South of Heaven (2021) Movie Script

[tapping on mic]
[woman] Would you state your
name for the record, please?
[Jimmy] James Ray.
[woman] James Ray.
You are currently
serving a 15-year sentence
following a guilty plea
for armed robbery
and aggravated assault
with a deadly weapon.
[Jimmy] Yes, ma'am.
[woman] I believe you have some
medical files for us to examine,
and that you've also prepared
a statement you wish to read.
Would you like to do that now?
No, ma'am.
[woman] I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
Well, I had this long speech
ready for y'all, and.
Been working on it every day
for the last three weeks now.
I even did rehearsals,
and not just like
in a mirror by myself
but you know with my cellmate,
a few of the prison guards,
even the prison doctor.
You know, I'd say to anybody
who'd, you know, listen to me.
Sadly though,
you're not gonna hear it today.
See, life has its own way
of planning things.
While I was putting
the finishing touches
on my heartfelt confession
about my glorious redemption
courtesy of this here
state correctional facility,
my one true love, Annie,
she got the death sentence.
lung cancer.
Doctors gave her a year.
Well, I ain't going to
waste my time with y'all
talking about
what a huge mistake I made
with that stupid
goddamn bank robbery.
But I am going to
ask you to let...
No, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna beg you to let me out.
So that I can give Annie,
my sweet Annie,
the life I robbed from her.
She never let me down.
We promised each other
we'd get married
once I was on the outside.
Why wait so long?
Well, ma'am, I don't know
how familiar you are
with prison weddings,
but they're about
as far as you can get
from the kind of wedding
a little girl dreams of,
you know.
There ain't no roses or guests.
No bridesmaids and pink dresses.
No... fancy food.
No music to dance to.
And well,
there sure as hell ain't no car
with a "Just Married" sign
ready to drive you away.
No, ma'am, all you get
is the prison chaplain
to wed you and your loved one
in holy matrimony.
And that's the same man that
consoles prisoners on death row.
That ain't very romantic,
now is it?
But if by y'all's good graces,
I'm destined to get out of here,
I'm gonna make sure she gets
the wedding she deserves.
I'm gonna give Annie
the best year of her life.
[clock ticking]
[gate clanking]
[somber music]
[birds chirping]
Do you hate it?
You look beautiful.
I'm not lying, Annie.
You look like an angel.
And soon to be.
No, no,
that's not what I meant.
I'm just teasing you, Jimmy.
Come on.
[keys clanking]
Still remember
how to drive, right?
I guess
we'll find out now, won't we?
[Annie laughing]
["Wild Heart" performed
by Grace Askew]
d Mustangs and politics d
d Let the change
And he still leaves d
d It's a bag of
Brown and red dirt. d
[car rattles]
d You nearly drown
And never get home d
[laughs] What?
I just can't stop
staring at you.
Well, in that case,
maybe I should drive.
Oh, no. I'm sorry, miss.
You're not gonna lift another
finger for a long time now.
I'm here to serve.
Your wish is my command.
I can get used to that.
["Wild Heart" continues to play]
[song fades off]
[car doors close]
You kept the trailer.
It was our home.
Couldn't get rid of it.
Yeah, of course not.
[wind whooshing]
[wind chimes tinkle softly]
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna go inside,
turn on the water heater.
And you just come in when
you're good and ready. Okay?
[wind whooshing]
[wind chimes tinkle softly]
[door hinges creak]
[door closes]
[mellow theme]
[Jimmy sighs]
[water flowing]
[Jimmy breathes deeply]
[Annie breathes deeply]
[Annie breathes deeply]
What's wrong?
I just can't believe
I'm actually here.
You're here.
But you're way over there.
I'm so sorry, Annie.
I'm sorry.
I know.
I know.
[Jimmy sniffles]
Thank you.
Hey, come on now.
Listen to me.
Warts and all, remember?
Yeah, warts and all.
[Jimmy breathes deeply]
[knocks on door]
[Schmidt] Come in.
Take a seat.
Ah, Raines, is it?
Ray. Jimmy Ray.
Oh, that's right.
Fifteen years for picking
the wrong kind of friends.
Am I right or am I right?
More or less. Yeah.
Why don't we make that
"More or less, sir."
That's easy enough for you
to remember, ain't it.
Yes, sir.
You just keep
that "Yes sir" attitude
and maybe me and you,
we won't have a problem.
Oh, boy. They sure gave you
full package, didn't they?
This whole sorry business
with the lady friend
is truly unfortunate.
I tell you, if it were me,
I'd be carrying a whole bagful
of grudge right about now.
Most men would.
Not me, sir.
Oh yeah? Why is that?
Well, obviously because of
that sorry business
with my lady friend
that you mentioned.
I owe it to her
to stay straight.
Well, that is
truly admirable, Ray.
- But I gotta...
- [Jimmy] It's Jimmy.
Look, I'm gonna
shoot you straight, buddy.
Because I don't want to come off
like some kind of dick
or nothing.
And you seem a tad sharper than
most fellows passin' this hall.
Truth be told,
I don't give a damn if
your name's Jesus of Nazareth.
All I care is
you abide by my rules.
You do that, I'll be
the best friend you got
on this side of the walls.
If you so much as
drink in excess...
you do know
what excess means, right?
Not according to my girl.
[Schmidt laughs]
[slaps desk top]
You're a funny fella.
Yeah, that's a good one.
Having a good sense of humor
can go a long way
in keeping a man afloat
during hard times.
But I got a rule of my own
and it don't show up
on these here papers.
And that rule says wisecracking
is a waste of my valuable time.
And I don't think you have
much time to waste neither,
am I correct, or am I correct?
No, I don't, sir.
If you fail to abide
by any of my rules,
well, you're gonna find yourself
right back in chains.
I got you a job
at the loading docks.
I hope you can appreciate
the chance you're getting here.
I do, sir.
It ain't much
in the way of a paycheck,
I know, but I'm sure
a smart fella like yourself.
Well, we'll meet again
every week till further notice.
While you report to me
as required by law,
as long as I see you
keeping on the up and up.
well, then you might have
yourself a bright future.
No offense to the lady friend
of course.
We'll be just fine.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Just make sure you're there
tomorrow morning.
Yes, sir.
Mm-mm. Go on, now.
