Space Camp (1986) Movie Script

Only a shooting star.
Come on, Andie.
Everybody's watching on TV.
You can't see it
if you don't come in.
Can too see it.
Just another wisher.
He winked at me!
John Glenn winked at me!
I'm going up.
I'm going up.
We are at T minus 19 days
and counting
toward main engine test
of Atlantis on July 23rd...
- Thanks.
- Hi, darling.
- I'm not going up.
- Yeah, I heard.
I can't believe it.
They chose Eddie Miller
instead of me.
He gets airsick in cars.
That's why I married you
instead of Eddie Miller.
I thought for sure I was
getting up there this time.
You'll get your chance next time.
Primary objective of the test...
You're damn right I will.
You're not gonna be the only one
in this family to walk on the moon.
Think of the bright side.
You get to spend your summer
with me at Space Camp.
Oh, no.
You promised.
I get to play "Let's pretend I'm
an astronaut" with a bunch of kids.
These aren't just kids, you know.
These are clean-cut
all-American kids.
Make me proud.
I believe this is
one of your kids now.
Yep, I'd recognize him anywhere--
clean-cut, well motivated...
Great boosters!
- Will you turn that down?
- What?
Would you mind turning that down?
Okay, okay, no sweat.
You want Space Camp?
No. My father
wants Space Camp,
but I want my head examined.
- It was worth it for the car.
- Let's hope so.
Would you get your ass
out of my parking spot?
Yeah, right.
Sorry about that.
Space Age technology, huh?
Have a good summer.
Make sure you check
that left mag, Dad. It's sticking.
Welcome aboard, campers.
I'm Zach Bergstrom,
director of Space Camp.
We're going to train you
just like NASA trains astronauts.
I didn't say "real astronauts"
because at Space Camp,
you are real astronauts.
Robert Pickett, Purple Team.
Lonnie Fowler, Red Team.
- Kathryn Fairly.
- Kathryn Fairly.
Blue Team.
- Hideo Takamini.
- Hideo Takamini.
Blue Team. Gardener...
Kevin Donaldson, Yellow Team.
Dennis Anderson,
you're with the Green Team.
Susan Lange, on the Green Team.
Ricky Powell,
you're on the Purple Team.
- David Joe, White Team.
- Chris Chu, White Team.
Okay, everybody, let's all
gather in the Rocket Park
where you'll meet
the other members of your team.
Leave your bags here.
You can pick them up later.
Come on, everybody,
let's move it.
Orientation at 1300 hours.
Four years ago
Space Camp was created
not only to provide you with
hands-on access to space hardware,
but also to teach you how
to work together as a team.
Hi, I'm Andie Bergstrom.
You're an astronaut!
The first female pilot!
Yeah. How did you know that?
I've read all about you in
the "Young Astronauts" program.
Let's see, you were the backup pilot
for the first Discovery flight,
but Coats got it instead.
Yeah. I remember.
What are you doing here?
- And what is your name?
- Rudy Tyler, ma'am.
Spit it out, Rudy.
Rudy Tyler, ma'am!
I meant the gum, Rudy.
You look like a guy with...
...a lot of energy.
I'm making you
Mission Specialist #1,
Equipment Function and Operation.
Wow. Thanks, ma'am.
My father told me when you come
to Space Camp, they give you--
We'll talk about it later, okay?
By the way, this is Space Camp
and not the Marine Corps.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You can call me Andie.
Hi, Andie. I'm Tish.
Tish Ambros.
Right there.
Yeah. So what brings you
to Space Camp, Tish?
Well, I did this audit at JPL
in radio astronomy.
It was unbelievable!
I mean, can you imagine
an extraterrestrial disc jockey?
Like, listening
to radio waves from space?
I mean, like waiting
for signs of intelligence?
- Like--
- I know the feeling.
I'm gonna make you
Mission Specialist #2,
Max! What are you doing here?
Checking in for my next mission
against the Empire, Your Highness.
Your next mission is to haul ass
back to Junior Camp right now.
Come on, Andie.
I've been at Junior
two summers running.
Don't kick me out.
- You're just not ready.
- I am too ready!
Okay, one screw-up, and you're
back in the little leagues. Got it?
Copy, Rogue Leader.
Roger and out.
Hideo Takamini.
- Hideo Takamini?
- Right here.
Hideo Takamini?
Well, actually it's pronounced
Kevin Donaldson.
I don't have a Donaldson.
Well, you have one now.
I'm Kathryn Fairly,
and it's an honour to meet you.
- I'm sorry...
- It's okay.
Okay, I have two positions left--
Pilot and Shuttle Commander.
Kevin, tell me why you'd like
to be Shuttle Commander.
I wouldn't, no.
Actually, I was thinking
more along the lines
of Mission Regent...
or Sovereign, maybe?
Something like that.
Kathryn, what about you?
I know a lot
about the space program,
and I'm going
into the Air Force Academy.
And I want to be the first
female Shuttle Commander.
You think that's
more important than Pilot?
It's okay.
You can let her have it
because I don't really care.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Now that you're
Shuttle Commander,
you're gonna have to
start to care, Kevin.
Kathryn, you can be Pilot.
This is a mock-up of the cargo bay
and the storage pallets.
That arm is
the remote manipulator system.
It can be used for repairs
and to link up with satellites
or other vehicles.
This is a zero-gravity chair.
It rides on a cushion of air which
creates the feeling of weightlessness
you encounter when you
leave the earth's atmosphere.
Come on, Max.
This is the greatest thing
since the X-Wing Fighter!
This is the Shuttle simulator,
which you're going to learn to fly
at speeds of up to Mach 25.
