Special 26 (2013) Movie Script

Since some time, some
raids conducted by fake CBl..
..has come up before CBl enquiry.
Call us on this phone number
for any doubtful situation.
Hello, sir.
Why do you want to join the bureau?
What, sir?
lntelligence. CBl. Why
do you want to join it?
There's a lot of
corruption in our country.
The entire system's in a mess.
Our enemies are weakening our system.
We need to uproot the enemies, sir.
Will you uproot them?
We'll do it together, sir.
You.. and me.
Republic Day.
'Republic' is a word, which,
if you look up its meaning..
..you see a the picture
of a group of people..
..which guides them to follow rules.
The same republic is
called democracy as well.
The journey of lndia's Republic..
..began 37 years ago,
with 21 cannon salute..
..and with Dr.
Rajendra Prasad hoisting..
..the lndian flag on
26th January, 1950..
..and announced the historical
birth of the Republic of lndia.
Fourjunior constables
and one lady constable..
..along with you will be adequate.
- Yes.
Where are we conducting the raid?
Even l don't know that yet.
Only Mr. Sharma knows for now.
Meet us at Safdurjung in 15 minutes.
Sir, we're getting late.
Sir, don't be tense.
Do you want me to lead?
Are you nervous
because he's a minister..
Ministers are not more
important than the country.
Did you call the police?
Yes, l did.
They will be at
Safdurjung in 15 minutes.
Who is the Sl?
- Ranveer Singh.
Where is my staff?
Your shoelace is untied.
The minister's home?
Let's go.
8% is not too much.
Yourjob's not too easy.
The minister's said yes, otherwise..
Sir, we're from the CBl.
We need to search your house.
So what if you're the CBl,
you cannot barge in like this..
Sir. They're the CBl.
l think they're here
to raid your house.
- Sir.
- Yes, sir.
You look that way.
- Ranveer.
And you look that way.
lf anyone tries to act smart,
don't hesitate to slap them.
Come on, hurry up.
Come on. Everyone, get inside.
Hurry up.
Keep the phone down.
- l..
Keep it down. Come on.
No one will come out.
Guddu's going to eat
this hot sweetmeat.
Eat it.
One more.
Like this..
Who are you?
You can't barge in here.
The CBl has raided your house.
Listen. Believe me,
there's nothing in here.
Handover the cupboard keys.
The key's lost, l don't have it.
Stop joking, handover the keys.
Guddu's father, why
don't you say something?
Why is he asking for the keys?
- Sir.
No point in calling him.
Handover the keys.
- What happened?
Sir, she's not handing
over the cupboard keys.
l don't have it, so how can l..
Break the lock.
- Yes.
Move aside, let him do his job.
What are you doing?
He's broken the lock.
Oh God.
Sir. The minister's salary.
Look.. at that they
found from the cupboard.
Guddu's father.
You never told me about these.
There's nothing here.
The Lord's resting here.
Don't trouble Him.
There's nothing.
At least think about the Lord.
- Sir.
What are you doing? You'll be cursed.
Come on. The Lord's
omniscient One. He won't say a thing.
He'll curse you.
- Madam, please step aside.
You're so mean.
Sir. This too.
- Take all this out.
- Just a minute.
Leave me. Leave me.
lt's his hard earned money,
don't take it away.
Look, you're ruining my clothes.
Let go.
- Guddu's father. Stop them.
Let go.
- Come on, let go of his sweater.
You should be thankful that you still
have the jewellery you're wearing.
You'll be cursed.
We're ruined.
Sir, these are the documents.
Look here, sir.
These are land investments.
Sign here.
- Here.
l've one.
Can we step aside for a minute, sir?
Sir, my PA's really ill-mannered.
He doesn't have the etiquettes..
..of how to talk to an
officer of your calibre.
He's completely insane.
l was saying, sir..
- What's your offer?
How much do you want?
l think that will be fine.
- Yes.
P.K Sharma.
Don't forget the name.
And tell your other corrupt friends..
..to pray that the CBl
don't raid their homes.
And if they do, then PK
Sharma isn't conducting it.
Thankfully, you offered him only two.
- Sir.
Lodge an FlR, make an inventory..
..and report back here.
- Yes.
Take Ranveer Singh's
signature on the GMD..
..you have only 30 minutes left.
- Yes, sir.
Ranveer Singh.
- Sir.
lnform your police
station over the wireless..
..that Joginder's arriving
with all these valuables. - Sir.
You will wait here.
Joginder will lodge an
FlR and come back to you..
..and take your
signature on the GMD and.. - GMD?
What's wrong?
Sir, l..
- Sir?
What's GMD?
ls this your first raid?
Yes, sir.
How do you feel?
Very good, sir. l've become your fan.
First time l'm seeing
the power of honesty.
Such people should be..
Always remember one
thing Ranveer Singh.
True power comes from the heart.
Always remember this in life.
Okay, sir.
Sir, now we..
- Yes.
Go and start the car. Okay.
- Yes.
- Good luck. Well done.
Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
You know what, sir.
Yes, Shanti.
They're doing the real duty.
We're just..
"True power comes from the heart."
What else could l do?
l didn't know what to do.
That minister was still tailing
me even after l slapped him twice.
l was so scared.
The PA was fine, but then..
And what was everyone up to?
lqbal was taking my pictures,
without a reason.
You wanted to lead.
Go ahead and lead.
Hurry up.
Come on, come on.
Here you go.
- Yes, brother.
Now leave.
Old Delhi Station.
- Sit.
Hey mister, will l get a
bus to Jaipur from here?
Here you go.
One for Chandigarh.
Say that again.
Shanti, they..
You know, sir.
l knew something was wrong.
Wait here.
- Yes.
Mr. Minister.
What's wrong?
l've been ruined.
Why do you look so sad?
We made a small mistake.
Good morning, brother Joginder.
- Morning.
Anything in the papers?
