Special (2019) Movie Script

I have joined the duty
after 90 days of suspension.
But the events I witnessed in last 7 days,
No cop must have
experienced in his career.
This is story of a mind reader
I am a mind reader
By touching people and things,
knowing their secrets is my skill.
You promised free food if
not delivered in 30 minutes
Now you are late by 2 minutes,
should I pay or not?
Reading other's minds by touching them
I am a parapsychologist
My father told me that with great
power come great responsibilities.
But I don't have dreams of being a great
person by serving the world like my dad
Did you fill the fuel correctly?
Fill it in the bottle and show me
According to me, I am a murderer
and a demon according to the world
You idiot, while I spent lakhs
on your engineering studies
You failed in some 13 to 16 subjects,
no pocket money until you clear them.
The reason I shake hands with
everyone on the street is
I need to know the
secrets in every person's mind,
and all the faces they saw.
I alone know the secret behind the reason.
You work at an ATM center
But you never have a rupee to spare
Bring some chicken with wine from the
Leave my hand.
Please give me a bottle of almond milk
My wallet...
Where is my wallet?
Did you find my wallet somewhere?
-Oh God! Don't know where it fell
-Grandpa! your wallet
It is my purse, where did you find it?
When a guy robbed your purse,
he found it and gave you.
This guy is a little weird.
Brother! we got that painting again
-What is the location now brother?
-Some building.
Let's see what the crime scene is now.
I know this location,
it is my neighboring apartment.
Let's not delay, call the
boss, we will go and attack.
This is the building! Ready?
[phone ringing]
Sir, reporting from crime branch
The kidnap case of a baby
girl reported 3 days ago,
it's the same baby sir.
It matches exactly with the
location painting we got on Whatsapp.
Great! Find him and give
him half of your pay.
Ok Sir! Sure.
Why just half sir?
I will give him my full pay.
Hello my toy boy!
First change that expression!
When are you taking me for a date?
I have been flirting
with you from an year.
Meanwhile, I changed my two punctured
tires and replaced my bell twice.
And replace my mobile phone 4 times.
Do you think you are as
handsome as Mahesh Babu?
You look like a sleepy
character from Avatar movie.
-Are you shameless to follow a guy?
Do you think you are a man? great
-Where are you going?
Look how your guy is
leaving without a word.
Hey dude! Wait I'm coming!
I heard that pancakes here cost 99 rupees
Are you trying to exploit people?
From where did you come? TV3?
Will you sell the pancakes at rupees 3?
Do you know under what circumstances
am I making pan cakes here?
After losing my crop and facing tough
times in my village, I loaned rupees 1000
and started to Hyderabad,
there a beggar took away 10 rupees from me
and then the conductor did not give me a
change of 9 rupees on my Bhimavaram ticket
Then the auto rickshaw guy charged me Rs.
60 extra as it was already late night
I thought only politicians were robbing all
these days, but the public is also robbing
So I took train an got down at Hyd
railway station and took an auto,
He stole the remaining amount I had.
When I was wondering how I would live
in such a metropolitan with empty hands
I found this gold ring.
I pawned it for Rs.15000 and sat
right here and was thought about my job...
I remembered that I know
how to make pancakes.
Then I thought, even after so many
people robbed me, I would not rob anyone
and instead when I am
making pan cakes for living sincerely,
Now you come here and ask me If I am
making pancakes or robbing people?
Are you out of your mind?
Now tell me, am I wrong?
They come with these
stupid mics.
Hey bro! You said you'd come early
in morning and you didn't turn up?
-Give me your hand!
-No, I will not.
-Am I not telling you everything?
-Yes! But still give your hand.
No, I will not,I'll give you
butter pancakes instead.
-Have it!
-Here comes Arundhati!
Damn! She is like a demon.
Hey Chitti! Come here!
What do you want?
Oh just shut up!
Why don't you help me in his matter?
I can then avoid the
fate of eating on the roads.
-Ok! Give me Rs.100, will give you a plan.
The real matter is...
This guy hates women.
Why? Is he a gay?
-Then fine
-Earlier another girl was after him,
-You girls never spare tall men. Isn't it?
Later she dumped him!
Tell me in detail!
Those were the days when
he was pursuing his medicine course.
Why are you avoiding me?
Even after you know my
feelings, why are you ignoring me?
You have cornered me right!
I understood everything!
I now know that today is your birthday!
This night will be our first date!
8 PM, same restaurant!
Sharp 8 pm, you must come!
I am getting a gift for you.
If you get late like other
women, I will leave at 8:15 PM
The number you are
calling is not answering.
The person you are
calling is not answering.
Hey! Where have you been?
You are not returning my calls
from last 2 months, where were you?
I went to Delhi to get engaged
Engagement? What is wrong with you?
What's wrong? What do you mean?
Why are you talking like this?
We were in love,
You neither turned up for
dinner nor called back.
Now you say you are engaged, are you okay?
You said you could not
wait for 15 minutes for me.
Only then did I realize,
There is no point in spending my life
with a person who cannot give me time.
I wanted to make you wait for me
that day to teach you a lesson. That's it!
Something is wrong, give me your hand...
She ditched him like that!
-All you girls are same!
-You idiot!
Oh my god!
Did I not tell you to
change that expression?
How can you be angry at every
woman, if one woman stood you up?
-Tell him.
-Did you hear?
He can not fall in love with a
guy as a girl dumped him right?
He must fall in love with a girl
only, tell him!
The girl we love won't accept us.
They don't accept the girl
who loves them. Crazy boys!
Oh damn! Even I am a guy right!
Open the door
It's me, open the door.
Open the door.
Hey boy!
You are due 3 months rent.
When will you pay?
Next week.
You have been postponing from
past 8 months saying next week.
You did not pay!
I am losing energy chasing you for rent.
Why are you looking at my tummy?
This is not the tummy
grown with your rent money.
Why don't you care while I talk?
If your dues are not
cleared by next weekend
I will sell all these
clothes in second hand market.
Be careful!
To hell with him and his stuff!
Do you want tea?
That's fine, give me your hand.
When you are leaving girls'
hands and holding my hand,
People are thinking that you are a gay.
The girl on the cycle is beautiful,
You can make her your
girlfriend for time being.
She is very dominant.
If I commit myself,
We will go mad on her and
she will treat us like fools.
