Special (2006) Movie Script

I used to dream about flying.
It went the same way
every night-
I'd realize
that I could fly-
No, that's not
quite right.
I'd realize that there
was no reason I couldn't fly.
And after that,
I'd float off the ground
and soar above the city.
But I haven't had
that dream in a while now.
Lately I dream about
more ordinary things
like doing my laundry
or shopping for groceries
or riding on elevators.
I wonder
why that is.
Drug use, prescription
or otherwise?
Do you experience
persistent headaches?
- Trouble sleeping?
- No.
Any feelings
of lethargy?
- No.
- Lack of appetite?
Difficulty becoming
sexually aroused,
an erection?
Problems with
premature ejaculation?
What about thoughts of a
suicidal or homicidal nature?
You never fantasize about
hurting anybody-
yourself or others?
You know, sometimes,
I guess.
But, you know,
I would never act on it.
I understand.
And you're in
good health, so...
There you go.
I'm in?
Take one pill a day,
preferably with food.
But wait, you don't- you don't have
to wait for my blood-test results?
No, we're good.
I just need your
John Hancock right there.
And these- these-
these really work?
Our results have been
remarkably promising.
And there.
And also there.
Welcome to
our study...
And thank you.
'Cause you're not just
participating in a clinical trial,
you're helping develop
a medication
that will benefit
a great many people.
So you just pop in
here one time a week
so we can monitor
your progress.
And here's a free
T- shirt for you.
can I take
the first one now?
And how long till
I start feeling...
you know, different?
I've decided to start
this medication journal
so I don't forget anything
noteworthy between visits.
It's funny because I joined
the study on a whim.
You see, I'm really
pretty happy with my life.
Well, maybe "happy"
isn't the right word,
but I'm not unhappy.
It's more like
I once read about a monster
called the extricator
that lived off
people's souls.
Only the thing was, the extricator
ate a person's soul in their sleep
over a 16-year period.
Like it would nibble
off a crumb every night
until there wasn't
anything left,
so a person had no way to
realize what was going on.
They just had this
vague sense
that something was
slowly disappearing.
I don't know, maybe I am
a little depressed lately.
Wait wait wait wait wait!
You have to stop.
I am so broke.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but I already
started writing the citation.
Um, listen, you could
park here all day
and I promise I won't-
I won't write another ticket,
But once I start
writing the ticket-
See, I get
reprimanded if-
Oh, thank you!
Thank you so much!
I'm sorry about that.
Some asshole was trying
to ticket me.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
We're not gonna take any
comics you find in a dumpster.
End of story.
What do you say, chief?
Five bucks?
What if someone
pissed on them?
I swear to God, if you
pay him for those, I'm-
You're a good little man.
And you-
You're a very bad
little man.
Could you explain to
my retarded sibling here
that I can't keep the store
open if he insists
on throwing our money away
on crackhead piss comics?
I should- I probably
should go back to work.
Oh, Les, Les?
Come here, man.
Check it out-
I got you the new "Iron Woman,"
The new "Nightmare Killer"
and the new "Time Travel. "
I'm so sick of people
thinking "Time Travel"
is all about some dude who
shows up from nowhere
saying, "I've come from the
future that will no longer exist,"
and then fixes
your problems.
Don't let him
harsh you, Les.
"Time Travel"
is seriously dope
in an old-school
kind of way.
Yo, if you want
to come by later,
we rented this crazy iranian
knockoff- "When Animals Attack. "
Yeah, man, come by.
Check it out.
Save me from another night
alone with Captain Piss Comic.
Yeah, maybe.
I know I'm too old to
like comics as much as I do,
but in comics, a villain can
launch a missile at a superhero
and the hero
just keeps coming.
And then the villain
can throw an atom bomb
or an asteroid or an entire
planet at the hero,
but that won't
stop them either.
Because a real superhero
is like a force of nature.
And when I read comics, I get this
faint glimpse of what it would be like
to be not just
stronger, faster,
or smarter than
ordinary people,
but what it would
be like to be,
well, to be unstoppable.
Les, Les, Les, Les.
You want to explain this
to me, champ?
