Sounds of Silence (1989) Movie Script

There we go.
Get GTE call waiting.
Your phone won't be busy
and you'll never miss
an important call again.
Just call 1-800-782-5183.
Very good, very good.
- Am I supposed to clean
up all this by myself?
I thought you guys
were gonna help me.
- Come on, Sarah, it's
the kid's birthday.
Let him have a little fun.
- You're right,
it's his birthday.
If you like living
in my house, Peter,
I expect some help.
- You know, one day
you're gonna appreciate
all the photos I take.
- You know, you have an
answer for everything.
I've gotta go meet my publisher.
Don't you have some
pictures for me?
You're gonna go see him now?
I'm already late.
- 101's
Michael Moore starts the runners
with the spirit of America 5K--
So the novel's ready?
Now I have to see
what they have to say.
- Well, you shouldn't
worry about it.
He bought the first one,
and this one couldn't
be any worse, could it?
- Four
pack of tickets starting...
- And what about
your excellent shots?
- Well, they're
far from excellent,
but they're good enough
for the back cover.
- I mean, the photo's
are lousy, but
you look like a goddess.
Peter, I...
Look at that.
Your son's a little
sneak, that's what he is.
What do you think?
Well, hopefully my publisher
will like 'em better.
He will.
It's just your son who
needs a good talking to.
Are you ever gonna grow up?
Dennis needs a
father, not a brother.
- Well, I could
be both, you know?
Okay, fine.
Just don't tear down the
house while I'm gone?
- And, and please
try to get those sold.
I really need to get
something sold right now.
Hey, Dennis.
You didn't finish your cake.
Come on, I got a
special way to eat it.
- I suppose you
are Peter Mitchell.
That's right.
I'm Larry Houghton.
I'm an attorney
from Century City.
I have some very important
information for you.
Would you like some cake?
I inherited what?
I know.
This is a practical joke.
Sarah put you up to it.
You're joking, right?
At $250 an hour,
not even the Pope jokes
around, young man.
- I knew I had
relatives in Sweden,
but I didn't know this
Annie, Annie--
Annie Holst.
Recently deceased.
- I've never even heard of
a relative with that name.
But the house is all
mine, kit and caboodle?
- And don't get your
hopes up too high.
It's pretty old and run down
and there's not much money.
But it's all mine.
- Unless you'd like me
to arrange for a sale.
Well, maybe.
But I'd like to see it first.
My girl needs a vacation.
That's the ticket.
Mr. Mitchell?
My name is Thomas Hansen.
The corresponding lawyer
for Miss Annie Holst.
Good to meet you.
This is Sarah Richards.
I'm sorry, I can't
accompany you.
I'm afraid that you
and my little village
will have to make without
me for a few days.
I've, legal
business in Stockholm.
But don't worry, I've
arranged everything.
Here's your key
to the rental car.
And here's to your place.
- Mr. Hansen,
we've discussed
the possibility of selling.
- You think we can
get a few thousand?
In kroners to dollars?
The check, please.
- I'll bet it's
not the Taj Mahal.
- No, you shouldn't
have any problems
finding the village.
I've traced it to your
route on the map down there.
Any other questions?
My navigator will get us there.
Okay, see you.
Thank you, Thomas.
Well, do you buy this joint?
Well, the hell with that.
You can't understand
what these Swedes
are talkin' about, anyway.
- Peter, we should
turn right here.
No, no, no, we are
farther up the road here.
Dennis, what do you think?
Left or straight?
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a house that
belonged to Annie Holst.
Are you familiar with her?
Annie Holst?
- Maybe they didn't
understand you.
Well, they obviously knew her.
- Here,
shut off the car.
All right.
My name is Peter Mitchell, and,
I've got a problem.
You see, we're lost and
we're trying to find our way.
No, um, no.
Look, Annie Holst.
Are you familiar with that name?
- Sir, maybe
I could help you.
- This map is even
lousier than Thomas's.
- Well, be
glad I was able to find
someone who's
willing to help us.
People here treat us
like we got the flu.
- How far have we come
from the crossroads?
We've come about two kilometers
since we made the turn.
There should be a building
up here on the left.
- Yeah, if this
is the right road.
What the hell is this?
Didn't you fill her up?
Of course I did.
Don't worry, Dennis.
We're almost there.
Maybe it's the starter.
