Spenser Confidential (2020) Movie Script

[judge] Mr. Spenser, are you prepared
to tell the court, in your own words,
what happened on the afternoon
of March 20th?
[Spenser] Yes, Your Honor.
[judge] Please proceed.
[Spenser] I had my partner drive me
to the home of Captain John Boylan.
[judge] Your commanding officer?
[Spenser] That's right.
I had prior reason to believe
that Captain Boylan
was intentionally burying
the murder investigation
of Gloria Weisnewski...
[judge] Mr. Spenser,
please focus on the events that transpired
- on the afternoon of March 20th.
- [knocking on door]
[doorbell ringing]
[Spenser] I confronted
Captain Boylan in his home
and attempted to question him
about the investigation.
The hell are you doing here?
[Spenser] And the ensuing argument...
[Boylan] Can't wait outside
the front door?
[Spenser sighs] I mean,
everybody knows what happened.
Get out of our house!
Hey! Get out of here.
Get the fuck out of our house...
[Spenser] At all times, I knew that these
actions were in violation of the law
and the code of conduct that I swore
to obey as a Boston police officer.
[judge] So, it is my understanding
that you are pleading guilty
to the charge of disturbing the peace?
[Spenser] Yes, Your Honor.
[judge] How do you plead on the count
of harassment in the first degree?
- [woman] Get off him!
- [Spenser] Guilty.
[judge] And how do you plead on the count
of aggravated assault of a police officer?
[Spenser] Guilty.
[judge] Before I sentence you,
is there anything further
that you would like to add?
[Spenser] Yes.
The son of a bitch deserved it.
[gate buzzing]
[indistinct announcement on PA]
What do you say, Spense?
- Hey, Squeeb.
- [grunts]
Hey, new little fun fact for you.
You know, Saguaro cactus
lives for over 150 years?
Now, you cut one down in Arizona,
you can do a year in prison. Imagine that?
Shit. [chuckles]
I know guys that rob people in here
- doin' less time than that.
- [chuckling] Right?
How does it feel gettin' out?
I haven't slept in a few nights.
But other than that...
How you doin', Squeeb? How you feelin'?
I feel like a lifer.
You know, a lot of guys feel that way.
But you're different.
How many cops get to do
their time in gen pop?
I can't think of one.
But, I mean, that's probably why
you're so popular in here.
I'm popular? Wow, I had no idea.
[Squeeb] What're you gonna do
when you get out?
[Spenser] Back in the real world?
Yeah. Go to Fenway Park,
you know, get a big-ass, juicy rib eye.
You got a girl, right?
I got a girl. Her name is Pearl.
Yeah, I'm probably just gonna
lay down in my bed
and let her lick me all over.
Pearl. Sounds like an old lady's name, no?
You know, she's a little older.
She makes up for it in loyalty.
'Sup, bookworm?
Not much.
How's Aryan Nation treatin' everybody?
State of the Union still strong? [scoffs]
You know, we just wanna
let you know how important it is
that you're gettin' out of Boston
and never comin' back,
drivin' a truck
or doin' whatever the hell you're doin'.
Yeah, we have a little, uh,
goin' away message for you.
For me?
Well, can't be from the guys in here.
They like me, right?
So, who's sending the message?
Fuck 'em up, Spenser.
["Foreplay/Long Time" playing]
[men groaning]
It's been such a long time
All right, come on.
[both grunt]
Did you just kick me, bro?
[grunts] Fuck!
[man] Get the fuck outta Boston!
Why you gotta kick me, bro?
[both grunting]
[Spenser] Who sent the message?
I've got to keep on
Chasin' a dream, yeah
I've gotta be on my way
[guard] Come on, man.
All right, all right, hold on!
Spense. [chuckles]
[Spenser] Shit.
Got ya. [chuckles]
[Spenser grunts]
You're lucky it was self-defense, Spenser.
Well, I'm takin' my time
I'm just movin' on
[guard] Put your hand through.
Your fingerprints are
the only unique thing about you, shitbag.
Seriously? You said that five years ago
when I got here.
Why don't you get some new material?
- I'll see you in about a month or less.
- Have a nice day.
Hey, you wanna do me a favor
when you start that truck driving class?
Tell my Aunt Betty I said,
"Go fuck your sister."
You got a very weird family,
don't you, Lenny?
Well, I'm takin' my time
I'm just movin' along
[breathes deeply]
[chuckling] Hey! You made it.
- Nice out here, huh?
- [sighs]
Take a minute, enjoy it.
Try and stay on this side for a while.
Wow. Riviera hasn't aged a day.
You gonna let me drive?
You remember how?
[engine revs]
Oh, shit! Get in the car! Hurry up!
- Why? What's up? Why?
- Come on, I don't want her to see me.
Hurry up! Come on, let's go!
What are you doing?
She drove all this way to see you.
[woman] Five years in prison?
- [Spenser] Hey!
- [thuds]
Why can't you just stay out of
other people's businesses, huh?
How do you like that?
I love you!
I love you so fuckin' much!
[guard] Can't park there, ma'am.
[whispers] Get down!
- [guard] Oh, the other side.
- What are we doin'? You...
Shut up! I'm not ready to see her yet.
[man] You know, she came
all this way to see you.
[Spenser] Henry, I'm just not ready.
Heart made of granite 'cause
I find out from someone at the car wash
that he got out of prison today?
- Ma'am, I can't help you with that.
- No?
[guard] You really gotta move your car.
All right, Shawshank.
I'll move my fuckin' car.
I'm gonna kill him.
[tires screeching]
["Supernatural Thing" playing]
Your love, your love
Supernatural thing
When we touch
Give me such a funny feeling
In my brain
Oh, babe
Your love
Your love, your love
Supernatural thing
- Supernatural
- Oh, babe
Your love, your love
Your love, your love
[Henry] Back in the day, my old man
bought this place for 8,000 bucks.
Now it's worth $1,500,000 per floor.
Sell it, live the dream.
Come to Arizona with me.
[Henry chuckles] Nah.
My dream is to die in my bed, right here.
- [car lock chirps]
- [man] Spenser!
What's up, Driscoll?
- [laughing] Spenser. Come here.
- What's up?
I'm sorry I couldn't visit you
more at Walpole, brother.
Look, I'm glad you came up.
And I really appreciate
you sendin' me the books. It's all good.
I brought you a gift.
- Donuts?
- I wanna keep you on your toes.
- Hey.
- [Driscoll chuckling]
Impressive how you did your time.
As a former police officer,
I was very, very popular in there.
That's for sure.
Man. So, what's next?
That's the big question.
Look, I'm gettin outta here, you know?
There ain't shit for me here.
I'm gonna drive a semi, you know?
Look at sunsets. Shit like that.
Ah, maybe it's for the best.
There's still a lot of cops around here
who'd love to put a mark on you.
Well, I get in a hassle,
I know who to call.
That's fuckin' right.
All right, man, welcome home, brother.
I love you. Nice to see you, brother.
How you doin' today, Mr. Cimoli?
I'm good.
- Say hi to Irene and the boys.
- You got it.
Let's go see your girlfriend.
[Spenser] Pearl.
Pearly, baby. Hey.
Henry, she won't even look at me.
She gave me the cold shoulder.
Baby, I'm sorry that I was gone.
I know five years is way too long.
Thirty-five years from her perspective.
No more cold winters for you.
You're gonna keep your
little paws in the desert,
you're gonna chase little
bunny rabbits in the sand. Huh?
There's no bunny rabbits in Arizona.
They got snakes and scorpions.
She wouldn't last a week.
You gotta shut the fuck up, okay?
I'm just tryin' to have a moment here
and apologize
for my absence to my baby girl.
We're gonna go to Arizona, all right?
I'm gonna drive a truck
and I'm never gonna let you go.
I'll have one hand on the wheel
and the other hand on you.
We'll put a little bed
right beside my chair.
- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
- [Pearl whining]
Baby, you got the breath.
Didn't I tell you to buy the Greenies?
You didn't get her
the dog biscuits for her breath?
[Henry] Uh, I'm going inside.
[Spenser] Hey, thank you
for my very own room.
[breathes deeply]
[hip-hop music playing over speakers]
[hip-hop music continues playing]
- What?
- You said I had my own room.
Hawk, this is Spenser.
Spenser, this is Hawk.
You two are gonna be roommates.
Toilets are flushed at all times.
Food is labelled.
No fighting in the house
and if there's going to be
any drinking, I instigate it.
Now, I'd like you two
to get to know each other.
[hip-hop music playing over headphones]
[cell phone vibrating and chiming]
[Hawk clicking tongue]
[kisses] There's my girl.