[door closes]
[birds chirping]
You all right?
Yeah, no. I'm good.
Come on, Jimmy.
I can read you like a book.
What's wrong?
Oh, you know.
I got a new job.
I start tomorrow morning.
That's it.
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.
Okay, fine.
Look, I just got a bad feeling
about my parole officer,
that's all.
Well, he's your parole officer.
You're supposed to have
a bad feeling about him.
Yeah, yeah.
But something don't sit right.
I don't know.
I'll tell you what.
This, um, what's his name?
This Schmidt here
does anything to cross my man
and I will be all over his ass.
[scissors clanking]
I'll make grass
out of his ass.
I think you mean to say
his ass is grass.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
That is exactly what I mean.
Yeah, well, I'd hate to be
on the receiving end
of those clippers.
- That's for sure.
- Yes, you would.
- Whoo.
- Mm.
Hm. All this grass talk
is making me thirsty.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em, right?
Is that what I think it is?
The only perk
cancer has to offer.
Shall we?
Look, I mean,
if it's legal, you know.
[Annie chuckles]
[birds chirping]
[mellow theme]
Did you ever imagine
that we'd have to pick
our wedding song
and my death song
in the same year? [laughs]
Come on.
- Too soon?
- Yeah, way too soon.
I don't-I don't think
it'll ever be a good time
- for that conversation.
- Oh, come on, Jimmy.
Help me pick a death song.
Okay, you know what,
I think you've had
- too much of that stuff.
- [Annie laughing]
- I think you haven't had enough.
- [scoffs] I'm good.
I think it should be sad.
But also funny.
Like maybe like the Beach Boys,
"Good Vibrations."
[gasps] No. I know.
"God Only Knows."
Oh, you're killing me. Come on.
d I may not always love you d
d But long as
There are stars above you d
d You never need to doubt it d
d I'll make you
So sure about it d
d God only knows. d
[both] d Knows
What I'd be without you. d
[chuckles] Perfect.
d If you should ever leave me d
d Though life would
Still go on believe me d
d The world could
Show nothing to me d
d So what good would
Living do me d
d God only. d
Shit. I'm sorry.
This here's a bad idea.
Please don't cry. Okay?
It's my funeral,
and I will cry if I want to.
d You would cry too
If it happened to you d
She's laughing now.
Laughing, dancing.
Okay. Okay.
- [Annie laughing]
- Oh, my god.
They don't tell you that.
But dying can make you
extremely bipolar.
[Jimmy laughing]
[both laughing]
Oh, no. Oh.
[both laughing]
Oh, no.
- Oh, yeah, huh?
- Mm-hm.
Well, I'll tell you
this right now.
I sure would like to kiss
those bipolar lips of yours.
Would you now?
Yes. Yes, ma'am.
Yeah. Well,
- this one here.
- Mm-hm.
Is very strongly
against it.
Okay. Noted.
But this one has veto power
and it's rooting for you, Jimmy.
It's rooting loud and strong.
[mellow theme]
[clock ticking]
[clock ticking]
[indistinct chattering]
Keep driving, or I'll blow
your fucking head off,
- you hear me?
- [elbow thrown]
[Frank grunts]
Come on, man.
Frank? What...?
Come on.
How you doing, Jimmy?
It's been a long time.
- [Frank laughs]
- Dammit, Frank!
What are you doing?
You got something
for my fuckin' nose?
Over, there somewhere? Please.
Oh, yeah. That's good.
I'm sorry about that, man.
It's all right.
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have snuck up
on a fresh ex-con.
Big dangerous man like you.
[Jimmy laughing]
[laughing] Fuck.
Hey, listen, man.
I'm sorry I haven't gotten in
touch with you since being out.
Oh, shut the fuck up.
No, no, no.
I mean it.
Look, you took care of Annie
for me.
while I was still in.
I owe you.
You don't owe me shit.
It was Annie
who took care of me.
That's the truth.
I was a holy fucking mess
when I got out.
It was Annie set me straight.
Yeah, she got a way about her,
don't she?
Yes, she does.
Oh, shit, man.
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
Where are we drinking, man?
Oh, well, I can't.
I can't tonight.
Annie and I are going out.
[Frank] We don't
have to do it tonight.
We'll do it this weekend, huh?
We should probably reminisce
about the good old days, right?
Frank, I'd love to do that.
I would, but, um.
you know, I'm on parole
and they got all these
dumbass rules. You know?
With the, uh, no boozin'
and don't miss a day's work.
I can't be consorting
with known criminals.
And that's what I am?
I'm a criminal.
Hey, that's...
let me tell you something
you may not know.
I ain't been a criminal
in three years.
I run a legit business now.
It's a scrapyard
and it's doing real good.
And if you weren't
such an asshole,
maybe I'd bring you in on it.
Honest Frank?
Yeah, you like that?
- You are Honest frank?
- [Frank laughs]
Ah. Any other life,
I'd jump at the chance.
You know, no second thoughts,
but just the way things are.
I... I can't be, uh,
I don't wanna mess around
with these last moments
with Annie.
Yeah, so. I can't.
That's all right.
It's all right. I get you.
I wouldn't want you to risk that
either, tell you the truth.
Appreciate you understand.
I want you to hold on to that.
So if you need anything,
you call me up.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Well, if you'll excuse me.
I got a broken nose
to attend to.
And a broken heart.
Fuck off.
[both laughing]
[bowling ball thuds]
[bowling pins rattling]
Mm. Unbelievable.
And that is why they have
my picture on the wall.
I mean, you did have
12 years more practice than me.
And whose fault is that?
[both laughing]
[bowling ball rolling]
[Annie chuckling]
Whose idea was it to come here?
I thought you loved this place.
Oh, no. I liked making out
here. That's what it was.
You liked
making out everywhere.
We were great. Yeah?
Hm. We were young.
What are you talking about?
We still are young.
Are we now?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Really?
Hold that thought.
I'm gonna go get us some beers.
I'm gonna pick up
the spare then.
You gonna miss it.
Just watch.
It'll be incredible.
A lot of pins to hit.
Here it comes. Come on.
- [bowling ball rolling]
- Shit!
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- [beer bottles clanking]
[song playing]
For you.
Mm. Thank you kindly.
Easy there, cowgirl.
