Sorority Wars (2009) Movie Script

(car door opens and shuts,
background conversations)
You played your piano
Wrote silly
love songs
And sang me
fast asleep
You drove me
to New York
Healed my first
And I remember
How every night
and every day
You're never afraid
to always say
That I'm your
moon and stars
You've got me singing
La da da da
La da da da da da
Life is never
picture perfect
La da da da
La da da da da
But we are perfect
just the way we are
You told me stories,
took me to movies
And held
my hand so sweet
We dressed in our
Made pretty angels
And I remember
Lying on our backs,
taking a rest
Making a guess,
trying our best
To count the moon
and stars
Oh, thank you.
I don't know--
how does my hair look?
Oh, perfect, as always.
Thank you.
Let's go.
It's time!
Shall we?
La da da da
La da da da da
We are perfect
just the way we are
Being in a sorority
is a privilege.
But being a Delta,
that's an honor.
I don't need to
tell you how deeply
the actives rely on the
insider opinions of us alumni
when judging our
local girls at Rush.
Now, it's up to us
to do our part to ensure
that only the right
girls get in...
to protect the legacy
we all built.
You can endorse as many
as you like this year.
We all understand
the pressure, so...
please keep the good
of the house in mind.
...picture perfect
La da da da da...
Strong crop this year.
Which reminds me...
Spoke to my Gwen,
reminded her that Katie
is prime Delta
She'll be in good hands.
I still can't believe
it's her time already.
I still feel like a freshman
pledge myself some days.
Oh, honey,
don't we wish.
This is the next
best thing--
both our girls following
in our footsteps.
Couldn't ask
for anything more.
just the way we are
This is my life,
I'm on my own
Don't need anyone
to guide me down the road
I'm finding out who
Yeah who I wanna be
This is me
...moving so fast
to where I wanna go
Hey, man, Beta.
Name, please, so we have
your information.
(overlapping conversations)
So, I guess those are
the preppy girls,
and those are
the slacker guys.
God, it's like some
kind of gang war...
only really,
really perky.
Oh, my goodness!
How are you girls gonna
keep them straight?
There's so many.
A house for every girl,
that was our mission
when I started here.
Oh, this is
so exciting, oh...
Katie Parker!
Look at you,
all grown up!
I can't believe
you're here.
You two must be proud.
My Gwen tells me your Katie
is quite the hot Rush ticket.
Every year there's a handful
of premium girls
that all the good
houses fight over.
Poaching a legacy is total
sport around here, be warned.
But, we already
have dibs on you.
When you're a pledge, I totally
wanna be your Big Sis, okay?
Pinky swear.
Gwen's been elected
Delta's Rush Chair.
It's quite an honor.
Mm-hmm, and if she
does a good job,
she's a lock for
President next year,
just like her mom.
All right, I'm headed back to
the house with the other alumni.
See you later?
Yes, definitely.
Come on.
Oh, okay, bye!
Come on, let's go.
You guys go ahead.
I'll catch up.
(door slams shut)
You okay?
Oh, I'm just
being silly.
Reliving some
ancient memories.
Some of the best moments of my
life happened on this stage.
This is where Delta won its
first ever Tri-Crown.
I was lead vocals.
I bet you rocked
the house, huh?
I held my own.
Oh, go mom.
Ah, it's your turn
in the spotlight now.
Three months, I'll be
watching you up here.
Mom... chill, I'm not
even in Delta yet.
You will be.
You are beautiful
and talented.
All grown up.
Mom, you promised
you wouldn't cry.
I can't help it.
Well, you owe me
five bucks.
I am so proud of you...
and so excited we're gonna
have all this to share.
Yeah, me too.
I have a crazy thought.
How would you like to visit
Delta and meet all the girls?
Can we?
I don't think we're supposed
to be fraternizing during Rush.
I think I can pull
some strings.
Come on,
let's go get Sara.
It'll be fun,
come on.
(indistinct conversations)
(bicycle bell dings)
(indistinct conversations)
Oh, my gosh, do you
believe this place?
What do you think?
I think this is the actual floor
plan of the Barbie Dream House.
Oh, I know.
Can you imagine living here
for the next four years?
That's not all.
Full-time cook,
weekly maid,
and sleeps more girls
than any other chapter.
Best house ever.
I'm telling you, if they have
half as much fun as we had
when we were here,
this is gonna be quite a year.
Whoa, what's with
the super bowl?
Is this what I think it is?
I've only seen it in pictures.
Mm-hmm. That is
the Tri-Crown trophy.
Tri-Crown is legendary.
It's this
amazing competition
between all
the sororities every year.
More like a war and...
not to brag,
we totally dominate.
And our mothers started
the whole thing.
Well, that's a bit
of a fib.
It was actually
a fraternity competition
until the school
went coed,
and then us ladies just
sort of took it over somehow.
I like Gwen's
version better.
Ah... yeah
I still can't believe you
talked me into all of this.
Into what?
What, the most fun you
can have at college?
Right, I'm sorry
I twisted your arm.
You should be.
Now I have to
face the fact
that I am a secret
conformist at heart.
That vexes me.
Well, if it soothes your
anarchist's ego,
Greek life isn't just about
keggers and formals, okay?
Are you drinkin'
the Kool-Aid?
No, seriously,
it is a proven fact
joining increases your odds
of staying in school
and earning more
after you graduate.
Wow. Will it also make my hair
shiny and manageable?
We just better get in
the same house.
I'm not doing
this without you.
Hey, we're only
here for Delta.
We're only doing full
Rush because we have to.
I kinda like
these Kappa girls.
"We're about friendship,
not gossip.
Fun, not drama."
That sounds great.
Still not Delta.
Other one.
Speaking of Delta,
is it me or was Gwen
totally about to dry hump you
in the quad this morning?
I don't know.
What was that about?
She barely even talked to us
in high school.
I guess you weren't such a hot
ticket when you had a retainer,
or was it headgear?
No, she was just being nice
in front of our moms
because they're BFF's.
Probably ignore us again
the rest of Rush.
I'm in a pickle
'cause I'm fickle
Don't know what to do
Every girl has the right
to need a change of view
I'm so impatient, it takes
imagination to get through
Gwen... hi.
So, big news.
There's a party at our
brother fraternity tonight.
Very VIP.
You in?
Well, you meant--
you meant both of us, right?
Of course.
Any friend of Katie's
is a friend of Delta's.
Be ready at nine.
Let's go, girls.
Lucky bitches.
(both laughing)
We like to party like we party
all night long yeah
Come on
come on
Come pump it up
(overlapping conversations)
(glass shattering)
The other sororities will try
to tempt you this week.
