Speed of Thought, The (2011) Movie Script

What I want?
Better to choose something.
Look who showed up.
"Whenever I see it.
The telepath
I think I'll eat pancakes.
-Look at that smile.
"I knew we should be happy.
Do not you?
You said you would on Thursday.
Yes, she's beautiful.
-The flight was canceled.
"What can he want?
"And the family? Never talk about it.
-I will never know.
It's convenient.
And we talked,
talk a lot.
I need to work.
"We have a strange connection.
-I could never write.
I must take the editor.
Trust you?
I should trust you?
Trust we conquer,
my friend.
Come back here soon. If you delay,
I may have gone.
Hi ..
My name is Joshua.
I'm Vanessa.
You are the sign of Virgo.
I am not a Virgin obvious.
It was obvious to me.
You are very intuitive.
One can say that.
you do not call
Vanessa, is not it?
Something tells me you
enjoying every day life...
like me. You know what I
I mean by that?
But as I know
you is not...
I am also a Virgo.
That 'is not typical of our sign.
Let your apartment.
Gotta go.
I'm busy now.
That can wait.
I have to go.
Bobby? It's Sandy.
Concentrate on my voice.
Do not listen to anyone else.
They do not exist.
Why do you
not tried to help him?
Where are you?
Bobby open.
open soon.
Okay, I'm coming.
Here's the flop.
Not bad.
Chance of straight.
He will think I have a pair.
I do not know why Anna came today
she hates gambling.
Keep thinking.
Two thousand.
His two thousand and five.
What a beautiful drug.
His five and my five.
His five...
and two thousand.
Looks like you won.
It was pure luck.
Again and again.
Soon, I'll have to...
Excuse me...
I'll be back here in a second.
If you're drunk again,
Lazarus, I swear...
You told me I was
the only agent in this mission.
You're the one, you already know.
But what is happening?
It's the Widmann Syndrome?
It's not Widmann.
Someone came over me.
Do you have any idea who it was?
No, no.
So, excuse
and get gone.
Let's make
a review tonight.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I need to close the evening.
My apologies.
You're right, Josh?
You do not look any better.
I'm fine, Rolf. I'm a little
hypoglycemic, that's it.
Good evening.
Good evening.
I should have come alone.
If he looks for one more second,
I'll hit him.
I'll charge you double.
I think he can afford.
Happy birthday, Joshua.
Thank you, please.
Forgive me for not celebrating.
Sounds like a great girl.
She's good.
You have taken
your medication?
When I remember.
These remedies are the only way
delay the onset of Widmann.
So instead of going crazy fast
I slowly go insane.
At least, these drugs help.
They are not like those.
Do not get me wrong, Sandy...
but you have no idea
than I spend.
No one who is normal
have no idea. Not even you.
Even with the drugs, how many
attackers arrived in 29 years...
with sanity intact?
"And how many candles...
there on my cake
birthday today?
Twenty-eight. But the drugs are
better every year, maybe you...
When you have gone to so many
heads as I ever was, Sandy...
you will stop believing
in miracles.
I'm lucky
having come this far.
Bobby was only 26.
Do not lose hope.
The research we are doing
House is making great strides.
Anyway, if I freak out a month before
or a month later...
does not make much difference.
It was good to see you, Sandy...
but you did not come to Uruguay
just to know about my meds...
and if I've been drinking.
You know how they are paranoid.
They care a lot about you...
even I had given my word
none of you...
would never invade any of them.
But they are terrified
attacker with this new idea loose.
I should help him find
who is this new invader.
And there...
one more reason
something personal.
The decision.
You must make the decision now
while still lucid.
I need to go.
Diaz invited me.
For some reason,
the poor devil wants to be my friend.
You know, he is the Minister of Finance
and they want me to take him into bankruptcy,
because it does not come into play.
Not like this.
What horror.
I should not have agreed
to hire one of you.
And they always ask
or you Kira.
They are the only intruders
considered sensible.
Anyway, sorry for doing it
accept these government jobs.
But the House needs the money.
No need to justify
for me, Sandy.
