Space Sweepers (2021) Movie Script

My cash just ran out.
It's real rice, not the molecular stuff--
Wait! Hold on.
I just want a quick look,
how can you charge me every time?
What do you know? Let go!
Just let me look!
Found these yesterday and fixed them up.
I was the only one on my ship
without boots--
Speed's at 7 km/sec, still slow.
It's going from District D 79.348 to 30.
You who hooked the satellite, stay away.
That'll cost you at least 800 dollars.
-Who do you think?
I heard he went down to Earth yesterday.
They can't be back yet.
-You said they wouldn't be here!
-We're fucked!
Out of the way, you incompetent fools.
That one's mine.
Step on it.
God, this is exhausting.
Stop them!
Grab it!
I'll kill those sons of bitches!
-Kill them!
-God, what a racket!
All that swearing,
not a cultured mind in the whole crowd.
Too slow, Mr. Park!
It's too slow! Hey, it's too slow!
How long will I have to do this
all by hand?
Let's wrap things up.
They're getting away! Step on it!
Just catch them!
Can't you share?
Think about the other ships!
Damn you!
Why make me think of other ships?
Everyone on your toes!
You're dead if we catch you!
-Human trash!
-We'll get you next time!
Ethics, my ass.
Not a chance.
These guys really give it their all.
Fighting like kids
over a few measly dollars.
What? What's that?
Hey, what the hell?
Slow down!
Watch the antenna!
There's a fine if you break it!
I can't believe this.
-But what about the car?
-The garage is full.
if you want us to take it from you,
you need to pay extra 70K for reassembly.
If you dont want to pay,
you dismantle it and bring it back in.
And I see you broke
an antenna off a jelly.
You need to pay 1,300 dollars for that.
We will deduct from your money
and withdraw the rest from your account.
These are your taxes. Pay up.
Why show me the cash?
If you're not giving it to me,
why count it out? You pig!
This is my company's money.
Karum, watch your back.
I'll get you one day.
-Any organic matter?
-Just one.
In the Thunderbolt, 12 kg of iced pork.
Accident. Refrigerated spaceship.
Its been three years now.
About Su-ni. What will you do?
What do you think? Earn cash.
I'll do anything for cash.
Anything, really.
How's Captain Jang? Beautiful as ever?
She has a message for you.
For me? What did she say?
Call her once more, and she'll kill you.
All right.
Let's watch TV.
She looks so real.
Those Black Foxes give me the creeps.
See you.
You guys made Victory
with reinforced duralumin structure.
Quantum radar. Top speed 48,000.
3.2 million pounds of thrust.
If you've got that kind of beast ship,
why don't you make money?
It's all debt.
It's still just a trash collector.
Captain Jang keeps overdoing it.
Between repairs and fines,
we just pay debt with more debt.
But you are a good team.
Team, my ass.
We're a mess.
For me, check!
He's got a ten-pair.
This is one dollar per round.
Why so serious?
I'll raise the minimum.
Even if you beat everyone, it's ten bucks.
I see you, and raise two.
I fold.
Shut your mouth!
I don't have a mouth. Why so sensitive?
Let's quit after this hand.
It's no fun anyway.
And you're all getting touchy.
There's something I need to address.
What could he be addressing now?
Can't bail on this round. Call!
The rice is gone.
I was saving it for a special day.
Last time, the toolbox.
Before that, the battery.
Someone's pilfering supplies
and selling them for cash.
how'd you buy that booze?
It's 80 dollars a bottle.
Shut up. I see you, and raise ten.
No excuses. Don't insult my intelligence.
There's a time I'd have strung up
your corpse as a warning.
Someone's losing his mind.
Do you want to get strung up?
Our loan deferrals end this month,
then we have to pay 2,000 per month.
-Don't forget.
-Didn't it get extended? How much is left?
Well, 16,000 or 17,000 dollars,
plus the 9,000 you borrowed
from the guild, and then...
I'll uncover that thief today for sure.
I know nothing about this nonsense,
but let's talk after the game.
And the court ordered
a provisional seizure,
so you're basically screwed.
You can stop now. I fold.
there's one more thing, but forget it.
What thing?
Porky ran off.
-He split. Porky.
The one managing our fund.
Quite the uproar. Doubt they'll catch him.
-Are you serious?
