Speak Now (2017) Movie Script

We sat beneath the stars at a fire
And played our new guitars
And I wondered how
long this was gonna last
Because picture perfect memories
Just come with all those tougher things
And pain's the best reminder of our past
I watched the meteors fall
On a world that hardly cared at all
Leaving silver trails
of dust across the sky
Of indigo blue that matched my mood
And with constellations for tattoos
And I watched them
fade away and quickly die
So many theories
wrong and soon disproved
So many ideas lost among the feud
So many conversations
that are sadly misconstrued
And lost among debate
and needless violence
We need the silence
We walked in a haunted place
With tattered walls and empty space
And a musty smell that
drenched the nighttime air
Neither of us said a word
And we waited till we heard the birds
And realized not once
had we ever been scared
So many theories
wrong and soon disproved
So many ideas lost among the feud
So many conversations
that are sadly misconstrued
And lost among debate
and needless violence
We need the silence
- You think you can get to me, bitch?
- He is the hottest guy in town.
- Wow, that is so exciting!
- Please, Lord, tell us what to do.
Please be with Nella.
Reach out your hand to her and embrace her
with your big fatherly loving arms.
And Jenny, God,
eyes to see in this deep blindness.
And Sarah, Lord, ears to hear in the midst
of this chaotic noise.
And please prepare David for
what he is about to endure...
- Carly!
Shut up!
- And God, please spare Tammy
Jane from the depths of hell.
- When I was a kid,
I used to think that being 16
would make me feel so grown up.
Then when I was 16, I used
to think that being 21
would mean I'd finally arrived.
Now I'm 23, and I am starting to wonder
if you ever reach a point
of feeling like a grown up.
- Well, that was dramatic.
Okay, so does anybody have any ideas?
What do we do?
Do we tell David?
- Go
- That was a big one.
- Okay, I've had enough of you two.
I think we should just call Drew.
- I think we should call David.
- No!
We can't tell him yet.
- Why don't we have his fiance call him?
- I think we should give Nella some space.
You know, let go and let God...
- Let God what?
Thought so.
- You know what, Jenny?
I'm kind of hungry.
How does pizza covered in mayonnaise
with tuna fish sound to you?
Cut it out!
I think we should just call Drew.
- Yeah, call your big brother.
Any time, this is like the
time you pissed yourself
in third grade.
- Not really.
- This is all my fault, you guys.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have kept pushing Nella.
I just,
I got so mad.
- Don't talk if you don't need to.
It's not your fault.
- Ignorance is
happiness or something, right?
- Jen, this would have
come out at some point.
Nella didn't need you
to bring it out in her.
- Oh, yes, please tell us
something we don't already know,
Miss I-have-a-4.0-at-Stanford.
- Carly, what exactly do you have a 4.0 in
besides Jesus camp?
And I didn't see you trying
to keep Nella sober either.
- Well, God didn't try to
keep Sodom and Gomorrah sober.
He just destroyed them.
- Sodom and Gomorrah were cities.
You can't keep a cit sober, stupid.
- You don't read the
Bible much, do you Carly?
- Hey, TJ, if you were to die right now,
where do you think you would go?
- Anywhere you're not.
- Oh, that would be hell,
and I'm fairly certain
you don't mean that.
- Oh, I look terrible.
- Insinuating that you looked better
before all that pizza and booze?
Oh, gro...
What is that thing?
- This is stupid.
I'm calling Drew.
I quit.
- No you didn't.
- Three months' sober.
- Ha-ha!
You can quit when you go back to school.
- I'll try.
- Hmm.
When we were in high school,
did you actually think we'd
stay friends with Nella?
Be honest.
- No, but I guess it's no surprise.
- What happened to calling your brother?
- Escape tactic.
- Ha!
I don't blame you.
You think he'll be the
problem solver this time?
- At this point, he might be the only one
with enough motivation to try.
I mean, he was pretty good at coaching you
through your break-ups, wasn't he?
- Is this a break-up?
Is that what we're calling it?
- Not yet, it isn't.
- It was a friendship that
was not supposed to last
past high school.
And like a diseased rotten apple,
she survived the harvest.
Why were we even friends with
Nella in the first place?
- What else do you do in a
dime-sized town called Willits?
- Try not to get pregnant.
- Why are you here, TJ?
I mean, out of all of us,
you had the right to say no.
Why did you agree to be a bridesmaid?
- I don't know.
I thought I was cool with everything.
Besides, Nella did not
ask me to be a bridesmaid.
David did, dun-dun-dun.
- Shut up.
Why would David agree to do that for her?
- Why wouldn't
he do that for her?
God, Sarah, it's because
she's got big nice tits.
And after everything,
she cheats on him the
night before their wedding
and leaves all of us in
the cloud of her shit.
Mic drop.
Pick that mic back up.
We're callin' Drew.
Thanks for coming out so late.
- Yeah, no problem.
Hey, TJ.
- Hey, Drew.
Yeah, I knew he liked me.
I caught on when he tried to
nickname me Bette Davis Eyes
or when he told David I was
like a rock star's muse.
He was drunk.
So I try to keep him out
of trouble and play dumb,
something I loathe doing.
- So...
Did someone have something they wanna say?
- I was not super-drunk.
I had a few...
- None of us
- Whoa!
Should even be here.
- Whoa! Whoa!
- No one should show up tomorrow.
- Hey!
One at a time, please.
- We all met up at Nella's place.
We picked her up.
We had this big surprise party planned.
It was gonna take all night, and then,
hold on.
- Okay, she's coming,
she's coming, she's coming.
- All right, here we go.
- Yay!
- David!
What are you doing here?
- Oh, forgive me.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm leaving right now.
- You are not supposed
to see her.
- If you'll just excuse me.
I had to see my bride
one last time before tomorrow...
- It doesn't matter.
You need to get.
- All right, message received.
You girls have some fun, be safe,
and make sure that this
one cuts loose a little.
- No, no, no thank you.
- How you doin', Tammy Jane?
- Fine.
- Okay.
You girls, be good.
- Okay, let's keep focused on
who tonight is actually about,
shall we?
- Yeah, back to Nella.
- My brother is marrying Nella, not you,
so get over it.
- Okay, did I need to hear that?
- I would not say that!
- How did you say it, then, Carly?
- Jen.
- Maybe TJ can help us?
- No.
- TJ said no.
Jenny, move on.
- After that, we went to the Golden...
I'm good.
