Soul Fray (2016) Movie Script

when we were younger,
Danny and I used to go down
to the dock at night
and look at the moon
reflecting on the lake.
We'd stare for hours
at the water.
-Wondering what secrets
it was keeping from us.
Never suspecting how dark
those secrets might be.
Help me.
Swim to me.
Come on, come on.
Give me your hand.
Come on Danny, come on, Danny.
It's okay, it's okay.
Can you grab the dock,
i promise I'm not
gonna let go.
I'm not gonna let go.
I just need you to help me.
Danny, give me
your other hand.
Can you grab the dock?
Stop panicking and help me!
I'm trying!
Mom, dad! Help!
I'm trying.
-Don't let go.
-I've gotcha, I'm not
gonna let go.
I'm not gonna let go.
Can you grab the dock?
[Voice whispering
in Latin]
[Voice whispering]
With the light
comes the dark.
[Claire gasps]
my brother was
the first of many
to be taken
by the darkness.
His death
started everything.
going, going...
We've officially
reached the dead zone.
Uh, just as well.
Plenty of stuff
to do up here.
Go swimming,
hiking, swimming...
A little more hiking.
A little more swimming?
Hey, we can never have
too much swimming.
I remember loving
coming up here as a kid though.
Grandfather used to bring
me up here all the time.
Bet the cabin hasn't changed
a bit since I was six.
Perfect distraction
for a troubled mind.
Speaking of whom,
wake up sleepyhead.
We're almost there.
lake miraton.
Most quietest, calmest,
overall peaceful-est
place in West Virginia.
You woke me up
to look at trees.
Not just any trees, Mike.
cheer up, Mike.
After all, this whole trip
is about you.
See now you say that,
but I actually would have been
just as happy alone
in my bedroom.
At home, shades drawn,
sitting in the dark.
See and that's exactly
why we're here.
We all know what it
feels like to be dumped.
For the record,
I did not get dumped.
It was a mutual agreement.
you guys agreed mutually
that she was
dumping you.
Come on, Mikey.
If you resolve to have
a good week,
you'll make it
a good week.
I'm your sister,
would I lie to you?
You wound me, Mike.
I am wounded.
all right kids,
take note.
Now passing the last
public access building
for 15 miles.
[Birds chirping]
I mean, fine,
just throw my stuff
out of the way.
-Aj, this is awesome.
-I know, cool, right?
-wait till you see
the inside.
Four years old.
Four years old.
hurry up, slow pokes.
Same as before.
Mike, come on, man.
you're draggin'.
-Aj, this is so cool.
-I know.
-Cool little spot, right?
Your grandfather
built this?
yep, my grandfather
was a man of many talents.
i see...
I'm... gonna go put
stuff in my room.
-Bad Mikey,
what are you doing?
-Eryn, give it back.
-What are you doing
with this?
-Quit screwing around.
-Bad Mikey!
-Seriously, that's all
i have left.
Put it away.
If I see it again,
I'm gonna confiscate it.
What are you,
cabin leader?
Nope, that would be me.
And I take my job
very seriously.
You are here
to cleanse yourself
of that girl,
not mope around
and wonder what you could have
said or done differently.
Are you saying there's
something I could've said
or done differently?
-That was a test.
You failed the test.
Man, look,
you gotta do something
to take your mind
off this girl.
You brought
you sketch book, right?
Draw something up.
Like the good ol' days.
All right. Fine.
There you go.
Oh, boy.
All right, come help me
restart the generator.
It's a two man job.
this place runs
on a generator?
my grandfather
was an architect.
Not an electrician.
do you...
Need help
with any of that?
it just looks like...
Yeah, actually,
yeah, that would be
really nice actually.
okay, cool.
I just--
it looked like you were
struggling a little bit.
A little bit.
Um, I'm Mike
from next...
-cabin over.
-206, yeah.
-Awesome, err,
it's nice to meet you.
I'm Angie.
Nice to meet you.
So you, you know
the cabin numbers by heart?
Oh, yeah.
Just a little bit.
Probably not your first
time up here?
No, it's not actually.
Around this time last year
i was here at the same cabin
with the same
group of guys.
Um, but I have one
of those photographic memory
kind of things,
so that's how I remember
your cabin number.
I'll look
at the cabin numbers,
or on the mailboxes,
see on the street,
I'll just remember them
for the rest of my life.
