Soweto Blaze (2024) Movie Script

Hey, hey, you're sleeping!
Wake up. Wake up
you yellow bone.
I'm up, brah Thibo!
Mo I need money today
and you're sleeping.
I'm not sleeping brah Thibo.
- I was just resting my eyes.
- Resting your eyes?
I've been hustling all day.
Where you been hustling?
I've got a hot date tonight.
- A date?
- Yes. From China.
She's teaching me
all about the crypto markets.
Now I won't make it because
you're sleeping instead of working.
Business is slow.
No, no, no. Don't start.
What's the take today?
Show me.
No man.
Are you kidding me?
Who've you been selling to?!
A dog could
lose more than you've sold!
Now listen good:
You get out there to
all these kids, and sell
instead of dreaming about
losing your virginity.
Me? A virgin?
You met my girlfriend!
We were together for three years!
No, no!
Let me correct you:
What they say in
English: ex-girlfriend.
Or did you try to forget?
She dumped your ass.
Let me remind you.
You seem to be forgetting.
No one, Mo.
No one's ever gonna buy
your weird ass grass juice.
Thumi over there gets it.
Thumi is a real man, Mo!
You see, Thumi's got ambition Mo.
It's over. You understand?
It's over.
Four thousand
eight hundred views? How?
Hey, man.
See, you're more famous than me.
But that doesn't matter.
Listen to me. Listen good.
I want at least R4 000.
I'll collect at the end of the week.
I want that money.
Crypto market.
Think about that.
- Sure. Sure.
- Yellow bone.
All the way from China.
We'll be using chopsticks.
Picking it up, putting it in here.
Get me my money.
Ay how you doin'?
You da one we calling Mr. Mo?
You're not Mr. Mo?
No, it's just Mo.
- Who needs to know?
- Oh yeah, It's-Just-Mo.
I've been hearing a lot of
good things about you man.
Mr. Dembro at the Zoo Lake?
Been telling me you've got
good stuff, yeah?
It It's just Mo.
Anyway, what are you looking for?
I've got cheese. It's indoor.
So it will cost you R120.
Chocolate Chunk, in the car.
It will cost you R110.
Dutch Treat, R120.
And I've got normal Skunk. Outdoor.
Cost you R50 a gram Rasta.
What do you want?
I be tryna fly the birds with the sky.
But I'm also trying to walk on
the ground with the human beings.
You get what I'm saying?
Yeah, yeah. I feel you, Rasta.
You're looking for a hybrid, Rasta.
Alien OG.
That will get you where
you need to be, Rasta.
Right, Just-Mo.
It's not just Mo.
It's Mo, nothing else.
Oh, whatever you say.
Mr. it's Mo, no Mo, Momoza no
One twenty, Rasta.
- Sure. Yeah, man.
- Thanks, man. Go well.
Hey Rasta.
I think I have something
else that might interest you.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
Look, it's not weed, okay?
But it's also going to
to revitalize you, you know?
Freshen you up so you are
ready to take on the world, Rasta.
Is it drugs?
You mean like some
cocaine cocktail?
No, no, it's not drugs, Rasta.
But it will fill you with
energy. You understand?
I just need to go prepare it.
You in?
How much are we talking
there, Rasta?
First one is free, Rasta.
- Yoh.
- Next one you pay.
- Alright.
- Deal?
Yes? Wait here.
Don't leave, don't leave.
- God bless you.
- Yeah!
Later, man.
Next time, man.
Go well.
What came first?
Bowls or spoons?
Forks My brother.
- Shiiiiiiiiiiit!
Hey! Hey!
- You rubbish.
- Ah man.
What the hell you guys doing?
- The big man.
- Bossman. King D!
I should call the cops and
burst your bubble right now.
- For what?
- For what?
- Don't test me.
- Take a drag.
Give me some.
That's our last one!
What's wrong with you?
Mo's stuff is premium, sir.
High grade.
Yeah. Good shit.
Don't be selfish, boss.
Give here.
- Too much.
- That's right.
So you guys know you've
been fired, right?
- For what?
- For what?
What do you think?
Seriously? Wicky-wicky.
Don't we get like a warning first?
Something in writing?
- Something on paper?
- What do you mean?
Your last warning was a month ago.
You're both fired.
But my brother you just partook.
You're more corrupt than all of us,
the AU, EU, me and you!
- Grab it!
- No, man!
We can't all get fired.
I get to stay behind,
you two need to go.
So go. Fuck off.
Ah, boss.
Get lost, man.
You'll get what's coming to you.
Take your shit.
You're full of shit.
Your mother, you bliksems!
Get lost.
- You leave!
- Get lost.
- You leave!
- Voetsek!
You rubbish.
You yellow-mellow.
Piss off. I hope you starve.
You dirty dogs.
Ohhhh, dirty dogs!
- Hope you catch Covid!
- Voetsek.
- Guess we should go.
- Huh?
