Spectral (2016) Movie Script

(explosions, then rumbling)
(man over radio) Acknowledge
when in position, Sergeant Davis.
Dagger Team 1, copy. I keep losing you.
- How long till my backup's here?
- Working on it. Stand by.
(explosion, then rumbling)
Say eight to ten minutes.
Advise you stay put.
I can't wait for backup.
Send them in behind me.
Davis, maintain your position.
They're on their way.
Dagger Team 1, you seeing this?
There's some kind of disturbance here.
Davis, what is that? What are you seeing?
What the hell?
Davis, what's your status?
(radio static)
Davis, come in!
(man) Got you.
(man 1)... gonna get a late start.
(man 2)
Right, well, it's a closed session.
Most of the specs stayed the same...
(man over PA)
Dr. Osbourne, call 204. Dr. Osbourne, 204.
(indistinct chattering)
(man 1) They're issuing temporaries
for that R and D, as far as I know.
(man 2)
Is that part of the same badge or...?
(man 3) I'm pretty sure.
- (man 2) All right.
- (man 4) How's it going?
- (man 5) Hey.
- (man 6) Hi.
- (man 7) We'll get everything.
- (man 8) Marty was already in?
(man 9) Yeah.
(man 10)
And she's working on that project?
(man 11) They'll be done in about a week.
I was gonna say...
(man over PA) Don Taylor, report
to Laser Laboratory Building B, Laser Lab.
(man 1) Okay, I'll take a look.
- Where have you been?
- (Clyne) Solving problems.
You look... dusty.
Sometimes you gotta get dusty, Efrem.
- Test the pulse?
- Yeah.
Went down to the vault,
asked Johnson for some tetracene,
but apparently, we don't store it.
It's outdated and expensive as shit.
It got expensive.
Back in the '90s, it used to be cheap.
So, if you look hard enough...
you can still find some lying around.
You find a street gang
that slings tetracene?
Industrial printer cartridge,
$14.99 back in the day.
- Get me a mount, would you?
- Here you go.
Thank you.
(Efrem) You gonna tell the suits
you're running this on a 20-year-old part?
I'll show them it works and say:
"That's the difference between a prototype
and a production model."
Concavity is spun to zero.
Lens track is hot.
Alignment is keyed in.
You are good to go.
I'll let you call it.
(whirring, then beeping)
(powering up)
If you think about the applications on
other materials, it could be significant.
Metals, for instance, can be shattered
with very little effort or noise.
Concrete, rubber... they're all vulnerable
to violent temperature changes.
Yeah, this project started
as a request from SEAL Team 6.
After the siege in Rwanda,
they came to us
asking for the capability...
to flash freeze or boil
the enemy's water supply.
Now, this device could have
driven the enemy out.
And you... tried this on living things?
That wasn't our intent here, initially.
We'd like you test it.
Any volunteers?
(chuckles) Well... we'll give it a try.
Gentlemen, why don't we go sit down?
We'll talk over the next steps. All right?
Yeah. Right this way.
(indistinct chattering)
(Mindala) What do you want,
a clean conscience?
Test it with a slab of beef
for all I care.
What I want is to use it
for what we originally designed it as.
A deterrent.
Nobody said anything
about microwaving people's lungs.
It's war.
It's the business we're in.
Remember what you sold it to me as
when you hired me?
And that's still partially true.
But war is good business.
So is human trafficking.
We work for DARPA, Mark.
We work for the government.
"I don't know what weapons
we'll use in World War III,
- but World War IV will be fought with..."
- "Sticks and stones." Albert Einstein.
- He worked for the government.
- Mm-hm. That's right.
And if you ask him, I don't think
he thought that was his finest hour.
I'm sure he has feelings about
flash-boiling human flesh.
Ever think about prosthetic limbs
with full sensory feedback?
Ah. Prosthetics... don't win wars.
Did you hear that?
That is the empathetic scientist
in you dying.
Did you brief your guys
on how to operate the ray?
- I did.
- Good.
Then you can start packing.
Can you be more specific?
About these goggles.
Your... hyperspectral goggles
being deployed by Special Forces
in Eastern Europe in the Moldovan War.
- I'm aware. I read the field reports.
- No, you have not read this report.
Orland called me personally.
General Orland.
He said things are very...
sensitive down there.
And they're... seeing things.
Okay. Like what?
They won't tell me.
They won't share the video feed.
They won't discuss what they're seeing.
They just want the lead engineer
down there to advise and consult.
Look, you invented these goggles
to keep our guys safe.
Well, now they need your help.
Think of it as defense.
(man 1) Let me reboot the guidance system.
(man 2) It's locked tight.
We have to pull it out.
(man 3) All right, let's go. Move it out.
(indistinct chattering)
- Mark Clyne?
- What?
You the guy that designed
the helmet cam?
- Yes. Mark Clyne.
- James Orland. Come with me.
A lot of new boots on the ground here.
(Orland) The country's in chaos.
The insurgency is mostly remnants
of the military dictatorship
that ran this place
until about two months ago.
And their popular support is primarily
in the north part of the country...
near the Russian border,
and here in the capital.
The problem is
their forces are well-trained.
They're threatening to turn
this whole thing into a civil war.
(indistinct chattering)
Moldova. Russians had it, lost it.
It became independent,
but it's struggling internally.
On the one hand, you have an insurgency,
made up of the regime's
former elite soldiers.
They're well-trained and dangerous.
On the other,
you have most of the population,
who are tearing down the regime's flags
and demanding a new government.
Civil unrest, as complicated as it is,
is a business we're familiar with.
