Sorority Sister Killer (2021) Movie Script

(Mystic airy music)
(Tense music)
(People chattering)
(Upbeat dance music)
[Men] Chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!
(People cheering)
(Guests chattering)
(Door knocking)
Just a minute.
[Woman] She jumped!
Oh my god, she jumped!
(Woman screaming)
(Tense music)
I rushed out the bathroom.
Everybody was freaking out.
So I just...
I followed the screaming.
And then I saw her.
Thank you.
Tell us about what
happened on the roof, Lacey.
I just did.
We'd like to hear it again.
We'll get back
to the roof, but,
why don't we go a
little further back?
I wanna hear your
story, in your own words
from the beginning
of this whole thing.
(Sighing) Okay, I'll
tell you everything.
Tara's parents were
overseas for the summer
so it was just my mom
who was moving us into our dorm.
We both made it into
the engineering program,
it's just kind of,
it just seemed like fate.
We were so excited.
Oh, this is so
exciting, girls!
[Lacey] Yup, sure is!
Oh, I love this place.
You know, I did dorms
my first year too.
Well, first semester anyway.
Second semester-
kappa tau pi house,
yeah mom, we know.
Did I mention that already?
[Tara] Once or twice, Ms. W.
(Both giggling)
Hey, what did
I say about that?
It's gonna take some
getting used to.
Good, 'cause you're 18 now.
And do you see a
ring on this hand?
No, and the only Mrs. W I know
is my former mother-in-law.
And the least we say about
here, the better, right?
Yeah, you're right,
you're right.
- Yeah, right, right.
She's right, yeah.
- Yes, good answer.
Get your stuff.
Let's go
[Tara] Okay.
(Britney giggling)
(Light music)
So over here to your
left is the common area.
There's a pool
table and ping pong,
and all these cute fellows.
Oh, you!
You are gonna love
your new room.
Here we are.
Wait, this is huge.
This is very large.
I wanna see the rooms!
[Britney] Do you like it?
What a view, right?
- Mhmm.
[Britney] Good?
Okay girls, who
gets which room?
Let's just say
which one we both want
at the count of three.
Good, one, two, three.
This one.
- That one.
- Ugh!
I knew.
Let's go, let's do this.
- No.
You take it, you take it.
That's not fair.
Yes, I changed my mind.
I love this side.
It's very me.
(Chuckling) Are you sure?
That is so sweet of you, Tara.
It's the small kindnesses
that matter most.
That's very sweet of you, mom.
[Tara] Oh, speaking of small
kindnesses, what is this?
What is that?
[Tara] What are those flowers?
I don't know!
Mom, did you?
- They're so pretty.
I don't know.
- What?
Oh, so nice.
What's this?
Who is the
fairest of them all,
the answer lies on yonder wall.
Is this a riddle?
[Lacey] You know
anything about this?
No, gosh, don't look at me.
Yeah, it's definitely a riddle.
Fairest of them
all, snow white?
Snow white, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Who is the fairest, oh!
The wicked queen asks
the questions to the
[both] Mirror!
The mirror, okay.
- Mirror.
Where's the mirror?
Look on the walls.
- Oh, okay!
You do it.
Should I?
Okay, maybe take
it off the wall?
Oh, turn it around,
turn it around.
(Laughing) Okay?
It's so fun.
The both of you
are fair as can be,
that much is perfectly clear.
Now seek the place you'll
share with other maidens
not far, it's near.
Where is that?
Bathroom, the bathroom?
The bathroom!
- The bathroom?
Maybe, I don't know.
Where's the bathroom?
- I don't know
where the bathroom is.
You gotta find it.
- Ooh, this is nice.
[Lacey] What?
We're getting warmer.
- You're getting warmer.
Maybe warmer like hotter?
Hot water?
Very clever.
[Tara] Hey, oh, yes!
That's the spirit,
you're almost there.
Now venture further out
to the parlor if you dare.
Mmm, I don't remember
anything as fancy as a parlor.
(Gasps) It's gotta
be in the common room.
Common room!
Yes, okay!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yes, okay!
- I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know, I don't
know, I don't know.
(Talking over each other)
You are about the type.
I know, I can't,
I need like help.
[Girls] Surprise!
(Girls clapping)
Let's go!
- Hi!
- Hi, I'm Katy.
[Tara] Nice to meet you.
Lacey, look at you.
You're all grown up and
absolutely stunning.
Your hair is to die for.
Thanks, this is
my best friend.
Oh, Tara.
[Tara] What?
I've done my research.
I am kappa president after all.
Oh, you guys should
know my little sis Ella
from Harrison high, right?
She is all grown up too
and a cute little freshman
now just like you two.
Of course.
What's up, Ella?
So are you guys
totally surprised?
Well, yeah!
Honey, you had no idea
how hard it was for me
to keep my mouth shut.
Well, I actually know
exactly how hard it is
to get you to shut up.
I'm just kidding.
Lana, hi! (Laughing)
Lacey, welcome to college.
Hell, welcome to womanhood.
Oh, and you too, Tara.
Thank you.
Dramatic much, mother?
I'm sorry.
- I'm Lana.
And I'm mother to
these two right here.
And I'm mother hen to the
rest of these beauties
all right here.
She means she's
the house mother.
Mother hen is her being cute.
That's my Ella.
She's too cool for school.
Oh, Britney is on the
alumni board with me.
We oversee the girls
and make sure they're living
up to the high kappa standards.
Speaking of high standards.
Help yourselves.
Help yourselves.
Ooh, I don't mind if I do!
Just sparkling cider,
Brit, no worries.
Well, that's good.
'Cause give Lacey anything
with alcohol and bubbles
and she gets crazy.
[Girl] Ooh!
Wait, what?
[Lacey] That was one time,
that was one time.
- Sorry.
[Britney] What are you
girls talking bad about?
