Spectacular! (2009) Movie Script

# Hei
# Why are you telling me
I cut my hair?
I'm glad you came.
# They say I should try and match
I do not mind
# Live my life that I like
# They say I'm a little rebellious
# Try to classify, analyze
# But I never lower the tone
# They say I quit,
but I say below
# Do not tell me what to do
# It's me who must choose who will
# There were no rules
Because I have time
# Do not tell me what to do
Therefore I choose, do not you
# If I go insane
Nothing will stop this evening
# Oh, no
# Yes
# Hei
# Why do I need to be
someone I do not?
# They said it
I can get a real job
Line is not so. That's not what I write.
# Will not risk my personality
# They want to be stereotyped
But it lost
# They said yes, I said no
# Do not tell me what to do
# It's me who must choose who will
# No more rules
Because I have time
with special guest
# Do not tell me what to do
Therefore I choose, do not you
# If I go insane
Nothing will stop this evening
# Oh, yes
I do not see what a big problem.
Joey used to destroy the Roman guitar
in this club in the eighties.
Yes? Difference
Joey Roman rock star.
And herringbone has a hit album.
There students
they buy their own equipment.
- Come on.
- No, this amp is broken, Nikko.
But you must admit
great performance.
It's all about him.
We talked about it at the meeting.
This proud, too late, breaking the team ...
- Wait, what meeting?
- We had a meeting with the band.
"Without me? It's my band!
No, this is your band. Yes? No.
We agreed that if damaged,
will kick you out of the band,
for the good of all.
C'mon! This has been our dream
from third grade!
The songs, my voice!
I do what is best for the band.
Okay. Do what you want.
I still have the best voice
and the prettiest girl in town.
- Come on, honey.
- Nikko.
Who do you think called the meeting?
If it makes you feel better,
will break too.
Double ouch rejection.
Bride and bands in a single blow.
Excuse me.
Anyway, I'm better as a solo artist!
you make me grow!
Wow. Well, it hurts.
What do I betray my band
or my girlfriend have been getting worse?
Both. I'm Courtney Lane.
Can you speak briefly,
I'm in the mood
to socialize, thanks.
Just five minutes. Please?
you have something better to do.
That's not what I meant.
I know you want to get to the point
I'm not going to say I believe in destiny,
but I believe,
But is not it amazing
you have missed your band
The same night I came to find
- Yes, it was amazing.
- I know this is a difficult time,
but you're the right person.
Well, you're so perfect
because you are not disciplined,
but I'll put you online.
Ms. Lane, do not be offended,
but I'm fed up with the bands.
There was a band! It's a group.
group. Best.
The best of the best. Spectacular!
All right, calm down.
What band?
I told you. Spectacular!
So the band called?
Did they lose a bet?
I do not expect you to accept
until you see us in action.
Tomorrow will be a show at the fair.
Unfortunately, you have to do
Our competitors, Ta-Da.
- How?
- Ta-Da.
Sounds, "ta-da."
I appreciate the offer,
but why move your hands like that?
This event is at 5 pm.
I make maps.
I want to see the battle
bands with strange names.
Nikko Alexander is now solo.
Nikko Alexander more than one soloist.
Nikko Alexander a star.
with public support and adequate.
We attract the public, and you're impressed.
Hundreds of fans singing your name.
"Nikko! Nikko! Nikko!"
you're a fan of this band?
There was a band! It's a group.
C'mon, it'll be fun!
Is the show! Bumper cars
snow cones, cake.
- I know what is fair.
- And the show!
you will not forget ... How?
Does double rejection?
Double rejection.
And thanks for mentioning again.
Come and see us. Please. Say yes.
I would think.
You will not regret it!
I swear I've never seen anything like this.
Get ready to impress!
# This tiger eye
Ready to fight
# Rose to challenge rival
# And the last survivors
Trunk prey at night
# And everyone watching us
With the eyes of the tiger
# Go straight to the top
# Are the courage and the glory
# Traverse the distance, I'm not going to stop
# Only one girl and wishes to survive
- You okay? Here you go.
- Thanks.
Was it spectacular?
I know. The mighty have fallen, right?
# And the last survivors
Trunk prey at night
# And all the people who see with eyes
# The tiger
Just kidding!
# Eye tiger
# Eye tiger
Addons Ladies and gentlemen,
Praising Spectacular
Addons Yes
Addons Second National Championship
Jazz Federation Coral
Want to see the correct interpretation?
Look at this.
Addons - Events not over.
- Okay.
Thank you. Substitution late
a pas de bourre, sync
and high-detuned,
but you can feel the talent.
Is it true?
Addons - obviously saw something.
- The champions of the Federation,
Addons Ta-Da.
# Too many broken hearts
has fallen into the river
# Too many lonely souls
has drifted
# You do gambling,
but then pays the price
# The things we do for love
The things we do for love
# How to walk in the rain and snow
When there is no place to go
# And you feel a part of you is dying
Royce used to be a soloist, but Tammi,
as a liar, put it to Ta-Da.
Do not go into detail on the subject.
I will introduce the band.
Nikko, they are spectacular.
Spectacular, it was Nikko.
What do you think?
You know, my grandmother once told me:
"If you can not say something nice,
say nothing ", so ...
Maybe I'm too much with our fans,
but the county fair
requires the trial, Nikko.
Yes How to compete
hot dogs and cattle?
Let him go, Courtney. Clear
not happy with our interpretation.
Whatever they do,
whether the people
much better than you.