It looks complicated, but when
you get the basics down, it's easy.
The computer does
most of the work.
The first lesson
I want to teach is...
"Why I won't touch anything
until I know how to use it."
- By Rudy Tyler.
- Right.
- Yeah, Rudy.
- ls everybody okay?
This is the Mercury Sigma 7.
When they were
building these capsules,
the astronauts demanded
the engineers create a way for them
to be able to pilot the capsule back
through the re-entry
through the earth's atmosphere.
Otherwise they would feel
like monkeys...
What the hell is that?
A prototype maintenance droid.
NASA built him
for the space station.
- When's he going up?
- He's not.
They blew it on his shielding.
His chips become unpredictable
in about two hours.
He's such a complex
piece of machinery,
NASA hasn't been able
to iron out all the bugs.
So he helps out here
and at Kennedy.
It's a midget extraterrestrial!
No, he is the world's only
$27-million handyman.
- Where the hell is that ratchet?
- In your hand.
He's also quite literal.
Okay, we've all met Jinx.
Let's get going.
Come on.
...third-stage separation
before it gets into orbit...
Dennis, I got you that manual.
How many pounds of thrust
does the shuttle produce at lift off?
How'd you know?
How in the world
did she know all that?
Got me.
You know,
that Kevin is a real babe.
- He's a jerk.
- Oh, really?
He's completely unserious.
Did you check out
the size of his hands?
Earth to Kathryn.
Come in, please.
What are you doing?
I'm trying to figure out
how to run this thing. See?
For a multi-axis trainer?
It's one of the toughest parts
of the training.
Scary for a pilot.
You know anything about it'?
Three concentric circles
spinning in different directions
Object--to stabilize from
central point utilizing hand controls.
You want a piece?
- How'd you know all that?
- I remember everything I read.
It's a real drag sometimes.
My mind gets totally cluttered.
- What'd you get on your SATs?
- 800s.
You ever, like, talk about anything
aside from learning things?
You know, you're real pretty.
Kind of understated.
But you got great eyes.
You know...
I could do this great
makeup job on you.
Guys go for eyes...kind of.
Guys go for what I haven't got.
Makeup's not gonna help.
Thanks anyway.
What's your essay
going to be about?
"Why I'm going to be the first
female Shuttle Commander."
That is going to go down real big.
Andie will get a kick out of that.
What's yours going to be about?
I'm going to do
"I want to go into space
"to contact life forms
that exist on chemicals
other than carbon and oxygen."
You should visit my high school.
So we struck this deal.
He got me to Space Camp,
and I got me a Jeep.
So what are you doing here?
I wanna be the first guy to have
a fast-food franchise in space.
- Rudy T's.
- Are you serious?
Yeah. Some guy in a space station
is gonna get a Big Mac attack,
Rudy T's gonna be there.
So that's why you're here?
Come on.
I like learning.
Some guys in my school said,
"Yo, Rudy, how come
you takin' science?
You don't need to be
takin' science, man."
They don't ask me
if I like science.
Do you like science?
Yeah. I love science.
Now ask me
if I'm any good at it.
Not so hot, huh?
Some things
I just can't figure out.
It's a bummer, man.
My philosophy is to sleep late,
drive fast,
and not take
any of this shit seriously.
Straight UP?
Hey, booster-breath,
leave me alone!
- Let me see it, kid.
- Come on.
Who are you,
the Imperial Guard or something?
What do you got in there?
Let us take a look.
- What's going on?
- This kid's got this thing in there.
We just want to see it.
Why don't you evaporate,
- Lay off the kid!
- Let's take a look.
Wow, look at that!
Holy shit!
Shit-solid waste
aboard space station
can be handled
in one of two ways--
Jinx, cancel!
Okay, get down.
What is it'?
What's it do?
Anything you ask him to.
- Sure moves slow.
- Jinx, shake a leg.
- Don't do that!
- All right.
Man, he literally does
what he's told!
Jinx, move over here, buddy.
Stop it!
Get your hands off me!
Play dead.
That's enough!
Shut up!
Wiggle your ears!
It's broken.
Let's get out of here.
- See you later, Dave.
- All right.
Sorry, kid.
Servos activating.
Sensor generators are okay.
Image analyses are clean.
Retractors stabilized.
I'm gonna put
your shield on now, Jinx.
Don't worry.
It'll be okay.
You're here with your buddy Max.
When I'm done with you,
you'll be as good as new.
Yo, Jinx.
Yo, Max.
All right!
All right!
I can't believe it.
I can't believe those
Green Team jerkoffs did that to you.
What a bunch of monkey clones.
They ought to be zapped.
- Where are you going?
- To zap them.
No, no, Jinx, stop it!
There you go again.
Why do you have to take
everything so literally?
How else should I take it?
No, no, Jinx, it's okay.
Don't worry.
Don't worry, you'll be okay.
You know...
You're really neat, Jinx.
You too, Max.
Friends forever?
By the time you leave Space Camp,
you will know the function
of every circuit on the shuttle.
You may never get
the chance to fly in it,
but it won't be
because you don't know how.
If you ever get to be astronauts,
you're going to thank us for
making you wear these jumpsuits
because they provide
ease of movement
and additional
storage space in orbit.
The cushions of air
the zero-gravity chair rides on
helps you simulate
the weightlessness
you'd experience during EVA--
extravehicular activity.
That's the work you'd be doing
outside the shuttle.
To work in space,
you have to know how to move in it.
Don't push off.
Nothing will stop you
unless you're acted upon
by an outside force.
Kathryn, it's your job as Pilot
to monitor all the on board systems
and feed that data to Kevin,
who, as Commander,
is in charge of the orbiter.
