Soul Virginity (2023) Movie Script

(ominous instrumental music)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(water bubbling)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(thunder rumbling)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(ominous instrumental music continues)
(suspenseful instrumental music)
(typewriter clicking)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
[Narrator] This is Jacob,
with his beloved goat.
He loves that goat.
He talks to her and drinks from her milk,
and she keeps him company
whenever he is on the road.
She isn't very talkative
or irritating like a dog
that barks loudly
with its irritating noise.
Barking always confuses
Jacob's mind and irritates his ears.
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
Jacob lost his sight
at the tender age of 10.
He awoke one day with
darkness filling both his eyes,
that's the day he lost his sight.
He has lived with blindness
ever since, and slowly,
he adapted to the darkness.
But he always suffers
from severe headaches,
and he has to ask for
precise descriptions of things.
He is known for his kind
nature and good manners.
He has always been a quiet,
nice person who never holds
a grudge or hatred in his heart.
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
One day, Jacob woke up to
find his beloved goat missing.
He sensed that thieves stole
her from him in the middle
of the night, whilst he was sleeping.
Stealing from a blind man,
hidden by the darkness
of the night, is an easy feat for anyone.
Since she was a quiet
goat, she didn't bleat or bite.
His heart broke with
sadness over the loss of her.
He needed her voice to
guide him and break the silence
of the gripping loneliness he suffers from.
Still, he felt sorry for
such petty thieves,
stealing from a blind man,
but he carried on in his way.
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
Jacob passed some tiny village.
The residents there recognized him
and offered him food and drink.
A child even gave him a rooster,
and his little brother
gave him a red balloon
as a token of friendship,
to guide him on his path
and to entertain him,
whilst he walked around.
(children laughing)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
Jacob didn't carry a
map with him to show him
his destination, and he
couldn't look at the stars
to know if he was going
in the right direction,
so every time he felt
himself drifting off the path,
he stopped for a little while
and put his hand on his beating heart
and listened, intently.
When he felt ready, he
went in the direction his heart
whispered to him,
hoping it was the right one.
His kind heart was always his compass,
his good intentions paved the road,
and he had a deep faith guiding him!
Plenty of rumors were swirling around,
that he was a genius who lost his sight
from tireless reading.
Others said he lost his sight from crying
so long and hard over his lover,
or that he was a fortune-teller,
or a sorcerer who lost
his sight from his demons
beating up on him whenever
he engaged in magic and sorcery.
Lots of rumors were going around,
some good, and others, bad,
but none of them affected him,
they only made him laugh
at how silly they were.
With time, Jacob grew fond of the rooster
that accompanied him,
but the rooster wasn't
pleased with the journey
he was on.
There were no chickens around him for him
to show off his cockiness or misery,
and since he was in the
company of a blind man,
who couldn't appreciate
his beauty and intensity
whenever he strutted around,
he walked carelessly and
without much orientation,
in a way that wasn't of
much help to guide Jacob,
so Jacob started walking in the front,
and the rooster started to follow.
On one of those extremely hot days,
the balloon suddenly
burst, (balloon popping)
and frightened Jacob to his core.
He started thinking
someone was shooting at him,
wanting to kill him.
He was shaken to his bones with fear,
and jumped to the ground
as a way of surrender,
saying over and over
that he was a blind man
who carried no weapon,
that he was so poor and
had no money worth taking,
and that he was no threat to anyone.
He lay on his stomach for a long time,
hoping that whoever
shot at him would answer,
say something, or talk back at him,
so when he heard nothing,
he started to rise slowly off the ground,
stopping mid-way and feeling
his way on the ground slowly.
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
He slowly crawled away from that place,
forgetting the intense fear he was feeling
to take his food and things away with him.
The loud bang left a heavy impact on Jacob,
because it came from behind
him and sounded so very close
to him, and since he
could hear no other voice
nor any footsteps after the bang,
he was left mystified by the incident,
wondering what it could have been,
like a puzzle stuck in his mind.
People without sight
hate unfamiliar sounds,
and sounds they don't understand.
Jacob started questioning
his own hearing abilities,
thinking there was something wrong.
This affected his senses as well,
making him jumpy and extremely careful.
One night, Jacob felt the sound
of a vicious animal lurking nearby.
(wolf growling) (chicken clucking)
The wolf caught the rooster
with lightness and ease,
leaving poor Jacob helpless and unable
to do anything for his companion.
How unfortunate.
Jacob couldn't sleep that night.
Fear was eating away at
him slowly and persistently.
Sadness filled him and
he felt sorry for himself
for being so weak and helpless.
The cold and hunger and
loneliness ganged up on him,
and misery held a grip ever
so tightly driving his head
into complete madness.
Jacob was in a very hard situation,
and he knew it very well.
A blind man, with darkness
casting its veil over his sight.
Loneliness gripped his heart,
and solitude surrounded him
in every direction.
He was weak, poor, and
hungry without any baggage.
A stranger chasing him
and wanting to kill him.
Thieves had taken away
whatever little he had,
and wolves had feasted on his rooster.
He had no weapon, and no companion.
There was no one there to protect him,
and no one to help him.
Was there anyone who
would want to be in his shoes?
No one would dare think that!
With all that heavy
burden on his shoulders,
with all the sorrow and
desperation and headache
weighing him down, affecting him so deeply,
he started swaying in his walk.
Careless, he was going
in no particular direction,
as if he wanted to take
vengeance upon himself.
Jacob stopped and sat down on the ground.
He was tired and exhausted
from being too hungry,
and too thirsty.
He thought this could
be the end to his life.
He reassured himself that he had gone
through bitter experiences
like these before.
Hard experiences had happened to him over
and over in his past,
such as when he lost his way as a child.
For three days, no one knew where he was
until the dogs from his
village found him by accident.
(dogs barking)
Jacob started to remember
why he had left his home.
In the pursuit of his dream
of getting his eyesight back,
when he heard about this
famous and gifted doctor
called Doctor Gibson, he
was taken by a wild desire
to visit that doctor, but
that was hard on him.
