Speed Of Life (2019) Movie Script

[upbeat music]
Baby the world is ours
You know that I want you
Your love is my everything
I'm fallin'
Live forever
Stay true
Stay golden
Your world is gonna change
Stay true
Stay golden
Your world is gonna change
Now everyone is talking
You know
That they'll repel you
'Cause everyone's watching
[door opens]
I mean, he's just
always trying to win.
They're so competitive,
I was just really excited
-about the fact--
-Are you talking about...
Are you... are you talking about
Leonardo DiCaprio
-is always trying to win?
-Yeah, I'm just excited
that he won,
because he actually,
-Well, he fought a bear.
-That's for you.
Oh, man, it's from my parents.
[Edward] I do not wanna
open this right now, but...
[Edward sighs]
[cell phone chimes]
[distant clattering]
Oh, Edward.
David Bowie died.
[Edward] How?
[June] I don't know.
Oh, my god, I didn't think
he was ever gonna die.
You know,
he's not immortal, June.
I know, I'm not...
I'm just saying, it's like,
he was so, you know.
Like he was an alien
or something, and like...
We don't know
a lot about aliens.
Maybe they don't die, you know.
[sighs deeply]
What'd he die of?
[June sighs deeply]
Mm. Damn, it's hard
to make a joke about cancer.
Why would you want to?
'Cause I like making jokes.
[Edward] Really?
What? Hey, I got one. Ready?
What does...
what does David Bowie do
after going to the gym?
I mean, it's like
a light has gone out,
and you don't even see it.
[June] I don't understand
how I can see it so clearly.
And it's like
you can't see it at all.
-[blows air]
You're not taking
things seriously. I'm serious.
[Edward] Hey, June,
we didn't know David Bowie.
All right?
Hate to break it to you.
We didn't know him.
I made a list.
[Edward] A list? Of what?
Of things
that we need to work on.
[Edward] Wait, is this...
This is about your birthday?
[June] Yeah.
Of course,
that's what this is about.
Time is running out.
What if I don't become
the person
that I'm supposed to be
before it does?
We got plenty of time.
No, we have less time
that you think we do.
Uh, one, I think
that other couples
are a lot happier than us.
Oh, shit.
We're really doing this.
Okay, uh...
All right, well,
I, I think that, um,
you're a lot happier
than you think you are.
-You're just always seeing
-the negatives.
-Two, uh, nothing has changed.
I bring up, um, my feelings
and like, things that bother me,
and when I tell them to you,
then we just have the same fight
every time, all the time.
Yeah, that's correct.
That's right.
Because I'm me, and you're you.
You make jokes about everything.
And I, I need to take things
seriously sometimes.
Well, that's really boring.
Honey, I like some of the jokes,
I just... I need to be
serious sometimes, too.
You look so cute right now.
No, sto-- Oh, no.
Uh, four... Four.
Uh, what about the future?
Um, I wanna think about,
uh, family and children.
-[Edward] Okay, all right.
-And all that normal...
All right, I get it.
All right, stop, stop, stop.
Like, I'm...
Whoa. All right,
well, you know what,
that terrifies me, okay?
And you know that,
but like, I'm in.
Like I'm ride or die with you,
-you know what I mean?
-Great you're in.
-That's great.
-But, like,
you're just gonna have to, like,
drag me through that part.
I don't wanna drag you
through anything, okay?
I want a partner.
What does all of this
have to do with David Bowie?
I just feel like,
you just don't understand.
That's who I am, June.
You don't understand
why he was so important.
Do you want me
to be somebody else?
You just... You don't...
You don't compromise.
What? I do compromise.
And what about
taking care of us?
-I do it all the time.
-[June] You know, I, I...
I provide things.
You didn't buy this house, June.
[Edward] You got it
because somebody else died.
You know, you should take stock
in things too.
I do. I take stock all the time.
When I'm hurt, when I'm hurting,
when you hurt my feelings,
you never ever do
a grand gesture.
Like a... what?
A grand gesture?
Yeah. Yeah, it's like,
when I'm hurt,
then you would apologize
and then you would
do something nice for me.
I do nice things for you.
I know that.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying that times like now,
when I'm upset,
now would be a time
when you would do
-a nice thing for me.
-Like what?
