SoulBoy (2010) Movie Script

For many people, the
name Stoke-on-Trent
conjures up images of 19th
century smoke and grime.
Of steelworks, coalmines,
and the centre of
England's pottery industry.
But Stoke today couldn't
be more different.
Whether you're young or not so
young, Stoke has plenty going on.
It may not have all the glamorous
attractions of neighbouring
Liverpool, Manchester or
Birmingham, but come the weekend,
Stoke folk really know
how to let their hair down.
Come on, Russ!
It's another hit from Mud for
all you love tigers out there.
That you love to be
Oh, well, now, you've
been layin' it down
You got your hips
swingin' out of bounds
And I like the way you
do what you're doin' to me
All right!
Well that's right, that's
right, that's right, that's right
I really love
your tiger light
And that's neat, that's
neat, that's neat, that's neat
I really love
your tiger feet
Your tiger feet
What the fuck do
you think you are?
Your tiger feet
Your tiger feet
All right!
Bringing the curtain down on
another Purple Onion Saturday.
The house
of L-O-V-E.
Come on, bastard!
Fuck's sake, Russ. No
name's, man. I told you.
Yes, we're in.
Wait till they
see what we've got.
Oh, look! He's got
digital watches.
Give it some
hurry up, will you?
You can have one as well! The coats
is what we came for, nowt else.
Get in, get the coats, gone.
All right. So let's
get fucking gone!
Bobby, I've just heard
something in the yard.
Fucking hell, man!
Fucking open it!
Fucking stop and
fucking open it!
He's coming!
Come on. Get
the fucker going!
Hips swingin' out of bounds
And I like the way you
do what you're doin' to me
All right!
Well that's right, that's
right, that's right, that's right
I really love
your tiger light
Joe! It's gone half past!
Joe! Are you coming or what?
'Look at the state
the country's in.
'The IRA are bombing their
way around the country,
'we've had the
miners' strikes'
"The people of this
country deserve leadership. "
'Two general elections
in the same year'
What's this? Your
job or a bloody hobby?
Another grand weekend
by the look of things.
You wouldn't believe it.
I'll tell you, whatever they're
serving in that Purple Onion,
it's not doing you any good.
He doesn't love
you the way I do
Monica. Brendan. How are you
today? A bit tired, you know.
You work too hard, you should
rest more in your condition.
Chance would
be a fine thing.
Wait till I show you,
Tom Jones, new Vegas look.
Oh, he's sexy.
D'you know in Vegas, the women
are throwing their panties at him?
Well, he could have mine any
time, all he needs do is ask.
I saw the face,
the face of a loser
I saw the face, the face of
Now, Paddy, blown up
anywhere nice lately?
Now, Bobby, you know I'm
not into that sort of thing.
Nah, that'd be some other
Irish bastard, I suppose.
Do you know owt
about sheepskin coats?
Sheepskin coats?
You know, like what sheep
wear, except better tailored.
Cos some thieving
turd's been in my lock-up
and been off with a whole
fucking rail of them.
Me? You're thinking me?
I know you, bog trotter. I know you.
Always after what's not your own.
If I ever find
out who did do it
Two tins of undercoat,
a dozen bog rolls
Holy Mother Divine Jesus.
Now, there's a thing
of beauty. 12.00, Joe.
She's out of my league.
Not at all. Don't be
daft, she's gorgeous.
That's your
problem, isn't it?
Why wouldn't you be good
enough for the likes of her?
It's all about having
a bit of self-belief.
A fine looking fella like you.
If you don't ask, you get nothing.
Is this it?
Kim Weston, she's
a soul singer.
Does that look
like a soul album?
Ah, there it is. Kim Weston.
Hey, Joe.
Do you know about
her, Dee Dee?
She turned up about a month ago on
a rainbow, from the land of love.
Orders imports
from the States
like Dean Parish, Dobie
Grey, Yvonne Baker.
When she orders,
she give a name?
Let's have a look. Right.
Jane Rogers.
Trimmer's. What's Trimmer's?
A hairdresser's in town.