-Okay, show your cards!
I won again! This is so boring.
-Captain, you knew?
-A deuce?
You said it would be safe!
We had so much money in there!
-One more round tomorrow.
-Hey! That was 100K, our whole savings!
-Why should we call you Captain?
-Where's my money?
Where's my rice?
Captain Jang!
Oh, sorry.
Too slow.
Scary crowd.
Damn, that's expensive.
When I caught one, I'd cut off both hands.
Keep one myself, send one to his boss.
There you go again.
It's a sign of dementia, Mr. Park.
Not Mr. Park, I'm Tiger Park.
Then what'd you do with all those hands?
-Don't believe me?
-I do.
I just wish I could have one.
Graphene titanium.
The equalizer. Dead in one swing.
You or me.
Stop talking nonsense and get to work!
God, I hate working.
For a ship from Lagrangian Point,
it's in good shape,
usually the nanobots
would've eaten it all.
You don't think
nanobots infected our ship?
Infected? They're everywhere.
They're no ordinary nanobots.
Lagrangians are indestructible.
Imagine if our ship got a hole.
We'd all be dead!
Don't worry,
we'll all have starved to death by then.
Is being poor a sin,
or am I poor because I sinned?
If you all starve to death,
the ship becomes mine.
A missing child.
Our work is stopped,
now the police will get us.
We'll get fined for the dumbest reasons.
-So annoying.
-What a headache.
Maybe her parents will pay us a reward?
Are you a UTS citizen?
She has no translation device.
-She's Korean?
I mean, are you from a rich home?
I have no home.
But I'm hungry.
I want to eat.
Hey, shut up. Kid's got no manners.
How shameless.
She was in that car?
In the rear seat's airbag.
Don't know how she survived.
Feel like I've seen
that bowl cut somewhere.
Su-ni! Where is our Su-ni hiding?
There you are!
Take her to the security center
when we dock.
-We've met, right?
Get down!
Get out!
She's a robot?
An explosive?
No wonder the scanner didn't detect life.
Her skin grafts are amazing.
Shit, it's moving.
-Will it get offended and blow up?
-Just shut up and report it.
Nine, zero, zero.
Can't we tie it up outside the ship? Bubs?
Why do I always do the dangerous work?
Number 14 for miscellaneous crimes.
Is this a miscellaneous crime?
First, tie it up. Paper, rock, scissors.
Paper, rock, scissors!
Stay away! Don't come closer!
-I tried wiping up the water--
-Don't talk!
-God, he's useless.
-What an idiot.
Don't look at me. Take easy breaths.
Don't get any ideas.
I'm not a good person.
A pet robot?
Give me a break.
"Kang Hyeo-nu"? Who's that?
"Kang Hyeo-nu."
"Kang Hyeo-nu."
Missed calls up to a moment ago.
Guys, let's talk.
She's going to blow!
-You called?
-I registered a miscellaneous crime.
-Think they'll come?
Listen up.
Two Black Foxes took the robot
and got shot down.
One was captured, one escaped.
The robot entered
Lagrangian Point alone. So...
Both the Black Foxes
and the Space Guards are looking for it.
I have no idea what you're trying to say.
I'm saying we can make
some money off this.
-Can non-citizens collect rewards?
-Let me get this straight.
You want to sell that bomb
to the Black Foxes.
Make some money off those terrorists?
I bet they'll pay a million.
-"A million"?
-No way. That's unjust.
What bullshit is that?
Forget it, then!
I'll take the bomb--
You think it's your bomb?
A direct call to Space Guards,
and they'll come in five minutes.
All right, four for the Captain,
three each for Mr. Park and me.
-Yeah, that's great!
-All right.
Three and a half,
three and a half, two, one. Good?
-You're three and a half, I'm two?
Why'd I fall to three and a half?
How should I interpret this?
Give me back my one half.
This is total crap.
Four, three, two, one for me, okay?
-You all are going to hell.
But can you really pull this off?
Want me to do it?
Mr. Park,
did you forget where I came from?
I know those sorts of bastards.
Don't be scared of them--
Aren't you going to order?
This time, order or get out.
One cola.
Where'd she go?
Where is she?
What's she drawing? A giraffe?
Damned kid, drawing in my room?
But the transmission mic is broken.
Connect ours and raise the pitch.