I can't tell you what to do,
because then you're gonna
do that exact thing
and then I'm just gonna
be disappointed
-that I have to hand feed you
every little thing.
How am I supposed
to know otherwise?
You're just supposed to know.
Honey, that's how we know
if we're compatible or not.
[Edward] Hey.
We're compatible.
-Don't do that.
-We're compatible.
[June] I'm not talking
about compatible
-like that.
-[Edward] Mm.
-We're compatible.
-Stop it!
-[Edward] We're compatible!
[June] How do you even
know anyway?
How do you even know
that we're compatible?
I just do.
Okay, well, I don't, okay?
I don't know that.
And that is why
I need the grand gesture.
[clatters, thuds]
[Edward] Uh, can you
just give me an example?
I won't do that one, I'll just
do something like it, I promise.
No. See, that's exactly
what I'm saying. I just...
I need you to be able to,
like, read my mind sometimes.
I just...
I, I can't do that, June.
Well, that's what I need.
That's what I need,
and you can't give it to me.
And now, David Bowie is dead.
[Edward] Please, please don't.
Don't, don't, don't.
Please, I'm sorry, love bug.
Come here.
-[Edward groans]
[foreboding music]
[inhales sharply]
[automated female voice]
Good morning, June.
Time to do your stretches.
Very good.
Records indicate
you will turn 60 in four days.
You will need to double
your calcium intake.
- One new message.
[automated female voice]
Dear, Ms. June Hoffman,
this is to inform you
that your required
retirement paperwork
is now 30 days past due.
Failure to comply
with enrollment for relocation
after the age of 60 is illegal.
According to our records we had,
- you're--
-[sensor powers off]
[automated voice] U.S. law
prohibits tampering with
or disabling monitors.
[automated female voice]
A high vaginal pH-level
puts you at risk for infections.
For more information,
- say, "Tell me more."
-[June sighs]
[sensor crackles]
[automated voice] U.S. law
prohibits tampering with
- or disabling monitors.
[light music]
Are you gonna take
a bath or what?
[automated voice] U.S. law
prohibits tampering with
or disabling monitors.
This may be reflected
on your permanent record.
[light music]
[rasps, clanks]
Looks like
you got something over there.
More than you got.
When are you gonna come down
to see my place?
I have flowers.
Are you gonna pay
for knee surgery?
I got what you need.
[woman on TV] You have rights.
Early collection
before the age of 60 is illegal.
Call the Jones Law Firm, today.
Welcome back to
"25 places to go
before you turn 25".
I'm your host, Jean Duncan.
We are at number 17.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Why are we watching this?
[Jean] ...five hurricanes
in the past three weeks,
and it's still poppin'.
[Jean] With the shoreline...
[June laughs]
I took all the monitors down.
You still have service
with those things down.
I always thought
it was all connected.
Oh, no. Two companies.
Read all the manuals.
Oh, oh.
We promise you won't find
any old millennials
bothering you
at the clubs anymore.
State of the art...
Oh, shut your mouth.
[both laugh]
-Who raised you?
Eat my fucking shorts.
-[Sam] Screw yourself.
[Jean Duncan]
...without pesky distractions,
this place is perfect for
introspection and meditation
on eternal youth.
What about Fiji?
Or Iceland?
We could take the hyper loop
to Mexico.
We could have tacos.
What if we left earlier?
[Sam] Get ourselves
a few extra days
before you hit the big six-oh.
I haven't packed.
-[chair creaks]
I never get used to that.
[device chimes]
Can you look at 29 across?
Tell me what you think.
From my experience, the answer
is always ...
Well, not this time.
I can't remember
anything anymore.
You don't have to remember
anything, you got me.
[June] Yeah, but it just...
Things just slip away, you know?
-[device chimes]
There's not enough room.
Push things out
like episodes of sitcoms.
You know what, they say you're
supposed to live in the present,
but how do ya...
How do you hold on
to the present?
I can't hold on to anything.
I can't climb into it, Sam.
It just slips
right through my fingers.
[Sam] Breathe, honey.
[Sam sighs]
We gotta get away, we have to.
I'm not as good as you.
Let me take care of you.
I was working for dollars
But they're giving me dimes
[automated voice] Calories
ingested for today, 824.
