Spearphishing (2021) Movie Script

[waves splashing]
[clock ticking]
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
[heavy breathing]
[water splashing]
[rocks clattering]
[rocks clattering]
[guns booming]
Unit 10 down! We've got two wounded!
Johnson needs help!
Should I call first strike?
Too close.
They'll jump on top of us.
Let's load up on the left flank.
To Johnson's position.
Start pulling everyone back,
and I'll continue with cover fire.
- Get the lieutenant over here!
- Yes, sir!
[guns firing]
I'd rather be back in
the barracks, Captain.
What's the plan?
You and me, Toby. Suppressing
fire in short bursts.
Everyone else hold back
until we grab Johnson
and get our asses out of here.
Copy that.
You owe me one back at camp.
[helicopter whirring]
Is that all, sir?
That'll be all.
You were ordered to hold
that position, Captain.
Colonel, I made a judgment call.
If we'd stayed, they
would've wiped us out.
We only have two wounded
and everyone got back to base alive.
We can't show the
Taliban weakness, Hanson.
I'm ordering your unit back into
that same location tomorrow.
Captain Schuler will lead.
I need you back in the capital.
That unit will cease to exist.
This isn't a debate, Hanson.
You're required elsewhere.
What'd he say?
I'm relieved of my duties.
Man, that guy's an asshole.
Give it two weeks. You'll be back here.
I mean, who wouldn't want this paradise?
Toby, we can't protect these people.
We can't even protect our own guys.
It's a fuckin' lose-lose.
Hey, remember all those
times you saved my ass?
Shit, the whole platoon's,
for that matter.
Remember Kandahar?
It's up to you now.
Have a drink when we get back?
Count on it.
[water rushing]
[suspenseful music]
Nice spot.
Special Agent Keller.
You are definitely lost.
Yeah, I tried to reach you on
that device you call a cell phone,
but just the voicemail lately.
I'm a rural cop.
I'm either finding lost cows or fishing.
I've got no time for fancy electronics.
How you doing, old friend?
The suits must have you working overtime.
It's not overtime
when you love the work.
Oh yeah.
I'm the idealist and
you're the utilitarian.
Yeah, but you know, I'm in the spy game.
I've softened a little.
What's a spy game doing
out here in Hard Luck Falls
Not quite sure yet. There's
been some intelligence.
It's most likely smoke and mirrors,
but we check out everything now.
I mean everything.
Gotta look under every stone.
Something like that.
That's why I wanted to share some intel.
Can you make it into the city on Tuesday?
What's in the city?
We got Western Control Center
set up in there temporarily.
There's some stuff I'd like you to see.
Richie's got a hockey game this weekend.
That's my big commitment.
My caseload isn't like
what it was in Afghanistan,
but I prefer it that way.
I'll move some to files later in the week.
So yeah, I'll make it up.
Perfect. Nine o'clock.
I'll see you then.
Good luck with the fishing.
I never catch anything, but I don't care.
[intense music]
Colt, you're 15 minutes late.
Richie needs to be in
the dressing room early.
Richie, your dad's here.
I'll treat him after the game.
Feed him. Hang out awhile.
He wants you around.
Dad. You're late.
We gotta fly, now.
Coach is gonna be pissed.
I may have to sit the first period.
Yeah, your mom told me.
But I know your coach.
If he tries to sit you, I've
got an unpaid speeding ticket
he's gonna get hauled in for.
Just get going.
Let's go, big man.
[crowd conversing indistinctly]
[whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[crowd groaning]
[whistle blowing]
[crowd groaning]
[whistle blowing]
2 penalty, two minutes for elbowing.
[whistle blowing]
[crowd cheering]
[lively organ music]
[crowd cheering]
[whistle blowing]
[buzzer blaring]
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
That's what a call a great game.
Nice work in that power play.
That's what I do.
Yeah, it is. Ice cream?
Yeah, I could go for that.
Let's do it.
[laid-back music]
- Heya.
- Hey, Richie.
This is it, Command Central.
We've got people working on
all international data here.
So where does Lieutenant
Keller fit into this mess?
My team specializes in cyber threats
against crucial government security.
You are aware it's an election year?
Yeah, unfortunately.
Big bullshit debate on TV tonight.
Not the enemy here,
Colt. We protect and serve.
I got it.
So we track minutiae from
every corner of the world.
And here's where things get interesting,
maybe even disturbing
depending on your viewpoint.
About three weeks ago we had intel that
a small group of Russians were flying into
your neck of the woods on oil business.
