Spell (2018) Movie Script

Can't believe
I love someone so cruel
I've made up my mind
Out of my mind over you
I just can't believe
Can't believe you
My deep blue love
We've had
some good times
We've had some bad
But I've never saved,
I've never saved
I've never saved
a single moment
You're my special kind
of broken heart
Can you break it in two?
You live like
no tomorrow
Wanna spend tomorrow
with you
From fuss to fight,
from wrong to right
From rush of day
to sleepless night
Please don't ever stop
breaking my heart
Can't believe
I love someone...
Ladies and gentlemen,
we hope you had
a pleasant flight,
and welcome to Iceland.
Hall. Ertu leigubl...
Uh... I speak English,
you know.
- Most of us do.
- Okay. Thank God.
- Um, are you working?
- Uh, yes, sir.
Where do you wanna go?
Where do people go?
Uh, what do you mean?
Like when they, uh, fly in,
where do most people go?
Uh, most people go to the capital,
you know, Reykjavik.
- Okay.
- Yeah, to their hotels and...
- Okay, cool, yeah, let's do that.
- All right.
Uh, do you have
any bags or...
No, I didn't
really plan this trip.
I just had to get away.
Uh, your name, sir?
Benny M-Miller.
How many guests
will be staying in your room?
Just one.
Also want to mention that our
water is geothermally heated.
Many guests are asking why
it smells like sulfur.
- So, it's normal, heh.
- Okay.
Goddamn it. Ugh!
Yeah, it smells like farts.
Can't believe
I love someone so cruel...
Cuando cali...
Cuando calienta el sol
aqu en la playa
Baby, you promised
we could go to Iceland.
Oh, yeah?
Tastes like... lipstick.
Oh, my God.
No, it doesn't.
It's gum.
- Okay, come here.
- Mmm.
What the fuck
am I doing here?
Folktales about magic in
Iceland go back a thousand years
to the first Viking settlers.
And while we enjoy
the freedom of religion today,
many have been burned
at the stake
for their belief in sorcery
in the past.
Now, most of the magic used
by everyday people
were simple symbols,
or staves,
but some stories talk about
mysterious black spells.
One of the most famous
Icelandic stories
is about a magic student
named Loftur,
who craved to know
all the spells he could.
And after he exhausted
the knowledge of the day,
Loftur decided he wanted
to learn ancient secrets
by raising someone
from the dead.
He performed a powerful
and complicated spell,
now known as Loftur's Spell,
which was said to contain
magic so strong
he could control Satan himself.
He chanted and drew runes
in the blood of a murdered man.
He carved a stave
on his chest.
And many of us say...
...he will one day return
and complete his spell.
Sir? Sir?
Are you
all right, sir?
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
Uh, yeah, I just have
this, uh, condition.
Uh, sorry.
I'm gonna find a... pharmacy.
I think I found Loftur.
So, as I was saying...
This is, uh, Benny Miller
calling for Dr. Haskell.
If you can give me a call back,
that would be great.
Um, they're not renewing
my prescription,
which is frustrating 'cause my OCD
is getting a bit out of control.
And I'm in Iceland,
which should make
this whole process
infinitely harder.
What's the, uh, Icelandic term
for self-medicating?
I dont know...
Here's to that.
Yeah, man, you don't
wanna mess with diabetes
'cause that'll, like, go through
your whole family, yo.
Excuse me.
Im so sorry.
Oh, sorry, I don't speak,
uh, Icelandic.
Oh, okay.
I was just saying
I'm sorry.
We've been yelling
in your ear
and now I'm spilling
your drink.
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, no. It's okay.
- Let us buy you a drink.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- We'll buy you a drink.
- No.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
We were about to have
a round of Landi.
Yeah, it's like real...
Landi... it's like real
Icelandic moonshine.
- I mean, sure.
- Yeah, let's do it.
All right.
Skal! Skal!
Holy shit!
Was that poison?
That was terrible!
You didn't like it?
Let's do some more!
Yeah! Skal!
Okay, okay.
- It's Bjrn, Hildur...
- Yeah.
Vagn and Inga...
So, what are you
doing here?
Um, I don't know.
Just hanging out
in the city, I guess.
He should go
with Steindr, of course.
What is a "Stink door"?
He's this crazy old man.
