SPF-18 (2017) Movie Script

When you grow up in LA,
real life and the movies
can get a little mixed up.
Just ask 18-year-old
Sagittarius Penny Cooper.
As the daughter of a
sort of famous actress,
Penny learned the only way
to get her mom's attention
was to film her.
Soon, she filmed everything,
even this cockapoo.
Penny spent all of high school
pining for class Casanova
Johnny Sanders Jr.
Can you blame her? But they
were always just friends.
Like some of us, Penny
was a late bloomer.
Last year, when Johnny
lost his father,
he needed a shoulder to cry on,
and Penny was there for him.
Romance blossomed
like a golden poppy,
which happens to be the
California state flower.
Is that still recording?
But now, high school is over.
Penny's thoughts are on
her future at Northwestern,
but they're also on Johnny,
and the uncertain status
of their relationship.
What will become of them?
Could you shut it off?
We're not the Kardashians.
I wish I could tell her,
"Penny, relax.
It's all just beginning.
You're only young once,
so go have some fun.
And one more thing...
don't forget your sunscreen."
- Hello?
- And just like that...
- Hey, coz!
- ...a force blew in,
hotter than the Santa Ana winds.
I'm coming.
Did you just fly in
from boarding school?
Yeah, and thank God I'm out of there.
There was just something
about the energy at that place
that wasn't totally right for me.
Maybe it was too strict?
I just felt like...
the thinking there had
become too linear, you know?
"Camilla, where do you see
yourself after graduation?"
I don't know, that sounds like
a pretty reasonable question.
Weren't you supposed to be
spending the summer in Italy?
Dude, it's your mom's fault.
She asked me to come here.
She wants to help... brainstorm
plans for my gap year.
Why is this the first
time I'm hearing about it?
Maybe she wanted me to be a surprise?
Or maybe she just loves you more than me.
I am a lot more fun.
Johnny probably shouldn't
be driving a motorcycle,
but he inherited it from his
dad after the surfing accident.
He hasn't been in the water since.
But now, something "excellent"
is pulling him back to the beach.
"Johnny, mi casa es su casa.
Make this the best
summer of your life.
That's what you wore to prom?
What's wrong with it?
Well, now I understand
why you're still a virgin.
Yeah, but then I thought
about it after, and I was like,
why does my first time
have to be on prom anyway?
It doesn't.
Hello? Is Camilla here?
- Aunt Faye!
- God, I've missed you!
It's like having my own
daughter out of the country.
- I'm right here.
- You won't believe what happened on the show today.
Turns out, I'm a triplet, and
one of me is a man named Bob.
Well, you look sharp.
Hands off. This is for
people with money to burn
on the condo I'm showing at 3:00.
Well, I hope you sell it.
Me too. We need this one.
So, I was at Keanu's house today.
Oh, yeah?
How's he doing?
Well, I've been meaning
to tell you, he asked me
if I could house-sit for him
while he's shooting in Morocco.
He said I could invite my friends over.
There's going to be plenty of food so you
wouldn't have to worry about feeding me.
But you have summer school here.
What are you going to do, drive from Malibu
to the Valley every day?
I'm not going to summer school, Mom.
But if you don't get your credits,
there goes your Art Center scholarship.
I have a year to get them.
Does Keanu just want you to move to
the beach and spend the summer surfing?
No. You don't have to worry about me.
I'm not Dad.
I love you.
I'm gonna go pack up some of my stuff.
You want to save me a cookie?
Meanwhile, in Tennessee,
a fledgling songbird was
trying to find his wings
in the cutthroat world
of country music.
Well I never
Had a brother
My old man didn't
stick around
I got stacks of books
I ain't ever
Gonna read
And I guess I'm
Getting restless in this
Old forgotten town
Killer. Loved it.
But what do you say we try a couple my way?
With the sax?
No, I told you already, kids hate sax.
I'm pretty attuned to
shifts in peoples' energies,
and I'm sensing a bit of hostility
flowing from you towards your mother.