-What's this?
-A smartphone.
Uses private satellites,
so are hard to trace. Criminals love them.
Didn't you say one was caught?
If so, Space Guards might be listening in.
I don't know technical stuff.
But you know the Black Foxes?
They weren't around when I worked.
Do you know anything?
Ready. Okay?
I'm doing it.
Do you own this object, Dr. Kang?
How much do you want?
How much?
Two million.
One and a half million.
If you really insist,
we'll give you a discount.
Two million. In cash.
Let's meet immediately.
I'll pay you once I see it.
By Exit two
of the Zenith Telescope Station.
Zone G, at 13:00!
Not there. No!
At 32nd Commercial District, Club Ghost,
in front of Gate two at 14:00.
Just a minute!
I'm worried about an explosion.
Should I take precautions?
It won't explode without an order.
If this is a prank call, you will die.
Don't be late. We won't wait.
Drink up!
You deserve it!
I knew you could do it!
At 32nd Commercial District, Club Ghost,
in front of Gate two at 14:00.
Don't make a move. I said to stay still.
That's what I'm doing.
That's a giraffe? You're a lousy artist.
It's a dinosaur.
Let's search for dinosaurs.
Take a good look.
This is a dinosaur, okay?
That's a dinosaur, too.
Look, it's the same.
-I drew you, too!
This one I recognize.
But the eyes are too small, look.
Make the eyes bigger?
That's right.
Look here. The nose, too.
-The nose, too?
-More handsome.
You like doing that, don't you?
If you ever feel sick,
say something right away.
So people can run, okay?
Okay, climb in here.
Uncle Tiger! Where am I going?
Okay, everybody ready? Five minutes!
The engine's looking bad.
It might not make it.
If we're late, we're dead!
Come here. Bubs, come here.
It's two million dollars. Okay?
Let's all shout, "Let's go!"
One, two, three! Let's go!
Who the hell is it? We're busy!
Didn't you lock the door?
Back to your places.
I'm forcing the door!
Why didn't you open up?
No respect for the UTS Police?
The door. Why won't the door open?
You really went wild
on the illegal modifications to your ship.
Our captain is good with tools.
Such an ugly ship
is an insult to UTS citizens.
We'll make her stop.
What the hell?
Isn't this military equipment?
Where did you get it?
Captain got it from the recycling center.
It's very friendly.
Why grow plants on a spaceship?
We're actually in a rush.
What brings you here?
That's what I want to know.
You're the one who called the police.
Number 14. Miscellaneous crimes.
Sir, that wasn't a report,
we just wanted to ask something!
We've got two minutes! God dammit!
Who were you looking at?
What are you doing? Why take my money?
Fine, we're all on our own now.
-Bubs, let me use it!
-You scumbag!
Sir, we have a really important meeting.
Just wait a second!
Did you record that?
What's the occasion?
Non-citizens usually have to call
five to six times for a response.
Bubs, did you record him taking the money?
Sure, I got it in detail!
Your patrol lights are off,
so you're off duty.
What happens if we report you
for taking bribes after work?
Crazy bitch! I didn't ask for bribes.
Didn't announce your name or regiment.
And a private gun?
He's got some nerve.
Don't illegal weapons
get you banished to Earth?
That's right.
We've got a real cowboy here!
A gun like that
should be kept disassembled.
Abusing authority won't get you anywhere.
Patrol officers
are non-citizens just like us.
So who are you to smack me in the head?
Who are you to smack Bubs in the head?
If you want to erase the evidence,
you can kill us all and slip out quietly.
Otherwise fuck off, dickwad.
-You're going to pay for this!
-Okay! See you later.
He's gone! Mr. Park, hurry up!
Get the bag, we're late!
Mr. Park, hurry up!
A place like this is the safest.
Brilliant idea, Tae-ho!
You're so thoughtful. Well done.
But I'm curious.
What will happen to our girl?
"Our girl"?
It's not ours, and it's not a girl.
Who cares if they blow it up
or melt it down to make teeth?
-We're here to make money.
Stay focused.
Just hold out a bit longer.
Hey asshole. I told you, Gate two!
Do you want your pet or not?
Are you new at this?
No bullets?
And you came alone.
Do you trust me, or underestimate me?
Follow me, asshole!
