Space Kids (2023) Movie Script

[adventurous music playing]
ANNOUNCER: The Earthers
came to Kepler
in search
of a special plant
that contained
a powerful energy,
but the Earthers were greedy
and overharvested it,
leaving Kepler
a deserted wasteland.
But there was
one human who felt guilty.
He hid the last seed
from the mother tree
in a secret place.
No one
has seen him since
and without him
to pilot the ship,
the remaining crew
did not make it back to Earth.
[mechanical whirring]
Hurry up.
You, search over there.
[Axel coughing]
Search everywhere!
Luis Baba commands it.
Dig 13 feet down
if you have to.
- SOLDIERS: Yes, sir.
- Luis Baba?

[Axel whistling]
Axel, where are we going?
To find Kar-Lalo.
JONO: Can you figure out
where it is?
AXEL: No, but I will find it.
[Putron purring]
[rocks tumbling]
-[Putron warbling]
Axel, stop!
How did he find us?
Why is Papa Qi
after us?
PAPA QI: Come back with me!
There is no Kunta.
There is no Kar-Lalo.
AXEL: You're wrong!
It's written in the book.
PAPA QI: [groans] Crazy kid.
Misleading Jono like that.
[Papa Qi grunting]
[Axel shouts]
[Papa Qi grunting]
[Axel chuckles] See ya!
[Putron squawking]
[metallic clunking]
- What was that?
- [both grunt]
[Axel grunting]
PAPA QI: Axel, I'll tell you
one more time.
Don't believe anything
in this silly book.
It's all just nonsense.
There's no Kunta,
there's no Luis Baba.
Just stop dreaming.
I mean it!
You too, Jono.
[Jono whimpers]
[Papa Qi grunts]
Hey, give it!
You're not my dad.
[Papa Qi grunting]
Go ahead and find
your stupid Kar-Lalo. [grunts]
- Go on then!
- Papa, stop!
[Axel scoffs]
Axel! [grunts] Papa!
- Gaga.
- You can't believe that.
You were a colonel
in the Kepler army,
but now you're just
a-- a giant coward!
- Silence!
- [Gaga gasps]
[melancholy music playing]
[Gaga whimpers]
[Gaga whimpers]
- Gaga.
- [Gaga cries]
[beads clicking]
I don't want
to be like you.
Nothing but a coward!
[Papa Qi grunting]

[Putron purring]
[Papa Qi laughs]
[grunts] I'm so sorry
for all this.
It's always been
my wish
that Gaga would grow up
brave and strong,
but as she's grown,
I've become very worried
and afraid of so much.
She says
that I'm a coward,
I guess she's right.
[Putron purring]
You know what
I'm most scared of?
Her growing up to be too brave.

[Papa Qi chuckling]
[gasps] Oh!
[beads clicking]
[Papa Qi groans]
But I don't blame them.
They're just too young
to know how dangerous
true bravery can be.
It's time to let them
go explore the world.
Please take
good care of them, Putron.
[Putron purring]
GAGA: Axel!
- Axel, so you've decided?
- Of course!
That's great!
Come on, let's go.
Wait up.
What are you doing?
Finding Kar-Lalo?
Uh, you're kidding, right?
Stay here with Papa Qi.
Leave the Kar-Lalo search
to Axel.
[Putron purring]
[melancholy music playing]
Papa wants
to keep me safe.
But still,
I'm no longer a kid.
I must show him that.
Stay where you're safe.
[Putron squawking]
If you don't want me,
fine, I'll just
go on my own.
- [Putron purring]
- All right, fine.
Come if you want.
Wake up. Jono!
[Jono groaning]
Aren't we gonna
test out my car?
Hey, Gaga, check it out.
Isn't my piggy car awesome?
It's got four wheels
and everything, look!
- [car rumbling]
- [Jono laughing]
JONO: Let's go!
AXEL: Gaga, come up.
Hey, what are you waiting for?
Come on.
[Gaga grunting]
Regret coming already?
Putron, let's ride!
[Putron purring]
Papa, I'll be back.