Yeah, I'm sorry, Steve,
I just-
I like you, kid.
I really do.
But the money that
those parasites con from you,
it goes to schools,
hospitals, soup kitchens.
So really what
you're doing is,
you're helping them steal from
terminally-ill homeless children.
- No, I know-
- I know it's tough out there.
Believe me. Even our
fellow police officers
think we're some
kind of joke.
That's why you have to
remind yourself
that we are the ones that
keep this city running.
I know.
Then say it.
Pardon me?
The mantra exercise.
Look, I have seen this job snap
a lot tougher men than you, champ.
So unless you change
your attitude,
I'm afraid you're not gonna
last much longer around here.
I'm important and
I keep this city running.
Now repeat.
I'm important.
6:48 P.M.
Still not feeling anything.
Oh, man.
I think I just- I might be
too nervous or something.
Les- Les, what
are you doing?
Les, why don't you
come down from there
and we can talk
a little bit more?
Amazing, isn't it?
It's quite unusual.
Are you hurt?
No no, I never felt better.
Hey, has this happened
to anyone else?
No, I've never seen anything
quite like it before.
What do you think
caused this, Dr. Dobson?
Well, I think we have
to discuss that-
Could- could you
excuse me for a second?
Is something wrong?
Just don't move.
I- I'll be back in a moment or two.
What seems to be-
Sorry about that, Les.
Who are those people?
Please just follow me.
Can you hear me, Les?
Of course.
Excuse me?
This room
could be bugged.
How'd you do that?
Do what?
I assume you've heard
of telepathy.
You're telepathic?
I'm not telepathic, Les.
You are.
I am?
- You are what?
- Telepathic.
The drug bestowed you
with many powers.
You're having an adverse
psychological reaction, Les.
You're reading
my mind right now.
Do you understand
what I'm telling you?
Why is this
happening to me?
The medication was designed
to suppress the chemicals
in the brain responsible
for self-doubt.
Unfortunately, brain chemistry
can be as unique
and as unpredictable
as a fingerprint.
So the medication unleashed
powers that I already had?
What do you mean
by powers?
Never mention
your powers out loud.
Why not?
It isn't safe.
The important thing is that you
cease the medication immediately.
Luckily, it has a half-life that's
extremely short in the bloodstream.
So whatever you're
experiencing should disappear
soon after you've ingested
your last dose.
Can you hear me, Dr. Dobson?
Very good, Les.
You're learning to control
your powers faster
than I would have
dreamed possible.
- Les?
- Just a second.
Should I really stop
taking the medication?
Heavens no. I just said that
because they're listening.
Keep taking one pill a day.
By the end of the cycle,
your powers
will be permanent.
What are you
staring at, Les?
So I'll just, um...
I'll just flush the rest
of the pills as-
as soon as I get home.
What's best for you
right now
is to go home,
have a good night's sleep,
get this all behind you.
Okay, I will.
I'm also obliged
to remind you
how seriously
this company takes the-
the nondisclosure section
of the contract you signed.
I understand, Dr. Dobson.
I won't say anything
I'm not supposed to.
If you have any problems
or concerns,
anything at all, this is
my personal phone number.
- Uh-huh.
- I want you to call me, anytime.
Thanks for everything.
I really appreciate it.
Take care, Les.
He could have simply asked,
but no, everything has to be a
passive-aggressive game with him.
They should really get
better security in this place.
I'm fat, that's the problem.
I'm like a dump truck.
It's like there are
two kinds of people in this world-
Ones who feel bad when
rock stars kill themselves,
and the ones
who think it's funny.
Like a sweet, juicy peach.
Peach cobbler-
I could go for some peach cobbler.
I miss Thelma.
I don't see her for
two months
and when I finally do,
she's buying condoms?
with Chuck.
Oh, I have to sneak out
before they notice me.
What if she spots me
trying to run away?
Don't be a sucker.
Don't be a little punk.
Just go over there and
shove the barrel in her face.
She'll give over
the cash.
Can't you read, bitch?
Oh, shit.
Sorry, Les man.
I thought you were a customer.
Hey, can I come in?
Yeah, mi casa es
your casa, bro.
