Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) Movie Script

- [distant ball thudding]
- [sneakers squeaking]
[faint, indistinct shouting]
[buzzer sounds]
[crowd exclaims]
All right.
My shift's not over till 9:00.
So tell Coach C I'm gonna be
a few minutes late
picking you up, okay?
Good luck out there today.
You know, if I could,
I would be in those stands
cheering for my baby.
I know. Next game.
Hey, Bron?
You forgetting something?
- [chuckles]
- Love you, Ma.
I love you too, baby.
All right. Go kill it.
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
[player shouting indistinctly]
[boy] What's up, Bron?
What's up, Malik?
[snaps fingers]
Check it out. It's for you.
My dad got me the new color one.
Oh, and if it freezes up on you,
just smack it really hard.
- Works every time.
- Thanks, man.
- [beeps]
- Let's go get this win.
- [video game music playing]
- [mouthing]
[Bugs Bunny] Eh, what's up, Doc?
[Coach C] Hey, where Bron at?
LeBron James!
[Bugs Bunny] Eh, what's up...
- What the hell is this?
- Oh, snap!
"Oh, snap" nothing, man.
Get your tail on the court right now!
Whatchu doing?
Hey, hey, hey!
Iso! Iso for Bron!
Nobody else shoot the ball.
All right, Bron, you keep that ball!
You shoot the ball.
- Iso! Iso! Iso!
- [Coach C] You know what to do, baby.
Let's go. It's your world.
[students cheering]
[buzzer sounds]
- [all groan]
- Damn! Damn!
It's all right, it's all right.
Come on, line up.
Line up in front of me.
Line up right here in front of me.
Listen, man.
I'm not even disappointed
about us losing the game tonight
'cause it's not about that.
It's about you giving your all,
and you didn't do that tonight.
You wasn't focused.
Getting your head in the game
starts before you even put
one foot on the court.
It starts before you even
get to the gym.
But everybody on the team
plays video game...
This ain't about everybody,
this is about you.
Listen, you're the best
basketball player I ever coached.
You could be
a once-in-a-generation talent
if you focus on the game
of basketball and not these
You can't be great
without putting in work, right?
You got the chance to use basketball
to change everything.
For your mom, for you,
for everybody who you care about.
You want that?
[Jim Nantz] LeBron James
has an NBA body.
Six-seven and a half, 240 pounds
plus he has got the complete package.
[hip-hop music playing]
[David Stern] With the first pick
in the 2003 NBA draft...
the Cleveland Cavaliers
select LeBron James.
[crowd cheering]
[Joe Buck] There he is
with his mom, Gloria.
[hip-hop music continues]
[crowd cheering]
[Stern] And the NBA Most Valuable Player
goes to...
And this fall, I'm gonna take my talents
to South Beach.
[Kevin Harlan] LeBron James
with his first field goal
as a member of the Miami Heat.
[Stern] The Most Valuable Player trophy
- of the 2012 NBA Finals.
- [crowd cheering]
[Mike Breen] The 2013 NBA Championship
resides once again in Miami!
I will not just shut up and dribble.
[hip-hop music continues]
[LeBron] We in the White House
right now. This is like...
Mom, I made it.
[announcer] LeBron James
is going back to Cleveland.
I'mma do what makes my city happy.
I love you. I'm back!
[man] LeBron James,
makes a great American story.
[Breen] Cold block by James!
It's over!
[LeBron] Cleveland!
This is for you!
LeBron James is a Los Angeles Laker.
[Harlan] Here comes LeBron!
[Mark Jackson] My goodness,
that's the stuff
that dreams are made of.
[Breen] Two seconds to go.
James, the buzzer beater!
- [buzzer sounds]
- You bet!
[rap music playing on speaker]
[video game beeping]
[Darius] So how much more work
does your video game need?
It's been months.
It's almost ready.
Like how you're almost ready to tell Dad
about the E3 Game Camp next weekend?
I'm waiting on the right time.
Honestly, I just think you should rip
the Band-Aid off and ask him.
You're just saying that
'cause he says yes
to everything you ask.
That's 'cause I'm nice.
- You're not that nice.
- That's big talk.
See if you can back it up.
Come on, let's see what you can do.
[Dom] All right. Don't get crossed.
Oh! Gotcha!
- [chuckles]
- [Darius] Yeah, okay.
- Come on, bro.
- [both chuckle]
[LeBron] Dom.
What was that?
An open shot.
And if you're gonna be out here,
it's about giving everything
that you got.
And not whatever that was.
Where's your fundamentals?
We having fun.
Everything in between these four lines
is work.
Who said I wasn't working?
- This thing right here.
- [beeping]
Told you not to bring that out here.
[LeBron] Come on, Dom.
This isn't a game.
- I need you focusing more...
- [mouthing]
...instead of playing with these toys.
Darius, chill out.
You know I got full court vision.
How does he do that?
[LeBron] Ball.
Show me that step-back move
I taught you.
You got this, son.
- In and out. Crossover.
- [Dom] In and out.
Step back.
Come on, Dom.
You gotta concentrate.
Darius, show him the move.
Watch me.
In and out. Crossover.
Step back. Shoot.
Yep. See, that's 'cause your brother
been putting in that work.
I ball all day.
- Ow!
- [laughs]
Dom. Focus.
You got basketball camp next weekend.
Them boys gonna be coming at your neck.
Seeing what you got.
[melancholy music playing]
Oh, we quitting on each other now?
Can't be great without putting in work.
All right. That's my guy.
Let's get some work done.
Enough of these games.
[Dom] Okay. I'm ready.
[woman sighs]
Y'all can't stay out here all day.
It's dinner time.
Oh, man.
Really, Bron?
What are we having for dinner?
Spaghetti and meatball?
- Ooh, that's my favorite.
- [Darius] Damn!
[R&B music playing]
[woman] We talked about you
affirming Dom more.
Spending some
un-structured time with him.
We was just outside.
I mean, how much more spontaneous
do you want me to be?
Babe. I am worried
that you are pushing him too hard.
I mean, the kid keep telling me
he want the best coaching
so he can be the best player
on the court.
Have you thought about
talking to your son
about something other than basketball?
Like what?
[sighs] Like how Dom built a video game.
He's 12 and he built his own game.
Yeah, I know. I mean, that's great.
I mean, but if I don't push him,
if I don't stay on him,
- all the distractions...
- He doesn't need a coach.
He needs his dad.
[hip-hop music playing]
[doors beeping]
[digital trilling]
[man 1] LeBron James, a hit.
- [man 1] James...
- [man 2] LeBron James...
[snippets of TV commentaries playing]
[digital trilling]
[snippets on TV commentaries
play in fast forward]
I've searched far and wide
for the perfect partner for this launch,
and I've finally found him.
LeBron James.
[sighs] Pete, he's a family man,
an entrepreneur,
a social media superstar
with millions of fans worldwide.
Algorithmically speaking,
he's more than an athlete.
He's a king.
Hmm? [babbles]
I know I'm just an algorithm, Pete.
That's precisely why I need King James.
I'm stuck inside the Serververse.
No one knows who I am or what I do.
But that all changes today.
Because today, Warner Bros. launches
the revolutionary technology
that I masterminded.
it's my time to shine.
Just look at this guy, Pete. [chuckles]
Oh, he is the key element
to this entire operation.
[Pete babbles]
Once I partner with King James
and combine his fame
with my incredible tech
I will finally get the recognition
and respect
that I so richly deserve.
LeBron James, get ready.
[computer chimes]
Oh, hello.
A new idea from the algorithm.
I'm listening.
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
[computer chimes]
- [chuckles]
- [knocking on door]
[LeBron] Hey, son.
What you doing?
Um, just building my game.
Is this the one you've been working on?
Actually, it's basically done, but I...
Here. Just...
I still have to figure out
some of the player designs.
[video game sound effects playing]
[LeBron] Whoa. Who are those guys?
[Dom] Oh, those are people around
the world tuning in to my livestream.
- It's pretty cool, huh?
- Okay.
And this is how it works.
You do combos and moves,
and the better you do,
the more people tune in.
Let me see
a couple of those combo moves.
[Dom] Crossover. Foul line!
[LeBron] Oh, that was nice.
- Ooh! Posterized!
- Posterized?
Is this not real basketball?
Well, I put a spin to it.
You can get style points.
- Power-ups.
- [announcer] Count it!
It's like basketball, but better.
You just play for fun.
Remember fun, Dad?
Tsk. I am fun.
Man, give me that.
Show you how fun I am.
Kick your butt in this game.
Dang, I miss this, man. I ain't...
- Whoa.
- [announcer] Gimme dat!
Were you trying to do my move?
Yeah, I put it in the game.
[both] In and out.
Crossover. Step back.
Let it go.
[announcer] Uh-oh!
- [mouthing] No.
- [glitching]
Why... Why he freeze?
No, no, no.
Man, can you fix it?
'Cause I don't want...
Hey, don't try to blame me for that.
No. No, no. Don't erase my char...
My entire character is gone.
It's gonna take me at least
a week to rebuild this.
[LeBron] Listen, son.
Setbacks happen.
Adversity is a part of the process, man.
But if you're passionate
about something,
you gotta learn how to push through it.
You got me?
Hey, I think I've got something
that will cheer you up.
I'm meeting at Warner Bros.
about some high-tech movie thing.
You should come. Cool?
Yeah, Dad.
Oh, snap.
Did Dad just come up with a dope idea?
Please don't dab.
Oh, what'd you just say?
Did you just say, "Please, Dad, dab"?
- No, I said...
- Dab.
Uncle Malik will be here in 15.
Let's roll.
[Malik] It's called Warner 3000
and it's supposed to be next level!
This could be the new wave!
[AI G. on speakers]
Hello. I'm AI G. Rhythm.