- She infuriates me.
- Why?
I don't know, let's start with
all the boy toys she brings home
after they play waiters on her show?
The raging self-absorption...
Hello, girls. What do you think? Am I a 10?
Or an 11?
Aww, cute.
Is that Keanu Reeves?
Yeah, he was friends with Johnny's dad.
I'd still hit that.
He used the word "romantic."
I get why you like this guy.
He wants your first time to be momentous.
he doesn't know it's my first time.
Maybe... you should come
with, for moral support.
You gotta put on your big girl swimsuit.
Wait, let me see it first.
You look like a nun
competing in the Olympics.
Give me your scissors.
Whoa, what are you doing?
You sure it doesn't look too much
like a tiger tried to undress me?
Ready to go!
And don't worry, when the time
comes and you give me the signal,
I'll disappear.
Like a sex ghost.
I'm committing to this! I'm
doing it! I'm doing Johnny.
You're making sex sound like cutting bangs.
I'm gonna wait till it's moody and dark,
put on a slow jam.
Maybe start with a little of this...
Ah, a little... a little shoulder?
Why not?
Okay. Okay, pull over.
We have to talk about this
before you embarrass yourself.
What if I hit him with this one?
That's something.
- Yeah?
- You want my best advice?
There you go.
And what? Now I like...
run this down his chest or something?
No, the pony's for you.
You want to get your hair out of
the way for when you're, you know,
- rolling around.
- Okay.
So you do a lot of rolling around?
I mean, you can if you want.
The point is, you want to...
feel comfortable and have fun.
You can do that, right?
So I don't have to hit him with this one?
- Watch it, losers!
- Did you get it?
So, does Johnny even know who I am?
I think I may have told him the story
about how you slept with your French tutor.
And his girlfriend.
- Hey!
- Hi.
I hope you don't mind, I
invited my cousin, Camilla.
Your cousin?
Howdy, cowboy.
Is this the one you said was such a flake?
I heard that!
- Thanks a lot.
- I'm sorry.
Somebody call a doctor,
because this house is sick!
Holy shi...
What Penny didn't tell
Camilla about prom night
is that her nerves got the best
of her, and the moment passed.
But now she finds herself here,
standing on Keanu Reeves'
deck overlooking the Pacific,
ready for her second chance.
Hey, Penn.
That's some swimsuit.
It's new, kind of.
Well, you look beautiful.
So do you think you're going
to surf while you're out here?
Hey, humans.
Hey. Do you guys want smoothies?
Sounds good.
Um, hello?
Put the camera away.
Be present in the actual world.
Virgin daiquiris.
- Thank you.
- Oh.
- Fitting.
- Huh?
Isn't this relaxing? I
could just lay here all year.
Yeah, I don't think Northwestern is
going to let you major in house-sitting.
Is that where you're going to?
Me, Northwestern?
Nah. Not smart enough.
You're smart. There's just
different kinds of smart.
He is a great artist.
But I don't know if I should do that.
I mean, a year ago, I
wanted to be a pro surfer.
So maybe art school's
just a way of buying time.
Mmm. Why do you have to decide now?
Because my mom's on my ass? Because
I'm expected to do something?
At least she cares, right?
So, what do you think you'll do next year?
I had to grow up pretty fast
with my parents shipping me off
to boarding school as a kid, so...
I actually want to slow down for a second.
Well, cheers to that.
So, that disco ball just gave me an idea...
Prom do-over?
I think I still have my prom dress
in the bottom of my bag.
I could borrow something of Keanu's.
Honey, you're so beautiful. I'm so proud.
Thanks, Mom. I love your Botox.
Now what am I gonna wear?
Silk sheets.
Did I tie this right? Does it look okay?
- There. You look sharp.
- Thanks.
So, it's a big night for you and Penn.
Mmm. What did she say?
Oh, you know, nothing, but, um...
