Spearphishing 3 (2023) Movie Script

[soft music]
[clock ticking]
[soft music]
[uneasy music]
[uneasy music continues]
[static scratching]
- [Reporter] Canadian protest
has erupted around the country.
[uneasy music continues]
- Vasily.
[speaking Russian]
Colt Hanson.
[hammer clanks]
[uneasy music continues]
- Okay. Guys. Eyes front.
End of summer review,
and I see you've turned in
your reports, except for Bert.
- Yeah, I have that on
top of my stack of stacks,
but then I got called out to that thing.
- [Colt] What thing?
- Uh, my dog needed shots.
- Annie, you have him get his report in
first thing tomorrow.
If he doesn't, you have my permission
to give him your own set of shots.
And you know where to administer.
- Hey, maybe he needs
two shots. I can help.
- Quick point of interest.
You all know Ritchie and you
know that per his injuries,
he had to be transferred elsewhere.
The good news is he's landed
a job in the PM's office
in one of the top security positions,
and you know I'm proud as hell
and wishing him nothing but the best.
Back to the agenda.
Tomas, you and Frank have been
working on that new strain
of fentanyl that's moving in.
Our old friend Miguel Alejandro
is up to his old tricks.
I warned him not to cross my path.
- Tough to change how
a cobra snake slithers.
- Yeah, well, I was still
hoping he'd move on.
And moving on,
Annie, you and Bert have
that outreach program
you've been working with.
How's that been going?
- We're making progress, Colt.
We hired Temple Weeks as a caseworker.
It's made a huge difference.
- Good. Well, keep me updated.
One last piece of news,
ancient history, but worth mentioning.
We still have no intel on Lada Goncharov.
She's a ghost unfortunately.
We have our Russian
hacker, Alexei Turgenov,
scouring the dark web
looking for more info.
As for Victor Oblonsky and Pavel Lebedev,
you know they're still rusting away
in an uncomfortable jail cell in Lensk.
Well, that's it for
now. Be safe out there.
- It's like missing him.
I keep thinking I can see out of it,
but then wind up in this
shit hole for 10 years.
When I get back to Canada, and I will,
I will destroy every single
cop that crosses my path.
- Ah, well, I have a
bullet lodged in my skull
and the metal plate that
makes me a bit static.
- [Victor] Bit static?
- Eh, you know, Russian
radio stations, music,
weather forecast, shit like that.
- You fucking idiot.
I cannot stand another
moment in this cell with you.
Guard. Guard, I want
out. I'll do anything.
Just get me another cell.
[guard speaking Russian]
- Hello, boys. Did you miss me?
This is Milana, my sister.
Bet you didn't know I had one, did you?
You think I'm crazy.
She doesn't talk a lot, but
wait till you see her in action.
- When does she talk?
- When death is around.
- You see what I mean? She's like cuckoo.
Victor, did I just hear you say
that you would do anything
to get out of this cell?
- Just get me a gun so I can shoot Pavel.
- No gun, but how about
your favorite knife?
Don't kill Pavel. Now stand back.
[gunshots boom]
- And where are we going?
- Canada.
[cellphone ringing]
- Colt Hanson.
- Hey, dad. Had a moment.
Thought I'd give you a call.
- Always glad to hear from
you. How's the new position?
- Perfectly suited for a
guy missing one finger.
I'm meeting my new team later on today
and we have a photo op for the
prime minister and her son.
- That sounds good. We're missing
you here. That's for sure.
The prime minister and her security team
are lucky to have you.
- Yeah, I'm doing my bit here.
This job has an edge to it
too. Always gotta be alert.
- Okay, kiddo. Have to run to a meeting.
Stay sharp and I love you.
- Very good. Nice job, Anson.
Well, we'll join you in the
reception area a little later.
Thanks. Bye.
- Thank you.
- Not a moment too soon.
I'd like to speak with
my personal assistant
and I would appreciate some
privacy from the media.
So do you think you can
handle that, please?
Ritchie, I believe you've met your team.
And, as you know, they are
the brothers of my ex-husband.
Enough said. So your work just got harder.
- So remind me who is who again.
- I'm Jjerry, with two Js.
[whimsical music]
- And I'm Tterry with two Ts.
- You're shitting me.
- We don't joke. Here's our background.
We're both ex-military,
dishonorably discharged,
and I have irritable bowel syndrome.
- And I have Prader-Willi syndrome.
And I'm always hungry.
When I was in Kandahar in the battle,
I went to go get a sandwich.
That's why I'm not in the army.
- Similar situation. I was taking a shit.
- And, and you guys are
guarding the prime minister?
- As she said, we're related.
- [Ritchie] Work did just get harder.
- I have the full week's
agenda for you, Prime Minister.
Pay attention to the luncheon on Wednesday
as both the leader from
the Auto Workers Union
and the representatives
of the Labor Congress
will be in attendance.
And the leader on the committee
on poverty reduction
strategy wants to speak.
