South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000) Movie Script

Preacher: Proverbs, chapter 18, verses 1-24.
Through desire, a man, having separated himself,
seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.
A man hath no delight in understanding
but that his heart may discover itself.
These iniquities called moving pictures
are nothing more than one of satan's tools
for blinding the eyes of the poor lost souls
who would look upon such images.
It is not unlike Lot's wife
who was tempted by Lucifer
and drawn to look back upon Sodom and Gomorrah.
These sad, stray lambs, too,
as shall most of the sons and daughters
of this once God-fearing nation
be turned to pillars of salt and lost in eternal fires.
Take refuge in this, his holy word,
while there is still time.
How long will your Marshal
allow this flickering den of sin to rob the poor wandering sheep
in this plague-ridden little hamlet of their clear sight?
These are the things I've been telling you of, my people,
these iniquities.
This is what happens when you do not
follow the word of our Lord.
Man: Stupid idiot...
Man:... scared everybody half to death.
Second man: Take refuge in that.
Man: I'm going' to Texas. Ain't no good.
What's going on in there?
Deputy: You're goin' to jail.
You earned yourself a trip to jail.
He broke my movin' picture box, Clete.
You gonna make him pay for it?
Come on. It cost me $50.00.
He broke it!
I ain't even had it a month.
If he ain't got no money, I want his boots.
Can I have his gun belt, or his gun?
And I want the cartridges in it, too.
And his coat. Whatever he's wearing.
He's gonna pay for my box.
You gonna pay for it, ain't ye?
Huh? Well, ain't ye?
You gonna pay for it!
Old man: I'll take his hat and his coat...
Deputy: Go on.
... And everything he's got.
You know where you goin'.
Go on.
Hold on a minute.
Excuse us, Marshal.
Marshal: There you go.
He's goin' to the back.
Old man: Are you gonna make him
pay for my movin' picture box?
That thing was brand new, almost,
and it cost me a lot of money
and I want it paid for.
Eli, you want a cup of coffee?
Clete, would you get Eli a cup of coffee?
I surely will.
is there any likely
I could leave early today?
Well, yeah, Clete, that's ok.
Surely appreciate it.
Sure gotta get my wife a present.
Surely do.
I ain't got so much thought
on what to get a woman.
Surely don't.
I don't know what you'd get a woman either, Clete.
I suspect they'd want the one thing
you didn't get 'em.
Oh, I surely hope not.
I ain't so sure no more why I married up to her.
I sure ain't.
I suspect it's nice to have someone
to go home to at night, isn't it, Clete?
yes, sir, that's right. It surely is nice
to have someone to go home to.
That's why I done it, Marshal.
Sure is.
Hello, Clete.
I sure wish you a merry Christmas,
Miss Tess.
You have a merry Christmas, too.
And say merry Christmas to Heddie for me.
I will.
Yes, ma'am, I surely will.
Nice seeing you.
That's a lot of gifts.
Almost doesn't leave you any room
to be a Marshal, does it?
It doesn't really take that much space
to be a Marshal, Tess.
Um, that's lucky
that you don't need much room to work
so you can have lots of gifts.
Isn't it kinda hard to breathe?
This one's got a lot of perfume on it.
I'm not breathing very well.
Can you feel it?
Do you feel faint, Tess?
I mean, you look ok.
Well, looks can fool you, Marshal.
I think I do feel faint.
Is there anything I can do, Tess?
If I could just get some fresh air.
That perfume's bothering me.
Do you want me to open a door
or a window?
Yeah, that would help a little.
Well, I gotta help you
more than a little, Tess.
Hey, Tess?
Hey, Tess, maybe I better go get the doctor.
Should I go get the doctor?
Just kissin'. Just kissin'.
I forgot about you and your coffee, Eli.
You wanna go home?
Got a little piece of news
I believe is just gonna tickle you.
Appears to be that the Marshal
in this piss pit might just
be an old friend of yours.
Oh, I--I can come back later.
No. Come on in.
He loves pie.
Thank you, Jenny.
That's sweet.
Would you like a piece of pie, Tess?
Feliz navidad, ma'am.
Good afternoon.
Reckon I better go down and see Sandy.
Check on how bad that fella shot up the livery.
How many pies does this make?
Well, that would've been 3.
Why don't you just put your fingers
in the middle of it, Tess?
That'd be quicker than working your way in
from the outside, don't you reckon?
I'm not much of a cook.
Who said anything about your cookin'?
You don't care if we have dinner or not?
Man: Marshal?
Yeah, what?
Good afternoon, Marshal.
Hello, Taylor.
Good afternoon,
Mrs. Casey, is it?
This is Tess Bonaventure.
She's a friend of mine.
You're a long way from Amarillo, Taylor.
Got ourselves a ranch
out across yonder, in old Mexico.
It's real nice.
It is indeed a pleasure to meet you,
Miss Bonaventure.
A pleasure.
This is Taylor Henry.
My family ranched near Taylor's family.
Daddy wants you to bring Valentine outside
so's they can talk.
Leland's here.
Arvid, you didn't even say hi
to your brother, here...
the Marshal.
What's it been, Val, about 11 years?
A long time, Taylor.
Sure doesn't seem all that long to me, Val.
These are your brothers?
I didn't mean to shame you, Val,
by bringing up old family ties and all.
You didn't shame me, Taylor.
We're not brothers.
Not by blood, but--
you know, I figure daddy raisin' you and all...
that ought to count for something,
shouldn't it, Val?
I guess, Taylor.
Between me and Leland.
Let's go.
"And the lord sayeth,
I and my father are one. "
"and the son sayeth unto him...
"Father, I have sinned against heaven,
"and in thy sight I'm no longer worthy
to be called thy son. "
Valentine, come over here
and take my hand.
Sissy, mind yourself.
Leave Valentine alone.
You're lookin' well, boy.
We read about you in the newspaper,
being wounded,
being in Cuba.
We were real proud when we learned
you'd made Lieutenant, were we not, boys?
I bet you was real handsome
when you was shot.
Were we not, boys?
Daddy was all tore up about that, Val.
What brings the Henrys to Los Tragos, Leland?
We have business up in Tuscon.
Never knew you to travel much
during the holidays.
I came through here hoping to find a chemist.
We got one, but he's not here.
He's gone back East till after the new year.
You still use the laudanum?
It, like my chair, I remain shackled to, Valentine.
I was hoping, uh, you'd ride with us
just a little ways. We could catch up a bit.