Hindi, English, Punjabi,
nothing in either of them.
Sell everything.
We'll meet at the marriage.
Of course.
Raise that higher.
Just a minute.
Anything in the news?
- No.
How are the marriage preparations?
l'm going crazy?
My own marriage
preparations were lot smoother..
.. then my daughter's.
That's normal.
The father's normally at his
tethers on his daughter's marriage.
That's fine.
When are you arriving?
Come soon. l feel alone.
Do you need anything?
No, just come here.
Get me 7-8 cartons
of imported cigarette.
For the wedding guests.
And wait a minute.
What's written here?
A nice watch for the groom.
And a Philips VCR.
And.. what's a Chuser-grinder?
l don't get it.
A nice black pair of
Bata shoes, without laces.
Don't forget.
Perfumes and scents.
And you get anything
else that you like.
How about a car?
- No, l've booked one here.
lnform me about your flight.
l'll send someone to pick you up.
You'll be carrying a lot of luggage.
See you.
Come soon.
Where are you going?
Who will finish the work downstairs,
lazy bums?
- lt's your uncle.
How are you, Rahul?
l'm good. How are you?
l am fine. Where's your papa?
He's washing the clothes.
l'll call him.
Papa. Uncle Ajay's called.
What did you say?
l said you're
washing clothes, what else?
Anything in the papers?
- No.
Why were you washing clothes?
Clothes? No.
My handkerchief was too dirty.
Malti's gone to see the doctor.
Look at that!
Wasting time on the phone.
l asked you to make tea.
And, did you finish
washing the clothes?
lt's a call from the head-office.
Ask them to give you an increment.
You can't even afford a servant now.
l've to do all the chores at home.
We'll meet at the marriage.
Hello. Hello.
- Yes.
Ajay. Don't tell them about this.
They'll tease me to death.
l won't.
See you.
"Who are you?"
"How are we related?"
"What's this bond that binds us?"
"l can't control myself before you."
"Who are you?"
"How are we related?"
Stupid girl. Can't you see?
Grandma, l'm leaving.
Say "See you". You're
not running away, are you?
"Don't ever leave me and go away."
"For my sake."
"Always stay with,
whether it's true of false."
"Orjust an illusion."
"l've tried my best to make you mine."
"Hold my hands so l
can let everyone know."
"Who are you?"
"How are we related?"
What is it?
Wedding invitation.
She's getting married.
To whom?
What now? The groom will be ruined.
Come on, clean the scooter.
Come on, go.
Sir, please.
lf you give me some more time..
.. l will find out who they were.
You don't want to file a complaint?
- No.
What about the investigation?
Look, ACP. l've
already lost everything.
Now this news shouldn't be
leaked out to the press.
That's it.
lfyou can still do anything,
then go ahead.
We cannot do anything without an FlR.
You can suspend these officers.
These two were helping
those thieves the other day.
Sir, let's stop
arguing over those thieves.
Let me tell you, we cannot
do anything without an FlR.
Why don't you understand?
l've a public image.
lf they find out four
people made a fool out of me..
.. it will be the end
of my political career.
No. Let it go.
Ranvir Singh.
- Sir.
Shame on you.
Will we help thieves and robbers now?
You're absolutely right, sir.
The Minister isn't
filing a report, otherwise..
But, there will be a
departmental inquiry.
And, until the inquiry isn't over..
.. you and Shanti are suspended.
Got it.
- Sir.
See you, sir.
That was the right thing to do, sir.
Suspending those two.
Here, sir.
Brother, you're still here.
Let's go. Come on.
That way.
Come on.
Hail the Lord!
Move aside.
Let me sit.
Come on.
You're here.
How are you, Sharma?
Bless you.
Did you get the things?
Hello, son.
Get the things.
Yes, the luggage's right there.
Take all of them.
Are the others here?
- Yes, they are.
They arrived in the morning.
- Where are they?
They're inside.
They must be eating.
Let them eat.
- This is the time for them to eat.
Don't taunt them.
He's here.
Go ahead, eat.
- Congratulations.
Come on.
You didn't eat anything.
You're looking really smart.
- Where are the others?
l'll introduce you to my kids.
This is Sukhwinder.
- Hello.
This is Parminder.
- Hello.
This is Maninder.
- Hello.
This is Jitender.
- Hello.
This is Harminder.
- Hello.
This is Dharmender.
- Hello.
She's getting married, Tinky.
- Hello.
And she's Mrs. Sharma.
- Hello.
And this is Ajay, lqbal, Joginder.
And she's newly born.
We haven't given her a name yet.
That's it.
We didn't have television.
Take a picture.
"Hurry up, or else.. "
"The moon will rise up."
"The tent will be.. "
"Filled with fog."
"l want to bathe in your colour."
"You are so beautiful."
"You look priceless."
"Every time l look at you."
"My heart skips a beat."
"Your face.. "
"Your face covered with tresses."
"lt's so awesome, girl."
"Your face covered with tresses."
"lt's so awesome, girl."
"My friends say."
"Boys are such a flirt."
"My friends say."
"Boys are such a flirt."
"They always sweet-talk girls."
"lf you're one of them."
"lf you break my heart."
"Then what about me?"
"l'm no betrayer,
test me all you want."
"Just spend a night with me."
"l will never leave you, l swear."
"l will love you all my life."
"l am the shadow, you
are the sun, beloved."
"You are priceless, beloved."
"Every time l look at you."
"My heart skips a beat."
"Your face.. "
"Your face covered with tresses."
"lt's so awesome, girl."
"The game of love."
"ls a deceitful one."
"The game of love."
"ls a deceitful one."
"Your freedoms always at stake."
"Once you fall in love."
"You can't get out of it."
"l don't want fall in love ever."
"Love me, trust me just once."
"l will always be with you."
"lfyou give me your heart.. "
".. l will give you everything,
that's my promise."
