Spark: A Space Tail (2016) Movie Script

Bana, once the most
glorious planet in all the universe,
ruled by a beloved king and queen.
Under their rule, Bana was a paradise.
But darkness took hold.
The king's envious brother, Zhong,
unleashed the space kraken,
an ancient beast with the power
to create black holes.
Bana was shattered to pieces.
The king and those loyal to him
were sucked into the kraken slick,
along with your parents.
And since that fateful day,
Zhong has ruled what remains
of Bana with an iron fist,
enslaving everyone except for...
- Bananny.
- Except for...
Except for me, Chunk and Vix.
You brought the three of us here as kids
and we've been hiding ever since,
down here in an underground bunker.
When the kraken let loose its slick,
most of Bana was torn into
thousands of pieces called shards.
Some shards disappeared into the slick,
but others were left behind.
The furthest is used as a garbage dump.
And that's where we live...
under a giant pile of trash.
Stealing from Zhong just to get by.
The end.
Good night, Bananny.
Have a good sleep.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
The big "one-three."
That's like a thousand
in roach years, isn't it?
Shard, sweet shard.
Hey! How'd it go?
Hey, buddy, we scored big time!
We snagged a gravity module off the back
of Zhong's perimeter patrol unit.
Just what I need to finish that PEC!
- PEC?
- The Polaron Energy Converter.
Oh, it's so cool!
I tell you, his clowns almost caught us.
But Vix lost 'em in a warp chase
through a shard field.
It was great!
It was, uh...
Well, it was crazy boring.
I mean, gravity modules.
Who likes that stuff?
Huh. What's this?
Just junk.
Careful with that.
Uh, seriously, Spark.
Take it easy. You're gonna...
...hurt somebody.
Aren't you supposed to be in bed?
After an awesome birthday
of you guys leaving me home alone
to stare at the stars with the roaches,
I guess I was just too excited to sleep.
Sorry, Spark.
Happy birthday.
I'm not a kid anymore. I should be
going on missions with you guys.
Maybe next year.
I've been sitting on this rock
for 13 years.
There's gotta be more out there
for me, like a purpose.
I believe in you, buddy.
I do.
And I know Vix does,
in her irritated,
never-gonna-admit-it kind of way.
You just gotta prove to her that
you're ready for more responsibility.
All clear!
I hope you're hungry, 'cause
you're about to taste bitter defeat.
Time to kick some asteroid!
Ow. Sorry, Chunk.
It's okay, buddy.
Are you hungry now?
'Cause you just got served.
Combat is focus, Spark.
You have to find your center.
Your body's just flailing
all over the place.
I think I just pulled a muscle...
in my entire body.
Hey, let me give you a hand
there, Sparkster.
Cool, huh?
I finished that holographic replicator
I was working on.
It's not fair!
My throat's sore, I didn't eat breakfast,
I have, uh, uh, got a...
You know what? You're cheating!
That's what it is!
No one's cheating, Spark.
I just don't think you're old enough yet.
I am a thousand in roach years!
Well, I'll keep that in mind
when we go to war with the bugs.
Why is he acting like this?
Well, he's undergoing major myelination
and synaptic pruning
in the orbital frontal cortex
and excitatory neurotransmitters,
all of which have massive implications
on risk-taking
and vulnerability to boredom.
He's a teenager.
You know I'm bringing bombastic
I'm feeling f-f-fantastic
Turn up the music
Yeah, blast it
You know I'm playing like
No more Mr. Nice Guy
I'm coming for ya
Yes, yes.
A perfect likeness!
Permission to proceed
with the full-scale build.
You know, they called
my brother many things.
"Selfless ruler."
"Empathetic king."
"Loving monarch."
But they never called him...
Destroyer of Planet.
Ooh, that's good.
That's really... What?
What are you saying?
It was an oversight, Your Maternal
Malevolency. I swear.
A small oversight, hmm?
Is that it?
You think I'm small?
- Oh, n-n-no, Your Imperial...
- What?
What's wrong with being small?
Is there something wrong with that?
Nothing at all.
Okay. So I am small then.
I seem small to you.
That's what you're saying?
Yes. I mean, no! I mean,
I'll have it fixed right away.