Oh, that's handy,
i guess.
Uh, I don't know though.
I've never really had to,
you know,
recall said cabin numbers
to anybody before.
-you're laughing
on the inside.
Did you mean
to hand this to me?
Oh! ooh, sorry.
I meant to take that back.
-Thank you, though.
I really appreciate that.
-No problem.
-It was really nice of you.
Hey, babe.
What's the hold up?
-Did you get everything?
-Yes, Pete.
I-- I got everything.
Hey, man.
Hi. Mike.
what's going on over here.
I was...
Mike was helping me
with the bags.
You know, 'cause I was
doing it all by myself.
-Yeah, I was just
walking by.
-Oh, okay.
That's mighty friendly
of you, buddy.
Yeah, no problem.
I mean, she just looked
like she was struggling
and I was walking by...
Awesome, well,
you be happen to be walking by
back to your cabin now?
don't be an ass.
Yeah. no. I'm gone.
It was nice meeting you.
You too.
What the hell?
You're such a fucking jerk,
you know that?
-You okay?
-[Pete and Angie arguing
Hey, man.
Don't feel bad.
-It was an awesome effort.
-I said I'm fine.
Can we just drop it?
[Gun cocks]
Heard about the attempt.
You heard lies.
No attempt was made.
Oh, come on, Mikey.
You put yourself out there.
I'm proud of you.
For god's sake,
i said "hello"
and she said "hello" back.
Okay, that's it.
As far as I can remember,
any relationship
I've ever been in
started with "hello."
-How long did it take you
to come up with that one?
-Couple hours.
We're gonna head up
to that grocery/hardware store
we saw on the way in.
Pick up some essentials.
Mostly alcohol.
Wanna come?
No, man.
I'm good.
I'm kind of enjoying
the peace and quiet out here.
It's cool.
You got it bro.
you should talk to her.
Like more.
You got
a whole week here,
you might as well
enjoy some of it.
I am perfectly content.
i can see that.
-I love you.
-[Garbles] Love you, too.
[Erin garbles]
-Hey, are we going
or what?
-Oh. Yeah.
Yeah. sorry.
whoa. and he's an artist.
Not much into
the "baywatch" scene,
i guess?
No. not so much.
Mind if I join you?
Hey, mind
if I take a look?
I guess.
-That one you can
skip past.
-Oh. Okay.
Mike, these
are really good.
I'm sure you could do something
with some of these.
I'm not a...
I'm not a professional
or anything.
I just...
I don't know,
i do it to pass the time.
Some peace of mind.
But um, eryn always
says that too,
that I should do
something with it.
Oh, eryn is my sister.
You'll probably see
her around.
Oh, wait,
is this your sister?
No, that is a...
Let's say it's a dream
that didn't come true.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Okay, let's change
the subject.
-Can I ask you
a question?
-That guy, Pete.
We're not together.
Like, not even a little.
So why does he think
that you are?
It's complicated.
To say the least.
Is it?
Okay, look,
I'll tell you
my whole story,
the good,
the bad, everything.
Beginning to end.
But you have to promise
not to judge me for it.
You know what kind of stuff
Mike drinks?
Um, just stay away
from brand names,
anything that's
in the back corner,
bottom shelf...
Something no one else
would like.
Guarantee you
he'll love it.
-I am so sorry.
-No, it's me. It's all me.
Oh, my god.
Is it broken?
No. all empties
and drink cartons.
-You're fine.
-It looks okay.
-Yeah, see? You're fine.
No, it was my fault.
-Oh, sorry.
-I should be more careful.
Yeah. so are you visiting?
Uh, yeah.
How could you tell?
Uh, around
this time of year.
We always get more people
in the store.
Tourist season.
That means you live here?
Like permanent resident?
Year round?
Home sweet home.
So you can tell me
all the cool places
to check out.
You know?
Like hiking trails.
I don't know,
could be bears.
Okay, well,
i imagine you've already
been to the lake?
That's miraton's
one big selling point.
Um, other than that,
stick to the trails?
Don't go off
by yourself too much.
Oh... really?
Not to scare you
or anything.
We've just had a few people
go missing lately.
Missing? like never
to be seen again missing?
Well, so far, yeah.
Oh. um.
But that shouldn't
worry me.
Yeah, so I'm not
very good at small talk.
