Spider in the Web (2019) Movie Script

Scenes of horror
in the rebel-held suburbs
of Damascus.
Scores of videos
posted on the Internet
show something terrible
has happened here.
The footage cannot be verified,
but experts have told the BBC
that these appear to be symptoms
of poisoning by chemical agents.
The victims,
many of them children,
appear to be struggling
to breathe.
There's almost no blood,
but many are dead or dying.
If this is found
to have been a chemical attack,
it's likely to have consequences
for the future of Syria's war.
The West will have to look
even harder
at its decision not to get
more involved at a conflict...
Are you okay?
Stupid kid.
May I? I'm a doctor.
It's just
a minor scrape, really.
Don't worry, doctor.
I'm sorry,
I didn't see you brake.
Yes, but we should...
exchange insurance details.
Angela Caroni.
Pleasure to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine.
Simon Bell.
Can I help you?
No, it's... it's nothing.
It's nothing, really.
It's just a...
It's just, you...
you raised my blood pressure.
Now I'm sure
you have a concussion.
I'm taking you straight
to the hospital.
You are most welcome
to come visit my store
in Brussels.
It's quite wonderful.
Thank you.
One baklava.
Just the way you like it,
my dear Simon.
For you, sidi,
a lovely kanafeh
with extra pistachios.
Anne-Marie's gonna love it.
Nineteenth-century. Victorian.
Exactly the sort of thing
she's into, right?
It's beautiful.
I'm sure
Anne-Marie will love it.
So, how much you said it was?
- Are you joking?
- Don't start.
It's her birthday present.
I swear, I haven't a clue.
It's been in the store for ages,
I never wanted to part with it.
But for you...
So what have you got for me?
I don't know much.
But I think the woman
will lead you to it.
You just
have to make her trust you.
We gave up our arsenal
a few years ago.
Even if we have them,
we wouldn't use them.
And we have never used
our chemical, uh, arsenal,
uh, in our history.
So what happened?
As I said,
the only source is Al Qaeda,
we cannot, uh,
take it seriously.
But our impression...
To what do I owe
this extraordinary pleasure?
we have a code red situation.
It's about General Nader.
The boss is here.
He wants to talk to you.
I don't understand
what happened.
Do we know where
they're keeping him?
Do they smuggle him
back to Damascus?
We don't know yet.
- Poor man.
- Yeah.
How long has it been
since the general pointed you
in the direction
of the woman from Viro?
- What's her name?
- Angela.
- Two weeks.
- Well...
Wouldn't it make more sense
that their old friends
try to take you out?
Why the rush to take him out?
Forty years on the job,
I don't go looking
for sense anymore.
Nor do I.
Why do you think
I came all the way over here?
Because of the general?
No, it's you.
What kind of bullshit
are you trying to spit me, huh?
I always shit
what's bullshit, Avram.
I really do.
But you've been lying to us.
The general said nothing
to offer for a while now.
So you, you just went
and started making things up.
Me and Pe'er
are going to escort you
tomorrow morning to Israel.
There will be an investigation.
A tough one.
I already told you this
a couple years back.
It's time to call it a day.
Spend some years in the sun.
You know as well as I do...
how limited
our window of opportunity is
before these biological weapons
fall into the wrong hands.
There's so many
wrong hands out there,
and you wanna give it all up
just because you no longer trust
your number one man.
Can you live with that?
Can the Prime Minister
live with that?
This woman
is our best lead in years.
I just need some more time
to make her trust me.
Then she'll give me
everything we need.
You have to give me this chance.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain.
We'll shortly arrive at Brussels
International Airport.
Inspect your check-in time
and check-out schedule.
Thank you.
The best book
ever written about
the single most fascinating war
in mankind's history.
I was always fascinated
by the character
of Russia's Minister for War,
Vladimir Sukhomlinov.
It turns out he had the hots
for this young girl
who's married
to a Russian army officer.
Sukhomlinov's best friend
and confidant
was this Austrian guy.
What did they do?
Pinned some bogus charges
on the officer.
Poor officer
had to get a divorce.
In two seconds,
Sukhomlinov married the girl.
Later, it turns out
the Austrian guy was
the Austria-Hungarian Empire's
greatest spy in Russia.
Fascinating story.
It's my wife's.
I've already read
the book twice.
So, I won't leave
any surprises anyway.
