Southside (2003) Movie Script

[Foreboding instrumental music]
Over my limit?
[Woman laughing]
Yes, you are.
It's good.
[Both laughing]
You know what?
I'm fucking sick of the music
that they play at the club.
I am, because
you can't really...
You just can't dance right
to it, you know?
I'm sick...
And there's
the fucking girls up there.
Are you kidding me?
Oh, Christ.
Hey, did you
fuck Lenny?
You fucked Lenny,
didn't you?
No, I didn't.
You don't have
to lie to me.
I heard all about it.
It's all over
on the street.
You know Lenny
has crabs, right?
No, he doesn't.
I'm fucking serious.
Everybody knows
that Lenny has crabs.
No, he doesn't.
You're lying.
Did you give him
a Handy Andy?
Please tell me
you didn't give,
because the Handy Andy's
my thing.
You swear you never
gave Lenny a Handy?
I swear.
Eileen, you are
a fucking girl
after my own hard-on.
Sounds like a fuckin'
flounder, don't he?
Sweetie, want some of this?
She just wants
some beauty sleep, fuckwad.
[Car engine revving]
[Tires squealing]
Oh, shit.
are you all right?
Fuck off.
Fuck off
Oh, Christ.
Oh, ho.
Oh, I may need
to stop fucking her.
What are you...
What's up, man?
What the fuck
are you doing?
Oh, man.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fucked up, man.
I know.
You're a...
You're a smart one,
Get your motor
Oh, man, come on.
Give me a break
with that stuff.
Head out
on the highway!
for adventure.
Where the fuck's
the car?
I don't know.
[Metal jingling]
I got the keys,
[Wheezing laughter]
I think
I misplaced my date.
Goddamn it, Jacko.
What are we gonna tell
your old man this time?
We can just tell him
to fucking bring it on.
It's... it's fuckin'
kick-Jacko's-ass night tonight.
Everybody knows it.
Shut up.
Fuck him.
you'll fuckin'...
you'll think
of something.
Uh-oh, I'll think
of something.
All right.
You're my best friend.
Yeah, of...
I'm your only fuckin'
friend, all right?
I mean, who else would hang out
with a wacko like you?
Do you love me?
You know it.
You may not show it
all the time,
but you fuckin'
love me.
[Travis laughs]
Hey, do you remember Eileen?
I almost got a fuckin'
Handy Andy from her tonight.
Oh, yeah?
Dude, she's...
she's great.
I fuckin' love Eileen.
[Throat scrapes]
Fuckin' dead
next week.
Here you go.
Go for it.
Oh, that was a fuckin'
piss-poor spit, wasn't it?
The color's
good though.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
Let's get
your ass home.
Fuckin' Dumiak did this shit,
this fuckin'...
Who cares, man?
Fuckin' hate him.
Hey, how'd
he get you, anyway?
He was hiding.
He was
a hiding faggot.
Let me tell
you something, man.
they're all faggots, all right?
Oh, fuck all
of them.
fuck and fuck
and fuck and fuck
and fuck and fuck
and fuck and fuck
and fuck and fuck.
Fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck!
Shut up, assholes!
Hey, fuck you, man!
Who the fuck
was that?
[Police siren chirps]
Hold it right there, girls.
Playing games again,
I cut myself
Maybe you better
grow a beard.
I could
grow a beard.
I thought you were training
for your fight.
This is my training.
I'm just
carrying him home.
I thought you were a lot smarter
than this.
Get out of here before
I kick your skinny ass too.
Oh, Trav.
Bring it on,
you sack of shit.
Let's fucking go.
I got this,
Just let me take him,
all right?
Let's fuckin' go.
Come on.
You stupid
piece of shit.
Fuck him, Trav.
It's bad enough you're boxing.
They had to sheer you
like a sheep.
Yeah, well,
when I'm champ,
I'll grow it down
to my shoulders.
Yeah, so some girl
can come along and clip it off.
What are you
talking about?
You're my girl.
Come on.
[Man coughing]
You're up,
Sounds like goddamn
Jerry Springer in here.
You off to play
at the gym already.
Would you
like some juice?
Travis, Travis,
no, please, please.
Travis, no,
please, please.
There's your big hero,
gonna take you away
from all this.
Big fuckin' mistake
is what it was.
I could still
kick your ass!
Do you hear me?
I could still
kick your ass,
and don't think
I can't!
Big fuckin' boxer.
Hey, Trav.
You're early today.
I couldn't wait
to see you.
Oh, yeah?
You just wanted
something in your mouth.
Here, stick this in.
I'm seeing you
tonight, right?
seeing me now.
We don't
want these, ah,
falling down
on the street, do we?
Oh, off to
the gym, baby.
Get us out of here.
[Blues music]
(man #1)
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey,
how... how many was of them
Northside faggots
was it
at the Blue Moon?
Three, four,
or what?
(man #1)
(man #2)
Ten of those fuckers.
(man #1)
Ten of those...
(man #2)
In their own bar too.
Yeah, Rickey Bailey, his bunch,
all 12 of them.
Here we go.
Tom O'Malley...
versus 14
of them...
on his own too.
No backup
or nothin'.
No backup
or nothing.
20 of you
Northside faggots...
And I go plowin'
into you.
And I go plowin'
into you.
One, two, three,
you're next!
the window.
the window.
The bar.
Over the bar.
Bodies flyin' everywhere...
Savin' Bailey for last!
[Drunken laughter]
I'm outta here, Pop.
Oh, no, no, no, no...
hey, oh.
Have another.
I can't.
I mean, I'm supposed
to meet Travis at the gym.
You want me
to come with you?
[As baby talk]
Keep the bullies away?
Fuck off, Pop.
Hey, is that any way
to talk to your father?
You should have
more respect.
Never spend any time
together anymore.
He's gettin' old,
you know?
Come on.
All right.
Pour it like
you don't own it.
Come on, fellas.
Come on, come on.
Hey, stop
dancin' around
like a couple of goddamn girls,
all right?
Jesus Christ,
come on.
Come on, Skids, make him work,
will you?
Make him fuckin' work.
