Sound of Thunder, A (2005) Movie Script

I haven't seen any wildlife yet.
We could be in downtown Pittsburgh,
for all I know.
Dad, how are you holding up?
I'm fine, I'm fine,
except for you asking me every
two minutes how I'm holding up.
Sorry, honey.
I'm hot.
How much further do we...
Jesus, take that thing
out of my face!
Sorry, Dad doesn't like cameras unless
he's got his trench coat over his face.
How's the old man doing?
Heart rate slightly elevated,
blood pressure normal.
I got $100 says Travis
taps his daughter tonight.
Sucker bet.
You might want to record
over the last bit.
When are we gonna see something?
If you don't talk,
you might hear something.
Hear what?
All right, everyone, get ready!
Remember, your weapons
won't fire until mine does,
so be patient!
What the...?
Wait for my command!
Dad, how are you...
Whatever happens,
do not step off of the path.
Thank you for sharing.
Oh, my God!
Cute, isn't he?
You don't see that in downtown
Pittsburgh, do you Mr. Wallenbeck?
Shoot, for Christ's sake!
Heart rate elevated.
- Shoot it!
- Wait.
Hold it.
- Not yet!
- Are you crazy?
Shoot it!
Anything to say, Mr. Wallenbeck?
Gentlemen and lady.
Today you stood shoulder-to-shoulder
with Columbus discovering America,
Armstrong stepping on the moon,
Brubaker landing on Mars.
You are true pioneers
on the very last frontier:
On behalf of us all at Time Safari,
I congratulate you
on a truly thrilling hunt.
I'm proud to know you.
I have to say,
of all the jumps I've seen,
your group's was by far
the most courageous and skillful.
I was scared out of my mind.
My heart's still pounding.
That's a nominal physiological
reaction to the jump.
Your heart rate will slow
as we gain distance from the event
and adrenaline flow
is reduced.
It is.
Can I ask you something, Mr. Hatton?
Of course.
Anything at all.
Where's Travis Ryer?
- You look like you could use a drink.
- Nope.
You're a government inspector.
- You're supposed to drink on the job.
- I don't drink.
Then this is the best
you'll feel all day.
- I hate these jumps, is all.
- Picked the right line of work.
Biding my time.
Couple more years, I'll be out.
Civil Service pays you guys
enough to retire early?
Have a good night.
This is the clearest reading of
molecular blood structure
- we've ever had.
- You are correct, Dr. Ryer.
I'm getting closer and you know it.
- Yes, Dr. Ryer.
- Contain your enthusiasm.
My function is to facilitate
the operation of Time Safari,
not your private research.
On that subject,
will you be filing your report
on today's jump tonight
or at the last possible moment
tomorrow, as usual?
- Nobody likes a nag.
- Reminding is not nagging.
You've got an answer for everything.
I have to.
I was extremely expensive.
It's not always a good quality.
I understand, Dr. Ryer.
So don't have the last word.
- I won't, Dr. Ryer.
- You did it.
- I'm sorry, Dr. Ryer.
- You did it again.
Anything going on between you two
that I should know about?
- Good evening, Mr. Hatton.
- Hello, TAMI.
The guests are asking for you.
I'll be finished in a few minutes.
When I say guests,
it's a euphemism. I mean clients,
as in "people who pay. "
If I remember correctly,
clients keep us waiting,
not the other way around.
I'm almost done.
I don't think
you're catching my drift.
You work here so you can study
your silly animals
who don't exist anymore.
I work here so I can grow
rich and fat
and own everything
that does happen to exist.
I hired you because
you're this big deal scientist
and clients pay more for a big deal
anything, it makes them feel important.
Rotten, I know.
But progress is a rotten business,
which is why you have to go
out there and mingle with them.
They pay, you study, I get rich.
Is this a great country, or what?
Did I mention you signed
a contract and you have to do this?
I don't remember if I did.
Oh, my speech was that good?
Or were you done anyway?
A safari suit, boots, helmet
and a holo-disc to relive the jump.
Take an especially close look
at this disc,
- Mr. Wallenbeck.
- Why's that?
I can't be certain
until I review it myself,
but I'm pretty sure
your shot brought him down.
Well, yeah.
A toast to all of you big,
brave hunters!
What's the matter?
You want to shoot dinosaurs,
you're afraid of a little blood?
You don't understand
the danger of what you're doing!
You keep messing with the past,
one day you'll ruin the future!
You should know better!
Are you so stupid
you can't see you're being used?
Well, that was fun.
Harder and harder to get good waiters.
- What was she yelling about?
- The usual:
Time jumps
will destroy the world. Crackpot.
A century ago she would have been
screaming about the Internet or biotech.
Some people are afraid of progress.
She's a dinosaur herself.
Let her yell all she wants.
Don't let her spoil the party.
I'm fine!
- I prefer walking on my own, thanks.
- Guys, whoa! Hold on.
It's okay. I'll take care of it.
Tell me what that was all about.
