Speedunnodu (2016) Movie Script

once it was a land ruled by Rayalu..
these days it is the address
for Faction movie stories..
This is Venkatapuram village
in Raphthadu constituency .
these villagers know
faction and affection too..
Where in others feel that
girl child is a burden..
these villagers feel that a girl child who
is born in the family will get them luck.
They educate them
equally to the boys.
This bus covers ten Villages including
Venkatapuram and Dharmavaram.
Facebook helps meet friends
and how twitter helps meet fans
Like that This is bus is famous
for helping the college going village lovers
They have named this bus as Premapavuram
with love., which starts at 8.00 in the morning
We are getting late..just for one ticket
you have made so many of them wait..
One Ticket..!
Shall leave brother..
See..As how Power star can add value to
Nitins movie..she will add value to our bus..
If you signal her decently..
she may think it is love..
but if you signal her like a patient she
may think that you are a TB Patient.
Elderly lady is standing..
why cant you give her a Seat.
Grandma..please sit here..
You seems to be a greater
business man than Mahesh Babu..
you have become close
to her by coughing itself..
Yes Bro..
What else...
Give that book to me..
Thank you..
no not to you..
Poor fellow..
he is thinking that
his problem is solved..
but he is not realizing that
the problem has just started.
If the Venkatapuram villagers comes to know that some
is disturbing there girls whom they take care so much.
Brother.. please..brother..
I have done a Mistake..
please leave me..
We are sending our girls
to study in the college..
And you guys wearing jeans and
having cell phones..divert their minds..
Please forgive me for once..
my father is no more..
if something happens to me..who
will take care of my mother and sister..
When you were behind
my sister in the name of love..
did you not remember your sister..
until and unless we finish people like you..
our girls cannot continue their studies peacefully..
in this Quarry which is closed since
long because of some disputes ..
Dont know how many lovers
are going to lose their lives
Catch him..
Stop there..hey you..
Dude..I am in middle of Danger
and Hospital..please come fast..
Kill him..
No brother..
before you pull up your
knife to kill someone..
first find out whether he
has a friend like me or not..
one you are there behind him..
see how many of them
are there behind me..
Lets see how many will be
left after we finish the fight..
Dude..bored of watching a regular fight..
mix some concept in the fight..
Selfie Fight..how Is the concept..?
its Trendy..
I will take a selfie after I hit them
and when I am still in the air..
If I miss a selfie or if I drop my mobile..
you guys can take him..how is the offer..?
I am little tensed..
We will take a selfie
with his dead body..kill him..
your mobile is Ringing..
Who is it..?
Friend..Ok..then attend the call..
What..are you done..?
Not yet brother..
Continue.. continue..
What..there are insects in the
farm..then spray Pesticide..
Have you still not finished..?
No brother..
Ok..carry on..
Not that medicine..
you have spray Pesticide..
What..you still have not finished..?
No brother..discussing family matters..
I give value to friendship..
but if you cheat me in the name
of friendship I will not spare you..
Hey Pedha Rayudu has come..
What is this..you have come from
somewhere and hitting my villagers..
They touched my friend..Thats why
I am giving them a finishing touch..
What..that Idiot Is your friend..?
I am not a Company MD to see his
Conduct certificate and give him a job..
Once I put my hands
around anybody shoulder..
whether he is an Idiot or A.R.Rehman..
a friend is a friend..
by the way what mistake has he done..
He is behind one of our village Girl..
The girl is beautiful..and my friend
is sharp..what is the problem..
Why are you discussing with them..
just get them..
it is not good way of
dealing the situation..
let me handle the matter..
by the way who is
against there love..?
is it the girls mother..father or uncle..?
This guy...
Oh.. brother..?
Now tel me..
what is did was right or wrong..?
How is that possible..she has
put kumkum on her forehead..
she is not wearing the sacred thread..
Nor she is wearing toe rings..
how do we believe that
they are married..how..
So..three mistakes that side and
only one mistake from our side..
first the customs our elders have created..
so if would have follows the system..
no one would have had a problem..
so lets learn a lesson from the mistakes..
and get back to our
respective jobs.. come lets go..
it is just not there mistake..its our girls too..
ask them to follow the customs..
whatever you do..
think before you act..
Reduce the speed its better for you..
See uncle..
at my age it is wrong if I behave like you..
but it is not wrong if I am little fast..
You gave him good..
"Even a tsunami can't face
the speed in me.."
"Even a tsunami can't face
the speed in me.."
"Our spped is the benchmarh
which no country can't build fencing.."
"Smile is more faster than the speed of the
missile which wins the people in the war.."
Love is more faster than the angry
which controls the heart.."
"Your words is more speeder
than the of James Bond's bullet.."
"He is the correct one.."
"Your dynamic speed is hyper than
any of the dynamites.."
"He is the one who has speed.."
"Where is the resound to our sound?"
"Where is the dead end to our stand?"
"The bond is ours
which don't bend to any winds.."
"Turn the world as a U-Turn like Newton.."
"Hussian and Bolt will never be
a competition to us.."
"If we have the olypics
to the friendship game.."
"We are the winners.."
"If we want to tune the friendship song.."
"Life is yours.."
"Your words is more speeder
than the of James Bond's bullet.."
"He is the correct one.."
"Your dynamic speed is hyper than
any of the dynamites.."
"He is the one who has speed.."
"Om is the symbol of Hindus,
cross is the symbol of Christs.."
"Three stars is the symbol of Muslims,
khanda is the symbol of Sikhs.."
"Our religion is our friendship, it is wrong,
if we say as we don't have symbol.."
"We are the symbol of friendship,
say it loudly.."
"There is no use to you
with the question 'Who are you?'.."
"Connect the people
with the question 'How are you?'.."
"Your words is more speeder
than the of James Bond's bullet.."
"He is the correct one.."
"Your dynamic speed is hyper than
any of the dynamites.."
"He is the one who has speed.."
Tell me what actually happened..
I wanted to construct a house..
so when we were digging for
laying the foundation there were huge rocks..
to break them I placed a bomb..
and in the blast by mistake one stone
when and hit his cow and it died..
No sir..
He know that my cow is always tied there..
he did that intentionally..
I swear.. it was by mistake..
You are saying that it was by mistake..
and he is saying that you did that intentionally.
whatever it is..
because of you he has lost his cow..
but you dont do justice to him..
you will be really under fault..
Ok sir..
I will bear the loss..
What you have told is good..
Ok sir..
Thank you SI..
for giving me life till my house..
Just Considering that elderly man..
i am leaving you this time..
if you repeat it again..
Drop me at the beginning of the street..
eat just this one..
You are so lucky Brother-in-law..
They are feeding you as if they
feed a fighter cock..
Dear..do you want to have Dosa..
I will eat you dosa later..
first I have escape from his scoldings..
Behave as if you are doing some work..
Why are you washing your hands
without finishing..
There is no display in the TV..
someone please come and check..
No please..
I will check..
I will check the TV..
I will check..I will check..
Hello.. Mike testing..
you are spoiling our name outside
with your stupid acts ..
what are you trying to spoil at home..
Let it be..leave it..
He is doing stupid things..
why are you supporting him..
What did he do..
Oh she is supporting me well..
I cannot tell you what he did..
what mistake has he done..
is she blaming him or me..?
I thought problem is in the remote..
actual problem is in the TV..
that villagers were hitting his friend..so..
Mom..Dad is not scolding brother..
he is actually scolding my husband..
He went and saved him..
what mistake did he do..
Mother-in-law.. Actually..
Enough of covering this..
to degrade me..
son-in-law has chosen this village
and son has chosen other villages..
If My friend is in a problem..
You are always worried about your friends..
The moment you hear those words it irritates you
someday you will face the wrath of it..
He is just like his grandfather..
you grandfather used to risk
his life for friendship..
thats why I made friendship with him
and then got married to him..
i was thinking how did he fall for you..
so this is how you trapped him..
Hey..you go and do
your homework..go..
Wait mom..let me see grandpa
scolding dad..then I will go..
Oh my god..
It been ten years for your marriage..
but you have no brains..
its been four years that he has finished his degree.
but has no responsibility.
Will you guys not change..
come lets go..
I will spear you..
Oh Shakeela
if I hit you..
even here..?
Leave him Brother-in-law..
You dont know about him..
I will spare you..
Dad.. its there too..
you have kept it there also..
get lost you idiot..
your dad scolds me till I get weak.
And he plays with my weakness..
By the way What did you do..
that he is unable to tell..
Sunny Leone fans put cow dung on
Shakeela Poster..
They saw me from behind
and thought bad about me..Brother-in-law..
Why are you so mad about Shakeela..
there is a vibration in that name itself..
and that look of her is like getting
a kick after having tequila shot..
he entry is so mesmerizing..
So sad..
does not even have a moustache..
he is missing since four months..
it is better if no animal eats atleast this poster..
Better go for a eye test..
Ad in eenadu Newspaper
The guy who was over acting at
a tea stall was hit by a tipper lorry
News.. In Andhra Jyothi..
are you acting smart..
That rubber guy..
In the next lane..
We saw him even in the morning..
what happened to him..
there..there he is..
My poster..
you be silent..
Hey..what is that..
Who the hell are you..
do not address us like that..
it will not be good..
Hey its me..
Hello TV9..
what about the scrolling about our missing
friend Giri..oh its already running..?
Hey.. Hey..
You wait.
add to that he is mentally unstable..
some sympathy will work out..
