Soul Hunters (2019) Movie Script

[Deep breath]
[Clearing throat]
[Low battery beep]
Excuse me.
Excuse me, do you work here?
Who are you?
Im Marcus.
[Demonic shifting sound]
Just collecting a debt.
But I dont owe anyone any money!
Not money.
[Freezing sound]
[Breathes heavily]
No wait.
No wait, my time isnt up yet.
I can't give you...
I still have five years!
[Demonic hissing sound]
[Unsettling music intensifies]
[Rocks colliding sounds]
[Freezing sounds]
You sure you want to see this one?
We can still change our tickets if we leave
Oh my God, yes, Im sure!
I love her.
Plus, this is better than all that blood,
and guts, and killing, right?
Of course.
[Happily sighs]
You know.
Youre so damn beautiful.
[Laughs politely]
[Coughs intensely]
No smoking man.
How inconsiderate of me.
[Punch sound]
Oh my God!
[Demonic shifting sound]
Remember this?
[Freezing sound]
Dont I have more time?
Afraid not.
[Demonic hissing sound]
Beautiful women.
Usually mean problems buddy.
[Apparition sound]
I didnt appreciate that comment you made
Hey Raquel.
Didnt know you were there.
Always assume Im there.
Yeah well, she was a little young, wasnt
She was 15 when she signed the contract.
Ten years seems like an
eternity to a teenager.
[Foreboding music]
Youve collected quite a few already.
[Casting spell in Latin]
Okay, youre good.
Whose next?
We just have the colonel coming up.
Its people like him who make me so thrilled
I have you by my side.
Dont mistake my servitude
to you for solidarity.
Youre alive because we have a deal!
Forget that again, Ill watch you die with
a smile.
[Grunting in pain]
And youll lose your collector.
[Grunting] You need me
just as much as I need you.
I dont need anybody.
Youre just useful to me for the moment.
Can I get back to work?
Youll get the colonels
picture and location.
The place is well guarded so well soon
see just how useful you are.
[Disappearing sound]
[Otherworldly water sound]
[Distant ambulance siren]
[Sighs heavily]
[Intense gunfire and yelling]
[Everything okay?]
[Alright then. Copy]
Eli, tie him up.
Wheres the detonator?
You can do better than that, gringo.
[Gun rattling sound]
I wont ask again.
Wheres the detonator?
Go ahead, shoot me.
But the hundreds who die after that, are on
Search this place, Eli.
[Metal door clangs]
[Everything will be fine.]
[Don't worry.]
[Everything will be fine.]
[Look at my eyes.]
You tell me what I want to know.
And I promise you.
Shell be safe with us.
You want me to trust you, and your country?
You cant guarantee anything.
You want a guarantee?
[Gunshot and yelling]
I guarantee she wont bleed to death if
you tell us where the detonator is!
[whispering] What are you doing?
[Desperate cries and yells]
[It's going to be okay,
it's going to be okay. Shh]
[whispering] The bomb is
somewhere in Houston, Marcus.
My family is there.
[They aren't going to kill you, my love.]
[Tell them!]
[They aren't going to kill you, my love.]
[They don't have the balls.]
Oh we dont?
[Gunshot and yelling]
[Elbow impact]
[Crying continues]
Weve got the target.
Requesting evac helo.
[radio call] ETA 10 minutes.
Can you extract any
information from the target?
Hes not talking sir.
Our team is blind.
There are too many
potential bomb locations.
Is there any way to get the information out
of him?
No sir.
Hes alone.
[Suspenseful music]
[Silenced tranquilizer gunshot]
[Light equipment noises]
[Punching and grunting]
Wheres the colonel?
[Passes out]
[Low humming sound]
[Alarm and vibrating sound]
[Footsteps and alarm sound ]
[Music intensifies]
What do you want?
Do you remember May 21st 1995?
[Freezing sound]
How does a Python Unit agent end up with a
job like this?
I see your patch.
I trained several of your predecessors.
I assume its just fitting that my life
will end by one of them.
You look calm.
Im responsible for my actions.
Im not gonna run.
But I thought I had another 2 years with my
Just following orders.
Id object but I know better
than to pick a fight with you.
[Kissing sound]
Before you do this.
You promise me nothing
will happen to my family?
Have you ever let someone go?
[Demonic shifting sound]
Why not?
[Demonic hissing sound]
[Woman screaming in fear]
[Woman off screen] Get away from me!
[Wind rustling]
[Beacon sound]
[Appearance sound]
Did you order a collector to
extract the colonels wife?
Then what just happened?
What a mess.
Looks like...
Someone is trying to steal some
souls too meet their quota.
But why go after the colonels wife?
Shes not a designated target.
A soul is a soul.
I dont know if its going to do him or
his handler much good.
If theyre not even bound by contract.
As far as I know, the
souls are rendered void.
But, in any case, let me know if it happens
[Disappearing sound]
[Small water splash]
[Drinking sound]
[Knocking intensifies]
[Knocking continues]
Who is it?
Its me.
What do you want?
Just open the door, Eli.
[Somber instrumental music]
For Christs sake.
It wasnt your fault.
Youre right.
It was yours.
I know you lost your family...
But dont-
But what Marcus?
You have no family.
You dont know what youre talking about.
I look at these...
Trying to think theyre
still here.