You saved my life.
Joshua, welcome.
Glad you came.
I guess you never knew
My daughter Anna the other night.
Anna, this is Joshua Lazarus.
He was taking a truck
money from me...
but kept the class
unhappy with that opinion.
Very pleased.
It's your hypoglycemia again?
"It must be.
Sorry, Rolf, could you get me
a glass of water and something sweet?
Of course.
you may know each other better.
So it was you.
"What's happening?
It's okay...
I'm like you.
Not possible.
He thought he was the one?
I'm not liking it.
Get out.
do not worry.
Do not tell my father.
Get out.
And then you have
something in common?
Excuse me, Rolf, I am not
feeling any better. Gotta go.
-Nice to meet you, Anna.
-My pleasure.
We searched everyone in the room
and the two adjacent.
"There's nothing yet.
"And the Canadians?
They say they know nothing.
It is clear that our questions
were very vague.
You will have instructions
in an hour.
I started hearing voices again.
You can control them?
For now, yes.
How long do I have?
Since the emergence of voices...
sanity is gone in a month.
I'm sorry.
No regrets.
I had enough time.
Thank you for being...
honest with me, Sandy.
Here, they are stronger...
should help a little.
Be sure to take them regularly.
You need me in the house, Josh.
you must decide now.
Do not make
the same mistake as Bobby.
Decide for me.
I'm serious.
Bobby you visited lately?
No. ..
I can not.
The NSA insists
keep it tied at...
even under sedation.
Do nothing sentimental...
with the ashes.
When you feel
the voices are too...
back to the House.
You'll be out there?
We do not believe in staying
in people's minds...
if they do not want us there.
Unless they are normal.
Who is''we''?
There are others like us.
Not many.
You know, when I said''Exit''
not meant to go.
I meant to leave.
I was not prepared
for that.
Now, are you?
You are better this time?
You are almost fuzzy, you know?
I thought I should be so,
but you're not.
Can I fix it for you.
"Okay, that does not bother me.
Do not worry, it's an easy technique.
Right. Look at your feet.
Now, focus on them. See them well.
Put light on them.
Now go up through your body
and keep the focus.
Now is better.
If we open ourselves to each other,
things will get easier.
What is this?
It's something we do very much.
Knock down our walls
and we merge in our heads.
We learned everything about each other.
It may be that we do not like
long after that...
but at least
we'll understand.
I have to go,
are waiting for me.
What you got?
Well, a little vodka for me...
and for you, a laxative.
Cherry flavor.
What got to know
the girl?
Not much.
So is not it?
"I doubt it.
"You doubt. Very helpful.
If you do not like the way
I work, call another.
Very nice this place.
It is very organized.
You talking to me?
I do not remember inviting him.
I was talking to the waiter.
He is also a telepath.
Very funny.
Anyway, I did it for you.
You seem to be someone
who likes order.
I prefer Kandinsky to Mondrian.
We need order.
That's how Sandy teaches us
dealing with chaos.
Who is Sandy?
-Sandy taught me everything.
Who trained them?
How so?
Who taught her to use
your skills?
Not possible. You can not
fighting with the voices alone.
You need not fight.
It took me years to learn this.
I do not understand.
We need to understand better.
Let us open.
I do not know, no.
Will help.
And if there's something
you do not want me to know...
-Just put an obstacle.
-An obstacle?
Say you do not want
I know that chair.
Put a wall around her...
or a door...
or Stonehenge.
if I push...
I can see the chair.
That 'depends on the strength
the obstacle.
do not push anything.
If you push,
I'll be very angry.
Do not worry.
In a few seconds
you understand everything.
My God.
Finally, you came back.
I can only see a certain
Uruguayan number of novels.
What are you doing here?
They said you were
they wanted someone a little
older and much wiser.
I was worried if you had
outbursts, or I would have refused.
I was at a retreat
"But it seems you have no freaking out.
Not yet.
In fact, you lost
my birthday.
My condolences delayed.
We both arrived at 28.
How likely is that?
God must have
a plan for us.