Go where?
We're unemployed.
Check the stash.
How's it looking?
It's bad.
This is the last one.
Fuck all, boy.
Yeah. We need to stock up.
- We need to call Mo.
- Yes, call Mo.
What's up?
You're haunting us.
Like a ghost in the night!
Mo, where'd you come from?
No man.
I finished work early.
Had a shit day.
Dude this is some
I'm talking David Blaine,
SpongeBob out of
the water, dude.
We're just glad to see you, Mo.
You look good man.
We missed you.
What part of 'shit day'
don't you understand?
No, no, don't do that, man.
No! Dude
Remember us at creche?
Me, Pickle and you.
The big three.
We all go way back, dude.
That's legendary shit!
That's history.
Nothing beats that, dude.
- Creche, huh?
- Creche, boy.
That's history.
The three musketeers.
- Thank you, sir!
- This is it! Thabo's on my case.
- Thank you, Sir.
- Thabo?
That corrupt cop?
Thabo's been running your
life for what, 6 months?
Three years!
You really thought six months?
Maybe time is a construct.
Mo, a man must
- Stand for himself.
- Stand for himself, boy.
Start your own business.
Sell your own weed.
You see boy, the Lord
The Lord helps those
that help themselves.
Just like you've been helping
yourself to my weed all these years?
- We've come a long way.
- No!
That's fine son.
Damn, that jacket is fire boy!
Hey, I'm talking about the girl.
The girl? She's aight.
That's Lebo the Lion, son.
Woah! Easy.
Dad, please. No.
Hey, come on. Get over here.
Hold this.
I, I have this month's payment...
Hey, wait! Wait!
We should call the police.
This is Lebo the Lion.
You just said it.
He's got every cop in his pocket.
How are you gonna take over the
business if you can't even use a gun?
He's two months behind payment.
What do you do?
- Answer him.
- What do you do?!
Stop grooming me into you!
You teach him a lesson.
I have the money right here.
I swear.
Pull the trigger!
I hate guns.
And I hate you!
Now pay up. Don't try to be smart!
The doctors said I'll need a
walking stick from now on...
Ah, voetsek.
In the car.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
I'm done.
Really? I told you I hate it
when you speak Zulu to me.
Go. Let's go!
- You're a piece of shit, you know that...
- Come on!
A big fat piece of shit!
Get in. Get in!
You know I don't like to repeat myself.
Then don't.
But this child of yours.
She's not the one to be your successor.
If you want to build a legacy
Let's get rid of her and
make a new one.
Because she's a
fucking headache.
Shift up!
That was hectic.
Ya but did you see the money?
That cash was legit.
I'm talking stacks and
stacks and stacks and stacks!
- Dude.
- Yeah?
What if
if we had some of that?
Then we'd wash that money.
Cash be flowin'.
And the weed
Weed for days.
Blazed for days.
What if we had something
that belonged to him?
Something he'd pay us
to give back?
Like what?
Ya like what?
You wanna take his daughter,
and ask for a ransom?
- You guys.
- That's the one.
That's the one!
No, no, no.
Are you crazy?
Did you not just see what
happened there?
When have we gone wrong?
Remember creche!
That's history. Legendary.
No more Thabo.
He'll be history!
Think about your kids!
I'm talking financial
freedom for life!
This guy
This is Lebo the Lion.
- Yeah
- Yeah so?
You know what happens when
you play with a lion?
You get bitten.
You want to get bitten?
- Nah man.
- Come on, dude.
- Have faith.
- Trust us, boy. Trust us.
You know
The weed is messing with you.
- You can't think straight!
- Ah, no man!
I'm cutting you off before
you do anything stupid.
- Sorry Mo!
- Hey!
I'm not getting involved
in another one of these!
Sorry, my boy. Mo?
- Cut.
- Pre-school.
- Mo Mo
- Creche.
Mo, wait. Mo, come back.
- Hey boy.
- Let's talk about this Mo, come on.
- Fuck.
- Hey Mo.
- Shit.
- No money. No job. No blunts. What now?
- Eish.
- Huh? What now?
My sista
We grab destiny
by the gender-neutral
Gender neutral's a little
more like this, yeah
Growing nicely.
What were you up to today?
Forty thousand.
It's finally happening.
Think a celebration is in order.
Dude, you lack vision.
Vision, son!
You get me, man?
This could take us all the way.
We'll be careful.
Keep our identities hidden.
To protect us, we'll just
say it was the Russians.
- The Russians?
- Yeah.
With me so far? Okay.
- What's your vision?
- So here's the deal right?
We take the girl.
We hide her.
That will drive Lebo crazy.
He will search everywhere,
all over the place.
Then after a few days, we'll tell Lebo,
"Hey Lebo, if you want your daughter
- pay us." You get me?
- Yeah.
I'm thinking R10 000.
- Ten?
- Ten.
Thirty-five point two.
Thirty-five point eight.