That my son is doing his homework.
That my wife is waiting for me to join her.
That my baby...
Is asleep.
In her crib.
But some lunatic...
Decides to blow up the mall.
And you decide...
To spare his family.
Over my family.
You know thats not true.
Weve worked together for years, I loved
your family.
But isnt that exactly what happened?
Didnt you make that call?
Team leader?
Alright, when the cards were set...
And it was his family.
Or my family.
You chose his.
There were multiple targets that day Eli.
I had no way of knowing...
We had a chance.
Had you followed my orders that day...
Your family.
Would still be alive.
You really think that your
tactics were going to work?
With a terrorist?
Your mind was on your family that day.
Not the mission!
And because of that everybody died.
So it was my fault.
For thinking of them.
You know.
Not everyone is like you Marcus.
And even if you had a family.
You wouldnt care.
Would you?
Would you?!
Youre drunk.
Im gonna come back another time.
What the hell for?
Were both out of a job thanks to you.
Okay? Youre not my partner anymore!
Youre just some... some person!
Who let hundreds of people die!
My names Rick, Im the new neighbor.
So sorry to bother you this late at night, but
I got locked out and I left my phone inside.
I mean, would you mind
if I could use your -
[Door slams]
Hey, I think we got off
on the wrong foot...
[Distant ambulance siren]
[Woman cries in pain]
[Demonic hissing]
[Sarcastically] Hey buddy.
What are you doing?
Was looking for a new place to live.
Thought this would be a good spot.
What do you think?
What is wrong with you?
I thought youd appreciate me immobilizing
your target for you.
Whyd you kill his family?
Oh so now we care about families?
That was a long time ago, Eli.
I thought you moved on.
Moved on?
Youll never understand, will you?
Do you think your family would have wanted
you to do this?
Im doing this for them.
[Bullets deflecting]
[Punching and blocking sounds]
Seem a bit stronger, huh?
Thats the perk of
extracting these suckers.
Each one actually adds to the strength of
the collector.
Trick is: Dont cash in your chips.
[Blood dripping]
[Beacon activates and rings]
Thats my cue.
Next time youre dead.
I guarantee it.
[Raquel appearing]
[Mockingly] A plumber did this to you?
The man stealing the souls is Eli.
Oh, yes.
Your former partner in crime.
He got a little carried away, huh?
I like his style.
He says they give him more power.
What exactly did he say?
I dont know, I was too busy getting my
ass kicked.
[Yells in pain]
Alright, alright.
[In distress] He just says that
each soul adds to his strength.
And the trick is not
to cash in his chips.
[Grunts in pain]
You need to stop him, Marcus.
Collecting anymore souls.
He is a threat and a liability.
He clearly has no handler
and has gone rogue.
Cant you issue some demonic warrant or
What are we?
The CIA?
Why do you think I keep you around.
Find him and kill him.
I dont care what you have to do.
[Raquel disappearing]
[Raquel appearing]
And finish your job.
[Raquel disappearing]
[Somber music]
Theyre gone.
Theyre all gone.
[Freezing sound]
I sold my soul...
So that they could live a better
Im sorry.
[Demonic shifting]
[Demonic hissing]
Oh my God.
What am I doing?
[Angelic sound]
Let me guess.
Youre an angel.
Okay. Nice chat.
My name is Ativus.
And Im a messenger from God.
Oh, he speaks.
Dont you have anything better to do?
Youve fallen into quite the predicament
havent you?
Working for a boss who is impossible to please
while she holds your health and life ransom.
Sounds like any job really.
I can help you.
I can help you bring down Eli.
Wait, you guys up there know about him?
Why arent you doing anything about it?
Hes messing with my work.
I cannot directly interfere
with human actions.
He has forbade me from doing so.
Why are you wasting my time?
Like I said, Im a messenger.
You shouldnt blame yourself for those that
died in the mall all those years ago.
Or any of the others.
Elis family was not your fault.
Whether or not I blame myself...
Is none of your
Humans can do many things, but they are not
You did what you thought was right at the
Taking anyones life is never right, no
matter the circumstances.
I only wish that you continued to have this
judgement after the incident. But...
You chose this path instead.
Are you kidding me?
I lost everything that day.
My best friend, my job, my reputation.
Nobody, government or otherwise, would even
hire me.
Thats what doing the right thing
led to.
It doesnt matter what you think.
It doesnt matter what God thinks.
I get paid very well.
And I have a good life now.
So what if other people suffer?
Theyre the ones that signed the contracts.
Not me.
You and I both know you
couldve found another way.
Thats why Im here, Marcus.
You had a moment of repentance.
I know you're a good man deep down.
And youre the only one who can stop Eli.
What makes you think I want to stop him?
He stopped being my
responsibility years ago.
Eli has been taking hundreds of souls with
the amulet, eradicating entire families.
Therefore making his amulet more
powerful and subsequently, himself.
Cant you guys put an end to him then?
I mean cant God smite thee or something?
Go old testament on him.
What you refer to as old
testament is actually-
I dont need a lecture.
I cant speak for God.
I can only convey to you what
he wishes me to convey to you.
And help you as he wishes me to help you.
No more.
No less.
[Piano music swells]
So lets say, hypothetically...
I do care.
Whats in it for me?
If you do nothing.
And Eli continues to grow
Im certain that Raquel will have you
deal with the consequences of failing.
