Spetters (1980) Movie Script

Move out of the way!
I have to get to work!
I'm taking an advance for next month,
old timer.
-Is your money already spent?
-What do you think?
-Thanks, old timer.
-Hi Mom.
-Bye son.
What are you laughing at?
Come on.
Thanks dad!
...Gerrit Witkamp together with his wife...
...she, with her splendid villa blahblahblah...
Is the sound alright?
It's okay..
Fine with me.
Good, let's get started!
So guys, as soon as he steps out the door,
let's show a little enthousiasm, right?
4... 3... 2... 1
Let's go!
# Here's Gerrit Witkamp,
the national dirt bike champion... #
# ...with his wife Hilde,
cheered on by his adoring fans! #
Camera two, zoom in!
Witkamp, Witkamp!
-Good morning Gerrit, hello Hilde...
-Hello Frans.
We're told you're actually a dentist, is this
true or just a rumor spread by your sponsor?
It's true,
I graduated at Utrecht.
But you haven't practiced much lately,
have you?
You don't lose a skill like that though,
shall I demonstrate?
This should be good guys,
a demonstration by a dentist...
...who's about to become the dirt bike
world champion. Do we have a volunteer?
Eef! How about Eef,
his teeth are already fucked up!
Nothing wrong with my teeth.
Open your mouth...
There's a hole in one of the molars.
Drop by sometime, I'll treat you for free.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to
introduce you to some of Gerrit's fans...
First of all,
who do we have here?
Eef De Wit, car mechanic.
I'm nineteen.
And you?
I'm twenty and a carpenter.
Right, and you?
I'm Hans,
also twenty and also a carpenter...
(Surinam accent) And what are we sure about?
Gerrit will be the champion!
Witkamp, Witkamp!!
Hey, how do you like the enthusiasm of your fans?
Wonderful. I would love to be the champion,
just to please my fans.
You heard it!
Gerrit promises to be the champion!
Now I'm asking you, what do you think
will make Gerrit the world champion?
He's got the best gear, all of it Japanese!
It's just great stuff!
It's not about the gear,
it's about the man driving it.
That's what I like to hear
It's all about the human factor in sport.
That's right! I drive a piece of junk myself,
but I'll win tomorrow for sure!
Ah, you're a dirt bike racer yourself?
Yes, I'm only an amateur
but that will change soon.
He's won a few times already.
You heard it Gerrit,
the competition is coming for you...
Do you know about this boy?
Sure, his name is Rien Hartman.
Yes! Is he talented?
He's extremely talented,
he might be one of the greats!
What about me? I'm a biker too!
-...Hey Gerrit, I wanted to ask you a question...
...I believe that champions
can help advance the sport...
Look, the sport has to appeal to a wider audience...
-Yes, talent will emerge eventually...
Hey Gerrit, thanks for the interview...
Ok guys, it's a wrap. Let's go.
Hey baby
You're up early today?
I have to work on my bike.
I need some floor cover.
Behind you.
-Will I see you tonight?
-For sure.
My parents are going camping in their caravan.
We've got the place to ourselves...
-I'm going to the counter...
-Yes, I'm coming.
Will that be all?
Some chewing gum.
Allright, that will be 24,50.
Here's 25,
keep the change, honey.
You're so sweet.
My my, aren't you clever.
-Forgot about those, had you?
-They're from home.
-With our pricetags on them?
They're paid for.
Yes, allright!
Hey guys!
Watch out now,
little Hans.
My balls...
Here, catch this.
...All of it nicked from my old man...
and from Maya, she never notices anything...
(Voice on radio) # Glad you're
listening, here's Blondie! #
# From the album 'Parallel Lines,'
here's 'One Way or Another!' #
I need some juice...
Shall I put it in there?
Fill her up?
That's what I came here for.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
A receipt, please...
Ooh, a receipt...
A receipt...
Hey fellas!
...check this out...
Bastard! You bastard!
Two peas on a board!
I think even mine are bigger!
Next time, bring your older sister!
Dirty faggot!
Next one.
Don't use that one!
There's still dirt on it!
There's just a little grease on it...
Gerrit wouldn't use that either!
You should see his mechanic.
He's just a dirty gook.
But he could assemble a bike
with his eyes closed!
I can do that
Yeah, right.
Wanna bet?
25 bucks, allright?
Go ahead.
(He names the engine parts)
Ah, delicious Heineken!
That will be 25 bucks.
Hey Rien, check out this hot chick!
She's a dirty black!
Yeah, but they fuck better...
-Right, love?
Oh nothing...
Wanna dance?
With you?
As if I don't have anything better to do.
He's such an asshole.
-Would you like something to drink?
-Chocolate milk?
-I'll have a beer.
Rien! This chick is easy!
-Chicks like her just can't get enough of it.
-Me neither...
He's at it again..
-Your skin is very soft...
-Don't do that!
-Why not?
-I don't like that.
Sure you do.
(Deejay) # This evening's disco-dance contest is
about to start and today we are celebrating...
Guess you couldn't cut the mustard?
Did you get a smelly finger, little Hans?
-Here, smell it.
-Did you get it on?
-Why don't you go dancing? Your big chance!
-Yeah, go on and take the floor!
-Go dance... Maybe you'll win a album...
-Let go of me!
-Disco, disco.
-Oh lovely... lovely...