The distance was too far,
more than 750 miles away,
in a dangerous bumpy and rough land
inhabited by all sorts of
dangerous and violent bandits.
Jacob tried finding
someone to be his companion
on his journey to achieve his dream,
but no one would accept to go with him
because he didn't have enough money.
Being a blind man's companion
in a wild and dangerous land
was too much of a risky
adventure for anyone to take,
and Jacob would only burden them,
like a rock holding them back.
(soft orchestral music)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
Jacob slept near a rock,
wanting never to wake up again,
(stomach rumbling)
but hunger was stronger
than his desire to sleep forever.
It woke him up, and his
stomach sent sounds of battles
happening in its midst,
and he couldn't for the life
of him figure out what to do.
He crawled on his hands and
knees feeling for any weeds,
hoping to find something to
eat to quiet down his stomach,
(soft orchestral music continues)
but he felt a sharp pinch
on his hand (snake hissing)
that was very painful,
and he soon realized he
had been bitten by a snake.
He held his poor injured
hand and shrieked in pain.
Screaming and crying,
tears rolled down his face
as he cursed his pitiful situation.
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
The poison started to make
its way into Jacob's body.
He felt his ending coming near.
There was no escape this time...
Jacob lay down on his back,
and his hand felt some
wild weeds on the ground.
He thought to himself,
"I won't die poisoned and
hungry at the same time."
If those weeds are poisonous,
then I am dead anyways,
whether from a snake's bite or
the beasts lurking around me.
(Jacob sniffing)
(soft orchestral music continues)
"Nothing will keep me from devouring them."
(stick thudding)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(Jacob sniffing)
So, he did as he said.
(teeth crunching)
He devoured so many of
them with a strange appetite,
like he couldn't stop himself any longer.
(soft orchestral music continues)
(Jacob breathing heavily)
Jacob lay back down again on the ground,
remembering when his wife
disapproved of his journey.
She didn't want him to
go traveling on his own,
it was almost like suicide,
but his determination to travel was strong.
When his wife realized
she couldn't change his mind
about traveling, she took their only goat
and insisted she would
accompany him on his journey.
(Jacob breathing heavily)
Jacob was exhausted, and
he sighed, (Jacob sighing)
thinking it would be his last breath,
but it was quite the opposite for him,
and he didn't even know it.
He started breathing fast,
violently taking air into his lungs.
(Jacob breathing heavily)
His body was drenched in sweat.
(Jacob breathing heavily)
His muscles contracted,
and he felt his stomach
being cut to pieces
(Jacob breathing heavily)
as if his head was about to explode.
(Jacob breathing heavily)
(soft orchestral music continues)
Hours went by.
Jacob slowly started moving,
waking up.
He felt very odd.
There was no pain whatsoever.
Yes, he was sure he
wasn't feeling any pain at all,
but he felt a funny tickling sensation
under the band he had over his eyes.
He slowly lifted the band away
and opened his eyes a crack,
then closed them back again...
He sighed a little, and
a smile made its way
across his face.
It was a vibrant smile filled with joy.
He took a deep breath, inhaling heavily,
and opened his eyes.
Laughter mingled with tears
of joy exploded from his mouth,
coming deeply from
the insides of his chest.
He had cheated death
and regained his eyesight
at the same time.
He didn't know whether
it was the snake's poison
or the poison from the
wild weeds that he ate,
or if the reason he was
alive and regaining his sight
was from both of them
mixing up together in his blood,
but he knew it was the
divine will that allowed
for that to happen to him,
leading him exactly where he had to go.
Jacob looked at the sky
and murmured to himself
in a low voice, with gratitude
washing all over his face.
For it is known that a blind person
is of enlightened insight,
sharp intuition and unshakable faith.
(soft orchestral music continues)
After Jacob regained his sight,
he forgot all about the hunger
and thirst he had suffered.
He felt an amazing energy within him.
He took a step forward,
wanting to head back home,
then stopped in his place.
It wasn't easy living for many years
with blindness then to
use your sight so suddenly.
He didn't know in which
direction he must go,
as everything he looked
upon was unfamiliar,
being seen for the first time.
With the courage he had
always been known for,
he kept on walking in the direction
he thought was home.
He was going home filled with joy,
eager to see faces of
his wife and children,
his neighbors and all the people he loved.
But he was having a hard time walking,
a difficulty he hadn't experienced before.
It was very hard for him
to walk on the ground.
He felt it to be more rugged and bumpier
than it seemed to be before.
(ominous orchestral music)
(ominous orchestral music continues)
(ominous orchestral music continues)
He reached a road ending
with a very dangerous slope,
which made him have
to look for another road.
The area was difficult to walk on
and very rugged and jagged.
He stumbled and his foot slipped,
and he fell into a dangerous decent.
(ominous orchestral music continues)
Jacob regained his consciousness
(soft orchestral music)
(soft orchestral music continues)
and felt the blood dripping from his head.
(soft orchestral music continues)
He lifted his back and screams of pain
slipped from his chest.
Whilst he was moving, he
heard the clicking of coins,
(coins clicking)
so he turned around and found stacks
of golden coins behind him.
(coins clattering)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(coins clattering)
Despite his injuries
and his unbearable pain,
he wasn't going to let this lucky day
go by with a sad ending.
(coins clattering)
(soft orchestral music continues)
So again, he rose up.
It was the rise of a real champion,
(soft orchestral music continues)
and he went back home with his eyesight
and his pockets filled with gold.
Jacob used the gold
to build a school for
the children in his village.
He spent all of it on
the poor and the orphans
that he knew he was a very lucky person
and that the divine care surrounding him
was more precious than
any gold in the world.
After all he went though,
would he need any more proof?
Others call him Saint Jacob.
I think of myself as an
ordinary man, not a saint.
(percussive music)
(percussive music continues)
(typewriter clicking)
(percussive music continues)
(chains rattling)
(ominous orchestral music)
(engine revving)
(ominous orchestral music continues )
(person breathing heavily)
(ominous orchestral music continues)
(chains rattling)
(ominous orchestral music continues)
(ominous orchestral music continues)
(person breathing heavily)
(chains rattling)
(ominous orchestral music continues)
(ominous orchestral music continues)
[Narrator] In June, a
referendum was conducted
in the year 2016 whether
Britain should continue
to be a part of the European Union,
and with a shocking surprise,
the referendum came
with the approving results
with 52% consenting to exit
while the rest 48% refused.