Lacey is a legacy,
just like Ella and I
and we kappas take
that very seriously.
Oh, and you, Tara, are
the bestie of a legacy,
something we also
take very seriously.
And this welcome is for you too.
That's really sweet,
thank you, Courtney.
But girls, there is no
pressure to pledge kappa, okay?
The decision is yours
and yours alone.
Oh yes, yeah of course.
I mean you don't
have to pledge kappa.
You can just break our
hearts, crush our dreams,
and I mean, ruin the rest
of the year, but, (laughing)
No pressure at all.
You can always pledge delta.
What's wrong with delta?
Oh, nothing.
Katy was just making
a little joke.
To Lacey and Tara!
- Yeah!
Cheers, cheers!
(Glasses clinking)
This is not cider.
It's delicious, it's great.
- Nice to meet you!
- Hey!
This is great, it's great.
Hi, it's so nice to meet you!
Oh, there she goes!
- No!
Oh no.
See ya!
- Bye, guys.
Oh, Tara, it's me,
why don't you love me?
Oh, no, what did I say?
One glass of champagne
and you totally lose it.
Ella, did you hear the story
of when Tara got catfished?
Less of a catfish,
more like a stalker!
- But shut your mouth,
I'm over it.
You're no fun.
So I take it you guys
like the big welcome?
Yeah, it was really cool.
Yeah, why, they
did the same for you?
My mom knows I'm not
into that kind of thing.
I don't even know
if I'm gonna pledge.
Really, how come?
I'm not sure the whole
Greek thing's for me.
Well, I wasn't sure either,
but I mean, seems fun,
and everybody was so nice to me
and they don't even know me.
Well, I'm right above you.
Oh, we're neighbors!
- Yeah!
- Hey.
Do you wanna unpack?
That sounds really boring.
Yeah it really really does.
You hungry?
When am I not?
(Gasping) Pizza, yes.
And you're paying for it for
bringing up you know whom.
I thought you guys
were good together.
Oh stop.
(Light music)
Yeah, what's your location
so we can always find
each other on campus.
Ooh, that's a good idea.
That way I can just
stalk you like-
oh my god.
- Yeah, I'll see you around.
It's funny for you.
- Lacey?
Hey, Lex.
What's up, Tara?
I knew we'd see each other.
I just didn't think
it would be so soon.
Yeah, it's not
that big of a school.
It's bigger than
Harrison high.
Yeah, thank god for that.
How's your dorm?
- a dorm.
Four walls, kind of musty.
Yeah, me too.
It's cool you guys
have each other.
Easy for you to say.
[Lex] I haven't
really met anyone yet.
You will.
Well, good talk,
Lex, hang in there
and all that,
but we're kind of on a serious
mission here so (clicking)
Okay, cool.
See you guys around?
Come on.
Oh, my god, that was painful.
Dude, I've never seen
him like that before.
He looked like a lost puppy.
Lex is no puppy,
he's a pit bull.
Yeah, only when he drinks.
Listen to yourself!
You're justifying
his behavior.
No, I'm not.
Yes you are.
Look, there is a reason
you dumped his creepy ass.
[Lacey] What?
Yeah, don't forget it.
You're right.
No more angry drunks, okay?
From now on we only associate
with upstanding young gentlemen.
Kappa girls do have high
standards after all.
Oh my god, you are
so rushing kappa!
Yeah, of course,
and you will too!
Won't you?
You have to!
We'll see.
That means yes. (Giggling)
So that's what happened?
You and Tara decided
to pledge kappa tau pi?
[Detective cross] Did you
consider any other sororities?
We actually, we liked
delta psi beta a lot.
Their president's Rachel Zampra.
We spoke to her.
You did, why?
Just routine.
So you went with kappa?
Yeah, that welcome kind
of sealed the deal,
and we just thought it was
the perfect place for us.
Let' skip ahead to the
afternoon of the sixth.
You attended an event at
the kappa house, correct?
That's when
everything changed.
All the pledges were there.
(Birds chirping)
(Girls chattering)
Mmm, this is so delicious.
What did you call this again?
A mocktail.
No alcohol, just
fruity goodness.
Not like your
cider the other day.
Oh, come on Brit,
we can be a little naughty
every once in a while, can't we?
Just a little.
(Clears throat) Just a little.
Well, I guess we
were a little naughty
back in our day. (Laughing)
Britney, do tell.
Yeah, mom.
Tell us everything, please!
Come on, Brit,
I'm dying to know
where Lacey gets
her freakiness from.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Okay, Tara.
Tara, you know we're gonna
have a little talk one day.
Yeah mom, that's
never gonna happen.
(Glasses clinking)
(Tara laughing)
Look at you two looking
out for each other.
Just like we used
to do, remember?
Oh yeah, but sisters,
sisters never reveal
their secrets.
Ah, well, we're all
sisters here, aren't we?
No, no, no, not quite yet.
The pledges here are still,
the young ones
are still pledges.
Ella, honey.
Have I told you how
proud I am of you
for deciding to pledge?
Over and over and over again.
Listen, girls, I know
we might seem sappy but
this is a really special
time for you all.
Soak it in.
Relish it.
And relish one another.
You guys are about to be family.
I just love how supportive
they are of each other.
Oh yeah.
Wasn't always like
that in our days.
What do you mean?
Let's just say that
hazing was still a thing
back in our day.
I mean there were a lot
of really sweet girls
but there were a
few who took things
a little too far.
But not these angels.
Right, Courtney?
Of course, mother.
Hazing has no place
at kappa tau pi.
That's correct,
cheers to that.
Another mocktail.
Love you.
Love you too.
It was such a lovely
party, Courtney.
You girls have fun.
Thank you, we will.
Oh, but not too much fun.
Oh, you know me, mother.
Bye, honey.
Bye, mom.
Bye, Brit.
Can you believe that?
Jeez, our little girls.
- I know!