Mr. Park, get ready!
Just speak in Korean, Kang Hyeo-nu.
Don't try any tricks.
-Dorothy first.
-Money first.
Money first!
Is this the correct amount?
Yes! We did it!
What's going on? She's not here.
What's with you guys?
Where'd it go?
Find it quick!
If anyone recognizes it, we're dead!
Oh, my God.
Calm down! It won't explode. No!
-What's that?
Move! Kang Hyeo-nu!
Kang, where are you? Kang Hyeo-nu!
Hey, Kang! Get back in here!
What just happened?
Why didn't you watch the kid?
Mr. Park, why do you screw up everything?
And why give the money back?
What were you thinking?
And what about you,
freaking out about money in that chaos?
I had a bad feeling from the beginning.
You always say that
when things don't work out!
If I'd gone, it might've worked.
Then why didn't you?
I'm just talking to myself.
Hey, forget that,
where's the smartphone? Dial the--
This is why we were caught.
Space Guards were listening in.
I've got the number,
so we'll transmit by radio wave.
The signal won't travel far,
but we'll keep trying until it works.
For now, fly to the Factory.
Ship's down, we can't go.
My two million dollars.
My two million dollars. I'm screwed!
Did you lose your money, Uncle Tae-ho?
It's not done yet.
What's your name?
-Aren't you Dorothy?
Kot-nim's my Korean name.
"Kot-nim." Pretty name.
"Kot-nim." A bit rustic.
Not as rustic as your name.
Don't call it by name.
-What's wrong, Kot-nim?
-Uncle Tae-ho gets scared when he sees me.
Who's scared? Come here.
Who's scared of our Kot-nim?
Put down that explosive.
Uncle Tiger is more scary.
Big spider!
-Let's get Uncle Tae-ho!
-Jeez, seriously!
Stop it! Stay away!
Don't come near me!
Stay away!
The Black Foxes have a hydrogen bomb.
Many UTS citizens are worried about that.
Pierre, the emergency channel is on.
We love your singing,
but the other ships can all hear you.
-There goes that idiot again!
Why won't it turn off?
Turn the damn thing off!
He said Captain Jang kissed him.
You think it was just a kiss?
Whatever. Bubs, bring your cash box.
What now?
He stole my money to buy a battery.
My precious money!
We need a welding rod, too.
-We have no credit anymore.
I just don't get it.
Three adults, and not a penny between you.
We're totally broke.
Uncle Tae-ho, I have a favor to ask.
Can you do it?
I didn't say what it was.
You ask if I can do it
before saying what it is?
-Can I borrow scissors?
-I have a favor to ask too.
-What is it? I can do it!
Don't do anything. That's my request.
Don't laugh or talk
or draw pictures of us.
Why scissors?
-Of my fingers?
No, the tomatoes.
Hey, I said to stay in the ship!
As soon as I saw these,
I thought of you, Pierre.
I'm always grateful to you.
-Damn, is that a real tomato?
-I've never tasted one myself.
Damn, that's good!
-It's one dollar each.
-"One dollar"!
Please enjoy!
Thank you!
Thank you!
-Two, that's two dollars.
We're selling a lot!
Back there!
Don't cut in line.
Have a nice day!
It's gross.
Twenty two, twenty three...
Why are you such a sloppy eater?
Look the other way.
What's with that chuckle?
-I bought a welding rod!
You know Mr. Park?
He used to be the boss of a drug gang.
They say he sold drugs
and helped out poor kids.
He had more money
than he could count, so he'd weigh it.
He even raised a tiger at home!
Captain Jang is smart,
but she's got a filthy temper.
So don't make her angry, got it?
And in her mouth,
she's got a self-destruct...
This is important!
Why's the ship called Victory?
Captain said to pick a good name,
so I wrote it.
I used to think
winning was always a good thing.
What did you do in the past, Sis?
Oh my! "Sis"? Listen to you.
I'm thinking of getting skin grafts.
A black market
full body reconstruction costs 20,000.
But I'm scared people will laugh at me.
Well, that's an excuse.
I don't have the money.
What did I do?
Air-to-air attack,
entering polluted zones,
assassination and so on.
Kid, you're not a...
I'm so envious.
You shouldve said so, you little punk!
But was Uncle Tae-ho always so scary?
Nothing scary about him.