Hey..hey..I am here guys..
he is just like our giri..
He used to be in touch with us daily..
but since four months we did not see him..
so actually I am unable to relate..
Oh enough stop it..
because of exams..
if you were so interested in studies..
how did you become our junior in college
when you were our classmate in school..
Why did you get the nick name.. Rubber Guy..
That the reason I have changed to good..
Oh is it..is that the reason you
left your bike and are going by bus..
That's Premapavuram Bus..
Whats the matter..?
No..no..nothing like that..
I thought if I travel by bus..
i can study in the bus also and can save time..
oh..oh..oh.. keep quiet..
we have come..
what beau.. don't you think it is wrong to
wink at a married lady..
Just because you are married..
you will not become my sister..
our relationship does not change..
It is my mistake to talk to you..
Don't feel bad for the mistake
you did long back..
Hey.. she must have felt bad..
They behave like that in front of everyone..
but you will know there feeling
when you watch them from the front..
They are mad about this beau..
Enough of your daily serial..
find out what is he up to..
Hey.. nothing man..
there is no rule that you should tell
everything to your friends..
but whatever you say should be true..
Actually.. its one side love..
I am following her since four months..
but I don't even know
whether is seeing me or not..
In lat four month if he could not impress her..
it's an insult to us not to him..
Yes Dude..
We will travel by that bus tomorrow itself..
and will help you with your love..
Ok Bro..
What does Bro Mean..
Brother or broker..?
By the way which village does
your Miss India belong to..
what are you doing there..
Hey.. aunt is coming here..
Hey you.. stop there..
You have to take care of everything..
no one should complain of anything..
Ok sir..
Dad.. stop them..
Hey..hey.. be careful..
You will slip down.. be careful..
Stop there..
we are getting late for the party..
make it fast..
Who is that..
she is as smart as Iphone 6
She is my Sister-in-law..
give me a hundred..
You asked a question and I answered you..
He is finished..
That's Why
For that.. i am getting late..
Its urgent.. where is the bathroom..?
yes for that..
but where is the bathroom..
not for that.. just for one..
where is the bathroom..?
Where will three come from..
my bladder will burst..
and why are you showing traffic signals..
where are the bathrooms..
inside or outside..
Four inside and five outside..
total 500..
What is this.. how can you put your hands
in my pocket and take away everything like that..
I will show you.. come..
Here is the bathroom..
First I will go..
What is this.. I want to go first..
its urgent for me..
We came to attend the cradle ceremony..
and what is this torture..
how can you behave like this being
a son-in-law of such a big house..
Just because we stick some feathers..
does a monkey become a peacock..
Hey Achari..
i take hundred for a question..
but will take 1000 if you put punch dialogues..
Dad..He is calling you..
Will you click stupid pictures..
Give it to me..
Please aunt..leave us..
I will delete everything..
Please aunt..please aunt..leave us..
Give it to me..
Please aunt..please aunt..
we will not show it to anyone..
What happened..?
Come here brother..
what is this..
vasanthi is getting irritated
with the very sight of me..
It problem with our genes..
whoever sees us
have the same feeling..
what about my marriage..?
If you hold the collar like
this.. nothing will happen..
He will get vasanthi
married to you..
My father-in-law already has
given his word in my marriage..
he is not a guy who
will back out on his word..
What Son-in-law..
Say Greetings to him..
How long is it that you have come..
Just now..
we are getting late..
take it..
Sister I told 200..and
you are paying only 150..
you said it will take one hour..
but took one and half hour..
dont try to fool me..
I am a very intelligent person..
how are you sister..
Auspicious time is getting over..
Auspicious time is getting over..
you do it..
What is this sister-in-law..
You are placing the kid in the
cradle without waiting for me..
Because the priest was
telling that it is getting late..
What is the hurry Pantulu..
do you conduct some other
ceremony somewhere else..?
Why are you dragging me in between..
Its ok..you do it..
you should grow up
as intelligent as me..
Its ok..keep calm..
See Sisiter-in-law..
since I dont want to make an
issue..i am not saying anything..
but I will not keep quiet if you
do my niece marriage like this..
We are getting late for the bus..
why has he still not come..?
See Giri..
he is not Rubber Singh like you..
he is Gabbar Singh..
he does not believe in time..
he believes in timing..
she smiled..
Sh'll I give you..
Oh..good catch..
You want this..?
Give me..
Oh my god..its a bomb..
the girl looks like a bomb right..
what you have in your
hand is also the same..
It is not enough if they write
Cuddapah back side of the bus..
they should wirte it
on every girls fore head..
so that people like us will be safe..
but why has he still not come..
He will surely come..beleive me..
the bus the leaving man..
he will surely come
before this bus leaves..
Hey..hey..the bus is leaving..
why are you running
after the bus has left..
My premapuram is leaving man..
what if it leaves today..
it will come again tomorrow right..
why are you crying for that..
bomb blasted..but is he crying..?
Bus left man..
That is Government bus..
it will not stop if they apply
breakes..not if you whistle..
See there..
why is the bus going reverse..
If Shoban Babu
Whistles..its like that..
I have seen train going back
when the hero hits his thigh..
but this is first time I am watching a
bus coming in reverse with a whistle..
that is the power..
Why have you changed the song..?
Situation has changed..
thats why..
Hi Bro..
what are you not saying..?
Hi Bro..
Hey..Shoban is in the bus..
So what..?
Respect womens is our culture..
Did you see..?
he will support if you
genuinely love someone..
but will not spare if you tease anyone..
The bus which used to be
so noisy like a Cinema hall..
why is it so silent like
an examination hall..?
Its Shoban Effect..
His age is 20's..
but speed is 120..
He is from Ramagiri village..
when he was studying in college..
i heard this bus used
to be under his control..
very rich guy..
he wears only branded items..
even underwear..
how do you know..
His laundry guy and our
laundry guy are relatives..
Where is your lover..?
Wait I will tell..
the one in the green dress..
As every party puts NTRs
picture on their Flexes..
all the beautiful girls
are wearing green..
tell me clearly who Is your girl..
if that is a different green..
and she is wearing parrot green..
This is red green..
it is Shoban who spoke to both
the parties and got them married..
Is there no other topic to discuss..
that big eyes girl..?
It will not work out..
leave it..
why are saying like that..?
She how head strong she is..
you are torturing me
with your love stories..
sit for a while without talking..
If she is headstrong..we
have the power..Go ahead..
Shut up..
can't you guys do so much
help for my marriage..please..
your password is known to all..
for your friend man..
Lets try..
lets see how is your luck
What is this..
I have to do the house hold
works and you will do such jobs..
I am only trying to help
my friend with his love..
Who is the girl..?
that Parrot Green..
It is only we who can set
or make their love a hit..
Do you think I have written a
book on how you propose a girl..
you have to just follow whatever comes in flow..
Move aside..
God!..He will spoil the
whole thing..stop him..
He is opposition in assembly..
If you try to stop him..
he will become more aggressive..
Looks like its going to rain..
It will not come..
Hold this rod and stand..
otherwise you may fall down..
Me and my shakeela..
We wont fell down..we will
make some one fall for me..
I cant help you..
You wish..
You go and issue tickets..
Who else has to take ticket..
See sister..
love is like loose motion..
We can't hide it inside for long..
Comparison is so worst..
but his content is so correct..
Love without courage..
Cell without battery is waste..
common tell her..
Tell her..I love you..
I have taken in that
What is your name..?
Bomb Satyavathi..
What is it..?
Come fast..
Where is your miss India..?
Missed her..
this is what happens daily..
I thought that girl like to
make boys go behind them..
but I understood now they
even maintain the timings.
If they know how to escape..
we know how to get
them on to our way.
That Chemistry lecturer is
torturing me to complete the project..
I got a doubt that
they are following us..
but I dont think so..lets go..
We got there address..
now we need a care of address..
you greasy face fellow..how
long will you take..make it fast..
Hey Bro..
How are you..?
Super..how come
you have come here..
you remembered me
after a real long time..
He is Khadhar..one among the
five members in our Super gang..
Who is he..?
He is giri..
School friend..
we all call him the rubber guy..
thats what..he used erase more
than actually writing with a pencil..
so we call him rubber..
glad to meet you..
Hey..your hands are Greasy..
Get four tea
Come on..
Hey..clean it properly..
You have kept your shop in
front of a women's college..
how will your business happen..?
The females who come
by scotty are only 4..
but the boys who come
to watch them are 40..
if there is no repair to their bikes
also.. they come and sit here..
we don't know to repair the bike..
we act as if we are repairing them..
its fun for them..
and income for me..
You got the point..
Who is the girl..?
what non sense..
So you have got an
another new customer..
He is love with a girl who
is studying in this college..
till that gets settled
we will be sitting here..
Classes are cancelled..
I will go for movie with Pavan..
Bye Devi..
We will meet in the bus stand..
your classes are cancelled..
in ten minutes my bike will be
ready..we will go for matinee..
Did you recharge my mobile..?
I forgot..
Anything only after that..
get lost..
my goodness..
she is more commercial
than our Khadhar..
Everyone has their own needs..
Stop it man..
please give my bike fast I have to
go and get the recharge done..
I will give you..wait..
I understand your tension..
Tell me the number..
i will get it done..
Why should we get it done..
Just for helping their love..
Tell him..tell the number..
In his china phone..
an option of changing the
male voice in to female voice..
we will use that and
get Vasanthis number..
who is it..?
its me Chittiamma..