I somehow feel different about her!
She looks to make boys
go mad after her, but
But not the one who flirts with them.
I think there is
something fishy behind it.
-Think about it.
-You think and tell me if you find it.
I shall leave.
[Mere sapnon ki raani song from
movie 'Aaradhana' playing]
I came to your room this morning,
but didn't to find you
Come! Let's go now
Not now, I have an errand to run
At the corporator's house,
some guests are partying
-Fine! Come soon.
-Brother! Brother
-Coming, wait
-Here brother.
-Did you get all the snacks?
-Yes bro.
Drunken banter.
I will be back soon, don't touch my glass.
He vomited in the bathroom, go out.
Don't, Please don't!
[screams in pain]
[screams in pain]
[phone ringing]
What is happening? Don't you know
that we must amputate his infected leg?
A patient getting
operated thrice in a day?
It's too muchIt could be a risk to his life
Sorry sir, It spread too
quickly, so we could not identify.
Oh Shut up! Come on, let's go
-Just a minute sir
-From Police department
-You people get ready, I am on my way
I need details about the patient getting
operated, and are you dealing the case?
Yes, we operated on
him twice from morning.
Now we must do it the third time.
Why Sir, can you please tell me clearly?
Some chemical entered his foot and it is
decaying all the muscle tissues and bones.
We amputated his leg in the first time.
But as it spread again,
we had to amputate till his knees
But it is still spreading rapidly,
so we are going to operate again
The matter is serious and I need to
go, can we talk on the phone later?
-Ok then, Please call me.
My legs!
My legs...
[cries in pain]
-Good morning Sir
-Why this delay?
There are 4 people who consumed
alcohol with the victim last night.
I have taken them under custody.
Why do I need all this? I am under
suspension and enjoying half salary.
No Sir! This is a high profile case.
Victim is central minister's relative.
So the DGP wanted you
to take this case up.
Is it official or unofficial?
Unofficial duty with official facilities.
Please keep this sir, you may need it.
If they decided to cut off his both
legs, it must be revenge
-Yes Sir
-The violent revenge act!
-Let's go!
-Ok sir.
Did we get any proofs at crime location?
There is a pond behind
the location of crime.
We got an empty syringe, and empty
medicine bottles floating in that.
We sent it for lab test.
A station filled with mosquitoes and
bad jeep when on duty.
After suspension, I get to work
at head quarters and new vehicle. Nice!
[tires screeching]
Unofficial duty sir,
that's why so many facilities.
Is it paid or unpaid?
Must be paid sir, High profile, isn't it?
Victim's friends are seated inside,
you better have a word with them.
Good Morning sir!
-Good Morning sir.
-These are the ones.
Tell me, what happened?
We woke up to his screams in the morning.
-When we saw, he was screaming in pain.
-How do you all know each other?
-We are all hokie sir.
-We all met on Whatsapp.
-Its the latest trend sir.
-Do you want a smoke?
-Thank you sir.
I just asked for formality
-How can you take it?
-Sorry sir.
[phone ringing]
What sir, do you think I am
wasting time? You gave me that job.
I heard that you are doing some
settlements, so I gave you this case.
So you have been tracking me?
-What are you expecting from me?
It is a little complicated case,
so I am assigning it to you.
We have high profile,
corrupt people involved.
The criminals must not escape,
and I shouldn't be blamed
If needed, you can encounter anyone,
but this must not come till station.
Why do you need me for that?
if you handover to those corrupt people
They will take care of
matters by hiring goons.
Then a many innocent people will
suffer, that is not what I want.
Only the criminal must be punished.
-No second thought, find and shoot him
-Get back with results.
-Ok sir. Thank you.
Do you remember?
We dealt with a case an year back.
In that case too, that man...
lost his hands in a similar manner.
Yes Sir! He got into
a tussle with a girl in a pub.
-Hey what?
You bloody!
He kissed other man's
girl friend that day.
He boy friend and he had a fight right?
The next day morning,
we saw that he lost his hands too.
We thought that her
boyfriend did all this then...
We started investigation from that side,
meanwhile, victim's friends murdered him.
When we started investigating this
in detail, we got orders to stop it.
Let's do this...
Let's find the the relation
between the both amputees.
We must investigate them.
Find out that hand amputee's address.
-We might get caught.
-Are we robbing the bank to get caught?
It's just a super mart,
we don't need millions
Just Rs.50,000 is enough to go to Dubai
Stop pestering, wear this
mask and hold this gun
If we point this,
everyone will scare and disperse
Then, we will take the money and escape
-Brother, this is a dummy
-Go and announce it fool
Your hair is grown, not your brain
We both know that these are dummy
guns, do they know?
Looks like you will get us caught
You just stand behind and point gun at
people, I will take care of the rest
Hands up everyone!
Hey you!
Hands up!
We both know that these are dummy
guns, do they know?
-You take care of your work and get lost.
-Hey, I will shoot you.
-Tall like a tree
Your house is at yousufguda
basti, 13th street, House number 23
Your son is Mallesh and
daughter's name is Malli.
You want to go to Dubai and
work in a petrol bunk there
You have 40,000 rupees,
and you need 50,000 more
You want to steal the rest
of amount from the mart.
You know to neither know to use
the gun nor is the gun original.
Why don't you leave when I asked you to?
Don't remove your mask,
no one part from me, knows you here
Wow! Your talent is simply superb
Why are you still here
when I asked you to leave?
-Waiting for you
If you co-operate with me,
we can start an astrology business
We don't even need a parrot,
you only are a big parrot
Just get lost, if someone else
recognizes you, they will trash you
Our business can be named,
Bhadrakali astrology
You can touch and tell them everything.
The result will be amazing.
I will not leave you!
Sir, this is his house.
Got it confirmed.
He did not come out
after losing his hands.
-Ok! Lets go!
-Yes sir.
Artificial hands!
You may or may not remember,
I only dealt with your case.
Did you see him anywhere?
-Try to remember, you must have seen!
What do you mean?
When I said no, it means no!
-You are talking to a cop.
-You also know who you are talking to.
What man! He is not scared of cops.
Sir,he is a minister's relative.
Got it, if you remember,
Call me!
Call Rajesh!
[phone ringing]
-You took my old iPhone right!
-Are you using it?
-Yes, why?
There are some old photos of mine there!
Are they still there?
Or did you delete them?