We get foreign execs in all the time.
Oil production is what we do.
I understand. And these
guys check all the boxes.
Passports clean, visas clean.
They flew in private.
Flight originated from Eastern Ukraine.
Let's just check out the
airport security footage.
[suspenseful music]
We got a small hit on the
guy in the extreme left.
[Colt] Who is he?
Dimitri Sokolov. His
family's wealthy, old money.
His father was a member of the Politburo
up until the early '90s.
Dimitri's name came up
in the investigation of
the airline missile attack
over Ukraine a few years back.
So he's definitely military,
but everything we have
that's solid says that
he's an oil consultant
for a firm out of Moscow.
So why don't you just go talk to him?
Well, that's where
we have a big problem.
The whole group seems to have vanished.
You're shitting me.
Did a disappearing act straight
out of the Bolshoi Circus.
They haven't met with anyone
in the local area concerning business.
And this is a concern?
It is if the reason he came to Canada
was to talk business.
So you're telling me there
might be some Russian bears
up to no good in my forest?
Well, I didn't say that.
But we would like you to
take a look around though.
Maybe locate these guys for
a meet and greet, you know,
check their itinerary.
And that's it?
That's it, my man.
We have agents at your
disposal if you need.
All right.
I'm sure I'll find these guys
if they're in my neck of the woods.
I've got a lot of old-timers
that spend half the day
looking out their front
windows for anything
out of the normal landscape.
So I find them, then what?
You call me, we'll send the team.
That doesn't sound
like a meet and greet.
It's our procedure.
Listen, I'm sure these guys
are just out enjoying the countryside.
Maybe lost track of time.
Who knows, but we do
need to get eyes on them.
Can I get descriptions and
photos so I can ID these guys?
Already done. Listen, you
get any leads, you call me.
We'll handle the face to face.
- You want a coffee?
- Sure.
Only one of us on this stage
has had accusations of a rigged election.
I resent that, and
outwardly disregard it
as continued disinformation
and fear politics.
This is what the opposition does.
They have no real policies,
so they create diversions.
Let me make myself perfectly clear.
We want Canadians to have a true picture
of the type of spin doctoring
the Prime Minister uses again and again.
Yes, we will address
the policies we propose,
but I would like the Prime
Minister to address the reports
that he has spoken to the
Russian foreign minister
on numerous occasions
outside of ceremonial visits.
Address that, Mr. Prime Minister.
That is a fabrication,
and I will not dignify
that with a response.
Get to your policies,
then we can have a debate.
That went to shit in a quick hurry.
I told you she'd be better
prepared than we'd expect.
Hey, find out where that leak
came from and do your job.
We'll do a post-mortem on
this tomorrow, my office.
I'm on top of everything.
You better be.
[gun firing]
So what do you think? Like that?
I really do. That's awesome.
Thank you.
Annie, here's that
paperwork you asked for.
Awesome. Thank you.
How's your shift going?
The highway's pretty crazy today.
I didn't expect to find you both here.
Who's manning the office?
First of all, it's
personning the office.
I'm on my day off. Bert's on duty.
I'm just here to give
some paperwork to Annie
about the accident last week.
I just need confirmation
on quarter prints.
Because even though I'm the lowest rank,
I'm still the one you guys go to
to make sure there's no fat lips.
Doesn't mean we don't
know what we're doing.
You do understand that they
always promote men first, right?
Watch it. I got a fully loaded gun.
Don't worry. You're in charge.
Speaking of authority,
we have a new assignment
that's been approved through headquarters.
That is?
We may have some
questionable individuals
residing in the county.
They may be here for
business or other purposes.
What's other purposes?
Well, they're supposed to
be here on a little business.
But we don't know where here is
and we haven't had any
business activity reported.
Maybe they're sightseeing,
eating our good old Canadian beef
and drinking our beer
for shits and giggles,
Which reminds me, I need
to get something to eat.
Just keep eyes and ears open
when making the rounds in the backwoods.
I want to talk to these guys.
I sent you both digital files
on visual IDs and passport info.
We don't want any
international incidents, Annie.
So get license plates, get locations,
and I'll make the PR introductions.
Fine. Guess I'm never
gonna get to shoot anything.
Just kidding.
Go grab a bite, big fella.
[laid-back music]
Colt to dispatch.
Out on Range Road 25.
[man speaking Russian]
Jesus Christ.
Dimitri, I'm educated at
Woodlands University, here.
Speak English. My Russian's
gone to fuck knows where.
I said you're boring the shit out of us
with your technobabble, Alexei.