Well, I hope the hero
doesn't die at the end.
It always make me sad.
No, no, no. it's a happy ending.
Don't you worry.
So now, I don't have to read it.
Simon Bell.
Ruud van der Veen.
Heading back home? Amsterdam?
- It's been a long week.
- Indeed.
How about a drink, then?
Let me just make a quick jog
to the gents'
and I'll join you in a minute.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Stay right here.
- Samuel's orders.
- What?
To get in my way?
I get off at Rotterdam.
That's where I'm meeting her.
So, if you'll excuse me...
We have a week
to spend together, so...
A week, eh?
Suppose I need an extra day...
or two, what then?
Off to jail anyway?
I won't let them dump me
in some cell
and throw away the key.
I won't be Prisoner X.
My god.
You're as strong
as your father was.
I'm glad you're here, Daniel.
But I'm really sorry
you got stitched up in this goo.
You deserve better
than being a babysitter.
Pity about you
quitting university.
I hear you're quite
the mathematical genius.
Come now.
Let me pee in peace.
That's one out of the way.
What the fuck are you doing?
Ladies and gentlemen,
Rotterdam terminus.
In a few minutes,
we'll be stopping
into Roosendaal station.
Roosendaal station is next.
We gotta get out of here.
What the fuck were you thinking?
If you're a literary man,
you'd know that Justin Quayle
gets beaten to death
at the end of the novel.
Didn't you at least
see the movie?
It's a good one.
God is in the details, Daniel.
It's the fine print.
It will bite you in the ass
if you don't stop and read it.
That's what I always tell
my recruits.
I'm not
one of your recruits.
Okay. We'll...
We'll go that way,
get some wheels
and take it from there.
Actually, I wanted to do
the opposite.
That's exactly
what they expect us to do.
I'm sure they've
already set up roadblocks.
I've been waiting for hours.
Where are you?
That cannot be.
Look at all these
waste of human life, Daniel.
So much blood.
And for what?
Listen, kid.
There are
a lot of people out there
who'd do anything to stop me
from exposing the truth.
Viro works for whoever
pays them more.
This case, the Syrians
are paying millions
to build up
their biological arsenal.
Our intel shows no sign
that Viro is involved.
They know nothing.
Trust me, I'm their only source.
And I know
there are Viro people in on it
in their facilities
in Belgium, Holland.
And not only Viro.
This thing runs deep.
Hey, Daniel.
From the day you signed up,
I've been watching you
from afar.
Making sure you're okay.
I owe it to your father.
Your dad and I...
- Wait.
- Stop!
No, no, no.
Oh, he'd be delighted.
You know this little hotel
called Winterhof?
I haven't been around it
for years, but...
I think it's not far.
I thought
you were supposed to meet
that woman in Rotterdam, no?
Yes, yes.
But that can wait.
Don't worry.
We're fully booked.
Who's playing? Hm?
Are you for the Castle Lords?
Or the People's Club?
My guess would be
the Castle Lords.
Am I right?
I'm for the People's Club.
Or was it the people?
Johan and the Alverman.
It's a great show.
This Otorongo
was quite a character.
He was my uncle.
Your uncle?
That's amazing.
Yeah, the poor man died
years ago.
I remember when... Yes!
I think that deserves
a drink, don't you?
So, do you have a room for us?
You smell
like a prostitute.
Thank you.
So, what did Samuel
tell you then?
Nothing that
I wanna share with you.
Thank you.
- Is that it?
- Mm-hm.
You can't go to dinner
like that.
It's not as innocent
as it looks.
Leave your passport
with me.
I took the liberty
of ordering for us.
And it smells great.
You're probably thinking
this is just a simple pea soup.
But no. It's not simple at all.
The secret lies
in the ingredients
and the slow cooking.
And there's a test.
You're supposed to be able
to stand your spoon upright
in a good pea soup, but...
peas are not
to be taken lightly.
You could spend a lifetime
looking for the perfect one.
If Judah can see us now,
both of us sitting here,
he'd die.
He did.
You forgot.
Your dad and I were the same.
Same passion for life.
Same drive. Same taste.
We first met...
Nader Khadir Abdulkhara
in Bonn, Germany.
Yeah, I know where Bonn is.
I was born there.
Yeah, I know.
He was a colonel then.