(Crickets chirping)
Lacey, that dress
looks so pretty on you.
Oh, thanks, Tiffany.
Yours is beautiful.
I love it.
[Tara] It fits you so well.
[Lacey] It does.
And I love the hairpiece.
[Tara] What, what happened?
(Tense music)
Hazing had no place
at kappa tau pi, mommy.
Please don't tell me
any of you dumbasses
actually believe that.
[Katy] I think they did.
Didn't you?
Aw, Lacey.
Our perfect little
legacy Princess.
[Katyj yeah, why do you
think you're so perfect?
I don't.
You don't what?
I don't think I'm perfect.
Good, you're not.
None of you are.
I have never seen a crop
of pledges this pathetic.
Excuse me?
Now, tilt your head
back and open wide.
It's drinky time!
Are you serious?
I said head back!
Oh my god!
Open wide.
Now drink!
You know how to do
that, don't you?
[Courtney] Oh come
on, give her another.
[Tara] Ow, hey!
Shut up.
[Tara] Please stop.
Such a little lush!
Okay, you're up.
Come on, Tara.
I don't wanna do this.
[Katy] Too bad, head back.
- Okay!
This one next.
Open up, head back.
Get back.
- Tiffany.
Oh my god!
Come on!
Kappa girls can go toe to toe
with any frat on campus!
And I thought you
were some big, strong,
softball star, huh?
[Tara] Hey, stop!
Shut up.
Ew, you sound like a pig.
[Katy] So gross,
you nasty piggy.
Hey, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Ella, what is this?
- I don't know.
Courtney, no.
- Did you know about this?
[Courtney] Faster!
Blindfolds on.
- Oh my god.
[Courtney] Shut up.
Now move, follow Katy.
What's going on?
- One foot in front
of the other, Tara.
Move, this way!
[Tara] Someone's
gonna get hurt.
Shut up!
Come on!
Is this stairs?
[Courtney] Yes, just walk.
Oh, my gosh, one foot in
front of the other, ladies.
Oh my god, get up
against the wall.
[Tara] Where's the wall?
(Tense music)
Take those blindfolds off.
Take 'em off.
Eh, eh, eh, not you piggy.
Yours stays on.
Get up here.
Where'd you get
that dress, piggy?
It's hideous.
Seriously, it
makes me wanna puke.
Take it off.
Take it off!
Shut up!
Don't make us tell
you again, piggy.
(Tiffany whimpering)
Good, now look at us.
Tell me, Tiffany.
Are you proud of that body?
I thought softball chicks
were supposed to be toned.
Ever heard of a gym?
[Courtney] Ever
heard of a salad?
Why would you think
we would ever let a
basic bitch like you
be a kappa?
Have you ever
considered delta?
I can't think of a
single frat on the row
that would let you into a party,
let alone sleep with you.
Not even the zetas.
And the zetas are desperate.
I mean they'll get
down with anything.
Anything but you.
All right.
Lose the bra and granny panties.
Don't make your
president repeat herself.
[Sorority girls] Strip,
strip, strip, strip,
strip, strip,
strip, strip, strip,
strip, strip, strip,
strip, strip, strip!
You don't have to do this.
- Lacey!
Get your ass back in line!
No, this is insane, Courtney!
It's the 20s, not the 90s,
you can't get away with
stuff like this anymore.
And you can't treat
people like this.
She said get your ass
- Ow, no!
(Tense music)
Guys, we're supposed
to be sisters,
not mean girls on crack!
Okay, this is all so wrong!
[Courtney] Are you done?
Are you done with
your little speech?
Don't take it, Tiffany.
Just come on, let's
just get out of here.
It looks like Tiffany is tougher
than you give her
credit for, Lacey.
Certainly tougher than
you, that's for sure.
Fine, I'm leaving.
[Courtney] No
one's stopping you.
Tara, come with me.
[Courtney] Bye, Lacey.
Remember me?
Yeah, you're Rachel,
president of delta psi beta.
You know, I thought we
had a shot at you, but,
I heard you're pledging kappa.
It's no hard feelings.
You are legacy after all.
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
What are you doing right now?
Do you wanna come
hang out with us?
(Light music)
We're not exactly
raging tonight.
Deltas are a pretty
low key bunch.
It's perfect.
How about a cup of tea?
Yeah, cup of tea sounds great.
Follow me.
Our tea selection is next level.
[Lacey] Oh gosh. (Laughing)
Why didn't you come with me?!
I'm not your
little pet, Lacey,
I can make my own decisions!
Oh, so you're just cool
with what they did to Tiffany?
It wasn't that bad, okay?
It's tradition!
It's tradition, yeah, sure.
They were testing us, okay?
They were seeing
how tough we were.
There's nothing
tough about that.
It was just cruel!
Tiffany can stand
up for herself, okay?
I didn't see her asking
for anyone's help.
Do you hear yourself?
Tara, this is not like you.
You don't just
follow other people.
Yeah, I'm sick of
following you around
like we're still 10, okay?
You always make
all the decisions
and expect me to do
whatever you want.
That's not true!
Yes, it is.
It's been that way
so long, in fact,
you don't even realize it.
Why do you think
you got that room?
Are you serious, really?
That is so stupid, Tara!
It's not stupid,
it's how I feel!
Well you know
what, I didn't know,
I've been such a horrible
friend to you all these years.
I'm really sorry, Tara.
Shut up, Lacey!
Where are you going?
Courtney said I
could crash at kappa!
Oh, you've gotta
be kidding me, Tara!
Okay fine, you know what,
just go be with
your new friends,
you guys deserve each other.
(Tense music)
(Phone ringing)
Lacey, I just got off
the phone with Lana.
What is going on?
Please call me as
soon as you get this.
Yeah, see ya.
- Okay.
Lacey, wait.
So obviously things got
a little bit intense
the other night.
Look, if you're worried
I'm gonna report you,
you can relax, I've got
better things to do.