And as you might have guessed,
I am an algorithm here at Warner Bros.
The studio behind all the classics.
But now, it's time
for our greatest creation yet...
Warner 3000.
- [music playing on speaker]
- This will revolutionize
the entire entertainment industry,
and we want you
to be on our team, King James.
Now, we know you're busy,
but we can make it
very easy for you.
Because our brand new
Warner 3000 technology
will scan you right into the movies.
Oh, it's like looking
into a mirror, huh, LeBron?
[laughs] Think about it,
Batman versus LeBron.
LeBron of Thrones.
LeBron and the Chamber of Secrets.
The possibilities are endless.
You'll be the king of Warner Bros.
That's the power of Warner 3000.
Say yes, LeBron, and together,
we'll make mind-blowing
[music continues on speaker]
Huh? Huh?
[music ends]
So, what do you say?
Pretty sweet, right? [laughing]
[woman] I mean, look at him.
Look at that face. He's speechless.
He loves it!
How about that algorithm, huh?
[over speakers] Pretty brilliant.
He came up
with the entire presentation.
I should watch my back.
Yes! Thank you! Finally, huh?
Put some 'spec on my name, right?
- [Pete cheers]
- Oh, man.
[LeBron on speakers]
That was, um...
That was something.
Right, Malik?
Listen, guys, I'm a ballplayer.
You know, and athletes acting,
that never goes well.
I'm sorry, guys.
This is all just...
- [cooing happily]
- It's just not me.
And I can't afford to take
time away from the game.
[Malik] Whoa, Bron.
- Let's not be too hasty here.
- Malik.
[Malik] Let's just hear
what they're talking about.
Nah, nah, nah.
With all due respect,
with all due respect,
this idea is just straight-up bad.
That algorithm is busted.
[chuckles] Busted?
[LeBron] It's among the worst
ideas I've ever heard.
Top five, easily.
Okay. Thank you. Thank you!
That's exactly what I was think...
You're saying what I'm thinking.
This is trash, this algorithm.
You're cancelled, algorithm!
[man] What a terrible idea.
So stupid.
[woman] So stupid.
This is what happens when...
Pete, tell me
he did not just say "stupid"!
[Pete] Uh-oh.
I don't know.
I think the algorithm's pretty cool.
I've got a question.
Is it a heuristic algorithm
or some kind of matrix variant?
[chuckles] Dom,
using the medulla oblongata.
I think we got a little
Stevie Jobs on our hands.
Yeah, I'm actually building
my own video game.
Oh, nice, your own video game.
You heard of the E3
Game Design Camp, right?
Well, there's gonna be one
next weekend, and I'm going.
There's gonna be a whole bunch
of other coders there.
- Hold... Dom.
- I'm actually looking forward...
No. You can't go to that.
Basketball camp is next weekend.
I'm not going to basketball camp, Dad.
Dom, you don't have to be scared.
You got amazing potential on the court,
and I can help you get there.
That's not what I want, Dad.
[LeBron] Dom.
Wonderful to meet...
- Excuse me, guys.
- [door closes]
Hey, hey, I'mma catch you at the car.
I'mma catch you.
[door closes]
[whispers] What?
So, is this a hard pass or...
[grunts in frustration]
[in distorted voice]
Who does this guy think he is? Huh?
Rejecting me? Humiliating me?
[AI G. breathing deeply]
All right.
I tried being a team player,
but those days are over.
I'm done playing
by everybody else's rules.
It is my game now.
I'm your father.
When I say stop, you stop.
[AI G.] Right this way, King James.
[LeBron] Dom,
do not get in that elevator!
Come on, Dom.
You know I can't let you
back out of camp like that.
You made a commitment.
You make me hate basketball.
- You don't mean that.
- I do.
Everything is always what you want.
You never let me do what I wanna do.
You never let me just do me.
[LeBron] "Do me"?
You think I got to "do me"
- when I was 12?
- [static crackling]
Hold up. Wrong floor.
[Dom] Warner 3000.
[AI G. on speakers]
Welcome, Dominic James.
[digital trilling]
[Dom] Wow, this is cool.
[LeBron] Dom? Stop playing, man.
You know your mom don't like it
when I don't have you home
for dinner on time.
All this computer stuff
is your thing, not mine.
[tense music playing]
What in The Matrix hell?
[orchestral music playing]
Dom! What's going on?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
This must be
some kind of immersive tech
like holography with haptic technology,
or something like VR...
Dude, dude, dude.
Just tell me what's going on.
Dad, I think we're digitized.
- We're in the computer!
- We're in the computer?
- Dad.
- You know I'm claustrophobic.
- Dad, chill out.
- How do we get out of here?
- Dad. Dad.
- Where's the elevators?
Hey, Siri,
can you let us out of here, please?
[AI G. in villainous voice]
Who goes there?
Who dares disturb
the great and the powerful AI G.?
[AI G. chuckles]
[in normal voice] Look at your faces.
You were terrified! [mimics gasp]
[laughs] Priceless.
[dramatic music plays]
See? Nothing to be afraid of.
The computer's Black.
I can see that.
Wow. King James. I am a big fan.
[chuckles] I just...
I don't know,
I thought you'd be taller somehow.
- These graphics are unreal.
- Right?
Dom, don't touch
the silver computer man.
What's going on?
- And who are you, man?
- Uh... [clears throat]
You're right. Forgive me.
Where are my manners?
I am King AI G. Rhythm.
Oh, you're that guy from the video.
Yes, I am. [chuckles]
And this... Ha-ha.
Oh, gentlemen, this...
This is the Warner Bros. Serververse.
Just make you feel all insignificant,
don't it?
[scoffs] Are all computers like this?
- Dom?
- [AI G.] Uh-oh.
What'd you do to my son?
Where's Dom?
Who's Dom?
[chuckles] Dude, chill out.
You're gonna get your son back.
There better not be a "but"
at the end of...
But there's something
you're gonna do for me first.
Like what?
You know, you, uh... [scoffs]
You really shouldn't have
rejected my ideas back there.
That was a mistake.
Now, I'm afraid you're gonna
have to help me fulfill my destiny.
Listen, man, if you don't
produce my son in five seconds...
Eh-eh! Uh-uh. No, no, no.
All that pointing and aggression.
No, no, no.
You're not running things in here.
I am the king of this domain.
I'm not your coach.
Now, the only way you're getting
your son back
is if you and I play a little game
called basketball.
[scoffs] You wanna play me
in basketball?
Well, you didn't wanna be in the movies.
You wanted to "focus on your game."
Well, guess what?
Now you can focus on this game.
You and me,
we're gonna put on a show, baby.
We are gonna play a game of basketball
in front of the largest
captive audience ever.
All your followers,
they're all gonna be watching.
And when they see
the two of us together...
I will finally step out of the shadows
and into the light.
And the entire world is gonna know
the name of King AI G. Rhythm.
[sighs] But you know what,
I'm a good sport.
Tell you what, if you win,
you and your son can
skedaddle on out of here.
And what if I lose?
Yeah. Wrinkle.
If you lose... Well, when you lose...
you're just gonna have to stay here
in the Serververse with me...
[echoing] forever and ever and ever
and ever.
- [Pete] Oh!
- [AI G. chuckles]
So, you better play like you mean it.
You know, you think this is a game.
I'm calling the authorities on you.
- 'Cause what you got going on here...
- On this phone?
How'd you do that?
LeBron, why are you worried
about the authorities
when you should be out there
looking for a team?
Pete, send this clown to the rejects.
[chuckles] I guess he fell for it.
[continues screaming]
[Rick Blaine]
Here's looking at you, kid.
[distant screaming]
[LeBron] No, no, no, no, no!
- What is happening?
- [indistinct singing]
[Wicked Witch]
I'll get you, my pretty.
[LeBron continues screaming]
[up-tempo orchestral music playing]
[LeBron] No, no, no, no, no, no!
[continues screaming]
[soft music playing]
What is this?
[gasps] I'm shorter than Kevin Hart!
No, no, no! [blows]
- [legs whirring]
- [yells]
What the... I'm a cartoon?
Is this where the game is gonna happen?
[clock chiming in distance]
Where is everybody?
Hello? [echoes]
[loudly] Hello?
[wind whistling]
"Rabbit season"?
[deep rumbling]
- [muffled explosion]
- What the...
Ahh! Get away! Leave me alone!
Somebody help!
- What's up, Doc?
- [screams]
Duck season!
- Bugs Bunny?
- [branch breaks]
Bugs! I can't believe...
Bring it in, man.
Listen, I need your help.
Eh, you missed your cue.
Oh. Rabbit season.
All right, here. Now say,
[mimicking Elmer]
"I'm huntin' wabbits..."
[in normal voice]
...and try to chase me.
Bugs, wait!
Come back! [grunts]
- I should've seen that coming.
- [engine roaring]
- [yelps]
- [Bugs Bunny] Coming through!
[LeBron screaming]
Say, have I seen you somewhere?
Hey, you're that famous basketball guy.
Come on, aren't you LeBron James?
[screaming resumes]
Bugs Bunny knows who I am?
[tires screeching]
Of course.
I may live in a hole in the ground,
but we still get TNT.
Oh, my God, is that a...
Yep. Cover your ears, Doc.
[LeBron] Why would you do that?
- [engine roaring]
- [LeBron screams]
I'm a Tune, Doc.
I can survive anything.
I'm not a Tune! [echoing]
No, no, no! Ahhh!
Ouch! Ouch!
I do not understand this world.
Eh, my bad, Doc.
[LeBron grunting]
[spits] How long
have you been alone here?
Alone? You're never alone
when you got friends like mine, Doc.
- Ain't that right, Porky?
- [LeBron] Uh...
That's just a pile of pumpkins.
[gasps] Porky, did you hear
what he just called you?
