Soulcatcher (2023) Movie Script

[waves lapping]
[tense music playing]
[birds cawing]
[boat creaking, wind blowing]
That's not yours to take.
Give it back to
him. It's not yours.
Where'd you find these guys?
We got a woman who was
kidnapped by a local warlord.
He's holding her in a
military base by the coast.
[man] Eliza Mazur.
The girl's a bonus,
but we're really after
the photos she took.
She was documenting
the general's war crimes.
We get the photos
then bring 'em to Poland.
- They were gonna send special forces
- [man 2] But we were cheaper, of course.
You know it.
We'll link up with a guide once
we land. He'll show us the way.
Then just a quick extraction
and we head home.
[tense music continues]
[man 2] You won't tell
me who ordered this?
[ominous music pulsing]
[whispering voices echoing]
[man 1] Our guide.
[man 2] Hey.
Hey, relax.
We are friends.
Looking for a village.
Okay, okay.
[people chatting in distance]
[man 2] What are they saying?
[tense music building]
[man shouting and
laughing in distance]
- [gunfire]
- He didn't wait.
[man shouting]
[gun loading]
[man shouting]
[glass bottles clattering]
[man in Romanian] What is this?
[man grunts]
[woman panting]
Eliza Mazur?
[panting] This is Seba.
- He pisses me off, too, but he's useful.
- [Eliza] Who are you?
[man 2] We'll ask the questions.
Let him go.
[Eliza exhales]
[man 2] Got the photos?
This can't fall into
the wrong hands.
- [electronic pulse]
- [man 2] Stay with her.
[people wailing in distance]
[animals squealing]
[tense music continues]
[man 2] We got the photos.
[explosion in distance]
[explosions continue]
They'll be here soon.
We don't have much time.
- Who will?
- [Eliza breathing heavily]
- Who?
- Give me a gun! [grunts]
- [man 3] Take cover!
- [explosion]
- [man growls]
- [Eliza whimpers]
- Get down.
- [Eliza grunts]
Harbir, you good?
I'm good.
[men grunt]
Take cover!
[man groaning]
[man 2] Behind you!
[woman shrieks]
[both grunt]
[Seba] What the fuck was that?
[both yell]
- What the fuck's going on?
- Keep it together, bro.
[man yells]
Let's split up. It'll be
easier in small groups.
Harbir, with me.
Me too.
As you wish.
[bird calling, insects chirping]
[both grunt]
I just wanted to
save your friends.
[electronic whirring]
[piercing ringing]
[person wailing]
[radio static]
- [man 2] Bro?
- [man wailing]
[radio static]
[radio crackles]
[man 2] Watch her.
[man 2] Piotr.
We have to go.
- Piotr.
- [Piotr] Everything's burning.
[dark music playing]
[overlapping voices echoing]
[growls, grunts]
Stop! Piotr!
- It's me, your brother.
- [shots fired]
- Stop!
- [Piotr panting]
[man 2] It's me!
[Piotr growls, grunts]
[electrical buzzing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Piotr growling]
[Piotr choking]
[man 2 groans]
[device beeping]
[guns cock]
[rapid gunfire]
- [rapid gunfire]
- [grunts]
[ominous music playing]
[Harbir] Fang! Go, go, go!
I'm 100% sure General Yousif
knows the way we came from.
- [Fang scoffs]
- Do we have a plan B?
[Fang sighs]
[line ringing]
Krzysztof, it's Fang.
Fang! What's good, man?
Nothing. Come get us.
- Well, crap on a stick! When?
- Right now.
["Ring of Fire" playing]
Now? I mean
Uh Anything for
you, Fang. It's just
now is kinda...
Krzysztof, now means now.
Don't tell me
you're with clients.
- I fell in to a burning ring of fire
- [sighs] Send me the GPS.
[song ends]
Help is on the way.
[vehicle approaching]
Follow me.
[insects chirping, bird calling]
[Fang] What are you doing?
I'll skip the
sightseeing flight.
How do you plan to
get on out of here?
I don't.
You've got the photos.
You don't need me.
You've got your mission,
and I've got mine.
We can distract them.
[Harbir] Fang, we gotta go.
[vehicle approaching,
man shouting]
See you later.