You wouldn't know it.
Need an appointment?
I'll see if I can fit you in
"Double Cookin'" by
Checkerboard Squares
Pretty good, that.
Not the Four Tops, is it?
Right. It's not.
So, what's the
Twisted Wheel?
You'll be cracking on you
know nowt about Wigan next!
A club.
The Wheel was a soul
club in Manchester.
They shut it. Said people were
having too much fun. In Wigan?
It opened last year. 2-8.
No divvies allowed.
Might see you there, then.
Stranger things
happen. Groovy.
It'll take a day
or so to settle.
Got no change. Sorry.
I like it,
Wigan? I'd rather set
meself on fire, mate.
"Great sounds,
all night dancing."
The only dance I
know is the dime fly.
Fly's not a dance.
You made it up.
Every dance is
made up by someone!
Anyway, Saturday nights,
we're at The Onion.
And I'm pig sick of it!
This place, it'll
blow your mind! Look.
"If you're into soul,
Wigan Casino will blow."
But I'm not into soul.
Not yet.
"The Snake" by Al Wilson
On her way to
work one morning
Down the path
alongside the lake
A tender-hearted woman saw
a poor half-frozen snake
His pretty coloured skin had
been all frosted with the dew
"Oh, well!" she cried,
"I'll take you in"
Oh, yeah. Did I
mention the chicks?
"Take me in,
oh, tender woman
Oh, fucking 'ell, man!
Who are all this lot?
"A Lot of Love"
by Homer Banks
All right?
Been to a wedding?
No, erm
remember me? I come
in to the salon.
I thought
My name's Joe.
You trying to make some kind
of point with that or what?
It's the best
haircut I've ever had.
Who's that?
Ah, just some bird.
It was her that
turned me on to this.
Just some bird?
I could drink
her bathwater, me.
Still make The Onion.
Joe McCain, right? And Russ
Mountjoy. Mountjoy!
Charlie Hodgson?
Only now it's Dexie.
Everyone calls me Dexie.
First time, right, you two?
First time for the Cas?
Oh, man, you've got
something ahead of you.
If you're into soul, the Casino's
going to blow your mind. We heard.
Listen, Charlie. Dexie.
Everyone calls me Dexie.
Listen DEXIE, don't want
to be rude or nowt, but
Hey, remember our Mandy?
All right?
All right. All right.
Cool haircut.
Thanks. I'm telling you,
you've no ideia how monster
this night's going to be for you.
Anyway, we'll
speak later, right?
Charlie bloody Hodgson?
Mind you, Mandy Hodgson's come
on a bit since I saw her last.
"The In Crowd" by Dobie Gray
I'm in with the in crowd
And I know what
the in crowd knows
Any time of the
year Don't you hear
Dressing fine, making time
We breeze up and
down the street
We get respect from
the people we meet
Come on love, move on.
Any time now. Any time.
It's going to be
monster. Just you wait.
Stop pushing in the back.
"Breakaway Part 2" by Jimmy
Radcliffe/Steve Karmen Big Band
Jesus, what a dump.
And there's no bar on.
There's no frigging bar on.
Drink? Not where
this place is at.
The ace movers pretty
much own the floor.
Don't try doing a thing
over there without an invite.
Who's that? Alan's
the main man.
You don't want to know, I mean,
you really don't want to know.
The floor's been talc-ed.
So? Stack heels feel
like dancing on stilts.
Leather, see? Less friction.
Glide as if you're on ice.
Glide like you're on ice? Ought to
be right up your street, this, Joe.
"Tainted Love"
by Gloria Jones
Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away, I've got to
Get away from the pain you
drive into the heart of me
The love we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I've lost my right
For I toss and turn
I can't sleep at night
Once I ran to you
Now I'll run from you
The tainted
love you've given
I give you all a
girl could give you
Take my tears and
that's not nearly all
Oh, tainted love
Tainted love
Now I know I've got to
Run away I've got to
Going for a scout about.
Think I'll get a
feel of things here.
You'll get your black
America here. Rarer than rare.
