Sorry to Bother You (2018) Movie Script

So, it says here
that you were manager
of the Rusty Scupper
Restaurant for five years.
Hmm? Then, a bank teller
at Bank of Oakland
between 2014 to 2016?
Oh! And you were
employee of the month.
What's that trophy
in the bag there?
Oh! Oakland High
Moot Court Champion.
I'm a salesman at heart.
- That is intriguing.
Mainly... because I was
the branch manager
at the Bank of Oakland
between 2014 and 2016.
And you, Mr. Green, you
never fucking worked there.
And the number that you gave to
The Rusty Scupper Restaurant?
Is that your friend
Salvador's number?
The same Salvador
who applied for this job?
I didn't know
he applied here, too.
Might have been helpful
if his outgoing message
didn't say, "It's Sal, bitches."
This trophy and that
plaque, did you steal 'em?
No, uh, I... made them.
Well, I had them... made.
Listen, I just really,
really need a job.
(WHISPERS) Okay, Cassius
Green, listen up, okay?
This is telemarketing.
(NORMAL VOICE) We're not mappin'
the fuckin' human genome here.
I don't care if you have
experience for this.
I'll hire damn near anyone.
You know what this
bootleg trophy tells me?
Tells me the only thing
I need to know.
You have initiative
and you can read.
You will call as many contacts
as you can during your shift,
you will read the script
that we give you,
and you will show up
tomorrow happy.
- Hmm?
Thank you. Uh, thank you
so much, Mr. Anderson.
Ah, one more thing,
Cassius... "Stuss."
Stick to the Script.
Stick to the script. Stick to the script.
You got it.
Thank you so much.
You ever think about dying?
Yeah, I'm alive. Sometimes.
No, I don't mean like right now,
in a freak accident
or something.
I mean...
when we're old, like 90.
I think about it all the time.
Like, what will
I have done that matters?
I just want to make sure
that when I die
I'll be surrounded
by people who love me
and who I love back.
But what about when they die?
What do you mean?
I mean, like at some
point we're gonna die.
Our kids are gonna die.
Our kids' kids are gonna die.
And at some point, no one
on Earth will have existed.
And at... at some point...
the sun will explode
and everyone will have died.
And no one will know
what I'm doing,
and what I'm doing right now
won't even matter.
Baby, baby it will
always matter, okay?
Because it matters now.
This moment, these moments.
When I kiss you...
it's not for posterity's sake.
Yeah, but... okay,
you got your calling.
Your art means something, right?
But I'm just out here surviving;
Spinning around
on the endless circle.
- Ah, you missed your cue.
- That's disgusting.
I said, "When I kiss you,
it's not for posterity's sake."
- Yeah, but...
- Mmm!
Oh, God!
- Get a room!
- I got a room, muthafucka!
I thought you said
you fixed that!
- My landlord was supposed to fix it.
- CASSIUS: I gotta move.
- CASSIUS: I like that.
I have to go to work anyway.
- Don't you start work today?
- Yeah.
They said they hire anybody if
you're looking for a second job.
You could try part-time.
WOMAN (ON TV): Everyone is talking
about the Worryfree solution!
Worryfree is
a revolutionary new business
and lifestyle model
taking the world by storm!
DETROIT: Baby, how much
are they paying you?
WOMAN: When you sign a
Worryfree contract,
you're guaranteed employment
and housing for life!
Stop worrying and get Worryfree!
The Worryfree living quarters
are state of the art,
the Worryfree food
is to die for,
and Worryfree careers are
fulfilling and satisfying!
Cash, baby,
what are they paying you?
Uh, I think
it's just commission.
Hey, baby...
you ever think
about this Worryfree shit?
DETROIT: Are you crazy?
What, working on commission?
Nice earrings.
Hey, Cash!
I got overdue house notes, dude.
How much longer I got
to wait for my money?
Look, Serge,
I just got a new job
and I'll have some money
for you soon.
Damn it, you four
months late now.
It's like "soon" is the only
fuckin' word I hear from you.
Okay, I'm four
months late, but...
Check this out. Damn.
God made this land
for all of us,
and greedy people like you want to
hog it to yourself and your family
and charge all the rest of
us for the right to live.
- Me and my family?
- Yeah.
Cassius, I'm your fucking uncle.
The bank might
take my fucking house.
Four fucking months.
I gave you
that car you're driving.
- That's a damn bucket.
- SERGIO: Oh yeah?
Give it back then! No?
That's what I thought.
I need my money
in two weeks, asshole.
Forty on two.
Oh yeah
All right
Hell yeah
- All right
- That's right...
MAN: What's up, man!
Oh yeah
All right
Hell yeah
That's right
Millions of dollars
went into these walls
just to... make sure
that thousands of calls
can go out and in
at the same time
without jamming the lines.
Log in here. Grab a seat.
Come on.
You studied the script?
- Yeah.
- Look, clock in,
don't be lazy,
and I won't have
to be an asshole.
Make a sale, this light goes on.
You do real good,
eventually you might even be
able to be a Power Caller.
- A Power Caller?
- Where the callers are ballers.
Where they make the real money.
They even have
their own elevator.
Oh yeah, I saw that.
Stick to the script.
What the fuck?
- Hello.
- Hey, Mr. Davidson.
Cassius Green here.
Sorry to bo...
- WOMAN: Another one!
AMAYA: Hello?
Uh, this is Cassius Green.
Sorry to bother you.
I just wanted to mention
something else about
an encyc...
inside an encyclopedia.
- Hi, Mrs. Costello.
- Yes.
This is Cassius Green.
I know that you've enjoyed our,
uh, series on birdwatching,
so I wanted to call
and... and help you out.
I'm sorry, young man,
we don't have any money.
My husband's in the hospital.
He's 73.
He's got stage 4 cancer.
- Umm...
Oh, it's interesting that
you say that, Mrs. Costello,
because book number five
in the Insight series
is all about wellness, how to
stay healthy... on your own
without even going
to the doctor, so... so...
(MUTTERS) Damn it.
Really? You gonna stuff all those
French fries in your mouth?
I feel incompetent and like
an asshole doing this job.
I don't feel any different.
That's that the dude
from that show.
- Hey! Hey!
- Oh shit!
That's fucking cool.
I hate that show.
But I never noticed
that, uh, room.
What... what is that?
The VIP room.
What the hell is a place like
this doing with a VIP room?
I used to be in there
all the time.
Well, what qualifies
a person to be VIP?
Well, you need the password.
And this week
it's "upscale elegance."
Actually, every week is
"upscale elegance."
- I'm goin'.
- Where the fuck you going?
That's some baller shit.
Hey! Mr., uh, D. Imits,
Cassius Green here.
- Sorry to bother you. I just...
Hey, youngblood.
- What up?
- Lemme give you a tip.
Use your white voice.
- My white voice?
- Yeah.
Man, I ain't got no white voice.
Oh, come on, you know
what I mean, youngblood.
You have a white voice in
there, you can use it.
It's like when you get
pulled over by the police.
Oh, no. I just use my regular
voice when that happens.
I just say, "Back the fuck up off
the car and don't nobody get hurt!"
All right, man, I'm just
trying to give you some game.
You wanna make some money here?
Then read the script
with a white voice.
Well, people say I talk
with a white voice anyway,
so why it ain't helping me out?
Well, you don't talk
white enough.
I'm not talkin'
bout Will Smith white.
That ain't white,
that's just proper.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm talking about the real deal.
Okay, so like...
(NASALLY) "Hello, Mr. Everet.
Cassius Green here."
- Sorry to bother you"...
- Nah, man. Look, you got it wrong.
- I'm not talking about sounding all nasal.
It's, like, sounding like
you don't have a care.
Got your bills paid.
You're happy about your future.