[ominous music playing]
[airplane overhead]
[dramatic music playing]
[men shouting]
[rapid gunfire]
[Fang] Come on!
[woman] Should that come
out? It's supposed to be fine!
- Nice. Just like a movie.
- [man] We paid for this trip!
[Fang] Now! Go now!
Give me your hand!
[all yelling]
You didn't mention there'd
be an entire freakin' army.
I fell into a
burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire
The ring of fire
Not so bad after all. I can charge
double for this kind of experience.
Welcome to Poland.
[airplane blades whirring]
[engine revving]
[sirens wailing]
- [officer 1] Interpol.
- [officer 2] Get down!
[officer 1] Hands behind
your head. Don't move!
[door closes]
[chair scrapes]
- [agent] Robert Kie.
- [Fang sighs]
[agent] Code name Fang.
How original.
[tense music playing]
[inhales sharply]
Special forces,
a few medals,
three tours in Iraq,
"Risked his life to save"
It's that friend
of yours. [laughs]
You were saving him.
[Fang] Krzysztof Bielik
acted on my order.
I lied to him.
He thought it was
only a sightseeing flight.
[agent] Your noble gesture
won't accomplish anything.
Krzysztof was using
a suspended license.
But there is one thing
you can do
to help your friend and,
by extension, yourself.
[agent] Hmm?
All of them are
ex-military like you.
Special forces.
Suspended, demoted,
Some of them accused of
very, very hideous war crimes.
- I was never discharged.
- No.
You got a medal
and simply resigned.
Why, out of curiosity?
They didn't pay you enough?
What do you want from
me here, man? [sighs]
All of them took part in the
assassination of two MPs.
Officially, these were
unrelated acts of cruelty.
You know, some
maniacs with PTSD.
But I know who hired them.
They're all dead.
They'll kill you, too, as soon
as they no longer need you.
You're talking to the wrong guy.
I want to help you.
But if you don't
want my help, then
[man outside]
This is ridiculous.
I'm going to have you
all demoted for this!
Are you running a goddamn
circus here or what?
What little game are you playing
now? You put handcuffs on a war hero?
- [agent] But Minister, sir...
- Get those off of him!
[minister sighs]
We'll talk again, Fang.
- [minister] Ha.
- [cuffs jangling]
[places cuffs down]
[minister] Come with me.
I'm sorry about
these guys, really.
That's shit luck.
Falling into those
bureaucrats' hands.
They should stick to pushing papers
around and leave the soldiers alone.
- [minister clears throat]
- [Fang] Where are we going?
We need to talk.
[sighs] Oh, where is Piotr?
[dark music playing]
You ordered the mission.
What about Piotr?
Piotr is dead.
[grunts softly] I'm sorry.
Keep an eye on them.
- [Krzysztof] Crap on a stick!
- That's the name we assigned it.
It was produced in Poland.
- [Fang] A lot of corpses.
- [minister] Unfortunately.
It was an accident.
So they say.
The device was part
of a medical experiment.
It was meant to treat cancer
through the use of
experimental technology.
The initial tests
were very promising.
This man here
could tell you more.
Professor Witold Mazur.
He was the team leader,
the device's creator,
and current right-hand man of
General Yousif Bashir Mammadov.
Eliza's father.
That's what she was doing there.
She wants to persuade
her father to come back,
to show him just how the
general intends to use this device.
But according to
our information,
Professor Mazur knows
perfectly well what he's doing.
In fact,
he changed the device's
parameters, and he alone is responsible
for the death of nearly
every member of his crew,
apart from Eliza,
who was his assistant.
And it goes without saying
This super weapon
is extremely dangerous in
General Mammadov's hands.
What do you propose?
[sucks air]
Officially, nothing.
We can't interfere in the internal
matters of a foreign country.
someone wanted
something really, really badly,
and that someone
happened to be armed,
a miracle could happen.
[rock music playing]
Little girl
Don't you walk on by
I know the way, hey
That you might like
I told you baby
That I loved you so
Nice bike.
[woman] I know. [sighs]
A piece of crap, but it runs.
Talkin' bout me Storm, huh?
[rock music continues
over speakers]
Sat Sri Akaal.
Can we talk a second?
Ania's done with all of that.
Natka, I
- [Storm sighs]
- [music stops]
- [door slams]
- Where's Piotr?