- if you want my advice?
- Do I?
She's going to require some wooing.
You know, be poetic.
And pay attention to her earlobes.
They're an erogenous zone.
I didn't know that Penny
came with instructions.
Hmm. Then you must not know her that well.
My baby's all grown up.
Be cool, Penny. Act
like you're in a movie.
I'm dying for some guacamole.
I guess I'll go whip some up.
I'm a virgin.
Say what?
I just wanted to be honest with you.
But don't worry. It's not
like I expect you to hold me
for 48 hours after or anything.
I just wanted you to know.
Okay. Well, is there anything else
that you really want me to know?
Glow in the dark? Or...
You are so prepared.
I mean...
in a sexy way.
And I really like your earlobes.
Where did you come from?
What's up?
So how was it, champ?
How was it? How was it? How was it?
How was it? How was it?
- It was good.
- Mmm.
I mean, we were very naked,
and it was definitely
kind of awkward,
but he was sweet.
Did you see where he went?
I think he was heading out to surf.
Yo, yo, yo, dude!
Hey, yo! Kenny G!
The tide's coming in! Let's go!
Yo, dude. We got a complaint.
Some kid parked his van overnight
just north of El Matador.
Tennessee plates.
Sounds like a camper. I'll go check it out.
This is a big deal. He hasn't
gone out since his dad died.
Who's he with?
Maybe it's the naked guy I saw last night!
Naked guy?
Naked... and wet.
Is that your van parked up
there on private property?
Is it not supposed to be there?
I'm really sorry. I drove
all the way from Tennessee...
I've got to issue a citation
for unlawful camping.
Man, cut the guy a little slack.
I can't believe they
let you be a lifeguard.
- Is there trouble?
- Get that out of my face.
And, you, with the saxophone,
I'm gonna need some ID.
It makes me so sad that we as a society
are still so inflexible
about public nudity.
What nudity? I'm writing him up for
having a sleepover on state property.
I swear, I didn't know you
couldn't camp on the beach.
- But whose beach is it really?
- California's.
Isn't that just what we've been told?
I mean, California is a
concept. It's a way of saying,
"We're not Nevada, and thank God for that."
That's a fascinating perspective, but...
When I come home from a day at the shore
and I've got sand in my
bikini crotch, am I...
stealing from state property, sir?
Okay, cool it with the "sir."
Yet, this young man,
who lies upon said sand,
is somehow threatening
your concept of ownership?
Do you want a citation too?
I'll make it a warning.
And my Gram says there
are no good people in LA.
Just move the van.
You can park it in the
driveway. I'll show you.
- For real?
- Yeah. Come on.
I really like lifeguards.
You're like the sons of Poseidon.
Hi, boys.
Was that Pamela Anderson?
Welcome to Malibu.
You live here?
Nah, just house-sitting.
Why were you sleeping on the beach, dude?
Uh, short story is, I
wanted to find myself.
Something compelled me to look out here.
The first sight of the ocean and...
I don't know how else to explain it.
It's just where I need to be.
I know the feeling.
...property, sir?
Okay, cool it with the "sir."
Yet, this young man,
who lies upon said sand...
Hey, this is, uh, Ash.
- He's gonna hang out for a while.
- Hey.
Thanks for helping me out back there.
- Namaste.
- God bless.
Johnny, wait up.
Hey. I saw you with your board.
Is everything okay?
- Were you gonna go surf?
- I just... I just need a minute.
- And about last night...
- I know. Can we...
Can we just talk about this later?
All she wanted to say
was that she was glad it was him.
So it kind of looked like
you were giving yourself
a sexy baptism last night.
Uh, not a sexy baptism.
Just the regular ol' baptism.
- Are you being serious?
- Yeah.
I thought it was the perfect time
to renew my faith in the Lord.
If... I knew I had an audience,
I probably would've worn pants.
You're religious.
I take it you're not.
Let's just say, I operate from this...
awareness that we're all just these...
tiny little specks on
this rotating spaceship.