"We're made for each other."
"You are precious, beloved."
"Every time l look at you."
"My heart skips a beat."
"Your face.. "
"Your face covered with tresses."
"lt's so awesome, girl."
You did the right thing
by attending the marriage.
We had such fun.
How can l not come if you call?
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
Anything else, Mr. Khurana?
You can leave, l'll
talk to you later. - Yes.
Mr. Khurana?
Yes. They think l'm the lG of police.
Think big. The children have grown up.
lt's not like before.
lt's getting scarier.
Last night l had a dream, that..
.. my son-in-law's
come to see me in jail.
And you were nowhere to be seen.
You didn't look properly. l
must be standing right behind you.
Where's the next one?
Where in Kolkata?
Bada Bazaar.
- ls it good?
A week later.
Big or small.
- Small.
Think something big.
We'll need more people do something
big and that means more money.
Had l been doing a job, then l
would've retired at this age.
You've been saying
that for the last 5 years.
No, l'm serious now.
You've been saying
that for the past 3 years.
Here you go.
The tickets and money are in this.
You Joginder and lqbal
will meet me directly.
- Okay.
See you.
Take care.
- Yes.
Run, run, run, run, run.
Stop, stop, stop.
- Come on.
Hi, Aman.
- Hi.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Bye.
Bye, dad.
- Bye.
Father. Call me father.
- Bye, father.
We were about to miss the bus.
- Rahul's called.
Where's your veil?
Yes, Rahul.
l'll be right there.
Something urgent has
come up. l'll be back soon.
Will you go like this?
Yes, it's okay.
Morning, sir.
Are you sure it's him?
- Yes, sir. - He'll be here soon.
Who will identify him?
- Munna, sir.
Don't beat me. Don't beat me, sir. No.
l've children.
- Shut up or we'll beat you more.
Leave me. Let me go.
Why did you beat him so much?
They were gentle
compared to you, Waseem sir.
Sir. Gupta.
ls that him?
- Yes.
Rascal. Come here. ldentify him.
Yes, that's him.
- Sir. - Come on.
Hey. Hey, Gupta. Stop.
Hey, what is it?
CBl. Follow that rickshaw.
Don't come any closer.
l will jump down.
Don't come any closer.
Stay there. l will jump down.
Stay there.
l say stop.
Sir. He's doing the real job.
We're just.
Step aside. Move. Come, sir.
Good morning, teacher.
- Morning.
How are you?
Don't you dare talk
to me. Where were you?
My friend's daughter
was getting married.
l tried to meet you the
other day, but the old man..
- Yes, him.
l tried calling you all evening..
.. but he answered
the call every time.
Did you see the card?
How was it?
Why are you wasting your
father's provident fund?
Grandma really likes the boy.
You look happy.
Do you like that Tukaram as well?
l'm happy because l know..
.. you won't let me
marry that Tukaram.
By the way, what are you waiting for?
For a big tender.
You call your scams and thefts tender.
l still have some shame left in me.
Then why do such
things in the first place?
Because that's the only thing l know.
People are restless..
..and my mind is restless.
Whenever l look at you..
l feel like being good.
ls that why you keep
running away from me?
l try, but l can't.
The marriage is next month, Ajay.
l know.
What ifyou're caught?
There's no one in this
world who can catch me.
Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
And look, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Sir. Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
Did you hear about the
26th January case? - Yes.
Four people conducted a raid
posing as officers of our department.
The minister isn't filing
a case for obvious reasons.
For reasons best known to him.
- Yes.
The minister isn't filing a case..
.. for reasons best known to him.
lt's a simple police case, sir.
You do know that they..
- But still, sir.
Why indulge in such petty..
Do you see that man?
He's the Sl who helped
them conduct the rain.
Poor guy, he was humiliated.
He conducted an investigation..
.. and gathered this information.
There have been 13 such
cases in the last 2 years.
These are the ones that were detected.
No one knows the real number of cases.
Fake CBl, lncome Tax or
ACB teams conduct a raid..
.. and the victims never report.
Rumours are spreading.
There's a theory that they're ex-CBl.
Anyway, we've to stop this nonsense.
They're slandering our name.
Nagpur, Trivandrum. Lucknow.
Sir, it's all over the country.
They mostly target
businessmen and politicians.
Because there's
black money involved..
.. no one wants to report it.
Which party do these
politicians belong to, sir?
They're from every party we know.
l expect you to end
this nuisance immediately.
Yes, sir.
Sir, l haven't received a
promotion and increment yet.
lt's getting difficult
to run the household.
Shall l start accepting bribes?
- Threatening me again.
l'm discussing this matter.
Consider it done from my side.
Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
And in Madras case..
.. they posed as income tax officers.
- l see.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
He's Waseem sir.
He will be handling the case.
Sl Ranveer Singh. Jai Hind.
Why is he standing? Let him sit
- No, l'm fine. - No, sit.
Please. Please. Sit.
- Sit. - Sit.
They made a fool of you, Mr. Ranveer.
Will you tell me
what exactly happened?
lt was the 26th of January.
l was on duty.
l received a call.
'Tughlak Road police station, hello.'
'Jai Hind.'
'Jai Hind.'
- 'Who's this?'
'Sl Ranveer Singh.'
'This is Ajay Singh from CBl ward 16.'
'From additional
director PK Sharma's office.'
'Who is the officer on duty?'
- 'That's me, sir.'
'We need some men, to conduct a raid.'
'How many, sir?'
'Fourjunior constables, and one
lady constable along with you.'
'That will be enough.'
- 'Where's the raid?'
'Even we don't know that.'
'Only Mr. Sharma knows.'
'Meet us at Safdurjung in 15 minutes.
Jai Hind. - Jai Hind.'
Four of them.
- Yes, sir.
'Keep the phone down.'
'Believe me, there's nothing in here.'
'Madam, please step aside.'
'Guddu's papa, stop them.