We went to the Golden Brew.
- And?
- We drank.
- They drank.
- There she is!
- Ooh, come on!
- Congratulations, pretty girl.
You look gorgeous.
- Thank you!
- Like
Cinderella, Nella was beautiful,
the prettiest girl at the ball,
a swervy goddess with a sneaky
little smile on her face.
She always looked up to
no good and usually was.
But even I have to admit,
there's an addiction
to the kind of attention you get
from a girl like Nella Kingsberry.
- You okay?
- Yup.
- Swear?
- I swear.
- Oh, my gosh, my entourage
looks so beautiful!
You guys, I'm so excited!
I'm gonna be spoiled tonight, right?
- Of course!
- Don't worry, princess.
We have a Nella-spectacular night planned.
- Oh, my gosh, I'm so excited!
Oh, are we going to Amici's,
because I hinted it way too many times
for you guys to miss that.
- I think you'll like what
we have planned better.
You know, I know you.
- Yes, you do.
Oh, my gosh!
Do you remember senior prom there?
- Unfortunately.
- That's where you got
your nickname.
- Okay, get her!
- Get what?
Guys, no!
This is not, no.
I spent a lot of money on this outfit.
- Nella, it's a rite of passage.
You have to wear it.
- Oh, my gosh, this looks terrible.
I'm not promising at all.
- Oh, you just wait.
- Okay, fine.
So why are we here?
- Just a little pregame
before the big stuff.
Calm down.
- How long are we gonna be here?
- All night, bitch.
- Look, it is all going to be fun.
I promise we have a
full night planned out.
Don't be this way.
- What way?
Okay, fine.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
You know what?
It's gonna be tons of fun.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
- Can I wait in the car?
- Hey!
Hot bartender, how about a round
of oatmeal cookie shots for me
and my super-cute ladies over there?
- Hey, need some help, lover?
- He's being a jerk.
Forget him.
- Hey, Brandon.
- Hi, Nella.
What can I do ya for?
- Are you givin' my girl some problems?
- Pretty good problem causer.
- Well, I have a problem
that I need solved.
- I'll give it a shot.
- See, the thing
is I wanna get drunk.
It's my bachelorette party,
and I don't have a drink in my hand.
- Maybe your girl shoulda told me that.
I might have been a little nicer for ya.
- Brandon, are you
gonna get me what I want?
- Let's get a shot.
I'm so excited!
- Well, can we go to Amici's.
Thank you.
- You know when you get your second round.
- Well, I actually have to be careful,
because you know how I
get when I get drunk.
- Don't tempt me.
- The girl's getting married tomorrow,
in case you cared.
- A girl's gotta enjoy
her last night of freedom.
- What's that supposed to mean?
You're disgusting.
- I didn't hear any complaining
from you the other night.
- Fuck you.
- Wait a second.
Do I know Brandon?
- You know Brandon.
Brandon Scott from high school.
- Oh, God.
That was Brandon Scott?
- I heard he's been selling drugs.
- I heard he once slept with his cousin.
- I heard that you watch porn.
- No, I do not!
That is disgusting!
No, I don't...
- Okay,
can we get to the part
where it became necessary
to call me at three a.m.?
- May you and David live
a long and happy life
full of laughter and loyalty and love.
- Yay, cheers!
Here we go!
- Oh, my God!
- What?
- This is the song.
- Oh!
- Cheer squad, take it away!
- A cheer song?
I'm not doing this song.
- It still works, you remember?
- I don't remember.
- Oh, come on, come on.
You, hurry up, come here!
- Okay, I'm here.
- Five, six, seven, eight.
- Oh, my God!
I can't believe I remembered everything.
- So embarrassing, right?
- So wait, BFFs forever, right?
- Of course.
- Promise?
- Why?
- Okay, I have to pee, hold on!
- You remember that one time you fell?
- Oh, yeah.
That was really funny.
- When I called, they said
it was just beer and wine,
and now everyone's
getting stupid and drunk.
- You know what you need?
You need to get laid.
- No!
No, no I don't!
- Cool story, Jenny.
- Looking for your whore friend?
- Excuse me?
- Your friend with the
diamond ring on her finger?
I'm guessing my bartender
isn't her fiance.
- What are you talking about?
- Check the men's bathroom.
Oh, and good luck with that one.
If I were you, I'd get some new friends.
- Hey!
Come dance with me.
- No!
- Come on!
Being a bridesmaid is a great
way to find a new boyfriend.
- No!
- Okay, okay.
Well, I'm just gonna go fishing then.
I've got my fishin' pole,
and I've got my eyes on a beautiful fish.
Okay, let's try that again.
You're a beautiful fish.
Say it!
- I'm a beautiful fish.
- Say it louder.
- I'm a beautiful fish!
- The most beautiful fish in the sea!
- Nella!
- Get out!
- You're a bitch!
- What the hell is going on in here?
Shut up, I will handle this!
- The ladies room's the other way.
- Jenny, just listen to me.
Jenny, it's not what it looks like...
- Wait a minute.
- Oh, it's not?
- Jenny, from calculus?
- Yeah.
- Wow!
You've really blossomed.
- Shut up.
- You didn't make it to calculus.
- I, yeah, I did.
- The point is that
Brandon here was showing me
this really cool beer that I wanted.
It's a limited edition
that's not on the menu,
right Brandon?
- Yeah, the Blueberry Pumpkin Hefeweizen.
- The Blueberry Pumpkin whatever, listen,
and he was showing me how to tap the keg,
so I was here.
- Tap the keg?
Is that what we're callin' it?
- Well, he's gonna go do that.
Go do that.
- You know,
I'll just,
- Go ahead and do that.
- I'll just go ahead and tap it myself.
- Yeah, go!
Jenny, listen.
- Nella, you need to
explain yourself right now.
- If you think you saw
something, trust me,
you didn't.
- Oh, please, Nella.
- Trust me, you didn't.
- Now you say it.
- I thought I saw something, but I didn't.
- Great.
You know, the funny thing is
that there are so many girls out there
that are just dying to be my bridesmaids,
and honestly, I could have
had you replaced like that.
But I didn't, so...
Make sense?
Okay, good.
Let's go, have a shot!
- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
- I should have said something
right then, you guys.
I'm sorry.
I just...
Nella made that face she makes
when she's about to
suck out a child's soul,
and I just wussed out.
- We all know that face.
- I just wish that I had
been the one to find her.
