Soul of Bread, The (2012) Movie Script

The well-loved travel and cuisine television show
"Bread's Bread" is hosted by Bread Jean Pierre
The son of famous Asian writer
Sophia Su Jean Pierre
Well known for her French travel writing
With his prince charming like appearance
and excellent baking skills and pastry,
Bread charmed the audiences
And soon became the top rated show...
of its kind in the American west
Let us take a look from the clip of the show
Most bread sucks
Because most bread lacks creativity and sincerity
This is the reason that I go around the world
in search for the most creative,
most sincere,
and the best bread in the world
My name is Bread
Join me in the search
for the best bread in the world
This is Bread's Bread
Yet, recently the show has faced challenges
Even though Bread worked very hard
the ratings dwindled
at the end of the latest season last year
The sudden death of his mother
left him devastated and in shock
He left this message...
on his Facebook page
I'm tired
And I am going to find my mother
Since then Bread has disappeared
The show has been stopped for half year
People around the world are worried of his safety
His fans are eagerly awaiting his come-back
Come with me
What for?
Just come with me for a sec
Don't drag me!
Come, come in here
Come on, come
What on earth do you want?
You'll know soon
Close your eyes and wait a sec
I might fall
Don't worry. Let me hold your hand
No peeking
Now, eyes closed?
Wait a minute
Hey, what are you doing?
OK, it'll be ready in a second
Come on, hurry up!
Now what?
Ping, would you marry me?
One second
You're proposing to me...
...with the candles you took from the temple?
Well, your little bro is so flaky!
So what's your plan for our future together?
Just stay here and take over the bakery
Making bread here for the rest of our lives?
What's wrong with it?
We've been together for such a long time
It's time to settle down
You wash my underpants for me
Only I know how to take care of you
when you're in your period or when you're angry
Really? What would you do when I'm angry?
Are you going to marry me or what?
What's your problem?
Go away
I told you to go away. I hate being pushed
I have to push you a little bit.
You are already 30!
I'm only 28, OK?
According to the lunar calendar, you're 30!
Just go away!
Hey, I spent a fortune on this ring
I'll leave it here
Don't lose it, OK?
Everyone, Bonjourl
Good morning
Now, we are listening to
Paris! Texas! a new single by the band, Never Dies
The courier is here
Sam, aren't you going to send
the bananas to your son?
Come on
Or the bananas will be off by the time
your son gets them
And, Jack, please...
Stop fighting with your wife.
You fight all the time
that everyone has heard it
Stop fighting. Come to mine, hand in hand
And you can have bread for free
By the way, do you know why
I said "Bonjour" just now?
That's "good morning" in French
some French pastry has hit the headlines
"Chocolate Pastry"
Our head baker, Gao-Bing, has worked out the recipe
He promises the pastries he makes
taste the same as the original ones
Why are you wearing the ring like that?
Hey, we're running a bakery
Don't drink it straight from the carton
Promise me one thing. Then I will say "Yes"
Another French baking contest?
I want you to win international prizes
and take me to France
I don't want to stay here forever
What's wrong with this place?
You hate Taiwan so much?
Chien-Ming Wang plays in the MLB
Does that mean he hates Taiwan?
I don't know
So what's why I want you to know!
If we're going to spend the rest
of our lives together,
I hope I could see the outside world...
at least once
The outside world?
Your little brother is swamped outside
Go give him a hand
Hey, Bro
Tell you what
If I go to France for the baking contest,
what about the shop?
What about your brother?
What about your dad?
You can work on new recipes
instead of practicing in the temple
You can't follow other people's
recipes forever, right?
If I don't go to the temple,
the kids would fight or use drugs
and get into trouble
Do you understand it?
Can you stop making excuses?
Is it really that difficult for you
to understand me?
I know you really want to go to France
But it's early morning
So stop daydreaming!
OK, forget about it
Ping, that's not what I mean
Let go of me!
Please don't be like that
That's not what I mean. Please, don't
Save that till the night
It's time to start the business
Away from my hometown,
that noisy, little island
I came to Paris
When I was young,
I thought I'd get married
and have children in my hometown
I met my Mr Right
He took me to Paris
where I fell in love with baking
Your French is really good
English OK?
English is OK
I was just saying your French is really good
Thank you
I wonder if I can ask you
Do you know this woman?
This is my mom
Your mom?
Can I meet her?
She died
She died?
I'm sorry. I have no idea
No, it is OK
Was she the head baker?
No, my dad is
Can I meet him?
He is not here
He is to describe the community center?
You know, people they get together?
He is busy...he is playing band
Playing in a band?
Do you, do you want to go and find him?