I will not harm you, but we know she will.
I also know you have not been
yourself since the incident.
I can see through your lies
and into your holy spirit.
Im offering you a chance to set things
Will you accept my help?
[Piano music crescendos]
The key to stopping Eli lies in the Elder
So you want me to extract more souls of my
Of course not.
You must seek out Kristen Lockhart.
Shell be able to tell you more about the
And you cant tell me because?
She will.
And youre gonna need her.
[Jazzy bar music plays]
[Indistinct chatter]
You uhh...
You look like you belong someplace nicer.
Like on my yacht.
I could even name it after you.
What do you think?
I usually get to know someone
Before I decide to get stuck in
the middle of the ocean with them.
Okay. Okay.
I work in advertising.
How about you?
I'm a first grade teacher.
I love working with children.
They're not as complicated as adults.
I one hundred percent agree.
Why are-
I think that is enough small talk.
Look, heres the deal.
I know a lot about women.
How you feel.
How you think.
You do?
I do. Yes.
The female mind is not a mystery to me.
And I can tell you:
Im the best that you will ever get.
I have more money available to me on just
one of my cards than you have ever made.
In your entire life.
Now that card, by the way.
Could be used by you.
Putting that out there.
So uh...
Whats your name, so I can put it on
my yacht?
You might not like my name though.
No, no, no.
Im sure that you have
the most beautiful name.
Its Biz.
What, is that like your
initials or something?
No, no, no.
Try saying it more with a P sound.
Last names Ouff.
Piz Ouff.
There you go.
Thats very uhh...
Very, very...
I'll tell you what.
If you say my name three times
fast, Ill give you a present.
Pizz ouff, piz off, piss off.
Theres your present.
Now go piss off on your yacht.
You know, you couldve just said no.
He couldve just not been an ass.
So what do you teach?
I teach history.
Uh thanks, but Im not drinking that.
Who said this was for you?
Ive had a rough night.
How do you know my name?
Who are you?
Would you believe an angel sent me?
Oh God, Im in no mood for cheesy pickup
Please leave me alone.
I will.
As soon as you tell me about this.
That isnt supposed to exist.
Where did you get that?
I have another one actually.
They were on sale.
Im a collector.
Get away from me.
[Distant bar music plays]
Youre pretty cute.
This is going to hurt me more than its
going to hurt you.
Now its a party.
I need her Eli.
Think you can save her?
How about you give me your amulet.
And Ill let her go.
I dont need her that badly.
Oh, well then Ill just kill her.
[Bracelet tinkering]
[Grunts and impacts]
[Otherworldly chimes]
Is he dead?
No. Just in an alternate state for now.
Come with me.
What is-
And keep your mouth shut or Ill make you
join him.
Yes. You may speak.
What was that about?
I didnt want them
listening in on anything.
Is your place...
Demon proof then?
No, but Ive placed safeguards to reduce
their possible entry.
You really know your stuff.
You can save your flattery for later.
You were about to let me die back there.
I saved you didnt I?
Uhh, what was it that you said?
I dont need her that badly.
I was just trying to keep him off guard.
Basic hostage negotiation tactics.
Some tactics.
Thank you for saving me.
Well don't thank me yet.
I'm just curious about that amulet.
I'm assuming the angel gave it to you?
Yeah, he said you could tell me more about
So I really did get
referred to by an angel.
Makes a hell of a bullet point on a resume,
doesnt it?
Haha. You should do stand up.
What was his name?
It was a weird name.
It was like Atie, Ati...
Was he your father or something?
No you idiot.
He saved me.
Well hes been telling me how he cant
directly interfere with -
From myself.
I'm uhh...
Im glad you got through all that.
I was very young.
My mom was dying and I just wanted to find
a way to keep her from dying.
Keep her with me.
I prayed but...
I never thought someone would
show up.
Oh God, why am I telling you all this?
I barely even know you.
You dont have to.
Do you have a family?
Does it matter?
Id like to know who Im dealing with.
[Loud exhale]
I lost my family when I was really young.
I dont know what happened to them.
Some kind of accident.
[Sarcastically] Now Im not
a complete stranger. Happy?
Im sorry about your family.
It was a long time ago.
So, what happened to your mom?
The cancer took her eventually.
And when she died I...
I didnt know what
to do with myself.
She was my whole life, she made me who I am
She gave me all these books. She...
I just couldnt go on without her.
So I bought a gun and-
Im just glad youre okay now.
Do you always use the angel line?
[Unsettling music]
[Terrified gasp]
You scream and you die.
You might be wondering what Im doing
in a dump like this.
Plain and simple.
You want to know a secret?
Youre the last one.
Everyone in your sorority...
Is dead. I just wanted to
see what kind of reaction-
[Petrified screaming]
[Demonic shifting]
[Painful gasps]
What did I say about making noise?
That was priceless though.
[Demonic hissing]
We were having such a
good conversation too.
[Unsettling music builds]
[News jingle plays]
[Reporter] Breaking news today.
Police officers have been investigating
multiple crime scenes with the exact same M.O.
Which has many speculating on the nature of
these terrible crimes.
All victims have no
visible traces of violence.
And several of those examined do
not have any debilitating disease
Or pre existing medical
condition that could cause death.
