Space Is the Place (1974) Movie Script

orchestral music
-[VO] It's after
the end of the world.
Don't you know that yet?
It's after the end of the world.
Don't you know that yet?
It's after the end of the world.
Don't you know that yet?
It's after the end of the world.
Don't you know that yet?
It's after the end of the world.
Don't you know that yet?
chaotic jazzy drums
experimental jazz
The music
is different here.
The vibrations are different.
Not like Planet Earth.
The planet is the
sound of guns, anger,
There was no one to talk to
on Planet Earth who would
We set up a colony
of black people here.
See what they can do on a planet
of their own without any white
people there.
They could drink in the
beauty of this planet.
It would affect
their vibrations.
For the better, of course.
Another place in the universe.
Up on the different stars.
That would be where the
ultimate destiny would come in.
Equation wise, the first thing
to do is to consider time as
officially ended.
We work on the
other side of time.
We bring them here through
either isotope teleportation,
liquidation, or better still,
teleport the whole
planet here through music.
jazzy piano music
[crowd chatter]
-Say, you're off
to a good night.
Another one like this
and I can quit this job.
-Who is he?
-Baby, you don't
know who that is?
-Baby, that's The Overseer.
He sees something he wants.
He gets it.
He'll be getting
around to you soon.
You can bet your tits on it.
-Well that's all right.
-Yes sir, what would you like?
-The piano player.
-Isn't he great?
I think he's about the
best I've ever heard.
-Best you've ever heard, huh?
-Well maybe not the best, but...
-I think he sounds like shit.
Now get him out of
there, and start the show.
-Yes, sir.
-All right, come on girls.
Let's all all act as there's a
man who wants to see the bras!
Hey you look nice, let's
get those costumes on.
[kiss] Hey you know
better than that,
I'll see about that later.
[chuckles] All right,
let's go everybody!
Come on, let's go.
If I had tits like
that, I'd make a fortune.
piano music plays
-Ladies and gentlemen, let's
hear it for the piano man,
Sonny Ray!
[quiet applause and cheering]
-Bring on the ladies!
-Thank you, thank
you, thank you.
Now ladies and gentlemen,
Byron's of Chicago proudly
presents for youse guys!
The Ebony Steppers!
On with th show!
man tinkles on piano
uptempo piano music
[glass shattering]
[shouting and screaming]
experimental jazz fusion
-I should've known you'd
pull some shit like this.
Sonny Ray.
Come on, what is this?
What about it?
You think you're ready for me?
-Are you ready to
alter your destiny?
-Let's not overdue it.
Name the game.
Craps, Conquian.
-I say the end of the world.
-That's what I call
cooking with grease.
You think I can't handle it?
You name the game.
My cut.
Looks like we need a
little transportation.
Your pull.
intense drumming
experimental jazz
[diembodied voices yelling]
experimental jazz continues
-This is Jimmy Fey.
Channel 5 stone.
The all black station for all
black people with all the news
that grooves at noon.
Live from Oakland, California.
[chuckles] As you
are probably aware,
several local mystics have
predicted a landing from space
this afternoon here at this
spot opposite the sector five
government building, in the
present of a black musician and
thinker named Sun Ra.
-I haven't seen him yet.
He should be here anytime now.
-He's reported to have
disappeared while traveling in
Europe in June, 1969.
He's reputed to have been
traveling in outer space all
this time with his
intergalactic Solar Arkestra.
Upon landing here, he
will reveal to the world his
so-called plan for the
salvation of the black race.
-[man] Where the hell is he?
-It has now been a couple
minutes passed the time when Mr.
Ra is scheduled to appear so
apparently he's not quite as
efficient as our own
NASA program people.
-That son of a bitch!
Ain't that just like him.
Two minutes late.
-Hey there he is!
[wobbling laser sounds]
-This in incredible.
I can't believe it.
It's really happening.
I can't believe it.
It's really happened.
Ra's ship has landed.
Ra's ship has landed!
Mobile units are being
dispatched to the area and we
should have reports momentarily.