Fortyyyyyyyy. Yes!
Going once. Sixty-five, bitches!
Seventy, girl. Seventy.
Ninety, girl.
And the crowd goes, "Yeah!"
- One hundred.
- Yes.
One hundred thousand Rand
for his daughter, otherwise
We're going to be rich.
That's the vision man,
that's the vision!
That's the vision!
Give us some love.
Give me some
What's her name? Huh?
Where does she stay?
- How we gonna find her?
- I got you.
- You got me?
- I got you, son.
I got you.
The Lion
Is it that easy?
Let's go
Thandi. Thandi.
There she is.
Hi guys. OOTD. Okay so
My dad just got a new car.
And I'm stealing it basically.
Yeah. He doesn't know.
But I'm taking it for a spin.
The internet is a
beautiful place, dude.
It's got everything, son.
Beautifully dangerous but hey,
she needs to change
her privacy settings, yoh!
Privacy with who?
- For the what?
- For the where?
For the why?
Privacy died a long time ago, son.
- For the good and the bad.
- The bad.
Check this out, son.
She just checked in
like five minutes ago.
This place is like ten minutes
away from here.
What are we waiting for?
Let's go.
Let's go get down.
Let's go Let's go
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's go
- Let's go
You have reached your destination.
Yeah boy.
Let's leave.
I don't think this
is a good idea.
My heart's beating so fast.
Yeah, me also. Feel.
Feel that?
We can do this.
Just need to stay cool.
Come on.
We can do this!
- Yes we can!
- Yes we can!
- Okay.
- We can do this. We're good.
- Okay.
- We're good.
Okay. Here's the plan.
I'm going to ring the bell, okay?
And then
I'll say there's a delivery for Thandi.
Then Thandi will come
walking out, then...
Bam! Thandi gets got.
And we put her in the backseat.
Then we start the car...
Actually, no
Instead you
Keep the car running,
keep the engine burning.
Keep everything burning.
The oil burning.
Burning everything.
Burning everything, man!
Okay, like not everything.
Could start a fire,
so don't burn everything.
So the girl will come out and then
- Gone!
- We're gone with the car!
Yeah. We can do this.
- That's why you're so smart.
- Of course.
- And you just thought this all up?
- Of course.
My brain knows what's up.
You know what?
Maybe I should go.
Why, my dude?
Because you're driving.
Stick to the plan. Don't change anything!
You'll mess things up. Stick to plan!
You're going to mess this up
with your flat feet.
I make less noise.
You've got a point.
But there's only one
way to settle this.
Best of three.
- Okay let's go.
- Bring it, boy.
Let's go again.
Dad, I'm leaving.
For real this time.
Dad, I'm serious.
It's happening.
I can't be part of
this life anymore.
Hurting people
I'm done.
And you still have nothing to say?
To your own daughter?
Why am I even surprised?
I'm getting myself an Uber.
Go to your room.
- What the hell?
- Relax!
- Ow!
- Zaza.
You can let her out tomorrow.
Give her some time to think
about her behavior today.
- Yes, sir.
- Dad this is bullshit.
You can't keep controlling
me like this.
If it were up to me,
you'd be six feet under
with that grandfather of yours.
And then? What did you pack?
Your entire closet?
- Dad
- Move!
Time for some snow.
And now?
Hey man.
- I'm working for my kids here!
- Get away! Go!
This is my money here!
It's my place, my client!
Now where were we?
This is the best game ever.
I love it!
And I am your master.
And I
Hello! Hi!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Let's go, please!
Yes, drive now!
I'm in a rush!
- Okay.
- Let's go, let's go!
Where are we going?
Left or right or straight?
Is it not on the destination?
Oh yeah. Eish. Yeah. Eish.
Sorry, wi-fi's out, battery's low.
Eish, yeah.
And then?
I'll charge my phone,
don't worry.
Who's this?
- Intern.
- Intern.
- Yeah, intern, just
- Just
- Just learning the ropes.
- You know
- Showing her the ropes, yeah.
- Uber.
We're good.
Grab her!
Wait! No...!
Do you think she's still breathing?
God. Why?
Yeah. She's breathing,
she's breathing.
She's got a bag.
- We've got to get rid of the evidence.
- Sure, boy.
Come, boy. Come.
Okay. No, no.
Let's get her in the back.
She hit her head hard.
Okay, let's tie her up.
I can hear you breathing.
I I don't want any trouble.
Can you please just
Please let me go. I can pay.
- Just Just please don't rape me.
- Hey!
- No one's going to rape you.
- So you are there?
Sorry but
I I think you're in the wrong house.
You're probably waiting for
your husband to come home
and go all Fifty Shades
of Grey on you.
But this is not the house.
I've been kidnapped!
These two guys,
they knocked me out.
Where am I?
- In my bedroom.
- Your bedroom?
You're gonna rape me.
Hey! No.
No stop saying that.
This is a huge mistake.