I don't mean to be
disrespectful, but then...
what is the difference between
spirituality and... astronomy?
Found him!
Steve! The lifeguard.
We wanted to find him?
I was pretty happy to see him go.
You noticed how weird
Johnny's been acting, right?
Well, I knew there had to be a story.
So, I googled "Steve,
lifeguard, Malibu, rude,"
but it wasn't until I added Johnny's
dad's name into the mix that I found this.
"Professional surfer Steve Galmarini
has received a three-year
suspension after testing positive
for performance-enhancing drugs.
He is the first athlete to be suspended
under the World Surf League's
new drug testing guidelines."
That guy doesn't need
'roids, he needs a chill pill.
It says that Johnny's dad
was Steve's first coach.
But there was some kind of falling out.
What if it was over the drugs?
It says here that some people think
Johnny's dad died on that
wave because he was out there
trying to win back the community's
respect after the drug scandal.
I can't believe he didn't tell me this.
I'll get it.
There's something I have to give you.
I don't want anything from you.
I remember my dad wearing that.
He got it on a surfing trip in Bali.
It's supposed to protect
you from, like, yourself.
Everyone was talking about
him, putting him on a pedestal,
but... he never bought into it.
I wasn't at your dad's memorial because...
he didn't need the embarrassment.
But that doesn't mean I wasn't gutted.
There's something else too.
Marianas waves are hitting
the cove tomorrow afternoon.
You wanna come out?
I gave up surfing.
I'm leaving the marina at
2:00. You should really come.
Bring your wackjob friends too.
Is this the only color you have?
Sorry, I left the purple
polka-dotted ones back at my place.
I'm gonna guess you're virgins?
No! And that's really
none of your business.
Oh, you're talking about surfing. Hah!
Penn, did you bring any sunscreen?
You know Icarus, right?
He's that dude you met in the Alps?
Icarus is the guy whose
wings were made of wax,
but then he flew too close
to the sun, and they melted.
And then he fell into the Aegean Sea,
and he died.
Cool story, dude.
One, two, three.
When you're out there,
you don't want to force
your will on the waves.
You want to accept
whatever they're giving you.
Hard to believe you're
still spouting that crap.
It's all scientific.
Waves aren't just water, they're energy
generated from thousands of miles away.
And the waves we're riding
today were started by an eruption
in the Marianas Trench...
the deepest known spot on the planet.
The whole "one with the wave"
thing is a waste of time.
You have to impose yourself on
them. That's what my dad taught me.
Your dad taught me that
surfing's like making love...
it feels good no matter how you do it.
I'm ready to absorb some primal
energy from the Earth's core.
Far out.
Believe me, being pissed
off will get you nowhere,
and Johnny has spent a lot
of time being pissed off.
Mostly at the ocean
for taking his father.
But deep down, he also knows that surfing is
the best way to honor his father's legacy.
So, the only thing left
to do is to paddle out.
Look at Johnny over there.
He should get grounded on a
longboard, like his dad did.
Maybe he will.
All right. Our turn. Ready?
Paddle. Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle!
Hey! You're not connecting with your board.
You're not my coach.
Oh, my God, you're bleeding.
Let me get you something.
You carry Neosporin?
I grew up being my own mother.
- Oh.
- Ow.
- Watch it.
- Sorry.
Johnny's gonna find
his sea legs again,
he just has to figure out how.
What do you need, chef?
Oh, more honey, honey.
I thought you were making tacos?
Just trust.
- Where's Johnny?
- Napping.
He said he'd meet us at dinner.
I just wanted you to know I love you.
Was that your girlfriend back in Tennessee?
It was my grandma.
Yeah, right.
True story.
You play all these?
Uh, little bit here and there,
for quick cash.
I might go play at the pier tomorrow.
Are you, like, some kind of
musical genius on the run?
Something like that.
How cryptic.
Well, I guess I'm just
trying to start over.