Thats what..
when we were in school we saw our
social master kissing our science teacher..
we used to black mail them and
score more marks in their subjects..
do you remember..?
Whom do you want..?
You only..vasanthi..
I am not vasanthi..
i am her friend..
i think by mistake the college admin
gave your number instead of hers..
if you can give her number..
I will invite her for my marriage..
Thank you so much..
Hey Vasanthi..
your friend Chittiamma
called just a while ago..
your childhood friend..
you saw Social master
kissing science teacher..
Did you receive the
call from this number..?
Yes..this number..
Hello Vasanthi..
its me giri..
thats what..
i see you daily in the bus..
Who the hell are you idiot..
are you acting smart..
I will kill you..
put down the phone..
I think the call went to Hyderabad..
What the phone went to Hyderabad..
wait then..i will go and get it..
by this is i can escape..
She is worse than us..
We have to change the route..
so we should travel by the
same route we travel daily..?
Shoban..first we
have to change him..
Hey..bus has come..
Lover should not be like ram gopal
varma who pictures a movie every day..
should be like raja mouli who
comes up a movie once in two years..
So you want me to
wait for two years now..?
Oh my dear flower..
he is saying that if you have to create an
you have to keep them in waiting..
I understood..
I understood..
Is she searching..?
Ya..she is searching..
so this plan is working out..
rey..the bus is leaving..
If we watch the girls its one way..
but if we make them see us..
it is our way..
first you go and board the bus..
Go..Get into the bus..
A guy lost his life while
boarding a running bus..
in Eenadu Newspaper..
they attacked a tea stall with stones..
Not to you..
Old man gets hurt..
in Andhra Jyothi newspaper..
Hey..the bus has gone very far..
Even an old lady can board
a bus which is standing..
if you want to win your love..
you have to board a running bus..
Ok then..i will..
Hey..hey..not like that..
slowly..with style..
you said that girl will look at me..
but the whole bus
was watching you..
I asked to go slowly and
board the bus in style..
you ran as if you
were a chain snatcher..
you idiot..
why are you feeling bad
for such a small thing..
Sometime even you may look
like Mahesh babu in some angle..
that moment you should take
advantage of the situation..
Did you see...
Hey..I told him not you..
Go and talk to her..
What should I talk to her..
Will check with Trivikram and tell you..
you idiot..
It is a common weakness for
girls to fall for compliments..
tell her her eyes are cute..
Your smile is nice..
Tell something like
this and flatter her..
Eyes are cute and smile is nice..
be little far and talk to her..
so that she will not get that bad odor from you..
Eyes are cute and smile is nice..
Eyes are cute and smile is nice..
Ticket please..
Please give the required
change and help the conductor..
What are you talking..?
what am I talking..?
Eyes and smile..
this Rubber fellow will not listen..
It is our culture to respect women..
let us allow them to sit in
the seats allotted for them..
Then where should we sit dear..
in your lap..?
In my lap..oh no..
that girl is laughing
looking at me..
Nothing is possible with you..
Do you know who is Jyothi Lakshmi?
- Charmi, right?
You go ahead.
"We can take the horse to the river
but we cannot make it to drink water.."
"We can take a young boy to girl
but we can make him love that girl.."
"We can only give input.."
"Output has to come from your side.."
"We can only upload the things.."
"But you have to get updated better know.."
"O idiot.."
"Won't you change.."
"O idiot..
Won't you change.."
"We can give smartphone to your hand.."
"To use it in a smart way
is in your hands.."
"We can bring a race bike and give you.."
"It depends on you
how you rise and drive it.."
"We can make you learn the style.."
"But you have to learn
how to impress with smile.."
"We can make to you as a Superman.."
"But you have to roam like a Doberman
around her and win her.."
"O idiot..
Won't you change.."
"O idiot..
Won't you change.."
This is my friend Khadhars shop..
The one whom I was talking
about would be somewhere here..
there that blue shirt guy..
You should have put another
shop near that ladies Hostel..
I have put a medical shop there..
What guys..
The whole batch is here..
Hey Madan..how are you..
He is the fourth guy
in shobans gang..
He is giri..our school friend..
We all call him the rubber guy..
He is madan..
Come here..
He is Chitti..my school friend..
he is from Narasannakota..
he is studying in the
government college here..
he is following a girl..
but your friend giri is
becoming a completion for him..
You are also following vasanthi..?
Yes boss..
I can give my life for her..
Do not give such
heavy dialogues boss..
by the way I have never
seen you in that bus..
Have you ever seen
him in Love bird bus..
He does not look a
the girl properly..
where will he look at this buffalo
Since the view is good..
I get in from the back and
get down from there itself..
he gets in and gets
down from the front..
you get in and get
down from the back door..
Hope there is no one in the middle..
I understood..
Untill unless you go her..how
will know what is her feeling..
what do we do now..
Friends friend is also a Friend..
let's have sitting..
in the bar..
Tell me frankly..
From how many days
are you following her..
from past seven months..
You Seven ..
he is four..
If we take out 4 from 7 its 3
The moment alcohol went
inside..maths is coming out..
So boss is senior to you..
Three Months..
Its three months..
What is the date today..?
its 10th..
So till next month
10th you have time..
till then we will not
board that bus..
Hey..one month..what is that..
You keep quite..
You wait..
Boss..you try to impress
her in this one month..
if you are unable
then you should drop
should not board that bus again..
ok madan..
One month is too long..
In one week..
I will come with a wedding card..
The girl is like Rajasthan marble..
the boy is like Singareni Coal..
black and white combination..
I did not like it..
No..the judgment he has given..
Whether you like it or not..
judgment is a judgment..
Court is a court..
it is his court and he is the judge..
he is not the same
guy whom you know..
he is not the same
guy whom you know..
this is judgment given by god..
is it wrong..wrong..tell me..
Its wrong..
Who Is that..
Brother -in-law..you..
Don't hide the bottle in the bar..
what was your stupid judgment..
whom did you all
support in the bus..
whom are you supporting in the bar..
Whom are you giving importance..
To that girl..
The whole kick is gone..
Then pull it up..
See brother-in-law..
As boys have the right to love..
Even girls have the right to decide
whom should they accept..
Okay..that is fine..
What should he do
in this one month..?
when are you starting to shabarimal..?
What an idea Ayyappa..
How come suddenly..
Get up is good right..
He used look like chimpanzee..
now he has become like
sampoorneshwar babu..
looking at his speed..he
may propose her in one week..
swami this get up is
permanent for you..
You idiot..
Saranam Ayyappa..
he pinched..
see how he sitting as Alludu srinu..
Bye guys..
As if buffalo is boarding a bus..
Why are they not boarding the bus..
Why do you bother about them
I thought if they board the bus
the bus will be little disciplined..
Hey Devi..
see there..
The guy who used to board the bus
from front has become swami
The guy who used to board the bus
from behind has come in front..
something is wrong somewhere..
Hey..why are you laughing..
You lovers list is increasing..
so he has put a reservation scheme..
Stop crying my dear..
Otherwise I will give
you to that mad man..
"Yellow yellow..
Dirty fellow has fallen in love.."
"Red red.. He is a greese, he got ready.."
"Black black..
He has the family pack kind of body.."
"Blue blue.. He have the swine flu smile.."
"He doesn't have the range,
but he wore the orange T- shirt.."
"He wore a violet jacket where
he doesn't have a toilet in his home.."
"The person who doesn't do brushing
put the police goggles.."
'He does bath only on Sunday,
he sprayed the chinese scent.."
"He is a Columbus in the red bus.."
"He felt like that and followed that girl.."
"Stop.. Look at here.."
"This couple.."
"She is a teddy bear..
He is a dinosaur.."
"She is a Apple phone..
He is a rat killer.."
"She is a auspicious girl..
He is a lorry with the load of coal.."
"She is a deer..
He is the gum.."
"She is Monalisa..
He is a liquor bottle.."
"She is a master piece..
He is the coconut coir.."
"She is a cute tree..
He is the omlette with 6 ft.."
"What a combination..
I am getting vomiting sensation.."
Hey come here..
Dear your mobile..
Swamiye saranam Ayyappa..
Hey come..
Hello sir..
Hello brother..
Get inside lady..get inside..
Where is he..?
There he is..
See how he is hiding as if he a
broker caught in call mani case..
Hey man..
come here man..
Hello brother..call him..
Brother they are calling you..
Its very crowded..
Its very crowded..
i will sit here itself boss..
He will not come like that..
hey girl..
that fat guy is winking at you..
no way that she will commit to you..
What..you said you will come
with wedding card in one week..
what happened..?
Ask your friend to try this month..
if he unable to convince her..
i will try my luck next month..
I think his Reservation
has come to RAC..
they will share the
same berth equally..
Get down..
A person who has
failed has to be fair..
the time given to you is over..
get away silently..
I will get down in
the next stop boss..
From one month you did
not allow us to board the bus..
this is your punishment..
get down..
Get lost man..
Please consider what I say Boss..
How many times will you apply
grease to the weak tyre..
change the stephanie..
hope he heard me..
Vasanthi does not care for anyone..
but she keeps looking at you..
and you ignore her..
what is happening..?
what is happening..?
There is a Flashback behind that..
A Flashback which a
friend does not know..
tell me what is it..?
We were doing our
egree final year..
i saw her for the first time..
I am sitting here, why are
you watching that side..
oh..flashback right..tell me..
She used to not come by our bus..
I used to search for in bus
stops..lanes and every where..