No, it is OK. Don't trouble yourself
It's $140
I will come back later. Bye bye
No, I can't do that
"I have decided to love you
one hundred million years"
Jesus, are you done?
What was that all about?
None of your business
Wow, it's a cool sax
I'm not bragging
Kenny G. had one like this
Really? Let me see
I got all my false teeth done just for it
You see?
Cool! Cool!
How much did it cost?
Well, not that much
Only $150,000
$150, 000? Show off!
Dad, do you know someone called Sophia Su?
Fxxx! It really costs $150,000!
Do you know her?
She'd been to our shop when I was a child
She had a son called Bread
What? What did you say?
Is he the one in the baking
show you used to watch on TV?
He came here today
He showed me a picture of Mom with Sophia
He said he was looking for you
Is he looking for his dad?
That's impossible!
I was very faithful to your mom
I'd never had any other women
Dad, what are you talking about?
Well, I somehow remember that
your mom loved a book so much when she was young
I think it was written by Sophia something...
Where is the book now?
Maybe it's among the stuff your mom left
Unbelievable! $150,000 for a sax?!
Here it is
Your mom's book
Oh, we always have one
Dad, why didn't you tell me?
I asked you...
to sort out the stuff three years ago
Have you ever listened?
I told you I would burst into tears
when I saw Mom's stuff
Why didn't you do it?
I would burst into tears too
OK, Ping
It's almost time
We should get ready to go to the baking class
Hey, that hurts!
Just ride the bike!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Here it comes
Ask your question, quick!
Excuse me, Prince Nezha...
Do you think I still have a chance with Ping?
Why is he laughing?
He says Ping's husband is the Prince himself
Don't joke with me
I didn't! That's what Prince Nezha says
I realized that I needed some kind of new direction
I needed a challenge
In fact,
the matter is I need to find the bread that
you made for her so many years ago
Do you remember what that bread was called?
he says he wants to find the bread his mother loved
Do you remember what our special was?
How would I remember?
We used to have weekly specials
How would I know which one he's talking about?
He doesn't know
That's OK, but while I am here,
sir, do you think I can be your apprentice?
Learn how to make bread from you?
I will pay for tuition, housing, anything you need
I just need to learn how to make that bread
Name your price, anything
You want to learn from him?
Dad, he says he wants to learn baking from you
He would pay
Really? Paying us?
Wow, that is a difficult question
How much does he earn every month?
How would I know?
This, this, OK? OK?
Dad, this is too much!
OK, no problem
Well, he says it's OK
No, Dad, it's too much!
He asks me to teach him,
but he doesn't say for how long
If I teach him for the rest of his life,
$200,000 isn't much, is it?
- OK, Great
- OK
- Dad?!
- Thank you so much
Thank you
Thank you
It's happened so many times recently
What happened?
Someone keeps stealing the light bulbs
Oh, really?
Did you see anyone suspicious?
Not really
So can you make regular patrols here?
Why did you move my Prince Nezha costume?
An important guest is staying with us
What are you doing here?
"How should I tell you what's in my mind?"
"I kept thinking all night"
"The more I think, the more embarrassed I feel"
"I cannot speak a word when I see you"
"I could only keep my head bowed"
"How should I tell you what's in my mind?"
On the house
It's sweet potato rice
Try it! It's good
"it feels like the spring breeze"
"I could only write a love letter"
"Only through letters could I express my love"
"You're so sweet. You're so lovely"
"You're so beautiful. You're so charming"
"You made me fall in love with you"
Thank you. Thank you all
Do you see...
a foreigner sitting over there?
Do you know who he is?
Is he Brad Pitt?
Well, no, he isn't
He's not a star
But, he's a celebrity nonetheless
His name is Bread
Actually the reason I brought him here
is to hold a welcome party for him
But it's not much fun to hear me
singing all the time.
So, shall we ask Bread to sing a song for us?
Don't push him so hard
It's OK
Give him a big hand
Come on, Bread, sing for us
Come on
Yeah, sing a song
Yeah, sing for us
Come on, Bread
Come on, Bread. Sing a song for us!
Hello everybody
I'm Bread
He is Bread
It is nice to be here
I guess I will just sing a French song.
It's called La Vie en Rose
He is going to sing a French song for us
"Eyes that gaze into mine"
"A smile that is lost on his lips"
"That is the unretouched portrait"
"Of the man to whom I belong"
"When he takes me in his arms"
"And speaks softly to me"
"I see life in rosy hues"
"He tells me words of love"
"Words of every day"
"And in them I become something"
"He has entered my heart."