You love Daddy. You love Daddy, don't you?
[Hawk chuckles]
Who's a big monster, huh? Who's a monster?
Give me my dog.
Give me the dog. Come on.
Come here, baby. Come here. [grunts]
There. You're gonna stay here
with Daddy. Okay?
[woman on phone] Can you talk
to your daughter?
[Boylan] Put her on and I'll talk to her.
[girl] Hi, Daddy.
[Boylan] Hey! Hey, sweetheart.
[girl] Dad, I really need
your help with my report.
[Boylan] I was straight A's in English.
I'll help you with the paper.
That'd be awesome, Dad.
Are you gonna be home soon?
When I get there, I'll read what you have
so far and we'll talk about it.
- [cell phone beeping]
- Oh, sweetheart,
hold on a second, I got another call.
[man] Boylan, are you there?
I'm here, what's up?
[man] He wants to meet everyone
at the bus yard ASAP.
- What the fuck is this all about?
- [man] Just be there.
[sighs] All right.
Sweetheart, yeah, listen,
I got a little bit of bad news.
- [girl] Dad...
- No, it's not... It's nothing.
I'm gonna be about 15, 20 minutes late.
I just got a call.
[girl] You know this report's a big deal.
I need you to read it one more time.
Listen, the thing about the book,
you've written all this beautiful stuff
about the darkness, about winter falling,
about the darkness inside the place,
the darkness in Zenobia's heart.
Just stay with that idea
- and take it all the way through.
- Really?
[Boylan] I think it's a beautiful idea.
I really do.
- I think you should have confidence.
- [girl] Uh-huh.
Now, I read the first draft
and I gave you some notes.
But basically, what I'm tellin' you,
you turn that thing in,
you probably get an A on the first draft.
But I know I'm not...
[tires screech]
- [whimpering]
- Dad, what happened? Dad?
- [grunting]
- [gunshot]
- [Boylan groaning]
- [girl] Dad, what was that?
- Get the fuck off me! Get the fuck off!
- Daddy!
- You know who you're dealing with?
- Daddy!
[groans] You can't do this to a cop.
- Dad!
- I'm a fuckin' cop.
I'm a fuckin' cop.
[man] You talked
to the wrong people, asshole.
[crying] I didn't give anything!
I swear to God I didn't give anything!
I didn't give a fuckin' thing.
I didn't give 'em anything. I swear.
Please, God.
[scream echoes]
[sirens blaring]
[radio host] Good mornin', Boston.
Welcome to April 18th.
We're gonna have some picnic weather
today, can you believe that?
With highs in the upper sixties.
That's right, you heard me.
Upper sixties and zero chance
of rain, so pack up the kids,
pack up the sandwiches,
and pour yourself some luscious lemonade,
because it's spring time
in Boston, people.
And have yourself a wonderful day.
[man speaking indistinctly over speaker]
Next stop is Fifth Street,
in five minutes.
[woman] What the hell?
What happened to the...
- [screaming]
- [tires screeching]
[crying] Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, somebody help me.
Are you fuckin' with me? Are you?
[continues crying]
Hey. He snores.
What happened here?
Oh, a little going away present.
[Henry] I got groceries for you.
Don't eat anything on the right side
of the fridge. It belongs to Hawk.
Aw, do you got any real food?
[Henry] Frankfurters are mine.
The rest is his.
Where's the giant?
Gets up at five, starts running.
We got no milk.
There's some oatmeal milk in there,
but it belongs to Hawk.
Oat milk? What the fuck is that?
Who knows? All I know is
he drinks it all the time.
What? Do you have to put somethin' in it?
Well, what would you put in it?
I don't know, Henry. Take a wild guess.
Maybe water or milk or somethin'.
If you put milk in it,
you might as well use milk.
It's been confirmed that the victim
is Boston Police Captain John Boylan.
Unofficial sources have described it
as an execution-style killing.
No arrests have been made.
- Back to you in the studio.
- Holy shit.
[reporter 2] Thank you for that.
There is a city-wide manhunt...
Jesus Christ. Somebody killed Boylan?
Was it you?
Police are being tight-lipped
on the case so far,
but witnesses say
they saw a dark blue SUV...
Son of a bitch,
they finally killed Boylan.
[doorbell rings]
You wanna guess who that could be?
I can see 'em.
- That's pretty quick, huh?
- Yeah.
Well, this is a surprise.
Yeah. Sorry, Spense, I gotta ask you.
Where were you last night?
You know how it is.
Captain Boylan dies
the same night that you get out.
You're on the top of the suspect list.
He was right here. I tucked him in myself.
Not only that, he's got a roommate
that was sleepin' ten feet away from him.
That's more like three feet,
Henry, but thank you very much.
All right.
An alibi's a beautiful thing. Let's go.
- [detective] That's it?
- Yep.
If it turns out I like you for this,
the DA will pop the old guy's story
like a balloon.
John Boylan was a good cop.
You should tell that to Mrs. Boylan.
At least with him dead,
she can stay out of the emergency room.
- Help me help you.
- You know what, big mouth?
I graduated the Academy
two years after you did.
And I work Homicide.
I wear a suit and carry a gold shield.
Who the hell are you?
- Nothing.
- Okay, let's go.
An ex-con. I'm livin' your dream life,
you piece of shit.
[Driscoll] Enough!
Man's got an alibi. Let's go.
[Driscoll sighs]
Sorry, Spense. You're on the list.
This Boylan thing...
It's, uh... It's a problem.
It's a real problem.
You're lucky you're going to Arizona.
Wish I was goin' with you, man. Shit.
Say hi to that cactus for me.
Get in the car, man. It's over. Stop.
Welcome home.
Come on, I'll make you somethin'.
[host over radio] Police Chief John Boylan
was found dead early this morning,
in what sources are calling
"a gruesome execution-style murder."
Captain Boylan is a 22-year veteran
of the Boston PD.
This, from Boston Mayor
Marty Langs just moments ago.
[mayor] When a police officer gets killed,
it's a death that hits us all.
It is the death of
a family member for all of us.
Today, every citizen of Boston
has lost a family member.
And we grieve together as a family.
- We will heal...
- [turns radio off]
[Betty] Hey! Wait! You!
What the hell's the matter with you?
Can't you read?
Oh, I'm sorry.
You here for the school?
I didn't see the sign there. Yeah.
Well, there's a sign.
- Can't you read? Get in.
- Okay. I'm sorry about that.
- Yeah.
- Beautiful truck.
[Betty] She is. Her name is Black Betty.
First rule in this class
is to take everything you've learned
about being in a four-wheeler
and flush it down the toilet.
Your hands and feet are in charge
of 80,000 pounds of fast moving steel
and you must be the smartest person
on the road at all times.
You need to be awake,
you need to be alert and in charge.
You mess up, and a mini-van
with three sleeping kids,
and they get flattened like a pancake.
And nowadays, there are all
these cameras everywhere.
You're not gonna get away with it.
Now let's get to today's lesson, okay?
[Betty continues speaking indistinctly]
Any questions?
Any questions? Any questions?
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
- Hey, Spenser.
- Hey.
Cissy called a bunch of times.
- How many times?
- Like 22 times.
- [phone ringing]
- Twenty-three times.
I'm not here, okay?
He's not here.
Quit fuckin' around.
I want you to take a look at Hawk.
This kid is raw,
but I think he's got a lot of talent.
I think he could be somethin' special.
- [alarm beeps]
- [referee] Time!
- You punch like a bitch.
- What the fuck? [yells]
- [referee] Hey! Time! Time!
- [Hawk] Say that fuckin' shit again!
Hey, hey! Break it up! Break it up!
Get him outta there!
Get him outta there!
Get him the hell outta here! Out, out!
[referee] Get him out!
[Hawk] Get the fuck off me, man!
Hey. You're a fighter, all right?
You gotta be able to control yourself.
Henry, this guy doesn't
even know how to throw a punch.
You hear him?
Haven't I been tellin' you that?
That you don't know
how to throw a punch?
[Hawk] How about I kick you
in the fuckin'...
There'll be no kicking
till you learn how to punch.
He's gonna teach you.
- [Spenser] I'm not workin' with him.
- [Henry] Yeah, you are.
- [Spenser] I'm not. No.
- [Henry] You are.
- I want you to work with me.
- I'm not doing it.
- I'm asking you to do it.
- I don't give a shit.
One, two.
Hey, hey. Just punch, all right?
Keep your feet on the ground.
Throw a hook. Let me see a hook.
Oh, my God.
All right, no, no.
Dude, stop, stop.