And we had reason to believe
that he had information about
our dear friend and master spy,
Isaac Leevy...
who vanished in Damascus.
We asked permission
to recruit him, Nader,
and HQ said, "No. We're on it.
Stay out of it."
So your dad said, "Fuck them.
We're not gonna leave
poor Isaac out there.
Fuck them."
He was something special,
your dad.
Nader had just finished
his term in Germany.
He was getting ready to leave
for his next post in Brussels.
We knew he loved antiques.
My cover
was a Brussels antiques dealer.
I introduced your father,
presented him as my dear friend
and client, Freddy.
Freddy Blaine.
I figured we'd soon become
fast friends, which we did.
We had him in our hands.
His code name was Ahab.
There are many things
I could tell you.
Good evening, gentlemen.
I'm Anne-Marie, the owner.
Have you been enjoying
your time here?
Simon Bell.
This dinner is a true testament
to Madam's exquisite taste,
and, if I may say so, beauty.
- It's just a pea soup.
- Ah, but an exquisite one.
Peas are not
to be taken lightly.
I could swear I've seen you
somewhere before.
I get that from a lot of people.
I must have one of those faces.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
We should at least have a drink
in honor of your birthday.
One would have to be blind
to miss your adoring fans.
I keep them
for special occasions.
But I'm not sure this one is.
Come on.
All birthdays are special.
My god.
- It's you.
- Mm-hm.
I was totally in love with you.
A lot of men
fell in love with me back then.
- Women too.
- Ah.
But that's all in the past.
Only memories are left.
And they're not all that sweet.
You're too young
to talk like that.
You're really kind.
I've been meaning to ask you.
What exactly brought you here
in the first place?
My dear.
My bladder's about to burst.
I'll be right back.
You cannot stay here,
So this whole charade
is just so you could come here
and tell me there's no point
waiting for Nader?
Is that what it was?
I gave up
so much to be with him.
And I regret nothing.
All these years, I kept hearing,
"One day, something
is going to happen.
And I won't be back.
But you will wait for me.
You mustn't go anywhere.
Because in the end,
no matter what,
I will be back."
I was Nader's big secret.
No one knew about me.
If you feel
anything's wrong,
anything at all,
call me, okay?
I'll be okay.
I just want Nader to be okay.
Me too.
Don't forget
to bring my poor car back.
I left you something
in Nader's black briefcase.
But I don't have the code.
I left it open.
Let's go.
You can keep on saying
how weird it is
'til the Mossad comes,
but it wasn't until
I got off that train
that I realized
how close we actually were
to Anne-Marie's place.
I don't believe in coincidences.
Not the guy on the train,
not Anne-Marie.
Do you believe in God?
- What?
- Einstein once said that,
"Coincidences are God's way
of keeping his anonymity."
You see?
Even he was a man of faith.
I bet you never
suspected him, hey?
Are we close to the border?
What the fuck?
Take it easy.
Easy, easy, easy.
- Martens.
- Samuel.
My agents are bringing you
the old-timer and the kid.
But I really can't cover up
for you much more.
I know, I know.
- Don't worry.
- Mm-hm.
Listen, Martens.
We would never act on Belgium
solely without your permission.
I never
doubted that, my friend.
I simply wanna make sure
there are no misunderstandings.
None whatsoever.
How amusing.
Do you have a problem?
Take it up with our good friend,
the State Security.
Martens gave me a call and asked
whether we happen to be
in the middle of
some assignment or operation
he wasn't informed of.
They were onto you
the minute you boarded
the train.
Luckily, you didn't kill
the poor guy
who was tailing you.
You, with me. You. Don't move.
There's a lot more stories
- I can tell you about him.
- Okay, okay.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
They just love you, don't they?
Oh, most of these kids
I used to train, so...
I know.
I was one of those kids,
I really admired you.
And now you betrayed us.
- Samuel, I don't...
- The conclusive result
of the check we ran
on how the general
was handled by you
over the years
should be coming in really soon.
I truly wanna believe
that you forging the reports
is only a recent thing.
Okay. Now...
These are the latest images
from the chemical plant
in Al Safir.
We really tried,
but we couldn't find anything.
So, it's pretty damn simple.
You bring us the smoking gun
you've been promising,
and you live.
You don't deliver...
Where were you yesterday?
I waited for nothing.
See you at seven o'clock
at the restaurant.
There's something
I've been curious about.