Hand clappers, foot
stompers, floor fillers.
Get them while
the getting's good.
We've got new Tobi Legend,
Jimmy Radcliffe, Yvonne Baker.
Looking for anyone
in particular?
What? Records.
What you after?
Yvonne Baker.
Storming. Help
you look, shall I?
Here's one, good
price as well.
Jane. Jane!
"Too Late" by Larry
Williams/Johnny Watson
Hey, Sr. Watson, listen in to
what the lady told me. She said
Larry, I'm sorry
I've got to go
Cos I've found me a new
love that I love more
I know that must have been
a bitter pill for you to take
Sure was, man
It make your poor
heart want to break
Guess what I told her?
You and your new love
Keep on keepin' on
I know that lovin'
feeling is gone
I'm too late
Way too late, baby
Too late
You messed up
your good thing
I'm through with you, girl
Tell her to keep that love,
man, if that's what she call it
She done mess around and
went made you an alcoholic.
Do you want to give
it a whack, then?
Show these clowns what
they're doing wrong?
Don't look much
wrong from here.
How about you?
I'm sober, man.
I can't dance sober.
How do you know?
You've never tried.
"The Girl's Got
It" by Billy Preston
Fuck off.
I'm fucking off.
Fucking off where?
Anywhere. Home.
Cos you fell over?
Cos I made a twat of myself.
I make a twat of
myself wherever I go.
Does that stop me going?
That's you. Maybe
you're used to it.
You don't get used to it.
Besides, the coach don't
leave for hours yet.
Got thumbs, haven't we?
What have I told you about
dealing in here, hein?
Come on. Come on!
It didn't happen.
What you said
about fucking off
"Our Love Is Getting
Stronger" by Jason Knight
Freak on it Freak on it
Freak on it, baby
Freak on it Freak on it
Freak on it, baby
Are you a friend of Joe's
from ice-skating? No, no Oh.
He was in my brother's
year at school. Oh, right.
Freak on it
Freak on it, baby
Have you seen all his
things from ice-skating?
These are all Joe's, you
know. Oh, really? Oh, yes.
Second prize, second prize.
Second prize. Did
he ever come first?
All right?
Dexie told me
where you lived.
He didn't say a word.
About what?
Yvonne Baker.
Record bought, he
didn't say a word.
Hardly a mark on it.
You best come up.
I know I've made a prat
of myself. Only a bit.
I fell on my arse. So?
We all fall sometimes.
The trick is
getting back up.
Right, I'll be off then. Just dropped
by to give you the record and that.
If I was you, I'd just lose some
of them moves. You know, them
Top of the Pops ones.
It's all in the basic step. When you
get that down, everything follows.
Maybe you could show me.
I can't deny we go
better close together
Too close it feels to be
talking about the weather
I was so happy then
The moment you walked in.
And they say white guys
can't move. Ha. Listen.
"Get ready, because soul,
"rare soul is all set to grab the world
by its ears and scream, get up and dance."
This is your chance to
be on the start, Dee Dee.
Who knows how big
it's going to be?
Wigan? You said
fucking Wigan?
The explosion that's going to take
the world by storm is from Wigan?
Wigan, like in Lancashire?
Yeah. You are on some
serious drugs, mate.
Where do you get your gear?
Do you have any Tom Jones?
Oi, try the comedy, yeah?
All right, so I stake
you to buy these records
Which you sell here for a
profit. And you buy more records
To make you more profit.
Which we split 50-50.
A dreamer of dreams, Joe.
A man of vision. 80-20.
Done. Let's skin one
up to celebrate, yes?
He doesn't love
you the way I do
Ba-da, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
They said he is
wholly unto you
He won't let you go, ba, ba
But, baby I know, ba, ba
When I look at him
I saw the face
The face of a loser
I tell you your problem, Joey boy,
you don't appreciate good music.
When I look at him
I saw the face
The face of a loser
And I know I can't wait.
All right? I was just
passing Get the top.
New, is it?
Kind of.
Looks the part now, doesn't he,
Jane? Proper little soul boy.