-They are there, I have not deleted.
-Bring that phone to me immediately.
-Anything urgent?
-Do as I say
Ok! I am coming!
Why did you call me urgently?
-Are these the photos?
-Yes, right
Isn't it enough to take the phone!
What are these photos?
How much alcohol did you consume?
Is it him?
Did you remember?
I thought you just lost your
hands, but you lost your mind too.
If you give me looks, I am scared
that I might take your eyes out.
I shall go for a smoke, you find the
details from the phone and come down.
Ok Sir!
Did he tell you or act smart?
He did for a while...
but then I told about you
in detail, and then he told.
These are all also hokies.
But 4 of them are a separate group.
One lost his legs...
the other lost his hands.
The remaining two are in danger too.
Who are they?
Where are they?
The four of them party separately.
These all met on Whatsapp.
They are friends just for a month.
After that, no one is
in touch with anyone.
But we got their names.
We can search on Facebook and find out
Do one thing.
message both of them on face book
saying that they are in danger...
-and give my number. Ok?
-Yes sir.
Sir, I messaged one of them on Facebook
I did not get the details of the second
Ok! keep trying.
Did you get any response?
No Sir, I gave your contact number,
you must be receiving the call.
Ok let's wait.
-Hey, where are you taking me, tell me.
-Wait, I will.
-Small emergency matter.
-They need your help.
I will tell you rest
after we get in, come on.
Come in!
It's ok come in!
I know them.
They are facing a problem.
I said you could help them.
-Their daughter is missing.
You must help!
-What can I do?
-Please son.
We searched extensively...
If the matter leaks,
It is matter of our prestige.
What can I do in this situation?
Only if the person is there,
I can touch and tell.
An expert psychologist can touch
her used things and say something
How is that possible with me?
I must try, matter of a young girl
-What is she studying?
-Final year graduation.
Please get me the dress she
wore before she went missing.
Her name is Kavitha.
She is 18 years old.
She is in love with a guy called Suresh.
You hit her badly.
She wanted to leave home and run away.
But she did not!
On your building's terrace...
she took sleeping pills
near the water tank
and lying unconsciously.
Ok! We will leave.
-Come, let's go.
-Wait please...
Many thanks to you.
You bloody thing!
Do you want my daughter?
Tell me where did you
hide my daughter! Tell me.
First stop the thought of murdering
the man your daughter loved.
You found your daughter!
Leave that guy alone.
She became his wife when she
wanted to commit suicide for him.
If you accept, you will remain her father.
Else, you will lose your daughter too.
Hello! Where have you gone missing?
Now she reached home too.
Shall I say something about you?
If there were someone in your place,
He may think that I am a lose
character and he could use me.
You don't have that intelligence too.
Of course, if you get that idea,
my treatment would have been different.
What? Did you stab me?
My blood was blue right?
But if I stab you, your
blood will be red in color.
-You call me Aunty! Lost it?
Not Aunty! I said a tea
Now is she coming to your place too?
It seems, you have a special skill!
You will hold hand and tell whatever is
inside it seems, why don't you try me?
-No need, you will get to know my past
-Who told you this?
Somebody was talking
near the mobile canteen
-I don't know, I did not tell anyone
-First give me your hand
I told you that I did not
say, why do you want my hand?
First give me your hand!
He never said.
-Then how did you know this?
-There is a talk in the market.
The bill was just 1000.
Then why did you take 2000?
That's why I did not want to give my
hand, I lost 1000 rupees because of you.
She framed me to lose 1000 rupees
-When are you proposing to me?
-Have you lost it?
Will you say it or not?
-If you don't say, I will jump from here.
-Jump, good for me.
-I am jumping
-Jump faster
I will jump for sure.
Then you will be charged for murder
No problem, it's better than your torture.
Think again!
-I am really jumping
-Yes, faster!
Why such violent decisions now!
After trying another couple of
times, then will think about it
You asked me to jump?
I will jump only after pushing you down.
I will become the first girl
to do an acid attack on a man.
Did he ask you to jump?
-What if you jump really?
-What else?
He would make a nice
painting of her dead body.
We must use our local technique now.
What is that?
In restaurants at kakinada,
if we order a meal,
They serve us a plate of free
chicken as tasters when we order meals
After eating the chicken,
he will surely order more
-What is that?
-So I have decided to kiss him.
Will you kiss him? [girls in unison]
Will you kiss him?
Once, he tastes my kiss, he
will start dating me for sure.
For full meals...
What do you mean by full meals?
Is she going to kiss him or murder him?
What Eiffel tower!
You are creating a drama!
"Is a kiss so bad!
Or don't you intend to kiss"
Wait man!
-You don't see!
-I never saw it before, please let me see.
This is just a teaser, if you don't
agree, next scene is a rape
A pain created by one woman can
be cured only by another woman.
I must be the one who could
and should cure your pain.
Because you are my gifted toy.
Sir, we got the reports from hospital.
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
I got the reports you sent sir.
It is looking like Greek and
Latin, I could not understand it.
Good joke!
No Sir, seriously, please tell me when I
can meet you? You must explain them to me.
Doctor please look at this.
Please come! Sure.
Ok, thank you sir.
But today I am a little
busy, can we meet tomorrow?
Ok Sir, I'll be there.
3 missed calls
Unknown number
[phone ringing]
Hello, you messaged me on Facebook right!
That I am in danger
-Where are you?
I am in Bangalore sir!
-What are you doing in Bangalore?
-I work here sir.
Ok! Start immediately
and come to Hyderabad.
-Come and meet me-Ok Sir
What could this be?
The game starts now!
Now tell me
How are you four linked?
One lost his arms...
Another lost his legs...
I don't know what the other 2 would lose.
I feel someone is taking revenge on you.
-What did 4 of you do?
-What is this Sir?
We party every weekend at maximum.
We are all hokies sir,
the group shuffles every month.
Then old friends change and new ones come.
Then I used to work in Hyderabad,
Now I have shifted to Bangalore.
The group has changed, we generally are
22-23 members of both men and women
-Girls too?
-Yes sir
Sometimes, when girls get really drunk,
we take some advantage,
nothing more than that.
It is just to make life more colorful.
Will you guys let me join too?
-There are separate 30+ groups for you.
-Want a smoke?
-No thanks Sir.
Where do such parties generally happen?