Oil compression?
Okay, I'm just trying to help.
- Trust me, I got
it under control.
Weird psycho car.
Did you touch something?
That can't be it.
Maybe we should turn around?
- No, I think we
better go check it out.
This is it.
Jesus, Sarah.
Could you imagine
what it's like inside?
Come on, say something.
It's a castle.
It is the Taj Mahal.
Bless you, Annie Holst.
It is gorgeous.
What do you think, Dennis?
You see, Sarah, he's amazed.
He is not.
Yeah, he is.
Hey, Sarah, this could
be your work room.
If you don't like it,
we got 40 more to see.
Come on, Dennis,
let's go check it out.
This place is incredible!
Sarah, you wouldn't
believe this upstairs!
It's, it's, it's immense!
My God!
My God, look at this room!
Sarah, you gotta
come up and see this.
This room is mine?
I own this place?
This incredible mansion?
I mean, just a gift
from this woman
I've never even met before?
I own this huge, gigantic
house that's just,
I'm lord of all I survey!
I am sorry I scared you.
I didn't hear you come in.
Besides, in this
country we knock
before entering a house.
Well, not if you own it.
Who are you?
- Peter, this is
Margareth Johnson.
She, she was
Annie's housekeeper.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Peter Mitchell.
I know who you are, sir.
I have tea prepared.
- Looks like Dennis
has made a friend.
That was Annie's son.
Her only child.
Dear old Annie.
What was she like?
A dear soul.
Giving and loving.
Who through her whole life
carried a great grief.
Why, what happened?
She loved a man
and they had a son
out of wedlock.
She was left alone
to raise her son
and times were hard.
Then wonderful business
opportunities came up,
so she had to leave this
village for the city
and couldn't take
her boy with her.
So she placed him in a home
for children without parents,
in an orphanage.
And before she could
send for him, he died.
Her son and all the
other children died
from a disease of some kind.
To of the end she believed
she could actually see him,
but she wasn't in complete
control of her mind.
I'm sorry.
Is there anything else?
Will you be needing my
services any longer?
Of course, Margareth.
- Mrs. Johnson, you may
come and go as you please.
Thank you.
Now, you ought to
have some place.
Tomorrow I give you the
grand tour of the house.
And then
What's the matter?
Come on.
Come here.
Now don't worry.
It was only a dream.
Yes, it was.
- Up here there's
really not much to see.
Just things that
we stuffed away.
If all these things could talk
I'm sure they could tell
some interesting tales.
Come here.
Look there.
That belonged to her son.
Nobody has touched it in
almost 50 years, I think.
She couldn't give it away
and she got depressed
if she saw it,
so it ended up standing here
among all these other things.
That's a shame.
It's such a gorgeous antique.
I could restore it.
And you do as you like, ma'am.
But I wouldn't touch it.
There is too much heart
connected with it.
And Annie, God rest her,
wouldn't want you to.
I'm sorry.
Peter, it's okay.
I changed my mind.
Whatever you say, dear.
Can't you see him?
He went down the road, I think.
I'll go get him.
Please find him.
Dinner's gonna be ready soon.
And Peter?
We need to call a plumber.
This sink is driving me crazy.
Thank you, Mrs. Johnson.
I'll finish up.
- We'll see
you after supper.
Yes, ma'am.
Is anybody here?
Is that you?
Boy, he's deaf.
God damn it, Dennis.
Are you crazy?
Your mother would kill you
if she knew you were here.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
No more games, Dennis.
Let's go.
- Have you called
someone to fix that?
No, not yet.
You think you can do it?
No way, I'm photographer,
not a plumber.
Don't worry, I'll get
someone to fix it.
Are you working tomorrow?
All day, I have rewrites.
Well, that's too bad.
I was thinking of taking
you and Dennis fishing.
That's sweet.
I'll ask him.
I'll call the plumber.
Would you like to
go fishing tomorrow?
Play with Bill?
Who's Bill?
- No, no, it's just an
ordinary stopped up sink.
No, the water won't
drain out of the sink.
Yeah, exactly.
Then you'll be here tomorrow?
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
There'll be a guy named
Frank here tomorrow after lunch.
You didn't tell me about Bill.
Who's Bill?
- Dennis says you took
him away from Bill
when they were playing,
and he doesn't want to
go fishing tomorrow.