Hips. You gotta turn the hips,
all right? Turn the hips.
Boom. Turn, turn, turn.
- Turn. Turn.
- Like that?
Yeah. You don't need muscle
to knock somebody out.
[alarm blaring]
[over speakers] Spenser.
Incoming. Incoming!
[Cissy] Where is he?
["Mississippi Queen" playing]
Mississippi Queen
Oh, shit.
I waited all this time.
I gotta come find you here?
Can we talk over here for a sec...
Just come and talk with me
for a second, please?
[Cissy] No. I'm gonna talk,
you are gonna listen.
- Don't keep backin' me up, okay? I...
- You don't like it?
- You don't like the way this feels?
- Cut the shit.
- You know what I think?
- [Spenser] What?
I think you like it in there
so much, you come here.
Bunch of grown men slappin' and ticklin'
each other like fuckin' gorillas.
I'm in here working.
I'm tryin' to better my life. That's it.
And you stopped coming to see me.
What's the problem?
I thought you moved on.
You were in prison!
- What was I supposed to do? Wait?
- Yeah.
With no ring?
Goin' up there every week
so we could have riveting conversations,
like, how much I missed your cock?
No, I just figured you moved on.
What you're calling "move on"
is me just living.
I am a very successful...
- Keep turning your hips, bro.
- Look at me when I'm talking to you.
I'm a very successful
small business owner.
People line up around
the block to work with me.
I got poodles comin' out of my ass.
Everybody wants to work...
[over speakers] Excuse me,
Miss Davis. Spenser's working.
Maybe you could talk to him later?
- What? Are you his bodyguard now?
- It's okay.
Look, look. Look at me.
Look at me. Listen, okay?
I'm sorry. All right? I am. I mean it.
You are incapable of real intimacy.
And I came here to tell you
I never wanna see you again.
[mouthing] Bye. All right.
[Hawk] Energy in, energy out.
[TV playing indistinctly]
[Spenser] Henry?
He's a very strange person.
...identified the body of
the male found in this SUV behind me
as Boston Police Detective
Terrence Graham.
[news anchor] Thank you. I understand
Graham is now the lead suspect
in the murder case of
Boston Police Captain John Boylan.
I know that kid.
[reporter] Terrence Graham's
death was by gunshot
and we're hearing that
that gunshot was self-inflicted.
There's no way.
This kid was a good kid, Henry. Clean.
I was in tactical training with him.
I've never seen somebody as happy as him.
Married, pregnant wife.
There's no way he's taking his own life.
[reporter] Graham worked in the narcotics
division with Captain John Boylan
who, just hours before,
was found dead in a South Boston bus yard.
[news anchor] Now,
police believe Terrence Graham
viciously murdered Captain Boylan
and are calling it a murder-suicide.
That's dark.
A murder this city
- is trying to come to grips with.
- Wow. That's convenient.
Ah, what the hell difference does it make?
You're gonna be in Arizona,
drivin' a truck.
That's right, Henry.
It's none of my business.
Officer Graham is survived
by his wife Letitia and their son Rowan.
What you're saying is not true!
Terrence was a good policeman!
[crying] Why doesn't anyone know
what's happening?
He was a good husband!
He was a good father!
What's going on?
Tell me what's really happening!
[Henry] Don't do it, Spense.
- [Letitia] Don't tell me to calm down!
- [Henry] Let it go. Walk away.
Why? Why? Why? Why?
Mrs. Graham?
Mrs. Graham!
Hey. Sorry...
No, I didn't mean to scare you.
- What do you want?
- Sorry about that. I, uh...
Look... [sighs]
I was, um... I was a friend of Terrence.
I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.
Who are you?
Uh, my name is Spenser. I don't know
if Terrence told you about me.
Um, I got into a situation
years ago with John Boylan.
It sent me to prison for quite some time.
That was you?
Yeah. I just thought maybe
I could help you in some way.
Help, how?
Uh, I don't know, find the truth?
Did your husband
have any problems with Boylan?
[chuckles] Terry thought
Boylan was a loudmouth
whose ego could fill a room.
You know, old school,
above the law cop
who liked to flaunt his power.
Yeah, that's Boylan to a T.
[sighs] Boylan called Terrence
"altar boy." [chuckles]
Did Terrence have the technical knowledge
to disable the airbag in your vehicle?
Well, because you can't use a vehicle as
a ram unless you can disable the airbags.
Mmm-mmm. They didn't ask me that.
Why didn't they ask me that?
Because they already know the answer.
They found drugs in our home.
- [knocking on door]
- [cop 1] Mrs. Graham, we got a warrant.
[Letitia] They said he was dirty.
Said he was dealing.
[Spenser] They knew right where
to look, didn't they?
[cop 2] Check this wall.
[Letitia] They went right up to it.
[cop 3] Jackpot.
[cop 4] Look what we got here,
Mrs. Graham.
Your husband was dealing narcotics.
[Letitia crying] And they said
they could pin me for conspiracy
and take my boy away.
Well, believe them, okay?
They can and they will.
When is the last time
you saw your husband?
The night before?
Terrence said he had to meet his partner.
Um, Scott Traylor?
And they... They went to some cop bar.
I know who Scott Traylor is.
I'll dig up anything I can,
see if it helps.
[breathes shakily] And this...
- This revenge for you?
- No.
My mom wasn't dealt a good hand either.
But she was fierce, tough,
and she had a lot of heart.
I got a lot of flaws, Mrs. Graham.
Believe me, a lot.
But anything I got good in me,
it came from her.
Sounds like she was a good woman.
Keep an eye on your son.
I'll be in touch, okay?
[crowd on TV
singing "Sweet Caroline"]
Sweet Caroline, pa, pa, pa
Good times never seemed so good
So good, so good
- ["Sweet Caroline" continues playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Spenser] Hmm.
You Scotty Traylor?
Terrence Graham's partner?
Who are you?
I know Terrence didn't do
what they're pinning on him.
I'm gonna go take a piss. Come see me.
[music continues playing faintly]
You know, it hit me who you are.
A lot of guys in this bar,
they celebrated when you got locked up.
You and I both know
Terrence was not a crooked cop.
Was he in this bar
the night Boylan was killed, yes or no?
[sighs] Yes.
And did he suspect Boylan
of bein' a dirty cop?
Unbelievable. How was Walpole?
Did you work your way right up
to the honeymoon suite?
Wow, Patrolman Macklin.
Hear how heavy you guys
are breathin' from walkin' 50 steps?
What the hell are you doin' here?
This isn't a bar for boy scouts.
Well, I said something
insensitive to this young man
who recently lost his partner
and I think you guys just saved me
an ass kicking, so thank you.
He didn't do nothin'. He apologized.
Yeah? Did you apologize
for beatin' down your own captain?
[Spenser] I never got the chance.
[Macklin] Jesus Christ.
The set of balls on you.
I don't know if you noticed it,
but it's Sergeant Macklin now.
Wow. [chuckling]
For you to be a sergeant,
I'd say all your superiors
must be dead, no?
That's impossible. So, what was it?
A clerical error
or they just get a tax break
hiring a mentally stunted
dickhead like yourself?
Jesus, you are a prick.
Thank you. [groans]
- [groans]
- [Macklin chuckles]
Aah! Bad mother...
[breathes deeply] Oh, that was good.
That was good. That was real good.
["Sweet Caroline"
continues playing]
Come on already, will you?
[cops grunting]
[cop 1] We're gonna cut those out.
[cop 2] Give me that asshole.
Shit! Fuck.
[Macklin] Hey, asshole.
Get the fuck out of Massachusetts.
You fuckin' hear me, Spenser? You're done.
See you later.
[door chimes]
- I need to use your bathroom.
- Customers only.
Fine. Here.
Now it's official. Give me the key.
There. It's down the hall, to the right.
[Spenser] Bingo.
[cashier] Dude, you can't be back here!
What are you doing?
I just need the tape from your cameras.
From the other day.
Oh, it's not a tape.
Well, I need this hard drive!
That's the cable box.
- What?
- That's the cable box.
Where's the hard drive?
How do you get the footage
from the cameras?
They're in the cloud.
What the fuck is a cloud?
- The cloud. Yeah...
- Listen, dude...
Don't play with me right now.
Give me the cloud.
- [grunts]
- [woman gasps]
Ooh, I thought you knew how to punch.
- There was four of them. Okay?
- You good?
Oh, no, no. I'm not good.
I don't know how to work
this computer shit.
Sit down, will you?
Come on, please.
- Thank you.
- [typing]
Let me look at the top right camera.
That's Terrence Graham's car.