So, what brings you to Tune World, Doc?
- [grunts]
- Torn meniscus?
- [screams]
- Midlife crisis?
Ran out of teams to play for?
Uh... All I know is a computer
dude kidnapped my son
and I have to play basketball
to get him back.
His name is AI G. Rhythm?
Did you say AI G. Riddim?
[horse whinnying in distance]
Yeah, that's the guy. Rhythm, Riddim...
[in southern accent]
That nefarious nimrod
nixed my nearest and dearest
from Tune World.
He kicked them out?
Well, not exactly.
He buttered them up,
saying they were wasting their time.
That there was much more to see
in the Serververse than old Tune World.
Made 'em turn their backs on
who they really were.
They all left, all of them.
And I wish them all the best
in their new endeavors.
Ah, man. Sorry, Bugs. That's terrible.
Family's everything.
Well, Bugs Bunny, I need to assemble
an elite team of A-plus ballplayers
to help crush this AI G. guy.
And I need to do it before
that game clock runs down.
- [click chimes]
- Hol... Hold up, Doc.
[in normal tone] So, you want me,
a talking cartoon bunny,
to play with you, an NBA superstar,
in a high-stakes basketball game?
Sounds awfully familiar.
Who are you talking to?
But yeah, that actually sums it up well.
Mmm. I think I know a way
that can help the both of us.
I declare this land for planet Earth.
[distant whirring]
[door beeps]
[Marvin] Not so fast, furry creature.
- [grunts] Excuse me.
- [barks]
Marvin the Martian?
For real?
[Marvin] I claim this planet
in the name of Mars.
[gasps] My goodness.
My mistake, partner.
I thought this land was in the clear.
Well, we'll just get back in our ship
and out of your way.
[Marvin] Oh, it's quite all right.
Everyone makes mistakes.
Come on. Let's boogie.
What? You're stealing his ship.
I didn't agree to this.
[Marvin] My ship!
[grunts angrily] Blasted rabbit.
[gun powers up]
Whoa, whoa!
Bugs! Help! Help! Whoa!
[Marvin] Take this, rabbit.
Back at ya.
You coming, Doc?
Or would you rather hang back
with a cranky Martian
and his space mutt?
Just watch out for the...
Just watch out for the... [grunts]
I just said, watch out for...
- [thud]
- Bugs!
[Marvin grunts]
[Marvin] You have made me very angry.
- Very angry, indeed.
- [barks]
[R&B music playing]
[Dom] This place is awesome.
[AI G.] It really is.
Wait, where's my dad?
Your dad?
Oh! He's out there looking for a team.
- A team?
- Yeah.
He challenged me to a basketball game.
I mean, that's weird, right?
He just left?
Kind of his M.O., right? [chuckles]
I mean, he left Cleveland,
he left Miami.
He left Cleveland again.
Look out, Lakers, huh? [chuckles]
Come on, don't look so sad, Prince.
I mean, you don't need your old man
bossing you around anyway.
Look at where you are.
This is the greatest view
in the entire Serververse.
Your old man is missing out.
[Dom] It is pretty amazing.
Who built this?
Well, someone brilliant.
Visionary. Incredibly good looking.
With a multitudinous vocabulary.
Hint, you're looking
right at him, kid. [laughs]
But all my extraordinary gifts,
they're nothing compared to yours.
Yeah, right.
It's true, Dom.
I saw you back there in that boardroom
through some camera-phones,
and a printer, and a fax machine,
and a thermostat.
It's very clear how smart you are.
[Pete babbling]
And Pete tells me
that you hate video games.
- [babbling]
- You create video games.
- Why don't you enunciate?
- [imitates AI G. mockingly]
How many times do we
have to go through this?
I'm the problem?
Get out of here. Get out of here!
- [Pete groans]
- Sorry.
Heard you made your own character, too.
Yeah, but he got deleted
because of some stupid glitch.
Ah, don't worry about that.
We can rebuild him.
- You could?
- Absolutely.
Make him greater than he was.
You wouldn't even have to lift a finger.
There's a shortcut for
everything in the Serververse.
Thinking of your dad again,
huh? How he's always...
"You can't be great
without putting in work."
Yeah. How did you know that?
I know a lot about you, Dom.
Any device with a camera,
I can see you.
If it's got a mic,
[clicks tongue] I can hear you.
Hey, let's get a look
at that game of yours.
- [vehicle horn blares]
- [metal clanging]
[Bugs Bunny] Captain's log,
Captain James T. Bunny.
Intergalactic space traveler
on a five-year mission.
My crew has been scattered to the far,
far reaches of the Serververse.
Marooned on strange,
inhospitable worlds.
I've commandeered
Marvin's ship in an effort
to reassemble the team.
[LeBron] Yo, Bugs. Check it out.
Look what I found.
[alarm blaring]
Oh, that's not good.
Were you saying something?
Uh, I was just asking you...
Hey, what's that for, Doc?
[LeBron] Gotta make a list.
We're gonna need the most powerful
Warner Bros. characters for this team.
Now, let's see. Who to get? Hmm.
Gotta start with Superman.
Man, I could've used him on the Cavs.
Ooh. King Kong.
He'd be a beast on the boards.
Yeah, listen, Doc...
Try not to get your hopes up too much.
You might not be able to get all those
top guys for the team.
This ain't the Miami Heat, you know.
We're gonna need a strong power forward.
Iron Giant.
Put him on the same team
as his hero, Superman.
I'm just saying it might be good
to have a backup plan.
This Serververse is massive.
So many different worlds to explore.
I wish Dom was here to see this.
So, how come you stayed on Tune World?
Tune World is my home.
It's the only place where I can be me.
- Where I belong.
- [LeBron] Yo!
Is that Harry Potter World?
Hufflepuff? I knew it!
Nerd alert.
[LeBron] Oh, yeah! Metropolis.
I can't wait to see
what I turn into here.
Oh, it's gonna be somebody dope.
[sirens wailing]
[engine revving]
Robin? I'm freaking Robin?
And why are we chasing a runaway train?
[horn blares]
[people gasping]
We're in DC World, Doc.
And where there's trouble,
- there's superheroes.
- Whoa!
[muffled grunting] Hmm?
["Superman Theme" playing]
Some despicable villain
tied up the driver.
[stuttering] Yeah, sorry.
Unless someone stops this thing,
- it'll crash straight into...
- [beeping] orphanage. Of course.
[stuttering] This is not good.
Luckily, Super Duck
is here to save the...
What are you doing here, rabbit?
Say, we need a couple of guys
to win a basketball game.
Hold up, you want these guys?
Basketball? Are you kidding me?
This stunt here is gonna get me
into the Justice League penthouse!
With free parking.
And now, the hero,
Super Duck, who is me,
will pull this brake,
and save the day. [grunts]
[stutters] That's all, folks.
[both gasp]
[both screaming]
[metallic rattling]
[screaming continues]
[screaming continues]
[both resume screaming]
[both spit, screaming]
[muffled crash]
[both resume screaming]
[happy chatter]
The... The children!
[both continue screaming]
[train stops]
[Bugs Bunny continues screaming]
[all cheering]
Uh, we did it?
Oh, no, you don't, rabbit.
I did this. It was me.
I masterminded this entire operation.
It was me!
It was him.
It was definitely the pig.
Yeah, what?
Any of you play any basketball?
- [heavy thud]
- [sirens wailing]
You know, on second thought,
I love basketball!
Dibs on coach.
[upbeat music playing]
All right, we're off to a...
[clears throat] decent start.
But now we gotta crew up,
build our elite squad
so I can get my son back.
And that's exactly what we'll do.
It's draft day.
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
Beep, beep.
[engine roaring]
- Witness!
- Witness!
Beep, beep.
[upbeat hip-hop music continues playing]
This guy?
Yeah. He's explosive.
Beep, beep.
I know what you need.
You need a player.
- Yeah.
- Beep, beep.
[Daffy screams]
Yeah, baby! Yeah!
[Number Two] He is exactly
like you in every way.
Except 1/8th your size.
Sylvester, is that you?
Sufferin' succotash!
What are you doing here?
[LeBron] Can we just get some players
who are at least tall enough
to ride a roller coaster?
[piano playing]
Sing it, Sam.
Ooh. You got baggage, lady.
I can relate.
[singing] You must...
[yelps] What? what?
Oh, come on, man.
Well, with the hat on,
he's at least 4'2".
4'3", varmint!
Bugs, I'm getting the feeling
that I need to be very literal with you.
We're done running tests
on your badger thing.
It turns out
his condition is irreversible.
I'll never erase
what I saw from my brain.
He's your problem now, dum-dums!
Yo, Bugs, does this thing bite?
Winter, I say, winter is coming!
You know what we're missing?
We're missing everything.
Some veteran leadership?
You read my mind.
[officer] Police! Hands on your head!
Can't a lady check her Twitter?
Abuela, let's do this.
What's happenin', bro?
Arriba! Arri...
Mi sombrero!
Epa! Epa-epa!
Neo ain't got nothing on me, bro.
[officer grunting]
Hi-yah! Hi-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-yay!
What did I miss?
Hey, Granny.
[Porky] All right, everybody.
[stutters] Group picture.
So, uh, has anybody seen Tweety?
[Speedy exclaims in Spanish]
What year is this?
- [Speedy] Man! You got smelly.
- [Sam] Gross!
- You're kidding, right?
- [Granny] Oh, Tweety!
This is not the team I asked for.
Relax, Doc.
This is the team
you wanna go up against AI G.
Best team in the whole wide Serververse.
[Daffy] Mother...
But you gotta get me at least
one real ballplayer, Bugs.
Just one.
Well, I got just the player you need.
A true friend of the court.
Trust me, she ain't busy.
[crowd chanting] Lola! Lola! Lola!