Well, you caught me at a bad time, Leland...
with Christmas tomorrow.
I'm disappointed.
I'd looked forward to talking.
Daddy, maybe I could stay here with Valentine
and you could pick me up
on y'all's way back through.
We're not passing through here again, Sissy.
Now get up in the wagon.
Oh, let him have her.
The rest of us are tired to damn death of her.
We'll be leaving you now, Marshal.
I love you, Valentine.
Wagon driver: Yah! Heh! Let's go! Let's go!
Val, Val.
Drop it!
Hey, Clete!
Stop, Clete, wait!
Giddy up! Giddy up!
Stop the wagon, Sissy!
What the hell is wrong with you, Sissy?
Turn this wagon around
so I can see that bastard's face.
Sissy: Daddy, no, please don't kill him.
Turn, turn, turn!
Sissy: Val, you run! Run on, Val, run!
Don't make me shoot you, Leland.
I swear to God I'll shoot the living--
Out, then! Out, I said!
Hyah, hyah!
Nice doggy.
Nice doggy.
Don't be beatin' on that goddamned door!
Come on in here, goddamn it!
Vamonos, pachuco!
ndele, andele!
Don't stand there like a bug in his shit!
I'm Agent Otts, from the War Department.
I trust you received a wire from Judge Combes.
I'm damn glad of it that you're here.
When you quit chewing the cud
with that ass boil back there,
I'm gonna hang him.
I would have already hung him
if it hadn't have been for that court cable.
I'd have hung him 2 weeks ago.
That lowdown cheat...
killed my sister's man.
Now she's back livin' with me and mine.
Well, the department thanks you, Sheriff,
for keeping your emotions bridled.
Pardon me.
I need to speak...
to Mr. Sanchez...
regarding a family named Henry he rode with.
They robbed a bank.
They murdered several people
Christmas eve last year.
What are you doing there?
What's that stink?
I'm sorry.
Oh, excuse me.
Olove oil.
A marvelous gentleman on the train gave it to me.
Been experiencing some difficulty with a tooth.
I do apologize. It's rather pungent.
Actually, I've been receiving
a small measure of relief from it.
I, uh--
I cabled Santa Fe, and...
when I made his capture, he had not a nickel on him
except what he cheated off my sister's man.
I understand, but it's not the money
that we're concerned with.
What I need
is the information regarding Marshal Casey.
Uh, it is of the utmost importance.
When you get through jawboning with him,
we're gonna have to work on that rope.
I want to make him hop and squeal.
Huh, Bills.
Bills: What?
Go back and open up that bull turd's cell.
Have you got a gun?
Well, yes.
I mean, I guess.
Actually, I have an issued small caliber revolver,
but it's out in the trunk...
by the dog.
Uh, I--I believe it's unloaded,
but if you like, I'll go and--
No, no, no! Hell, no.
Take that key...
and go out there and wait by that cell door.
and don't be foolin' with that lock.
Not until my man gets there
and holds a gun on that pus weasel.
Thank you, sir.
Get on up!
There's a Government man here to talk to you.
You rot in hell.
Bills: Go on.
Hey, don't. I'm sorry?
Not there.
I beg your pardon. Ooh! Oh!
That's the shit hole.
Oh, my God!
Hey, don't sling that around, goddamn it!
I'll knock the fuck out of you!
Now, just stand the fuck still.
Now, what do you want?
Take that fucking rag off your mouth.
I can't hear a goddamn word you sayin',
you silly-ass bastard.
I can't. I'm gonna throw up.
Hey, I don't give a shit!
Don't even think about throwin' up.
I hope you damn choke on it.
I've been smellin' it for a damn month,
and I didn't ask you to come here
and stomp the fuck around in it, neither.
Now, who the hell are you?
And what the fuck do you want?
They don't cut your hair here, do they?
No, I didn't mean it the wrong way.
I'm just saying, I--I-- I have not been able
to find anyone to cut my hair, you know,
since St. Louis.
Uh, listen,
I'm sorry I stomped around in your messings.
I--I--I really--
Look, I'm with the War Department.
I'm trying to find out about Valentine Casey.
He was reported alive
and marshaling in Los Tragos
when you were ridin' with the Henrys
during that Christmas payroll robbery massacre
last year.
Who you calling a massacreer?
No, no, nobody, no, no.
It's just there were some killings...
and I need to be clear on what happened, that's all.
Yeah? Well, I'll just clear you up
on old Val Casey.
Everybody makes him out to be somethin'.
Act like he's all up and above everybody else.
He ain't no better than the rest of them damn Henrys,
because that's what he is, too.
One of 'em.
Yeah, a Henry.
I bet you didn't know that, did you?
Huh, Government man?
Bet you didn't know that.
I--we, uh,
well, yes, we were aware
that he did live with the Henrys
when his own family died.
Well, were you we all aware
that when he lived with 'em,
he rode with 'em
when they went and burned those people alive
at the Tuttle ranch?
Huh? No, sir.
No, sir. You weren't, were you?
I think there's something on record in our files
about an incident and a fire,
but as far as I know, there was no indication
that he was either on the premises
or involved in any way.
Well, I'm indicatin' it to you,
Government man.
I'll note that.
Have you come across him since the robbery?
Hell, no. I ain't seen him.
Well, do know if anyone--
even the Henrys, perhaps--
might know where he might be?
Oh, no.
Oh, come on.
Give some to daddy. Give some to daddy.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no, no. Don't do that.
Oh, goddamn.
Oh, no. Oh, please.
Oh, hey, hey! No, stop! Stop it.
Oh, deputy! Oh, no.
See if that beaner bitch of his is out yonder again.
For Christ's sake, I can't sleep.
Get on out of here!
Damn you, little bitch!
Go on, now, git!
Go on!
Goddamn you, Harris!
Goddamn it!
I didn't get my nut off!
You worthless cocksucker!
I'm gonna kill you twice, Harris!
I'm gonna kill you twice!
Goddamn you!
You so much as flinch or even worm wiggle...
You done with him?
Are you done yet?
Damn it, I ain't got time for this horse shit.
Sanchez: Goddamn you, Harris!
My shoe is ruined.
Oh, excuse me, ma'am.
I wonder if I could get cleaned up in here?
Do you speak English?
Um, I...
Oh--oh, my God.
Boy, I think I'm gonna faint.
Hey, goddamn it!
Goddamn it, shut that shit up!
Goddamn it!
I said shut it up now!
Well, you simple-assed bastard!
I ought to knock hell out of you into next week!