It was used in the Boylan hit.
Let's see what happens when he comes out.
There he is.
All right, hold on.
Who are you meeting, Terrence?
[Hawk] That's a Corvette Z06.
[Spenser] Can you zoom in a little bit?
It's too blurry. Shit!
It means you're looking
for a fat, old, white dude
with three divorces and a micro-dick.
[Spenser] Why's that?
Who else you think drives
a Corvette like that?
Go back to the other camera.
Now, fast forward.
Wait, wait, wait. Zoom in a little more.
Let me see.
So, they all left together.
[Hawk] You got any idea
who those guys are?
[Spenser] I don't know,
but I know where they went.
[trainer] One, two, uppercut.
One, two! One, two!
Come on! Stick and move.
Stick and move. Stick and move.
One, two, one, two.
That's it. Move, move it.
That's it. Come on.
Punch it.
- [timer beeps]
- Time.
[Spenser] Hey, he keeps dropping
that right hand after he throws it.
[exhales] Spenser!
What the hell are you doing here?
You thinkin' of leavin' Cimoli's?
No, look, I wanted to ask you
a few questions about Terrence Graham.
Man, anything seem off to you about it?
Yeah. The fact that
you're askin' me about it.
What are you,
a private detective now, huh?
Is that what's goin' on here?
'Cause I was under the impression that
- a convicted felon can't get a license.
- [chuckles]
With your connections,
I could probably get a pardon.
Listen, let this one go.
Graham's dirty, drugs in his house.
Look, they said that Boylan
was killed in the school bus yard, right?
And that Terrence Graham
rammed him first with his SUV?
That's how he got the drop on him.
Yeah, but they found his SUV
outside of his house.
Then he drove himself home
and blew his brains out.
You don't have
to be Sherlock Holmes here...
No, the air bags should've went off.
He wouldn't have been
able to drive it at all.
Well, he must've disabled 'em.
Yeah, but it doesn't add up.
Why drive all the way home?
To shoot himself?
Run the risk of his kid walkin' out
and seein' him dead in the car?
Spenser, the man was not
in his right mind.
And what about the crime scene?
Everything added up, right?
Beats me. I haven't been there.
You haven't been there?
What do you mean you haven't been there?
No, I haven't been there.
Spenser, why would I go there?
The case is closed.
You're home, baby.
Let it go. Let it go, man.
The only thing that it's gonna bring you
is grief, pain, frustration.
Let it go.
[timer beeping]
I gotta get back to work,
I ain't gettin' no younger.
All right. He's right,
I'm keepin' my right hand too low.
One, two! One, two!
[reporter] Investigation
into the brutal double homicide
that has rocked the city
of Boston continues today.
We're hearing inside
the Boston Police Department,
that Officer Terrence Graham
lured Captain Boylan
to an isolated city school bus yard
where he killed him violently.
It is believed Terrence Graham
is the only suspect.
[Spenser] Block, block, block, block...
Oh, you see that? You gotta be
able to move, all right?
Defense is the best offense sometimes. Go.
[Spenser] That's pretty perfect.
Do I get a shot
at drivin' the Black Betty?
You're not ready, Mr. Spenser.
Well, uh, she sure is a pretty truck.
- [breathes heavily]
- [Spenser] There you go.
Yeah. Okay. Get in.
[breathes heavily]
Now, block. Good.
- [exhales]
- And block, block, block.
- Oh, you see that?
- Yeah.
You have to listen. All right? Yeah.
[reporter] City officials
are planning a funeral
to honor the fallen Captain Boylan
and will announce details shortly.
[Spenser] Good job.
I'm gonna go get somethin' to eat.
You want somethin'?
- Thank you.
- For what?
The boxing. You're right, I need it.
I'm just doin' what Henry asked me to do.
Got one Green Goddess for the gentleman.
Gonna like this a lot more than
prison food, I guarantee you.
I don't know about that.
What'd you go up for?
Reduced from murder one.
Served four years, out on good behavior.
And now, thanks to Henry,
I'm changin' my life.
[softly] Oh, God.
I wanna be the LeBron James of MMA.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Wow. Yeah, that's impressive.
I'm gonna use my gifts to make
a difference in the world
like my dad would've wanted.
Your dad, huh?
What was he like?
He was a good guy. Military man, pilot.
Man of the world type, you know?
We moved around a lot.
Settled in New Orleans.
He witnessed some real
messed up shit in our community.
Everybody told him to look the other way.
He couldn't.
He died, a hero.
Not minding his own business.
And what happened?
I'm not gonna get into that, not with you.
- Probably not ever, actually.
- Fair enough.
I'm gonna go wash my hands.
[Cissy] It's fine. Whatever you want.
[man] Yeah, chill out. Relax.
Hey, what are you doin'?
You followin' me?
Uh, I came to the bathroom first.
You followed me in here.
So, you're following me.
What are you doin' in this restaurant?
I came to meet a friend.
- What are you doin'?
- Hmm.
- Don't be ridiculous, okay?
- Don't be ridiculous.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Don't! You know what? You...
- What?
We're not doing... [sighs]
- We're not doing this today.
- We're not doin' what?
Oh, we're just gonna go.
You're the one putting your hands on me.
- I'm just guiding you back to the door...
- Guiding me?
- Where do you wanna guide me?
- You're blocking my path.
- You locked the door.
- Where do you wanna guide me?
- [Spenser] Stop that.
- You're the one pushin' me.
What are you, the lock police?
All right, you look good.
What do you want from me?
I want a lot from you,
'cause guess what? You look good, too.
No, you look really good.
Yeah? So why don't you
do somethin' about it?
How about this?
Huh? You like this?
- Don't touch my fuckin' hair.
- All right.
You know how I get about my hair.
- I know what you like. Come here.
- You wanna show me?
- Yes? All right.
- Yeah. All right. I got you.
[Cissy moans] Stop, stop.
[breathes heavily]
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Like that?
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [moans]
[both breathing heavily]
Oh, shit! Okay! Okay! Okay! [grunts]
Don't you dare! Don't you dare!
Don't you dare
fuckin' cum before me. Okay?
[mouths] Fuck yeah.
Cissy always finishes first!
[moans] Fuck me harder!
- Fuck! Fuck!
- Was that it?
Go, Sox!
Don't stop! Don't stop!
- Don't stop!
- Oh, shit!
- Oh, my fuckin' God!
- Shut up!
Oh, my fuckin' God!
- [moans]
- [both panting]
We're in the window right now, Spenser.
- What's that?
- Remember the window?
You mean the five minutes
of peace between us
right after we have sex? Yeah.
Yeah, lasts about as long as sex with you.
- Get off me.
- Yeah.
Used to be my favorite part of the day.
Even better than fuckin'. [sniffles]
Well, you seem like you liked it.
- What, you wanna go again?
- [toilet flushes]
That time we thought I was pregnant.
- Do you remember what you said to me?
- Um, I remember the gist.
You said,
"I'm not sayin' we're gettin' married,
but that kid's not gonna
be raised without a father."
You remember that?
It was a false alarm, thank God.
But you were gonna do what was right.
You always had that strong moral code.
I'm movin' to Arizona.
I'm gonna start over. Start fresh.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
This is your home.
[sighs] Hell will freeze over
before you ever touch me again.
[door opens]
You got, um... You got a little
stain on your dress there.
Just sayin'.
[sighs] Fuckin'...
- [truck horn blows]
- [engine revs]
[rock music playing over car stereo]
- [Hawk] You enjoy yourself in there?
- Mind your business.
Okay. I'll mind my business.
Is that yellow Corvette my business?
[tires screeching]
[car engine revving]
- [dog barking]
- Whoa!
[dog whimpers and barks]
No, I'm just cutting through.
No, no! Stay! Stop!
- [barking]
- Oh, shit!
[dog growls]
Fuck! [screams]
Oh, God! Get the fuck...
[dog snarling]
Fuck off! God!
Oh, my God! [screams]
- [rips]
- [whimpers]
[panting] You fuckin' motherfucker...
- What?
- [barks]
Oh, shit! Fuck!
- Fuck!
- [snarling]
Hey! What are you doing to my dog?
- [growling]
- [whimpering]
[man] Get off my dog!
Lego. Come here, Lego.
- Good girl. Oh...
- Fuck!
Come here. Good girl.
- Good girl. Aw.
- [dog whining]
You better neuter that mutt!
[man] Fuck outta here! Get outta here!
["Willin'" playing]
[exhales] Shit.
I been warped by the rain
Driven by the snow
I'm drunk and dirty, don't you know
And I'm still
[over speakers] Willin'
And I was out on the road
Late at night
[men grunting]
[man] Yes, do it again.