I felt God calling me to follow her,
and then I didn't.
- Please enlighten us, Carly,
and tell us how you finding
her would've changed anything.
- Well, I would have
confronted her with God's love.
I wouldn't have wussed out.
I wouldn't have failed her.
- Nella didn't even want
you in this wedding.
You're the obligatory family addition.
- At least I'm not the boring party favor.
- Well, if that isn't God's
love, I don't know what is.
- Enough!
- This is fun.
Is there any more beer?
- Teej, tell me what happened next.
- I think we should call David.
- No!
- I would like to voice my side of things.
- Overruled.
- If I did 30 crunches,
20 push-ups,
I ran, ran three miles.
Hey, hey David.
- Why's Carly even here?
- Because it's her brother.
Cut her a break.
She's still a kid.
- Stop covering for her, Sarah.
It's like you're trying to work
out some kind of repentance.
- I'm probably half the reason
that she is the way that she is.
- A bitch?
- Okay, can we just get
back to the story, please?
- We brought her here.
It was supposed to be a surprise.
Everything seemed normal until...
- Okay, okay, okay, no...
- Okay, ready?
- Okay.
- Surprise!
- Oh, my gosh.
Guys, this is,
this is awesome!
This is so cute!
Is this for me?
Oh, my gosh.
Thank you.
Is this handmade?
Wow, I love it.
- Drinks, anyone?
- Yes, drinks,
let's get those going.
- We have pizza and Chiclets for later.
Nella, you have the bed, of course,
and the rest of us will
just crash wherever.
- I'm not staying here.
- Wait, what?
- I'm not staying here tonight.
I'm getting married in the morning,
and I have to be up early, so I just...
- I'm sorry.
We just, we thought you'd be excited.
We wanted to do something
special for you, Nells.
- Yeah, no, no.
My gosh, are you kidding me?
I'm so grateful.
I love this stuff.
I just, I can't stay the night.
- You know what?
I will do this.
Okay, how about I stay
around midnight-ish,
party it up, get crunk,
and then someone takes me home.
- Are you okay?
Did somebody upset you?
You know, we didn't mean to upset you.
- No!
Are you kidding me?
No, I'm just, it's nothing.
It's just, you know what?
It's stress.
It's stress from the wedding.
- Okay.
- And I'm just
a little jittery, but I'm fine.
I promise, I'm not Bridezilla or anything.
- Did you wanna pray before
everybody starts drinking?
I just, I know how this
whole crowd can get.
- How does this crowd get?
- You know what?
Why don't you go outside and pray
where God might here you?
- Okay, fine.
I'll take you home at midnight, Nella.
TJ will monitor the drinking.
- Great.
- Carly, I wouldn't waste your breath,
as there's not much of
a hope in hell anyways.
All right!
Party time!
- Whoo-hoo!
- TJ, drink monitor, get us some drinks.
Strong with double...
- Mmm.
- I need to talk to you.
- What?
- When we were at the bar,
Nella was gone for a long time.
I went looking for her,
and I found her in the
bathroom with that bartender.
- What do you mean?
- I found them together in the bathroom.
They were hooking up, TJ.
- Shut up!
- Hello?
Can I get drinks?
Where are the drinks?
- Here are her drinks.
- Can we get the drinks, though, today?
Oh, thank you!
Yummy, thank you!
- Okay, so to Nella and David.
- Oh, hold on.
This one's for me, because you're my DD.
- Ha!
- So cheers!
- Cheers!
- Whoo!
- Here we go.
- I want a drink!
Hold up!
I need a drink!
- Ew!
I'm a mis, I'm a mis,
I'm a misfit
I'm a mis, I'm a mis,
I'm a misfit
You're a mis, you're a mis
You're a misfit
I'm a mis, I'm a mis,
I'm a misfit
- Come on, let's go.
Oh, it's boring.
- What is?
- The party.
I mean, Sarah's not very good
at pulling a party together.
That's why she had me in high school.
Hey, can I bum one of those?
- It's my lucky one.
- Yeah, you need it.
This is pathetic.
- What's pathetic, Nella?
- Oh, come on.
Okay, let's start with Carly.
How tight do you thing
her panties are right now?
Well, at least she's your problem now.
- Lucky me.
- Yeah.
You know, I never said, "Thank you."
- For what?
- For being so understanding
about the whole thing with David.
- I didn't do it for you.
- It's just funny.
It's just funny how
things work out, isn't it?
It is.
If I were you, I would feel very lucky
that I didn't have other
problems to deal with, you know?
I think we should cheers.
Cheers to you not worrying
about that whole baby thing
or it being my problem
or anything like that.
Am I right?
- You didn't know.
I'm so sorry...
- It doesn't matter.
- What baby thing?
You murdered an unborn child?
- Whoa!
- It was a miscarriage,
you dip-shit.
Keep your mouth closed,
or so help me, God.
- A miscarriage due to
smoking and drinking
might as well be an abortion.
- Whoa!
Stop it!
Is that it?
Is there no more?
Please say there's no more.
- I mean, we are
both very lucky girls.
- Hey, TJ, Sarah wants you for something.
- What?
Yes! Whoo-hoo!
Shots, that's my girl.
- You know I want one, a little something.
- Perfect.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Yummy!
Can I ask you a question?
- Mm-hmm.
- Was I a bitch in high school.
- Oh, Nella.
- Yes?
- You totally still are.
- What?
- Yeah, you know you love it.
- Yeah, I kinda do.
- Okay, I have a question.
- Okay.
- What is the dealio with Brandon?
Hotty with a body.
- Whoa-oh-ho-ho-ho, yes!
- Brando?
Is this like a one-night
stand kind of thing
or a sizzlin' hot affair?
- It's, can I tell you, girl?
I'm gonna tell you all the details.
- Oh, yes!
Only if it's really dirty, though.
- Eight-and-a-half inches.
- Ho-ho-ho, wow!
- You know what I'm
talkin' about?
- I do, yeah.
- Do you know what I'm talking about?
- Yes, I know what you're talking about.
- You a virgin?
- Nella, you know that I had...
- Oh, my gosh!
That's so freaking cute!
Oh, it's so sweet you're so innocent.
You're a virgin.
- No.
- Yeah, you're gonna pour another one,
and let's celebrate to that.
You're a virgin, so cute.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
and because I'm just so innocent,
I think I'm gonna need
a better description.
You know, more details.
- Okay, well, let me
start by saying eight.