You don't have a clue what you're doing.
You'll destroy everything!
Lady, no offense, but I think
I'm qualified to offer an opinion.
I work with TAMI. I lead the jumps.
You're the one who's clueless.
- You're Travis Ryer?
- That's right.
Mr. Ryer, there's a lot
about TAMI you don't know.
- It's Dr. Ryer.
- Dr. Ryer.
One of the many things
you don't know is that I'm Sonia Rand.
I invented TAMI, you asshole.
Excuse me!
Miss, wait up a second.
There are seven credited names
on TAMI's patent.
I don't recall
a Dr. Rand being one of them.
- I don't have time for stupid people.
- Make some time.
And stop with the insults.
It gets on my nerves.
Do you think I'd devote
my career to designing
an amusement park ride
for rich men with little willies
to shoot prehistoric animals?
I think if you were a guy
someone would have knocked you
on your ass a long time ago.
So shoot me.
If you oppose TAMI's use,
why build her
- in the first place?
- I built her because I'm a scientist.
Possibilities drive us. What they said
was impossible, I knew could be done.
I applied for a research grant
with a company called CJN Co.
They handed out money
and left me alone.
Your actual dream come true,
until I finished developing TAMI.
Then why haven't I heard of you?
I'm a nerd, not a lawyer. Turns out
there was a clause in my contract.
CJN Co. Owned the patent on whatever
I developed with their money.
Guess who controls the company?
- Charles Hatton.
- Very good.
It seems I signed
a non-disclosure agreement,
so Hatton removed my name and,
except for tonight, shut me up.
I get upset watching you people
destroy the world with my dream.
That can piss someone off.
What's your excuse?
You really want to know?
I'm getting close,
- really close.
- Close to what?
Look carefully.
Tell me what you think it is.
A DNA strand of some kind.
- Can you tell what kind?
- No, I got a D in Biology.
His ancestor.
When I was a little boy,
my grandfather used to tell me stories
about actually seeing
real animals in the wild.
Imagine seeing him run free.
The last wild animal born
out of captivity was a crocodile.
She died 38 years ago.
Then the poachers started
hitting the zoos and the virus
took care of the rest.
Millions of years of evolution,
and we kill them off
in a few thousand...
and screw up their DNA.
We can't even clone them.
- He was beautiful.
- That's why I do this job.
When we go on a hunt we obviously
can't take physical samples,
but I've created a way
to take remote DNA readings.
I can only do it in bits,
but the bits add up.
One day, I'll reconstruct
the DNA from animals
that lived long before the virus.
I can bring them back.
Saving animals by killing them,
that makes sense.
The animals we hunt have to be
in the last seconds of their life
so we don't upset
the course of history.
That allosaurus is shot cleanly,
seconds before
he gets bogged down in a swamp
5 minutes before
a volcano erupts and fries him
in hot lava.
I wish people would pay
for a photo safari
instead of a hunting safari.
But they don't.
There's no other way.
So you bring rich tourists back
to the past o jeopardize the future.
I appreciate
what you're trying to accomplish.
But it's dangerous. This is bigger
than what you
or anyone else is working on.
It's bulletproof.
A new government agency
is assigned to us.
They check our protocols up,
down, and sideways.
That's how Hatton
got the green light.
You don't have a clue about
Charles Hatton! It's about money.
It's always the same
when there's so much of it involved.
But this is different.
You are messing
with the whole of evolution.
Nothing is bulletproof.
It must have been amazing.
God help us.
Hey, pal, you break it,
you bought it.
Whoa, what's that?
The molecular structure
of allosaurus blood.
No way.
The doorman let me in.
I told him I was
your cousin from St. Louis.
I always did like Aunt Martha.
I'm afraid I've killed it.
Or at least driven it to suicide.
Got a bit of a brown thumb.
- Maybe a little sunlight will help.
- You just moved in?
No, I've been here
for about two years.
Chloe thinks I'm going to a farm.
What's that about?
My wife told her I was
going to sow some wild oats.
Adorable. Little kids are adorable.
Could you say that
with less enthusiasm?
I'm not fond of adorable.
I rate it just below perky.
It's nice you have a family.
Without families,
what would we do with Christmas?
Me? I run my company
and that's about it.
Your kids will grow up.
My company will be
acquired by somebody. So what?
We're sleepwalking through life.
Admit it or not,
we're bored out of our minds.
I'm not bored out of my mind.
What's the last exciting thing you did?
- Play fetch with your dog?
- I don't know...
Come on! This'll arouse
the old, dormant male instinct.
- Make us feel alive.
- It's awfully expensive.
Why be rich if we don't buy things
other people can't afford?
George, how's life?
I can't complain.
If I did, who would listen?
Tell me about it. Oh, could you...
- I'll get a cab for your cousin.
- Thanks.
Standard liability release forms.
- That's a lot of forms.
- There's a lot of liability.
We take you back
65 million years to hunt
the greatest predator
the world has ever seen.