He gives private tours
to tourists
and shows you shit
no tourists ever get to see.
You'll love it.
Love it.
- Do it in the morning!
- No!
He has a seriously cool cabin
by a waterfall.
You know what? I'll email him,
just right now.
No, hold on.
Wait, no.
I don't know if I...
Do it! Come on.
Do it.
Fuck it. I'm in.
- To Steindr!
- Yeah, Steindr!
- Steindr!
- There you go!
Shall we go?
Im going to stay.
With this guy?
Whats with you tonight?
Youre acting all weird.
Just go, alright? Im fine.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah,
they're just leaving.
- Okay.
- All right.
- All right, we'll see you.
- Are you gonna go or...
- We have to finish our game, right?
Oh, now that you've
stolen my guy.
- And... yup.
- You're a thief.
- And now he died.
- Yeah, so you lose.
Okay, that's fair.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
We should take a walk.
All right?
Okay... okay.
You're sure?
I swear Bjrn is not
a serial killer.
Those glasses are so bad.
I know.
Hey, you got
any tattoos?
Uh, yeah,
I have seven.
Yeah, but they're all where
you can't see them.
Oh, okay.
Well, now I have
a new goal in life.
Do you think I was
giving you a challenge?
Oh, my God.
You Americans
are so confident.
- How many do you have?
- None.
- Ohh.
- Yeah.
I've never liked one
enough to get it.
Well, how about this?
If you get one
right here, right now,
I will show you
one of mine.
Do I get to pick
which tattoo?
- No.
- Okay.
Then I'm gonna
need to see
at least five
of your tattoos.
Ah... three.
Three is not enough.
- 31/2.
- Yeah? 31/2?
Let's get me
a goddamn tattoo.
Oh, my God.
I mean, the skull
Viking, right?
These are really popular
with the tourists.
Oh, well, I don't want that.
I don't want a tourist one.
I might as well get
a barbed wire tattoo.
Um, I know...
I know what you should get.
- What?
- I have something
that I was just looking at
the other day.
It's like
old-school Icelandic.
Let me show you.
- Oh, cool.
- Have you seen it?
Yeah, what are they?
What are they?
It's called staves.
Oh, yeah.
I saw these at the...
uh, this magic museum
I went in yesterday.
Oh, yeah?
They all mean stuff, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but
just different stuff.
This is, like,
to reveal a thief.
This is, like, to...
to keep your cow's milk
from curses.
Yeah, I don't want
cursed cow milk.
I should probably
do that one.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Go back.
That one.
That one?
I don't know. It just kinda
speaks to me.
What does it mean?
it's for good luck.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Okay, done.
Let's do it.
Is this gonna hurt?
Does he know what that means?
Yeah, yeah.
Yup, of course he knows.
- All right.
- Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!
Hey, so when does it stop,
uh, hurting so bad?
Just soon.
Yeah, well,
I'm not afraid to tell you
that sucked
and I hated it.
Oh, geez.
- I couldn't tell.
- Hey, um...
- Pay up.
- What?
31/2 tattoos.
Pay up.
Right here? Now?
- Mm-hmm.
All right,
you get one.
Okay, I'll take it.
Well, come over. I'm not gonna
show it to the whole town.
Sorry. Yeah.
That's a good one.
Oh, my God!
Holy shit!
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Um, can we go
to your place?
I have a roommate.
Yes. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um, yeah, we can go
to my hotel.
I have no idea
where it is.
Shut up.
Here it is.
Um, I need to pee,
Oh, yeah, it's... it's the room,
uh, without a bed in it.
Uh, hey!
I just realized, um,
I don't have a condom.
Uh, not that I was assuming
I'd need one.
It's just, um...
yeah, yeah, yeah.
I just didn't expect
to meet anybody,
although I'm glad I did,
because, um...
you're very hot
and pretty and nice and...
...your accent's cool.
So, I have one.
Oh, that's good.
How fortunate.
Do you have
any good playlists?
Yeah, I have
a million of 'em.
Let's see...
All right.
Oh, I see where
you're going.
You are wearing
so many clothes.
We should probably take off
a lot of these clothes.
Could be dangerous.
There are those tattoos
I keep hearing about.
You talk a lot.
I'm sorry.
I talk so much.
Wait, no.
I want these on.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Wait. Sorry. Hold on.