Okay, that's good to know.
Look, I get how
you probably think
that what I did the other
night was pretty nasty.
But you don't get
to be a soldier
unless you make it
through boot camp.
We're not soldiers, Courtney.
Well obviously
you don't understand
what it takes to be a leader.
Look, since you're a legacy
and since our moms
are so tight and all,
I might be willing to
give you another chance.
Actually, I'm
pledging delta psi beta.
The deltas?
You're kidding!
No, I think they're awesome.
It's social suicide.
You're so adorable.
Gotta go.
I gave you a chance.
You won't get another one.
Legacy or not.
[Lacey] Yeah I
didn't say anything.
You don't think you should
have reported the hazing
to the school administration?
I don't know.
I guess I was worried
it was gonna become
some huge drama.
Maybe it simply
wasn't as serious
as you're saying it was.
It was serious.
Did you tell your mom?
She didn't.
I sort of downplayed it.
Why'd you do that?
Because I knew how
important kappa psi beta was
to you and I just,
I didn't want to disappoint you
by not fitting in.
Honey, you never
disappoint me.
I wish you would have
told me everything
but you did the right
thing when you left.
Okay Lacey, I know this
very difficult for you
but we need to go back to
what happened two nights ago
at the sigma chi party.
Take your time, honey.
It had been a week
since the hazing at kappa.
Tara and I hadn't talked.
It was the longest we had
gone without talking ever.
I went ahead and pledged delta
so I was spending a lot of time
with Rachel and those girls.
- I know.
Does this tiki thing
feel like, I don't know,
cultural appropriation?
Let's not forget
that our whole system
is appropriated
from Greek culture.
(Phone chiming)
- Well.
At least we look hot.
What is it?
" Hey Lacey, please tell
me you and those delta skanks
aren't coming to
the party tonight.
No one wants you there."
Wait, is this Tara?
As in your best friend Tara?
As in my former
best friend Tara.
I'm sorry, Lacey,
that really sucks.
I don't even know
how to respond to this.
It's like she's a
totally different person
all of a sudden.
Just ignore it.
Come on.
Screw her.
[Lana] Oh, oh, hello, Lacey.
Hi, Lana.
I'm so sorry that
you and Courtney
had a misunderstanding
last week.
No, there was no
She just started to
haze us and I left.
There's no hazing at kappa.
You weren't there.
Oh, I talked to the girls
and they say there's no
hazing and I believe them.
Okay then.
You know, I hope you can keep
these assumptions to yourself.
Rumors like these, they're
not good for any of us.
Hmm, that kind of
sounds like a threat.
What is with you deltas?
Always so sensitive all
the time! (Laughing)
Yeah, why are you
at a student party?
Isn't that sort of weird?
I'm keeping an
eye out on my girls.
That's what a house mother does.
Well, good for you mama.
(Lacey laughing)
(Dance music)
Not bad, not bad.
Oh my god.
Classy, I like it.
Let's get drinks.
What is in these?
Better not to ask.
Just drink up.
Hey, I've been looking for you.
[Rachel] Well, you found me.
Listen, I got
something to show you.
[Rachel] Okay.
Let's go.
[Detective cross] How
many drinks did you have
before the party?
[Lacey] What?
How many drinks did
you have at the party?
I don't know.
A few?
What's a few?
Three, four?
Five, six?
I think, four?
Hey, Lacey.
- Oh, man.
So clumsy.
And so drunk.
Don't be like that.
This is a party,
we're in college.
This is what college
kids do, right?
Yeah, I guess so.
You look really pretty.
Not like these other
girls that try so hard.
You just look good.
I miss you, Lacey.
Lex, just don't.
Don't, okay?
And you're right.
So what's up with you and Tara?
What do you mean?
Just heard you guys like all
of a sudden hate each other.
Is that true?
Is she here?
Yeah, she's upstairs, I think.
(Men cheering and hooting)
Not Tara.
Oh, there you are.
Why are you hiding from me?
Look, you can lie
to Lana all you want
about the hazing, I
really don't care.
But don't you dare
try to intimidate me
from going to a party
or doing anything
with my new friends.
Okay, they're not skanks, Tara,
how could you say
that about anybody?
I mean look at what
you're wearing.
I mean let me guess,
did Courtney pick that
outfit out for you?
Look, I'm not letting you
ruin my time here, okay?
So just leave me alone.
(Tense music)
(Music intensifying)
(Door knocking)
Just a minute.
[Woman] She jumped!
Oh my god, she jumped!
(Woman screaming)
(Ominous music)
(Tense music)
(Music intensifying)
[Woman] What happened?
Somebody call 911.
[Britney] Lacey!
(Somber music)
Come on, come on.
Let's get you home.
I just can't believe
some of the things
I said to here before she-
It was just a stupid fight.
All best friends have them.
You should have seen some
of the ridiculous fights
that Lana and I had.
They don't mean anything.
And Tara knew how
much you loved her.
Come here.
(Doorbell ringing)
[Detective cross] Are you
Lacey Montgomery's mother?
I'm Britney Wyles.
Hi there.
Is your daughter here, ma'am?
[Detective Fuller]
There's nothing else
you wanna tell us, Lacey?
What do you mean?
I think you know what I mean.
Detective Fuller,
I have had enough
of the way you've been
talking to my daughter.
She is exhausted.
Her best friend just died in
a terrible accident yesterday
and you're making it
seem like she's trying
to hide something from you.
A terrible accident?
It was awful.
Awful, yes.
An accident?
We don't think so.
What are you saying?
Are you saying
that you think that
Tara may have jumped?
We believe someone
pushed her off that roof.
Someone pushed Tara,
who would do
something like that?
We thought you
might have the answer.
Slow down here.
You're talking about murder?
That's right.
[Britney] How
can you be so sure?
Tara fell off
the roof backwards.