In Hotel Millennium grand.
Pub is inside and there is a
restaurant outside, it's entertaining.
-Millennium grand, is it 5 star?
-No sir, 3 star.
Ok! Where are you staying?
With my cousin in chikkadpalli.
It was a long time that I
enjoyed Hyderabad night life
Your availability is important,
you must come when called
Sure sir!
-Don't go anywhere these 2 days
-Ok Sir
Where do you stay?
Chikkadpalli, Street 51,
Madhura Nagar Apartments, Flat-402.
-Wait, let me write.
-Not required.
My memory is strong, it is fed.
You scared me!
If you come into my room,
my owner will kick me out
-Stop it and tell me how was the kiss.
-Why did you come here?
I thought, you will come after
me begging for kisses, but
Looks like I am going to do that instead.
It was nice, kiss me again.
So shameless, you crossed
your limits, are you a girl?
-What did you say?
-Are you a girl?
-What did you say?
-Are you a girl?
You are done today!
Did you now understand
whether I am a girl or not?
Incident Happened 3 days ago.
Still we don't have a clue
about the person and motive.
What are you people doing?
You don't have to tell
us how to do things.
Let us do our job.
Understood, I will wait for 2 more days
If you cannot do
anything, I will take care!
All the best!
Ok! Come on!
We shall go to the
person who can help us.
See, these guys are pestering me,
and your boss is working at leisure.
No Sir, he is taking it up very seriously.
-He will solve it!
-Let's see!
-Hello Doctor, Where are you?
-I am at the hospital, tell me the matter.
-I must meet you immediately.
I am going on a leave on some
personal work, can we speak later?
I just need 15 minutes
I am facing a lot of
pressure from my department.
I am a bit busy...
But it is ok, Please come!
Do you know the art
gallery in Jubilee hills?
Yes sir.
Please come there.
What does a doctor have
to do at art gallery?
Ha ha, come! See for yourself
Madhuri Dixit!
She is facing the other side.
These are all my paintings.
Now I understood your hair styling.
That is my modern art!
It was sold for 10 lakh rupees,
that is the craze of modern art.
Does craze means madness?
You can say so!
Anyway, you wanted to talk to me urgently.
I did not understand your
reports, can you please explain?
Yeah, why not!
There is a lot of research
happening on cancer medication
Ofcourse,it is in the research stage only.
Such substance has been
injected into his legs.
But as the leg was already decayed,
We could not find any
syringe marks on that.
Syringe and chemical
bottles we got in the pond
So the medicine used
to decay cancer cells.
he is using it to decay body parts.
Educated and intelligent criminal!
Come, let's talk over lunch!
-What happened officer?
-Hotel Millennium grand.
I came across this name twice today.
-Where do such parties generally happen?
-In Hotel Millennium grand.
Who is this artist?
Some new person, I too am
seeing it for first time.
Person of a different character!
There, he is the one!
What do you want?
Did you pain that Millennium grand?
Yes, it is mine, it costs 10 lakh rupees.
-Oh it is too expensive!
But why did you paint
Hotel Millennium grand?
I love Hotel Millennium grand
I have breakfast,
lunch and dinner at Hotel Millennium grand
For your information, I
sometimes, stay in hotel Millennium.
-Can we go to the office and talk?
-Can't we close the deal here?
Don't you have money?Actually I don't
accept cash, but a pure white cheque.
-Ok, Please come.
-I will get the painting packed.
-Ok, let's move!
Now tell me what is that
Hotel Millennium grand painting
What is this nonsense?
How many times, should I tell you
I have breakfast, lunch and
dinner at Hotel Millennium grand.
I also sleep in Hotel Millennium grand.
I will leave if you give me cheque.
Else, I will take the paining and
leave, this is your last chance
Do you want a smoke?
I don't like this brand.
This is my brand
Sir, the crime branch
cop came to meet you.
What do they have to do with us?
First, let us find out about
this Hotel Millennium grand.
Sir, I'm from crime branch.
You are?
I got a call from the DGP office that
you got a paining and to help you.
I can give you some
information about that painting.
What is that?
These are all Ariel view paintings, we
get these from unknown Whatsapp number.
These are all clue paintings.
We call them Ariel view paintings too!
We sometimes get clue
from around this red ring.
We saved a kidnapped
girl from this place once.
We recovered a robbery
of a jewelery shop.
We recovered body of a missing lady.
There must definitely a
clue in the painting you found
Wherever, there is a red ring,
there a crime must have happened
So, if you check that
once, you may find a clue.
Can you forward me those paintings please?
Sure sir. I will.
-Please call me if you need something.
-Sure, thank you!
Sir, he is saying the same thing
You leave
Now tell me sir, what is this
Millennium Grand hotel painting?
How many times should I say that
I love hotel Millennium Grand
I told you 2 times, I told him 3 times
Do you doubt that I have
stolen these paintings?
Either give me a cheque or
I shall take my painting back
This is my final decision.
Do you want to look at one
of your other paintings?
Who made this?
-I painted it.
I love that building also.
I love that ground too.
-I will go there in morning
-This one?
I love this garden also.
You will die of AIDS if you
love such places, you idiot!
What with Hotel Millennium grand?
Oh god! I pray!
These are not my paintings sir.
My tenant has painted those pictures.
If you don't clear your dues by next week,
I will sell these stupid paintings.
In a second hand market
for rupees 100 each
I bought it like that,
I don't know anything else about it
Please leave me sir.
Right! What is this getup?
Because this is a common
painter's getup...
-This is his jacket, I stole it from him.
-Oh ok.
Take his statement!
That idiot stays in the pent house.
This idiot is his closest friend
-Come here
What with your attitude?
He stays in that pent house.
Looking at your tension, I understood
that I came to the correct place.
You must have understood my purpose right!
Now tell me 3 things
One, How do you know about the clues
you are sending the crime branch?
I have a strong feeling that you are
committing crimes and giving those clues.
Two, what is the meaning of your
latest Hotel Millennium Grand?
Three, if I'm right, you are reason of
amputation of 2 people's leg and hands
You are searching for
another two. Of course...
I have those details,
But I want your motive.
You already know may things right!
Find the remaining things too.
I like people who act too smart,
only then will my talent come out
But I respect intelligent people like you.
You found out things
sooner than I anticipated.
When I saw you in hospital...