Entire families have been
found dead in their homes
And the police are currently
investigating possible suspects.
You think another collector is responsible
for this?
I know for a fact that he is.
You just met him outside the bar.
Hes insane.
We need to stop him.
Give me the Elder Amulet, Im going to have
a closer look at it.
[Indistinct news chatter]
A few religious leaders are calling it the
Saying that souls are leaving the bodies of
those who have been chosen to go to heaven.
Im going to go have a smoke.
[Indistinct news chatter]
[Angelic sound]
Glad to see that you two are working
So you saved her huh?
She saved herself after asking for Gods
I only offered her guidance.
I cant believe its Eli killing all those
You know somebody for years and...
After the incident we tried to help Eli.
He shut us out.
We cannot help those who do not wish to be
You could put a stop to him.
Instead of having
me do it.
I cannot interfere with-
You are a coward then.
God does not interfere with free will.
And I, as his messenger,
cannot do so either.
Remember what I said.
Yeah, and what was that?
What was what?
Were you talking to someone?
I just need to quit smoking.
[Cigarette burning]
So, did you find anything?
Uhh, somewhat.
A little conjecture here and there, but I
think we might have something.
This is the Elder Amulet.
It was the first ever amulet created by God
to store any kind of matter or energy.
But the devil took the Elder Amulet when he
was cast down, corrupting its purpose.
Turning it into a collector of souls.
As he fell the amulet
split into several pieces.
How do you know all this?
[Slight laughter]
Studying these books.
Overhearing demonic conversations.
When my mom passed I
got into the afterlife.
Found out how to do and hear
things I couldnt before.
So I guess thats where you heard about
Those who steal souls for demons?
Yes. They do refer to you as that.
But, beyond that Im kind of in the dark.
In any case, the thing I kept hearing
the most about was this Elder Amulet.
Give me your collector amulet.
[Casting spell in Latin]
[Rocks moving and colliding]
I knew it!
Your amulet is one of the many fragmented
pieces that came from the Elder Amulet.
If we collect all the pieces...
We should be able to return the
Elder Amulet to its original form.
And then what happens?
I dont have a clue.
[Raquel appearing]
Youve done excellent work.
I have this under control.
Oh. I believe you.
Which is why Ill be
taking that elder amulet.
This is bigger than both of us.
If we dont stop him -
[Freezing sound]
You really overestimate your importance to
[Imprisoning spell sound]
Yeah, so, not your best call coming to my
Good luck getting out.
[Imprisoning spell continues]
Is she stuck there?
In a way she is.
She wont be able to track where we are
Her powers have been temporarily suppressed
by the symbols around her.
[Ativus appears]
[Teleportation sound]
[Empty church ambiance]
Ativus, is that you?
Thank you, I...
No need to thank me, Kristen.
Thank God.
Im glad youve made the right choice
and have decided to help us.
Youve saved his life twice already.
I wouldnt exactly say saved.
More like right place, right time...
Youd be dead by now.
Fair point.
As you now know, that Elder Amulet is capable
of fusing with every remaining amulet.
You have one, as does Eli, as well as three
others collectors such as yourself.
As you fuse them together your power will
increase exponentially.
So we have to put as many amulets together
as we can to take out Eli.
And you must hurry.
You have three days to
acquire all three amulets.
If you take longer than that, it
will be impossible to defeat him.
As Elis power is increasing
with every soul he takes.
I've marked where two of the collectors
are on your phone.
Thats a neat trick.
The third of them is extremely elusive.
Even Im having trouble locating him.
He is probably being shielded by a demon.
Youre going to have to figure out where
he is on your own.
Speaking of demons, as soon as Raquel is free
shes totally gonna kill us.
How long will your warding last, Kristen?
Maybe 24 hours.
What about Eli? Where do we find him?
I cant tell you where he is yet.
He says youre not ready.
Guess Im going to have to get used that.
Whoa, careful.
That might burn me.
Anyway, I got a place we can go to.
Its got a hundred percent less demon than
Lets go.
So this is your hideout?
I knew at some point I was going to
have to protect myself from demons.
Do these work?
I dont know.
In theory they should.
Well that's very reassuring.
I mean I cant exactly go up to Raquel and
say: "Hey!"
You mind if I stab you
with this real quick?
Okay, before we go any further, I need some
clarification from you.
Im single.
About the task at hand Casanova.
Whats your role as a collector?
Why dont the demons
collect their own souls?
They used to, a long time ago.
All these deals were made.
For fame, fortune, beauty.
10 years for this, 50 years for that.
They use these.
[Freezing sounds]
I always thought these would be on fire or
Hell isnt an oven.
Its actually freezing.
Anyway, these contracts, theyre locked.
A demon cannot collect
a soul before its due.
And a human can?
With the amulet.
Humans can break the contract.
As early as their handler-
And why do they need them earlier?
More souls in hell earlier, just
quicker turnaround for the next soul.
To them souls are just currency.
One here, one there.
It doesnt make a difference who it is.
All that matters is getting as many
as possible as fast as possible.
And what are they to you?
Currency as well?
Im just carrying out orders.
Dont you feel anything?
Ripping their souls away?
I had nowhere to go.
Nobody would hire me
after that mall bombing.
The Houston bombing?
You were responsible for that?
If you could save your mother...
Would you sacrifice
the lives of others?
Id sacrifice myself.