(Dee-Jay) # Wow, here's our very own
dutch John Travolta! Fantastic! #
# But wait, that's the Black Pearl,
the competition! #
# You won't be able to beat him boy... #
# He's this evening's prize winner! #
# Wow! Here is Iggy Pop pop pop pop! #
-Why don't you sing along?
-Jesus saves! Jesus saves! saves saves...
-You sound like a broken record player!
(Man on background) Hey, hands off!
Let go of me! I didn't do anything!
(Girl) Hey! I got to get in yet! -Come on then!
Hey, come on! -Hey, watch it! -Ow!
-Jesus, Truus!
-Jesus Christ!
Damn, dirty fuckfaggots!
-Watch where you're going!
-Hit him in the balls! -Yeah, come on! -Yes!
-Hey, filthy assfuckers!
-Keep your hands off little boys!
Let's have some fun with them, step on it!
Don't leave me alone with this scum!
Come on guys, get after 'm!
I got ya bastard!
You like this hey?!
Come on then! Aye?! Aye?!
-Lipstick! Give me some lipstick!
-Here! Here!
-I'm going to make you pretty.
-What a lovely mouth for a blow job!
This way you're more recognizable,
you dirty faggot.
Come on girls!
-I tied his shoestrings together!
-I should have fucked him as well.
Ok guys, end of the ride, let's go.
-I don't want to go home yet...
Ok guys, I'm out of here. My parents
are away, I have the place to myself...
Eat her out!
Well, he's set for the evening...
I wish my parents had a trailer.
The church wouldn't allow it.
Hey Rien, listen up...
Can't we come with you?
So you can end up behind the bar?
No way. I'll see you tomorrow.
Those crybabies wanted to come inside with us.
-It's sad, they have nowhere to go.
-They'll have to get down in the grass somewhere.
It tickles your bum...
-Shall we lay down?
Not my room, let's take my
parents' bed instead. Nice and big.
Mind the bedspread!
Get off it for a moment.
What's that? Read it to me.
"Rien, don't let Maya leave too late
or her mom will get worried. Dad"
Your dad is so sweet...
My old man, what a guy.
Bye girls...
-Just look how high...
-Not so high!
-We're going home, bye! -Quit it!
-You'll be fine, okay?
-I'm scared, don't be an asshole!
-Quit it!
Go to the back of the building!
Just enter there. -Where? -Back there!
We're on our way.
Watch it, this is creepy...
Over there! Through that window!
lift me up.
What are you looking at?
Go find your own spot.
Come, let's go in here.
-I think I had a little too much to drink.
-That's allright.
Hold on for a moment...
What's wrong?
-I'm having my period.
-Jesus! Couldn't you have told me before?
It's only just started.
That's just great.
I can't get it in.
It's totally limp.
Huh? Damnit.
My arm is getting tired.
It looks just like a shrimp!
I had too much booze, do you mind?
If they find out,
I'll look like an idiot.
They don't have to know,
let's just pretend.
But what should I do?
Just moan, like in 'Turks Fruit.'
Like this?
Louder... Louder!
More! More!
-Eef? -Yo!
Yeah, I just have to get rid of the mess.
-Let's go
-Not bad, huh?
-I really nailed her good...
-Hurry up.
-It was great, wasn't it?
-Wait for me!
-Hey Eef.
(Rien) -Did you find a spot last night?
-Hey, I'm riding with Eef!
-Can't I...?
-No, you go with Hans.
What, on his shitty bike? It won't
start again and we'll be left behind.
It started right up this morning!
Ok guys, let's go!
What a piece of crap!
It worked, right?! Everything was ok!
Calm down, it can happen to anyone.
(Speaker) # All riders
in the 125cc, come to the start please #
What the hell are you waiting for, moron?
the race is getting started!!
Yeah, chill out will you?!
-Will you be careful?
-I want to win it.
-Well, I'll see you there.
-What about me?
If you're such a good mechanic,
why can't you fix my bike?
Now shut the fuck up or I'm not touching it again!
You know what's your problem?
You drink too much, your hands tremble.
-Is that right? Fuck off then! Do it yourself!
Out of the way!
(Speaker) # ...coming up is the 125cc... #
# that's the youth, and our youth has the future! #
# I can see them show up at the starting grid...
The favorites for this race... #
# That's number 12, it's Piet... #
# Number 8 is Rien Hartman,
very concentrated. There's a lot at stake! #
# ...Hey, We have a late arrival, number 21.
That's Hans Blaak. #
# Hurry up boy, or you'll miss the start! #
# Just a few seconds left, ladies and gentlemen... #
# Ready... #
# ...First out of the gate is number 8,
that's Rien Hartman. Way to go Rien! #
# ...They are coming round the bend.
Still leading is Rien Hartman. Bravo! #
# Keep it up Rien, it's going fantastic!
This way you'll make it for sure! #
Hup Rien!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
(Speaker) # Now in first position is Robbie Meyer...
Also a great showing! #
# Now we're in the final stages of the race
and it's obvious who is going to win... #
# That's number 8, I can see him coming right now
and it's Rien Hartman, the winner! #
# A wonderful performance,
showing real class. Congratulations! #
-Hey, guys!
-There he is, Rien!
You've won! Rien, fantastic!
That was awesome, fantastic!
-Good job Rien!
-You did very well yourself.
My bike didn't work.
Better luck next time...
-Let's go eat something, guys!
-Wait a minute, put it on!
-Yeah, ok...
-Looks nice.
Hey guys...
