Soulmate (2023) Movie Script

Executive Producer KIM Woo-taek
Produced by CLIMAX Studio and ANDMARQ Studio
One moment,
I'll turn on the lights.
Could you follow me?
KIM Da-mi
The gallery is downstairs.
Watch your step.
JEON So-nee
This way, please.
BYUN Woo-seok
Directed by MIN Yong-keun
This is you, right?
Take a closer look.
It looks like a photo,
but it's a drawing.
It's hyperrealism.
This entire drawing
was done with a pencil.
This piece won
our gallery's recent contest,
aside from the name 'Ha-eun,'
there was no other information.
The director would like to
sign her as in-house artist,
but we can't reach her.
We sent an email but no response.
I know that she's
close friends with you.
If you're in touch with her,
could you introduce us?
I don't really know her.
We had run-ins as children.
That wasn't the case at all.
While searching online
with her email,
we came across a blog.
Summer Milky Way
There were posts about you two.
It looked like you two
were very close.
This is a printout of the blog.
Ahn Mi-so / Ko Ha-eun
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
It's been a while.
Yeah, indeed.
Are you in touch with Ha-eun?
We lost touch a while ago.
I thought you two would last.
We were kids back then.
By the way,
what brings you here?
Mr. Ham Jin-woo?
- Hello.
- Evening.
One sec.
Thank you for coming.
I'm curator Kang Mal-geum.
Shall we talk inside?
Spring, 2001, Graduation
Summer Milky Way
Summer, 1998
I remember the cicadas
when I think about those days.
They sounded sluggish somehow.
It was a hot day,
and the class was boring.
On that sluggish day,
you came along.
'Who' is gathering 'what'
from 'where'?
Now, we can replace 'who'
with 'aunt', and 'what' with...
- Location.
- That's right.
One moment.
I brought you the new student.
I see.
Come in.
We got a new student from Seoul.
Could you introduce yourself?
Ahn Mi-so.
Ahn Mi-so.
And? Do you want to
say anything to the class?
All right, do you see that desk?
Go sit over there.
Okay, let's continue.
'Where' is where?
What is this referring to?
So this has to be a location.
And when referring to gathering...
Ahn Mi-so!
Ahn Mi-so!
Get back here!
Ahn Mi-so! Stop right there!
Ahn Mi-so!
Your bag!
Take it, you left it.
Come up, stairs are over there!
Why not?
I can't go anywhere high,
I'm scared.
When you're scared,
just squint.
It's less scary.
What's your name?
Ko Ha-eun.
Does it mean 'summer'
and 'Milky Way'?
Summer Milky Way?
Not for Milky Way,
it means 'gentle'.
'Gentle summer' is boring.
Go with 'Summer Milky Way.'
Then 'Mi-so' literally means smile?
Then why don't you ever smile?
I don't?
No, not at school,
not right now.
Because Ahn means 'not'?
She's drenched.
It's okay.
What do we do?
It's okay, kitty.
Could you wipe her?
What's that?
She was alone in the rain,
so I brought her.
And her?
My friend.
Wash up quickly,
let's eat.
Isn't it stuffy wearing these?
It is.
- Why do you wear it?
- I dunno.
Girls are supposed to
suck it up,
so it becomes comfy later.
I won't wear it when I grow up,
I hate feeling stuffy.
Ha-eun, not again?
Carrots are sucky.
I told you eat
what you're given.
Your mom and I
raised the crop ourselves.
I still hate it!
Put them back in.
You're embarrassing
yourself in front of your friend!
Let her be, don't force it on her!
She'll eat it herself
when she grows up.
She became a picky eater
because you baby her.
Eat what you're given.
That's enough, you're stubborn
like others in your family.
Not at the table...
I can't eat these...
But I like carrots.
Cool! I'll eat broccoli.
Problem solved.
Carrots for Mi-so,
broccolis for Ha-eun.
One sec.
Good evening,
I'm so sorry.
Come here.
Can't you call me
and tell me where you are?
And why did you run off like that,
you embarrassed me.
I said I don't want to
go to school.
I'll transfer again soon anyway.