Les man, you won't believe some
of these customers today, dude.
They go totally ballistic
if they can't get their manga
exactly when they
want it, right?
Just knock knock knocking
all day long.
Is Everett here?
'Cause I need to
show you guys something.
Yeah, dude, just go on back
and take a mental-health day.
Les, my friend.
Hey, explain to
my retarded sibling here-
Just because something
has a force field, right?
It doesn't mean it
has to be invisible.
Don't even get into it
with him, Les, all right?
He's been in
extra-cranky mode all day.
Listen, I have to
tell you guys something.
What is it, Les?
First you have to promise
you won't tell anyone.
Tell anyone what?
Just promise me you're
not gonna tell anybody.
What are we, the fucking
Boy Scouts all of a sudden?
I'm serious.
I promise, Les.
You satisfied, or do we
need to pinkie swear too?
The thing is...
I have super-powers.
You guys,
I'm serious.
Oh, you-
you got me, Les.
That was priceless.
You're thinking
about pizza.
And you're thinking
I'm full of crap.
But now you're thinking
about pizza too-
No cheese, extra olives.
That is some serious
David Blaine trickery, my friend.
I'm telling you,
it's no trick.
And not only
do I have powers,
But they're developing
like gangbusters.
Even on the way over here,
I discovered a new one.
What was this new power,
o puissant one?
You really want
to see it?
God damn, Les.
That was punk rock,
And that's just
the tip of the iceberg.
The more difficult powers-
it seems to exact a slight
physical toll.
So what do you plan on doing
with these awesome powers?
Oh, that's what I wanted to
talk to you guys about, see?
I understand the
need to keep our secret,
but stopping that robbery today
was the first time in my whole life
that I've ever felt like...
I could really make
a difference in the world,
like I could do something
that nobody else can do-
something important,
maybe even necessary.
So I talked about it
with my friends
and they agree that if
a person doesn't do good
with the gifts they're given,
well, that's almost worse
than doing evil,
isn't it?
I have no idea what
you're talking about, Les.
But if you leave here without
giving me a month's notice,
you can kiss my letter
of recommendation goodbye.
I understand.
Did one of those lowlifes
make you feel guilty again?
Is that what this is about?
Because if it is-
I'm sorry, Steve, but I've
told you as much as I can.
Excuse me.
The costume is obviously integral
for any superhero.
It can protect
the hero's true identity,
it can inspire fear,
curiosity or amazement.
But in my opinion,
the most important
part of a costume
is what goes
on the back of it.
Because it's not just
the hero's name,
it's their message
to the public.
I want my costume
to tell people
that they shouldn't give up no
matter how alone they sometimes feel.
Because anything
is possible.
It turns out that
being a superhero
was like many other
things in life:
When you want to avoid it,
crime seems like
it's everywhere,
but when you're
looking for it,
crime is nowhere
to be found.
That's why you have to learn
to always trust your instincts.
Whoa, Candy,
that had to hurt.
You can say that again,
Now let's take
one more look at it.
If you have any information
about this bizarre local case,
that number again
is 1-800-555-8477.
Our mad tackler
is caucasian,
six feet tall,
and is wearing
a white leather suit
with an unexplained symbol
on the back.
I think we have
a problem.
Before all this happened,
I assumed a superhero
would be free
from everyday fear
and insecurity.
But I'm discovering that
when the costume comes off,
some of the most simple
things in life
still feel
the most dangerous.
So that was pretty crazy
the other day, huh?
With the guy and
the gun and everything.
But maybe that kind of thing
happens a lot in your line of work.
Well, I guess I'll-
I'll see you around.
I'm sorry.
Do you know,
what I wanted to say is-
I wanted to ask you-
I wanted to know if you-
you wanted to have-
you can...
Keep the change.
I suppose the
main point to get across here
is that even with
good instincts,
the life of a crime fighter
takes a small adjustment period.
And even then it's difficult
to understand
exactly what's
going on sometimes.
That's why I've decided
to pursue
a more conventional
work environment.
Excuse me, officer?
I can't tell you
my real name,
- but I used to work here.
- You're a cop?
Pardon me?