We've been here for four
days and you haven't told us
anything to make us think that this isn't
a useless waste of time,
money, and resources.
I'm operating nearly
4,000 accounts, 300 pages.
This is my troll farm,
and I'm the gardener poisoning the crops.
We gonna take this bitch
the internet down, or what?
If I had 10 rubles for every time
this shithead opens his
mouth and nothing comes out.
Seeing how your ruble is worth nothing,
you'd still have no money.
Election votes, now that's a commodity.
Yes. And that's why
I make the big bucks.
You see, we place
misinformation between articles
on pets and anti-vaccination.
Online users eat that shit up.
Then we mix in a little
advanced persistent threat
to our enemies of the state.
The state that we want, that is.
You have mayhem.
See, I've even developed a
matrix that gets through FireEye.
You mean Stinkeye.
Dimitri, get this asshole a job,
and this other thug out of here.
They're really sucking
down the brain power.
We know all about troll
bots and troll horses.
We know how to use negative
hashtags to corrupt.
We've been to college too.
But we also break fingers, legs, necks.
So watch what the fuck you say.
You mind stepping in here, Dimitri?
It just so happens I do
have something for you guys.
It's in the city.
Let's go talk about it outside.
Meanwhile, let's set up
a new attack with a twist.
Okay, we have all the data
from the social network sites.
Now let's get those PIN numbers correlated
to all those Canadian
bank accounts. [chuckling]
These guys can fuck themselves.
This is Alexei's money.
[Dimitri speaking Russian]
It's a little cleanup work.
Name is David Alejandro.
He stole some product at the airport
and took it for his own.
I really don't want it back.
Just want him gone. Take care of it.
[thug speaking Russian]
Just take back roads in.
Be back in two days.
In meantime, I've got to
babysit our computer junkie here
until he's finished his work.
Then we can drop him off in the woods.
Remember, stay clear of the cops.
[wind howling]
Can I top this up for you?
- All right. Enjoy.
- Thanks.
Colt, you told Richie that you'd find
extra time to spend with
him, and you haven't.
I know, I know.
I've had a large case dumped in my lap.
It's taking some extra time.
I only have Annie and Bert
to manage our caseloads
and they're on extra duty as well.
What's the big case?
I can't say.
There it is. That's
why we're living apart.
The big case always gets in the way.
Richie is the one that's
really suffering here.
I feel that.
Do you?
Actions, not words, matter here.
Going to one hockey game
a month isn't enough.
You're becoming an absentee father.
I notice. Richie for sure notices.
And he's gonna resent you big time.
Couple more weeks and he and I
can go on that fishing trip we planned.
Don't cut bait on that one.
I know you love Richie and
you're gonna make it up to him, right?
And I love you too.
Let's keep working through this.
This case of mine is just oversight.
We'll wrap it up soon.
[suspenseful music]
Come to visit. Sorry we didn't clean up.
What can I do for you? [speaking Spanish]
I speak Spanish, so careful
who you call a fucking faggot.
Maybe I'll call you something worse.
What do you want?
You know why we're here.
You took something of ours.
Listen, you know our deal.
If you're late on payment to us,
we take what's owed from some other place.
Our product?
Was your product.
Were here to get it back.
Just give me the money you owe me
and we can go back to doing business.
Why don't we just take it?
I am protected.
You fucking Siberians are
stupid. Cold freezes your brains.
But I know you're not insane.
Just pay me my money and we
can go back to doing business.
Okay. I've been told to give it to you.
[guns firing]
I'm not Siberian, and I am insane.
Collect the coke. Let's get out of here.
[Alexei yawning]
I've been at this for 14 straight hours.
Now it's me time.
[fly unzipping]
Hello there.
Keyboard your only friend?
I know you're lonely. That's why I'm here.
Oh, well, I never said that was lonely
in so many words, but yeah.
[Woman] I thought you were.
Oh, and how did you know?
Oh, I know.
How about we get up to no good together?
You cruisin' for a bruisin', Alexei?
Wait, how did you know my name?
Oh, I know all about you, Alexei.
If your mother only knew.
I think I'll call her.
What a mood-killer.
[door opening]
What the fuck, Alexei?
Dimitri, it's nothing, it's-
- I don't know what I just
saw, but I don't care.
I'm going outside to make a phone call
and I'll be right back.
Keep your hands out of your
pants and get back to work.
Yes, sorry.
I need to talk to a guy in Ottawa.
- Email him.
- Yes, yes.
One of our jobs done. Update me.
That Canadian that hired us?