Ta-da we won Nationals
Royce left the stage because
sing to the judges.
We are well Ta-Da
the show rocks.
What's wrong with your hands?
And by the way, what's that choir?
This choir competition
with elements of dance
and theatrical dress.
This is an art that combines music,
interpretation and choreography.
Just know, I feel worse.
Nikko, I offer the opportunity
to represent our school.
- Are we going to go to the same school?
- Yes!
There's money involved.
The Nationals award $ 10,000.
We need a soloist men.
you can offer a room.
Let's see. "$ 2500 for public humiliation
and silly life?
- No
- Half! $ 5000!
Awesome. I'm still a rock star,
And what do you want me to sell?
No, thank you. I do not want money,
I do not want to join the group
I do not want to dress like that.
Well. Who needs you, Nikko?
And of course, this jazz hands.
# The things we do for love
# The things we do for love
The things we do for love
# The things we do for love
Addons What was found,
ladies and gentlemen? Ta-Da!
Addons Are not they beautiful? Very nice.
I told you.
There was a man perfect soloist.
Mr. sound a myth.
Like the Loch Ness monster.
Loch Ness Monster real.
Give Addons for the champions! Ta-Da!
Addons There.
Addons Tammi and Royce, not funny?
Addons free land
Addons And the brave home!
I thought I was invited
slumber party.
There should be no popcorn
and calls to the hot guys?
The choir is more important
cute guys.
- Except if you know how to sing.
- Hi, girls.
No time to talk, Mom.
We are officially in trouble.
I have divided the proposal
in three categories:
Ear zero, two left feet
and less spectacular.
less spectacular
I think we will
using the Caspian.
They will do well, but Courtney ...
Mom! Quite
if you just want to be a finalist.
I need a star. I need to Royce!
Only that you mentioned.
- Once again.
- Tammi, have it all.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
- What are you doing?
- Courtney. Hello.
Royce! Do not talk.
Not enough
steal our solo
our clothes off?
Ta-Da does not rob anyone.
He made a career change
Based on the best places
to show their talent unmatched.
I almost won last year.
Yes, but it
not win trophies, Courtney.
And unless you and I,
Spectacular best members
graduated last year.
You can not blame
to bet on another horse.
Royce! you're talking about.
We need our clothes.
We won last semester.
- Car wash, sale of jams.
- Come on.
You think I won $ 3,000 in clothes
sell only $ 300 from a cookie?
Yes, my parents bought.
Wake up, Courtney. This is how
in the big leagues.
Lacs du donated them.
And now back to donate.
Hey! No, no! Hoods, no!
We bought our cookies!
"Tammi? Really?
Forget the cute guys.
What they do spoil the liver
and take everything, even the roof of the car.
Unfortunately, everything will be fine.
No, Mom! We lost to Royce.
And now we lost our clothes.
How does Tiger's Eye
tiger without pants?
you will find a better song
and a better singer than Royce
because you can do anything
to achieve your goals.
I believe in you. And Janet, too.
Of course, Janet believes in Big Foot.
In Nepal, they call it Yeti.
In the closet or in your room.
I'm not a servant.
There you go. It's in my room. Happy?
Today rebosas joy.
- What happened?
- No.
They kicked me out of the band.
Thanks Stavros.
You move my sympathy.
Look, I know it hurts,
but believe me, that's better.
Now you can focus on your future.
Great! Can I get garbage
Work like you?
Hey, this crap to pay rent
and health insurance.
Do not criticize unless you start
to help at home.
I know you're my brother,
but at least you can get rid of garbage
Sorry, Stavros.
I know you give up many things for me.
But we talked about my future.
Do you know what the most likely
you become a musician?
"Even if you do not get kicked out
your own band?
I do not care.
It's much easier to give an audition
solo for Dickinson Rich.
Do you have a hearing with the Dickinson Rich?
Are the producers?
Well, yes.
Namely, practical.
How can it be hard?
It's true! He sat in his office
waited for high school students
is brought in front of her experience.
I'm sure there's nothing better
to do with their time. Let's eat.
Hello. I saw Rich Dickinson.
No one saw Mr. Dickinson without an appointment.
I have an appointment. In one.
- Are you sprinkled Brains?
- Yes, that's me!
Listen, Tackies!
I have good news for everybody.
Caspian, forward and left.
Yes, Captain!
Not that respects
decision you, Courtney,
but Caspian sure
The best option for the Tiger eyes?
Not going to do more song.
Suddenly, our clothes
no longer available.
Immediately began
looking for a replacement
And how do we pay?
I can not wash the car, Courtney.
- I can not the cast wet.
- Okay.
I'm trying to solve
with our consultants. True, Mr. Romano?
What? Yes, it ...
- Yes, what ...
- I do not believe my eyes!
Some scoundrel has stolen the famous
Our jewelry to their advantage.
Look! There's a place!
Addons Hello, fans Ta-Da!
As you know,
Addons Du Lac Royce has joined with Ta-Da
And has brought us with an incredible voice
Addons For your daily dose of the best choirs
throughout the world,
Addons showcoraltada visit. Com. Ta-da!
Royce sun star
Spectacular rotating around.
Should not be pessimistic,
but maybe it's time
Spectacular to end.
You're right. Show choir
A good way to see you
without risking your neck
in a pyramid of cheerleaders dumb.
And disturbing include the requirements
of choice
without having to join the band
discussion groups or sports.
But also a way to shine
to be the center of attention.
It's about having
The best record or the website,
but who's better on stage.
We can beat Ta-Da. Win.
