?
That's not what happened at all.
She was dead, I'm telling you.
If she'd screamed like that,
we'd have heard it.
The cops
are doing their little sideshow.
They didn't even listen to us.
Chill out.
I'm telling you, she was dead.
We'd have heard her screams.
Hear all the noise they're making?
We may have been distracted.
This place is huge.
We can't hear everything.
You've got a 16-year-old girl,
losing interest in school,
hanging out in nightclubs
with a bunch of hoodlums.
Every night.
And she got those breasts implants.
Maybe she borrowed money
from the hoodlums
to get them done.
Her mother said they were broke.
We verified.
- She found that money somewhere.
- Right.
They spotted her some dough.
Or pimped her out.
Or she took them for a ride.
Or she knew too much.
So they wasted her,
shut her up for good.
Stop it!
I'll pay it all back!
Shut your trap!
Move your ass!
Her parents named her Sophia,
like the town where she was born.
But she didn't like the name.
So she took the name Sonia.
It was the first day of school.
She came over and talked to me.
Then we sat next to each other in class.
Everyone said we looked alike.
One day
she made the whole class laugh.
The teacher was so sick
of our chattering,
he put her in a closet.
He'd closed the door,
but she kept wiggling around.
The closet fell over.
She rose from the broken planks.
Everyone laughed,
except a few girls
who couldn't stand her.
One day after class,
she suggested we walk home together.
We found out
we lived across from each other.
We talked all afternoon.
We realized we had the same life.
That year, we spent vacation
at her grandparents' in Spain.
After that, we were inseparable.
I slept at her house
and she at mine.
Then gradually, she began to change.
She started skipping classes.
At first I followed along.
Then I thought she was going too far.
One day she pretended to be pregnant
to miss a few days of school.
That's when she started
hanging with those guys.
They were older.
They invited her out every night.
She was no longer herself.
We started seeing less of each other.
By May we'd stopped entirely.
She stopped answering my messages.
I understood she'd moved on.
One day I ran into her by chance.
She was sleeping
on a bench in the street.
I woke her up,
and she started crying.
She told me those guys
had kicked her out of a party,
because she had no limits
and she embarrassed them.
She'd walked alone all night.
She told me death must be like that.
Whether we're here or not,
life goes on.
No one cares.
People go on living and having fun.
Where are you going?
None of your business.
Right, ok.
Why, is it top secret?
Oh well.
Hey, look.
The last time I saw her
was when
I went with her to the clinic.
She'd decided
to have plastic surgery.
Either her cheekbones
or her breasts.
She decided on her breasts.
She'd tampered with her ID
to pass for 18.
She'd called me
and asked me to go with her.
I told her
she had beautiful breasts.
They were great as they were.
But she didn't really care.
The operation went very well.
She was happy.