I told you, not this time!
You said the same thing in Bucheon.
And Gangneung too.
How many times
already this year?
Ahn Mi-so!
When his situation improves,
he'll bring us back to Seoul!
You're not the only one,
I'm sick of this too!
You only care about yourself...
It looks the same,
will you be an artist?
Why? You draw so well.
Dad said artist starve to death.
Try it too.
I don't draw so well...
Doesn't matter, anyone can draw.
What should we call her?
I have a name in mind.
You can't call a cat that.
But you can call it affectionately.
This is her?
Which way is up?
These are eyes,
legs here.
And her feelings.
You drew that too?
Is it weird?
That's when I first realized,
feelings can be drawn too.
You'd moved me with
weird words at times.
Same thing happened
when your mom moved back.
I didn't say anything
and just felt sad,
but you said we'd never be apart.
You'd rather stay in Jeju alone.
We were able to stay together
because of what you said.
You think you're Picasso?
Stick with the basics, okay?
Skip class and come out
to the front gate.
Then this poetry is about
waiting for peonies,
and sadness that came
after spring, but he still waits.
It's a misconception that
peonies symbolize 'independence'.
What's wrong?
You got a fever?
I had a sore throat
since the morning...
I think the fever's getting worse.
All right, head home
and get some rest.
Ko Ha-eun!
Ha-eun, you're evolving.
It felt so stuffy,
I almost died.
Your school ended already?
I had club activity, so I left,
no one looks for me.
What's going on today?
Your birthday's tomorrow,
let's get your ears pierced.
Why do that for my birthday?
Or you'll never get pierced.
You need someone to
push you into doing it.
It's good for blood
circulation too,
it's good for you, me,
someone's sister, and others too.
Bullshitting again.
Good for bulls too.
One, two, three, four!
One, two, three!
You did good.
It really doesn't hurt?
It stings for a second.
Pain is temporary, and
pleasure is permanent.
It's not the other way?
No, it changed recently.
One, two...
Hold on!
You have to do it
after three, okay?
Don't do it on three.
I'll count to three, and then do it,
so stay still, or you'll get hurt.
One, two, three!
What was that?
Why did that fall?
Oh man, come on...
Did you knock them
over with your bag?
No, I wasn't doing anything,
they just fell by themselves.
How could they fall
on their own?
What a load of crap.
Those cost over $100,
what did you do?
How could they cost that much?
They look a few bucks each.
We'll compensate you.
If they're so expensive,
why put them by the door?
Stop it.
Sir, we'll pay you for them.
I've never seen such a brat!
You broke them,
yet you show no remorse.
Which school do you go to?
You look like a
trade school student.
Are you badmouthing
trade schools?
You got an anger issue,
you dumb trade schooler!
Sir, don't do that!
We got a set of lunatics!
Ha-eun, let's just go,
he's not worth the fight.
Where are you going?
Get back here!
Pay for the damages!
Get back here!
You brats!
You bitches!
Just wait till I catch you!
Stop right there!
Stop, you brats!
I'm gonna kill you two!
I'll see you in a bit!
You said you'll pay!
Stop right there!
Just pay the cost price!
Try this drink.
Carrot drinks are good for girls.
Wow, thank you.
You got no manners,
you brought just one?
You hate carrots!
You could've brought
mom's sweet rice drink.
Now you're ordering me around?
If you want it,
you can go grab it.
Sometimes I wonder
which one's your daughter.
- Mi-so.
- Yes?
Isn't it tough working
at the hostel?
It's fine, I got a roof
over my head too.
Does your mom call often?
No news is good news.
When things get tough,
don't hesitate to talk to me.
You're pretty and talented,
so it's all up to you.
Got it?
Boss, I'm here!
Hey there.
Mind if my friend sleeps over?
- Good evening?
- Hey.
It's childish, right?
The art teacher complimented you,
she said you got talent.
That's weird,
she always belittles me.
You can't drink after
getting a piercing.
Why not?
You already drank so much.
I'm still sober,
so sober!
It's red already.
Whose song is this?
Janis Joplin.
- Oldie?
