Special Delivery (2022) Movie Script

A M Pictures production
Executive producer
Baekgang Company!
Is Baekgang Company here?
This one isnt worth taking at all.
- Well sell off the scrap metal.
Written by PARK DAE-MIN
Directed by PARK DAE-MIN
You shouldve called
a regular cab, not here.
Maybe you did call the right place.
Whats your destination?
Well, its a special delivery.
We transport anything
that regular post carriers cant.
Well deliver anything
in anyway we can.
Holy cow!
A 940?
Fix it up.
Did you catch a lot today?
- Not much today.
Surprise situations?
We only deliver.
Youre in charge of the rest.
But while on the job,
well do what it takes to deliver.
Dont worry.
My beer!
Boss! Not again!
Of course.
Stop drinking my beer!
- Send me the clients picture.
Our driver will give more details.
Thanks for calling.
No drunk driving!
- I have a date tonight.
Can you drive for me, boss?
What date?
You dont have any friends.
Chief Jang.
Do a special delivery later.
Only with 15% overtime pay.
- 5%.
Lets run!
- Boss! Thats it!
- Open the door!
Why keep the door locked!
What? A girl?
A girl?
- What?
Its a girl!
You idiot!
- Sorry, boss.
Think the chick can do the job?
If we dont leave now,
youll miss the ship, boss.
Damn it!
Isnt that Jong-taes men?
If you fail, youre dead.
Seatbelts, please.
- Im wearing it.
Itll be $60 extra
for the no seatbelt fine.
Watch it!
Youre good.
DAESONG POR Pull over now!
Shut up!
Stop the car now!
Floor it!
You cant go in there!
No way! Stop!
It wont fit!
Now what!
Perfect! Right on time.
Youre damn good.
Send me your resum.
What is this, my tip?
Its not a tip.
Its an offer.
How about working for me?
Apart from selling liquor,
I never asked a girl to work for me.
Think of it as an honor.
Thank you.
No offer needed.
Hey! Whos your boss!
Bring me some coffee!
Chief Jang.
I should raise your salary
from 60:40 someday.
How about 50:50 from tomorrow?
I wish I could,
but reality says I cant.
Dont just wish, why not just do it?
50:50 means were partners.
Then I cant call you
Chief Jang anymore.
Itd be CEO Jang, maam!
And the 60% isnt all for me.
I pay for rent and such
for the business.
If its not going to be 50:50,
dont bring it up again.
I didnt even take a puff!
- You never listen to the doctor.
Live long, boss.
Youre my meal ticket.
How about a barbecue instead?
Lets have beef!
Short ribs? Sirloin?
Your call!
- Yay!
Sometimes they dont eat beef
and sometimes its pork.
What do they eat?
Who said we dont eat beef?
Indians dont eat beef.
Hes Pakistani.
Hes Bangladeshi.
Muslims dont eat pork.
Beef is not that expensive.
You boys always confuse me.
If you eat curry, youre all Indian!
Thats Eun-has!
Who? Chief Jang?
- Yup.
The high and mighty lady
who can drive?
Chief Jang who likes to eat alone?
Did she go home?
Why do you care so much?
Youre not family.
Dont even think about dating!
Dont eat it! Ill eat it all!
As the Korean Baseball League
is on record to reach 8 million viewers,
a case casts a cloud over
the success.
Pitcher Lee Do-young
of the Dragons,
held a press conference today
to blow the whistle on match fixing.
Where is it?
The police is investigating
a broker
and an illegal sports gambling site
for match fixing.
Here is Lee Do-youngs
press conference.
A walk or 1 point loss per inning
are not difficult,
so I got $2000 to $5000 each.
If I gave up many points
and crucial plays to lose,
I got over $10.000
or luxury brand watches and clothes.
Dad! Youre on TV!
- What?
The former baseball player
who Lee pointed out as a broker,
is Kim Du-shik, who retired early
and appeared on various TV shows.
As the gambling site has been
successful despite Kims bold actions,
police suspect his close ties
with public officials.
Whyd they use
a picture like that?
There are lots of
good pictures of me, right?
Stop doing that!
Kim Seo-won! Done packing?
You didnt pack at all!
Hurry up!
Ta? Taboo.
Hoo? Hoopy.
I dont think thats a word.