I'm talking to you, you mule-eared shit brain!
Where's my watch?
Hello? Hello?
Were those gunshots?
Excuse me.
The girl.
Buenos das.
The girl.
And... my pants?
Have you seen my "pantos?"
My "panto-titos?"
Uh, "pantos. "
Hey, hey!
Sanchez: Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna scald your ass
till you ain't got a piece of hide left on your balls.
That's it.
Who said don't?
Is that what you said, "Don't"?
The Government man.
What the hell are you doing?
I just--I think--
It's just the man seems hurt something terrible.
Not you, you leech-lipped Yankee bastard.
What's my whore doin' between
your cum-slinging legs?
I don't know!
I'll make you squat to pee.
Bring this cunt sniffer over to me now.
Hey, bitch. Give me that belt and my jacket.
I didn't know!
Yeah? Well, maybe you ought to find out
who's you a-fucking.
No, mommy! Mommy, no! Mommy! Mommy, no!
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna spank you.
Mommy's gonna whip the dog shit
out of her little Government man.
Well, come on in or get back out.
Would you be so kind as to direct me
to the man called Angus Dunfries?
He's across the road in the livery there.
What are you needin' with him?
Well, I'll be needing to speak to him presently.
Thank you for the information
as to his whereabouts.
Who's that with you?
That would be your daughter, Adalyne.
Where you been, Addy?
Hey, who the hell are you?
I'm the man who brought her here
to speak with her uncle, your brother,
the man they call Angus.
Well, he ain't gonna talk to you
you call him Angus!
Nobody calls him Angus.
Helluva lot you know! His name's Doc.
Well, go on, walk away!
You'll come back and find me if you want to speak to him,
you will.
Doc: no, no, no.
I will not!
far off place
where nobody knows...
how to be with her.
and look what that other place
caused you.
The place didn't do that.
Well, all I know is
you was fine... When you left here.
It's not why it happened, Uncle Angus.
I don't want to talk about me.
I don't want...
whatever caused that to happen
to happen to her.
She don't need none of 'em.
Goddamn it, she ain't deaf!
Margaret Nora!
Now, you see?
She hears me fine.
Maggie, come on.
I know, I know...
come with me.
Mr. Dunfries?
I've got, uh, some horses
we need to board with you.
I've got a couple saddle horses here
and 3 green-broke that we got up in your corral
with saddlers we need to put inside.
Would that be all right, Mr. Dunfries?
Yeah. Uh...
you can put 'em in--
in that barn in the--
in the second stable.
Here you go, Val.
They rent rooms at that depot over there?
Oh, yeah.
that's my, uh, brother's Railroad Hotel.
Yeah, uh, 2 bits, uh, each.
That's fair.
And, uh...
you can use the tub.
All right.
Well, thank you.
if you're gonna have supper,
it's 10 cents extra.
you have to tell 'em that, so they know
to charge you 10 cent extra.
All right.
Ok, thank you.
Chief, we got a wire here from Shoshone Bill.
He crossed back over the border again
this morning.
It says, um...
"Will possible make Dunfries tomorrow a. m. --stop.
"No luck Mexican rough stock.
"Still need cattle, horses, riders, dancers--stop.
"Please inform Mr. Valentine Casey
"our impending arrival--stop.
Yours, Major William S. Guthries. "
Nathan, I guess you better get them girls, squaws,
and them young buck riders for 'em to take a look at.
You're Casey, right?
You heard what I read?
Yes, thank you.
You want to see it?
No, that's not necessary.
I understand. He returns tomorrow?
Those his cattle cars up the rail?
Yeah, a spare train's gonna take them
and his Pullman's
up to the main line when we're done with business.
Mr. Dunfries, I'd like to order a round of cognac
for you and your associate...
as well as Mr. Casey here...
in anticipation of a successful conclusion
to your business transactions
with Shoshone Bill
and his frontier show.
And I might add that I did see his show
in St. Louis...
and indeed, it was, uh...
an extravaganza of western performance
unequaled by anything I've run across yet.
And that includes New York shows
and circuses from Europe.
Mr. Dunfries: Well, I ain't got no cognac.
Napoleon's brandy. Now, I got that.
it's a $2 bottle if that'll suit you.
Of course, that's fine. Brandy's fine.
Well, good.
Actually, alcohol goes straight through me.
No, thank you.
Oh, yes.
I'm surprised you were able to keep
that bottle back there long enough to gather dust.
Mr. Dunfries: Well, there might be
a whole lot about me
that would surprise you, little girl.
Thank you.
You came from Canada?
Excuse me, I was--
I didn't mean to interrupt you.
I was just gonna thank the gentleman
for the brandy.
Oh, you're quite welcome.
I'm Brigadier Smalls.
and this is my associate, Mr. Babcock.
And may I introduce you to Adalyne Dunfries.
Valentine Casey is your name,
am I correct?
Yeah, that's correct.
Miss Dunfries, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Gentlemen, this is my partner, U. S. Christmas.
Mr. Smalls and Mr. Babcock, yes,
and Miss Dunfries.
How do you do?
I saw on your trunk Montreal.
I thought you must be travelling from Canada.
Yes. Yes, I was in Canada.
My daughter's just returned from Canada
and doesn't seem to approve of our
cordial consumption of libation, Chief.
What was that like?
Uh, Canada.
I'm sorry.
I've just never known anybody that came down
from Canada. I'm curious.
Well, it was pleasurable,
The people there are very civilized.
Oh, dear, we may not be civilized enough
for my daughter's taste, Chief.
Valentine: Was it, uh, cold?
Oh, I--I--
I don't know, I--I-- I was there doing a play
and I didn't go out in the daytime.
In the evening, they sent a coach
to take me to the theater, so--
Whoa, the theater!
The theater.
Well, now, we're gonna have to be on our best behavior
and try and be civilized, Chief.
Otherwise, she might leave me again,
and I don't think I could stand that.
I may not survive the way I done
when she left me that last time.
Valentine: Did you have a chance to look out
your hotel window?
Well, were the people outside wearing coats
like it was cold?
Yes. Yes, they were wearing coats.
Yes, it is-- It's very cold
in Canada in the winter.
But it's very beautiful if you're in love.
Now, Burl.
Oh. Oh, I did survive, though, didn't I?
You know I did, Chief.
I done just fine without her.
Doc: Settle down.
Did you come back to hurt me some more?
Burl, stop it. You're scaring Maggie.
She come back to haunt me
is what she done.
She's a damn ghost.
