South of Hope Street (2024) Movie Script

Dear citizens,
thank you for your trust.
Your cooperation
is very appreciated.
Dear citizens, we recommend
taking only the official
equilibrium pills
for your benefit.
Unauthorized products may
harm you and your families.
We politely ask you to
take on responsibility
for our society and help us to
defeat disorder.
When I look out my window.
Many sights to see.
And when I look in my window.
So many different people to be.
That it's strange,
so strange.
You've got to
pick up every stitch.
You've got to
pick up every stitch.
You've got to
pick up every stitch.
Must be the season of the witch.
Must be the season
of the witch, yeah.
Must be the season of the witch
You've got to
pick up every stitch.
The rabbits running
in the ditch.
Beatniks are out
to make it rich.
Oh no, must be the
season of the witch.
Must be the season of the witch
You cannot
come in without shoes.
There's a tornado outside.
You cannot come in
without shoes.
The heel is broken.
Is there
any problem here?
A tornado's coming.
There is something
weird out there.
That was not on the news.
Yeah, news didn't say anything
about a tornado so
There isn't one.
You cannot come
in without shoes.
Not without shoes.
What do you want, Anton?
Did you hear what
happened to me today?
I'm now head of
customer relations.
I have a desk.
I'm not really in
the mood to talk.
I was actually in the
middle of something.
You can't be seen at
the bank with those shoes.
You've been working
at the bank for five years.
Do you ever wonder
why you do what you do?
Wes is weird. I
wouldn't go near him.
He doesn't function
in society correctly
after coming back from that war.
Up there.
Dear citizens,
help us to defeat disorder.
The next number, please.
Go to the corner
in this direction.
It's getting better, Patrick.
What is?
The world.
A change has happened.
What change?
Something interesting
has happened outside.
Something actually interesting.
I I can't leave here anyway,
I barely got this job.
Up in the sky,
there are two moons.
Did anyone else see?
Anton saw it.
He confirmed it.
Anton confirmed it, well
then it must be true.
Dear citizens,
you can easily notify us
about uncooperative citizens,
we will carefully
help them to adjust.
I saw strange things
in the sky today.
Nobody cared.
That is a frightening
premise to all civilization.
That we are not running things.
Why? I'd be relieved.
Anything would be better.
Rocks, clouds, gravity.
Denise, it's time for
you to pay the rent.
Well, I'm not really taking up
any room in my corner.
And, you know, I'm
unemployed now.
Wow, you better
get your act together.
I mean, look at you,
you're living in a corner.
Are you ever
getting a job again?
Are you ever getting
a job just once?
I don't need a job.
Xenia is an artist and the world
needs to know
what she's thinking.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Ah, here is a gift
for you, Denise.
A gift?
Thanks, Xenia,
it's really beautiful.
How sweet.
Did you guys feel something
like a rumbling,
almost like an earthquake?
Do you think it has
something to do with the fact
there are two moons in the sky?
Xenia, don't you think
it's amazing?
I have to go.
Ciao for now!
Wait -Bye.
I don't know.
I think that hot little
blonde was hitting on you.
You are still the same.
Lieutenant Daniel Winthrop.
That was fun.
Thank you very much.
To enduring friendship.
Let's celebrate our
friendship then
and this wonderful night.
One thing, unfortunately,
that we won't be
celebrating is this.
is a problem.
I can fix this.
I can put you in a high-level
government position
away from academics.
They're cracking
down on universities.
But you give me a shot, I
think I can make this go away.
I don't want to become
a fat, corrupt government guy.
What I want is the truth.
We don't want the truth.
You want to know why?
Because we have our truth.
They need to be little
cogs in the machine.
- Ah, that's...
- Remote control.
- Okay, that's...
- You understand?
- No, I...
- There's a reason for this.
Without power,
everything is unpredictable.
Life itself is unpredictable.
You should know that.
No, no, no, no, no. Not for us.
We don't let these
people reason.
Do you understand?
Are you joking?
Fix it.
Retract the fucking report.
Fix the fucking report!
Who the fuck are you?
Rights come to us
from God via nature.
It's the government's job to
secure and protect those rights.
The government does not
give rights, it gives reason.
Do you understand?
In order to justify
going to war for
Dear citizens
the sign is still here,
which means the job
is still available.
Andre why don't you sit here
and think positive thoughts?
Hey, look over there.
Look at that kid.
Let's put our best foot forward,
keep our heads held high,
and make it easy for
them to hire you.
Hello, I see from your
sign in the window
that you have a job opening
here at your wonderful cafe.
Uhh, can I help you ladies?
Oh, we're not ladies
but you can help.
It just so happens that my
friend Wes here
is looking for a job.
Tell him not to bother if
he's not from around here.
It's our people first.