[solemn music playing]
For how long will you disappear?
You promised me.
You know what this means.
Piotr was a very good friend.
[birds chirping]
[music playing
over car speakers]
[sighs deeply]
[car door slams]
[music continues
over car speakers]
[man sighs]
I need your honest opinion here.
I asked the others,
but you know how it is.
Most of them can't tell
quality product from trash.
If I'm to launch my own brand,
I need to be certain
that my shit is the best.
[gun cocks]
[dogs barking in distance]
[gentle country music playing]
Kinda looks like you.
Maybe you should adopt her?
Were you gonna drink the
whole fucking bottle without us?
- How are ya, Bull?
- [Bull] Oh my God! Hey. [laughs]
Come hold your puppy tight
Tell your kitty It's
gonna be all right
[both laugh]
Hey, Bull. My old man would
always sing that when he was sad.
[dogs barking]
- [Fang] He's with us.
- Hi. I'm Harbir.
Hi. Bull. Nice to meet ya.
- All right? Are we drinking?
- [Krzysztof] Down ya go!
- [Storm] Yeah, I need one.
- [Bull] Like always.
- No, enjoy, guys. I'm okay.
- Sure, man. Respect.
But you should have
something to drink at least.
For Piotr. To remember him.
[Storm sucks lips] Why do I
always get the smallest glass?
[Bull] Well, small but mighty.
[Storm] Oh, I like
that. [chuckles]
Say a few words?
I feel you need
Piotr was
[Storm] Let's just
start drinking, yeah?
[Bull] Cheers.
All right. Pour me another one.
[Storm] Disgusting, ugh!
[Harbir] Mine's better.
[all laugh]
- [Storm laughing] No way!
- [Bull] Take it! Take it. Trust me!
- Ready?
- [Bull] Yeah, ready.
Ah! [laughs]
[all laughing and chatting]
[Harbir] Three, two, one, go!
[funk rock music playing]
Devil made me do it
Devil's on his way
Devil made you do it
Devil's on his way
Devil made you do it
Devil's on his way
[song fades]
[mysterious music playing]
[whispering voices echoing]
[minister] You have two
goals for this mission.
First of all, get
ahold of Soulcatcher,
and once you have it, then
transport it back to Poland.
Why not just blow it up?
I agree with you.
That would be safest, but, uh,
I've consulted with our
scientists on the matter,
and they're saying if they rework
the device, perhaps it could heal again.
Come in. Allow me to introduce you
all to, uh, Sergeant Damian Prochyra,
an experienced soldier, uh,
a veteran of many missions,
and an expert in fields such as
field comms and explosive ordinance.
Sit down.
[unsettling music playing]
[minister] Now, the second task is
the elimination of Professor Mazur.
He created it once.
What's to stop him from
building it for someone else?
I'm afraid it's a risk I'm not
willing to take, you understand.
And Yousif?
[minister] Uh, unimportant.
[scoffs] He'll soon be replaced
by another psychopath
general with a strange mustache.
But, of course,
if it just so happens
the opportunity arises
to eliminate the general without
jeopardizing the main objective,
then so be it.
Time's running out.
Mere moments ago,
I received a report that the
general plans to sell the weapon
to a certain ruthless
African warlord
and that the buyer
is already on his way
to the General's base hidden
in this abandoned prison.
Presumably, he'll
arrive tomorrow.
So it's on us to respond quickly
and to prevent this transaction.
Any questions?
The most important
one. What are we flying?
[laughs] I think
you'll be happy.
[insects chirping]
[radio beeps]
[static hissing]
Storm, status.
[tense music playing]
- [soldier 1 grunts]
- [soldier 2 shouts]
[soldier 1 groans]
I think I've just found myself a
comfy spot southwest of your position.
[alarm blares in distance]
We're gonna need
eyes in the sky.
- [blades whirring]
- Roger that.
Mosquito is coming.
[tense music continues]
[man speaking Chechen]
[continues in Chechen]
[shots fired]
[horn blaring]
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
[truck horn continues blaring]
[horn stops]
[tense music continues]
- [device bleeps]
- [thud inside truck]
So this was your escape plan?
Like yours was any better?
We were just sightseeing.
Looking around.
- [Eliza scoffs]
- Heard there's a military base nearby.