Who's with me?
Why are you standing? Essay.
Come. Come. Ready.
I collect portfolio.
Good speech.
But even so, we will disqualify
act naked.
We'll find a costume.
# Will not risk my personality
Addons Well, son. Okay. Come here.
What do you think?
Dotted Brain "?
Now I call Nikko Alexander.
It's my new name.
Well. I remember
the glory days of stone,
when Iggy Pop, Joey Rome and the Clash
- Bands true.
- Thank you, sir.
Unfortunately, I need more
My nostalgia to sell you.
- You need a very good demo.
- A demo?
No, the demo is very good.
I may have a good ear,
but the
their checkbook.
Addons Is Mr. Dickinson?
Dotted brain here.
Wow, you have the attitude, girl.
- Got a band?
- I have. I had to separate.
They are not too good.
Well, do not worry.
I will give some benefits.
Let's see, the studio, musicians,
engineer, mixer.
I can connect less than five.
Five hundred?
Five thousand?
What if I bring his own band?
They are not good?
No, thank you. I gather the band.
Can you get the money?
Yes I think there's a way.
I made a matrix of all the songs
why the judges have chosen
the last four years.
Hall & Oates recurring theme
Wham and as a song from Top Gun.
I enjoyed these scenes of aerial combat.
I do not want to bother with this puzzle,
but what he will sing on these issues?
I told Janet, we'll rotate him
whose voice is more like a song.
Or they could let me sing to me.
Bids have now been passed, but thanks for coming.
I think you need.
But if the treatment is not until ...
If you pass,
can introduce yourself next year.
From the beginning.
Well. Step, tap.
Addons Step, tap, kick, shift and slide.
Addons And step, tap, step, tap ...
Well, well. Concentrate,
as we did this morning.
Step, tap, step, tap,
kick, shift and slide.
When slipping, extend their arms.
, Slide. Well.
# You girl
I heard a rumor
# You have all the children at your feet
# A sweet heartbreaker
# If you play
I want to be a player
# You can do whatever you want
# There is no problem with me
# Why do not you break my heart?
# Do suffer
# Come on, put your best, no less
Once again, that's what I want
# Why do not you break my heart?
# I feel good
# Do it again and again
That's what I need
# Why do not you break my heart?
# Yes
# See intimdame fixed
# Please, darling, I've never broken
# Is it because I could tolerate
# It's great the way you play
# You can do whatever you want
# There is no problem with me
# Why do not you break my heart?
# Do suffer
# Come on, put your best, no less
Once again, that's what I want
# Why do not you break my heart?
# I feel good
# Do it again and again
That's what I need
# Why do not you break my heart? Yes!
# Tear
# Come on, take heart
# Why do not you break my heart?
# I feel good
# Do it again and again
That's what I need, yes
# Why did not break me ...?
Why not break me ...?
# Why do not you break my heart?
Okay, okay.
- Logged.
- Very well done.
It's just a test.
"The deal still stands?
"Half of the money?
If we win.
And that means you will work.
All practice. Every day.
And not just singing, Nikko.
We also danced.
Are you going to come?
Stay back and follow us.
Five, six. Five, six,
seven, eight. Keep.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight. Y. ..
This routine easier.
Five, six, seven, eight,
step, kick, pas de bourre,
pace of change, pull soutenu.
This is very difficult!
Why can not we just dance?
Do not know. Why can not you?
Maybe I'm not a robot dancer!
In the eighties rockers put
snake in pants
learn to wiggle their hips.
No matter. It's another era.
Since the beginning, please.
Let's start with something indie,
and more commercial
more public stadium.
Sorry, can we talk for a minute?
I am humbled in the practices
And now you ruin my reputation?
Are you lazy reputation
undermining the authority
- And do not listen to people?
- Yes, that.
You can do whatever you want
with dance steps.
Choral events based on precision.
In the form of ...
Just trying to give
a touch of spontaneity.
Spontaneity that practice served if
and interpreted the same way.
Did you receive improvisation
if approved in advance?
Yes, Ferndale Show Choir Competition
very important to us ...
Show Choir Contest Ferndale.
Do not you read the leaflet?
It was pink. He hoped to be alone.
Is this your first appearance in public,
and I need to do
What crazy.
Last year, Royce has overreached
and we lost Nationals.
Wait a minute. I'm Royce.
I'm not going to lose Nationals.
And I'm higher.
- Courtney! Nikko!
- Great. More than you.
Good news! Tajid solved
wardrobe malfunction.
My family has proudly joined the ranks
franchise restaurants.
And as the proud owner
from the thief's Depot,
Has agreed to complete the costume!
- Is not it great?
- You can enter a name.
Costumes will wave, right?
- Totally.
- Yeah Come on.
They'll wave.
Are you coming or you will do your part of the bus?
Is the choice?
- No
- This is sad.
No, synthetic.
You're kidding.
"This is an event? No
- Come on.
- Yes, sir.
I think you want to go back to the place
the gym with your band.
- Do not forget a hat!
- Lupi!
- Come on, guys.
- Come on.
Great! Perfect.
Thief's Depot.
Can I order a chicken wing
with a ration of potatoes?
They look great.
- Hello.
- Nils. Eric. Amy.
What are you doing?
Why are you wearing?
Because I like it.
I've always wondered
who had stolen my Little Ponies.
- You are very funny.
- Yes
Nikko band fool you let go.
This will rock the crowd
with an incredible voice.
Please help me quit.
Okay, okay. Let's go.
- Good luck, Nikko.