How are you?
Still drinks, I see.
I imagine you still trance
with any being that moves.
Sorry, not fair.
Any move to be beautiful.
I turn right.
Well? We are not satisfied
Have you ever...
entered into some head...
and found something strange?
Every time.
I feel disgust and discomfort.
Sometimes even ties.
-Even more strange?
Strange how-...
you do not want it to end.
Is that sick.
There was something powerful.
And scary.
For both, I think.
It was almost as if we were
the same person.
Different but equal.
You know what I'm talking about?
Are you all right?
You can not enjoy
someone to whom he opened...
because you know
too well.
The best thing you can do is
tolerate each other, as I tolerate.
It is the unknown attacker?
Her name is Anna.
She is the daughter of Diaz.
You told them that was not her.
So let's get this straight.
You said that you share
each of their pathetic little secret...
was nice?
Well, I blocked a lot,
but not that.
We are very...
I see that there is only one way
to prove to you.
No, I can not.
All these idiosyncrasies,
I know that must have worsened.
It is not easy
for me too.
You have that nasty fetish
student in uniform...
-I would never, never...
"I know. Now, c'mon.
Let's get this over with.
I need you to understand.
I can not...
I'm afraid to infect it.
You know, I heard voices, too.
It's alright.
Not me.
I'm so ahead, Josh.
Come take a walk.
Let's talk.
Who is it?
I still do not know.
It's a lie.
His poker face
is terrible, Lazarus.
You're lucky
you can cheat.
You got a lot of time
the men's room.
Is there anything I need to know?
First, you will not go back there,
is very risky.
Second, you will not contact
anyone who was in that room...
today or any other day.
I can block them.
I am the only
that is not at risk.
Thanks for your opinion, Lazarus.
No contacts. Zero.
And Diaz?
Someone else will deal with Diaz.
The attacker is your priority.
We need to talk.
I know.
Sorry if I ran away last time,
but I was exhausted.
These unions
always like this?
They are not.
Because it was really...
And scary.
It was the most amazing thing
I've ever felt.
I know.
I know you know.
Is not it strange?
I know.
I know you know.
We will open again.
I choke less stuff.
You are still blocking
I think a little
Privacy is good.
Of course, but I want
know her as much as possible.
You know me very well.
And I know what you
feeling for me.
That 'not something that should
happen to us.
Well, you thought it.
And me too.
Have you ever thought it would be like...
Just as I never thought it would be like
turn a frog. Not gonna happen.
You're lying.
Of course it does.
Sit at a table close.
Anything else
I can do for you?
To be frank, yes.
Take in the towel
It's my favorite movie.
I know.
I know you know.
And the guy on the right
looks a lot like...
His aunt Louise.
Yeah, yeah.
"She can not be so ugly.
You are very kind,
but it is so.
It's great.
I wanted to ask you, how you
can be so unfair to my father?
It has to do with you.
I'm just doing
bets of my country.
The NSA loves us, we are
as wireless eavesdropping.
There are no guarantees.
Give an honest answer, Josh.
Sandy teaches us that these
works are for the general good.
He uses the payments of the NSA
to help other invaders.
I do not like the term''invaders.''
It's an ugly word...
and you use it to justify things
horrible they are asked to do.
You would like to be
cheating with his father?
I do not see my father for 20 years,
Listen, we have rules
we follow.
You leave to do so
because no empathy with anyone.
They taught
to keep others out...
but if you leave all
come, you'd be happier.
No thanks.
All selfishness, hatred of the millions
and petty prejudices.
It's too much.
But there is another side.
There's the rose that blooms
in the heart of the beloved.
You just need
let yourself see it.
See the other side.
Anna, I must tell you more
on the syndrome Widmann.
You have a chance.
You only have 26 years...
maybe they can find...
healing time for you.
Actually, I'm not 26.
but I induce
to think that I'm 26.
Do not mind a marriage.
Well ..
I lied.
But then,
how old are you?
I just turned 31.
Not possible.
I gotta go.
Beware, it can kill you.
It's for my retreat.