The phenomenon of Britain
leaving the European Union
was later known as Brexit,
which is short for Britain's Exit.
What became apparent for everybody
was that Britain's decision
to exit the European Union
was due to border issues
and international matters.
The real implications of such a decision
was a warning sign of the
beginning of a new stage,
which is the stage of division
of the United Kingdoms
and the rise of a new
phenomenon on a global level.
(chains rattling)
In the third month of the year 2019,
the United States
President used the first VETO
in his state to fund the building
of the wall separating the US from Mexico.
(chains rattling)
That was against a decision
congress had adopted
to obstruct his efforts
to raise the funding
for the building of such
a wall on the border
of Mexico by the issuance
of an urgent national security threat.
And so, the United States
proceeded with its plan
to build an enormous wall
overlooking the whole
southern border with Mexico
under the excuse of preventing the arrival
of thousands of illegal
immigrants and criminals
and the poor from Mexico and the countries
of Central and South America,
accusing them of being
gang-affiliated individuals
affecting national security.
Before the US could
finish building its great wall,
Mexico proceeded to build its own wall
on the borders separating
it from Guatemala.
Following that, the
United States in alliance
with Mexico made an
agreement to fund the construction
of fences and barriers from
barbed wire in the East Gulf
of Mexico and west of the Pacific,
so as to protect its water
borders from illegal immigrants
coming from the south, including Cuba.
(soft orchestral music)
(person breathing heavily)
Before the end of the
year 20-(object thudding)
the United States made another agreement.
This time with Canada through
small diplomatic meetings
to build another wall at the
American-Canadian borders
to prevent the merchants from smuggling
and tampering with merchandise.
It was obvious that the real reason
behind this sudden
decision for the building
of that wall was to protect the interests
of many rich Americans who
fund most of the campaigns
for the American presidency
to increase their own profits.
(person breathing heavily)
In the year 20-(object thudding)
the controversy between India
and Pakistan had escalated
at the Kashmiri borders.
This ended with the building
of another controversial wall
that covered the whole
Indian-Pakistani borders.
The walls divided the
United Kingdom into England
and Scotland and Whales within short weeks,
and another wall was built
between France and Spain,
yet another divided
Japan into seven pieces.
Then followed walls in Poland, the Ukraine,
Russia and Italy.
(eerie ambient music)
In the year 20-(object thudding)
no new wall was built,
but it was an ominous sign
signaling the great explosion
of the plague of our times.
Social media was set aflame
with dialogues and discussions,
comments and programs
that charged the world.
(chains rattling)
The tension was so thick
you could cut through it
with a knife.
It was the fuel that fed
into a monstrous fire,
and the fire of conflict
burned ever brighter.
(chains rattling)
Social media was making
enormous profits from accepting
to print and publish marketing campaigns
that support conflict.
It became an enormous
source of spreading lies,
rumors and delusions
regarding the importance
of the walls and their
benefit to their countries
and nations.
Its main purpose was
to increase the conflict
and strife so the conflicted
parties could spread lies
and rumors about each other.
(chains rattling)
Social media firms would
publish for both sides;
profit justifies the means.
(chains rattling)
At the start of the year
20-(object thudding)
the whole world became
obsessed with building walls
between each other.
The plague of wall-building
spread throughout
the whole world.
The United States was
divided into 151 parts.
Walls divided Russia into 73 parts;
China was divided into 88 parts;
Germany to 32 pieces; Canada into 18;
India into 300; Pakistan into 77;
France into 28; Poland into 37;
and Egypt into 62.
(person breathing heavily)
The easiest and fastest
solution for the United Nations
when such conflicts occurred
was to issue legislative
decisions of separation
and to build of walls.
The profession of building walls
became the most
prosperous in the whole world.
The plague intensified
and spread with brutal force.
The walls became a
major part of each country,
further separating and
dividing into smaller
and smaller pieces until
the world at the end of 20-
(object thudding)
had been divided into more
than 21,000 micro countries.
(soft music)
This was all done in the name
of preventing illegal immigrants
from threatening the
national security of countries
and affecting their legacy and culture.
The world did not stop there.
It went on to divide oceans
and seas with metallic barbed wire.
It divided rivers and water resources.
Governments manipulated
their streams and waterways.
Countries went on creating
conflicts with each other
until water became a scarce resource.
Discrimination and injustice rose to power
and fed into religious
strife, and violence increased
and crimes multiplied.
Social media was finally
cut off and each micro country
had its own media designed to supervise
and monitor its own people.
The greed, myopia, irrational thinking
and moral degeneration
of the social media firms
led it to stab itself in its own stomach,
and it started going bankrupt.
All that helped empower
dictatorships that manifested
in their darkest forms, and
the world became more evil.
Millions of people killed
each other over the color
of their skin or their religious beliefs
and their races and origins.
Slavery came back and spread like wildfire.
Commerce and transportation
became much harder
and worse in the world,
and no one cared about education anymore.
The world became retarded and illiterate
and declined into ignorance.
For you to travel from
the Ukraine to Spain,
an airway company had to be approved
by 1,341 countries, just
so a plane could pass over
all the borders.
Festivals, international concerts,
sport events and science
conferences became extinct.
Peoples groups were too busy dividing lands
and creating selfish flags
and isolating themselves
with walls.
The walls were an intrusion to nature.
Pollution increased and led to the death
and extinction of various
animals, fish, birds and insects.
The Global Financial
System couldn't keep up
with the drastic changes,
which led to its downfall.
Companies announced their bankruptcy,
and even micro countries
adopted the sole company strategy,
which is the military system.
The high-built walls prevented sunlight
from reaching into corners.
Humidity increased, as did petrification,
contagious diseases and foul smells.
Agriculture was severely
affected everywhere
and plenty of crops were ruined.