Okay well that day, I didnt feel
that sacrificing an innocent life...
Was worth potentially saving hundreds.
The rest of the world didnt agree with
my decision and I lost everything.
Then I met Raquel.
She even offered to keep
my sickness in check.
Something unknown.
Thats still not an excuse for what youve
How many souls have you taken?
How many lives have you ended?
Whats it to you?
Maybe dozens, maybe hundreds.
Look if I dont do it, Ill die.
Even when I try to save lives like I
did back in Houston, people still die.
Thats because you cant save everyone.
I couldnt save my mother.
But just because of that I dont go around
killing people like you do.
It doesnt give you the right to do what
you do.
Different circumstances.
How about we just focus on the job.
First guy owns a kickboxing gym.
Robert Henderson.
He always closes early in order to free up
his evenings for collecting.
Im going to need your help.
I will help you as much as
I can from a safe distance.
Dont worry, Im going to take care of
I just need you to get me in the office.
What do you need me to do?
[Marcus Voice Over] Pretend you dont
know how to fight. Distract his customers.
[Kristen Voice Over] Pretend?
You handled Eli really well.
Super powers be damned.
Yeah, literally.
Hey! Do you guys mind giving me a lesson?
Im thinking about taking classes.
Sure, yeah, what do you want to know?
Im not really sure, Ive just never really
hit anyone before.
Oh yeah, no problem.
Just give us a second, well put some
equipment away, and be right back.
[Marcus Voice Over] And while you do that.
Ill have a nice
little chat with our friend Robert.
Come in.
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
Mr. Henderson?
What do you want?
Oh, this will only take a second.
Would you be so kind as to hand over your
What are you talking about?
No need to play coy.
Im a fellow collector as well.
Im just gonna be needing it.
I dont know who you think I am
or what you think I have.
But you better get the hell out
of my face before I break yours.
Wheres yours?
[Punches and grunts]
[Loud gym music plays]
[Gym music through walls]
Lets start with the basics.
You gotta curl up your fist like this when
you punch.
Thumb outside of your fingers.
Alright, you catch on pretty quick!
Okay, lets try a right cross.
Looks something like this.
Now, try punching his hand.
Whats the matter there?
You know my wrists been bad all week.
Doctor says its going to
take time to recover you know.
First I hear of that.
So, I can punch!
What else do you guys know?
I guess we could show you how to block?
[Struggles to breathe]
Now, tell me where the amulet is.
Night night.
[Passes out]
Thank you so much for the tips you guys!
Ive really learned a lot.
I see real potential in you.
Youve got great technique.
Awww, thank you!
You take care of that wrist okay?
Well I gotta get going now but Ill make
sure to come back again sometime.
You should sign up!
Ill go get Robert.
Uhh, no, no, no!
Its fine, Ill just make sure to call
Dont worry about it, he knows him pretty
well, he can probably get you a -
[Grunts and punches]
What just happened? Was it their naptime?
Uhh, they were gonna go get Robert, so...
Did you get the amulet?
Yeah, but Im pretty sure you couldve
handled him yourself.
I mean, how does a teacher become a martial
arts master?
What, a teacher cant be a black belt?
Now what?
Now its going to get a little trickier.
Were gonna have to summon a demon.
I thought we were trying to avoid them.
Well, were avoiding one of them.
No, no no. Not a circle.
Isnt that what everybody draws?
Well, yes, but the energy is far better if
we draw a triangle.
Do the shapes really matter?
Everything matters.
Down to where the candles are placed.
Most people think its easy to
summon demons, but its really not.
Most of the time they wont even show up.
Raquel made it easy
with the beacon I guess.
Ugh, dont mention that
horrible demon again.
For what its worth, shes actually pretty
You think thats what she actually looks
I mean demons project whoever or whatever
they want to be.
So for all you know she could look her actual
age, which would be about 3,000 years old.
I really wish you hadnt told me that...
Alright, everythings set.
So what are you waiting for?
I really hate demons.
Theyre the ones that filled me with all
sorts of crap after mom died.
This is the only way were gonna find out
where he is.
Youre using your abilities for good.
And youre not doing this alone.
So will the demon be trapped?
Uh, well, if we did an
evocation we could trap it.
The problem with that is that it will be very
hard to get information out of it that way
Since it would know that were trying to
trap it.
So were doing an invocation instead.
You lost me at evocation.
Were inviting it in, instead of trapping
So were inviting a demon in to try to
kill us?
Well it could.
Im betting it wont.
Besides its the fastest way to get what
we need.
If we trap it, itll likely keep its
mouth shut.
So unless youve been trained to torture
demons, we wont get far with that method.
Invocation it is.
Im sure you know what your doing.
Well, I hope I still do too.
[Casting spell in Latin]
Now we wait.
[Sand moving]
[Sand whirlwind]
[Demonic voices]
[Sand crystalizing]
Whats your name?
I am Astaroth.
Pleased to meet the two of you.
What a kind invitation and...
A lovely place you have.
Tell us-
Thank you for coming Astaroth.
Were glad that you could join us.
We were wondering if you could help us find
one of your collectors.
He goes by the name of Sebastian.
Now why would I give you his location?
Hes my best man.
Never misses.
We wish to help him.
We do?
We do.
Someones after him.
Oh really?