Did not know you could do
his retreat here.
Well, do not have much time
to find the light...
then, can not be
very rigid.
Each has their own way to overcome.
Some seek a sense...
instead of wasting
the little time that we...
-If you do not want to be here...
"We can not hide it forever.
Bridger is not stupid.
We can talk in here,
She is 31.
Thirty-one years?
It is impossible.
She said yes.
And she's fine.
You trust him?
As much as I trust you.
Do you mind if changing the setting?
His strange fixation
Rhett Butler to distract me.
Change you.
Very funny.
Now, it's better.
Have you ever tasted Fri on the Beach?
You know who you're talking about?
The drink.
How did this?
Cool, huh?
It's a new trick I learned.
We can send small
memories to other invaders.
Perhaps there is a positive side
in this crazy business.
I'm fine.
And stop thinking about it.
It's just the peyote.
Just drink.
And keep your thoughts to yourself.
I said okay.
So what do we do now?
I'll see some things.
Do not have much time.
"I know.
I know.
Who understand the importance
to us of his life.
He accompanied us for many years,
from his childhood...
demonstrating their interest
and his struggle for life.
It was an example to us all.
Their way of life
was an example to his family.
To your friends.
For the church.
Too many years listening
his words.
Hard to believe...
Hi, Josh.
I'm sorry.
What happened?
His heart stopped.
It was a heart attack?
They do not know.
He was an example
to society...
and why we gather here
his grave...
and now I want...
to pray for him
an Our Father.
The door was open?
A window, or something?
No. What you are
trying to say?
I'm not saying anything.
Is that Kira is gone.
I think the syndrome
Widmann of took it.
Anyway, they do not trust
more about me.
Want to send me
back to New York.
The wonderful hours
we spent together.
Always together.
So I'll go with you.
They will watch me.
I always watch.
"If they see us together...
What else can I do?
I'm in love with you.
I was so used
to be alone.
I thought it had to be so.
We deserve
a little happiness.
Do not have much time.
If we found a way
to get together...
I mean...
really together...
Welcome home.
What happened?
She was found
near here...
incomprehensible sounds...
without any control.
Asked if she took
the decision...
and I told them yes.
I never spoke to her about it.
She told me he wanted
espalhssemos that his ashes.
That's what they did.
Come walk a little
me, yes?
I'm sorry.
My time has come, Sandy?
I do not know.
Is near.
Is I...
I'm not ready.
take it.
Are the strongest that the NSA does.
Will help you for a while.
They also...
destroy your liver
in a month.
There is one more person
I want to see.
Do not even bother, which is locked.
No one can enter, me neither.
He will be here
for life.
All alone.
And I can not do anything
about it.
How was that?
A horror.
What would you do if you knew that
we would have another 10 years...
20 years...
50 years?
Is that impossible.
Let's play.
What would you do?
I do not know.
You have a family?
I do not know.
Would you do something useful with your life,
help anyone?
Maybe, I guess.
Still, you
wasting our time...
although it is more precious.
Well, it's a way to...
Did you hear that?
What is this?
They are entering.
Focus on your voice...
and expel them.
That's right.
They are many, many!
"I'll stop there.
I'll be fine.
Show me.
Hold on.
Focus on your voice.
Expel them.
It will not work this time.
Send them away.
Look behind you.
Gotta talk to you.
Who are you?
Only one voice.
Right. Did you face to face
and succeeded.
Shall I take off the mask?
Got it?
Exactly what you
want from me?
You have to leave.
Soon. lr though.
That's your problem.
Because you know something
I should not know.
I have to go.
I have to believe
I'm just telling you
what you already know.
Think of me as
the voice of conscience.
And you should take the girl.
She also knows.
What is the importance of this,
if I'll be dead in two...
You have more time
than you think.
Hello, abba.
It's me, abba.
I'm surprised
that you remember.
I remember his face.
And from the mother.
She died five years
after the take.
I know.
I'm only since
almost 20 years.
God wants me to suffer much,
before I go.
They said
that would help him.
They helped.
They cured me.
Thank God.