Make him work for Christ sakes,
come on.
You guys are like a bunch
of pansies out there.
Come on.
That's it.
[Men grunting]
That's it.
All right, break,
break, break, fellas.
Come on,
get out of there.
That's it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
[Sonorous pounding]
Ah, hey.
Hey, Travis,
Hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey!
Easy, Travis, easy!
Come on!
Save some of that
for Sangster,
for Christ sakes,
all right?
Jesus Christ, next week,
you'll kill this Northside asshole.
Ha, ha, ha!
Hey, hey.
Ha, ha!
What the hell
is he doing here?
Get him out of here.
He's my bud.
I don't give a shit.
Goddamn it,
Murray's sending
his scout
from Vegas,
and you got to be ready,
you hear me?
So stay focused,
all right?
Let's go.
Ah, hey, hey, hey, hey.
[Singing wedding march]
Da, da, da-da, da, da, da,
da, da-da-da, da...
Ow, goddamn it.
Fuckin' leg.
Hey, fellas,
what the hell is this?
A fuckin' hen party?
Stop cackling,
and go to work!
You want to be
professional boxers,
you gotta act
like them. Work!
Goddamn it.
Ah, shit.
Hey, hey, hey!
That's the way
I want to see you hit!
Yeah, that's it!
Ow, goddamn leg,
you son of a bitch.
Word on the street is,
you're betting heavy
on this one.
Oh, yeah?
Fuck the streets.
You borrowing from the sharks
to feed the bookies?
That ain't smart,
Oh, yeah?
Was it smart wasting my life
in this shithole, huh?
I'm telling you, Donald,
this kid is my shot, my shot.
I don't want to see you get shot
before you get there.
My best shot
since you.
Don't bet your life
on a goddamn fight, Gordon.
Wouldn't be the first time,
would it, huh, champ?
Travis, Amy Colletti's tits
are not real.
Yeah, well,
they still make my dick hard.
Brenda Berman's tits
are real, all right?
She takes her top off,
they're, like, down here.
They make
my dick hard too.
Everything makes
your dick hard.
What's wrong?
Your boxing buddies
are a little pissed off?
Ah, fuck 'em.
I got no friends
in the ring.
You ain't got many friends
outside the ring either.
Well, that's because I hang out
with a madman like yourself.
Nice fight, Skids.
Nice face, O'Malley.
The way I do it,
there's no prick
in a bow tie
stepping in
to save your ass.
You do that
a little bit too well,
big boy.
You know what,
you fuckin' wet nurse?
I'm right here.
Let's go.
imagine that,
the two of you talking
about pricks and asses.
The fuck
did you say?
What the fuck
did he just say?
- He's just pissed...
- Fuck you!
Hey, he's just pissed
that the scout's
coming to see me,
not him.
All right?
Fuck 'em all, man.
I win this fight,
and we are off to...
Las Vegas!
- Give me your magic.
- That's right, baby.
Shit, all those
horny showgirls, baby.
- Mm, mm.
- The whole fuckin' place.
It's gonna
be ridiculous.
Oh, yeah, ooh,
and speaking of pussy...
You, ah...
you got a rubber?
What, did you run out
of clean socks?
[Mockingly laughs]
Fuck off, dude.
Annie says I finally score
if I bring a rubber tonight.
Oh, thank you.
You know what?
Give her one for me,
all right?
Remember, Travis,
it's not how deep you fish.
It's how you wiggle the worm.
All right?
[Door slams]
Boy, it's getting
a little stuffy in here,
isn't it?
Yeah, it is.
Why don't you
get out of here, huh?
Yeah, you know what?
I think, uh, we should...
we should get out of here.
Yeah, good idea.
Get out.
Excuse me.
You're excused.
Well, that's so fuckin'
kind of you.
Look, you're
in training, Travis.
I don't want you hanging out
with this guy.
Okay, you're my manager,
not my fuckin' father.
No, I'm your...
no, I'm your friend, Travis,
your... maybe
your only friend.
Look, this fight
can change your life.
Don't fuck it up.
Hey, don't worry,
I'm... I'm gonna kill
this asshole.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Now, get out of here.
Go to bed early, huh?
I'll be in
by 10:00, Mom.
Yeah, be in by 10:00.
That kid.
Fuckin' shit!
[Street noises]
[P.A. Audio feedback]
[Man, echoey]
Welcome to the Blitz club,
ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
girls and girls, boys and boys,
and I don't care
what combination you are in,
because I judge not
lest I shall be judged.
Domino Nabisco,
cheese and crackers...
Bop, bop, bop,
bop, bop.
And, ladies
and gentlemen,
we have a lot of action
going on here tonight,
as you can see.
Is he alive or dead
or what?
Or what.
moving right along.
Look at this lovely
young couple right here.
My gosh, you better get yourself
a hotel room real quick.
Or you can have
the backseat of my car,
which is parked
right in the alleyway.
However, if you get in the backseat
of my car, I wish to join you.
My god, you are so cute.
Come here.
[Kissing sounds]
Who else
do we have here,
ladies and gentlemen,
that I know?
Oh, my gosh, it's Traaaviiis!
Hello, Travis.
How are you?
You want to box me,
boxing boy?
Come on,
boxing boy.
Let's go box.
Come on, come on,
boxing boy.
Oh, ooh,
he's so lovely, huh?
Is he tough
or not?
I love him, huh?
Give me a big kiss,
you big, big hunk of white meat.
[Kissing sound]
I love this guy.
Is he cute or what?
Get out of here.
I love you.
Don't forget to tip
the waitresses.
They gotta pay
to get in too.
Catch you later.
Fuckin' asshole,
you told him.
I couldn't resist.
[Crowd chattering]
- Uh!
- Shit!
Hey, hey, back off!
Just back off!
Back off!
If that hand
don't come up empty,
I'll break it,
I swear.
That fuckin' prick
started it.
Lyin' fuck,
fuck you!
Just get out!
None of that
crap in here, right?
You understand?
Just go!
I want my fuckin'
money back.
Yeah, you want
your money back.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go.
What a nutcase
you are, man.
- Yeah.