I'm just
evenin' the odds, Jimmy.
[both chuckle]
Now, where were we?
Would you two
get a room already?
I hope you're watching
that excess protocol, Jimmy.
And you?
You must be Mrs. Ray.
To be.
Of course.
Pleasure to meet you, ma'am.
The pleasure's all mine,
I'm Jimmy's state appointed
parole officer
but I'm sure he's told you
about me already.
Oh, he sure did.
Only good things, I'm sure.
I hate to interrupt
your date night.
You wouldn't mind me
stealing this fine fella
for just a little huddle now,
would you?
Not at all.
Thank you kindly, ma'am.
Come on, Jimmy.
It's your turn.
Boy, she's somethin' else.
Yeah, she is.
[billiard balls clicking]
How's everything going, Jimmy?
You doing all right?
Everything's fine.
That's great.
I know how hard it is
to make a life worth living
on a measly salary.
Yeah. We'll get by.
Yeah, you know, I've seen
so many hardworking folks
like yourself
fall back to transgressions
and whatnot.
It's easy to fall
by the wayside
when you ain't got
the right support.
Yeah, well, I won't.
You know,
I got too much to lose.
Yeah, that's just
what I was thinking.
I was thinking
there ain't no way
this man'll go up
and throw away this gift.
That's why I think
an honest man like yourself
shouldn't have to fight so hard
to make ends meet.
Why, it's in
everyone's best interest.
that you stay afloat ain't it?
What you getting at?
Well, I got
a little side gig for you.
All you gotta do
is go by this address,
pick up a bag for me;
you do that?
Get yourself
a little extra scratch,
stay out of trouble.
Everybody wins.
What if I say no?
[Schmidt sighs]
Well, that'd just make me sad.
And I'd hate to see you waste
what precious little time
you still got left with
the future missus over there.
Un-fucking unbelievable!
Easy. Language, here. We got
kids runnin' around.
You keep popping off like that,
you'll find yourself behind bars
before the lady friend knows
you done gone
and stuck her with the bill.
[song playing]
Hell, yeah!
Did you see that?
I'm gonna give you a couple
days to think on it, Jimmy.
You have yourself
a nice evening, now.
[receding footsteps]
[indistinct chattering]
Okay. My turn?
- Wow.
- Everything all right?
Ah, yes. Yeah.
You know, it was work stuff.
He said he might have something
for me down the line.
Something different.
Anything good?
Um, well, I don't know yet.
[bowling ball rolling]
Mm. Mm-mm-mm.
Don't worry about it, okay?
All right.
I get it.
Change the subject, Annie.
So then,
why don't you tell me
about your big wedding plans?
Oh, yeah.
See, that I got all figured out.
Oh, really?
Yes, ma'am. Yeah.
Yeah, we gonna do it
somewhere special.
You know, like
right out of a postcard.
Have lights hanging up
all over the place.
Rose petals just flying around.
A band playing.
And we're gonna do it
somewhere near the beach.
So when you come walking
down the aisle,
you feel that ocean breeze
hit you.
[Annie chuckles]
And then at the end,
well, you know,
after we say "I do",
and I kiss my new bride,
we're gonna light up the sky
with a blaze of fireworks.
So everyone around knows
that Annie and Jimmy Ray
finally made things right.
How's that sound?
It doesn't sound
anything like us.
Now, come on. I thought
you always wanted a big wedding.
Twelve-year-old Annie
would have loved it.
Okay, what about Annie now?
She likes
to keep things simple.
[clock ticking]
[tools clatter]
Hey there, Jimmy?
Did you have time
to think about my offer?
Yes, sir.
I'm afraid the answer's no.
Now you know.
Well, I mean,
as long as I'm here.
You wouldn't mind me havin'
a little look-see
around your locker now,
would you?
I ain't got nothing to hide.
Go on.
- Uh-uh.
- Go.
We got ourselves a wallet.
Couple jackets.
Couple shirts, white shorts.
Not-so-white shorts.
Jasmine blossom deodorant.
Let me guess,
a gift from the missus.
Somethin' like that.
Well, all in all,
locker looks legit.
All right now.
Oh, hold on now.
Oh, no. What's this I see?
Oh, so we're gonna
play a game now?
No games, Jimmy.
What I see here is two grams
of pure parole violation.
Now, do you really want to break
Annie's heart like that?
Don't fucking say her name.
Temper, temper, Jimmy.
Temper, temper.
Now, I'm gonna remind you
of that eye in the sky.
Look to your left.
There you go.
Take your hands off me
nice and easy-like.
Nice and easy.
There you go.
There you go, cowboy.
[Jimmy breathing heavily]
So what's the job?
I knew you'd come
to your senses.
Yeah. Well, what is it?
You see, Jimmy,
my unique position
allows me to facilitate
several highly profitable
But I can't be fraternizing
with the riffraff
that comes along with it.
Now, I'm. I'm more like
a queen bee,
I guess you could say.
And I got this enormous
hive of worker bees.
And each one has
their own specific task.
Some do the picking,
some do the sending,
and together they make
this beautiful honeycomb.
A money comb.
Now, in that note,
you can find an address.
All you got to do
is arrive and collect.
Any trouble
I need to know about?
No. Well, no.
Ain't no man likes to be
separated from his cash.
But all in all,
they a'right folks.
They know how shit plays out.
Looks like you, uh,
you know, made up your mind,
so I'm just gonna leave you be.
All right, Jimmy.
[somber music]
[rumble of car engine]
[tense music]
[steps creaking]
[knocking on door]
[door hinges creaking]
[door hinges creaking]
And who the fuck are you?
I'm the errand boy.
Hey, Carlos.
Wasn't I clear asking Schmidt
to come here in person?
Yeah, you were, boss.
So why are you here?
I'm just following orders.
So you're Schmidt's
new errand boy.
His new money donkey, huh?
[Carlos brays]
I see you noticed our new rug.
Ugly, isn't it?
We bought it especially
for Senor Schmidt.
I don't want any trouble, okay?
That's between you and him.
Let me tell you something.
This Schmidt guy is like, um.
like a cat.
Un gato.
He's got nine lives
or something.
Tonight was supposed to be
his night
and now you got that shit
all messed up.
I say we waste him.
What good would that do?
Send a message.
[chainsaw engine revving]
At least let me
take his hand off.