They may think
I'm just a coward,
but they never saw what
I could do when I was young.
[all chuckling]
PAPA QI: Let's go.
Follow them.
["Nothing's Impossible" by
Elizabeth Pryce Davies playing]
I thought this was
a test drive.
- Where are we going?
- [indistinct].
Look up to the soft sky
in your twinkling eye
Just let
your imagination spark
Find inspiration in the dark
nothing's impossible
Little guy
you could be brave
Just take a chance
and change your fate
Chase your dreams
and let your passion flow
Don't just sit
and watch the show
nothing's impossible
The forest was once one seed
A little bit of courage
is all you need
You'll be shining brighter
Than every star in the sky
Look at you,
oh, it's true
The ocean was once one drop
Just hop
into your dream, kid
And never stop
Everything is possible
So spread your wings out
and fly
[music ends]
[metallic whirring]
[creature grunts]
[both exclaiming]
[both exclaiming]
[metallic whirring]
ROBOT: You've got the seed?
[all chuckling]
Oh, so
this is Luis Baba's Kar-Lalo
seed that never sprouts.
Let me take care of it.
[metallic groaning]
[metallic whirring]
[liquid bubbling]
[machine whooshing]
[object clanking]
Even an unsprouted Kar-Lalo seed
can yield
a great deal of super energy
and with more super energy,
I can activate
my vector engines.
Beginning energy test.
[machine whirring]
[electric rumbling]
[creatures whimpering]
Go find enough Kar-Lalo
to fill all my energy rods.
My Kar-Lalo seed was stolen.
These shameless enemies
are everywhere.
[sucks teeth]
Oh, this can't get out.
Everyone needs to believe
I still have the seed.
[gasps] Oh!
DR. VANCE: My Lord,
we must find
a truly brave warrior
in this year's
Birdy Tournament,
one strong enough
to retrieve the seed.
- [knocking on door]
- LUIS BABA: Come in.
DR. VANCE: My Lord,
I've made a special potion
to help you rest.
You'll sleep like a baby.
[Captain grunting]
Oh, Vance, no one
but you understands me.
Don't forget my Lord,
in the morning
you have to be
at the Birdy Tournament.
I have to have
a good night's sleep.
- Leave me alone!
- Oh, but, my Lord,
uh, the Sisyphy Volcano
was preparing to erupt.
[Luis Baba grunts]
You can be
my representative
at the tournament tomorrow
with Dr. Vance.
[Luis Baba snoring]
ANNOUNCER: Warriors have
gathered from all over Kepler.
Meet Air Bomber,
Alpha Power Fan,
Brutal Rocket,
and Lethal Engine!
They'll race through
the dangerous valley course
and compete to be
this year's Birdy King!
- Air Bomb!
- Alpha Power Fan!
- Brutal Rocket!
- Lethal Engine!
- All right!
- Referee Bird, clear the track.
The tournament's
about to begin.
Everyone, stand by.
[gunshot echoing]
[Putron purring]
AXEL: Do you think Kar-Lalo
could be in the Burning City?
Well, if you're so smart,
do you know how to get us there?
Can we just get out
of this valley first?
Forget your map,
I'll get us out.
[both coughing]
[machine whirring]
- Yeah, big deal.
- Are you gonna fly as well?
[uplifting music playing]
- Jono, keep up!
- [Jono exclaims]
- [Putron purring]
- [Axel grunts]
[Gaga screams, groans]
I'd better stay
in my pig car.
AXEL: See my sweet moves?
GAGA: You here
to show off or find a path?
To show off, duh.
- Oh, huh?
- [both yelp]
Hey, watch out!
Gaga, you okay?
[mechanic bird whirring]
Stop it!
You don't own the air.
- Just back off!
- GAGA: Axel, come back!
[Axel whooping]
[bird chirping]

AXEL: You're too slow
to keep up with me!
- [bird chirping]
- [Axel grunting]

[bird chirping]

[Axel grunting]
[Axel exclaiming]
[crosshair beeping]
[Axel grunting]
- [bird squawking]
- [Axel shouting]
Come on! [grunts]
Axel, I can't see you!
Wait for me!

[Axel grunting]
[Axel grunting]
[Axel exclaims]
[metallic clanking]
[rocks crackling]
[Axel grunts]
[Gaga screaming]
[Axel groans]
[metallic clanking]
GAGA: We're here
to look for Kar-Lalo,
not for trouble!
[all exclaiming]
GAGA: Guys, run!
AXEL: Gaga! [grunts]
Who are these people?
JONO: Axel!
Be careful!
[Putron purring]