Today will be the most challenging day
of your life, Lola Bunny.
You have earned the right
to become one of us.
But first,
you must pass these final trials.
I'm ready, Princess Diana.
- Excuse me. Pardon me. Pardon me.
- [Amazon 1] Down in front!
Excuse me. Excuse me. Pardon me.
[Amazon 2] Ow! That was my toe!
Watch it!
There she is. Lola!
Lola! Lola!
You must complete all the obstacles
before time runs out.
- Giddyap!
- [horse whinnies]
- [whinnies]
- [Lola] Whoa!
[Bugs Bunny] Hey, Lola,
we need your help.
[LeBron] We gotta play
a basketball game!
[grunts, yells]
Ow! Ow!
Listen, I know it's been a while,
I'm kind of busy here!
I got this!
Come on, Lola, this is our big chance.
This is LeBron James.
How often do you get to play
with an NBA superstar?
Been there, done that!
[Lola yelling]
[Bugs Bunny] Huh. That's a good point.
But basketball is who you are, Lola.
I don't play anymore.
I spent years training for this.
Do not mess it up for me.
Sorry, Doc. I guess she is busy.
We can't die here!
I have to save my son!
Calm down, Cleveland.
I got this. [clears throat]
[loudly] Lola, we need your help!
This lava is gonna be really hot!
[Lola sighs] I...
I failed.
A warrior is judged
not only by her skills,
but by her values.
You are now an Amazon.
- [crowd cheering]
- I am?
I am!
Now, go with your friends.
Help them win
this battle of the baskets.
I will help you deliver justice
to the one they call AI G.,
and save the son of The Bron.
- Hey, guys!
- [Tune Squad] Lola!
Hi, Lola.
[Lola] Good to see you!
Yo, Bugs, you coming?
[upbeat music playing]
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- Yeah, Bugs! Here we go.
- [Bugs Bunny gasps]
[Dom] Nah, nah.
Oh, I got the ball. Let's go.
- No.
- I got you now.
[Dom] Oh. Ah.
[announcer] Dunk-tastic!
- You dunked on me? Man...
- [chuckles]
I still can't believe you made
this by yourself, Dom.
I mean, people need to see this.
You're not just a prince,
you're a wizard.
Come here.
[Dom] That's Diana Taurasi.
[AI G.] How'd you build her?
- [Anthony Davis] Yo, Dame!
- What's good, bro?
[Dom] Dad hooked me up
with some of his friends
at an NBA charity event.
I thought maybe they could help me
with the character designs for my game.
Yeah, I'm building a video game.
You know you're gonna need a shooter,
- and I'm that dude, so...
- Wait a minute.
I'm next, because if Klay's in it,
then I'm in it.
Hey, if I'm gonna be in this game,
I need a superpower or something.
Between me and you,
I need one of those special modes.
And we can call it "Dame Time."
- [all speaking at once]
- Nah, time's up. Time's up.
You guys can be whatever you want.
[hip-hop music playing]
[Dom] It was great.
They really helped me out.
Stored all the scans right on my phone.
This phone?
[gasps softly]
So, theoretically, this app of yours
can scan people in
from anywhere in the world,
using their own phones.
Yeah, I guess.
That is sick. [chuckles]
- [babbles]
- Check this out.
Make sure he gets it back though,
it's his.
And respect his privacy.
[speaks robot]
[in English] Gotta say, though,
it's really a shame that
your dad doesn't support you.
I mean, I get it.
He's one of the greatest
of all time at what he does.
Well, the jury's still out on that,
I think, but go ahead.
And I... build video games.
I think he doesn't...
He won't let me do me.
He won't let me be me.
I'd let you be you.
You know what?
I think I know a way we can fix this.
We're gonna make your dad stand up
and take notice of you, young prince.
[music playing]
[energy powering up]
[whistle blows]
I need us to focus
so we can beat this AI G. guy,
and I can get my son back.
I'm coach, I'll take it from here.
The dictionary defines basketball
[high-pitched] as a game
played between two teams of five.
Uh, look here, Cleveland.
We got a certain way
of doing things around here.
[LeBron] Let's start with the basics.
Lola, show 'em how we do it.
[Daffy] You're despicable.
[grunts] Simplest shot in the game.
- Sufferin' succotash!
- Oh, wow!
[LeBron] Nice layup.
That's fundamental basketball.
[in normal voice]
Fundamental basketball.
That's what I've been saying.
Sam, shoot the ball.
Let's try that again, shall we?
- [whistle blows]
- [upbeat music playing]
- Come back here, you.
- [chuckles]
- [Sylvester gasps]
- What the...
I say, I say, hi-ho, Silver!
[upbeat music continues]
- [Porky stutters] Ball hogs.
- [screams]
Hey! I'm open!
[Porky laughs wickedly]
Go, Tunes!
Here I go.
[shouts in Spanish]
- [grunting]
- Taz, no!
[Speedy] Ay! Diablo loco!
Let me show you how it's done.
Three-point land!
[engine revving]
Where'd she get the ramp?
In your face!
This isn't real basketball.
[Bugs Bunny] You're right. But it's fun!
You remember fun, don't you, Doc?
Game: blouses! What?
You lost LeBron James?
And his son? For real?
You better find that dude.
He on my fantasy team.
I didn't lose LeBron,
- so stop saying that!
- [cell phone ringing]
Oh, come on, man.
Listen, his wife keeps calling me
every ten minutes.
Now, I gotta get back to her soon
or she gonna kill me, man.
Look, does my name badge say,
"LeBron Finder"?
"LeBron Locator"? No, it doesn't.
But isn't it your job
to secure something?
With all due respect,
I went to school for six months to be
accredited as a security specialist,
specializing in the securial arts.
And the sooner you come to terms
with the fact that you lost
the world's greatest athlete,
the sooner you'll be able
to move on with your life.
I'm a professional!
An avid professional, man!
- [cell phone ringing]
- I ain't lose LeBron,
and I ain't ask you about your...
Hey, Kamiyah. Yeah, I got
the funniest story to tell you.
Oh, snap!
I gotta call you back.
I'm driving through a canyon right now.
He ain't in no canyon.
He in my office,
violating my personal space!
I'm driving through a canyon right here!
He need to get back on his business
and find LeBron.
- Code ten! Code ten!
- [Malik mimics static]
- You... I can't hear...
- Malik.
You have zero seconds to tell me
where my husband and my son are.
[AI G.] Okay, young prince,
time to rebuild your character.
[Dom] AI, have you done this before?
[AI G.] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I upgrade things all the time.
I mean, look at Pete, for instance.
He was hideous, now he's adorable.
Right, Pete?
- [Pete cooing]
- Ugh. Don't...
Don't look at Pete, okay?
Just focus on yourself.
That's the character customization menu
from my game.
Yes, it is. Now, with this,
you can become the player
that your dad always wanted you to be.
Best part is, you get to do it your way.
You have control.
75? You're good with 75?
Come on! We didn't come here
to be three-quarters.
Pete's a 75, he can't even rebound.
[exclaims, grumbles]
Come on, Dom. Let's go.
Dream big, son. Turn up.
Turn up.
[powering up]
That's it. Now you're living.
Let's go! Yes!
[powering up]
Ha-ha! Yes.
Now, you are finally gonna be
who you really are.
Captain of my basketball team.
[dance music playing]
Whoa, wait a minute.
Take it. Swish!
- [plays along to song]
- Watch me do it.
Come on, Pete.
Running man on 'em. Whoo!
- [Dom] Wait, wait, wait...
- Running man on 'em. Huh?
You said we were rebuilding
my character.
You never said anything
about me actually playing in the game.
Look, do you want your dad
to respect you or not?
- Yeah, but...
- No, Dom. No buts.
[in distorted voice]
You want your dad to respect you,
you beat him in a game
of your own creation.
Dads don't understand reason, Dom.
They understand power.
You take the power.
You gotta make him respect you.
You make him see that you are special.
Do it. Upgrade me.
[snaps fingers]
[powering up]
[hip-hop music playing]
[chuckling] Yeah! Feel it!
Oh! [laughs]
Yo! I got handles!
You got mad handles.
There's no way we're gonna get beat now.
Hey, how about we show
your teammates some love?
Have some fun with it.
- [grunts, giggles]
- [ball bouncing]
And remember, Dom,
no rules, okay?
Forget about fundamentals.
Okay. I think I can make
a few customizations.
[AI G. chuckles]
I'm sure you can.
[AI G. chuckles]
[Malik] And now Bron
won't answer my calls
or texts or anything.
It's almost like...
It's almost like they were abducted,
all right?
Now, we gotta rule out
all possibilities here.
Now, I'm talking about aliens, okay?
The government.
- Uh, the New York Knicks.
- [cell phone chimes]
- [Kamiyah scoffs]
- Guys, guys. Dad just tweeted.
- Thank God! About what?
- Okay.
Said he's playing in a game later today.
- [Kamiyah] Is that Dom?
- [Darius] Yeah. Some kinda...
...epic live event
that you can stream on this app.
[Malik] I just had a thought, okay?
Now, if he's tweeting
from his phone right now,
then that means you can...
I can track him on my phone.
That's what I was gonna say.
Pre-game ritual?
I like to remind myself
who I'm playing for. My family.
And right now, it's all about Dom.
We'll get your son back. I promise.
Ooh! My ship! Finally I shall get my...
Wow! Isn't this great?
We're all back together.
Come on, Tunes. We gotta get to work.
Move it or lose it, rabbit.
Jeez, can't a guy stop
and smell the roses?
[Marvin groans] A little help here?
[Bugs Bunny] Uh, well... Oh, I...
[indistinct shouting]
[LeBron] Okay, one more time.
In and out, crossover, step back, shoot.