- Let go of him.'
Ranveer Singh, did
someone tell you or did you..
lfyou had been in my place then..
lf l had been in your place this
situation would've never come up.
l didn'tjoin the CBl to screw up!
l admit my mistake, Waseem sir.
l don't have to listen to your taunts.
l came here because
l needed your help.
lf you help me we can
solve this case quickly.
Otherwise, don't be mistaken
that l've admitted defeat.
lt will take me longer alone..
.. but, l won't rest until
l don't put an end to this.
That's what l wanted to hear.
Co-ordinate with all the
police stations. - Yes, sir.
And Ranveer, you will check all
the police records yourself..
.. because you're the only
one who have seen them. - Sir.
Let's hope we find
their police records.
When can we meet the minister?
Yes. What is it?
Sir, this is Waseem Khan. From CBl.
He's the real one.
Bada Bazaar.
Joginder. - Sir.
- CBl. And you?
- lncome Tax Department.
Mr. Sharma, give me the papers.
Mr. Sharma, the order papers. Quick.
Aggarwal Traders?
- Poddar Traders.
- 214!
What's this? Why do you mess up?
Can't you see the numbers properly?
You'll make me lose my job.
You've grown old.
We were supposed to go to 124..
.. instead you brought us to 214. See?
Sorry, sir.
- Sorry!
lt's time for you to retire.
lt happens sometimes. Things mess up.
Sorry, it was a slight blunder.
You can continue.
You can get on with yourjob,
and we'll get back to ours.
Let's go.
- Yes.
Aggarwal Traders.
We're from the lncome Tax.
No calls allowed. None.
- Sir.. - Quiet.
Sir, there's nothing.
- Where's the key?
Where's the key? - Sir.. -
Get it. - Sir, the accounts..
Sir, what have you done?
l told you won't find anything.
- Shut up.
Come on.
- Sir, sir..
You're tearing the mattress.
Where is it?
- Sir, please.
Where's the money?
- lqbal. - Where's the cash..
Move this mattress. Hurry up.
Hold me.
What's going on?
Clear them out.
What's going on here?
Sign here.
- Sir, sir please.
Sir, can't we reach some compromise.
Sir, please.
- Shall l arrest you?
How will get out of here?
Why don't you understand? Not these.
l'm talking about the ones
in the vault. - Right, sir.
l know. l've seen these.
- Yes.
l need a little help.
- No, no. lt's okay.
Yes, Mr. Banerjee. How are you?
How many people?
No, Mr. Banerjee. Whether
anyone reports this or not..
.. l want this news to be reported.
This has to get printed
in tomorrow's newspapers.
l don't care.
lt has to be printed big and bold.
Alright? Thank you. Goodnight.
Find anything?
- Nothing, sir.
Kolkata, Bada Bazaar.
Afake income tax team
offour conducted a raid.
No business man wants to report this.
But it will still be in
tomorrow's newspapers.
Let's make these rascals nervous.
Bogus lncome Tax..
Four people came dressed..
- Sir.
Found him.
Are you sure?
- 100%.
He said his name was P.K. Sharma..
.. and l can never forget one thing.
'Always remember, Ranveer Singh.'
'Real power comes from the heart.'
'Always listen to your heart.'
lt's definitely him, sir.
They've published about us.
lt's clearly written here
"Four people posed as"..
Ajay, what now?
Mr. Sharma, you always said..
.. "Let's do something big,
and then retire".
Do you have something in mind?
- Mumbai.
ls it worth it?
You'll have to work harder.
lt might be painful,
but the amount is huge.
ls this the right time?
Because, now everyone knows..
.. there's something
called a fake CBl.
This is the best time.
l'll call you later.
Look after yourself.
What's the address?
- Chandigarh.
Shall l get him?
And what will you do after that?
Lock him up, interrogate him.
He'll be released the next day.
No one will testify against him.
Say hello to him.
- Yes, sir.
Tape his calls.
"Even if Lord or
this world forsakes me."
"Even if my body or
my soul deceives me."
"But my beloved, the
love between us.. "
"Let the love
between us stay forever."
When did you arrive?
- Yesterday.
We're leaving now? But my luggage.
No, not today.
Why a taxi?
Where's your car?
l sold it.
Make him quiet.
- Hello.
l'm from the telephone exchange.
- Yes.
ls there a disturbance in the line?
Then why lodge a complaint.
But we didn't.
That's my number.
Then someone else from
your family must have.
Show me your phone.
Here's the phone.
There's a slight disturbance.
l don't hear a thing.
- What are you saying?
Don't you hear a 'Whoosh' sound?
l don't hear anything.
lt's worse for the
caller on the other side.
l'll show you.
These two wires
shouldn't touch each other.
lfthey do, then you
hear that 'Whoosh' sound.
Don't you clean it?
That's the problem.
People don't clean
their telephone sets..
.. and we're
burdened with all the work.
You see, the
circumference can be cleaned..
.. from inside as well as outside.
Let's check.
Hello, sir.
All okay, sir?
Yes, all okay.
Any disturbance?
Gurmeet, disconnect
the call and get out.
Fine, sir.
That's done.
When are you leaving again?
Today evening.
And when will you return?
Because soon the local
police will be looking for me.
ls it important?
Last time.
And what if
something happens this time?
Don't scare me.
We'll meet directly on Thursday now.
4 o'clock, in the airport.
Ajay, l'm willing to
leave with you right now.
Do you have to take this risk?
- Priya..
Why don't you understand?
What if something goes wrong?
Nothing will happen?
- What if something does?
Nothing will happen, Priya?
- Ajay.
lf anything happens to you, l..
Shall l leave you home?
How much more will you leave me?
"Just you.. you dwell in my heart."
"Just like dreams.. in my eyes."
"Without you.. my
eyes brim with tears."
"Without you.. l don't exist either."
"You mean everything to me."