He's bitching and moaning
like a Russian lamb.
He's nervous I'm not
doing my job? Fuck him.
I'm the reason they're
going to win this election.
I told them that we were
delivering on our end,
yet they want more fake
accounts, more fake pages,
more misleads.
That's fucking bullshit.
You said you knew a place where we could
spend more of this Canadian
money they're sending our way?
We are supposed to be low-profile.
But after seeing what I just saw.
Dimitri, I'm going
crazy in this shithole.
I just need for one
night. Please, just one.
Yes, you are crazy. And
yes, this is a shithole.
But man, I could use a vodka.
But we are keeping it low-key.
Whoo, whoo, whoo!
You gonna give me something good, or what?
Come on, hit me. One more, one more.
Okay, one more. One more.
Come on, man.
No, no no no.
[laid-back music]
Run this guy.
Should I light him up?
Never fails.
Yes, can I get a tow truck
out to Woodlands Lane, please?
[Colt sighing]
Colt Hanson and the big bust.
How many times is this now, Jimmy?
You know you're gonna be walking forever.
Fuck off.
And take your tampon with you, hm?
This bad boy is swinging for the fences.
Annie, I've got this.
Jimmy, I'm going to give you five seconds
to get in the vehicle peacefully.
I'm gonna go yards on you fuckers.
Annie, he's all yours.
My pleasure.
This vehicle's being seized.
Do you want to make a complaint
about that or anything else?
- No.
- Good.
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
Annie here is the defending
kickboxing champ of Canada.
Oh, you didn't know that.
Work with me.
You're always talking up, Jimmy.
You know his old man is gonna have him
up and out of that holding
cell in about an hour, right?
Baby steps, Annie. Baby steps.
We might not get to this guy,
but at least we got them off the road
for tonight and tomorrow.
Yeah, so like when you walked in,
I was just about to get to it, you know?
And then, and then, uh, yeah,
she started talking about
my mom and I'm like,
Jesus, lady, I'm trying to jerk off.
I don't want to talk about my
mom right now, so it's like.
Why are you still talking
about your mom, man?
Shut up about my mom. I
don't want to think about her.
Here, cheers. Cheers, cheers.
Cheers. Drink with me, fucker.
Hey, lady. Hey.
No, no, no, no.
- Hey, honey, cutie, hey, hey.
- No, no, no.
There's a seat here.
I have a little, little bit left for you.
Hey, hey.
Just on our walkabout.
IDs for the younger-looking
kids, as usual.
Let me go talk to Dave at the bar.
On it.
[ominous music]
You the sheriff in town?
One of 'em.
Like your accent. What is it, Polish?
Old World, bro. I'm from
everywhere and nowhere.
Russian. That's it, isn't it?
Gotta fly.
I'm sure I'll be seeing you again.
Hey, Colt.
Hey. Dave. Did you see
that guy I just bumped into?
No, I didn't. Sorry.
Listen, you live out
in the boonies, right?
[Dave] Yep.
Do me a favor.
You see any suspicious vehicles,
anyone out of the ordinary,
give me a shout, would ya?
You betcha. Will do.
Shit. Annie.
Fuck, what a night.
I won some money, we got drunk.
I lost money.
Fuck, we almost killed a cop. [laughing]
What the fuck, Dimitri?
I told you to keep
a fucking low profile.
Oh, fuck off with your fucking.
And now you're going to
learn who your real boss is.
[Colt] So how's your mom doing?
I'm really missing her home cooking.
Yeah. She indicated that she...
Oh, you must be feeling better.
I thought you had the day off.
I don't need days off, okay?
What I need is to find out who did this.
We talked to all the people at the bar
that came forward with information,
and no one saw a thing.
It could have been one of
those local rowdies, you know,
the kind that don't like the uniforms.
Yeah, maybe.
Annie, you did have a hunch to follow
those two guys out back though, right?
I did, til I got hammered from behind.
I didn't see where they got off to.
Some people indicated
that they had accents.
Eastern European, so I think so.
These guys are definitely
persons of interest.
I'm gonna give my buddy Toby a call.
Any outstanding calls?
Yeah, we've got five outstanding.
Yeah, I think we have a hit
on the Russians we discussed.
It shouldn't be long before
I get a location for you.
Hang tight ti we get the go-ahead.
Roger that.
You got the packages?
Get back here as soon as possible,
and stay on back roads, clear?
[thug speaking Russian]
[camera clicking]
[thug speaking Russian]
I'll take care of it.
[suspenseful music]
I need to shovel.