[timer beeping]
- [grunting]
- [body thuds]
Thanks for havin' my back out there.
What was I supposed to do?
I got my own problems.
You know Terrence Graham's son's
gonna grow up without a father?
Huh? And worse than that,
every single person in this city
thinks he died a scumbag.
What about him?
You don't care about clearin' his name?
Shame on you.
You got the license plate?
You couldn't have yelled that to me
and prevented me
from gettin' mauled by a wolf?
Yeah, well, you're a dog lover.
That's pretty good. Thank you.
["Willin'" continues playing]
And you show me a sign
I'll be willin'
To be movin'
- [announcer on PA] Now serving 42...
- [woman] Next.
...at counter number five.
I'd like to buy a Class A license
without takin' the test.
And could you clear a couple
of DUIs off my record, please?
- What are you doin' here?
- Aw, hey, Billy.
I need my registered
snitch to do me a favor.
Check me a plate, will ya?
- You're not a cop anymore, Spenser.
- That's interesting.
[loudly] I need to renew my dead mother's
handicapped parking permit.
[softly] Keep your voice down.
And you know how the last time
I gave you $500 under the table
and you wiped those DUIs off my record?
- I got another one.
- Fine. Enough.
I have the money you requested
in the envelope.
Give me the plate.
Come on, buddy. You look good.
You look like you banged a mountain lion.
As you can see, this is the documentation
you're gonna need.
I got it. I know who he is.
[announcer over PA] Now serving 57.
- Thank you.
- At counter number five.
You're welcome. Don't come back.
Hey, Hawk.
Oh, right there.
You... can... just...
fuck... off.
[Spenser] Tracksuit Charlie Bentwood.
Irish mob throwback.
Back when the Irish mob existed
outside all those shitty movies.
[Bentwood] There we go.
I think it's time you tell me
what's really goin' on here.
There was a girl named Gloria Weisnewski.
I used to shovel snow off
her mother's porch in Southie.
She was a smart kid.
I watched her grow up.
When developers came to Southie,
gentrifying and trying to destroy
the soul of the city,
she couldn't look the other way.
We can keep on marching!
[chanting indistinctly]
Where does Tracksuit Charlie come in?
Tracksuit Charlie was
and is a goon for hire.
Somebody paid him to harass Gloria,
get her to give up.
- You shut your mouth!
- [Gloria shouting indistinctly]
Get your filthy,
stinkin' hands out my face!
Shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you!
Then it escalated.
Phone calls, threats, harassment.
Next thing you know, Gloria comes home
and finds her cat nailed to the door.
It didn't take a genius to know
that it was Tracksuit Charlie
that killed Gloria's cat.
Couple of weeks later,
I was out on a call.
Manager at Cumberland Farms
had a suspicious vehicle
in the parking lot.
There was blood leaking from the trunk.
[inhales sharply] We got a...
I had to tell her mother.
It was almost worse than finding the body.
- [woman sobbing]
- I got you.
[Spenser sighs]
I don't know,
I was so close to the family.
They were good, honest people,
so I just kept checkin' in.
Got handed over to Homicide.
But I couldn't let it go.
When I followed up on Gloria's case,
I found out Homicide
was just sittin' on it.
They hadn't even questioned
Tracksuit Charlie.
- Lieutenant.
- Sergeant, what are you doing here?
I need to speak with you
outside for a minute.
We're in the middle of somethin'.
This is very important.
It's in your best interest
that you step outside and talk to me.
I will actually judge
what's in my best interest
and you need to start thinking
about what's your best interest.
Sergeant, get your ass outta here.
You get out of here now.
We're in the middle of something.
[Spenser] Are you in the middle of
investigating Gloria Weisnewski's murder?
'Cause you should be,
but you're burying it. Why?
I think you should step outside
and mind your step, son.
- Really?
- Yeah, you really do.
Don't touch me. Don't touch me, okay?
- Wake up!
- Get out of here.
- Get him outta here!
- [officer] Let's go.
[Spenser] I should've walked away,
but I knew he was covering something up.
Get out, you piece of shit.
[Spenser] And then I get a call
from this reporter at the Globe,
and he wants to show me
this very graphic tape.
Has Homicide seen this tape?
Yeah, a secretary leaked it to me.
It's Gloria Weisnewski.
Word is, those animals were part
of the Trinitario drug gang.
They haven't even questioned
the guys workin' the lot yet.
- What?
- You wanna hear the extent of the sandbag?
Globe's not gonna run it.
They're putting me on another story.
- So what're they hiding?
- I was hoping you could tell me that.
This is fucked up, man.
Tracksuit must have put them on it.
Fuckin' Boylan.
Hey, one flash behind.
One flash behind you, baby.
[knocking at door]
What are you doing here?
I have some urgent questions
for you, John.
Jesus. Just walk right in. What questions?
Know Wayne Cosgrove,
reporter for the Globe?
No, I don't know who that is.
He showed me the tape.
- What tape?
- The tape of Gloria Weisnewski
being murdered in the parking lot.
The tape that you are burying.
What tape? I don't know
what you're talking about.
- Don't play stupid with me.
- I'm not playing stupid.
- Not in your own home.
- Don't talk to me like that in my house!
- Are you drunk right now?
- It doesn't matter.
It's eight o'clock on a Saturday morning.
[Boylan] Move along.
Get the fuck out of our house!
What happened to your wife's face, John?
That is just... no way...
What? Did you hit her with that...
You're a filthy cop.
[Spenser] You're a fuckin' disgrace.
You beat that...
- [grunts]
- [Mrs. Boylan] Fuckin' hell!
[Boylan groaning]
[Mrs. Boylan] Get off of him!
Get off of him, you son of a bitch.
[Driscoll] Spense! Stop!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
[indistinct shouting]
[Mrs. Boylan] Get off of him!
Get off of him!
[Mrs. Boylan grunting]
That fucker over there killed a cat?
So, the cat is what you're
takin' away from all of this?
[Spenser] Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna blow this whole shit open.
Clear Terrence's name,
take these guys down.
- You want in?
- Man, I'm already in.
["Beast" playing]
Stand tall for the beast of America
[air hisses]
[chuckling] Oh, my God!
Keep it real for the people
Workin' overtime
They can't stay living
Off the government's dime
Stand tall for the people of America
- I like this kid, Henry.
- [chuckles]
[Hawk] Motherfucker wanna kill cats.
Come on now
[Henry] What are you thinking?
[Spenser] We know the players.
I just gotta figure out what the game is.
- What do you wanna eat?
- I don't know.
Oh, Jesus.
Son of a bitch!
I guess that's it for surveillance today?
- What?
- [Bentwood] Son of a...
Let's go.
Stand tall for the beast of America
Lay down like a naked dead body
Keep it real for the people
Workin' overtime
They can't stay living
Off the government's dime
Come on, people
Come on, people
Come on, people
Come on, people
Fat boy's on the move.
Come on, people
[camera shutter clicking]
You see
Suppression is a motherfuckin' prison
So I hand you the key to your cell
You've got to love your neighbor
Love your neighbor
And let your neighbor love you back
[camera shutter clicking]
Stand tall for the beast of America
Lay down like a naked dead body
Keep it real for the people
Workin' overtime
They can't stay living
Off the government's dime
Stand tall for the people of America
Stand tall for the man next door
We are free in the land of America
We ain't goin' down like this
Come on now
[Spenser] Hey, you guys.
[woman] You looking
for something, Officer?
[Spenser] No, former officer.
I'm just a concerned citizen now.
Doing a little private investigating?
[Spenser] I haven't really come up
with the title yet for what I'm doing.
Let me know if you hear anything
germane to my investigation.
What investigation is that,
uh, Agent Louisa Burton?
Use your imagination.
You're the guy that got arrested
for assaulting John Boylan.
That's who you are.
Gosh, damn it, that's who he is.
[wheezing laugh]
Wow. Your partner's wound
a little tight, huh?
You know, no offense, but two
top-dollar Feds tailing a dirty cop?
[chuckles] I mean, what did you two do
to fuckin' deserve this shit detail?
See you later, all right?
[engine starts]
[Spenser] It's simple. The FBI
does not solve crime, they manage them.
They play some big abstract game,
trying to trade-up
for some vague masterplan,
a big fish, which they never do.
Meanwhile, all the victims, the innocents,
- the Terrence Grahams of the world...
- [Hawk] Hmm.
...they fall through the cracks. Right?
There's zero justice, ever.
So, where are we?
We got Trinitarios, deal makin' FBI.