Watch your sodium levels.
Make sure you do your stretches.
I went looking for knives
And they're giving me blooms
Show me the top of my head.
[automated voice] Call from Dad.
- Call from--
-[Laura] Answer.
-Good morning.
-[Sam] Can you go
and visit June today?
She seems really down.
Maybe bring her something
for her garden?
I'm doing fine, Dad.
How are you?
[Laura] Dad?
Yeah, I'll do those things.
[Sam] I love you.
-Me too, love you too.
-[phone chimes]
-[automated voice] Call ended.
[Laura sighs]
And I was looking for you
Thank you
for the flowers, honey.
[Laura] No problem.
Who's gonna appreciate them
once they're planted though?
[June] Oh. You never know.
[Laura chuckles]
It's all so romantic.
You, Dad,
finally getting out of here.
Oh, yeah. Very romantic.
[Laura chuckling]
You know,
I might be joining you soon.
I thought I saw a wrinkle
the other day.
Also, I'm getting jowly,
have you seen my jowls?
Ooh, they better
lock you up for sure.
[June sighs]
[June] No.
You have at least 30 more years
-of civic productivity.
-[Laura snickers]
[June] Here, take your pick.
[Laura] Oh.
[June] Here you go.
What kinda jobs
are you looking for?
Anything the employment office
assigns me.
[Laura] I think
I can do a lot of things.
I applied to be one
of those dog walkers.
[June] Oh.
They still don't trust machines
to do that.
Lots of fresh air.
Yeah, I just, I don't know
what the right fit is.
I feel like
once I find the right job,
everything will come together.
I don't know if I ever
figured out what was right.
You may not.
Are you serious?
I didn't even know
that was possible.
[June] Oh, it's possible.
Better to find
what works for you
in that moment.
And then,
I just don't want
to contribute to anything
that could be harmful.
There are too many cons
to every job.
[Laura] Sometimes I'm so jealous
you guys get to just leave.
Honey, I can't go.
Because Edward might come back.
Usually, when they leave,
they don't come back.
[June] No, but, it's...
You see,
it's the way he, he left.
You understand me?
The way he left.
He could come back.
[June] I remember...
he told me I was quicker
than anyone else, once.
That's a good one.
[both chuckle]
I remember jokes. I remember...
his moles.
I remember getting butterflies.
You ever get butterflies?
Uh, no.
[drone whirring]
[water running]
[calm music]
[calm music]
[calm music]
[continues groaning]
Lights off.
[June] The way, way--
It's the way--
Yeah, but the way he left...
The way he's disappeared.
...I need, and you can't
give it to me.
[June] And you can't give it
to me-- That's what I need,
and you can't give it to me.
Can't give it to me...
-[Edward groans]
-[groans, pants]
-[Edward] Ah!
[distant grunt]
Lights on.
[distant thud]
Dial Samuel.
[device ringing]
[automated voice]
Call from June.
-[Sam groaning]
-[device ringing]
-[June] Samuel, are you there?
[Sam] Yeah, yes.
How fast can you get here?
[Sam sighs]
Not fast.
[Sam] What... what's going on?
I'm hearing loud noises.
I'm worried
maybe it's a break-in.
Okay, got it.
Stay where you are.
-I'll be there.
-Hang up.
-[device chimes]
[distant grunt]
[Edward sighs deeply]
[Sam] Lights on.
-[Edward groaning]
-[clears throat]
[Sam] Excuse me.
Who are you?
June? June!
[June] I'm here.
[Sam] Yeah, I think
you better see this.
[June] Is it safe?
Honestly, I'm, I'm not sure,
but... I, I think
you better see this.
[Sam] Excuse me.
You there?
He's alive.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
[Sam] Where's the room with
the least amount of valuables?
Put him in the bedroom.
[Sam grunting]
[floor creaking]
[gloomy music]
[Sam sighs]
-[Sam] Lock door.
-[door closes]
[light music]
[light music]
This is where he came from.
That was Edward?
Let's say, he's your Edward,
he then travelled through time
for you?
This is unbelievable.
How is he still young?
[June] What if it's a wormhole?
Then it's a rift in time
and space.
So for him, it's one second,
and for me, it's 24 years.
Okay, so...
[Sam blows air]
What are our next steps?