But you have to be honest.
I'm always honest.
Why me?
This country's full
of beautiful women.
Why you? Well...
It's just that
in my line of work,
we have to be super sensitive
about industrial espionage.
I was convinced
you were following me.
Well, I was following you.
But for other reasons.
Other reasons?
You make me feel...
May I offer you desserts?
I'm sorry,
but my boss is insisting
adjourning this meeting.
- Is that right?
- Right.
I want to kill your boss.
I'll do it myself.
Good evening, madam.
Good evening, Philip.
I didn't tail her because
I wasn't about to leave you
without your back covered.
Rookie's mistake.
License plate
of the car she got into.
You should have followed them.
Leaving you unattended once
was more than enough, thank you.
You gotta think
outside the box, kid.
How old are you, anyway?
Old enough.
And to you.
My license plate number,
And, sorry? My name?
Johan Slegers.
What is the latest address
you have for me on file?
We got it.
41 Van Breestrat.
That's where I live.
You're very kind, thank you.
- Can we go now?
- Yes, yes.
Sorry, old-school.
Can't help it.
So what do we want
from the Sleger's?
We don't want anything.
We need to find out
what he's about.
How? Wait.
Excuse me.
We're in...
a bit of a jam
with our car here.
I was wondering, would you be
so kind as to help us out
with a bottle of water maybe?
Ain't got none.
No use,
the battery's totally dead.
I mean, for real.
A phone call, perhaps?
Sorry, no can do.
Sergeant John Paul Mondong.
Eleventh Paratroop Division.
Battle of Kolwezi '78.
Well, as I live and breathe...
Private First Class
Alexander Jacobs.
Second Parachute Regiment.
Iraq, 1991.
"Every legionnaire..."
"...is your brother in arms,
whatever his nationality,
his race, or religion might be.
You show him the same
close solidarity
that unites the members
of the same family."
First five bottles in the car,
we'll be saving for Michelle.
My friend Alexander here
is thirsty.
Well, I am thirsty.
Thank you, Alexander.
We gotta move on.
Our guys will take the car
back to Anne-Marie.
See you later, old chap.
Daniel, how do we
get back to town?
I don't know,
but based on these,
he's nothing special,
this Johan Slegers.
An attorney specializing
in environmental suits.
It states here
that Dr. Angela Caroni,
is an expert witness
in a lawsuit against
a polluting factory in Shaqlawa.
Nothing to write home about.
"Nothing to write home about."
Are you kidding me?
It means she's totally kosher.
Oh, come on, Daniel.
Do you think the General
pointed her out to me
for nothing?
She's a senior consultant
of Viro's CEO
on all matters
related to toxic waste,
hazardous material,
and all environmental issues.
Environmental protection
is her soft spot.
Okay. How do we benefit from it?
Viro listens to her...
because they know
that without her thumbs up
that they're clean,
they'll never get the
government's stamp of approval.
They need her.
We need them.
All I have to do
is to get her to need me.
I never said it was easy.
Yeah, but you think it is.
My dear.
I was just thinking about you.
Oh, come on.
No need to be sorry.
Well, as long as
he didn't keep you up too late.
I'd be delighted.
Tomorrow? Four o'clock?
Sounds wonderful.
No, no, no.
Let me choose the place.
So, do you have a plan?
I'm working on it.
Do you want to eat?
Try it.
Aah. Good for the soul.
I love this.
The eels
are from the River Scheldt.
And they're prepared
with whatever fresh herbs
they can find along
the riverbank.
They're all added
at the last minute
to preserve the green color.
A bit too green for me.
Well, your dad
wasn't a big fan either,
but he was a good sport.
He faked it.
The seat you're sitting in now
is the exact same one he used.
Is that why you brought me here?
Come on, come on.
Sit down.
It became a tradition,
us meeting here.
That last time,
we were both pretty much
already on our way out.
We delivered the intel
on Isaac Leevy.
The Syrians hanged him anyway.
Poor guy.
So, we decided
to come for one last round
of pale et gruit,
a drop of Jenever.
Your dad had this way
of saying things.
His head would be halfway down,
only the eyes looking up at me.
"Any regrets, Avram?" He asked.
"Hell no," I told him.
"And you?"
Something wrong?
You didn't like it?
- Uh...
- His dad didn't like it either.
Like father like son.
You're the brick.