- [kick thrown]
- [Carlos grunts]
[chainsaw engine revving]
You let go of my brother.
All right, listen.
I didn't come here
to kill anybody,
but I sure as hell
didn't come here to die.
If you want to kill
that son of a bitch Schmidt,
go ahead. Be my guest.
You all'd be doing me a favor.
But we both know if I don't
bring him back his cut,
he's gonna send us all
back to jail.
Don't listen to this pendejo.
He's just trying
to save his ass.
[speaks in Spanish], shut up.
This thing is getting heavy,
Whoa, whoa. Calm down.
[speaks in Spanish]
[machine stops]
Now you listen good.
You go back to him,
you give him the money.
But this here.
this never happened.
Say it.
It never happened.
And regarding the inevitable
fate of Mr. Schmidt.
let's just say he lives
to die another day.
Yeah, I can live with that.
[door hinges creak]
["Time" performed by
Ural Thomas and the Pain]
d On the trail of time d
d There's many sorrows d
d And a worried mind d
d Can't be at rest d
[crickets chirping]
d Oh everything d
d I ever wanted d
d I do not find d
[phone vibrating]
d Though I done my best d
Oh, shit.
d I can see those stars d
[engine revving]
[bike smashing]
[car tires screeching]
[suspenseful music]
[insects chirping]
[loud knock on door]
Whoa! What the fuck happened?
Got in an accident. [panting]
[door slams]
An accident?
That's what
you call an accident?
That's a fucking horror show.
That's a goddamn Houdini act
is what that is.
Now let's see, why would you
bring it to me?
- I need it to go away.
- You need it to go away, right.
You forgot to mention
there's a fuckin' body here.
Can you help me?
Jesus Christ,
you got any idea what
you're askin' me to do here?
When you cross a line like this,
you don't come back from that.
I told you
it was an accident.
There's nothin' I could do.
He came out of nowhere!
It's a clusterfuck
is what it is.
Doesn't matter if it was
an accident, does it?
Look, I'm gonna do this
if you help me or not.
There's no need
to be rude about it.
Tryin' to make sure
you're up for it. That's all.
I am.
Well, all right, then.
Start with the meat.
You get the bottom
and I'll get the top.
[groans] Fuck, man.
Now could you at least
close his eyes?
[machine clattering]
[suspenseful music]
I don't think
you're gonna have a problem.
Truck's fixed. And, uh.
once I empty that shredder,
it's a needle
in a fuckin' haystack, so.
I know.
I owe you, Frank.
Man, I told you before
you don't owe me shit.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Not wise to be consortin'
with known criminals.
[car engine revving]
[door creaks]
[door closes]
[sighs] Why do you feel
the need to sneak in?
No, I just didn't know
if you were asleep or not
and I don't wanna wake you,
that's all.
Where'd you get the shirt?
It was.
I mean, it's not mine.
Worth let me borrow it 'cause
I got stuff on mine.
Warts and all.
Remember, Jimmy.
You can tell me anything.
Ain't nothin' to tell, hon.
I can't go through
this again, Jimmy.
You comin' home late,
never saying where you're goin',
when you're comin' back.
[sighs] You're right.
Right, I can't treat you
like this again.
I'm sorry.
[door opens]
That's not what I meant.
[engine revving]
[knocks on window]
Rise and shine, baby.
Everything all right, buddy?
Yeah, I'll be up.
Trouble with the lady?
See you inside, Romeo.
- [man] Is he all right?
- [Jimmy grunting]
[Sam laughing]
Come on, boy.
[engine revving]
...teachers and students
protested today in Texas,
demanding higher wages
and additional resources
for their students.
The teachers are demanding
a $10,000 raise [indistinct]
close to $200 million
in education funding.
It is the latest in a series
of teacher walkouts.
So far, teachers
in four states,
each with a Republican
governor and legislature,
have walked out of
their classrooms,
marching for school funding.
[tense music]
[report continues on TV]
Honest Frank?
I'd like to have a word with you
if that's all right.
[indistinct chatter over TV]
Well? You just
gonna leave me hanging?
That's not
very courteous of you.
Ah. no, no, no.
Make yourselves at home.
[sliding gate closes]
[suspenseful music]
My name is Whit Price.
Ever heard of me?
By the look on your face,
I'd wager you have.
See, I believe familiarity
is the key to all good dealings.
Everybody knows who's who.
There's no surprises.
Makes things, um, smoother.
Wouldn't you agree,
Honest Frank?
Just call me Frank.
First-name basis.
Even better.
Now, let's cut to the chase.
Tell us where it is.
and we can be on our way.
Tell you where what is?
Today is a very busy day
for me.
I thought we were
on the same page.
I'm just not sure
what you mean, that's all.
Oh, I know you know
exactly what I mean.
See, you have both
your TV and your radio
tuned to the local news.
Lottery's still two days away.
So I'm guessing you're waiting
on somethin' else.
Missing Persons report, perhaps?
[man chewing]
Man, I don't know
what you're talkin' about.
I-I really don't.
Maybe I'm at fault here.
You know, I walk in here,
talkin' about familiarity.
I'm leaving you all in the dark.
So, in the spirit
of familiarity,
I'm going to share
my current predicament with you.
As you may have some new light
to shed on the subject.
I don't know why you think
I have light to shed here.
I don't.
Come on, man. I don't know...
[Frank grunting and groaning]
That could not
have been pleasant.
Well, I'll go ahead and explain.
I'm a businessman.
I'm involved in several...
And some of those ventures
include the transportation
of very precious commodities.
Now last night,
one of my couriers
failed to deliver
one of those said commodities...
something or someone
stopped him on his way.
Now, I admit, I may have been
a bit hasty in the.
executing of the job.
The selection of personnel
was, uh.
less than optimal.
But I was pressed for time.
So, I do take some of the blame.
But then, there's this.
You know what this is?
It's a tracker.
It's a wonderful device.
You slap this teeny,
little tracer on every vehicle
and voila,
no more guesswork.
Had I not known better,
I would have just
assumed this was just
an unfortunate accident.
We might have been combing
the roadside
for a month.
But this little device shows me
that my cargo had made its way
right down to this
rusty little patch.
Mr. Price, nothing like that
came through here.
Call me Whit.