This is Jimmy Fey, Channel 5
Stone Jive saying follow me!
Follow me!
[loud whirring]
dramatic jazz music
chaotic music
-I am the alt of destiny.
I am the alt of destiny.
The presence of the living myth.
-What is the power
of your machine?
[chaotic beeping]
This music is
all apart of another tomorrow.
Another kind of language.
Speaking things of
nature, naturalness,
the way it should be.
Speaking things of
blackness, about the void.
The endless void.
The bottomless pit
surrounding you.
-[singing] A
better day is breaking.
The galaxies are waiting
We sing this song
to a brave tomorrow.
We sing this song
to abolish sorrow.
We sing this song
to a brave tomorrow.
We sing this song to
abolish sorrow.
-Why doesn't Earth fall?
How can you walk upon it?
It's the music.
It's the music of the earth.
The music of the
sun and the stars.
The music of
yourself, vibrating.
Yes, you're music too.
You're all instruments.
Everyone's supposed to be
playing their part in this vast
orchestra of the cosmos.
-[woman] singing continues
-[woman on radio]
Today a part of negroes,
claiming to hold the
key to space travel,
and threatening to undermine
both the economy and the social
structure of the
strongest nation on earth,
deserves the Federal Bureau
of Investigations most acute
-Well, let's get it on.
Get your evening paper.
Get your evening paper.
Extra, extra!
-Hey kid.
-Get your evening paper!
-Well you were a couple of
minutes late getting there,
but this time I'll call it even.
One for you.
One for me.
musical chanting
-Hey, check this nigga out.
Must admit.
Got some bad kicks.
-Sorry, nigga.
musical chanting
freestyle singing
-Ah man, this man
gonna run hot on me.
-That's a trip still.
-It's not worth it at all.
-Greetings, black
youth on planet Earth.
-What it is, what it is.
-I am Sun Ra, Ambassador from
the Intergalactic Regions of the
Counsel of Outer Space.
-Why are your shoes so big?
-Are those moon shoes?
-How do we know you're for real?
-Yeah how do we know you ain't
some old hippie or something?
-What are you?
-Is he for real?
-He might have
something going for him.
-What kind of shoes is
that there on your feet?
-Yeah, walking around with
all these funny clothes.
Shit, I might take off running
if I see someone walking down
the street coming
talking all that mess to me,
talking about
going to outer space.
-How do you know I'm real?
-I'm not real.
I'm just like you.
You don't exist in this society.
If you did, your people wouldn't
be seeking equal rights.
You're not real.
If you were, you'd have status
among the nations of the world.
So we are both myths.
I do not come to
you as a reality.
I come to you as the myth,
because that's what black people
I came from a dream that the
black man dreamed long ago.
I'm actually a present sent
to you by your ancestors.
I'm gonna be here until I pick
out certain ones of you to take
back with me.
-What if we won't come?
You gonna make us come?
-Then I'm gonna have to do you
like they did you in Africa.
Chain you up and
take you with me.
-Are there any whities up there?
-They're walking there today.
-All right.
-They take frequent
trips to the Moon.
I notice none of you
have been invited.
-How do you think
you're going to exist?
The year 2000 is
right around the corner.
-What's that thing in your hand?
-[singing] We're
living in the space age.
We're living in the space age.
We're living in the space age.
No matter who you are.
No matter what you say.
No matter where you've been.
No matter who you be.
We're living in the space age!
We're living in the space age.
chaotic music
experimental jazz
-Oh, god damn.
Where my shoes at?
Who got my shoes?
Hey, nigga, you
seen my shoes, man?
You got my damn shoes man.
-Ain't that a shame.
Look at that.
-What you mean shame, nigga?
-Here you go my man.
-What's that?
100 percent.
Thank you, man.
Thank you.
You look clean.
I'm gonna go get another taste.
Fuck that...
-[laughs] That's
the way it goes.
-Come on Bernard, let's make it.
-Say, hey, wait a minute.
Ain't you gonna give me
a chance to win it back?
-You think you can
afford it, big man?
-Have a little mercy.