I never thought you
were this intelligent.
Oh my goodness!
So you are following everything!
So you are the one to do all that?
Now tell me!
Will you tell me here or in the station?
Will you tell by yourself
or shall I make you?
Hey! Stop!
-It's time to exam
-It's time to exam
-Drop me there please!
-Drop me there please!
No dear, I have and urgent work,
Come I will get an auto rickshaw for you.
Auto-rickshaw will take a long
route, you please take me.
No, I will tell him!
-Hey! Take her quickly and careful.
-Ok Sir.
Auto-rickshaw will take a long route,
You please take me, please brother.
The Auto-rickshaw guy along with his
friends raped and killed her.
You encountered those guys.
To void further investigation, you
requested for a transfer and came here.
Till today you feel you
should have dropped her.
This incident happened 13 years ago!
No one apart from me
has a chance to know it.
He didn't skip even a word while telling.
-How is it possible doctor?
I heard about them before, but
never cared thinking they were fake.
But as you say now, it is really shocking.
Is it really possible?
In 1920
Dr.Joseph Rodes Buchanan
Has written a book on this skill
called "The Dawn of new civilization"
He had many students too
Then a new book called 'Soul of
things' was written by William Denton.
Stephen Pearl Andrews wrote a book
called "The essence of Universology"
Some people perform stage
shows using this skills.
Officer, one interesting thing!
In 1911, during second world war
Peter Hurkos fell from 10th floor
After 15 days,
After he regained consciousness
He started telling people's past
and future after touching them
On his life history
There came a book called "Psychic"
In another words,
we have two glands called
Penial gland and a pituitary
glands in human brain.
Sometimes make us reason with the
things happened in our past and future.
We call it supernatural
power in our culture.
This third eye concept.
is present not only in Hinduism,
but in Buddhism and Christianity.
If we can activate this Penial grand with
meditation, it can analyze past and future
is a strong and religious belief.
Coming to these paintings!
We call them Ariel or
Bird-eye view paintings.
Imagining the Ariel view and painting
It is a difficult art form.
But I have a small doubt officer...
How could he alone know that
these are the potential crime areas?
I understood doctor.
I understood how he alone
is able to identify the crime scenes.
He is touching people
and reading their minds.
He is feeling the pigeons and
reading their minds too.
Also the scenes recorded in their minds.
He is reading them
when they are touching him
These Ariel view paintings
are also done because of that.
Intelligent idiot!
He is using it for his revenge.
He is doing all this to gain
sympathy if he's caught by police.
Master mind!
Criminal mind!
Paintings! Clue paintings
Ariel view paintings
Bird-eye view paintings,
pigeons inform him.
He paints them and sends it
to us, we go and get them.
But he is just continuing
to do the crimes as his wish.
What do we do with him?
What happened in that
Millennium Grand Hotel?
Out of police records
Out of media coverage
Out of world's eye
What is that silent crime that
happened in the lights of crackers?
How are they 4 linked to it?
Within 24 hours
We must know what happened.
Call that guy from Bangalore.
Yes sir.
There you go, his informers!
We can catch if it's one.
What will we do if there are too many?
The doctor called Sir,
He wanted to you to meet him to
discuss an important matter.
You send us inside and lock the door
Once he comes in, I will stab him
Someone came until my room
If they escape now,
they will return again and again
Now I must give the a reverse attack
I must make sure they don't return
He is here, hold him
hold him
He is piercing with something.
Who are you?
Who sent you?
-Why did you want to meet me sir?
-I am giving you more details on this case
In this device
Complete information on Psychopathy and
details of the operated patients are here
Another important information
Yesterday, I spoke with
my colleague Mr.Rehman
Incidentally, I got to know that
this criminal is PG student of
Maheshwari medical college.
He was interning with
Dr.Rehman on cancer research
As he disappeared in between,
Dr.Rehman's research slowed down
You are not answering my calls from
a long time? Where is your phone?
Phone? Where did I leave it?
Did you find my phone anywhere?
He said that he got these
powers from his father
His father committed suicide as he
was not able to handle that skill
Even Mr.Rehman doesn't know something
that why has he disappeared from him...
and why is he using his research work now?
Now I need to know this.
That's ok, according to
your current investigation,
what could be the reason?
As per my information
He was dumped by a girl.
My god!
So much of violence for
a failed relationship?
I can not imagine
Phone ringing
Phone ringing
-What is the status?
It's quite complicated
I don't find any clues.
I can't believe that you did not
find any clue yet. Is this for real?
You know that there will be a
reason behind my truth or lie.
That is the reason, I kept you
under suspension to keep you safe
The pressure on me is
mounting, try to solve it quick.
Sure sir. Bye
Do I look like a joker
or a toy to play with?
-Who gave you the right to degrade me?
-I told you, your patent rights are mine.
Are you mad? I already loved a girl
Did this idiot tell you everything?
I entered in wrong time, will come back
I know about it before itself. You tell
me when are you inviting me for a date?
I already kissed you,
so you have no other option.
Don't over react, you only
must put them together again.
I forgot to say!
It is one year that I am asking
for a date by day after tomorrow.
Then we will celebrate the anniversary.
That will be our first date. If you
don't come, consequences will be severe.
I may commit suicide
or you may get murdered.
Rest is your wish dude! Bye!
This stupid investigation, I have a nice
party this evening, I will finish and join
Hi Brother!
Sorry Sir! Got late due to weekend party
-Why did you meet your old friends?
-No sir, new friends, hokies
hokies! hokies! hokies!
What do you hokies do?
Hotel Millennium Grand
You understand what I am asking right?
Remember properly
What did you 4 do in Hotel
Millennium Grand on that day?
You are abusing me with no reason, did
someone complain? Do you know my uncle?
You alcoholic rascals,
you drink until midnight and
do wrong stuff and question
me in English? How dare you?
If your father is of high profile, do
you take everything for granted?
Do you have any proofs against us?
You 4 did something, and that criminal is
taking parts off your body, say the truth?
You are torturing me without reason,
do you know what I can do to you?
Hey... I am already in suspension
Do you know the reason?
A drunk minister's son
abused a girl on the road.
I locked him up without a
report and case and bashed him up
Do you understand what I am capable of?
Sir! Sir!
He is not important sir,
I will get him followed
-Pull him, pull him up
-Get up man
Sir! Sir! Please Sir!