The distance between the house
and where she landed
in the driveway
indicates the cause was
likely a strong push.
And one of her shoes
was found on the roof
as if she'd been
pushed out of it.
We also haven't been able
to locate Tara's cellphone.
Did she have it with her
when you saw her on the roof?
I really don't care,
but don't you dare
try to intimidate me
from going to a party
or doing anything
with my new friends!
Yeah, she had it in her hand.
[Detective Fuller]
Then where is it?
How is Lacey
supposed to know that?
My question was
for your daughter.
And my question is for you.
Isn't that possible that
the phone was with her
when she fell off the roof?
[Detective cross]
We searched the area.
Well maybe somebody found it.
Who would do that?
I don't know!
Who would push
Tara off the roof?
Good question.
Who do you think it was, Lacey?
I don't know.
You were the last
one who saw her.
Maybe, but that doesn't mean-
you two were fighting.
You told us how angry you were
and it wasn't the
only argument you had.
Fine, you know what, just
go be with your new friends,
you guys deserve each other!
So what, it was
just an argument,
it didn't mean anything.
You lost your temper,
just like when you pushed Katy.
Did that mean anything?
Okay, enough.
I have let this go
on way too long.
You are in my house
accusing my daughter
of murdering her best friend.
And I will not
tolerate it any longer.
Looks like you have
quite a temper yourself.
You're damn right I do.
(Tense music)
Ladies, let's dial
back the temperature.
I understand your
anger, Britney,
but we're not accusing
Lacey of anything.
We're simply just
asking questions.
That's not what she's doing.
And your whole good cop routine
doesn't fool anybody, detective.
So with all due respect,
get the hell out of here.
It's miss Wyles.
[Detective cross]
Okay, miss Wyles.
We'll show ourselves out.
That was harassment.
I will have their
badges for this.
Oh, Karen Kittleson's
husband is a criminal lawyer.
I'm gonna call him.
Wait, mom, I'm
gonna need a lawyer?
It's just a precaution, honey.
Look, I don't want you to
worry about anything, okay?
They're gonna realize
that they had it all wrong
and everything is just
gonna work itself out, okay?
Look at me.
I am not going to let
anything happen to you, okay?
(Phone chiming)
(Doorbell ringing)
(Tense music)
I didn't know you were in town.
I'm so sorry about Tara.
Do you wanna come in?
Did you have something
to do with Tara's death?
No, of course not.
Then why are the
police asking me
so many questions about you?
'Cause she was my best friend.
You were with her
just before she died.
And what happened, what
did you say to her?
Jennifer, hi.
I am so sorry.
I can't even imagine what
you're going through.
That's right, you can't.
But Lacey's hurting too.
Why don't you come inside
and we can talk about this?
Come in.
Don't touch me!
Jen, we're friends.
It's easy for
you to stay calm.
You still have Lacey.
But what about me?
(Somber music)
I don't have a daughter anymore.
(Water splashing)
That's the one.
[Ella] Hey, Lacey.
You okay?
Not really.
Yeah, me either.
You know, you don't
have to do this.
I'm sure you don't
wanna be seen with me.
For what it's worth, I
don't think you did it.
I didn't.
Come on, Ella, kappas don't
associate with murder suspects.
Tara was my best
friend, Courtney.
And she was our sister.
I didn't do it.
Yeah, then why do the
cops keep asking about you?
They talked to you?
Well, yeah, they're
talking to everyone.
Come on guys, let's go.
Bye bye, killer.
(Lightly suspenseful music)
Hey, guys.
(Somber music)
Okay, guess I'll
study somewhere else.
Hold on, hold on.
Come on, guys.
What is this?
We stand by each other.
That's why we're here.
Otherwise, what's the point
of even having a sorority?
Just forget it, Rachel.
Lacey, wait.
You know, I can't blame them.
God only knows what
they've heard about me.
You don't have
to leave, though.
You know, everywhere I go,
people are staring at me
and whispering about me?
People are scared.
But the deltas
will stand by you,
I'll make sure of it.
It's only a matter of time
before they turn on me too.
I should just be alone.
No, we can get
through this together.
Yeah, you know
what, I can't, sorry.
No, Lacey.
No, I can't.
(Tense music)
Oh, ugh,
- What?
What are you doing here?
I was just coming to see you.
I think someone's in my room.
(Tense music)
No one's here, Lacey.
Someone was here.
Maybe you forgot
to close the door.
No, I didn't forget
to close the door, Lex,
and this didn't
just fall on itself.
Someone knocked it over.
God, that's messed up.
Yeah, it is.
Are you serious?
You're really trying to
come on to me right now?
What, no, I was just
trying to comfort you.
Have you been day drinking?
What the hell, why
do you always say that?
[Lacey] Well, have you?!
No, I haven't
been day drinking!
I'm out of here!
(Door slamming)
(Somber music)
(Doorbell ringing)
I come in peace.
Thank you.
- Mhmm.
The detectives, they were
basically accusing
Lacey of murder.
It was pretty horrible.
Well, did they come back?
Not yet, but,
I think it's just a matter
of time until they do.
I got a lawyer.
I got a lawyer for my kid.
I can't believe
this is happening.
It's so crazy.
But I mean you can understand
their suspicions, right?
Are you serious, no!
Lacey would never do
something like that.
No, no, no, no,
I don't mean she meant to do it.
I mean, Brit, she was with Tara
like right before it happened.
They were fighting.
I wonder.
I mean maybe,
maybe it got physical.
I need you to stop.
I need you to stop!
But you should know.
Lacey did push Katy really hard.
I saw the bruise on her hip.
So did the police.
So what?
She was just defending Tiffany.
That's not what
Tiffany said happened.
Oh really, what did
Tiffany say happened?
That there was no hazing.
That Lacey got into
an argument with Katy.
And she just, she
lost her temper.
Britney, like you know
she does sometimes, Brit.