- Just like your old man.
Yeah, it's fuckin'
family tradition,
all that shit.
Ah, yeah, touching.
Hey, hey, Northside eats shit.
- Yeah.
- Your old man'd be proud of you,
you know that?
The fuck!
I got a fuckin' message
for Dumiak.
You tell him Mr. O'Malley
says he's fuckin' dead.
Yeah, yeah,
all right, man.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Ah, you're breakin'
my fuckin' neck, man.
And you're fuckin' pissing
all over your pants.
Now, give me
the fuckin' message.
Let me hear it.
Let me hear
the fuckin' message!
All right!
Mr. O'Malley
says you're dead.
Now, fuck off!
Piece of shit.
What the fuck
are you looking at?
Now, what do we do with this?
[Balloon squealing]
"To improve the quality
of lovemaking...
roll on from end."
That's... that's...
that's good.
[Breathing deeply]
What's up?
Think I'll go
for a run.
With that on?
It does
look like rain.
[Seagulls squawking]
Thank you.
[Clears throat]
So how did you sleep
last night?
I was up late
watching videos.
It's a tough life.
Ah, somebody's
gotta do it.
So you're looking
really terrific.
Anyway, I think we might have
got off on the wrong foot.
[Annie sighs]
Seeing as how, ah,
you and Travis
are becoming, you know,
such an item,
I just thought
maybe we should
get to know each other
a little better.
Like how, Jacko?
I don't know.
Maybe we could
hang out sometime.
I got some
really amazing videos.
I thought you and Travis
were best friends.
We are.
Who do you think
gave him those rubbers
last night?
- [Scoffs]
- Excuse me.
No, don't fuckin'
turn away from me.
- You're hurting me!
- I'm talking to you.
Let go of my arm,
You know, I'm just trying
to be fuckin' friendly.
Travis and I
are best friends,
so I just thought
if you liked him, you'd, um...
you'd really
love me.
Well, you're a creep.
And Travis is sweet and decent.
Decent enough to do you
with my fuckin' rubbers?
[Heavy metal rock music]
All right,
check it out, Errol.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
this is cool, right?
This is cool.
Aha, that's right,
you're just like
one of us now.
What's up?
Did you finish
Fuck off.
Hey, sweetheart,
come here.
Baby, why don't you get my boy
another brew, huh?
All right.
Hey, you got
a dagger?
Nah, I don't fuck
with it.
No, hey, my cousin's a sissy
from upstate.
Man, he don't mess
with tattoos, do you?
Yo, this here's
Sangster, man.
He's that boxer I was
telling you about, right?
Gonna stomp the shit
out of that Southside fairy
on Friday night.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah,
yeah, man.
It's like
an honor.
I heard how you the best boxer
and all, right?
Yeah, nice crew
of friends
you picked up here,
Oh, we're very
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Chill out.
That's the first time
I ever seen
somebody croak himself.
You Sangster?
What if?
You got next of kin
you want notified?
Yeah, yeah.
for the hospitality.
But I didn't come
to talk to you today.
You're just one stupid fuck,
ain't you?
At least you got some balls.
Well, this is between us boxers.
It's about Travis.
We're listening.
I'll talk
to you only.
We ain't listening
to nothin'.
Go on, get the fuck
out of here.
It's cool.
It's cool.
Go on.
Yo, check that bullshit out.
You see that shit?
That's fucked up.
[Crowd chattering]
Come on, come on,
jab, jab, jab, jab, jab.
Stick it.
Come on, Trav,
stick the jab.
Combos: One, two.
One, two,
one, two, one, two.
Follow me.
Follow me.
Come on,
right back here.
Jab, jab,
jab, jab, jab.
To the body.
To the body.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Dig in!
Dig in!
Ha, ha, ha!
We're gonna kill this fucker!
Hey, where you goin'?
I gotta take a piss, man.
Shitter's clogged.
It's gonna be kind of hard
to piss with the gloves on,
isn't it?
Guess I'll just flip it
in the bowl.
[Jacko chuckles]
It's fuckin' hot in here.
[Cheers and applause]
[Cheering grows louder]
Kick his fuckin'
ass, Trav!
Northside eats shit!
[Crowd clamoring]
And then
when you're ready,
clinch it and kick the shit
out of him, all right?
All right?
All right.
[Crowd clamoring]
No low blows.
Break on my command.
a clean fight.
[Bell dings]
That's it!
Another one like that!
Another one like that!
Another one like that!
Keep your hands up, Trav!
Travis, come on!
Go, go,
go, go, go!
[Echoey pounding]
[Echoey dinging]
[Crowd jeering]
Come on, what the fuck
are you doing, man?
Clinch him.
What are you
fuckin' doing?
Shut up!
Your friend's
an asshole.
You're beautiful, baby.
You're beautiful.
Keep it up,
[Whoops and applause]
Punch him, tie him up,
clinch him, and then smash him.
Do you hear me, Travis?
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
[Crowd clamoring]
[Bell dings]
Get inside.
That's it.
[Sonorous pounding]
Low blow!
One point!
One point!
Let's go!
Come on, ref, bullshit!
That's bullshit.
Don't take those hooks
from him.
Come on, Travis!
Throw that left hook!
Throw that left hook!
Come on.
Hook to the body!
Hook to the body!
Start jabbin' him!
Come on!
Come on!
Okay, go, boy, now!
Come on, Travis!
[Bell dings]
[Bell dinging]
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
You're losin' it,
for Christ sakes.
This is the last round,
Last goddamn round.
I want you to give it
everything you got.
[Cheers and applause]
Kill the son of a bitch.
Come on.
Get in there and kick the shit
out of this asshole.
All right?
All right?
[Bell dings]
[Wild cheering]
[Sonorous pounding]
Clinch him!
Clinch him, Travis!
Punch him!
[Bell dinging]
[Metal clanging]
You fuckin' won!
we all saw it!
He was saved
by the fuckin' bell.
Scout from Vegas,
and I lose.
Sangster was out on his feet.
He was out on his fuckin' feet.
No, your guy here told you
what Travis could do, huh?
He just lost concentration
is all.