No, um, parking enforcement.
But, uh...
that's all in the past.
Anyway, there's something
you need to see.
Pretty solid wall, huh?
Or it seems that way
to most people,
but the truth is...
Jesus, Mary, Joseph.
I'm not like most people.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- Who can I talk to?
Talk to?
About helping out,
putting this stuff to work.
You know?
Fighting crimes.
I've had some luck
mostly small stuff-
armed robbery.
You're an armed robber?
No, I stop crimes,
stuff mostly.
But I think I'm ready
to move up.
You know,
I've heard of you.
I was thinking
we could...
develop some sort
of signal.
You know?
It doesn't have to be as
complicated as the bat signal.
In the meantime,
here's my card.
Take one of those.
Pager number on it.
You give me a call
anytime you need something
and I'll be right there.
Actually, I think I've got
something for you right now.
There's this loon going around
tackling innocent people.
Get in, Les.
Crazy metermaids.
That was exciting.
You have a genuine flair for
making a scene, don't you, Les?
Maybe you're trying to
get on television again,
maybe something national
this time.
Who are you?
My name is Jonas Exiler.
And this is my brother
Maybe you know us
as the...
people whose dreams you're
trying to flush down the toilet.
We've spent the last
five years of our lives
and every penny
we've ever saved
trying to get this company
off the ground, Les.
It's been an uphill battle,
Believe me.
You're telepathic too?
You're a deeply troubled
individual, aren't you, buddy?
We want to help you, Les.
Can you understand that?
You have to realize that
the reaction that you're having
is a complete anomaly.
And really, there's no proof
the special is responsible
for anything
you're feeling right now.
You could just be experiencing
some sort of unrelated...
Fucking hell.
I- I can't do that.
Can you understand anything
we're trying to tell you, Les?
- I will never join you.
- The medication is making you sick.
All you have to do
is stop taking
the medication.
And stop running around
in that silly suit.
- That's all we're asking here.
- Never.
We could sue you to hell and
back for running around on TV
wearing our logo.
You understand that, right?
But we'd just as soon avoid any
negative publicity right now.
Just stop taking the pills.
We can put all this
behind us.
Well, then we have
a problem...
Don't we?
- Because the way I see it-
- Who are you?
I come from the future
that will no longer exist.
Who is he talking to now?
These are the men
that convinced the police
- that you did something wrong.
- Of course.
Earth to Les.
They designed the drug to build
an army of unstoppable assassins.
And if you won't work
for them,
they'll try to
strip you of your powers.
- Or worse.
- Worse?
- Much worse.
- I told you this was a bad idea.
But don't worry...
Because I won't
let that happen.
- Let's just take him to the E.R.
- The E.R.?
- Are you crazy-
- No!
Don't just stare at him.
Get him.
How do you
like my invisible force field?
Not much oxygen inside,
is there?
You should have joined us
when you had the chance.
Your force field is good,
but my teleporting
is better.
You son of a bitch!
Yeah, you love that shit.
Ha ha!
- Oh, shit.
- Fucking game.
This is the best game
ever invent-
Les! Les,
man, what's going on?
Yeah, man, Antoine said he saw
you on the idiot box or something.
- Bad outfit, by the way.
- Oh, yeah.
Do you-
do you know him?
Yeah, he comes in here
- Are you okay?
- I'm good. How are you?
Yeah, I'm good.
Listen, we have to talk.
What's up?
After I started using
my powers to help people,
these two brothers
in suits showed up.
And since I wouldn't join them,
they're trying to destroy me.
- What?
- Yeah.
And I think they might have
some control over the news media
and maybe
even the police.
Yeah, because when I
came back from the future,
they managed to frame me for
crimes that I didn't commit.
You're serious about this,
aren't you?
Of course.
Uh- uh, I'm sorry.
Um, I'm sorry, everybody, but
we're closing up early today.
You gotta go.
I'm sorry.
But I want to buy this.
Flamethrower defeats the eye
in a prolonged and bloody battle
wherein we learn that
the woolian's death
was a complex Morovian
subterfuge, okay, buddy?
- Get the fuck out.
- Sorry, man. Come back tomorrow.