But they can suck it--
you're ours.
Hey, I thought taking Rushes to
parties was against the rules.
Sweetie, you're worth it.
It's like we're continuing
our moms' legacies.
You and I, we are totally
gonna own this house.
So, who's party is this?
The Betas.
Definitely the hottest
guys on campus...
Come here, come on.
...and we're like
this with them.
Join Delta and
you will be too.
Oh, you like?
Don't be shy.
What a Delta wants,
a Delta gets.
Come here.
Meet Katie.
She's our top pick,
definite Delta material,
so you be nice to her
and tell her
how we're the hottest house
on the block, okay?
Have fun,
I gotta mingle.
A friend
of Gwen's huh?
Hmm, bet I can guess
your major.
Go for it.
No, no, no,
no, no, history.
Why would she want to waste
her time majoring, Deac?
I'll bet Katie's just here
for her "MRS," right?
I'm an Econ major.
But apparently you're
majoring in Sexist Ass.
So good luck
with that.
Oh, we like her.
You should put
some ice on that.
Okay, that--
that's a little funny.
though, um...
I'm-- I'm really sorry.
I'm PJ,
by the way.
Katie, are you
rushing, too?
Yeah, that's the plan.
Well, tell you
what, uh...
Hey, man.
Thanks, bud.
If we both make it
out of Rush alive,
I'll buy you some real
beers to celebrate,
in bottles
and everything.
Okay, you got a deal.
(both chuckling)
Peejers, keg stand.
I'll, uh, I'll see
you around, okay?
I'm serious about
those beers.
We're here 10 minutes,
I have a migraine,
you have a date.
Well played.
I don't want
your pity beer.
I'm kidding-- I totally
want your pity beer!
Come on-- whoo!
Come on,
let's dance!
(engine revving)
Welcome to Rush,
Get ready for the five
hardest days of your lives.
Oh, this is amazing.
Let's move it, girls!
Let's go.
Now, for those of you
who don't know,
here's how Rush works.
Each day you'll visit
a different sorority house
and start narrowing
them down.
Now, every
sorority has a chance
to sell themselves to you
through theme days,
using pledge songs,
slide shows and skits.
Gamma Rho your boat ashore
You're so cool
Gamma Rho
whom we adore
We're no fools
Gamma Rho
your boat ashore
You're so cool
Gamma Rho whom we adore...
(both chuckling)
Not every house
will fit you.
But some houses
you'll like right away.
The brave Rush
crept slowly
down the old, haunted
dorm stairway...
(all chuckling)
And into the empty, dark...
(thunder rumbling)
Desperate to know
if Kappa bid her,
she felt her way
to the mailboxes...
Took out her keys...
(keys jangling)
...reached her hand
deep inside
for her
bid card and...
(horn blaring,
girls screaming and laughing)
Just a little
reminder, ladies.
Life would be scary
without Kappa.
(cheering and applause)
Oh, my God,
they are insane.
I love it.
We like to think rushing
is like falling in love.
Both sides have to feel it,
and you'll know it
when it happens.
Our alumni are the most
dedicated and connected.
It's instant
networking potential.
Research shows that Delta girls
go on to higher paying jobs.
Unofficial research says
we also date cuter guys.
(all chuckling)
In closing,
we also have the highest
ratio of legacy retention.
We even have a Delta
legacy in our midst.
Stand up,
Katie Parker.
Thank you,
ladies, for coming.
Thank you.
Do not forget this is
all a test.
We are so excited...
While you are judging them,
they will be judging you.
No matter how much
they seem to like you...
Hey, you.
Come here.
Don't take anything
for granted.
Every night,
each of you Rushees
will choose your
favorite houses.
the sororities
will be cutting you.
Ah, she's cute.
We like.
No, never gonna happen.
Totally Delta.
We get her or die,
Oh, I have to call my mom!
I got invited--
Oh, my God, I knew
Delta liked me.
Holy crap, I actually
made it to Pref Night.
Delta asked me back.
Yeah, why wouldn't they?
Wait, whoa.
Why do you have one
for Kappa too?
I thought we were only
rushing Delta all the way?
Well, you know,
I just don't wanna
look cocky.
Well, I wouldn't worry.
You're their dream girl,
I'm the one who still
has to pray I get in.
I can't believe you're
so stressed about this.
You know whatever happens,
I have your back, okay?
What can I say?
In the gym class
of life,
I'm the fat kid
on the sideline.
But you wouldn't
Miss "I Have Two
Pref Parties Tonight."
(girls shouting,
loud music playing)
(girl 1)
Go Kappa!
(girl 2)
Ready, guys?
Kappa rules!
I've got the frequency
to turn you on
I've got the
frequency to turn you on
keep it goin'
I've got the frequency
to turn you on
Hey there tin smiles I've been
loadin' down your files
Movin' up your dials and
I think I know what's goin' on
I am program clicky-click
at your command
Shift for a man with
the heart of an automaton...
Did we scare you away already?
I understand.
All that awesomeness
can be intimidating.
I'm sorry,
I gotta get going,
I was supposed to be
at Delta a while ago.
Look, I had a really
great time tonight,
but I don't want
to mislead you, I'm...
sorta supposed
to go Delta.
Oh, the legacy
thing, huh?
Can I ask...
why did you pref me?
not gonna lie.
Stealing a Delta legacy
would be a coup.
But mostly,
you know your people
when you meet them.
And trust me,
you're Kappa people.
Just one piece
of advice?
Whichever house you pick,
make sure you like
what they stand for,
because you're about
to stand for it too.
See ya.
(loud music and shouting
(overlapping chatter
and loud music playing)
Get your cute
butt in here, girl!
We've missed you!
Let's all make Katie welcome,
you hot Delta bitches!
(all cheering)
Hey, Katie... Katie!
Oh, my God,
I'm so glad you're here.
Ooh-- Jell-O shots.
I was this close to calling
Standards on those Kappa skanks
for keeping her too long.
I know, it's like, hi,
have some tact, people.
Tell me.
(all chuckling)
Steph, come here!
Beauty in our heart I'm told
My sisters 'til I'm gray
and old
There's no greater
treasure in all the world
Than a Delta Beta
Theta girl
(laughing and
overlapping chatter)
Dance party!
You were right.
The Deltas are
the best-- whoo!
What's that all about?
That's Lana.
We were having boat races
before you got here,
and she puked
on Gwen's shoes.
Oh, God,
it was awesome!
I'm so glad you
talked me into this.
You are the best
friend ever.
Come on.
Hmm, creepy.
Oh, my God.
So, what'd you tell her?