We like to think we're good at it.
But this thing your camera found...
it's a whole new piece of business.
I can't send this video to EUCOM.
I'm just afraid they'd think it's a joke.
DOD doesn't have a sense of humor.
(Orland) Typically not. Hook us up.
I'm sure there's a scientific explanation
for what's on these,
but until you tell me,
I'm not sending it
up the chain of command.
- You done?
- (man) Yes, sir.
- Get out. Seal us in. Wait outside.
- Sir.
(door closes)
Nobody here has been able
to make heads or tails of this.
It's thrown a wrench
into our entire operation
for reasons I'm not at liberty
to discuss with you.
I can tell you we need answers fast.
- Do you mind?
- You spotted that quick.
Five different helmet cams picked up
something similar in the last three weeks.
At first, our signals intelligence tech
wrote it off as interference.
That's not interference.
I don't think you'd fly me
all the way here for interference.
Wanna tell me what you're thinking?
I want you to tell me
what you're thinking.
I don't know what I'm thinking... yet.
But there is an explanation.
(Orland) That was the first sighting.
Three others just like it.
The last was different.
It involved a member of Delta Force,
that makes it particularly sensitive.
This is Fran Madison with CIA.
What Special Ops does here
is done under CIA covert operations.
You need to sign this
before we go any further.
- What is this?
- It's an SCI oath.
You're acknowledging it's life in prison
if you reveal anything you're told.
(door buzzing and clanging)
(door buzzing)
- (Fran) Cue up the Davis file, please.
- (man) Yes, ma'am.
Three days ago
we conducted a raid in mid-city.
Our communications were intermittent,
and a guy got separated from the group...
where he ended up killed in action.
He got closer than anybody.
Too close.
(radio static)
(Davis) Dagger Team 1, you seeing this?
There's some kind of disturbance here.
(man over radio)
Davis, what is that? What are you seeing?
(Davis) What the hell?
(radio static)
Sergeant Chris Davis.
Three-tour combat vet. Best of the best.
In the last few weeks
we've been finding bodies around the city
that were killed in the same way.
The autopsies defied all explanation.
Their internal organs were frozen
and yet, their skin was burned
and corroded.
The only response from the allied Moldovan
military contact is shock, confusion.
And there's anger.
There's teenagers spray-painting
"genocide aratare" at kill sites.
- Genocide...?
- "Aratare."
It's a local myth. The ghosts of war.
"As nightmarish as."
That's the literal translation.
- That's very poetic.
- (Fran) Well, they're superstitious.
They somehow think...
the horrors of the war have
kicked up something unnatural.
- We hope you have an alternate theory.
- What do you think?
- Think you need a new name for them.
- Beyond that.
- Give me a copy of the data, some time...
- That's not possible.
You want me to figure this out right now?
- (Orland) We want your assessment.
- I don't have one yet.
Then, I think we have to send our
working theory up the chain of command.
- I don't wanna do that.
- Okay. What is your working theory?
The agency thinks
this is some kind of cloaking technology.
Insurgent soldiers wearing
active camouflage.
In this country? Something that advanced?
CIA knows a few groups in Europe and Asia
could be working on active camouflage.
DARPA's worked on cloaking technology.
We're years away from a prototype.
- Maybe somebody beat you to it.
- DARPA is the leader in the field.
Are you certain of that?
The regime spent heavily
on weapons research.
Corruption, loose legislation.
You're a military lab and want obscurity?
- This is a great place to work and hide.
- Okay.
Let's say it is cloaking technology.
- How do you account for cause of death?
- A shock delivered to the victim.
I think you're reaching.
Our business requires us
to make suppositions.
My business requires us to prove them.
Your technician's job is to find glitches,
so, he sees glitches.
Your job is to find the enemy,
so, you see the enemy.
Locals believe in spirits,
so they see spirits.
Everyone is biased, in one way or another.
So, my answer to you right now is that
we lack data to support any theory.
What do you need
to make a more definitive statement?
First, you need a better shot.
That's what I'm looking for,
a better shot.
- Right here, sir.
- That's it.
I brought this from DARPA.
A hyperspectral camera.
A more powerful version of the helmet cams
your guys are using.
It sees deeper into the spectrum of light.
Visible or invisible,
if something's there, this'll pick it up.
Can you mount this thing...
on a Delta vehicle?
- I don't see why not.
- (Orland) All right, good.
We run missions into the city every day.
I'll put you with our field tech,
tell him how to operate it.
I wouldn't put a tech in between
this camera and myself.
So, you wanna operate it?
If you want that kill shot... you'll need
a fast reaction time out there.
Next mission, you ride with Delta.
They're gonna get you close to this thing.
You get me the kill shot...
you can go home to Virginia
without unpacking.
(man 1)
Got a bad rotor, you gotta swap that out.
(man 2) Weld it onto the front panel.
(indistinct chattering)
Well, well, well. Toll, check that out.
- (man 1) What's this guy up to, man?
- (man 2) I don't know.
(man 3) Believe this guy?
- (man 4) If it works.
- (man 5) For real.
Heard you're installing a camera
on our truck.
Which was fine
until you ripped out that 50 cal.
You're taking down a gun
to put up a camera?
It's the only place large enough
to mount it.
(Toll) You guys get that, right?
I know it sounds like a terrible idea.
We prefer to dance with who brung us...
Dr. Clyne. You get that, right?
"Dance with who brung you"?
No, actually, I don't.
This truck has saved our lives,
many times.
I understand.
(Cabrera) You guys know Dr. Clyne's team
built that truck?
Clyne works over at DARPA.