- Listen, Les...
- Les?
Hey, no no no.
You could shut those, Everett.
Shut that.
- Yeah.
- Les? Les, Les,
- The thing is, man-
- You don't have super-powers.
No no.
What do you mean?
We just thought you were
screwing around with us, you know?
But you saw the thing
with the wall- you saw that.
- You mean you running into it?
- You mean through it.
- I mean into it.
- You mean through it!
Les, we were just
really high.
Jesus, Les,
What happened
to you, man?
Okay, you guys.
Okay, you got me.
But this is no time
for fooling around.
You know, we have to figure
out what to do about the suits.
There are no suits, Les.
There's no suits,
- there's no super-powers-
- And Les,
Les, you know you're our bro
no matter what, man, but-
You're losing your mind, man.
You're losing your fucking mind.
If I don't have powers,
then how do you
explain this?
Explain what?
You can't see this, Joey?
You're just reaching
your arms out.
You honestly
can't see this?
I don't know what
I'm supposed to see-
- Joey!
- Les,
I don't know what
I'm supposed to see.
Les, man,
I can do it too.
They must have-
They must have
already got to you.
Who got to us, Les?
The suits!
The suits- they know
that you're my friends,
so they must have put you
in some sort of mind shield
so that you can't
see my powers.
It's genius.
No no no, Les, Les,
it's totally-
Crazy! Crazy, right?
They want me to think
that I'm going crazy.
That's how they
like it.
Les, Les...
I think we might need to
get you some medical attention.
Is there a doctor or someone
we could take you to?
That's a good idea.
Do you really think
he's taking-
taking us to
a real doctor...
Or just an imaginary one?
Don't worry.
Dr. Dobson will
explain everything.
Stop the car!
- What the hell?
- Where'd he go?
There he is.
What are you doing, man?
Get down from there.
Somebody stole my purse!
He stole my purse.
- Don't worry, ma'am.
- No!
I've got it.
Thank you.
in the future,
please be careful walking
around this neighborhood
after dark.
I will.
It's like a move
straight out of "Urban War. "
You just- booyah!
Quit encouraging him.
You could have seriously
messed yourself up, dude.
Why is it so hard for you to
believe that I have special powers?
Special powers?
Are you listening to yourself?
People don't have
special powers.
- I believe you, Les.
- No, you don't.
Yes, I do. How else could
he have done what he did?
- It was awesome.
- It was stupid.
You wouldn't recognize a miracle
if it bit you in your ass.
- A miracle?
- Yes, a miracle.
Miracles don't exist,
You have become such a
downer lately, you know that?
Look, Les,
You're part of a very small
group of people on this earth
I actually give
a shit about, okay?
Not because you got
special powers,
but because- well,
because you're you.
So I just can't fucking handle you
trying to kill yourself right now, okay?
Can you understand that?
Yes, I can, Everett.
You can doubt my powers
all you want,
but you're about
to discover the truth.
Dr. Dobson?
Can I help you?
It's okay.
We can trust them.
Is this man
a friend of yours?
You're not his doctor?
For some
inexplicable reason,
he seems to be
under that impression.
He came around the other day
claiming to be part
of a medical study
we're conducting.
No no, we don't have time
for all this secrecy.
Okay? The suits, they already
know about my powers
and they somehow-
they brainwashed my friends.
Okay? You have to
tell them everything.
I'm sorry, young man, but if
you come around here again,
I'll be forced
to call security.
That won't be
necessary, sir.
No, it's okay.
We have to go.
No! You have to warn them.
You have to tell them-
you have to tell them
about the suits.
Okay? They're after me. They could be
after all of us. These are my friends.
I don't have any idea what
you're talking about, young man.
- The suits!
- Don't worry about the suits, Les.
- It's gonna be okay. Let's go.
- You don't understand!
Okay, they're very-
they're very powerful.
They're very-
they're scary people.
That's why he's
packing up.
Okay? That's why
he's scared, because-
see, he's running away,
you see?
He's running away.
I suspect your friend has ingested
some relatively harmless narcotic.
Have him drink this. It'll help clean
any residual chemicals in his system
before it's absorbed
in his bloodstream.