- Yeah.
She's the real deal,
her songs are too.
She died at the age of 27.
What's that got to do with
her being the real deal?
She died in her prime.
She sang with everything
she's got with this voice.
I want to live like crazy
for 10 years,
and die at 27.
What about me then?
You gotta live till 100,
live my share too.
I'm kidding,
you look so drunk.
If you die before me,
I'll kill you.
Fine, fine.
I'll live till I'm old and wrinkly,
and I'll paint the wall with shit.
Forget it, who's gonna
clean that up?
Who else, you! You!
- Stop it, I'll get wrinkles!
- Who cares!
Stop it, stop!
Wait a minute,
something's on you, it's you!
Let's get breakfast.
- Breakfast?
- Yeah.
Where are we?
A resort that went bust,
I guess no one bought it.
So I took it over.
Please come in!
Tada again!
It's got your initials,
this is H and E.
That's why you told me
to get pierced yesterday?
But you only got one ear done,
so wear the other one later.
Put it on for me.
It'll hurt right now
because of swelling.
It's okay, I can suck it up.
All done.
You wear this until I get
the other ear pierced.
Come here,
I'll put it on for you.
I'll ride the Trans-Siberian train
to Lake Baikal first.
Then off to France to learn
to paint and attend galleries.
And from Spain, you can
hop on a ferry to Morocco.
So I'll do a full circle
around North Africa.
Come with me.
You know I can't fly,
I'm afraid of heights...
We can get to Vladivostok
on a ferry, so it's okay.
Travel, learn to paint.
You said you wanted to
live your life painting.
Painting feels so foreign to me.
My dad's dream is for me
to become a teacher.
Let your dad achieve
his own damn dream.
Come with me, please?
It's scary somehow.
What's there to be scare of?
I'll protect you.
Who's protecting whom?
You look so frail.
Lean on me.
You're not my boyfriend,
why should I lean on you?
Whatever, it's not like
you got a boyfriend.
Eh? You do?
I met a guy from Hanra High
basketball club early in the semester.
You're not dating already?
No, we only saw that one time.
There's a club soiree
this weekend, so who knows.
You like him?
I wanna draw.
Draw what?
His face.
You always draw your teacher
on the textbook all the time.
That's different,
his eyes are so pretty.
Why are you so serious?
- We'll head out first.
- Yeah.
It's a 'Panic' song.
You like oldies?
Got a girlfriend?
Dated a lot of girls?
Do you know me?
You got a club soiree
this weekend, right?
There's a girl who's
interested in you,
so act properly.
If you're not into her, say so,
but if you do, stick with her.
Don't be vague,
and no heartbreaking.
Are you the one
interested in me?
Piss off.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
Then who are you?
Janis Joplin.
Hey, scooter!
Get out of there!
If you see me again,
just ignore me.
Get off the field!
All right.
All right, what's our
soiree's highlight?
Don't play dumb.
It's mating!
Are we animals?
Stop saying 'mating'!
As per our club's tradition,
it's done with a game of Go-Stop...
If there's someone you like,
shout Go at him.
Then the one selected
now has a choice,
either Go or Stop.
If you don't like him?
Then Go someone else,
or Stop if you like him.
And we got a new couple.
- Okay?
- Okay!
Holy cow!
That's awesome...
The person you're calling
is unavailable.
Why do you want to draw me?
I get to know it as I draw.
Know what?
When I draw exactly the same,
I get to see my feelings.
I begin to understand
how I feel about this person.
So I have to draw as close
to the real thing as possible.
Without exaggeration.
- Can I take a picture?
- Yeah.
I like you.
To like someone,
you gotta be courageous.
I'm working up the courage
to say this.
Summer, 2004
It didnt take long to
become close to Jin-woo.
I wanted to bring
my 2 favorite people together...
Eh? Sunglasses?
Can you see?
I told you about him,
this is Ham Jin-woo.
Good evening.
This is my BFF,
Ahn Mi-so.
You two are the same
age, so become friends.
Im gonna hit the restroom,
have a chat.
Youre her, right?
Janis Joplin.