- Bye, Nikko.
They look fantastic.
- Do not even know what they are ...
- Caspian.
Did you see that?
I need a very good demo.
I need a very good demo.
I need a very good demo.
I need a very good demo.
# I heard that song
# And still we can imagine two
# Do not know what's wrong
# Maybe love is not always enough
# Just know I miss you
Are we better?
# Listen to the radio
And I see your face
# What a love song lonely?
"Something sad, but true
# The words and melody
still remind you
Great. Again.
Not only him, that's it.
Tammi Dyson can sweet and innocent
such as candy,
Ta-Da but led by hatred in his heart.
His name is spelled with two "M",
by the evil in your veins.
# Love
# Try to convince
# But I heard that song
# And do not feel good
# If you can start again
Never released
- I think her voice is terrible.
- Royce Is?
Royce's best solo Du Lac
in the history of rock shows.
"Something sad, but true
# The words and melody
still remind you
"He came out with a brave leader?
Why? Are you jealous?
How seed from cardboard? I think not.
# I remember where you are going tonight
# Try to resume my life
I do not know how
I forgot they were so good.
# Try to be strong
But it was not useful
# There's always something that reminds me of you
# A picture that took me back to the past
# And the memories flooded my
I still
# If we have a second chance
# What is the song of love?
# It's a long goodbye
# Voice on the radio
# I remember where you are going tonight
We have to beat them.
Why are they so normal?
Not supposed to be in the auditorium
dance with the music?
This test vowel. And Queen
have a meeting with their advisers.
Well, all standing.
Why do not we start without it?
- It's Courtney, not Darth Vader.
- Is there a difference?
Come on, everyone stood up.
Singing. To have fun.
# Yes, yes, all now
# Yes, yes
# Adjust or escape
This was a difficult decision
# Do what you like
Every person doing something
# At this moment, in this place
# Inhibition
Do not press this time
Because we do not need an invitation
# To break the rules
# I say yes
Do what you do
# Say what you mean
# Do it the way you
# I say yes
Do what you do
So, take a chance that you want
# Do it the way you
Who's going to bring anything? Nobody?
Come on, do not leave me alone.
Tajid, to imitate the sound? Well. Who else?
Come on, everybody. C'mon!
- Nikko, Courtney would not like it.
- Why not?
He always said ...
# Playing it safe
# Tell me why you have to do
# This is so boring and Common
# Come on, try something
# Free yourself once
# Why are the others?
# If you can be original
Because we do not need an invitation
# Let us break the rules
# I say yes
Do what you do
# Say what you mean
# Do it the way you
# I say yes
Do what you do
So, take a chance that you want
# Do it the way you
What are you doing?
Sorry, Mr. Romano.
We're kidding.
No, no, that sounds great.
I know. Are you listening to imitate the sound Tajid?
And Janet! Did not know you have a record.
Me too!
They should use this.
In the show? Lnsondable!
- We can not sing very well in the competition.
- Why not?
Leaving the limits can be good.
So I heard.
Courtney likes to remain
on the boundary.
without even approaching them.
- Courtney is only interested in winning, right?
- Yes
Worth a try.
We will show a small sample
our creation.
Where are we going to do? And when?
As what?
When we start with the trial?
We're waiting.
They can start without me, Nikko.
you would think more than anyone else
want to take this seriously, right?
Tomrtelo Why do you want? I do not understand.
From the beginning, please! Y. ..
Stop singing. Well.
Should not do homework
or what?
I'm doing something.
I was watching a video.
This is very funny.
Come on, Nikko. you have to put effort
and learn the value of work.
Life is ...
Hold that thought. OR REJECT.
What do you want.
Not Thai restaurant.
We really enjoy this day
and thinking about coming for more.
Caspian And he was an inspiration
for testing.
- How do you know where I live?
- What?
- Hello. We are your ...
- Study group!
- Really?
- Yes, I'm trying.
Great! I'll leave you alone.
No, no. Study on the terrace.
I will open.
Study Group.
Hey, look at the steps.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'll leave the door open.
If you can tell how to come,
will be extraordinary.
Well apparently they all.
We'll learn a little bit outside.
I thought I had a full deck.
Well, boys, let's do it.
- Janet? Would you join?
- Do not know.
Courtney's best friend.
Do not do it behind her.
We are not doing their backs.
Why not consider
surprise party?
Oh God.
Open up a bit.
This is not a rigid practice of choral performance.
Well, the first rule
Nikko terrace ...
There are no rules.
Except one: There will be jazz hands.
Well. Hey Taj, whether you choose it?
Yes, I chose the song.
Well, let's see what we have.
I think they are a bit more than that.
Well, try this.
Well, Cas. Look at him.
They understand it.
Jazz hands, please. Thank you.
It goes forward to the music!
OK, kids!
Excuse me. What are you doing?
Thank you.
No, no.
Do not say, but I want to learn
part of the Tiger Eye.
C'mon, very important to us.
I think we have to work
a little harder.
And the Caspian, do not have to raise the tone
in each record, right?
You can download a little.
What happened, Casp?
I know my voice a little theatrical.
I can not help it.
I'm not a stereotype theater group,
only I can play the triangle,
so the band was not for me ...
And I think
maybe for once, the Spectacular,
all eyes will be on me.
I knew it was stupid.
Friends, I want to be a rock star.
Do not think it's stupid.
People just as we need
public attention.
- Sing.
- Come on.
Do not ask me what happened.
We talked about growing up and responsible,
How do you you join another band?