I did not even know her name..
nor where she was studying..
Love without an Address..
I liked Her beautiful eyes
and her dont care attitude..
You naughty..
I used to follow her daily..
"When the boy encounters the girl.."
"Dopamine hormone has released.."
"Emotion excitement has increased.."
"When the boy talked to girl.."
"Paratonic hormone got evaporated.."
"Hunger and sleep have lost.."
"When the boy stepped ahead with girl.."
"Oxytocin hormone is increased.."
"When the boy thinks about the girl.."
"Vasopressin hormone has released.."
"Love feeling has generated
like a valentine.."
"Check it out baby.."
"Love chemistry.."
"Love chemistry.."
Hold on..hold on..Hold On..
No change..
I have not come here for a change..
I have come for an exchange..
My name is Sobhan..
All Rayalaseema people with
love call me Soggadu Shoban..
son of the great Veerabhadrappa..
studying Bsc final year..
Why are you telling
me your details..?
Since you are the one who did
disturbing me by coming in my dreams..
Coming to the point..
matter is inside and simply
rounding outside..useless you know..
What I am telling is.
From the moment I have seen you..
my heart is Pumping like a race horse..
May be Heart attack..
Love attack..
my heart has gone mad..
this is a disease which ever boy
gets when he sees a beautiful girl..
I dont have any such Disease
you will get it..
it is not hunger or sleep that both
of us will get at the same time..
its love..
think with a cool mind all night..
you will feel the love..
come and tell me tomorrow..
same time..same place..
see you tomorrow..
See uncle..
Ya..you uncle..
I dont like such things..
even I dont like..
we are on the same baot yaar..
go and do some other work..
See dear..as of now..
this is my job..
come and tell me
I love you tomorrow..
Not possible..
If you trouble me tomorrow also..
i will shout and create nuisance
Cool down..cool down..
What..cool down..?
Dont act smart with me..
be careful..
Huh..he think he
is very Handsome..
I am always with you like a
OM channel in a condolence tour..
without my knowledge how
come you have such a flash back..
Before sankrathi Holidays you
suffered with small pocks
that time it happened..
So if would have suffered from Chikken
pocks and was bed ridden for a week..
you would have got married directly..
in these four years atleast for formality
not feel like sharing this with me..
Do think this is some T.Subbiramireddt
awards to arrange a press meet and announce
Unnecessarily I did not want
to make that girl unpopular..
Then Why is she
looking at you now..
May be she is testing whether I
forgot or am I still following her..
First love is like birth mark..
he will be there till the end..
What only heros should tell punch
dialouges..should we not say..
Anyway She sneezed away my love..
hope she will say cheers to giris love..
I have already cleaned
the glasses and kept..
How is your exam..I wrote
it well..how was your paper..
That short girl brother..
Hey you short girl..
will you come..
your personality does
not require much place..
come and sit in my friends lap..
See how vulgar they are speaking..
Dont see that side..
It will be nice if both of you come..
will you..
Dont go wait..
Hey wait man..you move aside..
What are you seeing..
do we have to speak
you about their rate..?
He is the one..who
hit me the other day..
why..was it not enough..?
Are you so macho..
Come lets see..
if I hit you..
your face will get smashed..
shut up and get lost..
shut up and get lost..
thats it..
you should have that fear..
Why did you pull me back..?
It is better to ignore
the barking Dogs..
Brother..follow them..go..
he is still alive..
lets take him to the hospital..
Should we save such people
and get into courts and cases..
get lost man..
we should win over our rivals.
But should not plead for their death..
listen to me man..
whatever it is I will handle it..
Hold him..hold him..
Open the door..
Be careful..
Make it fast..
Close the door..
Why are you smiling..?
How many of them will have
a heart to save their enemies..
I am having some doubts seeing you..
you are always Doubtful..
What Son-in-law..you have
come early in the morning..
I asked him to come
its been One year
that we lost our father..
they say something good should
happen within a year in that house..
so it will be nice if you get
vasanthi married to him..
But some say that we should do before
the first death anniversary to be over..
But some say that we should wait for
the first death anniversary to be over..
we should also see our convenience right..
Jagan is in a hurry..
even we have given our word..
I am not saying no..
We will get them married
once she finishes her studies..
Hope you heard what he said..
if it is river water that will flow away..
but this our well water..will not go
anywhere..it will be in our backyard itself..
Come lets go and study..
See..she is so mad about studies..
Very true..Vasanthi is mad..
A youth who saved three
lives in a road accident.
Hey come lets go..bus has come..
Sobhan..Long Live..
Hey stop it..what is all this..?
it is there affection..its ok..
lets go..
it is not a simple thing
to save three people..
i would have expected at least
three garlands for myself..
With this he has become a Hero..
You are really great boss..
That greatness Is not mine brother..
when I was worried
about courts and cases..
he motivated me that we
should win over our rivals..
But should not want their death..
who else..our friend the great Giri..
why have you put your face as if you
are taking a picture for Aadhar Card..
he is issuing a Credit card..swipe it..
He does not like anyone praising him..
but considering all the good
deeds he has done..this is nothing..
This is a very big lie..
I am feeling really
proud to be giri's friend..
imagine how lucky is the girl
whom he is going to marry..
what do you say..? What do you say..?
If I have to tell about him..
Sobhan ..you have taken him too high..
this is the correct time
to propose..proceed..
Even after giving such a hype will
not vasanthi come and tell I love you..
he either has inferior complex
or superior complex..
What is this masala nonsense..
This is irritation and this is Indonesian..
Problem is a not problem right..I am
saying that he is such a big problem..
what do you..what do you say..?
It is better to propose
her outside the bus..
He and his bloody Sixth sense..
we should not garland him..
we should actually garland his photo..
If you complete your project..
we shall submit it tomorrow..
You should do my project also..
Hey..even mother will not
give you food. until you ask her.
Until unless you order for
Pizza..it will not get delivered..
go and ask her..
Please for once help
me with my project..
You beg for food and Pizza..
go and beg for your love..
If I do your project.. what
will you write in the exam..
I will carry slips to copy..
Hey Sobhan..
Hi giri..
Your name..
Why are you coming so slow..
He is one more
member in Sobhan's Gang..
Its hot..
Is it required for you..
with such a heavy belly..
Dont say anything about it..
how helmet is a safety for the
head. it is safety for my six pack..
Hey Jagan..how are you..
Come.. Come..
He messaged me
that you have come..
Name it self Sobhan gang..
Its been four years that we have
completed our graduation..
but we five did not not
even meet for four times..
What to do..My brother
is in his in-laws house..
I have to take care of the
house work and the mill work
He started..
By the way..why are you
guys still going around college..
For his love only..
We are roaming since months
to help him propose his love..
Nothing will work out
if you get scared..
you should have lot of courage
to take your love till marriage..
In that matter..jagan is top..
if he wants something..he will
not sit quite till he gets that..
By the way..what about your marriage..
What to do..
brother is in his in-laws house..
he has to take care of to take care
of the house work and the mill work
and marriage work..and what not..
Still she is studying..
marriage is only after she
completes her studies..
Brother money..
Wait I will give..I am
talking to them right..
Hey..hey..wait I will give..
its ok..i will pay..
payment is done dude..
My purse
when did you start flicking things..
Dont look at me so cheaply..
Work for food scheme..
if the food scheme succeeds we have
hotel food.otherwise its jail food..
This is very good..
I flicked your purse also..
did he leave his vehicle and go
because it did not start in the first kick..
he keeps trying ..
same way..you have
to try till she responds..
must be going to a mechanic..
Today shall we bunk
college and go for a movie..
They are leaving..
Come here..
You were scared to tell her in bus and college
because there were lot of people around..
there is no one around
here..go and tell her..
what are you doing..go..
Hey Giri..
Dont know what he is going to say..
Why are you getting so tensed..
In a hurry instead of
telling..what if we tells me..
As if he is talking over the phone..
he is saying Hello..
What man..why are you doing that..
oh please dont get angry..
instead of getting angry..
you expect to cooperate ?
what did I do that you
are shouting so badly..
If we until you do what you
want..after that what can we do..
Do you difference between
fear and sadness ..
If you are sad your eyes become wet
if you fear you legs become wet..
as of now I am wet
in both the places..
I will book you in Nirbhaya Case..
Shut up..
I cannot..
Huh..he think he
is very Handsome..
you please go and talk
to her on behalf of me..
Yes..cant you do so much for a friend..
Tell her that my friends loves you..
and check whether is ok or not..go
What is he saying..
He is like that..
Hey..hey..she is leaving..
please and go and talk to her..
But be careful with that fat soul..
first of all my BP is high..
At this moment i have to take tablet..
Hey..Sobhan is coming..
Sobhan is coming directly..
Let him come..
is he a dinosaur..?
Hey stop there..
I want to talk to her..you go..
When two hands are clapping..
if you put your head in between..
your cheeks will only get hurt..so leave..
Oh..I am not going to eat your friend..go..
Why are walking so slowly..go..
hey..why are you acting so smart..
do you know that two guys are
following you in the bus..
Leave about the rest..
do you know that my friend is following you..
Today your love will get settled..
What is it..
You fat soul..
On my behalf..put this also on her..
you will die..
if I hit you with this..
Do you giri's issue or not..?
I know..
Tell why cant you tell your opinion
whether you liked him or not..
Why cant He can ask me that..
He is little scared..
thats why I am asking..
tell me ..do you like him or not..?
I like..