You are, could I get a 7UP?
No soda to minors,
only alcohol, $10.
What is it?
On the Chilly.
Why does she like you?
Why do you like her?
Thats a dumb answer for when you
dont know that person well.
Then why do you like her?
Her eyes when she
suddenly turns around,
tears after a yawn,
and her 2 front teeth
when she smiles.
And a mole on her right cheek.
She doesnt have a mole
on her cheek.
She does.
- She doesnt.
- She does.
She doesnt.
For the next song,
well bring out our muse.
Ahn Mi-so, come!
Come on, Mi-so!
Ahn Mi-so!
Ahn Mi-so!
Ahn Mi-so!
Isnt she cool?
Shes one of a kind.
Sometimes Im jealous of her.
How so?
Shes so free,
and also very delicate.
That's good.
Let's take a photo.
3 seconds!
One, two, three,
jump, jump!
One more time, jump higher!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Come on!
Jin-woo, you okay?
All good.
Jin-woo, have fun!
What is it?
I think I'm getting a blister.
Are you okay?
Can you continue?
Does it hurt?
You two go on ahead.
I'll stay here.
We gotta make a wish together,
this was your idea!
You can make a wish for me.
For me to get into college.
You stay with her.
I'll make wishes for all of us.
Without permission?
You looked so happy.
Of course, I'll be back!
Jin-woo, go with her,
she might get hurt.
You sure?
Get going.
Ahn Mi-so!
Is that your guardian?
Yeah, but it's not effective.
And yours?
Why do you always have that?
This? It's called 'byukjomok',
it's made from
a lightning-struck jujube tree.
- Lightning?
- Yeah.
It supposedly wards off misfortune.
I almost died of an illness
as a kid, but I recovered
after wearing this.
Can I look at it?
It wasn't so bad walking slowly.
Did you make my wish?
Yeah, let's go.
It might be dangerous.
You two take the bike,
I'll go slow on this.
No, it's mine,
l'll ride it.
Have a safe ride,
I'm gonna go ahead.
It felt weird seeing
your back as you took off.
I realized that I don't remember
seeing your back.
Because you were always
beside me.
Let me go say good bye.
I'm off.
You like him enough
to drop out and leave?
How could you just leave?
Without telling me anything.
I want to go to Seoul now.
And he says he needs me.
You? Do you need him too?
He's good to me.
He'll introduce me to
his art teacher friend.
What's the only reason?
Mi-so! Get back in!
I gotta go.
Will you be back?
Of course!
Don't talk like you'll
never see me again.
Call me often, okay?
Yeah, don't cry because
I won't be here.
Could you hurry up?!
We're departing soon,
hurry, hurry!
We have to go,
I'm gonna drive.
Do you remember?
You told me a passage
from a book you read.
You said the sun can shine brightly
because of the shadow.
Even though they can't
become one.
the shadow is always there
in the distance.
so the sun was never lonely,
and is able to shine.
I suddenly remember that.
Letter, 2006
Dear Ha-eun.
Sorry I haven't been in touch.
I lost my phone like an idiot.
It's a bit tough getting up here.
but you can't beat the price
with a house this spacious.
I finally got a rental today.
It's on a hill, so It's tough
getting up here,
but it's got a killer view.
I'm gonna paint for real here.
I work at the club
where Ki-hoon performs,
and take classes in the day,
It's a bit tiring,
but that's okay.
This is just the beginning.
It's nice to have an address
to send letters to.
I took the college entrance exam,
but I don't know what to major.
Both dad and Jin-woo
want me to be a teacher.
If that happened,
there won't be a problem,
but it would also be dull.
Isn't it weird that one exam
seals our future?
Yeah, everyone boils their life
for that one day.
It's the same for my art class.
Everyone draws the same thing.
But I got a compliment
for the first time in my life.
The instructor here said my painting
is unique and got character.
He wants me to be his protg.
So Ha-eun, live the life
that you feel like living.
Trust your talent.
I thought things would be
very different in college.
But I'm still the same.
Classes are boring,
and I just doodle.
But when l doodle,
I feel at ease.
How was your Christmas?