He's been away for a few
months fighting in the war.
Thank you.
Did you
Is it yours?
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
No, sorry.
Thank you.
Sorry, what is it?
Oh, it's a job application
for my friend to work in there.
Wes? Work there?
Well, you know,
in this day and age,
you know, any job's a good job.
Ready to go Tom?
Hey, Denise, car's gonna be
here in two minutes.
Your friend is unusual looking.
Oh, I think he's
interesting looking.
Yeah, he's really good at jobs.
They just don't hire him
because he's unusual looking.
I'm not unusual.
He just got a job at a bank,
but they moved his desk
under the basement.
I have a
career there, okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Where are you guys from?
Oh, we're from um
lots of places.
It's pretty bad all over.
The wars and
That's why we're here,
neutral country.
My name's Tom.
This is my nephew Andre.
Hi, we've only been
here a short time.
Is that an army hat?
It is, yeah.
It's my dad's.
He's been everywhere,
even to the top of the world.
He was stationed there,
seen probably polar bears.
Yeah, not much snow
there anymore.
What did you study?
I didn't finish school.
Why not?
I wanna join the army.
Yes, he's going to get his um
higher education elsewhere.
I'm sorry, did I ask
too many questions?
No, not at all.
Better get going.
Hey Wes, did you
see the two moons?
Did you ever see such faces?
So displaced.
As if they belong
nowhere in the universe.
Denise, if you don't
You're gonna be like that if you
don't get your life in order.
Just like them.
You know what I did?
I just signed a contract at
a wedding chapel in Vegas.
Oh really?
Yeah, because
this plan is so cool.
You know, all the other actors
what they want to do?
They all go directly to
Hollywood. What are
they gonna do?
They're gonna
wait tables, right?
- That's true.
- Yeah, but Beat and I,
we have this unique plan.
- Oh, you do?
- We hit Vegas first.
OMG! Can't anybody get
service in this country?
I was at this other restaurant
and it took them 20 minutes
to bring my lunch.
In my restaurant,
if customers bother me,
I'll serve them even slower.
You're right!
And that's why you will always
be a waiter, Gianni.
Although, a very
good looking one.
Amore, oh mio!
We need to check the news.
We are not turning the channels.
I have this other
friend visiting here soon.
She is a VIP.
Very wealthy. Her father
owns all the art galleries
in New York.
Wow! Hey, I would
love to meet her.
Oh, actually she is
looking for a boyfriend.
Hello citizens, Theresa
Battensby with the news.
Our head of covert operations,
Lieutenant Daniel Winthrop,
has let us know that,
well, what you're seeing is
a mirage in the sky,
a blurring of lines
due to unusual weather.
A blurring of lines in the sky?
I told you it would be
something like that.
They try to make
everything ordinary.
So, you worked at the
bank for five months?
Yes, I did.
Tell me, Denise, why
do you want this job?
Well, to make money.
Although, I'm really
nervous about this
whole sky situation.
Have you noticed it?
If you were sitting in a
typical office, which type of
celebrity person would
you most like to sit by?
A. A politician.
B. A music star.
Or C. A sports figure?
My first choice would
probably be Sylvia Plath.
She's a poet.
C. A sports figure.
A. A politician.
B. A music star.
Hermann Hesse's
work is very interesting.
What happened?
What happened?
He said she stole,
but she didn't.
- You called an ambulance?
- Yeah, we did.
But we don't shoot
people for stealing.
Now we do.
Your shoes are very clean.
Hello, Citizens.
In these times of
strangeness, both in the
sky and on the ground,
it is great to know that we
are protecting that ground,
that the ground is
ours and always will be.
Hey -We met.
- Yes.
- I'm glad you remember.
Umm I'm doing okay,
if you want to know.
Very well, as a matter of fact.
And you?
I just saw a woman get shot.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And there are two moons
in the sky in the daytime.
I think it's great.
Everything has to
be re-examined.
It's like during
the Renaissance,
when they realized
that the Earth
was not the center
of the universe
everything had
to be re-evaluated.
You may find this
interesting, you may not.
I write poems.
What you think about
the two moons,
I thought about one.
I said, what is that up there?
And what am I down here?
I heard they're going
to start a new war.
Of course, they are.
What do you mean, of course?
Well, if we fight a war,
We're not going to be looking
up at the moons, are we?
I may as well just leave.
Listen, Denise,
before you go anywhere,
you should realize
those moons are an announcement.
They're saying,
wake the fuck up.
You people down
there, you're hiding
behind what's familiar.
But it's disappointing.
So, wake up.
I like your positivity.
Well, anytime you want to talk,
you just come by
the bird sanctuary.
What do you do there?
I'm a janitor who
speaks bird talk.
Okay. There we are.