- What? No, not really.
- I hope that other bands.
What is this? "Disco music cowboy?
Yes, Stavros, disco cowboys.
You wave.
- I do not care what the waves ...
- I joined another band. Believe.
I ...
I have a job.
Are you working on the thief's Depot?
Yes, I work there.
I'm thinking what you're saying
about not taking my responsibility.
I know now just waiting for a table,
but I want to start paying you for everything ...
Nikko, Nikko, I am very proud of you.
I'm very proud of you.
That's fine. Well.
Listen to all.
We will meet here tomorrow
at 9 tonight.
Tomorrow night?
But do Cosmic Bowling
spectacular traditions.
So what? We start a new one.
Come. She was my friend.
I know you'll like it.
Janet was right. Courtney will love.
They are ready.
you're full of surprises, Ms. Lane.
Did not know you like so many bowling.
Well, not really bowling, ...
No matter.
No, tell me. What's that?
Promise you will not laugh at me.
I'm not going to laugh. But I know
Where this tradition.
I know it makes sense,
but I did the same thing since the first year.
I need something more than that.
Before the concert,
I became very nervous,
so my dad brought me here
for me to calm down a bit.
I would love it.
My brother encouraged me stage fright
to stop him from singing.
you should try something else
for not working.
I know.
When I took leadership Spectacular,
carry on this tradition.
And a week before the big show,
we all come together here.
A little silly, is not it?
Not a bit.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Where is everybody?
Placement test has Tajid,
and Emily French.
Robin can not bowl
with plaster.
Zack something familiar.
So we all ignored
only spectacular traditions.
Hey! We're here.
- Keep the tradition alive.
- Let's play bowling!
Thank you.
Thank you.
- I have a split.
- What do I ask?
Do I share a bet? No, I say full.
- Royce!
- House.
What are you doing here? You know that
spectacular traditions!
- Come on, Courtney.
- But I like bowling.
Yes, you know what channel.
Please you can not even knock
You know what? Leave them to it.
I have a better idea.
Typical. you can not handle ...
Talk to the hand of jazz.
Let's start a new tradition
with my favorite game: Rock the World!
What do you think?
What do I think?
Let's do it separately!
The first victim!
you have to sing what he looks!
Courtney, you have to do it.
I'll change it.
Do not be silly. Okay. I sing.
This duo of Courtney and Royce.
# Sometimes it is hard to see
# What's always been there
# Sometimes we are sure all
# Until we find our mistakes
# Now we are here
# Head Head
# There is no similar
# For the first time, I realized
# Of something not seen before
# For the first time
# When I see your eyes
# I see more
"Something that we feel in our
# How do we end it?
# Do not know, but it feels good
# The last thing I expected
# It happened, you and me
# It's real
# I can not explain
# There is no similar
# For the first time, I realized
# Of something not seen before
# For the first time
# When I see your eyes
# I see more
"Something that we feel in our
# There are no words to express
I feel for you
# Only want to be with you
# - I never imagined
- Yes
# Someone can make me feel so
# For the first time
# When I see your eyes
# I see more
"Something that we feel in our
# For the first time
Come. I've got something to show you.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Where are you taking me?
I'm not good with surprises.
Would you believe me?
And keep your eyes closed.
- I've got them.
- Okay.
Listen, Courtney,
I know we started with the left foot
I speak not only
my dance moves.
both are very excited
and we care about the same thing.
So we gather this presentation to you.
What? Who?
# Yes, yes, all now
# Yes, yes
What is this?
# - Adjust or escape
- It's a difficult decision
# Do what you like
# All of them do something
# At this moment, in this place
# Inhibition
# - Do not press this time
- No, no, no
Because we do not need an invitation
# To break the rules
# I say yes
# Do what you do
# Say what you mean
# Do it the way you
# I say yes
# Do what you do
So, take a chance that you want
# Do it the way you
# Now it's time to fix
# Solucinalo
# Show the world
# Show the world
# From what you made
# - Let it go
- Remove
Because you know you are ready
# The choice is yours
# No need invitation
# To break the rules
# I say yes
# Do what you do
Say what you mean
# Do it the way you
# I say yes
# Do what you do
Taking the opportunity that you want
# Do it the way you
# Yes
# - Do what you do
- What do you want to do
# - Say what you mean
- What do you want to say
# - Make your property
- Your way
# I say yes
# - Do what you do
- What do you want to do
So, take a chance that you want
# Do it the way you
- What do you think?
- What?
Do I keep the knife in the back
or give me the knife?
Why, Nikko? Money Why?
What do you mean by money?
Is their new leader did not tell them
who just joined us
because I promised
half of the prize money?
Is that true?
Courtney, not just your money.
It is spectacular.
I know. Anyway,
bad decision.
The deal behind us.
Congratulations, Nikko.
I never thought I could feel much worse
Royce than when he left, but it can handle.
you stole dreams.
We ... We believe you.
And you betrayed us.
Both surprise party, Nikko.
- Hello, Courtney.
- Royce?
What are you doing here?
Should not you be in bowling?
Yes, but not the same.
That's our trail. That's our song.
It's a little late for nostalgia.
I do not know what it was, Courtney,
but when we sang together,
was magical.
We have chemistry. Still have it.
Remember you have a girlfriend?
Her name is Tammi, with two "M".
We make beautiful music together!
Come. You're not serious.
Nikko, I can improve.
- I'm not afraid, rocking.
- Get lost, troll.
If you get me
I'll sing like a soprano.