[all grunting]
MAN: Who's gonna be
the lucky guy this year?
Not us anyway.
CAPTAIN: Where did
those guys come from?
DR. VANCE: Interesting.
The cobra device.
I've never seen such
quick responsive movement.
Dr. Vance, I don't know
what you're talking about,
but if we mess this up,
both of us are doomed.
[Brutal Rocket exclaiming]
Whoa, we're already
in the final zone.
Time to bug out.
[rocket whistling]
I'm caught in an updraft,
I can't control it! Ah!
[Air Bomb grunts]
My engine's dead,
I'm going down!
Well, these guys
are getting better
at faking disasters,
that's for sure.
At this rate,
we'll end up
without a Birdy King
again this year.
- [gunshot ringing]
- [firework exploding]
CAPTAIN: All players
into the final zone!
[all clamoring]
AXEL: Gaga, careful.
Stay away from them.
GAGA: [shouts] Sorry!
Good luck to you guys.
Prepare the bird.
- [bird struggling]
- Get in there.
Fire the champion bird.
[cannon booming]
Help me! [screams]
[exclaims in Chinese]
Help me!
- [all clamoring]
- [bird screaming]
The world's worst tournament
because no one
wants to win it.
If there isn't a winner,
I'll launch all of you
into the volcano!
[all shouting]
[speaks indistinctly
in slow motion]
[screams] [indistinct].
- That poor bird.
- AXEL: I'll save it.
[contestants screaming]
[bird grunting]
- [contestant grunting]
- [bird screaming]
Yes, he's almost there.
Would you look at that?
The tournament's
interesting this year.
[contestant screaming]
[bird screams]
Oh, help me!
- [bird screams indistinctly]
- AXEL: Got him, catch!
BIRD: Oh, my God.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Axel, I got it!
- [contestant cheering]
- BIRD: I'm saved!
[Gaga chuckles]
[chuckles] Easy as pie.
[contestants laughing,
Axel, when you dove down
that way
- like a flash whooshing by...
- [Putron purring]
...that was awesome!
Axel is amazing.
You're the best.
[chuckles] It's nothing,
just saving a bird.
- Piece of cake.
- [Captain laughs]
Congratulations, Birdy King.
Today, you have proven
your bravery.
Everyone hail
this year's Birdy King.
[all cheering]
[contestant whistling]
What is a Birdy King?
- AXEL: Birdy King.
- [both laugh]
That is one silly name.
It's not that funny!
You're just jealous.
Captain, this just
isn't right.
That girl
didn't save the champion bird.
Oh, it's right all right.
The rule is whoever
catches the champion bird
is the one
who becomes Birdy King.
Back to the fortress!
- Let's go!
- [all exclaim]
["Birdy King"
by Daniel J. Edwards speaking]
The Birdy King,
ain't no thang
But a trumped up chump
with a broken wing
The Birdy King
is a ding-a-ling
Yo, yo, microphone check
Yesterday's passed,
tomorrow's coming fast
In the Birdy King race,
bro, you wanna come in last
Who wants to be
the king bird?
Ha, ha
a sucker's the word
Yeah the Birdy King race
is a big disgrace
I don't even know why
you would bother to try
'Cause the better you fly
the quicker you die
Kiss your rear goodbye
Gonna boogie to the rhythm
Hop around
and look real dumb
Bust a move
like a turkey made of jive
'Cause I'm happy
that I've made it home alive
I say no
there's no way, no
I'm not going
in that volcano
In shock and awe
and ooh-ra-ra
Along came Gaga
The Birdy King race
is a big disgrace
By a big fat meanie
from outer space
Say where you
wanna finish, son
Me? Last place!
Take that Luis Baba
In your face
The Birdy King
ain't no thang
Well, just take
a look at who's here!
Welcome, Captain.
Four dozen large
sticky buns like always?
We're here honoring
the new Birdy King.
Birdy King,
order anything you want.
Of course,
whatever you want.
Come on. [chuckles]
This doesn't make sense.
They lost the tournament.
Why are they happy?
You're just jealous.
I'd never be jealous
of being called Birdy.
Birdy King
you're everything
Flying high in the sky
So my friends
and I don't have to die
Friends, say goodbye
Let's get that
Birdy King something yummy
To put inside her tummy
What can I get you, dummy?
I mean, chummy.
[Jono exclaims]
Gaga, I want ice cream.
Can we have ice cream?