- And-a-half inches.
- Yeah.
- He's amazing.
- I got it.
Mmm, mmm, the question is
what has he been doing with it?
- Oh, my God.
What has he not been doing with it.
- Wow.
- I mean,
like, things I can't even
describe, really.
I get everything.
- So dirty.
- I know.
- I bet even dirtier, though.
How many times?
- A day?
I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
A lot.
We have a lot of sex.
He's so hot.
- Oh.
And David has no idea.
- What?
- David, he doesn't know, like...
You're so sneaky.
This is your dirty
little secret, Nell-Nell.
- Yeah.
Oh, Jenny, you're so bad, I love it!
- Hey girls.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- What's the gossip?
- We're talking about boys,
and I think we should invite them over.
- Uh, no.
- Ah, I can't unhear those words.
- And you guys know I'm not a virgin.
I don't know what came over me.
I just got so mad that I
zeroed in for the kill.
I'm sorry.
- You don't have to apologize.
- I mean, is it so terrible that I was mad
that she didn't want me
to be her bridesmaid?
- She didn't want any of
us to be her bridesmaids.
Oh, come on!
Even I knew that.
You can persecute me all you want,
but Nella chose each and every one of you,
because you are just like her.
- If you're so disgusted with us, Carly,
why are you still here?
Why don't you leave?
- Guys, Carly is right.
- Oh, come on, Sarah.
- Think about it.
When has Nella truly ever
wanted to be our friend
when she wasn't asking
for something in exchange
or using you to make her more popular?
- Or using you to bring her grades up?
That was the only reason
she came over after school.
It was our little secret.
I had a secret with Nella Kingsberry.
- I was her project.
She made sure I was on
the cool side of the table
as long as I kept pot in her pocket
so she looked cool at parties.
And she used me as a wing man, ironically,
for all the guys she knew I liked.
- I did awful things
with her in high school.
I wasted so much time
being her partner in crime.
I said terrible things to people.
- But you're not those people anymore.
High school is over, guys,
and no one wants to live
the rest of their lives
being remembered like that.
Look, I know that we live in a small town
and that everywhere we look feels like
an extension of high school,
but it doesn't mean we
have to let it be that way.
So who's with me?
Who wants to come with
me and help bring down
the infamous Nella Kingsberry?
- I'll go.
It should be me.
- Right, let's go then, Sarah.
We won't be long.
- Don't pretend that this isn't giving you
some sort of a thrill.
- What are you talking about?
- You have been waiting for this day
since my brother and
Nella started going out.
- I'm sick of listening to you.
- Why don't you go by Tammy Jane anymore?
- Do not call me that.
- Why, Tammy?
- I swear to God, Carly.
You stole my brother's
relationship with God.
- No, I didn't.
- And then you murdered his unborn child.
- I did not have an abortion, Carly.
- That's why he left you, isn't it?
- Shut up!
- You had to have known that
David would never end up
with trailer trash like you.
- TJ, can I talk to you?
- Why am I here?
Why did I agree to be a bridesmaid?
It's because I'm a fucking
masochist, that's why.
Fucking masochist.
- Teej?
David is coming over here.
Carly called him and told
him to come join the party.
- When you gonna talk to her?
- I don't know.
Like when we get there
or find her or whatever.
- I mean TJ.
- TJ, I, I don't.
What are you trying to pull, Sarah?
I'm, it's too late.
I can't do that now.
- No, it's not.
- Yeah, it is.
I mean, she's still
clearly in love with David,
aka my best friend.
Besides, I don't think,
I'm not the kind of guy she needs anyways.
- You already have been, Drew.
Listen, she and David are over.
No matter what happens
with Nella and David,
TJ and David were always going
to be over at some point,
like so over.
Just give her a little bit of time,
but don't give up on her.
- I have given her time.
I've given her time and energy,
and I've given her a shoulder to cry on.
I mean, I feel like all I've done
is talk her through about
seven years of David.
I feel like that's enough time.
- But you haven't asked her out.
- So how did the night end after that?
- Whoo!
- Stay.
- Okay.
- You're making me spill, you guys.
Carly's turn.
- No, I'm not playing.
- Go, Carly.
- Pick a card, Carly.
Pick a card.
- Five.
- Five, okay.
We are going to try to touch
our noses with our fingers,
and whoever doesn't do it loses, okay?
- What?
- On the count of three.
One, two, three!
- Nella, you lose.
- Did I miss it?
- Oh, take a drink, Nella!
- Uh, whatever.
- Take a drink, take a drink,
take a drink.
- Cheersies.
- Cheers!
I'll drink with you.
- Mmm.
- Mmm, yum.
- This is pretty strong.
- Okay, TJ's turn.
- What's ace?
- Ooh, never have I ever!
Everybody put three fingers in the air.
- No.
- Yes, this is the fun part!
- No.
- So, we start with TJ, and
we each have to say something
that we have not done, okay?
And if anyone's done
it, they lose a finger.
- Drink that water, Nella.
- Oh.
- Never have I ever...
- This gonna be kind of hard
for us, right, Sarah?
Because of all of
our behavior in high school.
- Okay.
- Do you remember?
- Okay, keep goin', TJ.
- Never have I ever...
- Oh, my gosh!
Do you remember our game
with Coach Anderson?
- Okay, high school memory time is over.
- Never have I ever...
- Carly, can I ask you a question?
Have you lost weight?
You look really good.
- Thank you, Nella.
Yeah, I lost a couple of
sizes over the summer.
You're a size five, right?
- Enough, Nella.
- I wear size five, Sarah.
- You do?
- I do, mm-hmm, when
I wanna wear something
really, really, really,
really, really baggy,
like during my lady time.
- Yeah.
Yeah, mine are a little baggy, too.
- So, yeah, if you lose
a couple more pounds,
then we could share clothes, right?
- Yeah.
- Never have I ever, TJ.
What have you never done?
- There are moments in life
when you see your mortal enemy struggling,
and the sick satisfaction washes over you.
Then there are moments
you find yourself invited
to participate in the infliction.
I'd like to say I chose the
higher road, and when I'm old,
I can look back, pleased with myself,
but sometimes that's just
not the human response.
Never have I ever puked
up my food on purpose.
- Yeah, that was a good one.
- Hey, that's me.
- Oh, yeah, I forgot.
You went through that phase.
- Yeah, it was so stupid.
I had this friend that made...
I thought that was Carly.