I've worked closely with his group.
Been to their facilities in Virginia.
- Good to see you, Dr. Clyne.
- Good to see you, Captain Cabrera.
They retrofitted these trucks
with tougher, lighter weight armor.
They designed the mechanical loaders
that do the heavy lifting,
so you boys don't strain yourselves
too hard.
Matter of fact, Dr. Clyne himself
developed the thin weight Kevlar
body stocking that literally...
(Toll grunts) (soldiers groan)
Protects your balls.
So, I would think there'd be nothing
but goodwill in this group for Dr. Clyne.
- Major Sessions.
- Captain, have your men fall back.
- (man 1) Get back to it.
- (man 2) Get her done.
This is Dr. Clyne.
He's worked with us eight or ten times
over the last five years.
You ever go out with the assault team?
No, sir.
He's a good man, major.
That's great. I'm just not a fan
of taking tourists on combat missions.
Sir, I'm not a tourist.
If you're not carrying an M4,
you're a tourist.
I'll carry one, if you'd like.
We gotta get Dr. Clyne out in the field
to track the target force
and get a kill shot.
How long before
this equipment's operational?
A few hours.
- Is it gonna work?
- If we get close enough.
Let me tell you something.
Sergeant Davis... he got close enough.
That's the best Delta that we had.
Make sure your equipment
is top-notch this time.
- They were like brothers.
- I get it.
Evening, doc.
(indistinct chattering)
(Cabrera) Hear you two hit it off bigtime.
- She can come off a bit intense.
- Yeah. So can you.
I'm just here to find this thing.
You're willing to go on
a combat mission to find it.
She is, too.
She's under a lot of pressure from D.C.
They want an answer
and it's her job to give them one.
Saw your names on a mission roster.
I knew this was a top priority...
but for them to embed you both...
Well, you don't have to worry about me.
I'm not worried about you, doc.
I'm worried about it.
She's hoping it's cloaking technology.
What do you think it is?
Something no one's thought of yet.
Gentlemen, yesterday at 1800 hours,
Utah Team left here on a recon mission
to Durlesti,
when they were engaged by insurgents.
We managed to hear most
of their chatter during the firefight,
but come were unreliable.
Target is a five-story
apartment building here.
We think what's left of Utah is being held on the fourth floor,
in the northwest corner apartment.
We're gonna be knee-deep
in an insurgent-held area.
So, we should expect a fight.
One last thing.
Before our guys were grabbed,
they radioed in that they saw
what we're calling
hyperspectral anomalies.
Your mission is a quick extraction.
You get our guys and you get out.
However, if engaged,
neutralize the anomalies in the area.
(Toll) Neutralize them?
- How?
- Yeah, what are we dealing with here?
We believe these are enemy soldiers
in advanced electronic camouflage.
- So, be surgical when you fire.
- If we don't really know what they are...
Excuse me?
Would you like to add something?
If they are wearing cloaking technology,
you need to bring it back
as intact as possible.
Dr. Clyne and Agent Madison
will be on mission with you.
Dr. Clyne will be monitoring
your helmet-cam feeds
from the second MRAP vehicle
in the convoy.
Major Sessions will lead Dagger Team 1
to do the extraction.
Stay on come. Get your gear.
- (man 1) Partner, let's go.
- (man 2) AJ, front and center.
(man 3) Weapons check, Billy.
(man 4) You got it.
(man 1)
Our ride not smooth enough for you?
(man 2)
And you call yourself hard-ass.
(man 3) They really need
to repave these roads, man.
All right, guys,
we're coming into the abandoned zone.
Expect a heavy insurgent presence.
(indistinct chattering over radio)
(man) Okay.
I've got an insurgent body here.
I got Agopia from Utah Team.
Confirmed KIA.
None of these guys appear to have taken
any rounds. No entry or exit wounds.
Alessio here. Moving to the fifth floor.
- We got movement.
- Toll, check your 2 o'clock.
Where? We don't see anything.
- That's it. Right there.
- You're right on top of it.
(Clyne) It's a motion signature.
There's something under that tub.
(Sessions) Lewis, the tub.
I want you to flip over the tub.
- Toll, I want you on what's underneath.
- I'm on it.
One, two, three.
We have Comstock alive and conscious.
Repeat. We have Sergeant Comstock
from Utah Team.
Hey, buddy.
- Where's the rest of your team?
- They're upstairs.
But they're all gone.
Got under their skin.
- What got under their skin...?
- I saw it.
- But...?
- Blanket.
Like a frozen blanket.
- Okay, where is the rest of Utah?
- Oh, they're dead.
Yeah, they're all dead.
We're all dead.
- Where are the bodies?
- I told you, they're on the top floor.
Oh, you haven't seen it.
I've seen it.
You know I believe in God, John.
This is the opposite of God.
Wait. Who's this?
Can you tell him to turn back?
McFadden, turn back.
Give us a view of that room.
(McFadden) Nothing's there.
I'm standing right here.
Mac, we're both staring right at it.
It's in the middle of your view port.
What? That? It's a smear.
Probably these piece-of-shit goggles.
- No, no, no. Tell him to put them back on.
- Mac, put the goggles back on.
Mac, do it now.
- What the...?
- Take the shot.
They went right through it.
- Did he miss?
- He doesn't miss.
Major Sessions, we have a KIA.
A hyperspectral target is
on the fifth floor, northwest corner.
Switch to heavy rounds or 203s.
Whatever you have to do
to bring this thing down.
Tell them to pull out.
(man) Get everyone out now!
- Tell them to pull out now.
- No, we're not leaving empty-handed.