Sorry I did not see it coming.
They said I could
have a relapse if...
I know. When we signed the papers,
said they would see him more.
But you were so sick.
I was mad.
Then you remember
some Russian?
A little.
What else do you remember?
I remember... numbers.
I remember trying to erase them...
but I could not.
Can we go talk
elsewhere, abba?
My two nannies.
I need your help.
You have it.
I know you have people here,
people who work...
So you think your father
is mafia, Joshua?
I think my father
is my only chance.
Gotta get away. I have no passport,
not trust anyone.
The government does not want
you exit.
And I do not know what will happen
who help me.
You're not traveling alone...
I presume.
It's a lovely girl.
So there it is.
Come on.
Come on.
So here we go.
"Want a ride?
"Why not?
You came over, no?
Yes It's not the guy
nicest in the world.
No, but it is
on our side.
Get out.
-The plan is this.
Come on.
Okay, it's clean.
Change of clothes inside.
Stay here.
I invade.
There is a guy in there
that will take us to the plane.
He is clean.
I'm Alex.
Welcome aboard.
You are stewards,
going to Madrid to catch a flight there.
It's all arranged, then,
relax and enjoy the ride.
Do you understand
what I understood?
There is nothing to do
about it now.
See what else you can
capture him.
I could not get more.
They will expect us
in Madrid.
When will they act?
Do not charge me before Alex,
I'm sure.
This may be our
single night together.
I know.
I know you know.
Let us unite together.
No blockages.
You know why people like us
never trust anyone?
Because it is not necessary.
Knowing is not trusted.
Without marriage, then.
Is that weird, taking
to guess what you want.
No wonder they are the normal
so frightened about sex.
But there's something really exciting
with divination, no?
Wish we were closer.
I can not get anything now.
They are here,
I have no doubt.
You have something for me.
Now, you're on your own.
Good luck.
Wow, I can not stand it.
Stupid, they will be killed
in five minutes.
I wanted him
shut up.
Which pair of idiots!
But I would be with her.
"But she met the wrong guy...
-Shut up!
What happened now?
You hear me?
Not possible.
Alex, you hear me?
I think he can not hear you.
Maybe not, but I exercised
an effect on him.
Let's see if this becomes reality.
Alex, walk to the door.
I think I'll leave
the lovebirds alone.
Try something else.
Alex, tie your shoe.
Something stronger.
Alex, take a slap
in your face.
It is a power of suggestion,
but is limited.
You better not take it
the bus together.
Do you expect the next one.
I know who they are.
Two are coming this way.
You need to be captured alive
I can be captured
dead or alive.
We must leave here.
If we separate, you know
where is the meeting point.
"I need to check the Piper.
-Have you looked in there.
The plane is empty.
Go to the next.
Have you looked in there!
The plane is empty!
Tell the other agent
the plane is empty.
"I've already checked that...
"He's here!
Where is the girl?
The girl? You...
She got on the plane
you just take off.
We lost.
Do not even bother
to rise, Lazarus.
Hello, Lazarus.
You are very conscious
for my taste.
It's amazing how these drugs
speaking readers mind...
even when they are
in semi.
When I get...
You are much more consistent
when you are conscious.
Of course, you are also
much less cooperative.
Go ahead.
Sweet dreams, Lazarus.
Welcome back
New York, Lazarus.
And thanks for sharing
their plans with us.
I tip my hat. Never think
look at you two here.
I want to see Sandy.
That 'is not subject to Sandy.
Okay, let's go.
Do not worry;
I doubt that we need you.
Give back to the other side.
We'll find him there.
Come on.
The satellite has already captured the,
exactly where we expected.
She will notice when our presence
get close, then run.
Everything seemed fine.
Come on.
Send him away first.
Apply it on you.
Apply it on you.
Do it now.
Bridger told you
apply it in you.
Josh, we need to go.
We can not keep them out long.
That's me. Come!
"Where is she?
-I did not arrive on time. Sorry.
Where is she?
She's gone. They gathered
back to the House.
Come on, I got a plan
perfect for us. Come on.