Gerrit Witkamp!
Hey Gerrit!
-You're not getting too good, are you?
-You better watch out!
The other leg too.
-It's still cold.
-I'll heat it up for you.
-If it's cold we don't cram it.
-Anything else I can do for you?
-Yeah, spread 'em!
-You can have my "kroket" as well. It's very hot.
-Shall I put it in the frying pan?
-Ah that's good.
Let it steam for a while.
(announcer) # I can reveal that
Rien Hartman is the champion. #
# I'd say, Japanese sponsors, pay attention! #
# ...pay attention to the slender young guy
in white. That's number 8, Rien Hartman. #
Here's your kroket. Warm.
Wow, nice prize.
Did you win it?
Don't be funny,
I found it in a ditch somewhere...
Well, the champion gets to choose,
it's on the house.
No way, we'll pay for it.
Mind your own business.
It happens to be my business.
I'll have some fries and a salad.
I'll have a kroket.
One salad...
What about you?
I'll have two fried dicks
and a bear's cock.
You're so funny!
What a joker!
Hey, pay up!
-That's a good one!
-Pay for what? We didn't get anything.
We're not going to pay for your crap.
See you later!
Hey fellas, don't be jackasses.
Just pay up now.
Assholes, give me the money!
Just back off...or we'll do something different...
like this!
(makes chicken noises)
Grab him! Grab him!
Stand back,
I'll throw this all over him!
Now give me the money, damnit!
Pay up, I'm not going to let you screw up
what little I have.
Let's have it.
Go on, give me the money,
you son of a bitch.
You too.
Pay up.
-Here you go.
(announcer) # ...and here's the man you all
came to see. Gerrit Witkamp... #
-Jaap! ok! # -...Gerrit Witkamp,
the national champion... #
-Hey, Witkamp is going to race!
-Let's hurry to the track guys!
I'll get you.
Asshole. #@&
That girl has guts,
she made them pay.
She a slut.
She's worthless, just like her fries...
-Why should I be? Isn't that right Rien?
Let's go guys!
(announcer) # Just a few seconds left
before the start of the 500 cc race... #
# ...with our very own Gerrit Witkamp. #
# The tension is unbearable...
If Gerrit wants to become world champion... #
# And here they go! As you can see,
Gerrit Witkamp is in the lead...! #
# ...and holds on to it, he's first through the bend! #
# They can't keep up,
they just can't! #
# What an fantastic start,
just fantastic! #
(TV) # This puts Witkam at the top of the league,
above 'De Havert,' above 'Strauss...' #
# ...with just one race left in this season,
there can be no doubt... #
# ...Gerrit Witkamp will be the next world champion. #
-# For some comments... #
-Hey old man!
-I won!
Everyone... the new Witkamp!
Drinks are on the house.
-What about you?
-I fell...
-You fell...
-Hans, help me out here.
Next time, when I get a new bike..
you just wait and see.
You'll just fall again.
Ladies and gentlemen. Rehearsal!
Allright, just one swig
and then we start.
-Rien, here's to your victory.
-Cheers, guys.
I have to get going,
or the front door will be locked. Bye.
-Leaving already?
He's not allowed to stay out late.
-What a dick.
-A limp one, as well.
-What do you mean?
-Truusje, We're getting started!
-I'll tell you later...
-Are you going to help me out here?
-I'll have a look around...
You have profaned the Lord's day again.
That was you sounding off your horn
in front of the church this morning.
I just wanted to say hello.
Just a little joke...
Come with me.
Your turn.
Had enough?
Turn off the lights.
-You can't stand here. Get out of here.
-Is that so? Why not?
You need a license.
-What's going on?
We don't have a license.
We have to leave.
But we do have one.
It's inside.
My brother was mistaken.
But, why don't you come inside officer...
I'll show you the license
and make you a cup of coffee.
...MS8 reporting.
Nothing to see here.
Hello. You took care of it quickly...
well done...
-He'll be back.
-You spoil them.
What, do you think I like doing it?
You don't seem to mind.
He was a good-looking guy.
-Damnit, the tap doesn't work.
-I haven't attached it yet.
Fucking piece of junk...
I'd get out of this mess tomorrow if I could.
We're stuck here for the time being.
Is that right?
Move it, I want to sleep.
Sleep tight.
-Good night.
-Night, little sister.
-Hi. -Hi.
-Jesus, I'm still so sleepy.
-Snooze on then...
Look over there.
Hey, it's the guy from the race.
-Stop over.
-I want to see if the girl is there.
-Do it tonight, we have to get to the job now.
Fucking job...
Go and get some groceries!
-Hey babe!
-Coming along?
Go wash yourselves first!
Hey, calm down will you?
Hey, set up your business over here?
-What a coincidence.
-Want to grab some coffee?
Maybe some other time.
Where's the local supermarket?
-Over there.
-See you around.
-Hey! I'm coming over for some fries soon!
We've met before, right?
I wouldn't know.
You were at the race,
we met.
Oh, I don't remember.
Sure, when the redheaded guy won.
That will be twenty guilders and three cents.
Do you have three cents?
Where does that guy live?
I don't know who you're talking about.
-But he was with you, right?
-Here you go. For free.
-Your groceries.
Eef! Eef,
where the hell are you?
-Eef, you wanker!
-We have a surprise for you...
-We found something out.
Yeah, me too.
The chick from the snack bar showed up.
They set up business on 'The Brink.'