I guarantee you're leaving empty-handed.
Come on!
(man 1) Grenade!
- We need support!
- (Cabrera) Get out.
All units evacuate now.
Let's go. Get back to the truck.
(man 1) This room right here.
We can still grab him. Let's go! Move!
(man 2) Let's go, let's go, let's go.
(man 3) Go!
(man 4) Here. Here, Jim.
Hold on. Here.
Evacuating via south face!
I got Talbot, Comstock, Riedel and Shaire.
Five men down!
We gotta travel together
and we gotta stay tight. Can you do that?
(grunting) Oh, Jesus. Go!
(Clyne) Come on. Come on.
Move. Move, move.
(man) You got him? Let's go.
Get out of the way.
- Right there!
- Where is it?
In front.
We gotta get in. Move.
- Help him in.
- Come on!
- Get in here!
- In you go.
(man 1) Go, go!
- (man 2) Move!
- (man 3) Get in.
- Hey!
- (man 4) Go, go!
We're in! Go!
Hold on, where's Cabrera?
Where's the captain?
Talk to me. Did you see him?
- Come on, talk to me, man.
- I saw him die.
- What?
- I saw him die.
- I'm going home.
- (Fran) Yeah.
- I'm going home.
- Hey, hey, hey. It's okay.
Look at me. Look at me.
- Did you see it?
- Yeah.
- You saw it. How close did you get?
- I was in a room with it for hours.
That tub saved my life.
I could feel it.
- Okay.
- I could feel it.
Land mines! Hold on!
(coughing continues)
Hey, buddy, look at me. No, no, no.
(man 1) Open the door.
(man 2) Yeah.
- (man 1) Come on. Now, move.
- (man 3) Come on.
Both drivers are dead.
Archer Lima 2. Hit a land mine.
Both vehicles destroyed.
(radio static)
We are...
three clicks southeast of target building.
(man over radio)
We are losing your transmission.
Your transponders are down.
No shit.
Our vehicles were just blown to hell.
We need to find cover.
- I can't hear what you're saying.
- Clyne, leave the camera.
(man 1) Come on, Clyne.
(man 2) Go, go, go.
(man 3) Move, move.
(man 4) Cover.
- Let's go.
- (man 5) Get up, get up.
(man 1) Come on.
(man 2) Go, go, go.
(man 4) Where you been?
(Sessions shouts)
(Sessions) Who's injured?
- Diaz?
- (Diaz) I think my ankle's broke.
We need an airlift.
I can't get a signal to base. Keep trying.
(Talbot) Com.
Get over here. Get over here.
(man) Yeah.
(Talbot) Archer Lima 2. Archer Lima 2.
This is Dagger Team 1, over.
(man 1) I'm good. I'm good.
(man 2) Can they get in that way?
(man 3) You all right?
Archer Lima 2, this is Dagger Team 1.
Do you copy? Over.
Archer Lima 2, this is Dagger Team 1.
Do you copy? Over.
- How you doing? You're bleeding.
- Hmm?
You hit your head.
You hit your head.
Did you black out?
Yeah, I guess so.
- She hit her head pretty bad.
- Let me see.
Pupils are huge.
Sir, I'm sending
but they're not receiving.
I'm hearing a click back
as soon as I sign over, but no answer.
Keep trying.
She's in shock. Keep an eye on her.
(Talbot) Archer Lima 2,
this is Dagger Team 1. Do you copy? Over.
(man 1)... over there.
- Thanks.
- (man 2) Yeah.
Where's everyone else?
Where's the rest of Utah?
I'm Sergeant Chen. I was with Utah.
We were the second team in last night.
There was eight of us.
- Do you have confirmed KIAs for Utah?
- Well, I can tell you this much.
Sergeant Comstock won't be
on your Christmas card this year.
- You saw insurgents kill Comstock?
- (Alessio) Insurgents?
Is this guy for real?
- What rock were you under?
- I was the radio operator.
We lost come.
I was stuck in the truck the whole night.
- I never saw the active camouflage.
- Active camouflage?
Even if there was a such thing,
and there's not...
how does a human wearing active camouflage
walk through walls?
(Alessio) Or through three mags
of armor-piercing ammo?
I saw Pat pump 150 rounds at one of them.
This thing's killed
at least 19 of our men.
And we have no idea what it is.
You saw it.
What was it?
Had a human form.
It looked at me, it was conscious.
Like a person.
Is there anything that explains
what you saw?
Let's pull together
all the functional goggles that we have.
- My goggles were wasted in the crash, sir.
- Yeah. Mine, too. They're trashed.
(man) Forget the goggles.
We can't recharge them anyway.
So, what do we do?
How are we supposed to see them?
Maybe that camera can still help us.
If we get to an elevated position,
we'd have a better vantage point.
Help me with this?
(Sessions) Let's go. Let's move out. Move.
(Sessions) They're everywhere.
(Alessio) Something's stopping them.
Some sort of black sand.
(Comstock) I fell in that sand.
- I had to... pick it out of my hand.
- Let me see it.
- Little, sharp pieces of metal.
- They're iron filings.
- It's pure iron.
- (man) Yeah.
And there's a trail of it...
all the way around the building.
It's a barrier. Someone put it there.
I don't think we're alone.
Let's stack up and sweep upstairs.
Point and shoot?
Point and shoot.
(indistinct chattering)
Breach! Breach!
(girl speaking in foreign language)
- (Sessions) I've got kids.
- (man 1) Clear.
- (man 2) Clear.
- All clear.
Tell them to take the long wall.
Ask them where they got this,
and who else is here.