You know Im not surprised shes trying
to beat my soul count.
Last I heard she scooped the bottom of the
barrel for her latest collector.
Some has been mercenary named Marcus.
Very well.
If you were our enemy, you wouldnt know
how to summon me like this.
He should be at the Finn Hotel tomorrow
night acquiring his next soul, Tania.
[Slight chuckle]
You know, smoking my friend,
is good for business.
Thank you.
Youre a collector?!
[Demonic voices]
You know you really shouldnt mess with
a demon.
Dont you realize all humans to us are just
[Angelic singing starts playing]
Turn it off!
[Painfully] Turn it off!
[Astaroth vanishes]
[Angelic singing stops]
What was that?
Angels singing.
Demons cant stand it.
I dont suppose they sell that online.
A gift from Ativus to
help me sleep at night.
[Gunshots, yells, and punches]
Hes taken out the entire floor security-
[Door bursting open]
There is one other person I blame for what
And its you, Adams.
For Gods sake.
Im sorry about your family,
but it doesnt justify this!
You swore an oath to protect this country
and you have failed it!
Your team was supposed to find
the bomb, and they didnt.
They are the ones who failed
to protect this country.
Sit back down, General.
What is that? What are you doing?
[Demonic shifting]
Keeping America safe.
[Demonic hissing]
One asshole at a time.
[Door closing]
Tough day at work?
Just take a seat.
Whats your name?
Lovely name.
Look Tania.
You signed a contract some time
And someone is coming to collect your soul.
How do you know about that?
Whats going on here?
Dont worry, youll be safe.
Ill be taking your place instead.
Who are you?
My names Kristen.
Im really sorry about this.
Did we really have to knock her out?
The less variables in a mission the
Shes a liability, even if
were trying to save her.
[Clothes shifting]
You got this, right?
[Deep exhale]
[Trolley rattling]
Room service.
[Gasping and struggling]
What are you doing?
You actually ordered room service?
Yes! We havent eaten in
forever so I thought why not?
You know, youre compromising the mission
with all your -
Oh I love when youre getting all tactical
with me.
You can get rid of the trolley right?
Who is it?
Hello Maam, Im with the hotel staff.
And we wanted to let you know that
youve been upgraded to a new suite.
And I just need
your signature.
Just a minute.
[Lock beeps]
Im sorry but we really
need that signature.
What are you doing?
Im not doing anything.
Id worry about her.
Hand over your amulet.
[Watch clicks]
[Deafening sound emanates]
[Sound continues to painfully ring]
[Watch clicks and sound deactivates]
Its about time you saved me.
[Eli offscreen] Wonderful
performance Marcus.
You truly are an amazing soldier.
I didnt bring my bracelet.
Then run.
Ill meet up with you later.
Im not just going to leave you here-
Please Kristen.
[Door opening and closing]
You know when Im done with you.
Im gonna
spend some time getting to know her.
Shut up.
Howd you think that was going to go? Huh?
I told you Id kill you.
Now Ill make good on that promise.
[Watch clicks and deafening
sound pierces the room]
[Eli yells in agony]
That was way too close.
He nearly killed me.
How did he find us?
I dont know.
Alright then.
Just got one left to go.
Marcus, after what youve been through,
would you take this job given a second chance?
What do you want from me?
Just humor me.
Look, I joined the army to protect
those that couldnt protect themselves.
When all that ended I...
I found this.
There are other things in life
besides working for a demon.
Its not like I didnt try.
I tried the whole civilian life for awhile.
I felt trapped.
You dont have to constantly be proving
your worth.
Its not even like that.
Then what is it like?
[Deep exhale]
Awfully inquisitive arent we?
I knocked out two guys for you and I nearly
got killed by a hotel clerk.
Id like to know who Im helping.
For research purposes of course.
Of course.
If anything there is one good thing thats
come from my job.
What could that possibly be?
How often does that one work?
Fifty fifty.
If you werent a mass murderer,
Id probably go out with you.
Well if you werent a witch.
Id probably
go out with you.
Goodnight, Marcus.
[Ativus appears]
Im not the son of God.
What do you want?
Here to tell me how you cant get involved?
Youre doing very well so far without me.
I came to talk actually.
I was about to go to sleep.
Oh. I can speak to you in your
dreams too if youd prefer.
Stay out of my head.
I can already tell what youre thinking.
Its 3 AM Ativus.
You still blame yourself, do you not?
For Eli, for the bomb,
for all those people.
Here we go again.
What do you care about what I think?
He cares.
If He cares so much whyd He let it happen?
Whyd He let Elis family die.
Whyd He let thousands die?
Whyd He let me get in this in the first
God isnt the only one influencing human
The devil right?
Ive worked with demons for years.
And Ive never met the devil.
I have.
We all have.
We knew him very well.
Why not destroy him then
if he causes so much evil.
Why didnt God destroy the Romans before
they crucified His son?
Thats not an answer.
Some things youll have
to answer for yourself.
Like what happened to my parents?
You know I never found out what happened to
Can you at least tell me that?
Your parents were...
Amazing doctors.
Who saved lives.
You were three years old at the time,
playing with your favorite toy sword.
Im not asking for a trip down memory lane.
Very well.
A man consumed far too much
alcohol that Thursday night.
He didnt brake in time at a red light.
The resulting collision pushed your parents
car into the intersection.