He's just a broke, nasty guy.
Kim Tae-ho...
He's really had no luck.
Tae-ho was a child soldier.
He was a soldier since he was little.
Back then,
he saw a baby for the first time.
He said that she was like an angel.
According to the rules,
he should have sent her to Earth,
but he had some power back then.
Sorry, sweetie. I'm sorry.
She naps at 2 p.m.,
and if she doesn't want milk,
heat up some water.
He spent more and more time
with her, and became a dad.
At age 20.
Don't fall on the stone path.
Su-ni! Su-ni?
It's my fault.
Daddy will take care of you.
I'll be the best dad in the world.
I'll be a truly good person.
From then on, Tae-ho couldn't hurt anyone.
Su-ni, I wrote this song for you.
Want to hear it?
Can I sing? All right.
I love you
More than anything in the world
I think of you when I'm eating
When I'm putting on my shoes
And even when I'm doing laundry
I didn't violate any rules.
Tell me why I was let go.
Let go! This is so unfair.
The Space Guards let him go
for disobeying orders.
In an instant,
he fell from the very top to the gutter.
What's that?
It's just space debris.
Those are shooting stars.
If you make a wish, it will come true.
After living homeless for a year,
he completely fell apart.
Su-ni, we'll eat like kings tonight!
Let's go.
Su-ni, come here.
"Vacate the orbit"?
If you start the search--
I'll pay later.
Tae-ho is still searching for Su-ni.
She's waiting in dark space
for her daddy.
Mr. Park, are you using the torque wrench?
Why don't you answer? Mr. Park!
Who said you could use my power?
Something's missing.
-Who is this?
-My friend.
-I'm busy, screw off.
-I want to stop.
All right, let's wrap up.
What is it now?
Do I look like a kid?
We've got a call! A call!
Tae-ho! Hurry up!
Should I answer? Hola?
District F, by the rail gun base.
Who is it?
In 30 minutes.
Block 27, MR-13, in...
two hours, okay?
I'll wait until you show up.
-Is it done?
-It's done!
It's done!
Go and check the engine.
We'll leave in 30 minutes.
Where the hell is Captain Jang?
-Off getting drunk, I'm sure.
-Let's keep Kot-nim.
Who knows
what the Black Foxes might do to her?
You know why I live?
To find Su-ni.
But soon she'll vacate the orbit.
Then, not even money will help.
I need money now, Mr. Park.
We all need money.
It's not easy for me, either.
All those debts.
Never able to pay them. And Bubs...
-Kot-nim! Is she there?
-Where did she go?
-Uncle Tiger!
Mr. Park, where are you?
Corridor 17!
Why do I always seem
to be the only one working?
Who the hell are you?
Kot-nim, stay behind me.
Close your eyes.
Look at these scums.
Open your eyes.
I need to poop.
Sorry I hit you.
But what were you plotting?
I should be asking that question.
-What were you plotting to do with--
Go away!
Before Dorothy walks out that door...
-Let's just forget this happened.
-Don't you give us orders!
It's not an order, it's a suggestion.
Bubs, if he says one more word,
rip his tongue out.
That's what you call an order.
We've both got suspicions here,
so let's talk it out.
Should I go first?
No robot poops.
Kot-nim is human.
I knew that.
I thought she was just too cute.
Kang Kot-nim,
the daughter of nanorobotics scientist
Kang Hyeo-nu
at the Mars Terraforming Lab. Right?
Does Dr. Kang still have the money?
They're dumber than I thought.
Kill the light. Lock the door.
Hey, Black Foxes. We're not done here yet.
We don't want to hurt you guys.
So tell us.
What's this all about?
The Black Foxes aren't terrorists.
We were an environmental organization
until the Space Guards
tried to kill all of us.
Now we're the only survivors.
Stick to the point.
We've been following
the Mars program from the start.
Dont you think it's strange?
If Mars with its harsh environment
can become green land,
why not Earth?
Dorothy was born
with a rare congenital sickness.
A sickness that ravaged her nerves.
No cure was available. And no hope.
As a last resort, Dr. Kang injected
ultra-sophisticated nanobots
that he had programmed into her body.
The nanobots were programmed
to signal each other.
Then the nanobots in Dorothy's body
started to talk with other nanobots.