As we now know.
[Store owner]
Or being a shop boy,
-Well, it was nice
talking to you.
-Yeah, you too.
-Have fun at the lake.
-How're ya doing?
-Doing all right.
Oh, good. Thanks.
Is that it,
all set?
Yep, should be.
let me ring you up.
Can't seem to keep people
interested in the area?
Don't let-- don't let
that unnerve you.
My shop boy, he would
have people around here
believing that folks
are just disappearing,
vanishing without a trace.
Like some sort of ghost story
or something.
Simple truth is
it's pretty common
around tourist season,
people come and they see
the beautiful scenery,
and they see our quaint,
quiet, little town.
And they say
to themselves,
"i think I'm gonna
settle down here."
Seasons come,
seasons change,
people do too.
And come winter
all of a sudden they remember,
"I've got something big
to do back in the city."
And poof,
just like that.
They're gone.
So, uh,
that's your theory?
Fickle tourists?
That or bigfoot.
-[Scoffs] bigfoot.
Hey, mind if I ask
you a question?
Go ahead, shoot.
We have a cabin
right on the lake.
Belonged to my grandfather.
-Walter gravewaters.
-Oh, yeah.
And right across from us
is this lonely lookin' house.
The lochewood house.
Yeah, does anyone
live there?
I could have swore
i seen a girl checkin' us out
when we pulled in.
Yeah, that was just Claire.
Poor Claire.
Used to live there
with her folks and her brother.
It's just her there now.
They moved away?
Her folks did.
Yeah, they tried like crazy
to get her to move away
with them.
But she was adamant
about staying put.
Bought the place
right out from under them.
And the brother?
-Yeah, he drowned.
About two years ago now.
It's right about that time
that Claire lost it.
We used to see her
around town all the time,
just smiling all the time,
just happy all the time.
But then, oh my gosh.
After the accident,
she just doesn't come out
of the house at all.
Just to come, just to stock up
on food and lighter fluid.
She feels bad about it.
She really does.
She was there
when he fell into the lake.
-wow. I can see why she
keeps to herself.
I mean, I know I'd be a wreck
if I ever lost my brother.
She won't give you folks
any trouble.
But those guys
that have the cabin
next to yours,
they're gonna be
nothing but trouble.
Uh, they don't
worry me much.
But thanks
for the heads up.
You betcha.
Let me, let me,
let me get my assistant
and give you a hand.
Give us a hand
getting their stuff
out to their car.
-On your left.
-Oh, sorry.
-sorry. are you okay?
-Yeah, are you? Okay.
-Yeah, I'm cool.
Okay, cool.
Well, anyway.
Beneath this playful
exterior you see,
really just lies
an emotionally damaged woman
with a shitload
of scaring underneath.
My dad left
when I was ten.
My mom did
the constitutional
minimum required
of an American parent
at the time.
And by the time
i was 18,
I thought was
in a committed relationship
with the baddest bad boy
of my town.
But around a year ago,
i told myself,
I was gonna do better.
You know, never fall
for the same traps again.
And I've been doing
really well, actually.
For the first time,
in a long time,
I feel really good
about myself.
And I don't mean to sound
arrogant or anything,
but I think that's
really awesome.
I mean...
That is great.
And don't let me rain
on your parade,
but I mean
if that's the case,
then why share
a cabin with him?
I slipped.
A little bit ago.
I told him it didn't
mean anything though.
With Pete,
he looks at me and he sees
the same old Angie,
he could just use
and abuse her just the same.
But I'm not
that girl anymore.
I can relate,
in a way.
I didn't really love
the girl I was dating.
We weren't really good
for each other.
Frankly, a break up
was kind of inevitable.
It's just that,
I thought
if I lost her...
Maybe I'd never find
anyone else.
And more than anything
I didn't want
to end up alone.
But you know,
a guy like you,
with friends
and a little sister...
Who would go through lengths
and miles to see you smile,
is never alone.
Yeah, I know.
They are the best.
And I know they'll always
be there for me.
It's just...
I just wish they weren't
the only ones.
You know?
Just once.
I just feel like
i want someone to...
-See me.
-See me.
How are you guys doing?
[Voice speaking
in Latin]
[Speaking Latin]
You are one,
and we are many.
By dawn, there will be
nobody left to save.
-Are you okay?