You about ready to jump
in your Ferrari out there
after you get off this call.
Put some real breath in there.
Breezy like... "I don't
really need this money."
- You've never been fired.
(CHUCKLES) Only laid off.
It's not really a white voice.
It's what they wish
they sounded like.
So, it's like what they think
they're supposed to sound like.
Like this, youngblood.
(WHITE VOICE) Hey! Mr. Kramer!
This is Langston from Regalview.
I didn't catch you
at the wrong time, did I?
If you're ever
gonna be a Power Caller,
you gotta know when to
bag 'em and when to tag 'em.
- Yeah?
- Hey. Um, what's baggin' and what's taggin'?
Bagging is when
you drop the call.
Like a dead body into a bag,
you drop that shit
'cause it crossed the line.
Tagging is when
you claim that money.
It's a sale. Cha-ching!
Like when they put the tag on the
body at the morgue to identify it.
That's mine.
Maybe you already bagged
that dead body, right?
And you're just about
to walk away, skip town,
lay low for a little while.
But instead, you drag
that heavy fucker
on out into the alley
and... then you tag it!
Okay. Uh, I... I just...
I feel like these metaphors have not
been cleared for this pep rally.
- Ah, okay. Diana?
- Oh! Yes. (CHUCKLES)
Uh... hi. I'm new,
so forgive me for not knowing
everyone's name yet.
My name is Diana...
- That looks like "debauchery."
- DIANA: Well, it's not.
Uh, I am your new Team Leader!
And I know you're
looking at me going,
"Is she a manager?
I'm scared." Okay.
"She's going to treat me like a
system of motorized appendages!"
No, that stops here,
that stops right now.
You are not employees to me.
You are Team Members! We're a family now.
You know what that means?
It means I lean on you, you lean on me.
There's a synergy.
And you can feel that energy.
I know that you can.
People are starting to get
emotional, and I love that.
Does that mean we get paid more?
"No." Okay, but what
is capital? Right?
I would argue that social
currency now is more important,
and don't take it from me,
take it from the news.
Take it from media, all kinds of
media: Digital, paper, otherwise.
Media is changing,
so is capital.
Get with it. I don't want to
scare you, but it's a new world.
Okay, Team Members. Let's, uh...
thank you very much, and
let's all get back to work.
Remember! Hit your contacts!
Up the ante!
Work the grid! And...
- EMPLOYEES: Stick to the Script.
- That's right.
Any one of you can turn
Power Caller
and be rollin' in dough!
Oh, excuse me.
Ah. Okay.
Nothing in this office is free,
man, you gotta put money in there.
Oh, re... really?
It's okay, you're not missing out.
It tastes like shit.
Fuck. I thought
I could get lucky, asshole.
I was just giving you shit, man.
I'm... I'm Squeeze.
I've seen you around
for a couple weeks.
It was a good question in there.
Cassius. People call me Cash.
It was a really good
question in there, man.
- What, about us getting paid?
- Yeah.
I mean, I just think
it's kind of silly
that we have to be all excited.
- I know, right?
- It's bullshit.
Exactly. I mean, you just cut
straight to the chase, man.
- That's awesome.
(WHISPERS) A player gotta mob up
with us for some scrill and bennies.
Well, what the fuck
does that mean?
Uh, there's a bunch of us
that are organizing
to get us paid more.
Get some benefits.
We could really use your
energy to jump things off.
Yeah, look, I gotta
get back to work, man.
Hey, man, look, I'm sorry
I got you like this,
but obviously
we can't talk here.
So, grab a drink later.
It's on me.
CASSIUS: Hey, lady, how much?
- Okay.
- SALVADOR: So, we good?
- Yeah.
- SALVADOR: Alright.
- What up?
- Who are you?
- CASSIUS: That's Squeeze.
- Squeeze.
- He works with us at Regalview.
Squeeze, Detroit.
- Detroit? That's cool.
- Yeah.
My parents wanted me to have
an American name.
And Detroit is a brilliant
visual and performance artist...
No, my art is
not twirling signs.
Who's about to open
her first show.
(LAUGHS) Okay, "Mr.
Embarrassing Intro Guy."
Squeeze, in high school,
Cash was...
- Shit!
Stuck... brake.
Why do you always talk about
what I did in high school?
I mean, like, look at our
high school football team.
Literally. Look at 'em.
All they do is work at the
home furniture store
and play football all day.
It's, like, they're stuck
or something.
Man, what the hell you talkin' bout?
I mean, they're friends.
Baby, can you please not talk
about the sun exploding tonight?
CASSIUS: Yeah, but you know, I...
I just... at the end of the day
I just don't want to be
stuck in their position.
- CASSIUS: Ah, shit.
D, wiper duty, please.
Come on, man.
I never get wiper duty.
- You can wipe my ass, Sal.
Oh, really? With what?
My tongue?
Well, shit, it might make your
breath smell a little bit better.
- (LAUGHS) Shitty breath, Sal
- Sal
- Shitty breath, Sal
The shittiest breah
in Oakland
CASSIUS: Keeping turning, Troit.
fourth day of violent protests
at Worryfree headquarters.
Protesters say
Worryfree's method
of lifetime labor contracts
is a new form of slavery.
Worryfree CEO Steve Lift
was interviewed on Oprah today.
No. Conclusively no.
Our workers
do not sign contracts
under threats
of physical violence
so, therefore,
the comparison to slavery
is just ludicrous and offensive.
We're transforming life itself.
We're saving the economy.
I mean, we're...
we're saving lives.
It's all highlighted in my book.
I lay out the whole thing.
the violent protesters
are part
of the "Left Eye Faction"
and are identifiable by the black
mark under their left eye.
There's no employment
for many people.
Even sweat shops have been replaced
by Worryfree LiveWork Centers.
These places are prisons,
and we're packed
in there like sardines,
fed cheap slop, and worked
to the bone 14 hours a day.
Shit Kicked Out of Me!
SALVADOR: All I'm saying is if
you don't cook the spaghetti
in the sauce with the
cheese in it first,
- that's some white shit.
- That's some bullshit man.
You don't get to decide what's
black and what's white.
Well, that-that... but that's
how black folks do it, man.
- No, nigga, I'm black.
- We talked about that, man.
You kind of black,
you Lionel-Richie black.
- Look, I... I make my noodles,
then I put the sauce on,
then... look it,
then I put a little,
uh, Parmesan...
it doesn't even
fucking matter, alright,
'cause pasta is from Italy.
Italians ain't white!
- Yes, they are, bro.
- Yes, they are!
- Since the fuck when?
Since the last 60 years, man.
Spaghetti is Chinese.
Speaking of white,
I'm gonna make a toast.
- Come on.
- SAL: A'ight.
(WHITE VOICE) To my esteemed
Regalview associates
whom I revere
with great fervor...
And to my alluring and
phenomenally talented fiance...
I'd like to dedicate
this imbibing
of intoxicating elixirs.
Here's to becoming
a Power Caller!
Cassius, how'd you do that?
Old man at the jobby-job.
It's called the white voice.
I guess I'm... a natural at it.
That was all some
puppet-master voodoo shit!
Dude, you sounded overdubbed.
Man, your white voice, man,
it's fucking scary.
Yeah, I've never seen
that shit before.
But I have heard about that Power
Caller shit that you're talking about.
That's a scam.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
"If you work
hard enough as a fry cook,
maybe you can become a manager!"
Or... or "If you twirl
that sign really well",
then maybe you can twirl a larger
sign on a more glamorous corner."
No, I already have
the best corner,
and the biggest sign,
and the best word. "Off."
It is the anchor to the slogan.
- So...
- So, what's the point then?
What you think, I'm just supposed
to work, eat, fuck, sleep?
No, I'm... I'm not saying that.