Ohh! I regret nothing!
Third artist this week.
Oh, my lady, do I have
a surprise for you.
Not another jaywalker's head on a pike.
No, no.
Much better than that.
Much better.
Huh? What do you think?
Has a much better ring to it,
doesn't it?
Destroyer of Planets.
You're going to destroy another planet?
I found another kraken finder.
Well, let's just say 13 years of
search minions, searching and minioning,
has finally paid off.
It's been exhausting for me, really.
What exactly are you planning?
Nothing much.
Just finding the kraken,
destroying another planet
and having the rest of the universe
bow before me in fear.
That's all.
Zhong will rule all!
Why Koko laugh?
Ha! Ha!
Oh! Oh-oh-ohh!
Heroic space prodigy Spark has demolished
every foe that dare cross his path
until he comes face-to-face
with pure evil in ape-like form.
Zhong, you tore this planet apart.
You took my parents.
I just have one thing to say to you.
Your rule is over!
Almost took your head off there, Floyd.
You're lucky I have cat-like reflexes.
Huh. You guys really love bananas, huh?
So, what do you think?
Do you think I'm ready?
One day I'll show them.
I'll show everyone.
Adventure's overrated, dear.
Yeah. Sure.
How about a glass of nice, warm milk?
Just how you like it.
Can I have some of those cookies?
You know, the ones
with the sprinkles on top?
Of course you can, snookums.
"Vix, I realize the risk,
but we must meet immediately.
These instructions will lead you
to a rendezvous point.
Follow them.
This is of the utmost importance."
Uh, what is this?
Blecch! Ugh!
- Hey, guys. Beautiful day, huh?
- Hey, buddy.
Man, you must be really tired
after an all-night mission like that.
You should get some sleep.
Mmm. I'm just going to work on those
pointers you gave me the other day.
You know, focusing, thinking,
exfoliating, whatever.
Okay, bye-bye.
Who put that there?
Am I right?
What's gotten into him?
Okay, Bananastar. Engage silent mode
and set course for Bana.
Please push the "on" button.
Uh, on button.
Okay, uh...
Hmm. On button.
Thanks, Floyd.
Hey, you're not supposed to be here.
Eh, you got a point.
Ah, here we go.
The royal palace?
Okay, I was not expecting this.
So the access point is...
the sewer.
That really stinks.
Okay, here we go.
Throwing in three, two, one.
Hey, chimps!
Who let you out of the zoo?
Hey there, banana breath!
Get ready for the wild life
Wanna see a magic trick?
Get ready for the wild life
- Good trick?
- I don't know.
"Press the green banana"?
Oh! Hey, guys.
Uh, royal plumber here.
Yep, those pipes are gonna
have to be replaced.
I think Zhong's not getting enough
fiber, if you know what I mean.
Get him!
Oh! Oh!
Intruder alert!
Seal all halls on 20!
Press the green banana!
Huh? Wha?
Ouch! Okay, okay, you got me.
Please don't shoot.
It's just a door handle.
Why are you here?
Where are Vix and Chunk?
Uh, they were, uh, busy.
So, uh, I came instead.
I told them never to...
Excuse me, uh, Your Queenliness?
Wait. You're the Queen?
Zhong's Queen?
You sent for Vix and Chunk?
I don't understand.
S-Sorry to disturb you, my lady.
And might I say
you look lovely this evening.
Get on with it.
Right. Okay.
There's been a break-in.
So, uh... we're gonna
have to search your room.
Zhong's orders.
- Can we come in?
- You can get lost.
We have very little time.
Here. Take this.
- What is it?
- A kraken finder.
Uh, Miss, uh, Queen?
Give it to Vix and Chunk. Hide it
and make sure it's never found again.
We're gonna have to, uh...
break your door down.
The fate of the universe depends on you.
We're coming in.
So sorry. Please don't
hit us with anything.
I don't get it. You're supposed
to be on Zhong's side.
Things aren't always
what they seem, Spark.
How dare you interrupt my bath!
Oh! So sorry,
Your Queenliness!
Listen, you imbeciles.
You will escort this handmaiden outside
the castle grounds and ask no questions.
