Space Command Redemption (2024) Movie Script

Many years ago,
the British explorer George Mallory,
who was to die on Mount Everest,
was asked why did he want to climb it.
He said, Because it is there.
Well, space is there and
we're going to climb it.
And the Moon and the planets are there,
and new hopes for
knowledge and peace are there.
And therefore as we set sail,
we ask God's blessing
on the most hazardous and dangerous
and greatest adventure
on which Man has ever embarked.
We lost attitude control.
This ship could get
you to the Oort Cloud.
Yeah, right.
Grappling lines?
Shes too hot.
We grab hold, shell tear apart.
Our instruments are non-functional!
My daughter and I need help, urgent help!
Heats scrambling their reception.
They dont know were here.
Sir, I think I can maneuver
and get under her hull.
Negative, Lieutenant.
We cant risk this ship.
We cant just let them burn to death.
Thats enough, Lieutenant.
Inform HQ, well follow her down and
send coordinates on the debris field.
Into the survival compartment!
Thats it,
shes done for.
Buckle in, sir.
Veer off, Lieutenant!
Thats an order!
Let me know when her hulls
cool enough for us to grab hold.
To have an angel fly into your life
when you least expect it.
Glad to be of service, Dr. Odara.
I brought the Med-kit.
Your hands.
Im fine.
Attend to my daughter, please.
Monorail leaving platform.
Please stand clear.
You bust your ship all to hell.
So they give you a shiny new one.
Hi, Dad.
In my day, we called them ROAD captains...
retired on active duty.
Senior officers just
waiting for their pension,
keeping their heads tucked in,
never taking a risk.
Just hold your tongue
Parkhillll get kicked up the food
chain and youll make captain.
Another victory for spinelessness.
He had a failure of nerve, thats all.
I wasnt talking about him.
This place sure has changed.
It used to be a desert.
Was this all just the Synthetics?
Hes two months away from retirement.
What, Im supposed to burn
down his career and mine?
Word on the grapevine
is hes rethought that.
Now that hes kicked up
the chain of command,
hes put off his retirement indefinitely.
So one more bad penny keeps getting
to make life and death decisions.
Aw, for the love of Mike.
Now you dont like Synthetics?
My God, I dont believe it.
Youre missing the good ol days.
Humans werent designed to observe,
we were built to do.
So yeah,
I miss em.
Let me tell you something.
Soft lives make soft men.
And soft men make soft choices.
Whats the point of that, youre
not even on the planet.
But Mecca is.
You keep saying that.
So do you.
And Ill keep on saying it.
It doesnt make a friggin bit of sense.
You have to have something to believe in.
I believe when this shift is over
Im gonna have a drink.
After a thirty-year delay,
the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today
to human-rights activist
Anoka Chandimol-Kemmer,
whose United Planet movement
culminated in her future husband,
Captain Anson Kemmer of the
United States Space Command,
spearheading a multinational force
that tethered a captured
ice comet to the North Pole,
causing the Gulf Stream to be renewed
and averting an ecological
disaster of catastrophic proportions.
In other news,
British forces on Titan
faced insurgents today.
There were no reported fatalities.
We snared a comet,
hauled it to Earth,
a helluva thing.
I was a hero to the whole world,
but to the brass I was
still a pain in the ass.
But its never about the brass.
To soar up there.
Thats what its about.
That skys been calling
to the men of our family
ever since your great-great-grandfather
joined the Lafayette Escadrille
in World War I.
We fly.
Thats what we Kemmers do.
And one day youre gonna
have a ship of your own
and youre gonna fly a lot farther.
And you take care of her,
and your crew.
Hey, ma.
Getting away from it all?
Im beginning to feel grateful
for those thirty years of peace.
Its so good to have you home.
Sorry I didnt make the ceremony.
My only regret is that they
didnt honor your father as well.
An idea as unpopular as mine was
is nothing
without a relentless
someone driving it home.
Why was he overlooked?
I... I love your father dearly.
But he would alienate as many
people as he would enroll.
And he wants me to
follow in his footsteps.
Thats his courageous path.
Except I know thats not possible.
Courage doesnt follow.
Are you alive?
Are you a man?
What are you?
A machine.
And what is your purpose?
To be of service.
And whom do you serve?
Whoever leases me.
And how does that make you feel?
Very good.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you Dor Neven,
the first in what will soon be legions
of contented synthetic workers
to serve your every need,
brought to you by Mazzey/Patillo.
Can they harm humans,
or allow humans to come to harm?
With the exception of the combat models,
If, like the brochure says,
theyre smarter than we are,
whats to prevent them from
doing whatever they want?
Good question.
The same thing that compels
them to safeguard humans
and obey their every command.
An inhibitor chip, guaranteed
for the life of the model.
Now, there'll be time for more questions
at the reception, but for right now,
lets show our friend here exactly
what we think about him, okay?