Hunger and famine increased dramatically,
in addition to contagious diseases that led
to the building of more
walls as people hung on
to the ideal they represented.
Even the global climate was affected.
Wind movements changed;
rain and ocean waves led
to many tsunamis.
Layers of the atmosphere dispersed.
Direct sunlight became
a danger to eyes, skin,
trees and all creatures.
Everything changed.
(chains rattling)
It was madness, and fear
took over in its clearest form.
When the plague arrived
somewhere, it rose fear
and panic into the people there,
making them lose their better judgment.
That plague was a curse on people's minds.
People didn't kill themselves with weapons
of mass destruction.
They weren't enslaved by
the robots they talked about
with fear and admiration.
They weren't invaded by
aliens, and comets didn't fall
from the skies.
What killed them was their
ignorance and stupidity.
Their hatred.
(dramatic percussive music)
When the world is ruled by
fools, it is time to say goodbye.
(dramatic percussive music continues)
(dramatic percussive music continues)
(tires screeching)
(car crashing) (objects clattering)
(glass shattering)
(typewriter clicking)
(soft orchestral music)
(typewriter clicking)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(cars passing)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(siren wailing)
I can't be certain about what is going on.
Waves of heat are rushing to my head.
My body is light as a feather.
Blood is flowing through me like water.
(soft orchestral music)
I can feel myself flying,
floating in the sky like a bird.
Yes, I feel my body preparing
itself for something big.
I feel like I am about to
do the most important thing
in my life.
I feel like a volcano, erupting
angry red lava everywhere.
What an amazing feeling I
am having in this moment.
It is truly magnificent.
My arms are extending.
I feel them turning into wings,
great wings like those of an eagle.
Wings capable of taking
me away far from here.
How truly beautiful it is to
be flying freely in the sky.
How amazing it is to break
free from these earthly shackles.
The sound of water drops
around me, taking me away
into the solitude of a high
cave overlooking fields
of cotton-white clouds.
(soft orchestral music continues)
(siren wailing)
It's the sound of a distant
ambulance screaming so loudly,
it wakes me up from my spiritual drifting.
I hope nobody's hurt.
(helicopter whirring)
It's alright if a car was
wrecked or a building damaged,
as long as the destruction
didn't catch anybody's soul
in its grip, or any poor children.
(child laughing)
I love children.
That car, maybe that car
was part of the accident!
Maybe it was badly
wrecked, its poor driver!
I hope he is okay and
returns safely to his family.
The last thing I remember is
me heading down to the airport.
My movie had been nominated
to an international big film festival.
It is a great film and
deserves to be watched.
It has plenty of great humane moments
that give it a deep meaning.
I worked on it very hard
and spent a lot of time shooting it.
I even had to sell my small
house and my car too just
so I could produce it in the best quality.
And despite everything, I
did really enjoy working on it.
After all the financial
sacrifices I had made
and all the effort I put into it,
it needs to be a crushing success.
(audience applauding)
What is that red color I see?
(camera shutters clicking)
Is it the red carpet?
(camera shutter clicking)
It is!
It is the red carpet!
Did I really win?
Did my film really win?
(camera shutter clicking)
Look at how they are gathering
around me, taking pictures.
Listen to them cheering and admiring.
They are taking selfies with me!
I won.
I have finally won!
I became famous.
(marching band music)
But why is the picture upside down?
(marching band music)
(soft music) (water dripping)
I will always love you,
my beloved left leg,
for you have always been
the reason behind my victory.
You shot the ball very hard and achieved
for me many beautiful goals.
You were the reason behind my fame
and popularity in college,
and you were the reason
behind all the fear every goalkeeper felt.
Because of you, all the
coaches rushed to make me part
of their teams in league matches.
Don't be angry with me, my right leg,
for you have always
been with me, stood by me,
but my left leg was
like a canon that reaped
so many goals as generous as rain was.
It was blessed!
Do you remember that rainy night,
when we made the title
and I had a muscle spasm?
[Guard] You, you.
Don't pretend to be passed out.
Acting won't do you any good.
Your tricks won't fool us.
[Guard 2] We will strip you
down and show your truth,
for we are specialized
in extracting confidential
information and confessions.
We have an ancient history that testifies
to our excellence in
conducting investigations
and torture, so you will confess
to all your heinous crimes
and dark sins towards out
great leader and great country
and nation and our national security.
Where am I? - We told you to stop acting.
What do you want?
[Guard] "What do you want?"
He is playing the fool.
[Guard 2] Give him a good beating.
(intense music)
You were hitting him too
hard, so he passed out.
It's impeding our investigation.
The results of this inquiry
and the reports we have
to deliver as fast as
possible will now be delayed.
[Guard] He deserves all of it and more.
(footsteps thudding)
It's a sure thing that
whatever medications they
are injecting him with
are affecting his mind,
making him break into
all sorts of hallucinations.
[Guard 2] You are right.
(footsteps thudding)
(door sliding)
(soft orchestral music)
(chains rattling)
Yes, this is the sound of sweat dropping
in those thrilling
matches from the intensity
of the work I put into it that day.
It feels like the sweat
dripping off my face
could fill buckets.
(water dripping)
Everyone was so eager
for that amazing left leg
to get back into the match
and score some more goals.
(eerie ambient music)
I love you, my beloved left leg.
It was always you
that I hung my hopes around
and everybody else's hopes too.
(soft orchestral music)
(door sliding)
(footsteps thudding)
[Guard] You have
spent 18 days here so far,
and we have no problem
if your days reach 18 years.
You have been torturing
me for all this time;
what do you want from me?
What have I done wrong?
[Guard] You have to sign a statement
admitting your guilt and confessing
to all the crimes you have committed first.
And what are those crimes?
[Guard 2] You should know
that we have acquired a copy
of your damn film.
We studied it very well
and inspected all its atrocious violations.
We obtained accurate reports
about your activities
form your social media.
My God, it took you 18 days of torture
for you to tell me this?
[Guard 2] Shut your mouth.
We watched your film and
were completely shocked.
It's a disgrace.