I'm saying what we need...
We need a union at Regalview.
That way, we all get paid.
Okay. Okay. Well said, broham.
I'm down.
- Hey, Cassius.
- Hey, Serg.
Uh, look, I get paid Friday, so
I'll have half your money by then.
Even if you had all the money,
your little four month's
rent wouldn't help me.
I owe too much.
If I don't come up
with a boatload of money
by next month...
which I won't...
the bank is taking my shit.
You should find a new place.
It's making my diabetes act up.
So, what you gonna do?
I've been talkin' to those
Worryfree people.
They sent me a brochure.
It don't sound that bad.
Three hots and a cot,
like we used to say.
- Oh, hell no, sir. Come on.
- No, don't... don't do that.
Look, we'll figure
something out.
Yes, I'm so sorry to bother you.
Yeah, well, let me tell you.
I got a special for you.
(WHITE VOICE) Look, you bring a
chick home to your apartment.
It's clean. It's stylish.
Of course, it is.
She's already seen that
from the guy she
was with two weeks ago.
And then her eyes move over
to those brown leather bad boys
from the Insight Encyclopedias,
Intellectual Edition.
- It's fuck time! Do you know what I mean?
- Yeah!
Yeah! Holla, holla,
holla, holla, holla!
Oh, yeah? (LAUGHS)
Spin Doctors. Classic!
Tim, I want to chop it up more,
but I gotta get
to my squash game.
Was that Visa or Mastercard?
- (MUTTERS) God, this voice shit is crazy.
Oh yeah... - Oh!
All right
- Yes! Tell that bitch "yes"! Yes!
- Yes!
- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
All right, oh yeah...
- That's right
Where's the wine at?
Power Calling
all you motherfuckers!
Baby, yes!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
- Woo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
- Yes!
I... I should probably
get back to work, man.
(WHISPERS) You're stoked, man!
You're doin' so fucking good
with the voice thing.
But hit more contacts per hour.
Oh. They're talkin'
about you, bro.
You're on your way.
To where, heaven?
PC, baby. Power Caller.
Oh, uh...
- Did you hear what he just said?
- Yeah, yeah, I heard him, man.
He told me the exact same
shit three months ago.
Nice earrings.
Thanks. Made 'em myself.
An equation...
What kind of world is it
when this is the most
popular show in America?
They say 150 million people
watch this every night.
LANGSTON: I, personally,
love seeing
a muthafucka get beat
down and humiliated.
Makes... makes
me feel warm inside.
I got the muthafucking T-shirt.
- Check this.
- Oh!
- I'm gonna go dance, man.
- Alright. Yeah, motherfucka.
Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm! No. (CHUCKLES)
Give me the good stuff.
Give me the good stuff.
That's what I'm talking about.
So, why you ain't dancing' man?
Motherfucker, I'm too old
for that shit.
Man look, what happened to just
doing the muthafucking dog,
You know I'm freakin,
you know what I'm saying?
Shit, now you got to dislocate
your muthafucking shoulder.
Damn, what the fuck
I look like doin that shit.
You, uh...
Hey. Power Callers, right?
They make a shit ton
of money, man.
I'm talking about, like, bins
and expensive house payment
type of money.
How the fuck is that
even possible?
If you selling the bullshit
we selling, it's impossible.
But they not selling the
bullshit we selling.
So, I guess comparing
to what we doing
to what they're doing
is like apples to oranges.
More like apples
and the Holocaust.
Alright. Bye.
Don't look into the light.
Fuckin' asshole.
- What up bro?
- What's up man?
- Good man.
- Aw, that hurt.
It's all good. I've been telling
everybody how you've been kicking
all types of ass at work.
Yea. I mean it's crazy.
I'm finally...
feel like I'm good at something.
I'm feeling myself.
- Word.
- I'm a fucking monster at this.
Man. That's awesome, man.
Fucking dope man.
That's awesome.
Yeah... whoa!
- Hey, Sugar Foot. Hey.
- Hey, Lovely.
- Can I get that?
- Who invited you?
Who asked you?
I was hoping
you'd pop up earlier.
I thought you were coming by.
Oh, to your gallery?
I thought you said don't come.
Your friends
were helping you out.
Baby, that's what I said.
But don't listen to what I say.
Listen to what I want.
- I'm confused.
- Yeah, I know you are.
But are you gonna
pick me up on Friday?
- That's what I want.
- Is cash green?
Yeah. Cash is green.
- Can I get a light?
- SAL: No.
Those are nice earrings.
CASSIUS: Wait, baby. I didn't
know you changed your earrings.
SAL: Detroit, I didn't know you made
earrings of your ex-boyfriends.
SQUEEZE: Alright, everybody.
This is a pretty amazing
I hope you guys all know
that we're in this together.
That this is all of us,
ride or die.
You know what today is?
Today is the warning shot.
Telling them that
we stand united.
If we get this right today,
not only will it be our floor
but it will be every other floor
in Regalview and beyond.
A twenty-minute work stoppage
during prime calling time.
I'll give the call.
Sal what's the call?
Fuck you, pay me.
The other... other one.
Phones down.
Phones down.
We hang up the phones.
Put down our headsets.
Now, they're gonna
single some of us out.
- Threaten our jobs.
- Fuck that.
- Yes, fuck that.
- LANGSTON: Fuck that.
- SAL: Fuck that.
- MAN: Yeah, fuck.
We ride for anyone
they try to fire.
We fight
because we make the profits
and they don't share.
If we're gonna
give them our day,
we need to have enough
to cover our basic necessities.
- Human decency.
- MAN: Yeah.
Is anyone not down?
Speak now.
Nah, fuck that, Squeeze!
We're ready!
Yeah. Uh, one for all.
All for one.
Yeah! I brought
all types of weapons.
Alright, folks. Let's meet back
here at 3:00 PM. Okay?
- Don't. It's not that serious.
- SAL: Okay, alright cool.
- SQUEEZE: It's like serious, but it's not that...
- SAL: But I'm ready though.
Thanks, Mr. Goldberg.
As always, we'll be getting
that out to you right away.
By the way...
Regalview management...
you are hereby warned.
We will not be overlooked.
Fucking God...
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
Phones down!
JOHNNY: Fuck you! Fuck you!
MAN: And fuck you!
Fuck you, Regalview!
GROUP (CHANTING): Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
MAN: Oh man!
Out, out, out,
out, out, out, out.
Alright, hey look,
I know you're gonna
threaten to fire me.
And go ahead whatever.
I don't care anymore
cause we're gonna
take this fuckin place...
Pack up your shit and get out.
Well, fuck you and
fuck you and fuck you!
- ANDERSON: What? No...
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
- No, no, no, no, no, no Mr. Green.
You're starting to sound
a little paranoid here.
We're the bearers of good news.
Great news.
Great mothafuckin' news.
Great motherfucking news.
Power Caller.
- What the fuck...
- ANDERSON: Yeah, we just got the call.
They think you're A-1 material.
You're going upstairs
my compadre.
Yes. You are getting
a promotion.
9:00 AM tomorrow morning.
- Do you have a suit?
- Of course he does.
Powerful, young, strong,
intelligent Power Caller.
- But, but they, um...
- Oh, God.
They're gonna do what
they're gonna do.
You're not going
against their actions.
All their issues are down here.
Not up there.
ANDERSON: Two very different
kinds of telemarketing.
But, but, oh, okay, um...
This is your moment.
Don't waste it.
Woo woo! Woo woo! Woo woo!
Maybe you're right.
JOHNNY: The big money.
The top fucking tier
of telemarketing.
Making history with legends
like Hal Jameson.
Bad ass.
Oh, it's a really good batch,
so I hope you like France.
You should have some.
- Should I just drink it right now?
Oh, yes!