You can suit up
in your EMU in five minutes, Rudy,
once you get the hang of it.
EMU--that's extravehicular
mobility unit.
You're gonna need it to do
any activity in the vacuum of space.
Kathryn, give me the coordinates
of the space station at 0100 hours.
You have to call up whatever
information I ask for in a moment.
Split-second decisions are essential.
You're travelling
at 17,000 miles an hour.
There is no room for error.
You'll find your spacesuits
stored in the airlock.
You're on your own there
when you depressurize
as you prepare to move
from the cabin into the cargo bay.
Okay, Kathryn, now it's your turn
in the multi-axis trainer.
This is one of the most
critical tasks to master,
especially if you want to achieve
top ranking here
as a shuttle pilot.
Okay, you have 30 seconds
to stabilize.
Here you go.
Thirty seconds.
All right, start it up.
If the shuttle is spinning when it
re-enters the earth's atmosphere,
the astronaut has
just seconds to stabilize
or he might enter a flat spin.
Keep your head centred.
Don't turn it right or left.
- Push your stick forward.
- I got it.
Fifteen seconds.
You're yawing to the right.
Turn it left.
Go right, right.
Come on, you can--
Come on, Kathryn.
You're not a passenger, you're a pilot.
- Fly it.
- I'm trying.
- You've got ten seconds.
- I'm going to be sick.
Come on.
Five seconds.
Come on, Kathryn, fly it.
Okay, shut it off.
I would have gotten it
in another minute.
Another minute, you would have
been burnt up on re-entry.
Come on and get out.
We're running late.
I can do it. You're just not
giving me a chance.
All right.
Five minutes, but that's all.
Come on, Kevin.
Okay, next I'm going to show you
how to strap yourselves
into our orbital exerciser.
- Rudy, you want to go first?
- Give me a hand.
A microgravity environment
is equivalent of prolonged bed rest,
causing the heart to weaken...
You know, I wouldn't
let Andie get to you like that.
I couldn't please her if I spent
the rest of my life trying.
Why do you want to please
anybody but yourself?
I don't know.
I'm not an expert,
but it seems to me
that if you just eased up
on the thing, you could handle it.
You're just trying too hard.
Maybe we have
something in common.
You know, there's this
full moon tonight.
You're gonna turn into
a werewolf or something like that?
No, but I know this great place
where we could
check the shuttle out.
Right. I'll get caught
breaking curfew. No way.
If I can handle that,
will you go?
All right.
All right.
Say, Max, you got a minute?
You've been coming here
for a couple of years.
What's the best way
to get to the beach?
You're gonna ask him?
Distract and destroy
the Imperial Guard.
You've got ten seconds.
What would Luke Skywalker do?
How would he get
to the launch pad'?
Kid's gonna go for the droid.
Jinx, what's the best way
to the launch pad?
Go out to main gate,
go to highway, turn left--
That takes me
right by Zach Bergstrom's office.
Is there another way
to the launch pad, Jinx?
A secret way?
Turn left before Zach's office,
turn right at Rocket Park,
avoid maintenance building,
go east.
Depending on ground speed,
beach can be reached...
No one talks!
Look at that shuttle!
Can you believe that it can go
from the earth up into the stars?
Look, there's the Seven Sisters.
Oh, yeah?
It's so beautiful up there.
I wish it was like that down here.
So, you're really
into this space stuff, huh?
Ever since
I was a little girl.
My dad used to
take me up in his plane
and hold me on his lap.
Sometimes at night
I used to reach out
and try to touch the stars.
I couldn't wait to grow up.
What's so special
about going up?
In space, anything is possible.
Maybe we could even
do things right up there
instead of screwing them up
like we have down here.
Yeah, but what's the point?
We're all gonna get nuked anyway.
Kevin, that's just an excuse
for people who are
afraid to try.
Hold it.
Hold it one second here.
It's not that I'm afraid to try.
It's just that...
I don't know.
I just don't care, I guess.
- Yes, you do.
- I do?
It's just that it's easier
to say you don't care...
...than it is to try...
...and then fail.
I know.
I'll never tell.
Torture me, kill me--
I'll still never tell.
Fess up. Where's Kevin?
Max is gonna get it.
Kathryn is gone, too.
All right.
Where are Kevin and Kathryn?
Kevin and Kathryn
are at launch pad.
It is a secret.
Let's go.
I thought you said
you cleared it.
Yeah, well, I kind of cleared it.
Yeah, kind of.
I'll just be a minute.
We were just talking.
That's not the point,
and you know it.
Nobody cares about Space Camp
more than I do,
and you've been on my case
since day one.
The first time I met you,
I saw it in your eyes.
It's like looking in a mirror.
You're special, Kathryn.
Why are you so hard on me?
Because someday
you're going up.
But the only way you will
is if you have every drill down
better than everyone else.
There's no room for mistakes--
every "I" dotted,
every "T" crossed.
That's the way I learned it.
That's the way you'll learn it.
What's going on?
What, is it morning already?
Who talked?
It wasn't me, Han Solo.
The Emperor got
information out of Jinx.
I'm not Han Solo, okay?
And you're not Luke Skywalker.
There's no Empire,
and there's no Force,
and there's no Dark Side, okay?
You're just an ordinary kid,
and so am I,
and maybe nobody ever
lives happily ever after, all right?
So just...
Just stay away from me.
Far away.
I wish I were far away.
I wish I were
anywhere except here!
I wish...
I wish I was in space.
I wish I was in space.
Hello, Jinx.
How can NASA help you?
Put Max in space.
There is no Max listed
in Astronaut Program.
There is now.