-Have you talked to her yet?
-Sure, we had some coffee.
What did she say?
She told me she thought I was hot.
-She likes dark men.
Just because she doesn't know me.
Wait till she gets a taste of me...
Fuck off,
You already have a girlfied!
-Damn, we're not married.
-You have Maya, you asshole.
-I'd like something else for a change.
-I'm nailing her.
After me, little Hans.
Then it's your turn.
Get in line, I'm first.
All of us can't do her at the same time.
-Threesome? Pretty modern.
I won't be able to get it up
while you're watching.
-...or anytime for that matter.
-What are you talking about?
You have to scratch open that little
pimple of yours just to take a piss.
Watch out,
it's dangerous!
My little pimple is still
a lot bigger than your limp sausage.
Is that right?
Show me.
-You show me.
-I've got it...
...whoever has the biggest one
gets to screw the chick.
Wise guy.
-Are you serious?
-Of course. Seems fair, also for her.
She'll be riding first class.
Close the doors.
-Are you for real?
-Of course. Get the tape measure.
Come on.
I'm not doing this by myself.
Let's stretch them a little.
It's too cold in here.
It's not gonna work.
-How about I scratch your balls?
-That sounds nice.
Get off me, freak.
-Give it to me.
-I've never had any complaints.
Won by a hair, I guess.
-Ladies first...
So go ahead!
-Well, cheerio...
Goes down like the word
of God in an elder.
-Hey, champion.
It's you. I didn't recognize you
with that silly cap on.
-I'll have some vieux.
He'll be champion sometime.
Famous, like Witkamp.
-Give it a rest old timer.
-And if he doesn't, no problem...
...He can take over my business
anytime he likes.
Maybe in twenty years time.
It's a nice place,
just needs to be modernized a little.
Like one of those disco bars,
you mean. Don't think so.
For your trophy collection.
A reminder of when we first met,
you helped me.
It's the brick...
I'm glad you like it.
It's not even the same brick,
the other one was yellow.
Is that so?
Maybe it's his brother.
I have to get back to work.
I'll see you around.
-Shove off!
-Out of the way!
I'd like not one, not two...
...but three krokets.
And I'll have a large fries
with some of the brown goo on it!
-And you?
-A kroket.
-No, it's just fine.
-Well, I thought you we're going to hit on her?
-Shall I do it?
-First my fries.
-Double fries with mayonaise!
-Your fries.
-Now make an effort...
Sir... go ahead.
(Surinam accent) Not to disturb you,
but I'd like you to fix a kroket...
We don't need any comedians around here!
-One kroket, I'll pay right away.
-Ok. 2.60
Oh, just leave it...
-Do you have anything planned for tonight?
-Sure. A lot of work.
-It's my turn!
-What will it be, boy?
A packet of chewing gum
and a meatball.
Here you go.
-But afterwards, when you get off from work?
-Then I'm going to bed. Alone.
Your large kroket is of no use to you now, is it?
-What's your problem, asshole?!
-Watch it!
-Tasty kroket.
-Come on, you coward!
Rien, come over here.
There's someone who wants to talk to you...
-Hey Guys!
The guy from televison is here,
on the track...
-He wants you guys for his TV show.
-We're going to be on TV!
Guys, to the race track!
-Where are you going?
-To the race track!
-So much for our customers.
-I'm going to take a look.
(announcer) # He's in first place
and there's only one Gran Prix left. #
# He doesn't even have to win it,
second or third place is enough. #
# So we can agree about one thing... #
# ...Gerrit Witkamp will be
world champion soon. #
# The TV station wants
to make a big event of it... #
# ...with a parade into town.
We want all of you to participate. #
# We need all of you,
with your bikes... #
# ...and of course we'll need hot chicks too.
'cause hot chicks will do well on TV.#
# Especially if they're as
good-looking as you are. #
-Hey, what do you think you're doing!
-You're already sold?
-To him.
-That's right.
# That's what I thought.
So, everyone is in? #
# It will be shown on Studio Sport,
four million viewers! #
-Four million viewers!
-We'll be on television!
-Ok, we're in!
-Yeah we'll do it!
# We'll discuss the details later,
alright? #
So Mr. Henkhof,
how much will you be paying us?
-Nothing. You'll get free publicity.
-Once more?
I said: nothing.
It's free publicity for you guys.
There's no such thing as a free lunch.
-Do you belong to this biking club?
-She's not a part of it.
The boys have expenses,
you'll have to compensate them.
-Makes sense, right?
-Okay, I'll pay for the gas, ok?
-And the rest of it...
You want a fun show, don't you?
Without us you have nothing.
No cash, no motorclub,
Is that right guys?
-How much did you have in mind?
-Five grand.
That's too much,
half of that is enough.
Okay, 2500.
Do we take it?!
Do we get it now?
1500 now, the rest
after the show. Who?
Here you go.
Wow, 1500 guilders guys.
Thanks Fien!
Ok guys,
let's race!
-What do you want?
-What kind of business?
-A chance for you to earn something.
-I've got something for you.
-What is it?
You do some work for the
Japanese guys, don't you?
No, I work for
the broadcasting company.
Yeah right, everyone knows
you earn a little on the side.
Do they?
You need to get the Japanese
to sponsor Rien...
-Oh? And why should I do that?
-Because he'll be champion, just like Gerrit.
-Champion of sack race running?
-You're too funny.
He won again yesterday,
you were there.