- Because we didn't have any cups.
- Power Caller.
- Yeah!
- Yes!
Power Caller, baby.
- JOHNNY: Power Caller, man!
- ANDERSON: Power Caller!
Power Caller. Power Caller.
Wow, you really are ready,
aren't you?
Hey, Ms. D. Yeah.
Wow, oh okay, well let's do
this, mu-tha-fuck-ah.
I've always wanted to say that.
I would be remiss if I didn't
bring up your pink shirt.
I think it's extraordinary
and sexy.
You know, 35% of men
who wear pink
are more likely
to start a franchise.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Wow. Damn.
- This is crazy.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
So clumsy.
Almost done...
this job's crazy right?
Do you need help with that?
It's very secure. It's very...
Welcome, Power Caller.
Today is your day
to dominate the world.
You are Regalview's elite
Take your place alongside
legends like Hal Jameson.
You call the shots.
- What...?
You are in your sexual prime.
The top of the
reproductive pile.
Alright, does it do
that every time
(USING WHITE VOICE) Welcome to the
Power Calling Suite, Mr. Green.
White Voice at all times here.
Yes, I almost forgot.
Good luck.
Nice suit, by the way.
You've been selected, Mr. Green,
because you have the potential
to be a great telemarketer.
The potential.
Do you know
what we sell up here?
- Oh, I heard it's a...
- Ah, we sell power.
Firepower. Manpower.
When U.S. weapons manufacturers
sell arms to other countries
who do you think, Mr. Green, makes that
call at the precisely perfect time?
- Which is of course, dinner.
- We do.
Before a drone drops a bomb
on an apartment building
in Pakistan
who drops the
bomb ass sales pitch
you may ask, Cassius?
We do.
Okay, so you said
firepower, manpower?
Worryfree is our biggest client.
We help thousands of companies
utilize Worryfree workers
to improve their efficiency.
So, wait, are you telling me
you sell slave labor
to companies over the phone?
God damnit. You are a sharp one.
Hey, what the fuck
are you doing?
Dave, stop him.
Left Eye, bitches!
Worryfree has resuscitated
Workers live in
space efficient dwellings
in the same facilities where
production occurs.
They make anything
and they make everything.
Lifetime contracts
so no wages needed.
They make automobiles for what it
used to cost to make bicycles.
(NORMAL VOICE) Okay, but see
I don't know if I can...
Sugar on top, white voice.
Yeah, but what
I'm saying is I don't know
if I'm gonna be
able to s... sell...
Here's the starting salary.
(WHITE VOICE) Well, man, I'm gonna
have to get me some new suits.
You'll be working
here until late.
We need you
in the mix right away.
Hey baby, what's your sign?
I haven't heard that one before.
Yo, that was crazy yesterday.
That was like that scene
in Norma Rae.
You know, the one when
she's like on the table.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, Regalview is scared shitless.
We'll win.
Can I check that out?
Oh, okay.
Okay. Bravo.
Where'd you learn
how to do that?
Down in L.A.
We organized the first sign
twirlers union there.
Oh, okay.
Is that what you do?
You just go from place to
place stirring up trouble?
Trouble's already there.
I just help folks fix it.
Yeah, that's what I do with
my art too, you know.
Expose the bullshit.
- It's not exactly the same thing.
- It's pretty much the same.
I haven't seen your stuff
so I can't...
I'm not gonna show you my stuff.
So how does it work with, uh...
with you and Cassius?
You know,
you sound like a radical.
He's... I don't know.
He's what?
He's real.
He's not that fake-ass
bougie gallery world.
So, that's how it works.
Well, you're rubbing him off
right. So...
He helped with the work
stoppage. So...
Your fire is rubbing off on him.
I like it.
I'm going.
You look like you're done here
if you need a ride.
Nah, Cassius' on the way.
But thank you.
Nice work.
Hey girl. We gotta go!
Thank you.
You okay?
- Did you get into an accident?
- No.
How about robbed or
something else crazy like that.
So, I don't think you flaked and
left me on a corner for an hour.
Yeah, I know. Look baby I was gonna
talk to you about it earlier
but I didn't know if it would be
a for sure thing or not.
But, as of today
I'm a Power Caller.
Does that mean you can
pay me back my $80?
(WHITE VOICE) Hell, yes,
baby, of course I can.
Stop Cassius. Stop, it's freaky.
What do they sell?
Am I finally gonna be able
to see your show?
Baby, this is beautiful.
And big.
Oh, really, is that
what this is?
Yeah, I mean they're big
because they're Africa.
So, I added the sculptures
from last year.
Oh, okay. Well,
if nobody shows up
at least it'll look full.
Can I... can I ask a question?
Why did you choose Africa?
(FADING) I wanted to talk about
a life shaped by exploitation.
About fighting for a say
in our own lives.
(MUFFLED) About how beauty,
love, and laughter
thrive and flourish under almost
any circumstances...
(MUFFLED) How Capitalism
basically started.
(NORMAL VOICE) by stealing
labor from Africans
and about how you're nodding
like you're listening
but you're not.
Oh, no sorry baby.
I was receiving that.
I was just had a long day and...
- it's work.
- It's okay.
You really want to hit this?
CASSIUS: Ah... yes, okay.
I'm listening now.
Capitalism in Africa is booming.
Shh. I'm done talking.
I just want to marinate in this.
This is major for me, Cash.
What I want to do is
I want sit here,
hit this weed
and just be here.
SQUEEZE: Alright guys. That
felt good the other day, right?
- CROWD: Yes.
- SAL: Yes. Good, man.
Like I've known y'all
my whole life, you know.
Don't forget that. Okay?
Remember each other's faces.
SAL: Cassius? What's up man?
Where you been?
What's up with the suit?
I got promoted.
What does that mean?
Are you a manager now?
That means I'm
a Power Caller now.
- About to be paid.
- SQUEEZE: We're all trying to get fucking paid.
- SAL: Yeah.
- But we're gonna do it as a team.
- Are you on the team?
- Yeah, I guess I'm still on your little team
but I'm playing from the bench.
The bench where you sit
and get your bills paid.
You know my uncle is
about to lose his house.
Cash, I'm sorry
about your uncle, man,
but that don't mean sell out.
I'm not selling y'all out.
My success has nothing to do
with you, alright.
You just keep doing
whatever it is
that you're fucking doing
and I'll root for you.
From the sidelines.
And try not to laugh at that
stupid ass smirk on your face.
We don't need this.
- Are you doing alright?
- Yeah, I'm doing good.
- How you doing?
- Fantastic.
- Fantastic?
- I hope you have a good day.
I hope you have a better week.
I hope your month is full of
successful days.
And a lot of great ventures. I
hope you just come up, brother.
I hope your whole fucking year
is spectacular.
- Oh, you hope my year is spectacular?
- Yeah.
You got something
you want to say to me?
You got something
you want to say?
- You smell great.
- You smell great. What is that?
Burberry. What you got on?
- I forgot. It's just deodorant.
- Smells expensive. Okay.
- Yeah. Good.
- We smelling good.
Some good smelling
brothers out here.
You're an awesome man
and I appreciate you.
- I hope you find yourself.
- Yeah, we should go out. Get drinks.
- You want to get drinks?
- Yeah!
- SAL: How many drinks?
- CASSIUS: Two. Three.
- Three? Five?
- Four! Five!
- Six? Eight?
- Seven! Nine!
- Ten? On me?
- All of them!
It's on me, no, it's on me now!
- It's on you?
- Yeah, it's on me now.
- Alright. Alright!
- Yeah, it's on me!
- It's on you now.
Greetings, Cassius Green.
I hope you did
not masturbate today.
We need you sharp
and ready to go.
I detect the pheromones
percolating out of your pores.