Wait. Here.
This song has a message
And the words
really rhyme...
Can't believe
I love someone so cruel
I've made up my mind,
out of my mind...
Are you okay?
Yeah. Sorry.
I've been drinking,
I guess.
Yeah, I know.
It's... It's okay.
It's all right if I,
uh, change this song?
I don't know why
I put it on.
It was my, uh...
fiance and I's song.
Are you engaged?
No, sorry.
We, uh...
She passed away
a few months ago.
- Wow, I'm so sorry.
- No.
No, no, I am.
No, I fucked up.
I'm fucking this all up.
I don't know
what the fuck I'm doing.
I carry her ring around.
I, uh...
No, this is, uh...
I'm sorry. I think this might be
a mistake, you know?
- I think, um...
- Please, come here.
I'm not gonna bite.
I mean, I was, but...
I'm not going to.
Please, come.
Come here.
It's okay.
All right, so...
You know...
Think of her, okay?
Close your eyes.
What was her name?
I just can't believe,
can't believe you
My deep blue love...
This is fuckin'...
Oh, fuck.
We had some good times
We had some bad...
Ah! Ah!
But I never take,
I never take
I never take
a single moment...
I'm sorry.
- I'll get a towel.
- No, no, no, I'll go.
- You lay there.
- No.
Hey, that...
that was good.
Thank you.
Just good?
It was a little
better than good.
Can I return the favor?
Uh, what?
You know,
can I go down on you?
Ah, no, I'm good.
Thank you.
No, I want to, please.
I'd like to.
I want to.
All right.
Thank you for offering,
but, really, I'm good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, you're welcome.
I'm a real hero.
I just can't believe
Can't believe you
My deep blue...
Oh, God.
I should have drank
more water.
How are you feeling?
I feel so used.
Oh, God.
Who takes
an empty pill bottle?
She took the ring.
Hey, man.
Uh, Steindr?
- Do you have any gloves?
- Uh, no. What?
Do you have a hat?
No. Shit.
It's at the store.
Is this your only jacket?
Yes, I just got it.
There was a whole thing
with teenagers and ketchup.
I don't...
I'm having a rough day.
Get in the truck.
Okay, here's
the thing, though.
I got your name
from a woman named Inga,
and she told me to meet you,
and she also turned out
to be this psychopath
who stole a bunch
of important shit from me.
And so, all I need to know
from you is if you know Inga.
Yes, I know her.
Inga can be... impulsive.
Yeah. No shit.
Um, can I please get
her phone number from you?
I will talk to her. She will return
what she took from you.
Okay, good.
Good. Thank you.
When do you think
this will happen?
When I'm back from this trip.
Few days.
Okay, but I don't need
to go on the trip now,
so we can...
we can do it now, though.
I'm going with
or without you.
But you should go.
See the island.
No one has ever
regretted it.
Then we will return.
You will get
your things back.
Where do you go?
- North.
- Yeah?
You eat what I make,
sleep when I say.
And what do you see?
Beautiful things.
I mean, is it cool?
Very cool.
Ohh... okay.
Fuck it.
Hey, can we listen
to some music?
Are we getting out?
I guess we're getting out.
Be very careful.
Okay, don't go too far.
You'll fall.
What is this place?
This is actually
the old parliament.
The old clans,
the families came
from the country
to this place once a year.
Eh, it's just
a bunch of flies now.
Stupid Americans.
- Hmm?
- Nothing. Let's go.
So, is it just
gonna be mainly
just driving around,
looking at stuff?
I mean, that sounds cool,
I guess,
but maybe not
that interesting, for me.
I just... I don't know.
I feel like maybe
if there was bungee-jumping
or parasailing or something,
that sounds fun,
but... I don't know.
Nature might not
do it for me.
- Yeah! Ha ha!
- Don't get too close.
Be careful.
Very dangerous.
Here, take a photo of me
in front of it.
Why would you want to ruin
a photo of something beautiful
by placing your fat head
in front of it?
Okay, well,
"A," ouch.
And "B,"
because it's fun.
Have you... Have you
experienced this feeling before?
I have fun.
Doing what?
Making money.
Okay, I will pay you
1,000 kronors
for each picture
you take of me, all right?
Now I'm having fun.
Do it when I jump.
Did you get it?