Just a little
high strung I guess.
Yeah, I guess so.
You know, you've
worked overtime,
gosh, something like
the last two weeks in a row.
I think you need
a day off.
I'm fine, really.
I think, I think you need
to take a long weekend.
The tourists have
all passed through,
and I can handle
the store myself, I think.
For a day.
Okay. all right.
-Thanks, Mr. odgeby.
-Lock up and I'll see you
on Monday.
-Will do.
-And Vincent...
One more thing.
[Men cheering]
Hell yeah, I told you
they'd pull it together.
Hail to the skins, baby.
Pete, you're missing
the game of the century
over here.
Shut up, gaywad.
I'm coming.
The end of an era.
In the absence of a woman,
Pete has to make
his own sandwich.
Yeah, where did your girl
get off to?
Ha, probably fucking lost
in the woods or something.
On some nature walk.
[Jock #1]
Well, should someone
go look for her,
it's getting
pretty dark outside.
and miss the game?
Bitch wants
to go exploring,
she can find
her own way back.
Fair enough.
Toss me a beer.
Thank you.
So Angela,
you seem like a good woman,
my boy sure does
need one.
No, no, no, no.
-You play on marrying Mike?
-No, you should know.
-[Mike] No.
-Stop. stop. Stop.
-He still can't tie
a necktie for shit.
That's your job now.
-oh, relax, Mike.
Look, you're
panicking her.
Stop it.
We're just having
a little fun...
At your expense.
-And hers. Stop it.
-Okay, all right, okay.
-Toast, to the newest member
of our little family.
-I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Angela o'Murphy.
Who to me, doesn't look
Irish at all.
I'm just saying.
-welcome to the family.
-Cabin 206.
-[Eryn] Cheers.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Happy to be here.
So it's been a while
since we had another girl
in our midst.
Mind if I ask
what shampoo you use?
Uh, that's my cue.
Time to go do something manly.
Come on, Mike, let's go
chop down a tree or something.
Are you--
hold on.
-Are we actually--
-[Aj] Mike, let's go.
Are you--
I'll be back?
Dude, are you--
are we seriously...
Or are you just
talking nonsense?
Very well played, you two.
You sure know how
to tag team.
We have a lot
of experience.
So what did you really want
to talk about?
You, mostly.
What you're looking for,
what you're expecting.
Oh. I see.
You want to see
if I'm a good fit.
but don't take it
the wrong way.
No. no, no, no.
Not at all.
I wish I had a sibling
who would look out for me
every once in a while.
I mean, see you two
interact and...
You mean
the world to Mike
and Mike means
the world to you.
I'm just an outsider.
I mean, if I didn't get
the third degree,
I'd be kind of offended.
Well, he really likes you.
i kinda like him.
He's sweet.
And it's been a while
since a nice guy who showed
any interest in me.
He's probably the nicest guy
that I know.
And he really could use
a good girl.
Please, don't hurt him.
I promise.
Cross my heart.
Two promises.
Pinky swear.
Like from the...
-do we do this?
Isn't it better
with thumbs?
[Both gibbering]
What the-- I don't know
what we just did there.
By the way,
i use off-brand shampoo.
The real secret is I use
paper towels to dry off.
-That works?
-You tell me.
-'cause look at...
Look at her hair!
Look at her go.
You got...
You got some of it...
Yeah. it's kinda stuck
to your lip.
[Both laughing]
-[Both laughing]
-Oh, shit.
[Voice whispering
in Latin]
[Electrical buzzing]
-not in the middle
of the game!
Pete, what is it
with this place?
-You said it was sturdy.
-It is.
Shut your face.
I'm gonna go check
the power box.
You're just gonna
leave us here
sitting in the dark?
Put on your big boy pants
and deal with it.
Do you think Pete's
being so moody
because he knows his girl
is out walking around
with some nerd?
Del, wouldn't you be
if it was your girl?
Dude, I'm gay.
Wait. no, seriously,
are you really?
-[Eryn groans]
-[Aj] Not again.
Hand check, people.
did the generator run out
of gas or something?
All right, I'm on it.
Hold up, Mike.
Hold up, wait, wait.
-[Eryn] what?
-[Mike] Why?
What's up?
Fucking Angie.
Thinks she can walk away
from me like that.
Now I've gotta deal
with this stupid freakin' power.