They say to others around you:
"Hold my penis while I piss on
your underestimated expectations."
Mr. Green, I am a computer
but I wish I had hands to
caress your muscular brain.
Cassius Green, you've been
assigned a Worryfree campaign.
Brush up on that
Chapter Six stuff.
Excuse me.
And give them that
radiant voice of yours
in the next half hour.
2:00 PM.
Almost breakfast time in Japan.
Oh okay. Ah, doodily
doodily doodily doo.
- Moshi moshi.
- Mr. Son.
Cassius Green of Worryfree calling.
Sorry to bother you.
I'm calling about who
is assembling your phone.
Now I know they're
being made in China.
I'm a big fan of yours.
I've been following you
since you were with Takashi.
I cheered literally when
I found out you acquired Tanrio,
which is why I'm calling you
and not Phonarolla.
Our team of dedicated workers
will make twice as many phones
at half the cost.
You'll double up
your market share
over these bastards.
Power Callers, our
very own Cassius Green
just made our client, Worryfree,
upwards of ten million dollars
in one call on his first day,
none the less.
- Oh, it's not that much.
- Indeed one for the history books.
- Cheers!
Excuse me for a second.
What can I do for you, chum?
Yes, I have a question.
I've just achieved a sort of
miraculous financial endeavor.
I'm also in a financial bind.
(NORMAL VOICE) I'm gonna
need a cash advance.
This is where the magic
happens, baby.
Worryfree edition.
Hole puncher Jim Ellman.
REPORTER: This was
the scene yesterday
at the Regalview
Telemarketer's strike.
The striking Regalview workers
are joined by other
phone operators
and university students
from all over the area.
After a long day
of hearty-ass work,
you feel me?
We ready to eat.
This is where
we get our grub on.
Swimming through
the vat of hyena urie
is not as bd as it sound!
What do we want!?
We want enough money
to pay our rent!
CROWD: Yeah! Yeah!
We want enough money to not et
Cup 'O Noodles every night!
CROWD: Yeah! Yeah!
We are sick and tired of no..
SQUEEZE (ON TV): We want to
be able to go see our doctor
if we get drunk one night!
CROWD: Yeah! Yeah!
When we hook up with someone
without using any protection!
Okay. Okay, yea!
And we think we might have
contracted chlamydia or gonorrhea!
Or any one of those crazy
STDs that you've never heard f
that you find on!
Fuck Regalview!
Fuck Regalview!
CROWD (CHANTING): Fuck Regalview!
Fuck Regalview!
Fuck Regalview!
Fuck Regalview! Fuck Regalview!
SAL: And fuck chlamydia, too.
REPORTER: Although strikers have
kept most replacement workers
from breaking the strike
every morning, Starkwater security
agents successfully escort.
Regalview's elite Power
Callers into the building.
For more on the
Regalview strike,
let's go to the studio.
This is Ken Baget.
Chanel 3 news.
Hey baby. Good morning.
No. Please, no.
Stop with that
stupid voice, Cassius.
(NORMAL VOICE) Didn't even
realize I was doing it.
That's a problem, you know.
How long you been up?
I'm not up.
But I saw your TV debut.
Oh, shit.
- Cash, baby...
- Can we not. Please.
Look, I quit when
the strike jumped off
because being with you
made it awkward for me. But...
You abandoned your friends.
Baby, I thought they'd do a
couple of stoppages and...
It's one thing
to take the promotion,
but now you're a full out scab.
Come on, baby, the Power
Callers ain't on strike!
No, but they should be.
I'm so tired of talking
to you about this.
You are crossing
the picket line.
I can't ride with you.
Oh, you can't ride with me now!
But you was riding with me
all around over...
Alright, fine. Well, no more.
Baby, what are you
asking me to do?
Are you asking me to quit
the fattest job I ever had?
But Cassius, it's not fat!
It is morally emaciated.
You sell fucking slave labor,
What the fuck isn't slave labor?
Oh my god! Side-stepping.
- You side-step more than the fucking Temptations.
- What isn't?
Fuck you, man!
Fuck you, alright!
Fuck you 'cause
I'm doing something
that I'm really fucking good at.
I'm really good at it
and I'm important.
I'm making shit happen.
And you don't
appreciate the shit
cause you already
fucking had it.
And you're talking to me
about slave labor?
What is Squeeze and them
gonna do about slave labor?
What does Squeeze
have to do with this?
They ain't gonna do shit.
And you ain't
gonna do shit neither
by selling fucking art
to rich people.
Fuck it.
Gimme the damn covers!
- What you doing?
- Taking them.
- I'm cold.
- I'm not playing Cassius.
- You're being greedy.
- Don't play with me Cassius.
You don't even need all those covers.
It's not necessary.
The whole reason I went
to work for Regalview
was to make myself
more interesting to you.
Cassius, the old you
was way more interesting.
If you go to work
today at Regalview
crossing the picket line...
we're done.
Elbows and assholes, people!
Let's go!
Chisels or dynamite, Cassius.
You pick.
(WHITE VOICE) Yeah, agreed.
I just have to follow up
on this lead
I've been working on.
This motherfucker right here...
is on fire!
Let's give it up
for the boy wonder!
Yeah, yeah! Some for the homeys.
And some for me!
Bag them, tag them, rag them!
I trained her. I trained her.
We hunted mammoths! Yeah!
MANAGER: Douse him. Douse
our winner with champagne.
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
OFFICER: I said get back!
Have a cola and smile, bitch!
you very much, Miss Welcrott.
I'll talk to you soon. Mm-hmm.
Okay, bye.
You, my friend,
you are the best decision
I've made in quite a long time.
I have to pat myself
on the ass for that.
Thank you, Mister (BEEP).
Feels good to be appreciated.
Don't call me Mr. (BEEP),
Call me (BEEP).
Million-dollar question
for you, Cassius.
Do you like to party?
I like parties.
What are you doing tonight?
Oh, I got this thing.
Well my girlfriend,
Fudge all that.
Steve Lift is throwing
his yearly party.
Wants to see our new star there.
Wants to talk to you, Cassius.
I have been waiting years
for this invite.
Even Jay and Bey
can't get this invite.
Hell yeah. I just got to do
this other thing.
You go to your other thing.
And I'll be there waiting.
Pick you up.
This is the kind of party
that could change your life.
Beauty, love, and laughter.
I realize you were asking
about specific... that one.
You know what, will you please
excuse me just one minute?
- Hey.
I wouldn't miss this
for the world, you know.
It's beautiful.
- You're beautiful.
- Cash...
I love you too...
but I can't hang with
what I see in you now.
What happened to your head?
Oh, um...
Oh, just... shaving...
Alright, I have to go get ready
for my performance.
You should really stay
and see it, okay?
Okay, but I can only stay
for a little while, baby,
cause there's this party I got
to get back to. It's important.
A Slave auctioneers party?
- Hey.
- Yo, what's up?
DETROIT: Thank you for coming.
I wouldn't miss this
for the world.
You always know just
what to say, huh?
I literally just said that.
I hope you stay.
Yo, is the reason why
you don't call me no more
is cause you sell out or
cause you're just a star?
What are you talking about?
Eleven million views, man!
What the fuck?
SAL: You're like the Ariana
Grande of disloyal niggas.
Have a cola and smile, bitch!
You could really
help us out right now.
We got them by the balls,
but they're holding out.
We got the info on how much
this is costing them.
You flipping sides
could turn the tide.
Don't be the leaf
that floats down the river.
Be the stone that
splits the stream.
Is that Tupac?
(WHITE VOICE) Welcome, friends!
Gather around,
Form a semi-circle.
Tonight, we will have a
transformative experience.
In those containers,
there are broken cell phones,
used bullet casings,
and water balloons filled
with sheep's blood.