I enjoyed another meal today.
Like and subscribe! Come on!
See you all tomorrow! Bye!
Why dont more bastards
subscribe to my damn channel?
Quiet down when Im on live,
you damn pigs!
Heres the money.
By the way, what about the ship?
9:00 p.m. tomorrow. Pyeongtaek Port.
- Pyeongtaek Port at 9:00 p.m.?
The deal is done.
Do you have a ride?
- My car is outside.
What? Youre driving there?
Then, take a taxi?
A taxi? Shit!
Youre unbelievable!
90% of those trying to smuggle out
get caught before they reach the ship.
Really? What do I do?
Theres a special way that guarantees
you reach your destination.
I recommend it.
- How much?
$10.000 each. No discounts.
Want me to set you up or not?
Ill take it.
Awesome! Come on!
Bring me my phone.
Who are you people?
Im Jesus. Hes Moses.
Split apart.
Try it again.
What the?
What brings you here?
Its my first time
in this new office.
- You went on vacation?
Everyone takes their kids abroad
on English camps these days, sir.
An English camp for kids in Macao?
I had to transfer there, sir.
Its your gift, boss.
- Anytime, sir.
Suddenly came to collect, sir?
- Dont you watch the news?
The news, sir?
If I gave up many points...
- Its Lee Do-young.
and crucial plays to lose,
I got over $10.000.
A walk or 1 point loss per inning
are not difficult...
I know you or Du-shik did this.
Please, boss. Its not me.
I swear.
I had nothing to do with that.
The bank security fob is gone.
Yesterday, you ordered Kim to...
I ordered Kim?
- To bring it, sir.
You idiot!
How much is in our account?
- About $30 million, sir.
Know why I made you co-CEOs?
Because Kim was able to
win over current players and...
Because I have my MBA?
- Damn it!
Because I dont trust you!
To hold each other in check!
But you thought I told Kim
to bring you the security fob?
Here. Scratch it.
If you win, Ill believe you.
Then you can just disappear
and go into hiding.
If I dont win?
If you dont,
Ill think of something.
Scratch it.
Yes, sir.
Ill take the fault, sir!
Ill go in and be investigated.
Ill do anything for you, boss!
Please forgive me just this once?
Is it no smoking in here?
No, sir.
That loser has no guts.
At least, Kim Du-shik
is gambling with his life.
Dont answer it.
Hes calling again!
- Dont answer it!
Kim Du-shik?
You answered your phone?
Sounds like youre driving,
so Ill be brief.
You know the $300.000 or so
you took?
Keep it.
Its okay. Its your severance pay.
But hand over the security fob.
Only I know the bank.
You cant get the $30 million.
Answer me, Kim.
Ill give it back.
When I arrive safely
far away from you.
Ill give it to you,
so dont chase me, bastard!
Or else Ill get rid of it for good!
Are you out of your mind?
Ill come to you before you know it.
Just wait.
Ill get you soon.
- Try it, you son of a bitch!
Lets see if I lose my head
or you lose...
Slept well? Are you hungry?
My baby!
Watch the house
till Mommy comes back.
I work hard to provide
for you, baby.
Say, Have a nice day, Mommy.
Say, Cheer up.
Itll be another good day.
You silly bastard.
See you later.
Drive safely.
The bottom is all scratched up.
Did you fall asleep at the wheel?
I should be the one on the road!
Watch it.
Check on the front camber.
The grip sucks when I turn.
Yes, sir!
Chief Jang!
- Yes.
Its a job in Seoul.
Pyeongtaek Port, 9:00 p.m.
Pyeongtaek Port?
Is this job for Lim Ki-bang?
I told you not to take his gigs.
Theyre messy.
It pays a lot.
If its messy, just dust it off.
You know the drill.
- Just call them a cab.
Come on!
Why do you think they called us?
They have their reasons.
I couldnt care less.
But we make a living off
those reasons.
All of a sudden?
- 50:50.
Im only going to deliver.
If its not packaged right,
Im coming back.
Whatever you say, CEO Jang.
Uijeongbu Baseball Park.
Pick up at 8:00 p.m.
Drop off at Pyeongtaek Port.
Heres the client plus one more.
Therell be one backup car
at Pyeongtaek Port.
Get your own, if you need more.