-[Electrical buzzing]
-What the hell?
[Voice whispering
in Latin]
[Footsteps approach]
God damn it.
I can't see shit.
I feel like
one of those...
Bitches in a horror movie.
This way.
what's up?
Why are we stopping?
This is not a good time
to be stopping?
They're not following us.
-Isn't that a good thing?
-No, not it's not a good thing.
We're being herded
like sheep.
Herded where?
I'm thinking here.
Holy shit.
[Voice whispering
in Latin]
Guys, we're in
deep shit here.
This way.
My house, quickly.
Are you kidding me?
That's back towards
ground zero.
At this point,
what do we have to lose?
Watch my back,
this is gonna take a second.
[Buttons beeping]
You're Claire, right?
Girl from next door?
The one that everyone
thinks is paranoid.
You wanna chat
or do you wanna
live to see tomorrow?
[Voice whispering
in Latin]
Here, take this.
Okay then,
let's go.
Door, door, door.
Door! Door! Door! Door!
To be paranoid
is simply to be over prepared
at the wrong time.
[Crickets chirping]
So bright.
Why is it so bright?
Dude, guys,
watch your step.
Well, gee, you have
enough light?
Look, you all
have plenty of questions.
I can understand that.
I have some
of the answers.
But before I can have
a serious conversation
with any of you,
I need you all
to be willing to believe
in some pretty
crazy shit.
Well, you got
all of us here.
So tell us
what you know.
This lake
is a doorway.
From where or to where
i don't know.
But I do know
that something is
getting through
from the other side.
Something that
shouldn't be here.
You're talkin' monsters?
Like "swamp thing?"
I'm talking about evil.
Pure, malicious,
conscious, evil.
I'm talking about
a darkness
that is spreading like
the fucking plague
and commandeering
the bodies of the locals.
you can't be serious.
Can't I?
Recognize anyone out there?
What would you
rather believe,
they all suffered
some sort of psychotic
break together?
Good people
gone bad overnight?
I don't know,
maybe there's
some sort of sickness
going around.
Then why would we
be immune?
Maybe we aren't.
Maybe we're going
to get sick too.
It's only
a matter of time.
We should be getting
the hell out of here.
good luck with that.
I'd wager there are dozens
of them outside right now.
Waiting for one of you
to step out that door,
so they can
rip you apart.
What's keeping them
from getting in here, huh?
They didn't have any problem
getting into our place.
They don't like
my pretty lights.
I don't know,
i wanna believe you
but this all sounds--
insane. crazy.
Look, you don't have
to believe me.
But if you all
want to live,
you have to
at least listen to me.
You have no idea
what you're dealing with.
do you?
yeah, that's a good point.
I mean, assuming
we believe you...
And that is a pretty big
How do you know
all this?
If you want us
to believe you,
you have to tell
us everything.
Come with me.
[Crickets chirping,
frogs croaking]
It smells horrible
down here.
oh, god.
What the--
who's that?
Meet my brother.
Why is your brother
chained to a chair?
Because he's patient zero.
If you have questions,
feel free to ask.
He has to reason
to lie to you.
He's going
to kill us all anyway.
Who-- what are you?
[Distorted voice]
We are the darkness.
We are infinite.
We are death.
We are one entity.
The vessel before you
is one of hundreds,
just like it.
It feels no pain.
It feels no hunger.
A tool.
No more, no less.
Okay, let's try this
a different way.
What do you want?
Freedom from the tomb
in which we have been locked
for so long.
Freedom to walk
the world of man.
So why not take us then?
Why are we
a threat to you?
Wretched human.
You are no threat to us.
We simply use your flesh
as a means to an end.
They can only
possess the dead.
They wear our corpses
like a suit
to safely cross
between the worlds.
Why only the dead?
I mean, granted,
i didn't see
all 28 "exorcist" movies,
but isn't possession
something that normally
happens to the living?
[Distorted voice]
Your souls.
A body with no soul
has no light.
A body with no light
can be used.
We kill to extinguish
your souls,
to extinguish light.
Now you understand.
This isn't a war.
It's an extermination.
By sunrise they'll have
taken the entire town.
well, we have
to stop 'em.
-We have to do something.
-[Claire] It's too late.
There are too many of them
to fight now.
-I was barely even able
to save you.
-[Mike] So what then?
Your-- your plan
is just sit here
and wait to be sieged?