Cellphones can only work
with the mineral Coltan,
which is found
in Africa's Congo.
The profit involved in this
has created hardship and wars.
I will stand here.
If you feel so moved,
you may throw the items
in the containers at me.
While I'm standing here,
I will be reciting excerpts
from the timeless
Motown-produced movie entitled.
"The Last Dragon".
I'll recite those lines
Angela says to Eddie Arcadian
as she leaves him.
Let's begin.
"And in the end, Eddie,
you know what?
"You're nothing but a misguided
midget asshole
"with dreams
of ruling the world.
"Yeah, and also
from Kew Gardens.
And also getting by on my tits."
WOMAN: Bravo!
"And in the end, Eddie,
you know what?
"You're nothing but a
misguided midget asshole
"with dreams
of ruling the world.
"And also from Kew Gardens.
And also getting by on my tits."
"And in the end, Eddie,
you know what?
"You're nothing but a mis...
"misguided midget asshole
"with dreams
of ruling the world.
"Yeah, also from Kew Gardens.
And also getting by on my tits."
CASSIUS: Hey, hey, hey! Stop!
What the fuck is this?
Why would you subject
yourself to this?
(NORMAL VOICE) It's a part
of the show, Cassius.
You of all people should
understand, right?
- Stick to the script.
- No.
Don't you have a party
to get to, Cash?
Go, Cash.
(WHITE VOICE) Let's begin again.
"And in the end, Eddie..."
Well, I guess
you're all wondering
why I've called this meeting!
Hey. Hey.
Fucking Sexy chocolate
- Oh yeah!
- Cool guy.
You're coming with me.
I know you're loving
the new digs.
Or even better,
I'm digging the new love.
Stick around because...
I think a lot of these bitches
are gonna be
getting naked later.
You know, I mean, your parties
are the stuff of folklore.
You got to meet the man
of the hour though.
(WHITE VOICE) Hey Cassius Green.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
An honor even, sir.
It's okay, he's friendly.
He's friendly.
Oh, yeah, how you doing man?
You alright?
I'm really well, thank you.
Thank you for inviting us, Mr. Lift.
It's amazing.
Just don't call me "Mister."
Oh, uh... Steve.
I never said "Steve."
- I'm fucking kidding with you, man.
- Ow! Ow!
You can call me
whatever you want,
you keep closing those deals.
- You must be like a fucking genius.
I'd love to pick your brain
because we need people like
you over at WorryFree.
People who can comprehend
the big picture, you know?
It's people like you that are
gonna save this nation.
I mean look don't get me wrong;
We still need the workers
to do the work.
Per se.
But we also need
people like you.
People that can be trusted.
People that can analyze
the challenge and adapt.
Like a cunning racoon.
Like a snake.
Or like a tardigrade!
Go, I'll lock up.
Great performance tonight, D!
I told you,
you didn't have to do that.
No, it's my pleasure.
It was good.
So, you gonna tell me what
you thought about the show now?
It was, uh...
Fiery? The fuck?
That's what you thought?
That's it?
It was fiery. It was great.
Alright. Shh,
you can tell me later.
So now, I gotta climb over the
side of this overturned jeep
cause I got to pry the AK out
from under the crushed
bloody body
of my now inconveniently
deceased guide, right?
And just as I get this thing out
I spin around.
And this fucking thing
starts to charge and it...
Fucker took two mags
to the head.
Turned that bitch into a trophy.
What about you, Cash?
You ever had to bust a cap
in anybody's ass?
- Green, no...
- Shut the fuck up! (BEEP)
I'm talking to the man
of the hour here.
Come on man, have a seat.
Come on.
I want to hear about some of
that Oakland gangster shit, man.
- Oaktown.
- Just right here?
- Just sit down?
- Yeah.
Luckily, I have not had
to put a cap in anyone's ass.
Or head or anything.
So, I don't have any cool
stories, sorry.
Alright, well I mean
give us something. Right?
These boring cunts are at
every single one of my parties.
You're different, man.
Make an impression.
At least take off
the white voice.
And I know you can
bust a rap, right?
No, actually I can't.
Bullshit. Come on. Bullshit.
I can't, man.
I mean I can listen to rap,
well, but I just can't rap.
It's actually embarrassing.
I don't know.
I think he's lying.
I think you can rap.
I think you should rap.
Rap, rap, rap...
rap, rap, rap, rap, rap.
Rap, rap, rap.
Rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap.
Rap, rap, rap.
Rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap.
My name is Cash. I like to...
I come from the land of dope.
Somebody got something to smoke?
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
CROWD: Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
- Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
- CASSIUS: Yeah!
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
CROWD: Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
- CASSIUS: Yeah!
- Nigger shit. Nigger shit. Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
CROWD: Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
CROWD: Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Nigger shit. Nigger shit.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, shit.
Go through that big ass foyer.
Go through the door
next to the stairs.
Go down the other stairs.
Hang a left.
Go to the end of the hallway.
Then make a right.
You'll see it.
Big magenta color doors.
At the end of the halls.
Steve Lift will be
waiting for you.
He wants you in there.
Look here, young blood. We don't
cry about the shit that should be.
We just thrive on what is
and what is...
This could be big, Cassius.
Don't do that thing.
- What thing?
- That thing where you fuck it up.
Please, though.
Heads up.
This place is fucking nuts, man.
Thank you. I will accept
your backhanded compliment.
Please. Take a seat,
Mr. Cassius Green.
- How's your head, you alright?
- No, it's perfect.
Well, here, in this lair
we do no line before its time.
And for you, my friend,
it is time.
Cause you are rolling
with the big dogs now.
Fuck it!
Fuck! It's strong, man!
Oh yeah. I have a
proposition for you, Cash.
I will listen to your
proposition, Stevie.
I want you at WorryFree.
I see something in you.
I think that you are more
than just the world's
greatest telemarketer
since Hal Jameson.
You know what
that's very interesting.
Boring, though.
I want to talk about the dollars
and zeros and the commas
and shit.
Cocky. I like it.
Watch this little video
proposal we put together
and you'll understand
everything. Alright?
You know, I kind of got to piss.
So, could we, like,
kind of watch this
after I get back
from the bathroom?
Hell, I got to piss, man.
Okay fine. Out the door,
halfway down the hallway,
jade door.
Jade door, okay.
One stall.
Hey, you on your way
in or out, man?
Can you help me?
No. No, I can't. Sorry.
Please. Could you help me?
Fucked up, man. I'm really hurt.
Oh, shit. Okay.
Just hold on, man.
Please... help me.
Help me! Help me!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Don't touch me.
- Help us!
- Help me!
Hey, what the fuck!
- What the fuck, man!
- I said the jade door.
- That is the jade door.
No, that's an olive door.
That's very clearly
an olive door.
That's a jade door.
Look, you got to get me
the fuck out of here.
Okay, calm, calm. This is
a big misunderstanding. Okay?
Let's just take a deep breath
and calm down.
We're gonna go
back to my office.
I'm gonna explain
everything to you, alright?
Wait, do you still have to pee?
I mean, I pissed on myself, man.
So, no I don't have to pee.
Look, I got to get
the fuck out of here.
No, no, no, no, no, no...
Here's the deal.
I can't let you leave without
explaining everything. Alright?
And if you'd even seen the video
before you went in there
you wouldn't even be scared.
What the fuck was that thing
in there, man?
the video is gonna
show you everything.
Don't worry about it.
STEVE: There's a lot of
production value in this.
Since the dawn of time,
or least since before anyone
cares to remember
we have used our wits
to survive.
But what has
allowed us to thrive
was our use of tools.
A natural development.
But what are tools
if not extensions
of the appendages
with which we were born?
Humans have modified ourselves
throughout history.
- We train ourselves to fight.