I don't believe it.
I believe my daughter.
Of course.
Of course.
Of course.
There she is.
Morning, Lacey.
How are you?
I've been better.
- I hear that.
You know I've
actually gotta go.
We were just wondering
if you happen to remember
anything new about
the night Tara died.
No recollection about
what may have happened
to her cell phone?
Can't you guys, I don't know,
track it or something?
We can't.
The service provider
can, of course,
but only when it's
turned on, so.
In fact, they did track it.
They did, where is it?
Your dorm building.
[Detective cross] It was
only turned on briefly, so.
As if whoever turned it on
knew she shouldn't
leave it on for long.
You know if you guys
think that I did this,
just say so.
We're just asking-
you're just asking
questions, yeah sure.
Look, all this time
you're wasting on me
could be used to
find the real killer.
So you're saying what,
this whole phone thing
is just a coincidence?
If I had Tara's phone,
why would I turn it on
in my own dorm?
Someone is clearly
trying to incriminate me.
I mean, someone did
break into my room.
And you're just
telling us this now?
I shouldn't even be talking
to you without a lawyer.
If my mom saw us
talking right now,
she would freak out.
Then why are
you talking to us?
Because I'm not afraid of you.
I didn't do anything.
Wait, when did this happen?
This break in.
Was it a forced entry?
I don't know, the door was
open when I got home, so.
Then you probably
just left it open.
No, I didn't.
[Detective cross]
Was anything taken?
I don't think so.
You don't think so?
[Detective cross] Sounds
like we better go take a look.
(Phone ringing)
Hey, mom.
Hey honey, how are you?
I'm fine.
The detectives are
searching my room right now.
Fuller and cross?
Put detective
cross on the phone.
My mom wants to talk to you.
What can I do for
you, miss Wyles?
How dare you go
against my wishes.
You are not supposed
to be there.
Yes ma'am. I understand that
but she gave us permission to-
do you have a search warrant?
Do you?
- No ma'am.
Then get the hell
out of there right now.
Yes, ma'am.
[Britney] Now.
[Lacey] Thanks.
We're done.
(Tense music)
(Crickets chirping)
Yeah, you know, I
can't even pretend
to concentrate right now?
So I think I'm just
gonna take off.
Probably a good call.
I'm so sleepy.
You have had
enough to worry about
and I thought about
not telling you this.
Those detectives
were here today.
[Lacey] Not surprised.
Well they're asking
everyone questions about you.
Well I'm starting to think
the only way that they're
gonna catch Tara's killer
is if I just do it myself.
Well, let me know
if you need backup.
(Laughing) Rach, thanks.
Seriously, for everything.
Why don't you let
me walk you home?
What, no.
Then you're gonna have
to walk home alone!
I don't think you
should be alone.
I'm gonna be fine, okay?
It's a short walk.
And I mean if the
killer comes after me
I can just, I don't know,
catch him?
You hear that out there?
I'm not afraid of you!
Oh my god.
(Both laughing)
Bad ass.
Text me as soon as you get home.
I will.
I'm gonna be fine.
(Tense music)
Okay, you know what,
maybe I am a little scared
but I will call the cops
right now if you don't,
(Suspenseful music)
Somebody please help me!
(Car honking)
Are you okay?
Ella, yeah, no,
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Did you see the person's face?
No, are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine, what about you?
Hey, what's wrong?
It's nothing, just a headache.
Are you gonna call the police?
No, no.
The police and I don't,
we're not on the
best terms right now.
And I just, I don't want my mom
to find out about any of this.
Why not?
[Lacey] She'd try
to talk me out of it?
[Ella] Talk you out of what?
Finding out who killed Tara.
I've gotta be worrying somebody.
Why else would they
try to get rid of me?
(Lightly tense music)
You look like you haven't slept.
Yeah, I haven't.
What's up?
You haven't answered my calls
so here I am with
coffee and bagels.
Open, open.
I'm coming in.
[Lacey] Thanks, mom.
Wakey, wakey.
So what did you do, stay
up all night studying or?
Yeah, something like that.
What's all this?
Everything I know about
the night Tara died.
Everyone who was there,
all of the suspects.
I think this is what they
refer to as a war room.
Yeah, exactly.
If they won't do their job,
I'll just do it for them.
(Tense music)
(Door knocking)
What are you doing here?
Can we talk?
Just for a minute.
Thank you, for last night.
If you weren't there, I don't-
don't tell anyone.
I'm not supposed to
be talking to you.
Do you have any idea
who it might have been?
It was too dark.
Do you know if Tara
was fighting with anyone
before she died?
You mean other than you?
Sorry, that was harsh.
But no.
Tara seemed to get along
with all the kappas
if that's what you're asking.
Then what else happened
at kappa the night
of the hazing?
Kappas don't haze.
Come on, Ella, your
sister's never gonna know
that you talked to me, okay?
My sister knows everything
that happens on this campus.
She'd kill me if she
saw us right now.
What, do you think
she killed Tara?
No, it's a figure
of speech, Lacey!
Don't try to mess with my head.
That's what everyone
does and I'm sick of it!
Okay, I didn't mean
to do that, okay?
You should leave now.
I have more
questions, can you-
(Door slamming)
(Phone ringing)
Detective cross.
Hey, detective,
it's Lacey Montgomery.
Have you checked the
dormitory camera footage
to see who broke
into my room yet?
We're still looking into that.
I assume you knew
there's a camera on
every floor, right?
Of course.
Well I've asked administration
but they won't let
me see anything.
I'm sure you'll
have better luck.
(Lightly tense music)
Oh my god.
What are you doing?
We need to talk.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Tiffany, I tried to help you.
I know, but, the
kappas are my friends.
No, they're not.
Friends don't treat
each other like that.
That was just one night.
Plus they didn't mean
it, they were testing me.
They're being super nice now.
Okay, if you're happy
then that's great.