How come I have to do
all the dangerous stuff?
Joe Allen and Dale Gardner
did this on Discovery 51 -A.
It's okay.
Somehow I don't think that's
gonna make him feel any better.
Range scale at orbit on primary.
Roger. Primary and secondary.
Enter OMS 1 burn program, Pilot.
Roger, OMS 1, Commander.
Stand by, Pilot.
Atlantis, this is control.
We have orbit confirmed.
125 nautical miles.
Inclination of 35 degrees.
You are in position
for satellite recovery.
Rudy, man, you're on.
Rudy's the best on the RMS.
Don't worry, Max.
Rudy knows this arm
like the back of his hand.
Sorry, Rudy, I didn't know
you were there.
I almost dropped Max!
Instigate emergency
power-loss scenario.
Killing power, sir.
What's going on?
Somebody get me down from here
or I'm gonna be sick!
Rudy, relax, man.
You're freaking out.
Get me down from here!
Control, this is Atlantis.
We're experiencing electrical failure.
- Switching to auxiliary cells.
- That's my decision, not yours.
Wait, it's that one.
I know, it's the green one
right next to the red.
- Rudy, what are you doing?
- That was the wrong one.
I got it now.
Here you go.
Rudy, just cross-wire it.
Sit down.
Sit down!
That's an ord--
Forget it.
I can handle it.
What is going on in there?
We're showing another OMS burn.
The pilot must have hit
the switch when she got up.
Why isn't she at her post?
She's just too busy
doing everybody else's job.
Orbit's decaying, Shuttle.
Okay, take over, Commander.
Hey, it's not my job, man.
You ask the pilot
to do that question.
I'm sick and tired.
I'm doing no more windows.
You're falling out of orbit, Atlantis.
You're coming up
on atmospheric interface.
You're gonna be toast.
MY God!
Careful. There's a lot of live stuff.
Pilot, do you copy? Pilot.
I'm sorry,
Kathryn's not in right now,
but if you'd like to leave
your name and number at the tone,
she'd be glad to get back to you.
You're coming up
on interface, Atlantis.
Roger that, Atlantis.
Ladies and gentlemen, please
return your seats and tray tables
to their full upright positions
and extinguish all smoking material,
as we are about to land
in the red zone.
No survivors!
Rudy, we're gonna flunk.
We're not gonna flunk
if you just listen to me.
All of you, stop it!
I'm sorry, but Rudy was--
I don't wanna hear about it.
I can't hear it.
You know why?
'Cause you're all dead.
You just disintegrated
during re-entry.
Don't you understand
what that means?
You're all dead because you
didn't work together as a team.
And you're responsible.
- Me?
- That's right, you.
You're Shuttle Commander.
You are responsible for everything
that happens on this ship.
I didn't ask to be responsible,
That's a pitiful excuse
for killing four people.
Oh, God.
I don't believe this.
Look, nobody got killed, okay?
I mean, it's just Space Camp.
Launch possibilities.
What are possibilities
of launching Max into space?
There is no possibility
at this time.
This is not going to be easy.
- Hello, Commander Bergstrom.
- Hi, you two.
How are you doing?
What's a "firf"?
That's FRF--
flight readiness firing.
That's how NASA tests
the main engines of the shuttle.
This is the first year
we got permission
for you guys to experience it,
and some of you...
...are even gonna be able
to sit in this.
You'll get an astronaut's
point of view. See ya.
Engine test.
Jinx must be ready,
Thursday, 4 p.m.
Max on shuttle during engine test.
How do we change
engine test into lift off?
Worst-case scenario--
thermal curtain failure.
Define "thermal curtain failure."
Failure of heat shield
during engine test.
Only one booster will ignite.
Result-forced launch.
Why launch?
If you do not light
the second booster at launch,
the shuttle will lift off
and crash.
That is unacceptable.
To avoid worst-case scenario,
second booster must be ignited.
Result-perfect launch.
Thermal curtain failure possibilities?
One thermal curtain failure
every 4.9 million years.
Max won't live that long.
Max needs
thermal curtain failure.
Max and Jinx friends...
I can't believe our luck!
We get to sit inside the shuttle.
Hold at T minus 60 minutes
until the test firing
of the three main engines
aboard Atlantis.
At this time,
the orbiter test conductor...
- Pretty cool, huh?
- Yeah.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
You heard
just a few minutes ago...
It's amazing, isn't it?
I can't believe our luck!
...countdown cut-off procedures.
We will continue the countdown
on board the shuttle...
The engine ignition occurs
at about six seconds
prior to T minus zero.
Everything has been
continuing to go very smoothly
here in the firing room
at the Launch Control Centre
and out at Launch Pad 39A.
Once again, the duration
of this test firing
will be between 20
and 22 seconds.
The test should be completed
at the plus time shown on the clock,
a mission-elapsed time
of approximately 15 seconds.
The next 20 minutes are going to be
the most exciting of your life.
Twenty minutes?
I wish twenty days!
Max into shuttle.
Engine test into launch.
Max into space.
Our NASA test director
will be verifying...
We don't have
a lot of time in here.
Watch your heads
when you come in.
Look at this place!
- I feel like a real explorer!
- It is so incredible!
- Is that a closet?
- No.
Everybody take the seats that
you were assigned in the simulator.
Kathryn and Kevin,
get up in your seats.
In space it doesn't matter
where the seats are.
- How do you get up'?
- Just hop up.
There you go.
The only thing missing here
is a tape deck.
Pilot and Commander strapped in.
This is amazing!
It's better than
the Millennium Falcon!
I can't believe they actually fly this.
Max, Tish, take your seats
on the mid-deck.