Is George here?
I'd really love
to say hello, it's uh...
Tell him Simon's here
with Freddy's son
who is just as handsome
as his father was.
'Cause it's been a long,
long time since I've seen him.
Sorry, he passed away
five years ago.
I'm his son.
Were you good friends?
Oh, yes.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
What can I say?
Continuous allegations
of chemical weapons in
various fighting zones in Syria.
Since 2014, allegations...
So, based on your plan,
I found this place
for a good price
and no questions asked.
Yeah, okay. I'm willing to pay
six months in advance.
When do you want to start?
Right away.
Something's on your mind?
I'm just happy.
Me too.
Okay, guys.
Take your positions.
What on earth happened here?
This is organophosphate.
It's an agricultural pesticide.
Whoever committed
this ecological atrocity
literally dumped
a container's worth
of this stuff into the river.
People everywhere
will do anything for money.
Not everyone.
There are still good people
out there.
So let's agree
we are part of that minority.
Well, I have to think
about that.
I'm not so sure you are.
Of course, I am.
It's what I do for a living.
What's that?
I try to protect people.
You're blushing.
That's cute.
I've got
the most vicious craving
for this Portuguese cake.
Pastel de nata, it's called.
It's heaven.
When did you last have it?
It was in Lisbon.
And it feels like
a hundred years ago.
What did you lose in Lisbon?
Love, I guess.
He was an idiot.
There is no and.
Just a broken heart.
May I come in?
Who are you?
Who sent you?
I'm not at liberty
to tell you, but...
I do have a wonderful present
for you.
Fresh from the oven.
Remember your brother-in-arms?
Alexander Jacobs?
- Guard from the Slegers' house?
- Yes.
Turns out he spent years
working under Martens.
Very interesting.
Where'd you get this?
Made some inquiries, you know.
Does Samuel know?
That's what
you're worried about? No.
Samuel doesn't know.
I'll tell you what
I'm worried about.
I'm worried about
whatever Martens is up to.
Good job then, you signed up
with us after all.
How did your mom feel
about you joining the Mossad?
I had no contact
with her in years.
It was my grandmother
who raised me back in Israel.
Yeah, right.
I should have known that, sorry.
Oh, ah. Your dad
seems in top shape.
Yeah, but the mind's not really
there anymore, you know.
It's not easy for them.
It's sad.
Did you notice how
she was checking you out?
Oh, come on, Daniel.
You don't turn your back
on a sure thing like that.
When I was your age...
I have some bad news.
It's Anne-Marie.
The Syrians got to her.
Wipe your hands.
A week before he passed away,
he couldn't talk anymore,
he asked me with his hands,
to fetch him that Book of Psalms
from the table.
Somebody's left it there
at noon that day.
Right, I figured.
Judas finally lost it.
And he starts
leafing through it.
Knew exactly
what he was looking for.
"Man is like a breath.
His days
are but a fleeting shadow."
I just wanted
to see you.
You make love
just like you live life.
In despair.
Why do you say that?
Because I feel it.
And I know what it's like.
You know what it's like?
I know what it's like
to want your independence.
And the price you pay for it.
And what's that?
Good morning.
Sleep well?
This is one of my last
remaining indoor space.
You really should have a go.
Cleanses the soul.
I could really use
some soul-cleansing today.
It was a bad day. Let's talk.
We tried real hard
not to put you on the spot,
but the Syrians
are playing it rough.
We have to respond.
I've always had
your back, Samuel.
I'll look the other way
when it was necessary,
but I am about to go
into early retirement,
and I would like to go quietly.
Better hurry, Samuel.
I'll be out of cards soon.
Looks good, huh?
All of it.
The offices, the logo.
The boys have been
working really hard
to make Leptrochemicals
look like a real
working company.
You okay?
Oh, much better than okay.
Pretty damn excellent,
as a matter of fact.
Hold on a second.
The prey has been trapped.
Matter of days now.
You look...
Me? No. Strong as a bone.
Oh, you did well last night.
Thank you.
Sorry, Martens.
I'm with you.
No worries.
Things are moving fast
with Angela.
That's why emotions
come in to play.
You had to move quickly
to get her emotionally attached.
Intentionally, do just about
anything to keep you.
A couple more days,
I'm going to have to kill.
She's not in love with you.
Why'd you say that?
She just...
pities you.