I don't know.
We ask him some questions?
Questions. So...
-We get to...
-[cork pops]
know this fella.
We figure out why he's here
and then he disappears.
I don't know if he disappears.
Or if we want him to.
I mean, I woke up.
And he was here.
I've been thinking
about him for decades.
Why now?
Can you make
other things appear?
[clicks tongue]
Now you sound crazy.
Oh, yeah.
I want an ice cream sundae,
so I'm just gonna go boom.
I don't think
you're a wizard, June.
-However, you did say...
...you thought of him.
And he appeared.
I'm always thinking of him.
Maybe I am a wizard.
I mean, he must know something.
Like, where he came from.
[June] Unlock door.
[door lock clicks]
[door opens]
Wake up.
-Wake up!
-[Edward gasps]
Where were you?
[June] Where were you?
Where am I?
Where's June?
Where's all my stuff?
I'm sorry, ma'am, I'm...
-I'm, I'm sorry, I just, I...
Do you know, do you know,
do you know me?
[Edward] I don't understand,
I don't know I got here.
I was just...
I think I'm having some sort
of a high-grade panic episode.
And I, um...
[inhales deeply]
[Edward] I don't know
where I came from. It's just...
Sir, I don't know
how I ended up here.
I was just in my house
with my girlfriend, and...
And, um...
Maybe I should just, um...
I, I, I should call the police.
You know,
they might be able to help
-if you just let me--
-You need to stay here.
Until you have
some answers for me.
-[June] Lock doors.
-[lock clicks]
[sighs heavily]
He didn't recognize me.
[somber music]
[June] Play Edward Scrapbook.
[automated voice]
Playing Edward Scrapbook.
Damn it.
[breathing heavily]
[gasps, pants]
[footsteps rustling]
Maybe wherever he was,
changed him?
[calm music]
[June] Yeah?
[Edward] I don't know
what's going on.
-[June] Unlock door.
[lock clicks]
Can I have that?
[calm music]
[Edward] June?
It's good to see you.
I heard it calling out to me
And I wondered
[automated voice]
Five upper lip hairs remaining.
Illusions of understanding
Where we come from
It tears at the soul
Volume down.
[song volume decreases]
[bird chirping]
[chirping continues]
[bird chirping]
Oh, how did you get up here?
[blows air]
Oh, you're stuck.
[water sloshing]
Uh, hello?
Uh, I'm upstairs.
Fuck. Uh, I'm Laura,
your neighbor, can you hear me?
[neighbor] Oh, shit, uh, hey.
-I can hear you.
-Hey, there's a bird stuck.
Can you help us?
[neighbor] I see the bird.
I'm not quite sure
what to do here.
What can you see up there?
Yeah, um, I think
the bird's wing is too big
to fit through the opening.
But I can't tell if it's injured
or stunned.
[neighbor] Yeah.
That's what I see too.
It could have hit its head.
Well, maybe if I,
maybe if I push its wing.
-[neighbor] Uh, it can...
Okay, just don't hurt it.
-[neighbor grunting]
-[Laura clicks tongue]
[neighbor] Its tiny legs,
I'm afraid I'll break them.
Maybe you should be
pushing, uh, down,
instead of me pushing up?
Okay, will you catch her?
Oh, it's a her now? Okay.
Uh, uh, uh, wait, hold on.
[Laura] We'll get you
out of this though, okay?
[bird chirping]
-[clicking tongue]
-[bird chirping]
-Got it.
This never happened
at my old place.
We had bugs, but not birds.
Yeah, the hole
is news to me too.
Did you leave your window open?
No screens.
How long you been here?
A few weeks.
It didn't really seem
like a place
that you go
and ask someone for sugar.
Moving down in the world?
[bird chirping]
I was never really into birds.
My dad's kinda girlfriend
is obsessed with her birdbath.
Well, not the birdbath itself,
but the birds in the birdbath.
She would have
really loved this girl.
Or guy, I guess.
Oh, don't tell.
Don't tell what,
that you have a friend?
Ah, well. No.
Don't tell that she's in hiding.
Now that I've said that part,
don't tell that part to anybody.
-Oh, okay.
-[Laura] I mean,
she's not really in hiding.
I mean, she's technically
totally fine to be there.