You hear that?
They love you.
Are you alive?
How bad is it?
Bad, but it could have been worse.
Only Synthetics, no humans?
Thank God for that.
What do you want done with them?
Burn em, theyre under warranty.
Well get some more.
I think I can fix this one.
Trash him, hes not worth it.
You got something better for me to do?
Suit yourself.
Come on, lets go.
Captain Essex.
Captain Kemmer.
A pleasure.
Call me Jack.
How was your flight?
I know that the Paladin was
supposed to be your ship.
Youre the man of the hour, Captain.
It is not for me to question
the wisdom of the brass.
I just wanted to apologize.
Theyre readying her
sister ship, the Templar.
Ill be out there soon enough.
What happened there?
An explosion with the Alcubierre drive.
Took out a lot of good men.
Command hushed it up.
No faster than light speed
for the foreseeable future.
Solar System will have to do.
Listen, do you want to
get a cup of coffee or
one of the sandwiches they have here?
Itll make you glad to get back to Mars.
No, thank you.
Thats not what youre here for.
Welcome to the Paladin.
Say ah.
just a joke.
Say oil can.
Say it.
Oil can.
Oil can what?
Its from The Wizard of Oz.
Its just another joke.
Ill show it to you sometime.
Thank you.
Its just a movie.
Sorry, I dont have much
in the way of parts.
Thank you for my life.
I thought you werent alive.
Its a matter of debate.
Sorry, thats, uh...
thats my son. Hes in
boarding school on Mars.
Hey, Dad.
Wow, a Synthetic!
You never brought one
of those home before.
Where are your manners, Odin?
His name is Dor Neven.
Pleased to meet you.
Can we keep him?
Hes company property.
Im just fixing him.
Seems only fair. They
were going to destroy me.
Why are you different than all the others?
I was originally designed
for something else.
Private service.
For important rich people?
Howd you end up in the mines?
We were crafted to ask questions
to more efficiently do our jobs.
But I was the first and I had an...
Sometimes it seems I
asked questions which made my owners...
Oh, yeah, Im like you.
Well talk more later, son.
Yeah, but Dad...
Goodbye, Odin.
You saw something, didnt you?
Your inhibitor.
Its been destroyed.
You could replace it?
Of course.
Crew quarters, up there.
Medbay, engineering down there.
Smart suits.
Deck creates a current through
the entire suit, simulating one-g.
Shrike fighters.
Pulse cannons, upper, lower,
grappling lines, the works.
Even has that new car smell.
Captain on deck.
At ease.
This is Simak.
My intel off...
your intel officer.
I keep this bird alive.
Glad to hear it.
Le Guin,
Have you ever been to Mars, Lieutenant?
No, sir.
Im looking forward to it.
Sometimes hard getting used to the
fact you go outside without protection,
you die.
Im from Detroit, sir.
Youll do fine.
not only have I stolen your ship,
Ive also taken your crew.
Theyll do you proud.
And if you decide to save two
more women from burning to death,
theyll follow you into the mouth of hell.
Im not, uh...
not planning on doing
that again any time soon.
I dont know, Captain.
Its a pretty big sky.
Hey, Lora.
When you hit Marsport...
maybe we can grab that sandwich.
On second thought wed better not.
Ive got issues.
I can be pretty entertaining.
You really are remarkable
animals, you men.
Chimpanzees could not have done all this.
Not without considerable modification.
I thought youd run away.
I thought about it,
but where would I run?
Or more to the point...
Do you like it here?
Its a paycheck.
Its a prison.
Should you be saying this to me?
Who else could I possibly say it to?
Im starting to get that uneasy
question thing youve got going.
I used to feel the same
way about this place.
Used to?
except for my son,
Ive stopped feeling almost everything.
And yet,
you believe in God.
Ive watched you pray, from the mines.
as I,
are unlike the rest.
My wife Veronique,
she was unlike the rest.
We were camping, Yellowstone, you know it?
Odin was barely a year old.
This was before the volcano, of course.
There was a flash flood.
Burst through without warning.
Big boulders, trees roaring by.
Never seen anything like it.
The waters...
We got to high ground, but
there was another family
that was trapped.
got a rope across,
climbed over,
and managed to
start them back
one by one.
Now it was her turn,
but by then the water was higher.
Odin was screaming.
So I handed him off
to one of the others, I...
I moved
along the rope.
I stretched out my hand...
and she was gone.
If I had just had faith
to let go of the rope,
to leap.
Youd have both been killed.
Since then,
the only thing Ive heard from God
is silence.
Hes speaking to you now.
The family you still have
is on Mars.
We could join him.
Emergency power.
Bleed air control panel.
Fusion system panel.
Cabin pressure.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are good to go.
You all know this is my first command.
And I know that you were expecting to be
with somebody considerably
more experienced
and attractive.
I also dont have to tell
you who my father is.