- If things go wrong?
Take public transportation
and call with a 2G phone.
Here is the main entrance.
This is a side entrance.
There are two more here.
The client will be here.
This is you.
Where will you meet them?
Ill go here. If I go on the roundabout,
it could be checkmate.
Right. And if flies tail you,
you can go here and lose them.
Then take the beltway.
- Okay.
Whats this blocking off
the intersection?
Thats just my lighter.
Why do you always forget things?
Drive safely.
- Yes, sir.
- She forgot this, too.
Just one more. The last strike!
What a nave son of a bitch.
Ill meet you there.
I only won 8 games at most
in a season.
But you can win 20
and go to the Major Leagues!
You told me not to play baseball.
You hate it.
Who says I hate baseball?
Baseball hated me.
Our ride is here!
Dang. That bastard cant even run?
BOSS CHO Why is this on?
Go to the other side.
- Hey, Du-shik!
Why dont you answer your phone?
Hey, Du-shik!
Seo-won. Look at me.
Make sure you dont lose this.
Memorize 6162.
Remember the fork by the entrance?
Find a car with plate 6162.
Thats our ride.
Im starving.
Lets get this over with!
Take my phone. If you forget,
turn it on to see then turn it off!
Take it.
- What about you?
Ill be right behind you.
Ill call you with this.
Stop. Dont cry.
A mans gotta have guts!
Got it?
Now, go!
Where is he?
Did you eat?
Get lost, assholes!
Out of my way, bastards!
Cho Kyeong-pil!
I played baseball as a boy.
Howd it go?
Was it like this?
I gave you a chance!
To bleed bastards like you dry!
I let you be a CEO!
But you stabbed me in the back!
Stabbed? Do you even feel pain?
Look Du-shik.
Ill ask you one last time.
Wheres the security fob?
Come on, man! Just tell me!
Where is it?
I ate it.
What did you say?
Cut my gut and take it.
Fine, I will.
Hurry Dad...
Is it a no-show?
Find him.
Scatter out!
There he is!
Open up! Please!
Help me!
- Kid! Come here! Stop!
Help me, please!
Open the door!
Plate 6162!
Stop him!
Stop the car!
Stop! What the hell?
Damn it!
The security fob isnt here.
The kid must have it.
As I came,
Du-shik was happy to see my car.
He waved like this!
He was waiting for his ride.
Come out now.
The bitch who took him is good.
- What?
It was a girl!
Call Chief Woo.
Hello, sir.
Im doing the laundry.
Yes, sir.
Wait for me!
- Im Kim Seo-won.
You left this.
Stop following me and go.
Take the subway over there.
I have nowhere to go.
- Thats not my business.
What if the gangsters come for me?
Call the cops.
- Dad said not to go to the cops!
Didnt you come to rescue me?
- But you saved me before.
I came to make money.
- I have money!
Forget it.
Dad said hell call.
Please stay with me until then.
Chief Jang! Explain yourself.
Its a delivery glitch.
- Shit.
Are you with the client?
- Nope. Just his kid.
This is bad.
You cant make a return, huh?
I told you not to take the gig!
Lim Ki-bang, that asshole!
Pull out.
Ill cut lines with him.
Come back now.
Got the delivery fee?
- Not yet.
He left some money with the kid.
You gotta get paid.
Drop him off somewhere.
Hold on.
Im Kim Seo-won.
- Do you have a mom?
No grandma or grandpa?
No aunts or uncles?
Got any friends?
- Do you, maam?
Hes got no one.
Find a place for me, boss.
Make it quick.
Lets do this.
I know a guy who deals with kids.
Leave the boy with him.
Then the delivery is done.
I have a dot here, too.
Wanna play word chain?
Word chain, please?
- Just sleep.
Typical games suck.
Suck? Youre good!
But sentences dont count.
It has to be a word.
- Kid!
Im Kim Seo-won.
Dont call me maam.
Then what should I call you?
- Just dont.
High shot!
Sent by Mr. Baek?
Are you Se-won?
Im Seo-won.
Right Se-won. Come with me.
Want it?
Did you starve him?
Eat slowly.
Hows Mr. Baek doing?
I havent seen him in so long.
What do you do?
- Why?
Think Ill make him sell gums?
Thats illegal now.