Now, a quick rundown
through some of the uses
this yard lends itself to.
I can only assume that
my transport of commodity
was intercepted
with the specific intent
to eliminate any evidence.
You see.
the last time a signal was sent,
just before it died,
was right outside your doorstep.
Please, I don't know
anything about that.
I swear to God.
Now, let's do this
one last time, shall we?
I seem to have misplaced
500 grand,
last traced to this very place.
Now, if you have a better
solution to this puzzle,
I'm all ears.
[Frank sighs]
What the fuck are you
talkin' about, 500 grand?
Ring a bell?
[Frank grunting]
Ah, that son of a bitch.
He told me that it was
just an accident, all right?
I don't know anything about
fucking 500 grand.
All right?
I never did it,
I just helped him
clean it up. That's it.
Well, perhaps
this son of a bitch
can help us resolve
this conundrum?
Name and address,
and please
don't make me repeat myself.
No, no, no, no!
Don't you fucking do it!
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
Ah, fuck.
You motherfucker!
[crying in pain]
Let me get this straight.
This greedy cohort of yours
is out there
havin' 500 grand worth
of a good time
while throwing you
under the bus,
and you're still
willing to die for him?
[Frank grunting]
Now that is friendship.
No, no, no, no!
[knocks on door]
[knocking on door continues]
- Good day, ma'am.
- Hi.
Sorry to disturb you.
No trouble.
I just got me
a little business
I need to discuss with Jimmy.
Right. Well, Jimmy's not home,
he's at work.
Oh, hardworking man.
That's nice.
If you wouldn't mind?
As state correctional officers,
uh, we're mandated to perform
the occasional random search
of a parolee's
current residence.
I see.
Come on in.
You've made a lovely home
for yourself here, Annie.
Thank you very much.
I gotta tell you, your man,
he's made quite the progress
these last couple of days.
He's a good man.
That's what he tells me.
He definitely
has the right incentive
to come home to.
Oh, come on. Don't be shy.
You and me, we both know
it takes a certain kind of woman
to put up with a life like this.
It tells me a lot about you.
It shows your character.
That's love, Mr. Schmidt.
Ah. that's... love,
it goes a long way.
In fact.
I'd venture to say
there ain't about nothin'
that you wouldn't do for him.
Am I right or am I right?
Well, I can think of
a couple things I wouldn't do.
What is that intoxicating smell?
It's chocolate cake.
One week out.
That's sweet.
You think I might get me
a little slice
of that chocolate heaven?
Well, you know.
The groom's supposed to be
the one to take the first bite.
- Mm-hm.
- Otherwise, it's bad luck.
Yeah. I know.
But you know what,
I'll take my chances.
[tense music]
[pouring coffee into mug]
- Sugar?
- Mm-hm.
Don't hold back.
I got me a sweet tooth.
[dishes clanking]
Mm. That's just the way
I like it.
You know, Jimmy,
he's a very, very lucky man.
We both are.
[knocks on door]
Speak of the devil.
[approaching footsteps]
I thought you said
Jimmy's not here?
This is not Jimmy.
It's Schmidt, Mr. Price.
I'm a state
correctional officer.
Ma'am, has Jimmy had
any dealings with this man?
- I don't know.
- May I?
- Please.
- No, you may not.
This is a known career criminal.
Are you aware
that any association
with a suspected
or convicted criminal
a parole violation?
[Price] It's, um.
Schmidt, right?
Yes, it is.
And believe this is
going in my report.
[Price] You best
be on your way now.
[Annie chuckles]
Are you threatening
a state employee?
Just trying to avoid
the inevitable.
Oh, I tell you
what's inevitable,
is me calling the...
- [Schmidt choking]
- [Annie gasping]
You just couldn't leave, huh?
[door opens]
[door creaks and closes]
Hey. Annie?
[phone ringing]
[approaching footsteps]
[Price] She can't get to
the phone right now.
Who is this?
My name is Whit Price.
Ever heard of me?
I can't really see you nodding.
But I'll take that silence
for a resounding yes.
Now, for the issue at hand.
I was recently informed
by an associate of yours,
Honest Frank,
that you are in possession
of a large sum of money
which was on its way to me
last night.
Well, I have no idea
what you're talkin' about.
My courier was carrying
a half a million dollars,
and he never made it home.
Instead, I found pieces of
his meticulously chopped bike
at the recently deceased
Honest Frank's scrapyard.
I can only guess that
my courier faced a similar
horrible fate.
Listen, Mister. Mr. Price,
last night was an accident.
He came out of nowhere.
There was nothin'
I could do, okay?
[Price] Now look here.
I'm willing to overlook
the sad loss of a human life.
But if you ever want to share
another dance
with your lovely woman here,
you better come up
with my 500 grand.
You gotta believe me.
I never laid eyes
on that money, okay?
It could be anywhere by now.
[Price] Well then,
you have 24 hours
to turn that anywhere
into somewhere.
Oh, just one more thing.
Don't forget
to take out the trash.
[tense music]
[tense music building up]
[thrilling music]
[thrilling music continues]
[school bell ringing]
[lively chattering]
Hey! Who the fuck are you?
I'm Jimmy.
And where's Vinnie?
He took the day off.
What do you mean,
he took the day off?
Is this some amateur hour
or somethin'?
I'm calling my father.
That's a good idea, Tommy.
You should go ahead and do that.
- Yo, what's up, Dad?
- [Price] Tommy?
Hey, I'm in a car,
and this smartass is saying
Vinnie took the day off.
[Price] What's his name?
He says his name is...
Hey, what's your name again?
Jimmy. Jimmy Ray.
[Tommy] Jimmy Ray.
- [car door locks click]
- [Price] Can you get out?
He locked the doors.
[Price] Where's he taking you?
How the fuck should I know
where he's taking me?
[Price] Let me talk to him.
Here, he wants to talk to you.
Mr. Price.
[Price] Are you out of
your goddamn mind?
What the hell are you doing?
I'm doing just fine, Mr. Price,
but seeing as you have my woman
and I really don't
have your money,
well, you didn't give me
much of a choice now, did you?
So you kidnapped my son?
Yeah, I figured he was worth
more than 500 grand to you.
[Price] Listen,
if you hurt my son...
Ain't nobody's gonna
hurt anybody, Mr. Price.