So what if I offered him
a contract, sweet stuff?
-You get ten percent of his earnings.
-Can you garantee this?
-Are you his girlfriend?
-No. But I will be.
-What do you say?
-I think...
...we should discuss the details in the car.
Come over here.
What is the matter?
Just come.
And? Nice stuff, isn't it?
I drive for the factory. Look.
-I'm sponsored by the Japanese now.
-Far out. Will you be careful?
Come on. What could happen.
I could break something...
-That would be bad enough.
-Stop whining! Come on...
-...let's celebrate.
-Wait, I have to grab my coat.
Is she coming along...?
Of course.
Then I'm not.
-Why not?
-Why not!
Damnit Maya,
both of you are coming along.
I don't think so.
It's either her or me.
Maya, I can't get rid of her.
She got me the factory contract.
Of course. So she could
take you away from me.
God damnit! At least
she's helping me get ahead!
All you can say is don't break something...
That's because I care about you
and she doesn't.
All she thinks about is the money,
I think about you. She's nothing but a cash register.
-Screw you then.
-So fuck off with your cash register with a cunt!
Give me back the tagger, you prick!!
I've never seen
anything this beautiful...
Keep it on,
let's get the hell out of here.
-It's much too expensive.
-We can afford it now.
-So what are we going to do now?
-First, let's grab some chinese food.
That's not what I meant.
Where are we going from here?
Let's go see a movie afterwards...
-Damn! You little bitch...
Why don't you tell me
where we'll go from now on?
Your deal with the Japanese
was very clever...
Business woman.
If you're that clever...
...how come you are still working
in a snack bar with your crazy brother?
Never had a lucky break.
-You've had one now.
-Whatever Gerrit has done, I can do too.
-What his wifey can do, I can do too. Only better.
-I think we're on the right track.
-Me too.
With the factory backing, I'll go all over the world.
-Can I go with you?
-To Japan?
It's beautiful over there...
Maya says you screwed the television guy
to get me the contract...
Is it true?
My father used to say:
"Life is like a kroket...
...when you know what's in it,
you'll lose your appetite for it."
My dad was a great guy.
...I love a kroket,
and I'll still be eating them.
So, I'll see what this baby can do.
You're looking at the new champion.
Don't fall on your face.
-Are you coming?
-After six o'clock.
-I'll see you there.
-Daddy, can we have oranges?
-Buy us some.
-Can they have oranges?
-Buy some, Wim. We're on holiday.
-How much are they?
-For free. Special offer.
-Whoopee! Can we have two?
-I want to peel them myself!
No, no, Wim give me that bag!
-Who wants another orange?
-Me, me!
-Give it to me!
-Be quiet now, children.
Give me the peels,
I'll put them in the plastic bag.
-What's the matter?
-I'm okay.
You scared the shit out of me.
What's wrong?
...hand it over, those are my fries...
...they'll never find them.
-...but the police are on it, right?
-The police never do anything.
-...bad luck for Rien, huh?
-It's over.
His dad is devastated.
He's crying all day.
-Fien, help me!
-I've never seen my dad do that.
Just a moment.
-Hi. -Hi.
Sucks for Rien, doesn't it?
Once he's allowed visitors,
will you come along?
I can't stand hospitals,
they freak me out.
-What about you?
-I think you should go first, he'd like it.
-Okay, whatever...
-Ladies and gentlemen, all to the bus!
-She's great, isn't she.
-She's coping well.
-Do you think they will be staying here for a while?
-I think so. It's a good enough spot.
Hans, are you coming?
Can I come along?
There's nothing to do around here.
-Here you go, dad.
-Maybe I can get with her now?
-Don't even think about it. I have a better chance.
-She likes blondes...
-Are you nuts...?
The only way to get with her
is if you have a wad of cash.
-Don't talk crap.
-It's not crap!
How do you think she and Rien
got together? The money.
Are you coming?
-How is he doing?
-It has not really sunk in yet.
-Are you married to him?
-Living together?
-We were going to be...
-In love?
I'd consider if that will be enough
to last through this.
Pity won't help you, especially
in the beginning. It will fade.
And it will only make
things worse in the end.
-Here's a cup of tea.
How are you doing?
I'm rolling.
I'm playing handball...
They got me playing as a goalpost.
Last week I almost scored a goal.
But someone threw nails from the stand
and punctured both my tires.
-Is being here helping you?
I'm learning to piss again.
You have to punch yourself in the stomach
every four hours and it will come out.
You have to check the clock to see
if your shitting pills stopped working.
What a lovely conversation.
I don't want to see you again.
Keep the fur coat.
At least it will have
been good for something.
Take a walk if you feel like it.
It's pretty around here...
...Much prettier than in Japan.
-Let's go.
-I guess Rien is out of the picture.
-He needs a nurse, I won't be one.
-You sure got over him quickly.
-What's love anyway?
I need security. If I have it,
love will follow.
Hand over the money.
-Hello Rien. Hello.
It's great to see you!
Take it easy mom,
you're overreacting.
-You can get right in, you see?
-We had it adapted.
Can you manage?
At ease.
Dear Rien, what happened to you
can't be undone. We all know that.
But we sympathise with you
and your parents...
...So we all chipped in and
bought you a little something.
Here you go, it's yours.
It's motorized.
-Well, why don't I give it a spin.
-Sure, let's go.
We'll expect you to come visit us
as often as we come to see you.
That's the start button.