(speaking in foreign language)
Ask them if there's anyone else
in the factory, and do they have guns.
(speaking in foreign language)
(in English) She says they're here alone.
Only that one gun. No soldiers are here.
- No one at all.
- (man) Major Sessions.
- What's the problem?
- This factory has a transmission tower.
It puts out a huge signal.
So, what's the problem?
Everyone within 20 miles will hear
our conversation with base.
Any insurgent radio will pick up
our transmission.
Insurgents are the least of your worries.
Connect me to General Orland
as soon as possible.
Archer Lima 2, Archer Lima 2,
this is Dagger Team. Do you copy?
(radio static)
Archer Lima 2, Archer Lima 2,
this is Dagger Team. Do you copy?
Archer Lima 2, Archer Lima 2,
this is Dagger Team. Do you copy?
(Toll) You guys are our new recruits.
And believe me... we could use the help.
(both chuckling)
Come on, tough guy. Show me what you got.
(grunting, then chuckling)
(Clyne) Hey, I need to ask you something.
Was it your idea...
to put the barrier... outside?
(speaking in foreign language)
(in English)
Their father. Their father knew.
Their father rolled open barrels
of the iron shavings around the building.
He saved their lives.
What happened to your father?
(Toll) You're a little scrapper,
aren't you? (Chuckling)
(Toll) Hey, buddy, you all right?
Come on, get up.
What are you doing?
(mimics swooshing)
(mimics roaring)
Are you a ghost?
(speaks in foreign language)
- He says, "Don't say that word."
- Ask him what they are.
(Fran & Bogdan speaking
in foreign language)
(in English) Lost souls.
Souls of the dead.
They're trapped between life and death,
and they can't find peace.
How's that happen?
He says, "War."
Come on.
If their father put down
the iron shavings,
he knows more about these things
than any of us do.
Ask her where her father is.
(speaking in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
(in English)
Her brother, Bogdan, doesn't know.
He thinks he went to get help.
He died outside,
when he was making the barrier.
She had to bring him in here.
I'm so sorry.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Ceramic tile.
Ask her how her father knew about
the iron filings stopping the Aratare.
- What else did he know about them?
- (Fran) She doesn't know.
(Clyne) "Masarov."
- What is Masarov?
- (Fran) It's a place.
It's a district up the river.
(speaking in foreign language)
It's where it all began.
It's where the Aratare killings started.
I'm saying we land the helos right here.
Extract us from this roof
and get us the hell out of here.
There are power lines everywhere.
The helos would have to fly low and slow.
Easy pickings
for a teenager with a rocket.
Can you get me up to speed?
You spoke with base?
Yeah. The general's sending in helos
to come get us,
and tanks to secure the landing zone
in an open plaza
- about half a mile from here, at dawn.
- That's a long way on foot.
You think we can make it a half a mile?
With kids?
We don't have an option. Okay?
All the roads are either blocked or mined.
And since we used the tower
to talk to base,
everyone knows where we are.
We gotta move out.
(Alessio) You wanna go running around
with those things roaming the streets?
Even though we have no way to fight them?
(man 1) Better than waiting for them
to find a way in.
(Alessio) The only reason we're
still alive is that barricade out there.
Eventually they're gonna get through.
It's just a matter of time.
- (man 2) Wait.
- (Sessions) We have to take our chances.
- This is the best plan that we have.
- Major.
What if I said I can improve our chances
of making that plaza?
- I'm listening.
- Take a look around you.
Everything in this building...
is filled with this.
Iron dust.
And the iron stops the hyperspectrals.
Exactly. Weaponize it.
- Dirty bombs.
- Best idea I've heard all night.
Let's collect the grenades.
(Sessions) Clyne.
I need you to be our eyes out there.
- Can you haul that camera on foot?
- I've got a better idea.
This camera already projects
the right wavelength of UV light.
If I can turn it inside out, by reversing
the polarity of some of the components,
I might be able to turn it from a camera
into a searchlight.
We'll be able to see them
with our own eyes.
- That'd be a game-changer.
- Think I can talk to the convoy?
I'll them how to do the same
with their equipment.
When they come get us,
they're gonna need eyes, too.
I'll connect you
to the main engineer back at base.
Copy that.
They're ready to equip their vehicles
with whatever you need.
Can you repeat
the whole request back to me, please?
Okay, yes. That's correct.
What you need is a device that emits
a very short wavelength of light.
I can tell you exactly how to rewire that.
Do you have anything
you can mount on a tank?
(girl speaking in foreign language)
We got movement across the alleyway.
Guys, we got movement.
Can we get eyes on it?
Hey, guys, stand clear for a second.
- What's the word on the convoy?
- Last contact was 50 minutes ago.
They're on their way
to the extraction point.
Here they come! Get your gear.
We're leaving this building in 15 seconds.
(man) Okay, come on. Let's go.
That was the fastest way
to the extraction point.
- (girl) Yeah.
- Hey.
She says she can show us another way.
Talbot, you're with Clyne.
Diaz, you're on point.
(man) Let's go.
(Sessions) Yup. Moving.
(creatures screeching nearby)
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
Come here.
(man 1) Everybody's accounted for.
- (man 2) It looks clear.
- Let's move. Come here.
Okay. (Speaks in foreign language)
(in English) She says, "Go right, here."
(man 1) Hey. Heads up, 6 o'clock.
- (man 2) Move!
- Move!
(man 3) They're coming.
(man 4) Come on.
Come on.
Watch out!
(man 1) Oh, shit.
- (man 2) Come on, Lewis! Let's go!