You get it?
- Again.
- Okay, one, two, three!
- You get it?
- Got it.
How'd it come out?
Ah, this is so gross!
One picture of them.
- No.
- Please.
- No.
- They're birds, man.
- They're just...
- No, no.
Steindr, what am I
doing wrong?!
Hey, take a picture of me
on top of this thing.
- No.
- Why not?
Not everything is to be climbed,
to be mocked.
This is a sacred stone.
This is a runestone.
Didn't mean
to, uh, offend.
What's a runestone?
Ancient writings.
Oh, yeah, Inga was
showing me those.
It tells the story of those
who lived here.
Died here.
It's marked by magic.
It's powerful.
You believe
all that stuff?
Of course I do.
How does it work?
How does what work?
Like, where does
the power come from?
Is it, uh, God?
Or spirits?
Or, uh,
I don't know, the moon?
Haven't you heard
of Einstein?
Yeah, I've heard
of Einstein.
"B" equals MC squared.
Physical mass is just energy
in another state.
We are made of energy.
That's it?
That's kind of, like,
simplifying the whole thing.
I had to dumb it down
for you.
How does you being
way over there,
say something,
and then me,
an autonomous person
way over here, do it?
Where does that power...
How does that work?
If I do a spell,
right now, and it works,
will you shut up
for the next hour or so?
Yeah. Yes.
hocus pocus,
you will imagine a spider
crawling through your hair.
So dumb.
It's so dumb.
But here's the thing.
It's only working
because you put that
in my head.
And that's how
magic works.
Now shut up.
Let's go.
So, we're sleeping
in there?
Like, both of us?
Or you can sleep
in the tent.
"Or you can sleep in the
tent. Or you can sleep in the tent."
Can't believe
I love someone so cruel
I've made up my mind
Out of my mind over you...
We're leaving.
Dress warm.
I don't have
any warm clothes.
So, this is a glacier?
- What do you think it is?
- I don't know.
Looks like snow and ice.
What do you think
a glacier is made out of?
You know, you're like the
least-friendly tour guide ever.
Most of them are polite
and kind to their clients.
They don't just
growl at them
with foreboding eyes.
Come on.
Just climb.
Be careful.
Don't fall in.
Don't fall into what?
Don't find out.
It's amazing.
I mean, I don't know
what the difference
between ice
and a glacier is.
A glacier is ice that moves
under its own weight.
It's unstoppable.
Yeah, this is weird.
I have these...
They used to be okay,
but then they got worse,
um, a while ago.
Now they get worse even more
when I'm off my medication
and stressed.
Which sucks 'cause...
they're hard to control.
Then don't.
Then don't what?
Don't control 'em?
That's great.
Then just walk around
looking like a freak?
That's good.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
"That's good."
Fuck you.
Every ten fucking minutes,
I have this thought
that pops into my head.
"Hey, stick something
in your ear.
"Find something long,
and sharp,
"and stick it an inch and a half
in your left ear.
And do it! Do it now!
Do it!"
I have to willingly push
this thought away,
and then, ten minutes later,
it comes back!
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come here.
I want to show you something.
Put your fingers
in the snow.
For what?
Humor me.
Don't control them.
What the fuck
is that?
This has been with my
family for centuries.
My father gave it to me,
and his father gave it to him.
What good is it
to stand up to a glacier?
It will go where it pleases.
A mountain can stand in its way
with all its might...
but if a glacier wants...
it will break that mountain.
You cannot control something.
You can only destroy it.
Jess... Jess!
Hey, hey!
Uhh! Hey! Hey, hey!
You're okay.
You're okay.
What are you drawing?
Oh, it's just
something for work.
I've seen it before.
You've seen this?
That's Stumpy.
From "Psketti"?
You know "Psketti"?
Of course I know Psketti,
and his little dog, Ketchup.
Yeah, man,
I draw "Psketti."
No, no, no.
That's drawn by Glen Bean.
No, Glen Bean died
20 years ago,
and then his son
started drawing it,
but then he died
of diabetes,
and then it was
this lady, Diane Ketchup,
strangely enough, but she
couldn't draw for shit,
so now I draw "Psketti."
Glen Bean is dead?
From diabetes, actually.
I guess it's genetic.
So, now I just
copy his style
and do his characters
and make dumb jokes.