- Jenny, it's your turn.
- Okay.
Never have I ever...
No, I totally did that.
- You did not!
You did not!
- Okay, okay.
Never have I ever
kissed a girl.
- Ew!
- Really?
- What?
- What?
- I was trying to tell you.
I had this friend fall
semester that I did, you know.
You know.
- I'm getting out of here.
- Oh, no.
- Excuse me.
- It's your turn.
- No, no, no. I am gonna go.
- Nella, you can't leave yet.
- Where my purse, guys?
- Yeah, you have to stay until you play,
and it's your turn.
- I'm leaving.
It's late.
I have to go.
- It's
- Fine, um,
never have I ever been to New York.
There you go!
- Boo!
That doesn't count.
- Oh!
- Again!
- I don't know.
Never have I ever done my own homework.
- Try again.
- I'm all out of ideas, okay?
I don't know.
- Hmm, here I'll help you, okay?
Never have I ever cheated on my fiance.
- Really?
Never have I ever cheated on my fiance.
Where's my purse?
- Hey, cut the shit!
We know.
- Could you be
a little more specific?
I don't know what you're talking about.
- You know damn well
what we're talking about.
- Mmm...
Oh, you know what?
Actually, my ride is almost here,
so I need my purse now!
- Wait, what ride?
I thought I was your ride.
Why am I sober right now?
- I didn't want to ruin
your fun, so I got a car.
- I
I can drive.
- Nella, look at me.
- No!
You're just gonna look at me
with your emotastic eyes, okay?
Let me tell you, that look?
It's over.
It's over, just like your
relationship with my fiance.
- You know what else is over, Nella?
High school.
- Good one.
Ten points.
Did they teach you those
comebacks at Stanford?
- You're dodging the subject, Nella.
Why are you cheating on David?
After everything, why?
- You know, TJ, I am so
sick of your past trauma
being a warrant for you to
police everyone's behavior.
I'm sick of it.
- Nella, stop it.
- That's not the point.
This isn't about me.
- Of course this is about you.
Let me ask you, TJ,
what is it that you think is gonna happen?
Do you think that he's gonna
come crawling back to you,
that he's gonna realize what a witch I am,
that you guys are gonna
live happily ever after
and that you're gonna talk about
how he almost married that whore, Nella?
- Nella, this is cruel.
Stop it!
- There you are, little savior, Sarah.
- Don't look at me and tell me
that high school's over, okay?
So what if I'm cheating on him?
He's my fiance, and it's our relationship.
It's none of your business.
- We'll call David.
If you walk out that door,
we are calling David.
- Well, that sounds like a mistake.
- Why?
- You wanna find out, Jen?
Go ahead.
You clearly have no idea who I am
and what I'm capable of!
Now where's my purse?
- Jenny.
- Thank you.
You stupid bitch.
- Oh, look.
Brandon's here.
Is he your ride?
- Hey, ladies.
Looks like somebody's
been havin' some fun.
Wish I coulda joined ya.
- He smells like weed.
- It looks like it's time
for me to get some shut-eye.
Big day tomorrow, so see you guys!
- What was that for?
- To make you the hero, I guess.
- Night, ladies.
- Night, ladies.
I la-la all of you.
- I la-la you, too!
- Well, what're we gonna do?
- I know you're all gonna make fun of me,
but in times like these,
we can always turn to the power of prayer.
- And then we called you.
- So that's it.
- Well, I did have a conversation
with a drunken TJ about you.
- What?
- That was interesting.
- Wait, what did she say?
- None of you damn business.
- Seriously?
- Well, it's not.
- Well, you just made it my business.
- What are we gonna tell him?
- We...
Oh, we can't let him come here.
We have to stop him.
Damn it!
- This is all my fault.
I shouldn't have let her go,
and now David is gonna
get really hurt by this...
- Stop saying this is your fault, Jenny!
Nella planned it this way.
I'm sorry.
I know how you feel, okay?
- Maybe Carly's right.
Maybe we are all like
Nella in some sick way.
I mean, seriously, though,
I did like seeing her make
Carly uncomfortable tonight,
the same way that I pushed Nella
to confess that she cheated.
- That doesn't make us like her.
That makes us human.
- Well, I hate it.
for what it's worth,
I think you would've
made a really good Mom.
- Thanks, Jenny.
We gotta tell him.
- Yeah.
- What're you doin'?
- None of your business.
- I'm gonna go make a phone call.
- Oh, shit.
- Surprise!
Party's here.
Oh, I'm, am I interrupting girl time?
They told me I was okay to come over.
I'm sorry.
Guys, what is goin' on here?
Is everything okay?
Where's Nella?
- Ah, shit!
- Drew, be careful!
- We're in.
- Well, she's not sleeping.
- Hey, sorry I missed your call.
Not really.
Leave a message, and maybe I'll...
- Still not answering.
- Have you tried texting her?
- You try.
- Pick up your damn-ass phone!
- I like the sort of shrine
she built for herself.
- Yeah, there's not
even a picture of David.
- It's sad, really.
- I'm getting my beauty sleep.
That's funny, because I'm
standing in your room.
Get your ass over here!
Why is she like this?
- She's always been like this.
- What's the matter with me?
- Do you wanna talk about it?
Brandon Scott?
- David.
- Are you kidding me?
Isn't he a drug dealer or something?
- I think this is just like in the Bible
when they talk about
being unequally yoked.
Maybe this...
- Stop talking!
- Well, I mean someone
has to speak the truth.
I hate to be the one to say it.
- Well, then don't say it.
- Well, David, I'm worried about you.
Are you gonna be okay?
- No.
- You can talk to me.
- No, Carly, no, I'm not going to be okay.
I just found out that my
wife-to-be is cheating on me.
- Okay, well, would you
feel better talking about it
if TJ wasn't here?
- What is wrong with you?
- Tammy Jane.
- Stay away from me.
- Tammy Jane.
- Stay away from me!
- Hey, hey, hey, Tammy, please?
- Freak!
- Hey, hey, hey, can
you please not hit me?
Can we just talk?
- Why'd you leave me?
- Oh, come on, Tammy.
You know why.
- Oh, 'cause you're so stupid!
- Please, I'm sorry.
You know I didn't mean it like that.
- You were afraid, admit it,
so you chose the easy way out.
- Yes, yes, of course I was scared.
I was being plunged into
a life I hadn't decided
I even wanted yet.
- I didn't get to decide.