This is a fair exchange
right here.
Your boy for my Annie.
[Price] You have no idea what
you're getting yourself into.
No, Mr. Price.
You're the one that has no idea.
You have pushed a desperate man
a little too far here.
You back a man like that
into a corner,
you ain't give him no choice
but to break down
the fucking walls.
But still, I believe
there is a peaceful solution
to all of this, okay?
[Price] Hey,
I'm all about peace.
All right, good.
And I want you to meet me
tonight at Mack's BBQ. 8 p.m.
[Price] 8 p.m.?
That's a houseful of obese
motherfuckers to deal with.
Yeah, well.
You know what they call
a house full of obese
motherfuckers where I'm from?
- [Price] Enlighten me.
- Life insurance.
[Tommy] Yo, my iPhone.
You motherfucker!
You know how many apps
I had on that thing?
Man, turn the car around.
- [Jimmy] No.
- Turn the car around.
- Mm-mm.
- [Tommy screaming wildly]
Hey! Hey, knock it off.
You keep doing that,
we're gonna have a problem.
What you gonna do about it?
What are you doing?
Let me out.
Let me out!
Please, let me out.
Come on.
Let me out, man.
Please let me out, man.
Let's make a deal.
Come on, man.
[Price] [yells] Aah!
What the hell is wrong
with your husband?
He just kidnapped my son.
My son!
[agitated footsteps]
I was afraid he would do
something like that.
This is business,
pure and simple.
He had no right to
drag my family into this.
In all fairness,
you did drag his family first.
All he had to do
was bring the money.
Well, I guess
he wanted to use
the same currency that you do.
You find this funny?
You have nothing to
worry about, all right.
Jimmy would never hurt a kid.
You better pray
nothing happens to my son.
Well, you better pray
nothing happens to his fiance.
Hey, you almost
killed me in there.
[Jimmy] Yeah, well,
you're not done yet, so.
- Come on. Out you go.
- [Tommy grunts]
[Tommy] Get your hands off me.
[Jimmy] For a moment,
just walk, okay?
You're gettin' in that truck.
- [Tommy] Uh-uh.
- [Jimmy] Yes, sir.
[Tommy] Man, you're crazy.
- This is what we have to do.
- [Tommy] Come on, man.
[Jimmy] No, this is how it goes.
Come on.
In you go.
Hey, remember,
small breaths, all right?
- [Tommy] I'll show you small...
- [Jimmy] All right.
Can I offer you
something to drink?
Just my medicine.
It's in my apron.
[whispers] Trace the car.
Huh. Now I know
why you're so calm.
Doctor's orders.
Lung cancer,
to be precise, Mr. Price.
And your doctor
gave you weed?
My doctor gave me
nine to 12 months.
I'm so sorry.
[Annie scoffs]
What's so funny?
Well, I mean,
you got to be able to
appreciate the irony, right?
I'm being consoled
by my kidnapper.
[Price chuckles]
[Annie inhales deeply]
That's how I lost my wife.
I'm sorry.
Do you mind?
By all means.
[Price inhales]
[Price coughing]
My wife, she loved to smoke.
I told her
it'd kill her one day.
She didn't listen.
And you?
Were you a smoker?
[Annie] Me? No.
I was a good girl.
I never smoked a day in my life.
My only crime was working
at a shabby hair salon.
I don't follow.
Well, this might come
as a surprise to you, Mr. Price.
It sure came
as a surprise to me.
But, um, smoking
is not the only way
that you get lung cancer.
Apparently, inhaling commercial
quantities of hair product fumes
will also do the trick.
Hair product fumes?
- [Annie] Yeah.
- Really?
Yeah. Women will do anything
to get rid of their curls,
and I was there
to help them all...
a dozen a day in my small
and poorly-ventilated
corner of the salon.
Wish they'd just leave
their curls alone, you know?
Keep it natural.
I like curls.
My wife had curls.
Hm. Me too.
But we're a dying breed.
I mean, literally,
a dying breed.
[both laughing]
[car door closes]
[lock clicking]
[Jimmy] I hope that road
wasn't too bumpy back there.
When this is over,
I'm gonna tell my father
to do you in myself.
Yeah. All right, then.
Come on. Let's go.
Okay. We're going
in that trailer right there.
[birds chirping]
[trailer door creaks open]
All right, let's go.
I ain't going in there.
Kid, don't try my patience.
Come on.
Look, I've seen movies.
The minute we walk in,
you're gonna try to
pull down your pants.
What the hell
are you talking about?
You know what they do
to old pervs like you in prison?
- Cut off your balls.
- Okay.
Jesus Christ, kid,
what is wrong with you?
Look, I'm not gonna
touch you, okay?
But if you don't
get your ass inside here,
I'm gonna start
cutting off your fingers
and mailing 'em to your dad.
You hear?
But you better not
try anything funny.
[trailer door creaks]
[trailer door closes]
[fly buzzing]
Real classy.
I appreciate it.
So how much money
did you ask for me?
Million? Two million?
Well, I didn't ask
for any money.
No money?
What kind of business
is you running here?
Your father has my woman.
Man, all this over a girl?
[Jimmy] Yes, sir.
Fuck you. You're bluffing.
No woman's worth
this kind of risk.
Not even your mom?
Hey, my mom was a saint.
That's why God took her so soon.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Now, if you don't mind me
changing the subject,
I didn't eat all day.
What's for lunch?
I got a couple of
turkey sandwiches over there.
Well, they're not gonna
come over here on their own.
[Tommy sighs]
There's no special sauce inside?
Somethin' that's gonna
make me fall asleep?
Man, just eat it.
[exhales] All right.
[Tommy clears throat]
What do you think?
[Tommy] Not bad.
Man, quit playing
with your food.
Hey, I just wanted to see
what's inside.
Well, I can...
I can tell you that.
You got turkey, you know,
a little lettuce,
a little mayo, and my own
secret ingredient.
What's that?
Just a hint of peanut butter.
Not bad, huh?
[Tommy coughs and gags]
Hey, man.
You moron!
You know, I can't breathe.
[Tommy breathing deeply]
I can't breathe.
I ain't buying it, kid.
I can't breathe.
I need my Epipen!
Oh, shit.
[gasps] I need my Epipen!
Where is it?