Yeah, okay,
I'll call Slade.
We'll set a rematch.
I'm telling you,
Mr. Murray,
this kid
is the fuckin' white hope.
He's gonna make you
a fortune, guaranteed.
Yeah, okay,
[Phone receiver clicks]
Guess what.
We ain't dead yet.
Fuckin' scout
loved what he saw.
I just talked
with Slade.
You guys fight again
in two weeks.
I want him
out of here.
I don't want to hear
your fuckin' voice
right now, Pascoe.
Get the fuck
out of here.
Fuck you,
you fuckin'...
Just go on, man.
I'll meet you
round back.
You sack of shit.
I'll meet you
round back.
[Locker door rattles]
Piece of shit.
[Door slams]
He's a fuckin' loser.
He's my friend.
Oh, fuck him.
I am taking you
to Wildman's, hmm?
I'm taking you
to fuckin' Wildman's gym.
Charlie Murray
and the King are there.
I'll show you what
a real fuckin' champ looks like,
all right, huh?
But I can't leave my mother.
What are you talking about?
I'm taking you to meet
Charlie fuckin' Murray,
the man himself.
I can't leave her alone,
you know,
not with my dad around
not working.
What are you, a baby,
for Christ sakes?
All right, fuck it.
We'll take her along,
a little holiday, huh?
And then in two weeks,
when you beat fuckin' Sangster,
Charlie Murray will make you
a fucking pro, huh?
We ain't dead yet, huh?
[Kissing sound]
You can't make
the same mistake again.
What happened?
What went wrong?
I don't know.
Just froze up,
that's all.
so fuckin' easy.
Yeah, I figured that out
after the last round.
The clinch is what works
for you, right?
It gets you going.
Why the fuck would you
save that for the last round?
I don't know, man.
The fuckin' bastard
was controlling the fight, man.
He was making me do
what he wanted me to do.
Well, that's your job.
Yeah, I know.
You make him do what you want.
You fuckin'
control it.
Yeah, well, he did it this time,
all right?
He did it this time,
all right?
Don't fuckin' worry
about it, all right?
We'll get him
next time.
I gotta go.
- Oh.
- See you tomorrow.
Thanks for the warning.
Fuckin' nutcase.
No, I'm telling
you guys,
it is set;
it's a done deal.
I'm telling you.
No, listen to me.
Whoever wins
in two weeks,
gets a contract
with Murray, that's it.
[With foreign accent]
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
I'm not
Do I look
I'm not.
The boss
was wondering
about your contract
with this kid.
He was thinking you might be
interested in a partner.
What do you think?
I'll think about it.
Oh, he wanted me
to ask you
how was
your leg doing too.
Because we don't want you
to trip down some stairs
and break
your neck.
[Gordon nervously chuckles]
I'm just joking.
Don't worry.
I'm not
Hey, fellas, hey,
come on, drink up.
Come on, come on,
come on.
Next one's
on me.
Come on.
Na zdrowie.
[Glasses clinking]
Na zdrowie.
Don't worry.
I'm not worried,
I'm telling you.
Yeah, I can see what's come up.
It's just some business
that's come up.
It's dirty business
if he's involved.
Hey, he's my friend.
I told you
what he did.
He's sorry, okay?
He apologized.
I'm sorry, Annie.
What can I do?
You can
go fuck yourself.
I'm sorry...
but you still
look fuckin' terrific, though.
Fuck you, Jacko!
[Engine turns over]
And fuck you too,
She's so hot.
Are you kidding me?
[Metal bangs]
[Driving dance music]
Looks like fuckin'
virgin night in here.
Oh, yeah.
She's a virgin.
She's definitely
a virgin.
is not...
a virgin.
I should throw
a move on that.
Thought you were
in training.
Yeah, my dick's ready
for some training.
Go hose
her down.
Come on,
I saw you lookin'.
I mean, who wouldn't?
He with you?
Nah, we're just friends.
He really likes big boys
like you.
Looks like that redhead's
got him all tied up, though.
You came walking, like,
right... right over...
over there, and l...
Hey, did you...
Did you see
where my buddy went?
Don't you think
you can handle me yourself?
Excuse me
for a minute.
Thank you.
Uh, what was
that about?
I have tons of pussy
lined up out back.
All right.
Back alley,
five minutes, all right?
Be out there.
I got to go
take a piss.
Be out there.
I'm there.
How you doin'?
Ah, no thanks.
I'm in training.
Oh, yeah?
For what?
Ah, I'm a boxer.
Boxer, huh?
So... so what's
your workout routine?
Oh, you know, uh, speed bag,
heavy bag, rope,
you know, spar a lot,
six days a week.
Six days a week, huh?
You must, ah...
you must like
to work up a sweat, huh?
Yeah, I guess.
You know, actually,
I got some friends...
You know, l...
I work out a lot myself.
You... you box?
No, I'm not a boxer.
I'm a bodybuilder.
You know, I, uh...
you know, I like
to work up a sweat too.
Come on, stomp
his fuckin' head in!
Uh... fuckin'...
piece of... shit.
Come on,
kick his fuckin' head in.
Hey, what the hell's
going on?
[Semi truck roars]
[Jacko and Travis panting]
[Jacko laughing and coughing]
Oh, Christ.
Okay, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
a fuckin' lunatic.
You should... you...
you should have seen...
[metal banging]
You should have...
you should have seen your face
when Ralph... Ralph showed up.
and panting]
You were watching?
Oh, fuck, yeah.
Oh, Christ.
I wasn't
gonna miss that.
Ah, you, uh... you... you two...
you looked, uh...
you looked real cozy.
Ah, oh,
what a fuckin' cute couple.
Dumbass, man.
I was waiting
for you and the redhead
with the fuckin' tits.
You know, you really
fucked that guy up.
You should have
piled in with me.
Well, I don't fight guys
in alleys.
I gotta watch out
for my fuckin' knuckles.
Your fuckin'... knuckles.
You know,
at least you
could have said like, "Hey.
"What, you want me
to fuckin'
kick your teeth up your ass,
you fag?"
Fuck off, Jack.