"A part of happiness"
"Whereof I understand the reason"
"it's he for me and I for him, throughout life"
"He has told me, he has sworn to me, for life"
"And from the things that I sense"
"Now I can feel within me"
"My heart that beats"
Sorry, one minute. I'm almost done
Why are you taking so long?
Robin meets Batman
You took photos of me?!
You did it on purpose?
Why the hell did you do that? Why the hell?!
Ahh, bathroom is free
Wow, this is a cool camera
It is my mom's. You can't get it anywhere
It's really important to me
Tomorrow we will be working together, right?
So, we should get to know each other
Ping, is she your girlfriend?
No, she is not my girlfriend
She is my fiancee
Your wife?
Shit! I just saw someone stealing the light bulb!
What are you looking at?
Be careful
Morning. Thank you
You haven't paid for the bread this month
I'm sorry
I'm low on cash
Prices of everything has gone up...
...and the ham too
Everything has gone up
Oh, Granny, wait a sec
Hold him for a second, please
Are you a bad guy?
Do I look like a bad guy?
Then why are you asking my mom for money?
Lun, quick, finish your breakfast
and take your little bros
and sis to school with you
Hurry up, hurry up! Get ready for school
You need money for the school lunches again?
I thought I just gave you some
Here's $100. Only give it to your teacher
Off you go. Hurry up!
Bye, take care. Look after your sis
Off you go. Quick! Bye, bye
can I pay you half of the money today?
I should blame my husband
He said he would make a fortune in China
But he just disappeared like that
He left the shop and the whole family to me
I have to pay the bills once I earn any money
That's fine
Take this
Pay me back when you've got money
No, I can't take it
It's OK. I'll leave it here
Don't worry
See you later
I don't know why...
I often see a hobo climb over the wall
What are you looking at?
Let's go
Put the helmet on. The police are here
He shouldn't ask you to do this
You are the best baker
No, it's fine
I'm an apprentice now, right?
Plus, this is nothing
Ping, are you married?
No, I'm not married
Who told you that?
I was talking to Gao-Bing last night
And to be honest, I'm not really sure...
I understood what he was saying
Gao-Bing is my boyfriend
But we are not married
So, I still have a chance?
Hey, gotcha
Stop talking and wash the baking trays!
Wow, they look so clean!
You're much better than Bro
Ask him
if he wants to join us in the baking class
Do you want to come to the baking class with us?
Baking class? Sure! I would love to
What did he say?
He said OK
OK, take the clean ones inside
I'm Bread
Wow, he's so handsome!
Thanks to Gao-Bing for giving me this chance
to show you how I make bread
He said he would like to thank Gao-Bing
for giving him this chance
To me, bread is a living and breathing organism
So, when I bake, I like to treat bread
the same way that I treat a lover
For him, bread is alive
So, he treats bread like his lover
I like to touch her, talk to her
I play music to her
He likes to touch her
Talk to her
Then, play music to her
I treat each piece of bread
according to its own personality
Every bread has a different personality
So, today I would like to start
with the French classic
And her name is "Baguette"
Now, in front of you...
...l prepared a special brandy cheese sauce
So, close your eyes
Try to really experience the music
Experience the flavors in the sauce
He also prepares this special sauce,
"brandy cheese sauce"
Close your eyes
Listen to the music and try
Hey, Gao-Bing, do you want to try it with Ping?
Come and try
Well, no, thanks
Hey, don't be like that
He came all the way from France
Let him teach us something, right?
I'm fine. You guys go ahead
Well, suit himself
Let's try it then
Ping, do you want to try?
Close your eyes
Don't forget the music
You taste it?
You have a little bit on your lips
What was the thing you brought back this afternoon?
I feel so hot and dry after eating it.
I can't even sleep
Our new teacher made the French
brandy cheese sauce
I took some
And I wanted to share it with you
I feel so hot and dry now
I can't sleep
I'm so thirsty
Get me some water
Well, I think...
...I should get you a pill too
Maybe you'll sleep better
Can't sleep?
Not after the pill
Where is it?
I found it
What are you looking at?
Please be gentle
"What the FXXX?"
That's "hello" in Taiwanese
Hello, OK
What did you say "good afternoon" was?
"Go to hell"
Excuse me
"Go to hell!"
I'm so sorry
This foreigner can't speak Taiwanese
- It's OK
- Sorry, sorry
The street lamp
has been vandalized several times recently
So we decided to put a patrol box here
We'll patrol in this neighborhood every day
Yeah. what's up?
Nothing, nothing
Then, see you around
OK, bye We
Auntie, why did you bring so many people with you?
Bread, Bread
I have a question
What's the bread you made in the baking class?
Do you have more?
What for?