Well, she ain't gonna haunt me!
No, she ain't gonna torment me!
No, not no damn ghost! Uh-uh...
Go on, get the hell away from me, damn ghost!
Put that goddamn sword down!
Go on, you damn ghost!
Put that goddamn--
Oh, God.
Oh, it's Adalyne! No...
Daddy, you've got to stop. You've got to calm down.
It's not mama, it's me. It's Addy!
Doc: Grab him.
Come on. Come on, damn it.
Edgar, would you please tell doc
that I've taken Maggie up
to stay with me tonight.
Edgar: Si.
You all came back for the little girl?
Well, Miss Dunfries did.
Mr. Babcock and I escorted her.
She intends to take her with her?
I believe that's what she'll do.
Her journey brought her back here for that reason.
The child's father doesn't seem willing to allow it.
Well, her Uncle Angus is lost on his own path.
Adalyne's tribulations rose like sea billows
and crashed into her heart.
She fell loose from this life
and slid across to the other side.
But her time was not now,
and she was led back...
and lovingly compelled
by her soul's divine conscience
to complete this earthly passage.
Christmas: How long was it?
She was gone, I mean?
Unlike you and I,
she retains her sense of smell.
Excuse me?
My olfactory recall is limited to...
axle grease from the wheels of a train...
leather seats in a Pullman car...
and tonic on the hair of porters.
Christmas: Hair tonic?
Well, these were the objects
that I was in the closest proximity to
at the time of my mortal demise.
I believe that you and I share in common
this olfactorous malady.
Well, if you gentlemen will excuse us...
Babcock and I have had a long
and exhausting journey.
So, we'll bid you good night
and retire to our rooms.
Good night.
Now, he's an odd bird.
Good morning, Mr. Casey.
Good morning, Miss Dunfries. How are you?
I'm fine, thank you.
Is the little girl all right?
Margaret. Yes, she's doing much better this morning.
You had a restful sleep?
Not altogether, but thank you for asking.
She seems very fond of you.
You're wanting to take her with you?
Yes, to the Berkeley School for the deaf and the blind.
It's near San Francisco.
Well, I hope her father allows you to.
Well, it seems Uncle Angus had a change of heart
during the night. We spoke this morning,
and he's agreed to let me take her.
Well, if there's any hope for her salvation,
it would appear to be you.
I'm not much of a savior,
but I love her,
and I'm gonna try to give her a life
that means something.
I think you can probably save her just fine.
Well, I wish you the best.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
Jesco: There was no risk at any time
of men on the stairway of that sweet little balloon
because I practice 3 to 6 hours every day.
I have honed my skills.
I will use this third tomahawk and take it
and throw it in between the first 2 tomahawks
and burst that little balloon.
Now if you'll looky here,
well, there's not much room left
between these first 2 tomahawks,
barely 2 fingers,
but with my skill I can do it
from 10--no, let's make that 13 paces just for luck.
Some folks says 13's a unlucky number,
but I say no. That's a lucky number for Jesco Lynch,
the tomahawk hatchet thrower,
the legend of all the great plains
and the Indian territories.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce...
Valentine Casey.
Mr. Casey, allow me to buy you breakfast.
How ya doin', Bill?
Just great. Val, gettin' that cable last month
was like hearin' a voice from the grave.
Luke, this indeed
is the gallant Lieutenant Casey.
Or what's left of him. How you doin'?
Fine, thank you.
Honey, show the clippin's out the Tulsa newspaper
to Mr. Guthries here.
After you get finished here, do you mind
takin' those horses down and let him look at 'em?
Thank you, Mr. Lynch.
At 13 paces, I call my throw
to take this tomahawk hatchet
and put it in the middle
and burst that little balloon.
Well, not bad for an old bushwhacker.
well, mister, if you're ready,
I reckon we can go move them horses now.
All right. That's fine,
and, Bill, I thank you for the breakfast
and I'll see you back at camp.
You're welcome, Luke.
See you down there in a while.
Your friend has a strange sense of fashion.
Yeah, he's kinda sentimental about the dress.
How's that?
Well, his family used to work coolie camps,
and when he was about,
I don't know, 3 or 4 years old, I guess,
there was this renegade band of Mescalero apaches
that broke off the reservation.
they started raidin' camps.
And one afternoon they raided his family's camp...
and his mother was quick enough thinkin'
that she put him in a little girl's dress,
and they kidnapped him along with the rest of the women,
and he stayed alive that way long enough for an army detail
to catch up with 'em and rescue 'em.
Well, that might could make a man have a fondness
for wearin' dresses.
Yeah, I guess. He's not too much stranger
than the rest of 'em out here, though.
Is this fella an Indian?
I have no idea.
Val: No, that's probably enough.
Are these Calientes?
Son muy picosos.
Do you have a sack, a tote?
Yes, yes. sophia, donde est la bolsa?
Si, la bolsa.
Oh, yeah, that's good. That'd be great.
Good morning, Sophia. Good morning, Edgar.
Buenos das, senorita.
That's good. I'll come out there
and get that other thing in a minute.
Mr. Casey.
I understand you're a friend of Major Guthries'.
Yeah, Bill and I are friends,
but please call me Val, Miss Dunfries.
Oh, then, I'd like it if you'd call me Adalyne, Val.
And if it wouldn't be an imposition,
could you introduce me to Mr. Guthries
so that I might pay him to take Margaret and me
on the spur train to where it joins the mainline?
It's not an imposition.
You're not travelling with Brigadier Smalls
and Mr. Babcock any longer?
No. No, they're gone now.
They left earlier this morning,
so I guess I'm gonna have to do that saving on my own.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.
No, I know you didn't.
When you're finished with breakfast there,
I'll take you down to meet Bill.
Thank you.
You're welcome... Edgar?
Hey, Bill.
Hey, Val.
Margaret, you come on now.
You're gonna have a little float in the balloon.
I rode one once.
Uh-huh. Was it cold?
I don't recall. I was in love at the time.
So you said last night.
Miss Dunfries, why don't you join Margaret
for a little float in the balloon?
Excuse me.
Pretty wild rig.
Yeah, it's a lot of fun, though.
Where you headed after our finish our horse tradin'?
I've got some business with some folks
I think are nearby.
I suppose it couldn't wait.
No, not really.
I was thinking that a trip to California
might be pleasurable for you.
You could see the whole frontier show
before we go on tour
to South America and Europe.
That'd be nice, but I just can't do it right now.
Well, truthfully, I was surprised to hear from you.