Just imagine he'd gone
the whole hog, hey?
Long leather, Adidas
bag, pair of Spencers.
Couldn't keep your hands off
him, could you? Just imagine.
What do you think, Mavis?
See, even Mavis approves.
Best be getting back.
Thanks for stopping by,
showing us your new top.
Any time that you want me
Just let me know
If I'm not around
Leave a note on my door
Because you know how I feel
You know my love is real
So, baby, feel free
Look what I've just scored.
What are they? I
don't know exactly.
But they're keeping this
lot dancing all night.
When did you last
get tapped up, Russ?
With a girl? No, a
Shetland fucking pony.
I mean, what is
it with chicks?
Give them a genuine guy or some
tosser that drives a Ford Capri
and nine times out of ten you
know who they're going to pick.
That's a biology thing,
mate. Money, fast cars.
Just the stuff chicks dig.
But if they stopped to see under that
shit, to the genuine guy for what he is
You wouldn't
see 'em for dust.
Easy, fella!
There's plenty more
space to dance back there.
I saw the friendly warning.
I told you once, only the best
dance front of stage. Got to earn it!
What's the damage?
Call it 40, yeah?
Call it 35.
You're joking me, mate.
Eddie Foster on white label?
That's worth three and
a half of anyone's money.
See you next week.
Monster. Does that mean
we've got a thing going, then?
So, what's new?
Nowt, you little divvy,
that's the whole point.
Up and down the highway
Travelling all over the land
Sailing all over the waters
Crossing the desert sand
Meeting all kinds of women
From Algiers to
the London Bay
But there's only
one who impressed me
And I love that
girl to death
Oh, she's quite a woman
The girl that I adore
Soul Galore
Soul Galore, baby
Soul Galore
Soul Galore
Weren't bad, was it?
Starting to get
into the place, me.
Maybe I'll buy one of them
bags and a long leather coat.
Hey, Joe, do you think I
should buy? The dying fly?!
The dying fucking fly?!
How come you always
have to play the divvy?
Fly's funny.
I do it at The Onion
and you fall about.
You still haven't sussed it,
have you? This isn't The Onion!
I hear you're a collector.
Bits and pieces.
Business thing.
So show.
Kim Weston
Jane digs her
Yvonne Baker You
Didn't Say A Word.
How much do you want for it?
Not for sale.
It was a present.
Oh, everything is for sale!
Gie you ten quid.
15, then.
Fuck you playing at?!
My goods, bought
and paid for.
And my goods are fuck all
to do with you. Do you hear?
All right? You
took your time.
You weren't
worried, were you?
There's nothing
here to worry about.
Isn't that right, pal?
Your chariot awaits.
Come on, get in.
Mind your legs.
Get your fucking bag
off the car and fuck off.
Say there was this lad, right,
and he wanted to get with a girl
not just any girl
someone he really thought
was the business, you know
but he's a bit iffy
about asking her out
in case he gets
knocked back.
Would this be just any lad
or someone in particular?
All right me.
He might start
by just asking.
Yeah, but
say I wanted to
do something first
something to make the girl see
I was worth taking a tumble on.
Maybe she sees that already?
All the same
if the girl was you, say
what could I do that'd work?
Telling me how you really feel
would be a good place to start.
Girls dig a guy who can
open up about themselves.
Show 'em what's
truly going on inside.
You mean in me head?
In your heart's better.
Got to see someone.
See you a bit later.
Who loves you, baby?
You silly bastard!
What you doing creeping about? You could
have given me a bloody heart attack!
What the hell do
you want anyhow?
Thought we might go dancing.
Trust me.
I want you,
understand Want to know
I'm your girl and you're
my man I want to say
With you I'd go
anywhere Anywhere
You name it, I'll be there
I'm gonna love you
a long, long time
Let me tell you, honey
You'd better believe it
I'm your baby You'd
better believe it
I'm your baby for
ever For ever and ever
Think you're something
else, don't you?
Good enough.
I've watched
you at the Casino
you're good enough there.
Good as Alan?