Who, Lana?
I said that we would
forgive and forget,
but we expect her
to show loyalty
and only put Delta's
name on her bid.
Wait, we're going
to bid her?
Of course not, stupid.
Btu this way no one
else can either,
and she'll be left
with no house.
Serves her right.
Hey, what about that Sara chick
you keep letting
hang around?
That one's not my fault.
Katie won't
cut the cord but...
Sara's a brain,
she can earn her place.
I mean, someone has got to raise
the GPA while we have fun.
(Casadee chuckling)
But I wanna stay!
You're leaving?
Yeah, it's--
it's kinda late.
Am I crazy here, 'cause I'm
pickin' up some attitude.
I mean, first I have to
practically drag you away
from those Kappa bitches
with my teeth,
and now you can't
wait to leave?
Gotta say, not really
feelin' the Delta love.
Look, it's nothing
I'm-- I'm just tired.
Where are my shoes?
I forgot my shoes.
Don't panic,
I'm all over it.
Are you
rejecting me?
What? No--
Do you know how bad
this will make me look
if we lose a legacy?
How pissed my mom
will be?
Your mom?
If you humiliate Delta
like this, trust me,
you will be sorry.
Look, go take
your Xanax, Gwen.
This isn't a big deal,
No, you're right,
you're right.
Cold feet are
no big deal,
and that's all this is.
You and I are
practically sisters,
and sisters
support one another.
Do the right
thing here, Kate.
Have some principles.
Wow, you're really
one to talk.
What's that
supposed to mean?
Well, it means you've broken
every Rush rule that there is.
I mean, private parties,
bribing these girls with drinks.
Oh, and what about promising
that poor Lana girl a bid
just so she'd be
I mean,
what the hell was that?
So you break
a few stupid rules
to get the best girls.
That's what
makes me a winner.
And as for
the dirty rushing...
I'd like to see you
try to prove it.
So would I.
Standards meeting,
tomorrow at 10.
We'll get to
the bottom of this.
(Delta girl)
Oh, my gosh.
Now look
what you've done.
I found them!
What's her problem?
Come on.
Promising bids,
drinking games?
This makes all of us
look bad.
But we still have to prove it,
and Lana won't
go on record.
Besides, it's her word
against the Deltas.
She's not the only
chance we've got.
We'd like to hear
from Rushee Parker.
Wow, so this is like
Sorority Supreme Court, huh?
Okay, wrong crowd.
Just to clarify.
You personally overhead plans
to promise a Rush a bid
with the intent
of cutting her?
Look, I don't wanna cause
any drama, honestly.
Can we just
forget all this?
No... accusations were made.
Either you were lying
or you weren't.
I wasn't lying.
Thank you.
Take your seat.
I was starting to get worried.
We really need to talk.
Sara Snow, please stand.
Do you confirm these
Are you denying Rushee Parker's
version of events?
Do you deny
there was alcohol?
I-- I just didn't share
her experience.
I mean, the Deltas have been
proper and conscientious
around me the entire ti--
Sara, what the hell?
We've heard
enough testimony...
some conflicting,
but I have to trust
what I witnessed
last night.
Deltas, please stand.
You know the rules.
You know the consequence
of breaking them.
Your annual house formal
is hereby canceled.
You can't do that!
(all gasping)
(phones ringing,
overlapping chatter)
(phone ringing)
It's not my fault,
do not get angry at me.
Okay, Gwen, slow down.
What-- what are we
talking about here?
Katie said we were
dirty rushing
and they believed her.
They canceled
our formal.
Oh, oh,
hell no, hang on.
(phone ringing)
Lutie, what did your
daughter just do?
(overlapping whispering)
(girl 1)
(girl 2)
Come on, guys, let's go.
Very mature.
(phone ringing)
(phone continues ringing)
(girl on phone)
You just made a big mistake.
This isn't over,
We're gonna make
your life hell.
(phone disconnects)
(background conversations)
What are you
doing here?
Get dressed, dear,
we need to talk.
How is Sara?
I don't know.
She's been avoiding me
since yesterday.
Can't believe you came all
the way to campus over this.
I had no choice.
Summer and I have a meeting
with the Dean in an hour.
Are you serious?
This is serious,
And I am not impressed with
how you've handled yourself.
Well, I'm sorry.
Oh, and I'm fine, by the way,
thanks for asking.
Don't be smart.
Your well-being is what
I'm concerned with.
you've tainted
The right sorority
can provide you social
and business contacts
for life.
Being a Delta practically
guarantees you job interviews
when you graduate.
What house is gonna
take you now?
It doesn't matter.
I'm not rushing anymore,
I'm dropping out.
I know this isn't
what we had planned,
but it doesn't have to
be a big deal.
I'll be fine, really.
Okay, school starts
in three days,
this'll all blow over.
(church bell tolling)
Look, I gotta go.
Well, uh--
(girl 1)
(girl 2)
Yes, I'm so excited!
Me too, me too!
(laughing and cheering)
I got my first choice!
(overlapping chatter)
Not so fast, Judas.
What the hell happened
You're the one who
put me in that position
in the first place--
what was I supposed to do?
Oh, I don't know, support me,
tell the truth?
And get blackballed by the one
sorority I was bidding?
Look, why do you care
about a stupid sorority?
So first, you tell me
Greek life is awesome.
Now, sororities are stupid.
Gee, am I allowed to have
thoughts of my own on this?
Yes, of course you are.
I just...
I-- I thought
you'd share mine.
It doesn't matter anyway, we
obviously can't join them now.
Am I stroking out here, or did
you just give me an order?
Oh, don't be
so dramatic, I just--
Told me I couldn't do something
because you weren't doing it?
Yeah, that's an order.
And it's too late.
I cannot believe how selfish
you're being about this.
The whole campus
wanted you.
You could have
gone anywhere.
Finally I meet people
who like me for me,
and you're being
such a baby about it!
Let's just cool off,
I mean, so we'll be in different
sororities, so what?
That doesn't mean
we can't still be friends.
When you had to stab me
in the back to get there?
I guess that's exactly
what it means.
I guess I should pack my stuff
and move into Delta.
Maybe you should.
(background conversations)
(girls laughing,
overlapping chatter)
La da, la da da da da
La da,
la da da da da
Give it up
Break the hold
Take the edge off
All that noise...
(knocking on door)
What now?
Turn it down
Feel the...
Oh! Hi!
I got into Beta.
Been celebrating.
I can see that.
Guess only one of us made it
through Rush alive, huh?
But, hey, I still
owe you that beer.
We're having a Keg'n'Egg
party tomorrow night,
it should be insane.