You know what?
You... you freak me out sometimes,
you know that?
I'm goin' home.
[Metal can rattles]
I gotta...
[Liquid dribbling]
[Police alarm chirps]
Oh, shit.
[Man over P.A.]
All right, get over here.
Cant I take a piss in peace?
Fuckin' peed on myself.
[Foghorn blowing]
[Seagull squawking]
Four miles an hour.
Must have been running faster
than that last night.
Keep up!
Tell me what you know,
No bullshit.
About what?
You were there.
[Engine revs]
What do you want?
You were at the Blitz club.
Yeah, but I left
early, man.
I'm in training.
There's a kid paralyzed
in the hospital.
If you didn't do it,
you know who did.
I could end your boxing career
with a phone call.
[Engine revs]
[Gordon chuckling]
There he is, huh?
There he is,
the King, the champ,
right there,
God, he's big, isn't he?
He's the best.
Looks like
he hits hard.
Knock a man out with one punch,
either hand.
Mr. Murray.
Hey, Pascal, you made it.
No, no, Pascoe,
Gordon Pascoe.
Oh, yeah.
This is
my boy Travis.
I was telling you
about him, huh?
- Travis.
- Yeah.
Heard a lot of good things
about you.
Thanks... thanks,
Mr. Murray.
I sure heard
about you.
And this is
his mother, Cora.
Cora, you must be
real proud of your son.
he's a good boy.
Lindsey, come on,
say hello to Travis.
I'm telling you,
the kid's got it, huh?
And he's a good kid,
a very good kid.
But can he fight?
What do you mean,
can he fight?
Of course
he can fight.
Hey, look, do yourself
a favor, all right?
Let him spar a couple of rounds
with the champ, all right?
Come on,
he's gonna show you
some moves
you're not gonna believe.
The kid, he's got
a lot of talent.
I'm telling you,
Mr. Murray,
you're gonna
love him, huh?
Come on, please.
Okay, Pascoe,
for you.
All right, thanks.
I found someone who wants
to spar with you.
Come on, little boy.
Come on, boy,
come on.
Do something.
Do something.
the white hope, huh?
That's all you got?
All right,
throw a right hand.
All right, all right,
that's enough.
I don't need my current
and future champ
each other.
Thanks for savin' me,
I'll see you again
when your mama's not around.
All right.
I like the kid.
he's terrific, huh?
So you gonna be there
next week?
I'm telling you,
he's gonna rip Sangster apart,
Nice meeting you,
Yes, you too.
So next week,
huh, Mr. Murray?
Okay, Pascal.
No, Pascoe.
- Pascoe.
- Yeah.
See you next week,
Keep up the good work,
Take care, sir.
Jacko's gonna shit
when hears about this.
Hey, listen.
Hey, hey, you rip Sangster
apart next week,
hey, I think we got
a big deal with Mr. Murray,
I'm telling you,
with Charlie Murray.
All right, Travis?
[Kissing sound]
It's gonna be okay.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Don't worry, Cora.
[Travis imitates
airplane crashing]
You missed me,
didn't you?
Not much.
See, I've been
to Wildman's
and, ah,
met with Charlie Murray.
And sparred
with the fuckin' King.
- No shit.
- Yeah.
He's another
fuckin' fag,
you know that,
Jacko, man, Jacko,
you would have
fuckin' loved it, man.
I mean,
the gym is huge,
and the fighters
over there, man.
It's what we've been
training for, bro, J.T. Magic.
J.T. Maaa...
You know,
you're a fuckin' asshole,
you know that?
Settin' me up
like that.
Who, Ralph?
It was just a goof.
Hey, a goof?
Tellin' that fag
that I liked him?
What the fuck?
I did you a favor, man,
giving you a fag to bash.
You ought
to thank me.
Yeah, thanks.
Well, you know,
I would have rather
had the redhead
with the tits.
Yeah, but the redhead
with the tits really wanted me.
Oh, don't they all.
Oh, you've noticed,
That's good.
You're a bright one.
You know,
I'm surprised...
I'm surprised Fletcher
didn't lock you up.
Bastard tried to,
but I got two days
in the lockup for that shit.
Yeah, you're lucky.
Fuckin' fags.
That just
ain't natural.
No, of course not.
If it was, God would have
created Adam and fuckin' Bruce.
Or Travis and Ralph.
Fuck off, dude.
I gotta keep runnin'.
Would you mind?
I gotta cash my fuckin'
unemployment check.
like a butterfly.
Sting like
a cruise missile.
I gotta freshen up.
Yeah, you do that,
all right?
- All right.
- See you tonight.
[Driving dance music]
[Crowd whooping and whistling]
Take it off!
Come on!
Come on!
Take it off!
[Crowd whooping]
[Jacko moaning]
Hey, pineapple boy.
Oh, Christ.
Travis, it's too
goddamn early.
[Tom snoring]
[Jacko snorts]
What the fuck happened here?
A little tussle
with old Tom last night.
Real Kodak moment.
What you doin'?
Yeah, it's not enough I gotta
let him live here, right?
Ah, man, what happened
to your mom?
the fucker
knocked it down.
Oh, Christ.
what about Edgar?
Does he still mess
with you?
Next time's
his last time.
I hear that.
You know,
I didn't know
if I was gonna see you
this morning.
Well, you're not the only one
in training.
Oh, yeah?
You still gonna get Dumiak?
Same night you get Sangster.
Thank you.
See you, Ma.
See you, Mrs. O'Mal.
[Door slams]
[Bottle cap clinks]
Hey, what are you gonna do
about Annie?
About what?
About when
we go to Vegas.
she wants to live there,
you know.
what do you mean?
In our place?
Relax, dude.
Nothing's settled yet,
all right?
[Man, singsongy]
Yoo-hoo, Travis.
- Hey, yo, man.
- Fuckin' Skids.
Fuck him, dude.
Fuck that.
Let's work.
Fuck him.
Come on, let's work.
Come on.
Come on.
[Both grunting]
So it's steak,
Travis needs his strength
for the fight tomorrow night.
Well, it's lucky
somebody picks up
an occasional shift at the mill
so we can afford steak.