- We work out.
We study.
Worryfree is carrying
forward this lineage
of natural developments
that began in prehistoric time.
We realize that human labor
has its limitations.
And, so, our scientists
have discovered a way.
A chemical change to make
humans stronger,
more obedient, more durable
and therefore more
efficient and profitable.
We are proud to announce
to our shareholders
that a new day in human
productivity is dawning.
Our workforce of Equisapiens
will make Worryfree
the most profitable company
in human history.
And you, our shareholders,
will be a part of that history.
See? It's all just a
big misunderstanding.
This ain't no fucking
misunderstanding, man!
So, you making half-human,
half-horse fucking things
so you can make more money?
Yeah, basically.
I just didn't want you
to think I was crazy.
That I was doing
this for no reason.
Because this isn't irrational.
Cool. Alright.
Cool. No, I understand.
I just I just got
to leave now, man.
So, please get the fuck
out of my way.
We haven't finished the movie.
Call me about that
next week, please.
And then we'll talk about it.
Sit in that chair
and we're gonna
watch this movie.
And then I'm gonna
make you a proposal.
- Come on.
worker modification process
is simple and rather quick.
It works for 70% of humans
who take the fusing catalyst.
And, see, this is how we begin
the process
of the transformation.
They take what's called the fusing
catalyst. And what happens is...
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait a minute, man.
What the fuck did you
give me to snort? Huh?
What the... what the fuck
was that?
- Wait, what?
- What did I snort?!
Cause I'm, I'm not
even fucking high.
You're not what?
Wait, wait wait. Wait.
No, I don't give a fuck
about that anymore, alright?
I don't give a fuck
about that shit.
If you had me snort some shit
that's gonna have me mutated man
I want you to fucking shoot me!
Cash. What you snorted was
100% Peruvian, man.
I need you to be a little bit
more particular, man.
You know, they got fucking
horses in Peru, probably.
- Motherfucker!
- You're gonna get semantic on me?
No, I'm not getting semantic.
You're the one
that's being semantic
if you refer to the fucking
horses as a 100%.
Fuck that.
It doesn't even matter.
Was it coke? Was it not coke?
- What was it?
- Cash. It was coke.
Calm down, man.
You're... I wouldn't
just give you
the fusing catalyst
without telling you.
I'm not evil. Okay?
The reason you're not high
is because your adrenaline
is pumping so hard right now
that to be perfectly honest
you're starting to harsh both
of our mellows. Okay?
So, sit down
and just take a breath, man.
It's fucking adrenaline.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
It's fine, okay. Just breathe.
Fucking bitch...
Now, the proposal that
I want to make you is this...
That is the future
of labor. Okay?
They're bigger.
They're stronger.
They hopefully gripe a lot less.
And also, soon, I'm gonna
have millions of them.
Fucking crazy...
They're gonna form
their own society.
They'll probably form
their own culture.
Then maybe
they want to organize.
Maybe they want to rebel.
And that's why we need
someone on the inside
who represents
Worryfree's needs.
Someone they can relate to.
To manage it.
For fucking horse people.
No. No.
The Equisapien
Martin Luther King, Junior.
But one that we create.
One that we control.
So, you want to...
want to have a false leader
for these fucking horse people.
But at the same time,
he works for you?
Yeah. Keeps shit simple.
Well, why the fuck
did you choose me?
Out of everybody
you could have chose,
why did you pick me?
- For what?
- Cash. Cash.
You are awesome.
I've never seen anyone
go through the ranks
at Regalview like you did.
And I want someone
like that at Worryfree.
Someone hungry.
Someone who'll fucking shank
their own friend in the back
if it means getting
what they want.
Now, look, I can see that
you're freaked out.
And that you want to say no.
But I wouldn't do that before
you see what I'm offering.
No, man. No, no.
There's no fucking
amount of money
that will make me do that shit.
Two things.
One: It's a short-term contract.
Five years. Done.
Then we give you
the diffuser antidote
special sauce serum
and you're back to normal.
And the second one, and I
want you to remember this.
You're gonna have a horse cock.
What the fuck is a special antidote
sauce serum. What the f...
It sounds like you
made that shit up, man.
That shit ain't real.
No, it's real.
And so is my offer.
Five years as our man
amongst horses.
For one hundred million dollars.
Just go sleep on it. Okay?
And after that,
holla at your boy. Okay.
Get out in that party
and go fuck something.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
(SHOUTS) Fuck! Fuck!
Where's my cell phone?
WOMAN (ON PHONE): San Francisco
Chronicle, good morning.
Um... Eric. Eric Arnold, please.
One moment.
Okay, Eric Arnold.
My name is Cassius Green.
I have some
important information.
Some very, very
important information
that I think you would really,
really be interested in.
- Okay, shoot.
- Okay, uh... alright.
They turning motherfuckers
into horse-people.
Horse... half-horse, half-human
people that work. Alright.
Look, they have you
snort some fucking coke,
and, well, it's not really coke,
but you snort it and it has
your nostrils get all big
and then you get
a horse dick and shit.
And listen... listen, you got
to get this story out here, man,
because look, you put...
What you talking about?
No. Cassius.
Cassius Green.
WOMAN (ON TV): The first
thing we're gonna do
is cut a little nib
into the cola can.
Voila! "Have a cola
and smile, bitch," wig!
Fuck! Where the fuck
is my cellphone?!
And the strangest thing
to happen in advertising history.
Soda Cola has announced
working with Cynthia Rose,
the foul-mouthed heroine
with perfect aim
from the "Cola-and-Smile-Bitch"
YouTube clip.
Rose reportedly signed
for an amount of money
that could buy
four white babies.
The strike breaker who's
hilariously pegged in that clip
has been revealed to be named...
- Cassius Green.
- Cassius Green.
Alright Doc, now I'm, uh...
I got a little worried,
you know.
Because I was looking at it
maybe from up here.
But that it might be different.
Is it bigger?
No. No, it's the same size.
I mean, I'm glad
you're feeling yourself.
Is that why you tried to
booty call me last night?
I didn't try to booty call you.
I lost my phone. I told you.
It doesn't matter.
I got a new one.
What is up with you, Cash?
You called me at 3:23.
You left a video message.
I didn't check it,
cause I assumed
it was lude as fuck
and I wasn't
trying to do that...
Can I see that?
Come on.
We're hurting! We're hurting!
Help us! Help us!
MAN (ON VIDEO): Get back in there.
Get in there.
- Help us!
We're hurting!
Security code cleared.
Love of Christ.
If your beautiful perversions
don't shut the fuck up,
I will turn you all into glue!
I found my phone.
I don't know, Cash...
You got to do something.
People got to know.
Right? Honey,
you got to tell them, right?
Yeah. Yeah I mean...
- Why did you show...
- I don't know, alright.
I snorted something that was...
I thought it was activated
but it turned out
it was just coke...
But why did you focus
on your dick, though?
They have big nostrils
you could have just asked me
to check your nostrils.
- Okay check 'em, check 'em.
- Okay, okay.
Yeah, they look bigger.
- No, they don't.
- I think that's just cause...
- Yeah. You're flaring them.
- No, I'm not flaring them.
- You are, you are.
- No, I'm not.
Just relax them a little bit
so I can see.
Okay. Look, listen. They're normal size.
They look normal size.
- They look normal size.
I need you to know...
I want to be clear...
this can't happen again.
I'm not going back.
I'm not going to be
a fucking Power Caller.
That's a good decision.
But I...
- I still have problems with all this.
- I'm not...
Only something happening to you
turned you against them.
Okay. But I know
how they view me.
How I look in the eyes
of fucking Worryfree
and Regalview.
They just view me as another one
of their fucking creatures
to control and to manipulate.
And that's not me.