Backpack. Back... [gasps]
Oh, shit. Shit.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
[Tommy panting]
[Jimmy panting]
Kid, look out!
[car alarm beeping]
[car engine revving]
You gotta be kidding me.
Hey, kid.
Kid, come on, talk to me.
Don't touch me, perv.
Oh, thank god.
[Jimmy panting]
Where's it hurt?
Fucking everywhere, you idiot.
I just got hit by a car.
Okay. Okay.
Look at me, all right?
Can you follow my finger?
Huh? Hey.
Can you follow mine?
[Jimmy panting]
I'm fine.
[Jimmy] Okay.
All right, come on.
[Tommy grunts]
You can run.
I'll give you that.
I would've made it
if it wasn't for that car.
Yeah, you would've. [sighs]
Your Jimmy.
is he a good guy?
He'd better be.
I've been waitin'
for 12 years to marry him.
Twelve years?
[Annie chuckles]
It's a long story.
We've got time.
Well, have you ever
taken a blood oath?
I-I can't say that I have.
Jimmy and I took one.
When we were seven.
That's beautiful.
[Annie] [laughs] Yeah,
you would think.
Except it was a bloody mess.
I saw it in an old movie,
and I just begged Jimmy
to do it with me.
He was so terrified
by the sight of blood
that I had to administrate
the whole thing.
[Price laughing]
I was so enthusiastic
that the knife went right
through his hand,
like butter.
Just blood, rivers of blood.
And then the blade was so rusty
that Jimmy ended up
in the hospital for a week.
[laughing] It was a mess.
Well, did you ever end up
finishing the blood oath?
We sure did.
[Price] So.
what went wrong?
I mean, Jimmy's a criminal
and you're...
Jimmy's no criminal.
He's not. He's not.
The job he went in for
is the only job
he ever tried to pull,
and he only did it
to try to gain the respect
of my no-good father.
Your father?
The only true
criminal in my life.
Had my... my brother killed,
my fianc in jail.
At least he got
what he deserved.
And you didn't know
anything about this?
Well, I mean, I knew
my dad was up to no good.
I just never thought
he'd drag Jimmy into it.
Jimmy probably thought
he was doing it for you.
[Annie sighs]
Yeah. I guess he did.
[Price grunts]
you do the crime.
you do the time.
We both did.
Alright, here's some.
Don't touch me.
I thought I lost you there
for a sec.
Spare me.
You thought you lost
your meal ticket.
[soft chuckle]
Are you sure you're okay?
It's gonna take more than
a fuckin' car to bring me down.
You're the real deal, Tommy.
Don't you forget that.
[Jimmy chuckles]
[oil sizzling]
[song playing in background]
[knife tapping board]
[bell pings]
Are you all right, son?
[Tommy] Do I look all right?
[bell pings]
Tommy, I want you
to go wait in the car.
I want to have a word or two
with this man, okay?
You're not letting him go,
Tommy, what did I say?
Joey, make sure
he stays in the car.
[song playing in background]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [rain pouring]
[Joey] Come on.
Don't get wet.
Tommy, is that the car
that brought you here?
No. It's that one right there.
Wait, why?
Are you going to
blow it up or something?
You know how your father feels
about those questions, right?
I know.
All right, listen.
Wait for me here.
I'm going with you, Joe.
Don't tell your father.
- [Tommy] All right.
- [Joey] Come on.
[rainfall continues]
Hold this.
Just for a sec.
- Are you okay?
- Mm-hm.
Are you okay?
A heck of a kid
you got there, Mr. Price.
And that's a heck of a woman
you got there, Jimmy.
Okay, what now?
Normally, I would hunt you down
for the rest of your lives.
But, me and Annie have had
a long conversation
about your special situation,
and it's made me
a little sentimental.
So here's what
we're going to do.
I'm going to allow you to spend
these last few months
with Annie.
Sorry, Annie.
It's all right.
I'm going to let you
marry Annie.
Finally give her the life
that you took from her.
But. the moment
this lovely creature
leaves this earth and ascends
to the gates of heaven,
you come back to me
and stand account
for damage done.
I can live with that.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to tend to my son.
[song playing in background]
Thank you, Mr. Price.
You're welcome, ma'am.
And might I suggest
you hold on to her
as long as you can.
- [door opens]
- [rain pouring]
[thunder rumbling]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[car door slams]
[rain pouring]
Annie, look...
It's all right, Jimmy.
We don't have to talk about it.
This ain't what
I planned for us.
I know.
[thunder rumbling]
Hey, ain't you mad at me?
Oh, I'm furious with you,
Jimmy Ray.
but what good
would that do to me?
Doctor said in my condition,
I should be chasing rainbows.
Can you catch me
a rainbow, Jimmy Ray?
[thunder rumbling]
I know that smile.
What do you have up your sleeve?
[Jimmy] Ah.
Well, you know, I...
I heard they got these,
they got these giant rainbow
down in Mexico.
[Jimmy] Yeah.
I'm not packed.
but I packed for you.
- For both of us.
- Did you now?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-hm. And passports?
You forgettin'
that you're on parole?
We can't exactly just
stroll out of the country.
What passport?
All a man and a woman need
to get to Mexico is right there.
Where did you get this?
Poor ol' Schmidt.
Poor ol' Schmidt. [chuckles]
So, come on,
what do you say?
You want to run away with me?
What, like a couple of
Annie, honey.
We are fugitives.
- [keys jangling]
- [car engine revving]
[Price] Did you, uh, get
the car insurance?
[Joey] Premium package.
You know I understand
you guys are saying, right?
And you guys
still talk in codes.
I just don't get
why you're letting him go.
Did he even tell you
about the car accident?
What car accident?
He didn't tell you
how I managed to ditch his ass?
Did you now?
I outran the son of a bitch
but got hit by a car.
Sure you did.
You don't believe me.
I believe you, Tommy.
I believe you.
Let's go home.
[gentle music]
I appreciate you.
[car door closes]
[insects chirping]
Good morning, sleepyhead.
Hm. Good mornin'.
Jimmy Ray,
where have you taken me?
I know it ain't a castle
or anything, but...
It's perfect.
What do we say
we get you inside?
I'll grab our stuff
and you can start getting ready.
Getting ready?
What am I getting ready for?
Come on.
Did you not get the invite?