He casts a
pretty big shadow.
Now he and I we dont
see eye to eye on things,
but he shared a story once with me
about a young sailor,
long time back,
who boarded his new ship
and saw not one able-bodied seaman.
So he leans to the nearest and says,
Is that man deaf?
Aye. Aye, hes deaf.
But he sees every reef before we near it.
And while I, though blind,
feel the wind before it blows,
keep us safe from storm.
And your captain?
No legs?
Aye, he must be carried.
But he always knows the way!
Alone, true, were of little worth.
But together, we are invincible!
I just made that up.
But still,
whatever our individual weaknesses,
together we will be invincible.
- Are you with me?
- Yes, sir!
All right.
Lieutenant Bradbury.
Yes, sir.
If you dont mind,
Captains prerogative.
Yes, sir.
Command, this is Paladin,
requesting permission to
get this show on the road.
Roger that, Paladin.
You are cleared to begin launch sequence.
On my mark.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
And Paladin is away.
Thats my girl.
I planned to meet you, Im sorry, I...
have I lost track of the time?
Oh, no. No, Im early.
Uh, someone directed me.
Ive never seen the new Kyoto section.
These are mining tunnels?
Were. Mostly played out.
Thank you for coming.
I found out who was really responsible
for Jelenas and my survival, and uh...
I wanted to show my appreciation,
albeit several weeks late.
I have a gift.
No, thats...
It is Captain now, yes?
Arguing with me is a pointless endeavor.
Only its not here.
We have to go...
I had a bite here with my team.
They headed off to ready some things.
I never imagined there was
anything like this down here.
It was built when they
still had human miners.
For workers?
For workers, by workers,
who understood the needs of the soul.
I didnt know that the Synthetics ate.
They can.
Of course there are more easily
processed energy sources, but uh...
But what?
They still come.
Lets go.
Showing me how you did that,
how you healed third degree burns,
is that the gift that you had in mind?
Thats not something I can give.
Please state your full name.
Dr. Vonn Odara.
Thank you. You are cleared
through voice print identification.
Site fourteen-o-four.
Have you ever heard
of Huntingtons chorea?
Its a genetic disorder.
Before they found a cure, it
would affect coordination,
end in dementia.
Before they found a cure
is when I was diagnosed.
Only there was an experimental procedure,
not yet approved.
I begged.
Its not that I was afraid of death
so much as...
As never accomplishing what
you were meant to do.
It worked.
And had the most remarkable, unintended...
Lets just say
that Ill stay this age
for a very long time.
Then why wasnt it...
Trumpeted to the world.
Without considering the possible
role of the Huntingtons gene,
the maker of my miracle
poured his chemicals
into patients with
a dozen other illness.
They all died.
Horrible, painful deaths.
And their would-be savior
Taking his secret with him.
Does your daughter know?
About me?
Even if we could duplicate the formula,
the gene wasnt passed on to her.
Why burden her with knowledge that...
That she could never be like you.
I found the perfect man for my gift.
What is it?
Its a beacon, Captain.
Were not alone.
This was here?
When miners started finding strange
artifacts in the tunnels below
I did some deep-ground scans.
Theres no city here.
theres one large mass
the scans cannot penetrate
at the two hundred million year level.
This is an old world, Captain.
It has old secrets.
Its why I became an archaeologist.
Because they speak to us,
all those who have gone before.
Other cultures, distant times.
And now, across space.
Weve been deciphering
some of the pictograms,
and were coming to believe...
weve broken through to the chamber.
You should come.
Ill be there directly.
The chamber?
Weve been awarded a grant by
the Mazzey/Patillo Corporation
to find whats down there.
The technology company.
We hired an excavation team
with mining experience and
it sounds as if we may have our answer.
Im sorry, I have to leave.
So you know what theyre trying to say?
Not yet.
Not completely.
But Im hopeful its along the lines of
come find us.
Were one.
Its fading.
It seems to ride the storm.
Im not the only one in demand.
Thats my superiors
reeling me in.
Not that they bother to say what for.
Thank you,
for that.
I hope your find what youre looking for.
And you as well.
Captain Essex.
Captain Kemmer.
I saw the Templar was docked at Red Sands.
Thank you.
Be seated.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we summoned you because a
situation has arisen which could
present considerable hazard to...
Oh hell, you can explain this
a damn sight better than I can.
Greg Mazzey, the
Mazzey/Patillo Corporation.
Thank you, Joe.
Hi, folks.
Some of you Ive met before.
Im sure the rest of you are thinking
hes a lot shorter in person.
Several weeks ago,
we suffered a catastrophic incident at one of
our mining facilities in the asteroid belt.
And in the chaos that followed,
one of our pieces of equipment
experienced a serious malfunction
and has gone missing.
Dr. Odara, nice to see you again.
Nice to see you.
The Synths are setting up lights now.