We do things legally to...
Youre done already?
Want another one?
Why you...
Lets go.
Thank the lady.
Thank you.
Give my regards to Mr. Baek.
Come on.
Finished the delivery?
- Yes.
Okay. Well done.
Did you count the delivery fee?
- Ill do it later.
You didnt yet?
Must I do that now?
Just in case the kid paid wrong.
Count it!
Its more than enough!
Dont scream.
You always count the delivery fee!
Whats with you today?
Fine! Ill count it!
Whats he doing with him?
Wheres the kid?
He went into poo for so long.
Is he constipated?
Captain? Why the blood?
- What blood?
Its nothing. Split apart.
Heard Kim Du-shiks body was found
in the fire at the baseball park?
Yes, sir!
- Right after the fire,
a car was seen speeding out
of the park.
Its an old BMW.
This is the car
we received a tip on.
This is from an intersection
near the ballpark before the fire.
The license plate
is from an expired vehicle.
Its obviously a get-away car.
Kim Du-shik was murdered after this.
See? Theres a kid inside now.
Thats Kim Du-shiks son,
Kim Seo-won.
An expired car,
then Kim Du-shik was murdered.
It means that driver with the cap
killed Kim and kidnapped his son.
Its 10:10 P.M. now.
Its been two hours!
The car could be anywhere.
- Find it.
Scan all nearby roads and highways.
Find the culprit now!
- Yes, sir!
Scatter out!
- What?
Is it okay to investigate publicly?
Were not talking about $3000
but $30 million!
You can make $3000
if you work hard.
But $30 million?
You gotta put your life on the line.
Are you leaving me again?
No, Im going to buy something.
Trust me now?
Why is it so hard to live?
What do you mean?
Im hungry.
Of course you are.
Express how it tastes. How is it?
Its warm.
Thats not it, stupid!
You try it.
Excuse me.
May I ask
who is Mr. Lim Ki-bang?
What is it?
Who the hell are you?
Thats enough.
Stop it!
How can he talk
if you make him like this?
Youre extreme.
No going halfway.
Who are you?
He can talk, sir.
That son of a bitch.
Chief Jang? Call me.
You bitch! Are you nuts?
Why are you going AWOL?
Do you have flies on your tail?
If you come with luggage
and they find us, were dead!
Got it?
Chief Jang.
Ill forgive you. Come back, please?
Ill come after I give him this.
Lets get to the point.
Youre the ones
who picked em up, right?
No, sir.
I just got em the passports
and the ship.
Its called special delivery.
Its a professional delivery service.
- Delivery service?
- Where are they?
They just give me a number
for each pickup.
I called when they were late
for the ship, but no one answered.
You mean you have nothing much
to tell me?
Stop it! It hurts!
The car!
- What about it?
They carry many plates around
when theyre on the job.
When they get caught, they switch
the plates and take different cars.
Thats how they get away.
Stop everything and check on
car theft reports.
Then check footages of the culprit
where the cars were stolen.
Whyd you hit him so badly?
Go to the hospital now.
Dont worry, bastards.
What did you say?
Go to the hospital.
Learn the definition of halfway.
Found her at a Mega Mart.
Were combing through CCTV files.
Should we locate her and go?
Yes, of course.
But shes a pro. Be careful.
The body was found
to be Kim Du-shik, who is wanted
for his role in match fixing.
Burned with signs of assault,
an autopsy is scheduled
for the exact cause of death.
Kim Du-shik, the suspect, has...
My dad is dead.
A woman who came with a boy.
Where are they?
Room 809.
Where are they?
Theyre not here.
The bathrooms empty.
Theyre in another room!
Stop crying!
Kim Seo-won!
Stop crying!
If you dont wanna die, stop!
Lets go.
Police! Open up!
What the hell?
Almost missed it. Excuse me.
Lets say you delivered this to me.
Go home.
Didnt get paid? Then Ill pay.
Itll be hard on a cops salary.
Good eye.
Too good to just deliver.
His dad took something of mine.
The kid took it by mistake.
I just want whats mine.
Then what?
Im still working on that.
But still! He saw me kill his
dad and that means trouble.
Kid? Do you remember me?
Know how to shoot?
Kid! Ill come for you soon!
Wait for it!
Is this what hes looking for?