[cellphone ringing]
Here he is. Right on time.
- Jim, what did I tell you?
The bill specifically states
that we'll deliver new
services and resources
this fiscal year.
Nice job, Anson. Straight back. Perfect.
Get that damn legislation to
second reading. Do you hear me?
Or heads will roll. Yours first.
Where were we?
- [Tomas] Believe nobody reported
anything 'til now. Crazy.
- [Frank] He's been dead?
- Yeah.
He's been dead for a week, Colt.
- Six shots to the back. It's
Miguel's killers. Same MO.
- These guys never listen.
Miguel could be on an island
somewhere under the radar.
He's got a death wish.
- We can see to that.
- So far, little information
on where Miguel's located.
We've got some local
connections. He's well insulated.
- Phil Kent may know something.
- What? Survived Ritchie's bullet?
- Yeah, and he's in Parkland County Max.
He's an ex-cop in a federal penitentiary.
He may not be alive for long.
I may have a carrot or two I
can dangle in front of him.
Keep me updated here.
- Will do, Colt. Man, it's crazy.
- Solitary confinement and
you're the first visitor I get?
- You're a rat and a slime ball
and this is the safest place to put you.
- It's cold all the time, damp.
And I still have a
partial bullet in my lung.
- So sorry you're uncomfortable.
Ritchie is missing part of
his hand because of you.
- I never ever meant for anything
bad to happen to Ritchie,
and I wasn't gonna shoot
that other cop either.
I'll sit in here and rot for
letting bad things happen,
but I'm no killer
- Regardless, you're in this place
until you become an old man.
Maybe I can see to it you see the outside
as a younger old man.
[suspenseful music]
- I play cards. What's your hand?
- You were messed up with
Miguel Alejandro, right?
- Wrong card to play.
That guy has eyes and
ears all over this place.
- Unless they find a way
to poison your shitty food,
they aren't getting to you here.
You give me good info, I'll
have you move to a nicer spot.
- Your word.
- [Colt] My word.
- Okay. I'm all in.
- First thing I wanna know
is where he's likely to be located.
What's his usual schedule for
meeting with his captains?
- Distribution lines are flowing well.
Cash is coming in on time.
You're my lawyer. Play
the devil's advocate.
- Ah, there is something else.
- [Miguel] What's that?
- We've heard another group
of Russians slash businessmen
are headed to town to stir up the pot.
They're coordinated and
they have someone in charge.
- Do you have a name?
- Vasily Sokolov.
[suspenseful music]
- [Pavel] Hey, Victor.
- [Victor] Hm?
- [Pavel] I spy with my
little eye something that's-
- [Victor] Keep moving, Pavel.
[suspenseful music]
[tractor engine rumbling]
- This is the areas we need to cover
both in drug and gun deals
and our plan to get rid
of all these fucking cops.
Colt Hanson killed my
father, so he's mine.
- We've discussed this.
We don't take orders
and we've handled who and when we kill.
- Da. My neck still hurts
from my last visit here.
My sister and I have a debt to collect.
- Nothing remains but stench and worms.
- Yeah, that's a good one.
Just tell me where you
want me to point a gun.
- And this guy is still alive.
- Da, but with a steel plate.
- Shut up, Pavel. Shut up or
I swear I will finish the job.
- Both of you, shut it.
This time we take them down one at a time.
Individually, hear me?
As a collective, you underestimated them.
One on one is the best way to eliminate.
- Okay, so tell me
where to find the bitch.
- You and Milana have other orders.
You know what I'm talking about.
- Canadian prime minister.
- She's the key vote.
The deciding vote against us
when the Ukraine asks
for more military aid
and the big question, to join NATO.
- This is my area of expertise.
I can kill a crow from a thousand yards.
They better start planning
the state funeral now.
- And I will personally slit
the throat of Annie Needham.
Mix pleasure with
business. [speaks Russian]
[Nancy knocks]
- Do you have a minute?
- For you, yes, but
let's make it 30 seconds.
- This is your detailed
agenda upcoming. It's packed.
You need to let me know what dates
can be delayed or scrubbed.
I've highlighted the critical
engagements, meetings,
and public appearances.
We're on the move for the next month,
culminating in the opening
of the multicultural center in the west.
That'll be a nice boost to your popularity
before we head to the UN.
- Just leave me enough time to see my son.
- Yes, I'll arrange it,
but circle a date I've just spoken about.
- [Elise] Okay.
[cellphone ringing]
[suspenseful music]
- I told you to never
call me on this phone.
Everything will be taken care of.
- [Victor] Vasily, I have news.
- Yes?
- That backstabbing, double
dealing Colombian piece of shit
is still running the show.
He took all of our actions.
Now sits on a mount of coke
the size of the Ural Mountains.
Oh, I'm shaking right now. I
need to kill this guy so bad.
- Do it, but don't let it get in the way
of this other thing.
This other thing is why we're here.