Are you telling the truth..?
Why did you delay so much to say this..
he wasted six months..
I did not say that I like you friend..
I like you..
I said I like you..
Why are you behaving so differently..
that day when I proposed you called me uncle..
you said you make a ruckus..
this is not at all good..
When the school bell rings
in the morning kids get worried..
same bell when it rings in the evening
they feel happy..
will I not get tensed if you propose
me for marriage when I was in my 10th class..
Aunty..side please..
See..thats the difference..
now we have the maturity to think..
He will get upset..
I know what all you went thru and
what all you did to make your friend a Hero..
Actually I started travelling
by Premapavuram Bus just to see you..
there is no hurry..
it is not hunger or sleep that both of us
will have the same feeling at the same time..
think peacefully all night..
and tomorrow morning come
and tell me that you love me..
lets meet..
at the same time..same place..
Why are giving me this tension like
elimination round in a Game show..
please tell me what vasanthi told..
Leave it..its not going to work out..
Tell me what actually happened..
He asked you to leave it right..
just leave it..
Oh no..I am getting some doubts on you..
dont you think I should know
what she told..
I dont think he will not keep quite till
we tell him..
I am unable to understand how to tell him..
Do you want me to get a mike set..?
did she say that she does not like me..
She said she likes me..
Oh finally you told him dear..
this is the problem with him..
if we try to tell him slowly
he cannot control his emotions
and if we tell straight he is shocked..
now he has to have the drink..
you guys were trying after
she has come to college..
he is being trying her since she was in 10th..
so he is your senior..
Why you did not tell this in advance..
That time she rejected him..
since you liked her and he did not
want to disappoint you..he helped you.
Your is one side love..
see..tears are coming only from one eye..
Leave about him..what are you
planning to tell vasanthi..?
What should i say..?
If boy goes behind a girl they call him a loafer..
but if a girl is behind a boy..its an offer..
All my dresses have become tight..
I should reduce my weight immediately..
It's enough, come.
"Your cut out is like a hollywood hero.."
"It changed my route
by increasing the heat in my heart.."
"You directly shot a bullet
into the heart.."
"Heart wicket got clean bold.."
"Beating the drums.."
"Serving the sweets and
make roam them around Nizam.."
"Baby! Come and get married.."
"Bellam Konda! Shall I give the garland.."
"Shall I give the pot with the beauty.."
"Your shyness and
your cheeks are like Mysore Bonda.."
"Give it to me before the day get started.."
"Your eyes are like the sugar flowers.."
"your looks are enough,
I will get fever inside.."
"My nerves will get bounced
like the fishes.."
"The girls like you are honey.."
"Your touches are enough,
it's like the blasts.."
"My birth mnarks are like the peacocks.."
"Your body is like the Vanzaram fish.."
"Eat it by removing the bone.."
"Bellam Konda! Shall I give the garland.."
"Shall I give the pot with the beauty.."
"Your shyness and
your cheeks are like Mysore Bonda.."
"Give it to me before the day get started.."
"Your eye blinkings are
like the current arrows.."
"Your shoulders are like the Chamomile.."
"Your waist is killing me as a knife.."
"Your smile is a missed call,
it is a missile without any miss.."
"Your lips are like strawberries.."
"My age is like a race horse in your hug.."
"My life is yours for 100 years.."
"We will do celebrations unitedly.."
"Bellam Konda! Shall I give the garland.."
"Shall I give the pot with the beauty.."
"Your shyness and
your cheeks are like Mysore Bonda.."
"Give it to me before the day get started.."
Hi sir..
Where are you going..
What your body is here and mind is with Sobhan..
baby Lollypop
why are you giving without I asking you..?
Just like that..
already they have come..
Sobhan has come..
He is somewhere here..
You are somewhere here..
I know that..
Then Find out..
take this Madam..
Hey money..
No need..
we already got..
it has come..
What dream girl..
you thought it was Sobhan..
we were trying for you turn by turn
wasting our time for so many months..
and you gave chance to that Sobhan..?
Hey..will you leave her hand..
or should I call her dad..?
Go and call him..get lost..
Hey..come let go..
Atleast will you marry him
or is it just for time pass..
Why are you leaving without
answering me..
why are you creating an issue here..?
I am not creating an issue..
I am loving her..
you face needs love too..
it is you guys who made him so arrogant..
Don't act smart..I not your type..
who is just watching
You hit me..
What is the matter there..?
they are the youth of other village..
some love matter..
Instead of going to college and studying.
they are fighting for love..
we should actually blame
their parents for this..
We are just starting..
are you coming..
You carry on dad..
we will join you later..
Be careful..
you leave..
Sometime back You scared me
that you will call your dad..
shall I tell him what is happening here..
Give me my mobile..
One minute..
your mobile..
If you trouble Vasanthi..
I will kill you..
River water will flow away someday..
but well water will be in our backyard..
I did not expect that we have
die drowning in that water..
who is he..
Is he the one..
give me the phone..
give me the phone..
leave it..leave it..
There Jagan is wishing to marry you..
and I have given him my word..
and you fell in love with that Idiot..
if you step out of the house in the
name of college I will kill you..
what..why are you staring at me..
you have no fear at all..I will kill you..
Come this side.. i will tell you..
you should not hit a
young lady like this..
So much of happening..atleast your
daughter should have informed us..
All the them are like that..
you please sit down..
You just have to say yes..
i will see to that he is not in
any of the two Telugu states..
when our girl is not proper..
why should we take life of others..
Then What should I tell Jagan..
What will you tell..you are the
son and son-in-law of this house..
please keep this matter with yourself..
Then In that case..change her mind
and make her agree to marry jagan..
that should be handled by ladies..
they are capable of doing
anything..call your sister..
What is this..?
why are you showing you anger on the mobile..
Someone like you punchered the
vehicle tyre because of traffic jam..
this is the only source on
which vasanthi can contact us..
If I am unable to reach her on my
mobile..that means she in trouble..
let me go and check that..
First of all he dad does not like you..it is not
right to solve one problem with another problem..
we need solution now..
Oh my dear Sister-in-law..
we need solution now..
if you soak the vegetable..
you can cut them easily..
either it ne vegetables or daughters
you have to handle them smartly..
I know you are not that intelligent..if you were
the situation would have not come so far..
By the way where is my neice..
She is there..go and talk to her..
Don't be so sweet..
call me vasanthi like everyone does..
Everyone is different..
your aunt is different..
you are worried because no
one wants understanding you..
get up and get ready..
lets go to the temple..
If women were stubborn that they will not
marry anyone other than the person they love..
99%women would have not
got married..including me..
Why are you looking at me like that..
oh you are thinking who loved me..
thief knows where is purse is and
a man knows what a womens heart is..
the man who is standing near
that shop..he is the one..
both of us liked each
other..few came to know..
and there was fight at home.. and
in there village it was gang war..
they fixed my marriage..
and he lost his leg..
first I used to feel bad..
later I got to fear..
See there..his wife..
if I would have not listened to
elders.. i would have been in her place..
it a lie that you fall in
love only once in a life..
I am living happily
with your uncle now..
Not that Aunt..Sobhan..
I heard he is very hyperactive.
Later if something happens..
and a girl has some
problem in her in-laws house..
she will go her maternal house..
what if she is no
contact with them..
where will she go..tell me..
instead of feeling bad for falling
down..think how should you rise.
oh..its good..
This is why you stopped me saying
we need a solution and non-sense..
Oh you wasted so much of Beer..
We got a solution to your problem..
you just came on time..
come have a beer
I used to have beer and Breezers when I
was young itself..give me something strong..
You peg is fixed Brother-in-law..
We need a small help..
Thought so when you were
giving me Liquor free of cost..
I know a Dog will also not lift his
leg unless there is an Electricity Pole
Stop it..
what is the matter..
He is fallen in love..
Instead of feeling
shy why is so serious..
Her father has come to
know about love matter..
they are not allowing her
to comeout of the house..
As pavan Kalyan got his Aunt back..
I shouls get your lover..is in it..?
No need..its enough if you can go to
their house and give this phone to her..
Simple..Only that much..
where is the girls picture..
you said she was his lover..?
He thought so..
You said she was his lover..
He thought so..
So ow he is thinking
that she is his lover..?
The girl also feels the same..
She is feeling the same..?
I don't understand..they are
changing lovers as easily as TV channels..
There is lot of change in her sister-in-law..
You should say That
I bought the change..
Oh please wait..
where is Mr. Ramacharappas house here..?
Have a small work with his son..
He does not have a son..
He does not have a son..
oh what do I do now..
There is no doubt..he must
have come for vasanthi madam..
Aa..no..no..I came to buy a land..
We plan Something and god
creates some twists in that..
Take out your phone..
put it on speaker..
What Brother-in-law..what
happened to the job you went for..?
It has come till my neck..
Brother-in-law..why Is
that shiver in your voice..
you said that factionist fear you so much that they
will throw away their swords and wet there pants..
Why are you giving over
build up in the wrong time..
My situation is like a guy jumping off from a
crashed plane and trying to open his parachute..
put down the phone..
What happened..any problem..
no..just signal problem..
What is the reason for this vibration..
AA..even you are with your in-laws..
Correct Catch..
Same batch. Comrade you are my friend..
Comrade..you are my soul mate..
I am unable to bear so
much of love Comrade..
It is we both you will be last of this kind..
Hey..have you guys gone mad..
look at his face..why did you tie him..
his face is as peacefully as there is
so much peace in Andhra and
Telangana after the partition..
leave him..