-sunrise is in five hours.
They can't be out
during the day.
We have rations
and defenses here
to last twice as long.
Well, what about
everyone else?
We can't save everyone.
-So you're not even
going to try?
-Yeah, come on.
It's not right.
Guys, where did
Angie go?
After everything
you just heard,
you still wanna
go out there?
There are three guys
not two miles away from here.
They're like
sitting ducks
unless we go do
something about it.
if all of this is real,
don't you think
we a little outnumbered?
Look, they're assholes.
Every one of them.
But they don't
deserve to die.
And yeah, I'm officially
scared shitless,
but I can't just...
She's right.
We can't just sit back
and let them get torn to shreds.
You're insane.
We'll be as safe
as we can be about it.
You must dye your hair.
There is no "safe."
Even here
we're at risk,
but at least here
we're armed and prepared.
For Christ's sake.
It's a sure promise.
We'll take the car you got
parked outside.
Be less than five minutes gone,
give minutes coming.
Look, I'm with you.
It's a bad idea.
It's not safe.
But if my friends
are going,
I gotta go with them.
Fine. you all wanna
play hero, have at it.
But you are not dragging me
down with you.
I will have
no part in this.
Let's go.
[Engine revs]
It's so quiet.
Yeah. that's not
at all terrifying.
The place is a whole
lot bigger on the inside
than it looks
from the outside.
-How many floors, Angie?
-There's three.
Top, basement and here.
I don't like the idea
of us splitting up,
but time is a factor.
Someone, buddy system.
Eryn and I,
you two.
Meet back up
in ten minutes
with whatever
intel you fine.
Ten minutes.
Not a second later.
Do you really think
they could still be alive?
Wouldn't get my hopes up.
I never said,
thank you.
You know,
for coming with me.
You didn't have to do that.
I mean...
You don't have
to thank me.
I wouldn't let you
come out here alone.
I know, but...
All the same,
just... thank you.
You're welcome.
You know what,
there's probably
a better time
to talk about stuff.
Yeah. no, sure.
It's okay.
[Creaking continues]
A thought
just occurred to me.
Shouldn't we be
contacting the police
or some local
authority figure?
I mean,
i just kinda feel like,
what's the point?
[Eryn screams]
You... you came.
You guys took
half my shit.
If you die out here,
I'll never see it again.
Thank you.
It's still three hours
till sunrise.
Don't thank me yet.
[Mike screams in distance]
no. stop.
-don't look.
-What's going on?
-You gotta trust me
on this one.
-I need the key.
Give me the key.
Come on.
There you go.
What? are they...
I've never seen
a dead body before.
It's okay.
It's okay, okay?
Mike, Angie,
what happened?
Everything okay?
Welcome back
to the fray.
We found 'em.
Angie, I'm so sorry.
Hold on,
you found the bodies?
The actual bodies?
How many times
do I have to explain
the system
to you people?
Anyone who wants
to live
will listen to me
very carefully.
I'm listening.
[Distorted voice
in Latin]
You can't hide
from us forever.
[Mouthing words]
[Mouthing words]
[Mouthing words]
No, you!
Uh! what's hot!
What's up?
[The darkness whispers
in Latin]
[Car engine revs]
where are you going?
My house is in
the opposite direction!
It sure is.
And so are the herds
of those demon people.
Look, I'm driving
to fucking Canada.
I'm not stopping
until the sunrise.
I am totally
on board with that.
You think they're gonna
just let us go?
We won't know
until we try,
now will we?
At what point
are you going to reevaluate
your personal strategies
and start listening
to me.
It could be any number
of things.
Bridge is out.
Or a road is closed.
Or we're out of gas.
Or we're out of gas.
[Mouthing words]
God damn it.
It's an hour and a half
until sunrise.
What do you suggest
we do then?
We go to odgeby's.
They already
got to Vincent.
We're not gonna
fare any better.
We're not gonna be
greeting our undead clientele
with a folksy "howdy"
so much as a pipe wrench
to the skull.
Look, anything
i don't get shipped,
I get at odgeby's.
He'll have flashlights,
blunt weaponry,
maybe even
a flare or two
if he's restocked
recently enough.
Staying at or returning
to my house would have been
the best option.
But since that option's
now off the table...
We have to make it work.