If I give it do him,
will he stop coming?
Okay, I hear you.
Calm down. Jeez.
Just a bit more...
Are you okay to talk?
Yes, go on.
What about the police?
They want info on a murder suspect
who is a North Korean defector.
The commissioner wants you
on the job, maam.
Damn it!
I should never drive!
What defector?
Got the fingerprint ID?
What took so long?
Her prints werent in
in the criminals databases.
She was never caught once?
Who is she?
- Name, Jang Eun-ha. Age 28.
No family. No criminal history.
- Born in...
South Pyongan Province?
Shes a North Korean defector.
Thats why shes so feisty!
Current address?
- Residence unknown.
So, all we fished out
is that shes a commie?
Maybe you were fishing
in the wrong place.
Not busy these days? No spies?
Why would NIS agents come here?
Were busy.
But this case is a headache for us.
If people say
we didnt manage defectors well,
then itll be a bigger headache.
If you filtered out commie offenders,
this wouldnt have happened.
So we came to make right
and help you arrest the culprit.
Jang Eun-ha.
Im the one who first reviewed her.
Shes something.
Shes the only one of her family
who survived escaping North Korea.
Lets see.
Murder, kidnapping...
What a headache.
Get to the point, please?
You have no idea
how to find Jang Eun-ha, right?
Well light the way for you.
All you have to do
is follow it and catch her.
How will you help us?
The police?
If the boss finds out
theyre on your tail, youre dead!
I dont care if he does or not.
Asif. Memorize this number. 0118.
0118? Whats that?
My door code.
Arent we moving a bit too fast?
Chubby! Go and feed him for me.
- Okay.
Not bad.
Whos Chubby?
Is it your cat?
- Yup.
You live with a cat?
- Yup.
Isnt it cute?
It looks mean.
No way! Its pretty. Look closely!
I want to go to my mom.
Please take me to her.
You said you dont have one.
Dad said I didnt, but I do.
Do you know where she is?
So many...
How do you know
your moms number is here?
I called all of them.
Then someone said shes your mom?
One of them didnt say anything.
She just cried.
Get all the phone numbers on
the mobile station around Mega Mart.
- How can we check all that?
Why check it all? Only a few
of them would use 2G phones.
Hello? Is this Ms. Park Ji-sun?
This is Cupid Flower,
a 24-hour flower delivery service.
Found her.
She just left Seoul Toll Gate
and is headed south.
We can narrow it down
to a 500-meter radius.
Well send updates on her locations!
Captain Cho?
Call me when you find her.
Yes, maam!
Found her. End it before
the NIS agents come.
Youve arrived at your destination.
Are you okay?
Ill bring your mom, so stay put.
- Wait.
You can have this.
With this on,
you wont lose it again.
Dont open the door.
While I lived with Du-shik,
I got pregnant.
But I had a miscarriage early on.
Last year,
a kid called from Du-shiks number.
I suddenly got sentimental
and cried.
He got the wrong idea.
So, youre really not
Seo-wons mom?
No way!
How many times did I say it?
Poor Seo-won.
He has no one else to go to.
By the way, how could you
think of taking him to his mom?
Du-shiks killers
are looking for him.
Then who would they seek out?
His mom, of course.
The kid mustve grown a lot.
Is he a good boy?
Dont be curious.
I told you to wait in the car!
Im sorry.
Its okay. Lets go.
What about Mom?
Shes not your mom.
You were wrong.
Youre lying!
Ill ask her myself.
Whyd you break it!
How can you break it!
Youre right. Shes your mom!
But she doesnt want to see you!
She doesnt want to be your mom!
I dont need you anymore.
You came to get paid, right?
Take it all! Im leaving!
Fine! Go and hear it from her...
- Maam!
Take him.
Go on.
Take em!
Stay still!
What the hell?
Are you okay?
Come to the front.
Seatbelt on!
What bitch drives like that?
You have the money, right?
Dear god!
You finally answer.
Been busy?
What are you up to, Captain?
Im out catching a criminal,
of course.
Thats good.
We gave you her locations,
but you didnt catch her.
I was worried something was wrong.
Thanks for worrying,
but we lost her.
Things dont always
work out as planned.
It doesnt seem like
Jang Eun-ha is a kidnapper.