I don't know who you are
or how you got here.
So you'll let me go?
Yeah. Obviously.
This is just a big misunderstanding.
Please help me get this off?
Oh, yeah sure.
My bag.
Did you take my bag?
I I'll be right back.
Wait here.
Wait. You you said you'd let me go?
- Two seconds. I'll be back now.
- Wait. Please!
- Where's my bag?
- Just hold on!
Oh my God.
What did you idiots do?!
- Ouch.
- Huh, what did you do?!
Calm down. What's wrong with you?
- Oh, that?
- Oh, that?
You're talking about the girl
tied up in your bedroom?
Yaaa, sorry, man.
We didn't have
anywhere else to go.
How did you even get in?
- Your spare key.
- Your spare key.
Under the mat outside.
When do you knock off because
you're not supposed to be here anyway.
Also we were really
fucked up and hungry.
Look what we got.
Your favorite!
- Munchies.
- Cheeeeese!
At this very moment
The Lion is sitting reading
the ransom letter.
That I wrote.
Thank you very much!
Do you have any idea
what you've done?
- Any idea?
- Dude listen:
We are setting ourselves
up for life. For life!
You can finally buy that
bicycle you're always on about.
Hey. It's a food truck, okay?
And that's not the point.
Lebo the Lion is one of the
most dangerous people in Jozi.
Let alone Soweto.
You mess with him, you disappear.
Just like that.
And you kidnapped his daughter!
And brought her into my house!
Okay, Mo. Relax.
If Lebo thinks I kidnapped his daughter,
I'm dead! We're all dead!
Sure, my brother.
- What if he doesn't kill us?
- Yeah.
What if?
Get out!
Get out! I want nothing to do with this.
Take her somewhere else.
But there is nowhere else.
I don't care.
Airbnb that shit.
But she's not staying here.
I already told her I'd let her go.
Yeah, I told her.
Hello. Anyone there?
- Hello?
- She's escaping!
- Help!
- Grab her!
When I get out of here,
you're all gonna get it.
My father's gonna kill all of you.
- Especially you!
- Me?!
I didn't do anything.
You're a liar.
They'll have to use dental records
to ID you when I'm done with you!
Maybe we must keep her tied up.
- Just until she calms down.
- No man!
We need to knock her out.
You have a frying pan?
Just one hit, right here.
We We're not doing that.
Where you going?
Calm down, girl.
Hey. Whoa!
We're not hitting her with a frying pan.
- Just once, right here.
- Wait man! Thandi!
Listen, just chill.
See that? He's going to hit
you with a frying pan.
You want to be hit
with a frying pan?
Just relax, please.
Just relax. Okay.
You see? She's calm.
I don't trust her.
I don't trust her at all.
Do you two realize the
shitstorm you've caused?
- Look at the bigger picture.
- Look at the bigger picture.
There is no bigger picture
if we're dead!
I guess we could've thought
this through a bit more
Two, three minutes
so we'll just...
Take her back to the Lion!
- The Lion?
- Yeah! Let's do that.
If we take her back now,
she tells her dad everything.
He wants revenge for
kidnapping his precious daughter.
The Lion still kills us.
- Oh.
- Kill?
What do we do, brah?
I'll try to reason with her.
Explain this was a
big misunderstanding.
Yeah, we can help...
Not "us". Me!
And only me.
- Yeah, once she's calmed down.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay. Yeah.
First thing tomorrow morning,
both of you get back here.
Hopefully, I'll have
convinced her by then.
How early you thinking?
Yeah, we usually only
up like after 11, 12 so
- Super early.
- Got it!
Before 11 Yeah.
Jisses that money
would've been nice, man.
Maybe we can ask Lebo for a
finder's fee when we take her back.
This is nuts.
Come on.
Keep it together, Mo.
You got this.
No backing down now.
Follow through.
Follow through.
Hey! Can you listen to me?
You need to listen to me. Hey!
Calm down.
Hey, hey. Look at me!
Look at me.
You see me?
Want something to drink?
I'm gonna take out the gag.
But please, please
Please promise you won't scream.
I'm not gonna hurt you. Okay?
Just some juice.
I wanted to
Untie me you piece of shit.
Is it broken? Is it bleeding?
Wait! If you just shut-up
then I can explain to you
You see?
See what you've done?
I was trying to be a
nice guy and help you.
And now look where we are.
You know what?
Good luck going to the bathroom.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm going to try this again.
I never lied to you.
I want to let you go.
But before I do
There's a few things
I need you to understand.
Who's that now?
Police. Open up.
Police! Open!
Keep moving.
That's it.
I've got a search warrant
to search your place.
Any substances found will result
in immediate arrest. You get me?
Nah, just fucking with you.
I thought you said
you were coming Thursday.
Yeah, but I was
in the neighborhood.
What can I say?
Cool, Thabo.
It's just this isn't the best time.
This is when you should be
saying, "I'm happy to see you."