Ask her to come..
why are you here..
That's why I came away..
they have placed Swords
in the place of wall clocks..
if any goes wrong they
may place it on my neck..
Come Comrade..
Who is he..
he has come to buy
land in our village..
Our idiot by mistake..
Tie him..
So i bring him for lunch..
My brother..
Your wife's sister right..
How did you tell so correctly..
Since she was a
unmarried girl..just guessed
You guessed it right..
Serve him Egg..
You look like Goddess MahaLakshmi..
you will get a good husband..
Hey..where will he come from..
he is sitting right in front of you..
Why are you saying like that..?
Nothing..i said they look good together..
Nicely Said Comrade..
Father-in-law..he is my friend..
he is just like me..greet him..
Hello sir..
have your food..
Jhansi How are you charry..?
Serve me little Curry..
She has changed Completely..
We have to call the priest
and check for an auspicious day..
What are you saying brother-in-law..
Yes..I saw her happily smiling
and serving food to that guy..
May he is related to them..that must
be reason that she was close to him..
I heard the ladies speak
that she agreed to marry him..
Girl feel that boys are like
mobiles available in the market..
which ever new model comes..
they get connected to it..
Vasanthi is not like that..
I still remember those eyes
when we were getting separated..
to smile at someone you just
have to know that person..
but to cry you
should feel real love..
This is the problem in love..
We will not be at peace if the
opposite person is feeling bad nor
do we like if they forget
us and live peacefully..
What does she want..?
Tomorrow they will issue Hall tickets..
she wants to attend her final exams..
has she not degraded me enough..what
does she want to prove by writing her exams..
please take this..
Even after the pigeon has got used to us..
it is not good to still keep in the cage..
Just with a belief on
you..i am agreeing.
You be with her..
If something goes wrong..
There is no chance when Jhansi is there..
We should keep singing and work..
Get down Fast..
Take this 100..
and dont ask for more..
Aunty..They will allow inside
if we dont have a Id card..
Then How..?
You come Aunt..
Brother we will come back in half an hour..
will you allow my aunt to sit here..
No issues..please come..
Please switch on the fan..
One minute please..
oh So sweet of you..
Please sit here aunt..
Come back fast..
Please sit now..
How did you know the
hall ticket matter before me..
Sobhan will know that you
have come here..am I right..
Why have put this chair just beside the door..
Would you be close to dust..
and far away to money..
keep it there..
think little smartly..
that's what I am doing..
stupid lady..
Even if you are scolding me..
it is like blessings to me..
Girl friend..?
Good catch..
I know..carry on..
Order a special tea for aunt..
Khadars message..
Vasanthi has come to college..
Ashok Bro..
What is this..
Why have you still not changed this..
If a chair beside the door you will be close to dust..
and far away to money..
this chair has to be..
This Chair has to be there..
who are you boy..
you are intelligent just like me..
from so long I have been telling him..
but he is not listening..
He will understand if we show him practically..
Hold this..
Aunt..Place your hand..it is good luck
Ya I am coming..
You know how tensed I am since one week..
above that my Brother-in-law came and
told me that you have changed..
i did not believe.. even when he told that
you have agreed to marry someone else..
if you keep your mobile switched off..
how will I know what is happeneing there..
All these days all my family members
were trying to change my mind..
they even took away my phone..
since I did not have any choice I acted
as if I changed just to meet you..
And If I change my mind just because
someone is saying..how come that is love..
either you come and convince my dad
or if you are willing to take me away..
i am okay for anything..
No..you go home without fear..
i will take care..
I am not scared..
Because I have loved..
See now Godess Lakshmi will do
Gangnam dance in your shop..
I am leaving young man..
Oh Sobhana..
What did you say..Shoban..?
That what..
in Tv hero Sobhan Babu Movie is coming..
he is asking me to watch that..
Sobhan Babu's Soggadu is my favourite..
Yes dear..are you done with your work..
Whom did I come with..
i am leaving..
I am leaving Ashok..
"I flied to the stars because of you.."
"I turned as rainbow today.."
"My steps are on moon today.."
"A new flower garden touched
to my legs everywhere.."
"I got a speed which is
more than the clouds.."
"I will win you at any cost.."
"I will give life to this word.."
"I will buy a country
with the cost of this happiness.."
"I will gift you a town
for every month to you.."
"A crazy bird is there
on the way to our home.."
"It insulted me because
I didn't follow you.."
"The bell is more taller than me.."
"It laughed at me when you aren't with me.."
"My own foot said me.."
"As they won't to the lane
where you aren't there.."
"I wont give you that hardships ever.."
"I will buy a country
with the cost of this happiness.."
"I will gift you a town
for every month to you.."
"The clock said it wont work
when you are not there.."
"It moves fast when it saw you.."
"My heart heard the words that
I may not see you.."
"Immediately the heart beat raised to 100.."
"The waiting dream in the sleep.."
"It become possible in the heart.."
"My life would become true with you.."
"I will buy a country
with the cost of this happiness.."
"I will gift you a town
for every month to you.."
"I will buy a country
with the cost of this happiness.."
"I will gift you a town
for every month to you.."
The information which you told
about vasanthi is correct..
come lets go..
Aunt..see how bad they are behaving..
see how she got scared..
You look like a Charcoal drum wearing
a pant and shirt..
What you are winking..
Did I wink at you..?
Aunty is feeling bad that
you did not wink at her..
How dare..will you wink at me..
i will slap you guys..
Get lost..
What happened..?
Come man..
Where are we going..?
Why are you fighting in the bus..
You shut up and issue tickets..
Dont act smart..
i will throw you out of the bus..
Oh..we got very scared..
Hey..go man..
This is your last chance..will you love me
or do you want to make your life a hell..?
You bad has started..
you are talking rubbish..
My time has just started..
Conductor..instead of watching like that..
call the police..
Whom will call..
call now..
You dont care me because
I was behind you like a Dog..
You better love me..
please take of this Idiot..
What..you still have not melded your ways..
even after getting kicking from me..
Hey Sobhan..
dont interfere in this and agitate me..
I loved her more than you did..
do you know how much..
so much that if she is not mine..
i will pour acid on her..
You will pour acid on her..
I am loving her before you..
I will kill you..
Its okay if she is not mine..
But I will not allow her to be yours..
take the bus directly to police station..
I will kill you..
Whom will you kill..
get up man..
what has happened..
Call the ambulance..
Hey chitti..
Hey chitti..
please talk..
what has happened..
Unnecessarily You killed our friend..
Chitti get up..chitti..
Sir they killed our friend..
Get the stretcher..
Keep quite..
control yourself Munu Swami..
Oh chitti..get up..
oh my son..
Have you come..
look at him..look at him..
see how he is lying..
he should be always with you..
he used to say..if you are not there..
he is not there..
but today he is no more..
if you were in town..this would have
not happened to him..
Even i dont have a leg..i was happy that
i have a son..Now who will take care of us
oh madam..is there no who can
question my sons death..
What have you done..
That why I told I will not send her out..
its all because of you..
That..he made me a fool..
Shut up..
you always keep boast about your intelligence..
Don't tell me unnecessary proverbs..
it is my mistake to have believed you..
Son-in-law..call the priest..ask him to fix
a date at the nearest for their marriage..
Why are you still having a dull face..
are you still angry with vasanthi..?
I am not angry with Vasanthi..
i am angry with Sobhan..
is he a friend..
if you would told me this earlier itself
I would have confronted him holding his Collar
Hey..even you have a Collar..
what if he holds collar..
and if both of you fight..
you would have either gone to
the graveyard or to the jail.
But now everything is
going on smoothly..
they are getting her married to you..
be happy..
I will take your leave sir..
Situation will not be
under under control..
atleast keep your reactions positive..
You have not changed..
Sorry man..
it happened Accidentally..
Leave it..if I would have known this earlier..
i would have slapped him and stopped him.
I could have avoided his
death and you going to jail.
Anyways..since you are out of
jail..i would like you treat you..
come lets go..
No please..
Dad must be really angry with me..
i have to go home first..
lets catch up later..
Dont Forget the party..
Grandma..please calm down..
Oh..my dear..
What did you do.. how come
such a bad thing happened..
Great person..
your grandfather did not even know
what a court was..and you went to jail..
Stop crying..
What happened now..
why are you crying like that..
Grandma..i am telling you..stop it..
I went to the jail..
unable to be here with this
resound from retired guys
I kill them..
why are you crying as if I have died..
oh what has happened
to you veerabhadra..
you are such a strong man..
Stop it..Why are you crying..
Stop it..please stop it..
nothing has happened..
Like Some one lost...
he is fine..you have seen him right..
I should blame you first..
please leave all of you..
Please..go..meet u later..
Oh..the Chorus batch..
they will cry here and go
and make fun outside..
what granny..you dont have energy
to walk..but have come here to cry..
Come on..
you have come as if you have come
for a function..go..please leave..
No one knows what has to kept as
secret and what needs to be told out..
After so many days our
son has come home..
Instead of asking how is
he..what did he have..
you gathered the whole
villagers for condolences.
You should not shower to love
on the kids for unnecessary things..
when required you should support him.
Cook his favourite chicken curry..
Go and arrange some
hot water for bath..go..
I am going to a senior lawyer to discuss the
case..thats why I could not come to the jail.
Go and take rest.
priest has sent the details of
the Auspicious day for marriage.
If we conduct the marriage
before 10 in the night..