Where another car hit them.
Took their souls to heaven instantly.
Im sorry you lost your parents so young,
And I know that you still carry the
guilt for not being able to save them.
Elis family or all the people
that died in the bombing.
But understand that it's not your fault.
Do not blame yourself for
what is out of your hands.
All the souls you took
after that are on you.
But you can change.
Just because you step out of the path doesn't
mean you can't find yourself back on it again.
Path to what?
Now Im wide awake.
[Shower running]
[Faucet running]
[It can't be.]
[Small sigh]
Did you really think that a maximum security
prison would keep you safe from me?
[Damn gringo.]
What the hell do you want from me now?
[Chair turning]
Were going to finish what we started all
those years ago.
When you bombed that mall.
[You're crazy!]
Youre right.
I am crazy.
And this time you have
nothing left to bargain with.
[Muffled cries]
So shut up and enjoy the show.
[Muffled yells]
I cant tell you how much Ive wanted
to do this.
[Muffled yells]
Its not very sharp.
I dulled it.
To make each cut.
That much more satisfying.
[Quick stabs, muffled cries and yells]
Professor Kellerman?
I know who you are Marcus.
Its my business to know my competition.
Today marks my twentieth year
in this collecting business.
Take a seat.
Have you met God?
Up until recently I wasnt even sure He
Then an angel appeared.
Angels and demons.
Theyre both soldiers.
They're not too different from you.
Except one side fights for good.
Good and evil.
You want to know the one thing Ive learned
doing this for 20 years?
There is no right and wrong.
No good and evil.
Its all the same.
Soldiers are the pawns
of war between nations.
Were the pawns in this war.
Evil doesnt exist.
Ive stared at evil multiple times.
And yet weve both worked for evil.
We acted as facilitators, doing something
that would happen anyway.
Oh you can tell yourself that, if it helps
you sleep at night.
But you know its not true.
Youre not facilitating a thing.
Youre murdering innocent civilians every
single day.
In exchange for staying alive.
Of course we arent.
We're collecting a debt that they signed
up for.
It just so happens they
pay with their lives.
You realize how stupid that sounds?
We are killing people.
From our perspective, its good, from their
perspective, its evil.
So good and evil is a
matter of perspective?
I hope youre teaching philosophy.
No, its much simpler than that.
These complex moral and religious issues,
theyre just excuses.
Theyre excuses for
limiting your decisions.
For limiting yourself.
How convenient is it that
when something good happens:
"Oh thats a miracle."
"Its an act of God."
But then when something bad happens,
"Oh that must be, an act of the devil."
Nobody wants to be held
responsible for anything.
So good and evil, theyre just...
Excellent scapegoats that justify any act.
Saving lives could never
be considered evil.
That depends on whose lives your saving.
[Chair scraping]
Save the life of a mother, thats great,
youre a hero.
Lets say that mother...
Was going to blow herself
Kill ten other people.
So now its okay to kill the person you
were just willing to save.
Just to save more lives?
So what then good and evil becomes just a
question of math?
Youre over simplifying it.
No, youre over thinking it!
There is nothing that is eternally good and
there is nothing that is eternally evil.
They are both concepts that change relentlessly
without any parameters whatsoever.
Take it.
Continue your pointless war.
[Chair scraping]
Just remember that in the end...
What youre
doing makes no difference at all.
[Casting spell in Latin]
[Colliding rocks]
[Raquel appearing]
Brilliant work you two.
I knew if I bided my time you would do all
the work for me.
Yes, any spells or traps you thought were
here are gone now.
How did you know about this place?
What did I tell you when we first met?
Always assume I know everything.
Now, Ill be taking that amulet.
[Demonic power up]
[Demonic crunching]
Does that hurt?
Did you forget about our deal?
I let you live this long
so you could do your job.
[Cosmic energy forces colliding]
You think Ive survived this long without
knowing how to stop people like you?
Stay out of this.
Seriously Marcus?
A knife?
[Flesh burning]
You sneaky little shit.
[Knife stab]
I dont need that amulets power to kill
Oh, dont worry!
Ill make that feel
a lot better.
[Grunts in pain]
Beg me for your life Marcus.
Beg me for your life and worship me!
And maybe Ill spare you.
What did you say?
Im glad you said that.
Goodbye Marcus.
[Ativus appears]
[Ativus Offscreen] Id leave
him alone if I were you.
What are you doing here?
Id pay attention, Raquel.
Stay out of this, messenger.
You have no power over me.
Youre right, I have no power over you.
If Michael were here though...
I hate him!
Hey Raquel.
[Knife stab]
[Disintegrating noise]
Are you okay?
Shell be fine.
Sure took your sweet time Ativus.
Thought you couldnt interfere.
I cannot directly interfere with humans.
Thats messing with free will.
But she was a demon and you renounced her.
And besides, I only gave you the amulet.
You handled the rest on your own.
Is Raquel dead?
Humans cant kill demons.
However, she wont be back for a long time.
Stabbing her with the amulet in your other
hand severely weakened her.
Would you be able to kill a demon?
If God wanted me to, yes.
Why didnt you then?
God trusts in you.
Now all thats left to do is defeat Eli.
Ill take you to him now that youre ready
to face him.
Can you help me defeat Eli?
[Angelic healing]
Thats all the help youre gonna need
from me.