It was chosen for me,
and you just got to run.
- Yes, it was exactly like that.
You know,
everything I tried to
give you, everything,
you shot back in my face.
You don't think I was
hurt by you, too, Tammy?
I loved you.
- I didn't mean to.
- I know.
I know, Tammy.
We never meant to, but that's what we did.
We didn't fall apart
because of what happened.
We fell apart, because we couldn't be
what each other needed.
- And Nella?
Is that what you need?
How's that workin' out for you, David?
- People make mistakes.
- Hmm, still takin'
the easy way out, I see.
- You know?
That's not fair.
- What's not fair is being
abandoned and pregnant.
- It wasn't like that.
- Spoken like a true cheater.
- I never cheated on you, Tammy.
- Well, you might as well have.
What makes her so special?
Please tell me.
How long was it before she
had a ring on her finger?
Six months.
What could she give you in six months
that I couldn't give you in seven years?
- Look, I don't have an answer
that's gonna make you happy, Tammy Jane.
I didn't make the right choices with you,
and I am sorry.
And I don't know what it was with Nella
that made anything different.
I don't know.
It just did.
I don't wish anything
but happiness for you,
but I can't be that for you,
and I think you know that.
- I don't wish anything but
happiness for you either, David,
but not by taking the easy way out.
That happiness, it doesn't last.
- You don't know that.
- So what now?
Are you gonna marry her tomorrow?
- It's Drew.
- Don't answer it.
- Yo.
Yeah, yeah, I'm at the hotel.
No, they told me.
Yeah, fine, I'm, I'm comin'.
- Stop it.
I'm getting married tomorrow.
Okay, I'm going, but
you're coming with me.
- Oh, fuck.
Those fuckers, they're here.
- Be nice.
- Sarah
wasn't always a good person.
It took her a long time to get there.
Something did change for
her that night, though.
The last bit of fear Nella had
been hanging over her head,
Sarah wrapped it up and got
rid of it for the last time.
I think we all knew this was the end
of our friendship with Nella for good.
- Oh, hello my fair lesbian friend.
- Shut the fuck up.
Oatmeal cookie boy.
- Okay, kitten.
- No!
I hope you're really happy one day.
- All right.
- Okay, I hope that someday
you are a very happy person
so you can fully understand
all the unhappiness
you caused a lot of people.
- Look, I'm not the one
that seduced her, all right?
- What does that matter?
She's getting married.
- Yeah, well, maybe her husband
should keep a closer eye on her.
- That was rude.
- David's coming.
- What?
Wait, you called David?
You called David over a little bit
of the wedding-day jitters?
- You call this jitters?
Fucking the bartender the
night before your wedding?
This is far beyond jitters, Nella,
and I'm not sure I'll
ever understand exactly
what it is with you.
- That's because you don't
know how to let your hair down
and have some fun.
- Stop it with these games.
This isn't fun.
- The old Sarah would have asked me,
does he have a brother?
Oh, please.
It was good to just not jump on board.
You were always the last one to cave,
the last one to join in on the games,
and the last one to lose
your virginity.
- Gross.
- You know what?
You're always the first person to thank me
for pushing you over the edge,
for making you feel alive,
okay, so lighten up,
because I don't like
the stick up your ass.
- I'm not proud of my past, Nella.
I'm not proud of that shit.
It haunts me.
We were bad people.
- Oh, wait.
What you're telling me
is that you were having
the best time being sober tonight?
See, what I think,
I think that you were just
afraid that the old Sarah
was gonna come out and
that she's gonna make
really bad decisions.
But you know what?
I miss that old Sarah.
- Stop it.
- No, I'm not gonna stop it.
It wasn't fun making fun
of Carly all by myself.
Let's not forget who started
that joke in the first place.
- Leave her alone.
She has real problems, and it's my fault.
- Oh, really?
So, so it's not my fault that
she has scars on her wrists?
Listen, I don't think
that I'm the bad guy here.
I don't think so.
- Grow up.
I am done.
- Oh, you're done?
What do you mean you're done?
No, you left, okay?
And apparently you cut me
out of your college life,
so no, you don't get to come back here
and act like everyone forgot who you were.
No one believes your little act, Sarah,
so just give it up.
- People grow up, Nella,
and fine, if this is the
way you want it to be,
then I'll be there tomorrow,
but it won't be for you.
- Okay.
- After the wedding, I'm gone,
and I never wanna see you again.
- Sarah, come on, you don't,
you don't mean that.
- Good-bye, Nella.
- What?
- So yeah, I'll just
leave the door unlocked.
Do you have your keys.
Oh, there they are.
Drink some water.
- Bye.
- What are you doing?
- Writing down a list of
Bible verses to give to David.
- How about it is better
to dwell in the wilderness
than with a contentious and angry woman.
- How about do not be deceived.
Bad company corrupts good morals.
- Yeah, that one fits Nella, too.
- Nella may not be the Proverbs 31 wife,
but at least my brother has hope for her,
and she goes to church with him.
- Oh, just like you had hope for TJ?
- Do not associate with
a so-called brother
if he is an immoral person or covetous
or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard,
not even to eat with such a one.
- Do not point out the
speck in your brother's eye
before removing the log in your own.
- Be aware of false
prophets who come to you
dressed in sheep's clothing but inwardly
are ravenous wolves.
- If any man thinks he is
religious and does not bridle
his tongue but deceives in his heart,
this person's religion is worthless.
- Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor,
him I will destroy.
Whoever has a haughty look
and an arrogant heart,
I shall not endure.
Four years of high school youth group,
two years of Awana, one year of YWAM.
- Ha!
Four years of Awana, four years
of high school youth group,
two years of youth group counseling,
plus one year in the Peace Corps.
- You were a youth group
counselor for two years?
- Well, one and a half.
You know what, Carly?
If you weren't so busy
making sure everyone else
is following your book of religious rules,
you might actually like a person or two.
- I do not do that.
- You do.
Why don't we take a look at
that little book of yours...
- No! No, no.
Give that back to me!
- Give it here.
- No, I wanna see.
These aren't Bible verses.
Carly, what is this?
- I keep track of things.
I just, I need to keep track
so that I stay on track.
- Carly, this is crazy.
When I was 13, I was
in love with this boy,
Jimmy Stratton.
He was in my math class.
And he would always chew gum,
so I made sure to always have gum on me
just in case he would ask.
One day he finally asked,
and I was elated.
It finally gave me
permission to talk to him.