- And Colt Hanson?
- Yeah, that too.
- We're meeting less and
less these days, Colt.
I'm pleased about that.
- Yeah, me too.
There's less tension and most of all,
Ritchie is secure in his new job.
He's happy.
- And you, Colt, are you happy?
- Well, I'm not unhappy.
Isn't that progress?
- I sense a little tension
in what you're saying.
- It's always something
in the back of my mind
that says don't let your guard down.
- I'm sure that comes
with your profession,
but what I'd like to
see is you allowing you
to recognize how far you've come.
Just let your days be a little lighter.
And you're coaching hockey?
- Yeah, it's a good team. I love it.
And the players are great.
It's just a nice diversion
and a challenge I might add.
Always grateful for our
talks. I'll see you soon.
- Take care, Colt.
[cellphone ringing]
- This is Colt.
- [Caller] Prepare for the worst.
[suspenseful music]
[gunshots boom]
[dramatic music]
- What the fuck are you guys about?
- Dying.
[gunshots boom]
- We have set our plans in motion.
- And plan B?
- That begins tomorrow.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music continues]
- I have everyone's reports for the week,
except I'd like a little
more in depth detail.
Then I have some news to
share. But, Annie, you first.
- Bert and I are up today
to talk to Temple Weeks
on the outreach program
that we are working on.
So we have that on the go.
Bert has the reports on the
highway safety traffic clinics
we've held as well.
- Those clinics were well attended.
The reports are underway.
- Meaning you haven't finished them.
- That is correct.
- Tomas, what's the word
on Miguel Alejandro?
- Gang violence is up, Colt.
We're not sure where
they're setting up turf,
but man, it's happening.
- We suspect it's a distribution problem.
We got a tip off
that a rival gang's turning
the heat up on Miguel.
There may be something in play next week.
- Frank and I have a location.
We'll take a small team with
us and cut into this bullshit
and get these guys in cages.
- We'll have to be careful.
These guys don't care if you wear badge.
To my news. I received a phone
call yesterday, a warning.
The man on the other line
was quick and to the point.
He told me to prepare for the worst.
And his accent was Russian.
Tomas, I need you to get online
and check with the local airports.
See if their tower logs report
any international flights.
Look for small jets coming in.
I don't need to emphasize
the ramifications here.
Watch your backs. Report
anything outta the ordinary.
This may be nothing this
morning, but I think it's legit.
[officers discussing]
- [Temple] Lemme know if you
have any questions, ladies.
- [Camper 1] Thank you.
- [Camper 2] Thank you.
- Hey, Temple. How's business?
- It's going pretty well. Thanks.
- Anything besides bird
seed to eat in there?
- Yeah, I'm thinking of putting
in a drive through in fact.
- But no veggie burgers.
- Oh, but they're delic-
- How about we stay on topic?
I have the notes you asked for
from our group discussions.
I've also added in something
else. This one's confidential.
- [Temple] Confidential?
- We may have some visitors
we have to deal with again.
- Not the Russians.
- [Annie] Colt's been warned.
- You think you can do some recon for us?
- That's what I did in the
military. Visual tracker.
- Good. That's what we're hoping for.
We also have a list of
some possible airstrips
that they may have flown into.
You can start there.
- I assume you don't want me to engage.
- No. You're really good at
keeping outta harm's way.
You have my cell number.
Just let me know if you see
anything that doesn't fit.
- Roger that. Lemme show
you the place. This way.
- Vasily, you promised
us some fucking action.
- You've killed a handful of drug dealers.
- And we still haven't
eliminated Miguel Alejandro.
I'm sure you know where he
is. Let's finish him off.
- And the cops.
We've been following them.
We know their every move.
I'm sure you are aware of what
we do and how we do it. Yes?
- I can kill a gnat from a thousand paces.
- Yeah. You've told me.
- I am bored out of my metal-plated mind.
Here I am spanking the weasel
when I should be out killing beavers.
- Shut up, Pavel.
I'm the reason you and Victor
aren't rotting in a jail cell.
- Actually, it was Milana and
I that did that dirty work.
- And I'm the one who
paid you to do it. Enough.
I'm letting you all loose.
You know who to kill.
Milana, you have to wait on your job.
We need more inside information.
There can be no mistakes
when it comes to taking out Elise Morton.
- To recap tonight's main story,
Soviet troops continue to
shell the Ukraine capital.
The UN will have its crucial
meeting in three weeks
to decide on further support.
It is expected that Prime Minister Morton
will hold the deciding vote
as she's in favor of the
resolution to aid Ukraine
and its inclusion in NATO.
Turning to other news.
- So, that's big.
- We'll ensure that your security's beefed
for every engagement you may have.
- You have the full
schedule in front of you.
Before we head to New York,
we have the prime minister opening
an historical site out west.
- I want to Tterry and Jjerry
on light duty that day.
Nothing important.
- I've made sure that they are always
a part of the rear guard.
They will not be attending your US trip.