I'm so glad I came to Seoul.
I met so many
different people here.
Everyone likes me
and I get a lot of inspiration.
Seeing so many people live free,
I learn so much from them.
I'm gonna travel a lot
and paint for real.
Mi-so's Homepage
It makes me feel good to imagine
you traveling and drawing.
It feels like I'm receiving
some courage somehow.
This is embarrassing,
but should I take up
drawing again like you?
Guess where I am.
I'm finally starting the journey
on the Trans-Siberia train.
It'll take 20 days to reach
Moscow from Vladivostok.
I want to stop at Olkhon Island
to check out Lake Baikal.
Remember what I told you?
Go to Europe afterwards,
and head to Morocco.
I want to capture
these new worlds
with my drawings.
It might be a long journey.
I'll send you a postcard
from Lake Baikal.
Thank you!
If the transfer is finalized,
then it's a done deal.
Sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
I'll come back
after the regular classes.
Can't you do it here?
Do you have to go to Seoul?
I told you.
My medical school will be
turned into a college.
If I'm going to transfer,
Seoul is the best option.
I want to do this the right way.
Mi-so, how's your travel?
I sometimes imagine,
what the world you see is like,
and what kind of drawing
you're creating.
I wanted to visit you in Seoul
when I got into college,
but I never got to.
It's been 5 years.
I didn't know our time apart
would be this long back then.
You've received a message
Looks like I'm always
sending people away.
Saying farewell
is always difficult.
When l become an adult,
would it get easier?
Did you arrive in Lake Baikal well?
I'm still waiting for that postcard.
I'm curious what you look like
in front of that lake.
I'll visit often.
Take care of yourself.
Don't cry.
After arriving in Moscow
via Trans-Siberia train,
I looped around Europe
on a train,
then went back to Morocco.
You sure got grits for a girl.
You're something.
I knew I'd regret it
if I was too scared to travel.
This was made by
the Spanish gypsies.
Oh my!
- Isn't it pretty?
- Yeah!
Mi-so! You're better than
my own daughter!
It's so pretty!
You try it too.
Let's see, you're a hottie!
You look so young!
Where's mine?
Right here!
Where is this?
Lake Baikal.
Where's Lake Baikal?
Is that in Russia?
In Siberia?
Change into this.
Wanna bathe together?
We're not kids anymore.
You don't have to,
but show me your titties.
What? You pervert!
Hey! Mi-so!
Look it the sky!
It's so pretty,
let's have fun in Busan later!
- Look, sun!
- Where?
Wow, it's Busan!
It's so big!
Look how shiny it looks.
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
- Lookup.
- Jesus!
I can't do this!
Anyone here? Hello?
Is there a room?
Temporary or overnight?
Sleep here?
How much is overnight?
Let's go elsewhere.
Why? It's cheap here.
Sorry about that.
It's so soft.
Aren't you happy we came here?
Since you paid for the room,
I'm buying dinner.
Ha-eun, could you grab
a pad from my bag?
Are you hungry?
What should we have?
Pork belly?
Or there's a famous pork feet
in Nampo, how about that?
Let's have something amazing.
Mom gave me some money
to use in emergency.
Why? Don't feel like pork feet?
Found it?
- Welcome.
- Table for 2.
- Do you have a reservation?
- No.
I'll show you to your table.
Thank you.
Let's go somewhere else,
prices here are outrageous.
Let's just eat,
I'll chip in.
We can eat till our belly burst
for half the price elsewhere.
We gotta spurge a little.
When will I dine at a place
like this with you?
Hold on a sec.
Could I borrow a shaker?
Thank you.
Could I make you cocktails
in exchange for a bottle of wine?
Gents, would it be okay
if she makes you cocktails?
Of course, bravo!
Pour it, pour it!
Chug it, chug it!
She's a whale!
You're amazing!
This is a $120 bottle!
Thank you!
Let's have some fun,
this is a $120 bottle.
What was that?
What was what?
You don't know those men.
They came here to spurge.
I got them hyped up
and got this in exchange.
Why freeload drinks
from strangers?
I didn't freeload.