Alan's a mover,
everyone knows that.
He owned the floor
at the Twisted Wheel.
But the Wheel shut
three years ago.
Meaning maybe what he moves
best these days are pills.
Used to be an
ice-skater, me.
When I was a kid, like.
Got up to competition level.
You win any?
Not good enough?
Something like that.
skating, dancing
pretty much the
same thing, you know.
More or less.
I could do just
about anything
except spin.
I'd get round once or
twice and then pfft!
Flat on me arse.
Every time!
Could never find that
point of focus.
Well, use me as
your point of focus.
Said it would take time
to settle in, didn't I?
All of my life
I've been longing
for you, girl
Still I go on after you
I can't understand
How I'll get by
Cos I need you tonight
In all of my life
Back in a minute.
All of my life
The sun was shining The
rain might never fall
Monica. Brendan.
But my love for you keeps
growing more and more
Oh please believe me, baby
That's how much I love you
Please stay with me, girl
All of my life
Yeah, right by my side
Yeah, my life
Brendan said I was
to give you this.
I've just seen
Said you'd understand.
"I'm Gonna Love You A Long
Time" by Patti & The Emblems
But I'm cracked up over you
and there ain't nothing I can do
So I'm gonna love you
Oh, yes, I am
Cracked up over you
Oh-oh, yes, I am
Cracked up over you
Baby, you don't love me
And I know it
Baby, you don't love me
That's it.
Go on. Go on, do it,
go for the spin. Go on.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
You can dance, Joe.
You can really move. You've
just got to let go, that's all.
What's that?
It must have fallen
out of my bag.
What is it?
It's a Degas.
What's a Day-ga?
He's an artist.
A really good artist.
Look, if you pass
me the sketchbook.
That's Matisse,
he's my favourite.
He reckoned dance was
the essence of life.
Can you even think what
he'd have made of the Casino?
You can't paint
that. No-one could.
He could have.
He was brilliant.
What, that flutter in your
guts while you wait to go in?
Then the music just hits you.
No, there's nothing like it.
No, Matisse,
he was a genius. He'd
have captured it all.
He would have
He'd have walked in
there and just gone,
"Fuck me, this
place is amazing."
Anyway, how do you
know so much about art?
I've applied to art school.
In Nottingham.
You did that?
It's really good, Mand.
They're only sketches.
Wish I knew what
to do with my life.
No, not those.
Why? Cos it's private.
What have you got
there? Mucky drawings?
Joe! I just want
to peek at it.
Stop it.
What the hell's going on?
I'm not running
a flaming hotel.
Go on. Out!
See you later.
See you at the Casino.
Business is so good
right now, babe.
I can set you up anywhere you
want to go. Anywhere at all.
But I know where you
want to be, babe. I do.
I know where you
want to be, babe.
There we go.
"All Of My Life"
by Detroit Soul
All of my life
I've been longin' for you
Till time stands still
That's how long I'll need you
I can't understand
How I'll get by
Something like that?
Yeah, yeah.
They're the ones.
The sun won't shine and
the rain might never pour
But my love for you keeps
growing more and more
Taxi to Wigan, sir?
If I see one dying fly
Bastard thing's stuck. I
can't fucking turn it off.
Fucking hell, Joe. Joe!
Get out.
Fucking hell.
Joe, Christ's sakes, man.
Open your bag.
I've got some stuff
I want to put in it.
Keeler's got this mate
that's a chemist, right?
Says, a slack handful
of these and kazzam,
you're the Silver
fucking Surfer.
Are you fucking nuts?
I'm not a drug pusher.
And neither am I.
I'm a bloody ice
cream man, Joe.
But sometimes
it's not enough.
I'm sorry, mate.
I'm not doing it.
I promised Keeler.
You know what he's like.
We don't deliver, we
both get kicked ugly.
What do you mean, we?
He sees us as a team.
What I get, so do you.
Not now, Mand. Joe?
I said, "Not now!"
All right?