Yes, can I help you?
Yeah. Give me your camera.
[Dave groaning]
You took care of it?
Da. I need a shovel to bury a guy.
Tonight's top story.
Prime Minister Collier
and opposition candidate
Elise Morton are deadlocked in the polls.
Out of service?
[Dimitri speaking Russian]
We were a low profile.
Now we're high profile.
But you buried him?
[Igor speaking Russian]
Still leaves us with suspicion.
I'm gonna have to come out of hiding
and do some public relations.
Alexei, your job just got sped up.
We're gonna have to pull out
of here sooner than expected.
Get in touch to our man in
Ottawa and let him know.
So I called Dave and it says
his phone is out of service.
The bar called and said he
hadn't shown up for his shift,
and I can't reach him.
Maybe he's out of town for a few days.
Bert, can you take a drive
out there and check on him?
He does have diabetes.
I'm concerned he might have
had some complications.
He's an hour out of town.
You sure you want me that far away, Colt?
While you're out there,
maybe you can do some scouting for me.
See if you can spot anything
out of the ordinary.
You mean our Russians.
That's who I mean, but don't engage.
Just come straight back
if you do see something.
You know, there's
nowhere to eat out there.
Pack a lunch, big fella.
Thought you'd want to see this.
Sure as shit.
Here's one of our guys here.
Dimitri Sokolov.
He's holding a video press
conference in town tomorrow.
He's signing a deal with a
local oil company for rights.
So then you don't want
me to go out of town?
No, you're still checking in on Dave.
Annie and I will go check
out the video conference.
Hey, Toby.
I wanted to thank you for the
video update on the Russians.
Bert and Annie had a few questions.
[phone ringing]
Alexei, you said you
would call 15 minutes ago.
We were at zero hour here.
Collier is literally deadlocked
with that bitch we call the opposition.
You are not fucking doing enough.
The spearphishing isn't working.
Fake accounts, pages, tweets.
They aren't highlighting
enough extreme opinion.
My data shows me that we are
40% down in discord ratio.
No, no, no.
You are not shutting the fuck down early.
I'm fattening the accounts
of all of you Russians at the moment,
so don't even think of fucking me.
I'm flying out there in two days
and those numbers had better
be where I want them to be,
or your little gang of
thieves is gonna have
its Russian gravy train
steered off the rails.
Hey, you seen the polls?
Okay. You were hired to do a job.
And so far you're doing
it extremely poorly.
I plucked you right out of grad school
because your professor, a
very good friend of mine,
said you were the next
communications guru.
You were going to
revolutionize my campaign
and send my numbers skyrocketing.
So you do your job
so I don't have to cut your balls off
and make sure the only job you ever get
is at a fucking drive-thru.
Hello, Ben.
The election is going fine, yes.
I need a favor.
As one of the biggest supporters
of our Prime Minister.
I was wondering if I
could solicit the help
of your son Jimmy.
I'll be in the area in a couple
of days and I need a guide.
I'll pay him.
Good to hear. Have Jimmy
pick me up at the airport.
Excellent. You have a good day.
We've got issues.
We are proud to have Mr. Dimitri Sokolov
here with us for today's announcement.
And the president and
owner of Modern Oil,
Mr. Ben Abbott.
We know the deal today will
bring prosperity to the region
for many years to come.
We want to thank our partners, Modern Oil,
for this historic agreement.
I'll take a question or two.
It's great news, Mr. Sokolov.
The town is excited.
We would love to meet you in person.
Why is that?
The mayor wants me to take him out
to personally welcome you and ensure
you're well taken care of.
We are always well taken care of.
Well how's about I take
care of you personally?
A grand gesture, officer.
We are returning to Russia very soon,
so our meeting will have to wait.
For now, a good day to all.
[suspenseful music]
This guy's dirty. And dangerous.
He's definitely one of the
two in the bar that night.
And the other guy could barely stand.
So I figure Dimitri's the piece of shit
that cracked you over the head.
You can bet on that.
And Bert's out there by himself today
with this guy on the loose?
That worries me.
This is a big deal we
signed here today, Colt.
Don't go antagonizing
the hand that feeds you.
Ben, I understand how
business works in this town.
I'm just not sure that's
the kind of business we're looking for.
You walking these days, Jimmy?
Getting your exercise?
My dad's lawyer is working on it,
which means I'm still driving
and you twats used excessive force.
Shut up, Jimmy.
I have pretty good case here, Colt.
And I'm just protecting my family.
He breaks the law and
I'll be in his face again.