It's just it's gonna be
her 60th birthday
in a few days, so...
Oh, my god.
Why do I even open my mouth?
We've been through
war together, today.
You, you can trust me.
Well, I guess you don't know
her first name or anything.
[neighbor] Do you hang out
with her a lot?
Yeah, every few days.
Most of my friends
have moved out of town
to start their families, so...
I don't think
I know anyone over 45.
You know, Charles Darwin didn't
write Origin of the Species
'til his early 50s.
Well, we can't all be Darwin.
So, she's hiding out,
but she's not really hiding out
because she's not yet 60.
So, how do you see her?
I just go and I check on her.
She lives in the hills.
She doesn't believe
in the program.
Neither do I.
I mean, they don't get
to go outdoors.
They don't get to socialize
with other ages.
And all the medications
they take, I mean,
a simple hike
could save a lot of money.
Did you know that in the 1990s,
they let them just
walk around all the time?
[Laura] Like, even people
in their 80's.
Just walking around.
I mean, what do you get
with the program anyway?
Just cell block housing
and regulated meals?
Have you seen inside?
No, but, um...
my friend Christina had to drop
her great aunt there,
and she told me how dark it was.
And how catatonic
everyone looked.
[neighbor] Bird's probably
not supposed to be here either.
We're criminals already.
Harboring a known fugitive bird.
Bird's a secret.
[both chuckle]
Joint custody?
Hey, man, I gotta talk to June.
Not right now.
We just need
to get some supplies.
Hey, what's with you?
I'm not dangerous,
you don't got to supervise me.
We don't know that.
I know that.
I don't know you.
June, she knows me.
June knew you.
just give her some space, okay?
We'll be back.
[zipper rasping]
[Sam] Uh, can you
grab me that jacket?
[automated voice]
The temperature
is 76 degrees Fahrenheit.
- You do not need a jacket.
-Thank you very much.
The one on the hook.
[sighs deeply]
So, she always
have something to say?
Can't shut her up.
[Sam] Though she did share
a great meatball recipe with me.
I'm just saying,
she's not 100 percent evil.
Where are you guys going?
[automated voice]
Would you like me
to book transportation?
- Hotel?
[woman on PA]
Dinner reservations?
Can they see us too?
[automated voice]
Due to Ordinance TVC15,
communication is allowed
to be surveilled
through sound recordings,
not visual recordings.
How long you two been together?
[Sam] Together?
We're not together, together.
Just friends.
[Sam] She's been waiting for you
all this time.
You know that, right?
Where did she think I went?
Everyone has their theories.
Your parents thought
you were gallivanting off.
My parents.
Wait, where are my parents?
[Sam] I don't know.
But they're over 60,
right? So...
I may have some idea.
What happens after 60?
[automated voice]
The Newton Company
passed Ordinance 1934DB in 2029,
announcing the plan
to take care of individuals
reaching the age of 60
by housing them
in governmental care facilities.
June's birthday.
Is that why I'm here?
Where'd you go,
when you left?
It only felt like a few seconds.
You ever had that feeling
when you're intensely
concentrating on something,
and all of a sudden
you just snap out of it,
and you realize
how much time's gone by?
-[zipper rasps]
-[Sam] Time...
moves pretty slowly around here.
[Sam] You wanna try to call her?
You put this in your ear.
[sighs deeply]
Other way.
I got it.
All right, so, how do I dial?
[Sam] You remember
her full name?
-Then you just say it out loud.
And if it's a common one,
there's often
a few follow up questions.
A lot of things have gotten
worse, but this is...
but this is pretty intuitive.
Sylvia Karp.
[Edward] Yes.
They have her?
[Edward] It's dialing.
[Edward blows air]
[somber music]
Hang up.
No answer?
They're gone.
I, I have a few of those.
Why don't you keep it?
[Sam] You could try
someone else later.
[automated voice]
One new message from Samuel.
[Samuel] Hey, June.
Uh, I hope this is working.
I wanted to tell you that
um, I just wanna look around.
Uh, everything
is really different.
And, um...
And I wanted to give you
the space that you need.
I'll be back in an hour or so,
I promise.
I just wanted
to hear your voice.
You're the only person
I know here.