- (man 3) I think it's working!
- (Sessions) In here!
- (man 1) This way.
(man 2) Move, move.
(man 3) Go!
- (man 1) Move it!
- (man 2) Come on.
- (Sessions) Pick up!
- (man 1) Get up.
- (man 2) I'm good.
- (man 3) Go! Go!
(Sessions) Steady your gun!
- (man 1) Get down!
- (man 2) Take cover, man.
Come on, doctor. Come on.
(man 1) Incoming!
(man) I got a man down! Man down!
- (man 1) Moving it up!
- (man 2) More on that side!
(Sessions) Hurry.
(girl speaking in foreign language)
(Fran) She says,
"Straight ahead, under the archway."
(man) Watch yourself.
(girl speaks in foreign language)
- (man)Hold it.
- (Fran) She says this is the place.
(Sessions) Go, go.
(man) Looks clear.
(Fran speaking in foreign language)
- (man) Where are they?
- Get on the bus. Go.
(man) Where's the rescue?
(man) Where's the light?
Come on. Come on, come on.
Work. Work. Work.
(Fran speaking in foreign language)
(in English) Come on. It's okay.
- (Sessions) You sure this is the place?
- (speaking in foreign language)
- Yeah.
- Ask them if they're sure.
She said, "I'm pretty sure."
This thing is dead. We can't see them.
We're blind.
- That's us.
- This is the landing zone.
- Commander, are you seeing this?
- Those are the targets.
- Go! Go! Go!
- Go!
- Go, go, go.
- (man) Let's go.
Move. Go on.
(Sessions) On the ground.
(man grunting)
(Fran speaks in foreign language)
(man) Get down!
(Fran speaking in foreign language)
- (Sessions) Move on my command.
- (man 1) Move it out!
(man 2 yelling indistinctly)
Hey! Hey!
(man 3) Overhead!
Let's get to the tanks!
Move it to the tanks!
- (man 1) Move it!
- (man 2) Move!
(man 3) Move!
- (Sessions) Open fire!
- (man 1) Let it go!
- (man 2) Get back!
- No.
(man 3) Get back!
(Fran screams)
(man 1) Left flank!
(man 2) Your six!
- (man 3) Where are they?
- (man 4) I don't know!
- (Toll) Where's Bogdan?
- Where'd he go?
- Who's got him?
- (man 3) Do you see them?
(man) We'll find you!
- Bogdan!
- Bogdan!
(Fran) Get him!
Bogdan! Bogdan!
- Bogdan!
- (man 1) Get back here!
(man 2) Get back here!
(Fran shouting)
(Fran speaks in foreign language)
(muffled screaming)
(inaudible dialogue)
- Come on!
- (Talbot) Come on.
- Take her.
- Get up.
(Fran) Help her! Save her!
(Talbot) I got her.
Let's go.
(screaming and wailing)
Come on!
- (man 1) Get up. Come on.
- (man 2) Dr. Clyne, come on!
- (man 3) Get in!
- (man 4) Okay.
- (indistinct chatter over radio)
- Major. General Orland.
General, go for Sessions.
(Orland) Base has been lost!
- We're sending you to our refugee bunker!
- (Sessions) Yes, sir.
Hey, where are we going?
Base is that way.
- We're not going to base.
- Why not?
It's been compromised.
they're spreading through the streets.
(indistinct yelling)
They're everywhere.
- They just gonna leave us here?
- There's more people to airlift.
- What is this place?
- Entrance is over here.
(yelling in foreign language)
(man 1 in English)
Open the door! Open the door!
(man 1) Get back!
(Sessions) Put your weapons down.
(soldiers speaking in foreign language)
Put your weapons down! Do it now!
(Fran speaking in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
He's saying, "Safe inside."
Okay. It's okay.
(man speaking indistinctly)
Stay close.
Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me.
She's not okay. Come here.
I'm gonna need some room.
It's okay. It's okay.
(chattering in foreign language)
- (man) What the hell happened to base?
- Base got overrun.
- The general is meeting us here.
- So, what is this place?
We're in a civilian refugee shelter.
This bunker has 20 feet
of concrete and steel.
Are we safe here? I have no idea.
But there's food and water.
Talbot, gather what you can.
Toll, Chen, head back to the entrance.
There's a com center.
See who you can reach.
Alessio, you're with me. Let's go.
- (Fran) There.
- Where?
- There.
- (man) Right over there.
- Okay.
- (man) On the bed.
You're okay. Shh. You're gonna be okay.
- (man) What happened?
- It's her shoulder.
- Her shoulder has shrapnel in it.
- (man) We're gonna cut open her sleeve.
(man speaking in foreign language)
(woman speaking in foreign language)
(man in English) Get the IV line ready.
(Clyne) This is yours.
Now, I need your help, Sari,
to stop the Aratare.
I need to know what your father knew.
What did your father do?
- (speaks in foreign language)
- He worked with ceramics.
What did he make?
(Fran & Sari speaking in foreign language)
(in English) He made containers.
He made containers for Masarov.
The power plant
where the Aratare came from.
(man) Let's get the mask on her.
Okay, we have to take her now.
(indistinct chattering)
(siren wailing)
- (man) This is the U.S. Armed Forces!
- Open it.
Lower your weapons.
- How many are you?
- Not many.
Let's give them a hand.
(man 1) Let's go.
(man 2) Bring as much as you can.
(Orland) The base was overrun.
It was like a wave.
Men just started falling.
Our conventional weapons were useless.
I requested an order
to evacuate the base...
but our long-range come
are completely scrambled.
So, I took all the gear I could.