You will sweep the castle grounds
twice, give yourselves 40 lashes
and bring me a fruit bowl!
Is that clear?
- Oh, very much so.
- Yes, indeed.
If you do not follow these royal commands,
your insolence will be reported to Zhong!
Hup, hup, hup, hup! Hup, hup, hup, hup!
Hup, hup, hup, hup!
Don't ask.
Wait till you see this, Floyd.
It's the fate of the universe.
It would give Zhong ultimate power.
But... in the right hands,
maybe it could take that power away.
Maybe that person could do to Zhong
what Zhong did to all of Bana.
Let's go find us a kraken!
Bananastar, take us into deep space.
- Please push the "on" button.
- Oh. Okay. Got it. Thank you.
Okay, kraken finder, find us the kraken!
Okay. Any time now.
Let's go.
It didn't come with instructions.
Oh, no!
No, Mr. Mango, I said banana cream.
Chunk! Wake up!
Peppercorn ranch.
The panda ate the pot stickers!
Spark went to the palace!
He has a kraken finder!
Spark ate the pot stickers?
To the kraken!
Come on, kraken!
What's it gonna take to get you working?
So the little kraken finder said,
"I think I can! I think I can!"
Stupid rock.
My kraken finder's been stolen!
You search every inch of every shard
in the system until you find it.
If you come back empty-handed,
it's the mercury cooker for you!
Got it?
Koko should have taken modeling job.
What's that rattling?
Bananastar, run a diagnostic.
All systems normal.
Source of disruption located on deck.
- On deck? Where?
- Behind you.
Yes. Yes!
- Whoo-hoo!
- Kraken, here I come!
Huh. Must be getting close.
In there?
Okay. Bananastar, take us in.
Taking us in.
Activate sonar.
Activating sonar.
Whatever that is...
it's big.
It's right on top of us.
Oh, boy.
For a minute I thought
we found the thing
and I was, like, maybe
this wasn't a great idea
after all!
Aah! Reverse thrusters!
I'm sorry. I don't
understand "seapurse dusters."
Evasive maneuvers!
Searching data bank
for "abrasive manure."
I think...
I think it likes you, Bananastar.
This is very awkward for me.
You're a lot bigger than I thought.
Tractor beams are not gonna work on you.
Bananastar, set course for home!
Setting course for garbage shard.
I can't believe it! I did it!
I did it!
You stay there, girl. I'm about to give
my friends the surprise of a lifetime.
They took Vix and Chunk.
How about one... last... glass...
of... warm...
No! No, no, no!
Boss going to be happy.
So, are you and Zimtron
still coming over for dinner?
- Her name's Gort.
- Right. Sorry.
She have any food allergies?
- Pineapple gives her gas.
- Ew.
Oh, what have I done?
You messed up big time, is what you did!
Vix! Chunk!
- How could you?
- I'm sorry.
Sorry? I don't think you
understand what you...
Your Kingpin Superintendent
High Priestess,
the mighty Zhong!
Oh, boy.
Can you smell that?
That's the stench of garbage.
Koko found them on the garbage shard.
Imagine that.
They actually live on
that dung heap in our filth.
And yet somehow they manage to survive
and steal from me!
Thank you, uh...
Spark, is it?
For saving me the effort
of capturing the kraken
and delivering it to my doorstep
free of charge.
The last time I used the kraken,
and incidentally tore this planet apart,
I lost it soon after.
They're difficult to train.
So stubborn.
You can't be like, "Kraken, sit.
Sit, kraken! Stay!"
They don't listen.
So I just use a torturous
force field instead!
With the press of a button, voil!
Instant kraken slicks.
It's like having a world-destroying
weapon at your fingertips.
And three days from now,
I'll be using it
to destroy another planet.
Ah! Here comes
my first test subject now.
The garbage shard!
It's time to take out the trash.
- No!
- Oww!
We're alive!
The slick must have acted
like a wormhole.
So that means? Well, it means
we could be anywhere.
Happy now?
You got what you wanted, right?
You're a real hero.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?
Are you going to apologize to the planet
that's about to be
destroyed because of you?
Are you going to apologize to the entire
universe for handing it over to Zhong?
Are you? Go ahead.
I'm sure that'll help.