Just that everyone can attend..
Go and Call Padma..
She just does not listen..
Vegetables must be in
water when your cutting..
padma..your husband is calling you..
Tell me Sister-in-law..
Priest has sent three dates..
dad asked me to check with you..
which is comfortable for you..
Choose the best out of the three..
Two tea..
Sir.. tea..
What is this..
as if you are seeing a Rowdy..
looks like they are going to stamp
you as murderer permanently..
do you any information about vasanthi..?
her marriage got fixed..
They are planning
Auspicious day for marriage.
Hey..come..lets go..
where are you going..?
Hey..come..lets go..
Aey..chitti friends are coming..go fast..
Hey they are coming.. go fast..
We thought Ramgir
people are very brave..
but why are guys running
away seeing just ten people..
How can you escape killing our
friend..come out if you dare..come out..
come out..
Come lets go to hospital..
Who did this..
chittis friends..
Since eagles are quite..
bats are making noise..
come lets go and handle them..
Rey..if I am in a problem.
you reacted as my friend..
even they did the same.
When they are angry they will
not understand whatever we tell..
when they calm down.
everything will be fine..
dont make the issue big..
Doctor is calling you
you sit down..
He is Sobhan..
and he has that speed.
not four..he can handle 40 at a time..
just because they are under
loss he is just keeping calm.
Otherwise they would have
come to the hospital not him.
In Ambulance..
I did not come here you remind
about what happened..
I regret my mistake..
From now I will take care of you all..
Please take this..
Dont consider this as a help..
consider this as justice..
he has come to our village..
hey wait there..
You did what youwanted and now
you are showing your sympathy..?
You escaped there..how
will you escape from here..
listen to me..
Why are you interfering..
We have decide based on this..
Ok..i am leaving..
what happened sir..?
My son has gone to chittis
village..some issue there..
We will also come..
this is my family problem..
dont make this a village problem..
Dont beat him..
Hey stop it..
will you kill him..
if you kill him..will your friend return back..?
then kill him..
if he use it there..he can
come out of the case easily..
he did not come here out of fear..
he came listening to his heart..
May be your villagers accept the Justice given
by a culprit..but we Dont accept it here..
kill him..
That is my Village Justice..
Already because of fraction..
we lost so many lives..
we are living in peace since few days..
please Dont start it again..
Instead of showing
your anger on him..
think whether you will be able
to help that family in need..
What ever..berofre taking
decision once ask munnuswamy..
See Munnuswamy..
it is your loss..
so you decide whether you want
to take help from them or not..
What do you say..
You decide and let us know..
Since they are ready to compromise.
they will withdraw the case..
but who will take the
responsibility of that family..
We will take care..
We..From the old man health.
to there kids marriage.
we will take care of everything.
You won to lose and my son lost to win.
See dear..
you know that you
father is very stuburn..
how many days will you sit like this..
common get up..
Did you take the wedding
invitation to give in the temple..
First card should be given to the
person who will come without fail..
what I sthe point in giving it in the
temple..will God attend the marriage..?
or will he send his representative..?
My name is Veerabhadra..
President of Rapthadu..
Father of Shoban..
ask me to sit down..
Sit down..
Even I came to know after all these
issues that they both like each other..
I was planning to
come and talk to you..
but was little busy
with courts and bails..
did not know mean while
you will be in such a hurry.
There is no hurry..
my daughters marriage is my wish..
as a father its my right..
When you have rights..
you will have responsibility also..
I mean she will be happy if you get
her married to a person who she likes..
Dont support your son so much..
dont make me tell you to get and go..
Are you unable to see..?
Sir because of your hand..
Ok..ok..take it..
Coffee stain will go if wash it..
whatever we do acid
stains will never go..
May be the fight which happened in your
village because of me was out of anger..
but stopping the acid attack on
Vasanthi was by Conscious..
You give many
judgments in your village..
please rethink on this as a father..
we are fine with whatever you decide..
Dear Vasanthi..
Please get some water to crink..
take this..
take this..
if you dad agrees it is
or else just a gift..
take this..
We will leave..
what a nice people they are..
if they wanted they would have
just taken away our daughter..
instead of doing thatwith so much
respect they came and spoke to us..
What Aachari..
the other day yousaid
to keep matter to myself..
Why Father in law
When they told decision is your..instaed
of telling it on their face why were you mum.
See man..we should give little
consideration to anything..
you wait..
just because you get a chance..
dont interfere in everything..
take this..
Because of eclipse..
i closed the temple..
do you want me to open it for you..
we will leave..
we will take your leave..
Shall we start
distributing the wedding cards..
No dear..
i am thinking to ger vasanthi
married to Sobhan itself..
oh dad..
Its ok..calm down..
finally you made me agree..
you want to get her married to
guy who has gone to the jail..
He went to jail for her..
What is this..
you are not keeping your word..
My word is on one side..
her life is on the other..
keeping up my word would be egoism.
But thinking about my
daughter was fair as a father..
Oh..i fell some thing else..
I will divorce your elder daughter as
a gift to your younger daughter marriage..
What are you talking..
what if you Dont
understand the situation..?
You wait dad..
because of me..
dont spoil her life..
let him go..
this is a shock for him..
What are you saying paddu..
i was just jokingwhy are you
also making acounter joke..
i feel like crying..
its me who is a son or a son-in-law
for this house..what father-in-law..
oh Son-in-law..
This is a shock for me..
What are you looking at..
move on..there are lot things to do..
Lets go to pulla reddy
sweet shop for marriage..
Make it fast..
Hey Brother..
Come brother..
take this..
You please leave this place for a minute..
take this..
her name is Amala..
she doing milk business..
after marriage we
may call her Amala Paul..
What happened..?
I feel this face is correct for your face..
Will you tell what happened..?
They gave the umbrella to us when it was
sunny and pulled it away when it started raining..
My father-in-law has decided to
get vasanthi married to Sobhan..
You were keeping quite when
so much was happening..
I could not say anything..
i am just a hen pecked husband..
They will decide the marriage dates
tomorrow..listen to me and forget Vasanthi..
I will leave my life but
will not leave Vasanthi..
Oh god..
I should escape from him..
what is this vibration in my body..?
What happened..?
Instead of taking care of the guest..which
pick pocketer are you searching for..?
You are asking me a question..
you have to pay me 100..
by the way there is no one
who can flip my pocket..
you should meet the right guy..
Enough get lost..
Personality is like a comedian..
dressing is like hero..
whois this guy..
is he forums the
girls side or boys side..
What is that..?
What Three..?
Five after four..so what..?
Five questions..
Thats my Habit..
Five thousand..
It is easy to take it from you..
where is the Bed room..
its upstairs..
Do you have a Wifi..
Should be there..
Will it get connected..
What are you talking man..
my wife does not get connected to me..
how will she get connected to you..?
Oh my god..One more
question..one one thousand..
oh..i again asked a question..
Not only your rate..
your thoughts are also very cheap..
i did not ask about your wife..
i asked about Wifi..
will get fresh and come..
and we will start fresh again..
What is this..like Rajanikanth..
Come dear..
Here is your would be wife..
now its your wish..lets go down..
What will we do here..lets go..
So there is no work with us.. let us go..
Be careful..
you should believe the husband
who is far..and the lover whois near..
Hey..what are you doing..
did you not listen what my friend told..?
But you aunt said something else..
What did she say..?
that you should give little
consideration to everything..
There is some vibration in my heart..
That time you fooled us and now
you are wearing to cap to escape..
oh my Comrade..
I wanted to see my
brother-in-law happy..
Oh is it..
come comrade..
how Is your life at your in-laws house..?
take this..
My father-in-law is
very concerned about me..
Is it..
Even My father-in-law is very fond of me..
Is it..
Brother-in-law this marriage..
Not only our two villages..We shall invite
people from the nearby villages also for marriage..
Good that they are hear us..
We are living on our Father-in-law's..
why should we have ego..
you are right Comrade..
Dear..come here..
take this..
The boy is very fast..
hey you..
They are together
now..what about us..?
Get lost..
I was thinking why did
you take so much risk..
not as much as me but she is beautiful..
She is my look alike..
everyone is here..
lets decide on the
date..where is Vaikuntam..?
You are Vaikuntam..
Wifi Vaikuntam..user name Temper..
Password Patas..
He is my boss..
if you take from other..
he will snatch from others..
Revenge in such a range..?
My range is different..
two thousand please..
I just asked one question..
why are you taking 2 thousand..
I know you would ask me
this..so I told in advance..
Are the Horoscope details of the boy correct..?
they are correct..why..?
you just for confirmation..
This Friday night 10'o clock is
a very auspicious time
shall we fix that..
you do one thing..
Why delay..we will fix that..
Ok then..exchange these things..
This is done..when do we open the bottles..
"We have coaching to the games
and singing.."
"We have coaching for fighting
and for everything.."
"How to love the wife.."
"When to give something to the wife.."
"When should something to the wife..
There is no coaching for all this.."
Then, how?
That's why, I have come here.
"Bachelor babu.. Bachelor babu.."
"You will become a best husband
with my coaching.."
"Bachelor babu.. Bachelor babu.."
"You will become a top husband
with my teaching.."
"We have coaching to the games
and singing.."
"We have coaching for fighting
and for everything.."
Tell me about the first lesson.
First lesson?
You dumb!
It's kiss.
"When you kiss on the hand,
it's affection.."
"When you kiss on the cheeks,
it's support.."