Katie Parker,
will you be my date?
Yeah, I'd love to.
Okay, I'll pick
you up at eight.
Wear your jammies.
There's a way
I would
drop for you...
La da,
da da da da da
(bicycle bell ringing)
That sounds great.
Excuse me, one second.
Hey, Econ girl.
So, look, the other night,
rumor has it I may have come off
as a bit of a...
A neo-misogynist?
Actually, I was--
Troll? Hun?
And she's as good
with her adjectives
as she is with numbers,
that's awesome.
This was good.
Glad we had this
little talk.
I feel better.
(background conversations)
(girl 1)
Here comes herpes girl.
(girl 2)
No way.
(girl 1)
Excuse me.
(girl 3)
No kidding.
(girl 4)
And she's coming this way.
Don't sit too close.
(girl 3)
No kidding.
(girl 4)
I can't believe he's
sitting down next to her.
So, let's go.
(girl 4)
Awkward, I don't know.
(girl laughing)
(Katie scoffs)
Let's try this again.
I'm Beau, and I'm really
not as bad as you think I am.
Considering how
low that bar is,
I'll concede
the possibility.
I just can't stand
Gwen and her girls,
and I just made you guilty
by association,
and that was
wrong of me.
Thank you.
Especially now, when you're
not associating with anyone.
What does that mean?
Well, come on, I mean,
after that stunt you pulled,
you're like Typhoid Mary.
I mean, hell,
there's probably
never been a less popular
girl on campus,
thanks to Gwen
and her Muffy Mafia.
Is this seat taken?
I don't recommend
the company.
Wow, I have never seen you
tank with a girl before, Beau.
That was almost art.
I know, right?
I'm off my game
with that one.
I guess I should go apologize
for being a jerk, again.
No, let me.
I need to talk
to her anyway.
(birds chirping)
Sorry, I just really
needed some air.
No, it's no problem.
So, how ya doin'?
I haven't seen you since the
Great Sorority Inquisition.
I'm okay, I guess.
I think I know
what's bothering you,
and I just want you to know
that Kappa's got your back.
It is the least
we could do.
Oh, my God.
I know, it's really crazy.
What the hell are these?
Where did you get 'em?
They're all over campus
since last night.
Wait, so this is why everybody's
been staring and laughing?
Are you kidding?
Oh, my God.
Look, Gwen's a freak,
no doubt.
Knowing her, she won't
stop this anytime soon.
So what do I do?
Talk to Panhellenic.
I've never really heard
of a girl being allowed
to join a house after
quitting Rush, but--
Wait, that's your solution,
joining a different sorority?
Yeah, they're not all
like Delta, Katie.
Every house
is different.
Some are sluts,
some are snobs,
some are the best
girls you'll ever meet.
It doesn't matter.
It was a mistake for me
to rush in the first place.
It's-- it's not for me.
Because of Gwen?
No, because I have
an IQ above dryer lint
and I don't need to buy my
friends with sorority dues.
Wow... thanks.
Uh, no, I--
No, you had one bad experience
with one bad house.
I get it, but judging
every sorority because of that
makes you as big
a snob as Gwen is.
I guess I had you
wrong, Katie.
Maybe you do
belong with Delta.
(background conversations,
clock clicks)
(general conversations)
Screw it.
Nobody will love you
Nobody will
love you
Nobody will love you
Nobody will,
nobody alive
(background conversations)
There you are.
Hey... (stammers)
What are you doing here?
Um, you invited me?
Yeah, but I thought when I
didn't come by, you'd...
you know.
Look, if you don't
want me here,
then have the decency
to say it to my face.
Okay, look.
Gwen and her Deltas date a lot
of our senior brothers,
and if you come to our
parties, the Deltas won't,
so it's kind of
a house rule
that we can't
be seen with you.
You're serious.
Katie, I think
you're great,
but I'm just a pledge.
These guys can make
my life a living hell,
and it's not my fight.
Nobody will love you
Nobody will
love you
It's a lot of little
things to think about.
It wouldn't have happened
in real life.
Hey, I like your PJ's.
I like yours too.
They gave me a little
Delta makeover.
Do you like it?
I can't even deal
with this right now.
Oh, my God.
What are you
doing here?
Trying to snitch?
Snitch, snitch.
You are a piece of work, Gwen.
(crying softly)
Look, I was wrong,
I need your help.
Can I come home?
(background conversations)
Uh, motion to send
an arrangement
to the Senior Actives,
congratulating them
on a job well done.
I mean, we have a really
Rush class this year.
How are the other houses looking
for this year's competition?
What competition?
Now, let's not get glib.
You know the moment
we sit on our laurels,
some sad, little house
will come from behind
and steal that Tri-Crown.
Any new business
to table?
Actually, I do have some
I had a chat with Katie
and it seems--
and believe me, I find this
hard to believe myself--
it seems she's been the target
of some harassment.
It needs to stop.
That's appalling.
You're not saying
you think it was
one of our Delta girls,
are you?
Well, who else
could it be?
Hello? Don't you remember
college at all?
(both laughing)
Your daughter stepped
on a hornet's nest
when she opened
her mouth.
What are you
talking about?
Katie not only
defamed Delta,
she smeared the whole
Rush system.
I'm sure girls from all
over campus were offended,
from pledges to wannabes.
Any one of them could have taken
matters into their own hands.
I mean, 'cause nobody
likes a tattletale.
It's-- it's really true.
It's sad,
and it's wrong,
and really, our hearts
go out to her.
But if fingers are gonna be
pointed anywhere,
don't you think
they should be at Katie
for starting all this drama
in the first place?
Let's talk fundraising,
shall we?
I think that's just
sororities, honey.
There's always some kind of
drama going on.
Dad, that's so sexist.
Well, look at your mom
and her friends.
I don't know any
grown men who give a damn
about fraternity politics
20 years out of school.
No, but you and your fratters
still cry over college football.
Yeah, but that's important.
Fine, maybe we're
each just stupid
in our own
ways then, hmm?
Hey, honey.
I'll just, uh,
leave you guys.
So? Did you talk to them?
I did, and they are very
concerned about you.
Wh-- what does
that mean?
They think it's terrible,
and, um,
they wish they
could help, but, honey,
it's all been anonymous.
Are you sure
it's Delta?
You're seriously
asking me that?
Don't worry about it.
I thought you could help me,
I was wrong.
It's no big deal.
Honey, it's--
it's not that simple.
Things are... complicated
at the alumni level.
It is very political.
Mom, it is an alumni group,
not the freaking UN.
It's fine,
I'll handle it myself.