"Just you.. you dwell in my heart."
"Just like dreams.. in my eyes."
"Love.. picks only a handful few."
"Gives them dreams, and sorrows."
"Shatters all their
dreams in a minute."
"lt can ruin one."
"Without you.. my
eyes brim with tears."
"Without you.. l don't exist either."
"You mean everything to me."
"Just you.. you dwell in my heart."
"Just like dreams.. in my eyes."
Sister.. Sister..
"The journey that's love..
is a short one."
"But lovers.. are
always treading on this path."
"The path of love is
a never-ending one."
"lt's undying."
"Without you.. my
eyes brim with tears."
"Without you.. l don't exist either."
"You mean everything to me."
"Just you.. you dwell in my heart."
"Just like dreams.. in my eyes."
Operator, 0172225463.
- Hello.
Yes, Ajju.
Did you get the tickets?
Yes, l did.
Did you talk to Joginder and lqbal?
Yes, l did.
They will meet you at Delhi Airport.
l see.
What's wrong? You sound worried.
Nothing, just tired.
You're not allowed to tire right now.
Once we do this lastjob,
you can retire for good.
See you tomorrow at
the airport. Goodnight.
Goodnight, son.
"Did you talk to Joginder and lqbal?"
"Once we do this last job,
you can retire for good."
Yes, Deepak.
Where did Sharma get
the last call from?
Bombay, Sea Castle.
Room no?
Sir, Sharma received a call
from some Ajju from Bombay.
Ajju's staying in Sea Castle,
room no. 1453.
Sir, Sharma will be meeting..
.. some Joginder and lqbal
at Delhi airport tomorrow.
And they will leave for
Bombay in the evening.
Ajju will pick them up
from Bombay airport.
Sir, they were mentioning
something about a lastjob.
Send someone after Sharma.
l want details of
his every movement..
.. from Chandigarh to here.
Call Solanki at Bombay office..
Sir, Solanki's been transferred.
Who's been appointed in his place?
Solanki, sir.
Tell him to get all the
information on Ajju's.
And book three tickets
for tomorrow for Bombay.
Yes, sir.
Show me this one again.
l'll be back soon.
- Don't worry.
Fix the bedroom latch.
- Yes.
And look after him. Okay.
See you. Okay.
See you.
That's the three.
Excuse me. Phone please.
20 rupees.
Thank you.
That man who just left, what
ad did he give you to publish?
This one.
Follow that taxi. Come on.
Here you go.
- Jai Hind.
You've to keep an eye on the
people thatjust went inside.
Sir, this is our team and..
.. they will be
working with us on this team.
Okay, let's start from Ajju.
Sir, he's been staying in
Hotel Sea Castel since yesterday..
.. under the name ofA. K Wardhan.
He's given a address of
Trivandrum in the register.
l checked it out, sir.
That address was a fake.
Sir, today morning he left the
hotel and went to 'Jhari Mandi'.
lt's a notoriously famous
place known for forgery.
Sir, from there he went to a
local ad booking agency in Bandra.
He's booked this ad for tomorrow.
Wanted 50 dynamic graduates..
.. for intelligence
officer's post and secoo..
- Yes, security officer's post.
Males and females come personally..
.. for interview with bio-data,
.. passport size photo
on 18th March, 1987..
.. at Hotel Sea Castle.
Enquiry counter
between 10 am and 5 pm.
What's this..
- This is really big, Ajju.
Because it's the last one.
But why do you need so many people?
Because it's a big job.
Consider that we'll
need public support.
They're planning something big.
Where else did Ajju go?
From Bandra he went to the airport.
He picked up the three and then hotel.
- Sir.
We need a new base.
The closer to their hotel,
the better. - Yes.
l need 10-12 people
for their interview.
Give me some really smart men..
.. who can crack their interview.
Let's find out what they exactly want.
- Sir.
Why not go ask Sharma directly?
Ranveer, l know why you're
in a hurry to meet Sharma?
But, use my mind as well.
Do you get that?
The place?
Bhuvan Das Singhania Jewels.
Opera House.
You're great.
Calm down. Calm down.
You're great.
- Calm down.
You're great.
All you do is eat and
sleep the entire day.
You don't move a muscle.
Look at this ad. Read it.
Do well.
Don't be afraid.
Where are you going, son?
ln.. in.. in..
Okay, l get it.
Okay, then. Alert everyone.
Okay. Next.
Akhilesh Chaudhary.
- Yes, sir.
Did anyone ask you to sit down?
- Sorry, sir.
Kapil Gorkar, sir.
Sanjay More, sir.
- Rajiv Gupte.
Richa Singh, sir.
Anuj Chandra.
- Speak louder.
Anuj Chandra!
Kishen Chaudhary, sir.
Name, Kamini.
Age, 21.
Vital stats, 36-28-36.
- Sit, sit.
You please sit.
Why do you want to join the bureau?
There's a lot of
corruption in our country.
The entire system's in a mess.
Our enemies are weakening our system.
We need to uproot the enemies, sir.
Will you uproot them?
- We'll do it together, sir.
You.. and me.
We've to put an end
to corruption, sir.
l want to do something
for the country, sir.
Because, l'm born intelligent, sir.
l want to eradicate all the thieves.
What's the full form of CBl?
Central Bank of lndia.
Central Bureau of lnvestigation.
Central Bank of lndia, sir.
Central Bureau of lnvestigation.
Prashant Pathak.
- Avinash Seth, sir.
Sachin Goenka, sir.
Sir, Sudeep Chatterjee.
- Sir, Arun Kakodkar.
Prakash Madhav, sir.
Where else have you
worked prior to this?
l'm a writer, sir.
Shall l narrate something?
Do you know how to drive a car?
l was born on the driver's seat.
How many?
Around 150 since morning.
Did you see anyone?
No, sir.
Why do you think you're
the right person for the job?
Sir, l..