If you need any help,
just holler.
Roger, Commander.
I'll arm the laser guns.
May the Force be with you.
Please put on your helmets
and make sure
your headsets are plugged in.
Pilot and Commander,
unstow cue cards.
Cue cards? Right.
APU fuel.
Right RSC cross-feed.
Is everybody set?
- Roger.
- Roger.
- Kevin, look at that!
- It's a bunch of numbers to me.
Control, this is Atlantis.
Do you copy?
Roger, Atlantis.
This is Launch Control.
Radio check, over.
Solid Rocket Boosters A and B,
ignition off.
- Stand by for main engine test.
- Stand by.
Atlantis, do you copy'?
She's all yours.
Go ahead.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Come on, will you
answer the man?
Control, this is Atlantis.
Radio check satisfactory. Over.
I heard that, Kathryn!
Stand by for FRF ignition.
Counting down.
T minus ten...
Go for main engine test.
We have main engine start.
T plus five...
Max needs thermal curtain failure.
Oh, my God!
Thermal curtain failure.
Max and Jinx friends forever.
We have overheat on Booster B.
- Temperature?
- 1,200 degrees and climbing.
Get that thing operational.
The thermal curtain is failing.
Terminate the test.
We're past shutdown temperature.
We can't stop it.
We have thermal curtain failure.
What does that mean?
Booster B--
temperature is critical.
Kathryn, get out of there now!
Andie, make 'em stop!
Make 'em turn it off!
They're trying!
Booster B is near ignition.
It's gonna light.
Andie, help us!
Light Booster A!
Launch us or we're gonna explode!
What's happening?!
Please, Andie!
Grab her, Rudy!
- Do it.
- Zach, we're not authorized.
Light it or they're gonna die.
Ignite Booster A.
- Five...four...
- Arm booster igniters.
Booster igniters armed.
- Rudy, hold on to her!
- I'm trying!
Go for launch! Now!
Light it.
Get in the seat!
Go, baby, go.
My God!
We have lift off.
Bye, Max.
Instituting roll manoeuvre, Atlantis.
Roger, Control.
Roll manoeuvre complete.
Atlantis, you're looking good.
Do you want to take it?
Jesus Christ, Zach!
I guess you're not going to
have to wait so long after all.
You're going to have to throttle.
Atlantis, this is Control.
Copy, Control.
Main engines at 65%.
Kathryn, just hang on!
It's three G's.
I know it's tough.
Kevin, you've got to drop
the solid boosters.
They're on your side.
Now arm SRB separation.
I don't know which ones!
Panel C-3.
On your right side.
Atlantis, you are go
for SRB separation.
Hit it!
Control, this is Atlantis.
We have SRB separation.
- Over.
- They have SRB sep.
Atlantis, this is Control.
Press for MECO.
You are go for main engine cut off.
This will be the lead story...
MECO is on schedule. Over.
I don't know where
this drill's gonna end, baby.
Hang in there.
MECO is on schedule. Over.
Control, this is Atlantis.
Do you read? Over.
We're losing her.
This bird wasn't flight-ready.
They only have short-range radio.
Kevin, we have MECO.
Go for ET sep on my mark.
Do you know where it is?
I think so. Got it!
They got their OMS burn.
They're still climbing.
Come on!
Tracking reads Atlantis
at 180 by 33.
They're in orbit.
I didn't touch
a thing, Andie. Honest.
I know, Rudy.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
I think we've achieved orbit.
- Kathryn, are you okay?
- I think so.
You're floating.
Just relax and allow yourself
to flow with it.
I could lose the lift off,
but this is incredible!
This is unreal!
I feel like I'm flying.
- We're in space, Kevin.
- I can't believe it.
Max, Tish, are you okay?
- Why me'?
- I feel sick.
We're gonna die.
We're already dead.
This feels like a dream.
Kevin, is this incredible or what?
You got more guts than me, Rudy.
- Man coming through.
- Oh, my God.
It's like magic.
Max, you gotta try this flying.
Watch your head, Max.
- Are you all in one piece?
- I think so.
- Good.
- Jesus.
Well, I think we have
a few things to talk about.
A few things?
Maybe you can touch
those stars now, huh?
Let me see.
Is that Earth?
Sure is, Max.
That's the coast
of Africa right there.
And there's the Swiss Alps.
It goes by so fast.
What an amazing sunset.
Boy, I could stay
up here forever.
Me too.
Andie, I wanna go home.
- What went wrong, Andie?
- What's a thermal curtain failure?
How did this happen?
It's not important
how it happened.
What's important now
is how we get back home.
We are going home.
Folks, I'm gonna need
all your help to get there.
Rudy, you and Kevin
stow the aft deck seats.
We have no voice contact
with NASA.
Telemetry is still on.
The safest procedure will be
for them to bring us down on auto
at the next available window.
There are windows out there?
No, it's where we re-enter
the Earth's atmosphere
at the right time and place
so we can land
at Edwards Air Force Base.
First re-entry for Edwards
is in 12 hours.
Okay, we just sit tight,
and we keep everything
running till then.
In the meantime,
I'm gonna check this mother out.
- This is unprecedented.
- I don't know what to tell you.
I gotta give some statement.
They're right there.
I want that gallery cleared out.
Take those kids
back to Space Camp.
- The president has to be told.
- They'll be back in 12 hours.
How am I supposed to
keep a lid on this?
People for 500 miles
know the shuttle went up.
Tell them the truth--
we launched my wife
and five kids from the Space Camp.
They'll never believe it.
What's your reading?
South 5-5-55.
We have to find
an earlier re-entry.
- Why? What's the problem?