- Good, 'cause we're gonna meet
with some heavy Russian
opposition to that.
Nancy speaks fluent Russian,
so she's gonna be key
when we head down south.
She can handle the high
ranking Russian delegates
and the media.
- You're fluent in Russian?
- Yes. I was born there. Have you been?
- No, but I've come in close contact
with some folks from there.
That's why I can only
count to four on one hand.
- That's ugly business.
But we are glad to have you
as part of our security team.
So I've got a cabinet meeting.
That'll be all for today.
Nancy, can you handle that?
- Of course.
[uneasy music]
Tell Milana to begin her preparations.
[speaks Russian]
- Some good intel for a change.
As you may know, I've been
in contact with Phil Kent.
Yeah, he's a skunk. That's a given.
But he was able to provide us
with some Miguel Alejandro locations.
- And we matched it up with a date
we think a new shipment is
about to hit the street.
- So we suite up and we get ready
to bring some shit down on
their heads for a change.
- [Tomas] You got it.
- With luck, Miguel should be
in chains by tomorrow night.
Here are the particulars.
You have any questions, see me after.
- The cops know about our action?
Switch the drop off to
the second location.
Let's have a couple guys
welcome them though.
But no killing.
- I finally managed to get
some useful information
for the change in order
to ambush our big problem.
Now we finally get to cut their heads off.
Vasily, do we have your
permission to eliminate?
- Colt Hanson is mine.
- Well, then the bitch cop is for me.
- I'll take the tall one
that moves like a turtle.
He's slow. I'm slow.
- All right, just like we rehearsed.
Tomas, Frank, you move first. Go.
[suspenseful music]
All right. Let's go.
[suspenseful music continues]
There's nobody here.
Something's not right.
- Must be a crack in our network.
- [Criminal] Your information is good.
[gunshots booming]
- Fall back. Fall back.
[suspenseful music]
[gunshot booming]
[suspenseful music continues]
[gunshot booming]
[suspenseful music continues]
Officer down. Require EMS.
You look like you've seen a ghost.
- I have. They're back.
[suspenseful music]
[sirens blaring]
- He's stable. He's still critical.
Please keep your visit short.
- Sounds good.
Hey, partner. This is
just shitty, isn't it?
But I know what you would've said now.
They took the advantage,
but we're just getting started, right?
Doctor says you're a
fighter. I already knew that.
[melancholic music]
We're gonna get these SOBs.
When you wake up, I promise
we will have good news.
About their funeral arrangements.
[melancholic music]
- Yesterday was an all out attack
and an attempt to wipe
us clean from existence,
and they took out one of ours.
- Well, they operated on Frank last night,
but he's holding up.
He's in intensive care,
but I know he's gonna make.
- Well, that's good news.
What else have we got?
- We got a lead on those bullet cases.
All marks indicate European manufacturer.
- [Colt] Russian?
- Russian.
- So that confirms what Annie saw.
- It was Lada Goncharov.
- [Vasily] You've checked out the site?
- 50 meters for the kill shot.
- That'll be a nice front page news story.
Prime minister blood and
guts all over the place.
- I would not be so sure about that.
I had a bullet pierce my brain
and yet I walk and talk
as if nothing happened.
Except for the voices.
- You sound like a cat
who's weeping, you shit.
What we need to focus on
is eliminating the cops.
And as far as I can tell,
we missed our targets and
our advantage is gone.
They know we're here now.
- What does that matter?
- I saw you take off your mask, Lada.
You wanted her to see it was you?
- Yes, I fucking did, Victor.
'Cause I'm gonna kill that
bitch and I want her to know it.
- Stop bickering, you two.
I have another solution
for your cop problem.
- [Milana And Lada] Cousin.
[speaks Russian]
- It's been a while. You both
seem to be aging backwards.
- Our jobs keep us young.
- Are you ready for this?
- I will kill her as you wish.
- The Russian oligarchy wishes it.
I've assured them that
we'll carry this out.
We have one chance. I prepared
everything for success.
This details her every
move once she arrives.
The ribbon cutting ceremony is the moment,
the perfect assassination storm.
- I've just gone over our police situation
and how best to handle it.
- I can't be privy to this discussion.
I'm on a red-eye back to Ottawa.
You have all been paid an
incredible amount of money
to see this out.
I know you're the best at what you do.
Our Russian leadership thanks you.
- Remember Miguel Alejandro?
The saying keep the your enemies close
may have its advantages.
Vasily has set up a
meeting on neutral ground.
We'll pull Miguel in tight
and then strangle him.
- So we're gotta start in point A,
then we're gotta go to point B.
But this is where we gonna hit them.
- They're here.
- [Miguel] Snakes are in
the grass. Watch your feet.
- We all want to know.
The night Maxine died
you double crossed us.
Pavel and I thought you had
our back, but you disappeared.
- Watch your mouth,
Victor, or I wipe it clean.