Ice cream
nice and cool
Get some ice cream
for the Birdy fool
No problem.
Oh, the Birdy race
is a big disgrace
By a big fat meanie
rom outer space (Yeah, boy!) f
Say where you
wanna finish, son
Me? Last place!
Take that, Luis Baba
In your face!
The Birdy King
is everything
You go, go, Gaga
For the Birdy King.
Enjoy it while you still can.
What do you mean by that?
Nothing. I'm a waiter.
I don't mean anything!
Here's to the Birdy King!
MAN: Birdy King! [laughing]
Your tip-toe
[indistinct] dingaling
The Birdy King
is the Burning City's bravest.
The Burning City? Luis Baba?
We're in Luis Baba's
Burning City.
I knew something was off.
- Let's go.
- Weren't we trying to get here?
Move it!
that girl can't retrieve
a seed from the volcano.
There's no way.
The seed, huh?
Could anybody really get one?
Better her than us.
So stop whining.
Hey, hey! Birdy King!
Where do you think you're going?
Uh, outside for some fresh air.
Yeah! What's your problem?
Fresh air? All right.
If the Birdy King
wants some fresh air,
let's get her some fresh air.
- GAGA: Axel!
- You are the Birdy King now.
You have to try to get the seed.
- If you should fail--
- GAGA: Let me go!
You won't leave here alive.
- I don't think so.
- CAPTAIN: Arrest them!
You started this,
but my flying fist will end it.
- GAGA: Axel!
- [grunting]
[metallic clanking]
Take him away.
- JONO: No! Gaga!
- AXEL: Gaga!
Jono, go get Putron!
[metallic clanking]
Is that your flying fist?
- Try to fly it now.
- [grunting]
All right,
but you asked for it!
JONO: Axel!
AXEL: Jono, run!
- [grunting]
- [crashing]
[Axel grunting]
Where am I?
Where's Gaga and Putron?
Huh? Putron!
Who are you?
Please call me Dr. Vance.
Luis Baba's thugs
captured your friend.
What? She's been caught?
Hurry up, Jono. [grunting]
Let's save Gaga. Putron!
[Putron purring]
DR. VANCE: Hang on.
Let's not rush it.
You are no match for Luis Baba.
But if you really
want to save her, I can help.
But first, we'll need a plan.
Don't you work for Luis Baba?
I work for myself, 'kay?
Now let's come up
with that plan.
[Putron purring]
Do you know
how to defeat an enemy
that's much stronger
than you are, my boy?
Ah, huh?
Axel, wait for me.
[grunts] I'm coming.
[electronic whirring]
ROBOT: The biggest obstacle
for galactic space travel
is the enormous scale
of distance in time and space.
AI VOICE: Artificial
wormhole test initiated.
ROBOT: Even going faster
than the speed of light
doesn't solve this problem.
reversing this planet's
gravitational force
will bend the magnetic fields
around it, creating
a gravitational whirlpool.
Which, when bombarded
with super energy,
will form a stable
time space wormhole,
through which
you can instantly travel
to another planet
across the universe.
[high pitched grunting]
This galactic energy bridge
will be my ticket home.
[maniacal laughing]
Go spy
on the Burning City closely.
Report back to me the second
Luis Baba finds Kar-Lalo.
[rhythmic drumming]
LUIS BABA: We stand here
in the name of all gods
to give the Birdy King
great power and light,
guiding her
through plight and danger.
Repelling the curse
with God's almighty fire
and blessing her
with an immortal life!
[drumming continues]
AXEL: Jono, you stay below.
JONO: Copy that.
AXEL: We don't have much time.
Putron, I'll save Gaga.
You go find Papa Qi.
[volcano rumbles]
[suspenseful music]
[flames whooshing]
On your feet.
Listen well, everyone.
Here is the new Birdy King.
She is the hope
of the Burning City.
- [Gaga grunting]
- LUIS BABA: You behave!
- GAGA: Back off!
- The Sisyphy volcano is awake.
The gods are challenging
the new Birdy King
to go and retrieve
the holy seed.
Let us, everyone,
pray for her.
The gods
have chosen a brave warrior
to face the fire
and gain the holy seed for us!
DR. VANCE: Axel,
you only have one chance.
emember, timing is everything.R
If you miss your moment,
you will surely both die.
CAPTAIN: Aim the launcher.
Stand ready.
- [screaming]
- [metallic clanking]
[suspenseful music plays]
[engine revving]
Gaga! [panting]