And we got some
very corrupt cops covering something up.
- [sighs]
- Well, maybe killing Boylan was a message.
I know who we gotta go see.
[indistinct chatter]
What the fuck do you want?
You know that hit you tried on me?
Who wanted that? [smacks lips]
Why is the FBI tailing dirty cops?
What's going on in the city?
I don't have anything to say to you.
I figured you'd say that. [chuckles]
Do you like movies, Squeeb?
I got friends in here.
I was able to bring in my phone.
Henry, we're live.
[Henry] I... Let me...
I don't know if I have this right.
The fuck is that?
- [Henry] For Christ's sake. I got it...
- Move your face away from the camera.
- Yeah. Henry.
- What?
Move your face away from the camera.
- You got video?
- Yes.
Are we really doing this?
Yes. Now.
Recognize her?
Hey, is that my wife?
It ain't mine.
Hey, what the fuck?
How long has it been, huh?
How long you been in here?
How long has it been
since she's had some real attention?
You see that handsome gentleman there?
He met her in a supermarket.
He asked her if she wanted
to have a drink, she said yes.
- Look how she's dressed.
- Fuck you!
[Spenser] No, look how she's dressed up.
Three in the afternoon,
she's dressed up like that? Wow.
And you know what she had to do?
She had to get a babysitter.
That's a weird time
to get a babysitter, huh?
What are all the Aryan brothers
gonna say about that?
You better hurry up, Squeeb.
She's already had four drinks.
Fuck you. What the fuck do you want?
I want answers, okay?
Tell your friend to leave Suzie alone.
Henry, tell Hawk to walk away.
[Henry] Okay, got it.
Hey, Romeo, get outta there.
[Squeeb] What do you want?
I know you know things, Squeeb.
You got ears on the street.
What happened to Boylan? Hmm?
Who ordered the hit on me on my last day?
I'll give you one word, man,
one word only.
Well, it better be a good word, amigo.
What, you mean the dog track?
What are you smiling at, Squeeb?
I just keep imagining your head
rolling down the sidewalk.
[chuckles] You're fuckin' dead.
[Spenser] Cosgrove, you in there?
[Cosgrove] Who's there?
Come on out.
Where are you?
They're building a casino there.
It's gonna have the GNP
of a small oil-rich nation.
- [Spenser] And it's corrupt?
- [Cosgrove] Well, yeah.
I mean, ever heard of
an honest outfit running a casino?
I mean, they are, by design,
instruments of corruption.
If I was still a crime reporter
and I wanted to get my head chopped off,
I'd be writing about
the connection between some dirty cops
and some big politicians
using the Trinitario drug trade
to get a seat at the table of Wonderland.
It's like some fuckin' evil partnership.
It's got a name.
Los Oscuros. Huh? The Dark.
Cosgrove, if you know all this,
why don't you just go public
with what you have?
Because the Wonderland syndicate
has got enough money
to bury anything I put out there.
All right, picture this.
Real bad cops, Dominican street gangs,
and some of the dirtiest
investors in the game,
all working together
to build the next
great family-friendly resort destination
for degenerate gamblers.
[Spenser] What if I get you evidence?
[scoffs] What? Real, undeniable evidence?
I don't even know what that looks like.
It would have to be some fuckin' visual
to poke through this fake news bullshit.
I'll tell you that. Okay? So, we done now?
Because, honestly,
this is the kind of conversation
where a little red sniper dot
pops up on my forehead.
[man] Hey, yo!
- [Spenser] What's up?
- Hey, you can't be here.
[Spenser] No? I'm sorry,
is this private property?
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see a sign.
I used to come here
as a kid all the time with my grandfather.
I thought it was reopening.
I was hoping to see some dog races.
Nah, no dogs in Massachusetts
for 20 years.
Oh, no, that's simply not true.
I see dogs all the time in Massachusetts.
In fact, I have one.
Look at that. Her name's Pearl, huh?
What a queen.
I named her after my grandma.
- Now you gotta get outta here.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- All right. I'm sorry about that.
Have a good one, guys.
[man singing] Lord
Please give strength
To our sister Letitia
- [woman vocalizing]
- [organ playing]
- [officer] Present arms! Weapons up.
- [pastor] God... [indistinct]
[officer] Ready, aim, fire!
We have come way too far
to let this take up any more of our time.
[officer] Fire!
Cat and the bell.
Group of mice live very happily in a barn
until, one day, a feral cat
starts eating the mice.
So, they all gather together one night
to figure out what to do
about this feral cat.
[sirens blaring]
So, one of the younger mice speaks up.
- [officer] Fire!
- [gunshots]
[Driscoll] "Why don't we place
a bell around his neck
so that every time he's coming,
we can hear him?"
One of the older mice says,
"That is an excellent idea,
but whom shall we get to place
the bell around the cat's neck?"
[officer] Fire!
So, what do we do, then?
Sometimes you gotta just kill the cat.
[bell jingles]
[speaking Spanish]
- [waiter] I heard you just got out.
- Oh, man.
Oh, I bet you could use
a good meal. [speaking Spanish]
Missed you, buddy.
Yeah, I need, uh, four burrito.
[waiter] Four burrito.
- Uh, carne asada.
- Oh, you like that.
And, uh, pollo, uh, puerco.
And you know what? Chorizo.
Chorizo. You got it.
[Spenser] Puerco. And you know what?
[rap music playing over headphones]
I've had a lot of struggle
Burning up my tension
So if you wanna make it count...
- Uh... enchilada.
- An enchilada.
- How's mijo?
- Oh, mijo is fine.
I wasn't gonna ask you.
I haven't seen you in a while.
[waiter continues indistinctly]
- [Spenser] Yeah. Wife is good?
- [waiter] Yeah. Muy bien.
- What about, uh, quesadilla?
- [grunts]
Oh. If you want quesadilla,
just gotta wait on the tortilla.
[distorted] Quesadilla's...
[speaking Spanish]
[chuckles] Oh, my wife Julia,
oh, she's so great.
Yeah. She's great.
[continues indistinctly]
[bell jingles]
[waiter exclaims]
- [grunting]
- [customers screaming]
[glass shattering]
- [clamoring in distance]
- [man screaming]
[woman whimpers] No!
[man] Fuck!
Yo! Get in!
[Spenser] Oh, shit!
- You're in big trouble.
- For what?
You smashed the Riviera
through a restaurant!
Get in the car!
I'm tellin' Henry
you were driving the car.
[sirens approaching]
[engine revs]
Man, you get beat up a lot.
And I've noticed every single time
you get your face pushed in,
you come back with just
a little bit more information.
- Would you stop?
- I'm just saying.
I don't think it's a very good tactic.
They know who I am now.
- No shit!
- They're gonna know where to find me.
They're gonna
come looking for me at Henry's.
They'll find Henry at Henry's.
[dog barking]
I hope you brought towels.
This isn't a Motel Six.
Hey. We're here two days, four days max.
It's not safe at Henry's.
Nobody's gonna look for us here.
Who won't look for you here?
Law enforcement. Trinitarios.
Oh, the good guys and the bad guys.
That makes me feel much better.
It's also repetitive behavior.
Hi. [kisses]
- [dogs barking]
- [Hawk] Is this your house or a kennel?
[Cissy] Both. I clean dogs,
I board dogs and I am...
Come here.
And I am very successful at it, all right?
What did you expect? Punching bags?
A bunch of grown men kicking
each other in the fuckin' neck?
- Go to Henry's for that.
- [Spenser] Hey.
- Leave my business out of it.
- I expected more from you.
You're supposed to be his mentor.
Create an atmosphere of
responsible thought and action.
Instead, you got two grown men
runnin' around playing Batman.
We're not playing Batman, okay?
This is Batman business all the way.
Got you and big boy over here
running through Boston all Robin-ed up.
I am not Robin.
[Cissy] And Alfred over here...
[laughing] Uh... Oh, Jesus.
You are an enabling Alfred.
You gave him the keys to the Batmobile.
The Riv is not the Batmobile.
Well, it serves the same purpose.
Are we really gonna stay here?
Because I'd rather take my chances
with the Trinitarios.
At least they don't talk so much.
No. Because they're too busy
trying to shoot you.
You know, actually, they prefer machetes.
Well, they're angry.
Okay, well, I feel so much better now.
So, I'm just gonna go.
Let's go, boys.
Snowball, Rosco, Smokey. Let's go.
[dogs barking and panting]
[dog toy squeaking]
[Letitia] You hungry?
[line ringing]
Did you call the police?
And why would I? They probably did this.
Are you a giant?
Are you a good one or a bad one?
I'm a good one.