It feels like...
going backward to talk about anything
from the past, you know?
Yeah, I'm happier as a lifeguard.
I am.
I had a moment where I tried drugs,
but they kind of made me hate myself.
It wasn't like I was doping to
surf better or anything like that.
It was more that steroids
made me aggressive out there.
Johnny's dad begged me to
stop using, so I fired him.
That's when everything went bad.
Why do you record everything?
Sometimes things feel more real on video
than they do in real life, you know?
I feel that way about songs.
I find myself thinking, you know,
"That song is more true
than back when the thing I'm singing about
actually happened."
- You know?
- Yeah.
Is that your favorite instrument?
I'd play it for you, but...
you could play it for me.
No. I don't play.
They took the triangle away from me
when I was in kindergarten
because I hit it too hard.
I'll finger, you blow.
I think the perfect situation
is you get two houses
right next to each other,
and you live in one, and your
partner lives in the other.
Then you can be intimate
without being codependent.
I think if you need two houses,
you've picked the wrong person.
But what if it's a huge house like this?
A couple could live
here and still be lonely.
No, the house doesn't matter.
You could fail anywhere.
My parents...
they're gone now... they used to say,
you can choose not to fail.
Come on. You can refuse to
accept failure in yourself.
But in a relationship?
You don't know what's gonna
happen to the other person.
I'm honestly more worried
that I'll fail myself.
My partner can figure
him-slash-herself out.
When you lie in bed awake at night,
there's nothing you picture
yourself doing when you grow up?
I hear that phrase "when you grow up"
and I just go blank.
You don't think I'm grown up?
That's not true, though, because...
you were just talking
about the tandem houses.
So there's something brewing
in that head of yours.
Place an older version
of yourself in the house.
How old are you?
and I'm wearing this super chic caftan
with these big gold hoops.
Now... what are you thinking?
That I miss being young.
How about some music, huh, Penn?
I can't hear you!
Did Johnny just up and go to bed?
Here, just leave 'em. I'll
finish up. Go check on him.
- Thank you.
- No worries.
Hey, where are you?
Are you okay? I'm getting worried.
Call me if you want. You
know I'm here for you, okay?
You're not planning on sleeping
out here again, are you?
I don't want to impose,
more than I already have.
There's more than enough room in the house.
I'm sure Johnny would be cool with it.
Aren't you two together?
There was something going on, but
it was always just a "something."
I chalked that up to him
needing more space, but...
that's not it.
Uh, I don't think that
he wants space from you.
I think he just doesn't want to
go through losing somebody else.
I like you.
So even if there's just a... "something,"
you have to sort it out.
You know?
- Aw!
- Okay, that was bad. Try again, try again!
- Oh!
- Yes!
- I'm going to bed.
- So early?
Good night.
Love is crazy.
How is it possible to feel so distant
from a guy you just slept with?
And so close to a guy you just met?
Oh, Penny, Penny.
My two cents?
Follow your heart.
Wake up, lady! Rise and shine!
You've got to learn some morning etiquette.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's go into town.
I want to go look at wet suits.
I think I might start getting into surfing.
I think Ash was planning
on busking at the pier.
Maybe we can go there after?
Did Johnny never come home?
He never answered any of my calls.
Can I help you?
What's with all the Goth wetsuits?
It's like, have the balls to wear something
that reflects your
personal style, you know?
Personal style is for your board.
These speak to me.
I put my heart into each
and every one of them.
- You made these?
- Sure did.
My guitar's the only friend
I'm gonna need
Through thick and thin
She's always been
Beside me all the way...
What are these?
Oh, those old things?
I don't know.
Let's see that gun.
I don't got another prayer
left inside my bones
Me and Carolina
are takin' it home
I got plans to make
Hearts to break
I don't think I
can do it alone
So me and this guitar
Are gonna find me
somebody to love
I think I'm in love.
I want to make him into a body pillow.
Would you look at that?