(girls laughing,
overlapping chatter)
Yeah, yeah...
(knocking on door)
Somebody get the door!
(knocking continues)
God, make it
stop already.
I wanna be a Kappa.
And I want to be
Angelina Jolie...
Brad Pitt years,
not Billy Bob.
What's your point?
You said that I could
petition to late rush.
Is that true?
It's a longshot.
Anyway, why should we
give you a second chance?
Because you
were right, okay?
I screwed up and I judged
all sororities based on Delta,
and I was wrong.
Just listen.
"We're about friendship,
not gossip.
Fun, not drama."
I mean, that's all I wanted
in the first place,
and if I can still be
a part of a house like that,
I'd really like to try.
Well, we'd have to vote
on it as a house.
I understand.
If we can get it by Standards,
you're in.
(girls chuckling)
(background conversations)
If everyone could
please calm down?
Ladies, take your seats.
what say you?
Given the circumstances,
does Katie Parker
have your permission
to join Kappa
as a late pledge?
The nays?
And the yeas?
Yeas have it, so ordered.
(cheering and applause)
(overlapping chatter)
Oh, I'm sorry.
If you're
looking for Sara,
she had to hurry back
and do our homework.
I don't see why.
Your calendar
should be clear
since you have no formal,
and all.
How's that workin'
out for ya?
Well, it's good to see you
in a good mood again.
Leave some room,
your mom made some custard.
Oh, no, I--
I can't stay long.
I just came to grab a few
dresses, I've--
I've got somewhere
to be tomorrow night.
Were you even gonna tell me you
joined a different sorority?
Should I have?
Don't be smart,
young lady.
Here we go.
You know...
I was beginning to understand
why you did what you did.
I even felt for you,
maybe I pushed you too hard,
maybe sororities weren't
right for you.
Only then I heard
from everybody but you
that you like
sororities just fine.
You just decided to
humiliate me and mine.
How do you think I look
to the other alumni?
Why are you making
this about you?
Not me... us.
We were supposed to share
this moment, remember?
Enjoy your initiation.
Meanwhile, I have to
help the Deltas
affirm their
pledge class...
without you.
She can't stay
angry forever, kitten.
Yeah, well, it's sure starting
to feel that way.
(crickets chirping)
Dear Kappa Theta Xi,
we pledge ourselves
to thee.
With our free
hearts and minds,
forever sisters
we shall be.
And all our Kappa lives,
we will
build your legacy.
These pins symbolize your
acceptance among us.
We are all sisters now.
Wear them
with pride.
Kappas forever.
And some of you have
special guests
waiting to welcome
you here tonight.
(girl 1)
(girl 2)
(mom 1)
You look beautiful!
I'm so proud of you,
(overlapping chatter)
Thank you for coming!
(mom 2)
We're going out to celebrate
with dad, yeah.
(chatter continues)
(girls humming melody)
Beauty in her
heart and soul
My sister
'til I'm gray and old
There's no greater treasure
in all the world
Than a Delta
Beta Theta girl
(girls humming melody)
Such a shame.
This could be so special
for you with Katie here.
Seize the moment,
attempted fates
Step up the cold
dark into you
So many boys
who wanna holla at me
Better make your move
(Katie singing)
Tick-tock tick-tock
You're on
the clock
Say it, 'fess up
Come on,
now what
What makes you think that
you're so special
Flaunting like
I'm not on your game
Don't mean to seem
Hey, girl.
You can really sing.
What do you think?
I love it.
Order, like, 20 of them.
Put them all over campus.
Shove it down
Delta's throat.
You got it.
Hey, that reminds me,
I need your date's name
for the Foam Formal
by Friday.
Just as a security
Oh, right.
You do have a date.
Yeah, what, are you kidding?
Not really, none.
You aren't shy,
are you?
No, but apparently I'm
contagious, remember?
I mean, I kind of
worry about any guy
that's willing to date
Herpes Poster Girl.
Right, I never
thought about that.
I'll tell you what.
Don't give it
another thought.
I'll handle it.
One Prince Charming,
coming up.
(knocking on door)
Whoops, I think you accidentally
closed the door in my face.
Hello, Beau.
Hello, Miss Parker.
You look lovely
this evening.
Yes, well, unfortunately I'm
developing a bit of a cough.
Wow, faking sick.
I really get
to you, huh?
That's a good sign.
Of what, your
impending homicide?
I was thinking more like
unbearable sexual tension.
I take it Heather didn't fill
you in on this arrangement?
Not so much.
Look, you've got
a party to go to,
and I'm just guessing,
but I'm probably the only guy
who's come to your door tonight.
Fine, and thank you.
But I-- I don't
have to like this.
You ever been to
a foam party before?
No, what-- what exactly
am I in for?
(loud music playing,
cheering and applause)
Clueless to actual masses
I've heard it all,
from A to Z
I've read it all,
taken all the classes
And still I'm tryin'
but I just can't see
(loud music and cheering
Oh, my God!
What's up?
How you doing, man?
(loud music
and cheering continue)
Come on, let's go.
Can you hear me?
And I don't want it,
this confusion
I don't want
a false solution
(camera clicking)
Come get your ride
Come get your ride
Come see how fun
it could be to be alive
Come inside
And baby
get your ride
Get it started
You give it
The feeling
don't start
Keep on 'cause
you really got me reeling
You got me spinning....
You know, I'm starting
to believe my mom.
These might just be
the best years of my life.
I gotta say,
this kicks the ass
of any formal
I've ever been to.
Well, everyone knows that Kappa
girls are just more damn fun.
Hey, yeah!
Wanna go for a swim?
Come get your ride
Not exactly what
I had in mind.
Careful, you're not supposed to
eat before you swim, you know?
I'll avoid the deep end,
I promise.
You know, you're...
you're hard to
get a read on.
At that first party you were
an ass, and here you're...
Charming, roguish,
You're less assy.
I'll take less assy.
I just realized
We were at a Beta party
when we met.
You're a Beta.
Me Beta, you Kappa.
Your point?
I thought your fraternity
made up some rule
that you couldn't
be seen with me.
Or what, the fraternity police
is gonna bust me?
Are you serious?
I know Gwen's put you
through hell,
but I don't need anyone's
permission to like you.
Ah, did I overplay that?
No it was hot.
Let's go get some air.
(Katie chuckles)
Ah, that's gotta be
a health code violation.
(retching continues)
(Katie's stomach rumbling)
Let's go, come on.
You okay?
Are you okay?
What the hell's going on?
There's gotta be
something wrong with the food.
What did you eat?
What didn't I eat?
Oh, my God.
I don't know, man.
What's up, ladies?