Where do you get these
firecrackers from, Colt?
Some local will have you
barefoot and pregnant in no time.
And then I won't have to
worry about you at all.
Let's go, son.
Don't let him get to you.
[suspenseful music]
[Bert knocking]
Hey, Dave, you around?
It's Bert.
Dispatch, this is Bert.
I'm out at Dave's property
on the range road.
He doesn't seem to be around right now.
There's no sign of forced entry
or disturbance of any kind.
Most likely he's gone out hunting.
I'm gonna check the trap
line road to the north.
Might be out and about in the area.
Just a heads up.
I'm going to see my mom at the
retirement home in the city.
Should be gone for a couple of days or so,
but I'll keep my radio on
just in case I see anything.
[suspenseful music]
[phone ringing]
Colt here.
Toby, just the man I
was thinking on calling.
We've IDed your guy.
Dmitri Sokolov.
You want us to back off?
Toby, who is this guy?
You got it handled?
You're absolutely sure about that?
I guess they've got them.
That's good news.
Bert's out in that bad reception area.
Call dispatch to see if
they can get him, would ya?
[suspenseful music]
No knocking. Form up.
[Bert knocking]
They were never here.
This is the message.
It's terrible quality, but
let me play it for you.
[Bert] I'm gonna check the
trap line road to the north.
Might be out and about in the area.
I'm going to see my mom at the
retirement home in the city.
Should be gone for a couple days or so.
That gives us absolutely nothing.
And now he's gone for two days?
Mind you, it's probably best
that he's out of our hair.
You can tell him I said that.
Did he say something
about an old trap line road?
Give me a map of the area, would you?
Can't you just use GPS?
No. Those old abandoned sites
don't show up on satellite.
Old-fashioned methods work
better sometimes, anyway.
[suspenseful music]
This is where we're going.
Get me there like five minutes ago.
Whatever you say, boss.
[phone ringing]
Colt here.
Colt. Glad I caught you.
We've had some issues come up.
This comes from the top, PMO's office.
Our investigation's done.
We're pulling out, scrubbing
all our data files,
everything local's going dark as of today.
I'm already in Ottawa.
Come on, Toby.
You know these guys are up to some shit.
Just like in Afghanistan.
We knew when something wasn't right.
Colt, I don't have jurisdiction
over what you're chasing out there.
But these guys have some
sort of diplomatic status.
I mean, they're fucking untouchable.
Not if they're breaking
the laws they're not.
Man, as a colleague, I'm
telling you to let it go,
and as your friend, I know you won't.
We know they have three
guys plus a hacker.
So that's four guns against one.
I'm gonna post a little fake news myself,
investigation over, no leads, et cetera.
We think their hacker
has a common chatroom
we have access to.
I'll throw a little smoke your way,
cover for what you do best.
And that is?
Finish the job.
I'll be in touch.
Be safe.
[suspenseful music]
[car door closing]
Shh. You guys hear that?
Stay quiet. If he makes
sound, shoot him in the head.
I'll go check it out.
Mr. Sokolov. We meet at last.
Officer Hanson.
You're a long ways away
from the comfort of town.
It appears you are as well.
Why the secret hideout?
This is Canada.
We wanted to experience
the great wide-open spaces.
Plus we wanted to see a bear.
I see a Russian bear
right in front of me.
When you're in my country,
you're expected to follow
the rules, the laws.
Listen, I'm gonna
let you in on some news
you might not be aware of.
My father was a high-ranking
member of the Politburo.
When the USSR was still a thing,
he was even an ambassador to Canada
and he knows all your top guys still.
Well, I'm a little guy,
and I oversee a small
portion of this great land.
And I've been entrusted with
an oath to keep it safe.
Safe from what?
Bad guys in back alleys.
Corruption on the World Wide Web.
Stuff like that.
You're an idealist.
Just protecting my neck of the woods.
More like protecting your neck.
Well, that too.
Listen to me very carefully.
I know you're a first-class piece of shit.
And I also know that you're
used to getting away with
whatever the fuck you want.
But that ends now.
Well, that's not very Canadian.
I'm going to show you something.
Yes. Identifies me as a diplomat.
It grants me 100% political rights.
Well, I'm about 1% impressed.
Bottom line here is this.
I'm going back to town
to get the appropriate paperwork together.
And then I'm going to take you
in on a bodily assault charge
for trying to take out one of my deputies.
That's right.
See, I carefully picked up all the pieces
of that broken bottle with
your fingerprints all over it.