Sit down.
Until the case closed...
you must not leave the city and
you have come whenever I call.
Until then, you must not leave the
room, forget leaving the city.
I still remember your address
Madhura Nagar
Apartments, Flat-402, Street-51.
Damn! Let me remove this SIM first.
If I'm right, you are searching for the
other two also, I have their details
Sir! What happened?
Call that Bangalore guy, call him soon!
[dialing tones]
His phone is switched off Sir.
Oh my God!
-Switched off?
-What happened?
He will die! That idiot will die!
That day he held my hand,
not to scare me by
telling me my flashback,
but for the address!
for the address of that Bangalore guy!
He read that Madhuranagar
address fed in my memory.
We must reach him before
the other guy traces him.
We must stop him before
he reaches that address. Move!
Move! Move!
Come on! Keep going!
Fast fast fast!
Hey, move! Move aside!
Hey! Who are you?
Who are you? Why are you hitting me?
Right! Take right
My eyes! [cries]
My eyes!
-He used people,
He used animals
He finally used the cops
too for his revenge
I won't spare him anymore.
Let's go to penthouse!
Hey you!
You must jump here to swim, not there
Rs.2000 fine for not
wearing the swimming costume
It's locked, he must have escaped
Stop! Stop!
Sir! Please leave me! Please leave me!
-Where is he?
-How will I know?
-Then why are you running?
-He would not stop beating if he sees me.
Where can I find him?
Either he is home, or
he roams around roads
If not you can find him in the art gallery
-I don't know anything else
-Get him in the car
Sir, Please leave me,
I run a mobile canteen sir.
-I left it near the lake and came
-Come on, come!
Is this justified? He is doing
false stuff and you are taking me.
Shut up and come!
Sir, I will lose my fame,
if taken into custody
-Bring him up!
-Sir, Sir!
Sir, I will be good for nothing
Sir! I will give you free meal.
Out of pride, I told him
that I know their details.
Little did I know that
he would read my mind.
Don't give me the fourth person's
address. Keep it with you.
Don't even shake hands with him.
Stop it, not hitting me!
[blabbers in anger]
[continues to blabber in anger]
He will harm the fourth one too, you
just idle here hitting people like me.
You guys are good at this right! Go on!
Look! If you hit me again...
I will urinate in the car itself
Was he the person who shaken had that day?
If it was him, what
information he must have taken?
Sir! Here he is
Stop the car! Stop, take it aside.
Bloody criminal
Friendship with this
idiot, got me into troubles.
I must go to the lake before
they reach my mobile canteen.
Sir! We got him.
I will give you the
other details later.
Take it!
Even after all this,
I still feel sympathy for you.
I understand that you did
not do this without reason.
Who are those 4 guys?
What happened in the Hotel millennium?
What have you got to so with those guys?
At least you tell me.
I feel the tension reaching heights.
I will tell you.
Not because you asked me...
but because I too need an outlet.
I too feel
some sympathy for you, so I will tell you!
I will tell the reason
why my life got ruined
And why I turned into a psycho.0
[laughing and cheering]
-You must show your skill today.
-Sorry, I can't.
-We won't spare you.
-No I can't.
Will you do or not? [friends in unison]
-I will
Write on that board, hidden from me
-I will touch you and tell what you wrote.
-Ok, great!
-Who goes first?
-I'll do it first.
-All the best!
Now, tell me what have I written.
I'm not sure if you know,
Mahesh Babu is already married!
[crowd cheering]
-It my turn now.
-Yeah, please!
Tell me!
Ah, understood? Gabbar Singh!
[crowd cheering]
Will anyone have tea?
-He is the right one.
-Yes you are right person.
Go! Write.
Tell me!
Chitti, I'll kick you, get lost.
Shit! That's why I did not want to write
-Hey! Now I will write, Ok?
Nobody must see, turn around.
"Read my heart"
"Said my silence to you"
"Asked you to read my heart's secret"
"My always think of you"
"Love you, Love you, I love you!"
"Love you, I love you"
"Love you, Love you, I love you!"
"Love you, I love you"
-Why is he leaving?
-What happened?
I will kill you if any of you see this.
Wait! I am coming.
"My heart is like a flower garden"
"There is a place for you"
Why are you escaping?
Even after knowing my feelings,
why are you avoiding me?
How I have been feeling
about you all these days
You must be noticing it right
You will know everything
if you hold hands right?
Then! Don't you still
understand my feeling?
"It is waiting for you"
Happy Birthday Sister
"Love you Love you, I love you"
"Love you Love you, I love you"
You cornered me! I understood.
Today is your birthday, you did not
tell me and or first date is tonight.
8 PM at our restaurant.
Sharp 8PM.
You are coming and I'm bringing you a gift
If you delay like other girls...
I will wait for 15 minutes and leave. Bye!
-So you finally won her heart.
-No, even before she proposed, I loved her
While I was taking coaching classes...
She was my neighbour,
I used to see her frequently.
I failed umpteen times
trying to get her attention.
I followed her many a times.
But she doesn't look sideways.
"Listen to my heart"
"Said my love for you"
"I can't stop dreaming about you"
So, She doesn't know that I love her.
What should I say now?
Truth or give an excuse
about party with friends
If I lie, it is like cheating dad
But after telling the truth!
What if dad doesn't agree?
I will request severely.
I will convince and go, but not secretly.
I asked her to call her friends
home, I will cook for them
Will they come,
only you give a treat in a big restaurant?
Send them to me,
I will teach them a lesson.
He agrees to her every whims and wishes.
I made sweet porridge for her!
Ask her to give her friends.
Mom! It is a big hotel,
you can't take all these stuff there.
The sofa is empty.
What's it dear?
Something wrong?
I need to tell you something
I am in love with a boy
Daddy! Please!
Don't misunderstand!
He is our college student.
Even you know him.
You should have gone without telling me.
I would have been in peace of mind
that you have gone with friends.
I would not have gone,
if I must hide it from you.
I would lose the confidence to look in
eye and talk to you, if I hid it from you.
Then any happiness, would hold no value.
If you say No,
I wouldn't go.
-Tell your mom also
-Dad, She would kill me
Shirt is good. Bye!
Sister! You did not show me
the pic of your boy friend.
and you locked your phone too...
No! Top secret, I will
not show it to anyone.
Then I will tell dad that
you are going on a date.