We are the first
and only people able to do this.
We use technology that wasn't
even a dream a few years ago.
A new federal agency,
the Department of Temporal Regulation,
was created for us.
This is not a game.
There is no reset button.
Today, on this hunt...
someone will die.
The prey... or the hunters.
There is no middle ground.
Imprint where indicated.
By the way,
deposits are non-refundable.
- Sure we should do this?
- There's a 6-year waiting list.
We paid double to cut
to the head of the line
and you want to slink home?
You want to spend the rest of your life
with balls the size of BBs?
What the hell!
They're so big
I can hear 'em clanging.
How was the other night
with the lovely Ms. Wallenbeck?
- It's none of your business.
- He said defensively.
If you must know, I sent her home.
Before or after?
Sometimes you can be a real brat.
Jen, I promised your father
that I would always look after you.
- Are you going to lecture me?
- No, I just...
Good, because Jeffrey
and I only went out for...
Who is Jeffrey?
- You don't know?
- No. Who is he?
I thought you were talking
about Jeffrey.
What exactly did you and Jeffrey do?
- Nothing.
- Tell me now.
Not going to happen.
What were you going to say just now?
I don't know.
I know we're sure
about what we're doing...
Yeah, and?
But maybe...
Maybe what?
I don't know. It's nothing.
Derris, what do you do
when you're not spying
for the government on us?
You got a family? Wife?
Significant other?
No, you probably
go crazy at home, right?
Lampshade on your head,
chicken feet, whips.
I know it.
this is Mr. Middleton
and Mr. Eckles.
Gentlemen, this is your jump team.
Jennifer Krase will record
the holo-disc of your hunt.
Marcus Payne is your jump technician.
Dr. Lucas keeps
everyone ticking. And this...
is Dr. Travis Ryer.
You must be Mr. Eckles.
It's an honor to meet you, Dr. Ryer.
You're half the reason
my wife let me do this.
- What's the other half?
- He has a huge insurance policy.
Mr. Middleton.
It's nice to have clients who look
like they know what they're doing.
I have a good feeling about this jump.
You're in for the ride of your life.
We have developed technology
that is absolute cutting edge.
Actually, it was developed for us
by a Dr. Sonia Rand.
Isn't that correct?
Gentlemen, your weapons are
laser designated.
They're gauss rifles. They fire
frozen liquid nitrogen bullets
- that completely dissolve in 2 minutes.
- Wait a minute.
We'll take down a dinosaur with ice?
Second rule of time jumping:
Don't leave anything behind.
Not another.
I'm getting track marks.
The third rule of time jumping:
Don't bring anything back.
What's rule number one?
No matter how small, never change
anything in the past. Nothing.
You kill a bee, then maybe the flower
it was going to pollinate doesn't grow
and its seeds don't get spread
and the animal that was going to
eat the vegetation can't,
and it dies,
and it was carrying genes
for a new kind
of animal that doesn't occur
and it alters the course of evolution.
A single bee.
The farther back,
the more catastrophic changes could be.
So, rule number one?
Don't change anything.
Hey. Brass balls, remember?
Everyone, visors down.
This is a com check.
Everyone hearing me okay?
- Ryer, check.
- Krase, check.
- Derris, check.
- Lucas, check.
Tell him you can hear him.
Okay, follow me.
Hands to your side.
Oh my God, it's so tight.
I can't move.
Why so tight?
We are going to enter
the virtual receiver.
You've got to stay still or the particle
beam will not hit the right spot.
You want all those atoms winding up
in the same place
and as the same people.
If you feel disoriented,
concentrate on your heartbeat,
it'll calm you down.
And whatever you do,
don't look into the light!
Just kidding.
This is supposed to be fun.
Let's go get him!
- Everyone okay?
- Yeah, we're both fine.
Remember, don't touch anything.
- Something up, Mr. Eckles?
- My gun doesn't work!
That's a safety feature.
They won't fire until
- Travis fires first.
- Why the hell not?
To keep clients from
shooting things they shouldn't.
Derris, let's not mention this
in our report.
- No harm, no foul.
- Appreciate it.
I'm not that big of a dick.
I just like to talk.
Eckles is barely holding it together.
BP's through the roof,
breathing's shallow. Watch him.
This animal's big, right?
Better be for this money.
Check it out.
That's him, isn't it?
- Guys, remember...
- Is that him?
...wait for my command.
Whatever happens,
do not step off of the path.
Cute, isn't he?
Get a grip, Ted!
All right, big guy.
Three steps.
Now turn your head to the right.
Wait! Not yet.
Hold it.
Hold it!
Jenny, take the shot!
Payne, we got a major problem here!
The designator shorted out! The safety
won't release on the other guns!
- Fix it!
- Even if I could, it'll take time!
We don't have time!
Cut it out, for Christ's sake!
This is part of the show, right?
Over here! Try and get me!
Come on, you bastard, take me on!
Get behind the bushes!