I was fairly compensated
for a job I performed.
Did you come here to work?
We came here for fun.
You didn't know?
This is how I live.
Didn't I tell you?
l was so starving one time,
but I had no money.
So i did the 'Free Hug'
for $1 each,
but since it wasn't free,
I called it 'Healing Hug'.
Do you know how much
I made in 3 hours?
Okay, stop it.
I made $50.
So I ate steak with it.
Was I freeloading then too?
Don't go around saying that.
Do I embarrass you?
You'll never ever understand,
how I lived thus far.
Is your friend a whale too?
How much can you drink?
Go away.
Eh? She's so respectful.
You're cute when you
play hard to get.
I got a boyfriend,
please go away.
I got a wife.
Just go, we're having
a private conversation.
What got up your butt
all of sudden?
You were kissing our asses
back there.
Piss off, asshole,
before I break this bottle
and scar your face.
Come on, let's go.
She's scary.
What the hell's your problem!
She's a psycho!
What do you want to eat?
I'm gonna order a steak.
Screw that, get a pizza,
I'm buying.
Excuse me.
Could we get 2 tenderloin steaks?
Absolutely, right away.
Where am I supposed to
freeload steaks now?
What's with you?
Since you paid for the room,
I wanted to get dinner.
You know what my life's like,
so how could we have hotel steak?
I'm buying because
I got money right now.
Why are you being
so calculative between friends?
You were never like that?
Answer, I'll step out for a bit.
Why should you?
It's Jin-woo, chat with him freely.
Why should you step out for him?
He's got nothing
to do with you.
Or are you feeling guilty?
Look at you.
See how you're being calculative?
You pretend to be naive
on the outside,
but calculating everything
on the inside.
Aren't you the one
who feels guilty?
What do you mean?
When I said I was leaving
for Seoul with Ki-hoon,
you were bawling,
but happy on the inside.
Autumn, 2012
You're worried about
land acquisition rate the most.
As of yesterday, it's at 93,7%.
You could say
it's all but confirmed.
Wouldn't it be safer to wait
for regular pre-sale?
You can only take advantage
of pre-sale bonus when
you sign up before 95%.
You know my agency
already invested in 2 lots.
My office is upstairs.
What do you do?
I consult pre-sale lots,
but that's a side hustle.
Main is investment.
Hanwool A&D
You can answer.
It's the office,
I'll be up in a bit.
What have you been up to?
Ha-eun is assigned to
a school near her Jeju home,
I'm studying for medical licensing exam
to become a doctor.
Does she come to Seoul often?
I go to her,
you know she can't fly.
That's just an excuse,
she wants you to come to Jeju.
You still don't know her well.
You two? No contact?
- Good bye!
- Bye!
Come on!
Ahn Mi-so
Hanwool A&D
Gotta go, the boss must be
looking for me.
If it's important, please do.
Half work, half pleasure,
the boss is my boyfriend.
When his new business is approved,
and after all the pre-sales,
we'll go live in Canada.
When will you two get married?
Janis Joplin
I'll be in Canada next year,
so I won't be able to attend.
Congratulate her for me.
I gotta go.
We've arrived,
paramedics are heading up!
Which office?
506. Hanwool A&D.
Paramedics on the way!
- Hurry
- Where are you?
I have to go in!
You can't go in there!
Please stop!
Why can't I go?!
- Please calm down.
- Stop!
Let go of me!
Calm down please.
Let go!
Get it together!
The person you are calling
is unavailable...
Where are you?
Call me when you can.
I missed you...
Open the door.
You stay out.
My lover died recently.
He wasted all
my money and killed himself.
So i was kicked out of my room
before I could move out.
That's why I came here...
So tired...
Do it if you want to...
You wanted to for a long time.
Jin-woo isn't watching,
so do whatever you want.
How could you say that?
Just spill it!
Don't keep
everything inside you.
Or just leave me alone!
I'm so sick and tired because of you.
Sick and tired?
I'm the one who's sick and tired!
Had you thought of me
even a little,
no, if you thought of us,
you wouldn't be wearing this!