It's art.
That suit is awesome.
Me and this guitar
Are gonna find me
somebody to love
There you are.
Creativity is so exhausting.
I'm gonna have to take a power
nap before my surf lesson later.
You take my car, and I'll
get a ride home with Ash.
Ash, huh?
You're back.
Yeah, I had some stuff
I had to take care of.
What are you up to?
I was gonna take a nap,
but then I, like, stopped being tired.
Salt air is magic like that.
So why'd you take off last night?
I just had a lot of stuff on my mind.
And things got kind of weird with Penny.
You guys have known each other
for a long time now, right?
She really helped take care of
me when my dad died last year.
We're pretty different, you know?
I mean, things change. It's nobody's fault.
It's beautiful.
I was up all last night on
Zuma trying to figure out
whether I should go back to surfing
or throw myself into art school.
Maybe the problem is that you were awake.
Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming?
I'm gonna wake up your
conscious mind during your dream,
but your body's gonna stay asleep.
You sure this isn't just the
plot of The Matrix?
Shut your eyes and relax.
You'll receive a signal
from me when you're asleep.
A tap on your nose...
that'll be the trigger, okay?
let yourself drift.
I didn't suck, did I?
You were amazing.
Do you need me to carry anything for you?
That hat full of money, perhaps?
Well, I don't know if I trust
you with my life savings just yet.
God, that felt good.
Been a while.
Just wish Grams was here to see that one.
Well, then I have happy news for you.
Did you fly Gram out, hide
her behind the trashcan?
- No, but I filmed it.
- 'Course you did.
But good luck getting it to her.
Unless your camera converts files to VHS.
She doesn't even have e-mail.
- Not even AOL?
- Not even AOL.
Well, all she's got to
do is look on YouTube.
You didn't put the video up?
And my Instagram. Not to get braggy,
but I do have a lot of followers
because of my crazy mom.
But now I can finally use
them for good... for you.
I posted it an hour ago, and I already
have eleven hundred likes on it!
- Penny...
- I know. I know,
you're secretive about your life, but this
could be a major boost for your career.
You don't know anything about my career!
You can't just insert yourself
into people's business like that.
- Just trying to help.
- Yeah, well, you just opened me up
to a whole mess of trouble.
- Ash!
- Take it all down.
You didn't have the right.
I'm dreaming.
Can I fly with you?
What did you see?
I've got it!
Is that the final step in lucid dreaming?
No, that was an actual real-time kiss.
Because it felt like we had this vibe.
You get "vibes" with every
living, breathing person you meet.
I hope you're not suggesting that I
should feel bad about being myself?
No, it's just hard to take you seriously.
You're not really that kind of person.
Gee... thanks.
Camilla, wait.
Jesus, I'm an idiot.
I was just got sent this from a friend
who says we should look
into signing this kid.
Who's this person who posted it?
Send a cease and desist.
And you find that kid.
Whoa, check the suit!
Hey. Yeah, I made it myself.
What's going on?
Do you take me seriously?
As a surfer? Look, you just
started. It takes years to...
No, as... as a person.
Sure I do.
You're smart.
And you have this mellow open-mindedness,
and you're way easy to talk to.
Why? Who doesn't take you seriously?
Johnny, for starters.
Johnny's a tough one.
He always has been.
Yeah, and Penny too.
I mean, she thinks I'm a flake.
Like, I can't stick with anything.
You showed up today.
- I just kissed her boyfriend.
- Okay. Whoa.
Which makes me a flake and an attempted...
When you're out there waiting,
you can tie yourself up into knots,
trying to figure out what
moves you're gonna pull.
But once you get on the wave,
everything becomes pretty simple.
You know who you are. You know what to do.
What if they hate me?
Just face up to how you feel.
And to your cousin. And if you have a
thing for Johnny, face up to him too.
Stop dodging yourself. It
only makes things worse.
Have you ever considered being a therapist?
Can I get one of those
wet suits as payment?