That's right! Come and get me!
- Get behind the bushes!
- We're not going alone!
You guys, run! Take off!
Get behind him!
Over here! Take me on!
Come on! Over here, you asshole!
- Shit!
- Over here, big guy! Yo! Yo!
Jenny, no!
Jenny, get down!
Go, yo!
Come on, over this way! Over here.
Come for me!
Jenny, go!
- Payne, my gun!
- I got it!
Over here! Look at me!
Now try it!
Don't you ever
pull a stunt like that again!
If anyone dies to save someone's rich,
fat ass, it'll be me. Got it?
Where are the clients?
Let's go.
Anyone hurt?
They're fine.
You sure he's dead?
- You want to check his pulse, Ted?
- He fell right where he was supposed to.
You got lucky.
Did anyone break any protocols?
Then we're clean.
- Travis, the volcano.
- We better get going.
Follow me.
By the time I'm done suing you,
I am going to own this joint!
That's your right, Mr. Middleton.
I understand you're upset.
But look beyond
your immediate feelings.
Look at what you achieved today.
I almost achieved getting eaten!
And you weren't.
Countless clients
have jumped back through time
faced the allosaurus, and gone home
proud that they cheated death.
And in reality, they cheated nothing.
It was elaborate, expensive,
authentic, and a fantasy.
It was controlled.
The outcome never in doubt.
Not for a moment.
You two.
Circumstances were thrust upon you,
like all moments of great courage.
Sue me if you want to,
but for Christ's sake,
look at what you two did today.
You faced death for real!
All controls off
and you survived!
You stood shoulder-to-shoulder,
...discovering America,
Armstrong walking on the moon,
Brubaker landing on Mars!
You are true pioneers!
I salute you.
I swear, that dude could sell
art lessons to a blind man.
So what happened?
Moisture damage. A leak
from a broken box of nitrogen bullets.
I tested the gun before we jumped,
but the short occurred after.
We have to change our whole procedure.
This cannot happen again.
It was an accident, you know?
We cannot have accidents.
While I was a physics major in college,
we studied something called
the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
It proves that there is no such thing
as zero tolerance. It doesn't exist.
You basically can't be
a hundred percent sure of anything.
No matter how hard you try, accidents...
We can't have accidents.
Good evening, Dr. Ryer.
How about this weather?
I guess this is
what they call Indian summer.
70 degrees... in November!
It's different, that's for sure.
Unseasonably hot weather continues
today with highs in the upper 80s.
The skies will be clear
and the humidity
will remain around 90 percent.
Thousands of fish beached themselves
on the shore of Lake Michigan overnight.
Scientists from the University
of Chicago are investigating.
They're at a loss to explain
what caused the phenomenon.
The beaching provides an opportunity
for amateur fishermen,
but wait until
the cause is determined
before you eat your catch.
Suicidal fish. That's a new one.
The Health Department says
that the UV count is extremely high,
so if you want to soak up
this amazing
warm sunshine in November,
you'd better protect yourself.
An SPF of 45
or stronger is recommended.
What happened here?
Check it out.
This wall's at least
three feet thick.
That plant
must've really wanted out, huh?
What? You've seen me skinny-dipping.
You were eight.
Get over it.
When did you become such a brat?
You ready for this today?
You know what they say
about falling off a horse?
Take a cab?
Get right back on.
What if your horse weighs
12,000 pounds and tries to eat you?
Everyone, everyone!
Mr. Zong, Mr. Chang,
get ready for the ride of your lives!
Travis! Don't you want to say
something about the light?
please don't look at the lights.
All right. Let's do this.
You feel it?
Something's off.
Something's different.
Travis! Look!
Oh, my God.
What is noise?
Back to the portal! Now!
Everybody get back! Move!
Get them back to the portal now!
Come on, let's go! Hurry!
Move! Get back!
Jenny, leave it!
When the path retracts,
it'll fall! On the ground!
Get them back to the portal now!
Let's go, Jenny! Come on!
I said, let's go!
I can do this! Calm down!
Keep moving!
Jenny, run!
Lucas! What the hell
just happened back there?
TAMI missed her entry point
by five minutes!
- We were late!
- Make sure everyone's all right.
TAMI has never been off
by a millisecond before.
TAMI, why were you off
in your calculations?
Please be specific, Dr. Ryer.
On our last jump, you missed
our entry point by five minutes.
- Why?
- I'm afraid you're mistaken, Doctor.
My calculations were precise. You were
sent to the correct coordinates.
We need to talk.
We've just stepped
into a world of trouble.
She was off by five minutes,
out of 65 million years.
It's a minor glitch.
We can fix it.
I had to file a report.
Jeez, Clay,
you didn't have to do that.
I had no alternative.
Of course you had an alternative.
You could have thought big
instead of little, which is all
your pea-brain is capable of
before it explodes.
Now you get to cause me grief
just because you can.
History's not a class struggle,
it's a vision struggle.