What do you mean?
We got a tip saying
the kid begged for peoples help
and stopped a car and went with her.
Are you sure shes a kidnapper?
Well catch her and prove it to you.
If you just hand over the evidence...
Forget it.
Looks like the light is off.
Lets investigate separately.
If you need anything else,
send me an official request.
Bye now.
That son of a bitch!
That bitch!
Stupid bastard.
Can you talk?
Hold on! Were almost there.
You finally found going halfway.
You have a contact
in the police, right?
Cross check the evidence
at Kim Du-shiks murder scene.
Ill go to Jang Eun-has last location.
Okay driving that far?
- I have no choice!
The first car that the bitch drove,
where was it registered?
Gangneung, sir.
- And the other plates?
The car she drove to the motel
and Daejeon?
Theyre all from different cities
like Incheon.
They were all abandoned
and expired cars, right?
Find out where the cars were expired.
- Yes, sir.
Whyd you buy a junk car
for that much?
You have way too much money, huh?
And if you bought it,
why lose the key?
You always lose yours, too.
Put it in deeper.
About a thumbs length.
You got a long way to go.
Then why dont you do it?
Now, turn right.
Wow! It worked!
Wanna drive, too?
- Sure!
Your legs are too short. Sit here.
Where do we go now?
Ever been to Busan?
- No!
Lets go.
The customer you have reached
is busy....
- Why you!
Where are you?
What in the world are you up to?
I cant find a place
to watch the kid.
I think...
- What?
Youll bring him here?
- No delivery destination.
No returns. Its the worst ever.
Hes with you, right?
Send his picture.
- Why?
The bastards are cops!
This place wont be safe either.
Lets send the kid abroad.
Ill prepare his passport.
Lets wrap it up like a pro.
Lets finish the delivery.
Are you listening?
Yes, of course.
Stand straight.
Thats dirty!
- Youre dirty! Stay still!
One, two, three!
Asif! Bring me some coffee!
Ms. Jang Eun-ha.
Do you have a boyfriend?
- Just wondering.
Whats your ideal man?
Dont know. Never thought of it.
- Then think now.
Someone who doesnt
pee his pants.
Someone who doesnt
ask silly questions. Happy?
Guess not.
- What now?
Whyd you take my picture?
Its for going abroad.
Whos going abroad?
- Are you coming, too?
Arent we going to your house?
We found it, boss.
All three cars were expired in Busan.
They were taken by Baekgang Company.
I think its a junkyard.
You bastard!
A cop shouldnt chuck trash!
Im gonna retire anyway.
Lets go get our retirement money!
Whats with this junk?
Watch it. It costs $20.000.
20 grand? Why?
Dont know. Ask him.
Why is this $20.000?
What special delivery
takes so long?
Maybe we should stop this gig.
Lets see.
How do you read this?
Which one do you like?
For what?
- Choose a name for yourself.
I already have a name.
- I know, its Kim Seo-won.
But lots of people have two names.
You know EXO?
They all have two names.
And Girlfriend?
- I dont have a girlfriend.
No, Girlfriend, the group.
They all have two names, too.
This way! Good!
Youll go on that car later.
Im going abroad on a car?
- Yup.
Theres a huge ship
that takes cars like that.
Never been on a ship?
Just hold the wheel tight.
After sleeping 5 nights,
youll arrive in my hometown.
My dad promised to take care of you.
Seo-won will have to eat
curry everyday.
Okay. Ji-ho!
Hows that?
Like it?
After we send the kid,
Ill make a deal with this.
Tell em to take it and scram.
His dad probably brought this
to make the same deal.
Ill finish things off.
- Dont bother.
You have a long way to go and learn.
He brings back old memories?
Sir! Howve you been?
I have way too much money
coming to me when I retire soon.
I can split it with you boys.
How about it?
What can we do for you, sir?
Find someone.
No, no, no.
Find one bitch and a kid.
Will you visit me?
Well see.
If you dont have a boyfriend then,
want me to be one?
What did you do?
- Nothing.
Comb the area thoroughly
and let me know if you find anything.
Yes, sir!
Over here, sir!
Ill ask you one last time.
Wheres the security fob?
Where the hell is it! Tell me!
I ate it.
Cut my gut and take it.
Hes not chasing a killer.