Oh, hey, tonight's your
big formal, isn't it?
How's that workin'
out for you?
(girls laughing)
Toodles, bitches.
Okay, they want war?
They got it.
Katie, you in?
Yeah, try and stop me.
We've put up with
Delta long enough.
It's time
we take Gwen down.
And there's only
one way to do it.
We've got to steal
the Tri-Crown.
Um... isn't that illegal?
She doesn't mean
literally, Shawna.
Katie, you know Gwen
better than we do.
What do you think?
I think I love it.
Gwen needs this-- winning
Tri-Crown, it's--
it's her only shot
at becoming president.
Hello? Random voice
of reason here.
Steal it how?
It's not like we've been letting
them win it on purpose.
No, but we never wanted it
as badly as they did.
We just wanted
to have fun.
Right, well, now it's
more than that.
This more than just
winning the Tri-Crown.
It's about taking
it from Delta.
Okay, if we're going to do this
then we've gotta nail them in
the three legs of the Crowne--
intramural, trivia,
and talent show.
Katie would kill
at the talent portion.
We've all heard her sing.
Um, okay, sure.
And I can cover
We can totally
do this, girls.
Everybody in favor?
All right, come on.
Go, Kappa!
I got it!
Bump it!
Seize the moment,
attempted fates
Step up the cold
dark into you
(on radio)
So many boys
who wanna holla at me
Better make your move
Tick-tock, tick-tock
You're on the clock
Say it,
'fess up
Come on, now what
What makes you think
that you're so special
Flaunting like I'm not
on your game
Don't mean to seam
But I don't wait
Whoo... no
Win me over,
make me believe you
Get away with a whole lot,
don't ya?
Get away
with me, get away...
Good, right, um,
okay, but maybe
all together?
And maybe a little
less jazz handsy.
What makes you think
that you're so special
Flaunting like I'm not
on your game
Don't mean to seem
But I don't wait...
All right, ladies, that's it,
looking good...
all right.
Steady... got it.
Just like that
every time, okay.
You're on fire.
All right,
okay, now bump it.
All right!
(whistle blowing)
(girls shrieking)
Go, Deltas!
Okay, I need some advice.
I am... I'm dreading
going home this weekend.
Who dreads Thanksgiving?
You know,
maybe turkeys.
Well, Sara and her mom
join us every year and
apparently this one
is no exception.
Even though you guys
are fighting?
Well, her mom is like, the
sweetest woman in the world.
Probably thinks all we need is
some pumpkin pie and stuffing
to magically be
friends again.
Have you even talked to Sara
since the foam party?
No, you know,
I'm so angry,
I don't even know
what I'd say.
God, it's gonna
be so awkward.
Just eat enough turkey
for a tryptophan coma,
and sleep through it.
Look, you're gonna have more fun
than me anyways, I mean,
I'm gonna be stuck
here on campus.
You're not going home?
No... I never do.
It's too expensive
and, you know,
plus it's just me
and my mom.
Well, why don't you
come home with me?
It's perfect, you can
diffuse the tension.
And before you read
too much into this,
this is not--
this is not me taking you home
to meet the parents or anything.
I mean, yeah, they'll--
they'll be there and you'll
say hi and talk to them
and stuff but, uh...
I'd really like that.
Beau, I am so glad you came
for Thanksgiving.
Here we are.
Oh, Lutie,
you've outdone yourself.
Thank you.
Mm-hmm, who wants a leg?
Well, wait, we can't
forget tradition, Will.
You guys beat each other
for Thanksgiving?
It's a prayer stick.
We all pass it around and say
what we're thankful for.
Sara and I
made it at camp.
And in light
of recent events,
I think the girls
should go first.
I... no, I'm--
I'm not really feeling it.
Okay, I changed my mind,
here's one.
I am thankful that this food
hasn't been messed with,
and that I'm not
one of the cowards
who sabotaged
our formal.
Well, that's not what I meant.
Wow... okay, my turn.
I'm thankful I've grown up
since high school,
and know how
to let things go.
Well, I'm thankful that--
I'm thankful for this turkey.
This lovely,
juicy turkey.
I'm thankful that I can still
look at myself in the mirror.
I'm thankful for
all my new friends.
Yeah, well, you know what,
I'm thankful that I don't have
my head stuck up my--
Ooh, oh, all right.
There's a lotta thanks
in this room, a lotta thanks.
(clearing throat)
Well, let's eat.
I like that Beau.
Seems sweet.
You wanna talk
about Sara?
Not really,
but thanks.
How's your Tri-Crown
prep going?
You girls ready for the
competition next week?
Are you digging for
inside information?
Maybe a little.
What are you working on?
We've decided to put
an alumni photo
on the back flap of our
charity cookbook this year,
so I'm just sifting through
some old ones.
You've been really working
your butt off on this.
I just hope the alumni
appreciate it.
Can I see?
Oh, please, yes.
You know, it's really great
that you made so many
true friends.
I can only hope to be as close
to my sorority sisters
in 20 years as
you are to yours.
I think I have more
photos in the garage.
I'll be back.
(cheering and applause,
loud music playing)
One, two, three.
Go, Delta!
(cheering and applause)
Ready to be humiliated?
Can you teach me?
You've had a little
more practice.
(man rapping indistinctly)
(whistle blowing,
cheering and applause)
It's all right, girls.
We should go for
lunch after this.
I feel like I haven't
seen you in ages.
What are you
talking about?
We see each other at meetings
practically every week.
Outside of that.
I worry that this
Katie and Gwen issue
is impacting
our friendship.
Isn't it?
All right, girls!
Kill those Kappas!
(man rapping indistinctly)
(whistle blowing,
crowd cheering)
(whistle blowing)
Come on, Delta,
pick it up!
Come on!
(grunting, crowd moaning)
Wow, playing a little rougher
than in our years,
don't you think?
Well, that's what
makes them winners.
(man rapping indistinctly)
(whistle blows)
All right!
Good one, Katie!
sub in for Cass.
Casadee, come on.
Go on, get in there.
Come on, that's just low.
You've gotta be kidding me.
This is all I need.
Head in the game, Katie.
(cheering and applause)
What's the matter, you can't
look me in the eye?
Please, why don't you just
get over yourself?
I tried warning you.
I had nothing to do
with ruining your party.
You could have told me sooner.
Hey, my conscience is clear.
I'll bet-- what?
You were too busy doing
everyone's homework that night?
Delta's help each
other study, who cares?
You just can't stand that
I have new friends, can you?
Down, now!
Trust me,
those aren't the kind
of friends I'd want.
(cheering and applause)
All right!