And it turns out he liked me too.
So, to make a long story short...
- It's too late.
- To make a long story short,
we dated.
He even held my hand
during math class.
Then a week later,
he found someone else to give him gum,
and I was devastated.
I cried every day for, like, weeks.
I thought maybe it was
because I wasn't pretty
or I wasn't blonde or
because I wasn't smart.
And finally, my mom sat
me down, and she said,
"Jenny, you have two choices
to make in every situation.
"You can laugh, or you can cry.
"And neither one is the wrong choice,
"but the choice you make will define you."
- What if you don't know what to do?
- I think you do know what to do.
You just need to be brave
enough to let yourself be honest
with your feelings, you know?
- Yeah.
I fantasized this love with you
And not a drop of it is true
It pours inside my weary heart
- Whoo! Your turn!
How's that tasting?
- It's good.
We're living a life of quiet desperation
Holding on to reach into the sun
Is there something in this
mess that is worth saving
- Two, three, blow it up!
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Two!
- Hey there, sexy lady.
How much for your body?
- More than you can afford.
- I only need five minutes.
- Where's Drew?
- With David, doing his groomsmanly duty.
Get in.
I feel like you have some
drama I need to hear about.
While you're talking,
I'm going to buy us the
greasiest breakfast I can find.
- Hmm, nothing has sounded better.
- So I take it David graced
you with his presence?
- Yeah.
You know,
I don't even think I love him anymore.
I just don't want him
to love someone else.
Is that selfish?
- Considering the circumstances, no.
David is no saint in this, you know?
- So is there gonna be a wedding?
- No idea.
But if there is, I plan on developing
a healthy food baby for pictures.
- Proposed to her right there.
I was gonna go over to her place.
I was gonna tell her what
a terrible person she is,
and I was gonna break
up with her.
- So what's stopping you?
- Is it terrible that I
still wanna marry her?
- Well, I don't know if
terrible's the right word.
Weird, confusing, gross, those...
Yeah, terrible.
Terrible's good.
- Knock it off, man, all right?
You don't know how this feels.
- I don't know how this feels?
Well, enlighten me, David.
How does it feel?
How does it feel to be you?
Because I would have given my left arm
to have some of the
opportunities that you had
in high school, okay?
And I'm not just gonna sit by
and watch you do this to yourself again.
I mean, how could you
wanna be with somebody
who treats you like this?
I'm sorry, I just...
I've stood by you
when you made some pretty
dumb decisions in the past.
Please don't make me do it again.
- I funked up everything with Tammy, okay?
It's like I've been trying so
hard not to mess this one up
that I can't help but feel
now like this is my fault.
I picked up extra shifts so
that she wouldn't have to work.
I just wanted to be the
one to take care of her
and make her happy.
I mean, I even let her
win all of our arguments.
- You...
Sorry, you let her win all the arguments?
- Sounds so stupid now.
- Well, what did she ever do for you?
- What do you mean?
- I mean, correct me if I'm
wrong, but relationships
are supposed to be a
two-way street, aren't they?
I mean, you sure gave her a lot.
What did she ever give you?
David, I'll stand up there tomorrow, okay?
I'll turn every single
person away at the gate,
and I'll make sure that they
know what a good guy David is
as they leave.
You just give me the go-ahead,
and that's where I'll be for you.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
- No.
I don't want that.
Leavin' Nella at the altar's
not gonna make me a good guy, all right?
I gave her my word, and I'm
gonna follow through this time.
- Well, then,
I will be up there with you at the altar.
I just might need a flask in my pocket
to get me through the day.
- Fair enough.
You got one for me, too, right?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Let's hit it.
- You look awesome.
I mean it, really cool.
- Never...
- Mm-hmm, keep going.
- Never have I ever...
- Mm-hmm, get to it.
- Never have I ever been drunk.
- Ah, not anymore.
- Drink.
I drink.
- I'm sorry, should we leave?
- Oh, hi.
We're playing The King's Cup,
and we're doing make-up, halfsies style.
So this half, right here,
this is a drag queen,
and then this half right here is...
It's 80s.
- And this half is Dothraki princess.
This half David Bowie.
- Yeah.
- I see.
- Lightening.
- My lip liner is also my eyeliner.
I was so worried about you.
You just left.
- How are you guys still alive?
- Oh, God.
They got us Becca's.
- That sounds so nice.
- It's okay, I got extra.
- TJ, do you...
Do you wanna share my hash brown with me?
You can sit right here, right there,
right on this couch,
just right there right next to me.
- We got a nugget.
- It's kind of a moon.
This is so good.
Thanks, guys.
- It's Drew.
- Hi, Drew.
- Hey.
- What's happening?
- We're at the wedding.
- Who's wedding?
- I'll give you three guesses.
Okay, fine.
I hope you girls didn't skip town already.
- Seriously?
I really hope you're joking.
- No, actually.
I don't joke about natural disasters.
It's kind of a line I draw.
- So you're saying I have
to wear a dress today?
- Uh, yeah.
- Why is everybody mad?
Can't we all just get along?
- And, yeah, Nella'll be there
soon to pick you guys up.
- What?
- So...
- Well don't expect me to look pretty.
- You always look pretty, TJ.
- Text me the address.
- Just save me a dance for later.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Yeah, I will,
will send you that text.
- Okay.
- Yes!
Oh, God.
- What in heck got into you?
- Oh, hey.
It's the dentist.
I'll be right in.
- What did he say?
- He likes her.
- He's got like a fast crush on you.
- All right.
Let's just get this day over with.
Nella's coming.
- Okay, Carly, if your dream
guy is a motor vehicle,
what kind of car would he be,
and where are you driving?
- Hot, hot red Mustang.
He is sweeping us across the coastline
to find the prettiest beach,
prettiest beach that you ever did see.
And when we get there, we are gonna do it.
- I think I like her better drunk.
- You guys, Carly is so horny!
Okay, Jenny, your turn.
- A yellow bug.
One that turns on my
favorite music station
right when I'm about to get in
with my clicker key,
and I don't know where we're going,
but it's somewhere exotic,
and it's the middle of the night.
- You're high maintenance.
- I know what I want.
- What about you?
What kind of your car
would your boy or girl be?
- Oh, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
My car can fly, bitches,
and we're goin' to the moon.
You're not getting out of this Teej.
- At this point, a nice,
sturdy, reliable Jeep
would do me just fine.