Can you pull my bed over?
I think I could handle that.
I want you to put the pillow on the bed.
Can you do that?
Both pillows.
Where would Terrence keep something
if he didn't want anybody to find it?
I don't know.
Well, do you have any idea
what they were looking for?
Do you know what they were looking for?
No, I don't.
Why are you doing this?
'Cause it's the right thing to do.
[Letitia sniffles]
mailed this to me the day he died.
It's a wire.
I know what it is.
[Spenser] Did you listen to it?
I don't know how.
I do.
- You have some place you can stay?
- No.
We're not goin' anywhere.
I'm not getting chased out of my own home.
Well, good for you.
All right, look.
I'm gonna call you
when I know something, okay?
- Thank you.
- [Spenser] Okay.
Can I hold on to this?
[chuckles] It's got his handwriting on it.
[Spenser] Of course.
All right. I'll call you soon. Come on.
[Terrence on recording] Come on, Boylan.
We both want to get home
to our families. Help me out.
[Boylan] You got no fuckin' idea
how deep this shit goes.
[Terrence sighs] So, tell me.
[Boylan] Now, that information
is way above my pay grade, Mr. Altar Boy.
But high up.
High up.
All right, Los Oscuros is just
one seat at this fuckin' table.
Oh, come on.
The Feds.
Give me something good
to whet their appetite.
What are you guys using
the Trinitario drug money for?
What do you think?
It's our ticket into Wonderland.
Permits, pay-offs, construction.
All that. Dirty cops.
- Like you?
- Yeah, like me.
Who's running this thing?
How does it work?
Trinitarios are working for Bentwood.
Bentwood works for Macklin.
And they all work for Driscoll.
They already know this.
I need something concrete, Boylan.
Come on, man. I'm on your side.
Let me help you get
the best deal out of this.
Tell me about the Pony Express.
[Boylan] I'll make it clear.
Trinitario street gang and Tracksuit
Charlie do the Pony Express once a week.
You tell your fuckin' Feds
to picture the biggest shipment
of fentanyl and oxy that they can imagine.
All right? And when they get that picture,
tell 'em to triple it.
Where and when?
I will tell you that once I get my deal.
Trinitarios are working for Bentwood.
I swear to God, I didn't give anything!
You're a rat, Boylan.
[Boylan] Bentwood works for Macklin.
Bad things happen
to tattletales, don't they?
[Boylan] And they all work for Driscoll.
I didn't give them anything, I swear!
This is my favorite part, you fuckin' rat.
I see you got kara... Excuse me,
karate, after school today, right?
Yes, sir.
You gonna be able to get
yourself home from there?
- [Driscoll] I need you home by 5:00.
- Yes, sir.
- [Driscoll] No later.
- Yes.
- 5:00 p.m. What time you comin' home?
- 5:00.
Please don't be late.
Your mother's killing me about this, so...
Stay right here.
- Spenser.
- [Spenser] Hey.
[Driscoll] What are you, lost?
Nah. Just happened
to be in the neighborhood.
Okay. Okay.
[inhales deeply] The fuck
you doin' here, Spenser?
I know about Wonderland, brother.
I know you're in deep.
You got any proof, Spenser?
Yeah. Too much.
You know, the good cop
that I know, if he's still in...
- All right.
- [grunts quietly]
[inhales deeply] Tell you what,
I'm gonna give you
one last chance
to come clean about Wonderland.
Cut a deal with the Feds, tell them
the truth before more people get hurt.
You do your time like a man, brother.
Like I did.
Be a hero for Josh.
[Driscoll] Get the fuck outta here.
That's what I figured.
[Driscoll breathes heavily]
You always were a hard-head. Just like me.
- [car door opens]
- Bye, roommate.
- [car door closes]
- [engine starts]
[Boylan over speakers] Trinitarios
are working for Bentwood.
Bentwood works for Macklin.
And they all work for Driscoll.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna get this done?
Agent Burton, just use the tape
to clear Terrence Graham's name.
This tape? It's not enough.
What are you talking about?
Even without the tape.
The drugs are enough physical evidence
for a RICO case against
the whole Wonderland crew!
[Terrence over speakers]
...Trinitario drug money for?
[Boylan] What do you think?
I'm sorry. I understand how you feel
but I can't tell you any more.
Oh, my God. Now that's bullshit.
[scoffs] You wanna help that cop's family?
Walk away. We've got bigger fish to fry.
We're the FBI. You push us,
we will make so much crap
fly around for you and for Letitia,
that you'll go back to Walpole.
And CPS will...
[Terrence] Let me help you get
the best deal out of this.
Tell me about the Pony Express.
[Boylan] I'll make it clear.
It's Tracksuit Charlie, movin' drugs
with the Trinitarios every week.
That's what the Pony Express is.
Hello, ladies.
Lookin' more beautiful
than you did when you got here.
[woman] There's someone here to see you.
No, no, no! Okay, Spense.
[Spenser] Tell me about the Pony Express.
Who's runnin' the drugs?
Gonna tell me what I wanna know?
[muffled grunting]
[Spenser] I wanna know everything.
Who's drivin'?
What they're drivin'?
Where they're comin' from? When and where?
You're going to tell me everything!
[muffled grunting]
Hey, man! They will cut your head off...
- [Spenser] Oh, really?
- [gurgling]
What are they driving, Charlie?
Refrigeration van.
Coming from New Hampshire.
Okay. It's coming down the pipes.
It's hid in the refrigeration tanks.
- [Spenser] When?
- Tomorrow.
- [Spenser] When?
- [Bentwood] Today! Noon.
- [Spenser] Which one?
- [Bentwood gasping]
- What day do you meet, Charlie?
- [Bentwood] Today!
[tires screech]
- [hip-hop music playing over speakers]
- [speaking Spanish]
[continues speaking Spanish]
[horns blaring]
[tires screeching]
Excuse me, sir. Are you okay?
Oh, my God. You've got blood
all over you. Let me see?
[Hawk] No.
[metal clanging]
Oh, shit.
[breathes shakily]
[speaking Spanish]
- You forgot one in the back.
- I forgot one in the back?
It's the driver's responsibility
to check the back.
[Hawk] Who makes these rules?
Hey. Hey! Hey!
[man] You motherfuckers is dead.
[Spenser] Shit! Fuck.
You... You dead.
Yous is dead.
Oh, shit.
Every single one of them is full. Huh?
This is how the cops are buying
their way into Wonderland.
Jesus Christ! I haven't
done drugs in 20 years.
I don't even know
what I'm lookin' at here.
[Hawk] Fentanyl, oxy, coke.
It's half the drugs in New England.
Isn't this just gonna piss 'em off?
Yeah, it's gonna piss 'em off once
they end up in federal prison, absolutely.
Uh, I don't know if it's enough.
You don't know if it's enough?
What is wrong with you?
[Cosgrove] It's just
a truck full of drugs!
If I gave you a photograph
of them smiling and holding it,
- you'd say it wasn't authenticated.
- No, that'd be good.
- Yeah.
- Them holding it? Huh?
If I gave you a video tape,
you'd say it was doctored.
If I walked them into court
with the drugs in their hands,
you'll say they were coerced.
You're unbelievable.
[dog barking]
- [barking continues]
- Calm down.
- Shit!
- This is not good.
That dude ID'd us.
- [Spenser] Jesus Christ.
- Jesus Christ, man...
Ringo, what's wrong? What's wrong, baby?
What is it, baby? What's up, baby?
- What is it, Ringo?
- [barking]
Whose van is that?
That's... It's Hawk's. He got a job.
- Yeah.
- I'm just helping him.
- It's just like a side hustle thing.
- [Cissy] Uh-huh.
You know what Ringo here's job was
before he retired?
- Do you know what his main hustle was?
- [Hawk] What?
He was a narcotics dog.
- [continues barking]
- Bingo! Ringo.
- Don't let that thing in here!
- Oi! Oi!
[Ringo whimpers]
[Spenser] Go back inside.
I need you guys...
What the fuck is that?
You brought drugs into my garage?
Just do me a favor.
Go back in the house with Henry.
What did you do?
[Cissy] Spenser!
[Spenser] I told everybody
to stay in the house.
- Spenser!
- Where's Henry?
- He's not here.
- Why is he not here?
He... he wanted to go home.
- He said he wanted to go.
- I specifically told you to stay here!
Why would you let him leave?
What am I supposed to do?
Chain him to the radiator?
- Where is he gonna go?
- [Cissy] He wanted to go home!
Oh, my God. You gotta be kidding...
Shit, he's FaceTiming me.
Henry doesn't know how to FaceTime.