I think I was a bit confused
about what happened to you after Cuba.
Cuba gets sorta foggy for me after I was shot.
It was good down there until then. Most of it.
You think?
Seemed like.
Gustoff, put it down.
How did she get to know Smalls?
I'm not sure. I don't know.
She came down from Canada with him.
He and that other gentleman were having breakfast
when I walked in. I don't think he ever remembered
meeting me before.
When I knew him he was a big railroad gambler.
A couple of years ago, I heard he got killed
over a cheat he got caught in in cards.
You ever been up in one of those things?
They're magnificent.
I don't know why,
but you seem to care less about things,
anything really, when you're up in one.
Come on, Valentine. Let me have Gustoff
show you how to float one of those balloons.
You fellas got hold of this?
Hang on now.
Hey, how ya doin'?
Mr. Casey, you fellas did a real fine job
breakin' these horses.
I reckon we're gonna take 'em all.
U. S. and me, we been hagglin' and fussin' over prices.
And we finally came up with $50 around
for those saddle horses and 25 for the broncs.
That'll be ok, Luke. We'll take the price.
How far you plannin' on goin' in that thang?
Not very.
Begins now.
Hey, hold it pardner. What--where you goin'?
Hey, now. Hold up there! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hang on!
What are you--how--
Wait a minute. I ain't got the hang of this.
Hang on there! Hey, hold on now!
How hard do I pull this?
Hey! Whoa! Whoa-whoa!
Whoa! Wh-what?!
Hey, that's enough! That--that's enough.
Stop right there.
hey, Bill. Bill, how long's that rope?
Yeah, I wouldn't, uh-- That's probably enough.
Use your megaphone to tell us
how high you want to go.
This is! No more! That's enough!
You have about 50 feet out now.
We'll give you more.
Could you--Could you hand me that?
Are you all right?
Uh-huh, yeah. |
Bill, stop! Just stop right there!
No, right there! Right there!
Stop! That--that-- That's enough!
Ok, we'll stop. |
Ooh. Are you sure you're ok?
Uh, yeah. Uh, I mean-- I just--I think maybe
if I just sit down here for a minute, I'll be ok.
Wow, we're up here now, huh?
Was your last balloon ride anything like this?
Not exactly.
'Cause it's beautiful when you're in love?
It's beautiful here.
Well, if it--if it should ever come up
when you took this balloon ride, it--it wasn't cold.
I might have a hard time recalling.
Well, I doubt that I'll remember too much
about the weather...
probably just the things that were beautiful.
You ever been to San Francisco, Val?
Is it cold there?
Well, according to Samuel Clemens,
the coldest winter he ever spent
was the summer he lived in San Francisco.
I'm not too sure about balloon rides anymore.
I'm sorry.
And that poor tormented wretch down there
thinks that I can save him...
but he wouldn't let me even if I could.
Yeah, I guess we all hope for someone to save us.
I used to wish so bad that I could have saved my family,
it made my side sore.
They're gone?
Yeah. Mmm.
My mother...
my father...
my sister and little brother. Influenza killed 'em all.
Me, I didn't even get sick.
All anybody can do is try to save themselves, Val,
and most of us have forgotten how.
I'm pretty worthless as a savior,
but I wish you'd come with us.
I guess maybe I could buy a coat
out in San Francisco, huh?
Them dang chi chis is hot!
Why don't you throw that out?
Uh-uh. Too dang good!
It's like swallowin' lit kerosene.
Chihuahua! |
It's like eatin' a mouth full of hot ashes.
You reckon--
you reckon-- |
you reckon Chinese food'd be hot?
I suppose we'll be eatin' a lot of that
out in San Francisco, huh?
Yeah, probably.
You cookin' somethin'?
It smells like somethin's cookin'.
Do you smell gunpowder?
That's all.
Well, Major, here's to a successful tour.
Dunfries: Edgar?
Edgar! Who told you
to turn them goddamn lights out?
Man: Que?
Where the hell are you?
Right here!
Good evening, gentlemen.
Whoa! Wha--
Sorry, Arvid. I didn't mean
for that cork to get that close to ya.
Then I allows to tell ya you shouldn't oughta done it.
Pick that dang bottle up
'fore you spill any more liquor none of us
won't be able to drink
and wipe your damn front off with that rag.
You look like you pissed yourself.
Well, God! Shit, Arvid.
I said I'm sorry,
goddamn you to hell.
Arvid, where the hell is Taylor?
Back in that old man's office, seein' to business.
Hey, Nogal. Where you goin'?
Taylor didn't say for you to come in here.
Hey, that woman
and that little sick girl's
up there.
The hell he will. I seen her in that window.
Can I help you with something?
Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah.
You can come over here and give somethin' to daddy.
Hey, 'Gales, Taylor said
you supposed to wait outside.
Goddamn it, I already waited out there.
I'm tired a-waitin' on you all.
Harold, go down and tell Taylor
that Nogales come inside,
ain't nobody watchin' the front.
You damn bunch of inbred sons of bitches.
You go tell that fuckin' Taylor
that if he ain't got some goddamn money
down there in the next 15 minutes,
I'm gonna leave all your worthless asses.
Now get the hell out of my way.
Fuck the bunch of ya!
That's $1.00 bottle of whiskey.
I reckon Taylor'll pay for it when he come back.
He's gettin' our money.
you know, she ain't just your girlfriend, Arvid.
I seen her, too.
she gets to be my girlfriend, too.
I can just watch you be with her, Arvid.
Ohh, damn, Arvid!
You supposed to get me to lay with a woman.
That's what your daddy said.
He said I could help pick her out, too!
Now, goddamn it, I picked that one!
All right, Uncle Jude.
Ok, I'm gonna let you have her first.
Harold, you can just sit there and watch.
I want you to lay down with my Uncle Jude here.
I just bet you can make him feel real good.
then you and me, we gonna have us a poke.
You can do it right here.
Harold take that little split leg
over there with you.
Uh, Arvid, I don't wanna mess with
that little afflicted bitch.
Goddamn it! Take her over there with you!
Harold, go get that little bitch
'fore Taylor sees her!
Come on, Uncle Jude. Get them pants down!
Daddy, they're after Margaret!
Bring me them damn bank sacks!
What the hell is goin' on out there?
Can't get my button undone.
Wait a second. You dirty piece a--
Well, I can't get to her through you.
Move your arm, Arvid!
God! Ohh!
You bitch!
Goddamn it, Harold!