He'd rather play with Bill.
You didn't tell me
he was running around
that old house, either.
He's a teenager, Sarah.
A Boy Scout.
He's curious, adventurous.
Don't you remember when
you were a boy, Sarah?
Very funny.
Dennis, didn't Peter meet Bill?
All right, enough.
It's obvious he's created
himself a fantasy buddy.
Well, shit, I don't know.
He says his friend's
name is Bill, fine.
But I didn't meet him.
- Peter, is
Dennis awake yet?
Yeah, he's awake.
Chapter 14.
It was one of those
days when all she wanted
was to be alone.
Her husband was in New York
and it felt great to have
some peace and quiet.
She sat there daydreaming
and then she looked
out the window.
She could hear the
sound of the branches
beating against the window,
but she didn't notice
the dark shadow
that turned up behind her.
Aw, yuck.
Let's see.
Gotta start again.
She could hear the
branches beating
against the window.
She had a strange
feeling that someone was
going to turn up today.
Could it be that old high
school boyfriend that she knew?
- I tried knocking,
but nobody heard me.
I'm Frank.
What's the problem?
Yo, Bill!
Come out!
Wherever you are.
It's your friend Dennis
and his friend Peter.
Is anybody--
Hello, Peter.
Good to see you again.
- Still planning to
sell the old house?
Old, my ass.
That was some heavy
duty surprise shit.
I still can't believe it.
I'd like to find Annie
Holst and bless her
wherever she is.
- She's certainly
not in the graveyard.
- Well, it's not
really a graveyard,
but that's where the
kids who had died
in the orphanage are buried.
You're standing
right in front of it.
It was more than 50 years ago.
Some stories say the
children in their madness
threw themselves from
up there down here.
I don't know.
I'm only a country lawyer.
But if you're really interested,
you should talk to old Charles.
He was the administrator
of the place back then.
Come on, I'll show you the
graveyard I told you about.
You're gonna find
some very fascinating
photos to take there.
Come on, let's go.
What's wrong?
- All right, you
can stay here, but--
- They buried
the children here.
In fact, Annie Holst's
son is here somewhere.
- Well,
where is he buried?
Didn't they mark his grave?
- No, they didn't
mark any of them.
So, they didn't know
where to find Bill.
What did you say his name was?
Annie's boy.
He too died over there.
Wait a minute.
Annie's son's name is Bill?
Did you say 350?
- Um, I'm sorry, I didn't
think it would cost so much.
I have 250 I can pay you now
and the rest later
when Peter gets back.
Look, Peter's gonna be
back here any second.
We can go outside.
What's wrong?
This may sound crazy,
but Dennis's friend,
his name is Bill.
I don't know, maybe I'm,
I don't know what I'm
talking about here.
God damn it, Dennis.
I told you not to go inside.
Now I don't mind you exploring,
but if anything happens to you.
- You don't have
to pay with money.
- What exactly do
you mean by that?
Don't you dare.
Hey, Peter.
What the hell is
Frank doing here?
- Well, we had a problem with
the plumbing in the kitchen.
Sarah, put down the gun.
- Don't do anything
stupid, Peter.
the police can't be
here for a few hours.
Why the hell not?
There is a lunatic
running around out here!
Easy, Peter.
Come on, this isn't
the Hollywood precinct.
We're in the country.
Thomas, there must be
something we can do.
The guy is probably halfway
to Stockholm by now.
- Well, he usually
works for old Charles.
Maybe he knows something.
Don't worry.
I'll deal with him.
I've met him before.
At the bar in the village.
He showed us the rest of
the way to the estate,
but he sure as hell
didn't meet Dennis.
I can't understand why Dennis...
- I didn't you realize
you and Peter had met.
- Well, that was just
for a few minutes.
Did my map help you, Peter?
- Yes, it did, but
unfortunately I'm not
here to talk about maps.
We're looking for Frank.
What did he do now?
- Well, I believe it's
a matter for the police.
Have you seen him?
Not since yesterday.
If he did a bad thing,
you must forgive him.
He's still a child.
A child?
Well, that's one way to put it.
- Dennis, I am
trying to understand.
You don't make any sense.
That man back there.
Killed the children?
God, what is happening to you?
- Yes, Peter, I'm sorry
to hear about all this,
but um, I personally
talk to him.
And the police, of course.