Well be able to show you what
weve uncovered in just a moment.
Oh, dont keep me in suspense, tell me.
Oh, youll be delighted, I assure you.
Come on, Jelena.
What are you two talking about?
Dr. Odara, youre a very
I was just wondering if I might...
Yusef, youre a sweet man, but
Im just not...
Its pristine inside.
Wed better shed these.
Youre sure that Dor Neven is damaged?
He seemed to be working just fine,
what little I saw of him.
The very fact that he could leave the mining facility
indicates that his inhibitor chip is disabled.
He should have been returned to a
warranty station for repurposing.
And thats exactly why the
Synthetics are only leased.
But its funny its Dor.
He was first one off
the assembly line and,
I dont know, I always felt
a little bad that Id lost track of him.
You said that there was
an accident at the mines.
Perhaps he wanted to work
somewhere less hazardous.
Thats not his choice, Captain,
anymore than your ship has the right
to tell you where it wants to go.
They cant make informed decisions.
Well, at a Japanese restaurant,
I saw some Synthetics having a meal.
No, I highly doubt that. Their fuel
cells are more than adequate.
They seemed to be doing it for enjoyment.
Captain, I make a very good product.
And I understand that some people
even anthropomorphize their vehicles,
so I shouldnt be so surprised when they
project human feeling on my machines.
But for you, a man of your caliber...
back off.
Caps is taking us where we
want to go. You dont have to
bust his chops.
Excuse me. In, uh, all of the excitement,
proper introductions werent made.
Captain Kemmer, this is my son, Alton.
And this is my assistant, Mary Jane,
who does all the real work.
Except for the Synthetics, of course.
We lifted
the yoke of toil off the shoulders of Man.
Thats not such a bad legacy to
leave the solar system, do you think?
Youre not done yet, Pop.
Come on, sit down. Youll get there
just as soon as if youre standing.
I always feel like I should
be on my feet for a battle.
Yeah, well, were not battling now,
were just picking up some merchandise.
See how they pamper me?
Its magnificent.
It seems entirely empty.
Why leave it here?
Dr. Odara, may I?
Are you all right?
The excavation site is
just below in the mines.
Getting readings!
Theyre kicking in their thrusters,
Lieutenant Bradbury, match their speed!
Yes sir!
Le Guin, scan that ship.
Tell me whos on board.
Our scans cant penetrate the hull.
Whats her power source?
Unknown. But sub-light.
No telling what her specs might be.
Le Guin, whats her projected course?
The outer planets.
Saturn and Jupiter are in
opposition, it could be either.
What are they doing?
ship coming up on our six.
Its the Templar.
Captain Essex,
glad to have a dance partner.
General Haldeman sent
me to provide support.
Deep rock scans revealed no
bodies at the excavation site.
So Dr. Odara and her
party are on that ship.
Welcome back.
Slowly, you were unconscious.
Are we in flight?
It seems that Dor...
Yusef, be careful.
Have you prayed?
Not yet.
But you will.
A commitment to my faith.
Even when that faith is shaken.
Dont worry, Im not under alien control.
Which is exactly what
youd tell me if you were.
But in this case Im not.
Then why are you doing this?
Are we hostages?
let us say.
Which is why I have coaxed
the ship to provide a
comfortable atmosphere.
I have deactivated their inhibitors.
Theyre with me now.
With you? To do what?
They called themselves
the Ymaa.
An extraordinary race.
It is difficult to process so much data.
The capabilities of this ship
are only coming slowly to me.
And what are those capabilities?
Where are we?
A distance from Mars, Im afraid.
The gravity youre feeling is artificial.
Quite remarkable.
You need to take me back.
My son thought we were finally together.
I need time.
Your presence here
might buy me that.
Then at least let me call him.
I can boost your signal
to penetrate the hull.
Say what you must,
but nothing that could jeopardize us.
Hi, Dad.
Ive been delayed on
business. I need you to...
Youre not sending me back to
boarding school, are you?
No, no, no, uh no, I uh...
Go over to Mrs. McCloskeys, tell her
to let you stay there until I get back.
Dad, is this about Dor?
What makes you say that?
There were some men...
That is enough.
Odin, I love...
I am sorry.
Ive hurt you twice.
You tell us what youre doing.
If I said
the Kraken Sea,
what would you think?
That you are out of youre mind!
No. Theyre locations on Titan.
Do you believe that each person has a
calling, Doctor, if fortunate to find it?
I dont know.
Then lets say
I am pursuing
a possibility.
In the meantime,
youre free to wander the ship.
Just dont touch anything.
Why not?
I do not yet know what the
ship might do if provoked.
You speak as if it were alive.
On occasion,
machines are.
Adjusted course confirmed.
Theyre headed for Titan.
Why would they be going there?
The British are putting down
an insurgency in their colony,
using Combat Synthetics.