I might just be champion
in this thing one day.
Marching band!
One.. two...
-You've completely rebuilt it.
-It will easier for you to go inside.
-It was supposed to be ready at twelve o'clock?
-Yeah, yeah.
-Do I have to wait for that as well?
-Yes. So What? I'll be right back.
-I came to get some gas.
-No problem.
-Fill her up.
-The car?
-You've been busy lately.
I want to talk to you sometime.
-How about now?
-Let's take a ride.
-Hey! Come back tomorrow!
-Are you mental?
-Where are we going?
-Somewhere quiet. Okay?
-I've got a nice bed back in the trailer...
-What do you mean?
Dead end.
-Watch it, prick! The car's slipping away!
-Fuckin' brakes!
-Jesus! I thought you could drive?!
-Fucking car!
-Calm down, damnit!
There's my father!
Use the horn!
Hey dad,
over here!
-Got a towing cable?
-It's in the back.
-What do you smell?
-It's nice...
-...I don't smell any fries here.
-No, just ditches and cow shit.
Fucking shit country, fucking lowlands...
...I'm getting out of here.
I'm off to Canada.
-What's over there?
-Adventure...it's not for everyone.
Man, you'll need at least ten grand
to even get there and to get settled.
I'll get it...
I'm nearly there.
-I've seen that woman in the pub.
-It's Fien, from the snack bar.
She's no good.
-What's your problem, fucking hick farmer?!
-Cool it, he's my father!
She paints her face,
like the whores of Babylon.
-So I'm a whore, god damnit?
-He's not talking about you, Babylon is a biblical city.
-The old guy is a jerk.
-That's why I'm getting out of here.
-Are you coming along to Canada?
-Man, your penniless.
Am I?
-Where did you get it?
-..there's more where that came from.
-Hey Rien.
-How are you doing?
(Surinam accent) That hits the spot!
-How's Eef doing?
-I barely see him. He's always off to somewhere.
Dad and me took a day off.
So did the rest of the marching band.
That's nice.
I'm sorry I didn't come to see you...
I don't like hospitals much.
Me neither.
I'll show you something.
Come with me.
...Not a scratch.
Those gooks were glad to get rid of me.
They didn't even want them back.
That's decent of them.
You can have them.
They're yours.
-You're kidding?
-It's allright. I talked it over with my dad.
How am I going to pay for them?
I'm broke.
I told you, they're yours.
We are buddies right?
You better become the champion
in my place though.
-What do you want?
-Just looking.
-That's free. Are you practicing?
-I got a new bike.
Dog food?
But you don't have a dog.
Hey... you don't put stuff
like this in a kroket, do you?
If it's good enough for Barry Hulshof's dog,
it's good enough for my customers.
My aunt's been eating it for ten years,
ever since my uncle lost his job.
You're lying...
Nope, she lives in America,
in California. She's very healthy.
...for a shiny coat and a wet nose...
-Eef! Eef ate four of them. Four!
You had one too.
What about food inspectors?
If the cops find out...
The police?
My car won't start...
(Voice on Radio) # ...'Everybody's talking
about Pop Muzik,' here's 'M!' #
Hey... I guess I earned
a little something...
Hmm. Come inside with me...
-Yes, who else wants some?
-Some hot fries please.
Delicious kroket, huh?
-It's good for your nose!
-Come on.
Well well, little Hans...
-Got some practice in, kiddo?
-Hey, Eef...
-Beers for the both of you?
-Sure. -Fine
-That's one powerful bike!
-Think you can handle it?
-If Gerrit can do it, so can I.
-Yeah, but he was always the number one.
Just wait and see,
I'll do the same...
if you become my mechanic,
like you were for Rien.
For an amateur like you?
I can think of better ways to spend
my time. I'll make better money too.
Check this out...
Two one-way plane tickets to Canada,
they're valid for six months.
Yeah, in case I want
to take someone with me.
-Like who?
-Not you.
-This is part of the deal.
-Not bad...
Okay, I'm out of here.
Wait, stay here.
I'm leaving anyway...
I work for a contractor, making some money
on the side. I'll see you around. Bye.
-How about a beer, Hans?
Is something going on
between you and Eef?
Tell me...
-Here, do you smell anything?
-Just hair.
No, it's the smell of fries and frying oil.
And this?
More grease,
a mix of oil and horse lard.
I smell of frying oil all over,
I want to get rid of the fucking smell!
By going to Canada, with Eef?
That's where your aunt
is eating dog food!
-That's California...
-Same thing. It's the same crap everywhere.
Why not stay with me?
Why would I?
-Because I'm going to be champion.
-Do you think so?
I'm training with Witkamp.
Really? (Radio) # ...from Sweden,
'ABBA,' with 'Chiquitita!' #
Well well...
-Why don't you take it off?
-What about you?
-Let's try this...
Well, here we go,
I guess...
It's my brothers
body building magazine...
A cock with a sense of direction...
-A rider.
-If you like.
Look into my eyes as you come?
-I'm first.
I'm getting a beer.
-Nice and cold.
...just like me.
Oh? I guess we'll just
have to do it again.
-Again? Already?
What are you looking at,
stupid cunt?
...let me tell you,
brothers and sisters...
...the Bible tells us to knock
and the door will open...
...so knock on the door. Now!
For Jesus is the door...
...Jesus will open to you!
Halleluja! halleluja! halleluja!
For we all know, Jesus is the son of God!