You know, I'd be...
[throat clears]
I'd be nervous to watch,
but maybe if...
if you took me,
I could close my eyes
at the bad parts.
It would be nice
if we were there when he wins.
That's if he wins.
he's gonna win.
Well, he didn't win
last time.
Besides, mill called
about a shift tomorrow night,
and we need the money,
what with eatin' steak and all.
Just forget
the bastard, Travis.
He treats you
and your mom like dogs.
He wants me to lose.
You are not
gonna lose.
You are gonna win,
and we're going to Vegas
to have a life together.
You can do it.
We can get out
of this shithole.
That is
what you want...
isn't it?
Yeah, but Jacko is...
Jacko's a loser.
He always will be.
Do not let him
drag you down.
He's my friend.
If he was
your friend,
he would want
what's best for you,
which is us,
in the sunshine,
having a family.
But he wants
to come, Annie.
I mean, you know
it's all we ever talked about
since we were kids.
Well, you're
not kids anymore.
Let him get
his own place.
You need
to be with me.
Annie, I can't.
The fight.
Then after you win.
No, talk to Jacko,
all right?
And tell him about us?
Tomorrow night, ah,
after I win.
After you win.
Don't come to the fight,
okay, Annie?
Just stay home,
and I'll come right after.
After I win.
After you win.
[Ominous music]
[Gloved fists pounding]
[Ominous music]
[Spray canister rattling]
Mr. O'Malley says you're dead.
your boyfriend?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[sucking sound]
Looks like I just rose
from the fuckin'
grave, faggot.
What the fuck you gonna do now,
run back to your boyfriend?
Yeah, let's see who's pissing
down whose pants leg now.
Come on, I know you want
some of this, faggot.
Hold that
motherfucker down.
Hold that fucker.
[Men grunting]
Come on.
[Jacko grunts and metal bashes]
[Metal bashes]
Nobody calls me
a fuckin' faggot.
Sangster said Travis
had a hard-on in the clinch.
It's a fuckin' lie.
Everybody knows you're faggots!
[Sonorous pounding]
All right.
[Metal banging]
What the fuck?
Not so loud.
Hey, are we alone?
Yeah, man.
Turn the fuckin' lights on.
Where'd you come from?
Uh, window out back.
I, ah, just figured
I'd surprise you.
Yeah, I nearly
shit myself, man.
Thought I went blind.
Yeah, it's from
too much jackin' off.
Man, what you
been doin'?
What do you mean?
Well, look at you, man.
Your... your jacket's all ripped.
I know; I know;
l... I fuckin'... I did it...
Hey, what's on your face, man?
You look...
- l... I slipped, all right?
- You've been in a fight.
Coming through
the fuckin' window,
and I ended up
with my head in the bowl,
fuckin' blood
all over myself.
Always said
you were full of shit.
The fuck, man?
Why aren't you ready?
Just think of it,
Jacko, man.
After tonight,
fuckin' goin' pro.
Yeah, just think of it.
I'll kill
this fucker.
You know,
Northside has been mouthin' off.
You know what I saw
on the way over here?
No, what?
"Travis sucks dick."
Signed Northside,
on a fuckin' wall.
Who gives a shit, all right?
They all ride
fuckin' sidesaddle anyway.
You know, uh,
some word on the street
that, uh,
you're so scared of Dumiak,
you won't
even show tonight.
Fuck off, all right?
Don't worry about Dumiak.
Just worry about
what you gotta fuckin' do.
Well, I don't need to worry
about fuckin' Sangster.
- Oh, no?
- No.
What the fuck
happened last time?
Could you just stop it
with that fuckin' shit, all right?
You went out there
like a fuckin' dynamo.
What the fuck
went wrong?
It was just seein' Sangster,
all right?
What does that mean?
What the fuck
does that mean, Travis?
I'd heard about him, okay?
Good boxer,
fast hands,
but I never seen him, right?
So then you remember
right before the fight
when I ran out to take a piss?
So I'm standin' there,
pissing, right?
When this guy comes in, right?
Singin' and fuckin' smilin',
Comes up to me, looks down,
gives me this wink.
"Hey, big boy."
[Gloved fists pounding]
He fuckin' said that?
Yeah, man, ; I thought
he was gonna grab
my fuckin' cock
or something.
Why didn't you rip his fuckin'
arm off and shove it up his ass?
I had the fight
to think about, right?
So... and plus I thought,
you know, later, you know,
we'd find him, you know?
So then I get
in the ring, right?
And I'm all charged up to kill
this fuckin' Sangster guy.
Takes off his hood.
It's the same
fuckin' faggot
from the bathroom
checkin' my shit out.
Right, and you know how
I like to get in there, right?
Control the fight
from the beginning,
go right into
the fuckin' clinch.
Only this guy wants that.
Well, you didn't
want that, right?
No, man, I was doing everything
I could to fuckin', you know,
stay away from this queer.
But you got him in the clinch,
didn't you?
Right, finally...
and he fuckin' loved it.
Did he?
Sure, he did, man.
That's what he wanted
all along.
How do you know he loved it?
Well, he was fuckin'
holding me, man,
like some broad
on the fuckin' dance floor,
but it was a fuckin' guy.
[Gloved fists pounding]
Wait a minute.
Are you saying that he got
the fuckin' hard-on
in the clinch?
Yeah, man, he did.
He fuckin' did, right?
And that's
why he's going down tonight,
first round,
no fuckin' around this time.
[Gloved fists pounding]
Fuck, I wish you would
have told me that sooner.
It was just too fucked up
to talk about.
You know?
All right, fuck that.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
All right, come on.
Let's fuckin' go.
Come on.
Let's do this.
Why the fuck
didn't you kick Ralph's ass
outside the Blitz club
that night?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
He's a fag;
you should have kicked
his fuckin'
head in with me.
He's fucking
15 minutes, Travis!
15 minutes to kill time.
All right!
[Door shuts]
Hey, man.
Pascoe don't
hate you that much,
all right?
Can you hear that, Jacko?
It's fuckin' packed
out there, baby.