I'm sure that will make
everything just fine!
I was on your side.
Vix, wait up!
We should have told him.
I wanted to tell him.
Every day for the past
13 years I've wanted to.
Me too.
This is my fault.
I failed.
We both did.
We weren't trained for this.
No, we certainly weren't.
Well, let's tell him.
The garbage shard.
Floyd, you made it!
It's so good to see a friendly face.
I-I come in peace?
- Spark!
- Spark!
- What's that sound?
- What sound?
Well, I did sneak a couple
of candy bars after lunch.
Oh. That sound.
What do we have here?
- Where'd you come from, boy?
- Through a kraken slick.
A kraken slick?
That's impossible!
Uh, sir? Uh, we came
through a kraken slick.
Huh? Oh, right.
You've got a point, Ted.
How'd you end up in the slick?
- I-I was thrown in.
- By who?
His name was... Zhong.
You know him?
He tore our planet apart.
- This used to be a part of Bana.
- Aye.
I can't believe it.
I'm from Bana!
It still exists?
Yes. Well, what's left of it does.
And it's ruled by Zhong.
The cretin.
Come with us.
I want to hear more.
I was captain of the Royal Guard.
The soldiers you met were my
men, or what's left of them.
And this?
This is where we've lived
for the past...
- Thirteen years.
- Has it been that?
Feels like an eternity.
It's like a thousand in roach years.
Don't worry about the lightning.
It strikes randomly.
You'll get used to it.
I don't even feel it any...
See? It's nothing.
Now would somebody please
tell me who I am?
Uh, you're the Captain?
And what are these?
Those are your hands.
Even if the ship worked,
it would take lifetimes to fly back.
No. You are officially
lost in space, my boy.
Roasted space rat?
No, thanks.
I'm telling you,
this is as good as it gets.
Ugh. Yuck.
Yup. This is about as far from
everything as anyone's ever been.
And I can tell you right now that...
Your hand.
- It's... It's...
- It's a birthmark.
But it can't be!
Don't you realize what this is?
A birthmark.
The seal of the royal family.
Only those in its bloodline
are born with the mark.
Your Royal Highness.
Fortune be praised.
I never dared hope.
The last I saw of you
was the queen instructing Bananny
to spirit you away to some remote shard
until the day arrived
when fate would beckon.
You... You know Bananny?
If the king is my father,
that means my mother is...
He's your son?
- No!
- I thought he was dead!
Ow! Why do you have such good aim?
I'm beginning to think this
isn't working out between us.
Do you really not get how much
I hate you and always have?
I thought that's just what couples did!
So I guess an heir
is out of the question?
Put her in solitary confinement until I
have a kraken slick to throw her into!
Nothing happened here!
During the first few years here,
things were tough
and the storms were vicious.
There was a tremendous flood that
wiped out our entire village.
Your father worked tirelessly
to get everyone to safety.
And just as he lifted the last
person onto one of the rafts,
lightning struck the water.
He was the bravest, most
selfless monkey I've ever known.
He gave everything for his people,
including his life.
I wager you'd like some privacy.
This wasn't how
it was supposed to happen, Dad.
I was supposed to find you guys,
and we'd be this great family.
But you're gone.
I messed up.
I messed up bad.
I'm sorry.
Hello, fellow rulers of planets!
This is Emperor High
Intercontinental Champion Zhong.
Just following up on that message
I sent you a little while back.
You know, the one about me
taking control of your planets!
I thought you might like to know
that I've got my kraken in custody
and things are moving along nicely.
You know the drill.
Hand your worlds over to me, or I
destroy them with a kraken slick.
And to show you that I mean business,
I'm going to open a slick
right near... you!
Okay, so we have a few things
to get ready first,
then we'll be right over
to destroy your planet.
See you in a little bit.
Oh, yes.
Anyone up for some lunch?
Something to eat? Anyone?
- Uh...
- Sure. I guess so.
- Yeah, sure.
- Market shard?
- Okay.
- Yeah? Okay.
Who's driving?
Who's got the keys?
I never thought
it would end this way, Vix.
Neither did I, Chunk.
You mean you really think
it's going to end this way?
That means it's really
going to end this way!
Vix, Chunk,
what do I do?