Get it?
What's going on down here?
Mo, you're smoking my supply.
- You should be working.
- Brah Thibo. Your money.
That's all I have.
- Oh.
- Brah Thibo.
I have lots to do today.
Is this it?
Yes, brah Thibo it's
This week was really bad.
Must I get a search
warrant and confiscate your stuff?
Ah brah Thibo,
why would you do that?
only a rat would give so little.
Look at this.
I guess better
than nothing, right?
Sure that's it?
- That's it.
- Yeah.
You remember our agreement?
The one that we had
A long time ago.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Um
You know how I work.
And I also know
how you work, right?
We both know how the game works.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So tell me
Why are you lying to me, Mo?
Ah, brah Thibo.
Me? Lying?
Ah, brah Thibo, I'm being
straight with you, I swear.
That's all the money I've got.
Mo, Mo.
I can see when someone is lying.
I can see you're lying.
Lying, brah Thibo?
Why would I lie?
If I had more money,
you know I'd give it to you.
I used to believe a long time ago,
when you'd tell me there's
no money, I'd buy it.
But now you're taking
taking the piss.
What's wrong?
Why do you keep looking around?
- What's wrong?
- Ah
Brah Thibo, it's nothing.
You remember how we met?
What do you mean?
I mean, do you remember
how you and I met?
You were arrested.
One of my undercover guys busted you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I was called over.
I was called.
And when I got here I saw
I saw there was
something about you.
What you were doing.
One man
One-man show.
You impressed me.
I was impressed, Mo.
So I let it slide.
Because I realized that you
and I could help each other out.
- Right? Yes.
- Yeah.
I, I
Brah Thibo.
I thought I'd put you in the picture.
Get you in on the game.
By letting you do
what you want, however you like.
You remember that, right?
And I took a finder's fee.
For not finding you!
You understand?
- You remember all that?
- Yes I remember.
So I'm going to
ask you for the last time.
Why why are you lying to me?
- Brah Thibo
- Huh?
I'm not lying!
Who else is here?
No one, brah Thibo.
Brah Thibo, I'm telling you.
- Business is slow!
- Listen.
If I search this place and find something,
you really wanna see what will happen?
- Huh?
- Okay, okay
Whoa, brah Thibo
Okay. There is something.
Sit here, brah Thibo.
What did I tell you?
I knew you were
holding out on me!
No, brah Thabo
This is my private stash.
My savings.
Now it's my savings.
Here's your cut.
There's a lesson here.
And that is
"Honesty is the best policy!"
Please, brah Thibo,
it's all I've got.
I'll have nothing left.
Don't make me the bad guy.
I don't care.
I'm a good guy!
I also don't have much.
Brah Thibo, listen, I've hustled.
I've been saving for years.
To buy a food truck.
It's my hustle.
Please, brah Thibo.
F Food what?
A food truck.
No, Mo, you don't need a truck.
I can use the money better.
What are you gonna do with a
food truck? You can't even drive.
You can't even drive.
Listen, I'm going to head out.
Stay honest, boy.
You did the right thing.
The Lord will provide.
Uh Brah Thibo
I I can explain.
It's not what it looks like.
Really, Mo?
It looks like you kidnapped a girl
and keeping her hostage.
Mo, my boy.
You just
You just keep impressing me.
Maybe you're not the
virgin I thought you were.
Who is she?
You know Lebo the Lion?
Lebo the Lion The big one?
Ya, the loan shark.
It's his daughter.
But I didn't do it!
You have to believe me.
- Brah T?
- You're the man, Mo.
Top of the class.
You're a star!
- A star?
- Don't you see?
You know how much we're
going to make from her?
You and I.
We're partners, remember?
I'll handle things from here.
Let's get her back to your
room before she wakes up.
We're gonna make money.
- I dunno about this...
- No.
No. Let's take her back inside.
Before she wakes up.
This is money right here.
Oh Rastafari.
Behold Tiktokans, behold.
Listen, quick one, okay.
We're looking for a spare room in Soweto.
- Yeah, something clean.
- Or an abandoned house.
Uh, nothing weird, nothing weird.
Two, three days.
Hit us up on the DM if you've got one.
Slide in through the DMs.
You think Mo will be pissed
we changed the plan?
Don't go there.
What Mo doesn't know,
won't hurt him.
We need to find a place. We get Thandi.
Put her there.
Get the ransom from Lebo.
Go back to Mo.
- All will be good.
- Nice, girl, nice.
Sucks my mom won't
let me bring girls over.
At your age?
I've only got a single bed.
And I ain't sharing with Thandi!
At your age, only a single bed?
Shut up!
We better go. Mo needs us.
Maybe he's got good news for us.
Maybe he found
some Swazi Gold
Doubt it.
Aren't there any murders that
happened here recently?
Nah, I checked earlier.
Crime is low this month
unfortunately for us.
We're out of luck, man.