Four-wheel drive, obviously,
and we would be driving
deep into the forest to a
cabin only we know about.
- Also horny!
- Always!
- Nose, girls.
- Hey, guys!
Okay, don't all get excited at once.
Okay, so no one's gonna talk today.
I'm getting married, hello?
- What would you want us to say?
- What do you mean?
- If we were to say
something, what would we say?
We're so happy for you two.
You were meant to be.
- Yeah, any one of those is fine.
- I cannot believe you're
going through with this.
- You know what, TJ?
I actually told you, it's
none of your business,
and I'm getting very
sick and tired of you.
I am not going to feel bad
for your feelings today.
It's my wedding day, okay, guys?
- This is not about my feelings.
This is about you marrying
someone you don't even love,
someone, who for God knows
what reason, loves you.
I don't understand what fun
you're getting out of this.
- Do you want out of this wedding?
Because you can go.
- No.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
- Great.
Are we done now here?
Shows over?
Can we finish getting ready?
Because I'm tired.
My hair looks crazy.
Oh, sorry.
- Hey, dude.
How many times you gonna re-tie a tie?
- Till I'm done.
- Right.
Look, man.
The keys are in my right pocket, okay?
I got a full tank of gas for ya.
It's not too late to
just call this thing off.
- I'm not doin' that, man.
- Okay, fine.
It's your funeral.
- Okay.
You know what?
I'm gonna go to my bridal room,
and please look out for David,
because I can't have him see me.
If he sees me, I'm gonna
flip my shit, okay?
- Okay, good.
I'm gonna go puke.
- What's her problem?
- Okay, you drink.
- Oh, honey, you look so handsome.
- Sorry.
- Oh, hello, Ms. David.
- Hello, sweetheart.
Would you pick that up for him?
- Yeah, sure.
- Yes.
- Mr. Clumsy.
- I know.
Well, he never could tie his tie.
- Yeah, he's inept.
- Honey, you have to button your button.
That's the problem.
Now, yeah, you button this up.
- Yeah, right.
- It's going to be,
darling, it'll be fine.
- Hey guys, what's up?
You guys are lookin' sharp.
Oh, thank you, yeah.
- So let's get some good pictures,
so just remember, you know, happy day.
- Happy day.
- Lots of energy, lots of smiles, right?
- Cool.
- Actually, best man,
could I get you to help him
with his tie real quick?
- Yeah, sure.
I might lose a finger, but whatever.
Yeah, you're gonna remember
this day forever, buddy, huh?
- Smile, sweetheart, smile.
- I got it.
- This guy's great at smiles.
- Come on Drew.
Yeah, there we go.
- I just saw your bride.
She looks amazing.
- Could you,
give me a little,
give me a little...
Would you just back the fuck off?
- Whoa!
- Get the fuck out!
- Hey, sorry, just...
- Okay, no problem.
- Honey, is everything okay?
- Mom, out!
- Oh, okay, honey.
Well, I'll be out here
if you need anything.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's okay.
It's all right.
- Thank you, Ms. David.
- Hey, listen.
This wedding is your call right now, okay?
If you wanna go back,
Mexico is a 12-hour drive,
but in about 45 minutes,
that's no longer gonna be an option,
so what'll it be?
- I'm not gonna do that, okay?
Okay, fine.
The photographer wasn't the
one screwing your bride, so...
And who talks to their
mother that way, man?
Get it together.
I guess I should say that.
- Thanks, man.
Guess you really are the best man.
You ask TJ out yet?
- What, do I have a sign on my forehead?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you do.
- You got this, Drew.
- Okay, guys.
We need to rally.
We never have to come
back to this moment again,
so let's just power through.
- To fucked-up relationships.
- Here here!
Oh no, oh no
It seems that I disappeared
Off the face of the earth
Oh no, oh no
All of my fears are being confirmed
And boy, does it hurt
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
I'm startin' to feel neglected
I'm startin' to feel distraught
I'm startin' to feel infected
From all of this fever I've got
Oh no, oh no
Oh no, oh no
Oh no, oh no
I don't wanna complain
- Please be seated.
Welcome, everyone
to the wedding of David and Nella.
I know that they are excited
that each of you are here,
as friends of theirs,
to witness the most
important day of their life,
and I know they thank you, each of you.
In a moment, we are
going to say a few words
that will begin a
lifetime of wedded bliss.
We'll get started without further ado.
- When you're a kid,
your parents have to
teach you to say I'm sorry
and I forgive you, because
it's a part of growing up.
- Is the promise between
When I was a girl
two people who love each other
My mother, she told me
Child, if you're good,
You can be anything
That you wanna be
Now I'm grown and I know
It's a lie
It's a lie
It's a lie
- This ceremony will not create
a relationship...
- Most the time as a kid,
you don't wanna forgive someone,
because it's easy to believe someone
doesn't deserve your forgiveness.
- That relationship began
when you met each other in high school,
and that relationship has now blossomed
to the point that you're willing to commit
to spending the rest
of your lives together.
No matter what challenges you
face in the future, you'll...
When I was a girl
- It isn't until
My mother
you truly forgive someone
that you then understand.
She told me
It's not about excusing
their bad behavior.
Child, if your good
It's just giving yourself
You can be
permission to let go.
- Anyone here
That you wanna be
should know of any reason
Now I'm grown and I know
why these two would not be wedded today,
It's a lie
speak now
It's a lie, it's a lie
or forever hold your peace.
Well you try to shed a
light on all this information
And you still can the see the
right despite your situation
But you're wasting all your time
You're wasting all your time
And you're wilting in your prime
And you just don't seem to mind
Go on and stop me if
my tongue's too rough
And interrupt me if I talk too much
I never wanted that for us
Cries ricochet off of our empty walls
Just simple matters
that we can't resolve
They made a mockery of us all
Well you try to shed a
light on all this information
And you still can the see the
right despite your situation
But you're wasting all your time
You're wasting all your time
And you're wilting in your prime
And you just don't seem to mind
Go on and stop me if
my tongue's too rough
And interrupt me if I talk too much
I never wanted that for us
Cries ricochet off our empty walls
Just simple matters
that we can't resolve
They made a mockery of us all
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Go on and stop me if
my tongue's too rough
And interrupt me if I talk too much
I never wanted that for us
Cries ricochet off our empty walls
Just simple matters
that we can't resolve
They made a mockery of us all
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again
Forget where you come from
Learn to live
Forget where you come from
Live again