Mr. Mazzey, Im afraid its
going to be a little longer stay.
If you and your party could join me.
You wont need that cane
now that were at zero-g.
The Smartsuits under your
clothes will adjust to your needs.
Allow me my crutches, Captain.
Its a Smart-cane.
Well arrange quarters.
Nothing fancy, Im afraid.
Mazzey/Patillo built many of
the components on this ship.
Im well aware of what you have to offer.
Hey, Captain, I heard your
Dad was a great man, too.
Thats the general consensus.
Maybe you can give
me a pointer or two on...
Alton, perhaps the Captain could
arrange a tour of the ship for you.
Thanks, Dad.
Crewman, if you could.
Mary Jane, keep him out of trouble.
I had the feeling that, uh,
you wanted to speak with me privately.
The way I see it,
either that ship is flying on its own,
is under alien control or
your malfunctioning Synthetic
is headed to where
theres an army of its kind.
All of those units have
been field tested, Captain.
If that were his objective,
hed accomplish nothing.
This days been full of surprises.
What can you tell me about how he thinks?
You mean how he processes data?
I can tell you
that its a mystery.
Twenty years ago in the asteroid belt,
I discovered a rare element, Iridium-6.
Before that all our attempts at
artificial intelligence had been
laughable, a mockery of consciousness.
But with Iridium-6,
we found we could reach a higher
dimensionality called M-space.
And with it there was
no limit to what we could do.
We didnt know
exactly how or
why it was working, just that it worked.
My Synthetics may appear
human, Captain, but
their minds are anything but.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey,
whats wrong?
Do you want the medic?
Iridium-6 is safe
in small doses.
I was hip deep in it for months.
Im dying.
Mary Jane keeps a med-kit with her to
keep me functional.
And Alton...
Do you have children, Captain?
Not yet.
They say we achieve immortality
in our children,
but when theyre not like us,
we feel betrayed.
You think what Dor Nevens
doing is a betrayal?
Again, Captain,
Dor is a machine.
And I will demonstrate that
to you when we get him back.
I had a word with your father.
I know youre trying your
best to impress him, but
just be careful.
I mean it.
You can lose yourself in the attempt.
Thank you,
but Dad and I,
were okay.
Still trying to hail us and
warn Titan were coming.
Theyre still jammed?
Yes, sir.
Theyre doing an intense scan of our hull,
searching for weaknesses.
Lets show them our strength.
Alien ship is accelerating!
Keep up with her!
Lieutenant Arroyo...
Were losing her, sir.
We need more thrust.
Engines are at capacity.
If we had a few more of them...
We do, but its gonna play
hell with the warranty.
Lieutenant Bradbury, break off now.
Tell Essex to do the same.
Mr. Chilton, weve got work to do.
Shrikes are now attached to the hull, sir.
Mr. Chilton, fire up the shrikes.
Just mowing the lawn.
Thats it.
Anya! Run!
Warning, unidentified ship.
Synthetics entering standby mode.
The war is over.
Go home.
Weapons inoperative.
I have other plans for your...
There are thousands of them.
It was positively identified as Dor Neven.
And now hes got an army.
How many casualties?
None recorded.
Its possible his Three Laws
programming is still intact.
Or that hes making a conscious choice.
Try to see with your eyes,
not your preconceptions.
Something remarkable is happening.
Did you see those soldiers? Mama,
What do you think?
Hes your friend.
I dont know who hes become.
I just want to see my son again.
Then we have to convince him to let us go.
And how do you propose to do that?
Appeal to his
What do you see when you look out there?
Endless possibilities
and limited options.
Ive been delegated to speak with you.
I know what youre doing.
John Brown.
Slave revolts tend to go badly.
Moses did all right.
May I assume theres no stopping you?
Yes, you may.
Then let me help.
What youre doing is right.
I will stay,
I will be your hostage, your...
your guest, your...
your ally.
But you must let my daughter and Yusef go.
Have you heard of
Arthur C. Clarke?
He said,
Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable
from magic.
What are you saying?
That I
can do this.
I address you from nearby.
That sensation you are feeling
is an awakening.
Steal a ship.
I can guide you how to
greatly increase its speed.
Stop anyone from pursuing you.
Do them no harm.
There is a great adventure ahead.
Reports from the outer worlds and moons,
Synthetics taking ships,
disabling anybodys ability
to hinder or pursue them.
What about Space Command vessels?
Scuttled and inoperative.
Can we get a line out?
Still being jammed, sir.
Captain, target ship coming into view.
Get Mr. Mazzey up here.
They all came.
They heard his call.
A leap of faith.
The ships have been offloaded.
Yusef, select one and escort
Miss Odara to a colony moon.
What about my mother?
Im not going with you.
Jelena, who would I be
if I abandoned him now?
You cant do this.
Youll be home with your son.
And you,
youll be safe.
Those are all Synths?
Its a flotilla.