[device chimes]
[sighs deeply]
[calm music]
[Sam] Edward can't come with us,
he'll draw too much attention.
He has to stay here.
Our plan...
was to leave tomorrow
to give ourselves time
to get across the border.
It'll be so much harder to leave
after your birthday, is it?
I need another night.
[sighs deeply]
[light music]
How did, um, how did you fall
through the...
It was a fight.
[Edward] A fight?
Was it a fight?
Yes, it was a fight.
Yeah, you know, I,
I think I would,
I'd call it more like
a disagreement.
I was telling him,
very methodically,
may I just remind you,
of all the things that were
wrong in our relationship.
Yeah. Tell me more.
I don't know. I felt like
we were travelling
at different speeds sometimes.
And I think...
you needed to make a joke
out of everything.
I mean, it was a great joke.
Yeah, but, your timing,
it's just horrific.
Bad timing.
Okay, All right. Ready?
-What does David Bowie do--
-Okay, see?
See what I'm saying? Here we go.
[Edward] Okay, so the joke
I was trying to tell that day--
[June] No.
What does David Bowie do
after the gym?
[June] Oh, my god.
See what I'm saying?
is the joke he travelled
through time and space to tell?
This is it.
Yeah, well, I didn't know
the circumstances
when I originally told it.
This is so weird.
It's getting better.
He's Laura's age, you know?
Oh, well, not technically.
[Sam] Should we tell her?
-I'm sorry. Who, who's Laura?
-My daughter.
I don't think she would
believe us.
[sighs deeply]
Well, as long as the timing
still works out,
Laura doesn't need to know.
[both chuckle]
She's different, you know,
from whatever June you knew.
You don't know,
it hasn't happened to you yet.
Don't be a dick, Samuel.
[Sam] It's not, not physical.
Well, it's priorities,
[sighs sharply]
Don't you guys miss food?
[man on TV
speaking indistinctly]
[man on TV]
Absolutely no choice, no matter.
I had to bring him home.
[woman on TV]You brought Buddy
and Sally for dinner,
and I'm serving leftovers!
[man on TV]No, honey. You're...
Now you're...
How could we have leftovers?
We ate out last night.
[woman on TV]
We had breakfast in.
Oh, hi.
[Edward groaning]
I can't believe you kept
all my stuff, for so long.
Did Samuel help you
call your family?
But, um...
It's kinda hard
to track them all down.
I wasn't really sure what
I would say to them anymore.
So many of our friends are gone.
Other countries, or...
You picked a great time
to come back.
So what's your plan?
You're just gonna make
a run for it?
[June sighs]
What would happen
if they found you?
You feel the same.
[both chuckle]
It's me.
You gotta get out of here.
I know.
You look so sad.
[Edward] Music on.
You can't do it.
[Edward] Yes, I can. Music on.
-[Edward snickers]
-Mu... mu--
-Stop it.
Music on.
-[both chuckle]
-It doesn't know you.
-[Edward] Come on, June.
June, come on.
You gotta escape this
one way or another.
Music on.
Volume, low.
["Cosmic Feeling"
by Jude Shuma playing]
Is this love
Is this emotion
Is this how
[man on TV] Wonderful.
Where is Rich?
[woman on TV] Wait,
he's in the bathtub, why?
[man on TV]Well, I didn't want
him popping in on us suddenly.
Is this sky
Is this devotion
Is this love
Oh, is this something more
Like a cosmic feeling
Yeah, yeah
Like a cosmic feeling
Yeah, yeah
Like a cosmic feeling
Yeah, yeah
Like a cosmic feeling
Yeah, yeah
[Laura] Are you sure she's dead?
I guess we don't even know
if she's a she.
I put her on the balcony,
'cause I thought
she might wanna fly away
to her little bird family.
And she tried.
Well, we have to bury it.
Will you get me a shovel?
Or a spoon?
Got it.
[light music]
I can't hold it.
I can get it.
Here lies bird.
I'm Catholic.
I'm agnostic.
Rest in peace, bird.
Sadie Karp.
Hi, is, uh, is Sadie there?
Sadie? Is...
Is this, is this Sadie?
You, you sound
really different, um...
This is uh... I'm, uh...
My name's Eli. I'm a friend
of your brother's, Edward.
No, I, um...