- Must be beautiful this time of year.
- [Eliza scoffs]
Who's this guy? You know him?
Eliza, what the
fuck is going on?
- Who are these people?
- It's okay, Louis. They're friends.
You're free now.
- But we're taking the truck.
- You can't just take the truck.
[sighs] Because they're expecting
us. They called it in just now.
What's it to you?
Yousif's keeping
my father there.
- I'm getting him out.
- [Fang] Mm-hmm.
So you're gonna waltz in
there and say, "Good morning."
"Would you gentlemen
kindly let my daddy go"?
Well, you need
me, like I need you.
[insects chirping]
[ominous music playing]
[Damian] Bravo
team in position. Over.
[rats squeaking]
Hi, sweetie pies. I can see you.
[speaking Chechen]
[continues in Chechen]
[speaking Chechen]
[soldier continues
speaking Chechen]
[soldier continues
speaking Chechen]
[continues speaking Chechen]
[Harbir speaking Chechen]
[continues speaking Chechen]
[speaking Chechen]
[speaking Chechen]
[speaking Chechen]
[engine turns over]
[in English] Are you
fucking kidding me?
[tense music playing]
[person wailing in distance]
[wailing continues]
- [machine humming]
- [sighs]
[people muttering and
wailing in background]
Is my weapon working again?
[professor grunts, sighs]
[soldier speaking Chechen]
[Eliza in English]
Don't touch me!
- [professor] Fuck you!
- Wrong answer.
- [Eliza] Dad!
- [panting]
[professor] Honey?
Oh, honey!
[Eliza continues sobbing]
[professor] What
are you doing here?
What are you doing, huh?
[Eliza yells]
[Yousif] The apple
doesn't fall far from the tree.
Your daughter's
just as whiny as you.
[Yousif laughs,
soldiers join in]
The device, Professor.
Is it working?
[person sobbing in background]
You really don't
understand, do you?
See, I have
a good friend.
He'll be here soon.
And he wants to pay
good money for this.
But why should he pay
me if it doesn't work?
This is your assistant, right?
- No. No. Please!
- No!
Please. Please. Please!
- I will do it!
- No! No!
- [professor wails]
- [Eliza screams]
You were saying?
Fix it!
- [Eliza whimpers]
- It works!
It works! Please!
- [Yousif] Show me.
- [professor] Please! Please!
Calibration maybe.
Show me!
One moment!
[electronic whirring]
- [people screaming]
- [piercing ringing]
[screaming over radio]
[shuts radio off]
What's going on
in there, you guys?
[distorted whirring
and screaming]
[device buzzing]
[Damian] Weird interference.
What they're doing
up there, hmm,
it's frying the electronics.
[distant shouting]
[electricity powering down]
What is this?
It's it's the calibration.
I swear I can
I can fix it.
I I can fix it.
[Yousif] They're here.
[Yousif] If you embarrass
me in front of my friend
[professor] Yes.
[machine beeping]
- [gasps]
- [Fang whispers] Take her.
How are you, my friend?
How was your trip?
We are ready.
[mysterious music playing]
[unlocking case]
[woman whimpering]
[Yousif clears throat]
[machine clunking and whirring]
[people screaming]
[piercing ringing]
[distorted screaming]
[white noise]
Hey, I can't see shit, you guys.
I think comms might be down.
Can you hear me?
[interference over radio]
[low humming]
[somber music playing]
[man groans]
[all growling]
[Yousif] Super easy to use.
Modern interface.
You just plug it in and, uh
- [client] Nice show.
- [growling continues]
You have good
actors. Really good.
They're not acting.
[client] Prove it!
Him! With the glasses!
Of course.
[prisoners continue yelling]
[man whimpering]
[all yelling]
[prisoners stop wailing]
I'll pack it up for you.
Real nice.
[prisoner wailing]
- [radio beeps]
- Alpha, it's Bravo.
We've set the charges.
We're moving out towards
the evac point. Over.
[dramatic music playing]
[people clamoring in distance]
[Eliza whimpering]
[in Romanian] Relax.
[soldier chuckles]
[Eliza in English] No!
No! [grunts]
Got eyes on the doc.
Waiting for a clear shot.
Do you copy? Over.
[in Romanian] What is this?