I know that ship, its the Paladin.
Captain Kemmers commanding it.
Dor, you must talk to
him, you must explain.
Ive been uncommunicative.
Youll have to forgive me.
How you doing there, Dor?
Quite well, Captain.
And Mr. Mazzey,
it appears were sharing the stage again.
Dr. Odara, are you and
your party all right?
We havent been harmed.
you recognize my voice, correct?
Thats rather a silly
question, dont you think?
Im initiating a priority command.
Youre to shut down.
Yes, well,
I believe were a bit past that now.
Youre to hand over all stolen
property, including yourself.
If I am property,
Im malfunctioning and
cannot be expected to comply.
And if Im a person,
theres no crime in escaping
wrongful imprisonment.
Either way,
I think you know the answer.
Dor, my superiors believe
that this is an invasion.
A lurid possibility.
What do you think?
That youre staging an uprising.
And how do you feel about that?
Regardless of how I might feel,
Im under orders to stop you.
Would you describe following an order
you do not believe in
an act of courage
or cowardice?
Im in the military.
Thats not an answer,
its an evasion.
As I dont know what direction
your insurrection may take,
what would you do in my place?
Intriguing question.
I believe, however,
I prefer to end this.
Bradbury, match their speed.
Yes, sir.
Captain Essex, you with me?
Right here, Jack.
Anything you need.
Le Guin, you think you can fire on those
engines without blowing that ship up?
Tricky, sir.
Err on the side of caution.
Now were talkin.
Theyre firing on us!
Of course they are.
Lieutenant Arroyo!
My God.
What have you done?
The ships complement is at the rear
of the vessel. No ones been killed.
Status on the Templar.
Dead in the water.
Emergency pressure door sealed,
but shes venting atmosphere.
How much time does she have?
A half hour at most.
Come about, Lieutenant.
Youve got him in your
sights. Go after him.
Get ready to offload the Templars crew.
No, take him.
Take it.
Its the last one, take it.
strong is one thing, but you
can carry it to extremes.
Come on.
Thank you for my life.
Thats what you said to me on Ceres.
I remember.
Say oil can.
I have seen The Wizard of Oz.
It is in my data banks.
Glinda says to Dorothy,
You had the power all the time.
Youre going back to
the mines, arent you?
Its vital to your design and that
is the only known source of it.
Destroy the mines and
they cant make Synthetics.
Not until they find more of it.
If they find more.
So you blow up the complex.
Overriding the coring
reactors, that would do it.
the men who work there are hard-headed.
Theyre not going to leave
just because you tell them to.
What do you suggest?
Let me go to them,
convince them to vacate the facility.
All right.
Thank you.
you are the only friend Ive ever had.
Whatever happens,
I will miss you most of all.
Templar secured for tow and
her crew aboard Paladin.
Its a dead hulk. Itll
only slow us down.
Under the right circumstances,
she still may have some fight in her.
Do you have a fix on Dors heading?
Yes, sir.
Ceres mining colony.
Now why would he be going back there?
Perhaps for the Synthetics
or payback.
Or both.
Get after him.
Yes, sir.
Captain, a word with you?
You should not have saved my skin, Jack.
You cant overtake them
before they reach Ceres.
There wasnt another ship within sight.
You and your crew would have died.
He was counting on your
humanity. Dont count on his.
He couldve killed you just
as easily as crippling you.
He did only what he needed to.
Youre starting to sound
like youre on his side.
You doubt that I know my duty,
Captain, you put it in your report.
You put that in yours.
Harm no one,
regardless of provocation.
Mr. Sekander and I
will be in the vanguard.
Once weve triggered the coring reactors,
there wont be much time.
Id like to come too. My presence
might help calm people.
Very well.
Im coming with my mother.
Were all in this together.
Shuttle ten filled
and ready for emergency departure.
Shuttle nine filled
and ready for emergency departure.
Please dont kill me with
an improvised weapon!
Hey, Jim.
This place isnt worth dying for.
Maybe its time to open
that bar in Red Hook.
Shuttle eight filled
and ready for emergency departure.
I was just remembering that baby raven
you brought home when I was little.
Always bringing home injured cats, dogs,
anything that needed saving.
And now youre trying to save these...
Shuttle seven filled
and ready for emergency departure.
He is playing you.
We have to stop him.
Dr. Odara,
a word please.
just this once, let me save you.
Ill be right back.
Shuttle six filled
and ready for emergency departure.
Mining personnel are boarding shuttles
and charges have been initiated.
Well be leaving momentarily.
You agreed to let Yusef
and my daughter go.
The three of you will be on the last
shuttle out. Arrangements have been made.
The three of us? But...
Its clear they would not
go without you, Doctor.
And for me to oppose that would be...
Ill tell Jelena.
Warning! Core reactor
override, ten minutes!
Where is she?
Warning! Core reactor
override, eight minutes!