-Okay nigga, pitch.
-Nose job.
-Say little brother,
you heard of this Sun Ra?
Dude's got a tight rap.
-He's got a jive ass, you know.
-That's what you say.
-You mean to tell me that a
smart little brother like you
believes in that shit?
I mean here comes this
dude from outer space,
wearing clothes
you've never seen before,
laying down a rap
you've never heard.
I mean, that you
can't even relate to.
Come on.
You're smarter than that.
-But he hasn't yet betrayed
his black brethren to the
exploitative racially and
culturally coopted caucasian
power structure.
-Right on Bubbles, you got it.
-The dude wants you
to buy his records,
you dig?
He's not dealing in
black magic soul power.
He deals in cold cash.
You understand?
-[woman on PA] Doctor Overseer.
Doctor Overseer
to intensive care.
Doctor Overseer.
Doctor Overseer.
-He's been in a
coma for three days,
-Well looks like we've got
another dead nigger on our
Hold up his hands.
Palms up.
Steady now.
-What's up!
What's happening?
-[Overseer] It's cool.
-I can dig it.
I can dig it.
-You're no doctor!
-I'm your doctor baby.
Don't just stand there.
Go find a friend, because
we're gonna party tonight.
-What are you up to?
-You've got it, baby.
-Now look here Jimmy.
Get on the phone with Sun Ra.
I'll tell you what to say.
-[whispering] Come on.
-You mean to tell me we're gonna
do it right there in the room?
-Yeah, why not?
I do it all the time.
After all, he's
Jimmy Fey's boss.
-Oh, no!
-Come on!
Yeah, yeah.
Fine, Ra.
I think we can make the
right connections for you.
Let's say we meet
you at your spaceship,
Opening up an employment agency?
-[Sun Ra] Something
has to be done at once.
Isotope teleportation.
Transport liquidation.
I could play a song.
Teleportate the whole planet.
Then we'll have the multiplicity
of other types of destinies.
That's the only way.
-Okay, fine Ra, fine.
You take care of business.
See you then.
That's right.
See you then.
-Here comes hot lunch.
piano music
plays from radio
-Hey, can't you get
those things off?
Don't just stand there gappin.
Come on there, baby.
-What did he say
about doing business?
-He just said something about
a cosmic employment agency.
That's all.
-[Overseer] Okay.
What about doing
business with you?
He just said we'd meet at
his spaceship tomorrow.
-I see.
You know I always
liked that tune.
-How do you feel now?
-Mighty fine, boss.
Mighty fine, boss.
Mighty fine.
Then wait for me outside.
-Now come you want to
do something like that?
Two of them-- nothing
you could do with two--
-Hey big man, why don't
you let him come on back in?
He wasn't so bad.
You punk ass mother fu-- Mother.
fuzzy distorted music
jazzy piano music
-Good morning, Mr. Ra.
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Curtis Rockwell.
I work for NASA
designing guidance systems.
I designed the
M4O2 system for them.
For NASA, that is.
[sighs] Let me be blunt, Mr. Ra.
I've got a wife and seven kids
and if I don't get a job pretty
soon I'm afraid we're all
gonna be out on the street.
Or what's worse...
on welfare.
-You can get a job on
our distant planes,
but being the
particular race that you are...
-I-- I'd consider
a cut in salary.
-We don't really have
salaries in our dimension.
We creators never
receive anything for our work.
-I could learn your methods.
-Multiplicity adjustment,
readjustment synthesis,
isotope teleportation,
transport liquidation,
frequency polarization,
intergalactic realm of eternal
darkness, intergalactic
realm of eternal black darkness,
white darkness,
infinity incorporated.
-Oh, I see, Mr. Ra.
Well thank you very much.
It's been nice.
I've got to be going now.
I really have
another appointment.
experimental jazz
-My man, what's happening?
-Everything is happening.
-What is this...
I mean, where am I?
Who is you?
-I am everything and nothing.
Well you better tell me about
this nothing stuff because I
need a job and I
don't know what to do.
-What have you
been doing lately?
-Uh, nothing really.