I started sending units north
out of the area of operation.
Kept five aircraft
with the least amount of fuel,
stayed behind with one platoon.
Out of the 240 of us,
we have 19 remaining.
(Sessions) Did you get a message
to higher command?
(Orland) No.
- Is there a rescue mission planned?
- No. We intercepted radio chatter
from Moldovan friendlies
to find this place.
We sent that bird to pick you up
and bring you here.
If you'd even tried to return to base,
you'd be dead.
We're the last U.S. forces in the country?
I hope so.
So, what's the plan, sir?
Came here to regroup, major.
There's no plan.
- I recommend we fortify the entrance.
- Fortify with what?
- We wait till a rescue mission...
- Fortify with what?
They'll come through whatever you use.
- We need to take our chances on a helo...
- There's 20 minutes of flight time!
Twenty minutes of flight time
in those birds. Not more!
There's not enough room
for all of us anyway.
We need to form teams
and take the aircraft.
But where you gonna go, major?
You can't run from them.
You can't stop them.
Your weapons are useless.
We have no idea what they are!
(man 1) If they come through
that door, we're sitting ducks.
(man 2) We can't stop them!
We can't stop them!
(indistinct chattering)
(man 3) Take what we can and go.
I know what they are.
I know what they are.
I know what they are.
(chattering stops)
We think we're seeing things.
We think it can't be real, but it kills.
So, it is real.
It's something.
It's not light, it's not shadow,
or some trick of the mind.
Pass through walls, check.
Outside the visible spectrum, check.
Kills to the touch, check.
Comstock. He was under a ceramic bathtub,
is that right?
Tank armor.
It couldn't pass through tank armor.
M1 Abrams tank armor,
that's ceramic plating everywhere.
It cannot pass through ceramic.
You know what that means?
It means this stuff isn't natural.
Someone made it.
It's man-made.
Man-made how?
Okay. You have solid, liquid, gas.
Lava can turn into rock.
Ice can turn into water. Metals can melt.
These are natural states.
But there are unnatural states.
Artificial states, man-made states.
Bose-Einstein condensate.
A state of matter that was predicted
by Nath Bose and Albert Einstein.
It has some very unusual properties.
It can be slowed down by iron filings.
It cannot pass through ceramic,
but it can pass through walls.
It's so cold it will kill you instantly
on contact.
It can do everything
we've been seeing here.
To create Bose-Einstein condensate,
you need power, and you need a lot of it.
Masarov. The power plant.
Yes, Masarov. Where they were made.
You said this country was pouring billions
into weapons research.
This is a weapon.
- And it was set loose, or it broke loose.
- All right, but these things climb.
They're like humans.
It looks like a person.
So can marble and clay in the right hands.
And I wanna know why.
Why they look like people.
I can't tell you how they did this.
What I can tell you...
is that someone made them.
If someone made them, they don't escape
the laws of the world. Nothing does.
It shines light on new laws,
and that's what we have to learn.
- They have order and structure.
- They can be broken down.
Anything can be. It's just energy.
And since I know what they are,
- I can build the right weapons.
- What kind of weapons?
They can tear apart the condensate.
- Where will we find weapons like that?
- We're gonna build them.
- Build them with what?
- Anything we can find in this bunker.
Anything with electronics.
Optics, ballistic casings.
All the gear you brought from base.
We can take it all apart,
and I can build an arsenal.
And then we can go to Masarov
and stop this before it goes any further.
Because if we don't, the condensate
will feed on all the energy in its path.
It'll grow exponentially.
There's no limit
to how far they can spread.
Unless we stop them.
(man 1)
Let's get this gear inside, guys. Come on.
(man 2) Let's move!
(man 1) Same number each side.
(man 2) All right, let's go, boys!
(indistinct yelling)
(man 1) Any med patches in there?
(man 2)
We got three of them over here.
It's a ground-to-air tracking scope.
We can use this. They have good optics.
- Good. This is good.
- (man 1) Two more over there.
(man 2) See that 305?
Half of these are labeled "defective."
We need a voltage counter.
I want you to start testing these.
(man 1) All right, open it up.
(man 2) Get that one open. Pop it.
Is that what I think it is?
(man 1) We got the lotus from base.
(Alessio) That's badass.
- Looks like a mechanical Rottweiler.
- Look at that.
Clyne's making a few changes.
(Alessio) They're taking down a chain
hoist and putting up a searchlight.
Dj vu.
- What does it fire?
- It's a focused energy pulse.
If my math is right...
It should break down condensate.
(Orland) Masarov.
The single largest power plant
in the region.
It's where the killings started.
If they're man-made, they were made here.
It's less than ten clicks from here.
Our birds can make that,
but... it's probably one way.
I've been digging for clues with
the civilians. I found intel on Masarov.
It's been retrofitted several times
over the last decade
by the central regime.
It's got "weapons research"
written all over it.
Okay, you and Clyne need to be
embedded to infiltrate.
It's up to the both of you
to figure out how to stop this.
We have to create a diversion.
We'll draw them out here
so you can infiltrate the structure
and try to find the source.
Clyne's predicting the charge from these
will be extremely hot.
Enough to destroy condensate.
We'll find out soon enough.
All right, boys.
This is it.
If you have any last words...
now's the time.
(guns cocking)
(Orland) All right, listen up.
You are using untested weapons...
against an enemy that, to this point,
has been unstoppable.
Now, you are heading
into unknown territory.
And hear me when I say you're gonna
see things you will not understand.
Our enemy has spread through the city
in a matter of days.
There's no telling
how far they will spread...
unless we fight back.