- The shuttle wasn't flight-ready.
They won't be alive in 12 hours.
One tank of oxygen?
How long will one tank last?
Twelve hours.
That's not enough.
We'll need more for re-entry,
at least another hour.
So what are we gonna do?
Re-entry to landing--
14 hours.
Estimated oxygen supply--
11 hours, 56 minutes.
Max will erase?
Get Max out of space now.
NASA is working on the problem.
NASA needs help.
Any Suggestions?
- Daedalus.
- Of course, Daedalus.
Now if only we could talk to her.
She's a good pilot, Zach.
She'll think of it.
Great. No oxygen was provided
for the life-support system.
What about the propulsion system?
We can raid liquid oxygen
from there.
The propulsion system
uses nitrogen tetroxide, Rudy.
We want to breathe,
not dry-clean our lungs.
Let's think. Where are we
gonna get more oxygen?
I could run down to 7-11.
Right, Kev.
That's it.
- What's it?
- You wanna share this with us?
Yep. We're going to Daedalus.
- The space station.
- That's right.
Isn't it still under construction?
But they already
have oxygen storage.
Kevin, get in the seat.
The rest of you just hang on,
prepare for manoeuvre.
We're gonna transfer
to another orbit.
I just hope we have time.
We're going
for Daedalus rendezvous.
Prepare for OMS burn.
Power up.
- Kevin, give me a course bearing.
- Course bearing, right.
Kevin, you did this
in the simulator. Come on.
I faked it in the simulator.
Then get out of the seat.
- I'll get it.
- Out!
Kathryn, give me a course bearing.
Stand by for OMS burn.
Go for OMS.
Thanks a lot, NASA.
Congratulations for a job well done.
Okay, give my thanks.
Jerry and Wayne did a great job.
Three for three...
We have Atlantis transferring
to a higher orbit at 76.4 degrees.
She remembered!
That's it.
Give me Daedalus ETA.
The estimated time of arrival
at Daedalus
is 26 minutes and 13 seconds.
This would be easier if we could
reach Mission Control.
- Did you do it?
- It was too difficult.
Tell me what you want me to do.
Max, do I have to do
everything for you?
You've got a 180 IQ.
You can't figure it out'?
All right, now, Max,
it's very simple, okay?
Just like a dentist's chair.
Like a Mr. Thirsty.
I ain't getting in there.
Max, don't worry, okay?
It's not like you're using it
for much else anyway.
Okay, hop in.
Don't forget to turn
the fan on, okay?
There's Daedalus.
We made it.
Andie, I know we made it here,
but how are we gonna
make it to re-entry
without help from Ground Control?
Well, I've been giving that
a lot of thought lately,
and I've come up
with one good idea.
- I had an idea.
- What?
Well, you know how you said--
Like, how you said
they have that telemetry stuff
and, like, they could
read all our instruments?
Well, I was thinking--
or maybe I was just inspired
by the view and all--
ls that India we're coming up on?
What idea?
Yeah, well, code.
The CXT switch?
You mean Morse code.
Yeah, I read a book on it once.
Go get on the switches.
Good idea, Tish.
They've gotta hear us.
All right, Kathryn, I need you
to help me get ready.
It's time for me
to get into the airlock.
Sounds good...
Jinx help NASA.
Jinx help NASA.
Jinx help NASA.
Max, are all the elements
of the spacesuit in place?
Kathryn, did you
double-check to see
if the portable life-support system
has been charged?
I'll be in there for a while
suiting up and depressurizing.
I'll establish contact when I'm ready
to go into the cargo bay.
Okay, Rudy, open the airlock.
I'm going to bring back
two tanks of oxygen.
We've gotta have a backup.
Once I'm out there,
I'll be gone about 20 minutes.
Once I'm out there,
I'll be gone about 20 minutes.
Don't talk any more than you need,
and don't move around
unless it's absolutely necessary.
Here, Andie.
Kathryn, you're in charge
until I get back.
I once knew this guy who could hold
his breath underwater for hours.
Nobody could ever figure out
exactly how he did it.
Well, maybe it wasn't hours,
but it sure was a long time.
That was when
I was on the swim team.
It was freshman year.
He used to do it, too--
hold his breath for hours...
...just by thinking
about eating French fries.
I guess he really got off
on eating French fries.
You're using up oxygen, man.
Kathryn, do you read me?
Roger, Andie.
I've entered the cargo bay
and I'm securing the hatch.
Kind of makes you miss
the good old days of camp, doesn't it?
When I'm locked into the MMU,
prepare to open the CBDs.
Kathryn, do you copy?
Roger, Andie.
Prepare to open CBDs.
It's a go for
cargo bay doors, Rudy.
Cargo bay doors activated.
Oh Zach!
What was that, Andie?
I couldn't quite copy.
We only have one hour left.
I found them!
- All right!
- All right!
Come on, please!
Oh, God.
I just can't reach them.
They're still
in their storage modes.
I'm gonna have to try it
without the MMU.
No. Tell her not to.
She'll have no power,
no control.
She'll tumble out into space
without her jet pack.
Where is she?
Damn it!
It's no good.
I just can't reach it.
Well, she has to!
Tell her she has to get them!
Tish, she can't, all right?
Make her.
She just isn't small enough.
Well, I am.
You can't go out there.
It's a good idea, guys.
I am ready.
- Push a little harder.
- Double-check everything.
Is this the only suit
you could find?
It's the only one down there.
Tish, give me your belt.
What an excellent idea.
What are you going to do
with her belt?
We are going to make
this suit as small as Max
so he can fit through Daedalus.
All right, Maxwell!
Commander Skywalker reporting in.