Oh, Diana, hi.
I was just taking a
break after classes.
As I like this park,
it calms me down.
I like the park, too.
But did you notice the
moons and the sky?
I see them.
I was feeling dizzy.
I don't think it's the
moons and the sky.
I take the equilibrium pills.
Now I'm okay.
The equilibrium pills?
You don't need to take them.
It's mind over matter.
Oh, Denise.
I'm afraid you have to move out.
Kim's moving in.
Oh, don't worry,
it's not a committed
I wasn't worried about that.
I'm so sorry, Denise,
my VIP art world guest
Phoebe will be staying here.
Uhh I'll get unemployment.
They are cutting it out.
Have you read:
"The Poor Are Living It Up
at Your Expense?"
It's a best seller
where I come from.
Here are your pills.
They came in the post today.
I am not taking pills
from the government.
Why are you looking
at me like that?
You act as if it's my fault
you can't stay here anymore.
It is.
Always blaming someone else
for your lack of
ability to function.
victim thinking,
Chapter 13.
And why is this happening?
Well, see you at
my installation.
Right now, I have to pick up
Phoebe from the airport.
Come, Kim.
Ciao for now.
Hello everyone,
welcome, welcome, welcome.
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah!
Who's that? Yummy.
Hi, care for some more?
Please, please.
Hi, I'm Bruce.
You will see more
of me in a moment.
I'll look forward to that.
Um, waiter?
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Here you go.
As you see by my work,
I think of myself as
fiercely individual.
Everyone everyone!
This is Phoebe Van Vleck.
Amazing artist, philanthropist,
a friend of Universe,
and now a friend of mine.
Welcome welcome!
So excited to be here.
When I first saw
this work of Xenia,
I thought, this is genius!
And now my poet friend
Adrian will recite
a quick poem to
get the evening started.
Thank you, Xenia.
This is my poem.
Another performer?
What if the global war
is a good thing?
We're way too many,
and all this garbage every...
What are you doing?
This was a very
important journalist.
And did you just hear what
he said about my work?
I don't care.
The government says
you have to give me
a month's notice. So you are not
kicking me out, okay?
Oh, that's Cybelle,
as you know. Kim's sister.
Cybelle, what is your
brother doing in a uniform?
He was drafted.
Listen Denise, no offense,
but the VIP's staying over, and
Kim and I have
to have a quality time.
So those are your
bags over there,
and we will discuss
things later when it's
more convenient for me!
Ciao for now!
We will probably
create a new mankind.
Don't follow me, Denise.
You're ruining my reputation.
Reputation? Did you
look up in the sky lately?
Look, you know they don't
like me at the bank because
of my unusual look.
Now don't make it
worse for me, okay?
There are rumors there
might be a war entering.
This is a neutral country.
Is that an American
football jersey you're wearing?
This is the only way I
could keep my apartment.
Bruce and Beat were threatening
to kick me out again.
Now they are Americanizing.
Denise, did you ever try
to get another job?
Yeah, I did. I tried.
But, you know, I tried, but I
fucked it up by
talking about poetry.
But I can't help it, Patrick,
it's just also
inconsequential anyway.
I mean, did you even
look at the sky today?
Did you see what
is going on out there?
I see it.
Who will know the
world before it goes?
if you never mentioned again
how much you hate football,
well, Bruce and Beat, they
might let you stay with us.
On the yard line
No, return by Ricky McNeil!
Ricky goes left.
Ricky, gets a block.
Ricky has another block.
Ricky McNeil!
No flags.
An answered prayer.
Cowboys are ahead. Oh, yeah!
Where are they going?
Hey, out!
I said, 'stay in your rooms
until your dad is back, okay?'
I'm watching them for
some extra money.
You are a no talent.
Guys like you have no talent.
Zero talent.
Are you telling me that?
With my education,
sensitivity and smarts?
With my looks and talent
you claim I will
fail in Hollywood?
Are you really arguing
with 12-year-olds
about your career?
Lousy clown.
Did you sneak some of my coke?
It might have happened, Bruce.
Yeah. Next thing I know,
you'll be stealing money.
Beat, Beat!
Yes, dude?
Check our pockets and see
if there's any money missing.
Yes, yes.
Phoebe, who's a winner,
told me about people like you.
There's a reason
you got kicked out of
your corner in that
apartment, Denise.
Hey, good to see you.
I came back. I might
need a place to stay.
I threw a book at somebody.
Immediately gratifying.
Not quite sure
how it's going to serve
me in the long run.
It's just, um
I have a hard time adjusting.
That's not so bad.
You get to think
your own thoughts.
It's like I keep pounding
on these glass doors.
But when I look through them,
I really don't want
to be on the other side.
I mean, I'm doomed
to be this misfit.