...halleluja! Halleluja! Praise the Lord!
Let us be glad, the Bible
tells us of Jesus of Nazareth...
...but the bible also tells us
about God. Who is God?
An asshole!
An asshole who dealt
me a shitty hand!
Disease is the devil!
What is the devil? Who?
The doctor,
the doctor who let me live.
The devil makes disease.
God is the healer!
What are his office opening hours?
Just laugh people,
laugh all you want...
...but that won't help this boy.
God's office is open anytime, son.
And you can talk to God
whenever you want to...
...and I'm certain he will give
you two listening ears...
It will be in stereo!
You keep that brave face boy...
...but if it becomes too much to bear,
remember that office.
I can set you up an appointment.
Just stop by anytime.
Brothers and sisters,
we are going!
(singing) # we're on a journey
together, halleluja... #
# We're on a journey together,
halleluja... #
# ...to answer the question,
halleluja... #
# ...what it is to be
a christian today...halleluja... #
Rien! Wait a moment!
Just fuck off Maya,
and take that jerk with you!
-There's no Rien anymore!
No, I'm fine, just fine.
-Would you like some ice cream?
-That's okay, give me an ice cream.
-You're really into religion, aren't you?
-That happened very suddenly.
-Not at all. God was always in me...
In you?
What a dirty bastard.
One of the people with us
is the son of a nerve surgeon.
Why don't you give him a try?
He's a Jew,
but he's very skilled.
Negroes, Chinese, a Frisian.
All of them have been tampering with me.
The only thing running
about me is my nose.
What about God?
...Here boy...
come on.
-He likes you.
-I'm always nice to animals..
-And to people?
-Real gold?
-Hmm hmm.
I can't suffer
anything but gold.
I'd watch out if I were you,
there are many robbers around here.
Oh, I'm not worried.
I may be old but...
...look at this.
Thankfully I've never had to use it.
But whoever gets hit with this...
Gets wasted.
And what if I were
to use it like this...
...would you like it?
Five hundred bucks,
or I'll tell your wife you're a faggot.
-I don't have any money on me.
-So go get some, dirty bastard.
And don't call the cops,
or I tell your wife everything.
The dog stays here!
Come! Hurry up!
-...you're so hurried?
-I'll be right there.
Here you go.
Get him!
I'll get you,
-There he is!
-Get him!
-He can't get through!
-Over there! Get 'm!
Over here boys.
Pants off.
Spread the legs!
Hold still.
Shut the fuck up or
I'll piss in your face!
Yes, come on. You.
Hurry up,
hurry up, man.
-Come on, next one.
you're next.
Like it?
-Jesus, what a wet mess...
-Hurry up!
Ok boys, countdown.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!
move it boys!
-Why did you get me?
We felt like it.
-Because I'm robbing gays?
-Not at all.
We saw you doing your thing and we thought:
what a hunk. Let's get that one.
-Don't touch me!
-Down boy... You liked it quite a bit.
-I'm no dirty fag.
-But what do you know, Eef...
-What did you want with my sister, anyway?
Keep it that way.
I don't give a shit that you're a thief...
...but my sister is too good for a queer.
I'm not a queer!
Come on kid,
just admit it...
Why the fuck would you even care
about something you are. Hmm?
Just be honest with yourself.
We're getting started.
Break the shocks with your thighs,
don't stick to your saddle.
I know.
I've raced before today!
Come here will you...
Good luck...
Hey! Jesus!
wait for me!
Come on, Hans.
One more time.
Do it again,
you're doing fine.
-Are you hurt?
-Get off the track!
I thought you wanted to train?
Come on wimp!
We're not there yet.
Go on,get up!
Go play somewhere!
-How did it go?
-Fantastic, this will be a hoot.
-Have you got enough?
-Plenty, we can only take the joke so far.
-What a great idea!
-Here, take a look at it.
I'm going to contrast it with you.
That kid is a real clown!
We got him for free.
Add a funny tune and
it'll go down really well.
Jesus, just look at it.
The kid is hopeless!
He'll probably win a prize sometime...
Yeah, for being a first class sucker!
Look at that!
That Gerrit is awesome!
Will take me a while
to get there yet...
...but that bike
is great.
-My sister.
-Then I'm out of here...
-Hello Eef!
-Hi. -Nice to...
I thought about it a bit more and
I'd like to come to Canada with you.
Making big money sounds good to me.
Why don't you tell her.
It's about time
you opened your own trap.
What's with him?
We nailed the guy in Rotterdam...
He took to it.
It's about time we left here.
This could only happen to me,
three strikes, three misses.
I always have bad luck.
I'm a fairy.
What do you mean, boy.
-I'm queer.
A faggot!
What's that then?
It's in the bible.
Leviticus 20:13.
'If a man also lie with mankind,
as he lieth with a woman...'
...both of them have
committed an abomination.'
You are the lowest of the low.
Hitting me won't hurt me.
God punishes you through my hand...
I will keep praying for you afterwards.
You can pray until the paint falls
from the walls, I am what I am.
Brother and sisters!
This was a fine and strong song...
...in which we gave praise to the Lord.
-Halleluja! Praise the Lord!
Oh Lord,
aid us in our time of need...
...when we are diseased
and struck by grief.
Brothers and sisters,
whoever wants something from the Lord...
...let him come to me.
For the Lord will give us
what we ask of him.
Come all, have joy in your hearts
and come to me.