Rudy, I want you to make sure
that RMS arm is in lock.
Double-check everything.
Radio check is okay.
What about these doors over here?
It's okay. They have to be able
to get back in.
Okay, Max, get strapped
into the RMS,
and Rudy will swing you
over to Daedalus.
No way!
Let me in!
I changed my mind!
Let me in! Please let me in!
Let me in!
I changed my mind!
Max, you have to help Andie.
Let me in!
Please let me in!
Use the Force, Luke.
Stretch out your feelings.
The Force is always with you.
- Look!
- Go, Max.
- You can do it.
- Unbelievable.
Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Help me.
I'm sorry, Max.
Hang in there.
It's me!
I'm hereto rescue you!
I'm small enough
to reach the oxygen.
That's the way, Max.
Now unstrap the tank
and pass it over to me.
Only one minute left.
Okay, Max, I'm gonna take this
back to the ship.
The sooner you get
that second tank,
the sooner we can go home.
I'm hurrying, Andie. Honest.
I know you are.
Rudy, please keep
that arm steady.
He's doing the best that he can.
I know, but she is trying
to load the cannisters.
Could you guys argue
without talking?
Well, that's it, campers.
All we have left
is the air in the cabin.
Oh, my God!
Oh, no!
Save me!
I can't stop!
Look, Max.
I'm right behind you.
I can't stop!
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna let you
get away from me.
I'm getting closer.
I can't stop!
- Come on!
- Hold steady.
Reach your hand out.
I'm trying to.
- I'm gonna get you.
- I can't reach!
Help! Andie!
I'm almost there.
I've got your foot.
Okay, I've got your foot.
You think you're scared now?
Wait till your parents get the bill
for breaking Daedalus.
Forty minutes to re-entry.
They're cradling the arm.
Let's hope there's oxygen
on the end of it.
Connect the tank hose cap to the... valve.
Which one?
There are two.
Rudy, remember,
this is pure oxygen.
If we make the wrong connection,
we're gonna be sitting
in the middle of a fireball.
You must get it right.
It's the blue valve
next to the green.
There is no blue one
next to a green.
No, no, not green.
I meant yellow.
Rudy, we're all gonna be dead
before you make up your mind.
It's the blue valve
next to the red.
It's the wrong hose.
It is not.
It's the red one.
Will somebody please
make a decision?
It's the red one.
It's the yellow!
I have been studying this book
since I came to camp.
I know I'm right.
Believe me.
Do it, Andie.
It's the blue valve
next to the yellow valve.
Good job, Rudy.
- All right!
- That was cutting it close.
- They got air!
- All right!
Let's get this thing
programmed for re-entry.
Put 'em on auto
and bring 'em on home!
Okay, Max, I have it now.
You can go in the airlock.
And, Max...
What's happening?
Status check'?
We are closing the cargo bay doors.
Prepare for de-orbit burn.
What's going on?
Nothings responding.
Who's closing
the cargo bay doors?
Help me!
Andie's not in yet!
Come on, Andie.
It's NASA. They're bringing us
down on auto.
Well, make 'em stop!
Come on.
I don't have her!
Stop the doors!
She's not in!
Look at Andie.
Andie, do you hear us?
Andie, come in.
Andie, can you read us?
T minus 23 minutes
for re-entry window.
Prepare for RSC burn.
Let's turn 'em around
for deceleration.
There's a manual
override switch here.
I saw it.
Where is it?
Here it is.
If we override NASA,
we'll miss the window.
We've gotta go now.
We can't leave Andie.
She'll die.
Yaw manoeuvre complete.
Stand by for OMS burn.
Kathryn, take the window.
It's your only chance.
Prepare for de-orbit burn.
Ready for countdown.
Nine seconds.
Do something, Kathryn.
Two seconds.
Rudy, open the cargo bay doors.
Tish, unstow the medical kit.
Listen, we're going
to open the doors.
Bring Andie in.
This time use the foot restraints.
Hang in there, buddy.
- All right, Rudy, do it.
- Now?
Come on, Andie.
Help me run a check
on the manual systems.
Come on, Andie.
Okay, Max.
Okay, let her go.
I got her.
All right, guys,
let's take this thing off her.
Andie? Andie.
I'll get her gloves.
Let's get her out of the EMU.
- Transport her to the sleep station.
- Tish, anything?
No, nothing.
I don't get it.
Why would she override auto?
And miss the window.
How much oxygen did they buy?
Not enough to make it
to the next window at Edwards.
Why would she
miss their last chance?
What the hell else
is going wrong up there?
How is she?
I think she
shattered her arm
and she broke her ribs.
I don't know, really.
So, Kevin,
what the hell do we do?
Rudy, I don't know.
Well, we have got to do something.
Christ, I'm not a doctor!
I don't know what to do!
Look, guys...
Just get back to your stations,
and I'll stay here...
with Andie.
I want to stay with Andie.
I'll stay with Andie, okay?
You just get back
to your stations.
I guess we just keep doing
what we're doing.
We missed the window.
I know.
We don't have enough oxygen
to last till the primary for Edwards.
- You did the right thing.
- Yeah?
Do they think so?
Andie's part of the crew.
You took responsibility for her.
Somebody had to.
That's what makes
a good flight commander.
I'm a good pilot,
but I'm no commander.
My mom always says that...
...being boss and being bossy
isn't the same.
I'm never gonna
see her again, am I?
Come on. Come on.
- There's nothing new here.
- There's something we're missing.
Yes, Mr. President.
We'll stay in touch.
The only thing
we're missing is a miracle.
- I've got an idea.
- Let's hear it.
Come here.
Hey. guys.