It's... It's sad.
I'm very impressed.
We didn't know this
about you.
Who's we? What?
Uh, Icelanders.
That it's not Glen Bean.
Uh, I mean,
I don't know,
I think it's
actually pathetic.
I'm a grown man.
I should be drawing
my own comic strip.
No, I should be
drawing my own comic book.
That's what I wanna do.
That's what Jess
said I should do,
but... I don't know.
I don't think
I'm good enough.
So, here I am copying
a dead man's style.
No, this is
a beautiful thing.
A man wants greatness,
so he completes the work
of another great man.
I mean...
I don't know if I'd call
this greatness,
but... thank you so much.
This is right.
What are you
talking about?
We're almost here.
Hey, man...
I don't think I can do
another long-ass hike today.
It'll be the last one,
I promise you.
Oh, we're going in.
Come on.
I didn't bring a bathing
suit or anything.
You didn't
bring one either.
Come on.
Stop being
so American.
This is gonna be
straight-up gross.
I think three rocks
just went inside me.
I'm sitting
in a hot springs...
in Iceland... naked...
with a creepy old man
drinking vodka.
This is... very weird.
But nice, yes?
It is nice.
Where did you get that?
Oh, this.
This was a gift
from Inga.
Did she choose it?
She showed me
a bunch of designs,
and I liked it,
so I chose it.
Let me guess.
It doesn't mean "good luck"?
What is that?
This is Loftur's stave.
She made me get
the magic guy's secret stave?
You just said you chose it.
Well, then she steered me
into it or something.
No, you chose it
on purpose.
Oh, I did?
Part of you did.
Okay, explain to me
how that works.
How part of my brain
could know secret knowledge
that the rest of me
doesn't know?
How does a baby,
knowing nothing,
look for her
mother's nipple?
That's instinct.
That's... that's
the subconscious.
That's different.
You're the one
with a powerful stave
written on his chest,
whose fingers
are tracing out
a language
he doesn't understand.
But I am not choosing
to do any of this.
No, you're too busy
You refuse to choose.
We must keep
doing it for you.
What are you
talking about?
You sound crazy.
But this is
the last time.
Okay. Relax.
Come on, I don't want
whatever this is.
Stop... stop!
Hey, stop!
Stop! Come on!
Choose! Unh!
I'll fuckin' hit you!
I'll fuckin' hit you!
Come on! Shit!
Aaagh! Stop!
Stop! Stop it!
Back off!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, fuck.
Fuck. Okay.
Um... fuck.
Um... ahh... fuck.
Oh, fuck.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Where the fuck
did you come from?
Uh, I think
he's got, like...
I think he has, like water
in his lungs or something.
He, uh, we're, uh...
He's down there
and he came at me,
and fuck!
Did you bring everything?
Steindr, Steindr!
Hey, hey!
What are you doing?
- Are you all right, man?
- Back off!
Hey, are you
all right?
Its all ready.
Dude, that's
my fucking hair!
What the... Why is...
Is that
my fucking jizz?!
Come on! What?!
Stop! No! Fuck!
What the fuck
is happening, man?
What the fuck
is happening?!
Listen, okay, listen,
I don't know what
you people want,
or what the fuck
you're doing,
but I just want to
go home, okay?
- Shut up!
- I just wanna go home!
This is food
and this is a fetch.
Something for you to put
your intentions into.
We have prepared it
for you.
Why? What? Why?
What do you two want?!
For you to finally see.
You are
Loftur, are you not?
We've been waiting for you
a very long time.
We've done
everything we could.
Now the rest is on you.
Your answers
lie that way.
Follow the runestones.
I'm not gonna go anywhere
with you people.
We know.
Good luck, Loftur.
No, wait!
No, wait, come on!
Come on!
What is happening?!
What is happening?!
What is happening?!
Dear one
Is there anything
you need?
Dear one
Tell me your dream
Somewhere there waits
A golden day
Somewhere there waits
An infallibility
Dear one
Tell me your dream
Hey, hey, hey!
Yeah! Okay, yeah.
Oh, sorry,
so you speak English?
Uh, small, little.
Okay, I wanna go
to Reykjavik.
Are you
going to Reykjavik?
Reykjavik, yes.
- Yeah, south?
- Yes.
- To the airport?
- Airport, yes.