- [panting]
- [Fang] Why'd you do it?
A Pole?
You got the order, right?
Go ahead. Kill me.
Shoot me like a dog
'cause I'm worthless.
But my daughter
I'm begging you.
[tense music playing]
[Storm] That's it.
Just a bit more, sweetheart.
Just a bit
It was a breakthrough. A
leap forward in curing cancer.
Someone turned up the power
and everything went wrong.
- So you decided to make some dough?
- Of course not. They kidnapped me!
Since then, I only
dream of one thing.
Destroying it!
[Storm] Okay, guys,
I've got a clear shot.
Just now, I had no choice.
- [Storm over radio] Fuck, Fang, answer!
- I had no choice. [panting]
Oh, fuck it.
I beg you to save her.
I've got money back home.
You'll get all of it.
I'm begging you!
[both yelling]
I won't hurt you.
No, no! Please,
please! No, don't!
- [gunshot]
- [soldier screaming]
Fang, what the fuck
are you doing there?
I know what I'm doing.
[alarm blaring]
[Fang] Stay here. Wait for me.
[people clamoring]
Okay, Storm. Easy now.
One more time.
[alarm continues blaring]
[gun cocks]
Come on.
[Fang] Harbir, are you there?
[over radio] Harbir,
are you there?
[Harbir] Eliza's with me.
Target eliminated?
[Fang] Get Eliza to the
evac point. Meet you there.
[Harbir] Okay.
[shouting in distance]
[shouting continues]
[alarm blaring]
Fang, they're
wrapping the package.
Storm, they're coming for you!
[radio static]
- [Storm] Finally.
- Hmm.
[all yelling]
[alarm blaring]
[door rattling]
[all talking excitedly]
[tense music playing]
[vehicle approaching]
- Thanks, Krzysztof.
- [chopper overhead]
Pleasure's all mine, sweetheart.
[tense music continues]
[Harbir] Eliza, come!
Hide, hide, hide, hide!
[Harbir] Shit!
I'm out of bullets.
[men shouting]
[man yelling]
[tense music building]
[Bull] Harbir?
[alarm blaring]
Nice girl.
[Bull] We gotta go. Come on.
[Fang] Yousif!
[guns cock]
Who are you?
Who let you mess
with our business?
Are these people here
part of your business?
[electronic whirring]
- [Fang grunts]
- Watch out!
- [people shrieking]
- [distorted electronic whirring]
[people clamoring]
[foreboding music playing]
[electricity powering down]
[both grunting]
[Fang yells]
[whispering voices echoing]
- I've got everyone!
- [Fang] Drive!
[dramatic music playing]
[Fang] Do you like it?
- [Yousif] Stop! I'll give it to you!
- This is what you did to them!
[Yousif yells]
[brakes squeal]
- Fang!
- [grunting]
[Eliza] Fang! Wait! It's me!
- [whispering voices echoing]
- [panting]
- You [panting]
- Just breathe.
Dad said you were on
the edge of the blast radius,
but you're not gone. You're not!
It's just adrenaline.
It'll pass.
That means Piotr
could've survived.
No, his dose was too big.
- Don't think about it.
- [breathing heavily]
Just relax. Easy.
I guess you started
the party without me.
[chopper overhead]
- You're not coming.
- What?
I have to take your father,
but if you come with
us, you'll get arrested too.
You go with Harbir.
There's a safe house where
you can stay. Harbir, take her.
- [Harbir] Come. Let's go.
- [Eliza] Dad!
[Harbir] Eliza, let's go.
Maciej, send me the recent
chopper authorizations.
Excellent work!
Elimination wasn't necessary.
Besides, he says he's innocent.
Hmm. And you believe him?
I believe that he
deserves a fair trial.
Yes. Yes, of course.
Go make sure that the
professor is kept safe.
[electricity whirring
in background]
[minister] Do you know the
reason why I excel in politics?
Because I know people.
I know who they are, what they
want, and what to expect from them.
- I also know who I can trust.
- That's admirable. I wouldn't trust me.
[both laugh]
This was mission impossible,
and yet you pulled it off
because you're good.
I've always believed in you.
[smacks lips]
There are difficult times ahead.
Everyone knows it.
Our country will
need people like you.
Look. Beauty and the Beast.