Well, my husband and I had felt so good
after having it
Yeah, young people wouldn't understand it
I felt so energetic after eating it
Bread, do you have more?
She wants some baguette
We don't have any right now
But I can make it by tomorrow
He says there is none. He'll make some tomorrow
How many do you want?
I want ten
Let me write it down
Hey, darling, should we get 20?
Do we need that many?
Well, you don't get it. I'll take twenty
You want twenty?
OK, OK, one each time, please
His bread had better works like Viagra
He said he wanted to be an apprentice
Now, he is taking orders
Well, his bread is really good!
I doubt it
How can you say that? You have never tried it
thank you, thank you so much!
Why French kissing?
What's up?
What happened to your eyes?
Let me take a look
Just some flour
Stay still. Come over
OK, the other one
Feeling better?
Hello everyone!
Thank you all for your support yesterday
Our new special,
the Magical Baguettes, are all sold out
I apologize to customers who didn't get them
Hey, Steven, behave yourself
You bought more than a dozen!
Your wife hasn't come back yet.
What are you going to do tonight?
We have more specials coming out today
Hurry up, everyone!
You don't have to queue if you're late.
You just won't find anywhere to stand!
Hi, can I call you Lacey?
I'm Bro from the bakery
I always want to talk to you
Please don't mind me writing to you
I heard you like our red bean buns
So, this is the secret recipe
of the filling
You must try it at home
P.S. This is our secret recipe
Please don't show it to anyone
Three, four, five...
Two, four, six...
Drink it up when you lose...
Drink it, drink it
you have to work harder
Your "champion bread" is out of fashion
He beats you easily
with the simple French baguettes!
He said your bread, very good
Oh, thank you
You are welcome
Hey, you know,
I have been here for a long time, right?
I still can't find the bread
that you made for my mom
He still wants to find the bread that his mom loved
But how, I have a clue, I have...
I think this is my mom's old house
I've looked everywhere, but I can't find it
This is her old house
Do you know where it is?
Oh, this is the rice factory at the end of the road
But it's been abandoned for a long time
This is an old rice factory
But, it is closed
Oh, closed?
It is OK. Tell you what
Gao-Bing can take you guys there next week
But, I have to work at the temple next week
Come on, he came all the way from France
Help him first, OK?
Bring you next week
Really! Great! Thank you!
You are welcome
But I have a mission for him
He wants you to do something
Do something?
Oh, sure! Anything! What is it?
Try to boost our business
Gao-Bing has taken it over, but nothing changed
He wants you to make the business better
Make the business better? OK
Let's go. Let's do it again
OK, again
Three, four, five...
Two, four, six...
Thank you for your stuff. Thanks!
Hey, Bro, come here for a sec
It's nothing to this guy. If he didn't sell it,
he'll probably throw it away anyway
Everything set?
Then, how about dinner together?
Why not?
OK, this way please
Amber pour some wine for this gentleman
Everyone, welcome to my restaurant
I'm really happy today
because I haven't seen Bread for a long time
Let's enjoy and celebrate this evening
We are toasting
Stand up!
What are you doing?
Amber, please come help us
We can help you clean it
in the staff room
Is it OK? Let's go to the staff room, alright?
It'll take just a minute
OK, thanks.
Please wait here and enjoy the drink
We'll be right back
This way, please
I am so sorry
What were you doing, man?
I'm so hungry
Why is she taking so long?
How would I know?
Just keep waiting then
I just never saw you dress like this
Ping, you look so pretty!
Excuse me
The seafood soup
Lamp chop topping with mixed nuts
Please enjoy
- Seafood soup
- Thanks
Fresh cod with white wine sauce
Squab with tomato and tuna
Black beer sauteed ribs
"it's so bloody delicious!"
"I'm not afraid of the big waves."
'Lobster, tuna and big white shark"
"Seafood soup, let's eat it up!"
"it's so bloody delicious"
"Thank God for everything"
Hello! What?
Master is in the hospital?
Uncle, how is my dad?
He's fine
Stop crying. Tell me!
Really, he's fine
What happened?
- Really, he's fine
- Tell me at once!
What happened to my dad?
He is alright. He is inside
Gosh, lucky me!
I'm sorry
Dad, what happened to your leg?
I'm fine
What did you expect to see?
But...they're all crying
Oh, that. See? It's so spicy
Everyone burst into tears
This is not funny
Why are you dressed like that?
And why are you crying?
What? You two are getting ready
for my funeral?
Of course not...
Well, that is really spicy
I burst into tears as well
I was going to Jiansheng's for the spicy hotpot
But the light bulb was stolen
from the street lamp
It was so dark outside. Then I had a nasty fall
So they decided to bring the hotpot
to the hospital
Dad, I'll stay with you tonight
I thought you were going to
redecorate the bakery with Bread?