Most men never even come close...
to changing the future.
This is the place.
And now is the time.
Make no mistake,
you're the last line of defense.
Let's go do what we came here to do.
(guns cocking, then powering up)
(man) Let's go, let's go!
(indistinct yelling)
One minute.
(Sessions) Thirty seconds.
(man) Spearhead 1, proceed with descent.
(man) All right, let's go.
(man) Here we go.
(powering up)
Let's move!
(man over radio) We have a visual.
Hostile target gathering at 12 o'clock
on east end of platform.
(man) Move, move!
(man over radio) We are a go.
(powering up)
I have a confirmed spectral kill.
We're a go. I say again, all units go.
- Let's show them what we've got.
- Come on.
- (man 1) This is it!
- (man 2) Let's do it!
(man 3) Let's go. Drop.
(man 1 over radio) Copy, Spearhead 1.
All units engage.
(man 2 over radio)
Spearhead 2 taking north peninsula.
(man 3 over radio) Spearhead 3 beginning
descent over south peninsula.
(man 4 over radio)
At least a dozen targets coming out.
- (man 1) Go! Go!
- (man 2) Let's move!
- (man 3) On me!
- (man) All units, you are clear to engage.
- (man 4) Move in!
- Move it!
(indistinct yelling)
(man 5) Lock and load.
- (man 6) Move out.
- Let's move.
(man 7) Right behind you!
(man over radio)
Weapons free! Weapons free!
(man 8) Let's go. Move up!
- (man 9) Move!
- (man 10) Come on!
- (man 11) I said go, go, go!
- (man 12) Move!
(man over radio) Spearhead 2, you're go
for infield. Proceed to insertion point.
Go, go, go!
(man) Get down!
Right there.
- Toll!
- Go! Go!
Go, go, go!
(man 1) Go, go, go!
- (man 2) Somebody get on top!
- (man 3) Down right there!
- (man 4) We got more incoming!
- Keep formation!
(man 5) Let's move it!
(man 6) Fight! Fight!
(man 7) Move!
- (man 8) Let's go, go, go!
- (man 9) Go, John!
Do we have a sit-rep? Right now.
Clyne, what's the situation down there?
Sessions, we got split up.
- We're still looking for the lab.
- We're holding. Don't know how long.
- Do you copy?
- Can you hear me? Sessions?
We gotta keep going.
(Fran) We gotta be close now.
(thudding, then clanging)
(Fran) God.
Look over here.
(Clyne) Bose-Einstein condensate.
Look at these x-rays.
They were scanning people.
On a molecular level.
And printing them out of condensate.
It's an assembly line.
Like some kind of...
industrial process.
You're right.
It's a weapon.
(all whimpering)
(whimpering continues)
What happened here?
It looks like a catastrophic failure.
Half the cells are broken and empty.
Some structural failure
must have set them free.
Opened up Pandora's Box.
Now what?
(man 1) Incoming!
(man 2 screams)
Hey, 12 o'clock!
- (man 1) Do it!
- (man 2) They're coming back!
- (man 3) They're moving!
- (man 1 over radio) All eyes on target.
- One of them is reforming.
- (man 2 over radio) Bring it down!
"Top research advisers
of the central regime."
This man was trying to stop it.
They did lose control.
Can you translate this?
It's an emergency shutdown procedure.
Half these words I've never seen.
What about the other half?
"Decouple... Decouple procedure.
Disconnect the umbilicals to, uh...
interrupt the... neural activity."
- Okay.
- So, you gotta unlock all these ports.
And then you gotta pull this bracket here
to release all the cables.
And then?
That should stop them.
Take this.
(powering up)
Come on! Get up!
(Alessio) Right there! There's more!
Another one!
(man) Got it right there!
- Clyne!
- I know!
What the hell?
I did them all. Nothing's happening.
(glass cracking)
Clyne! Pull the bracket! In the middle!
No! No!
(Fran screaming)
(Clyne mumbles)
(Fran panting)
- Is it over?
- I don't know.
Can you walk?
- I'm all right.
- Come on.
We have to find a way out.
- Do you hear that?
- Yeah.
(Clyne) This is it.
They weren't just scanning people.
They're not just printouts.
This is what's controlling them.
(Fran) These are from real corpses.
Each one is made from a real person.
They're alive?
They're not alive.
They're not dead.
They're just trapped somewhere in between.
But they are in pain.
How do you know?
This is pain.
But how do you know they can feel?
I can't prove it.
I can't.
So, maybe there are things
science can't answer.
(powering down)
Wait, no.
This is why we came here.
This is the evidence.
This is why you came, remember?
So many people have died. You said it.
- You said, "I wanna know why."
- I know enough.
You have to think about
the bigger picture.
I am.
(powering down)
(man 1) Help them off single file.
(man 2) Got more coming in!
(man 3) Put them in Unit 5.
- (man 4) Over here. Over here.
- (man 5) Watch his neck.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
(man 6) Give me your hand.
(man 7) Right there, sir.
(man 8) Welcome back.
(man 9) You okay?
(indistinct chattering)
New survey teams.
They're gonna take Masarov apart
piece by piece.
Measure everything.
Try to reverse-engineer it.
Fight over ownership.
I've been asked if you wanna
go back out there. I said I'd ask, but...
I've seen what I came to see.
(indistinct chattering)
They don't stop, do they?
I don't think they know how.
(indistinct chattering)
I told you you'd go home to Virginia
without unpacking.
(man) Delta Unit, move out.
(speaks in foreign language)
(in English) Thank you.
Subtitle translation by
Arlene T.