You save them.
Floyd, you can talk?
- Spark.
- Father?
Your friends are in danger.
- Where?
- Trapped in a cave in the northern gorge.
Save them.
But I'm no hero. I've messed
up everything I've ever done.
Without failure, there is no growth.
But I might fail again.
You must be the spark of hope
for people to believe in.
That is your purpose and
place in the universe.
Fate brought you here for a reason.
Rise, Spark.
Over here!
Leave my friends alone!
Spark, no! Get out of here! Go now!
Don't worry. I have a chance
so long as I have this!
Oh. Well.
This is gonna be
a little more difficult.
I can't look!
Father, if I ever needed
your strength, it's now.
Whoo-hoo! Whee!
Back. Back!
All of you!
Now turn your backs!
Way to go, Floyd.
I... I can't believe it!
That was amazing!
Okay, let's get out of here
before they change their minds.
- Yeow!
- Sorry.
Now, I know some of you
have a cold right now.
And, Ted, you have no legs.
But the prince of Bana
is out there and he needs us.
It's okay. I'm all right.
Your Highness!
Is that?
Indeed. Indeed!
- Lieutenant Vix.
- Captain.
Still watching your waistline, I see.
Oh! Okay.
"Lieutenant Vix"?
"Your Highness"?
We were the youngest
members of the Royal Guard.
Thirteen years ago,
we were sworn to secrecy,
assigned by the queen to protect you.
Our mission was to hide you, keep
you safe, train and prepare you.
The queen always felt she'd find
a way to put things right again
and take Bana back,
and when that time came,
you would be ready.
I am. We all are.
Now we just have to get back.
Oh, come on! We made the trip once.
How did we do it?
By kraken slick.
So to get back, we would
need another kraken slick.
What's funny?
So, we're just gonna go
jump in a slick and go home?
- Why not?
- Well, to begin with,
we're fresh out of kraken,
and I don't think
the little guy counts as one.
What if we made our own slick?
Oh, of course!
Why didn't I think of that?
No. Seriously.
What is a kraken slick?
What is it made of?
- Polaron energy.
- Polaron energy.
We can harness that, can't we?
By "we," you mean me, right?
Of course.
Well, for us to return to Bana,
we would need to replicate
the exact vibrational frequency
of the subatomic particles excreted
from that particular kraken.
No idea what it means.
Keep going.
Which would be nearly impossible
because we'd need a power source
capable of generating a burst of
concentrated tachyon particles,
allowing us to open a temporary
rift in relative space-time.
So, big power source?
Crazy big!
Uh, Chunk, I think you might wanna...
Crazy big enough?
Uh, yeah.
Ah, but...
What? I would need
something like the PEC.
- Polaron Energy Converter.
- Yeah.
Which is back on the garbage shard,
which is, uh, who knows where now?
Prepare a search party.
Something's stuck to the end of my leg.
Those would be your feet.
Over here!
Hey! And take
anything else you can find...
wiring, converters, engine parts.
- This what we looking for, sir?
- Cold cuts, dessert items.
- Help me lift this thing!
- You never know.
We need to start on a plan.
The battleship takes on Zhong's warship.
The speeders take on the armada.
I gain access to the warship
and rescue the quee...
I mean, my mother.
I alert you when I'm off the ship, at which
point the battleship takes out Zhong.
How do we close the slick
before it swallows the planet?
Follow me here.
If what Chunk is working on manages
to do what it's supposed to do...
Open a slick.
Then theoretically...
Theoretically, it should
be able to close one.
Not bad.
Not bad for insanity!
My speeders take on Zhong's armada.
The battleship takes out the warship.
In case you haven't noticed,
our ships are junk!
We're outnumbered, outgunned.
It's impossible.
You're the captain of the Royal Guard.
You're a hero.
And you will lead your men
back through the wormhole,
and, together, we will defeat Zhong.
Now, what would make it possible?
A backup battalion, reinforcements.
Vix, make sure everything keeps
moving ahead. I'll be right back.
He reminds me of his father.
He has the same fire in his belly.
Same determination.
Found it!
What did he do now?
Nothing's gonna stop me
- Sandwich.
- Ooh.
- Sandwich.