Nobody knows how it's possible,
not even Dr. Kang can explain it.
She even makes flowers blossom
from a dead tree.
She is the only hope
to bring life back to Earth.
But Sullivan grabbed Dorothy
and brought her to Mars,
and the slow progress there
suddenly sped up?
Yes, that small girl turned Mars
into a fine island.
A plant was genetically modified
to grow on Mars soil.
Earth didn't get a chance.
Its all bullshit.
The media all broadcast Sullivans lies.
Never mind that.
Kot-nim. What happens to her?
And Kot-nim ran off
before they killed her.
But they cant kill her.
Dorothy is protected by the nanobots,
and nanobots can only be killed
at 200 million degrees Celsius.
The hydrogen bomb...
Sullivan isnt the savior of humanity.
He wants to destroy everything on Earth!
What is that? What's happening?
Hurry, let's go!
Everyone go out by the back door.
Block 27, MR-13.
We'll meet Dr. Kang there. See you then.
Let's use the back door!
-Mr. Park, let's go.
-And Kot-nim?
I'll take her.
Keep your head up and pass quietly.
I feel much better.
On my back.
On my back, hurry!
You sure you want to go inside?
I just took a dump in there.
Maybe you want to give it a minute?
Kot-nim, you okay?
I'm okay. Uncle Tae-ho, are you okay?
Not okay.
Dont worry about Kot-nim,
you take the ship and go.
Answer me, Captain Jang!
What the hell? Just a minute.
You bastards!
Grab on, Kot-nim!
Crazy fool, how could you jump?
Hurry up, Kim Tae-ho.
Wait, I'll get the harpoon!
Get up! Let me!
We're in, let's go!
Let's go.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
It's nothing.
Close your eyes and count to 100.
Not enough oxygen in the A Bus!
The ventilation is torn!
The pipes are bursting!
Thirty-two, thirty-three...
Everyone come in.
Seventy-eight, seventy-nine...
Ninety-five, ninety-six...
Ninety-nine, one hundred.
What do we do? Her heart's stopped.
-You didn't bring the defibrillator?
-What now?
-Where did it go?
-Come on, we need to stay calm!
-Calm down, please!
-Can you organize this better?
-Gently, don't break her ribs!
-One, two.
Three, four,
five... Kot-nim!
Six... Kot-nim!
Who was that?
You fart machine.
She's a fart machine.
A fart machine!
Be honest.
You pooped a little, didn't you?
-I need the bathroom.
-Go quick!
Our appointment with Kang
was two hours ago.
He'll wait. What else can he do?
Kot-nim is with us.
Anyway, if we enter
Earth's airspace, it's game over.
Then Sullivan can't touch us.
Kang, the Black Foxes, Kot-nim,
Bubs, you, Mr. Park...
-We'll all meet and descend to Earth.
We don't have time to meet up.
Let's go down now,
before the Space Guards come.
-Saving Kot-nim comes first.
-How can we go now?
We need the money first.
Stop talking nonsense, will you?
I need to work.
Go up to the Captain's room.
Uncle Tae-ho, you know what?
In space, there's no up or down.
From the universe's viewpoint,
nothing is worthless or precious.
Everything is precious in its own place.
Who said that?
My dad.
Hey, Kot-nim.
Why didn't you draw a picture of me?
I drew you first,
but I was too scared to give it to you.
I'll put it on the refrigerator.
Anyway, if you want to draw, do it there.
Don't cross over. You'll disturb me.
-Uncle Tae-ho.
-What now?
Your shoe.
I know who Su-ni is.
Later, let's go see her together.
Even if we don't know where she is,
we can meet her.
Anybody seen Kot-nim? Anyone?
I bet she's hiding on me again.
Mr. Park is looking for you.
-That's cold!
How's that?
Shall we wash your hair?
Your daddy will be mad at us
if your hair's dirty.
I'll wash it up nice.
Put a basin underneath!
That's not the way you do it.
If you know what's good for you, beat it!
But you're... Move over.
That's what you do for babies.
I'm doing fine!
-Give it.
-Why push me around?
-I'll show you.
-Show me what?
-It will go in her nose.
-No, it won't!
I know these things!
-I'm doing fine here!
-Hey, Kot-nim, get up.
Jeez, seriously.
Wait, hold on!
Hey! Stop moving!