Okay, great,
thank you.
Your answers
lie that way.
Wait, wait!
I need to go north.
Theres nothing
back that way - just rocks.
Um, yeah, I... Sorry.
I need to...
I need to go north.
Thank you.
Well, they...
both go north.
They couldn't have given me
a magical map?
Okay, okay.
"Fish," I go right.
"Ancient sea god,"
I go left.
I go right.
I go right.
There's four sides.
There's four directions.
One of these sides
is the direction
that I need to go.
Unh! Aah!
Okay, don't control it.
So if this means "water"
and this means...
then I walk that way.
Yeah! Yes! Yes!
Fuck you!
You're the torturing kind
Dancing through
my mind
I can't escape you
Now I find
I'm in a twirl
I'm getting good.
Falling through
this world
I can't escape you
I can't escape you
What can I do?
What can I do?
I can't escape you
I can't escape you
Mmm! Mmm!
Do you know
what I mean?
- No, I never know what you mean.
- Ohh!
- I know.
- Honestly.
I know. Fuck off.
That was really good.
The margarita's
really good!
- Okay, okay.
- Thank you.
Wow wow wow wow!
You know
when a cup goes...
- Wow...
- Okay, shh!
Um, can I get you
anything else to drink?
- I think just the check.
- Okay, great.
Can we also get...
Can we get the check,
for sure,
I do hear that,
but one more shot
of tequila
and one more, um,
margarita with whatever...
you've been making.
- It's good.
- Yeah, of course. You got it.
- Here's your margarita.
- Thank you.
Of course, enjoy.
Oh, my goodness.
Compliments to the chef!
Okay, that's gonna be
like your sixth drink.
What is your
fucking problem?
What is your
fucking problem?
I am having a really
nice time.
Or I was having
a fucking nice time.
Trying to. Sorry!
Don't bring your kids
to a fuckin'...
It's 12:00 at night.
Put your fuckin'
kid in bed.
- So sorry for being so loud.
- No, come on, stop.
This must've been such
a nightmare for you guys.
Thank you for my
delicious drinks, Pete.
I don't fuckin'
know his name.
And, um, fuck this.
Well, we have entered
the Mordor part
of the island now.
Ever tell you
I was raised very Christian?
Yeah, I told you that.
You know that.
Which means I never learned
how to draw
a woman's body.
It was shameful.
I was always embarrassed,
so I decided, hey,
I'm a professional artist.
And a grownup.
I should learn this.
I should know this.
So I took
this life drawing class...
where, you know,
people draw a nude model.
So I go in, and I'm...
to finally be doing this
and see a nude model.
And then out comes
this man.
Like a middle age man.
Like, he could've been...
Looked like the manager
of a TJ Maxx.
And he got naked
and he sat down.
Oh, and he just
opened his legs, and...
all I could see was his balls.
There were many balls,
so much balls.
There was this
little girl next to me,
she's just smiling
and drawing it.
So I was like,
"Oh, I wanna do this."
Ah, so I drew his balls.
It was so bad.
And they go, "Hey, we're
taking a break.
We'll change positions."
So I got up, I moved to
the other side of the room
and she followed me.
And then the guy came back,
and he rotated
and aimed his balls
at me again!
I can't draw his balls.
I look over
and she's just laughing.
Gives me a wink, and I said,
"Fuck it, I'm in."
And I fully embraced
his balls, just drawing 'em.
Going to town.
Oh, my God, it was so freeing.
Just drew balls for the next
hour and a half.
Just staring right into the sun
and drawing it.
Best $40 I ever spent.
And that was how
I met Jess.
Yeah, she would
always do that.
She would make me
so uncomfortable.
Oh, my God,
and I loved it.
I hated it, but I loved it.
I think we were supposed to
take more classes after that,
but we didn't.
I guess she didn't want to.
Or at least
she chose not to.
We just want to
make sure that all her things
stay with the family.
Sorry, son.
Now, I went down to
the medical examiner's office.
They released Jess's
personal effects.
This is the jewelry...
that Jess was wearing
when she passed.
Have you thought about
what you're gonna do
with Jess's body?
We should call
the funeral home
about embalming.
There's a family plot
in Sacramento.
She can be buried
with her grandparents there.
There should be
a Christian service.