We're in shit, my boy.
Let's head.
- Yeah, yeah. Hello.
- What's up?
So, listen
Got something here I
think we can both benefit from.
- We can be filthy rich.
- Don't waste my time.
What is it?
But before I do,
first I want to know
I'll be compensated.
You know how Lebo
is with loyalty.
What you got?
I think your boss
would like to know
where his daughter
is being held hostage!
Oh, her?
She snuck out of here
a few days ago.
Lebo doesn't need
that drama in his life.
No play.
She took it all!
How long have I been
warning you about this?
You know what? Just find her.
And most importantly,
get my money.
Didn't see that coming.
What's wrong?
Is your head sore?
You gonna try headbutt me again?
My head.
It's killing me.
Yeah, you went down pretty hard.
You want a Grandpa?
I need to use the bathroom.
Good one.
You must be crazy if you think
I'm going to let you off this bed.
You must be crazy if you think
I'm going to go in front of you.
What do you want me to do?
Piss all over your bed?
But it's my way or no way.
If you even dare
Try and do anything
I don't care what you do to me.
I'll scream so loud,
and kick your teeth in.
You're not even my type.
I'm gonna go fetch a bucket.
No, it's too far now.
And now?
Yeah. Better, I think.
This is the most
humiliating moment of my life.
Could be worse.
Could've been a number two.
I'd shit all over
your bed if I had to.
Yoh, that's hectic.
- Shap?
- Yeah.
How long are you going
to keep me like this for?
As soon as my friends get here,
we're taking you back to your dad.
To tell him this was
a huge mistake.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
What kind of kidnapping is this?
This was not a kidnapping.
This was a terrible
lapse in judgement and timing.
Please tell your dad that.
Say, "Daddy, daddy it was
a big misunderstanding." Okay?
And why should I believe you?
You already lied to me once.
I didn't lie.
I was just overwhelmed.
I mean it's not every day I come
home and find a chick tied to my bed.
No, it's not?
For all I know you and your weird
friends try this shit every weekend.
You know what.
You're right.
What are you doing?
I need you to believe me.
See? You're free now.
Now please go back to your
dad and tell him not to kill me.
Or my dumb friends.
What do I call you?
But you can call me Mo, just Mo.
- Just Mo?
- Mo.
Okay. Mo.
I'm Thandi.
So Mo
Got any food?
That was a quick
change of heart.
Why you driving a taxi?
What's that got to do with you?
You think I only work for Lebo?
You sure she's in there?
Yeah, yeah. She's in there.
Is she alone?
Yeah. One of my boys stay here.
Won't be a problem,
he's just a dealer.
When it comes to things like this,
the fewer witnesses, the better.
Let's go.
Obviously your boss
wants her alive.
This is a really nice place.
My grandmother left it to
me before she passed away.
Aren't you in a hurry?
Your dad must be looking for you.
He must be worried.
No hurry
It's a little complicated.
My dad and I
Please grab a glass?
The bottom shelf.
This is not a kidnapping.
It's a fucking holiday!
Look, man.
Don't take this the wrong way.
You and I had this coming.
Your father's going to be
very angry with you!
Just get out there and tell
them this was all a huge mistake.
A big mix-up.
Like we talked about.
I can't. Okay.
Okay I just need my bag.
Please, where's my bag?
I'll get you a new bag!
Just explain everything
and go home!
We just want Thandi.
Hand her over.
Unlike Zaza here, I never miss.
Open up!
Running away is one thing, but this
Your father won't stand for this, Thandi.
This is a new low.
Running away?
You were kidnapped.
Technically I ran away first.
This is not the time
for semantics, okay?
You have no idea what he's capable of.
- Thandi
- I'm not going back.
- Do the right thing.
- If you don't go back,
I'm dead.
Open up you little shit. Open!
And I'm dead if I do. Okay?
I'm begging you, please.
I need you to believe me.
This is taking too long. Move.
Find them.
I need to search this place.
For what?
Just go!
How are you going to
start it without a key?
I can't get it open.
Do you even know
how to hot wire a car?
Do you want to fucking do it?
Look. There.
It's Thabo!
YouTube videos make
it look so easy.
It's now or never.
Let's go!
What the?
That's my car dude!
- I was shooting at them.
- Open!
No key!
And then?
And then Mo and Thandi
went jogging?
This guy.
He's catching feelings.
But why are they
What's going on?
What is it?
Oh, flat tire.
This isn't good.
Let's use another tire!
The spare wheel. It's there.
Or just make a call.
Where's my bag?
Okay, I need my bag.
What's she on about?
Guys, I had a bag.
When you two idiots
grabbed me, okay?
Was there a bag?
I didn't see a bag.
Did you see a bag?
Please guys it had a lot
of important stuff in there.
- You saw a bag?
- I don't remember shit!
I don't remember a bag. If there was a bag
it should be back there.
I didn't see anything.
I was so close.
So close to freedom.