Hey! What's going on here?
Get out.
-Why'd you have to show up?
-I said I'd do it!
Stop fighting and get out!
-Have you raised a kid?
-I'm going to someday.
-You don't know anything.
-Don't even talk to me.
Close your eyes while I shampoo.
Damn, all this expensive water.
Uncle Tae-ho's not angry, right?
He wants to get close to me?
Who knows.
I see it!
Can you hear me? You hear me?
Yes, I hear you!
-What about Dr. Kang?
-I just picked him up.
I am with him now.
He was here when I came.
We're going in.
Karum, is your GPS off?
It's turned off.
-Check again to be sure.
-You can't see me in the radar.
I also used my eyes to drive inside.
Careful. Let's not screw it up this time.
Where are we going?
To see your daddy.
My daddy? Really?
I see you now. I see you.
I'm sorry, Kot-nim. I'm sorry.
Have you been eating okay?
I'm full, Captain gave me
yummy food with hot sauce.
Bubs put makeup on me,
but it all rubbed off.
Uncle Tiger sewed up my socks
and washed my hair.
Uncle Tae-ho and I earned 23 dollars.
Thank you.
Come here a second.
-Where's the money?
-It's in the ship.
-It's two million dollars, right?
-Of course. You like money too much.
What do you mean?
We need to check these things.
Stop, already. Now's not the time.
It didn't feel right
with the small kid here.
-Just put it in a bag! This is your job.
-Since when am I in charge of money?
You're frustrating me.
Just go bring the money.
-What's so hard about it?
-Take your conversation outside.
EMP mines!
Start the engine.
Mr. Park, Bubs, Tae-ho...
I'm sorry about this.
Im one, so Ill take 400,000.
Why don't you take it?
That money is dirty.
Forget it, then.
Captain and Bubs can take your share.
I don't need money from selling Kot-nim.
What about this month's interest?
Fuel costs. Oxygen. Water.
Insurance and the non-citizen tax?
The bank owns this ship.
But you don't need money?
Let's be honest,
we'll never earn anything.
The more we work, the more debts we have.
Can't leave quite yet.
Kot-nim's in the Factory.
-It's too far.
-So we need to warm up the engine.
I'll sit at the control panel,
and Captain can drive.
If you go there, you'll die, idiot!
I don't care if I die.
Tae-ho, you have something to do.
We do, too.
Go find Su-ni.
It's 400,000 dollars.
Don't move!
Why's your hand under the table?
Who are you?
Go play outside.
I wrote this.
Go buy something to eat.
They were all so hot on money.
Now they're throwing it away?
Isn't it crazy?
-Huh? What are you doing?
-It is crazy.
Mr. Park! Fill the rest of the fuel rods.
Just remembered a promise I made.
-What promise?
-What are you doing in my seat?
Move over!
Let's go, damn it!
Let's go.
Too many of them.
Close the valve!
Bubs, knock out a few.
Almost there, Bubs. Just a bit longer.
My harpoon!
Nice work, Bubs.
We're in the clear now.
It never ends.
Mr. Park, this is my last request.
-Finish the job before we go back up.
-"Go back up"?
What's he doing?
Kim Tae-ho, you're insane!
Mr. Park, please.
It's done!
It's done! All done.
It's done!
Mr. Park, now!
Tae-ho, know where you're going?
Doesn't look like it.
Don't think. Just step on it!
Is that a bomb?
If that goes off, we're finished.
-How've you been?
Uncle Tiger, what about my dad?
He had to go to work.
-Is Kot-nim crying?
Captain, keep working,
but Kot-nim should go.
It won't do any good.
If the bomb explodes, a 5,000 km wave
of krypton will be released.
-It will destroy all nanobots.
Kot-nim, come on!
Even if she survives,
she'll get sick again.
And forget about restoring Earth.
What do you mean?
You said you'd stop the explosion.
-Can't you do anything, Captain?
-I can't do anything.
The detonator's on the inside.
If I hack in, it will explode.
Nothing can stop it.
And the Factory will fall to Earth.
There's nothing we can do.
Captain, how can you give up now?
Try something. Anything!
If we go far away...
If Kot-nim
is very far away from the explosion,
can she live?
If she escapes the krypton wave.
-How far?
-5132.463 km.
There's no other way.