I can feel her.
My senses never fail me.
Let's go.
- Wanna sit down for a second?
- Maybe.
You can't
go on like this.
I'm going to Samuel.
This is nothing.
And you're not saying anything
to anyone.
No way I'm gonna give them
that satisfaction.
No goddamn way.
Sit down.
"We took the plunge
because we chose to.
No one twisted our arm
into doing anything.
We wanted to save a friend."
This is what your father
said to me.
So, I said to him,
I'm the one who made
all the decisions here.
So, I'll just tell them
that I'm the one who pushed you.
Lied to you.
That the bosses okayed
Nader's recruitment."
he takes a swig
straight out of the bottle.
And he says,
"Avram, my dear...
I haven't got much time."
And I had no idea what he meant,
so I asked him.
And that's when he told me
about the cancer
that he'd only just found.
And he swore me to secrecy.
And I was crying.
And he goes...
"No tears, Avram.
That's not, um...
I'm at peace with myself.
I'm happy."
Not the smartest thing
to leave your door unlocked.
Brought you something nice.
Hot tea.
That's the first time in my life
someone's brought me
a cup of tea in bed.
It's stuffy in here.
How about we go out
for a bit of fresh air?
It'll do you good.
You have to promise me
something, Daniel.
Don't go making the same
stupid mistakes I made.
It all goes by so fast.
You turn your back for a minute,
suddenly, everyone's gone.
You're all alone.
I think I'll just have
a quick shower.
You're a common thief and liar.
If you promise to hear me out
from start to finish,
I'll tell you everything.
If I promise?
You've been conning me
every step of the way,
and you almost got away with it.
- Daniel...
- Shut up.
Shut the fuck up!
Do you know what my orders are?
Do you?
These are my fucking orders.
Do you understand?
These are my fucking orders!
You stole the money
that was meant for the general.
Just admit it!
Admit it!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
- What?
- Nothing.
It's just that for 40 years,
you get up every morning,
put on a mask,
and got and con people.
And you get applause,
you get standing ovations.
And then one day,
without warning...
they say,
"Leave the mask at reception.
Thank you very much.
Off you go."
And it's terrifying, Daniel.
It's terrifying because nobody's
gonna remember you.
Until one day,
you just drop down. Dead.
Gone without a trace.
But you know that as long as
you keep delivering the goods,
they'll keep you around,
keep you alive
because they still need you.
So even though
the general's intel
was becoming useless,
I made it look good,
important, relevant.
And they bought it.
Things went wrong when...
the general gave me this tip
about the Syrian army
going into high alert,
and I spiced it up a bit,
as always.
Next thing you know,
the military draft in
50,000 reservists
and tanks on the Syrian border
all for nothing.
So, the brass
started getting suspicious,
triple-checking my reports.
And then, whammo.
My dear, old
out-of-touch general
brings me this lead on Angela.
And just like
The Boy Who Cried Wolf,
now that I can bring them
the real deal,
they wanna kick me out.
Kick me hard.
I have nothing, Daniel.
My father left Iraq
some 60 old years ago.
In Iraq, he was king.
Went with the undergrounds,
saved Jews in '41.
Hold the British army
during the war.
So, in England, he thought
he would continue to be king.
But no, he was not.
I saw how hard it was for him.
How no place would have him.
How he spent his days
either sleeping or drinking.
Missing Cafe Bouqs where he sat
every day in Baghdad.
Then he just died.
And I swore,
I'll be someone else.
Someone who matters.
Why did you sell out my father?
No, no.
I did no such thing.
I was gonna take the rap.
I wanted him
to come out of this clean.
But what did the moron
go and do?
Denies the whole thing.
He wasn't going back to Israel.
He wanted a child.
He wanted a child
before he died.
He was obsessed with the idea.
Then he met your mother.
Immediately got her pregnant
with you.
Then they got married.
I will do whatever is needed
to help you,
and to protect you.
I appreciate that.
But when
this is all over,
I will turn you in.
I'm kosher.
Yes, I know you are.
By the way,
Avram's not sick, is he?
Not that I'm aware of. Why?
He's been taking
loads of Verelan.
Something heart-related.
He has a heart.
Well, that's new.
Judging by the way he's looking
at that woman of his,
I would say
his heart is beating fast.
That was quite
wonderful, my dear.
I want you out of here.
Oh, that.