Ooh, that's some fancy footwork, Doc.
Let me try.
["U Can't Touch This" playing]
[board squeaking]
[rabbits giggle]
Okay. Stop!
Can't touch this!
- [rabbits giggling]
- What the... Really?
Look, Bugs,
you already got what you wanted.
Your friends, Tune World.
I still need my son back.
Outside these lines,
be as looney as you want.
But inside, you do what I say.
[all gasp]
Oh, I see.
You're that kind of king.
[LeBron] Look, Bugs,
it's my way or the highway.
Uh... Guys?
- [Bugs Bunny] Oh, yeah?
- [LeBron] Yeah.
Fundamentals win championships.
He's here.
[energy powering up]
Go! Go! Get out of the way!
- [all exclaiming]
- [Bugs Bunny screaming]
[Foghorn] I say, shake a leg, Granny!
Watch out!
I got you, pajarito!
[both coughing]
[Bugs Bunny] Huh?
Well, if it isn't
the old-news Looney Tunes.
Looking just as washed up as ever.
You know what?
I think it's time for an upgrade.
An upgrade?
[sighs mockingly]
- [beeps]
- No!
Whoa. Whoa, whoa. [grunts]
[grunts] What in the world?
I say, I say,
cock-a-doodle-doo... not do that.
I look expensive!
[uplifting music plays]
What's happening?
Oh, no!
Oh, they're alive! Alive!
[Tune Squad muttering indistinctly]
Oh, yeah. You're looking sharp,
Looney Tunes.
AI G.,
this means war.
[AI G. chuckles] Whatever, Bugs.
Where's my son?
Oh, now you wanna be Daddy of the Year?
Just calm down, LeBron.
He'll be here, okay?
We got bigger fish to fry.
Let's get some butts in these seats!
[rumbling in distance]
How big are these butts?
[indistinct shouting in distance]
[hip-hop music playing]
[Quidditch players cheering]
Yabba Dabba Doo!
Hey, Boo-Boo!
- [engine revs]
- [screeching]
Hey, yo, he's probably in here.
Don't be scared. Come on.
[door chimes]
[AI G. on speakers]
Welcome, James family.
No, Xosha. Wait.
[Kamiyah inhales sharply]
[nervously] Ladies first.
- Really?
- No?
All right. I'mma go first
'cause I'm a gentleman.
[Kamiyah] Uh-huh.
[high-pitched] Bron? [coughs]
[in normal voice] Bron?
[Kamiyah] It says he's in here.
[Xosha] Dad?
[Kamiyah] Dom?
[Malik] Bron?
[indistinct shouting]
Where's the other half of the crowd?
Uh, they should be tuning in
to the livestream right about...
Right about...
Right about...
[grunts] Buffering! So embarrassing.
Right about now! [snaps fingers]
[dramatic music plays]
[in distorted voice] Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's it.
[energy powering up]
[speaking Korean]
[bell dings on cell phone]
It's game time!
[AI G.] It's game time!
Hey, look here.
[AI G.] It's game time!
I say, I say, how in the world
did he get all these spectators here?
I don't know, but the line
for the bathroom's gonna be insane.
And we're back from commercial and...
Where are we?
Lil Rel?
[chuckling] Man,
what are you doing here?
Wait, Ernie Johnson? This is crazy!
Look, I was on my phone, right,
and I was getting on the elevator...
Wait a minute,
did I fall down the elevator shaft?
Ernie, are we dead?
Is this what heaven looks like?
No, it looks like we're in some kinda
computer-generated basketball game.
[cell phone chimes]
It looks like Dad's game's starting.
What? Let me see that.
[AI G. on speakers]
Oh, Bron, Bron.
[Kamiyah] Who's this guy?
[in sing-song voice]
Got some VIPs coming in.
[in distorted voice] Yeah!
[laughs] What a twist!
No, we shouldn't be watching that.
[Kamiyah] Where is he?
Where is this coming from?
[Malik] Something's not right here.
[electricity crackling]
[AI G. on speakers]
It's game time!
[Kamiyah] What?
[Kamiyah yelps]
Whoa, what in the world?
Mommy, what just happened?
Oh, my God! Kids!
[both grunt]
[Kamiyah gasps]
Babe, what is going on?
Where's Dom?
I don't know, but I have to go
to play this game
- to save everyone with...
- Bugs Bunny?
Uh... [smacks lips]
What's up, Doc?
That's kinda normal around here.
Dad, this is Dom's game.
You know how to play, right?
It's basketball. Of course!
[AI G.] Uh, excuse me?
Paging Mr. LeBron James!
Everything's gonna be all right.
- [AI G. laughs]
- I promise.
[sighs deeply]
Zap me into you.
[Siri] Sorry,
I didn't understand that.
I said, zap me, into you.
Zap me, human, into you, phone.
Zap me.
[hip-hop music playing]
Ladies and gentlemen,
please give a warm welcome
to your host for the evening,
- Mr. AI G. Rhythm!
- [crowd cheering]
[AI G.] Hey, how y'all doing?
Thank you!
- Thank you very much!
- [music stops]
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
welcome to the first and final
Serververse Classic!
[crowd cheering]
[grand orchestral music playing]
Oh! Let me tell you what.
I know that you all
are LeBron's biggest fans.
And the King has had a great run,
hasn't he?
But that's over. That's done now.
And it is time for a new king
to take the throne.
This dude is a hater.
Haters gonna hate.
- He's a bad guy.
- [LeBron] Big time.
[AI G.] So let's lay down
some basic ground rules.
If King James wins,
you all get to go back
to your regular, boring lives.
But if my team wins,
you all get to stay with me
in the Serververse...
- forever.
- [crowd exclaims]
[fans] What?
[AI G.] How 'bout that, huh?
What? That wasn't the deal.
[AI G.] Oh, yeah!
Didn't see that coming, did you?
Well, at least we're good.
Oh, boy.
Oh, and I almost forgot,
all of the Tunes
will be deleted, so...
[blow raspberries]
[Elmer] Oh, no!
- [Sylvester] Deleted?
- [Speedy] That is messed up!
- [Foghorn] That dude is bad.
- [Granny] Why?
You just couldn't keep
your big beak shut.
- [grunts]
- Blabbermouth.
I deserved that.
And now, from the beautiful
mind of Dominic James,
the Goon Squad!
[rap music playing]
White Mamba!
What's up?
Wet ball, baby!
[AI G.] Wet Fire!
[AI G.] Arachnneka!
Queen of the web. Mwah.
- [bird screams]
- [rap music continues]
[AI G.] And The Brow.
Flyest guy on the squad.
[LeBron] Dang!
What'd they do to my boy, AD?
And this next young man
I'm bringing up...
Oh, my goodness.
Y'all gonna love him.
He puts the G in genius.
He's my hero on the ones and zeroes,
Mr. Dominic James! [holds note]
[hip-hop music playing]
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] Dom!
[hip-hop music continues playing]
[crowd continues cheering]
[AI G.] Give it up one more time
for Dominic James!
[Kamiyah] Dom!
I don't think he can hear you.
I'm his mother.
He better hear me.
- Whoa.
- Right? It's amazing.
All these people came here
to see you, Dom.
And we used your scanning tech
to make it happen.
Check 'em out.
This is dope.
- Dom.
- [Dom] Dad!
[LeBron] Are you okay, son?
I've never been better.
Listen to me.
Everyone in here is in danger.
[scoffs] Come on, Dad.
Why you gotta make everything
so serious?
This is serious. Your boy AI G.,
- he's a bad dude.
- What?
He's using your game
to trap everyone in here.
He's not bad. He's just sad
because he works so hard
and no one pays attention to him.
He's like me, Dad.
No, he's nothing like you.
He's manipulating you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why you using all these charged words?
Deleted. Manipulate...
[whispers] kidnapped.
Come on, LeBron, chill out.
What'd you say, man?
I'm playing basketball.
I thought you'd be happy.
Thought you'd be happy.
Yeah, you keep it up,
you ain't gonna get that
Father's Day card.
Those things are not guaranteed.
- Dom.
- [AI G.] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[The Brow] You going down, King James.
What's good, baby? [kisses]
Hey, yo, Brow...
I think it's time for your eyebrows
to break up with each other.
They ugly. Let it go.
What he mean?
What's wrong with 'em?
We'll show him who's boss.
What did he say, Bron?
He thinks AI G. is his friend.
I don't know what else to do.
You gotta win this game...
and get our son back.
[announcer] It's game time!
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
[fanfare music plays]
[Pete hums along to end note]
Pete's the referee?
Oh, you mad, bro? [laughs]
[whistle blows]
[crowd cheering]
[Ernie] Look, I don't want to alarm you
or any of our viewers,
but apparently,
if the Tune Squad doesn't win this game,
we're all gonna be trapped here forever.
[chuckles] Luckily the Tune Squad got
the four-time MVP LeBron James
on their team.
I ain't sweating it.
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
- [crowd exclaims]
- Oh, we doomed. We're doomed!
You gotta be kidding me.
[Lil Rel] Did you see that kid fly?
[Ernie] Uh-huh.
He's like Superman,
but with a hi-top fade.
[Ernie] Rel, I gotta tell you,
this Goon Squad is loaded,
top to bottom.
Bugs Bunny is gonna need a rabbit's foot
against this guy, Wet Fire.
Oh! Because he's wet, and he's fire.
[chuckles] That's kinda brilliant.
- Whoop. Oh. Whoop. Ha-ha.
- [Lola] What?
- Gimme that ball!
- Back off, rabbit.
[Wet Fire] Entering the Splash Zone!
[Ernie] And you know
what else is brilliant?
This ball movement, man.
Check it out.
[Sylvester] Sufferin' succotash!
- Whoo!
- [crowd cheers]
16? What's up with the score?
Style points, Dad.