-How long have you
been doing nothing?
-Quite some time.
Quite some time.
-You must be an expert at it.
-Got my B.A.
-We'll hire you to do that.
-How much money
do I get paid man?
I gotta have something so I
can get me another bottle.
Can't go for that shit.
experimental jazz
-Far out.
Far out, baby.
Hey, can I get a job with you?
Just think of it man.
Just think of it.
You and me in
outer space together.
-Our realm is not
based upon highness.
Space is not only high.
It's low.
It's the bottomless pit.
There is no end to it.
-Man, I...
I don't think I
can handle that, uh.
Maybe you'd like to
find me sometime.
experimental jazz music
-Everything you desire from this
planet and never have received
will be yours in outer space.
-Let's move out.
experimental jazz music
-Look Ra, I've got my fingers
on the impulse of the entire
network in this country.
Every TV, radio,
movie house, newspapers,
magazines, you name it.
Now look.
We've set it up so you've got a
nice percentage coming off the
top of it.
I'll have a nice percentage
coming off the top of it.
Everybody will have
everything going for them.
What do you say about that?
experimental jazz music
-Why are you
talking to ghetto blacks?
Why shouldn't you
be talking to, say,
white nuclear physicists?
-My kingdom is the kingdom of
darkness and blackness and none
can enter it except those
who are of the black spirit.
Physicists are feared upon the
food of discipline and precision
and research.
The black man,
particularly in this country,
has been feared upon the food of
freedom and peace and liberty.
-Why are black men
generally on the bottom,
as they say, of the
totem pole on this planet?
-They're on the bottom because
they're in an inverted position.
They ought to be on top.
-Tell me Sun Ra.
What do you think about
all these people down here?
They seem so depressed.
-The people have no music that
is in coordination with their
Because of this, they're out
of tune with the universe.
Since they don't have
money, they don't have anything.
-[Jimmy Fey] Is there
any hope for them here?
-[Sun Ra] Well, if the
planet takes hold of an altered
destiny, there is
hope for everyone.
But otherwise, the death
sentence upon this planet still
Everyone must die.
-[Jimmy Fey] Well, here
we are in downtown Oakland.
Sirens going from time to time.
Perhaps there is an
altered destiny somewhere.
Perhaps Sun Ra has
the answer to it.
Who knows.
-[Jimmy Fey on radio] You can
find out for yourself right now
at your local record store.
Sun Ra's latest album is coming
out this week on the Blue Thumb
This is Jimmy Fey,
channel five's Stone Jive,
and here is Ra's new big winner!
experimental jazz
-Sold out.
-Sun Ra ain't
never gonna sell out.
-Then what's all this
shit about a record album?
-He ain't sold out.
He's gotta have a
reason for doing that.
He's trying to get rich.
-No man.
He's gotta have another reason.
-Not bad so far, Ra.
You know by now
you're gonna lose,
don't you?
-Sometimes when
you lose, you win.
-Yeah, yeah, right on Ra, but
let's see about keeping the game
I'm not having much fun
with you losing so bad.
-That's what the
game is all about.
-Sure, Ra, sure.
Anything you say.
But what do you say
about a little side bet?
-Double or nothing.
-On a side bet?
Why not.
I do it because I'm
wiping him out anyway.
-Who cuts?
-Hell, I can't
give you everything.
I mean, I love you baby.
But I cut.
bugle playing to start
horse race
Excuse me, Ra.
Just a minute.
I've got a little side
bet of my own going.
[horses racing]
-Hey, that's mine!
Hey baby, go cash
these for me, please.
Say, Ra.
Looks like this is my lucky day.
You can cut.
-[announcer] Hold
your tickets please.
Just a moment.
The judges have
announced a disqualification.
Apparently the Lights was
drugged and the winner is
Altered Destiny!
-My cut.
-I'm a son of a bitch!
Anyway man, like I
was trying to tell you,
I could come down
on the strip, man,
and the bitch ain't there.
So I wait 20
minutes for the bitch,
I'm sitting there, and I know it
don't take no 20 minutes for no
bitch to turn no trick, I don't
care who he is or who he want,
you understand
where I'm coming from?