[Teleportation sound]
Im sorry, Eli.
Im sorry about your family.
Those terrorists planted the bomb.
Neither one of us should
carry the blame for that.
An apology from you?
That's a...
Thats rich.
Doesnt change the fact that theyre dead.
You loved your family deeply.
I understand that now.
You turned it all into rage.
But what about the families you killed?
How do you think their loved ones feel?
You should understand more than anyone that
what youre doing right now, is wrong.
Well I have my reasons.
You think you can save me?
What makes you think I want to stop?
Youre just trying to talk your way out
of a fight because you know Ill win.
Youre right about one thing,
we dont have to fight.
Ive done terrible things too.
But you can stop.
Right now.
With me.
Youre completely right.
Ill give you my amulet.
Just give me a second.
Its somewhere in here...
[Punches and grunts]
I dont understand.
I should be able to destroy you easily!
Youre not the only one whose grown more
Youre too much of a softie
to have collected more souls.
How did you do it?
Wouldnt you like to know?
Well if I cant beat you...
Then were both
going to hell.
[Beeping and ticking begin]
Familiar situation isnt it?
Youve lost Eli.
Neither of us needs to die here.
Oh, really?
[Beeping intensifies]
You think theyll spare me after killing
everyone I have in this amulet?
Thats what I thought.
[Beeping and music crescendo]
Where did you come from?
Would you believe an angel sent me?
I deactivated your explosives while you two
were busy.
Courtesy of this lovely watch.
Ive made peace with my kills.
Have you?
Hes out Marcus.
Do you need to kill him?
Theres only one thing left to do.
[Casting spell in Latin]
[Powering up]
[Booming voice off screen]
Youve done well Marcus.
He is nothing but a fly on
the wall compared to me.
You humans are such brats.
Here you are thinking
you have saved humanity.
You are nothing.
Who do you thinks been running the show
all along?
If you wanted it put together, why didnt
you just do it yourself?
The amulets were originally His creation.
They can only be fused back together with
pure intentions, so...
I created a threat.
Poor sad, stupid, little Eli.
Allowing himself to be so easily
manipulated by his anger. His...
Thirst for revenge.
You turned him into this.
Oh, I didnt need to.
Humans beings are so easily corruptible.
One little whisper and you
all will make yourselves fall.
I promised him ultimate power and revenge.
I made him a deal, Marcus.
Just like you were made a deal by Raquel.
Who... Who do you think was his handler?
I told him I could bring his family back to
him if he collected all those souls.
I cant bring his family back, Marcus.
But he would have believed anything because
hes an idiot.
For the ultimate prize because I have
been waiting a very long time for this.
[Demonic pull]
[Demonic freeze]
When I first took this from Him I wanted to use
it to collect every human soul in existence.
And exterminate them all at once.
Human beings are mortal,
powerless, animalistic vermin.
You really think that God cares
about something so weak and pathetic?
I am the truth.
I am the only salvation that humanity has.
[Burning flesh]
[Yells in pain]
[Angelic swirls]
[Ativus] It wont work.
Not with you.
Once it is returned to its original state
it can not be used by you or me.
Because the Elder Amulet
was made by God for man.
Now its on you, Marcus.
You can use that amulet
for whatever you wish.
Theres a catch isnt there?
No catch.
[Angelic barrier]
You cant harm him, brother.
Marcus has accepted
God and has His protection.
He will not let you directly interfere with
his free will.
Fine, I dont need to touch him.
Marcus, you dont know the full extent of
whats going on.
Just, listen to me very carefully.
If you release those souls your
sickness will return and you will die.
Do you really think youre going to heaven
after all the things youve done?
Those souls are evil, most of them made a
deal to be put inside there.
Whats the use of damning yourself to an
eternity of pain for them?
When I could give you anything
and everything youve ever wanted.
And so much more.
Im not here to bargain like he does.
Thats his specialty.
The choice has always been yours, Marcus.
And yours alone.
You think your promises mean anything to me
after what you did to Eli?
I can promise you this.
You will suffer for all eternity.
[Somber music]
[Glowing cosmic energy]
[Strong winds]
[Grunts of pain]
Youve made the biggest mistake of your
Id kill you, but youre as good as dead
[Demonic pull]
Are you okay?!
Just dying.
Ill be fine.
What happened?
Marcus freed all the souls.
What do we do with this?
Now that its over?
Keep it.
As a memento.
Of your heroics?
Of yours.
[Grunts in pain]
Is he really gonna die?
All living bodies die.
Cant you cure him?
He made his choice.
You already saved me Kristen.
I just wish Id met you sooner.
Hey Ativus.
How about a cigarette?
[Angelic sound]
[Painful grunts]
[Crying] Stay awake.
Marcus, stay awake!
Please, please.
[Deep exhale]
[Angelic ambiance]
Is this heaven?
No, no.
We are still on earth, but this is just an
alternate state of being.
So Im not dead.
Your soul never dies.
God has a new job for you.
What do you mean?
Its time to train you.
For what?
Wait, for what?
My names Raquel.
I heard you last night.
Theres a way out.
25 years of money, fame, fortune.
All you need to do is sign.
Youre supposed to fill it with your blood.
[Angelic sound]
Thats a bit graphic dont you think?
But youre dead.
Youre an angel now?
Not exactly.