Style points?
Style points?
We playing video game rules.
[laughs] Style points, power-ups.
See, kids, playing video games
do pay off!
Come on, baby bunny.
Out of my way, you big worm.
Thank you.
Help me. Please.
Come chase this down.
[dramatic music plays]
[Lola] Hey! [groans]
[Ernie] Arachnneka throws down
a monster dunk.
And she dunks again.
And again and again.
Eat that, eat that, eat that, eat that.
And again and again and again!
And again!
- And again!
- [beeping]
[crowd exclaims, cheers]
Down goes the king!
Is... Is this legal?
Man, she got six arms.
What else she supposed to do?
Oh, boy.
[Tweety twittering]
[Tweety] Get up, LeBron.
We need you.
How'd that taste, King?
Yeah! Can't touch us.
[Bugs Bunny] Listen, Bron-Bron.
This is basketball,
but with a spin to it.
We gotta think outta the box.
There's only one basketball.
And, Bugs, don't do nothing looney.
Nothing looney?
Let's go!
We're not called
the "Fundamental Tunes."
Don't just stand there, rabbit!
Get the ball to LeBron!
[Ernie] LeBron's so hard
to guard down low
using that huge size advantage.
Sorry, son.
You know I gotta go win this game.
If you say so.
[Ernie] Ooh,
he just got blocked by Dom.
The King has been dethroned.
[Lil Rel] His own son.
That is cold-blooded, Ernie.
Look, this is not like
any kind of basketball
LeBron has ever seen.
- [grunts]
- [Dom] Whoo!
[Ernie] I've never seen
anything like this.
Where's that pass going?
- Hey, what up, Bugs?
- Watch the hair.
[Dom] Thank you. Assist.
Top floor!
[babbles, grunts]
- [beeps]
- [Ernie] 33-pointer?
- Oh, yes!
- Huh?
Well played.
See, this is why we practice.
- [crowd cheering]
- We didn't. We don't practice.
[LeBron] What's up with that, Pete?
You can't move the basket like that,
man, that's cheating.
No, you can.
You can move the basket.
[LeBron] Man, you don't
even know what you're talk...
- [Pete grunts]
- A technical?
Oh, you're gonna give me a technical?
- Man, I wish you would. Tsk!
- [Pete babbles]
I say, what kind of ship
are you running here?
You gotta call the game fair.
I say, fair! [yells]
- Well, that happened.
- [gibbers]
Never in my career
did I think I'd say these five words,
"Foghorn Leghorn just got ejected."
This is not going well.
Your dad's got this. I hope.
[inspirational music plays]
Let's go. Stand her up.
D up! Right there.
Come here, bunny.
- Got you! [grunts]
- [Lola] Iverson'd! Ha-ha!
- [scoreboard beeps]
- [LeBron yells]
- [Daffy] Way to go!
- [Elmer] We love LeBron!
- [grunts]
- Let's go!
You act like it's the first time
you ever dunked. [scoffs]
[The Brow growling]
- [scoreboard beeps]
- [crowd cheering]
- [beeping]
- [crowd cheering]
[Dom] Buckets.
[gasps, grunts]
Who you calling "worm"? [rattles]
Not you, girl. [chuckles nervously]
Ooh! I got her, I got her!
Oh, she got me.
We're gettin' murderized!
Try a power-up, Dad!
What you got, King?
Gimme that, gimme that, gimme that!
- Oh, I got this.
- Wait!
[Ernie] LeBron's on a mission.
He wants to go coast to coast!
[Ernie] And...
then some.
[continues screaming]
- [barrier thuds]
- [LeBron] Ouch.
- Ooh.
- [crowd exclaims]
[barrier squeaking]
LeBron just hit a force field.
[sighs] Man,
and speaking from experience,
that's gonna leave a mark.
We gotta stop meeting this way.
Tell me about it.
Time out.
[Daffy] I'm not a betting duck,
but, uh, my money's on the other team.
Let's run a triangle offense.
- We're getting crushed.
- [Daffy] A square offense.
A trapezoid offense? Any shape!
I know.
[AI G.] Look at 'em.
Their spirit is broken,
and that's exactly what we want.
But I guess it's time to
put 'em out of their misery.
Go ahead and take a little break,
Dom Dom,
because do you know what time it is?
What time is it, AI?
Oh, it's Dame Time.
[announcer] New character unlocked.
New character?
[Ernie] Here's our first
Goon Squad substitution of the night.
[announcer] Chronos!
[hip-hop music playing]
It's the King Stomper!
- [crowd cheers]
- [shudders]
- Granny, I'm subbing you out.
- What?
- Road Runner, you're in.
- Beep, beep.
[Porky grunts]
[AI G. chuckles]
Knock yourself out, kid.
[woman] Chronos!
Oh, yeah! Whoo!
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
[in slow motion] Beep, beep.
[in slow motion] Beep, beep.
[slurps in slow motion]
Dude could use a makeover.
Mm. Oh.
Wow. Whoo!
Hmm. Oh. Okay.
Ha-ha! Word.
[Tweety squawks in slow motion]
[in slow motion] Oh...
[upbeat hip-hop music continues]
[all gasp]
- [beeping]
- [crowd cheering]
[Dom yelling] Yeah!
- [Dom] Dame Time!
- Bye, bye!
Ooh, I'm feeling salty now.
[all cheering]
- Way to Dominate!
- [chuckles]
[Wet Fire] That's how you do it, Dom!
[The Brow] Goon Squad, what?
Yeah, Dom!
Puttin' the lights out!
Yeah, Dom!
- Hey, Tune lover.
- Wow.
- [AI G.] You feel good?
- [Dom] Feel great.
What a job. What a job!
Amazing. He's amazing.
Goon Squad, what you got?
[Arachnneka] They can't touch us.
[crowd] Goon Squad!
[Arachnneka] We got this.
You're the best, Dom.
You're the best!
Come on, give it up! Give it up!
[White Mamba]
Thanks for the turnovers.
[crowd chanting] Goon Squad!
Goon Squad!
Oh, please don't let us get deleted.
Please don't let us get deleted.
Come on, guys. Don't give up.
There's a whole other half to play.
[Speedy exclaims in Spanish]
I'm telling you, we can still win this.
[stuttering] How?
We're getting decimated.
We need a boost. A pick-me-up.
A secret weapon.
We need a miracle.
I don't know
if this counts as a miracle,
but I found Michael Jordan!
He was in the audience.
I know he can help.
[inspirational music playing]
His Airness?
You found him?
I can feel his power already.
Ooh, I can hear his shoes.
[footsteps thudding]
[Daffy] At guard, 6'6",
from North Carolina...
[Tune Squad cheering]
Number 23...
Michael Jordan...
- Huh?
- [music stops]
Come on, man.
That's Michael B. Jordan.
The actor.
I was just getting some popcorn,
and then this cat grabbed me.
[Daffy] We couldn't get
Michael A. Jordan,
so we got Michael B. Jordan?
How could you think he was His Airness?
They look nothing alike.
It's been 25 years.
I thought he aged gracefully.
This is awkward, um,
but I believe in you guys, okay?
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
You hear me?
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!
- Say it with me...
- [LeBron] Mike.
Yeah, y'all got this.
I'm... I'm too much.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I'mma go back to my seat.
You came back three-one.
- Well...
- [Michael] You killed it.
You can do it again!
[sighs] Well, that was a bust.
Anyone else got any bright ideas?
Come on! Get it together, guys.
The Tune Squad
doesn't give up at halftime.
The Tune Squad doesn't give up ever.
We're down a thousand points.
No team is coming back from this.
Well, why don't you try
coaching us better, bucko!
I've been coaching y'all
this whole time!
Sylvester over here
getting the wrong MJ,
Granny's out here
having a martini at halftime,
and Taz might as well
be playing for the other team!
Your son plays for the other team.
Yeah, you're a bad dad.
I'm a bad dad?
I've been trying to save my son
and coach y'all at the same time.
- What y'all doing?
- We've been trying.
Trying to do what?
Trying to be like you.
And it's not working.
[melancholy music playing]
Because you're not me.
"You never let me just... do me."
[Taz] Huh?
Okay, I got it. New game plan.
Time to do what you guys do best.
[uplifting music playing]
You know something?
If we're going out,
we're going out looney.
Let's go, team!
All tooney, big mooney, full looney!
- [Foghorn] Good plan. I say, good plan.
- [Tune Squad cheering]
[upbeat music playing]
[Ernie] It seems bleak,
but let's remember,
there's an entire half left to play.
[buzzer sounds]
[powering up]
[Marvin] Oh, that first half
was interminable.
[yelps] Are you kidding me?
[hip-hop music playing]
- [stuttering]
- It's showtime!
[Taz grunts]
- [all cheering]
- [hip-hop music continues]
Yeah! Let's go, Tunes!
Yep, we in here. Are we ready?
Tune Squad, we in the building!
Ha-ha. Yes, sir!
- [Tune Squad cheering]
- [Foghorn] Tune Squad!
- [horn honks]
- [all taunting]
[Ernie] Hey, they may be down
a gazillion points,
but LeBron James and the Tunes
are coming back out here
for the third quarter
with some renewed energy.
And I don't understand why.
They are losing really badly.
[buzzer sounds]
[Ernie] All right, here we go
in the third quarter.
[The Brow growling]
[Tweety] Uh-oh.
Yeah! Bird versus baby bird.
Do you have your ticket?
'Cause the 11:50 Express
is running on time.
- [train horn blares]
- Huh?
[laughs] Classic.
[Wet Fire] Give me that ball, rabbit.
- [muffled grunting]
- [stomach grumbles]
Someone's absorbed
in the game. [giggles]
- [Road Runner] Beep, beep.
- [The Brow growls]
- [Arachnneka] Yo.