I didn't double cross you. You
know everything went to fuck.
We got separated. The
cops were all over us.
- The cops were all over us.
You were nowhere to be found.
- My metal plate is ringing
and it only does that when
it hears fucking bullshit.
- You believe what you want.
In the back of your
mind, you know I'm right.
You wouldn't be here if you didn't.
[speaks Russian]
- We're hear guns, not talk.
- Who the fuck is this ice queen?
- My sister. I'm the kinda
girl who'll rip off your ears.
She'll eat them.
- Classy. I'll keep that in mind.
Victor, you want those guns or don't you?
- Well, considering the
last time you fucked us,
we need an extra gun and you vanished.
So, yes, you fucked us.
So you're going to give us
those guns at half price.
[speaks Spanish]
- You fucking Russians.
Take everything you want.
- You have three days, Miguel.
You bring us the guns,
we give you the cash.
- Yes. Vasily, stay firm to the schedule.
I'm meeting with the head
of security right now.
I'll make sure the plan isn't airtight.
- Good morning.
I've gone over and outlined
in detail the setup
for next week's event
at the cultural center.
All entry and exits are covered.
- Good. You're doing your job.
- We're working with local police officers
for a little added security
and crowd and traffic control.
Media will have a staging center too.
But I must say, having a outdoor event
with so many access points is a nightmare.
- Duly noted.
The prime minister is aware
of the logistical challenges.
As we have informed her,
it's an important event to attend.
I believe and so does she
that this is a low risk public appearance.
- Fine, but as I look over
the personnel reports,
there are some risks in there.
- [Nancy] What do you mean?
- I mean somebody overrode my orders
and Tterry and Jjerry
are working key perimeters.
These guys are dangerously
incompetent. Morons.
- And relatives of the prime minister.
No changes to staffing
are coming. Deal with it.
- So are we all ready for next week?
- I was just going over location
planning with Mr. Hanson.
- I think we should take extra precaution.
We received a report about some
suspicious Russian activity.
Did you read that email?
- I did. And I'm advising
you to discredit it.
The gala you are
attending is a vital event
before we head to the UN.
The ribbon cutting ceremony
celebrates multiculturalism
at a time when you're
heading to a historic boat
that deals with cultural protectionism.
- I agree, but can we make sure
that Mr. Hanson has everything he needs
to ensure everyone's safety?
- I've got everything under control.
- Hey, dad. I'm leaving you a message.
I have some concerns about
the PM's visit next week.
I'm coming down a few days early.
So we need to have a serious
sit down and I can fill you in.
My advice would be to beef
up the officers for the day.
All right, thanks. See you soon.
[gunshots booming]
- How's that?
- [Tomas] You can do better.
- [Bert] Lemme show you how.
[gunshots boom]
- You all have your
responsibilities for next week.
I don't think I need to remind you
that it's going to be a day.
This is the prime minister
we're talking about.
Tomas, you have the elevated
sight lines and the rooftops.
- On it.
- [Colt] Annie, you have
all the corner checkpoints.
- Got it.
- [Colt] Bert, you're in
charge of all the exteriors
and the outer cordon.
- Roger that.
- Everything goes through me.
Ritchie'll have a security team,
but it's designated prime minister only.
They don't have any other duties,
which means everything else is our job.
Any issues, you get on
the two-way immediately.
There's no guessing here.
If you don't know the answer,
you get ahold of me or Annie.
That's it.
- Colt, you didn't mention
the Russians at all.
- I know you saw what you saw, Annie,
but since then it's been quiet.
Maybe it wasn't Lada.
There have been no other
confirmed identifications
that any of them are back.
- Man, that's exactly what
they want you to think.
- I'm with Annie and Tomas.
We know these guys are professionals
and we know that they're heavily backed.
They could lie low and
strike out at any moment.
- And with the prime
minister in town next week,
ah, it's just perfect time.
- The location for the
gala is at ground zero.
We need to be prepared.
- All right. Well, Ritchie's
in town in two days.
Lemme get a feel for where
they're at with security
and I'll make sure that
the numbers for media
and public attending
are kept to a minimum.
- Colt.
- [Colt] Yeah?
- I haven't followed up
with Temple Weeks yet
on doing some tracking for us,
but I think I'm going to now.
He's a great resource. We should use him.
[tense music]
- [Doctor] So Ritchie's coming home.
- I'm very excited.
- As you've said, you felt tension again.
He'll help ease with that.
Are you seeing anyone else?
- What do you mean?
- Socially. Are you dating at all?
- God, no. I'm still not ready for that.
- It's been three and a half
years since your wife passed.
When will you be ready?
- I'm giving everything to
Ritchie and the job right now.
- Maybe it's time to give
something back to yourself.
I'm not saying to get on the internet
and start comparison shopping,
but maybe open up to the
possibilities moving forward.
Let's schedule your next
visit with my assistant.
[cellphone ringing]
- This is Colt.
- [Miguel] Hola, my friend.