Um, I can explain.
Get out of my house.
Out of my life.
But I was gonna tell you...
Dr. Angela Caroni?
Who wants to know?
Belgian State Security.
Just follow us.
This is the moment.
We're in the money time.
How old this place our guest
determine from this moment on.
I'd put all my chips
on one number.
Don't be surprised
if you end up broke.
I won't be surprised
at anything.
She's gonna take the bite.
What if she doesn't?
You know
whom I miss the most right now?
I miss your dad.
I miss that son of a bitch.
So how come we never saw you?
You never came
to any of the memorial days,
Hardly ever heard about you
before I signed up.
Because I couldn't bear it.
Couldn't you get that?
I want nothing to do with you.
Please, just listen.
And if you don't accept
my explanation,
then you never have to hear
from me again.
Just go away.
I don't want any drama.
You have to listen.
I lied...
for absolutely no reason.
After Chernobyl...
I decided
I needed to take action.
And that's how I ended up
co-founding the green activists.
We're kind of hardcore.
Breaking the law
pretty much everywhere.
Got people after us,
and I'm undercover.
So, you're telling me
that I work for a company
that's actually
your biggest enemy.
Now I understand
those other reasons.
The end...
justifies the means.
And if you have
to put up a front, so be it.
Yes, it can hurt,
and sometimes,
it does feel immoral, but...
You have no other choice.
So, you chose to fool me.
I chose to fall in love.
Take the flowers.
That's where
we're meeting tonight.
You see?
I told you
she would take the bait.
Sorry, the driver took me
somewhere else.
My assistant, Daniel.
Daniel, Angela,
friend and fan of the cause.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Tonight, we're taking action
against the company responsible
for the poisoning
of hundreds,
of thousands of fish.
The result of a toxic waste
they've been dumping
into this river.
Now, listen up.
If anyone gets arrested,
then the one and only name
you're gonna be giving up
is mine.
For those who don't know me,
I'm John Paul Mondong.
Are we clear?
- Yes.
- Yes.
So, what do you think?
I think I might be able
to help you guys.
He's an impressive man.
Yeah, inspiring.
I'm worried about him.
I'm worried about his heart.
I'm taking good care of it.
I really admire
your dedication.
I used to dream
of going to Syria
to help those poor refugees.
I would adopt a Syrian kid
without a second thought.
They've really touched my heart.
Nothing. All good.
Come on, tell me.
It's just...
It's not child's play.
It's very risky business.
I know what I'm doing.
If you're right about Viro,
I'd be happy
to help you.
Well, the file
we're looking for is called
the "Spider In The Web"
I just hope you can find it.
You just have
to trust me a little.
It will do you good.
Want to join me?
In a minute.
I love you.
I can't hear you.
I said, I love you.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do.
I really do.
How are you, Dr. Caroni?
I'm well, thank you.
And you?
Thank you. Have a nice day.
You, too.
Good morning.
The "Spider In The Web"
can be found only in
the restricted area computers.
It will be very complicated
to break into them,
but don't worry,
I'll find a way.
It's you I'm worried about.
I don't want you getting hurt.
You're my responsibility.
I'm about to get my hands
on the documents.
We can't stop now.
- "We"?
- Yes, we.
I'm pulling the plug.
I know exactly
what we have to do.
Trust me.
I'm pulling the plug.
Have you totally lost
your mind?
She'll get caught.
The system will latch
onto the security breach
in two seconds.
Not with that flash drive
we gave her.
It's literally untraceable.
I don't trust technology,
you know that.
Their security system's
a tough one.
We should find another way
to do this.
Avram, stop thinking
with your dick
and use your brain.
If I don't have
all the documents with me
within the next 24 hours,
I will personally make sure
they put you on trial
and lock your ass up
in an egg cell.
No one will know
you ever existed.
Am I clear?
Twenty-four hours.
So, explain to me again.
She doesn't have clearance
to access the restricted area.
The guy
you're about to meet does.
Easy. So what do I have to do...
Now's your chance.
That guy?
He's a guard at Viro.
He's on the late-night shift.
- Cheers, my friend.
- Cheers.
So, it was really nice
meeting you, man.
See ya.
I'm arriving now.
I'm already inside.
You don't have a lot of time
before the morning
shift arrives.
- Be careful.
- You, too.
Thank you, doctor.