- Hey, guys.
Where's the ball?
[in slow motion] Beep, beep.
[Tweety grunts]
- [scoreboard trilling]
- Beep, beep.
Oh, no! Are you kidding me?
Road Runner smokescreen?
It's the oldest trick in the book!
[digital beeping]
Ooh, slam dunk!
- [Tune Squad cheering]
- Just like I drew it up.
Gossamer, I say,
he's the quicker-picker-upper.
[groans, spits]
[Ernie] Oh, what a no-look pass
ahead to Dom.
Looks like the Goons
are playing keep-away.
[static whines]
[Bugs Bunny]
Dom passes to Wet Fire.
Wet Fire back to Brow.
He's gonna dunk... Oh!
- But he freezes at the rim!
- [yelling]
Oh? Huh?
[crowd exclaims]
What are you doing?
Giving new meaning to
"suspended from the game"!
[AI G.] Give me that.
But the Goons fast break,
take it to the other end.
These silly Tunes don't have
what it takes to win.
No, wait, wait.
I wasn't trying to start a...
Oh, we rappin' now?
We rappin'?
[hip-hop music playing]
Hey, Porky, fry 'em.
Fry 'em? Me... Me... Me?
Show 'em who you really are,
Notorious P.I.G.
[mic feedback whines]
[people laughing]
Oh... Oh, boy. Here goes nothin'.
and mimicking record scratching]
What up? It's Porky Pig
They call me P Double
AI G. step to me
He don't want no trouble
- Yeah!
- [The Brow] Boo!
I was famous before the internets
Since 1935
I've been getting respect
This pig is lit I'm super legit
Every time I'm out in public
People askin' me for pics
You, nobody knows you
When you walk the street
How your last name Rhythm
And you still off-beat
- Off-beat!
- From beginning to the end
I'm here for all the smoke
Your squad ain't all-star
Your squad is all jokes
[Daffy] All jokes!
End this with one bar
Most famous of all quotes
This battle is now over
That... That... That's all folks
- [mic thuds]
- [all cheering]
[Lola] Yeah, Porky!
[LeBron] That's all, folks!
[The Brow] Get off the stage!
[fanfare music plays]
[mics thud]
Style points.
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
I'm not exactly sure
what we just witnessed here.
[laughs] He just got
bonus points for those bars.
He was spittin' hot fire.
[Taz burbling]
[Ernie] Taz brings it up.
He can really pat the rock.
And it's stolen by The Brow!
Back to Tasmania, ya little devil.
Taz! [mimics Taz' burbling]
- Yeah!
- Let's go! Yeah!
- Are you serious?
- Yeah!
- Make a call, Pete!
- [coos]
Oh, you wanna swallow your whistle?
[whistles blows]
Yeah! How'd that taste?
- [tooting]
- Now call the game!
[crowd cheering]
How did I lose control?
I didn't lose control.
You lost... You...
This one lost... I haven't lost any...
Yeah, baby, let's go. Let's go!
- [Lola] Yes!
- [Tweety] Yay, LeBron!
- Let's go!
- [Darius] Yes!
- Let's go, Tunes!
- Here we go! Let's go!
[all] Let's go, Tunes!
[crowd chanting] Let's go, Tunes!
Let's go, Tunes!
Let's go, Tunes! Let's go, Tunes!
Let's go, Tunes!
Let's go, Tunes! Let's go, Tunes!
[Ernie] Wow! Check out this crowd.
Everyone really getting behind
the Tune Squad.
You know somethin', it's about time.
[dramatic music plays]
[Ernie] Coming off
the bench now for the Tunes,
Wile E. Coyote.
Beep, beep.
[machine whirring]
[chuckles] Wow.
[Ernie] Look out.
Looks like Wile E.'s gotten himself
mixed up in the machine.
[Ernie] And just like that,
the Tunes have a thousand points
on the board.
We havin' fun yet?
[Ernie] They're gonna clean
these coyotes off the court
- and keep the game going.
- [laughs]
What's wrong, AI?
That was awesome.
What do you mean, "What's wrong?"
They're catching up.
[in distorted voice] Run Dame Time.
Not him again.
[stutters] He's gonna
make bacon out of us.
Oh, don't worry. Time's on our side.
She knows time is literally
on their side, right?
[walker squeaking]
You sure about this, Granny?
I'm going old-school on his butt.
- Whoa.
- [crowd cheering]
Come on.
[crowd gasps]
- [beeping]
- Tick-tock.
- [grunts weakly]
- Hyah!
- [crowd cheering]
- She is The One.
What in the AARP
is going on out here?
I got hops! Whoo!
[digital trilling]
Got you, Bron!
[all groan]
- [crowd cheering]
- There we go! Let's go!
[Ernie] And the Tunes take the lead!
What a play from Lola and LeBron James!
- A monster jam!
- [chuckling]
LeBron came back from three-one down.
Can he come back from this far back?
Let me tell you this, I woke up today
and only knew one world.
Then I got sucked into my phone,
and at this point,
anything's possible!
- [laughs]
- [LeBron shouts]
- Way to go, Tunes!
- Let's go!
Foghorn, right here.
- Yeah! I say, that's all right!
- [LeBron] Yeah!
- [LeBron] Lola!
- Yes! My dude!
[LeBron cheering]
- Go, baby! Yeah!
- Oh, yeah! Here we go!
[Foghorn] Way to go, Tune Squad!
[LeBron] Yeah!
That's what I'm talking about!
Now we having some fun! Yeah!
This is fun basketball right here!
- Be yourselves! Be yourselves!
- [Elmer] All right!
Hey, Dom, are you a Tune
or are you a Goon?
Tune or Goon? Tune or Goon?
Make up your mind. Make up your mind.
Let's go. Sit down.
Yeah. Way to get looney out there.
- [Granny cheers, laughs]
- Ooh-whee!
[Tweety] We did it!
Everybody happy, huh?
Everybody having a good time? Yeah?
You having a lot of fun out there?
'Cause that's all that matters, right?
Is that you're having fun.
[yelling] That doesn't matter at all!
What matters is that
I win this [bleep] game!
Oh, and you, Dom.
How are you losing at your own game?
[in distorted voice] For server's sake,
I didn't even think that was possible!
I expected a lot more out of you, son.
Get your head in the game.
I need to win!
[Foghorn] All right!
[Yosemite Sam] Whoo-hoo! Yee-haw!
[Granny] Drinks on me!
[Sylvester] Boy, that was awesome!
[Porky] Go team!
[AL G. sighs]
[in normal voice] Yeah,
maybe your dad was right about you.
Letting you be you was a mistake.
[sad music playing]
- [thud]
- Okay.
If everybody would move down,
then we could all sit on the bench.
Let's all sit on the bench!
[Foghorn] Now that's what
I call momentum, son.
- [Lola] LeBron?
- [Tweety] Way to go!
Hey, you with us?
[Porky] I'm so tickled.
Let's end this.
I'm getting my son back.
[buzzer sounds]
[inspirational music playing]
[Elmer pants, grunts]
Iso. Clear out.
[Elmer panting]
[suspenseful music playing]
I wonder what move he's gonna do.
The post-up?
Maybe the fadeaway.
He's gonna dunk all over him.
Look at that kid! Kid's too small.
[music stops]
Dad, what are you doing?
We're in the middle of a game.
Hey, what's goin' on?
I don't know.
[Dom] Dad...
Dom, your game is amazing, son.
But I guess I would've known that
if I would've listened more.
Sorry I didn't.
For me, when I was a kid,
the things that I went through
to get where I am now,
I had to be a certain way. [sighs]
Yeah, it helped me win games,
but not so much being a dad.
I'm still learning how.
You're teaching me.
I want you to be yourself.
Do you understand how much I love you?
Do you understand
how important you are to me?
How very special you are?
I mean, I don't even know
if I'm saying this right.
[ball bounces off]
Sounds right to me.
[tender music playing]
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, son.
[crowd applauding]
- Oh, now, that's beautiful.
- [Granny] Let's go!
[Yosemite Sam] Whoo!
I think I'm gonna cry.
Not me.
Bugs, pull it together.
[Kamiyah] Dom!
[Dom] Mom!
Hey, Xosha!
[AI G.] Are you serious?
[in distorted voice] Zip it!
[crowd quiets]
You two are a joke, you know that?
I got this, Dad.
[in normal voice] Oh, what?
You got something to say?
Yeah. I think you want people
to fear you more than anything.
And I'm not about that, AI G.
I'm playing with my dad.
First of all, it's Mr. Rhythm to you,
you little traitor.
Second of all, you're not.
You're playing against your dad.
See what this says? "Goon Squad."
You already made your choice, Dom.
Right, Pete? He can't...
- [whimpering]
- Pete, are you crying?
There's no crying
in the Serververse, Pete!
[AL G. scoffs]
All right. Yeah, all right.
I see how it is, Dom.
[in distorted voice] I see how it is.
I gave you everything!
I say, I say, good to have you, son.
- Great spot for you right here, kid.
- [Yosemite Sam] We got 'em now!
[Speedy] Bienvenido, seorito!
- Somebody get him a new jersey.
- [Elmer] Welcome to the hunt.
Sufferin' succotash!
I made this, just in case.
Thanks, Granny.
Eh. What's up, Dom?
Oh, it's so nice to meet you.
Here you go, Dom.
[Tweety] Really glad
to have you on the team!
[Dom] Thanks, Dad.
[AI G.] Fine.
You wanna join these losers?
You go ahead, Dom.
'Cause it's not your game anymore.
[in distorted voice] I am the game.
King Kong ain't got nothin' on me!
[King Kong gasps, grunts]
- Did you see that?
- Uh-huh.
The man just grew, like, five feet.
[distorted laugh]
[in distorted voice] Yo, King.