But you're not, you know.
Last night, Bruce and
Beat were up all night,
watching these men in helmets,
thinking about getting a ball.
And I kept thinking to myself,
There are two moons in the sky!
Maybe you should think
about football a different way.
Yeah. Yeah, he's right.
Think about it.
I mean, American football, yeah?
You've got the ball,
you're running
through the field, you're
trying to get through the
obstacles, trying to
get around them,
trying to get through them
and you're running, running,
running, but you know what?
The running is not about scoring
a touchdown,
it's about survival.
And the ball
Now, the ball
Is your soul.
But what if the
ball is just a ball?
Well, this is what
we call home now.
Come in.
What did you used to call home?
Um yes
I'll take his.
Me and my mom in the
war um, I got hurt.
Never mind how.
And I was waking up
on this boat.
Tom was helping people to
get away from the war.
Tom's married?
Oh, no. Um but
they were together.
She's a lot different
than him and um
He was still pretty upset
when they broke up.
But I really shouldn't
talk about it.
I'll give you my
couch for tonight.
I'll just sleep on this.
That's nice.
Tom's got the other room.
He works in there.
And Wes is out there too.
You know, Tom, he took him in.
Did you see my book collection?
Some of the books
are from my dad.
He's been everywhere.
Where is your dad now?
Hey, Wes, we're okay.
We have to leave soon.
Something is going on here.
Something is going on, and
nobody is talking about it.
We don't have earthquakes here.
Maybe no one knows.
Oh, no, people know.
People know, but they're
just not talking about it.
Things are happening.
Little things are trickling in.
People may not talk about it.
Who will know the
world before it goes?
Once I had this dream, and
it was right after my dad died.
And in my dream, it was morning,
but there was no sun in the sky.
But my dad, he was
getting up and getting
dressed for work as if
everything was normal.
And I said to him,
"But, Dad, don't you
know that there
is no sun in the sky?"
Those moons
are an announcement!
They're saying,
"Wake the fuck up."
Hello citizens,
this is Theresa Battensby
with news from
our triumphant war.
Let's speak to young
Davy Milburn,
off to do his duty and
shipping out tomorrow.
So young Davy, how do you feel
about shipping out tomorrow?
I'm actually very scared.
And are you clear
on the reasons why
we need you to fight?
Truth be told...
News from our triumphant war.
Well, that
explains a lot.
That kid sounds scared.
Not me.
I'm like my dad.
I'm not scared of nothing.
And I don't go all crazy
about it either like Wes.
Hey, listen.
I saw Tom playing this
old music this morning.
Yeah, he plays that music a lot.
I guess it helps him.
He's been pretty upset
since he got kicked out
of his place.
He did?
Well, you know how it feels.
You just got
kicked out of yours.
Hey, listen.
Just because I just
lost my apartment
does not mean that
I'm some sort of refugee.
Not that I have any
problem with them,
but you know.
You don't have to
explain yourself.
I've gone from place
to place all my life.
What did you do before the war?
Don't tell me you
worked in a bank.
No, I worked fixing computers.
Andre said you got injured.
Nothing serious.
But you spent some
time in a hospital.
And that's where
you met the nurse?
Oh, you don't
have to answer that.
I always ask way too
many personal questions.
No um it's all right.
I loved her.
And I came here, to
her country, with her,
in this neutral country.
I have a plan.
What kind of a plan?
Writing a book plan.
You know, the moons in
the sky are a message, right?
I want people
to see this message.
I want to enact change.
And I'm gonna do this
with a book of poems.
it will change the world.
I gotta go.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Hello citizens,
there are 4,000 dead,
and we are ahead.
Hey, Denise.
What's shaking?
What is that? What
are you guys doing?
Remember that book
you threw at me?
Well, I have involved my lawyer.
What are you gonna do?
I don't have anything.
What are you
doing anyway, Denise,
walking around free.
There's a warrant out for you.
Didn't you know that?
Why? I haven't done anything.
No, you haven't, Denise,
and that's the problem.
You haven't done anything
you were supposed to do.
Not taking your
equilibrium pills,
not being quiet,
not having a house,
not being rich.
You should have
grown up, Denise,
we are no longer clowns.
We have worked hard,
networked, kissed up,
and now we are
traveling to America
to become Power Influencers.
Regarding you,
I'm making a phone call.
Hey, fucking termite!
- Give me my phone!
- Hey,
picking on a
disadvantaged person!
I gotta fucking sue you!
I gotta fucking
sue you, asshole!
Changes come, let it go.
But don't change me back.
Did you see that?
Yeah. Same as before.
What do you mean?
Um can't really say.
what are you doing with her?
Oh God, she's got an
animal tail on her purse.
Listen, I need to stay
a few nights on your couch.