Too much gossip for those who
her "kids show".
Can you? Can they stop?
No matter. It would be very easy to beat you.
Embarrass you in public. In the Nationals.
Want to see a show?
Ta-Da you showed,
will show what the output
and show you how.
The most stupid
I've heard in my life.
If you come to restore your settings and songs,
You can give them to Mr. Romano.
Look, I know what you think about it on the porch.
Like if you want to steal Spectacular?
But this is not possible.
Because you're Spectacular.
your heart and soul. Without you,
Spectacular group of deaf
no rhythm and two left feet.
I guess I wanted to show
what else Tackies know.
From now on, we do it right.
The way I was not as good as you think.
What do you mean?
- Strengthening Show Choir?
- Page 2.
Addons "mighty have fallen.
In both countries
Addons made a spectacular debut
in the fair. "
Continue reading.
Addons "With conventional choreography
and songs by other insurance,
Royce departure Addons Du Lac
seems to have packed
Addons "fatal blow to those who had
spectacular. "
- Courtney, it was just a bad review.
- They were right.
I was so afraid of change
I was bland classic.
And to see you tonight ...
Do not know Tackies
can do that. He's very good.
But unfortunately, many
the choreography will be disqualified ...
Ms. Lane! Sorry, we passed the time ...
Okay. I'm glad
you do not Royce. Listen.
Courtney, you live, eat and breathe
by the show choir.
If anyone knows how to modify the rules
without breaking, you.
And you, follow your instincts.
Push until he said yes.
This could work.
I believe Tackies Except ...
A dictator is not flexible and narrow?
Okay. I am ...
A greedy selfish and dangerous?
You can not say we do not know.
Addons Mr. Dickinson, you ...
I do not want to call
and pickles on the sandwich.
Addons Mr. Gage.
Tony! What?
Yes No, no, no. Clear.
Yes, yes. I found ...
I found a new talent.
Yes No, no. Hey, wait, wait.
I have one. Yes, I have someone here.
Of course you can hear it!
Look who's here!
We are dangerous and cunning.
- Hide lunch money.
- Sorry.
I took the unilateral decision
and I was wrong.
Nikko helped me to see is not always ...
Nikko was a charlatan and scoundrel.
This Spectacular destruction.
He's only interested in himself, Courtney.
Thank you! Thank you very much.
- Oh no!
- Wow.
- What do you think about my new look?
- It's nice.
Maybe you can use
to make new costumes.
Or to conquer the potatoes.
Although we now have the fashion sense,
do not forgive you.
- Yes
- Okay.
Well. Listen. When I accepted the offer,
do not want to get money
for pizza and video games.
The need for a demo.
And the only reason Courtney
I made the offer
because he loves the wild Spectacular
and want to win.
We can ask. Namely,
we will be happy to help with the demo.
Now I know it's true.
But I do not care.
I'll see how I managed.
After winning the Nationals.
Yes! Together. Okay?
No more dictatorship.
The tiger can not change their stripes.
But we will use our skills,
your voice and your registration, Janet.
And Mr. Romano, his ...
Must be good at something, right?
I'm glad you mention it
because I have ...
The words you are right,
but I refer to the test.
Come on, guys! C'mon!
Tajid right. Courtney will not change.
Hey! I can have fun!
Okay? Yes
Down. Down.
Shopping. Shopping.
Ah, yes. Yes, yes.
We will work with him.
- Yes
- Wow.
If you start a new era
of Spectacular
new costumes
and with a new and spastic Courtney
I think we need one more thing.
He was right.
We need a new song.
Yes, but it must be good.
Something that is not bland.
From the eighties. That was the last time
almost all the judges buy CDs.
- When doves cry.
- In the eighties, I have a song ...
I have ...
I have a song. Got a song!
That was the eighties.
This is called Something to believe.
I love that song!
Addons find in my heart
And I understand from the beginning
- That's it! That song. The!
- It's herringbone, right?
Is the most famous
last presentation of the group.
Yes, subject to final presentation.
They did not get to record it.
If the band has the right,
How can we get permission?
I can get it.
- How?
- I know the band.
I grew up with few members.
It's wonderful. Well done!
We have our songs.
And six days to practice performance.
What's the plan, boss?
We a. .. fun!
Stavros! I'm home.
I brought a sandwich ...
Both held on the saddle, cowboy.
you will have your life's journey.
Mr. Dickinson! What are you doing?
Mr. Dickinson and I'm talking
the extraordinary talent.
Your voice, appearance and attitude
a member
the music industry.
Thank you, sir, but what about the demo?
Company owners want to hear
certain hearings in private.
You're lucky, son. Take it.
I connected with old band.
They were very happy, of course.
But he said he did not use it.
Nikko, use it to audition,
then you can get rid of them.
How do we know that real?
This real numbers do you think?
That's if you like Mr. Gage.
You should be here, ready to Roque,
on Saturday night.
Thank you. Wait!
This Saturday night?
This day will be in town. Why?
Well ... Work that night.
someone to cover shifts.
All the work on that day.
This is the big event. Celebrations Fajitas!
I admire the dedication to the thief's Depot,
and I know I've sat back too,
but this opportunity only given once.
This is your chance. Do not miss.
But, you know, there is no pressure.
All right, gentlemen.
Great. Leave it
for technical testing.
Can we talk, Courtney?
Is not this interesting?
Everything went well.
And it marks the solo.
Are intuitive, spontaneous, Let go!
- Important ...
- Who would have thought
improvisation which will give
a lot of energy to the group?