It's people like me trying to get free
from narrow-minded pricks like you.
Nothing moves without us,
we're the goddamned engine.
- This is out of my hands now.
- Like hell it is.
You know that regulations dictate
that this meeting has to be recorded.
Of course.
The Temporal Regulation Division
proclaims this facility closed.
ItAL Access denied.
They don't waste time.
You can't ask me to do that.
I'm not asking you to do anything!
I'm simply reminding you of the
potential delicacy of our situation.
What's done is done.
Even I have my limits. I can't.
We can't leave this
to some government agency
to figure out.
Why not? It's their job.
They're bureaucrats.
If they fell out of a window, it would
take them a week to hit the ground.
Do you have any idea
how long it would take them
to clear this up?
They'll have TAMI shut down for months.
I'll go bankrupt.
What happened today
has to be connected to our last jump.
- We must have changed something.
- You just made that up.
Something happened back there.
I know it.
Really? You know it?
You don't know anything of the kind!
I'll tell you what,
there is someone who does know.
You okay, man?
We represent the tenant board.
We have vines growing
into our windows, down the halls,
one broke the elevator!
Open this door at once!
Dr. Rand!
This is loaded! Now back off!
She's crazy!
You're crazy!
Dr. Rand, I need...
Excuse me.
Where are you delivering that?
Rand. 7-E.
I told you, I'm not responsible.
Look outside,
it's happening out there, too.
Use your brain
while you still have one.
Lady, it's real heavy.
Close the door.
Put it by the rhododendron.
The white flowers.
Then go.
I thought I recognized your voice.
You sound just like TAMI.
Although, she's a little nicer.
That thing doesn't work.
It's an antique.
I've been expecting you.
I'm afraid we've done it.
What you warned us about.
- I knew it.
- What do you mean?
- Don't I seem a little on edge?
- About the same as last time.
How far back?
The Cretaceous.
Jesus. And what did you change?
We don't know. As far as we can tell,
no one stepped off the path.
The animal fell in the kill zone.
The kill zone, the path.
The kill zone, the path.
You're so blind.
24 hours, isn't it?
Since you got back.
Yeah, almost exactly.
- Why?
- Watch this.
- That was you.
- What the hell was that?
A time wave. So much
for your system being bulletproof.
Let's go. Get moving!
- What is that pipe for?
- Water for the oxygen condensers.
Over there, get over there!
The oxygen!
Come on!
You okay?
Look at this!
This tree was never here before.
It's extraordinary.
It's okay.
I think the window's our best bet.
Jesus. Why didn't this happen
until now? Why the delay?
When you change something in the past,
the future isn't affected all at once.
Changes come in ripples,
like dropping a stone into a pond.
So you mean there'll be more of these.
And they'll get bigger and bigger.
All the changes in evolution
that you affected will come in the waves.
It'll start with climate,
then vegetation,
the early manifestations of life.
Then come the more complex organisms.
- So what will happen in the last wave?
- It'll be us.
We wave goodbye.
Last wave changes
the last species to evolve,
Homo sapiens.
God knows what we'll become.
We may have no eyes,
we may be sea creatures.
We may not exist at all. We don't have
too many more waves before that one.
Can we fix what we did?
I don't know. Maybe.
There's no way
I can allow another jump.
I'll lose my badge.
If we don't fix this, you won't have
a chest to pin that badge on, moron.
Careful, you don't want
to start calling people names.
- She says it's the easiest way.
- No, I said it was the only way.
I also said I would help.
I didn't say I would be
in the same room with you.
Hold on. I go back
to just before
the original hunting party arrives,
meet them when they step
out of the portal and turn them back.
Whatever went wrong never happens.
Things go back to normal.
- How can we be sure it'll work?
- We can't be sure if it'll work,
but we can be sure
doing nothing will not work.
No. I'm sorry.
The whole of time
has been turned upside down
and you're running around
with your toothbrush,
worrying about your pension.
We have more than just
a software problem on our hands.
We have got to fix this
...and we have to make sure
no one ever finds out about it.
If I go down,
I'm not going down alone.
Can you compensate
for TAMI's margin of error
so he gets where he has to go?
Well, I built her.
How's that?
I want every moment
of this jump recorded, understand?
Another time wave is coming! Hang on!
Is everyone all right?
Lucas, make sure everyone's okay.
Give me your hand.
Let's see
if the backup generator works.
The power is out all over the city.
Power's probably out
all over the world.
Why couldn't I get back?
You weren't able
to jump through the time wave.
Remember, I explained
it's like a ripple in a pond.
We can't break through the rings.
We seem to be stuck ahead
of the changes that are occurring.
What do we do?
Jesus Christ, what do we do?
Let me work on it.
This is not a time for panic.
Actually, as times for panic go,
this is right up there.
What we need to do is take a look at
the jump and find out what was changed.
That was nothing.
I was standing right there.
That's a safety feature.
They're all tied to Travis's gun,
won't fire until he fires first.