Go Delta-- whoo!
Go Delta, go Delta,
go Delta, go Delta...
Go Delta!
Sara... they aren't
your friends, okay?
They only bid you
because of me.
You're lying because
you're jealous.
It's pathetic.
No, I heard Gwen say it
that night in the bathroom,
and that's why I quit,
to protect you,
you ungrateful spaz.
You're right,
you were a great friend,
as long as I stayed
in your shadow.
Look, I've known you
since kindergarten.
Okay, you-- you're the funniest
person I've ever met.
You're freakishly smart,
you can't dance for crap,
and you quote Monty Python
like it's your job.
You know--
do they know this?
Have they even tried to get
to know you at all?
I mean, Sara,
you are a lot of things,
but you're not
a follower.
At least you never
used to be.
(woman on video recording)
Your photograph
Came to the...
What is this?
These are my mom's Tri-Crown
competition tapes.
You know, when you
called me here for an evening
of stolen goods, I was expecting
something more exciting.
Sorry to disappoint.
So, what exactly
are we looking for?
We completely blew
the volleyball game,
so now we have to win
the other two events
to win Tri-Crown.
Heather's leaving the musical
show up to me,
and I'm totally blocking.
And what's the theme
this year?
"Looking Back,
Moving Forward."
Wow, catchy.
I know, right?
(tape fast-forwarding)
(gypsy music playing
on recording)
Look, it's the New Kappas
on the Block.
(both laughing)
(tape fast-forwarding)
(dance music playing)
And that's a whole lotta
Lycra all in one place.
(tape fast-forwarding)
Oh, wait, hang on.
I know her.
The hot one on the right,
isn't that your mom?
(Lutie on recording)
Ain't no mountain high...
That's my mom.
Go, Mrs. P.
...enough, baby
If you need me,
call me
No matter where you are,
no matter how far
Don't worry baby
Just call
my name...
Ah! Match.
All right!
So, anyway, Cissie's got a 3,000
square foot dance studio
for the girls
to practice in.
Mary Ellen's got a line
on a New York choreographer
who's gonna help them
with their routine.
We are set.
Yay! Wow.
That's wonderful.
Thought we might
need the edge.
Looks like Kappa's gonna be
a real contender this year...
...thanks to, um, Katie's
inside information, maybe.
What's that
supposed to mean?
Dana has a point.
Maybe president elect isn't
the right position for you,
right now, until this
all blows over.
Why not?
One could question
where your loyalty lies.
Are you saying...
What are you saying?
Lutie, don't take it
It's just with all this
distasteful drama
with your daughter,
it just doesn't
look right.
Look right to whom?
We're the alumni.
You're the only people who could
possibly have a problem with it.
Well, all right, then.
We have a problem
with it.
We had a vote, Lutie.
Dana will be taking over
as president elect.
We of course still want you
to stay part of our
regular membership...
of course.
For sure.
Lutie Parker,
that is not Delta behavior!
(background conversations)
I'm not here to fight.
I just want to
give you this.
What is it?
Delta stole the questions
to the quiz challenge.
You deserve a fair
fight against them.
Not "us"?
Not anymore.
I quit Delta.
Now you quit?
I only joined them because
you told me I couldn't.
And then you said we
weren't friends anymore,
and I had nowhere
else to go.
Well, according to what
you said at the game
the other day,
being my best friend
was no great
thrill anyway.
It was great.
It was just humbling.
Come on, Katie,
every party I got into,
every double date only
happened because of you.
You're so much better
with people,
it was easier
to follow your lead.
Even if that is true...
I mean, what does that
have to do with Delta?
It was a chance
to see if
there's more to me
than your sidekick.
To find out who Sara is,
without Katie.
I found out she's
kind of a douche.
Seriously, man,
I mean, lame!
"Blah-blah, Delta.
Gwen's so cool."
(both laughing)
I miss the old me.
"I miss the old
you too, Sara.
Let's be
friends again."
You know I miss you,
but you also really
screwed me over.
Come on.
I've had to live with
Gwen for months.
Isn't that
punishment enough?
Okay, just do one more
thing for me.
Give the judges
an anonymous tip,
and tell them that the
questions were compromised.
That's pretty noble.
Not really.
I just want Gwen to know
that we beat Delta
because we're better,
not just better cheaters.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have an ass-load
more studying to do.
You were right, I--
I did take you
for granted.
I was an idiot.
(background conversations,
music playing in store)
Hey, so, Sara and I finally
buried the hatchet.
You know, that's really weird
imagery for forgiveness.
Well, that's good.
I knew you would.
Old friends
are the best friends.
Now, why don't you go get
yourself some snacks?
Preferably healthy.
Oh, yeah, I think
that would be perfect.
Oh, fancy running into you.
We're just picking up some
things for the Delta girls.
Listen, Lutie, I hope there
aren't any hard feelings still.
Barely any feelings
at all.
I understand how
you'd be frustrated.
I'd be frustrated too.
Then again, some of us know
how to control our daughters.
Or how to raise them
in the first place.
Yes, Summer,
I know your daughter.
How proud you must be.
(thunder rumbling)
(engine starting)
All right.
What's wrong now?
I heard Summer's
trash talk.
Would it have killed
you to defend us?
Oh, so we're an "us" now,
are we?
I know you're angry,
but I thought you'd at least
defend me in public.
With what magic wand
am I supposed
to protect you,
Katie, huh?
Tell me, how am I supposed
to cover for your mistakes
when I'm not even on
the alumni board anymore?
What are you
talking about?
I've been asked to step down
from president elect.
Wait, they fired you?
They tried.
I quite before
they could.
Well, that's ridiculous.
You helped start that chapter,
can they even do that?
What do you think I've been
trying to tell you?
You think Gwen and her
friends play mind games?
These women have had
20 years to perfect it.
I mean, obviously they're just
punishing you for what I did.
Is there something
that I can do to--
Oh, I think you've
done enough.
And please don't
tell your father.
I think I've had enough
humiliation for one day.
(cheering and applause)
(on PA)
If everyone could settle down,
we could get started.
I hope you were right about
returning those questions.
All right,
first question.
Oh, this is from
the Psychology department.
Freud qualified the unconscious
into these three parts:
the id, the ego, and...
The Parthenon.
(crowd laughing)
Uh, Kappa,
you buzzed in next.
Your answer?
That would be
(cheering and applause)
I'm surprised you missed
an ego question, Gwen.
Game on.
Micro and macro economics.
(cheering and applause)
(cheering and applause)
That would be
the French Revolution?
Absolutely right.
(cheering and applause)
Delta buzzed first,
and they are correct.