Me too.
Starting afresh.
I had a plan.
I was ready to go.
- And then you came along.
- Until you showed up.
If anything happens to us
If anything happens to us please guys
It was Thabo, Lebo The Lion and Zaza!
But we
We weren't trying to hurt anybody, okay?
We just wanted ourselves some weed.
Now we find ourselves in this position.
We're sorry.
God forgive us.
It might be our last day on earth, guys.
This might be the last message you
see, guys as we make the crossover.
Just in case anything happens.
You see where we are?
So back there
you'd risk getting shot because
you don't want to go back to your dad?
I mean that's some heavy shit.
My father is a
textbook narcissist and
a controlling psychopath.
It's why my mom left.
I was mostly raised by my grandfather.
Same here.
Never knew my mom or my dad.
My grandmother raised me.
That house.
My grandmother left it to
me before she passed away.
My grandfather
never wanted this life for me.
And you?
What kind of life did you want?
I always wanted to be a lawyer.
You know.
Dress up all smart and shit.
Defending those
who couldn't defend themselves.
Like someone who got
head-butted in the face?
I'm kidding.
To protect them from people like your dad?
My grandfather
must be turning in his grave,
seeing how my life turned out.
May I?
Yeah, this is cool.
You guys were close?
He gave it to me the last time I saw him.
You know, the same day
he went to talk to my dad
about me staying with him.
He never came back.
My dad said he moved away.
I was ten.
Fun childhood, right?
Yeah, eish.
No wonder you ran away.
I'm surprised you didn't do it sooner.
I have tried. Trust me.
But my dad would always find me,
drag me back home and lock
me away until I learnt my lesson.
Sometimes for a week.
He always made sure that
without him, I had nothing.
You know what?
When Mo's Meals makes it big,
I'll hook you up.
Mo's meals?
Mo's meals.
It's an all-in-one,
cannabis-infused food truck.
You get me?
For everyone in the township,
that's more than just
Russians and chips!
I'm talking organic foods.
You get me?
It's snacks, it's drinks.
And the best smoothies you'll ever get.
Well, that's the dream anyway.
No, that's that's a cool dream.
Yeah, hey.
But it's gone now.
I can't go back to my house.
Lost all my money. My savings.
It's over.
You're not like the others.
Those two.
The ones who actually kidnapped me.
Oh, you mean Dill and Pickle?
They're harmless. They don't bite.
They just don't think!
You're right about that.
But you're not like them. You're
And what you did back there.
Letting me come with you,
not handing me over to my father.
Thank you.
Guys, we've been thinking:
Maybe we need a new plan, guys.
Maybe we need to go
back to the drawing board.
We can't drive around forever.
Where are we going?
And petrol is expensive.
And I'm tired,
it's someone else's turn.
Yeah. And snacks, okay?
I've got the munchies.
Relax girl. We got you.
We stocked up for days, girl.
Got you.
Help yourself to whatever.
I have a bit of cash left. Not much.
You know business is slow!
- Why you such a tightwad?
- No, you're the problem.
Wow, you're tight-fisted.
Bring us some, girl.
There should be a Coke there.
Yeah, yeah. Sure.
I'm coming.
She must have been
planning this all along.
The fake kidnapping.
Stealing the money.
Jisses! Hey!
How much did
How much did she take?
All of it. Almost R2 million!
She knew exactly where it was.
The combination to the safe.
Didn't think Mo had it in him.
Find them.
Find the money.
Then kill them all.
When you say all
What about your daughter?
I don't have a daughter.
Also couldn't sleep?
Me neither.
Hey, you found your bag.
It was in the boot all along?
Typical right? The last
place you'd think to look.
What's so valuable in there?
- Come on! Let me see.
- No.
Ah, man.
Is it your Barbie collection?
I won't tell anyone. Let me see.
Thandi, what's going on?
Look, Mo
I need to go.
You need to go?
It's like four in the morning.
- Don't move.
- Whoa!
- Brah Thibo. Brah Thibo!
- Yeah.
Hand it over.
Hand over what, Thandi?
- Now!
- Hand over what, Thandi?
- Thandi?
- Just behave!
Stay. Don't move.
Should've been smarter, Mo.
- All along you said nothing!
- To the car.
You never said anything!
- Hey voetsek! Let's go.
- Thandi?
Move! Let's go.
Today we don't know
each other. Okay?
Wake up.
Open up.
What are you waiting for?
Let's go.
Go. Don't look back.
I don't understand.
How'd they find us?
No idea. Ask her.
What? How should I know?
They must have tracked
your phones or something.
I dunno. Seems you've
been hiding a lot of things.
What's going on here?
I'm sensing a bit of tension. Thandi?
Thandi's been holding out on us all along.
That bag she's been
going on about?
That's why Lebo
and his friend were after us.
They never wanted her.
They wanted the money
she stole from her father!
She's been playing a game of chess.