"When you kiss on the lip,
it's 'I love you'.."
"When you kiss under the ear,
you are so hot.."
"When you kiss on the eyes,
it's confidence.."
"When you kiss on the foot,
it's promise.."
"When you kiss on the head,
it's called missing.."
"When you kiss while hugging,
it's called caring.."
"Learn.. You learn.."
"Now you learn the meaning of kiss.."
"After that, you catch the
ceiling of the sky.."
"Bachelor babu.. Bachelor babu.."
"You will become a best husband
with my coaching.."
"Bachelor babu.. Bachelor babu.."
"You will become a top husband
with my teaching.."
What is the next lesson?
- This is very important.
"Not only the jasmine,
our words should be ebriety.."
"Not only the perfume,
there should be love fragrance.."
"Gold ornaments are not enough,
the heart should be gold.."
"Furniture is not enough,
you should have the romantic nature.."
"Finance is not enough,
daily romance must be there with that.."
"Not only office work,
you should do love practise.."
"You should have the energy on bed,
not only in the foreign tour.."
"You should know about Kamasutra,
not only costly life.."
"You won't get frustration and irritation.."
"You won't get divorce and
suicide thoughts.."
"Every day happy ending.."
"The entire life is Lungi dancing.."
"Milky beauty.. Milky beauty.."
"I will become a best husband
with your coaching.."
"Milky beauty.. Milky beauty.."
"I will become a top husband
with your teaching.."
Hey jagan..
Leave me..
what Is this..
you are behaving like a stupid..
have you gone mad..
I lost vasanthi because of him..
he cheated a friend..
Listen to me..
Get lost..
Not only you..even I am Frustrated..
he keeps telling that he will do anything
for a friend..and he killed my friend..
if he gives them money..
will that mothers son come back.
We are crying and he is
happy getting married there..
if that happens I cannot live
Hey..dont talk foolish..
why should you die..
why should you die..
He did everything and
how can he live so happily..
what do we die..?
what do we do..?
A kid..move aside..
I can click better pictures than you..
Not for eat..
Put down here..
Sobhan..hope nothing has happened..
Nothing happened mom..
Get a little turmeric
Get him down..
It was a narrow escape..
its not yet over..
the doubt which i had I
the time of engagement..
when they gave his horoscope
has got confirmed now..
Sobhan has a life threatening
fear before marriage..
Then..why Dont you tell them in advance..
When a snake bites.. Fear of that is
more dangerous than the poison
Than what do we do..?
Until your marriage dont remove it..
What..was jagan
related to vasanthi's family..?
they were to get married.. see
wedding cards were also printed..
I know that vasanthi was to get
married to some guy in their relatives..
but did not know that it was our jagan..
he is very upset since
his marriage is cancelled.
Yesterday he attempted
suicide in front of me..
if I would have not stopped..
When he is in such a condition..
how can I get married happily..
call him..
Hey jagan..its me..
Hey its me Sobhan..
I swear I did not know
till madan told me..
He disconnected the call..
I think its better you
meet him directly..
Come lets go..
Not now..let me find out where
is he and then I will call you..
then both of us will go to meet him..
Take the prasadam..
Hmm..take it..
no need..I will leave..
Who is he..
he did not even take the
prasadam and left like an opponent
Where is jagan..?
What do I know..
Call him and ask him to come..
What happened..?
He is not attending my call..what do I do..
They are the guys whom I was mentioning..
Hope there will be no problem..
This quarry is shut because of some
court disputes..no one will come this side..
It is here..we killed a guy who was
behind our girl in the name of love..
Keep these things here..
you just get him here..
we will take care of the rest..
Brother..his death should not be normal.
Torture him to the core..and
cut his neck like a chicken neck..
You will see..
Lets go..
I was easyto tell to kill him..
but I am getting tensed now..
Hey do you think I have done 100 muders..
i few have the courage..its
like half the job is already done..
call him and tell that his
death is waiting for him here..
Did you meet him..?
Yes..He is near the
quarry outside their village..
day and night he is boozing..
i am scared looking at his position..
I am coming..
you come alone..drop your bike near the
gate..from there we will go by my bike..
I give more importance to freedom than gifts
We will go to town and get ..
will get some crackers..
Even If you change the place..
you will not change the paper..
You only..
I thought it will continue here..
Tell me..
What Bride Groom..after the engagement
also you are keeping your mobile engaged..
Tell me what is the matter..
Should I not call..if there Is no matter to tell..
I am little busy..
What..? There is a change in
your voice..what happened..?
Then there is surely something..
hey..please don't irritate me..
Hey..what happened..?
No..there is something..
Hey..dont irritate me..
Go and pay money to the tent guy..
Ok Father-in-law..
what about Ramulu..?
You should only convince him..
Sobhan..where are you going..?
Just till the Gate dad..
You should not go out of
the village before marriage..
Nothing will happen to me..
A stone which hits our feet if it hits
our temple in the head..we will lose life..
why are you talking
such bad omen things..
the way I told may be wrong..
but my intensions were good..
Go and take care of those works..
are you going alone..?
Yes dad..
Take someone along with you..
What They were planning to
get vasanthi married to Jagan..?
Yes..Even I came to know this yesterday..
Without telling us why are
you going alone to meet him..
Oh innocent fellow..first of
all he is so irritated with me..
if he gets angry on me and if you guys
react for that..the issue may become big..
Shall we go..
Lets have tea and go..go and order..
we thought only two of us will go..
why did you get him along..?
Family members sentiment..could not avoid..
I told him not to tell anyone..
because it a problem between friends..
Tell me..
Small problem..
What is that..?
jagan is getting his
friend Giri along with him..
try avoiding him..
I tried..but could not..
if we miss this chance we
may get a chance later..
Ok let him come..if he
intervenes we will finish him too..
Hey stop..
I am coming..you go..
Lets go..
"The pure friendship which is going
against the knife of the cruel fellow.."
"Will you cool down the
fire of the allegations?"
"See some devils are waiting
for you in this darkness.."
"Don't you recognize the death is arriving?"
"What kind of trap it is?"
"What kind of blood thirsty it is?"
"Time, don't follow us like
destruction as the happiness.."
"The pure friendship which is going
against the knife of the cruel fellow.."
"Will you cool down the
fire of the allegations?"
where is he..?
He was here yesterday..
let me check if he is inside the quarry..
Wait..we will also come..
why are looking at me as if
you are seeing your enemy..
you guys leave..
Lets us talk..
Everything is over..
what will you speak now..
Should I come and perform
the rituals in your marriage..?
Rey Jagan..please wait..
Leave me..
Please listen to me..
How will I know that she is related to you..
when he came and told
you.. you knew right..
at least then you should have
cancelled your marriage with vasanthi..
Don't talk without meaning..
how can I do that after it
has come this extent..?
I need an answer..not excuses..
Hey jagan..Please listen to me..
Jagan Wait..
I will leave after listening
to what you want to say..
why are you angry..
do you think I did it intentionally..
You did not do anything intentionally..
but you did what you wanted..Get lost..
Hey Jagan why your
not listening his request..
you are misunderstanding
me..please listen to me..
Hey Jagan..
please dont..
if you go one step forward..
i will kill you before him..
Because he was an hindrance to your love..
you kill him..and threw money to his family..
with your money will that life come back..
You did everything and speak Justice..
Tie his legs and hands..
if he dies immediately..
he will not realize the pain..
he should feel bad for
betraying his friends..tie him..
tie him..
Come and see the what your
daughter is doing in the Exhibition..
Not four..he can handle 40 at a time..
and no one can do any harm to him..
should I keep quite if you guys tease me by
rubber fellow and take away vasanthi from life..
We will bury him..
Brother..get the shovel and spades..
We are unable to find him..
Where is he..search..
What happened..?
Rey..dont do that..
Hey Madan..
where is he..
Love does not mean living together..
it means you cannot live
without each other..
You feel it is right on your part to
marry vasanthi against her wish..
and if I wish to marry a
girl who loves that is wrong..
I know who agitated Chitti
friends and sent them on me..
In Ambulance..
We can give any number of chance
to a foe to become our friend..
but should not give even a single
chance to a friend to turn into foe.
I thought you will change after
knowing that I am helping chitti's family.
You have so much vengeance
on me because I killed your friend..
ask those guys who are standing beside you..
who pushed chitti to death..?
In whatever emotion I am..I am not a
fool..not to realize what I am doing..
I thought you came to help me
and by mistake you pushed him..
thats why I kept quite and went to jail. .
but now I understood..that
you killed him intentionally..
Did I carry the blame of a murderer for
long..that to for a friend like you..
Every time we come out of the house..
they advise us to be careful with strangers.
But people like you who were friends for so
long do such things..whom should we believe..
get lost..
Hey Sobhan..
Why Is he here..
What he is doing here..
Hey Sobhan..what happened..
What is this..what happened..?
Those idiots must have done this..
Lets go to the police station
and lodge a Complaint..
If it is your friend who Stabs you..
no one should hear your scream..
what Friendship..they stabbed you..
Hey..there may be a wrong friend..
but friendship is not wrong..
Come lets take him hospital..
Be care full..
Grandpa..I have come..
what is that..
I fell down grandpa..
He is lying..my son hit him
with a bat while playing..
Why did you lie..
If a friend hits you.. no one
should hear your scream..grandpa..
He is just like his father..
He is just like his mother..
Why did you shout..?
If your wife hits you..
you can scream loud..
Just left since it was climax..