Why the hell not?
To keep clients from shooting
things they shouldn't.
Derris, how about
we don't mention this in our report?
No harm, no foul.
Appreciate it.
Go forward.
Let's see that.
Over here!
Try and get me!
Get out of here!
Get behind the bushes!
We're not going alone!
Get behind the bushes!
Over here!
Can we follow them down the path?
Once they're out of range of my recorder,
there's no way to see them.
Speed up again to after the kill.
Travis, the volcano!
We better get going.
Follow me.
Anybody see anything?
Anything small
that may have fallen off one of us?
Boys and girls,
I think I found something.
You're not gonna believe this,
but, according to the physical log,
when we came back we weighed
1.3 grams more than when we left.
What does that mean?
It means we brought something back.
No, it's impossible.
There's the bio-filter.
No organic matter
can pass through the...
We never needed it.
We've always been so careful.
You turned it off?
You turned the bio-filter off?
It takes a lot of energy. It costs
a fortune and we never needed it.
My God. Are you insane?
Did you know about this?
Of course not.
Why does this not surprise me?
We need to find out
what you brought back.
Did you get through?
Line's busy. It'll be Forrest on
with one of his pals.
Donna will be freaking out,
all her yard work down the drain.
Do you buy it for a minute?
The great asshole-in-the-sky
doesn't check the bio-filter once?
Nothing gets by that freak.
"Two years and I'll be out. "
That's what he told me.
Got a little touchy when I asked him
how he'll retire on a government salary.
You think Hatton paid him off?
It would be worth it... all the money
he saved on running that filter.
Clean. That's the last one.
It's gotta be on the clothes
on one of the clients.
Somebody must have panicked
and stepped off the path.
The sweaty guy.
I have an idea to get you back.
It's never been tried, but it might work.
We can't break through the rings,
but I should be able to open a wormhole
on the other side of the ripples.
Instead of 65 million years,
you go back 65 million and one.
- It would be like jumping over the rings.
- And then what? Travis waits for them?
Back here,
the change hasn't happened yet,
so there are no time waves.
I should be able to slingshot you
forward to the target zone.
- You "should"? You're not sure?
- I'm fairly certain.
But don't intercept the party
to turn them back.
Why not?
The slingshot effect
will use up all your energy.
Your window will be small
and highly unstable.
You won't have time to explain what
you're doing, let alone convince them.
How much time will I have?
I can't say for certain.
15, 20 seconds.
Can you say anything for certain?
Yes, I can say for certain
I can't say anything for certain.
Let's find out what we're trying
to prevent, because you won't have time.
We better talk to Mr. Eckles.
It'll have to be in person.
Where are the guards?
What's that?
My God.
You're all loaded. Designators are off.
You can shoot at will.
- Who told you to distribute weapons?
- I did.
Just one thing. Plants like this
- haven't grown in millions of years.
- We're shooting at plants?
It isn't exactly like it was then.
It's stronger, more developed.
The alternate reality
taking over outside that door
has been evolving uninterrupted
for 60 million years.
Are you suggesting
that there are dinosaurs out there?
I doubt it. More likely,
whatever they've evolved into.
That's one hell of a "just one thing".
This building is still under government
control. I can't leave TAMI unattended.
Of course not.
We all set? Let's go.
Eckles lives
on the other side of the park.
Wouldn't it be quicker going around?
Sticking to the streets?
- What streets?
- Good point.
That thing was huge.
Let's keep moving.
Trav, you better take a look.
They're all over.
Big mothers, judging by the depth.
Couple hundred pounds.
These aren't classic reptilian.
There are other markings. A little bit
of primate mixed in. I don't know.
That's not good.
It means we're not more than a couple
of waves away from being changed ourselves.
I suggest we get the hell out of here.
Let's go.
What do you think? Do we go around?
What was that?
I have got to get home.
Get them out!
Get these thorns out of him.
Calm down!
- Travis?
- Hold your fire!
Whatever's out there has been tracking
us since we entered the park!
Man, it hurts.
Come on, Marcus.
Try slowing your pulse rate down.
It'll slow the progress of what those
brambles put into your bloodstream.
Whatever those thorns
put in my bloodstream,
it's already working.
I can't feel my legs.
Watch out for these!
Man, I'm losing it.
getting really weird.
Take care of him.
Come on. You okay?
Get up, let's go!
Head for the bridge now! Go!
Aim for their throats!
It's their only soft spot!
Aim for their throats!
Go on, I'll hold them off.
I'm not gonna leave you. Let's go.
Travis, those thorns.
I can't make it.
I can't and you know it.
And I know it.
Just set things right,
and I'll be fine.
Just set things right.
I'll fix it.
- What about Payne?
- I said go!
Why is he staying there?
- Payne!
- Marcus!
- Payne, come on!
- Now go!
Look, Forrest, that's Orion.
Those stars there make his belt.
I'll get you
a telescope when you're nine.
That's when Grandpa got me mine.