I totally would, but I
You look like some
homeless woman.
I'll tell you, they're
cleaning everything
and everyone up now.
Listen, I just need to talk
for a few minutes alone...
- I...
- With Gianni until...
Well, you can't!
Gianni's romantically
accompanying me
on the rest of my Euro trip.
We... come along, we have to go.
We have to catch the train.
I had to get away, see?
Adrian left already.
What do you mean?
He's with the group
in the mountains.
Didn't you know?
We're all on the
government reject list.
You too, Denise.
Now come on, we've got to go.
I'll be looking out
for you, Denise.
Dear citizens,
you can easily notify us
about uncooperative citizens.
We will carefully help them
to adjust.
That's Patrick's desk.
Did he get a promotion?
Do you really think
that I'm below him?
Your shoes,
They're not correct.
You need to get out now.
Where's Patrick?
I can't be seen with you.
I said, "Get away!"
I said, "Where's Patrick?"
He is on the list.
Why are you falling down?
I'm not.
Yes, you are.
You are, I saw you,
you just fell.
Don't tell anyone!
There's obviously
something going wrong,
so why can't we talk about it?
Because they'll think I'm weird.
They'll put me on the
list like you and Patrick.
Where's Patrick?
They hauled him
away this morning!
What's going on?
Things have gotten worse.
My friend Patrick's in jail.
I'm on some sort of list.
Can you go with me to the jail?
Can you bribe
somebody to get him out?
Come with me.
this is my book.
For the past two days,
I've written 10 more poems.
They just came to me,
just like you came to me.
Everything is part of all of it.
All of what?
The universe.
Not the one we made,
but the real one.
And it has a purpose.
What purpose?
A while ago, I tried to
do this horrible thing.
It was a cowardly thing.
When my brother died,
I tried to kill myself.
And as I was cutting my
wrists, I saw the moons.
And the moons mean hope!
Hope? Have you even
looked around lately?
And as that strange
sky descends on us,
black, endless, unexplainable,
it's still there.
And all of us are
going to look into it.
And we will see poetry.
We're all going to
be leaving soon!
Hey Denise, aren't you cold?
Come here.
Thank you, Andre.
Where's Tom?
He had to work.
And then he's going to
meet me back here.
And he's gonna try to
get Patrick out of jail,
and then we're
gonna all have dinner,
and we're all gonna talk,
you, me, and Patrick.
I feel so happy.
You're welcome here, and
I don't want Tom to be alone.
I'm gonna be gone soon, so
You know that letter that I got?
I'm supposed to
go fight in the war.
You, you can't fight in the war.
I mean, you
Oh, they take anyone now.
I'm not like Tom.
He doesn't believe in countries,
but I want to go home someday,
and my mom always used to say
you had to do your
duties, like my dad.
But you...
They give you tests
for those, right?
And you can mess up
on those tests.
I mean, where did you
I get that letter from?
Goodbye, Denise.
There seems to be some mistake.
A friend of mine's
son is disabled.
And he can't fight in the army.
What is your name?
Xenia Papadeas.
She's wearing the wrong shoes.
I'm going up to the
mountains. I have a job.
It's private.
Possible I could get a ride?
It's a good outfit, by the way.
I'm not getting
in the car with you.
Why should I even trust you? I'm
still not sure what
side you're on.
As far as I know, you're
still a revolutionary.
I tried.
But I was unable
to get to Patrick.
I don't know where he is.
I don't know if they have him?
I don't know if he's a prisoner?
I don't know if they freed him?
We cannot come back.
blink and they are.
What you are seeing
is a blurring
You look upset.
I am upset.
Well, me too. Some reject
went to the recruiting office,
they tried to say they were me.
I had to come clear it up.
He left.
The janitor?
Oh, I could have told you that.
All insincere from
those countries.
He went to save somebody.
Clearly not you.
Anyway, come with me.
I have to go find
Patrick. He's in jail.
You can stay in the
apartment again.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't get carried away, okay?
What about Adrian
being on some list?
I saw Gianni, and...
They left for somewhere
with that group.
They're all against the war.
The best thing you
can do now is to fit in.
I'm gonna
I'm getting rid of my poetry.
I'm gonna be normal.
In the chilly hours & minutes.
Of uncertainty, I want to be
in the warm hold
of your loving mind.
To feel you all around me.
And to take your hand,
along the sand.
Ah, but I may as well
try and catch the wind.
When sundown pales the sky
I want to hide a while,
behind your smile.
And everywhere I'd look,
your eyes I'd find.
For me to love you now.
Would be the sweetest thing
That would make me sing.
You know, that line is
gonna move pretty soon.
And it's gonna cover
the whole crazy sky.
It won't cover it for long.
How do you know about that?