You are trying to grasp it?
Yes, there's nothing there.
Just because you do not capture,
not to say that there is nothing.
I broke the rules.
lnvadi an NSA agent.
There's Syndrome Widmann.
What makes us sick?
Without them, our skills
they came to get me...
and I ran.
I found a job here,
as night security.
It is a safe place
for me to hide.
I do not want you to know
I was alive...
was safer
for both of us that way.
I wish you and Anna
Meanwhile, I think the NSA
Sandy said that I had died.
I was hoping to reunite them
in New York.
Turns out...
I was so close
when they took her.
But I could not tell
where nobody was.
"Someone that has blocked the entire area.
It's not possible.
For me and you...
perhaps not
impossible for her.
She has two years more than me.
Who knows what can she do?
When the lock down,
Anna disappeared.
Even if she had that power,
why did she leave out?
Maybe all this has been
armed by the NSA to get it.
She does not work for the NSA.
See, she never made the union
complete with you, right?
Just because I do not know
every micro detail about it...
not to say that I
does not know, okay?
"I know her.
"Why did they take...
back to House
instead of killing it?
How do you know that?
"I broke into an NSA agent.
The entire house is locked.
They do not let Sandy out.
"I'll take it from there.
-What will you do?
Walking away
and go through security?
I have no idea.
But even though Anna is not there,
I have to do something.
They are killing our people.
Do not you care?
-Of course I care.
"And what will you do about it?
I do not know, Josh.
What are you thinking?
You want to take the Bridger?
Declare war
all the NSA?
Perhaps give a coup,
while you're there?
You have always been
older sister.
I guess I always hoped
you know what to do.
Nor is it easy for me.
I do not know what happened to you.
"I'll tell you what happened to me.
A few months ago
I had no future...
now I have.
At the zoo.
It's a life.
Yes, sir?
I am Stevens, Magistrate.
You must be Butler.
-They warned that I was coming?
"No, sir, it warned.
ldiot. You need to go back
to Alexandria.
Looks like you did something
angered that someone there.
Any idea of \u200b\u200bwhat can be?
No, sir;
I can not imagine.
They do not know of rubbish
Las Vegas, you know?
They mentioned something about
Las Vegas. Sounds familiar?
Anyway, I'll replace it,
at least until the next turn.
Yeah, okay.
I guess I should go
to Alexandria, then, right?
I need the code
authorization today.
Yes, of course.
Okay, stay calm.
Calm down, everything will work out.
What is today's code?
Lord, I need the code.
Yes, one second.
What's going on here?
I'll call the center and check.
Give the guy more time.
Look at the screen.
Black, sand, poppy...
Lord, I need that code.
"No! It papilla!
It's all yours.
Thank you, Butler.
Good luck.
Here is Stevens's central gate.
I must ask you something.
Okay, thanks.
How may I help you,
Well, is this.
I'm back to work...
and was wondering
about these boys.
I mean, you're already here
for a while, right?
So you know what
is happening.
Is your name, no?
What are you doing
in my head?
Listen, I need a favor.
I'm outside the gate.
Who are you?
I am a friend.
I mean, we ran
danger to these boys?
We know what they have?
I should be the mask
gas or something?
Well, it might be safer
lraque be in, whatever...
My goodness...
you are Joshua Lazarus.
Do not believe it's you.
What do you know?
Disappeared on a mission
A few weeks ago...
but was not given
as dead yet.
Some kids say it still
alive, no longer sick.
Yes, Josh?
You better?
Hey, Chrissie,
I can not talk now.
Can you help me here?
Not to be paranoid.
Listen, Stevens does not need
worry about this nonsense.
No problem.
I've been here seven years...
nothing happened.
I'll call for help.
The phones are silent.
What do we do?
Damn! There is nothing to do.
We can not enter at all.
Open the gate. Enter!
We have to go.
She may be dying.
"We can not.
It is best to stay standing
watch her die? We have to go!
Stay here with her.
I'll call for help.
No, sir;
Stay with me, please.
Listen, this good man will
with you, okay?