That doesn't change
what I said about us.
And also, I kind of
messed around
with somebody last night.
What? Wait...
what do you mean you kind of...
I need you to explain that one
cause I don't understand
what you mean by you kind of
messed around with somebody.
- I mean did you...
- Everything but.
Everything but.
You see, that's
almost worse than
anything I can imagine
in my mind.
- Everything but. So, did you...
- Cassius we were broken up.
Okay? It's over.
It's me and you that shouldn't
have messed around tonight.
You want to know who it was?
Do you plan on fucking
or "everything but" -ting
with that person again?
Nah. No,
I don't want to know, then.
No, I don't want to know.
MAN: I have absolutely no
idea what this is about.
Maybe it's saying that
capitalism dehumanizes them.
Maybe the artist
is being literal.
Maybe Worryfree is
turning workers into horses.
And literally fucking them?
Hey, bro.
Ain't you the dude from the clip
that got hit in the head
with the can?
No. No, everybody thinks
that's me, man.
- But that's not me.
- What's wrong with your head then?
Man, everybody thinks that's...
That's you, that shit is funny!
- What the fuck, man?!
- For you lyin'!
MAN: That's alright.
Happen to the best of us.
Walk it off.
This is Cassius Green
from "Have-A-Cola
And-A-Smile-Bitch" fame.
I want to be on
your show tomorrow.
(SINGING) "Have a Cola
and smile, Bitch"
CROWD: "I Got the Shit
Kicked Out Of Me".
Today, YouTube sensation
Cassius Green is here.
You had 500 million people
watch you get pegged
to the noggin
and get utterly humiliated.
It was effin hilarious.
The way your hair
went up like that...
The whole world is laughing
'til they pissed.
Well, I got a new clip
that I need you to play
and the only reason
I came on the show
was because you agreed
to show this clip
to your 150 million viewers.
Well, if you want some ass,
you have to bring some ass.
So, we'll get ready
for an ass whipping,
then jump in the shit tank.
Then we'll play your clip.
Could you play
my clip now, please?
Is it as crazy as the
cola-and-a-smile-bitch clip?
Not possible.
It's crazy, Mary.
- It's fucking crazy.
- Woo-hoo.
Let's roll the clip.
Help us. We're hurting!
We're hurting!
If you beautiful perversions
don't shut the fuck up,
I will turn you all into glue!
As a Power Caller for Regalview,
Worryfree was my premier client.
This is just
incontrovertible proof
of Worryfree's evil practices.
They're turning humans into
grotesque horse-people.
And I want the world to know
that... that... that they're
manipulating humanity
for the sake of profit.
Now, we cannot let this go on.
You have to call your
congressman, alright.
Call your local politicians
and let them know
we will not stand for this.
REPORTER: It's been one day
since the viral celebrity
leak to the world,
new scientific achievements
made by Worryfree
and their genius
CEO, Steve Lift,
which caused Worryfree
stocks to sky rocket
at a rate faster than any
other company in history.
House and Senate leaders
joined Lift in ringing the bell
to celebrate the record
stock market rally.
Worryfree's success has created.
Fuck you!
We are all sinners, but in
every sinner lies a winner.
The Lord lifted you
from the whore house,
you from flop house,
you from drop house...
- Fuck! Fuck!
- Out devil!
We're just doing dutch.
- Thanks for calling, man.
- Yeah.
Look, I betrayed you.
I know it's not
gonna change anything,
but I wanted to say I'm sorry.
- I acted stupid, I was...
- Man, hey, we... we good.
Alright, but all you
got to do is just...
just do right from now on, man.
Yeah, I know and that's what...
I tried to change it.
I tried to stop it. But it's...
it's just right in front
of their faces.
They're turning human beings
into monstrosities
and nobody gives a fuck.
Most people that saw you
on that screen
knew calling their congressman
wasn't gonna do shit.
If you get shown a problem,
but have no idea
how to control it,
then you just decide to get
used to the problem.
Yeah, and that's why our plan
for tomorrow...
is important.
'Cause if we stop them
from crossing the picket line
this time we win.
- That's a good plan.
- Yeah.
Tomorrow we show 'em
how to give fucks.
Ain't that about a...
- Happy Halloween.
- Look at that shit. You see that shit?
What the fuck is that about?
What the fuck, man.
That's what I'm talking about.
- MAN: Get back in there!
- HORSES: We're hurting! Help us!
Security code cleared.
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
Fuck you, Regalview!
None of the strikers here
at the Regalview strike
will tell us why
they're all wearing
their Cola-And
A-Smile-Bitch wigs.
Although the strikers have been
extremely militant
over the past weeks,
they've not been able to stop
the Stackwater juggernaut
from breaking through the lines.
CROWD (CHANTING): Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Elbows and assholes, people!
Let's move!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
CROWD: Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
Scabs won't pass!
- Scabs won't pass! Scabs won't pass!
REPORTER: The infamous
Cassius Green,
former Power Caller
and strike line crosser,
has switched sides.
- Yeah, man!
- Yeah!
Looks like the Calvary's
arrived, folks.
Get the fuck back!
This way! This way!
Come on!
Over here! Over here!
This is when the magic happens.
SQUEEZE: Get them here quick.
MAN: Hey, Cassius.
MAN: Look out! Look out!
Hey! Hey!
Let me out!
MAN: Hold your ground!
CASSIUS: Yes! Yes!
Thank you.
We. Are Honored.
To. Be. In. Your. Presence.
Dude. I'm from East Oakland.
Talk regular.
My name is DeMarius.
Thanks for breaking us out.
Oh, I'm Cassius. Cassius Green.
No problem.
Worryfree is here.
Hey. Same struggle.
Same fight.
Equisapiens! Let's be out!
WOMAN: Equisapiens,
thank you so much!
Master mind.
Are you serious right now?
Serious as kicking the can.
Don't... don't play
with me, Cash
cause that's some serious shit.
No, man. That's yours.
And I've got a car
that'll do me just fine
til I get back
to work at Regalview.
Plus, I wanted to say I'm sorry.
Cash, man. Look.
Just saying sorry is fine.
This is good. This is perfect.
This is the perfect apology.
I don't want disrespect you.
You know this is cool, I'm...
So, uh...
now that we won that strike
you cool coming
back to work with us
lowly regular telemarketers.
Well, if the new and glorious
telemarketers union
will have me.
You got to start fighting
- Huh?
- Alright, bro.
- Be good.
- Mm-hmm.
DETROIT: Kiss already, huh?
So, what about being part
of something important, huh?
Oh shit.
It looks like the sun
is about to explode.
Oh my god...
Come here, sugar.
We are a part
of something important.
Changing the world.
Before the sun explodes.
I couldn't come back
to the exact same thing
after all that, right?
What happened?
What, Cash?
Green calling on behalf of
stomp a mud hole
in your
Sorry to bother you but...
Oh, yeah
Hell, yeah
That's right
Oh, yeah
Hell, yeah, that's tight
Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey
I'm Boots Riley,
they ain't merc'd me yet
Gon' get shit popping
like Percocet
Got pent up anger
that ain't surfaced yet
Two stepping like the boss
dispersed the check
Imagine this hymn
is a hand grenade
Asphalt sheet rock serenade
Jack and Coke
is the marinade
But we sober up quick
at the barricades
Joint in my mouth,
pass the fire
Everything out they
mouth is a pacifier
I'm not preaching,
ask the choir
The green one,
the red one, pass the wire
Camel toe,
camouflage with fashion
Passing the shell codes
on to the assassin
Dash in security,
mall expansion
Whatever I wear,
know I'm here to be clashing
Oh, yeah
Hell, yeah
That's tight
Oh, yeah
Alright, Hell, yeah
That's tight
Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey
We came
To bleed
We came to bleed