Wait about six hours or so.
If he doesn't seem any better,
take him to
the Emergency Room. Okay?
- Ahh!
- No no no no no.
Hee! Huh?
What is this?
The antidote?
This is the antidote,
isn't it?
Drinking this will
take away my powers?
No no, it's gonna
strengthen your powers, Les.
Les, if you drink that, man,
it's gonna strengthen your powers.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Les Les, please. Please.
- Just take it. It's not a big deal.
- You think I'm stupid?
- No, Les-
- You think I don't know what's going on?
No, I know that
you know what's-
- You don't know what's going on.
- We have to go, Les.
You're the one who doesn't
know what's going on.
- No, I do know-
- You don't know what's going on.
Okay? You're the one
who doesn't have a clue.
I have a clue.
Not you, me.
Come on, man, let him go.
You're scaring the shit out of him.
Sorry, Les.
"I saw a piece of shit on
the sidewalk the other day-
not dog-shit,
but from a person
and it made me
feel so hopeless,
not just for whoever went there,
but for every person on the planet,
if you know what I mean. "
I told you he was a basketcase
before he ever came to us.
Put that down,
Help me look
for the pills.
about the pills.
What do you mean,
forget about the pills?
I say we wait for him
to come home,
we knock the fucker out...
tie him up for
a few days
and wait for
his powers to go away.
What do you say?
You can't be serious.
Why not?
We're not dealing with the
kind of people we're used to.
This kind of guy could disappear
off the face of the earth
for a few days,
Nobody would care.
Nobody would
even notice.
No no no no no,
I am out.
I don't care anymore.
This kid's gonna get hurt
running around in that state.
So what if
we lose everything?
At least I can get back to
getting some sleep at night.
Well, excuse me
for not giving a crap,
but I can't seem to muster up
any sympathy for you right now.
Remember me now,
Leave 'em off.
I said off!
You didn't really think you could
get away this easily, did you?
Okay, turn on
the lights.
Not the overhead one!
This one.
Don't try anything funny.
You understand me?
Don't do it.
You're not gonna find
your file there.
I don't believe you
I don't believe anything you say.
You're a liar.
They made me shred it.
Yeah, right.
Listen, Les, I'm very
sorry for everything-
Ha! Ha!
So you admit knowing me?
Of course I know you.
You're working for
the suits, aren't you?
Maybe you should
take a seat.
No, I'm fine standing.
Can I sit down?
You sit down.
You have to understand
how much time and energy
I put into developing
this medication.
It became my whole life.
- When?
- Pardon me?
When did you turn on me?
We tested Specioprin
on thousands of subjects,
but you were the first and only one
to have an adverse reaction like this.
No, but this is not
an adverse reaction.
You wanted me to feel better.
You told me that.
- You wanted this to happen.
- No.
A few weeks ago, we got an offer-
that's what I wanted to happen.
What do you mean, offer?
To buy us out-
The drug,
all our research,
the whole operation was
going to be absorbed
by a sizeable corporation.
- that's what we worked all this time for.
We were afraid that your
results would scare them off.
So this is-
This is about money?
We've done a terrible
injustice to you, Les,
And there's nothing
I can do about it now.
But I've told
my partners I'm out.
And I'll confirm your story
should you decide to
take legal action.
And if you ask me,
you'll have a very strong
case against all of us.
But, Les,
it's very important
that we get the medication
out of your system.
- No. Never.
- Yes.
I'll never let you
take my powers away.
Give me the pills, Les.
No no! Come on, spit 'em out.
Spit 'em out, Les.
Spit 'em out.
Come on, spit 'em out.
You can never take
my powers away-
You can never- you can never turn
me back into the person I used to be.
Nobody can!
Nobody can.
So, nice to
see you again.
You don't scare me
Good. Then why don't you get
in and we can have a nice talk?
You can't stop me now.
I'm too powerful.
I'm not the kind of man
who takes kindly to threats-
I know exactly
what kind of man you are.
I've been dealing with guys
like you my whole life.
You think you're
so much more important
than everyone else,
that you can do whatever
you want to whoever you want.