You don't know why
I'm wearing this...
Yeah, I don't know anything.
You're always the victim,
and the one who has it bad.
You don't care why people
around you have it bad.
You said you'd never
wear stuff like this.
And yet you wear it?
Jin-woo doesn't like this style.
He likes these,
take a look.
No, please!
Look at it carefully!
He likes tacky bras!
I'm sorry, Ha-eun...
Stop it...
Did you sleep with him?
Ha-eun, no...
Do you think people
around you all loved you?
Your lover, your mom,
do you think any of them
truly loved you?!
You got no one except me!
No one in this world
ever loved you except me!
You're right.
Without you, I'm nothing...
How did we end up like this?
Thank you for everything,
Lend me this.
You said this kept you alive,
I think I need this.
I don't want to die until I'm 27.
I'm unavailable at the moment.
A month went by.
I didn't want to
think about anything,
but you can't force
your mind to take a break.
I moved out of
my Seoul apartment.
I want to prep for the exam here.
I'll spend the rest of my life
making up to you
for all my mistakes.
We decided to get married
after his exam.
and started living in a Jeju house
provided by his parents.
It was a bit scary.
It was my first time
leaving home.
- Ha-eun.
- Yeah?
Should we head to Seoul
when we have a child?
There's difference in salary,
and I want to be
where the opportunity is.
I'm not sure, I never
thought about living in Seoul.
This was my dream,
just like you becoming a teacher.
I never wanted to be a teacher.
I never once wanted
to be a teacher.
What do you mean?
Then why go to teachers college?
Should I give up teaching
and learn to paint?
I always liked painting
ever since I was a kid.
I know you draw so well.
Actually, when we first met,
I was so shocked by that
drawing, it was incredible.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But Ha-eun,
could you leave it as a hobby?
Drawing realistically
is a skill, not a talent.
Yes, slightly to this way,
oh, very good!
Please smile widely!
Very nice, hold it,
one, two!
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming.
Family, please!
It was selfish,
and I felt bad for everyone,
but it was my best.
After the big wave washed over,
my mind became clearer.
I decided to leave Jeju.
- Were you disappointed?
- Sure, I was.
If I wasn't,
I'd be an angel.
I'm sorry I didn't get to
live the life you wanted.
What's the life I wanted for you?
You know, a normal life.
Do you know why
every face is different?
So that they can all live
different lives.
Turns out, there is
no set way of life.
Live the way you want to.
That's what I really want.
I was always curious
about your home in Seoul.
It didn't feel unfamiliar.
Maybe that's why
I felt at home.
It was quiet enough
to feel the time flow.
And of course, lonely too.
I thought of the faces I missed.
Mom's face, dad's face,
Jin-woo's face...
But the face I missed the most
was yours, Mi-so.
- Who is it?
- It's Mi-so.
- Welcome.
- Hey there.
I'm back.
Good afternoon.
She's the friend
I told you about, Ko Ha-eun.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
This is my landlord,
and Sung-yeon.
Hi, I'm a tenant,
just like Mi-so.
You didn't have dinner yet?
Go have a chat,
I'll get it ready.
Crme de la crme
of our 28-course meal!
Let's take a look.
It's incredible.
You don't eat like this
everyday, right?
Of course not,
how would we do that?
28 courses today, 72 yesterday
and 146 2 days ago.
Yeah, last week was tough
with 385 courses.
We had food to the door
and ate for 4 days.
Stop it, it's not funny.
How did the three of you
came to live together?
My husband passed away
and I looked for roommates,
and to make some money.
And Sung-yeon
was working at a restaurant.
I was a regular,
and Mi-so was a waitress.
This crab's a bit salty.
Sorry, I poured too much love.
Stop it, it's cheesy.
Cheesy? Want some nachos
to go along with it?
Mi-so smiled, look.
Eat up.
I'm off.
Not scared of flying anymore?
It is a bit scary,
but squinting makes it okay.
Send me letters,
I'm not going anywhere.
This is M, and this is S.
Mi-so, guess where I am.
I'm on the Trans-Siberia train
to Lake Baikal in Olkhon.