- If this is who I think
it is, we're not friends.
- We've been through a lot together.
You should feel the love.
- Look, I gave you a chance
to slink away into the
shadows, but you're scum,
and scum attracts scum.
How did you even get my number?
- You don't know by
now? I get what I want.
- [Colt] That's coming to an end.
- We'll see about that.
I have an offer for you.
- Sorry, that dog won't hunt.
- Oh, this one you wanna hear.
It involves a nasty group
of Eastern Europeans.
- The Russians? I have someone
working on that right now.
- Could be a number of individuals
you may be interested in.
Let's meet, but come alone.
I get a hint of multiple
cops and I'll bail.
I'll text you the time
and place. No tricks.
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
Amigo, what is this? You
gonna shoot me? No trust?
- I told you your playing days are over.
- Well, good thing my feelings
don't get hurt easily.
I'm here to talk, not fight.
- So talk.
- I know where the Russians are.
- [Colt] So they're here.
- Up to no good.
- Tell me where.
- Let me get my socks off, cabron.
I want something in return.
- You don't get to bargain anymore.
- I want out. This time for good.
- No. You're responsible
for too many deaths.
- Nobody that didn't deserve
it. You're a killer too.
That's our world. Violence is a byproduct.
- Last chance. Tell me where they are.
- I thought you might be
reasonable. I was wrong.
[speaking Spanish]
[gunshots boom]
- [Colt] Fuck!
[suspenseful music]
- Let's go around back.
I have drinks to celebrate our new deal.
- [Victor] As we've said, half price.
- That's not gonna work for us, Victor.
- Never trust Colombians.
[speaks Russian]
[gunshots boom]
We've been waiting for this day, Miguel.
And you were hoping for a quick death.
It's not going to happen that way.
We have a group of experts.
Torturing is their hobby.
[people cheering]
[whistle blows]
[people cheering]
- Richard. Richard, watch Ben.
[hockey puck clanking]
[whistle blows]
[hockey puck clanking]
Wheel, wheel.
[hockey puck clanking]
Okay. Good job. [indistinct]
[hockey puck clanking]
[hockey puck clanking]
[people chattering]
[horn blows]
[everyone cheers]
Hey. How's it going? Good to see you.
- Long time no see.
- Well, yeah, it's been too
long. How was your flight?
- Not bad. You're a big coach, huh?
- Yeah, it's a good team.
- Good to be home.
- I missed you. It's not quite the same.
- Dad, don't get all sentiment.
Everything turned out for the best.
I still get to do what I love.
- Serve and protect.
- You got that right.
Speaking of which, I have some weak links
for my security detail for the gala.
- Well, that's not good.
Worse yet, I had an impromptu
meeting with Miguel Alejandro.
And he warned me that
the Russians are back
in our territory.
- Shit. Where?
Did you kill him?
- Couldn't. He had protection.
The weird thing is he didn't
kill me. He had the chance.
- That is super weird.
Do you think the Russians
are gonna pay us a visit?
- They already have.
I didn't wanna believe it, but I do now.
- And the ceremony, the prime minister.
It plays right into their hands.
- If they're that bold,
and we know that they are,
we'll need evacuation plans.
Have to make use of
buildings and landscape
for natural coverage.
- You should meet with the prime minister.
Maybe we can warn her off.
- Yeah. Set that up.
By the way, how did you
enjoy my coaching skills?
- That team is very good.
[fist thuds]
[Lada grunts]
- It's been a pleasure dismantling you.
- And remember my sister said
that she would eat your ears.
So that's still coming.
- Maybe we make him into a stew instead.
- Enough. Shut up.
We can tear him apart after
we finish the next job.
And with Miguel's new
firearms to help us out,
should make quick work.
So go and get ready.
- [Temple] You can never hide from Temple.
- So you beefed up security?
- We feel there's an outside threat.
- That's next to impossible.
There's been no credible
information to speak of
and I have our best
counterintelligence on it.
- With all respect,
we've had real time
sightings here recently.
- Well, what does that mean?
- We think you should cancel the event.
- [Tterry And Jjerry] We got it covered.
- Not going to happen.
We've gone through all the analytics
on any so-called threat.
We believe the risk to be negligible.
- I trust Nancy. We go ahead.
- With your permission,
I'd like Ritchie and me
to be your ears and eyes.
Never farther than two feet away from you.
- Two Hansons? That suits me fine.
- Milana, you're first. We'll
wait for you to begin firing.
[slow upbeat music]
[suspenseful music]
- Hey, this is a restricted area.
[upbeat music continues]
- And so are there any questions?
- Where do you want us?
- Somewhere effectual.
- That's going to be tough, boss.
- Don't call me that. Just look alive.
- Even tougher, boss.
- Get out.
Are we ready?
- Like there's no tomorrow.
- Welcome. Welcome, everybody,
to this special event.
Thank you so much for coming out today.
- [Nancy] Here you go, Prime Minister.