He is the killer!
That bastard.
Wheres Cho Kyeong-pil now?
We lost track of him
after Busan Toll Gate.
Okay. Ill head to Busan.
Men? Mental!
Ent? Ent?
Thats hard!
Okay. Be there in two hours
when the ship departs.
Okay. Please take care of him.
You mustve driven.
Dont drive drunk.
Know who I am?
A gangster?
If not, you must be a cop.
Or are you both with two jobs?
I dont care who you are.
Let me close up and go.
Go home!
Hide in here. Dont move, okay?
If you tell me just 3 things,
Ill let you go home.
Wheres the kid?
Wheres Jang Eun-ha?
Wanna die?
Shouldve kept better employees.
Why use commies
and illegal immigrants?
Small business owners
need to save on labor.
Thats true.
Jang Eun-ha is damn good
at what she does.
Ive hired many drivers
over the years.
But no one can work like her.
Shes better than me in my prime.
Student excels the master.
- Jeez.
When I first met Eun-ha,
I went to pick her up
as she crossed over.
The girl was covered in blood.
Im just like her now.
Are you a commie, too?
Nope. Im from Seoul.
It was a side gig
when I ran a business in Russia.
Taking runaway commies to Korea.
I had two jobs.
What a businessman!
So, where is she?
Whos that? A new face!
Illegal alien.
You can tell me.
Wheres Jang Eun-ha and the kid?
Dont speak Korean?
Where is Jang Eun-ha?
Talk to me.
Ill pay you, so speak.
Ill give you money.
Very big money!
Fuck you!
The bastard speaks Korean well.
Stay put!
Stop it!
Ill tell you! Stop it!
I dont know where they are.
I told them Id call when Im done.
But I know
what youre looking for.
What am I looking for?
The bank security fob, isnt it?
Ill give it to you if you let us go.
Thats my condition.
Where is it?
Ogwang, go.
- Yes, sir.
Sir! Theres a lock.
Fingerprint verification.
Take em out!
Pull em out at once,
so itll hurt less.
Pull em all at once!
How much
are you getting paid for this?
Putting your life on the line,
will you get a few hundred thousand?
Think Id do this
for a few hundred thousand?
Asif, you idiot.
I told you to go home.
You never listen.
Is this what youre looking for?
Lets find the kid and end this.
$100.000 bonus to the first one
who finds him! Go!
Find the kid!
What is it?
We received reports of gunfire
at a junkyard in Busan.
Its Baekgang Company
run by Baek Gang-chul...
Baek Gang-chul?
Thats it!
He brought Jang Eun-ha to Korea!
Call Busan police for backup!
Found 100 grand!
Told ya Id find him!
Hello, kid.
I told you Id get you soon.
What the hell?
Damn it! Turn on the lights!
Jang Eun-ha!
Lets go.
Run! Hurry!
Bitch! Youre dead!
Bro! Are you okay?
Kim Seo-won!
Asif is over there.
Hes hurt badly.
Wait. Hold on.
Let the kid go.
Lets end this already!
Got a smoke on ya?
Shit. I left em somewhere.
Why are you asking to die?
When people are dying to live?
Didnt you come to Korea
for a better life?
Why pull all this damn shit
for this kid!
Are you okay, maam?
Do I look okay to you?
I do all the driving
and the fighting...
Some boyfriend, you are.
Whats she saying?
Dont worry, Kim Seo-won.
Lets go together.
So damn heartrending.
Jang Eun-ha!
Life is...
going on your own.
Split up!
Ill be right there.
Maam! Please save her for me!
Please save her!
Take him.
Ms. Jang Eun-ha? How are you?
Im doing fine.
We have a new student.
Seo-won, greet the class.
I moved to a new school.
Its really far from my old one,
so it was hard to adjust at first.
But I have many friends now.
I live with Seung-wan
and play with him all the time.
Try it! Its yummy.
I live at Happy Home Orphanage.
The food is great
and the teachers are very nice.
But the school bus driver
drives really roughly.
But he drives less dangerously
than you, maam.
By the way,
Asif takes good care of Chubby.
Eat lots.
- So dont worry.
Thats it for now.
Ill leave the rest for later.
Why you!
Hop on. Ill drive you home.
Can we drop by somewhere first?