[soldier] No souvenirs.
It's deleted.
[phone bleeps]
It's in the cloud.
you're a soldier?
No, I'm a fucking ballet dancer.
- [man scoffs]
- [Storm laughs]
- You could have a better job.
- [laughing]
Are you gonna keep talking,
or get me a fucking medic?
[tense music playing]
[Fang] Maybe we should
destroy it and not take the risk.
So many people died
because of this device.
Many will also be saved by it.
[device chimes]
[machine powers up, whirs]
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no! [yells]
Get off me!
- I knew it. I fucking knew it.
- Fuck me.
[tense music building]
Think about it.
For the first time in history, we're
the ones who have a weapon,
a powerful weapon
that no one knows about.
Do you really think that
destroying it is the best solution?
Join with us, Kie.
Fight for an idea.
The idea of our nation.
[professor breathes heavily]
[minister] The professor will be kept
with his invention. He might be useful.
It was supposed to heal!
You're crazy!
Decide. Are you with us?
[shouting in background]
[siren wails]
[vehicle approaching]
[siren wails]
Jan Zarba.
You're under arrest
on charges of conducting illegal
military operations in Poland and abroad.
Serve your country!
[soldiers shouting]
[shouting and gunfire continues]
Wasn't this a
peacekeeping operation?
[shouting continues]
[Storm grunts]
Wait! I'm on your side.
Shoot! That's
what you're paid for!
[somber music playing]
- Let's go!
- Eat my lead, motherfuckers!
[somber music continues]
[dramatic music playing]
Fang. Fang!
Kie, wake up!
[whispering voices echoing]
It's the best surgeon I
know. I've set up everything.
No one's gonna
know they're here.
[explosion, dogs barking]
They found us
here. I'll take him.
[gunshots outside]
[Fang groaning]
[explosion, dogs
continue barking]
[Bull straining]
Fang! Fang, wake up!
You gotta help me out.
[Bull panting]
- Get in!
- [Bull and Fang groaning]
I won't leave the dogs!
Fang! Fang, everything's
gonna be okay.
- [Fang] Bull
- [Bull] I'll see ya later. Go, go, go!
- [Fang] Bull!
- [Bull panting]
[dogs barking]
[machines beeping steadily]
- [Storm] Morning, sweetheart.
- [groans]
How long was I out?
For two whole months.
- [machine beeps]
- [grunts]
Where are Krzysztof and Bull?
[unsettling music playing]
Keep it together.
[radio static]
Four days after announcing his candidacy,
Jakub Olech, an ardent opponent of NMP,
murdered his wife.
The autopsy revealed that he killed
her using his own hands and teeth.
Two weeks later,
a student protest.
Until 8:30 p.m., the young students
were singing songs and walking about.
Then at one point,
without any escalation,
a group of students showed
enormous aggression.
They killed two police
officers, injured several dozen...
Enough. I get it.
Let's not forget this.
[Jan on recording]
This man is a terrorist.
I mean, how else would
you describe a monster
who infiltrates our armed
forces with only one goal in mind
to murder.
To savagely slaughter
soldiers of the Polish army.
- [reporter] Do we know his motivation?
- Officially, no, we don't.
We're still searching.
But you don't need to
look very hard at the case
to see which foreign
adversaries benefit from this.
[agent] If it helps,
they're targeting me too.
- What does he want?
- [agent] To be the savior of the nation.
To make people see him as a protector
against lawlessness and foreign influence.
Judging by the
polls, he's doing well.
I need you to give
me a secure line.
[birds chirping]
[ominous music playing]
[music building]
[phone ringing]
[Eliza] I sent my father an
encoded message. Now we wait.
Jan has people everywhere. He'll just
move the Soulcatcher somewhere else.
So, what, my father's
supposed to die there?
I'm working on it.
You know, when someone
wants something really badly
and that someone
happens to be armed
A miracle.
I let that fucker
play me like a fool.
[Eliza] He tricked everyone.
[sighs deeply]
Even worse.
You want me to
save your dad, right?
[agent clears throat]
Witold replied.
But there's a problem.
The message is gibberish.
- Something about does at a forest.
- They're coordinates.
Each word is a digit.
You just put together the page
number and word order to spell it out.
So why "Bambi"?
Dad used to call me that.