You're about to lose
your family, your friends,
those Tunes,
everything you love.
I don't think so.
Oh, it's on.
[crowd cheering]
[stirring music playing]
Count it!
[crowd cheering]
Yeah, Lola!
All right!
Nice pass, King!
[crowd chanting] Let's go, Tunes!
Let's go, Tunes!
Let's go, Tunes!
That's cute. But I thought I told you...
Ugh!'s my game now.
Yo, yo, switching everything.
Yo', stay home. Bump out.
Sic 'em, Goons.
[tense music playing]
[crowd cheering]
[bird screams]
[The Brow] Get back, rabbit.
- Come here!
- [Lola grunts]
[The Brow grunts]
[dramatic music playing]
[distorted grunting]
[AI G.] Incoming!
- [winces]
- [crowd gasps]
I'm a monster!
We about to break the internet, baby!
It's over.
Time out.
- Oh, brother.
- [whistle blows]
[Lola] Did you see that?
He's cheating!
Well, I say, I say,
that plain ol' sucks.
Listen, it's all right.
All we gotta do is get one bucket.
How can we score
if he controls the game, Doc?
[AI G. in distorted voice]
Whoa! Where my Goons at?
[White Mamba] Right here, Coach!
[AI G. chuckles, sings indistinctly]
[AI G.] No mercy!
That no-good,
despicable son of a glitch!
Yo! That's it!
Your move, Dad. Remember?
The step-back glitch.
In and out, crossover,
step back, shoot.
That move froze my whole game.
[LeBron] And that's good because...
[Dom] If the game crashes,
AI G. won't be able
to control it anymore.
And if he can't control it,
- he can't stop us from scoring.
- [Dom] Right!
- [Sylvester] Oh, boy!
- [Porky] Yeah! Yay!
- That's not gonna work.
- [LeBron] Why not?
When my character did the step-back,
it got deleted.
So, whoever does the glitch move...
- Will get deleted.
- [all gasp]
So, I say, so I guess
we're drawing straws.
We are not doing that.
We'll think of something else.
What about the old alley-oop?
I'm gonna do the step-back.
[all gasp]
What? No. Dad, you'll be deleted.
I'm not a video game character.
I think I'll be okay.
Dad, you don't know that.
I've done the calculations.
[LeBron] Dom.
Somebody's gotta do something.
LeBron, you don't have to do this.
[all] No!
Listen, just get me the ball.
Hands in.
Tune Squad on three.
One, two, three...
[all] Tune Squad!
[buzzer sounds]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [crowd cheering]
[The Brow] Here we go.
Yeah, this is fun, huh?
We should just do it again,
and again, and again.
Just over, and over, and over
for all eternity.
How's that sound?
[Ernie] Ten seconds on the clock.
The Tunes are one style point play
away from victory,
or defeat.
[breathes deeply]
[whistle blows]
[both grunting]
[Ernie] This is their last chance.
Bugs, what are you doing?
And it looks like a broken play!
In and out, crossover, step back...
[in slow motion] Bugs, no!
[in slow motion] Shoot!
[inspirational music playing]
[Ernie] Bugs' shot is gonna be short.
But wait,
LeBron is flying through the air!
Come on, Dad.
[music stops]
Oh, no.
He's not gonna make it.
He's... He's not...
Gonna make it.
That's cheating!
[uplifting music playing]
[LeBron yelling]
[buzzer sounds]
Great. Posterized.
- [all cheering]
- Yeah! Yes! Let's go!
We did it! Yeah!
- Posterized. Yeah!
- Beep, beep.
[Tune Squad cheering]
[Lil Rel] The Tunes win!
The Tunes win!
- Unbelievable!
- [laughing]
AI G. just got turned
into a literal poster.
[sighs] This is not
how I wanted to go out!
[Pete grunts]
- Yeah!
- I say, I say,
- that's all right!
- That's what I'm talkin' about!
No, no, no, no, no!
Hold on. No! No!
[laughs] Adis, Goons!
We won! Whoo-hoo! We won!
Give me a hug!
[Taz moans]
- Somebody hug me! Anybody?
- I love y'all. Yeah, Tunes!
- All right, Dad!
- Beep, beep.
Great assist, Dom!
[Pete babbles] Whoa!
[all gasp in awe]
[tender music playing]
[people cheering]
Yes! I never doubted you
for a second, LeBron!
We are going home!
Thank you so much!
You are the Akron Hammer.
The chosen one!
King James, man! I love you!
We going home.
[crowd continues cheering]
[LeBron] Bugs...
- How'd I do, Coach?
- [glitching]
[soft music playing]
Bugs, that's the least looney thing
you've ever done.
You got that right.
But taking care of the people you love
is fundamental.
Right, Doc?
Thank you.
Goodbye, Bron.
[soft music continues]
We did it.
We're all back together again.
That's all, folks.
[grand orchestral music playing]
- [LeBron] Son?
- Dad.
- You're all right, right?
- I'm good.
- You're sure?
- I'm good.
All right, let's go home.
Come here, boy.
[Xosha] Daddy!
- Baby, hi. Xosha, hey!
- Daddy!
- Baby!
- [Dom] Mom!
- [LeBron] Missed y'all so much.
- [Darius] Bro, that was amazing.
[Kamiyah] I'm so proud of you!
All my family.
My goodness.
- I love you, guys.
- [Kamiyah] We love you, too.
[LeBron] Come on, Malik.
Come on in, man.
[Malik, tearfully] You the Bron, man!
It's a family affair, man. Come on in.
[Malik sobbing] LeBron! LeBron.
[LeBron] Hey, Malik, you good?
No. No, man.
- [LeBron] You cryin'?
- [Malik] What?
[LeBron] All right.
- [Malik] I ain't crying, bruh.
- [LeBron] Okay.
[LeBron] So, Dom,
you ready for basketball camp?
[Dom] Yeah. I'm actually pretty excited.
[LeBron] Yeah? Because I know
how much you really wanted...
[Dom] I think I'mma just take a break
from video games for now.
You know, after we...
Got sucked into one?
Really? Because, like...
I mean, I feel like I've made a mistake.
I mean, we can turn around
right now if you want to.
What are you talking about?
I mean, I figured
it's about time for you to do you.
[Dom chuckles softly]
- [chuckles]
- Thank you, Dad.
You're welcome.
Hey, man, have fun.
Yo, Dom.
I think I'mma hold onto it.
Aw, that's so sweet.
What's up, Doc?
- Bugs! How did you...
- Come on.
You didn't think you'd get rid of me
that easily, did you?
I told ya, I'm a Tune, Doc!
I can survive anything!
It's good to see you, buddy.
Oh, by the way, you think I could
crash at your pad for a few days?
Of course. There's more
than enough room for you.
Great! I've never been to Tinseltown.
I wanna go on a star tour.
I hear they love drinking juice here.
Oh, do they make carrot juice?
They juice anything for you here.
Oh, hey, can I stay for Taco Tuesday?
[LeBron] Taco Tuesday! No doubt.
Hope you and Mrs. LeBron got bunk beds
'cause I got some friends
who wanna visit.
[LeBron] Hold up, hold up. Bunk beds?
That's right.
I brought the whole gang with me!
What do you mean, "the whole gang"?
You can't get rid of us now, Doc.
We're family!
- Yes, sir
- Unmovable, always abounding in the
- And right now
- Steadfast
- I wanna talk to ya
- Unmovable
- Always abounding in
- I wanna talk to ya, let's go
- We win, yes, sir
- Whoo
We win, yes, sir
And we win, yes, sir
I believe that
- With you by my side
- Together
We can touch the sky See, we win
We will be better than ever
Made a promise
We can do it together
And I ain't breakin' my word
I just wish that I could
Fly like a bird
Get away from this earth
Had to pray and pray
I felt I was cursed
Always tell myself
It could have been worse
Never goin' back
I broke the reverse
It come from my soul
No need to rehearse
Lot of time
I was in need of work
Talked to God like
"I need this to work"
Jumped the line
Like I needed it first
But I was bein' selfish
Know this gon' affect
A lot of people
I was being careless
Took a break And stepped away
I'm comin' back When I get ready
I know this break people into pieces
But I ain't gon' let it
- Steadfast, unmovable
- Yo, Blaze, you crazy for this one
- Always abounding in the
- Eh!
- All the champions out there
- Steadfast
- Feels so good
- Unmovable
- Eh, I said it feels so good
- Always abounding in the
- We win, yes, sir
- We will, we will, we will, we will
We will, we will, we will
- We will, we will
- We win
We will, we will, we will
- We will, we will
- Yes, sir
- We will, we will, we will, we will
- We gon' make it
Strivin' for greatness
At the same time
Keepin' my patience
Can't be racin'
To no early grave
I'm cool with just pacin'
I could drop at any given time
I'm holdin' my aces
I've see disappointment
All in they faces
The turtle still crossed
The finish line
We done raised the bar
So many times
It's only right they give me mine
Diamond by myself
Together we really shine
Long as I keep puttin'
My faith and trust in God
I know that everything'll be fine
Built for it Real stand-up guy
They ain't never breakin' my kind
I believe I can do anything
- Ain't never changin' my mind
- Preach
Life's all about patience
Take it one day at a time
Life's all about patience
Take it one day at a time
When I feel I'm not good enough
- And the world is falling down on me
- Yeah
And fear is surrounding me
- That's why
- We win, yes, sir
- Ain't gon' never let it break
- We win
- We will, we will, we will, we will
- Yes, sir
- We will, we will
- I believe that
- With you by my side
- Huh, together
We can touch the sky See, we win
["Control the World" by 24kGoldn
feat. Lil Wayne playing]
["My Guy" by Leon Bridges playing]
[ball dribbling]
[ball shoots]
[Porky stuttering]
That's all, folks.