"If It's All The Same To You Babe"
by Luther Ingram/ Anthony Hester
If it's all the
same to you, babe
I confess, I'm in distress
Loneliness is getting me down
My heart will break
What are we going to do?
WE are not going to do anything. YOU
are going to do what you came here for.
Flog pills. By myself?
This is your deal, Russ.
I'm not into it. None
of it. Not any more.
What if I cock up?
You know me, I get stuff
wrong. It's what I do.
Hey, pal. Uppers,
15 for a quid.
What are you going to
get wrong with that? Go.
"So is the Sun"
by World Column
What makes it hard to find
a peace that will last?
Even if it doesn't we
can blow it too fast
So many years to
find nothing is done
We're making progress
but so is the sun
Six billion
people, yeah, yeah
All tired of trying, baby
To find some happiness
Fucking move.
To keep from dying there
Nobody takes the time to see
Do you hear me? Hey!
Their first concern
is always need
Always need
Yes it is, it's all we need!
You got to come on!
What is the
answer, yeah, yeah?
Oh, where can you trace it?
Is it the
meaning, we're just
Tickets for next week's
anniversary do are on sale now
and soon to be rarer
than rocking horse shit,
so get them before
they're gone.
"If It's For Real Baby"
by Porgy & Monarchs
Tell me that it's
not really true
What you've been saying
Say you don't mean it
And tell me that
it's still me and you
It's not a game
you're playing
Say you don't mean it
And tell me that you
break up and laugh
And tease me
When the joke is through
Is this for real, baby?
Dave! Cut the music!
Joe, we've got to
go now, man. Come on.
The gear was dodgy,
man. Let's go.
Joe, don't fuck about.
Come on, we've got to go.
Mandy. Mandy.
Where's that bloody ambulance? On
it's way, boss. Go and hurry it up!
What have I told you about keeping
your hands off my goods, hein? Eh?
Get off him. What
are you doing?
The place is knee-deep
in gear tonight.
You ask where they
all got it from.
Check him out.
Clean, boss.
Yeah, well, try his bag.
They're not mine.
Do you want to tell
the coppers that?
Get him out of here.
Out, now!
And don't bother
coming back.
If I see you again, anywhere,
I'll break your fucking legs.
Go away.
You heard. Go.
For the love of
Jesus, Monica.
I walked into something.
Teach me to look where I'm
going, next time, won't it?
And whatever happened,
it's got nowt
to do with you.
Was there owt else?
No, we're all done here.
I won't keep you then.
You neither.
You did what?
What were you thinking of?
It was just a record.
Records say things, Joe.
Mother of God.
For Christ's sake, will
you wake yourself up, Joe?
I just want to
know how she is.
Take your coat and piss off.
Who was it?
"Be Young, Be Foolish,
Be Happy" by The Tams
doo, do-doo
You were on the money about
this stuff taking off, Joe.
Be young, be
foolish, but be happy
doo, do-doo
Be young, be
foolish, but be happy
doo, do-doo
Don't let the rain get you
down It's a waste of time
A waste of time
Have your fun, live everyday
in the bright sunshine
Must say, he scrubs up well.
Fancy a pint?
So, be young, be
foolish But be happy
So, the get-up,
what do you think?
very Tom.
Thought it might be
a bit much myself.
But if you have it,
flaunt it, as I always say.
What do you think
of Cork, Joe?
I hear it floats.
No, the city in Ireland.
Good people. Fresh air.
Good place to bring up kids.
It's not the easiest time to
be a Paddy in this country, Joe.
You can take that from me.
What we doing here, Brendan?
Nothing looks like.
May as well call it a night.
Vegas look.
Suits you.
I thought you wouldn't come.
You thought wrong.
Bobby, he's out
with the lads.
We should go. We've
got a train to catch.
You look after
yourself now, Joe.
I'm away home.
Whisky for the
road, please, duck.
Oh, all right, Russ. All right,
can I get a bottle, please? Thanks.
You all right,
mate? Yeah. You?
I'm all right.
It's not really your scene
any more, this, is it?
I mean, you're crap in
a scrap, you can't drink,
and when it comes to pulling girls
all you ever did was held me back.