- Thank you.
[gun clicks]
[Milana speaks Russian]
[slow upbeat music]
- Something's fucked up. I'll
take care of it. Stay here.
- [Lada] Shit.
- "Something's fucked up. I'll
take care of it. Stay here."
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
- My lucky day, bitch.
[gun clicks]
- My lucky day, bitch.
- Don't move.
- [Bert] Back up.
- If you follow me, I'll fucking kill her.
- You don't have to do this, Lada.
- I don't have a clean shot.
- Shit.
- Ritchie, check inside and clear room
for the prime minister.
- Got it.
- Fuck!
[suspenseful music]
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, but that was too close.
- We wetter get you outta here
so they don't get a second chance.
- Ah, I am lost again. I need to pee.
[suspenseful music]
- [Tterry] Aren't you
supposed to be driving
the prime minister?
- [Jjerry] No, you were.
- [Tterry] No, you were.
- [Pavel] You the guy
who shot me in the head?
- Uh, I usually miss my shooting.
Could be my brother in
the next stall over.
[gunshots boom]
[suspenseful music]
- Those were the prime
ministers security guards.
What a bunch of shitty guards.
- We've cleared the crowd.
No one was seriously
hurt. Tomas, are you okay?
- I'm embarrassed more than anything.
- I still don't know how
or why this happened.
- Madam, we tried to warn you.
There were security risks
and those were high profile
Russians on the scene.
- I can tell you it was Lada Goncharov.
- And I recognized Victor Oblonsky.
- Where is Nancy?
She assured me that there was no threats
and now she's nowhere to be found.
I've tried calling her cell
phone numerous times. Voicemail.
- There's a lot of confusion right now.
Did you ID the shooter?
- She resembled Lada. Maybe a relative.
- Prime Minister, my sympathies.
They found the King brothers
deceased in the bathroom.
Both shot in the head.
- Oh, dear.
- [Detective] I downloaded
video surveillance on my phone.
- And that's Pavel
Lebedev. I shot that guy.
- We've got a full-blown
crisis on our hands.
Get the prime minister into lockdown.
We'll have a formal meeting
back at the detachment.
Ritchie, I want you in on that too.
Prime Minister, can you spare him?
- Take whatever you need. Keep me advised.
I can provide you
with whatever additional
support you require.
Colt, nail those bastards.
- Miguel screwed us.
These guns are useless.
- You are useless.
- The job is done.
The prime minister is officially dead
in a ton of collateral damage.
And soon, your life will be over too.
Icing on the cake.
- And they're using my guns.
- [Vasily] Of course.
- Then they're the ones who are dead.
I fucked up the firing pins
on every one of those weapons.
Every one.
- Victor, what happened?
It all went wrong? Fuck.
Get back here.
Now we're going to kill you twice.
- So we have our work cut out for us.
We still don't know where
the Russians are hold up.
- We don't. But Temple Weeks does.
- Temple? Temple?
- He just texted me the coordinates.
- Are you sure?
- 100%.
- No delays. Let's gear up.
- And let's finish them now.
- Anything on paper, burn.
Everything else goes back to Russia.
- And what about Miguel?
- We're going to burn him alive
and you each get to shoot him once.
Preferably in the balls.
- [Lada] You like that?
I thought you Canadians love barbecue.
- I'm a Russian.
- Oh, we'll save his heart
specifically for you.
- Hear that? She likes the visa.
- Just hurry up.
- We still don't got Colt Hanson.
- I know where he lives.
Take Miguel out back.
[slow upbeat music]
- Turn around, Temple. I don't
want you catching a bullet.
This is strictly police business.
- I told you how to get here, didn't I?
I promise I'll stay outta the thick of it.
I'll just make sure they don't
get out through the forest.
That's all. I'm the tracker, remember?
I'll have your backside.
- Okay. But steer clear of
the rough stuff and stay low.
- Are you armed? All right, good.
- Lemme guess. Front door?
- Back door. Let's move.
[suspenseful music]
- Any last words, you
triple-crossing piece of shit?
- Yeah, fuck you and that
Siberian donkey you're rolling on.
- Ah, light him up already.
We're getting hungry.
[gunshot booms]
[suspenseful music]
- You look like you're having fun.
- Oh, you think?
[suspenseful music continues]
- In all your rush, you forgot your guns.
- Milana, the bitch I've
been telling you about.
- Not much to look at.
- Eh.
- That's not really polite.
I see you brought help, Lada.
You're gonna need it.
- Once you're dead,
I'm stealing that kiss
I've been waiting for.
- Nice knife tricks. You
shoulda brought your gun.
[gunshot booms]
[Lada speaks Russian]
- [Lada] You shot my fucking sister.
- Yes, I did.
[both groan]
[suspenseful music continues]
- I'm at a disadvantage.
As you can see, I'm without firepower.
- I don't give two fucks.
- But I do have knives.
- I wanna know one thing.
- What?