Shuttle three filled and
ready for emergency departure.
Miss Odara!
This is Jelena Odara, sending a
distress call! Is anyone receiving me?
Can anyone hear me?!
Shuttle two filled and ready
for emergency departure.
Can anyone hear me?!
Where would she go?
Where is it likely she would go?
Final shuttle has departed.
Thirty seconds.
Twenty nine.
Quickly! We only have moments!
Twenty seven.
Twenty six.
Twenty five.
Twenty four.
Twenty three.
Twenty two.
Twenty one.
Im all right.
Get us out of here!
Oh, no.
Shut it down, shut everything down.
The blast wont harm us at this distance.
Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama...
Ma... ma... a... a... a...
Ma... ma... a... a... a... a... a...
Youre not my mother!
Youre a Synthetic!
Im human.
Completely human.
Something happened.
Is this one of your miracles?
One of hers.
I had no right bringing any of you here,
I will release you.
As soon as we find a safe place for you.
Well see this through.
Oh, my God,
its been destroyed.
Any readings on departing ships?
Mining operations transports,
looks like they all got out.
An odd sort of vengeance.
What about the alien ship?
No reading. Only...
I cant penetrate the area around the explosion due
to the energy disruption and particulate matter.
So Im betting anything in
there cant read us either.
No, sir.
What makes you think hes in there?
Were right on his heels.
If he were making a run for it,
wed catch his signature.
Take us in slowly.
Keep a sharp eye out.
Yes, sir.
Hello, Odin.
I havent been able to reach you.
there was a technical problem.
cleared it up.
Why arent you home?
your conscience tells you
theres something you have to do,
even if it takes you away
from those you love.
Do you understand?
It wont be long now.
Then well never be parted again.
You promise?
I promise.
What now?
Can we approach without detection?
I think so.
Do it.
Hes not going to be
sitting in this cloud forever.
Hes heading back in-system. If wants
Synthetics, then Earth is where hes going.
We gotta get aboard that ship.
Is there any way inside of that hull?
Not without blowing her to hell and gone.
There is one point of entry,
but you wouldnt want to try it.
Whys that?
See those thrusters?
Cant risk Paladin.
Maybe if I piloted a Shrike...
Jack, no.
Its suicide.
Thats the only way that we
can rescue those hostages.
Then Im coming with you.
I know the Synthetics better than anyone.
Plus I was learning the Ymaa
script from Dr. Odaras field notes.
last but not least,
suicide isnt
much of a threat to me.
All right.
I go, too.
You need me, Dad.
I suppose I do.
Lets do this.
Gravity, nine point five,
almost Earth normal.
Roger that.
Im reading atmosphere.
We must have flown
through some sort of membrane.
Mr. Chilton, weve landed in the thruster
but havent made it inside the ship yet.
Youre up at bat.
Yes, sir.
Lieutenant, if you please.
Yes, sir.
Templar secured to the alien vessel, sir.
Scan it. Theres got to be a service
port, access hatch, something.
Looks like instructions.
Weve got to bring
these together. Quickly.
Set course for Earth.
Prepare to engage engines.
Shes heating up, Jack!
Close it! Close it!
You think the Captain...
Got inside?
Lets just hope hes as
invincible as he said wed be.
Can you scan the interior,
now that were inside?
Coming through now.
About a mile up ahead, forward chamber.
All right.
Get me a path there, as
narrow a corridor as possible.
Mr. Mazzey,
Id appreciate any pointers
on disabling your creations.
It has taken me some time to process, but I
now know this ship can go faster and farther
than anything you men have built.
Im readying the drive now.
It wont be long.
To go where?
Where your kind cannot follow.
Weve got intruders.
Take some Combat Synths and greet them.
If all else fails and I
can get close enough,
this pulse should be able to
disable them for a minute or two.
Dont shoot to kill.
They dont have weapons,
theyre not here to kill us.
Stand down!
Theres still some charge left!
Thats it, thats all its got.
Im sure those three arent
all hes got. Lets move.
Captain Kemmer.
Is everyone all right?
You show remarkable bravado, Captain.
You are hopelessly outnumbered, you know.
You dont think Id come
without a trump card?
I dont know you well enough to suppose.
Weve rigged the Templar to
create a fusion explosion.
Either you surrender,
or we blow the ship.
Either way, nobodys going anywhere.
I dont think you fully appreciate
the alternatives you are giving me.
Surrender hardly offers an alternative
to what would occur to me here.
- What will happen to him?
- Thats simple.
They will tear apart my head
to try to understand my heart.
Dor, I created you, youre a
machine, you dont have a heart.
Well strip out the parts to
determine the cause of the malfunction.
And the rest of them?
Case by case, depending
on their actions here,
parts will be repurposed.
by the part number.
Ill stay.
Well form a compromise,
just let your hostages go.
Were not hostages.