I lay my hands on you.
Believe... believe.
No, god damnit Maya,stay in your chair!
Don't act like an idiot!
-Dear sister...
-Oh brother..
-What can the Lord do for you?
I have such pain,
People, dear people...
Let us all pray for God
to redeem this woman.
He will do this,
if we ask it.
Oh Lord.
We know...
...that you can cure
this woman of her pain.
We know your strength,
your power.
Help her!
Oh brother,
I feel relief!
God damnit Maya,
god damn...
Praise the Lord,
Will you help us?
God's office is always open, son.
Oh Lord...
...we do not know your purpose.
We face a dark mirror...
...and because of this
we pray to you Lord.
Because we understand
this boy's desire to walk.
Give him the courage.
Give him the strength.
Give him Lord, what he yearns for.
Let him walk, oh Lord.
Give him strength,
we beg you!
We beg you, oh Lord,
give him the strength to wa...
just like all the rest.
It was the first time...
And the last.
Maya, take me.
Do you want it here?
Where else?
At your place, on the couch?
At our place,
beneath the shaded-lamp?
Are you scared?!
Or are you afraid God
won't lend a helping hand?
As hard as freshly made spaghetti.
Nothing, god damnit.
I don't care about that.
But I do.
I want it so bad.
Here is what I want!
Inside my head!
-Is that so terrible?
-Isn't it?
When it's in your head,
and nowhere else?
In here,
but nothing down there?
What am I going to do?!
What am I going to do!!
...Witkamp, Witkamp, Witkamp...
-Take off your helmet for a moment.
Your helmet!
-Hey Hans, come on.
-Hans, go with us!
...Gerrit, Gerrit, Gerrit...
(announcer) # Ladies and gentlemen,
it's about to be decided. #
# The riders are getting ready
and Gerrit is on the far right... #
# ...a great starting position.
Just a few seconds and... #
# ...off they go!
Fantastic! #
# Gerrit is leading straight away.
He's delivering, totally delivering! #
# Gerrit's leading the pack! #
-Here you go.
One fries, who?
-Can't you see me anymore?
-That's for me...
-You're standing there, aren't you?
-Why aren't you in town?
I didn't like the place anymore.
-And the same goes for me?
-That's right.
-I thought you liked me?
-Liked, sure.
Come on boy, what have you got to offer?
No money, no future, come on.
Here you go, another fries.
(announcer) # ...I can see them coming, at the front... #
# Yes, I can see them coming...
And Gerrit is leading, it's Gerrit! #
# He's gone, totally free
of the competition! #
-I do have something to offer.
-Really? Like what?
I don't know. All I know is that
I think you're an amazing girl.
Come back when you have
something to offer.
Food and drinks are free!
-You dare?
-Of course.
Witkamp, Witkamp...
...to become the champion...
-Why don't you shut up, idiot?
-Shithead! Idiot!
Gerrit my boy,
I think you are one of the greats!
-Hey everyone, it's 'Studio Sport!'
-Beer, guys!
# Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a world champion... #
Beer! Beer, beer!
-Where's Rien?
-He wanted to get out for a bit.
You understand why, don't you?
-Out of the way!
Come on guys, give the man
some space, he has to stand in front.
# But before we show you,
we here at Studio Sport... #
# ...want to toast to
the new world champion. #
-# Gerrit, congratulations! #
-Don't fuck around with that television!
-There he is!
-# Here's Gerrit Witkamp, our national champion.... #
-Look, it's me! See?
(Surinam accent) And what do
we know for sure?
Gerrit IS world champion!
-Witkamp, Witkamp, Witkamp!
-Hey Gerrit!
Hey Gerrit, take a look at this!
...look, it's a telegram...
from the Queen.
-You're joking?
-No, just look.
-Damn, it's real...
...boys, long live the Queen!
Now drink!
Hey, don't touch that!
You look like an idiot now anyway.
Off. Turn it off!
I said don't touch,
or we'll redecorate this place!
Oh yeah?
Are you totally fucked in the head?
Don't touch him!
Okay, we're going to
redecorate around here!
Hey boys,
watch me!
Let go!
Cafe 'The Harmonie!'
Police, police!
Ooh Gerrie Gerrie!
And you, take this!
Need a dentist?
Get the TV, out of the window!
-Police! Police!
-Time to split!
-Let's go guys!
-Let's get the hell out of here!
Nice of you to stop by...
-Come to me...
The Hartman boy has killed himself.
Will you tell the father?
Jos, something terrible has happened...
Rien is dead.
Give me a hand.
-Hello. -Hi.
-What a mess..
-Rien's dad had a breakdown.
-Of course...
The pub will be sold.
-Hm hm
-Do you have money?
Sure you do...
What if you sell the factory bikes?
Shall we take a look inside?
-I might have a nice little job for you.
-Well, well...
We can really make
something out of this...
Sure, just make a few changes
here and there.
Hey... how about we break through
that wall and turn it into a snack bar?
We could sell fries!
And this will be the pub area...
And over there
we put some pinball machines.
And this is a good space for dancing,
during the weekends.
That sounds pretty good.
-I think we'll be okay...
-I do too.
-Hey little Hans...
-Little Fien... hey...
-Yes please.
Another one.
-No thanks...
-I'll look pregnant.
-He's too fat.
Wait a moment...
Be right back.
Coming along for the ride?
To where?
Wherever we want to go.
What about it?
I'll beat him some day...