Why the hell am I waitin' on you?
Oh, you bitch!
you fuckin' bitch!
You--You cut off my fuckin' nuts!
Help me!
Uncle Jude: Aah!
Come back, Sheba bitch!
I'm gonna hurt you hard!
Damn it! Lookit what you done to me!
Aah! God almighty, Taylor!
You damn near shot me.
Aah, you damn sure did!
Oh, my God! I can't hear!
Oh, my God almighty, Taylor! You struck me deaf!
Go get the sacks.
You all are worthless.
I never seen anything as worthless.
You can't even rob a goddamn old man
and his daughter without pissin' yourselves.
Now I want you to listen...
with that good ear. Do what I'm sayin' to ya.
I want you and that addle-brained uncle of ours
to get on a pair of horses and go,
and if Harold and I catch up with you two
before y'all reach Spits,
I'll shoot you myself.
you understand, Arvid?
Where is he?
He's upstairs all cut up. I don't think he can ride.
Cut up how?
That bitch, she burned me!
She like to nearly cut his nuts off, I think!
Then you and Harvey get a horse
and tie Uncle Jude to it
and tell Nogales to find
that tooth-pullin' blacksmith
so we can bring him with us
back down to Spits
so he can sew that old bastard back together.
Now can you do that, Arvid?
Of course!
I mean, yeah!
Let's go, Harold.
Hey, Harvey!
Good mornin', Doc. |
Grab your boots.
Hey, Mr. Blacksmith.
Look what we found out in the kitchen
hidin' in the stove.
Oh, you son of a bitch! Goddamn it!
What the hell's goin' on?
Where's Addy?
Well, I shot her...
In there, behind the desk.
And now I think I'm gonna shoot her...
Doc: Oh, Jesus.
Unless you do what I say.
Oh, yeah, I will. Yeah?
I'll do anything you say.
That's good.
Doc: yeah.
I want you to go
with my burnt up brother Arvid here
on over to Spits and see what you can do
about sewing that other one's manhood back together.
I'll finish up here, and I'll come down there,
and if everything looks all right,
then you can come back here,
and Nogales and these boys will let your little girl go.
but in the meantime, we'll see to it
that she doesn't run off and go hide in any stoves.
Please don't do that.
Connie, come over here
and wet nurse this little bitch.
Arvid, take the money, put Doc on a horse.
get goin'.
Come on!
I'll see y'all in spits.
Taylor: Come on, Harold.
Leave that bastard to bleed.
Let's go.
Hey, I don't like you...
'cause I don't like Indians.
Come on.
Hey, Connie, me, Tim, and Paul
is gonna go on down to Josie's place.
You wait here about 10 minutes...
then kill her and come on.
Hey, mister.
Touch this.
Val: Ho! Ho!
Edgar, what went on here?
They shoot and they kill everybody.
Is she all right?
Probably not...
but she'll be better
the sooner I get her away from here.
Are you all right?
Probably not,
but I won't die from this.
Where's Angus?
They made him go with 'em
to tend to the one that was cut up.
They shot him, but he'll live.
He's on the train.
He needs treatment soon, so we're leaving
as quick as we can bury daddy.
Are you coming?
Who did this?
It doesn't matter.
I saw Luke.
He paid us for them horses.
They're loadin' 'em as we speak.
He get caught up in this?
No. Time he heard of it, it was all over with...
but I know who did it, though.
Nogales kid and some of them damn Henrys.
Part of 'em took the blacksmith
and that, uh, one that was cut up real bad
and took him off to spits to tend to him.
You get the rest of those horses
down to luke and let's go.
All right.
That won't save anyone.
I know you can't wait,
but I'm gonna finish this...
then I'm comin' to San Francisco.
Vengeance won't give you back what you lost.
This isn't vengeance. It's justice.
I'm gonna bring 'em back to stand trial
for what they did here and Los Tragos.
You're right. I can't wait.
I've gotta go.
Jude: Ow!
What's that on your face?
Axel grease.
It keeps the sting off.
Where's Uncle Jude?
Inside. That smith's doctorin' on him.
Why don't you stay here
and see to it that Uncle Jude gets sewed up.
I'm gonna drop back across the border
and catch some cattle
that Guthries has comin' up here.
Harvey, you come with me.
We'll meet y'all back at daddy's.
Hey, Taylor,
can't I watch a minute him getting sewed on?
Get on the horse.
Hey, that weren't empty.
That's ok.
Jude: Aaaah!
Oh, shut up!
Good Lord!
My, my grandfather had one loin,
and he had one sewed up in the war,
and he sired 7 children.
Goddamn it, count 'em... 7.
Quit movin' so damn much
or I'm gonna get your other ball.
No! Mommy!
Aah! Aah! |
Aah! Aah!
Jude: No!
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
I want you to hear this.
t-Taylor and Arvid done it.
They done all of it.
I ain't done nothin'.
Where are they, Jude?
They went down to Leland's place.
Where's Leland?
Leland's in Mexico.
Get him on a wagon and let's go.
Come on!
Come on, goddamn it!
The pain's too much to move me!
Come on!
Christmas: Hey, Val!
Looky yonder!
What'cha reckon?
Well, it's the Marshal and his whore.
Buenas das, amigos.
Y'all know assaulting a U. S. Marshal
is a federal offense.
Probably hang ya.
Yeah, but he ain't no Marshal no more.
Are you?
Nah. He gave that up
after we rode through Los Tragos.
No. Uh-uh.
He's been reassigned to temporary duty.
Yeah, and what the hell kind of duty might that be?
Trackin' y'all down and killin' ya.
I'm deferring the execution of that order
to my deputy here.
Corbett, show him your badge before you shoot him.
Who's Corbett?
Why, hell fire.
Looky here, amigos.
Old Corbett there is all badged up.
I showed them the badge, Marshal!
Thought I didn't see ya!
They're not back down there yet.
It looks like it's Leland and a couple vaqueros.
I'm gonna go on in.
If I'm not back here by tomorrow morning...
you ride down there and kill 'em all.
My pleasure.
See ya.
No haga eso!
cmo esta, Valentine?
Not very well, Leland.
The prodigal son returns.
Luke 15, verses 11-32.
or should I say,
"Lazarus this day
raiseth from the dead"?
I don't know, Leland.
I reckon it could be a little bit of both.
it's a peculiar way to state it,
especially concerning the information
I've just been reading from a satchel
delivered to me from the War Department
by the gentleman out there that's, uh,
about to perform self-dentistry.