And when I take you in, those
prints are gonna match up
against the fresh batch
that I'm gonna take off you.
I'm a legitimate businessman
being harassed by a no-name cop.
I'll see to it that you
lose more than your job.
Firstly, I don't
think you're legitimate.
Secondly, I was looking for
a job when I found this one.
At the end of the day,
you are still going to be
sitting in my jail cell.
Well, we agree to disagree
then. Stop by any time.
I will.
That is, unless you wouldn't mind me
taking a look inside that cabin right now.
Oh, you wouldn't want to be
inside the cabin right now.
You would feel very unwelcome. [chuckling]
Tomorrow it is, then.
[suspenseful music]
Okay, we need to shut up this place.
How soon to book a plane out of here?
Late tomorrow night, at the earliest.
I hope that cop was bluffing.
Otherwise we need to prepare
for visitors and a quick exit.
Tomorrow night, I want
you to take the fat cop
and Alexei into the woods,
and make sure they don't come back out.
Be still.
Please tell me that this isn't the place
that I've been putting
all of my faith into
for the kind of deep fake audio and video
needed to unseat Elise Morton.
No big hello? Where's my hug?
Fuck you, Dimitri.
I have been sending this piece of shit
and the rest of you grade
one assholes a ton of money
to reap the rewards of
a deadlock in the polls?
Relax, big fella.
I've been dividing your voters for months.
As you can see here, our
analytics show your guy is ahead.
We are the experts here.
Alexei, walk him through the numbers.
- Yes, of course.
- Show him the metrics.
Who is the guy in the truck?
He's not much, but he's
stupid and we can use him.
Show me the numbers.
Hey, take me to my hotel.
We'll come back here tomorrow.
You going somewhere?
You've got a nose
for trouble, don't you?
I'm a cop.
What's up?
Firstly, you might try
to stop me, but don't.
Okay, I won't.
But explain first.
I found the Russians.
Good. They needed to be found.
I also know they lit you up
that night outside the bar.
All right, go on.
Let's just say I want
to pay them one last visit
before they blow town.
You think they're ditching?
Yeah. They're getting out fast.
Then I'm coming too.
No way.
How are you gonna stop me?
I'll just follow your vehicle.
Look, you know I'm gonna
get my way on this.
Yeah, I know.
But we aren't going
through the front door.
We'll take the trap line road
in just as it's getting dark.
The trees make for good
cover in the property.
There's at least four guys,
so we better be prepared.
Walk me through the details.
You're happy about this, aren't you?
Have you seen the polls?
Let me explain.
Look, the election is in one week.
And I'm behind half a percent
to that wailing dildo.
And it's your fault.
I've got new analytics.
We've got one final push to get
the younger vote, and women.
Women? For fuck's sake, Schirrer!
Women are going to choose the woman!
We are in full crisis mode
and you're not even in the office.
I am working for you, Prime Minister.
I am laying it all on the line for you.
Those are just words.
Get back here and pack up your
desk. I'm making a change.
[suspenseful music]
So we'll need to wait a few hours.
He's got some professionals.
We won't be able to just
walk up to the front door
and expect them to come quiet.
[phone ringing]
I'm ready for whatever comes.
I know you are.
I'll send you directions
on where to meet up.
Good enough.
Looks like we've got one
more coming to the party.
You don't think I'd
let you have all the fun.
This isn't gonna be fun, Toby.
You're forgetting I was right beside you
in Afghanistan, big guy.
- Constable.
- Agent.
That was a long time ago for both of us.
You don't forget how
to ride a bike, Colt.
Plus, you are most likely
gonna lose your job over this.
You're going a little off script here.
Yeah, man.
There's a reason why that investigation
didn't dig deep enough.
I'm gonna find out why.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm glad you're here.
And believe me, our plan
is to make a big hole.
So yeah, you'll be digging deeper.
But forewarned,
I don't think these guys
play by any set of rules.
Shit. [gun cocking] The
Taliban didn't either.
Let's do this.
Annie, show him the layout.
[suspenseful music]
Your job is to guard the front gate.
No one gets in or out
without my say-so, got it?
Got it.
What the fuck is going on here?
What does it look like,
genius? We're bugging out.
Not without my say-so, you don't.
You Russian pricks never
finish the job, do you?
If your man doesn't
win, that's his problem.
I paid you guys a czar's
ransom. Well, you know what?
Those accounts you used
are closed. Frozen.
We don't care about your money.
Go back to whatever
hole you crawled out of.
We've got a flight out at
midnight and we aren't missing it.
We're torching this place and fucking off.