From a time warp!
You just showed up one day.
I guess you could say that.
Yeah, maybe I am
from a time warp.
But I'm sure I could say
the same about you.
Here, I mean, flower power.
"Dandelions don't
tell no lies", baby.
- I sure...
- Eduardo knows what he's doing.
And it's working.
I doubt it, Wes,
because I'm the one
that told you and
all the others what to do.
It's called action.
Pew pew!
You think laying
around in a field,
humming mantras is
gonna stop the black shoes?
I got Anna on my side, right?
Yeah, man, Anna is nuts.
No, you are nuts. He is cool.
- Look, Eduardo said...
- Hey, fuck off, Wes.
You and Eduardo and time
warp freak over here, the
flower power freak of the
year. You just can fuck off.
Okay, whatever. Go for it.
Blow up everything with
your grenades, Benjamin.
Hey, hey, hey, Eduardo.
I'm on the way to
the fascist retreat.
And I can't wait to mess
with that pretentious
fake tinfoil artist.
What's her name again?
Xylitol, Xenia.
Ah, Denise, finally, you
come back in again.
We want to play games.
You didn't have to wait for me.
Ooh, who's that?
Yes, I already saw him.
He's a little older,
more refined,
better than Gianni!
Well, poor Denise, she's
feeling a little bit funny
ever since she had the
close call with the janitor.
Thank God she has a job again.
Xenia and Universe
were so kind to let...
Yeah, well, we had to
let her back in again
because things didn't
work out with Kim.
Completely different world view.
Where's Kim now?
What happened to him?
- He joined up...
- He is dead!
Well, it's so good having
the holidays, isn't it?
I've been really working
on my next installation.
May I join you beautiful people?
That's that strange woman.
So, anyone is
interested with me to
check out what's
happening in the news?
Shall I turn it on?
No, because the news
won't tell you about the...
About the line in the sky?
Yes, there is a line in the sky.
Thank you.
May I suggest?
No, you may not suggest anything
because you're not
part of this group.
- Let the music play.
- Yes!
Good morning.
What do you think about the sky?
I think it's scary.
Scary because of
the two moons or
because of the line
covering the sky?
Well, they cover the sky,
so we won't be so afraid.
I'm not afraid, are you?
I saw her.
I told you it was her.
She's here on some
holiday with some others.
And she was dancing.
How could you be
dancing right now?
You don't know her situation.
Best to leave her alone.
She probably doesn't
even know we're here.
I'm gonna check that report.
I'm gonna see if
they've done it yet.
You think they'd
tell us if they had.
The construction
of the wall across the sky,
which protects us
from distraction and
from anything other than
what we want to know
has progressed and should be
completed within the month.
In other news, there are
five thousand...
Hey, Denise.
Where are you going?
I don't know about you, but
I've had it in those fakes.
I'm leaving.
But where are you going to go?
There's nowhere that's safe.
Living inside a big lie of a
machine is what's dangerous.
I'll be seeing you.
I have been bought,
I have been sold in the city
I've dined with the demons,
and I drank of their fear
We are hiding out.
The whole group of us.
We barely got out, Denise.
We started this little group
here in the mountains.
The head is Eduardo.
But he is a socialite.
No he's not.
He is a physicist,
a revolutionary.
But we can't go back.
All the houses are falling down.
But are you
making them fall?
Told you, I'll be seeing you.
Are you
blowing them up?
What are you all doing here?
There's warrants out
for your arrest.
Those clowns turned us in.
Bruce and Beat?
Listen, Denise.
Join us.
There is this group
started by Eduardo.
But he's a socialite.
No, he fakes it.
He's undercover at the hotel.
And there's my friend
from the 1960s.
I had a dream and
you all were in it.
Yeah, you had a dream and.
Arnbjorg, she's a physicist.
We call this guy Mr. Time Warp.
And Ariane, same time
warp as you can see.
Listen, Denise.
Everybody who didn't
fall for it, the lies,
is hiding here,
in the mountains.
No, but listen, I can't,
I can't join you. I
I'm trying to be normal.
Doing what?
I got a job at a
computer company.
There are hundreds
of us in the forest.
They are trying to take
away our very sky, Denise.
We have to go.
I saw some lights.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Come on.
Hold on.
Go on.
Listen, Denise.
Please, join us.
But I think we need
to focus harder.
It's not enough.
Focus hocus pocus.
Laying around on the ground?
It ain't gonna work!
Well, it worked.
Basically, all we have to do is
make a real move, all right?
I got guns, I got grenades, I'm
telling everybody,
I already got it!
We go down, we take
on the black shoes.
Wipe them clean out, boom!
We use our energy,
that's how it should work.
Not with violence and guns.
Flower power.
For you!
I know that you don't
believe in these things.