Agent Fishburn Otts!
This is Lieutenant Casey
in question throughout the documents.
Val, Agent Otts.
I've come to arrest you, Leland.
take you back to stand trial for Los Tragos.
Taylor and the boys are gonna face trial
for Los Tragos and what went on
in Dunfries yesterday.
Sissy! Bring me those papers!
Sissy! Bring me those papers about Val!
I'm bringing 'em.
Sissy! Sissy!
I can't reach this. Hand it to me!
What the hell is wrong with you?
I'm tryin' to fix my face right, daddy.
I guess, uh, Sissy's a little excited
that you're here, Valentine.
See that fellow over there
with the tooth problem, Val?
He's a Government man.
He's had trouble with that tooth
ever since he came to us,
so, uh, I had Alejandro and the boys
teach him how to take care of
that problem the Indian way.
Ain't that right, Agent Otts?
Mr. Henry, since Mr. Casey has arrived,
perhaps I can be on my way now
and seek out a proper dentist
upon my arrival at Tucson.
I--I really don't think that anything
this extreme is necessary.
The tooth feels immeasurably better now.
And--And you mentioned that I might be able
to get my wedding ring back. I would appreciate that.
but feel free to keep the crucifix
as a token of my appreciation
for your graceful hospitality.
No, I think we better take care of that tooth problem.
A thing like that can turn on ya
and just give you fits.
Nogales come across him when old Sidney
had to stay in a lockup up across the border.
How are your arms holding out, Agent Otts?
It appears to me you may be near
the end of your agony.
The odd thing is he was looking for
Valentine Casey's next of kin.
So Sidney thought he'd be his personal escort
and give him safe conduct
through this, uh, hostile territory surrounding us
so that he could bring us these urgent documents.
it says here in this letter
in these documents that you were mortally wounded.
I guess that means you were killed, Val.
In the course of an action
when your company was ambushed
near the town of Santiago de Cuba.
You ever been to Santiago de Cuba, Val?
Yeah, near there.
My God, boy. You look like a ghost
just brushed up against you.
See this, Val? A U. S. stamp right on it.
It's official.
"To the next of kin of Lieutenant Valentine Casey,
"and to whom else it may concern,
"let it be known that second Lieutenant Valentine Casey
"died under conditions of valor
"in the course of hostile action
"near Santiago de Cuba on or about the first July, 1898.
"Lieutenant Casey was posthumously promoted
"to the rank of First Lieutenant U. S. R. A.
"and decorated for acts of bravery.
"now, please accept my condolences
"and deepest sympathies on behalf
"of the United States government and its citizens
"for this monumental loss of your loved one.
"the remains of Lieutenant Casey held from October 12, 1898,
"U. S. Army headquarters morgue, uh, Fort Meyers Virginia,
"shall be remanded and/or interned as per your wishes.
"We respectfully await further instructions.
Russell Alexander Alger, United States Secretary of War. "
It's official. You can see it.
Fact of business, it's downright queer.
Otts: Aaaah!
It appears your War Department friend's
been relieved of a tooth, Leland.
How are you, Mr. Otts?
You must be feeling enormous relief, Agent Otts.
Don't speak to me now.
No need to thank me. We can talk later...
over supper.
Otts: Aaah!
Reckon we oughta feed him?
I don't think I could stomach
watching that son of a bitch eat.
All right, I'll wait until you go to sleep, then.
There's a lot of good people out there.
But not many.
You want some more beans?
You think little Margaret
is ok on that train with 'em, uh, Guthries?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
They was fine except Adalyne
was kinda shot up real bad.
Uh, well, not that bad.
She just sorta was.
The way I had to come up when I was a kid just...
Took the desire out of my heart
to ever have a little child.
And she was...
born deaf, 'cause satan made her that way.
I--I know that's what it is, 'cause see,
I'm not supposed to ever have anything I like.
I'm not just supposed to.
and I...
I look at her sometime-- |
I look at her sometimes and, uh...
I love her so much.
I love her so much and I know I shouldn't.
I know I can't, I know I won't, I know I...
I just can't do it. And--and then...
That's why she be born deaf.
And then I had these mangled ideas.
I... I was gonna choke her.
and then--and then I had that vision
and I...
I talked to Jesus.
and he...
he laid my hand to those bellows...
and we worked the bellows together.
he and I.
And, and we, we worked 'em
and we worked 'em and we worked 'em
and we worked 'em and we worked 'em
and we worked 'em and we worked 'em
and worked 'em and worked 'em
until the hellfire burned satan
right out of me, ha! ha! ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Arvid! Harvey!
Come on back here
and let those bastards bleed to death!
Evenin', Uncle Jude.
Arvid, Harvey!
Goddamn it, come back here!
I have to tell ya, Val.
A whole range of emotion
rushed over me when I read
that letter in those papers.
I was distraught for awhile
but then, God help me,
I was overwhelmed by pride in you, boy.
at the thought of what you
must have carried yourself like
down there in Cuba.
and the papers must have been mistaken
because here you are.
Are you not?
Val, I was so scared when that damned old Government man
brought them papers that told us you was dead.
I hope your rotten old tooth still hurts!
Sissy, mind yourself.
Stop it!
Sissy, stop it!
Valentine doesn't need to see you
behaving in this manner.
Besides, I have things to talk about
much more important than this love-sick
cow eyeing of yours.
Now, Agent Otts was just doing his job
for the government. He was a courier
of some mixed up information.
Now we're aware of that, and it's all straight.
Just like Val, here.
He took on the weight of a Marshal's badge.
Now he's come here with an enormous burden
because of that weight. But it's mixed up, too
because he just doesn't realize that
his obligation to see justice done
can be overlooked and forgiven to us
because we're his family.
The same rules of honor don't apply to family
as they do to the others out there
in this pagan world.
Now, I hope you can open your heart
to this simple truth, Valentine.
They shot three people and killed two of 'em
in Dunfries yesterday, Leland.
Oh, that's just temperance.
Temperance and restraint at all times, Val.
But alas, my boys have fallen short once again.
I've come for you and the boys, Leland.
I thought you'd retired from marshalin'.
Uncle Jude: Leland!
Val's killed one of the twins!
Leland! He killed Harold!
Good evening, Marshal.
If y'all ain't killed him yet,
I wanna be the one to do it.
What in hell happened to you?
He got his balls tore nearly clean off
by some woman him and Arvid tried to have.
Well, him I can forgive
on the basis of pure "D" stupid.