So I go up to the crib, and
there the bitch is laying on her
fucking ass listening to some
spaced out music and eating some
I was like, bitch,
where my money at?
Bitch says, oh daddy, I went
down to the strip and there
wasn't no tricks out thre so I
came up here so I could listen
to some music to
get my soul touched.
I say, yo, soul touched?
And I hit that bitch
and beat her so bad,
man, I felt kinda sorry, man.
Because the bitch had
to go to the hospital,
and that's why I'm out
here hustling some stick,
you know?
But anyway man, if
the bitch had a soul,
how's some music gonna touch it?
-[laughing] Well that's
what we have to work with.
This is one side
bet I'm going to win.
You want to continue this game?
I can let you off easy now.
Later, maybe not.
-Just play.
-I like your style Ra.
That damn wild joker!
You must have something going
for you I don't know nothing
Well, what do you want?
Might as well make it big.
-Why not a concert?
-A concert?
Whatever you say.
Looks like we will
both be busy, Ra.
-You know honey, this
whole thing seems funny.
This isn't what I want...
I don't like this.
-What are you talking about?
It's just like your
junior cotillion,
only this time you're
getting paid for it.
-Besides, do what
your big daddy wants,
and he'll keep you happy.
You gotta admit this is better
than shooting up on the stoop.
-Don't worry baby.
I'm gonna be right there.
-That don't mean shit.
-Oh, come on, you don't
have to pull that stuff on me.
-It's party time!
Bertha, baby.
I brought you some company.
-Oh, you always
know just what I need.
You know it's just
so hard to find good,
decent available
help these days.
-Look, I've got
two big men coming.
The girls are for them.
-Oh, okay.
But right now I have
something here for you.
-Hey little chili pepper.
Later mama.
jazzy music plays
-How do you feel, Fey?
-I'm ready.
What do you say?
-Wait for me outside.
I said wait for me outside.
-Why does he go and pull
some shit like that for?
He didn't have to do that.
There's nothing he
could do with two of them.
You know, they-- they...
He's got two...
punk ass mother--
Look, I want to.
But if he come
out here, you know.
Imma-- Imma come back.
Aw, shit.
There's nothin' he
could do with two of 'em!
jazzy music
-Thank you.
Hi, it's, uh...
-I've got some
new stuff for you.
-I can see that.
-You take real good
care of these gentlemen.
They are aerospace
tacticians from NASA.
They've been working hard with
those rockets and stuff all day.
They need a little R&R.
So you take them
upstairs and F-U-C-K 'em good.
-Well isn't that...
-Ooh, mama!
-Well Mr. So and So.
I was always given the
impression that you folks down
the space service program just
didn't have any use for black
-Oh, it's not true.
That's exactly the kind of
reverse racism which is making
it difficult for us
people to work together.
As a matter of fact we've got
a program right now to put a,
put a coon on the moon by June!
[laughs] Only thing holding
us up is we can't have anyone
running in saying,
"The jig is up!"
-You mean to tell me
you're a rocket expert?
And you can't get it up?
I always thought
these guys were punks.
-I don't understand.
A thing like this never
happened to me before.
I don't get it!
-Well honey, looks like
we don't get it either.
-The jig is up!
-Hey baby.
-Hey baby.
-Well, who the hell
were those guys?
-And I just didn't
know what to do.
I tried Ms. Scarlett, I tried.
-Oh shit!
-Bye, nigger.
-Bye, nigger.
-Hey man, I
can't take it anymore.
We've been at it for
four days and nights.
When's he gonna let up?
I can dig it...
Say uh, Ra.
Shouldn't you take a break?
It would do us good, you know.
-Well perhaps forces
have been set in motion.
Forces that none
of us can control.
experimental jazz
-Goddamnit man.
Look at her.
She's so pretty.
Why would anyone do
something like that?
-Cut that shit nigger.
You been around long
enough to know better.
Look man.
There's lot more
where she came from.
So just take care
of business, okay?