Forrest. Know what those are?
That's right,
the Seven Sisters.
Look like stars, don't they?
But each one is a whole entire galaxy.
I know how you feel.
I feel it, too.
But if we fix this,
then he'll be right back with us.
So let's keep moving. Eckles's place
is still two blocks to the north.
- What are you gonna do about it?
- What are you talking about?
It can't ever happen again.
If we're lucky enough to fix things,
it'll go back to the way it was before.
We have to stop it, the Hattons,
Time Safari, the whole thing.
If we fix the time line, though,
when we come back, we won't know
any of this has happened.
So now you see the problem.
At least it means there's still
some people alive in there.
- I think we can get down here.
- Those creatures back there are smart.
A lot smarter than us
if we don't get over this wall.
There's got to be
something around here.
You see anything over there?
What's this?
I got something.
What the...
It's okay, stay where you are.
All right. It's okay.
We don't have room.
- He saved their lives!
- Go somewhere else.
Either let us in or kill us.
We just need to find
someone and then we'll go.
Ted Eckles.
He lives in this building.
Does anyone know where we can find him?
Apartment 6-A.
When we're done, we'll get you food.
- No! That's Ally's.
- The fire's going out.
Not that!
- Mr. Eckles.
- Who the hell are you?
Remember me?
Somebody brought something back
from your jump. Something small.
Check in there.
Jenny! Look at this.
We have reason to believe
somebody stepped off the path.
Are you accusing me?
We're not accusing you of anything.
Maybe in the excitement something
happened. Maybe you don't remember.
We think something happened
on your hunt that caused all this.
If we can find out what it was,
we might be able to set it straight.
I didn't step off the path.
You think because I was scared I didn't
listen and I stepped off the path.
- Well, I didn't!
- He's telling the truth.
I've been over every inch of
his clothes, there's nothing on them.
What about your friend?
I don't know if...
We weren't together the whole time.
- You were separated?
- Just for a few seconds.
We have to find him.
A time wave could come any moment.
Where does he live?
He's not at his apartment.
His wife kicked him out.
He stays at his office
at the Division Tower, 23rd floor.
We'll never make it on foot.
There's a parking garage down below.
All right.
Thank you, Mr. Eckles. Let's go.
- You have to.
- I have to what?
Set things right.
We will.
Sonic resonator lock mechanism.
Almost impossible to break.
Any suggestions?
If we had an audio oscillator
I could find the waves and...
How do you think I put myself
through medical school?
We promised those people
we'd get them food.
In an hour we'll have the time line
fixed and they won't need it.
- What if we don't get it fixed?
- Then they'll be the food.
Look out!
What the hell was that?
Sonia, come with me.
You two stay to protect the car.
Be careful.
What the hell happened here?
Look at this.
It's the brambles. These people
went crazy and killed each other.
Mr. Middleton?
Get out of here!
There's no food in here!
Mr. Middleton!
It's Travis Ryer from Time Safari.
We just want to talk to you.
Mr. Middleton, we're gonna come in.
Mr. Middleton, we just want to talk.
Okay? We're gonna come in.
What do you want? Who is she?
Be careful, he's infected.
No whispering!
You think I can't hear you?
She's with the company. We just want
to look at your outfit from the jump.
Someone may have inadvertently
brought something back.
Who told you that?
Eckles, that little weasel?
He hates me! He's lying!
Not your fault.
You're not in trouble.
Damn right, I'm not!
Where are you?
How dare you come here and accuse me?
That piece of crap safari!
I haven't felt right since!
Don't you run away
when I'm talking to you!
Drop the gun!
I don't want to shoot you.
Why not? I want to shoot you.
Listen to me, we can fix this.
No, you can't.
Nobody can.
Tell me I wasn't lying.
Tell me we can fix this.
Family albums, nice.
Here we go!
I don't believe it.
A single butterfly.
Isn't that amazing?
Yes, it is.
What the hell are you shooting at?
Those birds, if that's what they are.
Did you find it?
Middleton stepped off the path.
He killed a butterfly.
- A butterfly caused all this?
- Is that so hard to believe?
- It's a bug!
- It's an insect that laid eggs.
The point is, Jenny, it wasn't a bug
that was stepped on, it was evolution.
Watch it!
The wave's coming!
Hang on!
This can't be good.
It's Hatton.
I got a feeling there's only one wave
left, then it's our turn to be altered.
This isn't gonna be easy to do
with flippers instead of arms, is it?
If this place is wrecked,
then we won't be able to send you back.
Then we have to find a way to make
another place work. Is it possible?
Let me think.
Let's take a look around
and see what we can salvage here.
Okay, with TAMI's hard drive,
all we need is another portal.
- Let's go to Home Depot.
- There's one at the University.
- A Home Depot?
- No, a portal.
Well, not exactly a portal,
a particle accelerator.
With the right software it becomes
a portal. TAMI's hard drive is.
- Are we talking "plug and play"?
- Yeah, more or less.