I'm sure Reverend Green
from Holy Baptist Church
will be happy to do it.
I don't know
this Reverend Green.
Well, I can assure you
that he would do a lovely job.
Excuse me?
I mean,
a Christian funeral?
She's a practicing
You know how
she dabbles...
She wanted to be cremated.
She told you that
three separate times.
Benny, I know this is
an emotional time for everyone.
And, Jesus Christ,
She's a vegan!
She only ate
fucking organic,
and you're telling me
that Jess's last wish
is for somebody to put her
on a metal table
and then fill her veins
with formaldehyde?
I mean...
Yeah, you people.
You can take
whatever you want,
but don't pretend
that you knew her.
And one...
One Republic.
Then you got U2.
Uh, Three Doors Down.
Four Tops.
Jackson 5.
Eve 6.
Avenged Sevenfold.
Eight is, um...
Eight... Oh, shit!
Oh, shit.
Come on!
Okay, okay, okay.
I can do this.
I can do this.
Oh! Shit!
Oh, I'm done.
Oh, I'm done.
Yeah, you hear me?
Agh, I'm not gonna do your
treasure map anymore.
Just so you know.
I'm not gonna...
not gonna do a fucking...
I'm not chasing
any more runestones!
I'm not gonna do your
goddamn spell anymore!
My name is not Loftur!
My name is Benny Miller!
My name
is Benny Miller!
My name is Benny Miller!
My name
is Benny Miller!
My name is Benny...
My name is...
My name is Benny...
My name is Benny.
My name is Benny.
My name is Benny...
Oh, no, no, no.
No! No!
Which side...
Which side were you on?
Where, which side?
I don't know
which direction!
Yeah. Huh?
Do it.
Come on, that's it.
You win.
You want some tea?
I can get it.
The mugs are on
the second one.
The tea is in
the little... thing.
Oh, we only have
chamomile... sorry.
That's fine.
You like chamomile now?
There's hot water
on the stove.
There's sugar in the back
by the tea box.
So, what the fuck
is happening right now?
You tell me.
Are you...
Is this real?
It feels pretty real.
You know, the only thing
people eat in this country
is lamb and pickled fish?
I mean, a vegan
would just starve.
Are you okay?
I'm better than I was.
Did it hurt?
It didn't feel good.
It was cold, I guess.
It was...
can we not talk about it?
I don't know what to say.
Maybe start with "hi"?
That's good.
I've missed you.
I missed you too, buddy.
Can I... can I kiss you?
Why wouldn't you?
I don't know what the fuck
is happening right now.
You smell really good.
Thank you.
You're really here, huh?
I am.
So, what do we do now?
You wanna fuck?
What? Why?
No, I mean,
of course I do, yes.
Okay, so okay.
It's just, can we do it
in a little while?
- 'Cause this is a lot to...
- Yeah.
...wrap my head around.
I... totally.
Also, you've never
been dirtier.
- Oh, right? No, I'm disgusting.
- So filthy!
And plus, all the showers
here smell like farts.
Oh, wait, this is
an island surrounded
by fart water,
the whole thing.
What is wrong
with these people?
I don't know.
Hey, can we, um...
maybe sit?
I've just been
running around all day
licking rocks.
Oh, you're still licking?
So, what's new?
Oh, uh... well,
I can do magic now.
Wait, I saw that.
- What is going on with that?
- Mm-hmm.
You are looking at an ancient
Icelandic wizard named Loftur.
I am?
Or possibly his protg.
It is not quite clear.
Oh, just so fancy!
Oh, it's
very fancy, yes.
Oh, okay.
I mean, that does
make sense for you, though.
It goes with
all your control stuff.
Oh, God, Jess...
It does, because
you are a person
who loves to control stuff,
and now you can control
sort of, you know,
mysterious powers.
Are you ready to fuck yet?
I'd say I'm
45 to 50% there.
Jesus, what's a girl
gotta do?
All right, well, I got
a good idea in the meantime.
Ben Folds Five plus
One Direction equals what?
Sixpence None the Richer.
Oh, it's not even fun.
You're too good at it!
Yeah, I've had literally nothing
else to do but think of these.
Okay, you want one?
Yeah, give me one.
Okay, 2 Live Crew...
- Uh-huh.
- ...times Powerman 5000.
10,000 Maniacs!