Get your fatass over
there and clean them up.
Goddamn niggers ain't shit.
I oughta whoop asses myself.
Bitches need it.
-Bitches need it.
-[man] Wake up Sun Ra.
Wake up Sun Ra.
Look, we're as
ready as we'll ever be.
There's still time for
you to get some sleep.
Go home, and we'll pick you
up in time for the concert.
-I think that this whole big
concert business is a byproduct
of the Eurasian
Occidental conspiracy.
He's been coopted,
coauthored, and coelated.
Right on, Amen brother!
-Wait a minute.
He ain't sold out yet.
-All right.
Let's put it to him up front.
Look, there he is now.
[tire screeching]
What's this shit?
-We better get some help!
-Nah man, we ain't got time!
[engine revving]
-Hey, what's going on here?
He doesn't look so
dangerous to me.
-Right, we're gonna settle down.
Have a little talk.
-Where the hell is he?
-Look, relax now.
I sent some
people out to get him.
He gonna be here, so
be cool, you hear?
-All right, all right.
He better be here.
-You know it'd be a lot easier
if you'd just come across.
-What is the
source of your talent?
-Now don't threaten him.
It's not necessary.
Mr. Ra will tell us, I'm sure.
-Come on, Ra.
How do you convert your
harmonic progressions to energy?
-There's an African
Space Program, isn't there?
Now, why haven't
we heard about it?
-Please, Mr. Ra, just tell us.
I don't want to
see you get hurt,
but sometimes I
can't control him.
-Now what does
transmolecularism mean?
-Hold it.
He needs time to think about it.
[chuckles] We're gonna
go get something to eat,
and when we come back,
you'll be ready to talk.
Right Mr. Ra?
marching band music
plays on headphones
-You'll see, it's for the best.
Besides, I really want to
catch your consciousness.
marching band music
-Come on, brothers!
Let's haul ass!
-Come on Tiny.
Help us man.
The revolution
doesn't half step.
-Come on Tiny, come on!
-What's going on man?
-Come on!
-Come on, get in there man!
I'll try to pick the lock.
-Come on brother.
Soul power!
marching band
music on headphones
You see how they try
to demean our people.
This is what I've
been telling you about,
This dude is heavy or they
wouldn't be doing this to him.
You all right man?
Righteous brother.
This dude has the answers and
I'm gonna find out what they
Jive, mothers...
-Son of a bitch!
[engine revving]
-It's time.
What do we do?
-I knew it.
Just like him.
Blew it again because he
couldn't get here on time.
-What's that boss?
-Everything's all right, my man.
Just do your job.
Send the people home.
-I can't just walk out there
and-- and tell the people...
-Just do it!
[crowd chatter]
-[chuckling] How are you
doing ladies and gentlemen?
It's awfully good to
see you out here tonight.
You know, a funny thing happened
to me on the way to the theater.
You see, I was coming off this
curb and this car was coming
around the corner and barreling
down on me so I reach out and
I-- I grab by the rib and I
get this...
[speaking quickly
and incoherently]
[laughing] Seriously folks, uh.
Hey slick that's a nice hair cut
there you go out you get two of
those and you put them together
and it'll look just like my...
Yeah uh...
back in this ranch.
[inaudible yelling]
I say you damn
right I stay there!
And I'm like is
this a dude ranch?
[crowd booing]
-[crowd] We want Sun Ra!
We want Sun Ra!
-Excuse me folks!
-[crowd] We want Ra!
We want Ra!
We want Ra!
-Get out there!
-[Fey] [chuckling]
Now seriously folks...
-[crowd cheering] We want Ra!
We want Ra!
-Ladies and gentlemen, it looks
like the time has finally come
for me to...
Ladies and gentlemen, the
time has come for me to proudly
present the most influential
musician of this and 30 million
Give it up ladies and
gentlemen for Sun Ra!
-I'm still ahead
in points, baby.
I'll accept your
concession anytime it suits you.
experimental free jazz
-[Ra] We are
another order of being.
-[woman] We are
another order of being.