"Mr. Romano? Let us consider the control
Hello, Stavros. I came to collect
our singer for the exam.
I do not think you're here, Amy.
Must be at work.
So you call strut
in ridiculous costumes
with this group of strangers?
That's good of you, Amy.
Forcing their leaders to use it,
and I believe their colleagues
good people.
Are you the boss? Does your colleagues?
Nikko said what he did?
# I used to see the world as a cold
Very cool
# I always feel so alone
# How do you know
you'll be here? Yes
# How do you see
water behind my eyes? Yes
# I never realized how ...
What are you doing?
Is this a job you and your study group?
I wondered about the lack of books!
- Stavros, I can explain. Can we?
- You lie!
Why? To pavonearte do ...
What are they doing?
This is called a choir.
This has a rich history!
This happens Nikko will help us
to win the championship tomorrow night!
Well, Nikko.
Is there anyone who does not have to lie?
Sorry to break your dreams,
but tomorrow will be a hearing Nikko
to the owner of Apex Recordings.
- What?
- What?
Nikko ... Is that true?
Yes Rich Dickinson considered himself
Flux that will be successful!
"Flux? What bands throw?
Nikko has never done anything like that.
- I try to tell you.
- I do not understand.
you've dreamed of this all you life.
Talk later
you lies and deceit,
but now we go from here
and get ready for tomorrow.
Wait, Nikko!
And you want to dance?
First, you must learn to walk.
Nikko, greet your friends.
Sorry guys.
Me too.
I can not imagine why you do not want to act
with professionals.
From the beginning.
Nice view.
Your brother said I'd find you here.
If you come to give me advice,
'But it will be grateful.
Some time ago I was a music teacher,
and never admitted to the student
because they violate the liver,
but the show has never coral
part of the job that I liked.
- I think you know, Mr. Romano.
- Really?
Nikko, when you came,
you really enter.
I saw the talent, skill, and you remind me
myself. A long time ago.
Was in a band?
Remember how I said ...
I grew up with a fish bone?
- It is not entirely correct.
- Why not?
Wait, wait a minute. ye ...
you do not grow with herringbone.
Herringbone you!
Joey ye Romans! Joey Rome!
He knew he was dead
or who lived on a desert island.
Internet lie! All crazy.
No, no. you can not tell anyone.
I said because I think
You can receive advice
and then destroying it.
"Damage? What are you talking about?
These icons of music integrity.
Everyone knows who resigned
should not be dominated by companies ...
Or because they do not play in the stadium
before 40,000 fans?
- Because they are not going to sell.
- Because I'm afraid.
Nikko, after the success of
Our first song,
small clubs to be
in large places. I can not do it.
I like being a musician, I enjoy it,
but I hate to be a rock star.
And I blame the company, I changed my name
and here I am.
Why do I say that?
Because you only have one chance
do it well.
No offense, Mr. Romano, Rome,
You are old, not dead.
You know, I'm not too old.
I gave up on it.
If you missed it, you can start again.
Nikko, my window is now closed.
Your turn.
And you have to make the right decision
for the right reasons.
What can I do?
What band preference for a Spectacular?
Nikko, do not tell you what to do.
I just say at the end of the day,
you have to live with your choices.
Whatever you decide,
make sure what you want.
Nikko ... Nikko ...
Think about it.
Is everything okay, honey?
I smoothed.
Every detail counts!
I'm not talking about the costumes.
The wrong time,
and the show choir is a team effort ...
because I think he has changed.
Spectacular, but it will do very well without it!
How about you, dear? Oh, dear.
Okay. Okay. Remove. I know.
Why am I crying?
I do not care about the show choir,
Spectacular or not anyone else. I hate it!
I know. In addition, there must be so tired
All trials
- He will do poorly in audition.
- No, Mama! This will do great.
Did you dream!
Oh, dear.
It's heavy. My back hurts.
I feel like I'm your father.
He was armed.
Well, what Nikko truck load?
Media Alert!
I got it!
You see, Nikko? Echarte of the band
for your own good.
You have reached the bottom,
and if the show choir is not the bottom ...
- I mean, it's sad.
- No, it was synthetic.
Not listening.
If you like riding with these people,
wave should be good.
Yes, they are. Thank you.
Dickinson said very supportive.
Yes, that's not true.
I could have done. But I do not.
- Okay, that was understandable.
- It's ancient history.
- Thanks, Eric.
- Ready?
Nikko, can talk for a minute?
Yes, but you can do it quickly.
- What important actions ...
- I can handle it. Thank you.
Courtney, I know how you feel.
And do not blame you.
But this is not the choir.
It's only one way to ...
Good luck.
- Come on, Nikko.
- Roque.
Come on, Nikko.
Courtney total chaos.
And two years ago elasticity.
Okay. Relax. Okay.
Well, I do not believe
they come after us.
Do not envy them.
Are they before? you'd better comb
and wear make-up.
I've done it!
Where is the rocker?
Oh God. I'm out
and still dating.
They're professionals.
Tammi Dyson true.
Nikko sin, we will fail
epic failure.
Not listening.
I know they are disappointed.
But life is full of disappointments.
Get up and go to the stage
Nikko looking for his dream.
And now it's time to find our own.
# Live my life that I like
# They say I'm a little rebellious
# Try to classify, analyze
# But I never lower the tone
Well, well, I heard too.
Addons Sorry. We are not interested. But thank you.
Have fun at prom.
Rich, you know it better than that.
Is warming. Come.