- Please answer in English.
Because l am honest, sir.
Because l want to do
something to my country.
l love my country.
l want to do.. my country.
l am honest and disciplined, sir.
l am hardworking, sir.
Even when l was a small kid,
l wanted to do my country.
And l've good work ethics.
People's wanted to be film-stars,
.. but l always
wanted to be lntelligence.
Wait outside.
The results of this
interview will be announced at 5pm.
- Yes, sir.
Nitin Pande.
- Yes, sir.
Arun Kakodkar.
- Yes, sir.
Prakash Yadav.
- Sir.
Avinash Seth.
- Yes, sir..
Randir Belapurkar.
- Yes, sir.
Sanjay More.
- Yes, sir.
Minal Jain.
- Yes, sir.
Jagan Damodar.
Sir, it was Rane.
More and Gupte have been selected.
Congratulations, sir.
And, Kishen Chaudhary.
Congratulations, all of you.
Thanks, sir.
But, l am sorry..
all of you can leave.
Thank you.
- They've chosen the wrong people.
Many, many congratulations.
My name is A.K. Wardhan.
You are Special 26.
You've proven to be the smartest,
.. and the best.
But our selection
process isn't over yet.
Stand straight. Straight!
Tomorrow morning at 11 am
you will all report here.
Short hair, and formally dressed.
Mr. Roy and Mr.
Shukla, will give a lecture.
This class will last two hours.
Post-lunch you will
have a final exam..
.. which we call practical.
ln the practical, you'll
be a part of our CBl team..
.. that will conduct a raid.
The whole idea of putting
you guys in this situation..
.. is to verify ifyou
can handle pressure or not.
Or let me correct myself,
whether you can handle..
.. extreme pressure or not.
Hey. Don't be scared, get it.
Yes, sir.
- Good.
- Yes, sir.
CBl is notjust wind, its Tsunami..
Whoever it maybe, Whoosh.
That's all. We will sweep him up!
- Boss.
When you say it once, it's
like saying it a hundred times!
- Yes, sir.
Do yourjob with hard work..
.. that law-breakers start
sweating thinking about us.
Yes, sir.
There's 4 of you and 22 of them.
This isn't discrimination.
4 ofyou can do what these 22 can.
l believe and trust you.
Thank you, sir.
Remember one thing.
Real power comes from the heart.
Don't ever be scared
of anyone in life.
- Yes, sir.
After the completion of the raid..
.. you will all report back here,
and if nothing goes wrong..
.. everyone will get
their appointment letter.
And then, you can all
throw a small party for all.
Sure, sir.
Ladies and Gentlemen, you're
just one step away from..
.. becoming a part of lndia's
best and intellectual agency.
CBl means, that you love your
country above everything else.
CBl means, that you will
live for your country..
.. and that you will
die for your country.
CBl means, that you're the best.
Are you the best?
- Yes, sir.
l can't hear you.
- Yes, sir!
l still can't hear you.
- Yes, sir!
These discussions
shouldn't leave this room.
Do you understand?
- Yes, sir!
Thank you, sir.
Good luck.
For a minute l
forgot that we're thieves.
They asked us the full form of CBl.
They even asked me my favourite song.
They've asked us to report
at the conference room..
.. tomorrow at 11 am,
for some lecture.
They said we'll go out
for a raid post-lunch.
- They haven't said that yet.
Anything else? - They said
"Congratulations, l'm the best".
He said "l am the best", sir.
You can go and report their tomorrow.
Be sharp and alert.
See you.
- Bye.
- Goodnight.
Sleep well.
- Goodnight.
Who is it?
Room service, sir.
"The queen of my dreams,
when will you come."
"Life is passing.."
Come in.
How are you, Mr. Sharma?
We're from the CBl.
The real one.
So, Mr. Sharma.
You like playing cops-and-robbers,
don't you?
No, l was just..
l will ask you some questions,
and you will have two options.
Firstly, you will deny everything..
.. and say you don't know anything.
ln that condition, we'll
be compelled to do it and..
.. in places, which was never
done to you before by anyone.
lt will cause you a lot
of pain but, believe me..
.. you will suddenly
remember everything in detail.
l.. l..
Your second option is that
you cooperate with us..
.. and save our time and effort.
This option won't
cause you any pain..
.. and you can expect us to
be slightly lenient with us.
So, let's begin.
First question,
where's your fake CBl team..
.. going to conduct a raid tomorrow?
Bhuvandas Singhania Jewels.
What time?
- 3 pm.
What's Special 26?
lt.. was a big place,
so we thought..
.. ifwe have more men with us..
So you put an ad in the paper..
.. stating "Come one, come all,
it's a big heist. Help us".
What's the plan?
Tomorrow morning
we'll give them training.
l mean we'd explain them their role..
.. like what to do, how to do it.
We would explain them
all that and prepare them.
And then at 2:30, our
bus would reach the hotel.
We were supposed to go
to Opera House in it..
.. and conduct a big raid.
"We're from the CBl! No one moves!"
"Come on, start."
"Come on, get it."
"Get in, quickly."
"Come on, come on, quickly."
"Hurry up."
Listen! Listen! Please sir!
Sorry sir! Sorry!
"Pick up everything."
We would flee before
anyone knew what happened?
We planned to loot 2
crores in 30 minutes.
What's yourAjju's background?
He wanted tojoin the CBl.
He had cleared the written exam.
But failed in the interview.
He failed in the exam and he was hurt.
So he started a fake CBl team.
How many raids have
you conducted so far?
We were supposed to
complete half century tomorrow.
What the..
l've to admit one thing.
There's just four of you..
.. but you've spread a chaos.
Not four.
People like him help us as well.
Sir, can l talk to him
in private for a minute?
Why a minute, you can talk
to him all you want tomorrow.
So, tell us, Mr. Sharma.
Do you want to be safe
or go down with them?