I've got a question.
I was looking outside
and wondering,
is Edwards the only place
where we can land?
- I don't know. ls it?
- I don't know.
I remember reading about the shuttle
landing in White Plains or something.
Come on, it's in the middle
of New York.
White Sands.
White Sands, New Mexico.
Columbia of '82 landed there
'cause the strip at Edwards
was too wet.
So if we could make
the window to White Sands...
We can land there.
Tish, get going.
- Make them hear us.
- All right.
Rudy, I love you.
- Check out the coordinates.
- You got it.
Max, take care of Andie for me.
Let's see if we can
navigate this bird ourselves.
I'm not gonna speculate
about anything.
What about the kids?
As soon as I have something
to confirm, I will.
Jinx put Max in space.
Jinx can get Max back.
Jinx put Max in space.
Jinx can get Max back.
Jinx put Max in space.
How'd you know
about Max, Jinx?
Jinx and Max friends forever.
Jesus Christ.
Get that thing out of here.
Get security.
Maybe he can help us,
unless you've got a better idea.
Wait a minute!
Jinx, how can you help NASA?
C- O-M-E I-N...
C- O-N- T-R- O-L...
Take it out of here.
Get it out.
...M-E I-N...
C- O-N- T-R- O-L...
Come in, Control.
C- O-M-E I-N...
C- O-N- T-R- O-L...
Come in, Control.
Max's code.
- Morse code.
- Max's code.
Damn! They're talking to us!
We got Morse code.
Jack, translate this.
Jinx, I'm treating you
to a can of oil.
White Sands.
Columbia, '82--check it out.
White Sands re-entry window
is nine minutes.
Get me White Sands.
We have to send them
a landing software update.
I hope White Sands is ready for this.
They'll make it ready.
It's our only shot.
- They're never gonna hear this.
- Just keep going, Tish.
What's wrong now?
Whip me, beat me,
take away my charge card!
NASA is talking!
- Did somebody say NASA?
- It's NASA!
It's NASA!
Guys, they need
an OMS burn, like now!
- OMS burn coming right up.
- Window coordinates?
She's gotta slow that thing
down to 4,800.
It's not Andie, Zach.
I just got that.
Andie's hurt.
Some kid named Kathryn
is flying the bird.
113 by 17.
Window coordinates--
113 by 17.
Roger that.
We figured 250 by 19.
Well, we weren't that far off.
Our time parameter--0210.
We have to be at re-entry
at 0210, and that's in...
That's in six minutes!
Zach wants to know
how Andie's doing.
Give me a headset.
- She wants a headset.
- She wants a headset?
Okay, Andie, relax.
Don't worry about it.
We can handle it, okay?
Max, you and Andie
get strapped in.
Get me out of this now.
Helium pressure...
Kevin, you know,
I never knew how to do this.
- I don't know--
- Of course you can do it.
No, it's re-entry.
What's the worst thing
that could happen?
We'll all die, right'?
We're all gonna die
if you don't do it,
so just relax, okay?
You're panicked.
You're damn right I'm panicked.
Okay, fine. That's perfect.
I'll do it.
All right.
Tish, you ever read a book
on how to fly this thing?
Okay, I'll do it.
So competitive, aren't we?
Okay, team.
Let's put these helmets on,
and let's do it.
Okay, Kathryn,
lock coordinates in.
Coordinates locked in.
Stand by for OMS burn.
Twenty-nine seconds
and counting.
Hey, Max, we're going home.
Great! I'm starving.
All right, OMS burn
on my mark.
Preparing for yaw manoeuvre.
You're doing great, Pilot.
Come on, Kathryn,
you can do it.
Just take it easy.
Entry interface in two minutes.
Re-entry's in range.
Prepare for 180 roll.
Standing by.
Okay, and...
Go for roll.
You're lookin' good!
We're passing through 135 degrees
on the way to 180, Andie.
You said you couldn't
fly this thing.
I think we came around too much.
- Oh, no, wait a minute.
- What's wrong?
- What's happening?
- Look!
Kathryn, make it stop!
Kathryn, you're in a flat spin.
You've got to concentrate.
She's lost it.
She's coming in out of control.
Ionization blackout
in 30 seconds.
Tracking's gonna lose them.
Coming up on re-entry.
We've gotta stabilize.
You guys, get strapped in!
What happened to the lights?
The trainer.
Remember the trainer.
You can do it.
Kathryn, listen to me.
We talked about
when it would be your turn.
This is it.
Do you COPY?
Good work.
You've got to bring the nose up.
We have to go in
at an angle.
Right. Re-entry angle should be
30 degrees at least.
We're at 26.
Twenty-seven. Keep going.
- Ionization blackout.
- We've lost contact.
Watch the readout
on the nose attitude indicator.
You can fly it, Kathryn.
Keep the nose at 30 degrees.
Just a little bit more.
Push it. Thirty!
- It's not holding.
- We're burning up!
Come on, be there.
Don't push it.
Ease up on the yaw jets.
Come on!
Come on, keep holding it.
Come on.
Kathryn, you can do it.
Where are we'?
We're dead.
We didn't make it.
I know we made it.
I know we did.
Goldstone's picked them up.
You did it.
- She did it!
- Good job, Kathryn.
Good flying, Kathryn!
Oh, God.
Good job.
You did it, Kathryn.
No. We all did it.
Damn right we did!
We all did it.
Atlantis, this is Control.
Do you copy?
- Mission Control!
Copy that, Control.
This is Atlantis.
All right!
Way to go.
Andie, are you all right?
We're all fine.
We're just real happy to be home.
Atlantis, we have you on auto
and we are bringing you home.