(cheering and applause)
(emcee on PA)
Well, we have a tie,
so this last question
will be for the win.
Oh, this is interesting.
We are going to mix it up
a little
with some
Tate University history.
Ladies, which Greek house
started the Tri-Crown
Delta's first.
That would be Delta.
I'm sorry,
but that is not correct.
(audience moaning)
Over to Kappa.
According to my mother, it was
started by the school's
first five fraternities.
Kappa wins!
(cheering and applause)
Let's go, Kappa!
(background conversations)
There are no excuses.
Listen to me, Gwen.
That performance was
Did you prepare
for this at all?
Cryin' is not gonna
get it done, young lady.
I'm not crying,
I'm tired.
Well, I am tired
of the excuses.
You need to pick it up
a whole bunch of damn
notches, sweetheart,
because when you look a fool,
I look a fool.
Okay, fine.
I get it.
Are we winners
or losers, Gwen?
Look at me.
Are we winners
or losers?
We're winners.
Good girl.
Now, give mom a hug.
(background conversations)
That was harsh.
Mind your own
Look, I'm just sayin',
I still can't
stand you, but...
you didn't deserve that.
Whatever, your mom
is just as bad.
Actually, she's not
anything like your mom.
You're right.
Your mom didn't even
care enough to come.
We used to be able
to talk about everything.
I don't know when
that stopped.
I'm really sorry, mom.
All my drama...
getting dumped on you.
I didn't mean
for that.
Oh, sweetie.
It's me who should
apologize to you.
You were just expecting me and
Summer to behave like adults.
The truth is,
seeing you here,
being back on campus,
it reminds me how
I felt back then,
how much potential
I had.
And 24 years later how little
I have to show for it,
except for you,
and Delta House.
Oh, come on.
You don't really
feel that way, do you?
Oh, honey,
I got married at 23.
I have loved
my life, but...
there's something they
forget to tell
domestic goddesses
like myself.
Well, that when you stay home,
raise your children,
keep your house,
your family will love you,
they will appreciate you.
They just might
not respect you.
Is that how you think
I look at you?
I know what people think of
sororities these days.
I suppose I always
hoped that one day,
when you became a Delta,
that you at least
would understand.
you'd be proud
of me too.
I do understand...
So, what can I do
to make this up to you?
Grind Delta
into the ground.
Steal the Tri-Crown.
Trust me,
the humility will be
good for them.
Okay, I'll-- I'll see
what I can do.
And for the record,
I've never been anything
but proud of you.
(on PA)
Thank you, Gammas.
And now,
ladies and gentlemen,
here with their interpretation
of this year's theme,
"Looking Back,
Moving Forward,"
Delta Beta Theta!
(cheering and applause)
Hey, hey
(audience cheering)
Hey, hey
I step in my
blue jeans
Home wreck in my
blue jeans
I got it from my mama
so I'm blessed in my
I sing in my
blue jeans
Bling in my
blue jeans
When I hit the country club,
I get in free with my
Oh, I'm like, whoa
I got a fresh new pair,
they're so dope (yeah)
Oh, I'm like, whoa
I got a fresh new pair,
they're so dope
Hey, hey
I got a brand-new
pair of blue jeans
Me and my posse,
looking fresh and so clean
What are they doing?
It's like "Little Whores
on the Prairie".
Givin' my sugar
one sweet performance
Hey, hey
Don't matter
what you're wearin'
Hey, hey
It's about
the way you wear it
Hey, hey
It don't matter
what you're wearin'
Hey, hey
It's about
the way you
You all ready for this?
(zipper zipping)
Hey, hey, hey...
When I bend and snap,
when I step and clap
Everybody else
Who who who
is that?
When I'm out in public
everybody loves 'em
I know
what they wonderin'
When I bend and snap,
when I step and clap
Everybody else
Who who who
is that?
When I'm out in public
everybody loves 'em
I know what
they're wonderin'
(music ends,
cheering and applause)
(loud cheering and applause)
Let's hear it for the Deltas!
Follow that.
Bring it, Blondie.
Leave it on the stage, ladies.
You're up, Kappa.
(applause fading)
(cheering and applause)
Ain't no
mountain high
Ain't no valley low
Ain't no river
wide enough, baby
If you need me
call me
No matter where you are,
no matter how far
Don't worry baby
Just call my name
I'll be there
in a hurry
You don't
have to worry
'Cause baby there ain't no
mountain high enough
Ain't no valley
low enough
Ain't no river
wide enough
To keep me from
gettin' to you babe
Remember the day
I set you free
I told you you could
always count on me
From that day on
I made a vow
I'll be there when you
want me, some way, somehow
'Cause baby there ain't no
mountain high enough
Ain't no valley
low enough
Ain't no river
wide enough
To keep me from
getting to you babe
Oh no darling
No wind, no rain
Oh winter's cold
Can't stop me baby
No no baby
'Cause you are
my girl
If you get into trouble,
I'll be there on the double
Just send for me
Oh baby
My love is alive
way down in my heart
Although we are
miles apart
And if you ever need
a helpin' hand
I'll be there on the double
just as fast as I can
'Cause baby there ain't no
mountain high enough
Ain't no valley
low enough
Ain't no river
wide enough
To keep me from
gettin' to you babe
Ain't no mountain
high enough
Ain't no valley
low enough
Ain't no river
wide enough
To keep me from
gettin' to you babe
To keep me from gettin'
to you
(music ends,
cheering and applause)
Go, Katie!
(cheering and applause fade)
On behalf of the judges,
it is my honor to present
the Tri-Crown trophy to...
Kappa Theta Xi.
(cheering and applause)
(camera clicking)
Gwendolyn, sweetheart.
Sweetheart, don't you worry,
we can fix this.
They cannot use a Delta
in their song, I'm sure of it.
There's got to be some sort--
Let it go.
As someone once told me,
don't get me wrong,
I still can't stand you.
But you deserved
what you got.
No time for cynical
When life's
so beautiful
Glass of empty seems
so full
When you
look at it that way
The world can try
and bring me down
But I wanna fly
This is my
This is my life
Don't know the ending,
but it's mine to write
This is my story,
this is my chance
Not gonna sit it down,
I'm gonna dance
I'm gonna dance...
There's my girl.
I-- I was just
looking for you guys.
You were amazing.
Thank you.
Hey, sir,
good to see you.
Did you like it?
Oh, honey...
I loved it.
There she is!
Can you believe we got
the Tri-Crown?
One second, ladies.
I'm proud of you.
One for the record.
Say "Greek".
This is my story,
this is my life
Don't know the ending,
but it's mine to write