I realized something
while traveling.
We will live different lives now.
You'll be like the old me...
and I'll be like the old you.
I realized something while traveling.
We will live different lives now.
Ms. Ahn, someone's here for you.
How did you know
I worked here?
Raemi Gallery,
I asked the curator.
She told me you didn't
know Ha-eun very well.
It's not like I have to
tell her about everything.
Mi-so, tell me the truth.
Where is she now?
I told you I don't know.
Why are you curious
about her now?
If you read her words,
you know why I'm curious.
She left like that
and didn't tell anyone.
Tell me, where is she now?
I told you I don't know.
Here you go.
Did you have fun
with your friends?
- What about lunch?
- I had curry.
Curry? That's your favorite!
Ahn Ha-eun
- Stay here for a bit.
- Okay.
Right, she's you
and Ha-eun daughter.
What does it feel like?
I can sometimes feel
her heartbeat.
It's pretty cool.
Does Jin-woo know?
I left him at the altar.
He's a Good man,
he loved me quite a lot.
Had we gotten married,
we'd have done pretty well.
But I suddenly had a thought.
Is the person Jin-woo likes
the real me?
I thought I'd forget about
who I was with passing time.
I was afraid.
Mi-so, I want to lie down for a bit.
I already knew.
What you were feeling,
I knew it all along.
But I was scared and hated
that you were drifting away.
I hated you without knowing why.
Did you hate me?
I hated you.
You too?
But you came back with me.
Because I missed you.
I wanted to show you.
Show me what?
That's her baby nickname.
It was a difficult operation
due to heavy bloodlost...
but both the mother and baby
are well, congratulation.
It's my first time seeing a baby.
Should we raise her together?
You can't even
take care of yourself.
Why? It's nice to have two mother.
I'll teach you
all about dating.
Isn't that my specialize?
She'll end up alone and sad
if you taught her.
She laughed.
- Hello.
- Hello there.
Ha-eun, where are you?
You haven't changed your mind
about our promise, right?
What do you want?
You said so yourself,
that you'll let me leave.
When the baby is born,
do whatever you want.
I know why you leave Jeju.
Feel free do whatever you want.
I understand, Ha-eun.
Let's talking first.
You can't leave
without saying goodbye.
You know I can't leave
when I see you.
Even so, you can't suddenly
pick up and leave.
I'm sorry, Mi-so, I...
That was the last time.
You don't know
where she went?
No calls from that time?
Could I come see her some time?
Play like you don't know her.
It was Ha-eun request.
What are you watching?
- Is it fun?
- Yes.
Where's the room 201's woman?
I called you just now...
She's in emergency surgery
due to bloodlost.
I'm sorry.
Her condition worsened too fast...
Death Certificate.
Please fill this out and
sign it on the paper.
Patient: Ko Ha-eun
Stupid Ko Ha-eun...
Making me do this...
It's a gift for the time
we spent together.
Thank you, Mi-so.
'Mom' passed peacefully.
The time has passed...
with you and Ha-eun
was Mom's entire life, right?
After calling off the wedding,
she lived alone in this address.
Mi-so, could you get
my daughter's stuff back?
Blog name 'Summer Milky Way'
Sir, I have to head home
because of my daughter...
I'm heading out, goodbye.
I'm sorry.
Ha-eun, mom's here.
She's been asking you all day.
Head on home.
I realized something
while traveling.
We will live
different lives now.
You'll be like the old me...
and I'll be like the old you.
Do you remember?
The passage from a book
I told you about.
You said the sun can shine brightly
because of the shadow.
Even though they can't
become one,
the shadow is always there
in the distance,
so the sun was never lonely,
and is able to shine.
Working on the drawing
you left behind,
I'm always reminded of that.
Raemi Gallery New Artist Exhibition
Thank you for coming.
I'm the one thankful
for the invitation.
Ha-eun emailed us back
and declined our offer.
But she did promise to
show us her newest work.
That's good.
Is she your daughter?
You look just like your mom.
- Hello.
- Hi, sweetie.
I'd like to draw your face now.
A drawing that can't be drawn
without love.