- Which one is it? More or less?
- More, I hope.
Get the jumpsuit,
I'll try and make this work.
The University is two miles away.
Will we travel through the city on foot?
Derris! What are you doing in here?
Please be quiet.
What are you talking about?
- You'll wake them up.
- Wake who?
My God.
We still have a chance,
but we have to go now.
Come on. We're getting out of here.
There's still time,
but we've got to hurry.
Suit yourself.
You can't leave me here.
Wait for me.
We can go underground
using the subway tracks.
What's that smell?
- Rotten eggs?
- Sulfur.
- It's a swamp.
- Let's go back up.
No, this is the only way.
You're crazy, I'm not going in there.
I say we go back up and run for it.
God knows what's under there.
Come on.
- We almost there?
- We passed two stations already.
It can't be more
than a couple a hundred yards up ahead.
Wait a second.
Turn off your lights.
Don't make a sound.
It's okay, come on up!
At least it's dry in here.
Let's see if it's collapsed up ahead.
If it's clear,
maybe we can get through.
Let's keep moving.
The door's blocked, we gotta go back.
This thing
isn't gonna stay watertight forever.
There's gotta be
access vents in the tunnel,
some way to get to the street.
- How do we find out?
- We gotta bust a window and swim up.
What if there's no vent there?
Then we drown.
But, either way, we can't stay here.
I'll shoot out a window.
It should take about 30 seconds
for this thing to fill up.
Stay close to me,
take the deepest breath of your life,
then we'll go for it.
Okay. Just...
Give me a second, okay?
Come on!
Hold on to me!
I got you! Let's go!
Hold on to me!
Take a breath and go under!
Here we go!
Let's go!
Travis, stay with me!
Come on.
There's an access way down here.
- Those animals are pretty evolved.
- The next wave is us.
Start praying
that the backup generators work.
Oh, yes.
Not good.
Almost there, get ready.
Remember, even if this works
it'll be highly unstable.
You'll have about 20 seconds.
Hello, Dr. Rand.
Where exactly are we?
We're at the University.
In the public sector now?
Not a good sign.
We're going to attempt
a slingshot jump. What do you think?
It's theoretical.
It's never been attempted.
There's a first time for everything.
It's gonna hurt.
You'll be back a year before the hunt
for about half a nanosecond,
then you'll be thrown
forward again to the hunt.
- Now would be a good time.
- I'm working on it!
I've gotta find a way to get proof.
If this works,
everything goes back to normal.
You don't remember anything
and I don't remember anything.
I gotta get proof
that something went wrong,
we wouldn't have made a difference.
We've gotta make sure
that this never happens again!
I'll find a way.
The wave, it's here!
It's coming!
Hit a button! Any button!
I'll find a way!
Over here, big guy!
Come on, over this way!
- Jenny!
- Payne, where the hell is that gun?
You have to get me on the holo-disc!
Hatton and Derris turned
the bio-filter off
and something went very wrong!
When you get back,
make sure you check the filter
and give the disc to me!
Only me!
Don't you ever pull
a stunt like that again!
If anyone's gonna die saving someone's
rich, fat ass, it's gonna be me, got it?
Where are the clients?
Why are you looking at me like that?
- You sure he's dead?
- You want to check his pulse?
Anyone hurt?
- They're fine.
- What happened back there?
Don't you know?
He fell
right where he was supposed to.
You got lucky.
Did anyone break any protocols?
Then we're fine.
Travis, the volcano...
We better get going.
Follow me.
Clay, by the way, I know.
When we get back, the bio-filter...
turn it back on, okay?
Good boy.
Welcome! Gentlemen!
And well done!
We promised you
the experience of a lifetime
and we delivered.
As long as you know,
everything was according to plan.
What the hell happened?
Equipment malfunction.
We're okay, but it was close.
- Clay, what went...
- We have a problem.
I have to talk to you.
What's wrong?
You've gotta take a look at this.
I told Hatton
the recorder malfunctioned.
Don't let anyone see it.
Why? What's on here?
I don't know how to say this
without sounding nuttier than usual.
- Of course I'm on it...
- No!
It was another you...
Actually, very much the same you.
Just take it and get outta here.
You'll understand.
You come for another argument?
I'm kind of tired. Come back tomorrow.
I need to speak to you.
Hatton send you?
If he knew what I had, he'd do
anything to stop me from seeing you.
Make yourself useful.
There's a bag of fertilizer,
- put it on the rhododendron.
- The white ones.
You know, I'm a gardener myself.
I've got a fern.
So, what do you want?
I want to put myself out of a job.
- I have a disc for you.
- I don't have time to watch discs.
Take a look at this one. Seen it
twice myself and it's got everything:
Action, disaster, government corruption.
It's the proof you need.
Everything you've been warning us about
has already happened and it's all here.
Why don't you stop
being such a pain-in-the-ass
and take a look at this?
Who gave that to you?
I did.
So, do you want
a cup of coffee?