So, you better take
your flower back.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, you want?
I don't like flowers.
This is the point where
everybody lays down.
Start your chanting.
Energy can do a lot of things.
I give up.
Call out the instigators.
Because there's
something in the air.
See you later, okay?
Yeah, see ya.
I'm a central part of
the revolution now.
Don't get your hopes up.
I'm seeing someone else.
Mm-hmm We'll see.
See ya later.
Denise, thanks a million.
Thanks a million.
And who's this?
I want to help.
Her brother died in the war.
Oh, oh, I'm so sorry.
I brought supplies.
I'll come back with
them one or two days.
Yeah, gives some to the
writer and the kid with the...
With the no arm.
They're over there
in the trailer.
They're not with us, but
you should go over there.
Yeah, he probably sees
things aren't so hunky-dory.
Yeah, he stays to himself.
In that trailer?
Who are those people?
We are fucked!
Tell her to let go,
for God's sake!
We are not safe with you!
I've known about
your group forever,
and I haven't told
the authorities.
Denise, let's go back,
it's not safe with these people.
Denise, you just
got your life together.
You fit now!
Wind, wind, blow wind
When the cool summer wind.
Sends a chill down my spine.
And I long for my love
deep within.
I know he is gone.
But my love lingers on.
In a dream that the wind
comes to me.
Oh how kitsch!
Let, let, let me out!
Just let me out! Let me out!
Let me out!
- Hi!
Let's leave her
She lost her mind!
You must know, but, uh
You're standing on a stump.
You look like a fucking idiot.
Well, won't be the first
time I've heard that.
Well, I'm kind of
sorry about that,
because I thought
you were a soldier.
Yeah, I used to be a soldier.
I don't do that anymore.
And pretty soon, you ain't
even gonna have a sky no more.
Well, I mean, they
might cover the
sky up, but we'll
still know it exists.
You know, I get it with Wes,
up and away and everything.
I had my family, too.
They're all dead
in one of the wars.
I don't follow leaders anymore
just ideas.
Yeah, but everybody's gonna get
used to seeing
nothing but blackness.
I don't trust him.
How did you come
to be here, Tarak?
Eduardo, he was, uh
Teaching at university.
When they rounded
up all the professors.
I was a student.
He's the one who told
me about this place
before he got away.
How did you meet Xenia?
Around She's very beautiful.
But I'm here!
It's all good.
They know it's us!
What should I tell them?
That we should leave here?
There're other places
we can go, I...
We have to stay!
My family farm in Iceland?
Gonna let a few of
these fools change us?
Okay, we have a problem.
You, Tarak, you stay here and
keep things going, okay?
Hello, citizens.
Executions will be held
at 10 a.m. on Friday
and are free for those
who want to attend.
Halt hands up!
Oh, chill, my friend.
I know him.
Eduardo, what
are you doing here?
Well, yourself told me
that I'm crazy with my
energy thing and the
group in the mountains.
But this guy and the
other soldiers out there
seem to take it seriously.
Maybe not that crazy!
I'm here to ask you a favor.
I have friends out there,
and some of them
are getting shot.
please !
You've got five minutes to
get out of here before I
do what I've got to do.
Do the right thing.
But remember this.
The universe is way
bigger than you.
Much bigger.
Detain him!
What the...
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Come... come!
An exciting alert:
Three members of
the anarchist group,
who we have long
suspected have been in hiding,
have been arrested.
This was helped by
emerging star party
member Diana Lewis.
Yes, I helped bring them in.
A professor who
has long been uncooperative
with the Order of Things.
Of course, I work with
the Order of Things.
Under Lieutenant Daniel Winthrop
as is correct for a woman.
He congratulated me and
told me I did a good job.
It is great that there is
less and less disorder,
uncertainty, and wondering.
Oh, there's no need to wonder.
We know everything.
We know.
The Three Musketeers.
My little friends.
You know, I saw your mug shots.
They were really cute.
Especially you, very handsome.
In fact, you know,
I thought maybe
I'd give somebody
a flower, you know.
- Don't need a flower, do you?
- Mm-hmm.
How about you, a flower, man?
You can take it like this.
You could be a clown!
You want it?
That was cool.
Here, put it up here.
Where is it?
Is that it?
It is a little light.
Good God.
What about the other one?
Ah, she's out there somewhere.
I'll catch up with
her sooner or later.
I gotta go. Adios.
Goddamn sons of bitches.
They found me.
Who found you?
They'll come here, it says so.
I'm supposed to
report for service.
You wrote to her.
Who's her?
His mother.
She was very interested in
my brother being a martyr.
My father was a hero.
Your father, my brother
who I loved dearly,
an 18-year-old, stir-crazy,
snow-blind kid
sent to replace him,
thought he was the
enemy, and shot
an incendiary
round into his face.