I should stay with my dad
It's OK I will stay with him
I'm fine. It's just the leg
It's not a big deal
You don't have to stay
It's OK I'll stay
You and Bread go get the shop ready
Right, it's better to have a man staying with me
I need to pee
Bring the urine pot to me
I'll help myself
How can I pee while
you keep staring at me like that?
Do you remember the bread
that Bread's mom loved?
I told you I forgot
You've been working with me
since you were in junior high
Have I ever lied to you?
Yes! You lie to me all the time
I was only making fun of you
No matter what kind of bread you make,
as long as you make it with your heart and soul
every bread is special
Here, I peed with my heart and soul
This is my special too
Master, you say working with heart and soul...
...that's what they say on TV and movies
Besides I always copy the recipes
with my heart and soul...
I know what's in your mind
You're worried about Ping, right?
You've been together for so many years
You're a baker
You have both love and bread
What are you worried about?
But Bread is a baker too
Master, master?
Do you need a bag?
Yes, please
See you next time
It was an ordinary bakery in a small town
Why are there so many people here today?
Now, let's ask one of the locals
Excuse me. I heard this shop used to be awful
But now thanks to Bread...
Do you like the changes?
I think they're good changes
But it wasn't that bad before
Actually I think it was quite good...
...especially the pineapple buns
Here comes Bread. Get in, quick!
The whole world is looking for you
Why have you choose such a small town in Taiwan
to be a baker?
This is where my mother was born
And so, for me, coming here to Taiwan...
It's more of a personal dream
So, it's a private trip
and I would like to keep it that way
I'm sorry, I can't...
Thank you, but I'm sorry, no more questions
Bread arrived in Taiwan
He combines the world-class baking
with the traditional Taiwanese flavors
He has taught the Taiwanese bakers
a very valuable lesson
This is Yan-Ting Chen and Guo-Lun Hsu reporting
- C'est si bon
- C'est si bon
What is it?
It means very beautiful
So, why did you sing "La Vie en Rose" last time?
"La Vie en Rose..."
Do you know the movie, "Sabrina"?
My English name is Sabrina
So, you want to go to Paris?
What is it about Paris?
I just
Are you OK?
Be careful
I just want to go
It's going to rain
It's about time
Let's go
We just arrived!
Go get the umbrellas for us
Why me? It's quite a long way
Fine, I'll go and you keep him company
Bread, I'm gonna go and take an...
OK, OK, I will get the umbrellas
Be careful. It's raining
What are you guys doing here? Come in, quick!
Come on, it's so cold
Come, come in
What are you doing here?
It is our mom's birthday tomorrow
So we want to order a cake for her
How much?
It's OK
Your mom works so hard
My treat!
Of course! I mean it
Come, pick one for your mom
Yeah! Great!
She stayed for the family
So, your mother, do you think she had regrets?
I don't know
But, I feel sorry for her
At night, I read my mother's book
I talk to my mom
If I have a chance to go to France,
I will bring the book with me
This is my mom, grandpa, and grandma
Ping, it's got to be it
My mom grew up here
I'm sorry you can't find your mom's bread
I'll ask my dad to think harder
Don't worry about it.
I think I may have found something better
Do you want to come to France with me?
What is it?
Oh! We've finally got you! Thief! Come down!
Hey! You!
Come down
Climb up to Heaven if you're so good! Come down!
If you don't come down, we'll come to get you
It's me!
It's Bro...
You! How can you do shit like this?
Hey, watch your language
He's still my son
Yeah, I'm sorry
What the fxxx are you doing? You stupid kid!
I feel so humiliated!
I'm sorry, Dad
I stole all the light bulbs
I thought if I kept stealing the bulbs,
the police would patrol here every day
So I could see her every day
Her, the policewoman
Idiot! Is it how you attract her attention?
Miss, I'm so sorry
He is my son
A big mango hit his head when he was little
But he's honest and good-hearted
Yeah, Bro is a very nice kid
You're welcome to visit us at any time
And have some bread together?
Anyway, please get down first
Didn't you hear them? You still can't decide?
Why, you women, never make up your minds?
I just
Just what? Yes or no?
Then...can we be friends first?
You, cheeky monkey! What are you laughing at?
Come down!
Come down, quick!
Come on, she agrees to make friends with you...
Come down
Don't play such a trick again
I'm sorry
Yeah, Bro is actually quite nice and sweet
Who ordered these?
The kids from the breakfast house
It's their mother's birthday tomorrow
Did you charge them?
No, what's so wrong about that?