Not to mention that it wasn't subject
to military supervision and
so it hasn't be approved.
Am I a soldier to be subject to that?
[Guard 2] Shut your mouth.
Your movie didn't start
with a salute to our president,
and it didn't contain any image or symbol
of respect towards Mr. President.
Was Mr. President the star of that movie?
[Guard] You bustard, shut your mouth.
Your movie didn't end with
any special thanks dedicated
to Mr. President for his
extraordinary efforts in this film.
But, did Mr. President help in financing
or directing or facilitating
any part of the movie?
[Guard 2] I said, shut your mouth.
You have shared five posts with our enemies
on social media, and you have nine likes
that don't go together with the opinions
of Mr. President, and you
haven't congratulated him
on his 39th birthday of
him sitting on the throne.
[Guard] You didn't even clap
for his amazing party speech.
[Guard 2] You fool.
Don't you know, the companies
behind social media provide us
with all the secret reports
and special investigations
that we request for money,
favors and facilities in the country?
Listen, don't bother me with
reading, just spare yourself
and sign the confession.
(groaning) What will happen if I sign?
[Guard 2] Hah, You will be assigned
to the next building, building number B7.
So, what is the point of
confessing and signing?
[Guard] To rid yourself
of the guilt complex
you feel towards Mr. President.
I don't feel guilty.
I won't sign.
Do as you please.
Mr. President is a human being that eats
and drinks the same as the rest of us.
He walks and pisses just
like everybody else on earth.
You are making him into a false god.
[Guard 2] Damn you.
(intense music)
(water splashing)
(percussive music)
[Guard] Sir, the prisoner
10H-12 has spent two months
under torture, and he refuses to confess.
(electricity crackling)
[Commander] Who, the filmmaker?
[Guard] Yes, sir.
[Commander] Damn him.
He sent his movie abroad a few months ago
through the internet
and we couldn't stop it
or shut it down.
All of social media is
looking into what happened
to him and asking to interview
him because his movie
won multiple awards in many festivals.
- [Guard] Yes, sir.
- [Commander] We don't want to be caught.
[Guard] What should we do, sir?
[Commander] Find a way
to detonate a coffee shop
and stick the incident
to him as a terrorist act.
[Guard] But he is a white Caucasian,
and he is a director.
His biography is well
known on the internet.
This won't convince
the international media!
[Commander] Hmmm.
Then set it up to look like a car accident
that happened while he
was on his way to be honored
by the Mr. President
on his successful film.
[Guard] Yes, Sir!
(soft orchestral music)
(footsteps thudding)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
Sir, we have set the incident
and planned it carefully
to the last detail,
but, but... [Commander] But what?
[Guard] Sir, after
he lost one of his legs,
it seems like his soul
doesn't want to leave his body.
It insists to live.
He is refusing to die!
[Commander] What?
Return him to the military hospital
and we will look into this.
This subject is starting to get
more and more complicated.
(siren wailing)
(soft orchestral music continues)
It looks like my film has won the award.
(camera shutter clicking)
I have become famous now.
(camera shutters clicking)
They are eager to take photos of me
(marching band music)
Why can't anybody fix
the upside-down image?
Isn't that my shoe?
Yes, it sure is
But what is it doing there?
What is my right leg doing there by itself?
I hadn't been disappointed.
God bless you my left leg.
(soft orchestral music continues)
(soft orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(typewriter clicking)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(voices whispering)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(voices whispering)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(voices whispering continues)
I am addressing you,
my responsibility,
you whom I was born to resurrect anew.
I am addressing you with
blood pumping through my veins.
With my supreme desire
transcending above all else,
above all desire ingrained
in us with its animalistic urge.
The whims and greedy ambitions
of our oppressors have grown over us,
those killers of our dreams.
Dark years have passed with delusions
and regrets eating away
the dreams of our inner child,
snatching hope from our spirits.
Our souls have sunk deeper
and deeper into the puddle of sins.
The will of justice and
purity was skinned away
from our cells.
We are getting drunk on cups of bitterness,
shame and forgetfulness.
If our ancestors knew what happened to us,
out of bitterness and disrespect,
they wouldn't have dared touch a woman
nor be drank with pride.
Yes, our heads have bowed
down to the putrefied darkness.
You, souls I have been sent to rescue.
The time has come.
No more torture and sins.
No more doubts.
With new blood and stronger determination,
chime for eternity.
[Guard] Sir, we have received the news.
[Head] I know, stick to the plan.
It is time to dust off our heads.
Our victories will fly
high in the bright sky.
The fog will be pierced by
the rays of hope and purity.
We will rise with our wills,
and we will honor our foreheads
with sweat and hard work.
We will kick the past
and pull on the future
with our iron fists perfumed
with dignity and purity.
We will squeeze the future
for glory, pride, and virtue.
Let's leave this new slavery.
Let's de-sanctify fame and idols.
[Guard] Sir, we have approached him.
[Head] Take him in unharmed.
He is harmless and unarmed.
I repeat, do not harm him.
[Guard] Yes, sir!
I address all of you.
My responsibility.
You, whom I have been
born to resurrect anew.
We will sharpen our conscience.
We will fortify ourselves.
We will take the hand of the weak
and honor the elderly among us.
We will honor women.
We won't disrespect the
modesty of our mothers,
wives, daughters and sisters.
We will shine the light
of the sun onto the worms
and parasites that have
always fed on our blood
and sweat and tears
We will stomp them with our feet
that have always whipped under the rain.
(intense music)
(intense music continues)
It is time.
We will rebuild our forts
We will shape our wills like iron.
We will undress ourselves of our past
and its painful memories.
We will kill excuses and redundancy.
For new letters, and new
colors, and a new history.
We will set the galaxy ablaze.
(intense music continues)
It is our testament, our new testament.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(water dripping)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
[Nurse] Poor Fletcher,
this is his 41st escape.
He has spent 24 years in
this damn mental institution.
He has been subjected to torture
and injustice since his childhood.
His mother abandoned
him at the age of five.
His drunken father beat him up
and cut his tongue off
when he was just seven
because he wouldn't sing along
with his father and his drunken companions.