You're destroying your dad's board?
No. I'm just making it my own.
I hope you're okay with that.
Is it an art project, or...
are you planning on
getting back into surfing?
It's not, like, a life plan.
More of a flash of inspiration.
So I sold the condo.
Mom, that is awesome. I knew you would.
And I have all the faith in
the world in you too, Johnny.
- Whatever path you choose.
- Thanks.
I know your Dad was a bit of a live wire,
but that's part of the reason
I fell in love with him.
I can't be mad at him anymore.
He loved us.
And he gave me you.
We're not the same person.
No, you're not.
But you did get some of his magic.
Sundown Records? What the hell?
Oh oh oh oh
I got plans to make
I got hearts to break
I don't think I
can do it alone
Me and this guitar
Are gonna find me
someone to love
They made you wear lip gloss?
Mom? Are you in here?
Oh, hi, hon.
You really should do this Pilates.
- It's so amazing for the core...
- Mom.
- I... I really need your help.
- For what?
I posted this video of my
friend Ash playing at the pier
and people loved it.
But then I got this e-mail
from somebody at Sundown Records
saying they're gonna sue me because
I don't own the rights to the song.
And neither does Ash. They do,
and they're trying to turn him
into some teenybopper pop star,
but that's not who he is.
- I was just trying to help...
- Slow down.
If you're gonna do a
monologue, you have to breathe.
You know, it reminds me. A few years ago,
there was a storyline where my
character became a secret rock star.
And then when she wanted
to reveal her true identity,
the label didn't want her to.
So she made a video, which is
something that you could do!
Mom, are you even listening to me?
I made a video!
No, I mean, you can make a real one.
With a song that they don't own.
I mean, you know your way
around a camera already.
You're practically a director.
Okay, so say I do, then what?
Well, then you just let the fans decide
which version of your friend they prefer.
Then the label will have to listen.
Actually, not a bad idea.
You see? I'm not totally
useless as a mother.
Why would you say that?
Well, you've never come
to me for help before.
I thought you were embarrassed by me.
I don't know. Sometimes
it just seems like...
you wanted a daughter that's more like you.
Oh, please.
I always knew that you were going to grow
up to be a thousand times better than me.
Now go on. You have a video to make.
And if you need a totally
glamorous, gorgeous, forty...
you know where to find me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We need to talk.
Yeah. We do.
So clearly, you and Ash have hit it off.
I'm not blind.
And clearly, I've been distant.
Well, kind of.
Kind of? Come on, Penn.
I get it. You think I'm love with you.
And I do love you. But
it's not "love" love.
I'm sorry for being a douche.
I love you back.
I'm gonna miss you.
What's going on?
You're looking at Pacific
Coast High's Best Former Couple.
Most Likely to Stay Friendly Exes.
I was voted Most Likely to
Never Leave the Beach, so...
I'm really glad you guys are here
because I'm gonna need your help.
Well, actually, Ash is
gonna need your help.
I come in peace.
No camera.
What are you doing here?
I'm really sorry, Ash.
I wanted to apologize.
I was a jerk to post that
video without your permission.
I realized why you were so worried, now
that your label cease-and-desisted me.
You gotta get that video down right away.
If it's still there in the
morning, I'm... screwed.
Do you have any songs that
your label doesn't own?
I started writing one the
first night I slept out here.
Still have to figure
out the lyrics, though.
Do you think you could
have it done by morning?
And also, I wanted to tell
you that Johnny and I broke up.
Good to know.
Do you feel good in this?
I feel like myself.
Steve, could you angle that reflector
a little bit to your left, please?
Ash, you look like a
frickin' angel in this light.
Thanks, Steve.
- You ready?
- Ready.
And... action!
Hi, my name is Ash Baker.
There's never been anything I wanted
to do more in my life than make music.
So, I jumped at the chance to
record with Sundown Records.
But the artist they wanted me to be...
I didn't recognize that guy.