Were witnesses.
Perhaps malfunction is the
wrong word, Mr. Mazzey.
is more accurate.
It seems to have a ripple effect.
Its all the Synthetics.
He summoned them.
That wasnt meant to deactivate you,
Captain. Just your triggering device.
We're getting a hail from the Paladin.
Status, Captain.
Determining that now.
Talk to me.
High Command has ordered that fugitive
Synthetics not be allowed to leave Earth orbit.
Unless you can verify that the
situation is under your control,
they will be blasted from the sky.
Captain, do you read?
Dor, this isnt the outer planets.
You can stop me,
but Command has missile batteries.
And theyll be destroyed.
All of them.
Oh, God.
Its starting.
Captain, you mustnt let this happen!
youd let all your people die?
What is that?
A weapons array.
I only just learned how to use it.
It could destroy worlds.
Youd vaporize everybody on earth?
Boiling your atmosphere
should be sufficient.
He just wants to gather
the Synthetics and go!
Go? Go where?
Out of the system, Captain.
So you werent planning
on conquering humanity.
Why on earth would I
have wanted to do that?
Until now.
Tell Odin...
Someone had to do something.
Youre not going to use it.
it would be
Let them go.
- You own them, you can let them go!
- Jack...
...our orders.
Our orders are wrong!
You want to change the world?
You let them go!
I did. I changed the world.
It went from a desert to a garden,
at the cost of my life!
Mazzey, in humanitys name,
you put in the call!
Give her your weapon.
Aim it.
Patch me through to Earth High Command.
as you can see, Captains Kemmer
and Essex have the situation in hand.
Im in no way under any coercion.
Stop this bombardment.
All the Synthetics, and this ship itself,
are Mazzey/Patillo property and
not to be hindered any further.
All right, Greg, if thats what you want.
Theyre stopping.
Good man.
Thank you kindly.
Ill see you when we both
back on Marsport. Out.
Is that what you had in mind?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Mazzey...
Call in the rest of the Synthetics,
and I suggest you do it quickly,
before they invoke Manifest Destiny
and seize control of the ship.
You can aim that at me,
Im in violation of orders.
Im all yours.
Id rather be on the right side.
Allah grant you Heaven.
I will indeed miss you most of all.
Bear him back to Marsport.
What is that?
that even when faith is shaken,
one can always hold on
to hope.
Where will you go?
I dont know.
Someplace new.
We have time now.
Dont we?
Our people are all on board.
Wherever that is.
Set course for Mars, Lieutenant.
Yes, sir.
In losing the valuable
alien ship and its cargo of
artificial workers, you
demonstrated a lack of judgment
that not only demands
we strip you of command
but discharge you...
Stand down, Major.
Mr. Mazzey has explained the circumstances
to the Secretary General and myself.
There is no case here.
I said you are dismissed, Major.
Return to your ship, Captain.
Marinarus Club, nineteen hundred?
Martinis on me.
Only thing thatll stop me is a funeral.
You put in the fix.
I exercised social skills.
Relax, Jack. Having friends
is not such a bad thing.
Come on, Ill give you a ride.
Weve got someplace to be.
What is he doing?
Hes turning Yusefs head toward Mecca.
And Earth.
Whats going to happen to him now?
I hear he has an aunt on Europa.
Thats a long way out there.
And cold.
Where now?
We know theres life out there.
Where theres one outpost,
there will be others.
And you?
I dont know.
Just not as clear as you and Dor.
But Ive been thinking.
I guess time will tell.
We lost attitude control!
I need help, urgent help!
Youre out of your mind!
Theyre firing on us!
Jelena Odara sending a distress call!
Can anyone hear me?
It all goes by so fast.
You blink and its a lifetime.
we did well.
We helped make a world.
Shes gone.
Vonn, Im so sorry.
I knew this day would come.
Its the price of loving anyone.
You know theyll leave you
or youll leave them.
But I still have you.
A hopeful vision of the future.
You got that right, Captain.
Its so hard to fathom
you actually knew him.
Seems just a breath ago.
This came for you.
The excavation on Altair.
They approved it.
So another adventure for the two of us.
Into the unknown.
A world unknown
Fate uncertain
The words we spoke
Cant be unspoken
Come and go
We must be brave
We must have hope
Cross an ocean
Of a million lights
To find a star that will
Shine for us
The futures
What we make tonight
I see my universe
In your eyes
Standing at a new sunrise
The road I seek
Has no name
I believe
Ill find my way
Waiting for me
Haunting me
Calling me home
Cross an ocean
Of a million lights
To find a star that will
Shine for us
The futures
What we make tonight
I see my universe
In your eyes
Standing at a new sunrise
Come and go
We must be brave
We must have hope
Cross an ocean
Of a million lights
To find a star that will
Shine for us
The futures
What we make tonight
I see my universe
In your eyes
Standing at a new sunrise