I just asked
Why that kind of attitude?
What were you two doing earlier?
Nothing, we did nothing
What do you think if I went to France by myself?
Do you really care what I think?
I have proposed for almost 6 years
Bread was only here for 6 weeks
And now,
you decide to go with him?
Do you really care about me?
Why French kissing?
I just want you to be like Bread
Why do I have to be like him?
You sure it is OK. if I am doing this for Gao-Bing?
It's OK
I can't find him
He promised someone to do it,
and now, you have to do it
Here, try this
What is it?
You know. I decided to marry Gao-Bing
and have a normal life
But, you came here
And, you are so perfect
It is just very hard for me
I don't know what to do
Ping, I am a normal person too, right?
I want a normal life
I know what you have with Gao-Bing
is important to you
But, I want you to know that
I think you are worth the fight
I am just being honest with myself
And, I want you to be honest with yourself, too
I don't know
I am confused
I don't know what to do
Didn't you say
you don't want to feel sorry
for your mother any more?
She couldn't live her dream,
and now, you can do that for her
But, what about my family?
Ping, before you can truly love your family
You have to learn how to love yourself
Excuse me
Are you two a couple?
How long have you been together?
Ten years
Ten years! That is a long time
Why aren't you married?
Has he proposed yet?
OK, I will handle this
Hey, I ask you
Do you like her? Do you want to marry her or not?
I tell you, I want to marry her
Why are you doing this?
We did this for you
Now, what are you going to say to the kids?
I did all of this? No, not me, I swear
What the hell are you doing man?
I am so sick of this
Let's cancel the deal and get some rest
Not me, I swear to God
I am going to France with Bread, let's end this
I am so sorry
Gao-Bing was too drunk last night
He made a mess in our bakery
So, we have decided to close for a day
I am sorry, Miss Lily from the breakfast house
Hope you will still have a happy birthday today
Finally, never drink and drive
Now, we are listening to Band:
Never Die's newest single:
"Pineapple Bun's Sadness"
Thank you
"Pineapple bun is so sad"
"No one is more aggrieved than me"
"Don't blame me for being so harsh"
"I don't have a good appearance"
"I don't have a big dream"
"I want to go away, away from everything"
"Pineapple bun's sadness"
Look out for Ping
Isn't Ping dating that foreigner?
Oh, quit it
What's the topic today?
I just think, this foreigner
is so popular around this place
How about we hold a contest: "The Next Top Baker?"
I also think it is a good idea
Then, who will be the participants?
In this small town?
I think Bread can do it
Why not just ask him and Gao-Bing?
I am not too sure
Even though I am the head...
of this neighborhood
I personally think we should do it now
He and Gao-Bing can finally have a formal contest
And, we will have people gathering
At the end, we can promote this small town
and even your bakery
Yeah, yeah, that is our main purpose
OK, so let's have a word with both of them
Hey, Ping, can you and Bread come here for a sec?
What the Fxxx?!
You can't say that. It is bad
What the Fxxx?!
Who taught him that?
Our good neighbors were suggesting
How about having a bread game:
"The Next Top Baker?"
So that he and Gao-Bing can have a penalty kick
They want to have a "baking contest"
You and Gao-Bing
And, do you want to do it?
But, Gao-Bing is gone, right?
What? I just saw Gao-Bing at the local restaurant
You saw him at the restaurant?
"My stomach aches so badly for you"
"Why aren't you in my heart?"
"My heart has gone."
"My love has gone."
"You're after his money."
"My stomach aches badly for you."
"Why are his underpants hung in your room?"
Are you done or what?
Why are you here?
You are leaving? Even without one note?
What about the bakery?
You can leave me and go to France, but I can't?
Hey, if it were me and Bread, who would you pick?
You, definitely
Did the neighbors tell you I am here?
Then, go tell your good neighbors
I will not join the contest with Bread
I am not interested in that at all
Then, what about me and George Clooney?
Well, you
You hesitated
What about me and Jessica Alba?
Jessica Alba
What! I picked you!?
At least I did not hesitate
Uncle Chiu
OK, let's all sit down
Why can't I go to France?
I really want to see the outside world
Don't go to France, please
Can you please stop?
Do you think Gao-Bing is big?
Probably not, I think Gao-Bing is quite small
Gao-Bing, can you grow up?
I am really sorry
- You are hurting me
- Hey, hey
Gao-Bing, you are drunk
Don't you dare touch me
Hey, you are drunk
Let him go, Gao-Bing
What the F is going on around here?
You two, stop it, now
Sis, can you give Gao-Bing another chance?