Okay, but Tara's my best friend.
I just need some answers.
Not here.
Come on.
Please make this quick.
Can you tell me what happened
after I left the pledge party?
Look, I'm not interested
in getting the sorority
in trouble, okay?
I just need to know
what happened to Tara.
Are you sure you want to know?
I need to know.
Just come on, let's
just get out of here.
Fine, I'm leaving.
No one's stopping you.
Come with me.
Okay, okay.
Maybe Lacey's right.
I'll go talk to her.
Maybe I got a
little carried away
but I promise you
it stops right now.
Get over there!
All right, you're all
a little too pretty.
Let's fix that.
Oh my god!
(Girls shrieking)
(Sprays hissing)
Okay, okay, enough
fun and games.
Take your phones out.
Get your damn
cellphones out now!
(Tense music)
Now was that so hard?
Now all of you,
delete your passcodes.
Trust me when I say
that you little whores
will not like what happens
if she has to repeat herself.
This is like, an
invasion of privacy.
(Scoffing) Shut it.
Hand them over.
You're not taking my phone.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Start with this one.
As kappa pledges, you are
no longer entitled to privacy.
Anytime we wanna see your phone,
you will hand it over.
Otherwise you're out.
Your secrets are
now our property.
So, let's see what
little miss Tara
has been gossiping about.
Boring, boring.
Jeez, you really love
your emojis, don't you?
(Girls laughing)
Who's Lex?
[Katy] She asked
you a question!
He's just a guy
from high school.
Just a guy from high school?
Oh, no he's not, he's
Lacey's boyfriend!
And you slept with
him last summer?
You baller, does Lacey know?
That answers that.
You nasty little slut.
Maybe you're kappa
material after all.
Tara and Lex?
You could tell she
felt really bad about it.
Courtney started reading
off all these texts, and,
they'd only been
together one time.
But after that, Lex's texts
started to get kind of...
What do you mean?
"Text me back, Tara.
Don't make me do
something crazy, Tara."
This Lex guy needs to chill.
I mean just because
you let him hit it
doesn't mean he owns it.
There was other
stuff like that too.
Not threats exactly, but,
it was pretty intense.
Was Lex ever like that with you?
Sometimes when
he was drinking.
There's one other
thing you should know.
But it's pretty bad.
Who thinks we should
give Lex a call?
Courtney, please,
do not do that.
[Courtney] See
what he's up to.
[Lex] What's up, Tara?
Hey Lex, it's Courtney.
You know who I am, right?
Kappa president, right?
Good boy.
So I'm here with Tara.
And she wants you to come
over and have sex with her.
Lex, you there?
[Lex] Yeah.
[Courtney] Well, did
you hear what I said?
You're joking, right?
Look, it's an
initiation thing.
You come over
here, Tara tags you
and then she's a kappa.
Right, Tara?
Right, Tara?
[Courtney] So
what'd you think?
Well, we'll all be
waiting for you.
Hmm, what?
You said he's just a guy
from high school, right?
(Girls laughing)
Did he come over?
You two have fun now.
(Somber piano music)
Reckless whimper
violent clouds
winter's taking
withered leaves
broken vows
seasons take a toll
I've been wondering
I've been weary
you've been waiting
you've been calling
say, would you come on home
why don't you come
in from the cold
fruitless years,
endless hours
and nothing much to show
silent field
waves they drown
maybe better not to
(Tense music)
[Lex] Hey.
Lex, what are you doing here?
No, back off, Lex,
back off, back off!
What are you freaking
out about now, Lacey?
[Lacey] What are
you doing in my room?
You're ignoring my texts.
So you break in?
What else am I supposed to do?
Plus your locks are a joke.
Was it you?
Did you push
Tara off the roof?
You're joking?
I know that you
slept with her.
And that you sent her
threatening texts after.
No, no, don't touch me!
Lacey, stop-
- Lex, don't touch me!
I would never hurt you.
You're different
when you drink.
You get mean, Lex.
Maybe it was an accident
between you and Tara,
I don't know.
- Stop saying that!
I can't believe you think I
would do something like that.
Look, I slept with Tara.
And yeah, I'll admit, my
texts too her afterwards
probably sounded
way too aggressive.
But that's because I
was scared to death
that she was gonna tell you.
'Cause I still wanna
be with you, Lacey.
Look, I'm sorry.
Okay, I'll stop drinking.
Whatever you want, I'll do it.
(Phone chiming)
What's wrong, who's that from?
You're getting
texts from a ghost
and I'm the drunk one?
We shared locations
with each other.
[Lex] Where are you going?
I wanna come with you!
No, Lex, no, you're wasted.
But I wanna help.
Okay, then call my mom.
She's gonna freak out if I do,
tell her to meet me
at the kappa house
and that I'm gonna call
911, not to worry, okay?
(Suspenseful music)
This is Lacey Montgomery.
Tara George's phone is at
kappa tau pi's house right now.
It's Lacey Montgomery's room.
A couple of hours of
footage to scrub through
but surely we will
find something.
Stop, right there.
Zoom in.
That's Lana McCray.
Still think the
Montgomery girl was lying?
Lana must have
Tara's cell phone.
She went to Lacey's
room to turn it on
so we'd think Lacey
had the phone.
Why not just leave
it in Lacey's room
so we'd find it?
What if there's
stuff on that phone
she doesn't want us to see?
She's smart enough to know
that even if she deletes it,
we could still uncover the data.
(Phone ringing)
Kappa house?
She called?
We're on our way.
(Tense music)
(Phone buzzing)
(Steps creaking)
(Suspenseful music)
[Lana] Okay, you
just need to relax
and let me handle this.
[Courtney] How am
I supposed to relax?
You told me the police
would have Lacey
arrested by now.
And they will!
Unless you do something
idiotic again.
Like push her in front of a car.
Oh my god, Courtney.
What were you even thinking?!