A psychotic woman
adopted him, tortured him a lot
and cut his genitals off.
He is very peaceful and harmless.
His writing makes stones come to life.
I haven't seen anyone with
his will and determination.
He is very bright and educated.
He doesn't deserve all this.
I don't even know why?
The head of medics, Dr. Frost,
takes his vengeance upon
him with various medications
and drugs.
There are rumors about
Fletcher being the older brother
of the chief of staff of the army
and the ruler of the country.
He is holding him hostage in the asylum,
and doesn't want anyone to
know he is his older brother
or anything about his real past.
Although many years have passed,
no one came to know how
Fletcher transferred his speeches
from paper to the recording devices.
I still remember the
first day on my job here.
10 years ago, I was newly employed.
And it was his 22nd escape attempt.
I remember everything accurately.
They dragged him past me
covered in blood, like every time.
Then suddenly, he looked in my direction
with a pitying smile on his face.
It wasn't pity for the condition he was in.
It was for us.
I never felt afraid of him.
On the contrary, he has no
record of ever being violent
or hurting anyone.
And I never felt any atom of
his drenched in evil or danger.
When I pass him by,
he smells in a way I
haven't smelled before.
I love to smell the air
anywhere around him.
And when I have nightmares,
I hurry towards his dorm
and try to sit anywhere
as close to him as possible.
I always get the feeling
that light is radiating off him.
I named my son by his name.
On holidays, I take him with
me hoping that Fletcher Sr.
Would see him and pat his
head, in the hopes that some
of his light would rub off on my son.
Despite all the suffering he has endured,
I don't feel any hatred coming from him.
I feel him carrying a big
burden and great responsibility,
for us, for humanity.
I think he is a mute saint,
(dramatic orchestral music)
I collect all his writings and speeches.
I have one wish: to hear his
voice, but he never speaks.
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
I can't finish my duties for today.
I would like to go home.
I feel a deep urge to cry, like every time.
(dramatic orchestral music continues)
(metal creaking) (intense music)
(typewriter clicking)
(dramatic orchestral music)
[Narrator] The Mayer family
One of the richest families.
They invest billions of dollars
in the business sector,
weapon trade, drugs,
wines and media.
Robinson is from the sixth
generation of the Mayer family.
It is rumored that Mr. Mayer;
the great grandfather
and the founder of the family came
to the country from Europe.
He was the biggest traders of slaves,
and it was one of the
greatest criminal gangs found
in Nigeria and Africa that engaged
in kidnapping activities and
shipping people as slaves
to Europe and America.
The family uses its media connections
to blackmail important figures and cover up
any scandal leaks about
the family and their companies
and the crimes behind their business deals.
Many charges of corruption
have been filed against them:
war crimes, money laundering,
labor abuse and rights infringements.
In the past three years,
the family was charged
with more than 186 different cases.
The family never lost a
case and was never convicted
for any of the charges,
for they had evil means
to escape the justice system, like bribes,
intimidation, kidnapping,
witness and judge assassinations,
scandal manufacturing and
defamations of character.
(water running)
Mike R. Mayer.
The eldest son of the family.
He is a perverted individual,
suffering from multiple
psychological disorders,
behavioral deviations and assault.
He has a criminal record
of reoccurring assault
against women and children.
His father is trying to get his hands
on his personal file in the
mental institution Bright Hope
and burning it or
destroying or falsifying it,
so that it wouldn't affect his future
in the family business.
He also wants to get him
facial reconstructive surgery
outside the country to
change his facial feature
and get him a new identity to pull him
out of the crimes he has done in the past.
He wants to sharpen his
future image as the new
and official representative of the family
and sole beneficiary.
In doing so, it is highly likely
that he will use his rotten
media to falsify his image.
Mr. Robinson's special operations team
has chosen the attending
nurse in the facility,
Diana Brownly, to steal
Mike's file and hand it over
to his father.
(child coughing)
Nurse Diana Brownly.
38 years of age
Has worked as a nurse
and medical assistant in
the psychiatric institution
called Bright Hope for 14 years.
A struggling wife and mother
living in a small rented apartment in one
of the poor neighborhoods in town.
The wife of a handicapped
man who suffered fractures
to his spine due to a
neglectful incident in one
of the construction
projects of the Mayer family.
She has a six-year-old
child who is suffering
from life-threatening
conditions of his kidneys.
She is looking for financial aid
to help purchase a kidney for her son John
and to pay for their basic needs of food
and expensive medication and rent payments.
At first, the mother refused
to help the special operations
unit of the Mayer family.
(phone ringing)
Then she changed her
mind after having "the talk"
with one of the members of
the team who was proficient
in the family ways of
torture and extortion.
They promised to help get her son
a new healthy kidney within two weeks
of acquiring the required file,
and offering a generous
sum of money as well.
They also threatened
to cut off her husband's
monthly disability check
and using their powers to get her fired
from her job and throwing
her and her whole family
on the street.
(fire crackling)
They promised to turn
her life into a living hell
if she didn't agree to cooperate.
They forced her husband to
convince her to take the deal.
After all these threats,
Nurse Diana was incapable
of refusing to take
the job assigned to her.
She was a role model for
the poor and weak people
that were always taken
advantage of by the Mayer family.
She was filled with fear from her knowledge
of the Mayer family power
and of what they could do,
but she was filled with
hope of getting a kidney
for her sick child.
She also knew they
never kept their promises.
This is why it's called "HOPE."
Still, she regretfully
decided to steal the file
of Mike R. Mayer from the director
of the institution's
office, Doctor Sycosta.
Doctor Sycosta PHD.
47 years of age, unmarried.
A scientist and psychologist
who is extremely intelligent.
He got his PHD at the age of 28.
A former parliament member.
The head of all psychiatrists in the state.
The head and founder
of Bright Hope Institute.
The recipient of many
awards in the field of psychiatry
from various German and
Austrian and English universities.
He has many theories and published research
in the modern analysis
of psychiatric science,
and he is the author of
several published books
that have been translated
to various languages.