Do yourself a favour, mate.
Go where you belong.
Where the hell is
she? Where is she?
Where is she? I don't
I know she's been seeing you!
What would she want with me?
I've already hurt you. All
right, all right, all right.
She left with Brendan.
That Paddy?
Heading where?
Las Vegas. Las Vegas.
To see Tom Jones.
You thieving little bastard!
"I'm On My Way"
by Dean Parrish
I'm on my way
You're out of my mind
Flying high
Catch me if you can
Ain't gonna cry
What a way to die.
Fuck off!
Headed for the
life of the city
Gonna spin around
I need a big city woman
Gonna pick this town
Baby, I give you everything
I ever had to give
And now I'm gonna live
Here I go, I'm on my way
Out of your sight
I'm on my way
You're out of my mind
Flying high
Catch me if you can
Ain't gonna cry
What a way to die
I'm on my way
Ooh, to the city.
Eyes skinned tonight, Derek.
Anyone doing a dodgy here
tonight with a lord in the house,
and I mean anyone
Righto, boss.
I'm on my way
out of your sight
I'm on my way,
you're out of my mind
Flying high,
catch me if you can
Ain't gonna cry
I'm on my way.
Mandy, I
Hey, get off him.
You just don't know when to take
fuck off for an answer, do you?
Sit down!
I don't want to
fight with you.
Oh, there won't be a fight.
Not here, man. Not tonight. This
place belongs to me, do you hear?
This is MY dancefloor!
You fat old fuck.
You can't dance.
What? He's challenging me?
He's challenging ME?
Get out of my way. Get
out of my fucking way!
"Breakaway Pt 2" by The Steve
Karmen Big Band feat Jimmy Radcliffe
Fuck off!
Get off!
Wait, wait! Mand, Mand!
You dance really well,
Joe. I don't care.
They think you're
great, people here, Jane.
You've won it
all, Joe. Go on.
Go back and enjoy it.
You don't understand.
I want you.
Listen to yourself,
Joe. I want, I want.
You've no ideia what
you want, have you?
Mandy. Mand!
You're too late.
I want you.
Art college.
I've been accepted
in Nottingham.
The course?
And I'm not going to
have you stop me, Joe.
Why would I stop you?
I think you're amazing. You
could be like that guy, Madris.
Ann, you're right.
I'm a selfish dickhead,
but I don't want to
lose you, not now.
You're the only real
thing in my life.
Do you mean it?
I only come here
because of you.
Can we start again?
I think so.
"On A Magic Carpet
Ride" by Gabriella Cilmi
They say love has many faces
And takes your
head to other places
Open up your heart
Give your life a
chance to start moving
On a magic carpet around
We can find a place
where there is no time
On a magic carpet ride
We can touch the sky
Like a bird we'll fly
There's no end
to what we'll do
Me and you
We could live
inside a flower.
We've been waiting for years
to have a film recreated
about the true
Northern Soul,
especially Wigan Casino
where most of us all went.
These are the original
Wigan memberships, yeah.
This is a gents, blue,
and the ladies, pink.
The last night at Wigan.
If you'd hold that.
It took us a lifetime to learn how
we dance and practice our moves.
This is my niece.
I'm trying to get
her into Northern Soul
to keep it in the next
generation, keeping the faith.
It's been absolutely amazing to
see all the different costumes
and hear all the
music out loud.
A great aesthetic.
It's been fantastic.
To actually get a part dancing in
something that's been my passion
for over 30 years,
it's just, yeah, unreal.
Soul has been part of
my life for 34 years.
I know I don't look old enough,
but the same with this chap here.
A true Northern Soul
person would feel the music.
I'm feeling it now
just talking about it.
I get a little bit of
a buzz coming over me.
Certain tunes you hear, you might
be in conversation with somebody
and one of your favourite tunes
will come along and you just
Or you're at the record
bar and you hear that beat,
you know it straight away.
"Got to go, mate".
Sweating all over the vinyl.
Straight on the dancefloor and
away you go, like. That's it.