[lava bubbling]
[volcano erupts]
[gasps] Axel.
I'm going to count to three
and Axel will fly out.
- Stay right there!
- Take her away.
Oh, my goodness.

- [volcano calms]
- Huh?
Huh? Ah, Kar-Lalo.
- [grunting]
- [lava bubbling]
[volcano erupts]
How is it possible?
The boy actually made it out.
[metallic clunking]
Nobody, nobody has ever
come out of the volcano alive!
[panting] It's... impossible.
Throw all of them
into the volcano Sisyphy!
[creature chirping]
AXEL: Dr. Vance!
Axel, no one's ever come back
from the volcano with a seed.
All the others died trying.
Uh, it's Luis Baba's
conspiracy to prove
only he can beat
the fire dragon.
Your success threatens that.
There's no way
he will let you live.
- You follow me.
- AXEL: Hey, green hair.
DR. VANCE: Let's go.
AXEL: Jono, follow me.
Me first.
[Jono grunting]
[Jono screaming]
[all screaming]
[all grunting]
[creature chirping]
[whimsical music plays]
Stay close.
I know a safe place.
Wait, I have to
return to the volcano.
Say what?
Why would you do that?
I think I found Kar-Lalo.
GAGA: Did all that heat
melt your brain?
AXEL: Why don't you believe me?
Those seeds
are coming from the volcano.
There's Kar-Lalo inside it.
GAGA: Impossible!
Lava, yes.
Lalo, no!
JONO: Going in there
would mean certain death.
GAGA: We need to leave
the Burning City now.
- But wait--
- It's too dangerous
to leave now,
so we'll just hide in here
for the night.
[soft music plays]
My Lord!
It's all clear now.
Dr. Vance is the one
who helped the prisoners escape.
Even the little
green haired thief is gone.
How dare that worm betray me?
Bring all of them back,
dead or alive!
- Yes, sir.
- Wait!
Block off the volcano.
Nobody's allowed
to get near it!
- Open up!
- MAN: [indistinct] everywhere.
Where should we look, sir?
Everywhere, even if we have to
tear down the whole city.
They can't get away.
Find anyone
who is wearing a turtle shell.
Find the traitor
in the turtle shell!
[tense instrumental music plays]

Dr. Vance.
[Dr. Vance grunting]
Do you believe
the story of Kunta?
Story, huh?
Believing in stories
is a luxury of the young.
Well, I believe it.
I will find Kar-Lalo.
Hmm, it's nice to be young.
Axel, how did you
get out of the volcano?
[Putron purring]
- [clanking]
- [grunting]
[Putron squawks]
Uh, that darn tank!
Breaking down
when we really need it.
- [grunting]
- Fix it, quick.
It's nearly morning.
How far are we, Putron?
[Putron purring]
AXEL: Dr. Vance,
sorry that you can't stay
in the Burning City
because of us.
It's all right.
It wasn't my home anyway.
I had to leave eventually.
DR. VANCE: It's been
so long since I left my home.
Whenever I miss it,
I look up at the starry sky.
AXEL: Dr. Vance,
which star is your home?
My world is full of water.
It's covered in vast oceans.
I would sit
on a rock by the sea
at twilight listening
to the sound of waves
breaking on the beach.
AXEL: Sounds beautiful.
Not just beautiful,
it's magical.
Just imagine if all this desert
were as blue as the sky...
with rolling waves
instead of dunes...
waves caressing
the shore at your feet.
Do you hear it?
I can't hear anything.
Listen with your heart.
[waves crashing in distance]
Ah, well, I can hear the wind.
[waves crashing]

[seagull cawing]
It's working,
I can hear the waves.
[calming siren song plays]

When I left home,
my son was just your height...
and he loved to put his head
onto my lap and sleep
to the song of the waves.
Dr. Vance...
after I find the Kar-Lalo,
you should come
and live with us.
- All right.
- So, we have a deal?
DR. VANCE: Deal.
[rocks rumbling]
[suspenseful music plays]

PAPA QI: Putron,
is this the right way?
[Putron purring]
[engine whooshing]
I've decided.
I'm going to the volcano now.
- But--
- Don't try to stop me.
My decision is final.
Oh, Dr. Vance,
you can fly as well?
It's been a while,
but it feels really good.
Axel, you were right.
If we time it
between the volcano's breaths,
we can make it.
[Jono whining]
I, Jono, am always
very, very brave.
I'm with you, Axel!
Boys, you aren't
cutting me out, right?
You're not
leaving me behind.
DR. VANCE: Then,
we're all together.
AXEL: Let's fly.
instrumental music playing]
[lava bubbling]
the heat pushes up,
it will create negative pressure
when it passes by a cave.
Axel, you said you felt cool air
behind you in the tunnel,
which means there must be
a hidden cavern.