I'm okay with it.
Take Kot-nim.
-We don't have much time.
I'll go as fast as I can.
Uncle Tae-ho!
Listen to me. Our ship is that way.
Go wait there.
And you?
I'll take everyone and come soon, okay?
Touch her, and you're dead.
Step aside, ordinary folk.
This one's more than you can handle.
Mr. Park!
Mr. Park!
I knew you'd grab on.
Now it's my turn!
A present. It will be hot.
It really is hot. It really is a hand!
Thanks Mr. Park, I mean Tiger Park!
Take it off slowly.
There's no time, dammit!
You want it slowly, or quickly?
Captain, call Pierre!
He came last time!
The emergency channel.
Mr. Park, the channel is on, right?
Emergency channel!
KOR SH 7901, Victory.
It's already on.
Current location, inside the Factory.
You all heard what Sullivan said?
We heard everything!
We need to go help Captain Jang!
Help me? I don't think you get it.
Listen up, everyone.
Soon, the Factory will fall to Earth.
Right on the heads
of your family members on Earth.
This isn't an accident,
or a terrorist attack.
All you sweepers,
if you want to live then run away,
Come and fight.
I'll help you all.
Five thousand kilometers.
Tae-ho, there's no time!
Victory, please hold together.
I don't know
if the ship can last that long.
-Captain Jang! It's me!
I'll do anything.
Listen to that lover boy.
Doesn't he get the situation?
Mr. Park, is it done?
It's done, all done.
Stop acting pitiful
and get down here! Tiger Park!
Move over, Pierre!
Space sweepers, let's see what you got.
Damn! I almost lost it there.
One's on our tail.
Got you, bastard!
Kot-nim? Is she okay?
Yes, don't worry.
She's safe inside the container.
Captain Jang!
-Captain Jang!
-Captain Jang!
It's too slow.
Mr. Park. Burn the last of our fuel
and hit the booster!
The emergency booster
will only give you 20 seconds!
That's enough.
Won't anything go right?
Bubs! Release the gear
for the emergency booster!
Captain Jang, Mr. Park, Bubs.
Thank you for everything.
I was happy
with you guys.
You know that I love you all?
isn't here, you fucking loser.
We can't stop it from exploding.
So let's take the bomb and run.
And leave Kot-nim in the Factory?
Captain Jang! It's me!
Before we fly out,
we'll give Kot-nim to Pierre.
Where are you going without me?
We have to go to work too.
Hide Kot-nim, and take the bomb with us?
Then we'll all die together?
There's no other way.
Goodbye, Kot-nim.
It needs to explode 5,000 km away.
Then Kot-nim will be safe.
And then she can save the Earth.
Let's go together.
-What about Bubs?
-Fine. The head at least.
The repair fee will be insane.
And what was that?
"Thanks for everything"?
"I was happy with you guys"?
"You know that I love you all"?
You all are so corny.
Long time no see, Porky.
-Who are...
-I'm hurt.
You don't recognize Bubs?
Porky, that idiot.
-Pay up.
-Yes, pay up!
For what we did today. Pay us.
Daddy, I finished writing.
You did?
Then show me.
You wrote so well.
give me a hug?
Sorry I'm so late.
Thanks so much for coming to me.
Bye, Daddy.
You're slacking off, kid.
Need to get you another tutor.
-Stop freaking out, you two.
We're not freaking out.
She's a first grader now.
Look at all the other moms.
They hire five tutors for their kids.
-That's right.
-Want her to fall behind and resent you?
I'm not saying she should do nothing.
Hey, Kot-nim! Want another tutor?
Of course she doesn't!
People keep complimenting my voice.
And this one is nice.
I enjoy singing ballads.
What do you think?
I don't like them. I like your voice now.
Still, pick one. I can't keep this voice.
We've become a new family.
Sometimes I go to Earth to make trees.
Captain has stopped drinking.
Bubs is a real girl now,
and she wants to get cultured.
Uncle Tiger erased his tattoos
so he won't scare my friends.
And Uncle Tae-ho
bought ten pairs of shoes.
I think Daddy must be happy in heaven.
Damn it! How am I supposed to read?
What are they doing in our territory?
Start the engine.
We'll get 400 dollars for those.
Let's go make some money!
Subtitle translation by: Darcy Paquet