That is not a
glorious way to go.
My mother was right.
You want me to stay here,
be a traitor like you,
a loser with nothing,
you have nothing, Tom, nothing.
We don't have shadows.
What? That cannot be true.
What has he done?
You've lost my paper.
It was supposed to
tell me where I should go.
It's like we don't
even exist anymore.
No, I exist I exist!
Have finished my book.
People will read this, they will
look up, and wars will end.
Tom, you are not going to
change anything
with your writing.
It's the truth.
The world is based on getting
people to do what
they don't want to do,
and getting people to think
that they want to do them.
Picasso painted Guernica.
People looked at it...
They were horrified,
and then they
went back to doing
the exact same thing
that was in the painting.
Anyway, who is going to
believe what you write?
Who even knows who you are?
I'll I'll read it out loud.
Then they're going
to send you to jail.
I don't care.
What are you doing?
Just deluded. You're all just
Deluded, you're all just hiding.
I'm not hiding. I'm
doing something.
Don't you understand
that you are just a
tiny speck on the
edge of the universe?
And the only thing that
you can do is try to survive.
Let me see your wrists.
I love you.
I feel bad for you.
I feel very bad for you
living at the edge
of all of this.
Trying to find light
in the darkness.
I have to go deal
with what's real.
We have to ask
ourselves one question.
What exactly is real?
Tomorrow we talk about
future opportunities.
Has Patrick been released?
He's been extinguished.
What do you mean?
Loser! Loser!
- I'm trying to be normal!
- Denise...
Come on, Denise!
You are a traitor.
You are a traitor, Denise.
I'm turning all of you in.
Good, good, good, good.
I have a letter for you
from your aunt.
I have it here in my bag.
It's a check.
And uh for getting you all
started again in the village.
- And she says that they...
- Yes!
No more living in limbo
I can finally get started again.
Did you know that Kim
was killed during the war?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, we all kind of knew that.
But I didn't!
Uh, I'm so sorry,
Xenia, but um...
But, you know,
I heard rumors that
the sun isn't
coming up tomorrow.
The sun is not
coming up tomorrow!
- Is that right?
- Listen,
you don't want to spend
your last day in the sun
firing missiles at people
you don't even know.
It's another nutcase from
off the street, George.
- How many have there been?
- Millions!
Tom, I'm okay with this.
You better go. You
better leave before they...
- No, no, no.
- Get back!
- Come with me.
- No, Tom, I want to stay here.
Why are you doing this?
I'm going to fight a war on
the whole other side
of the world.
But why are you doing this?
I get to see the North Pole.
I get to see everything.
Why are you really doing this?
You go on, Tom.
Yes, you go on, Tom.
Yes, yes.
Tom, let go.
Is this young man enlisted?
Yes, he's signed.
Then he's ours.
I've seen this man before.
I know his face.
Remember, we're normal.
Try to be normal.
Okay? You got this.
Because I'm normal.
So normal.
We're normal.
- How...
- Normal.
- How did he...
- Normal.
I'm normal.
- So normal.
- Come back.
- Normal!
- Denise,
Denise, come back!
Denise you gotta make
your way in the world.
I'm trying.
But you keep failing to adjust.
I myself have managed to adapt.
To this?
Who will know the
world before it goes.
Just leave then.
Leave the world.
Excuse me, do you know
where the executions
are being held?
Hello citizens, the
line across the sky
has progressed, but
it's very dark out.
They ripped up my book.
I told you they'd do that.
I'm gonna write another one.
Maybe one that's more
appealing to the masses.
So, be aware!
What a weird place to be.
Yeah, very.
Little challenging.
You're crazy.
See truth behind everything.
Then what do you do?
I write it.
Yeah, well, what if
nobody wants to read it?
I still write it.
Because I have hope.
Why do you see and I don't, Tom?
Why do you see it and
I don't Tom!
Tom! Tom!
Don't worry.
Which just has to show,
even the most shocking
rebels can be infiltrated.
Stand still.
Leave now!
Leave now!
We need backup.
Wes, no!
- Put it down, man!
- Don't move!
It's over!
Stand up.
Stand up.
Let's go. Come on, people.
Let's get this show on the road.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Let's get it moving.
Come on. Let's go.
Let's do something
there. Come on.
Come on. Let's go. Come on.
Let's go. Come on. Come on.
Here we go. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Let's go. Come on.
Come on!
Oh, come now. Let's go.
You've got to come.
Come with me now.
Come with me now.
Oh, whoa. Okay. Go!
You go forward. I'll catch up.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, man.
Let's get it right
this time, shall we?
He'll catch up.
We all do what we have to do.
Our fate is our fate.
Let's go.