Let me tell you jail isn't a
great place for people ofyour age.
Sir.. sir, another option.
l've children.
You should've thought that before.
l did..
Tell us. We don't have time.
Mr. Sharma.
What will l have to do?
Just do as you were supposed to.
Forget that we ever met.
Everything should go
as it was supposed to.
Let me tell you, that a
few of our officers..
.. are in your Special 26 team.
So don't try to act smart.
l want to arrest them, not kill them.
What's wrong?
l just remembered something.
Ajju always said "There's
no one who can catch him".
Over-confidence has led to the
downfall of many, Mr. Sharma.
Ajju's no different.
Will you treat him too harsh..
Stop worrying about him
and think about yourself.
Get some sleep.
You've a busy day tomorrow.
Brief More and Gupte again.
We'll meet tomorrow morning.
Goodnight, sir.
- Goodnight.
- lt's okay.
All that money for one drink?
How much?
- 30 ml.
Anything smaller?
- No, sir.
Fine. Get me this one.
Okay, sir.
- Wardhan.
What do you do, Mr. Wardhan?
Excuse me, sir.
Sir, your drink.
Sir, soda?
- l didn't ask for soda.
Sir, it's complimentary.
Go ahead, pour it. That's it.
Sir, water.
- Yes.
What do you do?
What are you saying?
The government works?
- Oh.. Cheers.
You've a lot of
complaints with the government.
Only the weak complain, Mr. Waseem.
And people like you.
People like me just have
their drink and live their life.
What else?
What a thought.
- Sir.
Put the tab on my room.
- Sure, sir.
Goodnight, Mr. Waseem.
- Goodnight.
Wardhan sir.
- Yes.
l think you dropped your money.
ls this yours?
Yes, it's mine.
Thank you.
What an attitude?
l will hunt him down personally.
Nitin Srivastav.
Kapil Gorekar. Archana Mansekar.
- Thank you.
Minal Jain. Harish Pendekar.
Good morning. - Good morning,
sir. - Good morning, sir.
Hail Krishna! Hail Krishna!
Sir. Look there.
Yes, Solanki sir.
Magandas, this is Mr.
Waseem Khan, from CBl.
Why CBl..
Did you see that?
That's exactly what they bank on.
Did you steal anything?
- No.
- No.
Then why are you so scared of the CBl?
Something terrible going
to happen with you instead.
Your shop's going to be looted.
- What?
Around 3 pm.
Around 30 people will come here..
.. posing as CBl
officers and loot your shop.
Do you want to avert it?
Are you telling me
or giving me a choice?
Do you have a safer place?
- Yes.
My workshop.
- How far?
20 minutes from here.
We'll replace your
store's jewellery..
.. with your fake
jewellery that's marked. - Yes.
Shift the entire stock in your shop..
.. to your workshop in half an hour.
Half an hour! How is it possible, sir?
lt's possible, sir.
They were going to loot your
shop in 30 minutes. - l see.
Only your staffwill
stay in your shop.
Your shop will be
closed for the public.
Some of officers will wait
for them posing as customers.
Sir, when you know all this..
.. why don't you arrest them?
- Yes.
One cannot be punished for
thinking of such crimes.
Only for committing it.
And only if we've evidence.
Remember that, there's
no authority over you.
No one has the power to stop you.
No one can stop you.
And no one has the power
to come between you..
.. and your duty.
- Yes, sir.
l am leaving.
Keep this in there.
Keep this over there.
l'll make a call.
- Yes, sir.
- Rahul, what's going on there?
Training, sir.
Anything to worry?
- Nothing, sir.
- Sir.
No madam, today the shop
is closed for customers.
You please come tomorrow.
l want a sniper there.
- Yes.
Send few of your men
to both the lanes.
Two on that corner and two on
that one, dressed in civil. - Okay.
Our vehicle should be stationed..
.. exactly where they park their bus,
to block it. - Okay, sir.
Open it. Quickly.
- Load it.
Quickly. Quickly.
How much longer?
- Sir.
Sir. Just a few more minutes.
- Shut down.
Load the jewels and check the CCTV.
- Sir.
Okay, guys.
You can have your lunch now.
See you in 30 minutes.
Thank you, sir.
What's wrong?
Can't handle it anymore.
l've grown old.
This is the last one.
Enjoy it.
Don't worry. l'm leading today.
You can leave them in the bus.
l will come along with
Joginder and lqbal in the car.
Yes, Rahul. - Sir, its lunch-break.
They're on schedule.
Fine, inform me as soon as
the bus leaves from there.
Right, sir.
ls everyone ready?
- We're fully ready, sir.
- CCTV's working perfectly, sir.
Find out where has the van reached?
- Sir.
Keep it there.
Take position.
- Yes, sir.
You understand that.
Mr. Roy.
- Yes, sir.
The bus's no is MR - 2431.
Okay, out.
Listen, everyone. Listen.
The bus has just left the hotel.
lt will be here in 30 minutes.
lf anyone wants to use
the bathroom, do it now.
Wait for my signal.
Do not.. l repeat, nobody
will move until l signal.
- Yes, sir.
Ranveer. Check the status outside.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes.
What are you doing here?
Get to your positions. - Sir.
Sir, we're doing the real job.
They're just..
'You'll have to work hard,
might pain you as well.'
'But the money involved is huge.'
'ls the timing right?'
'There can't be a better time.'
Stop at the left.
- Sir.
What's this?
Police Headquarters, sir.
Kishen, l'll go
verify the order papers.
The rest ofyou get to
Bhuvandas Singhania Jewellers..
.. and wait for me and Wardhan sir.
No one will get down from the bus..
.. as long we get there.
That's an order!
Yes, sir.
- Good.
Let's go.
Just a minute, sir.
- Yes.
Sir, which way to Metro Cinema?
Go straight and take a left.
Thank you.
Yes. - So, you wanted to
talk to me in private?