OK, if you won the baking contest
I will stay, I mean it
If you are tired, then go to sleep
Ping, if you want to get some sleep, go ahead
We will take the rest from here
It's OK
I mean it, get some rest, we can handle this
OK, then you two should get some rest as well
It's a big day tomorrow
Hey, don't sleep here, do you hear me?
Don't touch my thing
I told you to stop, don't you dare touch my thing
Don't touch me again
I am sick of your childish bullshit
I like Ping, and Ping likes me
And, none of your little temptation will gonna
stop her from coming to France with me
Do you fxxxing hear what I am saying?
Go to hell
Go away
Let me go
OK, OK, you win
You have everything
What about me?
I am a small town barker with nothing
The only thing that I cherish is Ping
I don't know why you are taking her away from me
Why me? Why her? Why?
You can hurt me, beat me as much as you like
But, you can't do that to Ping, never
She is all I care about, and all I love
I know you foreigners are all the same
Coming here, flirting and fxxxing
with those innocent girls
Leaving them at the end without saying goodbye
God dammit, shut up already
I don't know what you have with Ping
with what I came here
I don't care
I am happy with her
Is that so wrong?
What did I have before I came here?
Money? Fame? Girls? It is all fake
I don't want that
I came here to run away from that bullshit
I just want a simple life
I want to bake bread
I want to fall in love
What I have with her, that...
What she has given me; that is real
I don't get that a lot
My mother is gone
Do you understand that?
My mother
My mother is gone, with her,
she took everything that I ever loved
Till I met Ping
Why can't I have that?
I can't find any gauze
You pervert
You mean pervert?
Anyway, let's clean this place up
Ladies and gentlemen
Thank you...
for all being here
Joining us for the baking contest:
The Next Top Baker?
Now, over here, the talented young French baker:
Mr. Bread
He is going to make bread from rice
Called: Sweet potato with rice bun
He uses the most original Taiwanese rise
With the yeast that only comes from Alps
At last, the sweetest potato from Ging-Shan
With all these three ingredients
It should be the rice bun that no one taste before
As in here, we see Gao-Bing's:
French seafood soup bun
He had this idea
when he was in a restaurant the other day
With all the imagination,
he will try to recapture the French delicacy
Then, we see all these raw materials
Gao-Bing is using fresh squids
and clean prawn from Peng-Hu
Two best Taiwanese seafood with freshness
Also, his last touch: black tuna from Japan
This bread is full of surprises
and your taste bud will love this
Everyone, Gao-Bing's French seafood soup
bun is almost ready
Wow, so delicate, even with that?
So shining!
And, over here
Let's see Bread's Sweet potato with rice bun
My god! See, all those caramel
Doesn't this make your mouth water?
OK, all the breads are ready
Are you ready?
We now are trying these two kinds of breads
Does everyone have a sample?
Let's eat with your heart and soul
Hey, where is mine?
Are we done?
We are now casting the ballot for
"The Next Top Baker"
Here comes the result:
It is a draw
Gao-Bing is fifty, and Bread is also fifty
It's one hundred ballots in total
No, that is not right
I prepared one hundred and one ballots,
so one is lost
Oh, really?
It should be one hundred and one in total
Now, we only have one hundred
Anyone still holding his or her ballot?
Who is it?
Please cast the ballot now
We need that one
OK, it's my turn
Now, our "Next Top Baker" is Bread
Why are you cleaning this?
I am going to donate this to the temple
You? This? Donation?
I thought you love this
Oh, please mail this for me
When you are in France tomorrow
I know why I lost the contest
And, I now see my shortage
My bread is not original and lacks creativity
But, Bread invents that rice bun by himself
So, he is the real top baker
I think it is time for me to see the world outside
Then, I can improve myself
Are you crying?
I said nothing
Then, what's this?
Please leave me along
Don't cry, Ping
Well, it is really good
You must be kidding
This is for my wife, so I am into this
Let's have a drink
No, I have learned my lesson
Or, take a bite, it is good
No, thanks
Why are you still acting like this?
You don't even want my daughter?
Of course, I love her
But, she really wants to go to France
And, I thought real love is letting go
So I let go of her
I can't believe it
Letting go? Her?
I have no idea what is in your mind
Anyway, I am out of this now
I am going to bed
But, let me remind you of something
When I was young
I made bread only for my wife
When she passed away
nothing really mattered any more
But now when I play sax,
she can hear me
I made bread just formy wife
What about you?
Ping, of course
That is the spirit
I told you before
You have to make bread with your heart
See, here, use your heart
Where is your sister?
She was gone already, in the early morning
You were still sleeping,
so she did not want to disturb you
You made this?
Try one
This is really delicious
Really! So delicious
Well, you sister is gone anyway...