So we'll get this
thing taken care of.
- Yeah, well you
better, 'cause if I find
the son of a bitch--
I don't know what I'll do.
Don't worry, young man.
- I'm sure you noticed
Dennis's reaction outside.
You haven't met him by
any chance, have you?
I'm afraid not.
Where shall I have
met him, do you mean?
How about your old orphanage?
He's been very interested
in playing around there.
He seems to have made a friend
with a kid named Bill.
I'm afraid I don't know
anything about the orphanage.
I don't understand.
You were the county
You must know something.
Listen, young man.
I'm old.
I don't remember
much from those days.
And I think you should
keep your boy out of there.
It's not a good place
for children playing.
Not anymore.
- I just realized we
couldn't get any further
with that old man.
- Yeah, another
charming sleazebag.
What's going on, Thomas?
- It seems probable
that there's still
some kind of records
about the orphanage.
I could make some inquiries
if you're interested.
- I'm sorry to
trouble you at home,
but this is important.
- Isn't Thomas
Hansen taking care
of things for you, Peter?
No, no, he's been fine.
He's been very helpful,
as a matter of fact.
- Then what are
you calling me for?
- Well, aside from
Thomas and Margareth,
it seems that, well,
everyone in the village
thinks we're crazy
for living here.
Peter, that makes sense,
since you're related
to Annie Holst.
Thomas told me that she
thought her dead son
was alive in that
old orphanage, right?
- Which brings me
to my second point.
It seems that Dennis
has met Bill, also.
And he apparently is
obsessed with the orphanage
and whatever is in there.
- Dennis has been
listening to Thomas's stories.
He's fantasizing.
For god's sakes,
Dennis is deaf.
- Listen, if this is
all so important to you,
why don't you just
sell the place?
You wouldn't object to making
a lot of money, now would you?
I've had it, Peter.
Let's go home.
Yeah, you're right.
Maybe it is time.
But there's something--
But what?
I was almost raped!
My son has horrible nightmares.
He has some fantasy
friend named Bill.
Who the hell's Bill?
Who's Bill?
Now he's a photograph.
I'm sorry, Dennis.
But it's tough to believe in
something you just can't see.
Jesus Christ.
Sarah, come here!
What is it?
- I think you'll
want to see this.
Dennis was alone
when I shot this.
Real cute photographer's trick.
- I didn't touch the
negatives, Sarah.
- You expect
me to believe that?
- For god's sake, Sarah,
I checked the negative.
He only showed up when
I developed the print.
Is this your friend Bill?
That's it, we're leaving.
Wait a minute.
Dennis has got a problem here.
We can't just leave.
Wanna bet?
Come on.
What do you mean no?
I'm your mother!
What did he say?
He has to help his friend Bill
and the children.
Hello, Peter.
Thomas here.
Yeah, I've got
something of interest.
Seems old Charles was
skimming public money
and then for the
orphanage children.
No, just wait there.
I'll be right over.
Of course, bye-bye.
- I knew Thomas
would get something.
Thomas called.
Sarah, he says he has
some very interesting
information about Charles
and the orphanage.
Well, he can stick it.
Sarah, he's on his way here.
Goodnight, Dennis.
Come on, let's get a drink.
It's been over two hours.
He should be here by now.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Hey, he's here.
Mr. Mitchell.
I had to come to see you.
I must tell you that--
Come in, Margareth.
- I, I never, never heard
about something like this.
Thomas is dead?
God, what happened?
They think Frank did it.
Where are you going?
To check on Dennis.
Where could he be?
Now look,
look, I didn't tell you this,
but one morning I
woke up and he was
wiping mud off the floor,
and I'm sure that he was
walking through the swamp--
- What does that
have to do with it?
- Because between the
orphanage and the cemetery
there is a swamp and I'm
sure he was in there.
Maybe he's in the graveyard.
Where are you?
Where are you?
There's a swamp between the,
between the orphanage
and the cemetery.
I can't take this anymore!
- Well, just shut up!
- I'm going crazy!
Just find him!
I'm going as fast as I can.
Just listen to me.
Maybe I should drive.
I've been putting up
with you for two weeks.
I've had it with you.
Peter, I'm just scared, okay?
So am I.
We'll find him.
Come on, trust me.
We'll find him.
Thank God.
I want to go home.
Whatever you say, dear.