You were acting too smart.
l'll slap you.
Come on, change your
clothes in the jeep. - Yes.
- Sir.
How are you?
- Fine.
Stop at the side.
- Sir.
Don't let anyone in.
- Yes, sir.
Who are you?
Come on. This is a CBl raid.
Everyone stop working.
Come on. Stop working.
lt's a CBl raid.
- Stop your work.
Stop your work.
- Stop working.
Close that file. l said.. Come on.
Get up. Get up.
Stop your work.
Madam, come on. Hurry up.
This way.
- Come on. Get out.
Leave him. Hurry up.
Check their account books.
Check their account books.
No one will touch the account books.
Keep the account books down.
Hey. Keep the phone down?
- What's written here?
What are these entries?
- l don't know, sir.
lt's not my mistake.
- Give me that account book.
What is this?
- Sir, l don't know.
What's this?
All your goods can be seized?
Do you know that?
You don't have one proper paper.
- Sir.
Roy. Seize everything.
- But, sir..
Shut up!
- Sir asked me to do this.
Bring your sir to
Crime Branch. Come on.
Open the vault door. Come on.
- Sir, l will lose my job.
Good that you do.
- Sir.
Open it, quickly.
Come on. You two, out. Out.
You haven't got a single
proper entry in this register.
Come with me..
- Listen to me..
What's written here?
What's this?
Keep this inside.
This one too.
Greed is not good.
Keep that out.
That one too.
Keep that one.
Yes, that one too.
Sign here. Write your name here. Name.
Come on, hurry up.
Yes, thank you.
- Hurry up.
Quickly, quickly.
- Yes, there.
Hurry up.
- Finish.
Here's your share.
- Madam, a little more.
Get lost.
- l worked so hard.
l will break your face.
You were over-acting.
l was paid less for
the ACP's role as well.
l'm being paid less here too.
- Get lost.
Take care.
We'll meet again soon.
See you.
- Soon.
Come here.
Oh God!
Here to conduct a raid?
lf you're here to
conduct a raid, then go ahead.
What are you doing inside?
Waiting for the boss.
Where's the boss?
He's on the way.
Get lost.
Hurry up.
How much longer.
Got it.
What are you saying?
Sir, the CBl raided
Magandas's workshop.
- Yes, sir.
We just received a call.
- Yes, sir.
The workshop?
- Yes, sir.
'He was humiliated.'
'He conducted an investigation.. '
'.. and gathered this information.'
'Why is he standing? Let him sit.'
'No, sir. l am fine.
- Come on.'
'They made a fool ofyou, Ranveer.'
'l came here because
l needed your help.'
'lf you help me, this
case will be solved faster.'
'l'll have to admit one thing.'
'There are just four of you,
but you've spread chaos.'
'Not four.'
'People like them help us as well.'
How wonderful.
Just remembered.
'Ajju always used to say,
there's no one who can catch him.'
Solanki, come here.
Yes, sir.
- How many people in our team?
Sir, counting you, me,
Rahul and Ranveer around 27.
Ranveer isn't a
police officer, Solanki.
Ranveer was Ajju's aide..
.. who came to our office
posing as a police officer.
And we believed him.
'Jai Hind.
- Who's this?'
Shanti, Sl Delhi, it's all a fake.
You, along with four
junior constables..
.. and one female
constable will be enough.
We'll meet at Safdurjung.
- They were all in this.
They.. they are all fake!
'Are you sure? - 100%.'
We didn't know, but we
were playing for their team.
We're Special 26, Solanki.
The rascals didn't
just rob the shop..
.. but also the workshop.
Yes, sir.
Where can l find some water?
What, sir?
Handful of water.
"You'll find me
everywhere l go, l know that."
"l now belong to you, since l know,
that's your influence."
"l close to you, in your feelings."
"ln your memories."
"Now you dwell in me."
"Who are you?"
"How are we related?"
"What's this bond that binds us?"
"l can't control myself before you."
"Who are you?"
"How are we related?"
We're here. Stop, stop, stop.
The bus is here.
Thank you.
- Come, son.
Thank you.
- Very good.
- Let's go.
Bye, dad.
- Go.
Waseem sir.
There's a money-order for you.
Money-order? From where?
Laxmipur, Bhojpur, District Bihar.
What? How much?
100 rupees.
And yes, there's a message as well.
"Waseem sir, l wanted to
return it personally.. "
".. but l am helpless."
May be.. - "Your
hard-earned money is no use to me."
"Yours, Ajju."
'lt's yours, isn't it?'
'Yes, it is.'
'Thank you.'
Here you go.
We were about to miss the bus..
- Rahul's called.
Yes, Rahul.
- Sir, we've information about them.
Couple ofyears ago,
maybe three years ago.
One would have never
associated him with a shot like this.
But l think he has
come to learn and life..
..in one day cricket and has
played some really good shots.
Once more, he has to do it.
"ln the youth, was on the streets.
Half the world are sinners."
"Who is original, all is a copy.
Whole life is hectic."
"His neck, his legs. His
loin cloth, her veil."
"His finger, his hair, hold
it and get your work done."
"Don't be over confident,
life is catch and hold."
"Catch and hold."
"Catch the thief by his tail.
Everything is related to food."
"Police and thieves, cat and mouse..
..whether it is Mumbai,
Patna or Delhi."
"Everyone is playing catch.
But money has a good hold."
"The world is an animal,
money leads this animal."
"The money should come any how.
Whether white or black."
"Everyone is running
after this money."
"There is a lot of attitude with
this. lf its black then catch it."
"Catch and hold."
"Youth is stuck in
the yes or no of love."
"lf she says yes,
then movie and coffee."
"lf she says no, then sister,
forgive me."
"The world comes in between,
but love continues."
"Whether you have sense or no,
still it continues."
"Catch the one on the way."
"Catch and hold."
A PuLi - DDR Presentation