OK, let's do it together
Relax your body
Right foot first
Holy cow, this is reallllly good
Hey, you two, focus
Learn from Gao-Bing now
Because he will be gone soon
Take your chance and learn from him
"OK, we will"
It will be your turn soon
OK, I will do it again
Put me on
OK, this side, one, two, three, one, two
This side, the same
Right foot first, one two three
Sis and Bread were back
Really, for what?
They said they forgot something
Where are they now?
Away to the station
Quickly, let me out
I said quickly, ouch
I am stuck.
Higher, higher
OK, I give up. Give me that, give it to me
You will be late
on My God
Didn't you say that Ping's husband is Prince Nezha?
Yes, Prince Nezha
Everyone said that they saw a weird doll
running around in the neighborhood
I am sorry
It's actually Gao-Bing, crazy in love
It was a hard time for him recently
Comparing with that sweet charming French baker
Now, we are listening to Band:
Never Die's new song
"The Soul of Bread"
The song is about a pineapple
bun trying to fall in love again
on My God
Gao-Bing, work harder
Run faster
Take whatever you have
Get her,
and get her now!
Got it?
Ping! Wait for me!
I am telling you, I am now beside a wire pole
You, come back, come back!
Wait a sec, it is me, Gao-Bing
What the hell is that?
Looks like a doll on a motorcycle?
Ping, I am Gao-Bing
It is Gao-Bing
I am Gao-Bing, slow down
What is he doing?
Stop the car
Ping, we are already late for our flight
But, what if he has something important to tell me?
What could be so important?
He could call you
or email you while we get to France
I don't want to go with you any more
Slow down, Ping, please
Hey, Sir., go get them
They were over 200 km/h
I don't want to go with you any more
Ping, are you kidding me?
It is time to grow up, Ping
I said stop the car
No, I am not going to stop the car
Stop the car!
There is a plane waiting for us already, OK?
This is ridiculous
Hey, where are you going?
What are you doing?
I made this for you
Are you crazy?
All the way for this?
Please, try it
What is this?
Give it a try
Oh MyGod! Who did this to you?
This is bad
OK, OK, I will handle this
Oh, what happened to her hair?
Well, I have no idea what to do, so I cut it
It will grow back
It is really a little too short
for our beautiful daughter
She is now like a little boy
Don't cry, don't cry, daddy is here
Hey, I made this
Wanna try?
Is it good?
Oh, good!
Gao-Bing, this is really good
You made this bread with your heart, right?
Yes, it should be
Good? Like Gao-Bing's bread?
Oh, she is smiling
Well, Gao-Bing, you are a life saver
Do remember this moment forever
"The Soul of Bread"
What do you think?
What do you think?
I really wanted to go to France with you
But, I cannot leave my dad, Bro, or Gao-Bing here
I don't feel sorry for my mom any more
She stayed for the family
Thank you
Thank you
OK, bye
Dearest Friends
Please accept my apology
My own stubbornness caused quite a mess
My journey has reached its end
As Milan Kundera once said.
As the journey envelops heart and mind
my soul is baptized
I feel that I've learned how I hit my low point
I used to search for what I believed
was true great talent
Something that can be declared the best of the best
And, that was enough
But I realized...
...the most important thing is sincerity.
I finally found the masterpiece that filled
my mother's stories to me as a child.
The Best Bread in the World.
And, that baker, while he was making it
thought nothing of recognition.
Thought nothing of fame, or fortune,
or even competition
Did you finish all the bread I made?
Of course, it is really good, why?
Nothing, nothing
Did you taste anything irregular?
What thing?
I did not taste anything
Well, I put the ring in the bread
What? The ring?
Then, where is it now?
Maybe in your stomach?
What? Stomach?
Why did you do that?
I wanted to surprise you
What a surprise?!
Now what? Should we go to the hospital?
Well, let's wait a bit,
maybe it will come out naturally
This is not funny!
Go away
He didn't use any special ingredients
In fact, he used the most basic ingredients
he could: warm hands and a sincere heart
So, I feel that the way
we measured success before was wrong
Perhaps, we need to let go of the best of the best
And just use those warm hands
And that sincere heart
To get our show back on track
In my home town Taiwan
This honest, little island
Every little town has a small bakery
Who everyday after the sun goes down has a
special way of filling everyone's heart with joy
There are hard working people at every turn
Living happily and honestly
I, for the first time in my life,
am proud to present a whole
new series of "Bread's Bread"
Episode one
will take place in Taiwan
The only place in the entire world that makes
"The Soul of Bread"
Now, let me use the native Taiwanese language
to kick off this new season
"What the Fxxx", everyone!