But you? You oughta have enough of this
took to your back to lay a lick of sense
into that carnal-consumed maggot mind.
Taylor, what the hell happened?
All you were supposed to be doin'
was scouting over at the wells.
Where were ya?
I took 'em.
We ran on something I had going over in Dunfries.
What something you had going on
over in Dunfries?
Since when have you had something going on
anywhere without telling me first?
And that's why Val's had to come down here,
looking for you and your worm rot brain brothers.
I don't reckon you
can turn your nose up too high
to found money anymore...
can you, daddy?
As far as Val...
I don't really concern myself
one way or the other
with whatever the hell he has to do.
Well, you'd best concern yourself
with what I have to do because of you, boy.
Now I have to con him
from wanting to take us to jail
and see through some kind of trial.
Let me see if I'm clear on this.
You want me, daddy, and everybody
to go back up there and stand trial
and be hung, right?
Now, that don't sound like much
of a decision to me, Val.
You're either comin' or goin', Taylor.
I don't really care which anymore.
You choose.
Get away from there, Sissy, goddamn it,
or I'll shoot the-- Ow! Damn it!
Harvey, you put that pistol down
or I'm gonna come across there
and shoot you with every goddamn gun
in this room, 'cause I'm having
to think real hard right now
about why the hell I need the useless half
of a worthless set of twins.
None of ya are killing anybody.
I still decide who dies around here
and who don't.
Now, you two get up off the damn floor
and take Valentine out to the barn
and tie him up.
Hey, daddy.
You all heard daddy.
Take Valentine out to the barn
and tie him up.
Now, goddamn it!
Daddy, daddy.
Daddy. Daddy! |
Agent Otts: "Lord, hear thee in the day of trouble.
the name of the God of Jacob defend thee. "
"Send thee help from the sanctuary
"and strengthen thee out of zion.
"Remember all thy offerin's
"and accept thy burnt sacrifice,
"some trust in chariots
"and some in horses,
"but we will remember the name
"of the Lord, our God.
"my God, my God,
"why hast thou forsaken me?
"why art thou so far from helpin' me?
hear the words of my... "
You looked like you's thirsty.
Sissy, you gotta-- You gotta untie me, honey.
Do you love me, Valentine?
Do you love me, Valentine?
I've always had love for you, Sissy.
Untie me, sweetie.
What are you doin'?
What are you doin', Sissy?
Well, I'm marryin' you.
Oh, honey, that's not how you get married to somebody.
I love you, Valentine.
I need you to want me.
I know I ain't worth much.
You're worth more than they ever let you believe.
Just untie me, sweetie.
You'll go off with my brothers.
I wanna take 'em back to stand trial, Sissy.
Then I'll come back here and help you
after I straighten things out.
You're gonna come back?
Hey, Sissy!
What the hell are you doin' over there?
You get up off him, Sissy,
so I can kill him, you damn whore.
Get off of him!
You shut up! We're gettin' married.
You can't get married, Sissy.
If that's all there was to it,
you'd already be married to Arvid.
Now get out of the way,
or I'm gonna blow your ass off, too.
Goddamn you,
you get out of the way.
Ow! Goddamn.
Uncle Jude: Goddamn you!
I told you
to get out of the way.
Arvid, go see what that was.
Then bring Valentine back out here
so I can kill him.
Bury him in that pit with daddy,
where he belongs.
Uncle Jude, yelling: In here! Arvid!
You heard me tell her!
Valentine: Sissy?
Hey, Sissy?
Sissy? Hey, Sissy?
Hey, Sissy. Sissy, honey? Honey?
Taylor! Taylor!
Hey, honey.
Doc: I'll kill you, you little son of a bitch!
Come here!
Sissy, sissy, come here.
Come here. Sissy?
Sissy, Sissy.
Arvid, she was in the barn
lettin' Valentine loose.
No, wait up, Arvid.
I seen that little bitch do it, too.
She let him loose, so I shot her.
Ha! Ha! I shot that little bitch good.
Valentine: Doc!
Uncle Jude: Aah!
Valentine: Go!
Doc, run!
U. S. Christmas: Ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho!
My eyes!
My eyes!
My eyes!
I'm blind!
I'm blind!
Valentine: Run, Doc!
I'm blind!
Valentine: Can you run?
I can't see.
Goddamn it, Taylor, you blew up Uncle Jude.
Well, shit, goddamn it,
I saw it.
Come on. Hurry.
Harvey, get that son of a bitch off our wagon
and bring that gun back here.
Now, goddamn it!
Aw, shit.
Harvey. Harvey!
Take the goddamn dynamite and go help Arvid.
I can't, Taylor, I--I can't.
Now, goddamn it,
or I'll shoot you where you stand.
Harvey: Ow, I'm shot!
Ow, I'm shot!
Hey, Taylor.
What was that that blowed up?
Harvey, goddamn it.
Throw me that belt, there.
Agent Otts: Ah... Ah... I can't see.
U. S. Christmas: Ho, ho--
Val! Ho, ho,
Goddamn it, ho!
U. S. Christmas: Val, where are ya?
Ho, ho, ho!
Goddamn it.
Come on, you son of a bitch!
Taylor: Valentine!
You still want to arrest me
and take me back down there
to stand trial, don't you?
That's why I came down here, Taylor.
Daddy would have been real proud of you, Val.
You know that even through
all this emotional turmoil and bloodshed,
you maintained your sense of purpose.
Well, Taylor,
I guess if you just throw your guns down
and come on out here,
we'll ride back up to Los Tragos
and see if we can put a jury together.
That's a real comfort, Val.
I sure wouldn't want to go back up there
and stand trial without ya.
Oh, I surely wouldn't.
You know an odd thing, Val?
That Government man with the letter
about you bein' dead?
That's downright queer.
What do you make of that, Val?
I don't know if I'm certain
of my existence, Taylor.
Only my intentions.
Can you make it out here?
I don't know if I can.
I mean, I want to,
but I'm hurt awful bad.
It's kinda hard for me just to let things go.
It's all right, Taylor.
I'll just come on in there and get ya.
I truly admire your sense of duty, Marshal.
Come here, Taylor!
Goddamn it!
Damn it, Val, get the hell off me.
I figured you to be dead, soldier.
Death has been all around me,
but it's yet to take a hold of me.
Well, let's see if we're able
to walk among the living.
We'll probably be havin'
to eat it in San Francisco, huh?
Chinese food.
Yeah, I guess.
Son of a gun.
You know something?
You're kind of an odd bird.