I don't know what's happening.
I'm... I was sick whole night,
and I'm never sick.
Well, we've all
gotta be sick sometime.
So that our mothers can...
look after us.
Give us a big hug.
Give it 24 hours.
You'll be as good as new.
Ha, come on, son.
Let's get you home.
- Thirty minutes.
- Okay.
Take this guy out of here.
Are you okay?
It's nothing.
Hey, stop!
Hey. Oh, no. No.
- I need to go in for a second.
- You can't go in.
No, you can't go in.
- Can you stand?
- Let's go.
Drop us off at my car.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Now I'm starting to think
she might be an extraction.
You've gotta calm down.
Everything is under control.
I'm in.
It's going to take
20 minutes to download.
What is this?
You sent over the wrong files.
No, this is everything she got.
There's got to be more.
This is nothing.
What do you mean it's nothing?
This is the file
we were after.
Where is the smoking gun?
This is all there is.
He's coming with us.
You're done here. Thank you.
As far as she is concerned,
she carries the sun
and the moon.
Brave girl.
Risking her life
the way she did,
and for what?
I thought
we can keep this civilized.
I didn't want
to shame you, Avram.
But the entire
investigation report came in.
Out of a total of ten reports
you signed off,
you, in fact,
saw the general only twice
in the last two years.
A warrant for your arrest
has already been issued.
I'm sorry, Samuel.
He stays with me.
I'm warning you.
Stay out of this.
I'm in charge
until we finish this.
You're both insane.
Daniel, that's enough.
Give him the gun.
You go with them.
No, that's not right.
I'm one step behind you.
If anything should happen to me,
I want you to have this.
It's the keys...
to everything I have
in the store in Brussels.
You'll figure it out.
Just don't tell anyone.
No, no.
You'll be fine.
I don't need anything.
A couple of years ago,
I had a mild stroke.
Got on the train,
everything went dark.
That's how I feel now, Daniel.
I'm done.
We should head to the airport
and get on that flight.
You're not going back with me.
They'll bury you back home.
You turn up without me,
and they'll bury you.
Especially after that stunt
you pulled with Samuel.
That wasn't very smart.
Not very smart...
but effective.
We should go.
I'll stay behind,
fix a few things...
then I'll give myself up.
Don't worry about me.
I'll just put the blame on you
as always.
I kept something for you.
Go on.
Wait here a second, okay?
I appreciate you
coming so quickly.
Are we friends or what?
We've left the club for you.
- I need to talk to you.
- Bad answer.
I think she's in trouble
and I'd appreciate it...
Pleasure to meet you finally.
Tell me what the problem is.
You have
reached Dr. Angela Caroni.
Please leave a message.
Where are you?
You're not answering your phone.
Come as quickly as you can.
We're in danger.
I thought I locked the door.
I have the keys.
In fact, I own the place.
I thought you were leaving.
You know me.
Need to get the job done.
That was always
your biggest problem.
All we need now...
is a glass of good Cognac.
Sorry, I'm on duty.
I see you've been looking out
for number one.
Did what everyone else does.
Want us to make sure
we're sitting pretty
before retirement.
You know how it goes.
If it hadn't been me,
would've just been someone else.
Your wife's ring.
That was meant for Anne-Marie,
the general's lover?
That wasn't very fair.
That was your biggest mistake.
It wasn't the general.
It was me.
When Mussad
started sniffing around Viro,
when they was starting
to get suspicious of Viro,
I threatened the general
that if he wouldn't give you
the lead to Angela,
I would kill Anne-Marie.
And from that point on,
it all just played out nicely.
You, Grand Maestro Adereth,
cleared Viro's name.
Why did you have to hurt him?
And her?
That, I don't get.
It was a threat.
It was easy, really.
I just leaked it to the Syrians,
and they took care of the rest.
She was just an afterthought.
Cleaning up.
how come
they didn't go after me?
Love has really
dulled your senses.
I'm sorry.
You should know
that I really thought I...
She was the best I had.
I needed someone
who could be your match,
and she had motivation.
Her real name
was Amal Halinem.
Her father
was a Syrian businessman
that your people killed
years ago.
I'm so sorry.
Good that
you found those photos.
You surely realized
what she was holding on to then?
Obviously, planning
to blackmail me later.
I was always careful.
You know me.
I feel so sad, my friend.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're about to land...