- Uh-uh.
I'm on a diet anyway.
We'll be heroes tonight
Chunk, how we doing?
Just a few more things!
I'm a... I'm almost there.
He's been gone a while.
Shh. Listen.
Run for your lives!
They're coming!
Wait! Stand your ground. Look!
It's okay.
They're on our side.
Wa... But how?
They're the same bugs as from
back home, only mutated.
They're hungry, that's all.
We promised them all the bananas
they could eat if they helped us.
No. You're the genius.
What's happening with the...
Oh! Right!
Kraken Slickonator standing by.
The reverse slick window
should be attracted
to whatever slick Zhong
is opening on the other side,
so we should end up where we want to be.
Or somewhere entirely different.
I'm hoping for the first option.
People of Bana!
My friends and I have crossed
the universe only to find you.
This was no accident.
It was fate that brought
us here, to this place.
You are the citizens
of a Bana that once was,
a Bana that will be again.
Zhong laid waste to our planet,
but together, we're taking it back!
Can we go to the bathroom first?
Everyone stand back!
And a-now.
Aaah, no!
Why won't you work?
Why? Why?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
Look at it!
It's working!
Oh, yes!
Yes! That's it!
Come on.
Hold together, baby.
- You did it!
- All right!
- Oh. Oh!
- Okay. Okay.
Oh. And, uh, this.
How did you...
He's the Chunkinator, that's how.
Outstanding, my boy!
I always knew you'd do great things.
You know, other than eating.
Spark, there's something else.
I, uh... I found someone in the trash.
She was in need of a little TLC...
tender, loving Chunk.
It's so good to see you, Spark!
It's okay.
Her voice is a little different,
but, otherwise,
she's the same old Bananny.
Oh. Except she's weaponized.
Let's kick some asteroid.
Kraken in position.
Universe be mine.
Your Exquisite Holy Moronicus, sir?
The reverse end of a second
slick is opening, and, uh,
something is coming through.
What are you talking about?
What slick?
Did you make another slick?
Who made another slick?
Whoa! Oh, oh, ow!
Look out!
Okay. All clear.
Hey, Zhong!
You miss me?
You! But you're dead!
I saw you go through the kraken slick.
I'm back!
And I brought some friends.
You remember the Captain
and the Royal Guard?
You sent them through
the slick along with my dad.
Your rule is over, Zhong!
What are those?
All right, you primates,
we've been waiting 13 years for this!
It's time Zhong found out what happens
when you mess with the Royal Guard!
Let's light that gorilla ship up. Fire!
Attack! Attack!
Firing forward blasters.
You get your sorry hide onto
that battleship and sabotage it!
Do you understand, you
makeup-painted refrigerator?
Koko do everything.
Here they come.
Spark, I-I don't do well under pressure.
Aren't there a million more capable,
less afraid of laser fire,
- more adept at...
- Chunk!
You're the only one
who can do this. Focus.
Right. Right.
Focus. Right.
- Chunk!
- What?
- You're the Chunkinator.
- I-I'm the Chunkinator.
I'm... I'm the Chunkina...
Um, is that a problem?
She's headed to the battleship.
Vix, you've got to stop her.
Chunk, close that slick.
I'm off to save my mom!
See you on the other side!
What did he mean by that?
What, uh... Other side of what?
Okay. Uh, right.
All right. Figuring out how
to reverse the polaron charge
can't be any harder than eating
that space rat sundae last night.
I'm the Chunkinator.
I'm the Chunkinator.
I'm... Aaah!
Okay. It's much harder.
I thought you were...
I had to come back to save my mom.
How did you know?
- All these years. Why didn't you tell me?
- I couldn't.
If Zhong knew about you,
he would have torn what little's
left of Bana apart to find you.
I had to at least try and
stop him from doing more harm
than he already had.
But in the stories Bananny told me,
why didn't she say
who my parents really were?
Because I programmed her not to.
For your own protection.
Oh, Spark!
The only thing that's kept me going
is the hope of being with you again.
I love you, Spark, more than anything.
Well, look what we have here.
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Oh, no, you don't!
- Huh?
A mother-son reunion.
How sweet.
So, let me get this straight.