We've just been pawns
in her own little scheme.
A bag of cash.
That sounds like way more than the ransom.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
I know I risked my life for you.
I could've left you for your
dad and his terminator friend.
But I let you come with me.
For what? To use and abuse.
And ditch us to be picked
up by your father's thugs.
Hey, I didn't ask for any of this!
It's not my fault your stupid friends
thought they would get
rich quick by kidnapping me.
That money was my business.
I owe you nothing.
Guess I just thought
after everything
Eish guys, where they taking us?
Come on, get out.
- Come. Out.
- Hey voetsek!
Out! Get out!
Come, my sista. Out.
Stay there.
Let go of me!
Where you think you going?
- Hey! I'll shoot you right here!
- Brah Thibo.
Brah Thibo?
Whatever happens next
Yeah, me too.
I was going to say just follow my lead.
Oh yeah. Yeah!
That's what I was saying.
Wait what do you mean?
We have to open that door.
We need to loosen this thing.
With what?
We don't have anything except
Cable ties? What, a shoelace?
You have your phone?
Brah Thabo
You know my mama, come on.
Hey, don't get smart with me.
I don't know your mom!
Lebo the Lion, please. I'm sorry.
You've done well getting this far.
But when you cross me
the last thing you'll ever hear
is the Lion's roar!
No, no. Please.
I don't want to die. Please.
We're here now.
Facing our mortality.
But I've realized
I'm at peace with death.
It is nothing but a stepping stone
to a greater understanding
of our place in the cosmos.
It's been an honor.
See you on the other side.
Not today, Satan!
My money! Get them!
What do we do?
We don't even have a gun.
Go there.
Take this!
They went in here.
- Shit.
- They're here somewhere.
Let's split up.
Know how to use this?
Don't you?
Guess I'm about to learn.
- You see that! How was that!
- Yes, yes.
Hands up.
You saved me.
Sure. Now we even.
I want their heads.
Your dad is never
going to let us go.
You're right.
There's only one thing left to do.
Wish me luck.
Where are you going?
And then?
Ah-ha. Hey!
Freeze. Come here.
- Bring the bag.
- This, this bag?
- This bag? I don't want to!
- Hey! Shit!
Bloody hell!
Oh sorry man, sorry.
- I only shot your leg.
- Just go, just go. Go.
- I was trying to shoot.
- Fuck!
Look at you now.
Think you're the hero now?
If you hadn't stolen
R2 million from me,
I'd be very proud of you.
Father of the year,
ladies and gentlemen.
Say hi to your
mother for me, okay?
Hey! Stop right there!
Ah, come on!
What do you want?
Hand it over.
You're annoying me.
Give me the bag.
Bring that money.
I'll shoot, you hear me?
- Bring that money!
- Okay, okay.
- Get off me!
- We got you!
You shit.
Leave me alone!
- What were you saying?
- Speak.
It's fine. This is fine.
We can make a deal.
Let's do a deal.
I'll beat you up.
Hey. No.
We can all share this.
Oh please. You want your gun?
- Yeah?
- Go fetch it. Fetch!
Lost your gun!
You suck!
How about the keys
for the handcuffs then?
Just the keys!
I get myself into shit.
You okay?
No, I'm not
Thandi! Thandisto.
I think my arm and
leg is broken
Thandi? Thandi!
Is anyone out there?
He won't be coming
out of there anytime soon.
What do you want to do?
What do I want to do?
Absolutely nothing.
This man has controlled my
entire life and for the first time
I feel like my own person.
Like I'm
To do whatever I want.
Oh, we're dead boy.
Her gun!
Yeah, you shit!
Come, boy.
This sucks.
I'm sorry.
Guess there's just
one thing left to do
- What?
- Seriously?
I can taste blood.
Back there
When I thought I was going to die.
I saw my life flash before my eyes.
And at the end
you were there.
Just like now.
Me too.
Let's get to a hospital. Please.
Let's go.
After all this guys,
I'm turning over a new leaf.
Oh ya?
Speaking of a new leaf
I'm telling you Rasta.
It was a movie.
Guns were blazing.
Bullets were flying.
Where's your mother?
Where's your father? Yaaah!
I told myself that
Mo and Thandi are dead. Gone.
And then?
And then we called the police.
They got Lebo's big ass out the hole.
Zaza and Thabo got arrested.
And here we are!
Ah, Pickle my friend.
You like to embellish the details.
It wasn't exactly like that.
Tell the truth.
Let's ask Dill. Dill?
To paraphrase
the Tibetan Book of the Dead:
You guys should know that
death holds up an all-seeing mirror.
A mirror of our past actions.
Of which the consequences of all
our negative and positive thoughts,
are clearly seen.
And what happened to the dollar then?
The dollar, Rasta, was never recovered.
Hey, it's a crazy story you're telling me.
You all been smoking somethin'?
It's a new hybrid strand Rasta.
Put it together myself.
What's it called?