So I ran away from him...
all the way out to Malibu.
And that's where I figured
out who I really am.
So if there's anybody out there
who's trying to figure themselves out
or who thinks they need to be different
than who someone wants them to be...
this one's for you.
I got myself to
the oceanside
Sticks and stones
in a paradise
I bit my tongue when
she looked at me
Now my hair got long
and my hands are clean
I said whoa-oh-oh
Are we gonna feel
like this forever?
Are we gonna love like
this in the morning light
Baby, it's all right
'Cause you're my
beachside, blue-eyed baby
Won't you dance for me?
'Cause you're my
rockabye, late-night
Honey with a mystery
I think I'm gonna
stay here, baby
Stay with me
'Cause I'm on the run
Girl, you've got no
idea what you've done
What you've done
If what I've done
here speaks to you...
...please let Sundown Records know
that you like what you're seeing.
E-mail them, call them.
People are actually calling?
All morning. E-mail flooding in.
We had to close down comments.
Get that.
Eliot Webb's office.
It's Dolly Parton.
She's mad about Ash Baker.
Says she won't let us do that tribute
album until we make it right with the boy.
Give me the phone.
How you doing, sweetheart?
Not so hot, Mr. Webb.
My heart is breakin' to find
out that you're trying to take
this sweet and talented boy...
so unique, like...
like an island in the stream...
Make this go away.
- We did it.
- We did?
- Muah!
- Yeah.
How does it look?
You look beautiful.
I wanted to say... I'm sorry,
for overstepping my bounds with Johnny.
If you're worried about
my romantic feelings,
don't be.
This is how it's meant to be.
I'm really happy you came here this
summer instead of going to Italy.
Me too.
I love you, baby girl.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, bro.
This is Carlos, one of the scouts.
And this is Johnny Sanders Jr.
Let me tell you, this kid is killer.
I think we have to show, not tell.
Nice to meet you, Johnny.
Let's see what you've got.
Nice ride.
I got the idea to cut down
this board in my dream.
I didn't ever get to thank you.
It was nothing.
Meant to be.
So does Johnny want to compete?
'Cause we'd love to have him on the team.
Last I heard, he's taken a few
classes at Art Center, but...
he's not ruling surfing out.
What about you? Isn't
your suspension up soon?
Me? Nah, not the kind of attention I want.
Thanks for asking, but I'm
pretty content with where I'm at.
I get to help people. I'm
like a therapist or something.
What about that wet suit he's wearing?
You wanna meet the artist?
Would you be down to make a bunch
of your wet suits for the team?
We could commission a whole line.
Um... Yeah, I think we
could work something out.
You've got time
and I got lovin'
Bring your camera,
bring your cousin
That Cali sun got
the best of me
This don't feel
like Tennessee
Beachside baby, come home
'Cause you're the only
song that I know anymore
'Cause you're my
beachside, blue-eyed baby
Won't you dance for me?
'Cause you're my
rockabye late-night honey
With a mystery
I think I'm gonna
stay here baby
Stay with me 'cause
I'm on the run
Girl, you've got no
idea what you've done
You're my beachside,
blue-eyed baby
Won't you dance for me?
'Cause you're my
rockabye late-night honey
With a mystery
I think I'm gonna
stay here baby
Stay with me
'Cause I'm on the run
Girl you've got no
idea what you've done
What you've done
Thank you.
Every fairy tale
must come to an end.
But first, you have to
clean up the castle.
So... I'm hoping that
you can take me seriously.
We'll see.
It's funny how people you
thought drove you crazy,
can actually turn out
to be your best friends.
Penny Cooper thought she was
going to run off into the sunset
with one guy,
but she ended up running
off with another guy,
and a girl, and the first guy.
Real life isn't always
like the movies.
Sometimes, it's better.
What happened to my disco ball?
So, I haven't seen you in a while.
- What's been going on?
- I came back to do a little art film with a friend.
Cheers to that.