-I will return in a second.
No, you sit, he will!
You heard it go. Go!
Anna, you're here?
Wait, is not it.
Have you nothing?
"I got it.
Go to the hall, Sandy.
You need to go to the bathroom.
Come here.
Now, why on earth would I do that,
I am about the win?
Enter the room, Joshua.
Hello, Lazarus.
You were right, Sandy.
I mean, since when?
My whole life,
just like you.
They want to speak up,
for God's sake?
Let me explain to him.
Will be faster.
It is important that you know
why things are so.
Why are you
killing us?
I'll join you.
So you know everything.
Fair enough.
Come on, let me show you.
You can create scenarios
I build cities.
With people and I control.
Throw your wallet on the floor.
Are not real.
Saint-real enough.
They may not exist out there
but there are here.
And this is a small part.
The new skills you
they reach 29 or 30 years
and only get stronger.
You can not imagine
things I can do.
That 'the panic.
So imagine how
normals react.
A powerful attacker
can not hide...
but if there are many,
they would exterminate us.
As it stands,
Some believe that the invaders...
-Are too risky.
No. She thinks my skills
are limited as its...
and yet
she is terrified.
The only answer...
was convincing the NSA that the invaders
are useful for a few years...
before they learn too
to be reliable.
They think that this system
keeps us under control.
In fact, does exactly Bridger
I want it to do...
without even realizing it.
E. ..
it goes much higher.
Of course, the scary part
is to oversee the deaths...
of my own children.
But it was necessary.
Have a good few years...
is better than nothing.
Then, with the NSA, I invented
Widmann's syndrome.
It allows you to decide
end their lives...
with dignity.
I understand.
Great. Because now,
you understand what's coming.
Sure, Margot, he is ready.
We have a job
for you, Lazarus.
We want you
take control of the House.
You will have the same authority
Sandy has always had that.
You will report to me,
Of course, as he does.
You owe me an explanation.
Why do I keep healthy?
It is an anomaly. Every disease has
someone who flees the statistics.
That 'gives hope
for the other attackers.
What happens
if I say no?
I do not recommend it.
Now you understand, Joshua,
I'll have to get in your head...
and ensure that you have accepted
our terms unconditionally.
And you know, there's someone
what could be his companion.
'Take the job.
And the right thing to do.
The right thing?
We can help people
and stay together.
What more could we ask?
Dying does not solve anything.
And he will not kill you only.
He'll kill me too.
I know.
I said:''I know''.
So tell Sandy you accept.
Tell him I'll do everything together.
Okay, I accept.
Under one condition.
We will announce
complete healing of Widmann.
You know it's impossible.
You do not have
the courage to kill myself.
You alleviates their guilt, doing
that is our decision.
If you do not accept the position,
I'll give it to a normal.
Who knows what that
will mean for its people?
Is that...
an abomination.
"How dare you say something?
Sandy, stop.
If you have loved someone in life,
would know that it does not work.
-That does not change the truth, Joshua.
"Just because you save some lives...
this does not entitle him
to take others.
You better try your luck
with normals.
Reconsider, Joshua.
Or you two will be dead
in a minute.
In less than that.
You should think carefully
on your choice, Bridger.
My God.
We will tell the kids
what is happening...
and none of them will
a service for you.
"We have to go immediately...
-Shut up, Sandy.
I have a bigger problem here.
Our offer is flexible.
You know my terms.
Those guys will know Kira.
lmagine how it will be revealing.
You can not think
to allow that to happen.
You do not see the consequences
for our people?
lnvasores can be trained
not to abuse their powers.
Do not be naive.
If people have power,
they will use it.
I'll do
one last favor.
No one should die alone.
I wish there was
another way.
-Josh, we have to...
Go away, Kira.
I will watch it later.
You can not fight everyone.
Make union with everything.
We'll get together.
You were wrong
about everything.
I was?
It was, yes.
Sandy was killed, no?
That 'depends.
If I never come to...
then yes, he killed himself.
Put that gun.
Our deal still holds?
Are you here?
I'm here.