Who do you think would care
if you disappeared?
Who would care
about that, huh?
Who would care about
that, huh?
Do you think that anyone
would actually care
if you disappeared?
Pardon me?
What the hell
is he doing now?
This is no time
for Tai Chi, Les.
We're willing to negotiate
a very fair deal with you.
Try to make me disappear?
I'll make you disappear.
You have no idea what
kind of man I am, motherfucker.
You think Dobson
could protect you,
him and his sudden
burst of conscience?
Take it easy, Jonas.
You don't want to
kill the guy.
Why not? You heard him.
He's too powerful!
He thinks he can make it
all disappear.
He thinks he can sue us.
He thinks he can
make it all disappear,
everything we've
worked for!
He thinks he can
make it all disappear!
You want to
let that happen, Theodore?
Everything we've
worked for-
you want to have it ruined
by some maggot like this guy?
Some nobody!
Stop it, Jonas!
You're a worthless piece of shit!
- Say it!
- Ooh!
You're a nobody!
I'm a worthless-
You're a nobody!
Oh! Ooh!
I'm a nobody.
You're nothing!
You're nothing!
I'm nothing.
I'm nothing.
You're a worthless
piece of shit.
I'm a worthless
piece of shit.
I'm a worthless
piece of shit.
Stop it. Ow.
I swear,
if I ever see you again,
if I ever hear from
you again, you're a dead man.
A fucking dead man.
Fuck you.
You see?
You can't reason
with this maggot.
Put it down, Les.
- You're gonna get hurt.
- Nooo!
No no!
Most people never stopto think
about the problems associated
with being a superhero.
Instead they tend to
focus on
the more glamorous aspects
of our lives.
They focus on
the powers we have,
the things we can do
that no one else can.
But the unfortunate
truth is that,
while being different from
everyone can be exciting at first,
Ultimately it can
get a little lonely.
I'm sorry.
I just- I don't know
who to trust anymore.
I don't-
They couldn't have
gotten to you.
They don't even know
I know you.
I don't even know you.
What happ-
happ- happened-
to- to- to-
I'm sorry.
I sound-
s- s- stupid.
I like the way
you sound.
I do.
Are you on drugs?
I am.
What kind of drugs
did you take?
I took- I took
all my pills.
You see?
Uh, we really need to-
we really need to...
g- g-g-get you some help.
Tell me one thing,
What is it?
Does this place
have a bathroom?
I thought- I thought
I got rid of 'em all.
The pills?
no, the suits.
The suits, they- they
wouldn't leave me alone.
They wouldn't,
so I had to do it.
I did.
D- d-did you
hurt someone?
Because that doesn't sound
like a very nice thing to do.
- Ha-
- What's wrong?
I think there's-
there's a strong possibility
that I'm losing my mind.
I think
I'm losing my mind.
Come on, Les!
Can't you see me?
I'm standing right here.
Aren't you gonna
finish me off?
It- it's okay.
Everything's gonna
be okay.
Does this door lock
from the outside?
Oh, I- I think so.
Can you- can you
lock me in here?
That doesn't sound like
a very good idea.
Please, I'm not safe
to be around.
You have to let me
take you to the-
ho- ho-
to the E.R.
You have to lock it
from out there.
Uh, hold your horses.
That- that should get you
through till morning.
You really do have
a beautiful voice.
G- g-good night, Les.
Goodbye, super-powers.
I suppose this will be
my last journal entry.
I'm not looking forward to
returning to my old life.
But the truth is,
with so many billions
and billions of people
on the planet,
most of us can't be unique or
important in any meaningful way.
We go to sleep,
we wake up,
We go to work,
we eat,
we spend time
with friends,
We watch TV,
maybe we even fall in love.
But we don't have
any magical powers
and we don't have
any great battles to fight,
no evil forces
to defeat,
and no mysterious men
in suits chasing after us.
We just have reality.
And believing
anything else is just-
well, believing anything else
is just crazy, isn't it?
We better
get out of here.
But he-
We did what
we had to do.
Come on.
Ted, what are
you doing?
You can't make me stop.
You can't make me stop.
You can't make me stop.