Oh really?
-Dad already knows!
-I will tell mom then.
No please.
Then show me the pic
What are you girls doing here?
So planned party and treats without us?
Where is your boyfriend?
He will come at 8 PM
You are the first girlfriend to come
30 minutes early for a boy friend.
This is not waiting
I want to enjoy,
every feeling I experience.
-So I came early
He will come, you please leave!
Oh God!
You are avoiding friends for boy friend?
-Bad woman.
-Nothing as such.
You know for how long I have
been waiting for this moment
If he sees all of you here!
He might doubt on me and
leave from there only.
-Please understand. Waiter!
-Yes madam
-4 Orange juices
-Ok madam
You are finishing off your
birthday treat with orange juice?
Please, no time
Looking at your tension I feel he
would dominate your relationship
He understands everyone's
feelings without saying
Such people dominate whole world.
-What am I after all?
Give her a tissue to wipe her tears
These 4 for us 4 will be good match right!
We intend a rape
Not 4 for 4
We need 1 for all four of us.
Look for someone single.
It's been a long time
since we attempted a rape.
Hey just 5 minutes is left,
you people start moving.
Ok, tomorrow we need a bigger party.
Ok girls
I will give you whatever
you want tomorrow!
-Ok ok!
These women have awesome personalities
Leave them
You wanted only one right!
Look at her...
Take that out.
-No Sir
-Mix and give her.
Take it an go man!
Hey! Take what is given
and do what is said!
Go man!
Fire this crackers in the ground
Sharp 8 PM, Bye Bye
I did not order.
We understood it was your birthday from
your conversation with your friends
Our manager wanted to
serve you this drink!
Complimentary from our restaurant
-Thank you.
-Thank you madam.
-Excuse me
-That way madam.
-Are you ok?
-Get some water.
Don't worry! We shall take care!
Move aside.
Go ahead!
Hey leave me!
-Waiter table number 4
-Sir, I think Table number 4 is cancelled
Cancelled it?
You please sit,
I shall arrange another table
-Ok sir.
Excuse me! Did someone sit on this table?
Some 5 women sat here.
-5 of them?
-Yes sir.
Come on!
Why are you here?
-I came on some small work! you go
-Is everything ok?
-Let's meet tomorrow. Ok. Bye!
-Ok, Bye!
Phone ringing
-What could have happened?
-We got a call this morning from hotel
This girl was found unconscious
on the terrace of the hotel
She celebrated her birthday with
some friends in night it seems
Symptoms look like a gang rape
That is the reason,
we ask girls to dress respectfully
-Leave it
-They don't listen and then repent
Sir! Being a doctor,
please control emotions.
I am a father first
She is my little baby!
She has been tortured
She is lying motionless!
Blood! She is covered in blood.
I just cleaned it with my own hands
Please inform us once she returns to
consciousness. We must record a statement.
I don't see her, where did she go?
I did not see her
after her birthday party.
She is not in touch with me.
She is not picking my calls too.
-I think it is her engagement
Dad wanted to tell you something.
Now Police may come any moment
They will try to know what happened
If we say everything,
we will be the apple of media
So, not to disclose this to anyone?
and to say nothing has happened.
Madam! The cops are here to talk to you.
Tell them not now! I cannot take it.
Control yourself,
this is inevitable.
It is better to finish it now.
-No! No.
-Calm down!
Control yourself!
Send him in after 5 minutes.
Mom, please say no. No!
No Please!
Many people keep covering
like you for prestige.
That is the reason, people escape crime.
If you wish to say
anything, call on my number.
Take it as a bad memory and forget it.
Dad said that he would arrange for
you to finish your final year in vizag
New environment will make you feel better
-What about him?
-Will he love you after knowing the truth?
-He might sympathize with you
-It will become more unbearable for you
Just forget everything for time
being, leave this place
It is better if you leave him and go
I want to see him once.
Can you control yourself after seeing him?
Can you hide the truth from him?
Do I have to cheat him? No, I can't!
Sister! Mom!
Why did you do such thing?
Did you lose your mind?
I want to see him once.
Be strong, if you think you
cannot control yourself, avoid it
Tell him that you did not love him.
Just keep your lips tight.
If the truth comes out,
your life will become a living hell.
Wow, new sunglasses!
Hey! Where have you been?
You are not returning my calls
from last 2 months, where were you?
I went to Delhi to get engaged
Engagement? What is wrong with you?
What do you mean?
Why are you talking like this?
We were in love.
You neither turned up for dinner
nor called back, are you okay?
You said you could not
wait for 15 minutes for me.
Only then did I realize...
There is no point in spending my life
with a person who cannot give me time
My heart broke when you
avoided me all these days
I wanted to make you wait for me
that day to teach you a lesson. That's it
You are forgetting something,
I did not come believing your words
Only after I knew how you felt about
me, I came for you
If you wouldn't have felt that way about
me! It would not have been this painful.
-Something happened, give me your hand
"Ours is a broken dream"
"Our story is unknown to anyone"
"The bloodshed you hid in your heart"
"Burning in my heart"
"Is an incurable pain"
"Deep inside me"
"A volcano is waiting to burst"
"Burning my heart"
"with flames"
"Ours is a broken dream"
"A story which no one knows"
"My every breath is for you"
"Can I now be stopped"
"Would I not create a destruction"
"On an ocean of blood"
"Searching for you"
"Ours is a broken dream"
"Our story is unknown to all"
"Ours is a broken dream"
"Our story is unknown to all"
-I shall get another drink
-Ok baby
Drink please.
See! I will play a small trick.
-Hey! What is this?
-What happened baby?
You bloody!
Who is that?
You kiss my lover! I will kill you bloody!
Get lost!
-I will kill him, let's kill him
-Stop it
Why are you stopping me? I will kill him!
Wait man! I'm coming!
Then why did you not kill them?
If I kill, they will suffer
for a moment and die.
So, I punished them to repent
for their crime until they die.
They did not kill her.
Responsible for her death
Are these hands
If I touch her with these hands
She was worried that I would
know the tragedy happened to her
So I also must get punished
First, I will punish them and then myself
What happened?
She is waiting for you at the bridge
She said she would die if you don't come,
we pulled her back, meanwhile someone
-Kidnapped her
-Yes [in unison]
First suicide, then murder and now kidnap.