AXEL: The volcano
is breathing.
Find the cave
before the next eruption.
Stay close.
Oh, my greasy goodness.
[engines whirring]
[Axel grunting]
AXEL: The lava's
becoming active!
[Jono screaming]
Jono, careful!
AXEL: [gasps]
The volcano's about to erupt!
Where's the cave?
DR. VANCE: The lava's
boiling up!
[Jono whining]
[tense instrumental playing]
It's there!
I see it.
[lava gurgling]
- [wind whooshing]
- [all grunting]
JONO: Axel! [screaming]
[all screaming]
[all grunting, screaming]
[magical vocal music playing]
Whoa, this is...
- Is this real?
- ...Kar-Lalo?
[magical singing
in Chinese]
AXEL: Wow!
I found you at last!
I'm sorry for doubting you.
- It's all right.
- Hey, Axel.
Can you pinch me, please?
Ow, it hurts!
So this isn't a dream.
Twenty years.
I should've guessed it.

[both chuckling]
Here I come!
GAGA: Jono, sit still.
JONO: Whoa!
Oh, my goodness!
Oh, my goodness gracious.
So much water.
[laughing] Gaga, look,
this is water!
GAGA: I know!
[all gasp]
Full of Kar-Lalo.
[gasps] Look, look!
The Kar-Lalo seeds.
- Thin Kar-Lalo.
- Thin Kar-Lalo.
- Greener Kar-Lalo!
- JONO: Greener Kar-Lalo!
AXEL: And there is
ginger leaf Kar-Lalo.
The book says
it's the sweetest kind.
GAGA: It makes me hungry.
[all chuckling]
[uplifting instrumental music]
the Kar-Lalo mother tree!
Wow. So many seeds.
The mother tree
is spreading seeds.
There will be
lots of baby Kar-Lalos!
AXEL: What is this?
I'm glad
to be meeting you in this way.
My name is Kunta."
[gasps] The Kunta?
Dr. Vance!
This is Kunta's journal!
JONO: Let me see.
Let me see.
"I am from Earth
in the Soul System.
I work for
the MQ Super Energy Company,
and I'm sorry
that our work here
has brought
such devastation to Kepler.
All I can do, is hide
the Kar-Lalo mother tree here,
and hope that one day,
Kepler can again
be the paradise
that it was."
This is from Kunta.
This is where
Kunta hid Kar-Lalo.
"When you read
these words,
this cavern will have grown
into a great oasis.
I believe you will come through
the burning flames one day,
and bring Kar-Lalo
back to the surface."
My goodness!
"Come through
the burning flames one day?"
That's so awesome!
"The square stone at your feet
is the key to the land above."
[Dr. Vance grunting]
[magical singing
in Chinese]
[Axel grunts]
[rocks grinding]

AXEL: It's opening!
JONO: The seeds
are flying out.
[ground trembling]
[building crumbling]
Holy moly, that was
one seriously crazy dream.
Good heavens!
What happened?
Wait, who is that guy?
[grunting, groaning]
Luis Baba?
But isn't he an Earther?
SOLDIER: What on Kepler
is going on?
Don't be afraid,
I have become
one of you,
and I have a feeling
is gonna be coming up.
[screaming] Kar-Lalo!
The Kar-Lalo is growing!
Look, look!
SOLDIER: Look at it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
You see that?
It's like I said,
when you all obey me,
Kar-Lalo will finally
blossom again.
[clears throat]
The fire dragon blesses me
with this power.
I revive
the Burning City.
I promised
and I delivered.
Why is it you again?
Darn you meddling kids!
Arrest them all!
I told you to throw
all of them into the volcano!
- Wait, stop.
- Arrest them.
I said arrest them!
[all screaming]
like Colonel Papa Qi.
Colonel Papa Qi is back!
Stop it!
It'll destroy the Kar-Lalo!
Papa Qi's coming to save us!
Axel, Gaga,
just stay back!
[metallic grinding]
After 20 long years,
I'm done hiding.
Colonel Papa Qi
and the Kepler army
is here.
[explosion blasts]
[machine gun rattling]
LUIS BABA: You can't
tread on me!
[all screaming]
Axel, protect Gaga!
Papa Qi!
PAPA QI: Axel, you were right.
Without courage,
life is meaningless.
[missile blasts]
[machine guns rattling]
- AXEL: Papa Qi!
- [Papa Qi grunting]
GAGA: Papa! Papa!
- Gaga, wait!
- Papa!
Gaga! [grunting]
Papa Qi!
GAGA: Papa!
[all screaming]