He is a constant participant
in events and charities
and fundraising events.
He spends plenty of his
time doing voluntary work
and social services to help patients.
He is a moral person who hates dealing
with corrupt individuals.
He hates bribes and twisted means.
Very punctual in his
appointments and suffers
from mood instabilities sometimes.
He had a violent record
in his high school years.
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps thudding)
(curtain rustling)
(suspenseful music continues)
(people chattering)
(suspenseful music continues)
(door creaking)
(keys rattling)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(liquid pouring)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(phone beeping)
(line ringing)
[Doctor] Emilia, please
stop whatever you are doing.
Pick up the clock and
set it so as to call me
every 10 minutes exactly, like usual.
Don't stop calling
until I answer the phone
by saying the word "done".
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(water splashing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(water splashing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(soft music)
I am a pretty girl who is fabulous.
I love shopping and buying
dresses and toys and candy.
I am not ready to take anyone
with me whenever I go shopping
unless they are as pretty as I am
or whoever is ready and eager to please me
and carry my baggage and post
my pictures and talk about me.
Since I am special and unique
and come from a classy family,
I have lots of demands
that others should come
to understand fast and do
them so I won't feel angry
and upset. (laughing)
I don't care about others,
nor do I care about their needs,
for they are weak and ugly people.
They are worthless and
don't tug on my heart strings.
They are jealous of everything
I do, and they just want
to criticize me and put
me down from my pedestal.
(soft music continues)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
[Doctor] Jennifer Jen.
A bleeding wound from the past
a psychotic and confused
woman, scores highly
on the Narcissistic
scale, feeling self-loathing
and sadness towards herself,
suffers from being
overweight and morbid obesity,
she weighs 425 pounds
and is 42 years of age, but she thinks
her real age is only nine years old.
(chair scraping)
Her father was a famous model
while her mother was an actress.
They both committed
suicide in the North Pole
when she was nine years old.
That has affected her deeply
and her character
disintegrated in this manner.
Due to her grandparents'
over-compensation efforts,
her condition worsened
because she was spoiled
with the extra care and attention
that was merely a compensation
for the loss of her parents,
leading her to become extremely selfish.
She refused to grow up and mature
so she wouldn't have
to take care of herself
and be self-reliant and self-sufficient.
She expects to be spoiled
with attention and gifts
and other people's affection
and compliments regarding
how beautiful she is since she thinks
of herself as a princess.
Life became increasingly hard for her
once there was a need
to find a job in order
to support herself on her own.
She rejected reality
and went on believing
she is still nine years old.
Note, therapy sessions
should be intensified,
and tranquilizers and
anti-depressants should be prescribed.
(phone ringing)
There is a need to consult
trainers and nutritionists
to help her lose the excess weight.
(suspenseful music)
[Mr. Robinson] Yes,
we will be getting Mike
out of the country next week.
Yes, we have set everything up.
The ID and passport issues
and the plastic surgeon as well.
Everything is under control.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(doctor sniffing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(water splashing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(soft violin music)
What stupid bastards!
But there are so many of them,
what should I do with these idiots?
Everyone thinks I died a while ago.
Some say I killed myself.
What is this madness?
Why would I kill myself
and leave this magnificent beauty behind?
One lustful look from
one of my geek admirers
who chase after me
breathlessly makes me want
to live 1000 years.
I didn't die.
Stranger than that are those
who visit my fake grave every year
leaving me roses and gifts.
I am the diamond, Marilyn
Monroe, the American wonder,
the perfect woman, the Eve of this era.
One drop of sweat from my heavenly body
will intoxicate all men
and drown them in ecstasy.
Still and will look as fabulous as ever.
(light orchestral music)
(light orchestral music continues)
[Doctor] Christina Clyro, 27 years old.
The posters lady.
a shy asocial woman,
obsessed with actresses
and pop stars and singers
and famous celebrities.
Resembles a living
encyclopedia of everything
that is acting and cinema-related.
Addicted to watching
movies, TV series, and operas,
and spends most of her day doing so.
She also socializes and
comments via the Internet.
Owns more than 1000 different posters
of various actresses and super models.
Every morning, she takes out her posters
and chooses one of the female characters.
Then, she dresses like
her and does her hair
and makeup and imitates her
voice and impersonates her.
She thinks she is the real
character she impersonates.
Everything in her environment is organized
to support the delusion
that she is a celebrity
and that she is in her artistic space.
The way she talks and
moves resembles the actress
of choice for that day.
Very intelligent and skillful at writing,
works from home for the
biggest publishing house
in the country.
She has a high income.
She owns hundreds of
various cosmetic products
to different brands
and facial care products.
She suffered from third degree burns
in a school storage unit
that damaged her neck and back and legs
and other areas of her body.
No plastic reconstruction
was conducted at the time
due to the poverty
conditions of her family.
Note, a dermatologist
and plastic surgeon should
be consulted (phone ringing)
about her condition as
a major part of treatment.
(phone ringing)
(suspenseful music)
[Mr. Robinson] No, no.
Don't worry, honey.
The nurse will get the
file of our son this evening.
Yes, it is certain.
Everything was planned to its last detail.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(curtain rustling)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(curtain rustling)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(water splashing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
Rape and beat.
Kill and delete.
Rape and beat.
Kill and delete.
(intense music)
Rape and beat.
Kill and delete.
(intense music)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(doctor breathing heavily)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
Free Jack Morgan.
Age, 43 years old.
A monster is hiding in the dark.
a man working at a full-time job,
married with three children,
suffered continuous physical
and psychological abuse
during his childhood.
He was naturally numbed
out by the daily routine.
He continued studying
and working on his job
in the stock market, occupying himself
with providing for his family.
He feels like there is a
monster trapped inside of him,
and he expects that monster
to come when the routine
breaks or in sudden circumstances.
Might engage in violent unexpected crimes
that might shock society on a large scale.
There are suspicions
surrounding the disappearance
of both his parents
during his teenage years,
but they were only circumstantial.
He suffers from sluggishness
and sudden blackouts.
He speaks in a dull,
slow way and his subjects
are boring and repetitive.