-How many more dramas?
-True, we swear, she was kidnapped.
Was that torture not enough, what is
my situation and what is your drama?
-Did you join them?
-No, its the truth.
Hold my hand,
you will know everything right.
God! They are coming.
-Where is your friend?
-The police just took him, what happened?
My friend said she will commit
suicide for your friend.
Two people stopped her,
you also come please
Will she die naming me
on her letter? Come on!
-Please wait, don't jump
-I am jumping, no one should come near
If you jump like that,
my friend will become a permanent bachelor
Already there is a deficit for woman
Come. Come. How many men are here!
You say yes, 10 people
will line up for you.
Hey Stop! Who are you?
Hey stop!
-You remember me right!
-Why are you here?
You said she is acting,
don't you remember her?
-No, I don't who is she?
-You saw her many times
She is your girlfriend's sister,
every time you went to see her,
You saw this girl too.
Apart form the things you know
there are may unknown to you.
Sis! You got a buy now.
Why don't you give me this toy!
No ways, both the toy and boy are mine
He is our college student.
You know him too, don't misunderstand!
-That is mine, give it back, give it!
Give, it is mine!
It is both my boy and toy friend.
Sister! He is trying to flirt with me.
He keeps coming back,
even I saw at the temple.
That is why we suggest girls
to wear respectable clothes.
My sister was not ill dressed,
they were drunken rascals.
What did I say now?
Sis! Did you call me?
I wanted to give you a gift.
Are you going to do
something stupid again?
Here, I denied to give you this many times
That may be the reason
I was punished.
Please don't say that.
I get scared.
I am breaking his heart tomorrow.
I am going far away from him.
My bad luck, He can never get
to know what happened to me.
A pain created by one girl,
can be reduced only by another girl.
If it is you,
I would feel very happy.
I am gifting you this
out of my selfishness.
This toy is yours...
The boy is also yours!
Remember one thing...
You are not the reason of her death.
She wanted to be with you after death too.
Why did you come here?
That's why she gifted you her sister.
Comeback with your gift!
Hey, You must be guessing the
kidnapper of your girl friend right?
Your girl friend was kidnapped,
You murder attempt was planned,
and your ex-girlfriend was raped
By me!
Find out and come to me if you dare!
Your boyfriend is here.
I told you right,
I have all your patient rights
I am the woman who could
and should reduce your pain
Because you are my gifted toy
I selected the right location right!
If I end this story where
it started it's a lot if fun.
That was an amazing night!
We raped many girls.
But someone made that night very
colorful for us with fireworks.
Oh I forgot!
You painted that scenery right?
A person who painted and framed his
girlfriend's rape scene
Its just you!
You are a great lover!
Even your girl friend is great
She is also a great lover!
-She is dead it seems
-She is dead.
But when you assaulted her,
the hell she faced, it's ten fold.
I made your friends face.
Today my death is here, I understand.
I was ready for it from longtime.
But I swear on her...
before I die
I will make your life hell and
Make death a better option for you.
You look advanced,
So I made a special package for you.
If we rape your girlfriend,
will you disable my friends?
Do you know them?
Also bisexuals!
They rape even guys!
Now they will rape you and
your girlfriend together!
Let me see what you can do!
I knew my death would
come searching for me
But I just got to know that it is today
God this knife punch
It went 4 inches deep into my left abdomen
It is impossible fro the
bleeding to control
When Internal organs have been punctured
The maximum time anyone can
be conscious is 6 minutes
But one sitting in the middle
Just that one
If I get into the
hands of bisexuals is horrible.
I heard about this torture before
I now know that this is my final battle
Go boys!
[scream in unison]
He is stabbing with
knives, get the sticks.
I alone know the chemical
injection I gave you.
Nobody knows the
antidote to this except me.
If you must live, I must live.
If I don't give it in a
week, you will all die!
If I die, you die!
Remember that!
Looks like he might kill him!
You are finished today!
You still have a doubt about the secret I
read the day of delivering Pizza right!
Keep updating me about every bit
of information you get about him.
-Ok Sir
Brother, Please tell us the name
of antidote for the injection.
What is use of killing him, let's get the
injection first. The one to pay is dead.
Sir, everyone is poisoned
here, including your man
-Kill that moron.
-Ok Sir
-Where are we?
-A hospital 150 Kms away from the city.
To take care that you are not killed
This distance is for safety
-No more!
All his neural nerves are
smashed and is paralyzed.
He lives only on a wheel chair.
That girl?
She is safe.
-What is the program
-What else?
-I will surrender
After all this
You will not leave me right?
Many morons raped and killed
Ayesha and wiped off the case.
I am worse!
-Did you recognize
-Who is it?
I knew it!
This story ran in your direction!
I will wait for another two days...
If you cannot do
anything, I will take care!
We got him sir!
Sir, everyone is poisoned
here, including your man.
Then he?
Kill him!
Nothing much!
All your calls have been recorded.
May be for some extra money.
Of course, I have that phone with me.
I have the dead body of
mind reader in my car.
Now I must handover the
dead body and the car...
-What do you want?
-Good question!
I need 10 millions!
I don't even have a
job to take bribes.
-Where should I send
-Will give you the location,send it there.
Just leave somewhere with that girl.
Don't tell me where you went.
If I want to get sincere someday...
I will have to come searching for you.
Is this also sympathy?
Not on you!
On your both girlfriends.
-Whats up?
-We found the criminal, but he escaped sir
There is a talk in department
that you helped him to escape.
Let them think!
-It is enough if you know the truth.
-I know everything!
Sir If I got a re-joining
order after you knew everything
-Means you accepted what happened is right
-Today is my retirement.
I wanted to make a good decision
without external pressures.
So, I signed your joining
order this morning.
-All the best
-Thank you sir, thank you so much!
-Where from?
-You advised not to disclose.
-So what's up
-I did something before I came.
Wanted to tell you that...
-What did you do?
-One more person was left.
I treated him too!
-Who else was left?
-The waiter who mixed drugs in the juice.
Ok! You could sell me your skill
right, it would be of great use to me.
Just practice for 4
years, you can also learn!
What else?
After a long time, I am in
a relaxation mode. Ok Bye!
Why did you not know my
secret when I kissed you?
The pineal and pituitary glands slow down
when you are experiencing erotic feelings.
Then any mind reader
will lose his ability.