You attack my Kar-Lalo,
I'll kill you!
[tense instrumental playing]
[Axel screaming]
What is this monster?
GAGA: You attacked my papa!
Dr. Vance, please.
We must stop this monster.
[electrical whirring]
AXEL: Wait, be careful.
Don't go near it!
[tense music building]
AXEL: Huh?
[Dr. Vance moaning]
[Gaga, Jono screaming]
GAGA: What?
Dr. Vance
is an Earther?
Dr. Vance.
Foolish Kunta,
you tried to trap me here,
but I finally
found a way home.
Did you think
hiding the Kar-Lalo
and wrecking our spaceship
meant that I'd never get back?
Now, the Kar-Lalo's
super energy is all mine,
and this entire wretched planet
will be my spaceship!
[maniacal laughing] Nobody
can stop me returning home now.
After all these years,
I am going home!
there's no way
Luis Baba's
gonna let you do this.
You turtle shelled traitor!
I'm gonna kick your--
Ah! What are you doing?
Stop it.
My Kar-Lalo!
[Axel grunting]
Dr. Vance, please!
Stop what's happening!
Stop it, please!
Thank you, Axel,
for helping me find Kar-Lalo.
I am sorry, Kunta.
I let you down.
[somber music fading]

[engine whirring]
orchestral music playing]
[rocks crumbling]

[rocks crumbling]
Kar-Lalo! It's mine.
My Kar-Lalo everywhere!
I wasn't a big fake
after all. [laughing]
Just like I said, right?
I'm an awful person.
GAGA: Papa,
you are not a coward.
I was wrong.
[sobbing] Papa.
Papa, where are you?
This is all my fault.
I got you
into this mess.
I took away
our planet's hope.
And now,
the dream is gone forever.
GAGA: Papa, now I understand
everything that you did for us.
I can't even save
one tiny sprout.
I can't do
anything at all.
I'm useless.
GAGA: Axel,
we must stop Vance.
AXEL: It's all because of me
that the Kar-Lalo was destroyed.
I never
should have come here.
Axel, you've always
been brave.
It's you who led us
all the way here,
but now, you...
Axel, you said
to look for Kar-Lalo,
and I listened,
and followed you.
You said
go in the volcano, and I went.
I always
follow you, Axel.
Well, that was a big mistake,
because I ruined
everything! [crying]
Then I guess
I was wrong about you.
Well, fine, then.
Come on, Jono.
JONO: Axel.
Axel. Fine!
Then I'll go with Gaga.
Brothers of the Burning City,
today Vance has robbed us
of our last hope
and he's going
to destroy our world,
but we cannot let him
get away with that.
So, I choose
to be a fighter like my Papa.
Brothers, today,
we fight for ourselves.
- We fight for ourselves!
- That's swell,
but what if instead
you fight for Luis Baba?
That's better, right?
- [grunting]
- Be quiet!
LUIS BABA: I order you to stop!
Why isn't anyone stopping?
[engines revving]
[suspenseful music playing]
[alarm blaring]
AI VOICE: Alert. Alert.
Defense mechanism activated.
- Vance!
- DR. VANCE: Hm.
Charge! Charge!
Tear that thing apart.
[grunting, screaming]
[metallic clanking]
In your dreams, chuckleheads.
Wait till you see
the force of my Demonticon!
[somber instrumental
music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
We have to do something
about the tentacles
so we can attack the hull!
Axel, cover me.
Lure them away,
I'll get us through.
Axel copy.
Today I'm Axel. Come on!
- GAGA: Anybody, come in!
- Gaga! Jono!
GAGA: Axel, where are you?
Jono! Gaga!
- [screaming]
- [Putron whirring]
[Gaga whines]
JONO: Gaga!
AXEL: Gaga!
[laughing manically]
Hey, big jerk.
You want me?
Come and get me!
I'm not afraid!
AI VOICE: Threat eliminated.
Alarm cancelled.
[laughs] Fools.
That was a waste of time.
AI VOICE: Planet
gravitational force
will reverse in 10 minutes.
Demonticon standing by.
Alert. Alert.
Defense mechanism activated.
[alarm blaring]
Dr. Vance, it's me.
DR. VANCE: Too late, Axel.
In 10 minutes,
Kepler will be forced
into my wormhole.
Stop this pointless fighting.
It's like this.
You're not gonna hurt
this planet anymore.
Well, it's like I said,
timing is everything.
You're right,
but there's one thing
that's way more important
than timing.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Axel groans]
- [roar of explosion]
- [grunts]
[metallic creaking]
- [alarm blaring]
- [Dr. Vance sighs]
[metallic whirring]
AXEL: Come on,
you snake monsters.
Look here, right here!
One, two, three, four!
AI VOICE: Alert. Alert.
Unidentified intruder.
Unidentified intruder.
[alarm blaring]
Planet reverse gravitation
at 120 degrees.
Planet reverse gravitation
at 135 degrees.
[Axel grunting]
DR. VANCE: You want
to be another Kunta?
Who thinks himself
so just and so upright,
who thinks
that he could save the world?
[sighs] Misguided fool
couldn't even save himself.
Kunta found a way
to give hope to Kepler,
but you...
- [gasps]
- DR. VANCE: Hope?
What about my hope?
If it wasn't for Kunta,
would I still be here?
Am I wrong?
[wind howling]
I want to go home.
- Am I wrong?
- Go home?
What gives you the right
to destroy our Kar-Lalo?
To destroy
our entire planet?
[metallic thudding]
DR. VANCE: Right now,
I am the God of this world!
- [Axel screams, groans]
- [thudding]
AI VOICE: Alarm cancelled.
Resuming normal function.
Space travel wormhole
is forming.
DR. VANCE: Okay, it's time.
AI VOICE: Landing gear locked.
Life support system engaged.
if you smash everything,
you can't stop
the reversal now.
You can't stop me
from going home!
Axel, stop wasting your energy.
AI VOICE: Planet reverse
gravitation at 150 degrees.
Unauthorized input.
- Really?
AI VOICE: Unauthorized input.-
- It's all done.
- AXEL: Come on!
AI VOICE: Planet reverse
gravitation at 155 degrees.
It's all done?
AI VOICE: Planet
reverse gravitation
at 158 degrees.
indistinct] experiencing energy[
DR. VANCE: I'll see you
on Earth!
I VOICE: All entrances sealed.A
[Axel whimpers]
Planet reverse gravitation
at 160 degrees.
Space travel wormhole
is forming.
[wind howling]
[metallic groaning]
My goodness.
Oh, no.
What's that fool doing?
[Putron whirring]