Listen. No, no, no. Hey.
I'm really sorry to bother you.
I just, I, um,
I've been trying to get in touch
with Edward, and, uh...
I was wondering if maybe you,
you might know
what happened to him.
Oh, wow. So he just disappeared?
Yeah, I know.
That sounds, just...
Just sounds like Eddie.
And, uh...
how, how are you?
How are you, uh, dealing with...
with the loss of...
You had twins?
What are their names?
Oh, I'm sorry. I think, uh...
he would've, he would've
loved to have met them.
What are their names?
You know, that makes sense,
'cause, uh, they'd be
all grown up now.
No, yeah, yeah.
No, I get it.
That's a, that's a lot to be.
You know, a mom
and a wife, and...
you have kids, and...
What about your, your,
um, your family?
Your mom and dad?
Do you still talk to them?
Right, no. Yeah.
Of course. You know,
I understand that that is, um...
It's a difficult thing
to deal with, and, uh...
Hey, uh, where are
you guys, uh, based at?
Are you still living
in the same place? Up on...
That's really far.
You guys moved?
No, that's...
that's really good.
Do you need anything?
Do, do you need anything?
I just, I know that that's
a weird thing to ask you,
but if there's anything
I can do to help,
um, I would love to...
No, I can call you back.
I just, I could...
I could call you,
and then, you could...
I'm really sorry
about all of this.
I just, I just want you to know
that wherever he is...
he's okay.
You too.
Okay, you too.
[June] I like your hair down.
[June] No?
I don't know how this happened.
[June] How what happened?
It's just my hair,
it's thinning.
Let me see.
[June] Oh, that's not bad.
No one my age has this.
I don't know, I just feel manly,
and like, gross.
Nobody else sees that, but you.
Yeah, but I know it's there.
And I know that most women
have, like, 50 years
before their hair falls out,
or thins, or balds.
Ugh. I just hate
that word, "balds."
See this?
[Laura] Uh-huh.
I wear either a Band-Aid
or a sweater,
or both. Every day.
-A birthmark?
Okay, I have literal death
on my head.
-[June] Don't be ridiculous.
A ponytail is a perfectly normal
thing to wear on your head.
Consider 40 summers
of long-sleeved shirts.
And dozens of excuses
at the ready
as to why I am wearing a bandage
on my arm at the beach.
Yeah, okay.
[June] Yeah?
You know how much
I love Bowie, right?
Okay, he was all about flaws.
The guy had a weird eye.
He had, I mean, messed up teeth.
Totally badass.
I mean, yeah, he was.
Then again, he didn't have
a birthmark, did he?
He also wasn't balding.
-And he got his teeth fixed.
-Didn't he?
-So what am I talking about?
-I don't know. Forget him.
Give me help with the... yeah.
Oh, my god.
[approaching footsteps]
[June] Sam! Over here.
You're looking good.
Right on pace.
Come over here.
I don't want you to miss this.
[sighs deeply]
That bird is the only one
that comes out at night.
I think it's hiding.
I don't wanna leave without you.
Close article.
Wait, honey honey
When I'm sad, um,
be sad, I'm not happy, um...
[man 2 on TV]I wanna be happy.
I will never get to sleep
[Edward sighs]
Rebel, rebel, no
I can never get to sleep
I'm a rebel, rebel, no
Hold me till I get to sleep
["Powa" by tUnE-yArDs playing]
Oh baby bring me home to bed
Rebel, rebel, no
Lightning dances in my head
Devil, devil, whoa, oh, oh
Oh, mm, not... not there.
Not a pebble, pebble
So, baby
Bring me home to bed
I need you to press me down
Before my body flies away
From me
Do you have a...
Oh, yeah. Um...
I got one.
[neighbor] These things
just kick right in, right?
-I mean, I don't...
-[Laura] I think so.
Okay, yeah.
[Edward] So you guys are going
to Mexico?
I just got here.
[Edward grunts]
[June] Do you think...
'cause you came here,
could we go back there?
What happens if...
if it closes
and I don't come back?
From everything I've seen
in this place...
it would be better if you don't.
Let's go.
[Edward grunting]
-[Edward] We're compatible!
How do you even know anyway?
[both groan]
I just do.
[young June] Okay.
Well, I don't. Okay?