- I got good at this!
- That's my girl.
- There she is.
- Yes!
You remember when, um...
when we were in Ojai,
and we got in that huge fight
about whether Seven Mary Three
was 10 or 73?
Yes, I remember.
That's when you broke
that window.
What window?
The window.
When you, uh, got drunk
and did your thing
and broke the giant window
in the front?
What do you mean
"did my thing"?
So what does that
even mean?
You did your thing,
the Jess thing,
where you'd, uh...
drink or take pills
and then...
go out of your mind
and turn into this tornado.
Until you'd passed out.
You know... the thing.
That's how
you remember me?
That is... that's
part of it. Yeah.
Well, that doesn't
seem very fair.
How is that not fair?
You would
do those things.
All the time.
I know.
Then what?
Fine, then,
"Jess the Fuck-up."
There's a million ways
I've always ruined everything.
No, that is not
what I was saying.
I'm sorry, Benny.
I had no control, okay?
I'm an addict.
You can't use that.
You can't
use that anymore.
- Use what?
- The addict card.
God, you would always use that
to get out of everything.
"Hey, Jess,
you wrecked the car."
"Ah, don't yell at me.
I'm an addict."
- I never said that.
- "Hey, Jess,
my boss caught you stealing
his oxy at the dinner party."
"Hey, it's not my fault.
I'm an addict."
Why are you saying this?
Because ya stomped
on my life!
On our life!
Doing whatever
the fuck you wanted
with this ironclad excuse!
And I couldn't
say shit to that!
"Ah, it's a sickness.
I'm helpless."
Hey, I was
fucking helpless!
Okay? Do you think
I'm proud of that?
Do you think that
I loved lying to you?
That I enjoyed sneaking
around and disappointing
every person in the whole
fuckin' world? My parents?
Saying I'm an addict
is an admission
that I am a fuck-up!
It is not an excuse!
And it's not an excuse!
Because you chose.
You chose to leave me!
What do you think
happened that night?
What do I think
You drowned.
But how did I drown?
Why are you asking me?
You're the one who got fucked-up
and walked into a pool.
But why?
I don't know.
I don't...
fucking know!
I don't know!
Why would you do that?
Why would you just leave
without giving me a note?
Fuck you!
Jess... fuck...
you for that.
I didn't mean
to leave you, Benny.
Then how come
you killed yourself?
I didn't.
I didn't wanna die.
I had
my whole life.
I had you.
What are you saying to me?
that it was an accident?
No, it was.
I know...
that... I left you,
and I know,
and I'm so sorry.
No, baby, I'm sorry.
And I'm so sorry.
- No, I am. I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
No, I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid and I
fuckin' ruined everything.
No, shut up with that.
Shut up.
- I'm such a fuckin' idiot.
- No, don't say that.
- Hmm...
- It doesn't matter, okay?
None of that matters,
'Cause we can
go home now.
Benny, go home?
We can go home?
You're back.
Come on.
What do you think this is?
I did this spell.
I did...
I did Loftur's spell,
and you're back now.
What?! Oh, fuck!
You thought that
was gonna be enough?
And the two struggled
against each other for hours,
until the very church around
them crumbled to the ground.
Loftur knew he was not powerful
enough to take control.
Loftur fled to the ocean.
Benny. Benny.
Oh, my God, I'm gonna
lose you again.
Benny, your ear.
You don't have to go, okay?
You can stay if you want.
You don't have to go.
You can stay!
Did it work? Did you see her?
The spell isn't finished.
You cannot control something.
You can only destroy it.
Did you finish it?
Are you him?
You're so close.
Go the water.
Finish the spell.
Hello, we're not available now.
Please leave your name and
phone number after the beep,
and we'll return your call.
Mr. Miller,
this is Dr. Haskell
returning your call.
Yes, of course I can
forward your prescription
to a pharmacy.
Just have them
call my office
and we'll get that
sorted out for you.
I want to stress
you do this soon.
Today, if possible.
I have you on six milligrams
of Risperdal a day,
and this isn't something
you want go off of cold turkey.
We've talked about the chance
of your symptoms increasing,
but I'm worried about
possible side effects,
so do me a favor
and stay on top of this.
In the meantime, just try
to avoid stressful situations,
but I imagine that shouldn't
be a problem in Iceland...