What do you want?
I want us to sit down and talk
and throw everything on the table.
Work this out before...
I have to kill Henry here.
Hey. Don't touch him.
You hear me? Do not touch him.
These guys are a bunch of idiots, Spenser.
- Spenser...
- [Spenser] Put Driscoll back on.
Fuck 'em. Hang up.
He hit me in the eye.
Where are ya? I'll come there right now.
Wonderland. One hour.
I'm on my way.
And bring my drug shipment.
[sighing heavily]
What are we gonna do?
[breathing heavily]
You're with me?
- Look.
- [Hawk] Mmm.
Wonderland is basically
like an abandoned fortress.
And there's pretty much
only one way in, right here.
It's the middle of the day.
There's not a lot of places to hide.
We're gonna have to get
Henry out of the way.
And I got a plan.
It's a little unconventional.
You're gonna have to trust me.
No, no, no.
No, you don't get the cool gun.
Aw. Hawk is the name of
a motherfucker with a shotgun.
Spenser does your taxes.
That was good. I'll give you that one.
All right.
[Henry] You know,
I'd really love to understand
the process of why you took me
as a hostage.
Nobody's gonna come for me.
I got about three minutes left in me.
Nobody gives a shit if I live or die.
I don't even care much if I live or die.
You hit me in the eye.
What you hit me in the eye for?
I was sitting, minding my own business.
You come in, I say, "Hello,"
and you hit me in the eye.
- I gotta go to the bathroom.
- Henry.
- What?
- [Driscoll] Henry.
I will gag you, old-timer.
Gag me or not, I still gotta go
to the bathroom.
Who's running point on this shit-show?
Get that fuckin' sword out of my face.
Do you work at a Brazilian steakhouse?
Are you kidding me?
[Driscoll] Where's Spenser?
[Cissy] You degenerates.
This is how you treat
an old man, a poor
mentally-challenged old man?
- Let's go, Henry.
- I'm not mentally challenged.
Shut up, Henry! You're in shock.
Come sit down.
- You got a...
- What're you doin' here?
...prostate the size of a grapefruit.
- Come here. Just sit down.
- [Henry] Where's Spenser?
Shame on you! Did they violate you?
- Sexually?
- No.
What are you talking about?
- Did you engage in ass-play?
- No!
- [Cissy] You can tell me...
- Bitch, please.
Stop playin'.
Where's Spenser?
I can't tell you that.
I will blow your fuckin' head off.
[bird screeches]
[engine roaring]
What the fuck?
[birds squawking]
Holy shit!
- [tires squeal]
- [grunting]
[engine sputtering]
[country music playing on radio]
- [Spenser] Oh, my God.
- [gunshots continue]
This is your plan?
My plan only went as far
as the entrance, okay?
- Shit!
- [Henry] Spenser!
[gunshots continue]
[pants] I gotta get to Driscoll.
- Okay, go get him. I got you.
- [Spenser] All right.
[man] He's over there!
[Spenser] Oh, shit!
[door bangs open]
[both grunt]
That's how you throw a fuckin' punch!
- [yells in Spanish]
- [yells]
[indistinct yelling]
[breath trembling]
[machete clatters]
[breathing heavily]
[Driscoll groans]
It's over.
What, are you gonna shoot me?
How did you kill Officer Terrence Graham?
What'd you do?
Wrap his hand around the gun,
make it look like a suicide?
You have your boys hold him still for you?
I mean, cops killing cops?
When did that ever become okay?
[sighs] Well...
So, what are you gonna do?
You know what I'm gonna do.
You're goin' to prison.
First, I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
Yeah? What's that?
Oh, a cop in prison's
gotta know how to fight.
You take my word for that.
- [gun clatters]
- Let's go.
Oh, let's.
- [sighs] I'm sick of your shit.
- Come on.
- You think you're special?
- Let's go.
Oh, you're not a fuckin' choirboy.
You're a fuckin' jailbird! Fuck you!
[both grunting]
[Spenser groans] Fuckin'...
I gave you a chance, brother.
[Spenser grunting]
- [Driscoll] Fuck your chance.
- Fuck!
You ain't got what it takes
to make it in prison, you know why?
'Cause you're weak.
[both grunting]
[breathing heavily] Come on.
Your stupid Serpico morality,
it doesn't work in the real world.
[Spenser grunts] Mother...
[panting] Come on, baby. Let's go.
[pained grunting]
[Driscoll] Yeah, baby.
- [grunting]
- You were always so fuckin' naive!
Huh? You thought
you could help the victims?
You ain't helping shit.
Always some endless
fuckin' need for sympathy.
Oh, please, that's shit!
You hear me?
You ain't helping no one.
[Spenser softly] Fuck.
There's no justice, Spenser!
There's only the strong and the weak.
They gonna find your body
wherever I dump it.
They gonna put chalk around you, boy.
You gonna die.
Henry, too.
And I'm gonna walk
these motherfuckin' streets!
[inhales sharply]
- [bones snap]
- [Driscoll screams]
[both grunting]
- [Spenser grunting]
- [groaning]
You know what, bad guy?
I'm gonna serve some justice today.
I'm gonna make a citizen's arrest.
You're under arrest.
- [grunts]
- [handcuffs click]
You save the bad guy talk for the boys
in whatever federal prison you go to.
You can tell 'em I said hello.
[sirens wailing]
[helicopter whirring]
You boys is fucked.
[chuckling] Fucked.
[news anchor] Breaking news.
A shocking turn of events
have rocked South Boston.
The FBI, in cooperation
with the BPD, announced tonight
that several top-ranking
Boston police officers
have been arrested on charges
of corruption and racketeering.
Chief among these charges is the framing
of Boston Police Officer Terrence Graham.
BPD has released
an official apology to Graham's family
and have announced that Terrence Graham
has been posthumously cleared
of all charges relating to the gruesome
death of Captain John Boylan.
The fallen hero will receive
a Boston PD burial
with full honors.
A scholarship is also being set up
for his young son Rowan.
We'll have more on this top story
as it continues to develop.
["Sweet Emotion" playing]
Sweet Emotion
Come on.
You want Hawk to come to see you, huh?
[Cissy] You know she doesn't
understand a word you're sayin'.
She understands everything I say.
No. She's just waiting
for you to give her a treat.
You look good.
I know.
You wanna take me for lunch?
- What do you wanna eat?
- I want you to buy me a lobster.
You want me to buy you a lobster?
I want you to buy me
a whole fuckin' lobster.
Are you gonna eat it or...
No, I'm gonna throw it in your face.
Yeah, I'm gonna eat it. I'm starvin'.
- Come on, Pearl. [whistles] Come on.
- [Pearl barks]
[Cissy] You did good this time.
[Spenser] You know what? That was sweet.
Sweet Emotion
Here's to a family
that stays in the game, huh?
[all speaking indistinctly]
[muffled] The celebratory lobster life.
I worked on a lobster boat
for ten months...
long time ago.
Seen them pulling up box after box
of those poor lobster bastards,
with their little eyes staring at me
like little lost children with claws.
- Like this one?
- Yeah.
It's charming. It's what makes you you.
[muffled] You wanna take
a little historical review
of where that hot dog of yours has been?
- [chuckles]
- [Henry] What?
I was just telling them
a little bit about my past.
- You don't know anything about me.
- [Cissy] You're disgusting.
- [man] Hey, Frodo.
- [Cissy] Fuck, yeah!
[reporter on TV] An arrest
has been made today
in connection with the arson
at Saint Aidan's church.
Whoa. Saint Aidan's church burned down?
Two years ago, when you were in prison.
Boston Battalion Chief Foley is being
brought out right now by the police.
I'm a firefighter. I was set up.
I swear to God, I didn't do this.
Marty Foley?
- Henry, I went to high school with him.
- Oh, shit.
Somebody change that channel.
The Bruins are playing.
[reporter] Two Boston firefighters
died in the blaze.
I have kids. I would never do this.
I swear to God,
I would never do this. I need help!
- No.
- The Bruins, please!
I need help!
- I need help. I need help.
- [Cissy] No. No!
[Henry] The Bruins!
["Foreplay/Long Time" playing]
It's been such a long time
I think I should be goin', yeah
And time doesn't wait for me
It keeps on rollin'
Sail on
On a distant highway, yeah
I've got to keep on chasin' a dream
I've gotta be on my way
Wish there was something I could say
Well, I'm takin' my time
I'm just movin' on
Takin' my time
Oh, just movin' along
Takin' my time
Takin' my time, yeah
Takin' my time
Takin' my time
Takin' my time
Takin' my time