Hey, kid. I heard before
and I know you much better. What went wrong?
- What do you mean?
- Where is your heart?
- Not in the song. An empty dream.
- I know, you're right.
Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Gage,
let me show where my heart.
# There was a fever in me
He consumes
# If tried, I can not hide
# I hear the song
# A song
# This is the first time I heard it
# I thought I would take the opportunity tonight
# At the moment I'm waiting
To turn the key and opened the door
# Everything is clear before me
# I finally found a way
# Here's an invitation
My own conclusions
# On the wings of a dream
# I can fly so high in the eyes
# On the wings of a dream
# See how to touch the sky
# This is the night tonight
# My dreams become reality
# Always say this will
# See how many flights
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# If only creyeras
# On the wings of a dream
# This is the burning of coal
It has become a fire
# Now we have a light that guides us
# Every day of my life
I cling to my faith
# Do not ever think to let you go
or surrender
# The game continues, and I want to play
# I'll take my position because I will stay here
- Boys we'll do well.
- I hope so.
# The stars are visible
# Do not ever look down
# Do not touch the floor
# On the wings of a dream
# I can fly so high in the eyes
# On the wings of a dream
By the way, thank you
by letting them use your song.
- Did you know?
- Are you kidding?
I covered the wall
Poster herringbone.
I knew from the first meeting
between parents and teachers.
# ... far
On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# Life is more than it seems
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
# On the wings of a dream
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
What are you doing?
I could have made another bow.
I worship.
- Very good.
- I know.
Come here. It's our turn
and whatever happens, remember ...
- Oh, no. Will tell us we want.
- Shut up! I love you.
Addons ... Spectacular!
- Let's have fun.
- I thought I would throw up.
# I used to see the world as a cold
Very cool
# I always feel so alone
# How do I know you're going to be here?
# Yes
# How do you see through my tears?
# Yes
# I never realized
# How can anyone do everything so well
# A heart so sad
You made me turn
# You give me something to believe
# After all we went through
# The love you gave me
Back to you
# You give me something to believe
you can see how I really
# And here with you
# This is where I belong
- What is happening with your hearing?
- I thought it would be better here.
# I do not need to imagine more
# None
# All the time I was waiting
# And now we are together, the other side
# Yes
# No one seems impossible tonight
# - Yes
# - Yes
# - Search on in my heart
- In my heart
# And I understand from the beginning
# - And we have the opportunity
- Opportunity
# If you survive
# You give me something to believe
# - You can see how I really
- You see what I really
# And here with you
This is where I belong
# Yes
# Elvanos
# So High
# High
# Now we realize
We feel so alive
# We need love
To find us, to guide us
# All the way
In this case we believe
# Only need love
To get there, to show how
Ladies and gentlemen, Joey Rome!
# You give me something to believe
# After what we experienced
# The love you gave me
Back to you
# Back to you
# - You give me something to believe
- Something to believe
# You can see how I really
# You can see how I really
# And here with you
This is where I belong
Joey, you're my hero!
No, no! After them!
Addons I want to thank. This great honor.
Addons Once again, we applaud Gang Enchantment
obtain the third place
Addons And now when we all hope.
Addons Winners
22nd Annual National Championship
Addons from the American Federation
Coral Jazz
Addons And the winner ...
Addons Ladies and gentlemen, the winner Ta-Da.
What about the Spectacular?
Did you see? They should have won!
Addons apparently acted Spectacular
Addons registered members
before the judges in advance,
Addons and under the rules of the Federation,
Spectacular disqualified.
Addons Muchas gracias! I ...
Addons Wow, that's a great honor to win the championship
for the second time, as Ryhthm & Shoes,
Addons Shidazzle, Turquoise Tigresses ...
Addons - Metallic Majorly.
- Sparkle Factory.
Addons - Thank you. I want to thank ...
- Thank you
- Sorry.
- Do not worry.
- We are lost!
- Who cares?
We came here to be the best.
And that's what we are.
- Who cares about trophies?
- This is great!
- Is it in vain.
- Too bad there's only one trophy.
I know. How can we share?
Share? Royce, you're so funny.
Here we end. Ta-da!
Hey, it's Rich Dickinson.
How are you, Joey?
I came here tonight
to see a band called Flux,
but you lost, sorry
so they will not win trophies.
I think it must comply with
with a recording contract delicious!
Mr. Gage has agreed with me.
you're dynamite!
What will be the first song?
Thank you, sir,
but must ask Nils.
Are you a problem. I'm just a singer.
Okay. What, son?
Want to do business?
- Yes, sir!
- Okay. Let's do it.
- Take a look at the contract.
- Joey.
I was there. Let me see ...
# There is no way to know
# Why do not we plan never turn out well
# Nothing is left to chance
# All the planned retail
# So, why not have ended
as you think I should?
# If something no one knows
# Do not rush to decide
'For everything can change
when you least expect it
# You can not stop the uncontrolled
# You have to learn how to not have to worry
# Everything can change
# No, you can improve
# Some things that can be explained
# Yes
# There is no way to anticipate
# Long in there
but finally here
# Anything can happen, and usually occurs
# Some things work better
# That's what we do
# If something no one knows
# Do not rush to decide
'For everything can change
when you least expect it
# You can not stop the uncontrolled
you must learn how to not have to worry
# Everything can change
# No, you can improve
# Some things that can be explained
# Everything can change
# Everything can change
# You can not stop the uncontrolled
you must learn how to not have to worry
# Everything can change
# Everything can change
# Some things that can be explained
# Everything can change