Your Dumpster-diving child here,
together with a band
of old has-beens and some bugs,
take on my army.
Was that the idea?
Oh, priceless.
You can't make that stuff up.
You really can't.
Enjoy the front-row seats
to your own failure.
All systems, damage report.
Engineering? Ted?
The royal blundership isn't
looking so good now, is it?
You and your father
are so very much alike.
Both of you fail so completely.
Speaking of my brother,
why didn't he come through
the slick with the rest of you?
Someone has the decency to stay dead!
Are the photon cannons ready?
Photon cannons ready in T-minus 30.
Everybody get ready for some fireworks.
Don't worry, Mom.
Koko quit this lousy job.
Fire photons!
What's happening?
What's going on?
- Huh?
- Ooh.
Get him!
Cue the milk and cookies.
Cue the milk and cookies.
So, the isolating starter hit
the pulsing harness, causing the...
Just give it here, man.
Royal Guard!
I knew that would come
in handy for something.
- Amazing!
- Who are you?
George, sir.
What is that?
Zhong's warship.
Get us alongside and ready
the starboard torpedo bay.
Did somebody order milk and cookies?
Oh! Aaah!
Aaah! To the escape pods!
Why don't we have escape pods?
You wanted the master bathroom.
- Chunk!
- Vix!
Ah! Engaging.
Oh! Why? Why?
- Use your head!
- What?
Your head!
Bang it with your head.
More, more! Keep going!
Oh! That's gonna hurt.
Stop! Please.
You wouldn't leave your uncle behind?
Your very own flesh and blood?
For what you did to my father
and what you did to all of Bana?
I should.
But you won't, will you?
You'll live the rest
of your life in a cell.
A very dark cell.
That's perfect.
Thank you.
I can do dark.
Reminds me of my heart.
Can I come on board now?
Are you hungry, Zhong?
Actually, yes. Why?
'Cause you're about
to taste bitter defeat.
Fire torpedoes.
Well, look at us.
One big, happy family.
My, you are looking particularly divine,
oh, shining jewel of my heart.
Let's put the past behind us, shall we?
I'm ready to look to the future
with those I lo...
How 'bout a kiss?
All right.
Pucker up then.
I've only been waiting
13 years for this.
Close your eyes.
And I've been waiting 13 years for that!
Oh, look at him.
He's growing up so fast.
Mmm. Gosh. They really do
have good buffet food here.
This reminds me of that time
you all saved the universe
and Spark took his rightful
place on the throne,
and you were there and he was there.
Bananny, that's right now.
Wake up, old girl.
Ready to meet your adoring subjects?
Are you kidding? I've been waiting
a thousand roach years for this.
Bring me my staff!
I'm kidding.
Truth is, I don't
know how to be a prince.
I don't feel like a prince.
You are a prince.
Your father would have
been proud of you, Spark.
I wish he could have been here.
He is.
Okay. I'm ready.
But is the universe ready for him?
Royal citizens,
I give you Spark, Prince of Bana!
- Mom?
- Yes?
It's good to be home.
We're on a spaceship
Floating through the trees
Everything was naked
Except for you and me
And the world moved forward
And the branches reached
To the top of the forest
Till they found their dreams
Everything was growing
Never looking back
All the green exploding
Covering the tracks
What are we afraid of?
Look at all these leaves
If we pay attention
We could find
We could find our dreams
Find our dreams tonight
Our dreams tonight
Find our dreams tonight
Our hearts ignite
Find our dreams tonight
Our dreams tonight
Find our dreams tonight
Our hearts ignite
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Have we always been here?
Did we ever land?
Are we on the surface
Drawing in the sand?
Are we in a shallow reef
Hanging on a beam?
If we pay attention
We are in
We are in a dream
Find our dreams tonight
Our dreams tonight
Find our dreams tonight
Our hearts ignite
Find our dreams tonight
Our dreams tonight
- Ah!
- Find our dreams tonight, Our hearts ignite
- Oh!
- Can you feel it?
Can you see it?
If you reach out
You can dream it
Can you feel it?
Can you see it?
If you reach out, You can dream it
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
You can dream it
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
You can dream it
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
You can dream it
Can you see it?
If you reach out
You can dream it