[Crowd chattering]
You're not listening to me.
You're not giving me
what I want!
I am listening
to you.
You're not listening to me,
for Christ sakes!
Well, talk to me!
I'm telling you, I was just down
in the fuckin' locker room.
- He ain't there.
- He's here somewhere!
All right, we gotta
get your fuckin' legs moving,
your blood pumping.
This little faggot's
gonna think you freaked
after the last
fuckin' fight, Travis.
That's why you're gonna
fuckin' kill him, right?
You're gonna fuckin'
go right in,
and you're
gonna smash him,
and you're gonna
fuckin' clinch him.
Clinch him!
This is the kid's big night,
for Christ sakes.
Don't be fuckin' up
his head now; come on.
You know better.
I see you're doubling up
on your bet
tonight, huh?
So what?
This is the kid's big chance.
Don't fuck up his head now,
you hear me?
Hey, you fuckin'
owe me, asshole.
Don't forget what fuckin'
happened with Skids, all right?
You fuckin' trapped him,
and you smashed him, right?
He was grabbin'
into me.
You fuckin' clinched him,
You smashed him,
and you fuckin' clinched him!
What fuckin' happens
in the clinch, Travis?
What happens
in the clinch?
Feel fuckin' alive,
you know?
You feel power in your arms
and your legs!
Your whole body,
Yeah, you feel him.
Your arms locked,
smellin' his sweat...
Yeah, his breath.
Feelin' his power.
[Gloved fists pounding]
But he's not as strong as me!
I was alive,
and he was dead!
And that's the only thing
that fuckin' matters
in the world!
You gotta fuckin'...
you gotta fuckin'
listen to me.
You listen to me.
Nobody can fuckin' beat you,
all right?
Nobody can fuckin'
beat you, Travis.
You're gonna
fuckin' clinch him.
In the first round, Travis,
you're gonna fuckin' clinch him,
and you're gonna fuckin'
kill him, all right?
That little faggot,
he fuckin' got away last time.
He can't fuckin' get away
this time, Travis, all right?
We gotta finish
this shit!
We gotta fuckin'
go in there,
and it's one fuckin'
thought, Travis!
- It's one word!
- Kill!
- You're gonna fuckin' kill him, right?
- Kill!
Who are
you gonna kill?
- Sangster!
- You're gonna kill Sangster, right?
kill Sangster!
Let's fuckin'
kill him then!
- Let's fuckin' kill him!
- Queer bastard!
Let's fuckin' finish him,
all right?
- Finish him!
- Let's show him what we got, Travis!
Let's fuckin' show him
what we got!
You kill him,
all right?
- You fuckin' kill him!
- Kill him.
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Let's fuckin'
kill him, Travis!
Fucking kill him!
I want you
to clinch him.
I want you
to clinch him.
Don't be afraid of it,
do you hear me?
Don't be
afraid of it.
Clinch him
tight, tight, tight.
All right?
All right, son.
All right, kid,
go get him.
[Crowd chattering]
[Bell dings]
[Sonorous pounding]
[Echoey cheering]
[Wildly cheering]
[Bell dinging]
Clear the way!
Here he comes!
Hey, hey!
My boy,
Great fight.
King of
the Southside.
Great fight,
Great fight.
We'll go a long way
together, kid.
A long way.
six figures.
did I tell you?
You got it!
Top of
the fuckin' world!
Come on, fellas,
let's go downstairs.
Hey, Slade.
Good fight,
How's your boy
Sangster, huh?
Ah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.
Come on,
let's go down,
come on, fellas.
Hey, Travis.
Travis, come on.
Hurry up and get dressed,
will you?
Murray's up in my office,
making a call.
Hurry up.
Get dressed, come on.
Hey, where the fuck
is Jacko?
Oh, he's probably
under the seats,
humpin' some honey.
He's got a way with the ladies,
just like
the old man.
Come on, get dressed.
Hurry up.
Yo, hey, Gordy.
I wanna ask you something.
You know, I'd make
a great corner man.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
sure, sure, sure.
[Door shuts]
Fuck me.
What have you
been doin' in there?
I don't know.
[Lock clicking]
I just didn't want to be seen.
Why not?
Who fuckin' cares,
We won.
We fuckin' won,
Yeah, man, I did.
I mean, l... I won.
God, man, l...
I gotta tell you, man.
L... I was fuckin' magic tonight.
Fuckin' A, Trav.
J.T. Magic.
So, um, did he get turned on
again like he did last time?
Who cares, man?
L... I won, right?
Las Vegas!
We got ourselves
a winner.
I know; I know;
I know.
I told you, huh?
[Both chuckling]
Detective Fletcher.
Come to wish
our local boy the best.
Fletcher used to be
one of my best boys, Charlie.
I heard about him.
Real heavy hands.
Yeah, that's him,
yeah, yeah.
Uh, Mr. Murray
was just leaving, huh?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'll send the papers
around tomorrow.
All right,
good, good.
Nice meeting you,
Hey, top of the world,
huh, Charlie?
Top of the world,
Top of the world.
don't forget.
wanting what you get.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Fletch, look,
I think he's down
in one of
the lockers, huh?
Hey, Fletch,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Give Travis a chance to get
out of there, okay? Come on.
Look, post a man out back
behind the bathroom.
no other way out.
Travis don't even
know he's there.
Give us a chance,
Fletch, please.
Give Murray and Travis time
to get out of here.
Come on.
Jesus, Donald.
You owe me this one.
You owe me.
So, uh,
let's go, huh?
- All right?
- Give... give me a minute.
Well, how much time
do you need, man?
I wanna go get
some pussy.
Come on.
Well, you don't want me cramping
your fuckin' style, do you?
You know,
you're really starting
to make me laugh.
I mean, all this talk
about getting Dumiak.
Well, you're too scared to leave
the fuckin' locker room.
Don't fuckin'
push it, Travis.
I mean, he's probably
just pissing himself laughing,
you know?
Yeah, maybe...
and maybe not.
So, uh, why aren't
you going for him?
'Cause I already got him
on the way over here.
Him and...
two of his morons
in an alley,
"Travis sucks dick" on a wall.