Okay, that could have
ruined everything!
I think Lacey already
knows what's going on.
And now she's trying
to find proof.
Look, Ella's been
talking to her.
Don't you understand?
I was trying to
protect all of us.
So it was you who tried
to kill me, Courtney?
So I guess the question now is
did you push Tara off the roof?
Or was it you, Lana?
Oh I don't know what
you're talking about.
We all know, and
the police think
that you're the one
who killed Tara.
Well they're on
their way right now.
So maybe we can finally
get to the bottom of this.
The police are
on their way now?
They sure are.
I tracked Tara's phone
and it brought me here.
Shut up.
I can handle this.
Handle this?
Ella, wait!
Leave her alone!
No, she has Tara's
phone, let me go!
You're not going
anywhere, Lacey.
Kappas protect each
other, no matter what.
Let her go.
(Tense music)
Lacey's my friend.
My real friend.
(Suspenseful music)
Ella, don't move!
Don't move, just
stay there, okay?
Ella, what are you doing?
I don't know, Lacey.
I don't know what's
wrong with me.
I don't know anything anymore.
What do you mean?
Get down, Ella.
[Ella] Stay back, I'll jump!
I said stay back!
Babe, okay. (Sighing)
I'm sorry, Lacey.
I'm so sorry.
Ella, you have nothing
to be sorry about, okay?
You tried to help me.
You saved my life.
It was me.
Ella, Ella be quiet,
- No, mom,
I'm done being quiet.
It was me.
I pushed Tara off the roof.
You, why?
Why would you do that?
She felt so bad about not
standing up to the hazing
the way you did.
She was gonna report the
kappas to the administration.
You know, the way
they treated Tiffany
wasn't just some
harmless initiation.
It was wrong.
I know you feel the same way.
Are you okay?
Don't do it, Tara.
I'll make sure it
never happens again
but don't go to
the administration,
we could lose our charter.
Ella, I thought
you didn't even care
about the sorority,
I don't-
- please.
I have to.
[Lacey] Tara?
Oh, there you are.
Why are you hiding from me?
Look, you can lie to Lana
all you want about the hazing,
I really don't care.
But don't you dare
try to intimidate me
from going to a party
or doing anything
with my new friends.
You didn't see
me, but I was here.
When you left,
something came over me.
So just leave me alone.
(Tense music)
(Music intensifying)
(Tara screaming)
(Phone clacking)
(Intense music)
Just a minute.
[Woman] She jumped!
Oh my god, she jumped!
(Woman screaming)
I know I always said
that I didn't care
about the sorority,
but that's not true.
Kappa is so
important to you guys
and I know I don't show it
but all that's ever
mattered to me is you two.
My family.
So when I found an opportunity
to protect the sorority,
to protect my family, I took it.
But I wasn't thinking right.
I'm still not thinking right.
There's something wrong with me.
This is all my fault.
This is all my fault.
No, it's not.
I did this.
I'm the murderer.
Ella, you don't understand.
I was awful.
I mean forcing Tiffany
to strip like that.
And making Tara sleep with Lex?
Oh my god.
Those were
horrible things, but,
those weren't the only
hazings that I did.
What do you even
mean, Courtney,
what are you talking about?
I switched your anti-anxiety
meds out for Adderall.
You did?
It's nothing, just a headache.
Oh my god.
How could you do that?
[Courtney] I'm sorry!
How could you do that?
It was just supposed
to be a stupid prank,
I didn't know that...
I'm so sorry, Ella.
You never would have
done that to Tara
if it wasn't for
what I did to you.
But this is not your fault.
Please come down.
Come on, babe.
[Courtney] Oh,
Ella I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry.
(Siren blaring in distance)
[Detective Fuller] Come
on, hurry, take point.
(Birds chirping)
Lemonade with
mint, your favorite.
And I'm gonna make us lunch.
What's all this?
I just wanna take
care of you for a bit.
Return the favor.
That is very nice,
but it's not necessary.
I have to be honest.
I kind of feel like this
whole thing is my fault.
Mom, don't say that.
Are you sure?
Are you sure I didn't
pressure you and Tara too much
to pledge kappa?
Of course I'm sure.
Mom, none of this is your fault.
Maybe we should just take a
vacation, just the two of us.
I have school?
Are you sure that you're ready
to go back to Rose state?
You could take some
time off if you want.
No, I wanna be busy.
I like my classes
and I really like my
new friends at delta.
They do seem very sweet.
They are.
I'm very proud of you.
Mom, no, don't, don't.
Mom, I've cried enough.
[Britney] We both have, okay?
[Lacey] Stop!
I am, I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, mom. I love you.
(Doorbell ringing)
Hope it's not another reporter.
Well, if it is,
they are not gonna like
what I have to say.
Hi, come in.
Thank you, miss Wyles.
Oh, don't worry, Lacey,
it's just a quick visit.
More questions?
No, no.
We've asked you enough
of those for now.
We found something
you should see.
Tara's phone?
She recorded a video for you
but never got a
chance to send it.
We'll give you some
privacy, honey, okay?
Come this way.
(Light somber music)
Hey, lace.
So, long story short,
Courtney just used my phone
to send you a really bitchy text
so I'm recording this
to tell you I'm sorry.
You were right to leave kappa
and I wish I was strong
enough to have done the same.
And I'm gonna fix it, but,
there's one more thing.
And I wanted to tell
you for so long,
I've just been really
scared, and so,
I slept with Lex.
And it was after
you two broke up
but I still should have told you
and then I did it again
at the kappa house.
I was just already
hating myself so much
for not leaving with you after
what they did to Tiffany and
the truth is, I've
always looked up to you.
You're such a strong person,
and I don't know, I
think I was just like
trying to find my own identity
by like being different
than you, but,
that's not who I am because
I'm your best friend.
I'm sorry, and I love you.
I love you.
(Intense music)