He has some fidgety movements
and a calm tone of voice,
but some words are
high-pitched, matching his snappy,
sudden movements.
He has a deep breathy voice.
He believes death is the most honorable
and effective solution for any problem,
but he never discusses that with anyone.
He has an odd sense of
thinking in his responses,
for he doesn't laugh
when other people laugh,
and he doesn't feel sad or sympathy.
He doesn't complain about the cold
for he is as dull as rubber.
When he speaks, you can't see
any muscles move on his face.
His voice is a freezing cold
wind coming out of the depths
of his stomach.
Note, special case.
Poses extreme threat.
Should be kept within his routine habits
and busy with tasks.
Should avoid being agitated
until he is fully treated.
(alarm blaring)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(phone ringing)
(curtain rustling) (alarm blaring)
(phone ringing) (alarm blaring)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(water splashing)
(suspenseful music continues)
Dear Emilia, please call
me in precisely 20 minutes
and don't stop until I
answer with the word "done".
(suspenseful music continues)
Let us begin.
I feel like my work as a psychiatrist
is like a cleaner who
washes blood off the floor
and polishes it after a
crime was committed.
The poor nurse was saved
by the ringing of the phone.
I will help her with the best
of my knowledge and abilities.
People always come to me
for therapy after it's too late.
After they have had a breakdown
and their dreams were lost
and their souls were crushed.
As a consequence of the
greed and evil of criminals
who see justice as
something to be stepped on.
I see I should start with the
heads of the snake instead
of feeling for their tails.
Or I should get busy giving
drugs and tranquilizers
and anti-depressants to the poor victims.
This family is a cancer
that needs to be dissected.
(woman screaming) (suspenseful music)
(ominous music) (heart beating)
(typewriter clicking)
(heart beating continues)
(crickets chirping)
Tired, overloaded.
I felt numb all over when I
fell asleep that lunar night.
I could not stop trembling.
Feeling heavy.
My eyelids were flickering,
trying to awaken me due to a nerve impulse.
A brief light flash showed
a message on my phone.
I tried to ignore it and get back to sleep,
but my rapid heartbeat made
me feel maybe it was important.
I picked up the phone upside down
and something told me it was the right way
to pick up the phone this time,
but reading was not possible that way.
(heart beating)
Half asleep, half awake,
in an artificially lazy
and lax way, I turned it around
and began reading the message.
(heart beating)
Rapidly, I felt a dark,
mossy shiver wave inside me,
then all over, from head to toe.
(heart beating)
I closed the phone.
The throbbing of my heartbeat was so loud.
It filled my ears and dehydrated my mouth,
confirming this is true,
that what I read was real.
(dramatic music)
The essence of the message was this,
my heart wants,
needs a vacation for
one day without pulsing!
My God!
I can't live for one day
without my heart pulse.
I glance around, looking here and there,
trying to deny the fact,
but my heartbeat confirms again,
and I can read my heartbeats very well.
Then I threaten him with punishment,
(dramatic music) (heart beating)
but he threatens me with strike!
(door slamming)
A few days passed, maybe moments?
Thinking about it.
I engaged a mediator,
my brain, for reconciliation
between us, but my
heart rejected mediation!
And how would he accept
mediation by something biased
towards me who is a bitter enemy to him?
(dramatic music) (heart beating)
I thought of scaring or torturing him,
so that I would bring
him back to his senses,
to extract what is inside him,
scatter to pieces,
throwing away,
make format for him,
install healthy programs
or update its anti-virus.
I thought I'd give him medication,
extract the toxins,
or replace him.
With all these frightening bloody thoughts,
my heart was beating, slowly
calmly, feeling reassurance.
I felt a lot of despair,
sadness and loss around me.
The only moment I feel defeating gravity
is when I feel dizzy,
but can I feel victory
when I cannot understand
what is going on around me?
(kettle whistling)
This is certainly a sour victory.
(dramatic music)
To prolong my misery, I picked up the phone
to read the message again,
and remembered that I had
not completed reading it before.
It ended with the reasons
for the vacation request.
(heart beating)
"My dear,"
pollution is killing me.
It kills every living thing.
The world is running behind technology,
which is behind money, which is clenched
in the fists of the greediest
people who have no mercy.
A handful of dictators
and insane rulers who kill
and uproot millions of people
every day merely on a whim,
all in the name of religion,
color, language, party or...
The family is dying.
The woman is no longer the mother,
neither is the man the
father nor the child the son.
They become like organic
human machines in order
to earn more profits for the
owners of the well-fed bellies.
We are born as human, but today,
this one is called refugee
and that one an immigrant.
Drug companies are
manipulating human beings
and their lives.
They are killing them.
Everyone knows that and applauds.
The gangs of wolves
and vultures kill mercilessly
under the banner of the tyranny of greed.
Look at your body, and what
poisonous news has done to you.
It's devouring us.
I want a vacation to forget
everything, just one day.
I feel the sound of my
heart beating with sweat
and falling tears,
but my heart loves me!
He has always loved me and delighted in me.
Is this how I reward those who love me?
By torturing them?
(heart beating)
I decide to sit down
with him and talk frankly.
(heart beating)
The conversation ended in a decision
of a red farewell lunch.
In my heart, I was sad
and angry to the point
of swallowing him.
Also, he did not want a graveyard other
than my exhausted body.
(heart squishing)
(no audio)
(no audio)
My body embraced the
heart, hugged the ground
with warmth and closed my eyes in surrender
For the first time in my
life, my heart is on vacation
This is the end.
(no audio)
Later, I woke up
(nylon cover ripping)
and walked unconsciously.
I heard a deceiving voice.
It's the salvation.
I thought before that
that men cannot live without a heart.
But I found out otherwise.
Like many who we see in our
lives, who walk unconsciously,
they, who do not care about
humanity or others' rights,
it seems they have
eaten their own hearts too.
Like me!
I feel heaviness in my body.
Ah, I've lost my soul virginity.
Now, I'm a zombie like them!
(metal clicking) (choir singing)
(ominous music) (choir singing)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)
(choir singing continues)