You're staying put and
finishing what we started.
Careful now. Put that away.
You don't even know how to use it.
We've got it under control.
Go into the cabin and talk to Alexei
and finish the last program.
We give them an hour.
Then you take the fat cop, the hacker,
and that useless worm out
back, and cut their heads off.
What the fuck is this?
Oh, I'm just putting the final touches
on this sendout virus and pushing the last
of the fake accounts and pages.
I meant that.
You stupid bastard.
That is our insurance.
You are aware he's a cop.
Ah, just a funny uniform.
In any other country, he
would be street cleaner.
You and Alexei get to work.
The cop belongs to the forest now.
What the hell does that mean?
It is Russian expression.
Get busy. Forget about this guy.
He is for Igor and me to worry about.
That's what I'm afraid of.
[suspenseful music]
All right, Toby, you're in the back way.
We know that have at least four
guys, so two for each of us.
Okay, wait a minute.
No arguments on this one, Annie.
The front gate is the fallback line.
If we get pushed back, you
help us not die. Got it?
Got it.
All right.
We have the advantage of cover.
So let's use it.
Wait, so where are you gonna be?
Remember I said I wasn't
going through the front door?
You're going through the front door.
I'm going through
that fucking front door.
That is not a good idea.
Well, you are gonna shoot
every last son of a bitch
that gets by me, aren't you?
Well, yes.
Well, what happens on that
front porch doesn't matter.
These fuckers are going down, tonight.
[suspenseful music]
You've gotta be kidding me.
Get in your truck and drive off
or you'll be in for a severe beat-down.
Your daddy will not get
you out of this mess.
You're the bitch that sucker-punched me.
Get in your truck and get out of here.
Batter's up.
Home run.
I'm assuming none of you are asleep.
I'm also assuming you're
still knee deep in shit.
But I'm gonna do the
right thing and let you
come out with your hands
up and your weapons down.
Easy. It's just the wild wild west.
This cop, he's got balls.
No brains, but balls.
Ah. He might have a friend with him.
Igor, go check that out.
If it's nothing, come around
from then join the fun.
You keep an eye on the useless
fat fuckface in the corner.
You two, keep your heads down
and keep from pissing your pants.
I'll deal with this guy,
and then we'll clear out.
[gun firing]
Okay, cowboy, here I am.
Come take me in. I am
ready to be arrested.
Too late. You lost your chance.
Come and find me. We'll
discuss your options.
[suspenseful music]
[gun firing]
Igor killed the old man
taking unwanted pictures.
Leonid's gonna murder your fat cop buddy.
And I am going to execute you.
[Colt shouting]
[gun firing]
This is bullshit. I have my orders.
Let's get to it so I can go outside
and join the festivities.
- You first.
- No!
[gun firing]
Tell Elise Morton I voted for her.
Fuck you, Collier!
I did not see that coming.
Okay, you need to get
out there and kill Igor.
That's Dimitri's pistol.
Plus I don't know how to fire a gun.
I'm chickenshit, big time.
[guns firing]
Fuckin' jammed.
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[Igor speaking Russian]
[suspenseful music]
[Colt groaning]
You feel the pain of
the Russian bear now?
Sleep. Close your eyes.
I go back to Russia and
you go back to North Pole,
or whatever you call
death's door here in Canada.
[Colt groaning]
It's not so cold where you're going.
It's fiery and stinks of shit.
[gun firing]
[Colt groaning]
That's gonna need stitches.
[Annie groaning]
Give you a hand.
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[Colt groaning]
Oh, shit.
Hey, Annie.
I'm calling EMS.
You, you little prick.
You're under arrest.
Sit down before I blow
your fucking head off.
[somber music]
There he is.
Don't you fucking move.
Looks like the gang's all here.
Bert, where the hell did you come from?
It's a long story.
Don't ask.
Looks like we made it
through another scrap.
Looks like one hell of a scrap.
How's Annie?
Annie's okay.
That's just a scratch.
I'm still hoping EMS gets here soon.
[somber music]
To repeat, breaking news.
Prime Minister Collier has
announced his resignation,
paving the way for Elise Morton
to make her run at Parliament Hill.
See you guys.
Bye, hon.
See ya, pal.
I wish he'd cut his hair.
Now I thought you said that
this case was just oversight.
Yeah. I may have underestimated that.
But the good thing is I've
got a lot of time to recover.
Me and Richie.
[somber music]
[phone ringing]
[man speaking Russian]
He will pay.
[laid-back music]
[suspenseful music]
[energetic music]