[agent] Here.
It's some kind of factory.
Anybody need a one-armed bandit?
Your girlfriend would kill me.
- If I know her, she's already planning to.
- Exactly.
So I have nothing left to lose.
I think you actually do.
Say hi to Damian if you see him.
[ominous music playing]
[Storm] I underestimated him.
It was a distant shot, but he
hit Krzysztof between the eyes.
I'll say hello.
[agent] More than one person
Won't accomplish anything.
I won't let him go without me.
Harbir, it's my fight.
[sighs] Not without me.
It's planned that way.
A one man-job.
Don't fuck it up.
Everything you
wanted is in the trunk.
My people can drive
you to the agreed spot.
- After that, you're on your own.
- The way I like it.
[ominous music continues]
[soldiers chatting]
[whistle blows]
[all laughing]
Don't shit your pants.
[professor] Don't look at me.
I knew it was you.
[machine humming]
[Fang] She's safe
and sound. Relax.
They tried to study it.
[laughs] But these
idiots just ruined it.
They tried forcing
me to fix it for them.
But that'll be the day.
I have this.
Can you?
[Fang] Come on.
Stay close.
- Watch out!
- [gunfire]
[professor cries out]
- [gunshot]
- [yells]
You're all alone.
We burned that dumb giant
up with his dogs. [laughs]
And that other one
"Crap on a stick." [laughs]
That guy pissed me off!
- [panting]
- [alarm wailing]
[Damian] And how's
your brother, huh?
I heard
he went crazy!
- [gunshot]
- [Damian grunts]
[distant explosion]
[electricity crackling]
- [soldier] Go, go, go!
- [soldiers shouting]
[exhales deeply]
Is it true what they say?
That you killed him yourself?
[Damian laughs]
Your very own brother.
[explosion rings out]
and Abel.
[both yelling]
[Damian] No! No!
No! [screams]
[metallic clanging and whirring]
[distant explosion]
[radio static]
[Fang] I know you're
there. [breathes deeply]
- [radio static]
- [Fang] You hear me?
[Fang panting]
[ominous music playing]
[Jan] Ah, I'm impressed.
It's a shame you have to die.
Oh yeah?
But you know how
this will end.
[groans, inhales sharply]
[taps on keypad]
No, no, no, no, no!
Please don't do it!
Press the button.
Go right ahead.
Blow it up.
I don't need it anymore.
I've already gotten what I want.
People are afraid
of terrorists,
of foreigners, of refugees,
of their neighbors.
Even of themselves.
And what do they need?
A leader?
I've changed this country.
As for your little stunt here
"Dangerous terrorist apprehended
in pharmaceutical factory."
Sound good?
Will it bump me up a percent?
You've always been
one step ahead, huh?
I just have one more
Could you guys
hear me all right?
We heard everything.
Loud and clear.
[Fang] Fuckin' A.
[whispering voices echoing]
[ominous music playing]
[electricity crackles]
- [distant explosion]
- [panting]
So you fucked it up, huh?
Come on. We gotta go.
Fang? Fang!
Come on!
[both straining]
- Easy. Easy.
- Oh, wait! Wait!
[Fang groans]
Let's go.
- [soldiers clamoring]
- [explosion]
[soft electronic music playing]
[crowd chanting and shouting]
[thudding, glass smashing]
[people clamoring]
Okay, drive. Drive. Let's go!
[tires squeal]
[tense music playing]
Don't take me home just yet, all
right? These crazies will find me there.
[driver] No worries.
With me, no one
will ever find you.
No other is better
than you as a lover
You touched me
so deep I remember
When you used to
love me so tender
Over and over
And I dream
Just another
And all the pain
Just another
So I'm tryin' and tryin'
To be who you wanted
But I can't 'Cause I
don't know my name
So I cried and cried and
cried To make you stay
So I could stand
up for something
There are so many ways
So many ways
So many that I can't count
But the reason is
that I'm still alone
- Without you
- Without you
No, no, no, no, no, no, oh
It's better than
you as a lover
Touched me so
deep I remember
When you used to
love me so tender
Over and over
Another dream
Another failure
Another man
Another imposter
I've dreamed so many wrongs
That I can't believe
myself no more
No more
- No more
- No more
No more
No more
No more
[dramatic music playing]