We're getting married.
[Annie chuckles]
I mean, unless
you're getting cold
- feet on me now.
- Oh, of course not,
but don't we need like
a priest and witnesses?
Yeah, but that's details, okay?
Don't worry about all of that.
- I got it all figured out, huh?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah, trust me.
[Annie chuckles]
And where's
the young prince this morning?
Probably still sulking
in his room.
His breakfast
is getting cold.
And you know how I hate
wasting food.
I'm going in there.
[cutlery clanking]
[TV playing]
[door opens]
My god, it stinks in here.
I know you hear me, boy.
And I know
you're still mad at me.
And you probably
have every right to be.
Come on, kid.
I promise
I'll make it up to you.
[TV playing]
Remember that trip to Europe
we were talking about?
[with urgency] Tommy?
[siren wailing]
Mr. Price?
How is he, doctor?
Well, it's still
too early to tell.
Your son is suffering
from internal bleeding
caused by severe trauma
to the head.
Now, it could be
any number of reasons.
But we discovered some bruises
and small fractures
consistent with, uh...
was your son involved
in a car accident?
Maybe riding his bike?
Mr. Price?
You just make him better.
Mr. Price,
where are you going?
Mr. Price.
I need you to run
that car insurance for me.
Do we know where they are?
Yeah. Tracker's got them
in Mexico.
I don't care
what it takes.
I want you to find
that bastard and his wife.
Then I want you to kill her
in front of his eyes.
Make it fast and painless.
I don't follow.
I don't want her to suffer.
Just him.
Got it.
[Priest] [Mexican accent]
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today
in the presence
of these witnesses
to join James and Annie
in marriage
to be honorable among all.
James, do you take this woman
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
To love her,
comfort her, honor her,
and keep her
in sickness and in health
until death do you part?
I do.
[Priest] You may now
give her the ring.
And do you, Annie,
take this man
to be your lawfully wedded
To love him, honor him,
and keep him
in sickness and in health
until death do you part?
I do.
[Priest] You can give him
the ring now.
By the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
[tracker beeping]
[car engine revving]
Are you happy, Annie?
I'm happy, Jimmy.
- [firecrackers exploding]
- [both gasp in shock]
[Annie laughs]
- [kid] Sorry, senor.
- [Jimmy] Oh.
[Annie] Whoo! [laughs]
[Jimmy] I did promise you
fireworks, huh?
[Annie] Thank you.
Yes, you did.
Go ahead. Do your thing.
- [firecrackers exploding]
- [Annie gasps with shock]
[Annie laughing]
[wind whooshing]
[birds squawking]
[wind blowing]
Two hundred fifteen pesos.
this is all I got.
Let me get your change.
Appreciate it.
[chimes clanking]
[suspenseful music]
[chime clanking loudly]
[shower running]
[phone vibrating]
[phone ringing]
[running footsteps]
[tracker beeps steadily]
Shit! Shit!
[phone ringing]
[phone vibrating]
Pick up. Pick up.
Pick up.
[phone ringing continues]
Hi, love.
Hey, there are two men headed
to the front of the house.
You gotta grab
the gun out of the dresser,
make sure it's loaded, then run
out the back door. Do it now.
[door handle rotating]
[Annie breathing heavily]
Fuck! Fuck!
[phone buttons beeping]
[phone vibrating]
- [Annie gasps]
- [phone vibrating]
[banging on door]
[banging on door]
[muscle man screaming]
[floor creaking]
[insects chirping]
Fast and painless.
[Annie breathing deeply]
[body thuds]
[Annie breathing rapidly]
[Annie] How did they find us?
Price sure loves his bugs.
Son of a bitch
couldn't let it go.
All right, so we run, right?
We just run again.
No! Annie, no. Okay?
I know this type.
I've seen them in prison.
He's gonna keep coming after us.
I'll be damned if we're gonna
spend our last year together
runnin' around, looking over
our shoulders the whole time.
This ends now.
[receding footsteps]
[car engine revving]
[birds chirping]
[wind whooshing]
There's nothing I can do
to change your mind?
My mind
ain't the problem here.
Just come back to me.
All right, Jimmy?
Cross my heart.
[soft chuckle]
[whispers] Come back.
[somber music]
[machine beeping]
[whispers] Hey, kiddo.
I really need you
to wake up now.
I'm sorry, Tommy.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you
when you told me
about the accident.
How could I?
You've always.
told these stories.
Remember when you told me
about... the blonde...
beautiful algebra teacher?
What was her name?
Oh, Meg? No, no, Maggie.
It was like two years
after your mother's funeral.
You told me she...
she came to you
and she asked about me.
She wanted to know
if I was seeing anybody,
and she wouldn't mind
if I asked her out on a date.
Remember what happened next?
Everybody does.
[Price sniffles]
How could I have known
that you would tell the truth
this time around?
It's quite the tale,
don't you think?
[Price sniffles]
Come back to me, Tommy.
I already lost your mother.
Don't leave me here alone.
- [gunshot]
- [man grunts]
- [gunshot]
- [bullet clanks]
[rapid gunshots]
- [man grunts]
- [gunshot]
[rapid gunshots]
[Jimmy panting]
[Jimmy yelling]
[machine beeping steadily]
[Jimmy groaning and panting]
[machine beeps steadily]
[soft, somber music]
I'm so sorry, Jimmy.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Oh, Jimmy Ray, I'm never letting
you out of my sight again.
[soft, somber music]
[water blooping]
[wind whooshing]
d I won't care I won't cry d
d If you're there I'll get by d
d If the rivers d
d Should all run dry d
d And every star d
d Tumble down from the sky d
d I won't care I won't cry d
d If you're there I'll get by d
d I won't care
As long as I have you d
d And if my dreams
Never do come true d
d And every plan that I've made
Falls through d
d I won't care I won't cry d
d If you're there I'll get by d
d I won't care
As long as I have you d
d If the sky should d
d Shudder and fall d
d And tumble down to the sea d
d Oh let it fall d
d It won't matter at all d
d If you still if you still
Believe in me d
d So let the oceans d
d All turn to sand d
d Just as love
As my love will stand d
d I won't care I won't cry d
d If you're there I'll get by d
d I won't care
As long as I have you d
d As long as I have you d
d As long as I have you d