- Do you have any leftover
slime bucket family members?
I want your death to end the line.
- Finally we're in agreement.
Once I'm finished with you,
I'm going to decapitate your son.
- You Russians and your hyperbole.
Let's complete the circle.
- [Vasily] Let's go out in style.
- [Ritchie] Don't be getting any ideas.
- Kid, I'm going.
I saved your life and I
saved the old man's life.
Now that's two get outta jail cards.
Right now I'm figuring Colt might need
an extra pair of hands.
That's what I'm doing.
Now if you wanna shoot me in
the back, that's your choice.
- Yeah, well, if I wanted
to shoot you in the back,
I would've.
Or the front. Fuck.
- Well, Pavel, we're
fucked. Two cops, no guns.
- I have a gun.
- Well, that's the first
thing you didn't fuck up.
- Well, it only has one bullet.
[gunshot booms]
And now, no bullets.
- You stupid son of a bitch.
- At least I have a gun. Where's your gun?
- I have this.
- [Tomas] Gotcha.
- [Bert] Hands up. Let's go.
Out, out, out, out,
out. Let's go. Come on.
- [Tomas] Come out. Drop the knife.
- [Bert] That's okay.
- [Tomas] I said, drop the fucking knife.
[both grunting]
- Look at me. Listen to me.
I'm going to choke the
soul out of your body.
And then I'm gonna leave
your body here for the birds
and the worms and the
bugs to eat your flesh.
Do you understand me? So go
ahead. Take your last breath.
Let me watch.
[gunshot booms]
- Take yours.
[suspenseful music]
- Oh, you're here. Thank God.
I've been trying to escape.
The Russians held me hostage.
- [Temple] Lucky I found you.
- You have no idea.
- Actually, I'm [indistinct].
I'll make sure you're safe.
[suspenseful music]
[Nancy speaks Russian]
- Nice try. This isn't my
first stroll in the forest.
- [Tomas] I said, fucking drop it.
Now you see me, now you don't.
- Last time you got lucky.
You shot me when I wasn't looking.
This time, I'll gouge
both of your eyes out.
- No, no, no. Keep your
hands up. I got it.
Just relax. I'll take care of this.
Let's see what you got, big boy. [grunts]
- [Tomas] 20-20 vision. Wings ever down.
[suspenseful music continues]
- Stop moving so fucking fast.
- I'm just gonna let
you punch yourself out.
Then will do to you what you did to me.
- Yeah, what's that?
- [Pavel] Mental plate in the head.
But first I'll remove your-
[static scratching]
[Pavel groans]
[static scratching]
- Choice. Cuffs or coffin.
- [Pavel] Always fight to the death.
- Wrong choice.
[fist thuds]
- [Tomas] You don't see that every day.
- Sure as shit don't.
- We call revenge mest in Russian?
- We call it justice and we
dispatch with the bad guys.
- What is this word dispatch?
- Means I'm getting you
ready for your coffin.
[both grunting]
[suspenseful music]
- [Miguel] Fuck you, cabron.
- Don't get me wrong, I
appreciate what you did here.
But I can't let you walk.
- If anyone should
introduce me to el diablo,
it might as well be you.
[gunshot booms]
[suspenseful music]
- Gone.
Every time I get an knocked out,
I wake up to a fucking surprise.
God. What is it gonna
take to kill this bitch?
[both speaking Russian]
- Suck my dick.
- [Colt] Shut up.
- I can't believe I
gave you all that money.
- Hey, where's Vasily?
- And Miguel?
- They won't be coming back anytime soon.
- And once again, no Lada.
- And Milana?
- Lada must've dragged her off.
- We aren't done with them.
[suspenseful music]
- Ritchie, you back to peace and quiet?
- Yeah.
Who'd have thought that
getting back to my normal job
of protecting the prime minister in Ottawa
would be the break I was looking for.
You wanna hear something
else that's weird?
- [Colt] Shoot.
- The prime minister wants to see you.
- Just me?
- Just you. No escorts. And for dinner.
- Huh. I guess I'd better find
something nice in the closet.
[slow upbeat music]
Hang on to the line there.
- Okay. Okay.
- And you bring it back.
- Bring it back.
- And you whip it forward. [indistinct]
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- Here goes. Woo!
Did you see that go?
- Yes, I did.
[slow upbeat music]
Look who's back.
Wow. What a great recovery.
We missed you, Frank.
- What can I say? I'm a quick healer.
What this say here about you and the PM?
- She could do worse, right?
- Hey, I was around her a lot
and my chops were working overtime.
- You have never worked
overtime in your life.
- Fellas, think we can finally
put a wrap on all of this.
Next round is on him.
- Next round's on me.
- [All] Hey!
[suspenseful music]
[cellphone ringing]
- Yeah. That's right. I'm out.
On a day pass thanks to Colt Hanson.
Biggest mistake of his life.
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music]
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[slow upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[slow upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[slow upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[slow upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]