I beat their heads in
with a pipe.
You know the last thing
Dumiak said
was Sangster told him you got
the hard-on in the clinch.
Yeah, well...
I mean, you were...
you were banging him
in the head with a pipe.
I mean, he would have
said anything.
But he didn't.
He said you got the hard-on.
Why are you so interested
in my hard-on anyway?
Maybe you're the fuckin' faggot.
Watch your fuckin' mouth,
I mean, why is that,
You know?
Why are you so interested
in queers anyway?
Fuck you.
You want to put
the fuckin' gloves on,
do it your way,
that's fine, Travis,
but nobody calls me a fag.
I'm not gonna
fight you.
What, are you scared?
I just want
to go out.
Well, we'll fuckin'
go out after this.
Dude, I'm not gonna
fuckin' fight...
You are gonna
fight me, Travis.
You're my friend,
This is stupid.
And so was Skids,
but he don't fuckin'
come near you now,
does he, Travis?
Man, you're fuckin' right
he don't.
You beat anyone
after the fuckin' clinch.
Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Me too, Travis?
Shut the fuck up.
Man, just...
Shut up?
Yeah, fuckin'...
fuckin' shut up!
- Fuckin' shut up!
- You big fuckin' faggot, huh?
Dude, I'm not gonna
fight you, all right?
Come on, Travis!
That's fuckin' it,
isn't it?
You're just a fag!
Huh, are you
a fuckin' fag?
Come on!
Hit me!
I'm fuckin'
right here!
Why the fuck won't you fight me?
You're my friend, man.
This is fucking stupid.
I mean, what is this
all about, anyway?
[Both grunting]
No, Jacko!
No, no!
You're a fuckin' faggot!
Wh... No, it's not
what you think, all right?
I fuckin' felt it!
Felt what?
Christ, you fuckin'
loved it, Travis!
You loved it!
I didn't love it, okay?
Fuckin' hate it.
It's... it's only in the clinch,
all right?
It's never, never
any other time.
all psyched up.
Yeah, including
your fuckin' cock,
you're psyched up?
Yeah, yeah, my cock,
other parts as well,
like my arms and my legs.
It don't make me fuckin' queer.
I don't fuckin' feel that way,
so why the fuck do you?
It's how I win my fights.
It's how I win all my fights!
It's only in the clinch.
Only happens in the clinch.
All the fuckin'...
the times, you know,
that we fuckin' been together.
So what?
I don't want to touch you.
I never... I never
thought nothin' like that.
L... you know?
I mean... I mean, how many times
you fuckin' smacked me
on the ass, O'Malley?
Shut the fuck up.
I'm fuckin' around.
You know that.
Yeah, well,
why'd you do it?
I mean,
for a laugh or because
it made you feel good?
Fuck you, Travis.
Fuck you.
What are you scared of, Jacko?
I'm not scared of nothin'.
You're scared of going to Vegas.
You're scared
of becoming a nobody.
Yeah, well, at least
I don't get a fuckin' hard-on
grabbin' some fuckin' guy.
You wanted it.
You fuckin' wanted it,
you fuckin' traitor!
You believed Dumiak.
Jesus Christ.
I thought about what
he fuckin' said, Travis.
I mean, Jesus, think about it.
Just fuckin' think about it
for a second.
You only fuckin' win
after the clinch, right?
Skids and all of them.
It's only after
the fuckin' clinch.
I mean, shit,
and that fuckin'
bullshit story about Sangster
in the fuckin' bathroom.
a fuckin' queer.
Are they all fags, Travis?
Are they all fuckin' fags?
I'm your friend.
I'm your friend.
N- Nothing
is different, okay?
the same!
Shit, Travis,
nothing's the fuckin' same.
I killed three fuckin' guys
because they just fuckin'
said we were queer.
They just fuckin' said it,
that's all.
I mean, Jesus Christ,
that faggot Ralph
was fuckin' lookin' at you.
You didn't kick his fuckin' ass!
Don't you think
I saw that?
Yeah, big fuckin' laugh, right?
S-Settin' up fuckin'...
Settin' up Travis
with a fuckin'...
fuckin' queer,
It makes me wonder, you know.
What can... what can
they see in me, you know?
Like, what... what's wrong
with me, you know?
No, I mean, you know,
when I'm in the ring,
feeling like that,
you know, I wanna fuckin'...
fuckin' smash somebody,
fucking kill somebody.
I'm fuckin' feeling...
it feels so fuckin' good!
I feel great!
I mean...
And afterwards, man.
I'm fuckin' scared, man.
I mean, l...
When I'm in the clinch,
you know...
I like it, man.
It turns me on, okay?
But I don't want that,
all right?
I don't want that.
That's not... that's not...
that's not what I'm...
that's not what I'm about.
You know?
So I fight
against it.
I fight
against it, man.
Just smash it,
and I fuckin' kill it,
just anything
to get away, okay?
And then I win.
that's how I win,
by fighting
against it,
beating it.
I win every time.
Guys, let's go.
Get your stuff in there.
Let's close that trunk.
Check your gun.
Okay, now, you stay here
in the alley.
Keep your eyes open.
Everybody, let's go!
So let's go out, huh?
I can't.
Oops are everywhere.
I'm surprised Fletcher
hasn't grabbed me already.
Come on, man.
Let's get out.
We can risk it.
What are you
gonna do, man?
You just
gonna sit here?
I got nowhere else
to go.
Come on, let's...
Let's get out, man.
Let's get
out of here.
Travis, where the fuck
can I go?
Fuckin' Canada, man.
We'll jump a ship
for Canada.
But you better not
be seen with me.
I think
I'll make a move.
Talk to you...
talk to you tomorrow?
How about I write you
from inside?
You'll get out of it,
Jack, okay?
You always do.
So I'm out of here.
[Water droplets patting]
Fuck that.
Give me a hand,
all right?
Come on.
Hey, watch where
you're puttin' your hands.
[Both grunting]
I'm glad you won.
I'll see you, Trav.
See you, Jacko.
Hey, hold it right there.
[Distant banging]
[ominous music]