I don't know that.
And that is why I need
the grand gesture.
[Edward] Uh...
Can you just give me an example?
I won't do that one. I'll just
do something like it. I promise.
[young June] No, see that's
exactly what I'm saying.
I just...
I need you to be able to like,
read my mind sometimes.
[Edward] I just, I can't,
I can't do that, June.
[young June] Well, like,
that's what I need.
And you can't give it to me.
And now, David Bowie is dead.
[Edward] Oh, please, please,
don't, don't, don't.
[Edward groans]
[young June] Edward?
[gloomy music]
[young June] Edward!
Oh, my god. Here she is.
Edward. Edward! Oh, my god!
Holy crap! What was that?
Did you see that?
[Edward] Yeah. Hey, hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm back, I'm here, and...
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[June] Oh.
Oh, hello, new person
in my living room.
Hi there.
-I'm... Who are you?
-[Edward] Uh, she's...
Uh, she's an old friend.
What? I mean, what...
I mean, what...
What was that?
Was I hallucinating?
Um, no. It's a really
long story.
Uh, I promise
I'll tell you later.
Tell me about it later?
Tell me now, you dick.
[Edward] Uh, what happened
is, uh...
I met... Uh, we...
-I'm sorry I'm intruding.
[June] You have a very
lovely home.
Is that a jewelry kit?
[June] You know
we really need to...
I mean, can we do this
another time with your friend?
-I don't...
-[Edward] Mm-hmm. Yeah.
[June] Gosh, this is lovely.
So, you make jewelry then?
Uh, yeah, um...
Yeah I started just
a couple of weeks ago,
actually just, um...
collecting different charms
and things.
I thought maybe I'd,
I don't know,
make a bracelet or something.
Where do you find these,
these charms?
Um, different places.
You know, um, estate sales
are good, uh...
-Garage sales.
Where did you find this one?
This one, um...
Uh, this one, um,
-this funny old man...
-...just down the street.
-[young June] Yeah.
You know, uh...
I saw it happen.
I just happened to be
on my way over.
You... you saw him disappear?
-[June] I did.
I mean, what, like,
what was that, right?
-Like what?
-[June] Well...
I think when David Bowie died,
the universe broke.
That's exactly right.
[young June]
It makes perfect sense.
And I wasn't hallucinating.
I don't think so.
The world did feel really
different when he died.
I told you.
-I told him.
I bet.
I should, I should go.
[somber music]
[both chuckle]
Goodbye, Edward.
Gosh, you're so pretty.
Take care.
[foreboding music]
We're moving.
I mean, I can't, I can't...
-[June] Oh, my god.
[Sam] Come on, little fella.
Could be a girl bird.
Little fella-ette.
Do you remember
being a teenager?
Not really.
I remember the cars.
I do.
I remember the first time
I sat next to a boy.
Like this.
[June]We sat next to each other
at a movie.
It was the first date
I ever went on.
He was looking at the screen,
with almost his entire fist
in his mouth,
picking his teeth.
I remember popcorn.
And I couldn't imagine...
that he thought about me.
[June] That he wanted me.
He had any intentions at all
about me.
How did it all work out?
We're not together,
Edward and me.
Why not?
He ruined my life.
Not his fault, really.
David Bowie's fault.
I believe you.
Well, I guess I...
better pack.
Yeah, we'll pack soon.
Kinda liking it here, right now.
["David Bowie Save Us All"
by Modern Electric playing]
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
Where would this world be
Without Space Oddity
I don't know
I don't know
Would we be lost
Without Mr. Stardust,
I think so
I think so
I think so
But I don't know
All I know
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
"Wham bam thank you, ma'am"
Is part of who I am
Deep within
Within my soul
Is it so wrong the Labyrinth
Theme song
Taught me all, all I know
All I know
About rock'n'roll
And all I know
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
The only reason
I let my hair grow
Is David Bowie
David Bowie
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
Starman save us all
With space-age rock'n'roll
Save our souls
With rock'n'roll
Starman save our ears
From Pink and Britney Spears
Save us all from radio
From radio
Ground control
Ground control
Save us all
David Bowie is my hero
David, David Bowie
David Bowie is my hero
Oh, Sir David
David Bowie
[light music]
[light music continues]