-[Ra] We bring to you the
mathematics of
an altered destiny.
-[woman] We bring to you
the mathematics of an altered
-Look up.
See the greater universe!
-Look up!
See the greater universe!
-Everything is in place.
Every star.
Every planet.
-Everything is in place.
Every star.
Every planet.
-[Ra] Everything is in
place except you planet earth!
-Everything is in place
but you planet earth!
-Everything is in place
except you planet earth.
-Everything is in place
except you planet earth.
-You are just like you always
were in your improper place.
-You are just like you always
were in your improper place.
-Living your improper lives
and dying your improper deaths.
-Living your improper lives
and dying your improper deaths.
-Change your time for
the unknown factor.
-Change your time for
the unknown factor.
-Time passes away but the
unknown is unmeasurable and
never passes away.
-Time passes away but the
unknown is unmeasurable and
never passes away.
-The unknown is the eternal
because you will never know what
it is all about.
-The unknown is the eternal
because you will never know what
it is all about.
-Your wisdom will be
when you say I do not know.
-Your wisdom will be
when you say I do not know.
-Your ignorance will
be your salvation.
-Your ignorance will
be your salvation.
experimental free jazz
-I am the brother of the wind.
I come from the earth and
hold it like a ball in my hands.
-I come from the earth and
hold it like a ball in my hands.
-I can take it in
seconds to another galaxy!
-I can take it in
seconds to another galaxy!
experimental free jazz
-I will take you to a new world.
-I will take you to a new world.
-I will take you to
outer unseen world!
-I will take you to
outer unseen world!
-They are expendable to
anything that earth represents.
-They are expendable to
anything that earth represents.
-If you are fearful you
will die in your fear.
-If you are fearful you
will die in your fear.
-If you are fearful, you
have the fearful persuasions.
-If you are fearful, you
have the fearful persuasions.
-[Ra] We have the
pattern for the spirit of man.
If the spirit of man is strong
it will be and do as I and my
Only fools seek
to harm the wind!
Only fools seek to harm
the brother of the wind.
I, the wind, come
and go as I choose.
And none can stop me.
I, the wind, come
and go as I choose.
And none can stop me.
I hate your reality.
-[woman] I hate your reality.
-[Ra] I hate your
cognizant, absolute reality.
-[woman] I hate your
cognizant, absolute reality.
-[Ra] We refeuse to be a--
-No man, no!
[chaotic crowd noise]
experimental free jazz
[chaotic beeping]
-What's going on man?
[beeping continues]
-There's no way he
can beat me this time.
Hey, pretty little girls.
Let's get ready to party.
What the
hell is going on here?
These bitches is mine.
Hell with it.
Hey baby.
I don't need her anyway.
I mean, screw her.
Chili pepper, you're all I need.
What is this shit?!
That damn side bet.
I knew I shouldn't have done it.
experimental free jazz
-I finally understand man why
I'd been throwing my life away
shooting dope.
It was because I felt like I
didn't feel like I was apart of
anything, man.
But you've got to let me go!
-Look Ra, why don't
you just hang here?
I'll get my attorney.
I think we can still
work this thing out.
-I will measure you by the
disciplines of your black
Your acceptance may
not be what you expect.
-Well, I'll take my chances.
You cannot take the
black part of you with you.
I'll take the
black part with me.
Where is that nigger?!
-Hey Fey, where you been, boy?
You colored people
never learn, do you.
-Don't touch me, nigger.
-I think it would be
best if you came with me.
You son of a bitch!
-Now, well, earthlings.
You just want to
speak of realities.
No myths.
Well, I'm the
myth talking to you.
So it's farewell.
experimental jazz music
-[woman] In some far off place,
it feels like years in space.
We'll wait for you!
Where human beings
have never drawn.
Human eyes have never seen.
We'll build a
world, that's the dream!
And wait for you!
In tomorrow's realm, we'll
take the helm of a new ship.
Like the leash of a whip, a
safe journey to another world!
Another world!
Another world, world!
[chaotic noise]
experimental jazz
-[woman singing]
Space is the place...