[Axel grunting]
PAPA QI: Axel,
without courage,
life is meaningless.
[thunder rumbling]
[engine whirring]
[engine sputtering]
[engine whirring]
Just a little closer.
[roar of explosion]
[Axel screaming]
[metallic groaning]
[wind whooshing]
[Jono and Gaga crying]
[thunder rumbling]
- SOLDIER 1: Yeah, move it!
- SOLDIER 2: Let's go.
[SOLDIERS] Come on!
Come on, let's go.
JONO: Axel! It's Axel!
GAGA: Set him down, Putron.
Axel's alive!
I knew that you wouldn't die!
Why, Axel?
That was my very last chance.
I did it for all of Kepler.
I did
what you would have done
to protect your homeland!
[thunder rumbling]
[rain pattering]
- [all gasping]
- Is that rain?
- It's raining!
- It's raining!
[all laughing]
It's raining!
[laughs] It's raining!
I never thought I'd feel
rain on my face again.
[all laughing]
Rain, rain, rain!
Rain, rain, rain!
Is this rain?
Oh, my goodness!
I've never seen rain
in my whole life.
Huh? What's that?
The Kar-Lalo is growing!
BOTH: Kar-Lalo!
[calm music playing]
How badly I wish that Papa
was here to see all of this.
AXEL: Papa Qi!
Kar-Lalo is back!

The Birdy King
ain't no thang
But a trumped up chump
with a broken wing
The Birdy King
is a dingaling
Yo, yo, microphone check
Let's get that Birdy King
something yummy
To put inside her tummy
Ice cream, nice and cool
Get some ice cream
for the Birdy fool
No problem
Oh, the Birdy race
is a big disgrace
By a big fat meanie
from outer space
Say, where you
wanna finish, son
Me? Last place!
Take that, Luis Baba,
in your face
The Birdy King
is everything
You go, go, Gaga,
on the wing
Birdy King,
the control you bring
Makes me wanna jump
and dance and sing
Birdy King,
you're the bravest thing
You go, go, Gaga,
on the wing
Birdy King,
you're everything
[indistinct] dingaling!