And you'd better
hurry up, too.
flashlights, flares,
lighters and aerosol cans,
anything you can find.
We're gonna have to barricade
all of the entrances.
And hurry up.
It won't take them long
to cut the power.
flashlights, shovel,
big flashlights
didn't have batteries.
It's a slow start,
but it's better than nothing.
I've got some spray paint
and propane?
I don't think that
spray paint is aerosol.
It's fine.
We'll make it work.
We're like,
super crazy fucked,
aren't we?
My house was built
to withstand them
for the night.
But this place is a far cry
from a fortress.
There are three entrances.
Front, side, and rear.
All of which open
into either a parking lot
or miles of forestry.
Won't know
until the morning.
Do we have a plan?
Okay. listen up.
Step one,
barricade everything.
Step two
is straight tower defense.
Scruffy and babs,
you guys take the front.
There's no windows,
so they're gonna bottleneck
through this door.
Light the fuckers up
with whatever you've got.
Keep them immobilized
with range tools.
And please don't burn
the place down.
Will that do
any good?
It won't kill 'em,
but it'll slow 'em down.
All right, Rambo,
you and I are gonna
take the back.
It's the least defended
and most exposed,
so we're gonna get
the most attention
from them.
I'll keep them
off of you as long as I can,
but sooner or later,
they are gonna break through
and we're gonna have
to fall back.
Got it.
i need you to take
the side door.
Do you think
you can handle it
on your own?
I'm a big girl.
Last resort.
One shot,
point and click.
If we get overtaken,
shoot center mass
in any direction
and try to push
your way through, okay?
Got it.
Danny would have
liked you.
You're a lot like him.
I mean, before...
No, I never met
your brother.
But that's probably
the biggest compliment
i could ever get.
Time to go.
Quietest town
in West Virginia.
[The darkness whispers
in Latin]
You ready for this?
Are you?
Fair point,
stupid question.
-Hey, Mike?
If we survive tonight,
-we should have sex.
-[Shovel clangs]
Yeah. sure.
-Okay, sounds good.
Mind if I ask you
a question?
Is now really the best time
for a "q and a"?
I'm under the assumption
that this is the only time.
Why did you save us?
I needed you alive.
I'm just one girl,
i can't do everything
by myself.
You sure that's
the only reason?
What other reason
do I need?
I don't know.
Guess I was just curious.
Here we go.
You can do that?
Yeah, it's basic
self-defense, man.
-Look out!
I don't think
that's gonna hold.
Keep the light on them,
I'll keep them off of you.
Faster, damn it!
Look, you wanna
trade jobs?
What the hell
did I just shoot?
aj, fall back.
Well, hey, guys.
How'd you do?
[The darkness whispers
in Latin]
-Last magazine left.
-Flares, how many of those
we have left?
Just burned the last one
-i still have my shot.
-Save it.
Well, for what
it's worth,
you all did pretty well
for yourselves.
Pretty well?
Fuck you.
I tore shit up
out there today.
Take out
as many as you can.
[Birds chirping]
-[The darkness whispers
in latin]
[Speaking Latin]
We made it.
we made it!
We survived!
You know what
that makes us?
Fucking heroes.
Eryn, get your ass over here
and get in this--
[no audio]
You'd shoot
your own brother?
You're not my brother.
in Latin]
[Danny laughing]
[Danny screaming]
eryn, come on.
I'm okay... I'm okay.
Hey, eryn.
Come on.
-Come on.
-I'm okay.
I'm okay, Mikey.
I'm okay.
I'm your sister,
would I lie to you?
Well, this is it.
If you need anything,
i mean anything,
pick up the phone
and you call me.
You got it?
All right, man.
You too.
Better in pairs
than as a group of four.
But I still think
we're safer individually.
we can't go home.
We may never be able
to see our families
or our loved ones again.
You might be right
about travelling individually,
but I think we need
each other right now.
You too.
Hey. thank you.
For everything.
We're alive
because of you.
Tell me something,
why did you save us?
I already told you.
I needed you alive.
that's what you said,
but that's not
why you really did it.
Why does this
even matter?
Humor me.
I guess...
Because it's what Danny
would have wanted me to do.
You're smiling?
What is there
to be happy about right now?
The darkness
hasn't won yet.
[Engine starts]
[The darkness whispers
in Latin]
[Overlapping voices]
Darkness comes.